Jeff A.
I was in a very expensive hotel in New Hampshire, and I was a day late in arriving. They gave me my key when I arrived, (I'd called ahead), and I went up to my room, and took a long hot bath, having been on a train for 3 days. I was constipated, and hot water always loosens me up. So I laid there soaking away, until I felt something stir, and knew I had the time to quickly towel off, and sit on the toilet. I was right in the middle of a real big crap when I heard the front door to my room open and the maid service came in. Apparently they were informed that my room was still empty. (I later got an apology call from the front desk over the mixup in housekeeping assignment.) The bathroom door was open, and I was sitting on the toilet completely naked from having just crawled out of the tub. The front door to my room was only about 3 feet from the bathroom, so I had no choice but to wait and be surprised by whoever it was. It was a young hispanic girl probably about 22 years old and another woman who was probably in her 40's. She came around the corner with her hands full of cleaning supplies and saw me and inhaled deeply in both shock and surprise "HHHHHHHOOHH SORRY!!!" and I just said, "no problem!" What else can a guy say? Now, the best part was, is that she glanced over at the toilet paper roll, that was right next to my butt, and held one finger up as if to say: "Hold on!" and stepped over to her cart, and produced a brand new roll of TP for me. (Actually, my roll was almost empty!) She set it on the sink counter and turned around to leave, but before she did, she shot me one more glance, and had a slight smile on her face. When she started to push her cart out the door, she glanced in one more time quickly. I almost started laughing because the whole incident was so hilarious. Great service right to the end! It was almost as if she were saying "Oh well, since I'm here, I might as well check the toilet paper supply." I could hear her jabbering away excitedly in spanish to the other woman. I heard my door close and lock, and could also hear their muffled voices in the hall giggling. I could just imagine their conversation at break time. "We saw the man in 407 taking a shit today!" The next day, it was the same girl who came in to make up the bed when I was still there. She kept her head down alot, due to embarrassment I'm sure, and avoided any eye contact. I'm sorry, but I just loved it!!! and I love New Hampshire. Actually, my whole tour of the east coast was wonderful, and I love the people! I ate lobster everyday that I was there, and it was only $7.95 a plate with the entire lobster! Here, it's market price just for a tail! Love Y'all!

Last weekend, I had a friend over from the Mid-West and I gave him a tour of some of Colorado's Mountains. We ate at a BBQ place in Breckenridge which included some good baked beans. It was a good dinner. About an hour afterward, the gas hit ! We drove to Aspen and then to Glenwood Sprgs. Between Glenwood and Aspen, we stopped for gas and he had to shit pretty bad. I let out some good stinky farts but I had some good fresh air come into the truck and whenever I farted, I tried to put the gas directly into the foam of the seat. I am picky who I will dump around and I don't know why, I prefer to dump around strangers than people I know.

I have to admit, it really turns me on watching and listening to a woman go to the bathroom. My girlfriend thinks I am strange, but it is a natural thing we all do it. I have been reading eveyones posts for a while now and maybe I will post one soon..

To Valentine Yes, disabled toilets are usually unisex, but in England, access is usually restricted to registered disabled persons, who have an radio or infra red "key" which enables them to unlock the door.

To Milvern The generally quoted rule in England is: first visit half an hour after the first pint, then once per pint thereafter. (Note than an English pint is 25% more than an American pint). But that doesn't apply to me personally. I do not need to pee till well after the second pint, but then it is once per half pint after that!

Hey guys, sorry that's it's been so long since I've posted, but I have been really busy getting ready for my summer job as a camp counselor. I have been reading all of the posts. I have a incident which is probably not worthy for this forum. Here goes...I went to a Baseball game last weekend with my boyfriend. We were having a great time, watching the game, and talking, until around the beginning of the 6th inning, i started to feel some stomach cramps, but i though nothing of it. So I just sat in my seat, talking to my boyfriend, and watching the game. At the end of the 7th inning (about 1/2 hour later) my stomach cramps got much more severe and it was beginning to become apparent to me that I was in need of a shit. So, I accused myself, and I walked to the first ladies' room i could find. But when I got there, there was a line which was pushing out the bathroom door. So i figured waiting here would be bad for my predicament (i now really had to "go"). After leaving that bathroom, I went searching for another bathroom. Finally I found one, I went in and waited for about thirty seconds for a stall to open up. I went in, put some toilet paper on the seat (something I like to do, if I have the time to, does anyone else do that?) And started to pee, i then let out a fart, which i though would rock the bathroom. It was soo loud, it was followed by wave after wave of runny, messy, sticky, diarrhea. There were probably something like 8 waves in all. After all that i cleaned myself, and went back to the game. My boyfriend asked me if I was feeling ok, and I said yes, I had just had a stomach ache. I made it home with out a problem, but I spent all night in the bathroom on the toilet. I have no idea what causes this, but as we all know, i have a very weak stomach. Anyone who's new can look back at this site's achieves to see. Keep posting guys! Standfast- I would love to hear some more of those sorority initiation stories. Jill- I understand how embarrassing that must have been for you.! Keep posting guys!

happy camper
I was on a business trip all last week. Although I was staying in a hotel room by myself I was fortunate to be able to watch someone poop everyday. Who? Myself of course. The toilet faced the bathroom door, and when the door was left open there was a closet mirror right opposite. I sort of enjoyed watching myself. Does anyone else enjoy watching themselves poop? Is this behavior a lttle sicko? Gotta go - I have two weeks of posts to catch up with. I luv this site.

Friday, June 19, 1998

Hi everyone, I was just wondering what most people here do when they have to pee really bad, like if I was watching you when you were desperate what would i see you doing? Also How long does it usually take you to be desperate to pee after drinking beer?

Like many first time posters, I've been reading this list on and off for several months now. I didn't post because I didn't have anything particularly interesting to say. Now, thouh, I have a question. I live in the southern United States. The other day, I was in a local mall, having lunch. Afterwards, I had to pee, and headed for the men's room. On the way, I noticed something that I have never seen before. In between the women's and men's rooms, there was a third bathroom maked "Family/Handicapped." Has anyone every had an experience with one of these? Is it actually a unisex bathroom?

I went into the park with my younger brother at the weekend and we saw this girl with a short blue skirt on playing and doing handstands. She stopped and was holding her bottom as she talked to her friend. then she rushed behind a tree and squatted down. She pulled her knickers down and we saw her doing a poo. The small brown turds dropped out on to the soil and then she did a big wee on top of them. She quickly pulled up her tight white knickers and went off to play again. When we went over to the tree there were two little logs about six inches long and an inch across lying on a damp piece of soil where she had done her wee. My brother dropped his shorts and did a wee on top of them cause he said he had to pee and it was coming.

I have a very hard time holding it when I have a bm or I have to go pee. I usually can't hold it longer than 5 minuites when I get the urge to go. I remember one time I had to go in a mall. I was just busy shopping and I didn't want to go right then. (I had to go pee.) About 5 minuites later, I was hopping around, I was so desparate. I started running to the bathroom, when suddenly I felt a strange sensation. I felt waves travelling through my body. Then I started spurting urine. In desperation, I clamped both my hands over it and doubled over. Then it all came out like a rushing flood. Just to top it all off, poo flowed into my panties and flowed into my pantyhose. I was SO embarrased.

New Guy
I went in for a colonic yesterday. It was great until the power went out while I was hooked to the machine. There were two of us there and one therapist who was running back and forth between rooms. It was one of those surreal moments in life where you say to yourself,"Why Me?"

While I agree with Jerry and Bridget about the satisfaction of passing a good motion after a bout of constipation, I think the really best feeling is that of passing a good, solid formed stool after a bad dose of diarrhea.

Like most of the people who post here I detest having a dose of the runs prefering my motions to be large and solid, but as they say (loose) "shit happens". Its a lovely feeling going to the toilet and feeling a nice, big solid jobbie being pushed out of one's back passage after a period of pissing "dirty water" or squittery semi solid mush out of one's arse. The sensation as the proper, formed , turd slides out and drops into the pan with the normal "ker-ploonk!" is wonderful instead of what sounds like pouring a load of slops down the pan.

To Jenn. Marvelous tale. I just would not have the bottle to ask a girl straight out like that about the size of her motions and you were very reasonable letting him see you do your dump. Like Jill (UK) I agree that food intake has more to do with the size of one's jobbies than whether you have big boobs. Sure, ???? people do tend to eat more and they have larger, fatter rectums hence can accumulate larger amounts of stool. I imagine Donna is in this catagory as are Moira and George, all quite ???? people. I did however know a rather skinny, flat chested, girl who still passed huge toilet blocking logs when she went did a motion twice a week. She ate like a horse but never seemed to put on weight. To Larry I NEVER give my e-mail address to chat groups etc. Its a sure fire way to get all the weirdos, flames, spam, and threats from the religious nutcase moral majority types. That's why I like sites such as this. Well moderated and no trash.

SMOKING STINKS I have a question for Young and others who are interested in responding. Do heavy cigarette (or cigar) smokers produce extra smelly shit? I had a childhood friend. He said his Father's shit smelled so bad that the odor was quite noticable to thoughs on the outside of a closed bathroom door. The Father was a heavy smoker. Two years ago he died of lung cancer.

Thursday, June 18, 1998

As soon as I find the book I will post a mail order address. I have moved three times in the last three months. I am almost afraid to finish unpacking this time. I am active military and they arre messing around with my on base housing. Thank God I didn't have to pay for it. Thanks to thouse who did (US Taxpayers). I have seen it at "Barnes and Noble" bookstores. You may want to check their web site. The book talks about several methods and styles of outdoor peeing/pooping. It also spends a lot of time talking about sanation. If you poop outside you should bury it and pack out your toilet paper. You must be 100 yards/meters away from any fresh water source. This will prevent others getting sick. Has anyone ever posted their E-mail address and then been harrassed by weirdo's? I wouldn't mind getting E-mail from you guys personally when you want info like the address. I am just afraid of wack-o's.

John C
I can remember how my facination with pee and poo had started. I was with my aunt where I noticed a liitle boy peeeing in the street (Im from NYC) I must have been 6 0r 7 and I asked, what is that little boy doing and she said "that little boy is making pee pee" I said I have to make pee pee too and she reluctanly said ok and I peed in the street also. Little girls walked by and pointed and smiled and giggled and I then I wondered what they would look like peeing since I hadent recalled seeing one of them thus far. Then a girl in the neiborhood told her mom that she had to go to the bathroom, I was in earshot, so I stayed in the area and watched as the woman pulled down her panties and held her just off the ground as she pee peed. I was amased exstatic and reveled in this wonderful experience. I still like to watch and be watched especially outdoors. I am glad that there are people in the world that share the same interest as myself. I will post a story about my first poo experience as soon as I have more time.....

What a story JENN. I believe that big tits really can pass big shits. I wear 36A and most of my shit is quite large (I'm only weighing 49 kg and 170 cm tall). That's maybe sexual harrasement for some, but for me it's natural, since I ate everything I can and rarely having trouble pass my jobbies. For me the best diet is do everything by yourself, since I'm so busy, and don't spend much time just sitting around, I guess my body burn more fat than they who just lazing around. My friend Patsy also a real toilet blocker. The only toilet she ever been in to (to shit, off course) that she can't block is mine. She also had quite large breast area (34C!) and well shaped (53 kg and 172 cm tall). When she really want to eat, she eat like those in who haven't seen food in century, and few hours after that, she's ready to block the toilet. She's also heavy toilet smoker, which is she always smoke cigarette while shits. She told me that she done that to cover the smell of the crap. And believe me, It's true. Once she shit in my toilet, which I never allow anybody to smoke anywhere inside my house (BMG also non smoking), the smell of her crap is anywhere in the house. It took full speed of extractor and half can of aerosol freshner to move the smell away.

Doorman asks whether any women have ever accidentally used the mens room. This happened to a friend of mine a couple of years ago. We were in a pub and she excused herself to visit the loo. When she returned, she looked very embarrassed. She said that she had accidentally gone into the Gents (the doors to the Ladies and Gents were next to each other) and had not realised her mistake until she saw a man using a urinal as she came out of the (only) cubicle. Normally she is very observant, so whether she just did not see the urinals or whether she did not recognise what they were, I do not know. On the subject of bathroom locks, the lock on my bathroom door does not work. No visitor has ever commented that the lock doesn't work. I always leave the door open. But I have never "burst in" on anyone who has closed the door.

Donna If you have internet access, which looks like you do have it, since you have posted here...take a look at amazon dot com, they are the world's largest bookstore online, and yes, they have it available for ordering it right here on the internet... Well, shortly before I logged on here, it is 1:10 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, I got the urge to go take a dump, as it had been about 5 days since I had the runs on Friday, and it is now Wednesday morning...I went in and dropped my pants and sat down and proceeded to do a jobbie...I made note of the time as I was going into the bathroom, as it was 12:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, and started the dump...It was one of the slowest movements I have had in a long, long time, in that it took 15 minutes to get it all out! If you remember, I said I had eaten a 12 ounce package of American cheese singles on Friday to plug me up, and plug me up, it did...Most of the turds I passed were marble to egg sized, plopping as they fell into the bowl, with a few dropping so hard that they splashed my butt as I was sitting there...I finally ended up passing about a 4 inch long sausage, in length and size both...But it felt so good getting rid of that mass, that I ended up with a boner while pass! ing the job... Until next time...

Hey Jenn, You'd sit on the toilet and poop a huge amount in front of a guy? I'm a 16 y.o. male and no girl I'd know would do me the honor of that. That guy is lucky, I envy him. Oh yeah, can you kinda tell us what it was like (your pooping)?

I see there is another Jill posting here now. I guess there are more than a few of us around the world. I thought I should relate a little incident that happened to me just the other day. Without giving away too much about my job, I was attending an "interview" with a difficult "customer" at a police station, and it was quite a long drawn out process. We took a break for lunch, and I was expecting to get away soon after lunch and catch the train back to my office. However things weren't progressing too well, and I found myself getting the urge; I had been hoping to use the train loo, so I had held on. At one point I released a "silent but deadly" which the others in the room must have noticed, but I hoped they didn't think it was mine. I think the "customer" realised my predicament, as he kept looking at me in a funny way, and in retrospect, I am wondering if my body language was giving away my discomfort. He was being deliberately awkward, and I was feeling more and more like I had to "go", and then I broke wind audibly, so that people were in no doubt who it was! At that point I gave up any thoughts of waiting until I got to the train, stopped the interview, and apologised that I needed to use the lavatory. When I returned after a large and satisfying dump, the "customer" grinned at me and asked bare-faced if I had "had a good shit?" The policemen in the room smirked and I must have blushed. I think I said something like "the pleasure was all mine" which was the wittiest thing I could think of under the circumstances To Gerald: It's always nice to hear from a new reader, especially one from England (this place seems to have more than its share of Scots!). To Doorman: I would be very angry if someone tampered with the lock while I was in the loo; and yes I have used a mens room once in desparation. I was in the queue for the ladies, and in serious need of a pee. My husband had been and returned, and seeing me in this long queue, suggested that I go in the gents, which I did, while he stood guard. To Donna and Jenn: I am certain bust size has nothing to do with the amount of poo one produces! I am not particularly large (34C), but I frequently manage poos of the same sort of size as Donna describes. I am somewhat bigger round the hips, and I eat loads; two factors which are probably more significant!

I am amazed to read about all the posters here who have pooped in the woods or anywhere else outdoors. Since I have so much trouble at simply using a public toilet, I can't imagine ever going outdoors where you are much more in the open and have more chances of being seen. Jerry, it's true that taking a good shit after a bout of constipation is extremely satisfying. Doorman, I never used the men's room, {For that matter I hardly ever use the ladies room},yet,if I were daring enough, I would sure love to try. I can imagine sitting in an adjoining stall, listening to guys doing their thing. All the straining and splashing sounds would be great. Just thinking about it makes me want to actually consider going into a men's room after all.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

have you ever been constipated for a long time, and when you finally have to go, it just all comes out like there's no tommorow? That has to be one of the most satisfying things anyone can experiance. Finally relieved from all that frustration!!

Jim Bobbob
Hi, everyone! Ive been out camping with Donna and a few other pals and I've got a bunch of stories to tell...but they'll have to wait. I don't have the time right now. This post is really about Lisa. She's REAL sick right now and is pretty much stuck in bed for the next couple of days. But she wanted me to tell ou guys she liked your comments and she wanted me to tell Moria that she loved your Bedpan story (and, for the record, so did I) and she thinks it's great you and Geroge have such an open relationship. Same with Steph and Alex. I've got to split. See you guys Jimmy

Hi. This is my first post and I'm a little nervous, but here goes (Deep breath): I had a HORRABLE accedent a couple of days a go (Yeah, horrable as opposed to a really super good one)I was in the car with my boy friend and we where driving back from the mountians when I started to get really bad cramps. I put my head on the window and moaned, and just closed my eyes. It hurt really bad. I was half asleep, when my boyfriend put his hand on my thigh and started to say something (I think it was "are you ok?") but it cought me by surprise and I let out a big fart and...woosh! Diarrhea all over. I turned red and started to cry when it happened again! Woosh! ant this time it came out of the legs of my shorts! I was so embarrased! He pulled over and I got out until I gained controle.Even though he didn't say it, I think he was mad at me for wrecking the seat. Has this happened to any outher girls? Please tell me I'm not alone! Thanks Jill

Like Bridget, Jodi, Steph, Alex and others, I too think that toilet functions are a private and quasi sexual matter and, unlike my friend Moira who is a bit of an exhibitionist in this regard, I will only allow very close friends such as her, her husband George, their friend Tony, and of course my partner and significant other Lauren, in to the toilet with me. I cannot of course control who sees me if I do a motion out of doors and on a few occasions I have done my jobbie outdoors to find afterwards that I have had an audience. Once I had gone to Loch Lomond on my own, a large lake near Glasgow, which has extensive natural parks around it. I had gone for a walk and as I expected just after eating my picnic lunch I felt a motion coming on. I found a secluded spot and passed a nice big long fat log . As I wiped my bum afterwards I heard a giggle and looking round saw a couple of young lads of about 10 who had been watching me. I was startled but not annoyed as after all I had been doing a motion in the open and they had as much right to be there as myself. As I left I saw them go over to have a good look at my big jobbie which gave me a feeling of pride.Had they been spying on me in a locked public toilet cubicle I would have been angry. The amusing sequel was that about an hour later I was at a cafe when I saw these two boys again. As I waited to be served I heard one say to his mother "That's the woman who did the big jobbie". She scolded them saying "Dont say that, you'll embarrass the woman" but I just smiled and really didn't mind. Again, I someone walks in on me by accident or the bolt is missing on the toilet door I dont really mind that but would be annoyed if someone deliberately sabotaged the lock. Doing a motion out of doors is fair game to be observed but I feel I should chose who accompanies me to the toilet.

I haven't seen Larry's book "How to shit in the woods" I have never had any trouble doing this as I have previously said, but would love to read it but dont supopose its available in the UK. Can you give a mail order address to get it from the USA? Although I went to University in the UK Im glad we dont have nasty and to my mind stupid initiations such as Standfast describes. I certainly would NOT have taken laxatives, which I never use,just to join some girls club. I do however recognise the term "Touching Cotton" though we tend to say "Touch Cloth" in Scotland. It means the same but is normally applied to a solid turd starting to slide out and touching the seat of one's knicker's (panties) when one is trying to hold it in. The stage just before this happens is called "getting the turtle's head" when one feels the jobbie slide down in the back passage and press against the sphincter trying to force its way out. This has happened to me on a few occasions but luckily I have been able to make it to a suitable place either a toilet or out of doors and have done my motion with only a slight brown skid mark in the seat of my knickers to show for my near miss. I have had the odd full blown accident in my panties which given the size of the turds I pass has been spectacular but this happily is a rare event . I will post about some of these at some later date. Finally, I found Jenn's post about "girls with big tits doing big shits" very amusing. I am ???? with a bustline of 44DD and certainly pass big fat jobbies. Peace and love to you all from Donna and Lauren.

I have seen the error of my ways. The door-picking thing was not a good idea. To my defense, I only did it once.Peolple who leave the door unlocked are good-natured about being walked in on. No angry faces or unkind words have resulted in an unlocked door. From now on, the only thing I'll pick will be my nose or maybe my butt. Oh...By the way. Have any women accidentally or purposely used a mens room?

I like Desperate circumstances with girls, that's my favorate thing of all scat/ws. If a girl is depserate (badly or slightly) I will get turned on the fastest. Also I had my first real "Jobbie" yesterday, it was only about 7' and 1 1/2 with 3 little balls beside it, not bad for a little 100lb 16 year old. To JENN: I have never heard of big boobs mean big turds, tho useally if you are a larger type of person you cna old more food and shit. I think he just wanted to see you on the toilet, do you often shit/pee infront of guys? Bridget: I agree with you on that but I think walking in on friends sometimes means that might let you watch and smoething might develop from that.

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Hello, Like Jodi and Steph I think that walking in on someone intentionally, while they are on the toilet, is not right. It's one thing to go to the bathroom with your friend or spouse but to be intruded upon, in a public washroom by a complete stranger must be very humiliating not to mention a complete invasion of privacy. Maybe that is why I have a hang-up about using public washrooms, from fear of being spied on or having someone walking in. I believe that bathroom functions are kind of like sex. It is something that you can share with someone you know and trust enough and it also requires a level of consent from a person, on whether or not he or she wants to be watched during such intimate procedures. Love to all and to many more great dumps! Bridget

Another story - like I said last time, these few stories aren't about me, but were told to me in the first person by friends, so I'm recounting them in the same way to make it easier to remember. The stories about me are way, way down the spool - I might post some more if I have time.

First story: I was seven years old, and pretty shy. I've always needed to pooh at least a couple of times a day even if it's quite firm, and at that age I tended to have a lot of accidents. My school had a thing where the lower years had to do PE in just their underpants and vests, as it stopped us from loosing all our clothes around the buildings. However, this lead to a very embarrassing experience. One day, I woke up and went to the toilet as usual before school, and I saw that my pooh was a bit looser than usual - nothing too bad though. I had a big breakfast, and walked to the school with my Mum. The morning passed uneventfully, and I ate a nice school meal at lunch. After this lesson we had PE, so everyone stripped down to pants and vests and we went into the hall for the lesson. We had a fairly standard lesson that day, and the teacher mainly just supervised whilst we played on the wall bars, A-frames and so on. However, soon after the lesson started I needed to go to the toilet. I just ignored it at first, and the urge passed, but then it came back even stronger.I concentrated on holding it in, and again I felt I didn't need to go again. Because of this, and because I was so shy, I didn't ask if I could leave to do a pooh. About half-way into the lesson, I needed to go again, and this time the urge kept building up - it was getting incredibly uncomfortable. I squatted down on the mat and held my bottom, and again I managed to hold it all in. By this point I was getting quite upset, because I was so desperate to have a pooh and so afraid to ask. The need to go wasn't totally going away now - it was easing a bit, but still there. I felt I needed to fart, so I tried to release a little wind to ease the pressure. It was a very wet fart, and I could feel that I'd done a bit in my pants, but it wasn't much at all and the pressure had gone away. By now, there was only 15mins left of the lesson, so I thought I could make it to the end and go at playtime. Unfortunately, I then got the strongest urge I remembered feeling for a long time, and I just couldn't hold it. I poohed my pants sitting on the mat, trying to keep my back to the wall. I waited for it to stop, but there was a huge amount of mushy pooh coming out, and once it had started I couldn't control it. Eventually, it was all out, and I was at the point of tears and panic. At that point, the teacher asked us all to come to the centre of the room for a game, and I had to get up. I tried to keep behind everyone, but I was only wearing pants and the pooh was blindingly obvious. The other kids started laughing at me, and they told the teacher. She made me go to the nurse, who called home and washed my pants for me.

OK, I'll go to the third person for a couple of quick stories about people having accidents when they were around me.
One time, we were on a school trip to a theme park, all aged about 7. One kid had come on the trip despite the fact that he had diarrhoea, because it was such a treat. He nearly managed to get through the whole visit without incident, but then he suddenly got a bad cramp near the end of the day, and had an accident before he could get to the toilets. He showed us what had happened (this was a different school to the bloke I wrote about above, and we weren't bothered by people messing or wetting their pants), and it was clear that he'd been lucky not to have had the accident earlier from the volume of pooh that was oozing around in his pants. However, he was afraid to tell the teacher who was looking after us, and had to sit on the coach home for a couple of hours in his dirty pants, with us all around. By the time we got back, we were all rather tired of the smell, but he'd decided he liked being in dirty pants, and ended up as part of a group of us who tried to destigmatise the whole thing (see my posts /passim/).

Another time, I was having a swimming lesson (probably aged about 6) and another boy in the pool suddenly stopped in the water in the shallow end, and just looked really vacant for a few seconds. When we all got out of the water a couple of minutes later, we all saw that his swimming trunks were bulging out all round him, and when he pulled them down in the changing room a mass of pooh fell out all over the floor. He didn't mind, but I feel truly sorry for whichever poor bastard had to clean that one up...

I'll post some more stories over the week. Has anyone else got similar stories to tell? I know not everyone's interested, but it's such a common occurrence I doubt there's a shortage of subject material. I'd also appreciate feedback on these stories, so I can work out which ones to ! tell in a couple of days - I have too many to post in detail, and I don't like to shorten stuff too much.

Hello everybody. I haven't posted here in a long, long time (Look WAAAAY back in the old posts). I've been really busy, but have been able to come back and read a few posts every once in awhile. I've also been thinking about what would be the perfect toileting experience for me. I guess I like going to the bathroom because it, to me, is like free time. A creative (as well as gastrointestinal) outlet. My perfect experience would have to be on a nice day (or at least not cold) my own bathroom at home, nobody else around to complain about noise or smell, (because going with the door open rules!!!). I would have my newspaper. It would be cool. As for the crap itself?...well, as long as it comes out easy, who cares? Maybe on of those cool looking ones to impress my friends with. You know, the kind that's really long and wraps around the bowl a few times. Doesn't happen to me that often. Well, it would be interesting to see what other people's fantasy/perfect bathroom experience is. For now, remember to take a big one for your pal Joe. Later all.

There is a book out called "HOW TO SHIT IN THE WOODS". It covers going to the bathroom outdoors in great detail. It is the only book I have ever seen that covers the topic so much in depth. There is a female section that talks about many different styles out peeing for women. It is worth checking out

Hi everyone, some great posts here with really good details. I love hearing about Jeff A. actually seeing those women shitting outdoors at the Dead concert and Donna's description of exactly how it felt while she was letting her jobbies out. and Jerry listening to Sheila.The details of the sounds, smells and how the other people involved reacted to the situation really are excellent. Jerry, do you have any more Shiela stories? I would like to clarify one thing regarding walking in on others in the toilet, which is that I also do not condone prying open a door which is locked. Someone who has locked the door is sending the message that others are not welcome. It is not respectful to ignore their intention. On the other hand, someone who leaves the door unlocked has not signalled that intention. Take care, Duke

Since a few people have asked, I'll tell the details of one of the sorority initiation stories I've collected from a very trusted source who shall remain completely anonymous.

At at least one sorority in the late 60s there was a tradition of "urgent errands" during pledge period. Pledges were challenged by being given double doses of laxatives and then told to complete time-consuming errands, such as walking across campus to the McDonald's and bringing back some food for the sorority members. What happened or didn't happen during the errand was considered part of the successful completion of the challenge.

My friend tells me of her absolute dread of what might happen to her, although she was determined to face every challenge she was given, and this was no exception. She was nicely dressed in a skirt, and accompanied to McDonald's by a couple of active members who were to supervise her just to make sure she didn't duck into a restroom.

The wait for the food in the restaurant was torture as she felt the laxative begin to take effect. The girls teased her in her growing discomfort. On the way back to the sorority house, she stiffened as she felt her panties go sticky and her friends said things like "I bet she's touching cotton"... she was mortified... she felt like everyone on the street must have known.

But she did make it back to the house before completely losing control. She figured it was finally going to be OK now, and she asked to go to the bathroom (probably crying and begging by this point). But too soon! It turns out she had forgotten the fries! She was given the impossible choice of going all the way back to McD's in her desperate state (she knew she'd never make it), or raising her skirt and filling her panties -- a little more privately, but still right in front of the members. She chose the second course. She said she watched other girls in the same situation later, and thoroughly enjoyed the sight, especially after she'd been through it herself.

From friends who were there at the time, I know this sort of initiation ritual was not uncommon in the past. If anyone has any similar stories, I'd love to share them, either here or via e-mail since this may be a little off topic for this forum.

By the way... has anyone ever heard that phrase "touching cotton?" When? It was new to me when I first heard this recollection. -Standfast

Hi all I'm a 16 year old female and i was at a party the other night and a guy sitting next to me asked me if I ever do real big shits. I asked him why he would ask that and he said "I've always wondered if girls with big tits (I'm pretty big in the chest area) ever take big craps." I was shocked. So I took his hand and brought him into the bathroom and dropped a big load in the toilet right in front of him. I got surprisingly turned on by pooping in front of someone and he also seemed turned on. I usualy wouldn't do something like that but for some reason it just amazed me that someone would think big breasted girls don't poop! Does that strike anyone else as odd?

Hi I`m Chris and I`ve never been here before but am really intrested in all this. Don`t have a lot of time right noe but I love DESPERATE circumstances and having accidents. I will come back to you all with some memories ets but thanks for a great sight. I will return soon DESPERATE !!!

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