Grossest restroom experience ever

I haven't posted here in a loooong time, but the other day I had an experience that simply needs to be shared.

I have a twenty mile commute to work every day. It usually takes me around a half hour or longer. It's a desolate stretch of road and there are only a handful of gas stations along it. One of them is such a creepy, nasty looking place that I have never stopped there even just to get gas. Well, last week I started having really bad cramps about halfway through my trip and knew a bout of diarrhea was coming. I actually toyed with the idea of just jumping out and shitting on the side of the road when I saw the scary gas station coming up.

I pulled up to the full service pumps, told the creepy little old man who came top the car to fill it up and asked for the key to the restroom. He said, "No key, it's open, in the back." I went to the back of the of the building and saw that indeed the restroom was open. Meaning there was NO DOOR. Inside, it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in about twenty years. There was a toilet, a urinal and a sink. The toilet was separated from the rest of the room by a waist high partition that basically would cover you from the knees up and chest down.

My clenched butt cheeks were started to give way, so I hesitantly entered the restroom. The toilet seat was covered in gunk. I also saw that the dispenser had no toilet paper in it. I almost bailed but I knew I couldn't make it much further. I pulled my jeans an boxers down just far enough and squatted over the toilet. Everything came oozing out in a few big gushes, luckily landing in the toilet (not that anyone would have noticed). When I was done, I pulled my pants up, grimacing at the sticky sensation of my shit smeared butt crack.

I flushed the toilet with my foot and quickly walked out. I paid the guy and drove the rest of the way to work. By the time I got to my office and made it to the restroom to wipe my ass, the seat of my boxers had a big skid mark in them. Gross.

Never again will I stop at that place. I think I'd rather shit my pants.

Sunday morning, I made ready for church. I got up about 7:30AM went to the bathroom. Before I bathed, I had to move my bowels. I pulled down my white panty to my ankles and proceeded to release my bowels. I sat on the bowl and let out a long creamy chocolate movement. It sputtered and I farted. As I sat, I felt a pee coming on. I squirted it out: squirt, squirt, squirt, then fliiiissshhhh. I sat for awhile and farted again. My mom and dad looked in on me. I told them that I was ok and I was making ready for church after I #2 and shower. I stinked up the bathroom good. I felt another fart coming. So, I curled my toes inward, pushed hard on my stomach muscles and let it buzz out. I had so much gas in me. When I was finished, I reached for the toilet paper and wiped myself good from the front bet. my legs. I wiped my pussy and the pee under my legs. Then, I wiped my behind good. It was messy. I dug the paper bet. my split so that the paper would be clean. I stood up looked in the bowl and I flushed. I took a bath and dried off. Then, I had to pee again. So, I sat on the bowl-no white bra or panty yet-naked. I squirted out another piss, then wiped my cat and under my legs. I dropped the paper between my legs into the bowl of yellow water and flushed. I reached for a nice simple Hanes white regular cut brief panty hanging dry on the shower hook and sat on the bowl and slipped it on with a clean Maidenform bra. I stood up and adjusted my waistband and leg openings. I felt fresh.I put on my panty hose, skirt and shirt. Later at church in the afternoon, I had to make #2. I went to the women's room, took a stall, closed the door, lifted my woolen maroon skirt above my waist, pulled down my black panty hose and white Hanes panty and sat on the bowl. I let out three hard brown bananas, a fart and I peed. I sat on the bowl. I was in no hurry. As I sat another woman took the next stall. I heard her lift her skirt, unsnap her royal blue VS garter panty, let it down to her ankles and her bowels released chunks and crackles. I let out another fart. She let out a wet fart. I could sense her relief. We stayed quiet until we were finished. We were wiping ourselves, with leg spread action. I stood up and pulled up my pantyhose and panty bending my knees. I flushed the bowl and came out. The other woman did the same thing and came out adjusting her garter panty and black half slip under her gray skirt. We spoke although we did not know each other. She said that it was relief to move her bowels and I said that I agreed. She was about 38 years old. She had a nice stack on her. I could imagine her in her lingerie undies alone.

Kyle from WA

Still more memories

So I'm back again, with some new memories to share with you all here. When I was around fifteen years old, my parents went out one night and left me to babysit my two year old sister. It was fairly easy, pretty much just dinner, then bathtime and put her to bed. While I was watching my sister play in the bath, my other sister who was ten came into the only bathroom. She got red in the face, and left. I guess she had to go to the bathroom, but couldn't go with me in the room. But, no less than five minutes later, she came back and asked if we'd be done soon. I told her shortly, possibly ten more minutes.

She then asked if I could leave so she could go to the bathroom. I answered truthfully that I couldn't leave the baby alone even for a minute, she might drown. But I told her I wouldn't look if she really had to go. She must have had to go bad, because even though she was really embarrassed about having to go with me in the room, she pulled down her pants and undies and sat on the toilet and began to pee. As I said I would, I looked away to give her some privacy. She farted softly, but I heard it anyway. She finished up, wiped, flushed, and asked me to never tell anybody about this. Of course, I promised not to say anything, I was sorry I couldn't leave.

Another time, I was talking to my girlfriend Tracy on the phone and I heard a tinkling sound, like someone was peeing. I asked her, "Are you on the toilet talking to me?", and she responded, "No! Well.. I.. yeah.", I just laughed and said, "Oh, okay. So, where were we?" and continued to talk to her. As we were talking, I could hear her peeing, the stream dying off, then she wiped, but I did not hear a toilet flush. As we kept talking, I made out a splunk sound. I heard another sound like floomp then plop plip. After that she wiped, and then flushed and we kept talking for a bit.

During my college days, there was a girl named Kelly in one of my science classes. As midterms drew close, she invited me over to study with her. We intended to study, but really we did a lot more drinking than anything else. After we were pretty drunk, I naturally needed to pee. I told her I was going to the bathroom, and she asked if she could watch. And I said she could, if I could watch her go too. We went to the bathroom together and I peed for a long time and Kelly watched. I finished up and flushed then we left the bathroom. Later on, Kelly told me she had to go now, and she'd let me watch. So we went back to the bathroom, she pulled down her jeans, and lacy black panties and sat on the toilet.

She farted loudly and peed a little bit, then she farted twice more, loud trumpeting farts. "I gotta crap, you still wanna watch?", and I said of course I did. She let loose a barrage of loose turds and wet farts then she did a quiet long airy fart. "Ooh, Mexican food upsets my stomach" as she unleashed some diarrhea and after that some more loose turds. She farted again and then I heard a crackling followed by a splunk, splop, sploosh sploosh sploosh. These turds were a bit more solid, but still soft. She grunted slightly and I saw a long ropey mushy turd shoot out. She had a bit more loose turds and farted a few more times. Finally she said she was done and wiped herself thoroughly. When she stood up, I could see the toilet was a war zone. The toilet was full of mushy turds and there were specks of liquid crap lining the back of the bowl. She flushed and her dump turned into a whirlpool of brown liquid with some paper in it. The toilet gurgled and the water rose a little like it might overflow, but the water level sunk back down and with another press of the handle, it flushed properly.

Firecracker Guy

Firecracker Girl Pays Her Debt--Part 2

It was late Sunday morning as Firecracker Girl and I continued our walk. It was a very sultry, late July day and I figured we had about an hour left to find a bathroom for her to pay back her debt to me. That was to let me watch her go to the bathroom. She had watched me a few days earlier when we were stranded in a public park bathroom for about an hour during a thunderstorm. She was critical of me as she watched me on the toilet. She was especially surprised to see that I sat right down on the seat and that I allowed my cock to hang onto the front of the bowl. I guess I was surprised to see that she was that clean about herself.

After she refused to use the unisex toilet available at the auto deadership (there was no toilet paper for her to put over the seat), we walked another three or four blocks to one of our city's largest swimming pools. I found that her parents and her were at a church-sponsored pool party there the night before and that she had a key in the pocket of her shorts that enabled us to open the chain link lock on the fence, relock it and then enter. The cement on the side of the pool was getting especially hot as the lunchtime sun really started to get more intense and Firecracker Girl not put any shoes on. Suffice to say, the length of our walk meant that she must really have been tearing up the bottom of her feet. I also noticed that they were attracting a lot of dirt and other crud, including some old leaves. As we neared the bathhouse, she noticed three birds close to the entryway for the girls doorway. Two quickly flew off, but were swirling above us but the third, the youngest, seemed unable to fly and would fall after getting perhaps a foot off the concrete. I stopped in my tracks to get a closer look and while I kneeled down, "Hey, perv, get in here!"

I quickly walked to where her voice was coming from. I walked through a room of three dozen or more showers and around a wall that took me into a marginally dim room with eight open-stall toilets. She had her cut-offs and white underwear at her ankles and she waddled to the opening of the stall to catch my attention. I had always admired her great tan (from a lot of time at the pool and on the deck of my parents house) but her white pubic area with some hair really caught my attention. "Take a look, Chump, you've missed it", she said as she stood aside and placed her right arm pointing down into the stool which contained two long logs, each about 18 inches long. I told her I knew she couldn't have done it that fast and I noticed she had no toilet paper over the seat. But I played along and told her as I started to tear off toilet paper, now "I'm going to wipe you!" Then she quickly kissed me and said she thought she had lucked out with the unflushed toilet.

I reached down and flushed it. Again, she was a little critical of me saying that I should use my foot so that my hands don't come into contact with the flusher. Then she blew two farts, kind of like a car backfiring. That was like music to my ears, because I knew we were getting close to what I wanted to see. Then I started to smell what I wanted to see and Firecracker Girl said, "Hey Chump, you better get to work" and other than trying to better control my erection, I didn't immediately recognize what she was saying. "Prepare me my throne," she demanded and she walked to the entryway to the stall while I started to pull off toilet paper. I was getting a bit nervous because the sheet for the left side kept sliding off and into the bowl. The right one stayed on much better and Firecracker Girl by pointing showed me how to tuck the left side under the front of the seat because that keeps it from slipping off. I have to admit, it did make sense. Then she told me I wasn't done yet. I didn't fully understand where she was coming from. "Don't you treasure the back of my butt,?", she asked. Then I realized she wanted me to lay a sheet over the back of the toilet, although I wasn't sure she was going to sit that far back.

I told her the throne was ready and she quickly seated herself. She asked me about that bird, while I was staring away at her and waiting to see something drop between her legs. Suddenly she hunched her shoulders and without moving an inch, pushed out a series of ball-like pieces that I could here splash into the bowl and then the main event: she started moving her legs, and afraid that she was going to be touching the actual seat, she stood up about an half inch from the toilet and in a hover squat, I saw one long turd slide out of her and into the stool. It caused her to sigh twice and she asked if I wanted to wipe her. I said, "Oh course" but she quickly looked into the bowl and said the crap was hard enough that there shouldn't be that much to clean. I took off some toilet paper, and she grabbed my right hand and guided me in. Then she moved my hand on to and into her butt hole. I made two passes with the paper and it picked up only one small streak. She agreed that would do it and quickly pulled up her underwear and shorts.

I went to put my foot up on the flusher and she grabbed my leg and pulled it down. She said some craps deserve to be saved, at least until the pool opened in two hours.

She washed her hands and was very thorough about that. I think she had the water running for close to two minutes. Then she wiped her hands and we walked out. Our walk back home went a lot faster and she started to ask me questions about the experience and how I saw it from a guy's viewpoint.

I ended up being invited in for dinner with her family.


Pizza at my cousins dormitory

Hi everybody ^^

I got a quick story to tell You.

Last weekend, I was visiting my cousin at her dorm. She's 19 and just recently started college. It was my first time in a dorm, everything was so cool, and all the people acted chill and bohemic. I don't think kids came there too often, so I was getting a lot of attention. Anyway, we spent most of the day watching videos on the Internet, and when we got hungry, she took a pizza out of her freezer, and said that we should reheat it and eat it. So we did, but that evening, just as I started getting ready to go home, I got a huge urge to crap. I took down my jacket, and asked if she had any toilet paper. She didn't even ask why I needed it, my rumbling insides already told her why. I headed down to the bathroom, and went in the first stall. Before I got my jeans and panties down, I let out a loud, long fart, that smelled awful, so I quickly changed stalls. I was about to crap myself when i sat down on the cold seat. A long log came out of my rear, and a fart followed. I was hoping that nobody could hear that. Few moments later I dropped a soft log, followed my small soft chunks. I thought that I was done, quickly peed, and wiped myself. However before I got my pants up, I realized that something nasty is going to come out of my rear, so I sat back down and had a downpour of mushy runny poop. A liquid fart squealed out of my messy ass cheeks and I was done for the moment. I told my cousin, that I had a messy dump, and she said to quickly head home, before the urge started again. I literary ran non-stop trough the cold just to get to my house, that was 2 kilometers from the dorm. I got home freezing, and lied down waiting for the urge, but it didn't came. After about two hours I was sitting in my room, and I started feeling unwell and I realized that I had caught a cold. I felt horrible, and blamed myself for rushing trough the cold, while I could just stayed at the dorm, phoned my parents to pick me up. When I took my temperature, a cramp came out of nowhere and sent me running to the bathroom, cuz I knew what would follow. I sat on the throne and waited for the urge to come again. I felt a fart coming so I let it out, but I didn't realize that I had left the door half-open. The fart was very loud and was followed by a wave of mush (not pure diarrhea) that lasted about five seconds. I moaned in relief, when my sister who went by the door, heard me and said "Enjoying yourself there ?" I freaked out, and said her to close the door. She jut ignored that and said "Do it yourself" (She's 17 and acts like a bastard sometimes) I got mad, but didn't want to risk getting of the can, so I just sat there, hoping that my visit would end soon. It actually did, after a few minutes, I felt another wave coming, so I spread my legs, grabbed my stomach and pushed it out, with all my might. A loud fart came out followed by a long burst of diarrhea that cascaded in the toilet for about six or seven seconds. I knew it sounded sick and my sister yelled "Āre you trying to make me sick ?" and i just replied "I told you to close the door in the first place you idiot" As for my diarrhea, that was the last of it, so I figured out, that it was probably the pizza. And my sis' got a lesson to close the bathroom door too XD

Anyway, I'm out of time, I have to go to my friends house(she promised me to make an emo hairstyle, so that's gonna be super cool ^ ^ )

Anyway bye, will post very soon

Upstate Dave

Wild Village Girls Part 4

I ad just pulled up in front of my place and parked my car. This was on a Friday night. I had woked till eight pm for I was again on the swing shift. As I got out from my car in the little parkacross the street came running towards me Jaimmie and her friend Alice. I stood by my car and waited for them to come over to me.

In few short monets the two girls had come though the park and were standing in front of me as I stood by my car. Jaimmie was her usuall bubbley self and Alice was her sort of shy self. Jaimmie said her loud friendly Hello Dave! and Alice a soft simple hi to me. So from this point it was Jaimmie that did all the talking as far as the two fo them. Alice remained silent.

Jaimmie asked me if I was comming home from work which I told her I had. Then Jaimmie told me that those two were going to a party over at her off and on boyfriend Eddy's house. She asked me if I was going to come. I told her no not tonight. (I had been to partys at Eds place which they were good ones) I told Jaimmie that I was extreamly hungry for I did not eat at work. I only had lunch at home before going to work so that was the reason why I was so hungry.

So Jaimmie asked me would I do a big favor for her and Alice. So I asked her what the favor she wanted me to do. Jaimmie asked me to buy some beer for them for they were broke and wanted beer to drink for Eds party. Jaimmie asked saying it smileing and on the sexy side and also when she eneded it saying PLEASE DAVE! I laughed a little and I said ok to her. For that Jaimmie who is veryshort got right up on her tiptoes and gave me hard kiss on my lips and then said THANK YOU!!!!

Now one problem livig in this small village was the only two stores that wre real close by closed up at eight pm. They were now closed. Only Pauls Market on the other side of the village was open and since we had taken so much time talking it would be closed in a few minutes. Even if I had drove to there it would be closed bythe time it would take me to get there.

There was only one place left which I could get beer for the girls left. Over on the next street across from the park was the hotel. Beer could be bought there till closeing but they only sold quart bottles. I told Jaimmie this and she laughed and said quarts would do for both of them. So before I went over to get the beer for them I asked Jaimmie would I get paid back and how many did she want me to get for the two of them.

Jimmie laughed and told me I would gett paid back don't worry about that. Then she told me three quarts. She then asked Alice if that was ok with her. Alaice shook her head yes. I told the two girls to wait by my cat and I strolled through the park and went ver to the hotel went inside to the bar and asked for three quarts of beer to go. It only took the bartender a quick couple of moments to put 3 cold quarts of Budweiser in a large apper brown bag an I paid for the beer. I left the hotel and walked again through the small park again.

Jaimmie seeing me with the large brown paper bag let out a squeel of delight along with saying loudly too; WE ARE GOING TO PARTY!!! Once I had walked the rest of the way over to them I handed Jaimmie the brown paper bag She thanked me loudly and her and Alice hurridly walked away going throughthe park heading for Eds house and the party. I went in my apartment and I started t make my late supper.

I made up a meatloaf ( a small one) french fries, and heated up a can of corn before the fries andmeatloaf was done. I ate which took care of my hunger. Then I did kp cleaning up and the I went into the den and turned on the tv and sat down on the couch to watch tv. I was also tired so I did doze off for awhile on the couch as I watched tv. Iwoke up and I was thirsty so outto the kitchen I went and I had rootbeer soda in the fridge along with cans of beer too. I grabbed the rootbeer instead of beer. I poured myslef a big glass of it and went back in the den sat down and sipped the glass of rootbeer as I watched tv.

I had dozed off for over a hour and doing my supper and the cleanin up after it was now close to midnight. I wasn't sleepy at all now which having dozed off had taken care of that. I changed the channel on the tv and there was a good movie just about to come on so I was going to watch it. Another hour passed and I got up to refill my glass again with more rootbeer.

When I was in the kitchen pouring out my glass of root beer there came a rapid but soft series of knoks on my door. Before I could reach over for the doorknob from outside came Jaimmie's voice; Dave are you up? Can I come in? I've come to pay you back! When Jaimmie said to pay me back she gigled very hard with a some what sounding drunk tone in her voice.

I opened the door and Jaimmie hurridly rushed in and I closed the door behind her. Now I remembered that Jaimmie said as they left that Alice would be with her and Alice wasn't with her. So I asked her where Alice was. Jaimmie giggled hard and said; Oh Alice is passed out over at the party! She got blitzed! I smiled and said to Jaimmie; You sound that you're slightly blitzed too. Jaimmie let out another short hard laugh and she then told me she wasn't feeling bad at all!

Then seeing I was drinking root beer she laughed again. I see you are drinking beer also but not thekind that makes you drunk! I smiled back at her. You could say that Jaimmie. Then she asked me what was I doing now. I told her watching a good movie on tv. I told her the name of it and she then said I want to watch that! It's supposed to be good! So we went into the den sat down on the couch together andwatched the movie together till it finished.

Right after the movie went off Jaimmie spoke right up. Dave I have to pay you back for the beer. She giggled all the way through as she spoke. Then she paused. Then she asked me what I liked to see girls do? I asked right back What do you mean by that Jaimmie. She giggled hard for a short moment. You know she saidto me. See a girl naked, ( agiggle followed, have sex, (another giggle), then she paused which she seemed to be thinking something in her mind.

Then she laughed hard then stopped. I REMEMBER NOW WHAT YOU LIKE! Jaimmie said to me; YOU LIKE PISSING!!! Want to see me piss!!!!? Jaimmie said to me. She waited for me to answer. I can pay you back that way if you like Jammie then said to me. Now I thought about it which what made me not answer Jaimmie was Ed crossed my mind. Jaimmie seemed to sense it for she came out laughing as she said to me; Don't woory about Ed Dave don't forget we aren't going steady! That made up my mind rigt then and there so I told her I would like to see her piss!

That made a big smileccome to her face and Jammie srang right up off the couch. Before I could get up Jaimmie reached for my hand and she aynked me right up off the couch. She tugged me hard pulling me with her out of the den through the kitchen and right into the bathroom! She yanked the lightswitch on as we went through the bathrooms doorway and pulle me as she went over to the toilet.

Once by standing in frontof the toilet she let go of my hand she had pulled me with. Jaimmie did a quick check to see if the seat was up which it was and she reached for it adpulled it down just a little and then let it go and it fell makeing a loud bang when it hit the rim of the bowl. Jaimmie let out a little giggle and said sorry. I told her don't worry about that.

Now Jaimmie was wearing a pair of blue ealastic waisted shorts. She shoved them right down letting them fall to her feet. Then useing me as support she kicked them off her feet. Then she stepped back a step and plooped herself down on the toilet seat hard. Now Jaimmie like I said is short and at this time she was slim with small breasts. She was a blonde with her hair straight and very long. With her slim waist Jaimmies ass looked very full even though it wasn't all that large either. Still her ass was nice very nice for its size Cheeks well curved firm and she had a long asscrack for its size.

Now as far as Jammies vagina she was hairless. (she kept it shaved) She had a short but very stubby clit,her slit opening was short and she had no extension of her narrwow side lips of her vagina. It had that young girl before puberty look to it. Now Jaimmie slid her feet apart and way back along the sides of the toilet. With her doing this her vaginas slit opened right up!

I now saw that Jaimmie was not a virgin! There ws no htman showing! It did figure too for Jaimmie had no problem atlking about sex! Now I was seeing the proof of it right in front of my eyes! I even muttered out saying; You aren't a virgin Jaimmie. Hearing that Jaimmie let out a loud laugh and shook her head as she laughed hard.

Then after Jaimmie stopped her laughing she slid back on the toilet seat till her ass was against the toilet tank amd her vagina ws right in the widest part of the opening of the toilet seat. Then she let go with a strong off and on spraying stream of piss! It would spray a few seconds then go into a hissing stream clean stream and right back into spraying again.Her piss was a light yellow and as her stream did its changing the amount of her piss splashing oise would go up and down too. Plus she would have small patches of piss fam form when she wasn't spraying.

After about ten seconds time Jeannie said to me; Oh I FEEL BETTER! I had to go real bad Dave. What madeit worse was having sex with Ed and not being able to go at his house! I smiled and I told Jimmie saying to her; It sure looks like it now that way. Jaimmie smiled and she now glanced down to watch her stream. It went on with its changing back and forth till it started to ease off. Then it no longer sprayed stayed as a clean stream with hissing which got less louder as her stream eased off.

Before her stream stopped its hissing stopped and thenJaimmie sure did a lot ofdribbling and dripping. That was it she finsihed. Then she stood up and stepped forward. She didn't go for the toilet paper to wipe and she didn't go for her blue shorts on the floor either! Instaed she grabbed both my jhands and held them. Then she got up on her tiptoes and whispered in my ear. What she whispered was a good offer which ws a oral act for me and her to do in the den. After she whispered her offer she had a big smile and said YES? I shool my head yes and we went right to the den the couch and we both had a very delightfull half hour and then she gave me a kiss and she went and put her shorts back on said good night to me which she turned off the tv and the dens light for I was now very sleepy form the long day and our togther time in the den and she slipped out my door and closed it quietly. That was the last thing I heard too. I went right to sleep. To be continuied with Marggie next time. Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave

Wild Village Girls Part 5

Next would be Marggie my landlords daughter that I would see pissing. This happened when she had been partying and was headed home very late at night. I should say in the early morning hours instead. At this time I was sound aslee as well as most others would be too. Now I sleep in te nude and I was that way this night.

Marggie was walking home and from my place she still had a better then ten minute walk to get to her dads place where she lived with him. Now reaching my place Marggie had to be in a desperate state for needing to piss. I didn't hear her come to my door but when she got to it and started banging on the door that's when she did wake me up after banging on m door for several minutes and also saying loudly and urgently; Dave let me in!! Dave let me in!!!, Dave let me in!!!

Then there was silence untill I heard footsteps going very quickly as Marggie stomped up the back stairs to her uncles apartment. She banged as hard on his backdoor as she had done on mine. Marggie also pleaded even louder and with a more desperate tne in her voice as she said; Uncle Fred come to the door and let me in! She repeated this three times in a row like she had done saying to let her in when she was at my door.

Then there was silence again but only for a short moment or two. Then I heard Marggie again saying much softer and as she said; I have to piss she was now crying as she said it. I now hearingher cry I went back in my bedroom and I slipped on my boxers so I was no longer nude. I started for my door to unlock it and go outside to tell Marggie she could use my bathroom to take her piss.

But before I had my door unlocked Marggie had stopped her sobbing and she now had become angry. I heard her say f**k it! I'll piss here all over my uncles porch and stairs. So now I unlocked my door stepped outside on the porch and stepped over to its end and looked up and over at the back stairway and the small porched landing. Sure enough there was Marggie was standing there already had her belt unbuckled and was working on the snap of the black jeans she had on.

As I watched Marggie she was doing the a good need to piss dance by bouncing up and down, jig jogging from one foot to the other, struggling with the snap, and letting out moans and swearing too. Her swearing to me was the funny part of it for Marggie could out swear a sailor when she was mad! Any way she did get her snap popped. Then with one quick hard two handed yank and a real hard yank down came her black jeans going past her knees.

Now the reason I could see so well with everything that Marggie was doing was over her on the small porched landing was a outdoor light with a big metal reflector which lit the porch, small landing andthe stairs. Marggie was wearing a white t-top too. Now with her black jeans pulled down and I being slighty back but under her as I looked up Marggies great looking ass I saw and I could see her lower crotch and partailly her vagina which was surrounded with black short pubic hair.

Marggie now sqauted down. Now with her squating I could see all of her vagina above me. Its stubby short clit, its thin side lips, all of her black pubic hair patch, Plus now being squated her slit opening of her vagina had opend which its innards (included her peehole) showed being pink and her asshole was now I could see too. I'll addd this too. With me having this great upward view of her and knowing Marggie was going to piss her brains out I had one full erection inside my boxers! :~)

I wasn't going to be dissapointed with this piss Marggie was going to do. Marggie started a short few seconds after she had squated down. Marggie also had placed both of her hands down on the wooden landing too when she sqauted and she now started to piss. Out from her pee hole at first came a weak thin stream of piss. It was thin and it only lightly mae a sound on the wooden floor of the landing.

Then afer several seconds of just dong this weak stream her stream went from like it was to like someone had turned on a faucet from just barely on to fully turned on! When her piss stream went to hard it hit the landing with a mighty hard splash which her piss splashed back up hiting Marggies asscheeks,her crotch, and all over her underside of her thighs.

Marggie feeling her piss splashing all over herself said loudly; SHIT! Right after she said shit she had managed to cut her piss stream right off! Marrgie got up out of he squat moved forward slightly and then she sqauted down again but more in a high hovering sqaut. Right after she had done this at first piss only dripped out from her peehole which I could still see. Then onl again a few short seconds went by and out of her peehole came that wide open fuacet strem like she had giong before.

Now with her being upp in a higher sqaut her hard splashing piss no longer wetted her asscheeks, lower crotch, and her thighs. But now her piss stream canged just a little from going straight down it had anged forward. Now her piss splashed on her black jeans which were cords so I could hear that. It seemed that Marggie did not for she didn't react not doing anything. She stayed squated like she was. then I heard let out a soft sigh. That had to be from the relief that she was feeling now that she was pissing.

Now with her pissing on the small landing her piss had wetted the landing so now her piss was running off the landigs sides, its front edge hitting the stair steps running off the front of the top step and ran off the side of it. Her piss pattered on the grass not far away from me whereI was standing on my porch.

As I stood there watching Marggie piss I had slip into my mind; I wondered how long she would piss! It had already I had to guess closing on a half minute. I smiled to myslef now for thinking that. Marggie went on pissing the same way with no change at all. I also had smiled for another reason too. My erectpenis in my boxers had started to throb and I felt that!

I could have now guessed as the second slipped by Marggie had pissed well past a minute! How much longer then that I wasn't sure. But it least had to be that long. Now her stream did start to ease up some which I now got one of my greatest rewards when a Girl pissed. Her stream began to hiss! Not loudly but a nice soft kind of hiss. I smiled to myslef again.

Marggie pissed like this too for a pretty long time. Then her stream eased up more with its hissing stoping. :~( I knew that she would be ending very soon. Sure enough her stream stopped flowing whith after it had stopped Marggie did do some dripping but not all that much. I saw her reach down and grab her black cords jeans started pulling them up and as she got them pulled up far enough she stood up and pulled them upp the erst of the way.

Now it was time for me to slip away. The show was over and Marggie would be comming down the stairs and come by the porch to head out and go home. So I slipped silently back to my door of my apartment and I quietly opned it stepped inside and silently closed it shut. I stayed at the door lookig out through the side of the curtains on the doors window. Severl seconds later I heard Marggie come down the back stairs being much quiter then she had gone up them. I saw her hurry past my door and out to the street. I smiled turned around slipped back into my bedroom took my boxers off with my fully erect penis I slipped back betwen the sheets and I went back to sleep. I even dreamed about watching Marggie piss in my dreams that I had that night. To be continuied Upstate Dave

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