Hannah B
Ok I have 2 things to share about peeing in weird places cuz it seems like this site has a few people that might be interested. Although I myself have never peed in a weird place except outside but to me that's not really weird. The first one happened when I was probably 5 or 6 and my cousin was over who was probably 12 or 13 at the time. She was actually watching me cuz my parents and her parents were out. She lives in another state so I don't see her very often but they were all staying with us. Anyway she was watching me and so we were all alone and she decided to say "watch this!" Then she went over to the couch and took off one of the cushions, the middle one, and then she pulled down her pants and sat on the couch. Then she had a pee right there on the couch. She just peed into the couch. I was so surprised that she did that. That was the first time I'd ever seen anybody do anything like that. I could even hear her pee going into the material. I could also see it getting wet. Then when she was done she told me not to tell anybody that she did that and she also asked me if I wanted to do it too but I didn't want to so I said "no." And that was it. She only did it that one time. Later on every once in a while I would look under the cushion and I'd see the pee stain in the material and I can still see her doing it. In the few times I've seen her since then I've never asked her if she remembered doing that. I'm 19 now so that means she's like 26. Maybe someday I'll actually ask her. Ok the other thing that has to do with peeing in a weird place happened when I was 10. As a kid I didn't really go to other kids' houses very much but I had a friend who had me over one time and we were in her room and she said she had to pee and then she went over to her bed and moved the pillow. Under the pillow was a U-shaped zipper in the mattress. She unzipped the zipper and pulled back the flap. By this time I figured out what she was going to do but I couldn't believe it. She actually had a built-in toilet-like thingy right in her bed and she was going to pee in it. She pulled down her pants and she sat there on it and then she started to pee into it. I could hear the pee hitting the material. I could tell that the inside of it was made of cloth, like what the mattress was made of. Then when she was done she said that I could use it too if I wanted. I just said "ok" and then since I really didn't want to do it I just held my pee for the rest of the time I was there. I guess I was too shy to do something like that. Or I thought it was too weird. I still remember it though, and sometimes I wish I could see it again. She actually moved away like a year after that. But I still remember it. I remember looking in it and seeing that it was all yellow, especially toward the front. I also remember her telling me that her mom made it for her so she wouldn't have to go all the way to the toilet. Well those are the 2 pee things I have. Enjoy, and let me know what you think. They are definitely unusual. Bye for now!


Post Turkey Day With My Aunt

Hey guys. Sorry I'm late but here's a day after Thanksgiving story. with my Aunt and I.

I had spent the night at my aunt's place after a huge feast at my grandparents house. She and I both woke up the next morning needing to go, so we had went together. I went first and while I was pushing, she was talking about the shopping she was going to do. We always exchange farts for fun to each other, so she had her back towards me while she constantly ripped silent and stinky ones near my face. She cut about 7 in a row of these silent bombs while I released a mega s***! It was about 20 inches long and curved like a "C". We both laughed as we looked at it. I sat back down to wipe and she ripped a long, silent fart that whistled in my face. We laughed again as my aunt said, "You better hurry up. I'm about to release a s*** storm!".

I flushed and got up and she quickly sat down. She farted loudly as s*** sprayed the entire bowl and loose poop shot out of her. I was sitting on the floor next to her as I shook my head. She laughed and said, "What's wrong? You wanted a solid turd?" I was like, "Yeah, duh!" She was like, "Beggers can't be choosey. My stomach is tore up. Deal with it, sir!". I looked at her, smiled and put my hand over my nose and said, "Damn, you stank Auntie!" She started wrestling with me, trying to pull my hand off my face, telling me to take the smell in. She got up so I could see the results and it was bowl filled with a loose and mushy poop. She finally wiped and flushed and got in the shower to go run errands.

How many ladies on here love to fart? In people's faces? In front of others in general? We need more fart stories on here. :) Have a nice day, folks.

Do you mind taking a dump in your partners house? No

Do you mind your partner knowing that you need a poo? No

Would you tell your partner if you need a poo? Yes

Do you know if your partners cares about the whole toilet situations? No, we are boys and we are close.

Do you fart infront of them? Yes

Gender: Male
Age: 13

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall bathroom? Yes Why or why not? also in the park and at school
2. If "yes", is it to crap or pee? both
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? I don't know.
4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet? I let my pants down to my thighs.
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? Yes
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation?At school, a classmate or a kid from another class.
7. Have you complained to management about such situations? No.

1) How often do you REALLY stink out a bathroom? All the time.
2) When do do; are you embarassed by the smell you leave behind? sometimes.
2) How many people have purposefully left their shit unflushed in a public restoom? And why? I was always taught to flush. Sometimes I forgot.

Ashley C, let us know if you do have another accident again. Glad it wasn't a horrifying experience.


Doorless Stall Survey Responses

Gender: Male
Age: 33

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall bathroom? Yes, I've used them often. Why or why not? I don't mind if someone sees me taking a dump. Everyone does it, and we do it ALL the time.
2. If "yes", is it to crap or pee? Both
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? Public restrooms (like parks), probably to prevent/minimize certain activity inside an enclosed area.
4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet? Nothing comes to mind.
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? Sometimes.
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation? Absolutely. I've had several conservations with people waiting for my stall
7. Have you complained to management about such situations? No.

Sam from NYC

My poop survey and responses

Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where: In the Charmin Public Restrooms
b) Date/Time: December 5, Around 3:15 PM
c) What you read if anything: I do not read on the toilet.
d) How long you took: It took me about 5-8 minutes.
e) Were you shameful: No, not at all.
f) Did it smell: It did smell a little bit while I was pooping but the odor went away after I was finished.
g) Did you enjoy it? Yes! I love pooping.
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? I pull down my jeans and my underwear down to my ankles.
i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story? I went to try out the New Charmin Public Restrooms that they have during the holiday season in NYC. I been around Times Square and I had a strong urge to poop so I went to use the restroom.

Hi everyone. I posted here few weeks ago and I decided to name myself Sam from NYC since I have a common name. I'm a 23 year old guy from NYC and have many poop stories to share. I will share some of them in future posts and will share everyone my poop stories with my daily poop survey.
Feel free to use the survey above if you want to share your daily poop experience.

Catherine: I like your stories in your past posts. I also on a fiber diet that I mainly eat oatmeal and rice and I do have some good healthy poops. It's not weird that you feel shame if you have a loose and gassy BM even you are alone. I do consider myself a shameless pooper that I don't mind taking pooping in a public bathroom and farting in the bathroom but I rarely fart or my poops gives out a strong odor. Thanks for doing my survey and hope I hear some more stories.

Happy Pooping!


Skidmarks Again


Your recent post to this most interesting subject reminded me of a couple of things. First, your mate at work with his poor wiping who got divorced. Throughout my teen years, I had a fairly close friend who was obviously dirty in the pants department. I only saw his Y-fronts twice, but he certainly fell into the category of a heavy skidder, and was proud of it. He liked talking about how badly he needed to have a poo, and yet did nothing about it. He would say that he'd been baking one all afternoon, and that the end of it had popped out to kiss his briefs. He might say he had been licking his pants with it for hours. And would also talk of just about messing himself although he was never in a rush to go to the bogs and deal with it. Sometimes you could smell it too. When we met up in the morning he might say that he'd got up late and was in a rush so he'd only had one wipe before he left home. And even boasted about finding no toilet paper after he'd been. By the time he was 17 or 18, some of his friends began to get disgusted with his lax habits and told him to shut up, although he knew I was always a receptive listener.

When we left school at 18, our ways separated, and quickly we lost touch. I was however surprised to learn 18 months later that he'd got married, as he'd never expressed any interest in girls. However, 6 months after that, his wife left him and returned to her parents in a very acrimonious split. It was a small community, and her side of it was broadcast. It was said he had piggish behaviour. In fact, as I knew him, he was a very easy-going but responsible sort of a guy, and would do anything to avoid conflict. I always wondered whether his continuing skidmarks was the source of the rift, and whether it was used in court as the basis for the divorce. He then left the area, but I only hope he met a more understanding partner even if he did have to wash his own pants!

The second point relates to your college friend who liked to leave his well skidded briefs around for all to see. It reminded me of when I was in my later teens. Once a week after school, we had a visiting athletics coach for those of us who were keen. He must have been in his late twenties, a good-looking guy who we all liked and respected. He got changed with us, and I wasn't the only one to notice how heavily browned the back of his briefs were. He just flung them on the bench and made no attempt to hide them. A couple of the lads decided for a joke to rearrange them so that their abuse was best displayed for all to see. I don't know how we expected him to react, but when we got back from training, we noticed a slight grin almost of pride, but he said nothing and did not rearrange them. When he went to shower, he'd leave his jock and the rugby shorts he inevitably wore open on the floor, and there was heavy staining on those too. Other than this he was a smart and tidy young man, and like your friend, he was almost certainly making a statement to us younger guys- "Look how dirty I am!"
It seemed a macho thing. I fantasized about getting changed next to him, dropping my own well-skidded pants to the floor so he could see them, and have him make a comment on how good they were, although not as good as his own. Needless to say, it never happened.


Good to see you take an understanding attitude to the skidding behaviour of your charges. It was interesting to hear about your brother-in-law who, like some of us, had not grown out of it. He is lucky to have an understanding wife.

In the early pages of The Toilet, there were a number of teenagers who made some very interesting contributions to the topic of teenage skidding- Nicky F and Josh, Derick and Paul, Aaron, William, Steve I recall in particular. It was fascinating to read their side of it. Some of them admitted to going through a non-wiping phase even though they would then be prepared to rinse their pants before their parents saw them. A couple of them even did a snapshot survey of the state of the pants of their class by manipulating a visit to the changing rooms during games. One of them made the comment that some people hate skidmarks whilst others like them. He and his two friends liked them. One said that being a teenage schoolboy half a wipe was good enough.

This was a long while ago, and these lads now will be starting their careers even with partners and perhaps starting families. I wonder if any of them still glance at these pages. And whether they have all "grown out of it". I wonder when they have sons whether they will defend their skiddy habits if they have them as vigorously as they defended their own. And if they haven't grown out of it, I hope they have understanding partners even if they have to do their own washing!

Being somewhat older, I did not have the benefit of sites like this to discuss my own outlook on skidmarks. And, no, like a number on this site, I have not grown out of it. My mother was relaxed about my own skidding activity as a boy and teenager. I did not give her a lot of trouble in other areas, and perhaps this was my one area of rebellion that she came to accept.I was exerting my independence and leaving my mark. But I was quite sure then that if I had encountered parental opposition, I would have put up one hell of a Resistance, because for a reason that I cannot define, getting skidmarks was important to me, and I would have never given in.

I rarely had messing accidents, and although sometimes the stains came from farting and touching cloth, the main reason was that I deliberately used very little or no toilet paper because I wanted to get them.

I feel sorry for teenagers whose mothers get so uptight about 'the problem'.After about 12, a healthy boy knows exactly what he needs to do to keep his butt clean. Life is about choices and this is an early one he can take as he wishes. Parents are usually expressing their own inhibitions in this taboo area. Some worry about what others might think if they see their son's skids. But by that age lads are canny enough to understand their peers. Chances are the lads are in competition to see who can get the most. It may be that the boy should wash his pants if he skids them seriously heavy, but that'll be good practice if he does not grow out of it. It may be a phase but in any case, there is no need to make such a big issue of it. What do others think?


Not only door-less...

I saw some stories about doorless stalls and I thought I'd share one that I don't normally like to talk about lol.

This year I am a sophomore, 15 year old boy, and my high school bathroom stalls have no doors. There is one bathroom in the school where within the first few weeks of this year, some students were messing around, and ended up removing the wall partition between the two stalls. Don't ask me how. So there are just two toilets next to each other with the one wall blocking it from the urinals, but no separation. Of course with my luck I had to use it just two weeks ago. I hadn't pooped in three or four days and ate a greasy breakfast, so it's my fault. In spanish class it hit me without warning, and I got to the bathroom as quickly as possible. I realized someone was using one of the toilets and didn't want to be weird so I pretended to use the urinal, hoping he would leave. He didn't and I was getting desperate. I felt my butt opening and I ran to the toilet. I realized it was one of my friends, and before I could say hi, I started pooping. It was a scary noise, of chunky diarrhea moving 100 miles per hour. There must have been a gallon of it. When it slowed down I saw my friend looking at me in amazement and disgust. He asked me if I was crazy, and why I couldn't wait, and he was really mad. We stopped talking and just tried to finish. I had another wave of poop soup, about the same amount, and I heard him have some hard logs. He purposely faced his butt towards me to wipe which was gross, so I lifted my butt off the seat towards him to let out a foul fart. He cursed me out and left. I left my poop in the toilet and flushed my toilet paper in the other, so everyone could see the pain I went through lol.

Later my friend and I talked it out and I told him my emergency, and he forgave me and we laughed about it. I never hope to use that bathroom again, though.

Gender: Female
Age: 50

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall bathroom? Yes Why or why not? I was in a female park rest room. It was secluded. I was either alone or with other girls
2. If "yes", is it to crap or pee? both
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? They were never installed. They have been installed in recent years. Single stall female toilets in the parks never had doors. There is one park that has about 10 female stalls that never had doors. In the last 15 years, they were installed.
4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet? Not much. Sometimes, I would put my legs together or cover up with my short pants. I have no compunction about bearing my stuff.
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? They did.
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation? I would tell them if I would be on the toilet for long or not. We would talk. Sometimes I would tell them that my stomach was hurting. See my earliest posts.
7. Have you complained to management about such situations? No.

1) How often do you REALLY stink out a bathroom? Not often.
2) When do do; are you embarassed by the smell you leave behind? sometimes.
2) How many people have purposefully left their shit unflushed in a public restoom? And why? I was just devilish in HS or I did not want to draw attention with those loud jet flushes. In grammar school, I did not flush for the same reason.



Ashley C.: Please read my post on page 1821. I have had two solid accidents, and yes, the feeling was pleasant...but it was weird for me to come to grips with this. Would love to hear your thoughts. I am so sorry about the diarrhea accident in the supermarket. I hope you are well!

Wendy A.: Welcome and so sorry to hear about your accident. It happens, though. I hope that you are OK now!

Moderator: I filled a survey (the same one Becky M did) and it was not posted. Do I need to send it again? Thanks!


going on the job

My first post, hope you enjoy!

I'm in my thirties, short, slim and I work with a man named Angel that is 5'11", toned, pale and has long blond hair and green eyes, very attractive and younger than me. We usually share an office but one day we were assigned 'classified field work', which involved travel. I had been driving, Angel riding. I'm very open about my needs and habits, he is very shy. In fact, I've never known him to use the bathroom, really.

We had stopped for coffee early on, then began a long road trip. After a couple of hours, I started to get the urge to pee and poop. I told Angel this and he was clearly embarrassed, but it was going to be worse if I tried to ignore the need. I stopped at the first available rest stop, parked the car and walked quickly to the restroom. I was wearing black dress pants and black shirt and tie. I quickly chose a stall, lowered my pants and relieved myself. I peed for what seemed like forever, then dropped a nice sized log, wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed. I washed my hands then returned to the car feeling much better. Angel didn't comment at all.

A couple of hours later, we came to the area where we were doing the field work. It was a mostly deserted section of town, a few alleyways and dumpsters and abandoned buildings. As we got out of the car, I noticed Angel seemed distracted, though I wasn't sure why. At first I just let it go. But as we continued to work, I noticed he would occasionally stop, cross his legs, bend forward slightly...all the classic signs of a person needing the restroom. I asked if he was okay, he said he was, though clearly, he wasn't. I focused on my job, but he seemed to just get more desperate. I kept an eye on him, especially his grey pinstripe pants, just curious if he was going to look for a place to go or wet himself. Finally, he looked at me in a panic and said, "Light, I need to use the restroom now." I was surprised, as he never spoke of such things, so I knew he was about to lose it. Unfortunately, there weren't any public restrooms nearby. I told him to go behind a dumpster and the idea horrified him. But, seeing as there were no other options, he headed that way, holding himself. He even asked me to watch out for anyone that might catch him.

I didn't watch him go, but I was close enough to hear him unzip his pants and begin peeing on the ground behind the dumpster. It took him a few seconds to start, I assume he was pee shy, but once started he peed for longer than I've ever heard anyone go. I can't imagine how much pain he was in, holding it all or why on earth he didn't go at the rest stop. After a couple of minutes, I heard him shake and adjust himself and zip his pants. He returned to me, blushing deep red, looking sheepish. I just patted his back and reminded him that we're all human, we all have to go sometimes. The rest of the trip was uneventful, though I do feel like our friendship is stronger now.


painful dump

hey everybody, sorry i havent posted in a while, i didnt really have anything good to post until now.

a few days ago the carnival was in town, so i went to have some fun. it was great, i had loads of fun, there was lots of food to eat and roars of people having a good time. after the carnival closed at 10 pm i got in my car and drove home.

i wasnt on the road for too long before i felt a powerful sensation coming from my gut, i had the worst cramps ever. i kept going but the need to take the worst dump ever was getting stronger and stronger. then i saw a rest stop, its like god answered my prayers, so i pulled my car into the vacant lot.

i ran into the unisex bathroom holding my butt, and nobody was there. i wasnt paying attention and i think i might have slipped in a puddle, thats when all hell broke loose. the most wicked diarrhea started flowing into my pants and i couldnt stop it. all i could do was get up and run into the nearest toilet. so i ran into the end stall, which had its door broken off. i pulled down my pants and landed on the toilet, but i overshot it and i crapped all over the back of the toilet.

i then moved myself into the correct position and i looked around to assess the damage. the inside of my boxers were ruined by a huge patch of chunky diarrhea, and the back of the toilet was covered in my shit, same goes for most of the seat and there was some diarrhea on the front of the toilet as well. the toilet was a complete wreck from what i had done.

then i heard somebody come in, and i heard heels clapping against the floor so i assumed it was a woman. she kept coming down towards the toilet i was using and my heart started to race. the woman who came in front of the stall was a pretty asian woman, she was wearing a black suit, with a jacket and matching trousers. she looked mortified when she saw me, she covered her mouth with one hand and her eyes went wide as she looked like she was about to puke after seeing the mess i had made. i continued on with my shit which was still messy even after i was seated. it was really chunky and liquidy with lots of wet farts. after about 5 minutes i was done, but i still felt some left in me so i tried to squeeze it all out.

then i heard the same sound of that ladies shoes again, it sounded like she was coming back. i then heard the stall next to me open and she went in. i then heard her pants drop to the floor, and then i heard her plop her bum onto the toilet. she said "are you ok? you looked like you had a bad accident, are you sick?" it sounded like she was learning english, but she was speaking it very well. i replied "maybe, i ate some bad food i think." she said "oh, thats no good, and im really sorry about running when i saw you, im just not used to seeing people sick." i said it was ok, and i didnt mind. i stopped talking when i felt my gut instantly drop, and i was hit with excruciating pain in my ass. she heard me moaning in pain and asked if i was alright and if there was anything she could do. i asked if she would come into the stall with me when she was done. thats when my heart started racing as a monster shit stretched my asshole so wide. i was moaning even louder with pain as i tried forcing this demon out of my rectum. i then heard her wiping and say "you dont sound too good, ill be with you in a second." she then rushed in and my monster shit was hurting me so bad i started crying a little. it felt like the biggest dump you have every taken times four. she saw the expression on my face which she immediately knew was pain. she then asked me to spread my legs so she could see. i did a she asked. i then heard her gasp and i knew it was bad. it felt like i was giving birth through my ass.

she then started rubbing my stomach, her hand just above my pubic area. it didnt do much of anything, i was in agonizing pain, and it kept coming out, and it kept stretching my ass open. she wasnt helping me too much so i just took hold of her and squeezed her with a big hug, like i was holding onto her for dear life. she eased up while i was pushing the rest of it out. then things got a little easier for me, thank god. then it finally plopped into the toilet with a loud splash. i gasped as i got it out. i eased my grip on her and she asked if i was alright now. in an exhausted voice i said yes. she asked "is there anything you need?" i just asked if she could get me some toilet paper.

she hurried out of my stall to one that had some paper, then she came back and handed me a roll. i wiped, and then i winced with pain. i brought the paper up to look at it and there was blood and crap on it.
after i was done wiping i cleaned up my but which was smeared with poo, then i threw my boxers away. i looked into the toilet, and i couldnt believe what i saw. it was a log, about the size of a small football. istood there in awe, then i snapped out of it, and i couldnt flush since it would have overflowed.

i walked out with the asian woman whos name is linda. i thanked her for being with me, and she just said she couldnt leave me there knowing i was in pain. she also remarked on the blood on the toilet paper, i replied that my bowel movement might have caused me to tear something. she was very kind and understanding, and she gave me her number in case i ever had an emergency like that again, or if i just wanted to talk. she then gave me a friendly hug then said she was had to get going, and i said the same. boy, what a night.

Standee Mandy

Reanna's survey

These are my answers to the survey on doorless stalls.

Age 12, female

1. I used a doorless stall at the airport last summer. I was 11 at the time and had been holding my pee during a flight. We had a short holdover. Mom was at the ticket counter asking questions when I went into the nearest bathroom. There were like 30 stalls, right across from another on both sides of the room. And there must have been like 50 or 60 people waiting. There were a couple of stalls on each side with the doors off and I figured that would be a fast way to pee before I burst.

2. I needed to pee real bad.

3. I thought the doors might have been taken off to help those in wheelchairs. Or mothers who needed more space to work with little kids.
My best friend Skye (who I wrote about on page 1916) thinks the open stalls help those who are obese).

4. I pulled down my undies, let my jeans fall all the way to my shoes, and seated myself. My pee stream started immediately. But as more people walked by and looked in on me, I started feeling uncomfortable and quickly pulled up my undies and jeans to just above my knee level. At that time I wanted to get off the toilet so bad, but was only about half way done. The toilet itself was much larger than I have at home or use at school. One lady with a little girl about 4 just stood in the entrance and pretty much stared at me. That was creepy. Probably the most creepy thing. Then she bent down and the girl whispered something into her ear. Suddenly, Mom came in and to the stall in a panic because she hadn't heard me tell her where I was going. Sorry, but I did tell her.

5. Answered above. I don't like others looking at me when I'm going to the bathroom. I did notice that not only was Mom relieved to find me, but she was also upset.

6. I was scared. I didn't want to draw attention to myself. Now I know however that it was dumb of me to use the doorless stall. But I didn't have any alternative because I would have peed myself.

7. I complained about the situation to Mom and then she complained about me. The next time we were out (it was on a shopping trip) she took me into the mall bathroom and learned me to squat pee. She said no girl my age should be sitting on a public toilet bare butted without paper under her. I've become better with the squat, although most of my friends like Skye don't mind sitting right down on a seat without covering it. I just don't know...


For Ashley C.

Ashely C. -

I have been a lurker here for a long time but never posted. Reading your post made me decided to go ahead and join the conversation. Like you, when I first started sometimes coming to read the Toilet I didn't think it was possible for teens or grown adults to have normal solid pooping accidents. It just didn't seem likely. I never had a problem holding a solid poop since I was little and I had never seen anyone have a solid poop accident that wasn't a little kid. Diarrhea, sure, but not a solid BM.

But then, like you, I found myself caught short one day and had a solid poop accident of my own. Like you, I also kind of liked the way it felt and couldn't stop thinking about it. I also didn't think I'd mind if it happened again. But the more I thought about it in the days following the accident the more curious I became and then I did something I never, ever thought would happen. I had a solid poop accident in my panties on purpose just to feel it again. Then I was a little freaked out and didn't do it again after that... for a couple of weeks. But then I was home alone again and got the urge to go and was going to go in the toilet like a normal person should but the desire to feel it happen again was so overwhelming that I did it again in my panties on purpose. After that I decided I liked the way it felt and who cares what I do in private? In short, I've been having "accidents" on purpose now for a few years - not all the time, just every once in a while when the mood strikes me and I'm alone enough with time to do it and clean up properly. It is kind of liberating.

Any chance you think you would try it on purpose since you liked the way the accident felt?


Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Diarrhoea attack

I came home from work tonight with a very urgent need to poo. I knew it was diarrhoea & on my way to the bathroom I leaked a bit in my knickers. I barely made it to the toilet & as soon as I got my knickers down I exploded everywhere. It went all over the seat & floor & all I could do was hover over the toilet while I finished emptying my bowels. I had a mammoth cleanup & by the time it was done I needed to go again so I sat on the toilet & relaxed letting my bowels push out another watery load into the water below. Wendy came into the bathroom & held my hand while I sat pooing my brains out. She rubbed my belly to ease the pain & it felt quite sensual. After I was done Wendy wiped my bum using some wet wipes & we went to bed & cuddled up together untill we fell asleep. The next morning I took the day off work in case I still had the runs but there were no more frantic sprints to the toilet. Wendy didn't have to work that day so we sleped in untill lunch time. Well not exactly slept but you can guess what I mean!

In class once there was a girl called Emma who was a shy pooper. She kept fidgeting in her chair & I knew straight away what was wrong. She wouldn't ask to leave the room & just sat there desperately trying not to poo herself. After a while she wet herself & soon the smell of poo fillled the room. Emma was too shy to admit she needed the toilet & sat in her own pee & excrement for the rest of the day. What a silly girl.


Grossest public restroom?

I'm just wondering if anyone here has any stories they'd like to share about the grossest or worst experience they've had in a public restroom?

For me, it would be when I was in New York with my wife. We were visiting a friend of ours in the Bronx. We decided to take the Subway from downtown Manhattan where we were staying. While on the Subway, I started having bad cramps. We made it about two or three stops from where we were going when I finally told my wife I couldn't hold it anymore, I needed a bathroom. We got off the train and I knew that New York was infamous for having few Subway restrooms open, and figured I'd have to race upstairs and find a coffee shop or something. But, lo and behold, there was a Mens room, door open. My wife pointed it out to me and I ran inside.

Amazingly, the restroom didn't stink as bad as it looked. The floor was coated in garbage, water, gunk of all sorts. There were two urinals and one toilet. The toilet had NO STALL!!! It was just sitting in the corner of the room with nothing blocking it from view. There was a roll of toilet paper hanging from a chain on the wall next to the toilet. I was maybe a minute away from losing control, so I sucked it up and rolled off some TP and covered the seat, lowered my jeans and underpants and sat down. I had a very loud and explosive BM.

I looked down at the floor, only seeing the feet of the other guys who came into the bathroom to pee or wash their hands. If any of them gawked at me, I didn't notice. After several minutes, my bowels felt empty and my stomach settled down. I wiped my ass and flushed and washed my hands.

My wife asked if I was okay and I told her there was no stall. She said there was no way she'd ever be able to use a public toilet with no stall or door. I said, I didn't think so either, but I guess one never knows what they're capable of until desperation sets in!

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To: Ashley C great story about you having an accident and yes its true accident arent always diarrhea but can any type of poop from solid to liquid and everything in between because when your body is to go it will go no matter where you are like say youve been constipated for a few days your body might just say its time to go now I know this sounds weird its because I couldnt figure the right words to say and also please keep the great stories coming thanks.

To: Wendy A first welcome to the site and you enjoy it enough to contiue visiting and posting and I really enjoyed your story that sounded truly bad I hope you felt better soon because I hate having diarrhea and the one of the reasons why once its start coming out there little if anything you can do to stop it please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy, Kristy it sound like that girl just made it without a second to spare at least you were nice enough to let her go first and great part about you pooping in the handicap stall because like you said its better then having an accident and Wendy your story about your accident I bet Kristy would have helped you get cleaned up if you got Louise to ask her and please contiue to post more stories you guys because I alway look forward to them thanks.

To: Timee another great story please contiue to post more of them thanks a question wheres the most interesting and/or strangest place youve pooped besdides a toilet im not if I asked you this already if I did I did if I didnt I didnt oh well sorry about the comment I just wanted to post it because I heard it somewhere and it sounded interesting and please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about you and your friends please keep them I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Abbie another great story about you and your friends pooping together please keep the stories coming thanks I look forward to your next one.

To: Anny first oww I bet you really really felt better after getting that beast out and again oww and please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next story thanks.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Upstate Dave

When The Lights Went Out! Part 5

Susan and I didn't play cards much longer. With te power out again and now only having candle light which the candles we had didn't really give off all that much light. But we did go on with our holding contest drinking glasses of soda. Also now the storm that we had been hearing off in the distance was much closer so there was loud thunder and flashes of bright lightning outside now too.

With the bright flashes of lightning outside would create momentary bright flashes of light inside the house. That was somewhat of a help when Susan and I got up with each of us with a small candle. We both had again had to piss and by this time we decided to end our contest game too. I set my candle down by the sink and took Susans candle and held while she pulled down her blue shorts and sat down on the toilet seat.

I stood in front of Susan so that in the dim candle light I could see Susan piss. I could see her vagina which she had her thighs wide open for me to watch so I was all set. Susan started pissing after siting for several short seconds had passed by. This time no gushing stream. Instead just a nice steady straight down hissing stream of piss came out from her vagina.

I got real good view of her stream when there was a lightning flash that lit up the bathroom withits light comming in the trough the small bathroom window! Susan I would have said this time pissed for about twenty seconds which was pretty long. She finished off doing a couple of weak spurts and she was done. She didn't bother to wipe even though there was naplins siting on the top of the tank behind her. She just reached down for her blue shorts pulled them up to her knees stood up and pulled them up the rest of the way to her waist.

Then I steppedd away and she stepped off to the side. Susan wanted to hold me which she did ask me that. So I had the candle still so I set it down on top of the toilet tank and she reached for the one that was on the sink that I had placed there and she put that one too on the top of the toilet tank. Then she raised the seat up. Susan turned and she pulled my boxers down past my hips let go of them and my boxers slid down to my aankles and bare feet.

I was erect and Susan pushed my penis down getting it angled down. I like her started pissing after a few second wait. My stream was thin and had a long twist. Susans aim and angle was good again with this piss too. My stream hit the water just past being in the middle. This time too my piss as soon as it had hit the water started quickly makeing a lot of foam.

Susan did a slight giggle seeing that my piss was makeing foam again with this piss. I wound up pissing longer then she had due to having the thin stream being erect. That didn't matter to Susan. The longer I pissed the better she liked it! (Susan really did like hlding me when I pissed. So did I!) So we were two happy campers!! :-) I finished this piss off with just a single hard spurt. Susan gave me a single hake this time and she let me slide m boxers up this time too.

She grabbed one candle handed it to me after I had pulled up my boxers and then she took the other one and we went back out to the kitchen again. The radio announced the time and it was now 9 pm. Susan said she was hungry. I told her I was too. Susan told me there was popcorn in the cuboard. Would I make it? she asked me. I said I would. So that is what both of us got involved with next.

I got the largest deepest fryingpan with its cover that was there. Susan gave me the bag of popcorn and some cooking oil. (microwave popcorn was still years away) I heated up the oil and then poured popcorn in the frying pan till it covered the bottom over. Susan ot out a small pot and she was melting the butter to put on the popcorn after I had it popped and in the bowl she aslo had gotten out.

It didn;t take all that long for the popcorn to pop and I dumped it into the bowl. Susan poured the melted butter all over it and then she shook some salt on it too. Then we grabbed one of the two lit candles went out to thelivingroom and we sat together on the couch eating the popcorn watching the lightning outside when it did flash. We sat together till we had half finished off the bowl of popcorn. Then Susan asked me if I was thirsty. I am from the popcorn she said to me. I told her I could go for a cold soda for the popcorn had made me thirsty too.

Susan took the candle and went out to the kitchen. That left me in the dark and would only have light when there was a flash of lightning. That was ok with me. I loved to watch lightning at night! I heard Susan put ice in our glasses and pour the soda in the glasses. Susan had to make two trips. For she could carry only one glass along with the candle. I took a good drink of my soda and it tasted great takeing care of my thirst. Susan also when se came back and had sat down again with me she took a long sip of her soda.

WE sat there finishing off the bowl of popcorn and our sodas. WE both walked back to the kitchen this time. I had noticed that the rain again had stopped. There was still lightning flashing and thunder but the lightning was a lot less and the thunder was distent not being loud like it had been. The two caqndles we had been burning were way down now. There were two more over on the counter but if we lit them now they would be used up too in a couple of hours.

I said to Susan its no longer raining. I'm going down to the family room and get the flashlight and the extra battery. I picked up one of the two burning candles to take with me. Susan said ok but hurry back up Dave. I DON"T want to be left alone! I let out a laugh and I said to Susan; Oh someones scared of the dark! Susan picked up the empty card box and threw it at me! Oh no I'm not! she said very loudly to me. I laughed opened up the backdoor slipped outsidea and I hurried down the stairs. I reached the backdoor for the cellar stepped inside and with the dull candle light saw barely the familyroom doorway and headed for it.

I made it inside the family room and there was a flash of lightning outsiode which lit the room up some. In the flash of light I saw the flashlight laying next to the board of the game and the extra battery was next to it. I stepped over picked up the extra battery, the flashlight, turned it on and blew out the candle. Boy was it so much better having the flashlight! I walked right to the door went outside and right up the stairs opened the backdoor and was back in the kitchen.

Susan was siting there at the kitchen table and she was laughing. She told me she saw the motion of the flashlights beam which was going all over the place. I thought that was funny. You sure were in a hurry to get back up here Dave! Talk about being a scardy cat! I laughed a litle and told my reason for going fast was her and also it may not have ben raining but having being in bare fet my feet are soaking wet.

Susan laughed agin and she reached over where she had tossed the two towwels we had used earlier and I used it and wiped my feet off. Now they were dry and felt better. Then Susan informed me she needed to do two things now. One I have to piss and the other I want to change befor my bed time. Come with me for I want to change first Dave. Susan got up out of her seat and I just followed her into hers and Brendas bedroom. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

When The Lights Went Out! Part 6

I sat down on Brendas bed when Susan and I went into hers and Brendas bedroom. Susan stepped over to her dresser which I shome the flashlight on it for her. She opened the top drawer and rummaged through it for a moment or two. Susan must have found what she wanted for she then took her blue shorts right off. Then she said to me that she was ready to head to the bathroom and piss.

So I got off from Brendas bed and shone the light out of the bedroom out into the hall. Susan walked out of the bedroom into the short hall and made the turn into the bathroom. I followed. In the bathroom Susan now stod in front of the toilet and she yanked her blue to up over her head and dropped it on the floor. Now completely naked she gave me a quick look and let out a little laugh.

Then she reached back and lifted up the toilet seat and stepped quickly back and now stood stradleing over the toilet. Then came a good stream of piss out from her vagina. It shot straight down hard makeing a loud splash in the toilet and what was nice with this pss a nice loud hiss too! (:-)) Susan also now slipped on over her head a long white nightshirt with a felix the cat cartoon figure on its front. She did stop it so it didn'tgo down far enough to blockher crotch and vagina.

Susan did let ut a little yawn as she stood there pissingand with the short yawn Susan farted which it was a short soft hiss of a fart too. That made Susan let out a short giggle. Seeing Susan yawn I asked her if she was tired. Only a little bit Dave she saidrght back to me. Then she asked me if I was getting tired. I told her that I wasn't. I also told her if she wanted to go to sleep it was ok with me. Susan now seemed at least to me she was makeing up her mnd that she just might do that.

Susan did stay silent as she stood there still pissing. This piss wasn't all that long. Her stream eased off withits hissing fadeing away and she came to a dripping stop. Susan dropped the nightshirt down and she steppedforward from the toilet. Dave she said to me; I think I am going to turn in. I am more tired then I think I am. But if you have to piss I'll stay for that!

I laughed and told Susan I did have to piss. So I pulled my penis out of my boxers and I left it unheld till she took a hold of it and I started to piss. Susan this time leaned her head on my shoulder since she wa tired and as she held me while I pissed she did yarn a few times while I pissed. My piss too was rather short and after I stopped Susan sounding tireed told me I could shake myslef and she told me she was heading for bed.

She headde for the bedroom and I shook my penis and slipped it back inside my boxers. I then walked out from thebathroom and stopped at Susansbedroom door. She was already in her bd and had the covers pulled up over her. She saw me standing at the door way. She smiled slightly at me. Then she asked me; Are you going to sleep in here with me Dave?It;s ok if you did. I would like you to if you want to know. Brendas bed is comfortible.

I felt a little uncomfortible now. I really thought that I shouldn't. So I told Susan that the couch was fine out in the livingroom. I told her I would take the top blanket fromBrendas bed and use that. I also told her I would leave the flashlight with her. Susan weakly said ok for she was on the verge of falling asleep. I placed the flashlight on her nightstand after turning it off. I walked out of the bedroom withBrendas blanket and to the couch in thelivingroom and laid down and covered up with the blanket. I laid awake for only a little while. But I do remember I from Susans bedroom came the sound of soft steady breathing. Susan had fallen asleep. To be continuied.

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