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I work in retail and with people shopping you're bound to witness desperation and even accidents from time to time. Or find soiled underwear in the bathroom. I've been in this kine of work for over 15 years and I'd like to share some of the stories i have.
-for one thing, people come rushing in a lot looking anxious and immediately ask for the bathroom. When people are out shopping, probably having lunch or dinner while they're out, they build up urges. So yeah, tons of frantic inquiries about where the bathroom is. I always liked when beautiful women came in desperate to go. I'd sometimes hesitate to answer at first, heh heh. The best desperation encounter i remember was a young woman who one afternoon, looked to be between 25-30. She looked like she'd been horseback riding. She was fair skinned with freckles and had strawberry blond hair tied back in two braids. She had a tight long sleeve peaxh colored shirt on with a browns suede vest and white jodhpurs with tan padding on the seat and knees. She came in and marched straight towards me with the most frightened look on her face and was walking a little funny and had her arms held stiffly at her sides. She looked at me and practically cried out "which way is the restroom" and i pointed her. She said nothing and headed that way. She reached back twice and almost grabbed her butt but stopped herself. She was starting to get ready to pull her pants down before even opening the door. She was in there for over 15 minutes. She came out and seemed more relaxed and just left the store and didn't look at anyone. I wondered if she had completely made it or if she had gone in her pants a little before getting on the toilet. Since she took so long she might have had to clean up.
-an older woman came in one time practically moaning. She got dropped off right at our front door and she came in and went straight for the bathroom. She had a big wet spot on her butt because she was already wetting herself. She was old and heavy, with white shorts on.
-a kid pissed his pants near our checkout once i think he was like 8 or 9.
-a teenage girl messed her pants a the checkout once. She was maybe 14 or 15, asian american. She had on these gray plaid pants that were stretchy. Her parents were doing a large transaction and there were complications that made the transaction take longer. The whole time this girl was shifting her weight and bending and twisting and just wiggling and fidgeting around like crazy. She kept putting both her hands behind her back and like closing them together and pressing her closed fists against her butt like it was discrete and looked like she just her hands behind her back casually. Well suddenly she stopped moving and from far away i heard a really quick "spppllrrrppplt" really gross wet sounding squishy fart. I looked up and it looked up and it looked like someone poured brownie batter down the back of her pants. They had a droopy bulge the size of an apple right in the middle of her butt and wet brown marks were staining through. She had both hands on her face and was starting at her mom, wondering if she noticed that she had just badly pooped in her pants. She gently put one hand behind her to physically inspect the damge. She gently touched the bulge then tried covering it was both hands without touching it. She starting to look around to see if anyone noticed. She spotted me and quickly turned away and tried harder to conceal her messy butt. After a minute her mom must have smelled something because she started looking around all puzzled. She looked at the girl and her jaw dropped and i heard her saw "did you make in your pants??" Before the dad quickly escorted her away.
-a coworker of mine, a woman in her 40s also made in her pants once. She came straight from her other job and didn't have time to use the bathroom. She was on her cash register trying to make it to her break when i noticed her seeming distracted or something during a transaction. She didn't seem right and i went near her register. When i got near it i smelled a distinct poop odor in the air, and then i spotted a bulge in the back of her black slacks. She quickly finished her transaction then hurried off to the ladies room, but it was too late, she had gone in her pants. After a few minutes she came out and apologized that she had fo leave, and said she was embarrassed about soiling herself.
-one time a manager had to ask a family to leave because they're young daughter had clearly peed her pants and kept sitting on display beds, with a giant wet stain on the back of her pants clear as day. The parents didn't even notice their own daughter had wet her pants in public. They were asked to leave because her condition was a public health concern.

i just have to get this off my chest. last week i just got to school and had to poop after not going for the whole weekend. I went to the boys room first period and there were two stalls, and someone was in one. i can't ever go if that happens. So i pretended to pee and left. Second period, the same thing happened, and third period they were both taken. Then i went to lunch where the bathrooms were overcrowded, so I had to wait until next period to try again. Finally the only other kid in there was peeing in a urinal, and I could go. I rushed in so fast, and whipped down my sweatpants and pushed with a grunt, and also started to pee. A large firm log rushed out of me, and my butt felt oddly warm. I looked down and realized I pulled down my sweatpants, but not my briefs, and I had just pooped and peed in them while sitting on the toilet. I froze and didn't know what to do. My stomach started to hurt, so i took them off and put them on the floor to finish pooping. I emptied the bent up log into the toilet and flushed, and threw the briefs in the garbage. I'm so embarrassed and had to tell someone that.

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To: Amber great story about your friend Kelly pooping her pants I bet that was truly embarrassing and you were a good friend for not making fun of her please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Dumper great story about your maggie going to the bathroom in front of you I bet that memory will stay with you forever.

To: Wendy & Kristy great story Wendy but didnt you post that one before or maybe you just used the same title either way it dosent matter it was a great story and agreat story about that girl pooping her pants in front at your work like I said before thats the reasons all stores need a bathroom for the customers to use and you and louise and you pooping on top of her poop I bet no one wanted to go anywhere near that bathroom for awhile and please contiue more you guys thanks.

To: Althea first welcome back ive missed your stories and great story about you going to the bathroom in the airport and please contiue to post more of them thanks.

To: Linda great story please post more of them thanks.

To: Upstate Dave please contiue to post more stories about Barbie and the rest of the girls those stories are really good thanks.

To: Julie K great story about you and your friends pooping your guys pants at that party please post some more stories like that thanks.

Well thats all for now I probaly wont post again until saturday because the library is closed on thanksgiving and thats I do most of my posting but if something those come during those days I might post using my psp but they will be short posts and speaking of thanksgiving I bet theres going to be alot of stories about peoples thanksgiving meal or at least whats left of it if you what I mean so I look forward to evryones after thanksgiving stories.

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PS. I love this site


Memories of a summer camp

Many years ago I used to attend a summer camp every year. And then when I got old enough, I returned as a junior camp counselor. The first year back I meant a girl who was also a junior counselor. Her name was Victoria, but she preferred to be called Tori. She had beautiful green eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

Before I begin the story I guess I should explain that this camp had no toilets, but instead just outhouses. Each outhouse had two holes in it, separated by a privacy screen. It stopped the other person from seeing your privates, but you could still see the top of their head, and you could hear everything that went on.

Well, one morning I happened to see Tori heading off to the outhouse, holding a magazine, so I knew she needed to shit. I caught up to her, we exchanged good mornings and entered the outhouse together. I heard her pull down her pants and underwear and then I did the same. We began peeing together, although her stream went on a while after mine finished. I didn't even have to shit, however, I wanted to hear Tori, so I continued to sit.

I heard a crackling sound and silence for a bit then a splat. After that, three splats with silence in between. What happened next caught me really off guard. I heard her say to me, "Mmmh, nothing better than a good poop to start off the day". I was really shocked that she would just be so forthcoming about something like that. I heard more crackling, and she said, "Oh, Nnh, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, mmh, I'm sorry." Another splat as I said back to her, "No, I mean I know girls do poop. I just..." and she cut me off saying, "You didn't expect me to just blurt that out.", I told her "That's yeah... That took me by surprise." A short crackle and a splat then, "Well, I didn't hear you going, so I figured you were enjoying listening to me."

I was kind of embarrassed that she'd caught me, but I just said back to her, "Uh. Yeah. I mean. Um." I hoped she wasn't angry with me, but she just laughed a little and said, "It's fine. But, I'm done now, so what say we leave the outhouse and talk more." She started to wipe as I said, "Yeah, I'd like that. I'll wait outside."

We did talk a lot more when we got free moments or were working in the same area of the camp. Plus our morning meeting in the outhouse, that was my favorite part of the day. After our years at the camp were done and we got too old to volunteer anymore she gave me her phone number and told me to call her. We kept in touch for a while, but with going to different colleges, we eventually grew distant. I still think of her often, although I haven't talked to her in at least 15 years.

Hey everyone Happy Thanksgiving.
With tomorrow being Black Friday, I will post an embarrassing incident that I had on Black Friday 3 years ago. I was 15 years old at the time and my mom and I were at the mall. As you could imagine it was extremely busy and we were at radio shack looking at their electronics, when I first felt the urge to use the bathroom. I held it as we left radio shack and we passed by the bathrooms I seen about 15 girls in line for the bathrooms so I decided that I could hold it because I did not want to waste time in line. We went inside Macys and went by the perfumes section. I walked over to the lingerie section and got hit with a huge cramp and clinched my cheeks real hard. I thought I was going to lose control right then in there but somehow I regained my composure and walked up to my mom and told her that I had to use the bathroom. And she said ok wait 5 minutes and we will go together. I told her it was an emergency and that I would go ahead of her and she could meet me up. She said are you ok Hun, and I said yeah I just really have to go. So I started my long walk to the bathrooms. I decided to go to the bathrooms that were further away because I knew less people go there. Once I got there I was literally seconds from losing control. There was 4 girls in line and 3 stalls occupied with girls pooping. I stood in line hoping that my panties and my Abercrombie jeans would not get stained. With just one girl in front of me the spasm came back real hard and started to lose control as I felt a solid poop begin to force its way into my panties. I regained a bit of control but I knew that my panties were definitely stained a bit. Now I was next in line and the stall door opened and I immediately when in and as I was locking the door I froze in my place and that's when my butt lost the battle. A Huge poo coiled in my panties. I lowered my jeans and panties and finished up in the toilet. Luckily there was only one other girl in the bathroom because if anyone looked closely under the stall they would be able to see my soiled panties. My mom walked in the bathroom and yelled out my name. and I said mom I am in here. She said ok ill wait outside for you and I yelled no mom come here. She said what hunny are you ok. I asked where are you and she said I am right next to your stall is everything ok. I stood up and I opened the stall door and I had my legs tight. She asked what's wrong Hun and I opened up my legs and she looked down and seen my white panties with a HUGE amount of smeared poo in them. She said oh dear hunny WHAT happened? Before I even got to answer her she said ok just wait here I am going to go buy you a new pair of panties. I waited for her and when she came back, she handed me a new pair of her Hanes her way under the stall and I wiped my butt the best I could and just put on the new pair. Once we got home I ran straight to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. The new panties had poop smeared on them to because my butt was so messy from the accident.

China girl
Hi guys. I have a good recent story. With crab season here we really went to town with a crab feast after we picked them up alive right from the docks. I bring this up I did a big shit not too long after I feast. My mom and I made soup from it at my apt. I ate more than my mom, and we also made a crab ???? soup. A few hours later while we were talking and snacking on fruit after crab, I had a sudden urge to go, very immediate. I told my mom I had to go sit on the toilet and she said "I know." It's not far to my bathroom and you can see from kitchen sitting area where we were, so I sat on the toilet with door open but we didn't talk. When I sat I couldn't even hold it. My but hole opened so fast and spit out a chunk, just like that. It opened wide, shot out like cannon and my but just closed immediately. That fast. It came out high pressure, so the sound in the toilet sounded like a bomb. The foul smell came right away. In just seconds over by the table, my mom already smelled it and said "you and your power turds" and shook her head. Just about a minute later though, pressure came up quick again. This was even more of a killer. A flow of shit shot into the toilet hard and continued like water fall for a good few seconds, and my but farted the same time it came out, it was like roaring waterfall power. My mom was like "geez take it easy." I just laugh a little. My mom sees a lot what my toilet is reduced to when I have a good dump. I'm not a girl who is proper, and I always smile when my ass makes loud noise through farting for taking dump because it makes the bowl sound funny and exposes it out in the open so anyone around knows the level of shit that must be endured. Anyway, after that I peed, then farted some more, and then my but gurgled and another moderate water fall came out with wet fart sound but not as bad as first one. When I was done I said "whew" and kind of brag about it. The chunk I did first was actually a long turd, but a huge solid end and rest of turd soft in texture. The rest of bowel, well you can imagine I'm sure.

Slow Shittin' Sammi

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I read your story on page 1941. I'm surprised you would crap in that open stall immediately across the aisle from the little boy's (wasn't his name Travor) stall. I know you're older than me and that might be why you have a lot more confidence.

Marcia should never have come in there after Trevor. I don't know what she was thinking. Wouldn't she have freaked out if she had seen a man as old as her grandfather sitting on that crapper and taking a shit instead of you?

And I don't understand why she ever told Stac about your black boxers. That's like so personal!

Can you honestly say you didn't feel that your privacy was violated?

Dan Boy

Starting Thanksgiving with a Hangover

Hey everyone! Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving!

Went out with some friends to a pub last night since we're all off of work today. Had two pints of Guinness, two pints of Strongbow, and a kamikaze shot. I didn't want to get too drunk so I had two eggs in a basket at home before I left. When I got back home at 1:30am I was a little buzzed and still starving so I ate 3 more eggs and a salad and went to bed.

I dunno what exactly it was, maybe a combination of everything, but I woke up at 5am with a terrible stomach cramp. I farted kind of from reflex and then realized I needed to seriously take a dump. I ran to the bathroom and sat down. A long semi-soft piece moved out of me, and the end of it got really soft. My stomach was grumbling a lot so I decided to stay sitting there. After sitting there for about 6 minutes, I got a huge rumbling and let out a wet fart lasting a few seconds. At the end of the fart some really loose crap starting just pouring out of me for half a minute or so. I felt done so I wiped (a lot) and went back to sleep.

A few hours later, at around 8, I had to jump out of bed again, clenching on my way to the bathroom. I sat down and an explosion of gas and crap shot out of me. I sat there and farted a few more times then I was done. I dunno what did it, but i felt completely cleaned out. I guess eggs and beer are not a good combo. On the plus side, I'm all set for Thanksgiving dinner now!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, some very embarrasing for me. It is the day before thanksgiving and im at the story last minute shopping. I had to pee VERY bad! as I approached the checkout line, i was BURSTING! the cashier ask if I was okay, i said i was fine (not). Then the worst happened.. a little boy accidently bumped into me as I was paying, then i just lost it. Pee was everywhere! It was so humiliating? I got my groceries and ran as fast as i could to my car.

Sarah from Calgary

Diarrhea in Edmonton, again...

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since my last posting. One of my best friends, Megan, has posted quite a few stories here recently, including her point of view of some of the accidents that I have had.

I was in Edmonton again last week, to help train Danijela's maternity leave replacement, Lisa. I first met Lisa at lunch with our Sales Rep. Paul on October 14th. I wrote about this story on my last post on page 1933. I had terrible diarrhea on my drive back to Calgary and filled my pants numerous times on my drive home. Traffic came to a stand-still just north of Calgary and I ended up sitting in my mess for about four hours. It was horrible!

Like I said, I went back to Edmonton last week and was there from Wednesday to Friday (November 17th to the 18th). For the three day trip, I had packed with me a pair of dark gray dress pants (I was wearing black ones on Wednesday) a pair of jeans and four pairs of panties. I actually had five pairs of panties with me because I always carried an extra pair with me in my purse in case I got caught short anywhere. I also had half a dozen ultra thin maxi pads with me in case my period started early. It was due to start on Sunday, but I always prefer to be sure.

The weather was very snowy on Wednesday when I left turning a normal three hour drive into a five hour one. I left Calgary just after six am and finally got to the office at round 11am! Since the weather was bad, my husband told me to drive our CRV as it handles better in bad weather. I took it instead of my car and I totally forgot my "emergency kit". Luckily I was feeling fine for the drive. I actually got to Edmonton at around 10:30am but stopped for gas at the Superstore first. As I was standing there, I could feel my bowels start to rumble. The cramping went away and I got back in my car and drove downtown to the Delta Hotel where I usually stay. As I was driving, the cramps started again and I could tell that I needed to get to a toilet. I got to the Delta and grabbed my bags as I had arranged for an early check-in. As I was walking through the parking garage, my bowels bubbled and I let out a wet diarrhea fart into my green full cut panties. There was nothing I could do to stop it. The diarrhea just came rushing out of me even though my butt cheeks were tight as could be. The mess was really wet and I could feel it swishing around in my high cut panties. I got to the counter and the girl at the counter said that they had a full house that night and that my room was not ready but that they could take and store my bags for the day. Standing there with a wet load of diarrhea in my panties, I panicked and asked her if there was a washroom that I could use to freshen up. She showed me to a staff washroom and I got myself cleaned up with a clean pair of white bikini panties. I wrapped my messy hi cuts into some toilet paper and stuffed them in my suitcase to clean up later. I then gave my suitcase to the girl at the counter and went to the office.

I got to the office at 11am and at 11:30 it was time for lunch. Great timing! Anyway, we were deciding where to go and Lisa said "Not that place we went to last time!" I said, "Yeah, tell me about it! Something I ate that day did not agree with me, that's for sure!" She said quietly, "Well, I only had to drive 20 minutes and I could not make it home on time." She went on to tell us a story of how she had to go diarrhea so bad that she had to stop at a Tim Horton's, but ended up unleashing a torrent of diarrhea into her pants in the parking lot. She was halfway across the parking lot, turned around, got back into her car very carefully and drove home to clean up. She said that she continued having diarrhea for several more hours that day and had one more accident when she could not get to her toilet on time. I told her only part of what happened to me (see page 1933).

Anyway, after lunch on Wednesday, we ran into the building Superintendent and since our Edmonton office is moving up to the 19th floor, we asked if we could see it. We got into the new office, which is still under construction, and looked around for a few minutes. When we were done, we got back on the elevator and had to go to the bottom floor to get to the elevators going to floors two to nine. As doors to the 10 to 19 side opened up, I had another attack of sudden diarrhea. I clamped my butt cheeks as tight as I could, but like before, I could not help but let out a stream of runny diarrhea into my white bikini panties. When we got to our floor I excused myself to the ladies room so I could get myself cleaned up. I was lucky to have a spare pair of light blue bikini panties with me, so I changed into those and put my soiled ones in the Zip Lock bag I had with me.

We left the office at 4pm and I went back to the City Centre Mall and walked through it to the Delta. As I was walking, I had another urge to "go" again. I had been to this mall on several occasions and I knew where the washrooms were. Walking with my butt cheeks clenched yet again, I tried getting there, but I was not able to make it on time. For the third time that day I pooped my panties. I went back to the hotel, got my suitcase and the key card for my room. Another rush of diarrhea hit me and I exploded all over myself on the elevator. Thank God I was alone! I could feel the mess leaking down my legs as I walked through the hallways to my room. I got to my room, turned on the lights and went directly into the washroom to clean myself up. I had a nice long shower, cleaned out my three pairs of soiled panties and then put on my sweats for the evening.

When I was finally feeling better, I ordered room service for dinner at around 6pm. I was actually on the toilet having diarrhea again at 6:30 when my food came. I yelled out, "Just a second!" I wiped, pulled up my sweats and panties, washed and dried my hands. I closed the bathroom door to hide the smell and to hide my soiled/washed out panties that were drying over the towel rack. I opened the door to let the guy in. He put my food on the desk in my room and I really had to get back to the toilet to have another wave of diarrhea. He gave me the receipt to sign. I turned around so I could use the desk to write on. I wrote down the tip, signed it and gave it back to him. He gave me my copy and left the room. Just as the door closed, my bowels released into the pink polka-dot high cuts I was wearing. I rushed back to the washroom and exploded on myself again when I got there.

I washed up again and put on my last pair of clean panties, another pair of white bikini's. I looked at my panties that I had messed in and decided to drive to the closest store to buy some more panties. The first place I found that I knew had clothing and underwear was the Superstore, a different one from earlier in the day. I went in and went directly to the ladies clothing area. I found there underwear section and grabbed a five pack of white "Joe" bikini panties. My stomach was still acting up with so I decided to buy some Imodium as well. I got to the check out counter and the girl smirked when she saw what I was buying. She asked, "How are you?" I said, "Well, it's been one of those days." I paid and grabbed my purchases and headed back to the Delta Hotel.

Thursday I still was not feeling great. I took an Imodium before I left my room, but as I was walking through the mall that morning, I started feeling sick again. I pooped my pants on the way to the ladies room and I had to go back to my room to clean up, again. Since I wasn't sitting in my mess, I was lucky not to stain my dark gray dress pants.

Later that day, after we got back from lunch, I was sitting with Lisa showing her some stuff when I let out a silent fart. It did not smell, but I could feel the wetness of it soaking into my panties. I was trying to keep my composure, so I tried ignoring it for a few minutes. After about 10 minutes, the cramps started getting bad, so I told her and Danijela that I needed to go to the ladies room. When I got up and went to the door, Danijela said, "Hey Sarah, did you spill something?" I said, "Uhh, no, why?" She said, "Well, there is a wet spot on your bum. It looks like you sat in some water or something." I thought to myself, "Oh… my… God!" I said, "I will be back in a few minutes," and then left the office. I was having another round of diarrhea and I had to clamp my butt cheeks as tight as I could as I walked down the hallway to the ladies room, but I could not hold it back. My bowels erupted and I exploded into my panties just outside the ladies room. In my panic to get to the ladies room, I had left my purse in the office where my spare pare of emergency panties were. I gingerly walked back to the office and grabbed my purse. On my way back out, Lisa asked me if I was alright. I said, "No, I'm feeling sick again." Danijela asked, "What's the matter?" I said, "Well, I have the runs and I had an accident in my pants." She looked at me in disbelief and said, "Oh." I left in a hurry to get to the ladies room to clean myself up. When I got there, I grabbed a handful of paper towels, dampened some, and went into one of the stalls. Luckily the ladies room was empty. I pulled off my blouse to keep it from getting dirty. I took off my shoes as well and pulled down my dress pants and panties. Everything was a mess. It took me a while to get myself and my dress pants cleaned up. At one point Danijela came into to check on me. She asked if I was alright and I said, "Sort of." When I finally felt clean, I pulled on the clean pair of panties and pulled my dress pants back up. Luckily Paul was in meetings for the afternoon. He had actually left before lunch, which was good. It helped to save me the embarrassment of having an accident in front of him. Both Danijela and Lisa were understanding of my situation.

My period started during my sleep early Friday morning. I woke up at around 2pm and could feel that my panties were wet and sticky. I turned on the light and I had bled through my pyjamas and onto the white sheets. It was horrible. I grabbed another pair of clean panties and a maxi pad and went to the washroom to change my panties and put on my pad. I had to change my pad when I woke up because I was bleeding quite heavily like I usually do. This gave me four pads left for the day. I had to change my pad before I left Edmonton so I had a fresh pad for my drive. I stopped in Red Deer half way back to Calgary, to change my pad. When I home, I could feel that my pad needed to be changed again. Unfortunately, I had bled through it and through my jeans as well.

Anyway, I am really sorry for the long post. Thank you to everyone who read it.

Sarah from Calgary.

Car Mom
WhinnieThePooh: I really don't have any stories besides car ones so far. As I've said the only other places are the sink and the bathtub and there's really nothing to tell about. As far as any friends are concerned, the only ones that know about the pees are the two that actually peed in my car (besides the kids of course) and I don't have any family around me except one sister who has kids but so far they have never peed in my car either. She lives kind of near me but we're not really that close. She has 3 kids (2 daughters and 1 son, I think they're 14, 11 and 6). Now in reply to your other comment, are you SURE your parents wouldn't let you pee in the car? Have you ever asked them? Do they know about you peeing and pooping in your pants all the time? If so what do they say about it? Maybe they're not so opposed to it after all! Let me know! See ya!

Firecracker Guy

Firecracker Girl Pays Her Debt--Part 1

A few days ago I wrote about how Firecracker Girl (becoming my girlfriend at the time) in 2000 and who is now my wife asked to see me shit in a park bathroom while we waited out a severe thunderstorm. We were both 16 at the time and she was critical of me for not being clean enough about myself. However, when she and I got to college and became intimate, I changed my ways to accommodate her. The reason is simple: she's worth it and the most important thing in my 26-year-old life.

The next day was Sunday and she came over to my house at about 10 a.m. and wanted to take a walk before dinner which was at noon. I had a pretty good idea what she meant by "walk" and I was as eager as I could be. It was late July, before our junior year of high school, hot and sultry (like every other day)and she looked good barefoot, in tight blue jean cut-offs which were about as high as they could be, if you know what I mean. We walked about six blocks across a neighborhood park, crossed a set of train tracks (on which she burned her left foot a little on the iron) and walked toward another neighborhood. As we continued to walk, it became apparent where her destination was. The large car dealership both her father and my father work at. Because it has customers from like a three or four state area, they keep their new cart lot open for browsing 24/7. Under some kind of city law, they have to have a bathroom available and I remember my dad (he's one of the managers) telling me they had to spend $20,000 to cut into the side of the building, and put a unisex toilet in. That was two years ago, and once last year when I stopped by to visit my dad and his fellow employees directed me to the bathroom, he opened the door for me while he was sitting on his "throne" and he joked I had interrupted his thinking. He had his boxers and suitpants at ankle level and this is only the second time I had seen him on the crapper. We talked for about five minutes while he continued his dump.

Although the dealership was closed on Sunday, we both knew there would likely be some people there looking at cars on the lot and we knew the bathroom was almost on the other side of the building, tucked out of the way. We both liked the fact as we got to the lot that we didn't see too many people and we walked directly to the bathroom. I asked Firecracker Girl whether I was going to see a Number One or Number Two and I used a little boy's voice and held up my fingers. She thought that was cute and quickly pecked my left face with a kiss. "It might be a Numnber Three" she said, just as we got to the bathroom door. I opened it for her, quickly pushed her in and shut it in case someone was watching. It was unisex and marked that way, but I was still cautious. Firecracker Girl quickly flicked the light switch on and quickly noticed there was absolutely no, not even one piece, of toilet paper left on the roll. She said something about "no can do" and I told her I thought I had a Kleenex in the back pocket of my jeans behind my wallet, but when I started to pull it out, she just turned her head, opened the door, flicked off the light, and went back outside.

We walked back into the lot and she told me what I already partially knew from the hard time she had given me in the park restroom a few days ago: she won't sit on an uncovered public toilet seat. That was such a letdown for me and I asked her where we were going to be continuing to walk, and knowing we wouldn't have privacy at places like gas stations, I wondered if she was going to be able to deliver on her agreement.

It was getting close to 11 a.m. and I was starting to lose hope. I'll finish the story next time.


Bathroom Visit At Building 500

,hi to all you posters,
One time I had to go to the bathroom in Building 500 at the Texas School For The Blind. The bathroom had 3 stalls in it, but scince I can't see, I can't tell you all how it looked. Anyway, my poop was fast that day }probably from what I had the night before.( I left tech class, walked down the carpetted hallway, went in, sat on the john, and unloaded. It was stinky, but releiving. It wasn't diarhea, but one of those soft quick ones. This wasn't an emergency either. My poop was just wanting to get out, but being pacient about it.
Bianca )the same Bianca that has her name at the top of some other posts(


After-party poo

Hi everyone ^^

I haven't posted in a long time(have been too busy with studies and some other stuff)

I had a very interesting experience last week, pretty similar to Julie's K. So me and two of my friends went to a party that was thrown by some of our classmates, while going to the party I realized that I was getting pretty hungry (skipped my lunch) and I was hoping that there's going to be something to eat. Well I was in luck, the whole table was full of crackers, cider and a big bowl of salad. Naturally the first thing I did was took a bottle of cider and a plate of salad and started to stuff my mouth full of it. The party went on till 5 a.m. when we were just too drunk and tired to continue. I got dressed and went to wake up Laura, who had passed out on the floor XD . I woke her up, but she begged to let her sleep some more, so I just went home by myself, but as soon I was on the street I felt a sudden urge to poo. My house was pretty far, so i just turned around and went back to the house. I couldn't find the bathroom and had nobody awake, who could tell me where it is. I started panicking and just ran trough all the rooms desperately trying to find the loo. Little did I know that her bathroom could only be entered trough the kitchen, that's why I missed it the first place. The bathroom was with pink walls and pink floor, which reminded me of the schools girls room. I didn't waste no time, I pulled my jeans and panties down to my ankles and plonked myself on the can. I relieved my stomach muscles and just then a soft log came out followed by three more the same size. The stench was horrid and i couldn't find an air freshener. I sat there for about ten more minutes, until I heard Laura calling for me, so i answered her from the toilet. She asked me when will I come out, cuz she had to head home quickly for some reason. i said that i will be done soon, but at that moment a fart escaped my hole and i felt something building up in my bowels again. My insides started churning and rumbling as my waste sprinted trough my bowels, and i knew that this will be one messy load. My face covered with sweat and I started feeling sick and my guts cramped up, so I held my stomach with my arms trying to relieve the pain. Finally I released a really wet fart and a barrage of mush started coming out. It smelled sick and I held my nose. It didn't take more than ten seconds for the next wave to come rushing out. Another load of mush went out my ass and was followed by a watery fart. Suddenly I heard Laura from the outside "Damn! you shouldn't drink if you get the runs from cider" I yelled back, that it was probably the salad that caused it. After that I wiped my slimy ass cheeks and flushed the toilet, leaving only the horrid stench behind me. When I got home, I messaged Laura on the mobile, if she was alright, and she was fine, so it turned out that I was the only one with an upset stomach after the party.

To Althea - I'm so glad to hear from You, I'm a huge fan of your stories. I read that You had a lot of interesting experiences, hope You post here some more, especially your childhood experiences.

To Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend) - Wow, your mother was so mean.If my mom would do that I would have taken my revenge, by locking inside the toilet, and making my mother shit herself as a payback.

To Kyle - I just love your stories, You have had so much great and hot moments, please do post some more.

Natalie X

Poo in my panties

First things first i had a curry. My stomach isn't the best at handling spicy foods so it pushed it down very violently and very fast.... indeed. Felt like a whirlwind when it came closer and closer in to my butt, as i was enjoying an evening out with my friends out in town, my bowels gave way. And my god they pushed a lot through, there was a squelching sound coming from my ass as my poo quickly made its way out with a **** load of gas. The squelching sound was awful it was clear to everyone that i had shat myself. My last words before private excretion was "erghhh that curry is making me want a poo" then straight after 'poo' SQUELCH frappp (stomach went off growling) another howling fart, hearing more liquidy shit seep into my lovely but ruined red frenchies. After the liquidy stuff, mushy poo just violently exploded making a horrible wet fart sound. Then one really REALLY horrible poo fart ohhhhhhhh i shouted as it squelched and literally rumbled out of me i was exuasted. I started waddling off home feeling so ashamed and trying my best to hold it in but the waves kept coming and coming, my shit had destroyed my underwear in the most unpleasent way. It was so slushy when i was trying to walk. Having the poo rub against my butt the whole time and occasionly feeling more warm gunk going out and hearing bodily noises giving way. Was really not a fun day. When i got home i waddled to the bathroom then peeled off my ruined panties. JEEZE! What a mess honestly. There was poo ALL over the back of my panties. I sat on the loo and my butt was shoveling it all in out nosily (as always) horiible times with curry :/ x


Uh Oh ...

This is my first post. I've been lurking for a while now. I think I ate something bad at lunch (never trust the cafeteria meat loaf) and I thought I'd share my story with you as it blows. My guts are griping and I'm farting a blue streak (if I'm not careful, it'll be a brown streak, I have to let go _real_ careful if you know what I mean). I don't know how long I'll be with you. I can't help squirming now and it's getting real hard to keep it all in. I've got a nasty feeling I'm going to be sitting on the toilet half the night. I feel real full and loose. Uh-oh. Gotta go ... In haste ...

Upstate Dave

Some Cases Of Useing A Two Holer Outhouse. Part 3

Ok the other two hole outhouse was not discovered by me. This one was found by Barbie S and Diane. Diane was the a girl that lived across the street from me. Where this outhouse was also on my street not all that far from my house. It was up in the woods behind a barn that this placed was owned by summer people which thier name was Bradey.Before I would find out about it this outhouse was also used by Jeannie and Barbie H.

Now Barbie H and Diane were the only two together this day. I was home working in the yard rakeing leaves which at this time it was fall. The leaves weren't all down yet but they had fallen enough that they did needed to be raked up. So I was takeing care of them in the front yard on the left side of our house. I had all of them raked into piles and I was unfolding the big canvas tarp when Barbie S and Diane came walking into the yard for they had seen me there in the yard while they had been walking by.

So before I started rakeing the leaves on to the tarp we three talked. First it was small talk you know how you been,what have you been up to, how was school going, etc. Then Barbie after I had asked what was new told me about the outhouse up behind Bradeys barn that she and Diane had found. Diane hen talked about it telling me that she and Barbie were up behind Bradeys property walking though another neighbors property in the fields and they had caught sight of it.

They then went over and checked it out. This is when Diane let Barbie tell me the next part. Yeah Dave there was a old lock on the outside of it and I broke it off so we could get inside! I let out a laugh for I knew that Barbie could do just that for she was a strong girl! Then Barbie said she took a piss and Diane said to me; I took a piss and a shit Dave while Barbie was pissing!

With Diane telling me that now I knew that it was a two holer! I said to both girls; Hey after I'm done here I'll have to go check it out! Both Barbie abd Diane said back to me Ok Dave. Then Brbie said; We all can go over then. So I started rakeing nearby piles of leaves on to the tarp and Barbie and Diane started picking up big handfulls of leaves from other piles droping them on the tarp too.

In about a half hour between us three all the raked up leaves that were in the many piles were now on the tarp. The thre of us then folded the tarp up and the thre of us dragged thetarp across the yard over to the end of it and slightly down the hill side and rolled the tarp over dumping the leaves out of it. Then we folded up the tarp. Barbie helped me carry it over to the barn while Diane had taken the rake and she carried it to the barn.

I was now done and I thanked the two girls for helping me. Before we headed over to Bradey's place the three of us got a good drink from the handpump in the cellar of the barn. Then we left and walked down the road to Bradeys. Now the Bradeys were not there for like I had said they were summer people. Now being the fall they had long left. Also the other house across the street belonged to people from New York City and they too were summer oeple and they were not there.

So the three f us walked up the driveway together headed in the direction of the barn which was a hundred feet behind the house. Now the house and barn were well kept up. The house and barn were all white and both Diane and Barbie told me as we were now passing the right side of the barn the outhouse was kept up as well. That brought right into my mind that the outhouse maybe be used by Mr. Bradey.

The reason I say this was he I would see many times as I would be going by would be working out in the yard,be working around the barn, washing his old but very nice Chrysler there by the barn. So if he needed to go to the bathroom there was the outhouse to use behind the barn. I rarely saw Mrs. Bradey outside. Most of the time she was in the house.

We turned the corner and there was woods behind the barn whichwas between the barn and my other neighbors fields. Sure enough there in the woods about in the middle of the backside wall of the barn was the outhouse! It was painted white which looked like it was freshly painted too! The girls were right in telling me that it had been kept up not like most f the other outhouses that we knew about that were scattered around out here.

Now we started walking down the path to it which there were neatly trimmed lilaic bushes on both sides of the path. The ouhouse itself had wooden lattice work on both sides of its door and a landing roof connecting the lattice work. There was two little front windows in the front too with black painted shutters. The door was a solid wooden door with no half moon cutout in it like many times you see in pictures of outhouss.

As we got closer I saw the broken lock hasp hanging off from the door. I said to Barbie; Gee maybe you shouldn't have done that Barbie. Barbie said back to me; Yeah I know but: Then Diane said; But Dave I had to shit and Barbie she had to piss! Ok! Ok! I then said to both of them. I looked at the hasp and the lock itself which was still locked. I said to the girls after my inspection; I can pick this lock and I can fix the hasp too.

Then Barbie opened the door and we all stepped inside. Now the outhouse itself was like being in a shed for it was large for a outhouse! I would have guessed 15'x 15' square. Unlike Tony's two hole outhouse with one platform with two openings in it there were twoplatforms in this one makeing seperate toilets to use. There was even a magizine rack inside between the two platforms! Someone must have been a reader while going! I thought to myslef it must have been Mr. Bradey!

Now for some more details of the inside. There was actual regular toilet seats on each platform too. No lids though just the seats. They were oak too. The insde was paineted white also like the outside. It was very clean inside also. So the girls again that it was kept up. Now I'm saveing the best thing that was inside for last. Up on the back wall hang a wooden sighn. What wasengraved in it was a double ended arrow and above the arrow on the sighns left side said HERS. Above the right end arrow said MINE! I brke into hard laughter when I saw that! Well Mr. Bradey was old school or he had a sense of humer for doing this. Who knew!

Now since I had been working most of the morning and I had pissed before starting the yard work I could now take a piss. So I said to both Diane and Barbie; You kmow girls I can use to take a piss right now. Do either of you girls also have to go? Barbie told me she could. Diane hesitated for a quick moment but then she said that she felt that she could go a little herslef.

So I stepped over to the right side platform which the sighn indicated MINE being Mr. Bradeys. I said to both Diane and Barbie as I stepped over; You two girls are going to have to use HERS not this one! This one is MINE! I pointed to the sighn as I said this to the girls. First both girls giggled hard but after the giggles had stopped Barbie said to me in a mock stern tone voice; See Diane Dave is just like any male! Diane looked at me and said back to Barbie; You are so right! Then they both laughed. I laughed too.

But I stepped back away from the MINE platform. I said to Diane and Barbie; Look its always ladies before gents and as I said this to the girls I swept my arm sideways through the air indicateing to either Barbie or Fiane that one of them could piss before me and use the Mine one. That brought another shortquick giggle from both girls and then Diane did step over to use the MINE one.

Now to tell you both Barbie and Diane had on sweaters with a blouse. They both had on skirts which Dianes was quite short. Shorter then Barbies which hers was at her knees while Dianes was at her mid thigh.Both girls now had turned and were facing me as they both stood in front of the toilets to use them.

Barbie on the left only had to raise her skirt up and she sat right down on the oak toilet seat. Diane had to pull down her panties which were a bikini style pir and the color of them was a very light pink. She let them fall down to her ankles and then she sat down on her oak toilet seat. Now Barbie had really spread her feet well apart so that her thighs had opened real wide giving me a good view of her vagina. ( Barbie always did this for me)

Diane having panties id open up also but couldn't get as wide open as Barbie but I could see her vagina. Diane is a blonde which she wore her blonde hair straight and it was very long going all the way down her back. Now neither girl had pubic hair. Barbie started now to piss which she said she had to while Diane said she felt she could only go a little.

So my attention was on Brbie. Out from her vagina and her peehole she had a nice looking stream comming out. Nice looking short wide head going right into a twist. Her stream was slightly angled forward. It hissed nice and loud too. From down in the hole there was a soft very soft sound of her piss pattering. That made me think that it was quite aways down to the bottom for her piss to hit.

Barbie went on with her piss and after several seconds had past she turned over and looked at Diane. Are you going to be able to start going Diane or not? Diane said back to Barbie; I can feel that it is right there. I'll start in a moment or two I think. Barbiesaid ok and then she gave me a glance opened her thighs even wider slideing her feet wider apart and she smiled and then she looked down to watch herslef piss again.

I smiled a littel more watching Brbie piss after she had opened up more for me. Then more seconds passed and Barbies piss stream started to ease up with ts hissing fadeing away and her stream got weaker. Then its hissing stopped her stream was down to just a trickle and then her stream stopped and dripped some and then her dripping came to a stop.

Barbie now being done she stood right up. Diane seeing Barbie had stood up said to her; Hey Brbie there is toilet paper in the magizine rack. Did you forget? Barbie with a slight giggle said to Diane. Yeah I did but I'm not to bad down there. Barbie then stepped away and came over by me and waited.

Diane was still trying to star her piss. Then after still a few more seconds went by I and Barbie bth looking at Diane saw a short weak spurt come out from Dianes vagina. Here I go I think! Diane said tio us. But it was only just a short spurt thathad happened only. Then there was what seemed a long pause before Diane would have more piss come from her vagina.

Again a spurt of piss came out and then again a pause.This pause was short so another spurt of piss came out from Daines vagina. As it wound up Dianes piss was a series of off and on spurts whichwere different in theire hardness. Soemhard with a hiss others not as hard with no hissing. With Diane pissing like this it took her a very long time to piss.

Diane when she was finaily done with her spurting stye piss reached over to take the roll of toilet paper out from the magizine rack. Barbie then said to Diane; Diane hop over to the HERS one and wipe. Barbie was unzipping my zipper at the time and Diane hearing th sound of my zipper took a quick look over and she let out a short giggle and she grabbed the roll of toilet appae goot up off from the MINE toilet and wet over and sat down on HERS one.

Barbie now had my fully erect penis out and was holding it. Diane was looking over at us two as she whipped off a wad of toilet paper from the roll. She tore it off but did not reach down to wipe herslef. Shestayed looking at Barbe and I with the wad of toilet paper still in her hand. Barbie now let go of my penis. Diane had left the seat down so Barbie had to put it up which she did. Then she held my penis again and I started my piss.

I sent out a hard thin stream of yellow colored piss. Its head was thin,it did have a twist which was long. My stream was towards the backside of the opening and I wasn't hitting the bottom down inside but was hitting well above the bottom hitting the dark brown dirt which my piss hitting hard was knocking off little chunks of the dark brown dirt which they hit the bottom. Also as I was looking down I could see some white toilet paperlaying on the bottom and Diane's shit that she had done yesterday!

Now seeing Diane's shit I said to Diane; Hey you took a pretty good shit Diane. I can see it. Diane let out a giggle and she said back to me; Yeah that I did Dave. I did have to go so that you can see that I did. Now Diane started to wipe her vagina off with the wad that she had been holding all this time. I watched her wipe her vagina with a smile. Diane only wiped onece let the paper drop and then she reached down pulled her bikini panties up and then after doing taht she stepped over next to Barbie and she watched me piss.

Now Barbie moved my penis so that it was down more at a sharper angle. My stream moved off from hiting the back dirt wall and now I was pissing right on the toilet paper which turned it from being white to a light yellow. Now also came the pattering sound of my piss hitting the toilet paper and the dirt on the bottom. I stood there with Barbie holding me and I went on pissing for I would have to say for anothre 15 seconds or so.

I finished this piss by doing several finsihing up spurts in a row. After I had done my last spurt Barbie held me and she said Diane; Here finish up Diane. So Diane reached over in front of Barbie and she took a hold of my penis and held it. Barbie then stepped back Diane moved over getting next to me and then she gave my penis a couple of good shakes. Then she slipped it back inside through my open zipper. She ten zipped my zipper up and that was it we were done.

We all turned around and we walked outside. OUt throughh the path we wnet and then went by the barn down the driveway to the road. Barbie and Diane asked me to walk them to Barbies for that is where the girls were headed for before they had stopped to talk too me. So I did. I walked them to Barbies. Then I went home got what I needed to fix the hasp amd pick the lock. I went back over to the outhouse and i picked the lock unlocking it and fixed the hasp too. Now it looked like it was not broken and the lock was not locked the outhouse could be used any time now oon by anyone of us. It would be too! :-) The End Upstate Dave


Being terribly sick underway

Hi Im Csilla from Hungary. Im female, 19 years old with long blonde hair. I study languages and am new here on the forum. Last weekend I was with my mother in vienna for christmas shopping. We had lunch together I was ok but then suddenly my stomach was upset, obviously the meat I ate was not fresh. We were shopping and when walking through a street my stopmach cramps became so strong i told my mother I have to go to a toilet immediately. I knew it would be diarreah. I ran into a bar and there was a long line because there was just one ladies toilet. I was horrified because the cramps got worse and worse and I was afraid that everything would go out of me. Fially at the last moment a woman came out and I could rush in. I dropped all shopping bags on the floor, lifted my skirt, lowered my pantyhose and tights and then everything came out of me. It was the worst diarreah I ever had. The first wave was 3 minutes nonstop. Then silence but I felt my stomach is still upset. I waited and then I had to urinate a longtime, obviously because of the punch we had and then diarreah started again. 2 more waves without end. It came out of me like a waterfall and wouldnt stop. I was on the toilet for about 20 minutes. I ust held my new skirt to avoid that it is ruined. Finlly I cleaned up and left the toilet. I told my mother I am terribly sick and lets drive home. I thought I was fine now but big mistake, after a couple of minutes the stomach cramps started again, and this time even worse and I was also nauseous. My mother was driving and I couldnot hold it anymore, it was horrible I was waiting for the next gas station or parking place but nothing. I didnt want to go in public. Fortunately it was in the evening, dark, I told her please stop otherwise there will be a mess in the car. She immediately stopped, I jumped out of the car, ran behind the next bush and squatted. Another waterfall of diarreah came out of me. I had nothing to clean up with. I felt so dirty. I ran back to the car, we went ahead and then the worst thing happened. I had to trow up. I told my mother to stop again and in the last moment I got out of the car but just made it behind the car and then it started. It was so disgusting and this time I was not hidden everybody could see me. I just stand on the highway throwing up. It was horrible because it hit my skirt. I never had to throw up since I was a child. I stand there for at least 5 minutes throwing up everything I ate. Finally I was so exhausted I went back to the car and my mother was driving on. Then the runs started again. I told my mother please stop again but this time there was a gas station ahead and I could run to the toilet. I had diarreah again. Just brown water like a waterfall. Before we got home my mother had to stop 2 more times for me to have diarreah and then it continued all night. I had to run to the toilet almost every hour. Then it was over. It was the worst experience I ever had because I was not at home but travelling. Does anybody has a similer experience? Csilla


How I join the site

After I had watched the pooping experience I when online and found this site and has changed my reactions to peeing and pooping and others seeing or hearing it.
Before I have always try to avoid other people while going to the toilet as I did not want them to hear me let alone see me.
All through school I would avoid going when other were around or wait till I got home and has been the same now I am working.
But after watching these other women and reading to other posts I am hooked so today I did not have my morning poo and headed of to work.
After my coffee break I was needing to go so I went down a floor to the ladies which has 4 stalls because it is mainly female staff on this floor hoping that someone else would be there, I was in luck 2 women entered in front o me they took stalls at either end and I went in the middle.
I put some toilet paper on the seat lower my knicks and sat down before starting I sat listening I heard straining and grunting coming from the other 2 stalls one was letting out some soft stuff quickly while the other was having trouble going.
I start to push and lean forward with my head down between my knees I find this really helps in going. I took a deep breath and started to push. I could feel the tip of the first piece starting to come out. I had to stop and take another breath. While I was doing this the women that was having a hard time let a big plop and groaned in relief. Knowing that they could hear me straining and pushing a piece came out and splashed into the toilet. Then to my surprise the rest came out in one big soft piece.
The 2 women beside me had already finished and gone by the time I got out but I did have a look into the other stalls before leaving. The women having a hard time had left a short hugh poo which was as big as my wrist.
More to come

Desperate to poop

John Lewis Poop

I had another poop whilst out shopping today. I had been shopping for a while and settled down for a cup of tea and sandwich at John Lewis. I could feel a pooh brewing and decided I would take care of matters once finished.

I looked over at the toilets and as usual there was a queue. There's 2 unisex toilets and one disabled. When I finished I wandered over to a queue of 4 people 2 gents and 3 ladies. The 2 gents went in quite quickly in succession. Just then the disabled toilet became free. The 1st lady who was still waiting decided she'd try and use it (she had been wiggling a little bit) but she couldn't get it to shut so she said well looks like I'm not using that. Someone behind me also tried to use it but it seemed on a time lock for actually closing.

the 1st lady didn't have to wait long in the end and neither did the 2nd as the two blokes came out quite quickly. That left the one lady and me. I'm sure I heard a small fart so guessed she would be pooping (or at least letting of some stinky gas). The lady who had tried to use the disabled came out quite quickly and the other lady took her place.

It was now me at the front and a few others behind. The other cubicle was still being used by the other lady and had been for at least 5 minutes now. We had to wait a further five minutes and still no action. Just then the lady who had been hogging cubicle 1 came out apologised and I was able to get in. It had a pretty musty perfumey pooh smell which wasn't actually that unpleasent. There were a good set of streaks in the bowl and a small floater. I undid my jeans, dropped my knickers to my ankles and settled in for a nice pooh, just as the other toilet flushed).

I let a nice 10" er out followed by a 5" and had a nice long piss. I felt done and wiped back and front. I was quite messy at the back and very wet at the front.

I left feeling relieved and very pleased. When I left 4 people queuing

Happy Pooping

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Accident in the car

A couple of years ago I got a lift home from work from Kirsty. I hadn't had a poo for a week & started to cramp up. I told Kirsty to put her foot down as I was really desperate but we were stuck in traffic. I had to clench hard to keep my enormous poo inside my bowels but it was hard work & I started to sweat. I felt the poo pressing on my anus & the pressure was growing fast. I was sweating buckets by now from all the effort & it hurt to keep clenching for so long. I knew the only way to ease the pain was to reduce the pressure in my bowels by letting some poo out. But that meant pooing myself & I really didn't want to do that in Kirstys car. I was in agony though & I felt my anus being forced open against my will. I tried to keep it closed but my poo was being forced out under pressure & I was powerless to stop the advancing poo. It didn't get far as I was sitting down but the resulting backup caused the pain to get worse. I sat stiffly while I tried on regain control but it was agony & I had to let some pressure out. I lifted my bum off the seat by a few inches & allowed some poo to come out into the crotch of my panties. It was hard & lumpy & it hurt as it bumped its way through my anus. After passing about six inches the pain eased off & I pinched it off. My panties were sagging at the back & my hands were tiring so I had to sit down. I felt my poo flatten out into a pancake as I lowered myself onto the seat & it felt all hot & sticky. I still had to go really badly & was desperate to empty my seriously over filled bowels. I lifted myself off the seat again & folded my legs under my bum so I was sitting on the balls of my feet. I put my hands on the cars dashboard & started to go again without having to push. The relief was greater than words can describe & lasted a for about five minutes before the pressure subsided. I had about three pounds of poo in my panties by now & my panties were full so I had to stop going. I still had a lot more to come out & to make more room I sat down again to flatten the poo out. I got myself back into the position & pushed out another two pounds of poo into the pancake I'd made in my panties before I felt done. It was one of the biggest accidents I ever had in my panties & probably the most intense almost orgasmic relief I've ever had.

John the Lurker
Kyle: Just had to write hear to say how much those stories about Catherine made me feel so good. I get to see my Mum and her me all the time now, and it is so wonderful. I can guess how Catherine must make you feel. Last week when I got home from school, Mum had arranged for us to go the local cinema, it was going to be a treat because I had been so helpful around the house. But then she said she wasn't feeling well enough to go. I was disappointed but as we were having tea Mum suddenly dashed upstairs. I went up after her and she was in the bathroom, I knocked on the door and asked if she was alright. First time she said she was fine. I was outside the door and I could hear her straining. I tried the door knob and it opened. Mum had her slacks and panties right down and was holding her stomach with both hands. She looked at me and then said:

"I've got a terrible stomach ache honey."

"Oh, Mum," I murmured, "please let me stay and help you."

Mum then asked me to go downstairs and she said that she had suppositories she had just bought and would I bring them to her. Ohh Kyle I ran downstairs like I was on fire and ran back with them. She took the packet and opened one pulling the sliver paper off then, without asking me to turn away, she stood up off the toilet and bending a little reached behind and I could see her pushing the suppository into her bum. Then she turned to me and asked me to help her.

"Can you push it right in for me honey?"

I couldn't speak. I love being with anybody in the toilet, just think its the place where we all need companionship and help. I have been in with Mum a few times now but she had never asked me to help like that. With trembling fingers I managed to push it right in and she sat on the toilet again, but now I could see she had pushed her thighs tight together. She saw me looking at her and then explained that she had to hold herself from going as long as possible. I sat on the edge of the bath beside her and she asked me about my day at school, who I had met etc, talking about anything trying to hold her aching stomach as long as possible. Then suddenly she stopped talking, her eyes were wide, face sorta taut and she leaned forward.

"Oohhhhhh," she groaned. The she shit with a very loud splatter, she must have just sat pooping and farting for ages bent over holding herself as the spasms off shitting came and went. She looked at me and the relief on her face made me just impulsively get up and put my arms around her and pressed my lips to hers. For a few seconds she went stiff then she relaxed and kissed me like I hadn't been kissed before. There are some things we did after that I can't discuss, but we are so close now.

Have you any more stories about you and Catherine?

Sheilagwentgirl: I followed your advice and I am so happy now. Please send more of your stories to the forum. They are wonderful.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Nikki has an accident in a meeting

I love was in a meeting at work when I noticed Nikki was looking very uncomfortable in her seat. She kept fidgeting & farted a few times so I knew she needed a poo & by the worried look of her face she needed to go really badly. The meeting went on for ages & it soon became clear that Nikki would have to leave the room very soon. There was no break all afternoon & Nikki was getting more & more desperate. I couldn't believe she didn't ask for a break because she really had to use the toilet. I guess she must have very good bowel control. She kept fidgeting all through the meeting & by the end she couldn't even get up to leave the room. She stayed seated untill everyone else had left & got up slowly. As she got to her feet she let out a silent fart. At least I thought it was a fart. A lump formed in the back of her trousers which was rapidly expanding across the whole of her bum. The smell was amazing as she slowly walked out of the room. By the time Nikki reached the toilet the back of her trousers had swelled massively & they were slipping down with the weight of her enormous poo. She must have been more than just desperate to have such a huge accident in her trousers. She must have been holding it for a very long time too. She spent over an hour in the toilet & when she came out she had to go home as her clothes were in such a mess. I went to the toilet after her & found poo on the seat & her knickers in the toilet still caked in poo.


friend had her mom bring her a change of undies.

I am a senior in college and today my bes friend kelly actually called her mom to bring her a change of pants and underwear to college because she had a bad accident. It came out of no where. We were eating lunch in a quiet area of the student center when she whinced and said "my stomach!" Before a wet, crackly squishing sound came from her seat. A strong odor of poop filled the air and Kelly's face turned bright red. She looked at me and said "i just got this cramp out of no where i couldn't control myself.." before starting to cry a little. She sat perfectly still in her seat and said she was afraid to move and that she was starting to wet herself too. I couldn't believe she had just completely wet and pooped her pants in college at the age of 22! Just sitting and eating lunch. Listening to her call her mom and ask for a change of underwear was pathetic i felt so bad for her... she stayed in her seat and didn't move until her mom got there. When she got there she first handed her a jacket and Kelly immediately got up to tie the jacket around her waist. As she stood i could see the damage. Her butt was completely soaked in pee, it was like a giant kind of upside down heart shaped dark stain on the butt and thighs of her blue jeans. Right in the middle was a large, egg shaped light yellowish brown stain on top of a slightly bulged out area. She had really messed herself bad....
I watched her waddle off to the bathroom and it looked funny. Lucky for her the student center had an individual locking bathroom in it so she was able to clean up and change her panties. She spent 25 minutes in there changing out of her soiled pants and underwear into clean ones. When she came out she looked a lot better and said "no one can know about this!" And i said sure. Later i could see through the plastic bag that her panties were pink with flowers, the ones she pooped and wet.

Sheiagwentgirl: He was wearing boy's or men's FOL briefs. I recognized the style streched over his pants and sneakers, the blue and yellow strip on the waistband and the fly opening.. I was on the toilet and I said to myself, "what is this in the next stall?" I wouldn't turn him in. He was harmless. There was only one stall in the men's room w/out toilet paper. I come from a strict religious family in a backward urban neighborhood. I do not like the things that they stand for.

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