New Guy asks if I've any other experiences and I'm sad to say very few worth relating and most of them from my childhood. Here is one that may be of interest:
In 1957, when I was nine years old, there was an outbreak of whooping cough, badly affecting all my playmates, including Tom and Maggie mentioned in my previous post. All the children in the neighbourhood were "off limits" for several weeks. My Mother was worried that I would catch it, as she had been very ill with it when she was young, but somehow I managed to avoid it even though all us children played closely together. To get me out of the house and take some fresh air away from other children I was allowed to go out by myself walking through the fields close to our home. At the bottom of one field there was a wood which ran for a couple of hundred yards either side of a small slow-flowing stream. Although it wasn't much fun being by myself I would play in the stream, building dams and sailing boats made from twigs to while away the time.
One afternoon a girl about my own age appeared on the opposite side of the stream and without saying anything she began to help me build a dam. It turned out her name was Andrea, she lived in a farmhouse a few fields away and like myself was at a loose end with no one to play with. We messed about by the stream until it was time to go home and more or less arranged to meet at the same place next day if the weather was fine.
Next day, sure enough Andrea was there and we played for a while until I felt the urge to pee building up. Usually when alone I just went behind a tree, but I was unsure what to do in the company of a girl. After a while, when I could no longer wait, I told her I was just going up the stream a way and would be back in a minute. She guessed the reason and said "If you want to piss just do it here, I'd like to watch you!" I was a bit shocked at her forthright manner, but agreed willingly, if she would do the same for me. She stood watching me closely as I peed into the water and asked me if I could make the pee reach a large stone sticking up from the stream bed. I'm glad to say I did manage it, even though it was a few feet away, which made her laugh. When my pee stopped I asked her when it would be her turn to show me. Without answering she walked to the bank of the stream, climbed onto the grass and lay down, pulling her pale blue dress up above her waist and taking her knickers off completely. She let me watch really closely as she took a nice long pee and was in no hurry to cover up again afterwards. Neither of us made any attempt to actually touch the other, we were both simply fascinated by watching.
We continued meeting like this for a few weeks and enjoyed playing the "dirty game" as we called it. We did try peeing together, but neither of us enjoyed it as we preferred to concentrate on watching while the other went.
One day Andrea said she needed to take a shit (her words) and I could watch if I wanted. She tucked her dress up high above her waist, took of her knickers and squatted above me on the stream bank so I could get a good view. A jet of pee was followed by a couple of farts and then four soft turds quickly came out of her bum. She had even brought some paper to wipe with, so perhaps she had planned this all along. When she had finished I managed to shit for her, adding to her pile after first removing my khaki shorts and white underpants. Afterwards we covered the pile and paper with some gravel from the stream.
Eventually my friends recovered from whooping cough and we started playing together around our homes. I stopped going to the wood as it wouldn't have been any fun with the others there and haven't seen Andrea since, although I often think of the time we spent by the stream. Although I enjoyed what we did it did not have the same lasting effect on me as the one incident with Maggie related previously, perhaps because I was two years older then. I'm glad I was young in the 1950s, I cannot imagine a nine-year-old today being allowed out to roam the fields by themselves.

Mr. Clogs

questions, comments

Car mom: Thanks. Have you or your daughter have peed in other places other than the car, lets say in the bedroom, basement or outside?

Feral Girl: You're welcome, keep the posts coming.

Hairy Annie: Great response to Feral Girl's post. Keep the posts coming.

Does anyone remember those old mason jars or the old glass mayo jars? Has anyone used them for you know going to the bathroom in it? If so please post. I'm still looking for a container with a lid so I can close it when I'm done using it.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday everyone. Hopefully we get some posts about one's bathroom adventure on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Take care,

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comments & stuff

To: Feral Girl great story about you pooping in the field I have to agree with you going to the bathroom outside can be a really great feeling its just feels more natural and I belive its the way nature intended us human to do but in somewhere in are evolution or culture we changed to way we are now I also the world would be alot better if everyone could go to the bathroom where ever there at and not risk having an accident. But for that to happen us humans would have to stop being ashamed of are naked bodies because you dont see animals wearing clothes humans are the only species that where clothes I belive we need to go back to the things were in ancient times where clothes werent and humans found other ways to stay warm but for that to happen the tempereture would have to be a constant 70 to 75 degrees which is the perfect tempereture not to hot not to cold just right but that will never happen but if it did it would be perfect I hope this makes sense it was just something I wanted to say and now a question have you ever thought about a couple of boxes of big ziploc bags that way you could go in them and then zip them up and throw it away you can probaly get them cheap at a dollar store just an idea that might be worth trying and also keep up the great stories thanks I look forward to your next one.

To: Firecracker guy great story about you and Firecracker girl please post more of them thanks.

To: Timee another great story please post more of them thanks.

To: Wendy and Kristy Wendy that a great story about you pooping your pants and Kristy great story about your desperate poop I bet you felt alot better after that did you ever figure out what caused it maybe something you ate or a stomach bug or maybe you body decided to empty itself that way for some uknown reason and keep the great stories you two I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about you and you friends please contiue to post more stories thanks.

To: Anna great story about you going to the bathroom in some bushes and seeing some other women going as well please share more stories like that thanks.

To: Heyitspoop another great story about you pooping after not going for that I bet you felt a whole lot better after that please contiue to post more great stories thanks.

well thats all for rgiht because im out of time ill post the rest in a few minutes using my psp so to be contiued.

Im back using my psp right now heres the of my post.

To: Kyle another story about your friends mom please post more of them thanks.

To: China Girl Yes thats one type of buddy dump the other were both sit on the toilet at the same if you want to know more read Wendy & Kristy's post and maybe ask them some questions they may have more answers and please post more stories thanks.

To: Jenifer great story please post more of them thanks.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.


Comments for Timee, Firecracker Guy & Standee Mandy

Firecracker Guy:

Great first story. Don't forget to tell us in a future post how Firecracker Girl completed her part of the deal.

Standee Mandy:

I feel sorry for you and can relate to what you are going through. If you do something different from your friends and the others in your class, it is going to attract attention at first. Hopefully, it will die down. Try not to directly react to those peeking in on you, but don't hold off on doing your bodily functions because that can be very damaging to your system.


I can relate very closely to your stories. My mom was the same way as yours in making me put paper over the toilet seat before I sat down. However, your mom understood your "emergency" and was willing to bend her rules a bit for you. Mine never would. Even when my anus was burning and ready to blow up with diarrhea and trying to hold my vomit in at the state fair, Mom insisted that I stand, with my panties down and wait for her to line the seat before she allowed me to sit down. Luckily, I was able to hold my diarrhea until she was done, but once my butt sat on the tissue, I blasted away and splashed so viciously that splatters of my crap covered the toilet paper over the back of the seat. I slid forward on the toilet (I think I was about 8 or 9) so I could spread my legs and and puke between them into the toilet and Mom got upset because I off the seat papers. I puked a little, but the diarrhea coming out helped me feel much better. When I started my junior year in high school, we moved and my new school didn't have those pull-out seat papers (some call them ass-gaskets) so I just started sitting right down on the seats. I'm in college now and I don't regret my decision one bit. However, I know a few of my friends disagree, but that's fine. You have to do what's right for you and your situation. Good luck to you, Timee.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Not allowed to poo

When I was 14 I held my poo for a week & just before I went to school I took a laxative to make myself go. By the time I came home I was busting to go & knowing it would take a while I took a book from my bedroom & made my way to the bathroom to release my monster size poo. Unfortunately my mum saw the book & knew I was going to have a big poo. She stopped me & said, "Wendy. You'd better not block that toilet with that enormous number two you've been holding for god knows how long." I knew I was in trouble because I'd held it too long. I replied, "I won't block it mum." She replied, "Youre dam right you won't because I'm going to teach you a lesson." This worried me because my mums lessons can be severe & I didn't know what to expect. She added, "I'm not going to let you use the bathroom untill you learn to not hold it for so long." I really needed to go & begged her to let me go to the toilet. She replied, "Well you should have thought of that while you were holding it for 4 days." I asked her when I would be allowed to use the toilet & she replied, "You won't be!" I got really worried now & told her I was about to do it in my pants. She told me, "Well maybe that will teach you a lesson." I really had to use that toilet by now & was having trouble holding it. I told my mum, " Look I can't wait any longer I really am going to....." As I spoke it happened. My bowels began to push & there was nothing I could do to stop it. I continued to say, " it in my pants!" I just stood there while my pants filled up like a balloon. I even wet myself & by the time I managed to stop going I was in a real mess. I still needed to go but my mum told me to clean up in the bathroom so I thought I would be allowed to use the toilet now. She escorted me into the bathroom & I took off my clothes & my mum put them into a black bag. She helped me clean up under the shower & got me dried. I told her I still needed to go & asked to use the toilet. A big mistake. She told me, "Wendy what did I tell you about holding your number twos. I thought you were done." I was too sacred to ask again & left it untill I got to school the next morning. Next day I woke up desperate for a poo but I knew I only had to wait an hour or so & I would be at school & could go as much as I needed to. I had my breakfast & got ready for school. As soon as I was ready I left for school. I knew I'd be about half an hour early for school but that would give me plenty of time to finish my massive poo. When I got to school my poo was pushing on my anus trying to get out but I clenched hard & held it in just long enough to get into the toilets. The sight of all those lovely cubicles was so good. I couldn't wait to get inside one & relieve this urgent need to poo. The problem was I was already doing it before I got inside & totaly filled my pants for the second time in twelve hours. I rushed inside holding my bum & ripped my pants down & sat on the toilet. I was still going all this time & pood all over the seat & floor before I could sit down. I pood my brains out for ten minutes solid & the relief was beyond words. The clean up was surprisingly easy. None of the poo touched my bum it was all in my pants exept for the bit on the floor & toilet seat of course. I threw my pants in the bin, smoothed my skirt down & went into class for registration feeling very relieved. At lunch time I needed to go again but I loved holding it so I left it untill I got home. I made sure I went straight to the toilet so my mum wouldn't catch me & sat down to release a modest sized poo about 7 inches in length. I peed a lot as I'd been holding that too & wiped & flushed feeling much better.

Vincene: My name is Althea. I used to post years ago. I was in your position when I was a sophomore in HS. Find my posts. I used to put paper on the seat in the gym toilet. I used to ask the gym teacher for those brown paper towels. There was another girl in my class who was shy and apprehensive for the same reason. I used to wait until the gym bathroom cleared out. Surprisingly, she was in the drama club and became an medium grade actress in Hollywood. I will not divulge her name. My mother was maniacal about public toilet seats. By 15, I was moving my bowels daily in the gym toilet, plus in the unused girls' rooms. I gained confidence. So will other teenagers. By college, I thought nothing of exploding in the womens rest room, especially in gym.
Jacob: I had the same thing happen to me when I was that age. I used to have some nasty stomach viruses. relying on others: that really sucks. I was in grammar school and we used to look out for a handicapped girl in a wheelchair. My friends and I would take her to the bathroom. There were no ADA laws and we did just fine. See my earlier posts. When you have to go, speak up.Can you wheel yourself to the bathroom? Are the toilets accomodating for you? Someone will help you. In school, parapalegics were my favorite people. In fact, I was their's.
matt: how many women like to read on the toilet? I used to. When I was a girl, I could read an entire magazine in an hour. I had nothing else except play with my clothes, my hair or myself to do when I had a bowel movement.
Abbie: American public schools are crime-ridden cesspools that pass control has to be. When I was growing up, it was just mischief, now it is violent crime.
james: I had the same when I was in Girl Scout camp on an overnight with a friend. I kept her company. I wanted to. Then, in summer camp I had diarreah attack my last 48 or so hours before I went home. See my earliest posts.
Mother of that 10 year old girl, all you had to do was hide her behind an open car door. Once you tell her to let it out a little, that's it. She has to let it all out. Her bladder muscles have been activated.
Alexandra: I do not read anymore. I have learned to get in and get out. I am so regular now that I do not take a long time.
Soccer Mom, if your child has diarreah, let her stay home. She is a public health hazard. Public schools have restricted the the movements of the students about the building. So, a teacher will not understand that the child has to use the toilet immediately. Schools have to restrict foot traffic for safety reasons. No child should have to tell in graphic detail why they are going to the toilet. I work in private schools. We are not that way. Well, we are in a different type of plant.
For Freshman Freddy: Ask your MD to give you growth hormone shots. Run a strip of toilet paper on the partition space.Keep your pants and underwear pulled up far as possible and keep your legs together.
Danno: When I stay in a lodging, I always flush the bowl on the way out.


Feral Girl-

Hey its awesome how your friend found out about what you like to do and wants to try it with you as well be sure and tell us what kind of female urinal bottle it is and both of your different ways of using it. I used to go in weird places when I was younger and still have a couple of urinals both male and female but mostly use water jugs now. You're stories are great keep them coming. :)



A bit constipated again.........

Linda from Australia here again. As usual, I managed to get constipated AGAIN this week. I didn't go at all yesterday (which was Monday) and I had liquid poo coming out all day. When I was at work, I had to go to the toilet every hour to squirt out liquid poo. Every time I went, about 10 minutes later, I got the urge to go again. I had to hold on for as long as I could each time. My stomach was bloated and I felt miserable so I knew I was constipated. When I got home after work, I really needed to go but I could only get liquid poo out. During the night, I had to go to the toilet 3 or 4 times to let out more liquid poo. Today at work, I was desperate for a poo. I did something that I hardly ever do - I DID A POO AT WORK!!! I went for a wee and there was a turd knocking on my back door so I HAD to get it out. It only took a few minutes to drop a small load but I didn't get it all out. I felt a bit better but I still had more up there. Then, later in the afternoon I DID ANOTHER POO AT WORK!!! This time, I was able to squeeze out a bigger load but I still wasn't finished. I waited until I got home and dropped yet another decent sized load in my toilet. I ate dinner and about half an hour after that, I went again!!! I feel finished now, which is unusual for me but I feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

I'm not sure why I got constipated again because I've been trying really hard to eat healthy food, like having oatmeal for breakfast every morning and eating lots of fibre. I seem to be getting backed up once a week again so I hope Im not getting back to being extremely constipated most of the time.

Upstate Dave

Some Cases Of Useing A Two Holer Outhouse. Part 1

Feril Girl I read with interest you post abut wearing a summer dress and peeing and pooping outside. You might want to try again just in a different position. If you do try kneeling again you might want to hold the dresses front pulled outward and tightly in the front along the bottom. As far as your legs try getting them wider apart. Otherwise from having the slight problem there on your first try you mentioned about likeing the feeling of doing it.

To the unnamed poster who asked about two holer outhouses I have used them and seen other friends at the time use them. There were two in my neighborhood at this time. One up behind a summer peoples house behind the barn in the woods and my best frien had one behind his house which at one time was a old private school acadamy for girls.

Postman thanks for your complimets on my posts. No 've never considered it only I just like doing it haveing others enjoy it. Now for the unnamed poster who asked about two holer outhouses I'll post about the one behind my best friends house which was the old girls school.

Besides my friend Tony and myself there was at times a third friend which his name was Robert but he liked being called Bobby. On this day the three of us were out in Tonys yard practicing trick shots with Tony's bb gun rifle. We sure were having a lot of fun together doing this. Then Bobby mentioned that he had to shit and real bad! Tony pointed over to the sheds and the outhouse which was in the middle of the two old sheds and told Bobby if he had to go thatbadly use the outhouse.

With a quick thanks Bobby headde for the old outhouse in a big hurry! He made in a few short seconds opened the old window shudder style door and was inside of it. Now there are times when my friend Tony would get in mischevious mood. Now Tony got into one. Tony said to me; Watch this and see what I'm going to do to Bobby!. Tony quickly ran over to the first shed and aroud he went.

In a very short moment there's Tony up on the sheds roof and he quickly and quietly steps over reaching the outhouses roof. I'm watching of course and Tony steps over the peak to the front side of the ouhouses roof and lays down on it. Then her reaches his right arm out which he manges to get his hand over the roofs edge and his fingers are now on te top of the window shutter door.

Tony gives the shutter door a hard push. It swings full open makeing a bang as it hits the outhouses wall and stays wide open! (When swung out as far as the door had gone it would rub on the ground and stay open) There sits Bobby on the first hole jeas and white briefs all down and crumpled up around his ankles and sneakers! His hand is down between his spread apart thighs which he is holding his penis with it and with the doors bang Bobby has the total surprise look on in his face BIG TIME!

Now tony pulls himself down the roof to where he is hanging and looking with his head upside down looking inside from above down at Bobby laughing his ass off! I too from where I was standing could see Bobby and I was laughing almost as hard as Tony! Bobby now first being surprised and I would have to say shocked at first by Tonys sudden actions stood right up! That fully exposed himself to us!

That was for a short few seconds and then Bobby realized what he had done sat right back down and closed heis thighs tightly closed. Then he did get angry with tony. Bobby yelled swearing at Tony calling Tony a SOB which Tony laughed but since Bobby had shouted it so loudly Tony quickly told Bobby to shutup. (Tonys mother was inside in the kitchen which was right in the back end of the house which she could come right out the backdoor to see what the commotion was all about)

Tony slid himslef back stood up and jumped off frm the roof to the ground. Now Bobby still on the mad side but not yelling as loudlasked Tony to shut the f*****G door! Tony started walking towards me instead teasing Bobby which he got madder as Tony walked away. Tony did turn around after walking halway towards me and went back and shoved the shutter door back closed.

As it happened Bobby hadn't finished takeing his shit! For he stayed inside the outhouse for another ten minutes and then the door opened and he come outside now being done. Tony started in a little agian on him saying about takeing so long for him to go. What else were you doing in there? Etc.Bobby got again somewhat mad at Tony but he did tell him and I that he wasn't playing with himself while he was in there. But I just pissed and took a real good shit if you want to know. Bobbys anger had lessened by now and He now thought about what Tony had done reveresed the roles and he asked Tony if he was queer enjoyed what he had done and seen. Bobby was laughing now and so were Tony and I. It never ruined our friendship between us. But it was funny and even Bobby would bring it up at times later when he was at Tonys and would look over at the outhouse and laugh. Upstate Dave



I always liked airport toilets when I was a little girl. See my early posts. I'll tell you what happened to me at JFK in NY. I was a HS junior and I was waiting for my mother to return from a trip. It was afternoon and was exporing the place like a tomboy. I would be arrested for that now. Anyway, I had to move my bowels. The pressure was great. I had eaten three BK double whoppers and three large fries and a diet coke for lunch. Two hours later, I found a ladies room in the TWA terminal. It was neat clean and spacious. I had bought a comic book and took it into one of the many stalls. I put paper on the seat, stood on my white Keds sneaker tip-toes, undid my belt, let down my cut-off blue jeans and clean white Carter's panties and sat my black moon-shaped butt on a nice wide antiseptically clean white toilet bowl with a white toilet seat. I easily let out 5 large brown pieces, then I farted and urinated while waiting for the last piece to drop. I farted on the last piece. They were like baked potatoes. They hit the water with a splash and floated. While sitting, I read my comic book while women and girls of the world came and went. I broke wind and it was dry and buzzing, with my legs opened. I was enjoying this episode, a schoolgirl, with a super Afro on her own in a big city airport with a comic book and nothing else to do.While I read, I played with my hair, my clothes and myself (hee, hee, hee!). I wiped myself and I still sat there. I stinked the place, but I did not care. I stood up with my pants and panties around my ankles to flush the bowl. Then, I sat back down and kept on reading. I watched the time, urinated 30 minutes later while seated. I wiped my pussy and my behind, looked at the time, pulled up my clothes, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and met my mother.

Thanksgiving is coming. Eat big so that you can shit big.

First poster in the outhouse: I used them in girl scout camp. See my posts from years ago.

Thanks Randi. Are you Randi P or just plain Randi? I will look for you.
Standee Mandee and skye:Which of the following do you do: a) sit right down
b) wipe the seat off first
c) paper the seat
d) squat/hover
e) hold it until you get home
Answer: a) if it is clean, then sometimes b or c. If I am desperate then d or if I am not "pressed" then, e.

in the following places: 1) mall a
2) parks/recreational places a through e
3) gas stations/convenience stores a thru e
4) school/work all except e I only used to hold back at high school because I dreaded those bathrooms but I had to often.
5) airports a-d
6) highway rest stops a-d

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Another accident? at work

I was on the customer service till again & a ginger haired girl came up to me asking where the customer toilets were. She was holding her bum tightly & looked really desperate. When I told her we didn't have any she started to panic & said she was about to do it in her underwear. She turned round to leave but then she stopped & bent her knees. She had a big wet patch in her jeans & soon a bulge appeared in the back too. It didn't smell too bad but it got bigger & made her bum look huge. The lump spread round to the front of the girls jeans & she looked very relieved. When she finished pooing & wetting herself she calmly walked out of the store.

As a rule I don't usually poo at work prefering to wait untill I get home but today I was busting to go & had no choice. Louise was in the toilet & took ages to come out. It didn't help hearing all her turds plopping into the toilet & her sighs of relief as she pushed them out. I needed to go so bad I almost lost it & by the time Louise flushed the toilet I was very close to doing it in my knickers. She didn't come straight out & apologised for the wait but told me she'd done a big one & it wouldn't go down. I had to wait while the toilet refilled & Louise tried it again. Still it wouldn't clear & I told her not to worry about it as I was too desperate to wait any longer. She came out & the smell of her poo hit me. She'd done an enormous poo & it was sticking out of the water. It must have been 12 inches long & there was another one lying next to it that was about 9 inches. I felt my poo moving down to my anus & as I pulled my knickers down it started to come out. I just sat down in time & added to Louise's huge load with an even bigger one of my own. I pood my brains out for 25 minutes & by the time I was done the toilet was half filled with our combined efforts. There was no way it was going to flush so much poo away so I just left it feeling very relieved.

Julie K.
When I was young (about 15), we went with my 3 friends to drink some illegal alcohol. We found a way to buy vodka without having 18 yo, and we decided to eat some chineese food, not to get too drunk.
As time went up, we've finished our food, and went to my house to drink, and, generally, have fun. My parents and younger sister were on holidays in Egypt that time.
So, we started drinking, first beer, then vodka, cola, etc. etc. You should also know, that me and my friends are all girls, and have no secrets between eachother (then we didn't, now we have some secrets, you know, 5 years later). As we kept drinking, we started to dance, smoke cigarettes, ordered pizza. Suddenly, one of my friends, Sandra, ran towards the toilet with her dress wet on the back. We started to laugh - she didn't realize, that during her dance, she peed her panties a bit. 10 minutes later she was back, with red face :). She told us that she was so busy dancing, that she didn't think about her bladder.
At 11 p.m. we started some barbecue. I was full, but decided to eat some meat, because I knew that there's all night before me.
At midnight, when 3 of us were dancing, and one of my friends went to the toilet to sleep (she thought that she's gonna puke, but she didn't) over the bowl. During the dance, i felt my bowels moving, some cramps, and generally - i was about to have a poop. I sat down, had a shot of vodka, and smoked a cigarette. My poo started to press my anus, and I knew i'll have to poop in a moment. I also felt it very hot and pretty runny. I walked to the toilet door. They were closed.
When my friends were dancing, I kept trying to get into the toilet. Finally, when i realized that it won't give anything, I sat on the sofa and focused, not to shit myself. My friends sat on the both sides of me, and asked why am I sitting.
- "Why r u sitting?"
- "Feel like having a shit, but Jessy is still in the toilet"
- "Maybe you should go upstairs?"
- "It's out of order. Ouch, i think i'm gonna shit myself!"
- "Oh come on, don't be stupid. You're 15 and going to shit yourself?"
- "I don't know..."
- "Ok, but I know. Let's dance"
So they made me dance, but the urge was really horrible, and the pain was even more than horrible. I started to feel, that the explosion is coming. I though a bit more real, and got to know, that I have to put some tight panties on my. If i'm going to have an accident, I won't dirty the floor.
So i rushed to my room, and quickly changed myself. With my legs shaking from the urge, I slowly went downstairs. I felt shit very, very slowly opening my hole. And finally... I heard the toilet doors opening. Jessy came out. I ran towards her. I saw her confused, and she didn't get out of my way. I jumped into her. She fell down, and I landed on the floor. Somehow, my anus kept all inside my bowels. Jessy started to laugh and got up. I started to get up, slowly. All I could do, was to get up. While i was getting up, my anus was opening. So, when I stood on the toilet floor, my butthole fully opened. I heard "pshhhh", and my panties filled with shit. The smell was awful.
Thanks to Jess that she didn't start to laugh. When first wave of diarrhea went through my panties, they were completely full. I felt all liquid diarrhea inside my underwears. I stood there for 1 minute, and decided to move. I went to the mirror and saw the size of destruction. Small bulge was visible, a small pond of poo was visible in panties. Some part of them were also very light brown. But then, I felt another wave of diarrhea. I didn't even move, because it all went down. Another crackling noise. I squatted on the floor, and let it all come, and fill my panties. I felt poo near my vagina, so I got up, and and looked in the mirror again. Now a huge bulge was in my panties. Again, I felt some pee now, so I sat on the toilet, and peed through panties.

I won't describe all the process of cleaning myself. All i can tell you now, is that my friend Sandra also shit herself on that party.
She was completely drunk, and sat on the sofa. Then, she suddenly got up, and we heard noise of pooping.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kirsty (Wends girlfriend)

Holding it in after hearing a good story

Last night I came home from work bursting for a poo. I'd been holding it since this morning after my mate Louise turned up 2 hours late for work. She told me her alarm clock didn't go off & she woke up late. She said she was dying for a crap but there wasn't time to go before she left her flat so she tried to hold it untill she got to work. She admitted that she didn't make it & had to go home to clean up & change. I loved her story so much I wanted to experience her desperation for myself so as I said earlier I held it untill I got home from work. I was so desperate I almost did it on the way home & just about made it to the toilet in time. I pulled my knickers & jeans down, sat on the toilet & release a huge poo into the toilet. I was so relieved & pushed out several more pieces while thinking about Louise having her accident. I could have done it in my knickers but couldn't be bothered with the clean up on my own so I went in the toilet instead. It still felt great especially as I was about to do it in my knickers.


Any advice please?

Just wondering about other peoples experiences of children soiling in their underwear. The reason I am curious is that my middle son has just started having dirty underpants again after a gap of a couple of years. My eldest son, now 17, has never had a problem. The youngest is 11 and gets small skidmarks several times a week but only rarely (perhaps once every couple of months or so) messes himself. The middle one had never been totally clean for more than a few days until a couple of years ago when he just stopped having accidents completely. However, just recently he's started having problems again and now does it in his underwear every day. I don't want to punish or humiliate him but I'm getting very frustrated and concerned that he will get teased at school. He won't discuss it or even admit that it is happening. I'm reluctant to make too big a thing of it as he sometimes hides the soiled pants in his room, but I don't feel I should ignore it. Anyone have any ideas or knowledge that might help?

Car mom, can you please post stories about other times you have let your daughter pee in weird places? Also, what do your friends (besides the ones in the car with you) and family think of your car peeing? I am curious because my parents would never let me pee in the car.

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