pooping in the shower/ pooping in a shed

1.)one time when i was in the shower i had a really bad pain. I knew i was going to have to shit soon. I decided to make things interesting so i took a bucket and tried pushing. It didnt work so i sat on the toilet and pushed until it was right about to come out. I then hopped back in the shower and pushed it out into the bucket. It felt soooooo good. After i was done i dumped the bucket in the toilet and flushed. I quickly rinsed the bucket then hid it so nobody would use it. I did this many times after and had so much fun!
2.) one time me and my friends decided to play truth or dare. We all made dares for each other that involved poop. They were either pooping in a toilet and showing everyone, poop outside, poop in a bucket/bag or poop in an old shed. My dare was the shed and i was pretty excited. I was the bravest so i went first. I had to go really bad because i was drinking fruit juices and eating fiber all day. I just wanted to get it all out so i went in the shed with my freind so i wasnt alone. I had a bucket with a bag in it (for easy disposal), toilet paper and a flashlight. Everyone was waiting outside and were excited to see if i would really do it. I pulled my pants down and sat on the bucket. The poop was right on the edge of sliding out. I gave a small pushed and my friend started to complain of a smell. We both laughed and i continued pushing them out. I had atleast 3,foot long peices. When i picked up the bag it was almost about to burst. I brought it out to show everyone and they all laughed and held their noses. Now it was time for my friend to go. Her dare was to poop herself ad she was going to do it. her stomach was also full and about to burst. Now that i did my dare she was more confident. She got in a corner near some trees and started to squat. She put her back toward us so we could see it come out. It started to buldge and stick out. She let us all feel it and it felt awesome. We all like the idea so we decided to poop ourselves. After about 5 minutes we all had our own buldges and it was great. I loved my childhood memories.
i love pooping outside or in weird places. Well tell me what you think of this story. Have fun pooping and keep writing! :)


My big Black Friday dump

Well, it's that time of year again. I spent yesterday with my family and ate far more than I ever dreamed possible. Lots of turkey, both mashed and sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, stuffing, and of course pumpkin pie and ice cream. Oh man, I was so stuffed after that, I couldn't even drive home.

I slept in until like 10am, then had some leftover turkey on a sandwich for breakfast. I thought about doing some shopping, but I knew the mall was be madness, so I passed and just headed home. For a few hours after that, I lounged around the house and watched some television, until I began to feel an urge to take a dump. I knew it would be a big one after all that food I'd eaten. I went to the bathroom, lowered my jeans and pink floral panties and sat on the toilet. I grabbed a magazine off the rack I keep by the toilet and began to read.

I began with several loud bassy farts that echoed in the toilet bowl. I could feel a large mass and I just kept reading, letting it come out on it's own. A quiet but smelly fart came just before the turd emerged. It felt at least an inch thick and it just slowly crept out of my anus. I kept on reading as the turd inched out oh so slowly and bringing me much pleasure. After probably ten minutes the turd ended and then I had many more loud booming farts and a few small sloppy turds to finish my dump.

I stood up, put my magazine away and looked at my turds like I always do. The huge turd curled around the entire bowl and when it met its own head, it formed about a third of a smaller inner circle. Then the smaller turds were just dots inside the center of the bowl. I was amazed that the turd came out of my slender body. I wiped thoroughly, making eight passes with the paper before I felt clean. I flushed the toilet, but it seemed my huge turd wasn't going anywhere. It got sucked towards the hole at the back of the toilet, but it just jammed and the toilet couldn't finish flushing. I wanted to let it soften up a bit before I tried to flush again so I just left the bathroom.

Later on, I had completely forgotten about the toilet until I felt the urge to go again and I went back. I saw my huge turd jamming up the drain, but I had to go, so I didn't bother flushing. I sat back down and got my magazine again. Immediately a medium-sized turd came out. It wasn't nearly as long as the beast before, but it was followed by three more just like it. I felt like I had no more poop in me though some soft mushy shit gushed out. I wiped after that, this time only needed three passes. My four turds melded together into one pile of turds and the mush went all over the bowl. I tried to flush again and the now softened beast turd got sucked away, or at least most of it. There were some pieces of shit stuck to the rim of the toilet, but another flush rushed them away.

I talked to my sister who lives in Canada now. She says that even though she celebrates Thanksgiving in October, she too has a big post-holiday dump. She says she doesn't often clog the toilet, but her 17 year old daughter definitely follows in my shadow with toilet-destroying after holiday dumps.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Last night had a nice Thanksgiving dinner, Turkey Potatoes,cranberry sauce and pies for dessert. After a busy day of shopping when I got home I felt the urge to poop just at the right time when to the bathroom and it all came out nice smooth and solid, they way it should. It was nice to see it come out smoothly. Looked at it and wiped and flushed. My later visits to the bathroom after eating pizza for dinner were looser.

It is interesting to think how about everybody today sits on the toilet and shits out their wonderful Thanksgiving dinner after it has made the trip from their stomach through their intestines. No matter how good Thanksgiving meal it is within the next day or two it comes out brown and smelly in many different shapes and consistencies.


also a summercamp memory

Some of these stories are hilarious. I was reading a story about summer camp story and it gave me the guts to share something that happened at my summer camp one year, but it didn't happen to me.

There were a bunch of tiny little cabins with one bunk bed each, and my best friend was my roommate. By the way we were both 14 year old boys. Near the door there was a two-gallon sized bucket for kids to use if they didn't want to walk all the way over to the bathroom building in the middle of the night, but no one ever used it. But, my friend had to once. He was lactose intolerant but ate a bunch of ice cream, and went in the middle of the night. I didn't know what he was doing at first, but he pulled down his boxers and squatted over the bucket. He farted really loudly and I saw some messy diarrhea shoot into the bucket. He then stood straight and started to cry, and I felt bad and went over to help him. He said he was sorry and he forgot to take a lactose intolerance pill, and this is what happens. I got his roll of TP out of his bag for him. Then he just sat down on the rim and went some more. He was in a lot of pain so I made some jokes while he emptied his bowels for another five minutes straight. I thought the cabin next door would wake up from the loudness of his farts. He cleaned up and we went back to bed, despite the unbearable smell. In the morning the bucket was almost a quarter full of diarrhea! My friend said he felt a lot better and thanked me for getting up with him.

I have some more stories, but no time to share them now. Keep the funny ones coming, though!


Neighborly Visit!

I was going to post about my visit to my Aunt on the day after Thanksgiving (fun story, just wait) but I had a story about my neighbor come over to use my bathroom on this morning. She about 42 years old and nice looking, decent shaped rear. She and I are very cool and talk a bit while coming in from work in my apt. We were talking on the balcony and she was telling me about her guests that were staying for the weekend. She then told me that she had to "blow the bathroom up" but someone's in the shower. We both laughed as I grab her waist and hugged her from behind. She instanted farted a short pop and she nervously said, "Oops, I'm so sorry! I did not mean for that to happen." I laughed it off and said, "It's okay, that's my fault for grabbing you like that. Then I asked if she wanted to use my bathroom. She wasn't sure because she didn't want to stink my place up and she smokes when she goes and knew that I didn't smoke. I told it would be fine and I didn't care. She shook her head, laughing and said, "Okay, but I warned you."

She came in and lit a her cigarette as my heart raced in excitement. I asked if I could come in with her and she was like, "You're going to die in here, boy!" She pulled her pants down and sat her dark colored butt. Instantly, she let off soft, loose dump that quickly filled the toilet and stank filled the room. I started laughing and said, "Damn, you stank!" She said, "You asked for it. It's all that holiday food kicking in!" She was done in 2 minutes and grab my hand saying, "I don't know how you survived in this funk, but thanks sweetie." She kissed me on the cheeks and started to wipe and flushed. I joked to her that we should do this again and she said, "Maybe, when all my family leaves tomorrow."


Althea's airport hanging -out story

Althea's story about hanging out in the airport bathrooms brought back memories for me from the 1980s when I was her age and hanging out while waiting for my dad to return from business trips. His flights were always late. Mom would drop me off at the terminal to wait for him, and then go to her office downtown and work until I called her while dad was getting his luggage.

Often when all the seats were taken in the boarding areas, I would go into the nearest bathroom for a seat and to kill time. Sometimes newspapers would be left in the stall and I would enjoy reading some of the sections. I was in junior high at the time and occasionally tore out a current event for our regular Friday social studies assignment.

I always managed to pee some, even though the toilet stools were higher and larger than what we had at school. By not sitting back so far, I was able to keep my feet on the floor. I particularly liked listening to the users on both sides of my stall. I found it interesting that some users had pee streams as loud as any faucet we had at home and that a couple would even quietly talk to themselves as they skillfully pushed their crap out. I remember one lady swearing up a storm when she went to put paper on the seat and two sheets went sliding off and blew over into my stall. She was very nice when I handed them to her from under the partition and it took her at least three or four tries to get them to stay on. She farted and it sounded like the exhaust of a car needing lots of engine service, but I think she left frustrated because I didn't hear anything hit the water.

Thanks, Althea, for helping me recall something from like 25 years ago.


Thanksgiving dumps

to marika- glad to hear you like my experiences, it sounded like you had a good dump in your last post, post more stories soon.

to john the lurker- im glad that there are other people on this site who have shared some bathroom experiences with others.

hello all, yesterdays Thanksgiving was fantastic! i had so much to eat, and i spent the day with all my family. but as always, a big shit is always going to acompany a big meal. so after i was done eating at my families thanksgiving feast i remembered i was going to pick up my girlfriend for a night out. when we went out it was about five o' clock, and she suggested that we should go for a walk out in the park, and naturally i agreed since i love walking and talking with her. it was dark out and now the park lights were on, so we sat on one of the benches and talked for a while. i was starting to get a grumbling sensation in my stomach, and i knew i would have to take a dump soon. but i held on for a little while longer, and after about ten more minutes i said that i had to go to the washroom. the unisex toilets were on the other side of the park, tucked away in a bunch of trees. she said she had to go as well, and didnt like waiting alone, so we both went to the washroom. when we got there she was ready to go, she hurried in ahead of me, then opened one of the stalls and closed the door. i took the stall next to her while i heard her drop her pants and panties and plonk her bum onto the toilet, and i did the same.

i could hear her grunting and pushing but nothing came out, so then i started to push and about three decent sized logs splashed into the water. after that a load of mushy poo flowed out of me and cascaded into the toilet. it felt so good to shit so much at once. i still didnt hear anything from my girlfriends stall, just grunting. so i asked if she was alright. "im fine, i just cant seem to get it out. i think im constipated." she said. i felt bad, since i was having the most greatest crap in a long time, and she was just sitting there trying to push it out. i continued to finnish the rest of my dump, and after i wiped i looked into the toilet in amazement of how much there was. after i was done gazing at my creation i flushed it down then washed my hands.

i could hear my girlfriend still pushing pretty hard, then i asked her if she could open the door for me. she did, and when i came in she was hunched over and spreading her cheeks, still pushing. she then gritted her teeth, and said she couldnt get it out. i felt so sorry for her, so i told her to get up and that i would help fix her up. so she pulled her panties and pants up and we left the park and went back to her place. her parents went to the theatre that night and they originally wanted her to come but she couldnt since we had plans. she took her spare house key and unlocked the door. when we got in she took a seat in the kitchen. i started going through her pantry and grabbed a bottle of castor oil. i then asked her to drink as much of it as she could. and without hesitation she chugged down the whole thing.

"now what?" she asked. "now we wait." i replied. so we went into the living room and watched some tv. she cuddled up to me and we sat for about 40 minutes. she then quickly moved her hands onto her bum then shot up and dashed to the bathroom. i followed her in, and saw her undoin her built frantically. she then slid her pants and panties down all the way and sat on the toilet. she then released a massive torrent of diarrhea which splattered into the toilet. she held onto the sides of the toilet while she errupted from her ass. "thank you." she said while unloading her bowels. she scrunched up her face and i asked if she wasl alright. "im good, its just some of this really burns." she answered.i walked over to her and gave her a big hug while she was on the toilet. she wrapped her arms around me and didn't let go until she was done. after she forced out the remainder of her diarrhea, she eased her grip on me, and giggled. she wiped herself then asked if i could carry her up to her room. i reluctantly picked her up then looked into the toilet. the water that was visible was murky brown, and the shit was yellow, and green, it smelled pretty putrid. i then flushed the toilet and carried her up to her room. i layed her on the bed, then she pulled me into the bed with her, and we'll leave the rest of the story for your imagination to figure out.

will post soon!

Age: 18
Body Type: slim as a rail
Race: Black

1. Do you Like farting? Yes, it relieves the pressure.
2. About how many times a day do you fart? 1-3x
3. Are your farts stinky? sometimes
4. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) all
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who? maybe a friend, cousin, mother, father or someone in a public toilet.
6. Where are you comfortable farting? at home in my room, on a toilet, train or bus
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had? church
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? no.
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys? yes, but do not underestimate us girls.
10. Have you ever farted at Someone? yes, my cousin and an obnoxious boy. I really should not. I am supposed to be a good Christian girl.
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? yes both
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? it's neat in the bathtub
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? I was told that I have done so.
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? School classmates and friends. My father does so in his easy chair.
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting? Yes.
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car? Yes, my own bedroom or a bathroom.
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts? Yes
18. Do you fart in public? yes
19. Should all girls be open about farting? why not, we are human.
20. Any stories you would like to share? I was in high school in 9th grade and I had to urinate. It was my first week. I had the chance to use the girls toilet with no one to bother me. I went into a stall, lifted my skirt and pulled down my dark colored panty hose and white panty and sat on the bowl. As I peed, I let out this buzzing long fart. There was another girl in the bathroom saying that someone was pooping. Just this week, I ate lots of raw fruits and vegetables and I farted and slighly messed my white Hanes panty. It was an old stretched-out pair. I let out a fart before I sat on the toilet in the library. I only had to pee. When I pulled down my blue jeans and white briefs, I found that I leaked from my rectum. It was just the size of a period mark. I squatted over the bowl and peed. I wiped my cat and my behind, which was brown and wet. My uncle died and at the cemetery I was farting while I was talking to relatives.

Comments: Airports are neat places. The toilets are always kept clean.
Abbie: I went to rotten public schools. We had passes that restrcted our movements(so to speak). the bathrooms were clean but I used them when I had to. As I said, I usually would explode when I wake up or I would wait until I get home. One day in 4th grade, I did not go at home and it caught up with me in the morning during science, my favorite subject. The teacher knew that I would never leave the class. She let me out and I took a long walk. I found a middle stall shut the door and I was alone, I raised my navy jumper, let down my navy tights and brightly white printed carter's panty to my ankles. I brought out a painful log. I did not rush it. I just wanted it out of me. I must have been in there a good 15 minutes. I had to bend over and open my legs to see this monster. Another girl came in, quickly pulled up her jumper and let down her pink panty below her knees and urinated in the next stall.and left. She said nothing did not wipe or flush. Then two other girls came in peed and left. One of them said that someone is making doo-doo in there. I said nothing. I was still getting out this monster.Plus, I did not want them to know who it was. When it finally dropped, it was a good 16 inches and thick like 2 inches and it was a light brown. It did not stink the place. I sat and just relaxed. Then, a girl from the class came calling for me. I told her that I was in the stall and that I was alright and I would be out soon. I wiped my behind with one wad of paper. I came out of the stall, fixing my clothes. My friend asked me to flush. she looked in the stall like a curious little girl and she gasped with a smile when she saw the monster. She said, you made a big doo-doo. I said that I was cutting a loaf. While I was fixing my underwear she flushed for me. I washed my hands and we returned to class.

Standee Mandy: Cover the partition gaps with logn strands of toilet paper. That is what my transfriends do. If you must know, I sometimes squat or hover. I do a lot of it for many reasons.


Pubic hair re. Feral Girl

TO Feral Girl & hairy annie:

I applaud the both of you for NOT shaving. It bugs me that the 'Brazilian' look has become the default standard. If you don't shave, some other women say 'what's wrong with her?" It sounds almost like one of those arbitrary 19th century etiquette rules.

Take care,


new guy

comments & stuff

To: Retail great story about seeing all those diferent girls and women desperate for a bathroom please share anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Kyle loved your story about your friend Torie pooping in front of you I bet that memory will be with you forever please post some more stories about your female friends going to the bathroom there really good thanks.

To: Jenny great story about you pooping your pants I bet that was truly embarrassing at least you mom was there to help you out instead of being upset with you because accidents happen and they can happen to anyone please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

well thats all for right I will contiue in a few minutes using my psp because im outta time right now so to be contiued.

Im back using my psp now meaning I might have to submit then once because as I said before my psp can only do 1 paragraph at a time.

To: China Girl another great story I bet its to be so open with your family being to go to the bathroom with the open please post more stories thanks.

To: Sarah from calgary great story about having diarrhea I hate having diarrhea or really soft & messy poop because it takes forever to wipe but do love to hear others having it mainly girls & women please post more stories.

To: Firecracker Guy another great story about you & Firecracker Girl please post more stories thanks.

To: Bianca great story about pooping in that building please post more stories thanks.

To: Marika welcome back & great story about pooping after that party

To: Natalie X, Upstate Dave, Miranda & the rest of the females this part is just a quick way of saying I loved all your stories I would normaly post more but last time I posted this many they didnt get posted so my next will be better.

new guy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harry Pooper

Camping in France

My mum brought me up on her own and she didn't have much money for holidays so we usually went camping. When I was 15, we spent a holiday in France that I wrote about on page 1924. Mum liked the scenery and food in France and I discovered some interesting French toilets. Mum had some hiking guide books and the following year when I was 16, she suggested that the Vanoise National Park in France looked nice, so I did some on line searches to find out about camp sites in the area.

The search found plenty of information about camp sites and also something very interesting about camp site toilets. It was a page called "Old Posts from The Toilet, Page 410" on this web site. On pages 407 to 425, I found a series of posts about France in 2000 that described some amazing views in French toilets, mostly on a camp site. It didn't say exactly where the camp site was but it seemed to be in the area that we planned to visit and after reading all the posts, I worked out where it might be. I found the web site for the camp site and showed it to Mum without showing her the 'reviews'. Mum agreed that it looked nice and she made a booking there. Mum's best friend Alison also came to France with us and shared our family size tent.

When we got to the camp site, I visited all the toilet blocks to see if this was the right camp site and it was! There were separate showers for men and women but the toilets were all unisex! The toilets nearest our tent that Mum and Alison normally used didn't have any interesting views but another toilet block further away had two rows of stalls facing each other with gaps under the doors but not under the partitions. Seven stalls were 'squat' type and one had a regular toilet bowl. In the stall with the regular toilet bowl, I could kneel down on the floor, look out under the door of my stall and see under the door of the stall opposite. This was a safe viewpoint as no-one could see me doing this. I called these the 'front view toilets' as I could see women squatting down with their legs wide apart revealing everything. Toilet users had seven stalls to choose from and I could only see under the door of one stall opposite so I didn't get many views except at busy times such as first thing in the morning.

There was another toilet block that I called the 'back view toilets'. These had five squat stalls side by side with gaps under the partitions! My favourite stall was the centre one, #3 as this gave the best views to #2 and #4 either side and more distant views of #1 and #5 stall. When there was a woman in the next stall, I used to kneel down at the back of my stall and wait until she was squatting and wasn't looking behind. Then I could look under the partition and if she was doing a poo, I had a close-up view of it coming out of her bum. This was my favourite view.

A lot of the French women did poo that looked quite soft compared to mine. It seemed to slip out effortlessly and the best time to watch them doing it was first thing in the morning. I used to get up about 7 a.m. and go to the the back view toilets. Then I took a shower followed by another visit to the toilet. After breakfast, I would go for another toilet visit before we went out. In France, we were eating less fibre than usual and I became a bit constipated. I liked being constipated as it gave me a reason to spend a long time in the toilet grunting and trying to poo.

One morning, I was in the front view toilets when two women came in but as usual, I could only see their feet as they walked past. One took the stall opposite me, took her panties down and squatted down facing me with her legs wide apart and showing everything. She did a runny poo and said to her friend, "I've really got 'the shits' today!" It was my mum's voice! I was shocked when I realised that I had been looking at where I came from.

I stopped looking under the door and listened to their toilet conversation. This toilet block was the opposite side of the camp site and I heard them say that all the stalls in the toilet block nearest to our tent were full. Mum and Alison probably thought that I was in the shower or the toilet block nearest to our tent and they obviously had no idea that I was in the stall opposite.

Mum told Alison that she planned to stay at the camp site all day near the toilet. Then they started talking about my toilet habits. Mum said that Harry seemed to spend a lot of time in the toilet and she wondered if he was constipated or if he had 'the runs' but he might be too shy to talk to his mother about it.

When I got back to the tent, Mum said that she didn't feel well today and she would stay in the tent but Alison and I could go off hiking. I was ashamed of spying on her unintentionally during her most private moment doing her poo in the toilet so I went and hugged her and said that I hoped she would feel better soon. She hugged me and whispered in my ear, "I'm OK, I've just got 'the runs' today". Alison heard this and said, "Me too". Then Mum stroked my stomach and whispered, "How about you? Is your stomach okay?" I said that I was okay at the moment but I felt like I might need to run to the toilet later. Mum went and got a toilet roll for me to put in my backpack in case I needed it when Alison and I were out.

Then I had an idea to make sure that I would need the toilet roll when I was out hiking with Alison. It would also be a good 'cover story' for spending so much time in the toilet. We used to take turns to walk to the village to buy the bread for breakfast and packed lunches so I offered to go today. While I was there, I went to the supermarket and I bought a kilogram pack of prunes. Then I sat down in the village square and ate lots of prunes. I knew from experience that about half the pack would be enough to give me 'the runs' so I kept the half full pack in my pocket for later.

After breakfast, Alison and I went out hiking and while we were in the forest, Alison said that she needed to go behind a bush. We got out of the forest and up to the Col de la Vanoise. By that time, I needed to poo but I held it while we climbed the Aiguille de la Vanoise. It was a steep and grassy slope on one side and the summit was an amazing viewpoint. We found a place where we could perch on a rock to eat our packed lunches. After lunch, I whispered to Alison, "I've got 'the runs' and I can't wait!" I started to pull my pants down and Alison found a nearby rock half buried in the ground and turned it over, leaving a hole. I squatted over the hole and let rip with my prune-induced diarrhea. Alison handed me the toilet roll to wipe with then she replaced the rock so that everything was buried without a trace. We hiked back to the camp site and on the way, I had to stop for a poo in the woods.

We got back to the camp site and Mum asked me how I was. I said that I needed to run to the toilet, then I spent half an hour in my favourite 'rear view' toilet block. Alison must have said something to Mum while I was away because when I got back to the tent, Mum offered me a pack of anti-diarrhea tablets and asked me if I needed any. I said that I did have 'the runs' today but I preferred to let nature take its course. I enjoyed having diarrhea as it gave me a reason to make frequent and long visits to the toilet so I wanted to have diarrhea again the next day. That night, I got up about 3 a.m and quietly ate the other half pack of prunes.

I woke up about 6:30 a.m. with an urgent need to poo but I managed to hold it for half an hour until I heard Alison get up. She went into the main room of the tent and lit the camping gas stove to boil some water to make tea. Mum was still asleep. I jumped out of my sleeping bag and sat on the emergency porta-potty that was in the main room of the tent. I said, "Excuse me, I'm bursting" as I squirted some diarrhea into the porta-potty. Then Alison handed me the toilet roll to wipe with and I flushed the porta-potty. Later, mum got up then she and Alison went off the shower and toilet block together. They obviously had a chat about my digestive system because when they came back, Mum said that she and Alison would like to go out today but as I had diarrhea again today, she suggested that I should either take some of her anti-diarrhea tablets or stay at the camp site near the toilet. I said that I preferred to stay at the campsite.

This was like a dream come true because while Mum and Alison were out, I spent most of the day in my favourite back view toilet. I enjoyed some of the best views ever. A girl in her 20s rushed in and squatted down. I looked under the partition and saw her having urgent diarrhea. Some of it missed the squat toilet bowl and went on the tiles behind so she cleaned it up with toilet paper. I pushed and made some genuine wet fart and diarrhea noises. Later, a woman in her 30s rushed in with diarrhea.

Several men came and stood at the urinal and several women came into stalls for a quick pee, Then a women came came into the next stall, took her panties down and squatted. I looked under the partition and saw her tear off a pad of toilet paper and hold it underneath herself at the back. I guessed that she wanted to avoid making an embarrassing 'plop' noise as she knew someone was in the next stall. She did her poo onto the toilet paper then she dropped it silently into the squat toilet bowl, away from the water and flushed. At this point, I gave a good push and made an authentic farting diarrhea noise to make is sound like I had a good reason to spend a long time in the toilet.

Later in the day, most women only came in for a pee but then a woman came in and squatted down. Her bum was a bit wrinkly so I guess she was middle-aged. I heard her grunting and I watched as her anus opened wide but her turd seemed too large and dry to come out. She struggled for about five minutes and as I had been there for quite a long time, I grunted and pushed, making a wet fart and diarrhea noise to avoid arousing suspicion. Then she stood up, got something out of her bag and squatted down again. She squeezed something out of a tube onto her finger then rubbed it around and her anus and up inside. Then she spent about five minutes grunting and pushing as her hard turd emerged slowly and eventually plopped into the water.

I changed stalls from time to time and made authentic diarrhea noises to make it sound like I needed to be in the toilet for a long time. It was the best bout of diarrhea I ever had!

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

My weeks poo desperation

When I was 15 I once held my poo for a week & while I was getting ready for school & took a laxative to make myself go. Nothing much happened for most of the day but by 3:00 pm I was feeling a very urgent need to go to the toilet. With only 15 minutes to go before school was out I knew I wouldn't be allowed to leave the room & clenched as hard as I could to keep it in. My stomach hurt from all the pressure & all I could do was watch the clock untill it reached 3:15. It seemed to slown down as I watched it but my urgent need to poo didn't! By the time the bell went I was in agony & my bowels seemed determined to force my anus open. I clenched even harder using all of my strength & for a while I was winning the battle. I got up & carefully made my way to the toilets, trying hard not to mess myself on the way. The walk down the corridor felt like a mile & a huge wave went through my bowels causing the pain to rise sharply. I doubled over in in agony & almost let go in my knickers. Somehow I managed to keep control but I was seconds away from losing it. I reached the door to the girls toilets only to find they were locked due to security problems & vandalism. I really really had to go & with no toilet available I started to panic. The pain was excruciating & my bowels were about to burst. I walked out of the building holding my bum with both hands pressed hard into my bum hole in a desperate attempt to keep this massive poo from getting out. It worked for a while but the pain was unbearable & I was getting tired from all the clenching. Another wave went through my bowels. It was more powerfull than the last but tired as I was I was determined to make it home before it was too late. I started to walk home slowly with this behemoth of a poo under enormous pressure held inside me. I must have looked really funny walking along so stiffly taking baby steps but it was better than messing myself in the street. Then I felt another wave going through my bowels. This one was far more intense. Much more powerfull than the last 2. I sat on a wall while I gathered my strength. But as soon as I got up again another really big wave shot through the entire length of my digestive system. It was very powerfull & I felt faint. I felt cold as all my strength drained out of me. Everything started to spin & I fell to the ground. I must have passed out & had a dream that I was sitting on the toilet. I relaxed & felt the biggest most intense relief you can possibly imagine. There aren't enough words to describe how good it felt. I started to come round & realised to my horror that the relief was reall & I'd had a very big diarrhoea accident in my knickers. I got to my feet & walked home with poo all down my legs. I felt much better though but nowhere near finished. By the time I got home I was bursting again & couldn't get even get into the house before it happened again. I gave up trying to hold it & ran over to the plant border with more diarrhoea pouring down my legs. I stood among the shrubs with my knees bent, legs apart & just let it all come out. It was messy but what a relief. I kept going for ages & a huge pool formed in the mud around my feet. I peed myself too & my knickers were saturated. I got poo everywhere. It was all over my legs, my socks & even in my shoes. I had to leave my shoes & socks outside while I went indoors to clean up. I showered & started to dry myself when I felt another urge to poo, so I quickly sat on the toilet to release some more watery diarrhoea. It wasn't a lot by now but my mum kept me off school the next day just in case.

I saw another girl at work with a very urgent need of a toilet. I was shelf filling & she looked about 17 with short ginger hair. She was only 5' 0" & very slim. She came up to me & asked if she could be allowed to use the staff toilet as she was really desperate. I knew we weren't supposed to let the public use the staff toilet but I could see she was about to go in her pants. I explained the stores policy to her & she grabbed her bum & went bright red. I told her where the toilet was but if she got caught I didn't tell her that. She thanked me & ran off towards the toilet. About half an hour later she came up to me looking very relieved. She thanked me for letting her use the toilet adding that if she'd waited a second longer she would have messed herself very badly. She shook my hand & I could feel something scrunching in my hand. When I looked I found the girl was so gratefull she'd given me a 20 note. What a result.


Thanksgiving and poop

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Please post what you ate at the big meal and the bowel movement you had as a result the following day. (Today's feast yields tomorrow's feces.)

Black Friday

It's black Friday. Does anyone have any shopping desparation, or fitting room stories?

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

My biggest accident

I had a really big accident when I was 15. I'd been constipated for 10 days & it all ended when I got the runs. It happened on the bus coming home from school. I'd been feeling ill all day & by home time I had run to the toilets holding my bum. All the toilets were locked for the night & I was nearly pooing myself. I had nowhere to go & somehow I had to make it home without losing it. I waited for the bus which of course was late & was clenching hard to keep it all in. By the time the bus finaly arrived I was sweating & almost did it in my knickers as I got on. I paid my fair & took my seat. As I sat down the bus went over a pothole in the road & I momentarily squirted some loose poo into my knickers. The bus side took about 25 minutes & I had to sit in my excrement soiled underwear for the whole journey. When I got to my stop I got up to ring the bell & it happenned again. The bus pulled up & I got off. My knickers were now totally messed up & I still desperately needed to go. I started to walk to my house but it was slow progress as I had to concentrate on clenching my anus against the enormous pressure that was inside me. I was losing the battle & soon found my anus opening against my will. I tried to clench it as hard as I could but I had no more control. I had a biological need to empty my bowels & conceded the fight. I just relaxed & let my bowels explode into my knickers. They filled up like a balloon before it leaked out of the leg holes & ran down my legs. It was really messy at what a relief. I felt a lot better but not finished. When I got home I got in the shower fully clothed & rinsed the worst of it of & stripped off. I got out of the shower & sat on the toilet & exploded for the second time. Wave after wave of watery diarrhoea poured out into the toilet for an hour & by the time it ended I had a sore bum but felt totaly relieved & empty. I got back in the shower & got cleaned up & then I had to deal with my messed up clothes.

I do that sometimes on purpose, Antonio. Can't say I've ever done it by accident, though.


Ladies from Calgary

Sorry to hear about your accidents. Why don't you wear diapers when you know the time is right? It seems you never end up with just one accident, it is always a whole series. Put on a diaper after the first one and the cleanup will be much easier.

Yes, I know what I am writing about, been there, done that. I have to wear diapers due to my bladder, but I am starting to have other accidents more often now. I used to be really upset and was trying to hold it desperately, but it didn't work. Now I just go if I know I will not be able to hold it anyhow. Baby wipes are great for cleaning up afterwards.

Take care

Upstate Dave

So Happy To Go Part 1

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope that everyone that celebrated the holiday had a good one. I on Friday in the late afternoon had to take a good shit. My wife and I were down visiting my oldest sons family for the holiday. I went in the downstairs bathroom pulled down my dress jeans and boxers and parked myself on the toilet.

I started off by takeing a good piss first.(that felt real good to do!:-)) Then after pissing for a good ten seconds or more I felt my asshole get pushed open very wide and I started my shit. Now I had like most of you for thanksgiving turkey,mashed potatos, stuffing,different vegtables, and gravy. I had two full servings for I went back for seconds!

My shit was a fast mover but boy did its oder was ever so strong! There is a fan in this bathroom and even having it turned on it couldn't over ower the smell of this shit! I sat there in my own phew a good 15 seconds or more while I shit. Then I felt my shit narrow down with my asshole squeezing shut.

Its oder still was very strog as I rolled off the toilet paper and gave mysle a good ingle wipe. Then I stood up and turned around to take a look down in the bowl. Thre in the bowl was a monster of a shit! A good soda can sized around job and over a good one footer in length! Its front was down in the trap with its other end way above the water line on the front side of the bowl. (no wonder why it still filled the bathroom with its smell!)

Now as I looked at it I was aa little nervous about would the toilet take this one down when I flushed. There was a plunger next to the toilet so I picked it up to be ready just in case it was needed. I flushed the toilet. My shit slid downward as the water level rose in the bowl.My shit went about halfway and then it stopped!

Oh no! It did happen I thought to myself right then. I raised the plunger up and moved over the bowl and was ready to put t into the toilet to plunge it. But I didn't have to. There was a gurle with some big bubbles that came up and my shit went down the rest of the way and the high water went right down so the toilet was ok. (Most have been just a burp as far as the toilet! :-))

My shit left no skidmarks on the bowl. I waited for the tank to refill and just to make sure I flushed the toilet a second time which it flushed normaly. I put the plunger back down and I pulled up my boxers and jeans. I washed my hands and by this time the fan had cleared the air and I exited the bathroom. So in this instence I was happy to go along having the toilet take care of my monster shit and had it go. Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave

So Happy To Go Part 3

After Brenda had pissed with Barbies help those two left heading over to Brendas and Susans house across the other side of the main highway. That left Susan and I still over in Mikes yard. She and I played one game of badmitten and then we left not going over to her house but she and I walked up my road to go to the store at the other end of my road.

We both were thirsty and a little hungry too. That was the reason to head to the store. As we walked along together we passed the Bradey's summer house and as we went by I mentioned about the old outhouse up behind the barn to Susan. Susan told me she didn't know about it. I was kind of surprised by this for I was pretty sure that Barbie or her sistor Jeannie would have told Susan. They did hang around together at times.

We went on walking and we went by my house went up the hill and down the other side to the store. Susan and went inside and I treated for I was the one with money. I picked out a can of rootbeer soda while Susan got lemonlime. Then we both got a small bag of chips and the total came to less then a dollar. Wew left the store crossed the highway and went over to the lake behind the hotel.

We went to the small swimming spot behind the hotel which there were some people there so Susan and I crossed the little bridge and we sat down together on one of the big rocks along the lake opened our sodas and bags of chips. As we sat there having our sodas and chips Susan and I talked some and watched some of the people there swimming. Time went by and I would say that she and I sat there close to twenty minutes.

In that time we both finished our sodas and the bags of chips. So I asked Susan if she was ready to leave. Susan said yes if I wanted to leave. I did and I told her. So we both stood u and turned around and got ready to step up the steep embankmnet up to the path that ran along the top of the dike. But before we did two things happened that one I heard happen and Susan saw the other.

Here is waht happened. Like I had said there was other people there swimming which included mostly moms with kids. All of them were across on the other side of the little bridge where the creek that flowed into the lake. I saw a girl climb up from the other side of the dikes embankment. As she reached the path on top of the dike she was slipping her shoulder straps of her one piece bathingsuite back on her shoulders.

She ran over to a little older boy that was standing there also on the path. The little girl said loudly and very happily sounding to the boy; You should see the size of the poop I just did! The boy looked at the girl and said right back to her; Show me! Then the two scrambled together back down the bank together in a big hurry. (when they went down the bank they both did go out of sight briefly till they came back up again.)

When they did come back up the little boy said to the little girl; Boy you did take a big shit! The little girl covered both of her hands up over her mouth and she giggled real loud for a good long moment. Then she uncovered her mouth and said back to the boy; Yeah I did take a big shit! Then they both ran down the embankment on the lake side and ran into the water together. Hearing the conversation I smiled and I nudhed Susan and we started to now go up the mebankment to the path.

Susan scrambled up the embankmen quicker then I did. So she reached the top and the path before I did. The reason why it took me longer was that I went a different way up the rocks and I stepped on one that rocked and I had to step further over and take a longer way up. As I ws doing this this is when Susan saw what I had said she had seen.

Again this involed a boy. The boy was younger then Susan I guessed maybe two three years younger. The boy was on our side of the creek and bridge. In this area it was grassy for quite a ways along the creek. It was private property which belonged to the first house on the lake road. People did back at this time respected peoples property so no one was laying in the grassy area.

But this little boy was standing there along the stome wall that was there which the creek ran between this stone wall and the other stone wall on the other side. What the litle boy was doing was pissing into the creek with his black bathing suite pulled right down to his knees! Now I was still climbing up the stones of the dike so Susan being already up standing on the path had seen the boy pissing into the creek. I hadn't for I was yet still to low.

I did hear Susan giggling pretty loud as I climbed the rocks getting closer to being near the top and the path. I could see Susan standing above me with her back to me and her loud giggling. Susan now could hear me behind here for some of the rocks were loose agin and they clunked as I stepped on them. Susan without turning arund stopped her giggling and said to me; Dave you ougt to see this! Thereis a boy taking a pee right into the creek. He has his bathing suite pulled right down too!

I said to Susan then; Susan geez why would I want to watch a little boy piss? That made Susan start giggling all over again. I said no more and it took me I would guess another good ten seconds to reach where I was high enough to now see and I saw the boy but he had just about completely pulled up his black bathing suite and I took the last few steps and I was now on the path along side of Susan. The little boy that had been pissing in the creek now had turned and was running across the grassy area towards Susan and I.

When he came out to the path gave Susan a big smile turned and ran across the bridge turned again and he ran down the embankment into the lake and dove in. Susan was still giggling but now not as hard. I said to her; Come on Susan lets go. I then paused and we did start walkingtogether down the path and then I said to her; Did you enjoy your little show? Susan let out a short hard giggle and she shook her head yes. Then I said back to her; Leave it to you Susan. You enjoy looking at any boys equipment!

Susans quick reply was; I sure do! I laughed and we now had reached the end of the path and the dike. We crossed the lake road and now walked down the shortcut dirt road which would cross the highway go up a hill and come out by my driveway. Once Susan and I had walked down a good part way of the dirt road Susan gave me a detailed description of how the little boy was pissing and even his equipment. I didn't say anything all the time as Susan talked about it. I waited till she finished with it and then I told her I didn't really have to hear that Susan.

Susan giggled hard and gave me a hard jab with her elboy right in my lower ribs! We had reached the lakes side end of the dirt road and were at the highway now. We checked for traffc hurried across and startedup the hill and the section that came out on my road and driveway. On the way up the hill Susan started letting out little popper farts. Some just a couple of pops others longer.

I hearing them asked Susan if she just had gas from the soda or sis she have to shit soon.Susan let out just a little soft short giggle. Then she said to me; I sthere toilet paper in that outhouse at Bradeys? Now I smiled with a big smile and I said back to Susan; YES! Susan said back to me; GOOD! Then Susan quickened her pace and I had to take a quick ace for a few steps to catch up to her.

We soon topped over the hill and now were passing my driveway and were walking on my road comming up upon my house. We passed it quickly and in another short several minutes had passed in front of my neighbors house and we approaching the drivway to Bradeys place. They were not up for the summer this year for some uknown reason. So Susan and I made the right turn and quickly went up the driveway heading for the barn and the outhouse behind it.

Susan stillhad all this time it took to get to this point off and on still let out poper farts. We reached the barn walked along its right end side and came up behind it. I took the lead now and Susan walked behind me on the path that went back through the woods to the outhouse. In a few short minutes we reached it. Susan seeing it said loudly Oh how cute! I smled and I stepped to the outhouses door and slipped the unlocked lock out of the hasp and I swung the door open for Susan.

Susan stepped up and went right inside. Oh this is so nice inside! Susan said as she looked around the inside of the outhouse. Better then any of the others we have used Dave! Susan went on standing there and talked about all the other outhouses! The onein the cemetary, Tony's outhouse, The red one in the woods across from Tifts Beach on the lake, the remains of the one that was up behind Dianes house, (there was one there but it was just about gone only having one wall standing and the wooden bech platform), and then lastly she mentioned the ones where the camps were at the top of the hill near Teal Road.

Susan spent a few short minutes saying this and now seeing the roll of toilet paper sticking up out of the magizine rack betwen the two small platforms which had the wooden toilet seats on each one Susan let out a loud giggle stepped over to the magizine rack and pulled the roll of toilet paer from it. Now I can shit! Susan said loudy and shook the roll of toilet paper in her hand as she said it.

Then she saw the sighn on the back wall between the two paltforms. Susan read it and laughed hard and at the same time ripped out a loud long brapigng sounding fart! That's funny his and hers she said loudly as she stepped over to the hers toilet. She then set the toilet paper down on the platform turned around and faced me.

Dave are you going to go or wait till I go and go after? Susan asked me. I smiled and said right back to Susan; First yes I do have to piss. Second I paused and smiled with a big smile and then I went on and said to Susan I would rather watch you go. Then I'll go. Now Susan smiled and said to me; Goo dthat;s the wy I want it Dave. I want your pants down when you go too! I laughed a short hard laugh and I stepped over in front of Susan and was raedy to watch her.

But Susan was still not ready to go yet for she was still standing n front of the hers toilet. Susan did have both hands on her black elastic waisted shorts but not had pulled them down yet. I nstead Susan asked me; Dave how do you want me to go/ Shorts off? siting down? Or get up and doa squat? A high one! Then I said back to Susan; Take your shorts off. Get up and do a high squat Susan! But I had more to say to Susan as she now pulled her black shorts down and let them fall to her sneakers.

When Susan bent over she ripped another loud but short braping fart! She giggled as she did slip her black shorts off over her sneakers. Then she stood up and gave her black shorts a short toss to the side landing on the floor off to her left. Then I said to her; Hang on one quick moment Susan. Susan did and I stepped over and slid the magizine rack out from between the his and hers toilets and I stepped in where the magizne rack had been.

Now you can go Susan. Susan let out a slight giggle turned around lifted up the wooden toilet seat and then stepped up on te hers platform turned around again to face forward and then she ripped out a harder longer braping sounding fart. At the same time she took this hard fart I saw a trickle of piss come out from her vagina and it wet and ran down her thigh and all the way down her left leg! Susan felt her wam piss run down her left leg and she closed her thighs up tightly closed and held them there.

Susan only stood like this for a few short seconds. Then Susan relaxed opened her thighs wide open. Susan let out a little giggle and said to me; I better not fart like that again! Or I'll really piss all over myslef! Susan then got dowwn in her high sqaut and she started to piss sending out a loud hissing thiin straight down piss stream from her vagina.

Susan pissedlike this for several seconds till she cut loose another loud but short fart. When she farted her piss stream shot foward suddenly which it went into the male cutout opening in front of the large ovela opening and then went further foward which her piss wetted the wood platform in front of the male hole cutout and even for a brief couple of seconds her piss stream went in front of the patforms front edge and she pissed right on the floor!

Then her stream sprung right back going straight down but it had lessened up a lot and its loud hissing stopped too. The reason was for this was Susan had started to shit now too. I saw a brown very chunky looking turtle head poke out from herasshole and it was a good size turtle head too! I would have guessed a little more then two inches long and ut was very fat and very hard looking too.

Now Susan's turtleheadhad stopped and she wasnow just barely dribbling piss form her vagina which was wetting her vagina and her lower crotch as well. Susan now said to me; Dave I think this one is going to be one hard shit! To me just seeing what her turtlehead looked like I thought to myslef that it sure looked like for Susan she was going too have a tough time with this one.

Susan let out a soft short sigh. When she did a chunk of her hard shit broke off and it fell ddown in through the opening and made a tghud hiting the ground. Susan also heard the thud. Susan asked me; Did a oiece of my shit just broke off Dave? It did Susan I said back to her. I wish more would break off Susan said to me. She puased and then said sort of softly and she winced; It hurts!

Afew seconds more passed a smaller chucnk of shit broke off and it fell making a softer thud when it hit the ground. Right after the second smaller chunk had broken away Susan smiled just a little and said to me; Now it feels a little better Dave. It doesn't hurt anymore. Then Susan gave out a short low grunt and a push. Her dribbling piss went right into a surt and her turtle head shit moved gainig a nother inch or so in length.

As I saw this and Susans shit being so hard and chunky her asshole opened wider and narrowed as the different sized chuks slid through her open asshole. Then Susan let out a soft sigh with hr shit stopping and the hard spurt of piss comming from her vagina went back to a dribble and then it stopped. Susan said to me then; Dave give me a quick momnet and I'll push again. So I did and Susan relaxed as she was in her high squat over the opening.

Susans pause was a longer one then her first one. Then she again gave out a slight moan and pushed. Her shit slid again gaining length. Again some piss dribbled from her vagina. Not a spurt with this push like the forst one. This time her shit moved more makeing it longer in its length. Susans push lasted long enough her shit was no longer a turtle head anymore. For it was I would have said being four five inches long now.

Susan now let out a soft sigh with her shit stopping too. It hung there under her. Then not just one chunk broke off but three of them did in a row! Plunk plunk plunk came out from the opening as the three pieces of shit hit the ground. Susan hearing the three plunks let out a giggle which made more two more little larger chunks break off from her shit and thiose two pices made soft thuds when they git the ground.

Now Susan smiled with a big smile. Then she said to me; You know Dave maybe I can break my shit right up if I laugh! I let out a short chuckle and as I did I said to Susan; You just might be able to do that Susan! But that was not to happen. Susan didn't moan this time when she pushed. She just pushed. Her shit slwoly moved still being the same hard chunky style fat shit that it had been. This time her shit moved gaining another three four inches more and then it stopped and again hung there under her.

Now Susan all this time when she had spoke to me had always stayedlooking foward and down. Now this time she looked up and over at me this time. Susan said to me; I wish I could piss too Dave. It's so uncomfotible that I'm not. My stupid shit won't let me! I thought to myslef I had been this way a few times myslef. Susan was right about being uncomfortible. It was.

A longer pause had followed now also. Then Susan took a some waht harder inward breath and pushed. Her shit moved immeadiatly along with from her vagina she started pissing this time too. With her pissing now along with her shitting Susan quickly said to me; Dave now THAT feels better that I'm pissing too! Susans dis comfort seemed to be over at least that what it seemed and sounded to me. Susans tone of voice was on the happy sounding side when she said it.

Well her shit gained a couple of more inches started to speed up as it was now narrowing down. Her piss stream got sronger now too for it was hissing and comming out fairly hard from her vagina. Then as I stood there watching her shit broke off dropped and made a loud thud. There was just the remaining end narrow two or three inch end tip there out of her asshole. It only stayed there for a couple of seconds and then it fell joing the rest of her shit.

Susan went on pissing for I would have to say for a god ten seconds or a little more. Then just like her shit her piss stream came to a quick stop with only a few drops dripping after she stopped. Susan reached for the toilet paper roll and tore off from it a few sheets only. Susan slipped her hand with the paper in the front of her and wiped her vagina off. Not reaching back to wipe herasshole first.

Then after wipeingher vagina and letting the paper fall down through the hole Susan set the toilet paper roll down. She stood up and faced me. I'm not going to wipe my ass Dave. Susan paused and then said to me; It hurts. I said back to Susan; I don't blame you Susan. Seeing that shit I would not want to wipe and I would be hurting too. That seemed t make Susan happy hearing that for she smiled and then she stepped down off from the hers toilet platform. Now it wuld be my turn to pull down my pants and piss for Susan. At leat that's waht I thought. To be continuied.

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