ashley c.

first solid accident

I feel dumb because i posted here once saying i can't believe people actually have solid poop accidents. It seemed so unlikely to happen i thought. I only every had a bad diarrhea accident while in the supermarket, and also i peed myself in a friends car. But the other day i had a normal poop accident for the first time. I caught short. plain and simple...i just felt my urge to go growing more intense with each passing minute when it was finally time to go home. I was halfway home when i got terrible cramps, and when i was almost there, the agony of trying to hold it in became unbearable. I lost control of myself and just totally pooped my underwear in the car. It was a funny sensation feeling a solid load squeeze out into tight jeans and form a compact bulge under my butt. It felt warm and soft... it was much less awful feeling than when i had wet diarrhea. In fact i kind of liked the way it felt...
I got to my house and got out of my messed jeans and panties. They were white with a colorful floral pattern and held the whole load. They weren't as difficult to clean up as when i had diarrhea on myself. I couldn't stop thinking about pooping myself for the rest of the day, and for some reason i don't think I'd mind if i did it again...


double non-flusher!!!

My family took a plane trip home from Florida overnight this week. We brought my friend with us but he payed for all of his stuff. During the delays we ate a bunch of greasy food at the airport, and made my stomach hurt bad. Around an hour and a half into the flight I woke up from my stomach pains. Everyone was asleep. I had to try to poop and I walked to the little plane bathroom. I sat down without even putting paper on the seat. I farted very softly and didn't even have to push. Liquid diarrhea filled the tiny bowl. It burned as it came out and I sobbed. I was in there for like thirty minutes total. When I got up I was amazed- since the bowl was so much smaller than normal, my diarrhea almost filled it half to the top! It was dark brown and there were chunks. I can not even describe the smell. I was still crying and I heard a knock on the door. I wiped up and prepared to flush. When I pushed the pedal, nothing happened. I was so scared. I kept trying but it wasn't working. It was sooo embarrassing, but I had to close the seat and leave it there. When I opened the door my friend was waiting to go, but I told him that it was broken and I didn't realize it until I was done. He said it was an emergency, and went in. I was standing outside the door frozen in embarrassment. He opened the door again three seconds later and whisper-yelled: "Oh my god I have to poop so bad! What did you do??" I said sorry but I didn't know, and he didn't know what to do. He said screw it I'm going, and closed the door. He sat down and pooped right on top of my diarrhea! He got up and made me look, the toilet was almost full! He had a little diarrhea too, but also pooped out three long logs! We went back to the seats quick. Before the end of the flight my mom had to go. She came back to the seats saying some sicko left poopy in the toilet. We will never speak of it again.

wendy a.

sent home from work.

Hi, i see there is a regular wendy who posts so i an Wendy a. I am 21, short and thin with long light brown hair, and i work at Victorias Secret. Well, this time of year we have holiday sales and it gets busy and hectic. Well this weekend we had a very busy day, and i got sent home early because i kinda had a little mishap...
When i woke up in the morning i already had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I woke up late, and i wasn't able to get things moving right away, and then unfortunately i had to leave for work...i felt nervous about it because I've had close calls and accidents in the past.. i got to work still needing relief and i just hoped i would make it until my break. I held on tight all day, clenching my cheeks together as i worked (i heard a teenage boy tell another boy "that girl has a tight butt." and i blushed because i knew it was because i was trying not to crap my pants.) My break time finally came but i was stuck helping a customer. I was on the verge of pooping my pants and this insane terror filled my body. I was in the middle of my store with a lot of my coworkers and customers around and i realized i was definitely about to start pooping my pants. as i stood with the customer my stomach tensed up and i involuntarily leaned forward and winced a little, as i felt my hole stretch open and force out soft, lumpy poop into my yellow Victorias secret cotton bloomers and my black dress slacks. It came out really fast and made a faint crackling sound, and i felt a large bulge form on my butt and could feel a hot sticky sensation between my butt and the seat of my panties. It was such a dreadful feeling. Then the smell hit the air and it was bad. Everyone knew immediately that i pooped myself because i had a prominent bulge in the back of my pants, i smelled and my face was bright red. I felt my eyes fill with tears and i just hauled ass out of the store and went straight for my car. I lost it and started bawling halfway to my car. When i got to my car i put a shopping bag on my seat and slowly and carefully got in and sat down, and i had to feel the warm sticky mess squish and spread throughout my panties. I sat in my car and just cried for 10 minutes before i could drive home. The smell was so bad in my car that i thought i had to pull over at one point because i thought i might throw up, but i didn't. I got home and had to carefully get myself out of the car..i could feel my pants like clinging to my butt now from being mooshed against the poop when i sat down. I waddled into my house and had to go past my mom and my 17 year old brother with a big mess in my pants. Neither of them said anything and i went straight to my bathroom to clean up. In the bathroom i carefully lowered my pants and a decent amount of poop had squeezed out of my underwear and gotten on the inside of my pants. Then i had the daunting task of trying to remove my loaded panties. It was real bad because it was mushy and a little moist, i went a lot, and it got smooshed in my my yellow bloomers were now my yellow bloomers with a brown seat, and they were like a diaper... i had to peel them away really slow and i put them directly into a plastic bag. I felt filthy and i washed myself off thoroughly with rags and warm soapy water before taking a shower. After i showered and got changed in to clean panties, i checked my voicemail and had gotten a call from work saying they hoped i was ok and not to worry about coming back that day..not like i was going to anyway. I can't just crap my pants in front of everyone, go home and change then come back right away like its all, was, traumatizing! The worst experience of my social life... btw i washed the yellow panties, and its still obvious that i pooped in them :(. Oh well. Maybe after a few washes. I'll just use them for bed and stuff... i was self conscious all day that i smelled like poop.

Thats not my only accident unfortunately, but my latest and most humiliating... my most recent before that happened in my senior year of high school. I really had to go poop all day, and by the end of the day i really had to pee and poop. My friend Stephanie was driving me and my brother home and i just lost it in my pants in stephs car.. first i began wetting myself uncontrollably until my bladder was emptied and my butt was entirely soaked, as well as the backs of my thighs. I started saying things like omg and what did i do and stuff when Steph realized i had just peed my pants. She said "did you pee???" And i just nodded yes.then i said steph..i think I'm gonna poop too" and she just burst into laughter. My brother started groaning and saying i was disgusting. Then i just started pushing a large, solid load into my wet jeans and panties and it smooshed between my butt, the tightness of the jeans and the car seat. We got to my house and i just kept apologizing to steph and she couldn't stop laughing and when i got up she laughed and pointed at the giant pee stain on the carseat. The she laughed even harder and pointed at my butt and told me i had a poo stain. I covered my butt with my hands and rushed inside. I got to my bathroom and i saw in the full length mirror that the back of my light blue jeans were much darker, and there was a light brown streak along the seam in the middle of the seat going halfway up my butt. That cleanup wasn't as bad because it was solid and plopped right out of my panties. Also, ironically, i was wearing brown panties. Not a bad color underwear to have on when you poop yourself.
So those are my two most recent pants accidents. I'll share others later!
Wendy a.



Sarah from Calgary: Do not let your sis wear diapers. It will have a psychological effect on her and she will depend on them.

Another Girl

To Car Mom

Car Mom: I have been reading for a while and you and Amy from the Midwest are the best posters (wonder what happened to her)! I too like the idea of pee in the car but I haven't gone really far with it so far. It actually started by chance. One of my friends (also a girl) was drunk one night and she accidentally wet herself while she was in my backseat. When she told me about it I just said "its ok I'll clean it up later" and so then one of my other girlfriends also wanted to do it and so I said "sure go ahead." And so the next day I had pee in my seat and a little on the floor and I was going to clean it but I had to go to work so I couldn't yet. But then as I was driving to work I noticed that there was a smell to it. It wasn't really strong but it was definitely a pee smell. But then I noticed that I actually kind of liked it. It was kind of a sweet type of smell and it sort of reminded me of the gym in high school and I guess it brought back some good memories. Anyway I found out that I liked it and so I decided to just leave it there and I never did clean it up. And not only that but my friends have peed there on other occasions since then and also I have too. Am I weird?

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Naughty poo

A couple of days ago I was at work & felt the urge to poo. Not too badly but I decided to visit the toilet anyway. As usuall it was in use & as I wasn't desperate I went back to work. By lunch time I needed to go quite badly so I went straight to the toilet to find Nikki rushing in holding her bum. She said, "Quick out of my way, I'm bursting!" I waited outside while she blasted a huge load of diarrhoea into the toilet. She moaned as wave after wave of liquid poo gushed out of her & after 20 minutes she flushed & came out. As soon as I entered the toilet I was hit with the smell of Nikki's messy poo. The toilet was destroyed & the water was brown where it hadn't cleared everything away. I couldn't use it & just waited untill I got home instead. Well that was the plan any way because by the time I left work I was desperate. I had to do some shopping on my way home so I pulled into the supermarket & went straight to the customer toilets to relieve myself. Unfortunately they were being cleaned & I couldn't get in so I went into disabled toilet instead. I know I shouldn't have used the disabled toilet but It was an emergency & it was better than doing in in my knickers! I sat down & pushed a big poo out making a splash as it hit the water. There was more to come & I pushed another even bigger poo out followed by 2 smaller poos & then I was done. What a relief. I wiped myself, flushed the toilet & washed my hands before leaving the toilet feeling a bit naughty for using the disabled toilet. I did my shopping & went home.

It is cold here in the east. I wore my blue jeans to church today. I peed twice-once during the service and one after. Later, I peed three times at evening service. I drank lots of hot tea today. It was simple-went to the womens room, took a stall, dropped my trousers, navy panty hose and white Hanes panty to my thighs. I was busting,so I did not get them down to my ankles. As soon as I dropped them, out I peed. My mid-afternoon, I had to hover. I wiped my cat good, with my pants down, I flushed. I used the closet, then I used the 4 stall room. I was alone at all times.

Gender: Female
Age: 18

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall bathroom? Yes Why or why not? I was not happy about it. I've had to use them in public elementary school.
2. If "yes", is it to crap or pee? both
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off? They were broken or never installed.
4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet? Sometimes, I would have pants close to my cat or to my knees or below with my legs together. If I was wearing a skirt, I would keep my legs together and my skirt covering my cat. But I was in school with other girls so I did not mind letting them see my stuff.
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you? some
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation?sometimes. A few times in grade school a classmate would enter in and see me and we would talk. Either she would come up to me while I was on the bowl or talk to me from the next stall as she did her business.
7. Have you complained to management about such situations? I never said anything in school.It was a lousy school.
JW: My mother and my hygiene education taught me to drink lots of water so that my periods are easy. When I was in ninth grade after having my first period. I learned in Sunday School hygiene to drink water. This made my bowel movements easy and regular. I did have a few painful episodes. Two days, I my bowels were painful. I woke up Sunday morning for Sunday School. So, I would #2 first thing. It was murder. I could not get the urge. Mom gave me a large cup of tea with lemon. Within seconds, my bowels came alive slowly. I cried out, "Ma, I am shitting a knive." The pain was so sharp. I released 2 long pieces about 8 inches, thick as rope. I sat hunched over with my white FOL panty at my ankles. It took the longest minutes of my life. I wiped myself, jumped into the tub and bathed. I put on my Sunday clothes and went to church. Before Sunday School, I had to go again. I left the service and went downstairs to the womens room. I took a stall, closed the door, put paper on the seat lifted my navy skirt, pulled down my white FOL panty and sat. My bowels crackled, thundered, exploded and sputtered. I felt this long piece of rope, then lots of little pieces. A girl came in recognized it was me by by black shoes and called me and I answered her. She took the next stall to pee. She pulled up her dress and let down her black and pink Joe Boxer bikini to her ankles. Her name was Shana. She said, "you got the runs." Then, Mom came looking for me. I was telling Shana that it was my period and it was affecting my bowel movements. Mom asked if I was sick. I said no, but that tea loosened me. I told her that my #2 was a piece of heavy duty rope and loose. She asked if I covered the seat. I said yes. She asked if I wanted to stay with her. I told her no that I was fine. So she left me and returned upstairs. My friend asked me if I liked her Joe Boxer panty. They were really nice. Meanwhile, she took a simple thin sounding pee and shuffled her feet, sitting on the bowl with her heels on the floor and toes up for a second. I broke wind, "buuuuutthhh!" "Girl,"she said "you got some wicked gas." We finished and wiped ourselves. I had to wipe my cat because I peed. Shana wiped herself, I could tell by opening her legs and entering from the front. I worked from the back this day. I wiped my behind with two wads and my cat with one. Shana said, let me see what you made. Sure. We fixed our clothes. I left the stall door open and she said I heard your wicked bowels black girl. I flushed the bowl. As we fixed our clothes, she let me see and touch her Joe Boxer panty. She said these are slutty panties to wear to church. She asked me if my cat was growing hair. I told her yes. She lifted her skirt once more to adjust her panty and showed me hers. We said let's get out of here before the deaconesses find us. We washed our hands and went to Sunday School. Monday, I went to school and the first thing I went to the girls toilet during homeroom. I lifted my khaki skirt, pulled down my white FOL full-cut panty and sat on the bowl. My bowels released a thick mound brown mud with three splattering farts. I just sat quietly and then I peed a little. I reached for paper, held it between my legs ready to wipe. I wiped my cat, then I wiped my behind from the front. I pulled up my panty, smoothed out by skirt and flushed, washed my hands and returned to class.


Concerning Moist Wipes vs. Dry Paper Alone

Judy, I have wondered the same thing. Just how do most people wipe their butts? My mother buys wet wipes and our bathroom is seldom without them. I've never used them, however, and I don't intend to, regardless of how popular they become. Like you, I'm strictly and permanently a dry wiper. I've never felt the need to "wash" my behind right after defecating.

I, too, am curious about the wiping habits of the other posters here. So don't be shy, people, tell us: Are you a wetter or a dry wiper?


Skid marks


I think you and your friend were fairly typical of teenage boys with regard to having skid marks. I have fostered or looked after more than 30 children and at least half of them have had dirty pants to some extent, and twice as many boys as girls.

It just doesn't seem to be something that is important to them, although generally most seem to grow out of it by the time the reach mid teens. A fairly common problem is leaving it too late to get to the bathroom, more so with those who play computer games. They just get engrossed with what they are doing and think they can get away with it. No amount of asking 'Do you need to go to the toilet' works with most of them as they just deny it.

I don't make a big thing of it as long as they are honest about it when they mess themselves and don't hide the dirty underwear. Two boys and one girl used to do that and finding soiled undies hidden in strange places is not a pleasant experience.

A small number never seem to grow out of it. My brother-in-law still does it in his pants from time to time according to my sister. She is resigned to it and teases him in front of me. She once admitted to having had a role play with him about it - a mother/son situation - and quite enjoying it.

Please do tell us more or your experiences rosseaster, and anyone else who could share stories.


Another Survey

1 Do you enjoy pooping? Yes! I think I am a little unhealthily obsessed, to be honest. Otherwise, I feel I am pretty normal.

2 What is your favorite position when passing a BM? My legs are close together but not touching, with my elbows on my side.

3 Do you get stomach aches before your BM? Are they severe? No, not really. I may get a heavy feeling in my stomach. Sometimes I might get a shiver in my back!

4 How many times a day do you poop? Normal is two. I rarely miss a day, but may have a couple of days per month when I go once and a couple of days when I go 3-4 times.

5 What was the longest poop you ever did? Longest in one piece was probably 26-27 inches. I am sure that I have done 30 inches in one sitting, but it was in more than one piece.

6 Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes, especially since I poop at home mostly. However, I find it an intense feeling at the start with an afterglow at the finish. Very satisfying!

7 Do you make grunting noises when pushing? No. Usually I may breath deeper.

8 How often do you get constipated? I have not been constipated since childhood. I eat a high fiber diet. However, I may miss one day like once a year.

9 What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? As a child, I remember going three days without a doodie. When I did go, it came out in large balls.

10 After beïng constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relieve? Not applicable.

11 Do you get stomach aches often, when you don't have to BM? If so, how long do they last and are they severe? No. Even with diarrhea my cramps are not severe.

12 Are you gassy when you poop? Not usually, but my post Thanksgiving day dumps were explosive.

13 Do you look forward to take a dump? Very much so!

14 What are the two signs that you have to go? (besides a stomach ache?) I feel the doodie at my back door, pressing. And, I have a heavy feeling and pressure sometimes in my stomach.

15 Do you ever lie down after taking a looong dump because you feel weak or tired? No...but in the evening I have soaked in the tub afterwards.

16 Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? No. Mine require little effort.

17 Do you like to take as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I usually take 5 minutes. The BM is usually finished in a minute, but I take my time reflecting on what just happen and cleaning up.

18 When you are constipated, or are having a tough time getting it out
what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself without taking a laxative? Stay regular with a high-fiber diet, exercise and a good routine!

19 Has a BM ever hurted so much that you started to cry? When I was a child and did not eat right, I remember tearing up passing a large, solid motion, or when I had diarrhea and cramps.

20 How often do you have diarrhea? A few times a year.

21 When on the bowl, taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position? Legs together but not touching. I really have never tried other positions.

22 Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Not really. Mine comes out effortlessly. I may have to push to get a couple of pieces out.

23 Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? No.

24 How do you feel about having someone to poop with you, like to keep you company? I am single and have never had someone with me. However, I have pooped in front of my teammates or friends in public bathrooms.

25 How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diarrhea etc.? It would have to be someone really close, like a spouse. Of course my mother always helped when I was sick.

26 After a long hard poop, diarrhea or constipation or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? No

27 Do your stomach aches continue even after you pooped? Only if I am sick.

28 How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize, as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more then twice in a row(for the same dump? Maybe with diarrhea. Not with a normal BM.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Upstate Dave another great set of stories about you and your friends please keep up the good work I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan from calgary another great accident story again I bet it was really embarrassing please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next one and any from sarah if she post some more thanks

To: Harry Pooper another great story about you friend Alison shes lucky to have a friend like you to help her out when she needs it pleas post more great stories about her and any other female friends if you have any and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story about you and your friend Jill pooping and man that was a big poop I bet it felt good to get that out and please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To anybody whos interested in movie and/or tv shows with women farting and/or pooping or giving the impression they pooped

TV shows
1. Girlffrends in one episode one of they main characters her name is Joan she cant poop in her house while her boyfriend is around so she ends going at her freinds house in the scene you see her go into the the bathroom and all you can see is her shadow on the bathroom wall because she didnt close the door and I think she gurnts a little I cant remember.

2. Bad girls guide in one episode the main characters are talking about creating a show like the california raisins but with prunes later in the episode they enter the ladies room and one of them complains about the smell then you hear a toilet flush and one of the ladies comes out and says those prunes sure work or something like that I cant remember

3. In this movie or show I dont know the name this woman enters the bathroom stops at the sink to do something then you see a apider or some kind of bug crawl across the floor then she goes into a stall and sits on the toilet and lights a cigarete then you see the bug again and then you see her start freaking out because the bug crawled up inside her at first shes in pain but that soon turns to pleasure meanwhile you can hear some farting sounds or sounds from the bug its hard to tell.

4. In the show 7th heaven one episode had a scene where an old lady is asleep in a lawn chair outside then you hear a long and loud fart come from that lady and you see a look of relief on her face.

5. on saturday night live had a commercial about a drink called pepto ice it was kinda funny.

Well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Accident in front of a friend

Untill tonight I hadn't been able to poo since thursday & I was feeling all backed up & bloated. I took a laxative this morning to try & get things moving & I have to say it worked. I got home from work with a very big urge to poo & could feel it pressing against my anus trying to force its way out. When I got indoors I Kirsty told me she'd brought her mate Louise home from work. Louise was in the bathroom & she was taking ages. I really had to go so bad but I couldn't get into the bathroom untill Louise finished. I could hear all the sound effects of her turds ploping into the water & it made of even more desperate to go. Louise gave a sigh of relief as each turd hit the water & I was within an inch of losing control. After 5 minutes of clenching with all my strength & listening to Louise pooing her brains out I couldn't hold it any longer & began to fill the back of my panties with a huge load of mushy soft serve. By the time Louise came out of the toilet I'd completely emptied my bowels into my underwear & my work trousers were sagging down heavily. Louise saw & smelled my situation & said, "Oh Wendy. I'm so sorry I kept you waiting so long. If I'd known you were desperate I would have come out to let you go." I went in & cleaned up & afterwards I went downstairs to join Kirsty & Louise. She apologised again & said, "I know what it's like when you really have to go & can't get to the toilet. I've messed myself a few times myself."

Upstate Dave

Wild Village Girls Part 6

Windows XP here I'll clear up your confusion of how I and Tereasa did piss together on the toilet with us both siting on it at the same time. I had sat dw first in the normal faceing forward position. Now I also was slid way back where my back touched the tanks front. (can't do this if shareing and need to shit too) That gave Tereasa the room to sit on my lap and she was back some so that she was postioned that her vagina would be just past the seats edge opening.I would have my feet far enough apart which owuld make Tereasas legs open too giving me a look down and she could also reach down to hold me which she did by moving my penis over to the side which would keep from getting pissed on and our streams would not hit too. That clears it up for you? By the way other girls and I have shared the toilet and gone the same way.

Ok there is another survey posted here on the site so here are my answers to it:

1. Age 58
2. Slim and tall
3. Firm
4. No medicail condition but I do get loose movements occasionaly. Once a month or longer time between them.
5. Most of the time one piece but I also do two or more pieces.
6. Quite often big fat single long ones
7. Any time I shit I'm satisfied.
9. Both A&B
10. Yes
11. I would have tosay the longest one I've taken was 18" long but had a second one come out right after that monster that was a good 10".

Ok let me get on with my post now. This would be another time with the landlords daughter Marggie being involved. This time it was the day I was paying my rent. I was down at my landlords apartment waqiting for him to arrive. I had called him and he told me to come down and wait in his apartment for him. He would be there in twenty minutes or so. So I did go down and waited for him.

Now I was there and in the kitchen. Marggie lived with her father and she wasn't there when I arrived so I was alone siting at the kitchen table. Now despite being in construction and her dad had built the apartments in this old church his apartment was nice but there were some things that needed to be fixed.

One of them was the bathroom door! The bathroom was right off the kitchen only a few feet away from the kitchen table where I was seated at. The bathroom door was one of those folding platic slideing doors. (bifold) It was broken in that it had split on some of the folds and was jammed in its tracks siting cockeyed and on the bottom was completly out of the track.

This made the door being pretty wide open. Now the bathrooms as far as the layout of them there is the toilet, sink, and a standup shower stall. No bathtubs. Where the fixtures locations were different in the bathrooms. I knew this for I had lived in two of the aprtments there in the church before moving down to Marggies and her dads old house. Now with the broken plastic bifold door and wher I sat at the kitchen table I could look right at the toilet in the bathroom.

Now I had been waiting only for a short time and the phone rang. When I had talked to Marggies dad on the phone he also told me if he was going to be held up longer he would call. So I answered the phone. It was Marggies dad and he told me he would be awhile longer and I told him that was ok I would stay and wait. I hung up the phone and sat back down at the kitchen table.

Several minutes later I heard the front door open and hurrying footsteps in the livingroom for a momnet. Then another door being opened, a sound of a drawer being opned and the shut. Then agan a door being closed shut rather hard, hurrying footsteps again and then here came Marggie into the kitchen. When she came into the kitchen the phone rang again. She answered it this time since she was here.

It was her dad again. For what she said as she talked on the phone I knew it was him. For she said that I was there still mentioning my name. She hung up and she told me that her dad was going to be held up much longer then he had thought. So I could still pay the rent and I'll give you the receipt Marggie said to me. I said to Marggie that would be ok with me.

Marggie said to me; I'm in a real hurry Dave. I need to take a shower and a wicked piss! I laughed and told Marggie I could wait. Go ahead and piss! I didn't mention about her takeing a shower. Marggie smiled a littel and she did have clothes in her hand along with a couple of towels too and she stepped through the broken bathroom door tossed her clothes and towels on the floor.

As I sat there at the kitchen table Marggie didn'ttry to do anything with the broken plastic bifold door. She did say to me; I wished my did would fix it or one of her brothers. Marggie wasn't bothered by me being there for I had seen her before and what she did as we talked was she got undressed right there by the toilet as we talked. Off came the light blue top she had on. Then she took off the black bra she had on. (Marggies breats were smallish, but they jutted out with being in a pointed shape.

Then she unbuckled her belt unbutoned her jeans and slid them down real fast and slipped them completely off.She tossed them aside and then yanked her black pantes down and took them off too. Next she had to set the toilet seat down which it was up. She let the seat go and it smacked loudly when it hit the bowl. Then Marggie turned back around and sat down hard on the toilet seat with her legs wide open and she had some barettes in her black long hair and she started takeing them out as she sat on the toilet seat but yet had sterted to piss.

Since Marggie had her legs wide open I did have a good view of her. I could see the upper part of her black pubic hair patch above her vagina and her vagina and the pubic hair along its sides. I couldn't see all that deep into the toilet but when she ow had started to piss I saw here stream for a shortpart of it and the loud splashing it was makeing down in the water in the bowl of the toilet.

Now as far as her piss stream it's head was pretty wide and I could see part of its twist. Her piss was quite yellow and her stream was hissing nicely too. Marggie was still working on getting her barettes out and she taled to me as shewent on pissing and takeing out her barettes. What she was telling me that she was going to a party tonioght and that she was glad that she owuld have some spending money too. Her dad always di give her some out of the collected rent money each week as her allowence.

Marggie was still pissing hard when she got her last barette out of her hair. Then she ran all of her finfers through it to make sure it wasn't tangled. Then she sat there and waited for her piss to end. But we still both went on talking. Then I saw her piss stream ease with its loud splashing getting less loud and her streams hissing softening. Then the hissing stopped along with the sound of her piss splashing in the toilet for she had stopped pissing. Marggie got right off froim the seat with out wipeing.

She stepped across over to the shower turned it on. After waiting a short minute the water had become to her likeing. She turned faced me and said to me smileing; See you in a few minutes Dave. She then stepped in the shower slid its plastic curtian closed and I heard her start to shower. We did still did some taling back and forth as she showered but not as much as we had been doing while she had been pissing.

Marggie took a pretty fast showeer for she after being in t for less then 15 minues stepped out from the shower grabbed one of the towels off the floor and she did her hair first. then she did her body. Then she toss ed the two towels on the floor and came out into the kitchen with her clothes she was going to put on. She sat down right across from me at the kitchen table and she started to get dressed.

As she first put on a blue colored bra she told me to give her my rent money. So I did. I set it down on the table. Then Marggie slipped on a matching blue colored tight halter top. Then she got up being only half dressed and stepped overto a drawer opened it and took out the rent reciept book and sat back down again and filled it out. Once done doingthat she said thank you to me and gave me the receipt.

Then she put on a blue pair of panties and then a new pair of jeans. Followed that putting o a pair of socks and her sneakers. I was ready to leave so I got up. Marggie seeing that I had gotten up to leave told me to hang on one moment. I said ok. Marrgie scribbled out a note for her dad took a fifty dollar bill out of my rent money that was there and then she asked me to walk her over to where the party was. I told her I would and we left togther and I did walk he to where the party was. Before I left Marggie did tell me she would see me later after she had asked me if I would be home./ I told herI was going to be. To be continuied. Upstate Dave


Open Stalls Survey

Gender: female
Age: 28

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall? Why or why not?
When I was 11 and in my first year of middle school. I had to pee really bad and every stall was in use and there were others waiting. So I went in, dropped my jeans and underwear and seated myself. I got seated just in time, not a second to spare.

2. If yes, to crap or pee?
Since then, I've done both at the same time. I've told my friends when they've asked that "when you gotta go, you gotta go..." and I'm worried about the harm to my body by holding it for even a couple of minutes longer than necessary.

3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off?
When I was in school, by back when, the reason why perhaps 1/3 of the stalls had doors removed was vandalism, but smoking and two girls in the same stall was also a reason. I remember Mom asking me about the latter when she was reading the principal's newsletter one month.

4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet?
I don't sit back as far on the seat, I keep my underwear as high as I possible can without getting hit by my pee and/or crap. And if I'm wearing a loose-fitting skirt, I'm thankful. I don't spend a second longer on the toilet than necessary.

5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, or combing their hair look at you?
Not usually. I had an experience when I was giving guest talks at high schools last month about financial literacy. I read the clock wrong during a break and had just seated myself in a three-stall bathroom (each of the doors removed) when the passing period bell rang. Within a minute the room loaded up, but a girl who had heard my presentation 2nd hour stood in the doorway of my stall to give me privacy. It was so nice of her. Of course, she was next to use the toilet that way.

6. Do you talk to those waiting if they are trying to start a conversation?
Yes, but they have to talk to me first.

7. Have you ever complained to management about such situations?
I signed a petition at my middle school about so many of the stall doors missing. The principal met with a group of three of us and basically said when a stall was messed with (vandalized in any major way) the custodians took the door off for a week. He said that was the best deterrant district administrators had come up with. I think they are still doing it.


Story from today

Hi, Abbie here again with a quick story from today. I'd arranged to meet up with Katie and Lucy after school to go shopping, I invited Olivia too as I've got to know her a bit better lately. My last poo was on Saturday so I wasn't that suprised when I started to feel the urge today, I went to the toilet at break as I was bursting for a wee and by then was starting to need a poo quite badly but knew I wouldn't have time to go. As I've said before its really frustrating, normally by the time I'm sitting on the loo and having a wee at breaktime theres five minutes till the bell, my poos take at least ten or fifteen minutes to finish so theres no chance of being able to go without being late to the next lesson. Occasionnally I risk it depending on the teacher, but normally I have to put up with a full load in my bowels and even sometimes my poo starting to poke out of my bum, the first proper chance I get to have a poo is during lunch break when I've got more time to spend on the toilet. Holding it in like that is really bad and sometimes takes a lot of effort, I'd much rather just sit and push out my poo and then I know I'd feel a lot happier for the rest of the day, but with the way the school day works that just isn't possible. Anyway, back to today, I was so busy at lunchtime I just didn't get chance to use the loo, I managed to get through the afternoon but by the time I was on the bus with Lucy, Katie and Olivia and we were going into town my bowels felt totally full and it was really starting to bother me. When we arrived we went straight to the covered shopping centre, I knew there were toilets there so I started to relax a bit. As we walked along I could feel the tip of a huge poo starting to come out of my bum and I knew that I couldn't hold it for long. I realised my knickers were rather tight and were giving me a wedgie so I couldn't afford to let any more than the tip out otherwise it would be a major disaster. I hoped I wasn't the only one who needed the toilet, luckily just then Lucy said "I'm absolutely dying for the loo, I'll have to go as soon as we get to the shops" and the rest of us said "Me too!" Hopefully I wasn't the only one who wanted a poo so it wouldn't be too embarasing. As we got to the shopping centre I felt the turd slide out a bit more, I tried my best to suck it back in. It would be really embarasing if I got my pants dirty, later on I knew we'd be trying on clothes in the changing rooms and then everyone else would see, it was bad enough anyway as I was wearing really grim pink flowery pants which were too small for me. We finally made it to the ladies loos and we all went in luckily all the cubicles were free so none of us had to wait. I quickly locked the door then hiked up my skirt and dropped my tights and pants, next door I heard Katie do the same and then a jet of wee spurting down into the water. I had a quick wee and then started pushing to get my poo out, next door Katie had started to grunt a bit so I knew she was having a poo as well which made me feel happier. I strained really hard and managed to get my turd to keep on moving, but it was coming out really slowly as it was massive! So far no-one had flushed, I couldn't believe we were all having a poo but it certaintly seemed that way. Suddenly I farted loudly and blushed as I knew my friends would have heard, fortunatley soon after I heard some farts from further down the row of cubicles so I wasn't the only one. About ten minutes went by and no-one had dropped a turd, we were all spending the day at school holding our poo in and so we were probably all a bit constipated. Some loud plops suddenly rang out from the end cubicle, I think that was Lucy, and then I heard Katie's poo dropping into the bowl next door as well. Olivia and I were still pushing hard, I was really grunting by now but I couldn't help it. Not long afterwards my first log dropped, by now there were loads of splashes and plops as everyone had got their first turds out, which in my epxeriance are usually the hardest. I felt empty after I'd pushed out about three more turds so I wiped my bum and pulled up my knickers and tights, I had a bit of a skidmark but it wasn't too bad. I still felt concious of my embarasing underwear but when we went to a fitting room in H&M later and we all started to try jeans and leggings on I realised I wasn't the only one, Katie was wearing pale green pants which hardly covered her bum they were so small, plus there was a noticable poo stain in them. I hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon.

Long-time reader

Desperate to poop - you said we hope you like your stories. I definitely enjoy reading your posts. You provide great detail and in reading your posts, you often get more than one story.

One time i was in walmart. I was picking up some things for my boyfriend when it hit me. I got a terrable pain in my stomach and i needed to fart. I waited until i was almost the only one around and i farted. Except it wasnt a fart. I had to run to the bathroom as i shit my pants. But by the time i got there i didnt need to go anymore



Becky M: Hi, Becky! I hope that you are doing well. I have read many of your posts and you really seem to have a good sense of humor about your situation. Have you ever tried to be diagnosed or changes in diet to help your IBS? However, a two-foot long poop with a session of diarrhea to follow is an extremely large BM!

Too, I wanted to give a shout out to Iver, CeeJay, David, Claire and Ashley, who all were regular contributers when I began posting a year ago. I hope that you are all doing well.

Ashley, I always thought it was very sweet how you responded to everyone. I hope that you are doing well.

Love to all!

Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where: In the master bathroom of my condo.
b) Date/Time: December 7, just a few minutes ago, 7:15 AM Central time
c) What you read if anything: I do not read on the toilet.
d) How long you took: Five minutes, about 4 wipes to clean.
e) Were you shameful: No, since I live alone.
f) Did it smell: It had a strong, healthy poop smell. Needless to say, I did light a candle upon finishing!
g) Did you enjoy it? Yes! It was a long, soft log, about 1 and 1/2 inches thick that tapered off at the end, about 14-15 inches in length, followed by a couple of pieces at the end. I had a moderately strong urge to go, and the movement was almost involuntary once I got on the toilet. It was a lighter, brown, peanut butter color.
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? Well, I was only wearing my bra and panties at the time and pulled my panties to my ankles. I had just finished my make up and my hair was long and straight, waiting to be fixed a little.
i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story? Not really...but it is one of those things that I enjoy and gets my day off to a good start!

It is interesting that the survey asks if I was shameful. Sometimes, if I have a loose, gassy BM I do experience a little more shame than if I do one like the one I just described, even though I am alone. Is that weird?

Hi New Guy. I can only think of once that I have had a poop that was so big it got stuck. I had food poisoning almost 6 years ago when I was 18 and in Grade 12. My husband and I had pizza for dinner and went to an internet cafe when I started to not feel very good. When we got home later that night I took an aspirin and went to bed. At about 3 am I woke up with horrible stomach and chest pains. I thought I was having a heart attack but it was the huge turd inside me and the pizza making me sick that was making my stomach and chest hurt. I ended up projectile vomiting all over the bathroom while trying to poop. I stayed home that Monday from school because I still didn't feel good. I was so constipated I was leaking liquid poop around the hard turd. I had to sit on the toilet for about 3 hours straining and pushing until it finally came out. It was about a foot long and boy did my butt hurt after that!

My poops this week have been softer (and a lot smellier). Sunday night I had a wave of pretty runny/mushy diarrhea that caused the bathroom to smell like rotten eggs. No poop for Monday. Then today when I got up I pooped out a soft, dark turd that really smelled awful.

Anon: Thanks for the advice, I've cut out doing it in bed and drinking a lot of water at night. I still go in my pants occasionally during the day, when I really feel like it. It's too fun to give up completely lol. Luckily I have the basement mostly to myself, and I started changing my own sheets and washing clothes on my own a while ago so I wouldn't be suspected. My mom only knows about rare incidents but not enough to be a concern.

Upstate Dave: I did have a dream where I peed my pants and woke up in a wet bed, then a couple other times I would be in the dream and notice I was wet but I didn't know why. I don't think I'm wetting because of the dream but who knows.

Kate: I'm going to cut out drinking a lot of water before bed in case it's a combination of that and just un-potty training myself. I actually still have that reflex to keep from peeing myself and it takes a couple tries to let go, unless I have to go really bad.

I guess I just have to wait and see if it works. Thanks for the comments, and I love reading the stories on here, maybe I'll post one soon!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


To Kira

Hi Kira thanks for replying me and sharing your story I am so sorry about your experience in summer. I can beleive it was horrible for you to be sick in the restaurant but at least not like me having to stand outside of the car on the highway with throwing up and those diarreah waves in public. I hope you had at least some privacy when you got sick in the restaurant and this didnīt happen to you. I felt so horrible therefore. Sorry you had to go to hospital. Take care!Csilla.

Hi, all. I'm new to this forum, although I've been lurking around here for a good while. I do very much enjoy talking about bodily functions, but sadly there aren't really many people to talk to about them, so it's nice to have this forum around.

On with my story--which isn't very interesting, but whatever.

I woke up this morning with a terrible urge to pee and take a dump. That's weird for me, because I don't usually poop in the morning. Anyway. I slowly got up to go to the bathroom, pulled my underpants and pajama pants down, and sat for a minute. A few seconds later, a bright yellow stream of pee started flowing into the toilet. I don't know how long it went for, but it felt a like it went on forever. I sighed as it flowed out of me--it felt amazing.

Finally, when the last few drops tinkled away, I began to concentrate on my poop, which my stomach was beginning to churn out. I screwed up my face as I began to push. It didn't take much pushing or straining because my first log began to snake out of my butt. It was soft, but formed, and slithered out with a loud hiss until it broke off in the toilet.

I let out a small, but silent fart as another turd started coming--a little softer than the last, and faster too. Finally, that one broke off into the toilet. My stomach started to hurt a little more than it normally does when I have to poop. I blasted a loud fart, and immediately, soft and chunky poop started flowing out of me, like lava. Fortunately, after it stopped, I didn't have to go any more and I was finished.

The smell was horrible--like rotten cabbage or something. I wiped myself, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and left the bathroom.

That's my story.



When I'm Desperate I Use Doorless Stalls

When I'm desperate, I do use doorless stalls. Here are my answers to Rag Muffin Reanna's survey:

Gender: Female
Age: 18

1. Have you ever used a doorless stall? Why or why not?
Yes, last weekend at our city's main library. I was using some special data bases there for an AP class paper when I got the runs. The bathroom on my floor had 8 stalls, 7 had doors and were occupied, so I had no choice but to throw myself on the doorless one. The seat was up and I slammed it down so hard that I was scared I might break it off. For 3 or 4 seconds I was seated with my jeans and panties still up, until I ripped them down from under me. And none too soon since a tremendous amount of gas practically blasted a hole in my yellow underwear. I was lucky but a few splashes got on the elastic, but that was all. It was coming out of me like a hose. I was cradling my head in my arms and crying a little because of the gas pains and a college-age lady that came out of the stall on my left, said my experience reminded her of what had happend two weeks earlier when she had too much to drink at a sorority party. I told her I was still in high school and didn't drink. Two hours later when I started to walk home, I had a Round 2 emergency while crossing the mall. Neither of the toilets there had doors.

When I'm sick like I was that day, I didn't have time to do anything "different" other than hope that I didn't mess myself too bad.


Moist Wipes vs. Dry Paper Alone

Do most Americans still use dry toilet tissue alone after crapping? I wonder. Moist wipes (for the bathroom) and even bidets are on the rise. I wonder how long it will take for these things to become outright necessities in American households. How long before I "have" to have these items in my bathroom?

I'm a dyed-in-the-wool dry-toilet-paper-aloner myself. I've never purchased moist wipes or used a bidet, and I'll bet my bottom is none the worse off. How about you good folk? Is it moisture or dry paper alone for your bottoms?

Kudos are in order. Sarah, I very much liked your post about your Thanksgiving dinner/crap. End Stall, your latest story about your grandmother was priceless, as I expected it to be. English Teacher, Jennifer, Abbie, please keep up the fine work.


For Allison

I've read a couple of stories elsewhere of this happening. I'm not sure if something like this is why they also ended up in the same situation. What you might want to try is this: First, put aside your fun activities for a while. It's conceivable that you are basically undoing the toilet training that you had as a very young child, although questionable. Any time in the late evening, or at night, that you have to go, use the bathroom. If at any time you wake up during the night and have to go, are going, or have already gone, it's important that you physically get yourself out of bed and use the toilet as if you still needed to go. That means all steps of it, not just getting up, walking in the bathroom and then going back to bed. Make sure that you put some protection on your mattress, or it won't be long before others in your family will discover that "something's up". Give yourself another couple of weeks, to a month or so, and if the problem is still there, or has gotten worse (more frequent at night, or troubles during the day), you need to talk to your parents, and you need to see your doctor. At this point, it may be something more than what you have been doing and could be something serious. Don't let embarrassment over your "follies" (meant in a nice way) get in the way of making sure that you're in good health. Yes, activities like you've described are unusual, mostly because of the social stigma associated with them and with issues involving bowel an bladder control.


to New Girl

Thanks for posting! Would love to hear more. Did any of those other girls who stayed and listened to you and your friends pee ever say anything to you like "how are you able to hold so much" or "how can you pee so long?" Any other memorable stories? Looking forward to more!

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