Sarah from Calgary
Hi Thomas,

You are right when you say that when I have diarrhea, it is bad. Megan is the same. We have both talked about wearing adult diapers and I actually tried them a few years ago. I think it was in 2007. I really hated them although they did save me the one time I was sick with the runs. I went in the diaper and changed it at Melanie's place. The clean up was still bad even though I was wearing the diaper. Instead of cleaning out my panties, I had this big diaper to throw away. I am an environmentalist at heart and I had a problem with it. I figure that it is less waste to wash out my underwear than it is to throw away a soiled diaper and have it rotting in the landfill for 30 years.

The problem that both Megan and I have, is that we don't get sick with the diarrhea all the time. Our stories may make it seem like we do, but honestly, we don't. I will admit that when I am sick, it would be a good idea to be wearing a diaper, but I can't always predict when it is going to happen. Sometimes I have diarrhea before my period starts and other months I don't. Some of the time, wearing a maxi pad will be enough to save me from a bad accident. And yes, I know that maxi pads go to the landfill as well...

Megan does not get sick as nearly as I do, so I don't really think that she is a candidate to be wearing adult diapers. When she is sick, she gets herself cleaned up and sometimes wears a pad like I do.

Anyway, I saw your reply to my last posting and I thought I should clarify where both Megan and I are coming from.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah from Calgary.

Rag Muffin Reanna

Survey on Doorless Toilets

After having to use doorless toilets away from home 3 times last week, I've come up with the following survey.


1. Have you ever used a doorless stall bathroom? Why or why not?
2. If "yes", is it to crap or pee?
3. Why do you think the stall doors have been taken off?
4. What do you do differently when using an open stall toilet?
5. Do others waiting, washing their hands, combing their hair look at you?
6. Do you talk to those waiting if they try to start a conversation?
7. Have you complained to management about such situations?

Now, I'll start with my answers.


1. Yes. It's better than peeing or crapping my pants.
2. Twice to pee, once to crap in just the past week.
3. It looked like the stall partitions had been vandalized a lot.
4. I'm thankful when I'm wearing a dress; otherwise I keep my jeans and panties higher, like at above knee level.
5. Yes, at the mall because the place was packed on Black Friday.
6. I did at the community center my dad and I DJ's at last Saturday. One lady who was waiting for me to finish my pee even gave me a request to play. It was a really old song and I gave her a piece of toilet paper off my roll and she wrote it down for me along with a dedication to her husband. When she reached into her purse for her pen, she took out and gave me a $1 bill for my time. Dad and I played the song called "Cherish" and it turned out to be a really pretty song that got a lot of couples on the dance floor. While the song was playing I told Dad how I got the request. He thought the story was funny. He said he was happy to give up the open stalls when he graduated from high school in '78.
7. No.

anonymous employee

my boss

i don't know why i posted that as my name because if my boss ever sees this they'll know its about them and therefore know who i am..but anyway... my boss is a fairly good looking woman in her 30s with light brown hair. since i've worked with her she's had more than once accident.

not long after i started, she was really busy one afternoon because she had to deal with a lot of phone calls and issues at a time and she was totally swamped. at one point in the afternoon i saw her walking towards the bathrooms but she had this pained expression on her face and she was walking really strangely, and as she entered the bathroom she started groaning a little bit and i just saw a big dark wet spot streaming down the back of her right thigh and a big dark spot forming on her right butt cheek. she went into the ladies room and never came out. eventually an assistant manager went in there for a while too. i had to go do something else. i later saw her again and she was wearing different pants. i couldn't believe she peed her pants on the way to the bathroom.

the other time she peed her pants was because i made her laugh. we were in my office going over some financial stuff and she had commented already that we had to hurry up because she had to pee really bad. so as we were talking i made some comment- i don't even remember what it was but i think i was just making fun of some error she had made- but she started laughing. as she was laughing she suddenly pushed the chair back from the desk and hunched forward crossing her legs tightly and pressing her hands against her lap. as she was laughing i heard her say "oh no!" she sat there like that laughing for a second as i just wondered what was going on. finally she looked up and had tears in her eyes, and she moved her hands and her lap was soaking wet. she stood up and there was a big wet stain on the chair, and she turned around and her butt was soaked too. she whispered something like "i said i had to pee really bad you made me laugh" and left the office. i didn't see her for the rest of the day.

the other time was last weekend, and she is like 6 months pregnant. well due to her pregnancy, lots of eating over thanksgiving,apparently taking stool softeners for constipation (her eventual excuse), and having to work all weekend, she had a little incident where she didn't quite get to the bathroom in time again, but this time she pooped her pants. just out of nowhere in the middle of the afternoon she was rushing towards the bathrooms again looking pained, and then she just stopped and stood there for a second and her face turned red. then the smell filled the air and she covered her face and continued into the bathroom, with an obvious bulge on her butt. after seeing her wet her pants twice, i now saw my boss poop herself too.


Latest story

Hi everyone, heres my latest story. Today after school I went round Olivia's house for the first time, we got on really well when we met up Monday lunchtime so we arranged to do so homework together on Thursday night. I hadn't needed a poo the couple of days before so typically I got part way through the morning and started to feel a massive load in my bowels which I knew I wouldn't be able to hold in for too long. By lunchtime I definately needed to go, it was starting to get quite urgent so I reluctently went off to the toilets about half way through the lunch break hoping they would be quiet. Luckily I didn't have to queue but a lot of the cubicles were taken, after walking out of a really grim one filled with poo I found one that was just about OK and the door locked properly which was a releaf. The girl next to me was letting out some wet farts and mushy poo as I hiked up my skirt and pulled down my black tights and purple and yellow stripy pants. I sat on the loo and started to wee straight away, I could feel the tip of a poo trying to come out of my bum but it was really dry and hard. I pushed really hard for ages but the poo would come out so far and then get sucked back up as soon as I relaxed even for a second, I really hate it when that happens. I looked at my watch and realised there was no way I could finish by the end of lunchtime and I didn't want to get in trouble for being late, so I relucently wiped quickly then pulled up my pants and tights before letting down my skirt. I got through the afternoon feeling full and uncomfortable and met up with Olivia after school to go to her house, I was hoping that she would go for a poo when we got back as that would be less embarasing, otherwise I'd have to hold on till I got home later. As we were walking along, as if she knew what I was thinking she clutched her belly and said "I'm bursting for the loo", she must have been doing silent farts as I could smell something around us. We got to her house around half three and went upstairs, no one else was home so we had the house to ourselves. I'd brought some clothes to change into so we got changed quickly, as Olivia took off her school skirt and tights I saw that her pink pants had a noticable poo stain in them and she was squirming around quite a lot. "I'm just off to the loo" she said and went out to the bathroom which was opposite her room. I heard her close and lock the door but curiosity got the better of me and I tiptoed over till I was right by the door. Inside I heard the rustle of clothing as Olivia pulled down her skirt and pants and then the creak of the seat as she sat down. I heard some wee fizzing down into the bowl and some dry sounding farts, then it went quiet. I realised she must be pushing when I heard her starting to grunt a bit, she carried on like that for ages with the grunts getting louder until finally I heard a massive splash, there were some more plops shortly after and then I heard toilet roll being ripped off. I quickly tiptoed back to the bedroom and sat on the bed, a few minutes later Olivia came back into the room looking releaved. "Ah, that feels better now" she smiled. She sat on her bed cross leged and her skirt rode up so I could see her pants, they were yellow ones now so she'd obviosly changed them while she was in the bathroom. I was getting more and more desperate and could feel the tip of my poo starting to come out of my bum, I knew I'd have to go to the loo soon or I'd end up with dirty pants and I wouldn't be able to change them. I quickly said "I just need the loo a sec too" and rushed out to the bathroom. Once inside I dropped my jeans and pants and sat down, I pushed really hard and dribbled out some wee with each push, I could feel the massive turd starting to come out really slowly, stretching my bum so much I gasped. I strained as hard as I could and managed to push it out far enough for it not to get sucked back up, I was grunting really loudly but I couldn't help it, this was one of the biggest poos I'd ever had. I pushed out more and more, it was coming really really slowly, and mopped my brow, I knew I must be bright red by now. After about ten minutes of pushing I felt the other end starting to come out and then the turd dropped into the bowl with a plop that could have been heard out on the street it was so loud. I felt a second log coming out straight away, luckily that one only took a couple of minutes of pushing. After four logs I was finally done, my bum felt really sore but my insides felt a lot better! I wiped, then pulled up my pants (which luckily were still clean) and my jeans before flushing and washing my hands. When I got back to Olivia's room she was already doing homework. "Sorry I was so long" I said, blushing. "No problem" said Olivia, "I know what its like having to hold it in, I hate having a poo at school, the loos are so gross and theres never enough time to go".
"I know what you mean," I said, "Quite a few of us are having the same problem, I've spoken to some of my friends about it and most of them spend all day holding it too".
"We should write a letter to the teachers saying how disgusting the toilets are and how we don't like using them, maybe then things might get better" said Olivia. After we'd finished our homework we wrote a letter together and tomorrow we're going to pluck up the courage to give it to one of our teachers, so I'll let you know if anything improves, although I doubt it. Thanks for reading this, bye!!


Period poops

I seem to be constipated a lot despite my best efforts to eat healthy, take lots of fiber, drink water and take my laxative/stool softener combo every day. The only time I notice I poop a lot is when I have my period. I get stomach cramps and back pain during my period and seem to poop more than usual, kind of like my body is flushing all that crap out of me. I know some women get diarrhea before and during their period like Sarah in Calgary but mine are usually just HUGE and long.

My period started on Monday and I was pretty miserable because my legs, stomach and back hurt. What made it worse was that it was cold out and I was constipated. I tried eating some spicy Korean food for dinner but that didn't help. So I bought a stool softener the next day (docusate calcium) and yesterday I finally pooped.

I felt a strong urge to go so I pulled down my undies and sat on the toilet. It only took about a minute and a huge turd about the size of my forearm came out. I felt a lot better.

Then today when I got up I got another strong urge to go so I took my book to the bathroom with my hand pressed on my butt. I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet and immediately the poop came out. It was pretty big, like a big 'C' shape and stunk like rotten eggs.

Do any other women notice they poop more during their period?


Bed Wetting Habit

Hey, I'm Allison and I'm 15. I found this site a few days ago and I really love reading all the stories. I found it because I think its fun to go in my pants on purpose. I know its weird but whatever, it doesn't hurt anyone. I did it a lot as a kid, then I thought I outgrew it but a couple years ago I started doing it again.

The problem is I think I gave myself a bed wetting habit. I used to(and still do sometimes) drink a lot of water before bed. Then if I have to go at night or in the morning sometimes I will just let go and soak my pajamas. It just makes me feel really excited and its cool to hear it coming out when it's really quiet in the room. Anyway, I'd never wet the bed in my sleep until a few months ago. I woke up and felt wet but it took a few seconds to realize I didn't pee the bed before falling asleep the night before. I was confused for a while but I didn't really think much of it until it happened again like 2 weeks later. I knew for sure I peed in my sleep this time and at first I actually thought it was cool. I thought it was a nice surprise to wake up to(again, I know its weird lol). Then it started happening a lot, like once a week on average. I thought it was fun but then I started to worry a little because I didn't know when it would happen. I didn't want to wet the bed at a friends house or something.

I'm assuming I started this little problem by doing it on purpose. I'm just wondering if anybody has done something similar or even heard of it? Could this be a long term or permanent problem? Thanks.

Car Mom
WhinnieThePooh: Awwww I'm sorry you got in trouble like that! Not letting someone go to the bathroom, even if it has to be in the car, is probably one of the meanest things anyone can do! Especially in bad weather! I'm sorry that happened that way. It was definitely their fault!

38yo mom peed in my car again! Its been a while since she's been in my car actually but 2 days ago she was finally in it again. Nothing really different about it though so I hope I don't bore anyone! We had just dropped off the 2 daughters at another of their friend's house and so we were on the way to my house till it was time to pick them up. Then when we got to my house I started to get out of the car and she said "I'm gonna pee first ok" and of course I said "sure." So she got out of the front seat (we were in my garage by this time) and she got in the backseat. Then she pulled down her pants and she started to pee. I said "I'll be in the kitchen" and then she said "oh ok" and it sounded like she was a little disappointed and I'm sure it was cause I wasn't going to stay out there and watch her have her pee. But after I went in I did kinda wonder what she was thinking as she sat there all alone and did her business right there in my car. After a few minutes she came in. I asked her "feel better?" and then she laughed and said "yeah I do! Thanks!" Then the rest of the day went like normal.

Bye for now!

For Kent:
Hi, I have questions for the ladies who visit this site.

1. What is your age? 18

2. What is your body type? slim

3. Would you say your normal bowel movements consist of diarrhea (completely liquid), really soft turds (ex. soft serve ice cream), or solid turds? soft or solid

4. If your BM is diarrhea or soft serve, do you have a medical condition? rarely

5. If your turds are solid, is it usually one big piece, or several solid pieces? several

6. How often do you poop REALLY big turds? not often

7. Do you feel more satisfied when you produce a big turd, or does it not matter to you? does not matter
8. Ar????.

9. If someone was in the bathroom while you were pooping, would they a) not smell a thing b) smell the poop aroma but not too bad c) would have to leave the room? any of the three, the luck of the draw

10. Do you have the ability to feel whether a turd's going to be really big as soon as you get the urge to move your bowels? Yes, but sometimes I am disappointed.

11. What was the biggest turd you ever remember pooping? Describe how it looked, were you home, did it flush, etc! I was at home. It was 16 inches and I was in 3rd grade.

new guy

a survey about porta potties

To everyone what is your view on using porta potties please make a list of pros and con about them heres mine

1. there convient
2. there not sound proof so you can hear whats going on in the next one so if like to others go to the bathroom there one of the best places

1. they are often dirty
2. not sound proof same reason as above
3. there like a sauna in the summer
4. the smell sometimes
5. easy to unlock from from the outside

well thats my list please create your own thanks

I was "backed up" for one week until yesterday, when I told my mom before school and she gave me a few laxatives. I was showering after phys. ed. when I felt it, I farted and felt it poke out. Finally I would have relief. I walked to the doorless stall and sat down all wet, since I was in the middle of a shower, but I didn't care. It was sooooo nice to not feel pressure any more. It was a little under a foot long and quite firm. After that there was a little diarrhea, but not very much. It was kind of embarrassing because the stall had no door and were directly across from the shower, and everyone could hear and see me poop. But a nice relief :)

I saw something weird yesterday. I went to the bathroom at a fast food restaurant, and the urinal was in a stall with walls and a door, and there were two sitting toilets in the open. Either someone played a prank on them, or they had one stupid builder.

JJ From So. Calif

Reply to Spanish Girls Post.

Welcome aboard ! I love your story, it was so cute. And your English
is just fine. I can almost visualize you telling your story.
I'm glad everything came out OK.

See my previous stories. I used to have some terrific bowel movements at my boyfriend and girlfriend's house. I do it now because I've been with a live-in female lover.

Csilla: I had those episodes from 3-5th grades. That was a stomach virus-the worse kind. I hated those things. You feel rotten and you smell rotten through your mouth. I was on a subway train and I smelled a man and he went between the cars at 57th-6th and exploded twice. I sensed something was wrong with him. He had to be sick. He was not drunk. He must have ingested a poison. When I got off the train, I smelled this still rancid metallic odor of this man. He vomited twice brownish-yellow between the cars.Ugh! I hope to never see anything like that again.

Julie: That middle boy has problems. He ain't right.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

New place to poo

I found a new place to poo today. I was busting to go & went out to the local country park to look for good place to go. I got lucky & found a remote part where of the woods where there was a large tree with a hollowed out trunk. It was about the size of a small room & I though it would make a great place to poo in. I was getting quite desperate by now but I had nothing to wipe with & not wishing to get my new sports panties skid marked, I decided to walk back to the main car park where the toilets were. It was a long way from the woods & it took 15 minutes to get to the toilets. By the time I got there I was desperate & I went straight into the nearest cubicle. I took a toilet roll from the top of the toilet. I was nearly pooing myself by now & was going to use the toilet but the feeling was so exiting I decided to try & make it to the old tree instead. I had to clench hard to keep my poo in & the walk back to the woods seamed to take forever. I made it to the tree just in time but as I entered it I tripped & almost lost it. I hold my bum with both hands & clench really hard to avoid totaly ruining my new panties. I stood like that for a few moment while I regained control of my bowels & slowly took my hands away from my bum. Then I tried to un button my jeans but the button was very tight & as I struggled to get it undone I felt my anus open against my will. I tried to clench it shut but my poo was already coming out & all I could do was slow the flow down. Finaly I managed to get the button undone but not before I did a big poo in my panties. I took my jeans right off & lowered my panties down to my knees to inspect the damage. It was a dry solid poo so there was hardly any marks in my panties so I took them off & tipped the contents on the ground. I squatted over the turd & pushed out several more large turds. I wiped but there really wasn't any need to & put my knickers &jeans back on & left the scene feeling very relived.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Upstate Dave

Wild Village Girls Part 2

After several days had past from the little party at my apartment things returned to normal as far as Marggie, Tereasa, Jaimmie, and Alice. You would have never know about the arument between them at the party at my place had happened at all. They all were buddy buddy again. I did mention about the arguement that had happened at my place in a passing kind of way to the girls and they all shrugged it off.

Now a few more days passed after this meeting up with the girls. My work had me working second shift so I was working noon to eight pm and it was Friday now. I had stopped at the market on the way home from work and resupplied my stock of beer buying a couple of sixpacks. Then I went home. I parked and walked up the sidewalk alongside the house to my apartment. There on the porch standing by my door stood Tereasa. She was waiting for me to get home.

I said hi to her and she said hi back and she stepped aside to let me step up to the door to unlock it. As I stepped up to the door with my key in my hand I asked Tereasa; How come your here? Nothing going on tonight anywhere? I unlocked my door and Tereasa said to me as I stepped inside and she behind me; No Dave there isn't anything else going on anywhere tonight. I thought I would wait for you. Maybe you and I can do something. That ok? Tereasa closed my door and I took the two sixpacks out of the paperbag and put them in the fridge.

Then Tereasa asked me if I was going out. I told her no I wasn't. I'm stayng in tonight. Outside it was very muggy and I wasn't going anywhere becuase of that. I walked into the den and turned on the small window airconditioner that I had. I se it on high so it wouldn't take long at all to ool the den right down and a little longer to cool off the rest of my apartment too.

Tereasa now asked me if she could have a beer and I told her yes she could and she asked me if I wanted one also. I replied saying to her; Tereasa what do you think? It's friday night! Sh laughed and she went into the kitchen got two beers out of the fridge and came back into the den with them. She gave me mine and we opened them and we both took a good sip from them and after the sip I said to her; Now that's refreshing after a hard days work! Tereasa giggled slightly and she agreed.

Now Tereasa hadn't noticed that I had something new in the den now. I had bought a color tv (used but new to me) from my electronics friend Joe. I walked over to it and turned it on. Now Tereasa saw that I had the tv. Hey when did you get the tv Dave? Durring the wek Tereasa. I had a small black & white tv before buying this one and that now was in my bedroom.

I only wanted to show Tereasa the set and I was going to turn it off after letting her see how good it worked. Tereasa said leave it on before I was going to shut it off. The reason was for when I had turned it on there was a commercial for a upcomming movie that was going to be on and she wanted to watch it. So I left the set on. Tereasa told me I would like it and then she giggled a little and said; You have the beer,this is a good movie, maybe order a pizza, what else could you ask for! I smiled and then I said one word bac to her SEX! Tereasa laughed hard and we settled down together on the couch and waited ofr the movie to start on tv.

The movie started about after 15 minutes later. Before the movie started Tereasa went out to the kitchen and got wto more beers for us. She had finished hers and mine was just about empty. We sat there on the couch with fresh second beers had opend them and now started watching the movie. The movie was a spy movie and it was good too as we watched it.

Now after a half hour of the movie had gone by Tereasa turned around and she turned down the airconditioner. I asked her if she was now to cold. It is just a little cilly Dave at least for me. Tereasa giggled a little after she had sat back down. What was the coldest are my tits! she said to me and she turned pulled her stretch top even tighter which her nipples from being very hard from the coolness of the airconditioner were real big! If Teresa stuck them right in my face her nipples would have poked my eyes right out!(lol)

Then as the movie came back on Tereasa told me order the pizza so the phone was right there in the den on the floor so I picked it up nd ordered the pizza and we would have it in about 45 minutes. Tereasa and I went on watching the movie,sipping away on our beers, and since we both smoked we had a cigarette too. Time went by.

The movie broke for commercials about a half hour later. Teresa said to me; I better take a piss break. Come with me? I smiled and I said to Tereasa; Lead the way! So we went straight for my bathroom. Once in the batroom Tereasa said to me; Let me go first then you can go. I told her that was alright with me. Now Tereasa had on that stretch halter top and a pair of jeans on tonight.

Teresa quickly took care of her jeans getting them down in a few very short seconds. Tereasa this time was wearing panties which she shoved them right down too. Her jeans and panties were down below her knees and she sat down on the toilet seat and her thighs were opened far enough so that as I stood there in front of her I could see down at her vagina.

Teresa started to piss in a short couple of seconds after siting down. This piss was a sprayer as it came out from her vagina. Yes there was head on her stream but it broke right apart after its head. Still being a sprayer her piss did make a loud splash in the toilets water. Tereasa pissed like this for part of this piss but then it changed. (more to my likeing too! :-))

When her stream changed it formed right into a clean stream no longer spraying. It kepts it head but her stream twisted and it now hissed loudly (best part I like about hearing a girl piss!) Tereas even said right after the change with a slight giggle; I'm no longer pissing on myself! She had been when she was spraying which droplets from her spraying stream was wetting both her inner upper thighs.

Now as Terasa sat there pissing she reached over and rolled off some toilet paper to get ready to wipe. Tereasa pissed for several more long seconds which her stream now eased up its hissing stopping and then she stopped. She wiped her thighs off first. DRopped the paper and rolled off some more and did one long quick wipe on her vagina. Then she stood up leaving her panties and jeans down and she reached over and unzipped my zipper slipped her hand and fingers inside.

I was wearing boxres so she had to find the slit in them which I felt her fingers feel for it and then she opened it and pulled my fully erect penis out. She had to let go now to move out of the way and let me put the toilet seat up too. Once this was done I went to reach down to take a hold of my penis but Tereasa said to me; Let me! So I did.

Tereasa shoved my erect penis down and like her I started in a short couple of seecond to piss. My stream shot out from my penis in a hard thin stream with a long twist in it. I was almost to close to the toilet where we were standing together. My stream was hiting way in the backside of the toilet and just under its rim too. My piss splashed hard off this spot which I did step back a half step for my splashing piss partly was wetting the floor.

I took a long piss since I was erect. In fact long enough from the den we both heard that the movie had restarted after the commercial break before I even had started to piss. It ddn't matter to me and as far as Tereasa she didn't say hurry up or anything so it it seemed it didn't matter to her either. I went on pissing and when my stream eased off and stopped Tereasa went and shook me twice and then she let go.

Terasa now after she went and slipped off her jeans but did pull up her white panties. She left her jeans on the bathroom floor. She also said to me after doing this; Dave do the same just wear your boxres. So I too like her I trook my jeans off and left them laying with her jeans on the batrhroom floor. Then we went to the den sat down together and resumed watching the movie.

Ten minutes later came a knock on my front door. A male voice said pizza! It was Tereasa who had got up off from the couch after I had said; Shit my wallet is in my jeans in the bathroom! Tereasa got up and she laughed and as she did she said; Be right there! I also right after Tereasa saying she would get the door I said to her; You're going to the door like that?! Tereasa said back still laughing; Why not! Hell of a tip! Or it will be some excitement for the guy!

Now I couldn't keep from doing a slight laugh. I saw Tereasa go to the door open it wide. She hnded the guy his money which included his tip She thanked him I saw her with the pizza turn around I heard from the guy outside say kind of a drwan out thank you. I was sure he was stareing at Tereasa since she had on that tight halter top and her white panties. Teresa set the pizza down on the table then she turned around went back to the door She said good night (the pizza boy must have been still there) and she closed my door.

I came out of the den laughing and we both grabbed some napkins and small plates. We both had finished our beers so we grabbed fresh ones again and back into the den we went. Tereasa took a bite from her slice and she told me this pizza was really good. Where did I get f from? She asked me. I tld her from a place that was not here in the village but in the next one to the north which was only a few miles from here. I told her that I ordered from different paces which sometimes it was very good and sometimes a waste of time being that bad. This one was a winner!

The pizza was a sall with having 6 total slices which between Tereasa and I we ate them all and having als finished our current beers with the pizza. So this time I went out to the kitchen to get the next ones for us. When I had gone out to get the beers Terasa asked me to get a light blanket or something like it for her. So i did go in the bedroom andf pulled the topsheet from the bed and brought in it and the beers into the den.

I sat down gave Tereasa the sheet and her beer. She covered up her legs with the sheet opened her beer and I did too. Tereasa also slipped part of the bedsheet ober my legs and lap and we went back to watching the movie which was still on but would be ending in a half hour. The half hour passed quickly and then the late news came on. But after the late news was over the TonightShow was comming on and that was always good. I liked watching it and I asked Tereasa if she watched it she told me she did watch it a lot too.

We did watch some of the late news but before it was over another needed trip to my bathroom was needed by both of us. Both of us had to piss again. But before we got up to go Tereasa didn't get right up but I had. I saw movement under the bedsheet and then she got up with the bedsheet falling on the floor. Tereasa had taken her panties off! She smiled as I stood there and stared at her. She laughed a little gave my ass a light slap and said to me; Come on lets go piss!

I followed behind her into the bathroom. Tereasa walked right over to the toilets and she put the seat down this time.Then she turned around and she pulled my boxers right down to my feet. How bout you sit down Dave Tereasa sad to me. Then I'll sit down with you. I smiled a big smile and I spun right arond and sat down n the seat. Teresa straddled my legs which I did have tightly together so it made it easier for Tereasa to move forward.

Then she sat down and I then spreaded my feet apart which opened my thighs. Tereasa took a quick glance down saw my erect penis pointed staright up and then she slid back a ways on my thighs. Tereasa asked me if I wanted to piss first or have her go first. Tereasa smiled and told me she could wait for me to go. So I said to her that was ok with me. So she reached down shoved my erect penis down and held it.

I started to piss which we both could at leat see my penis in her hand and some of my piss stream. Tereasa did have my penis angled down enough so that I was hittingthe bowl pretty far down which was right at the waterline which did make a fairly loud splash for the first several seconds and got much louder once the with my pissing the water level had risen.

Maybe it wa seeing me piss or hearing the plashing of my piss Tereasa started to piss. For I saw a stream start out from her vagina but it wasn't a strong one. It was a thin straight down stream that went don and just to the left of my stream. I said to Tereas; Your pissing Tereasa. She smiled a little but said nothing to me. I watched her piss and she too stayed looking down as we both pissed.

Since I had started a ways before she had I stopped pissing well ahead of Tereasa. Once I had finsihed Tereasa still held me but she must have been holding back her piss waiting for mine to end. AS I looked I saw her stream change from its thin straight down stream ITs head widened out it twisted and it angled forward as it got stronger. In fact it moved far enough forward I felt its warmth on my balls without having her stream hit them!

There was no hissing with this hard stream. Tereasa too a long piss this time too. She even after she had stopped she even did several decent spurts on a row to finish this piss off. Then she got straight up off my lap didn't wipe her vagina. She had let go of my erect penis when she had gotten up and I got up amd we went striaght back into the den and right back on the couch. We came back as the late news went off and the intro of the Tonight Show was comming on. To be continuied

new guy

lots of comments & questions

This might be a pretty long post because the site has been updated a few times since I lasted posted which was on saturday and todays tuesday.

To: Firecracker Guy another great story about Firecracker Girl I liked your last story about how she tried to trick you saying that she did those two poops in the toilet but you got her instead by offering to wipe her and please keep the great stories coming I look forward to the next adventures of Firecracker Guy and Firecracker Girl.

To: Marika another great story I bet you felt a whole lot better after geting that out of your system but at least you made it to a toilet and didnt do it in your pants which would have a whole lot worse by the way you described your dump and I bet your sister will close the door next unless she wants another dose of your stink and it sounds like she dosent please post more stories like that thanks.

To: New Girl welcome to the site and great peeing story do you have any pooping stories if so please share them thanks.

To: Kyle from WA great story about your friends Marsha, Pauline and Candice pooping I bet that memory will be with you forever please share more of those stories if you have any thanks.

To: Spanish Girl welcome to the site and great story please post more of them thanks and dont worry about your english it takes time to learn something new but you did a reaaly great job in typing your story.

To: Desperate to poop another great story about seeing lots of other women and girls pooping I bet that bathroom stunk to high heaven after all those people used it and please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next story thanks.

To: Wendy & Kristy Wendy that was a great story about that girl pooping her pants on the bus and you asking her if you could help and Kristy I loved your last two stories the one about your desperation and the one about your accident a question have either of you guys had a without warning dump or one you didnt feel until the last second and it was to late to make it to a bathroom im not sure if I already asked this already if I did oh well another question have you ever both gotten food poising at the same time if so please share the story if you havent already thanks and I look forward to your guys next post.

To: Kira I bet you wont be going back to that resturant anytime soon I know I wouldent if I got sick from there food and please post more stories thanks.

To: Abbie great you and your firends pooping please share more stories like that thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great set of stories about you and your friends Barbie, Brenda, Pattie and the rest of them and I know ive said this before you are one lucky guy to have so many female friends who will let you watch them go to the bathroom and keep the great stories coming please thanks.

To: Jess great stories about you pooping in the shower and in the shed with your friends please post more stories like that thanks.

To: Sara great story about your black friday dump I bet you felt better after that dump please post more stories like that thanks.

To: Lisa great story about your thanksgiving dump your probaly right alot of people probaly had a good dump after there thanksgiving meal and please share some more stories like that thanks.

To: Blueboy great story about your neighbor pooping in your bathroom I bet that memory will be with you forever and keep the great stories coming I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Kyle great story about hearing that lady taking a crap please share more stories like that thanks.

To: Harry Pooper another great story about seeing different women including your mom pooping I bet thats sometning you wont soon forget and please contiue to post more great stories I look forward to your next story thanks.

Well thats all for now and to all the new comers to this site welcome I hope post lots of t great stories and wow 1951 pages and going strong like I said before I wonder if the creators of this site ever thought it would this popular and its nice that this site is free and anyone can post a story no matter your age young or old big or little everyone has a story to tell they just have to be brave enough to do it.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Love the Smell of Bowel Movement in the Morning

Hi all. As many of you know, I work in a book store. My job requires me to check both restrooms on an hourly basis to make sure they are clean and not lacking supplies. Black Friday was great. At least 2 women defecated during my shift, that I am aware of. The more interesting was an attractive young woman in her late teens or early twenties. Tiny, petitie and dressed "preppy" in dark blue jeans and a dark blue top, she came into the store carrying an armload of packages and headed straight to the restrooms. She was in there for about 10 minutes before she came out. After she left, I headed in to "check" the restroom. I was immediately hit with a powerful and very interesting odor. It smelled strongly of feces but that wasn't the only detectable odor. There was definately a very strong and present scent of turkey. It smelled like a cross between shit and someone's house while they are cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I have never smelled anything like that before and got a kick out of imagining her shitting out yesterday's dinner. I tried to find out which stall she used but there was no evidence anywhere.

I have 3 questions if anyone would care to answer them:

1) How often do you REALLY stink out a bathroom?
2) When do do; are you embarassed by the smell you leave behind?
2) How many people have purposefully left their shit unflushed in a public restoom? And why?


End Stall Em

Thanksgiving with grandma

I've written about the time I spend with my grandma before. The last one was on Page 1936. She says I'm her favorite granddaughter. But I don't want to ruin it by telling her I'm her only granddaughter. She's very accomplished and supportive of me. I guess we just have a bond that I love. While my family drove the 3.5 hours to visit her for Thanksgiving last week, I stayed two days extra because grandma gave me my Christmas present early and that was a special concert for which she paid over $200 for our tickets. We stayed in a motel overnight and she drove me back home yesterday. Since we didn't have school, Mom said the extra time with grandma was OK.

So yesterday Grandma and I made the 3.5 hour drive. We avoided much of the snow, but the interstate was pretty crowded and about an hour after breakfast, I told grandma I needed to use the bathroom. We were lucky in that we were only about two miles from an interstate rest area and grandma pulled in between a bunch of trucks. Even though I had my parka on and I raised my hood, the north wind was biting at my face as I walked the half block or so to the restroom building. My butt was ready to explode also.

When I walked around the three-fourths high wall into the bathroom, I was surprised by its pretty small size and the way it was arranged. First, there were no stall doors. Second, there were no steel stalls. Third, the three toilets which looked to be somewhat higher than what I normally use we separated by two half-high building block type brick walls. There was a girl on the middle stool who had let off one smelly crap and she had toilet paper in her hand and she was ready to wipe, but I could see she was still dumping because her jeans and underwear were down all the way to the floor. She looked like she was 8 or 9, but surprisingly her feet were on the floor. I walk into the first toilet and remember cursing a little when I saw the condition of the toilet. Stains of what I think I knew to be crap on the seat in three places, plus a pile of crap on the crap of two or three other people protruding out of the bowl and smelling like someone crapped to their death in there. There was no way I could endure that smell and I noticed there was only a roll on the toilet paper, with all the paper torn off. I didn't know for what, because there wasn't any toilet paper in the bowl. However, there was also urine; like pee that was as dark yellow as I had ever seen. So I walked past the sitting crapper and decided to use the far end stool. Problem, there was no seat on the bowl and I thought it would be much too uncomfortable to sit on the bare rim, especially since I was going to crap. I considered it briefly, but then looked at the toilet paper roll and there was none.

My anus was expanding, I was blasting gas and I walked in front of the stall I was waiting for to try to hurry that girl up. She just looked down between her legs, and about once every minute or two, she would pull off some more toilet paper and do another wipe. She wiped with her right hand from back to front, something I would never want to do. Then she would put her head back on her elbows and her elbows back on her knees and just sit there. Finally, I looked directly at her and told her I was starting to hurt more. She mumbled something about almost being done, then got up, flushed with her right foot, and gave me a dirty look as she walked out. I noticed she didn't wash her hands and picked up her pace as she opened the door and walked outside. I took my coat, threw it onto the top of the brick wall, quickly dropped my underpants and jeans and seated myself on the toilet. The seat was well-warmed and after about three fart blasts, I let go of one very long piece, about two inches in diameter. I looked down between my legs and noticed that my feet went all the way to the floor and that the warmer, higher seat was actually pretty comforting. I knew grandma would be wondering what happened to me, so I grabbed for the toilet paper and found there was only about one-inch left on the end of the roll. I knew my crap had been messy and I had some work to do. The comfort of the seat made it easy for me to pee a little as I thought about what to do. As I sat, I used my hand to tear the cardboard roll off the plastic holder. I stood, tore the cardboard in two pieces and very carefully wiped with the two cardboard pieces available. It felt so strange but they did help clean me.

When grandma stopped for gas about an hour later, I went in to buy a drink. I also went to the bathroom, peed a little, and then ventured to look at my underwear. No skidmarks! I was lucky, I know. Of course, I was with grandma.

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