New Girl

Holding a Full Bladder

I had two very interesting friends in high school. We had strange toilet habits. We had been together since middle school (grade 6 to 8). We are now in the 11th grade. Our high school is much larger then middle school. One of the problems was the 5 minute break between classes. Since we often had to walk a distance to the next class, it wasn't possible getting time to empty our bladders. The only time to go was during lunch hour when it seemed that every other girl had the same need. So the three of us trained ourselves to hold our full bladders all day. At first it was painful; but later on we got used to it. The three of us were holders instead of goers. We walked home together after school. We hadn't peed since 7 a.m. and by then it had been 9 hours since we emptied ourselves out. We got the idea of having holding contests after school. All our parents worked until 6 p.m. (My mother who has a megabladder goes all day without a piss.) We had time to continue to hold our pee after school. We all went to the nearest house where Jan lived. Sally and I (I am the New Girl; my name is Sally) lived down the street. We had fun pushing on one another's bladders which by then were rock hard with pee. To forget our discomfort, we watched TV or tried to do our home work. One by one someone would let go, run to the toilet, and piss in a large bucket so we could find how much we had been holding. I had the largest bladder. So I would continue to hold while others went an hour or two after school. I usually won the contest with more than a quart + of pee. It often took about 2 minutes to get rid of my urine. The other girls began to hold longer and longer, and finally one or the other beat me. Often we had to stay after school longer in order to have our clubs. After that most of the other girls would go to the girls' room to take an afternoon piss. We did too. Only we were "all day girls." They often stayed longer in the bathroom just to hear us pee. Wow!

Kyle from WA

More memories

Hi everyone. I'm the Kyle who posted before about Tori. I noticed another Kyle here, so I added my state to my name. Well, I'd like to share some other memories I have. Surprisingly, considering all of the time I spent at summer camp, I think Tori was actually the only girl I got to hear taking a dump. I remember many a time when a girl would pee in the same outhouse as me, but no girl ever seemed to need to shit. Ah well, in any case, on with the walk down memory lane...

When one of my friends turned 21, I hosted a party at my house. I was I think 23 or 24 at the time. Anyway, many people, both male and female showed up, and of course many drinks were had by all. At one point during the night, someone told me that the downstairs bathroom was out of paper. I had some in the upstairs bathroom, so I went upstairs. The bathroom was in use so I waited. A guy came out and I went in to grab a few rolls of toilet paper.

I headed back downstairs and saw the bathroom door was cracked, so I went inside, and there was my friend Marsha perched on the toilet. I apologized and went to leave, but she said I could stay and put the paper away. I could tell from the smell she was definitely pooping. I put two of the rolls on a shelf above the towels, then I gave her a roll to put on the holder when she was done. I started to leave when she said "Man Kyle this one is so big, it hurts.", I didn't know what to do. I knew she was just drunk, so I left her alone to finish up, and closed the door properly this time. Also at that same party, or rather the next morning, I went for my morning pee and found that the toilet had a big shit that somebody hadn't bothered to flush.

Some time after that, I was dating a girl named Candice. She had blue eyes, shoulder length jet black hair, and over all was very pretty. I was had slept over at her apartment and we were feeling naughty, so we went to go shower together. During our shower, her roommate Pauline came in to the bathroom, half asleep. After she was sitting on the toilet and had began peeing, she realized we were showering. We told her it was fine, don't mind us. We were mostly done by then, but we decided to wait until she was done to get out and dry off. Well, that turned out to take longer than we though. I heard a distinct plop sound which meant Pauline was crapping. Over the next ten minutes, there were various plop sounds, I think I heard at least fifteen different plops. Finally, she began to wipe. She only tore off paper one time, then closed the toilet lid and left us alone. We got out, and began drying off. I so badly wanted to peek at Pauline's dump, but I was didn't know if Candice would approve, so I just flushed.

Oh, speaking of Candice. I remember one time I almost got to see her having a poop. We were at the park after dark, walking home from somewhere although I don't recall where. As we passed the bathrooms, Candice remarked that she had to use the toilet and headed off that way. Of course they were locked, it being around 9PM after all. Candice came back and told me what I had already seen, that the door was locked. She said nothing more of the subject, but I could see she really needed to go. We still had a bit to go until we got home, and by the time we left the park, she was showing a bit of desperation. I asked what was wrong, she said she just really needed to go to the toilet bad. I suggested that she turn back to the park and go in the bushes. "Eww that's so gross Kyle! What's wrong with you?" she asked me. I replied, "Well, I mean, you seem like you gotta go now, so.. uh.. it's either that or in your pants. And that seems worse to me." She told me, "No! I can hold it! I've never had an accident since I was six, and I can hold it until we get home. I can't even believe you'd say that." I said "Alright, sorry, let's keep going." and we kept walking.

After a bit, I could see she was getting more desperate every second, but I didn't press the issue anymore. I could just see my house in the distance when Candice said "Ooh, I'm not going to make it. I guess I'll find some bushes. That's sooooo gross, eww eww eww." I spotted no bushes nearby, but there was a building and some grass. "I'm going to go around the corner and.. go to the toilet. Keep a lookout for people, will you?" She did not sound pleased, but I guess she had to go bad enough. She ducked around the corner into some shadows. I turned my back to give her as much privacy as possible, and looked for anybody coming by. Even though nobody was anywhere around. I could sort of her from around the corner. I may not have heard much, but I definitely smell it. "Eww I can't believe I'm going number two outside. Eww." she said loud enough I could hear. I seemed like she was going for quite a while. Finally she came back to me. "Feel better?" I asked her, but she just rolled her eyes and walked off.

Just a quick comment for Sarah. That was quite the shit you took on Friday. I do a good sized poop myself after Thanksgiving, but yours dwarfs anything I've ever done. That's all for now. I have many more memories to share, but not now. I'll post more tomorrow.


Post Thanksgiving Dump

I had my first after Thanksgiving dump at about 7:15 Friday morning. I was one of the unlucky ones who had to work that day, so after showering and drinking some coffee, I felt the urge.

I entered the bathroom (with the newspaper of course)and proceeded to make my after Thanksgiving offering to the toilet. It was firm, yet soft, and also long, coming up out of the trap, and curving over to the left, forming what looked like the letter "J". If it had stayed straight, it would have poked well up above the surface of the water.

Seems like holidays have always given me my most memorable BM's.

Keep on crappin'

Car Mom- thanks for your answers. I try not to wet/mess my pants in front of my parents. I have done it a few times and they get really mad.
A couple years ago, we were driving home from a trip to see my grandparents. The weather conditions were not good and it was taking longer than usual. My parents were sitting in the front and I was in the backseat. I really had to pee and asked my dad if we could stop, but it was late out and snowy so he said no, that I could wait. I told him I could not and was about to pee myself and both him and my mom told me I better not. My dad told me to be a lady and that I was old enough to hold it and my mom agreed. She was also worried about ruining the seats in the car. Finally, I just could not hold it anymore. We hit a speed bump and I lost control, flooding my pants. I was hoping that they would not find out, but my brother (who had been asleep next to me) chose that moment to wake up and ask why the seat was wet. My parents got really mad and grounded me when we go home, even though my brother tried to talk them out of it.

Spanish Girl
Hello. I read the posts here a lot and now I will post a story about me that happened a while ago. On normal days I will have a shit two times, once at morning, then another time after work when I come home. But one day I did not shit in the morning. I waited, maybe I shit at work instead, but no. Not even when I come home, I do not need to shit. I begin to worry next morning I wake up and not have to shit again. But I have to go to work, so I can't worry.

Then I come home again, and want to shit like normal, but can not. I do not feel need to shit, except I have not shit in four times normal. Still I wait. Next day weekend, I not go to work, but still no shit at morning. I go to the store to get a pill to make me go shit. I know not what you say it as, but I know what it does. I get back from store, I take one pill like says on box and then I wait for pill to work. I feel like maybe I can go shit after I wait, but I go to toilet, and I make loud farts, and then only just one little shit come out. Pill box says wait before take another pill, so I do and soon as it is time, I take pill again.

I wait then for pill to work just like before. When it work, I go to toilet for second time. I want to make a big shit, can feel it. But no, farts like before, few hard little shits in toilet. Stomach hurt, I stay on toilet. Shit comes out soft. It feel good but I know I must shit much more. I have six times normal shit in me, that not enough. I have one more hard shit come out then I feel nothing more want to come. I go to bed, tired after work hard to shit for no come out. Then I wake up, do not feel like I need shit. I take one more pill and wait. When I feel like I can shit, I go to toilet, I feel big shit ready, but I not come out. I not even fart this time, nothing come from my butt.

I think this pill not good for me, not make me have shit like says on box. I go to store, I buy different pills. I hope this one works. This pill it say on box take when go to bed, have good shit in morning when you wake. I wait, I need to shit. I feel lots of shit in stomach. But cannot make shit come into toilet. It hurt me a lot. I wait until night, then I take pill then I go to bed. Box said I need shit at morning, and I wake up in morning, feel big shit need to go now. I run to toilet and big shit come out for long time. I not go shit for eight times I normal go. This shit very big come out. When it in toilet, I do farts lots. Loud and not loud farts, lots farts. Then I have another big shit. It also in toilet after grow long. I fart not loud long long fart. I make three more big shits come out long in toilet.

I done big shit now, big big shit I feel good. But still more shit in me want out. I wait for shit to be ready. When it ready, I still on toilet, I do big shit again. It not long shit, but big. Hurt when come out. I fart loud two farts. I do three more big shits long but not long like first shits. I think I done, have no shit to go. I look at shit in toilet after not shit for eight times normal. It lots of shit in toilet, see little water, only my shit. Toilet not flush, too much shit. I use paper, wipe for clean, paper go in toilet when done. I get brush, make shit go down. I flush and use brush to make shit into hole. I flush much times, use brush to help toilet flush shit. When I flush and no more shit in toilet, I feel good. I make big shit in toilet, then I work hard and make shit flush. I tired, so I go bed again.

Sorry for english not good. I try learn english, and it go good I think. I learn more english each day, soon I speak english good like you.

Long-time reader
Sarah - that was an excellent after Thanksgiving poop that you had!
Anna - I think the stories about listening to others taking a dump while you're taking a dump are cool. I hope you have more to share.
China Girl - As per my name, I've been a long-time reader (I rarely post) but I have always enjoyed your stories. It is cool that you've been actively posting.
Miranda - How did everything go the other day? I hope you are feeling better.
Desperate to poop - I've always enjoy your stories - very detailed and some interesting situations that you get into.

I'm a guy who usually goes to the bathroom twice a day. On Thanksgiving I did not have a dump early in the day and I had a large dinner. I had an urge after dinner, so I went to the bathroom but after sitting several minutes, I could only pass some gas. Later that night I was feeling fine, when I got a sudden urge. I then proceeded to have a very large soft and smelly dump. It didn't last all that long - maybe 3 to 4 minutes, but I felt very relieved afterwards.



Do you mind taking a dump in your partners house? No

Do you mind your partner knowing that you need a poo? No

Would you tell your partner if you need a poo? Yes

Do you know if your partners cares about the whole toilet situations? No

Do you fart infront of them? Yes
See my previous stories. I used to have some terrific bowel movements at my boyfriend and girlfriend's house. I do it now because I've been with a live-in female lover.

Csilla: I had those episodes from 3-5t

Desperate to poop

Cruise Poop and lots of other poopers too

I thought I would share an oldish Ferry story. We went away on a Cruize and on the last day before we arrived at port to get the plane home we all had to checkout of our rooms (unless we paid extra.

This is not uncommon as has been the case on most of the Cruises we've been on.

Anyway as usual because everyone is waiting around in the different areas and can't use their rooms there are more queues for the toilets (especially the ladies).

I needed a poop after lunch (as we were arriving in the afternoon)and knew there were some disabled toilets that might now have as much of a queue. So I decided to try and use those, but alas they seemed to be in just as much use as the others. I'd passed a few toilet queues so I decided to wait at this one. There was 6 people waiting and 3 cubicles. At the front was a gent, who I expect needed a pooh had the same idea with less gents cubicles, 4 ladies of differing ages, 2, aged 40 who seemed to know each other as they were chatting and finally a female cruise rep in front of me.

I expected people may have come here as it was bit more out of the way and they may have wanted a bit more privacy to poop. It certainly turned out a few did need to pooh!

After about five minutes one cubicle opened up, A lady with crutches came out and the gent was able to go in. As expected he was pooping and was in for five minutes. You could hear him strain from time to time. There was no movement from the other 2 cubicles whilst the gent was in. You could tell one was definitely pooping as she had runny poop (almost diarreoh). The other cubicle you couldn't hear much. The gent was the first out and a young 25yr old went in in his place. She had been rubbing her ???? slightly so I guessed she needed a pooh and she'd been waiting ten minutes now along with rest of . She did need a pooh as she did an audible fart but she wasn't in too long about 3 minutes and then flushed and came out. The other 2 cubicles were still in use!

One lady was having bad runny poop and it was beginning to smell. The other was, was still relatively quiet, a shy pooper, constipated, doing something else who knows but she was still in there. A ???? 50 yr old took the place of the young 25 yr old. I was definitely feeling the need for my pooh know and a pee was also coming on. The Cruise rep was jiggling up and down a bit as well (and she let of a SDB).

A few had joined behind us as well. The 50 yr old was constipated and was grunting out a pooh. There was now 3 in front, the 2 40 yr olds and the rep. I decided to make some conversation and said to the rep it seems like everyone needs to poop. She smiled back awkwardly and said seems so - I need to go I said hope we don't wait to much longer.

Just then after about 15 minutes the soft poop lady finally finished and flushed. She came out and it was a tall cruise rep. She made conversation with the other cruise rep commenting last nights food hadn't been good with her. The other rep replied she wasn't feeling great either.

In her place one of the 40 yr old's went in. She only needed a pee and it seemed a tampon change as you could hear paper being ripped. She came out and said all yours to her friend. Just in time she replied as she went in. She had been bending slightly so looked a little desperate

I was now getting more and more desperate and the lady rep was beginning to curse (and fart more). I did not bother her anymore as she seemed to feel awkward last time. In the cubicles the 50 yr old was grunting a constipated pooh out, the other cubicle the 40 yr old was having a soft pooh and in the other cubicle it had been engaged all along, not much could be heard apart from some soft grunts, but the smell was ever increasing so she was clearly pooping!

I had now been waiting 20 minutes and was getting desperate but was also amused waiting in the queue seeing the urgency of some. The rep in front looked like she was getting pretty desperate. Finally after another few minutes the 50 yr old let go with a big splash wiped and came out looking relieved. The rep gave her an awkard smile and rushed in. She immediately farted and started dropping turd after turd and let out and audible sigh of relief.

That left me (and all the others behind). A lady came in in a wheelchair and despite being desperate as it was disabled I let her cut to the front. After all I felt it was only fair. Finally after another few minutes the quiet cubicle finally flushed and a young girl about 17/18 came out. She apologised for taking so long, but the lady in the wheelchair said don't worry.

I was now bursting for a pee and a poop and was trying hard not to do a poop dance and look to obvious. Finally relief was in site and cruise rep came out at the same time as the 40 yr old. I took the cruise reps stall and she apologised for being so long. It was a warm seat, not surprisingly and there was a strong smell of poop and lots of skidmarks. I didn't care about the state of the loo though and very quickly ripped my shorts down, pushed my knickers down to my ankles and began a big piss, oh the relief of the piss was amazing. I farted as well and as my pee began to finish my other pee hole opened up and my ice cream back-end starting serving soft poop. it was creamy and kept going and going. Oh the relief of finally allowing my anus to unload!!!!

I took time to observe and in the other cubicle the lady in the wheelchair was grunting out a big log. Next door a lady had peed and left and had been replaced with what seemed a large lady as she had quite fat legs. She was having diarreh and it smelled awful.

I spent about 15 minutes in the toilet and had a lot of soft serve so much so I gave a courtesy flush just incase. I finally felt relieved and finished. I wiped my messy but quite a lot and dabbed my very moist front area. I left with a queue of 7 feeling very relieved.

Happy pooping all, hope you like my stories its good to be able to post them as I had a period when it wasn't working

Hi Timee thanks for doing the suvery, i really liked your answers.
Hope to hear more from you soon ;)

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

A girl on the bus

I was on the bus coming home from work this afternoon when a girl of about 16 with ginger pigtailed hair got on & sat next to me. She kept fidgeting & after a while I asked he she was allright. She went bright red as she answered, "Er fine." "Well you don't look find to me." I said. She admitted, "Well actually I really need to go to the toilet." "You're not going to wet yourelf are you?" I asked. The girl replied, "I don't think so but it's not really a pee that's the problem."She let out a silent fart. At least I thought it was a fart & the girl looked mortified. She said, "Oh I'm so sorry. This has never happened to me before." I reassured her by telling her, "It's ok. we all have to fart at times." The girl looked both surprised & pleased when I said that. She said, "That's so nice of you but I'm afraid it wasn't a fart!" I got very exited when I realised she'd messed her pants & asked her if she needed any help. She replied, "Not really. I'll be ok once I get home to my toilet." When she got to her stop she got up & I could see a big brown stain in her white jeans. She waddled off the bus & walked behind the bus shelter. I knew she still had to go & was going to finish up behind it. The next day I went back to that bus shelter & sure enough I found her soiled clothes behind it. Her pants were soaked in diarrhoea & so were her jeans. I don't know what she wore home but there was no way she could save those jeans.

Hi Csilla, I understand you. I am from Greece and had a terrible experience in summer. I visited a restaurant wih my boyfriend, had shrimps salad, which was not fresh, I got sick at the restaurant, throw up several times and had so horrible diarreah like never before. I had even go to hospital therefore. It was over after one night but it was horrible.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Poo after school

Hi, Abbie here, sorry I haven't managed to post for ages, I've been really busy. Not much has happened lately, I'm still struggling to cope with going for a poo at school given the state of the toilets and also that it usually takes me quite a while. Things have got a bit better recently as I've made a point of doing my best to use the loo during lunch break, as I've said before the trouble with that is theres no choice but to use the main girls loos which are really dirty and disgusting and always crowded so there isn't much privacy. However I've decided that anything's better than holding my poo in and making my constipation any worse than it already is, I'm still finding that I start to want a poo in the lesson before morning break so lunchtime is really the first chance I get to go, as theres never enough time at break. Last week was really bad as I had detention on Wednesday after school for forgetting my science homework and by the time the school day was finished and my detention was meant to start I was absolutely bursting for a poo. I'd started to feel the need around ten o'clock and I knew I wouldn't be able to put it off for too long as I hadn't been for about three days. Knowing I had detention I did my best to go at break, I actually had science the lesson before break and I was quite hopeful as I managed to get to the science department loos not long after the bell had gone. I followed a girl in through the door and luckily both cubicles were free. I quickly locked the door, lifted my skirt and then dropped my black tights and white knickers before sitting on the seat. I started to wee almost straight away, I looked under the partition and saw the other girl's skirt, tights and blue flowery knickers round her ankles. I could hear her weeing too, it went on for ages. I started pushing, I could feel something moving inside me but I realised my poo wasn't quite ready to come out. By now the girl next to me had finished her wee, she stayed sitting so I guessed she wanted a poo as well. I realised I was right when I heard a few loud plops a minute or so later. I looked at my watch and realised there was only five minutes more of break, so I gave up, pulling up my knickers and tights and letting down my skirt. By lunchtime I was feeling pretty desperate so I went to the loos about 15 minutes before the end of lunch, it tends to be a lot quieter then. I found a free and relatively clean cubicle, lifted my skirt and dropped my tights and pants and sat down, I dribbled some wee into the bowl but as I'd been earlyer I didn't need it that much. I started to push and this time felt my poo start to poke out of my bum, but at that moment I got a text from Lucy, I'd forgotten to go to some ridiculous lunchtime class detention we'd got in English and she'd managed to send me a message without the teacher noticing. I quickly sucked my poo back up, pulled up my pants and tights and ran to the detention, I was almost in tears as I was even more desperate, the fact that my turd had started to come out was making it even worse. Luckily I didn't get in even more trouble for being late, but by the time we were let out there was only five minutes to the bell and I knew there was no point in even trying to use the toilet. I sat through my afternoon lessons feeling more and more desperate and then at the end of the day knew I had to go straight to my detention. I sat in the science lab with one foot on the floor and the other under my bum trying desperately to hold the poo in, by now it was pressing on my bumhole with some force. I noticed that Olivia (the girl in the next cubicle I mentioned last time I posted) was also at the detention and she was jiggling around a bit so I guessed she needed the loo as well. About ten minutes before the detention was meant to finish I felt the tip of my poo start to come out of my bum and into my knickers, I did my best but I just couldn't stop it. Luckily once that bit was out I did manage to hold the rest until we were dismissed and then I waddled out with Olivia close behind. We both walked towards the science department toilets, Olivia suddenly said "I really need a poo" and I was so suprised that I said "Me too" before I'd really thought about what I was saying. We walked into the loos and luckily both cubicles were empty. As I locked the cubicle door I could feel that the first part of my poo had already come out, so without thinking I quickly pulled my skirt, tights and pants down to my ankles. I let the first log slide out on its own, groaning as it stretched my hole really wide. I looked down and felt embarased as my pants were quite badly marked, I'd been in such a hurry to use the loo I'd totally forgotten that the partitions were so high off the ground you could see peoples underwear if they pulled it down to their ankles. I suddenly felt better as I looked next door, Olivia had done exactly the same and her orange pants were on full view complete with massive poo stains as well. I had to start pushing as the turd got wider and ended up letting out some grunts, fortunatly Olivia was doing the same next door. After a few really big pushes I finally got my first turd to drop with a splash, then I heard a big plop from Olivia's cubicle a few seconds after. We both pushed out a few more turds and then I heard her wiping her bum, shortly after I started to rip off some loo roll and wipe as well. I then pulled up my tights and pants, after putting some toilet roll in my pants to cover the stain, typically I end up messing up decent underwear rather than old grim pants which don't fit me! Olivia and I came out of our cubicles more or less together and washed our hands at the same time. It seems our couple of shared toilet experiances has brought us closer together as we arranged to meet up Monday lunchtime before going our seperate ways.
Hope you enjoyed reading this, will try to post again soon. Bye!!

Johnny Half-Pint

Shower pee

I had been drinking tea all day and really needed to pee. I felt like I could use a shower too; so I undressed, jumped into the shower, turned on the water; and as the boiler whirred into life, I began peeing. Seemed to carry on for a long time, too. Even as I was washing my hair, I could still feel a trickle of pee.

We have had a few cm. of snow around here. If we have some more, maybe I will see if I can summon up the courage for a snow piddle :)

Upstate Dave

So Happy To Go Part 2

I'm sure durring our life time either as adults or a kid there have been times either yourslef or others you have been with had to go so bad and when they or yourself had you or they were so happy to have gone. I know I have and have been with others that were so glad too. Let me start off with when I was younger and it involed two girls which were sistors.

Now there was a bunch of us playing outside on a bright sunny early summer day. Our playing had started with myself, my friend Mike, Brenda and her sistor Susan, and Barbie. Mike and I and the girls had played together for awhle playing badmitten. Then Mike and I let the girls paly while he and I started playing chess.

I don't know how long we all had played as far as Mike and I playing chess and the girls playing badmitten. But it was long enough that Mike had to leave and go somewhere. So that left me with just the three girls. So I joined the girls playing badmitte as two teams now that there was four of us. We played out three games and After the third game Brenda durring the game became quite fidgety.

Brenda had all the classic sighns of needing to pee but did manage to hold out till the game ended. She had while playing when waiting for the serve would have herracket down while she had her legs and thighs clenched tghtly together. She also hopped from on one foot to the other going back and forth. Brendas desperation got so bad she couldn't make a play for the shuttlecock when it came towards her. She was afraid she would start pissing if she raised her racket up to make the play!

Now with the game over Brenda dropped her racket down shoved both of her hands into her crotch pushing and crumpling up the dress into her crotch also. Brenda stood there stiffly and was also bent over slightly with a very aganized look on her face. Barbie was the first to see Brendas desperation.

Barbie asked Brenda; Brenda do you have to piss? Brenda only managed to say back to Barbie quite low and told Barbie yes. Now Susan spoke out. Brenda then go right oiver to the house and go! Brenda said right backto Susan; I can't! That's to far. I'll never make it. Then Brenda bent over even further letting out a moan as she bent over.

Now as far as going in Mikes house which was right there Brenda couldn't. When Mike had left the house was locked up so Brenda could not get inside to use the bathroom inside. Then Barbie asked Brenda; Brenda can you make it up the hill and over to Charlies garage? Now Charlei Rick and their sistor Patty lived next door to Mikes house. There was a loft in the garage which we all played in at one tme or another which we had used to piss in too if we had too.

Brenda gave a fleeting glimps over and shook her head no. She also said as she shook her head; No. Then Barbie asked Brenda; Can you at least make it over to the trees? (about fifteen feet was a little wooded area with very small maple trees) Brenda looked and she said to Brbie; I think I can make that. Barbie said to Brenda; Let's try. I'll help you Brenda. Give me your hand.

Barbie waited for Brenda to give her a hand to hold which it took Brenda a what seemed to be a long time to do. But she managed to slip one hand out from her crotch and Barbie took it and held it. Now Brenda you have to turn. Can you do that? Brenda muttered; I'll try. Brenda ever so slowly and stiffly did manage to turn so that the both of them were now faced toward the little wooded area together.

Barbie said now to Brenda; We'll take one step at a time. Ok? Brenda shook her head slightly meaning yes and she took a single baby step forward. Then another followed by a third and then she stopped at first real stiff and she moaned a long moan bending way over. Barbie waited and said to Brenda; I'll wait. After many long seconds Brenda straightened back up and she managed to start moving again.

In a few long mnutes and I mean long minutes Barbie and Brenda were at the very edge of the little maple trees. Suddenly Brenda yanked her hand out of Barbie's hand and shoved it into her crotch where she had her other hand. Brenda again bent way over. Brenda then said to Barbie; I can't go any further. HELP ME!

Now Barbie acted quickly. She moved behind Brendas backside. Now as far as where those two were from Susan and I was about 15 feet from us two. Barbie said to Brenda as she now stood behind Brenda; I'm going to reach under your dress Brenda and yank your panties down. Brenda came right back and said to Barbie; Don't do that! Dave is here! He will see me!

Susan heard Brenda and Susan said loudly to Brenda; Brenda so waht if Dave does! He's seen you pee before! Get over it and just go! (I had seen Brenda piss but it was either just her or Susan with me also when Brenda had done it. Not with another person which would be Barbie.) Barbie said to Brenda; Look do you want my help or I'll just let you piss yourself Brenda. Then Barbie went on saying to Brenda; I'm sure if that happens and you piss yourself it will get told to others. You wouldn't want that to happen.

Brenda right after what Barbie had just said to her knew Barbie was right. The ne that would most likely tell would be Susan. So Brenda said ok as she shook her head yes at the same time. Barbie I heard her say to Brenda; Here goes! Barbie yanked Brendas panties down teal hard which was strong enough of a hard yank that it broke brendas grip on her panties that she had them shoved into her crotch up front.

Brendas white panties after Barbies yard yank which Barbie had let them go fell down arond brendas sneakers. Barbie then yanked up Brendas dress way up which Brendas ass showed completely now. Brenda stood there stiffly yet bent over holding back from pissing. There was another long wait.

Then in one quick motion Brenda pulled her hands out from her crotch and clenched together thighs. She slid her feet wide apart and squated down. Now as far as Brendas position she was turned but form where I and Susan stood along with seeing Brendas ass now with Brenda squating and her dresss pulled up in the front Brendas vagina could be seen also.

Now in a very short seocnd or two getting down into a sqaut Brenda released her long pent up piss. Her stream came out from her vagina making a arcing stream! I mean a arcing stream! Her piss stream arced far enough forward in that when it came down it was a good five feet out in front of her! Brenda was squating withher eyes shut tightly as she pissed. The seocnds ticked off. As they did Brendas face slowly changed in its looks.

When she had first started it had the look of agony. Now as she pissed it changed with less of a agonized look to one where it was showing reliefas she pissed. Her face went from being real riged to of a more relaxed look. As far as her piss where it had come down was inhard packed dirt which it first had wetted it till it could no longer soak her piss n any more. Now it ran over the dirt with a muddy yellow color in many trails and they all got longer as Brenda went on with her piss.

Now Brenda opened her eyes. I saw a slight smile on her face. At this time Barbie spoke up saying to Brenda; Feeling better Brenda? Brendas reply was; I sure am! Brenda now as she went on with her piss her smile on her face got bigger. By this time too most of her piss strail had crept along down the the hill in the dirt that they were real long. Four, five, and a couple of them six feet long!

After several more seconds of pissing Brendas arcing piss stream fell and became a only a foward slightly angled stream. It also now began to let out a soft hiss too. Brenda pissed like this for a few more seconds then her stream had weakened more so its soft hissing stopped. Her stream was straight down now. It then dribbled stopped with some dripping and then the dripping stopped.

Now Barbie let go of Brendas dress in the back and stepped away from Brenda. Brenda reached down for her white panties and she pulled them up as she stood up. As she pulled her panties up she was looking at her piss. Brenda started laughing seeing how much she had pissed. The big wet area n the dirt with its piss puddle and the many long piss strails that had snaked out from it. Brenda then had her panties pulled up and let go of them which she then smileing with a big smile Brenda said very happily; I'm so glad that I didn't piss myslef. I really do feel so much better now too. Thanks Barbie Brenda also added. Then without saying a word about me seeing her go both girls came walking back over to Susan and I. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Wild Village Girls Part 1

First I have some comments. Firecracker Guy great post of you and your girlfriend Firecracker Girl. Enjoyed your post with her in the swimmingpool toilets post. New Girl enjoyed your post too with your "holding" girlfriends. I knew several girls that could hold and wait for a entire day and when they went THEY WENT! Welcome Spanish Girl. I hope you keep posting. Just don't get dependent on those pills.

Ok let me get started here with my post. A littlebackground first. The whole thing started back in the late 1960s which my best friend Tony was going with a girl that lived in a village right across the hudson River from Troy where he lived. Hername was Bernidette and she had a younger sistor named Marggie.

Both girls were very pretty and their family tree background was English and French Indian. Marggie on the first time meeting her left a very strong lasting impression on me! (Marggie was wild durring the time when I was there with Tony which I only saw what Marggie had done) Marrgie had gotten mad at Bernidette gave her the finger when Bernidettes back was turned and then Marggie pulled her red shorts right down and mooned her sistor right after giving her the finger!) Marggie knew I was right there for she still had her red shorts down and she turned her head back at me gave me a big smile and then she stepped into her bedroom and then slammed the door shut.) Besides her and Bernidette there was also two brothers Ken and Mike. Plus her mom and dad which soon after this would be devorced and I in a few short years later Marggies dad would be my landlord.

Now besides Marggie once I started living in this village a few years later with Marggies and Bernidettes dad as my landlord I was now working and out on my own I started dateing a girl that lived in this village too. Her name was Mary and she too like Bernidette and Marrgie being sistors Mary had a younger sistor named Tereasa. She would be in the wild girls group too. She was a strawberry blonde a little bit ???? which Mary was not.

Then through a short timeI met through Mary and Tereasa another two girls that belonged to this wild group. Jaimmie and a friend of hers Alice. Now there is the cast of charactors of the "wild group". All of these girls did at many times all hang together or would be in pairs or singlely. One common thread that all of them did as I would find out drank beer so there was many parties that I would be at with them which would be outdoor ones, inside at their friends places, or in my apartment when I had moved into a apartment in Marggies and Bernidettes old house.

Now as far as Mary and I our relationship was we were boyfriend girlfriend off and on. So there was times were were together and times not. This was the way Mary wanted it and I didn't mind myslef. As it turned out with us I got to second base many times with her but that would be it. Maryy and I never had any actual letting each other see each other piss but she would always tell me when she had to and there were times I did hear her go behind a closed door of a bathroom. It would not be like that with her sistor Tereasa! I would find out about her later after having the wild group at a daytime beer drinking party at my place! Tereasa would be the first one that would involve letting me see her!

Now this first time with Tereasa was on a Saturday afternoon. I was home and Tereasa, Marggie, Jaimmie, and Alice all stopped by my place together. It was early in the afternoon when they all showed up. Now they all had come from another place which they all had styed at overnight and had been partying which they all had been drinking beer at that party. So all of the girls were on the happy feeling side when they showed up at my place.

Now I had beer too in my fridge which all of them took one and we settled into my new den which I with Marggies dads permission remodeled my entire apartment. I had a really nice stereo, lots of records and tapes of good music that all of them liked so on went the stereo as we started partying together. It didn't matter to any of the girls that I was the only guy there and boy dd I ever get a earfull as far as each girls activity they had been up to! Whether it was at last nights party or another time.

Now after a couple of hours Jaimmie and Alice had left and went home leaving Marggie and Teresa with me. There was a reason why Jaimie and Alice had left wsthat those two got into a argument with Marggie which at times her temper was like a firecracker which she would suddenly explode. Most of the time Marggie was ok. Well it had happened with Marggie had lost her temper with Jaimmie and Alice and those two left. What the argument had involved was which of the girls had the best body of all things!

Then after 15 mnutes had gone by after which Alice and Jimmie had left Mrggie also left and she went home. Marggie had argued with Tereasa some before Marggie had left. The argument between those two was still about their bodies! Their argueing turned out I got a show! Marggie lifted up her shirt and her not wearing a bra exposed her breasts. Marggie alway had said she had small tits and whiched that they were bigger.

Marggies breasts were on the small side but they were nice looking ones! Well Tereasa being a little ???? she let out a laugh and she had on a dress so she quickly popped a few of the buttons on it and she opened her dress right wide open and showed her breasts right back to Marggie! As she did this she said to Marggie; MINE ARE BIGGER! Then she turned around and faced me with her breasts still exposed. Tereasa said to me; What do you think of these Dave?

I really didn't want to get betwen Tereasa and Marggie but being honost I did say then; Marrgie Tereasa does have you beat in that department. Tereasa let out a loud giggle and then shoved her breasts back inside her dress and buttoned it up. Marggie was not to be outdone now! The challenge was on! Marggie then she had on a pair of shorts which she popped the snap and yanked them right down along with her panties together and she was facing backwards to me at the time and she shwoed me her ever so cute firm well curved cheeked ass!

Marggie stood there and shook it sexy like and she said very loudly; I KNOW DAVE LIKES MY ASS! He's seen it before Tereasa! I smiled witha big smile rememebering seeing it that time Marggie had mooned her sistor wth me being there seeing it then. Durring that time and now Marggies ass was even nicer looking! Tereasa was too not t be out done now by Marggie. Teresa was looking at Marggies bare ass and I saw her start to put her hands down at the hem of her dress.

Tereasa then yanked her dress right up! Pulling it right up way over her hips in the back! Now Tereasa like Marggie had her back towards me for she had been facing Marggies direction when Marggie showed me her ass andTereasa was watching her do it. Tereasa ass yes was biger then Marggies ass. Tereasa like I said was a little ????.So Tereasa had bigger cheeks along with a longer crack (which was wider and deeper looking), but not as firm as Marggies cheeks.

So now being the judge I said to both girls; Looks like we have a tie. Tereasa said loudly right after I said that there was a tie now; We'll have to show our pussys! Marggie gave a hard stare at Tereasa and said to her; I won't do that! Why should you? Tereasa you don't even have hair on yours like I do! Marggie now it seemed that she ws backing out and ending the argument right then. She had yanked her jeans right up and zipped them up and did the snap on them.

Teresa said to Marggie; Chickening out now Marggie? Marggie glared at Tereasa gave her the finger and she left the den wentout my front door slamming it shut behind her. Teresa after a couple of minutes of silence sat back down with me on the couch. Then she said to me; Oh don't worry about her Dave. She'll get over it. But then Tereasa smiled agian and said to me; It may have been I toe but I won the argument. After all I'm the only one here now.

I told Tereasa that she was the only one there left agreeing with her.
Then Teresasmiled again and said to me; I'll show you my pussy if you want to see it Dave. Tereasa right after she said it to me got up from the couch and was standing in front of me. Not to pass up this oppertunity I smiled and said to Tereasa; Ok Tereasa show me! She smiled again but she held out her hnd and she said to me; I'll even do one better!

What's that Tereasa I asked right back to her. I have to piss and you can see my pussy wjile I piss. So I got right up off the couch and Tereasa and I walked out of the den into the kitchen and then right into my bathroom. Tereasa went straight over to the toilet. Raised its lid and seat! Seeing her lift the seat my heart jumpedinside my chest! Yourgoing to take a standing piss Tereasa?! Tereasa smiled turned and faced me, she raise the front of her dress right up, took the needed few steps back to stand and straddle over the bowl. Also as she did this she said to me; Yes I am!

In a short couple of seconds Tereasa's bladder had let go. Out from her vagina she had a strog piss stream jetting straight down out from it. Her piss was a real golden yellow in its color. It ws hissin very loudly, splashing loudly in the water down in the bowl, and the clear water turned quickly to a lighter golden yellow color as Tereasa pissed. Also as she pissed she made a lot of the same light golden yellow color piss foam which soon covered just about all the waters surface except one very small area where her stream was hiting the water.

Now as I watched Tereasa standing there pissing she was looking down along with one jhand holding yp her dress along with her other hand on her lower belly pressed on it about where her bladder was. After pissing maybe ten second or so Tereasa gave a quick glance up and at me. She gave me a quick smile seeing that my eyes were fixed right on her pissing pussy and then she looked back down again.

Even with her hand pressing on over her bladder Tereasa took a very long piss. With the amount of beer that Tereasa had drank while at the night party and the fw she had here this afternoonnow as she still stood pissing into the toilet the smell of her beer piss was now in the air in my nathroom. I said Tereasa; It's starting to smell like a bar bathroom in here.

Tereasa looked up I heard her take a short sniff of the air. She said to me; It's not all that bad Dave. I do know what you mean though. Bathroom bars can be quite bad! Even the girls bathroom can really stink with piss! I laughed a little. Now Tereasas hard stream began to slacken off. Its hard hissing softed right down and stopped. Her piss streams loud splashing got much lighter and her piss mno longer made piss foam in the water.

Teresa now also took her hand off from herlower belly. Her piss stream was just above a trickle and a dribble. She pissed like this for several seconds and then went right into justdripping which she sure did a lot of that. When the last drop of pis dripped of from her that's when Tereasa stepped forward from standing over the toilet. She let go of her dress without bothering to wipe her vagina off.

Tereasa stepped right over to e and gave me a quick hard hug. As she gave me this hugshe smiled and said softly; I hope you liked it. I returned with a smile and told Tereasa I certainly had. Tereasa smiled again gave me a very quick light kiss and then she stepped away and said to me; I'm going Dave now. Maybe I can come over again and she paused then went on saying and I can do the same thing again with you and more! I smiled and as Teresa now headed for my front door and had opened it to leave I said to her; I'll be looking forward to do just that! Teresa closed the door and she left. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

So Happy To Go Part 4

Susan then after getting up off from the hers toilet turned towards me to face me as I stood between the two toilets. Here let me take care of your pants Dave Susan said softly and witha smile. I smiled back and I let Susan do that. She undid the single button and then pulled the zzipper down on them. Then she pulled them right down to my knees.

Susan let out just a little soft giggle as she stood there looking at m erect penis. Susan stood there for a few long moments too which made me say to her; Susan are you just going to stare at me? Or are you going to move out of the way soI can piss? Susan came back and she asked me; How bad do you have to go? That made me ask her; Why Susan? Susan let out another short girly type giggle and then as she said to me; Would the little boy like me to hold it for him? Susan did reach down and took a hold of my penis! Now I smiled and told her YES!

Now Susan didn't stop there either. Susan started strokeing it with her hand which even though I had to piss it sure felt good to me right then! Susan asked me if it did and I told her it did. Now enjoy it Dave and hold back from peeing! Can you do that? I told Susan that I would try. Susan had been doing her strokeing some what slow but now she did it a little faster which made the feeling of her doing it even better!

Now a few minutes had gone by. I said to Susan for now even though I was enjoying what she was doing I now had the feeling of the pent up need to piss building up even more. Susan look keep going but I think you better not stand right in front of me. Susan said to me; Why Dave? I might loose it and piss Susan! So Susan stopped switched hands on my penis and she did move getting behind me and resumed what she was doing. Except she went faster!

Afew more minutes passed and all of a sudden I felt the very urgent to push! I did with thrusting my hips forward. Susan stopped her hands stroking and out from my penis came a hard piss stream! The feling of my piss comming out was so intense! I never felt this feeling while takeing a piss before! What a rush! My stream was so hard that it way over shot the hers toilet and it went over and hit off the wall with a mighty splash!

Susan of course saw what had happened and she started laughing as my piss splashed all over the place off the wall. With my piss splashing so hard and going all over the place niether one of us noticed at the moment that my piss was splashing on Susans black shorts laying on the outhouses floor to the left of the hers toilet. Susans attention was on my stream and mine was on the intense sensations of Susans action on my penis and the great feeling that I was having as I pissed.

I pissed hard for a good long time at least that what it seemed to me. (t wasn't really all that long but the great feelings that I was haveing just made it feel that way! :-)) Then my stream did drop which I no longer pissed off the wall but did piss on the floor and on the hers toilet which for a couple of short seconds my stream went down through the hole opening and then just before I stopped I piss ed on the right side of the opening and then I stopped.

Susan then shook my penis but she did it much longer then needed. She did it untill my penis began to soften in her hand and then she stopped and let go. I was so spent by Susans action and also from such intense feelings I plopped right down on the his toilet hard! Susan let out a short giggle but after that she asked me; Dave are you ok? All I could do then was to shake my head at first and then after a short time I said to Susan; I guess I'm ok.

Now Susan then turned around and she put the seat down on the hers toilet. At least that was dry for I had pissed everwhere else on the hers toilet when I pissed. Susan after sitting down turned a litle and picked up her black shorts off the floor. When she did she felt that they were wet. Dave you pissed on my shorts! Susan said to me. Susan wasn't mad at me for doing it. Instead she was laughing as she she said it.

Susan then got up and took her shorts and placed them on the magizine stand. She picked it up and carried it over to the closed door opened the door and placed the magizine rack outside and left the door open and came back over and sat down on the hers toilet seat again. Then Susan and I sat on the two toilets and we talked.

Susan asked me how it had felt. I tried to tell her that it was different. I did mange to tell her that when I pissed it felt so intense. The sudden urge too to push felt great. Susan giggled all the while when I told her all the different feelings I had felt. Then I asked her; How did you know about doing that Susan? Now Susan did a hard short laugh first and then she told me.

It was Barbie Dave Susan said first. We or I should say I was wth her and Jeannie down at thier house and we were doing girl talk. Susan puased and giggled a little and then she went on. Barbie was with Butch and she had done the same thing with him! Barbie told us Butch really liked it and had done the same thing! Now as I thought about Barbie with Butch and doing the same thing I smiled. I also thought hmmmm girl talk! Gee girls are like guys! They talk about these kind ofthings too! ** Susan and I stayed in the outhouse for about twent minutes a half hour maybe and then she checked her black shorts which they had dried eough so she could put them back on. We then left the outhouse and I walked Susan home. The End

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