Feral Girl

Got Found Out

now one of my friends knows I come here. My friend J she was the one that tried to film me pooing in the lake, slept over friday night. she was looking for a bookmark on my computer and saw the one here and went cuz she wanted to know what it was. my post about going in the bucket was still at the top, and she knew i had a big green bucket in my closet :( so she asked me if that was me, and i told her it was. it was really embarrassing.

But she was fine with it, it was weird. now she wants to see me use the bathroom somewhere cuz she thought it was funny first time she saw me do it at the lake. i told her i would only do it in front of her if she'd do it in front of me. i didn't think she'd want to do it, but she does. she asked me if i had to go the bathroom then and i didn't cuz she didn't come over until after i'd pooed that day (i did it early on purpose).

so she still wants me to show her and said she'd make sure she has to go next time she comes over. she also said she had one of those urinal bottles for women cuz she goes camping and on car trips alot, so she'll bring it over next time. wouldn't be so bad but after she saw my post about the time at the lake she remembered she was calling me Bush. :(

hairy annie: glad to know I'm not the only one :) you do sound a lot harier than me, my hairs like, not really dark, kind of auburn i guess? on my head at least, rest of me it's just brown. i don't have much hair on my armpits at all, just a little fuzzy patch on each. it covers a big area around my crotch and on my y'know and between my legs, and i can sort of see a little bit growing on my belly like a treasure trail, but it's not very thick. so it doesn't make my panties bulge or anything. And on my legs it's like, only on my shins and calves.

mr. clogs: Thanks it was fun, i want to do it again.

new guy: thanks. uh, there's three in my rooms, a bowl that pitcher and like, a smaller vase. i usually use the pitcher or bowl. i'll squat over the bowl on the floor, or hold the pitcher up against my y'know to go in it. don't use the other one, the opening at the top isn't really big enough. I've gone in one of my mom's potted plants. i was downstairs watching TV, no one else was home, and I had to pee. so I was just in a weird mood and took my pants and undies off, went over to the big potted tree in the corner, straddled it and held onto the tree, and peed in the dirt there. Sort of regretted it cuz my pee smelled really bad that time and i thought I could smell it for weeks after i did it, but no one ever said anything about it.

anyway was actually gonna post about something i did a month or two ago cuz of something i read on this sight. Lena or someone with a name like that told a story about how her friend stealth pooed in front of people cuz she was wearing like, a sun dress. my mom keeps giving me all these old sun dressed she doesn't wear, and i never wear them cuz i don't like dresses and would have to shave under my arms and i don't have the boobs for it or anything.

I got one of the dresses she gave me, like, a yellow one, and took all my other clothes off then put the dress on. it felt really weird, and i think i may wear them more now, cuz i liked the breeze under it. felt like i was totally naked, but i could go out in public like that. i left the house and went for a walk on the trail i use. i wasn't totally desperate to poo, but i could feel it pushing on me and was sort of gassy. so i walked through the woods to an old field out of sight of my house.

i went out in the field and stomped the grass down in a spot. i was trying to figure out exactly how Lena's friend did it, so i had to try a couple of times to get it set so i wasn't afraid i'd get poo on the dress. i ended up on my knees with the dress tucked just under them, with my knees apart, and my feet nearly touching behind me so i could tuck the dress under them. so the dress sort of formed a tent, and i was lifted up so what i did would go between my legs.

i always like going outside, so it was nice feeling the breeze and hearing birds and stuff as i relaxed. course the breeze was kind of cool, and i noticed i can like, see my boobs right through the dress when i get cold. would have to wear a bra under it. hate doing that. I could feet a poot slip out but it didn't make much sound, then i felt my pee spurt out a little bit like it always does when i first start peeing. it started dribbling and went right down my thighs instead of falling on the ground, so i pushed hard so i'd pee really hard and it wouldn't keep going down my legs, but it did. i also pooted louder, and focused on that. i started pushing my poo out, and it came out slowly, making my pee stream get louder and softer as i pushed on my poo and stopped pushing. things started going bad there.

i felt my knees starting to get wet, where the dress was tucked under them, and I'd already pooed a good bit. i felt the last piece break off, and then felt something warm and slimy hit the back of my leg. i really carefully untucked the dress from my feet and stood up, and a piece of my poo fell off my leg. the pile had gotten just high enough that the last bit fell over onto my leg. and the front of the dress had a huge stain on it from my pee soaking into it around my knees.

so i sort of failed at it. need to try again and see if i can do it better. i had to walk carefully back home cuz i hadn't brought any TP. didn't think i was going to do anything that'd stain the dress. took it off as soon as i got home and threw it in to wash went and showered to clean my butt and leg up.

-feral girl

didn't think this one all the way through

when i was 10 i broke my leg right under my knee and had this huge cast which required crutches to walk. after i was done at the hospital my mom took me out to lunch and let me drink iced coffee, which she never lets me do, so i chugged down a bunch of cups. I also gorged myself with food. I went to bed that night, and woke up around 2 a.m. because i had to poop so badly. i left my crutches right next to my bed, but they were gone (i later found out my brother took them to play with them). i couldn't walk, and didn't want to wake everyone by hopping, so i decided i would have to wait til morning. after a half hour of not being able to sleep because of the need, i knew something had to be done. the pain was terrible especially combined with my leg, so i grabbed a shoe box from under my bed and emptied it. i took one quiet hop onto the floor, and pulled my undies down as far as i could get them. i grabbed my bed frame and used it to pull myself so i could hover my butt above the box. i counted to three in my head and let out this snake of about six inches that fell into the box. i thought that would be it for an underweight ten year old of my size, but i didn't feel any better. i waited a few seconds, and pushed out poop that was kinda like liquidy chili. i was screwed, i didn't expect it to be diarrhea. it was a lot too. but i felt soo much better, and used a towel to wipe. i got back in bed and planned to get my crutches back in the morning to throw it in the garbage. as i was dozing off, i realized how bad it smelled. i couldn't get back to sleep for another like 45 minutes because of it. in the morning, my mom came into my room before my alarm went off, so she could tell me that i didn't have to go to school if my leg hurt. she said i must have been farting all night from the smell, and then opened the top of the shoebox to see what it was. she gave me the worst look and i started to cry as i explained. she actually ended up feeling bad for me and told me i can yell to her next time, but i am never allowed to drink iced coffee again.

Standee Mandy

Give me my privacy!

Two months ago on page 1916 I wrote about winning a bet with my friend Skye. Even though we're only in 7th grade, we went to a high school football game at our city's stadium and after the game I showed Skye how I take a complete shit squatting over the toilet. She's known that I piss that way but didn't think it was possible to shit that way too. She lost the bet and her consquence was she had to wipe me. It was after the game ended, there weren't that many people around, and we had the stall door closed.

However, over the last several weeks, when I'm going to the bathroom at school, I noticed that more of the girls in line are peeking in on me through the cracks between the stall partition and door. It doesn't matter whether I'm wearing a dress (like 2 or 3 days a week) or jeans, when they hear me lift the seat, I see eyeballs looking in on me. When I'm in a dress and my undees fall to my feet and I start my squat, I just feel violated by the attention I'm getting. When my jeans and undees fall, and I look forward, I find a face or two close to the other side of the door and there's eyes on me.

I know a majority of my friends don't squat piss or shit. But since my Mom learned me to do it while we were on a trip, I've started doing it and I prefer it to sitting down on the toilet seat. Lifting the seat does draw more attention to me, but sometimes there's some spray and droppings that would get on the seat. And that's one of the reasons I don't like sitting on the seats in public places because sometimes there is piss splashed on them.

Even at the mall Saturday, I heard a girl who is in 8th grade call her friend over from the sinks to just outside my stall when I went in it. This is getting frustrating for me.

Am I that strange? What else can I do to get my privacy back?

Firecracker Guy

Magnesia Maggie/Answer to your question

First, let me introduce since this is my first post. I'm a 26 year old administrator of a large warehouse company in the Southern U.S. My wife--Firecracker Girl--and I were so named by friends back in high school because we are very patriotic and politically active. Actually we grew up on the same block, attended K-12 school and college together, and married the day after we graduated from college.

Second, Firecracker Girl and I used a public bathroom for the first time back in 2000 when our friendship turned to dating. We were stranded in a large park about a mile from our houses one afternoon when a softball game we were watching was interrupted by a fast-moving and severe thunderstorm. Others simply got into their cars and took off and the team left on buses, but we were stranded because we had walked over. So we took refuge in the guys bathroom building. There were about six doorless stalls, a dozen urinals, and a couple sinks. I think we were in there for about an hour and I remember the rain was coming in through one of the windows on top of the sinks.

I started to feel my crap coming on right at the end of our run into the building. Firecracker Girl was inspecting the bathroom pretty carefully, probably out of boredom and she said she had never been in the opposite sex's bathroom before. I remembered crapping about three days before at the mall so I had a pretty good-sized movement coming. Firecracker Girl saw me pulling down my sweats and briefs as I walked into the stall and asked if she could have viewing rights. I told her only if I could get the same from her. She said it was a deal. My right hand shook hers as my left was pulling down my sweats and I placed myself on the black seat. Immediately after I seated myself she started to ask me why I had not covered the seat with toilet paper and why I didn't worry about my cock resting between the front seat cut-out and over the front of the bowl. Then I quickly reached down and tucked it into the stool and between my legs because I told her if I were to push too hard, sometimes I get pee squirts into my underwear.

As I was methodically sitting there and pushing out my logs, Firecracker Girl told me I should never be sitting on a public seat and definitely not allow my cock to touch the front of the bowl. She saw the bowl next to mine had pee splashed all over the seat, and of course, the front of the bowl, and said it was something her mother had taught each member of her large family to be cautious about. She said none of them sit directly down on a public toilet away from home.

Two years later when we were both in college and becoming intimate, Firecracker Girl brought the subject up again before she would give me oral sex.

That is my story. I hope, Maggie, that this helps you understand what changed my perspective on this topic. Only yesterday, I was at Sears and I lined the seat before sitting on it. I just can't imagine going back to the old way.

new guy:thank you for welcoming me. My computer keeps me company and out of trouble. Desperation stories-one for you: I was downtown shopping with my mother. I had to pee so bad. The women's room was on an upper floor, used to me on the mezzanine. We took an elevator and I tore out of there when I saw the arrow. I handed my mom my coat on the display floor while I undid my navy pants and belt. I got into a stall, panting and sweating. The urge was so strong and my cat was quivering at the sight of the bowl, it was no matter of time and I just got my pants and pink panty down to my ankles in one motion, as I hovered over the bowl, it just gushed out into the bowl. I was peeing like a grown woman and I was 9. I did not get a chance to sit. My hands were on my slightly bended knees. So, I hovered for an eternity. My mom came in and saw my position. She said that it was emergency so I did not have to cover the seat. I thanked Jesus that I did not wet myself. I wiped my little pussy, between and under my legs with paper. Then, I pulled up my clothes, fixed my belt and flushed. Another story: My favorite uncle died. He was a gay man and I loved him so dearly. I bawled my eyes out during the time of his death. I was 14. When we arrived back at the church, I was busting for a pee, me and another female cousin and a classmate. We raced down the stairs into the ladies room, lifting our black skirts, dresses, exposing out black hosiery and panties. We each took a stall, sat and just let it out. We were laughing about how we were desperate. I said right in that church that my pussy was aching and it was glad for this pee. I told them that I was peeing the longest. I had to hold it back then restart it again because it was just too much. The girls had finished and it was still peeing like a fire hose. When it was over we felt like we had taken a load off Fanny. So we sat awhile then we wiped ourselves and flushed. We came out of the stalls adjusting our clothes in front of each other. An older first cousin was wearing a nice VS black panty with suspenders to hold up her black stockings . So naturally, we younger girls got a look and a touch.
matt, here is your answer to how many women like to read on the toilet? I am one of them.
Jade: Do you wear a school uniform or ordinary clothes? I wore a khaki blue skirt or jumper thru elementary school then a khaki beige skirt in HS. It was fun to wear. I went to a public school. It was lousy. I like wearing my skirts the best.

Jake: Do not hold your urine. That is how my uncle died. He was a station agent in a subway and could not leave the booth for hours sometimes 16 and he had kidney failure.

Hi this is my first post but I just wanted to ask a question...Has anyone ever used a double outhouse? I had an emergency at summer camp this year and was forced to poop right next to a stranger, and it wasn't quiet. It was sooo embarrassing, but looking back on it i think its funny. Anyone have a story like this to make me laugh?


Some comments

To Jennifer - I have pooped with somebody watching me before. It was with my girlfriend, who became my fiance, who eventually became my wife. It helped make us closer, I think, in the long run.

To Sam - great idea for a poll or something. I didn't crap today, but the next time I do, I'll keep your idea in mind.

Upstate Dave - if you're not already a published author, you should be. Another great story.

Linda from Australia - always nice to read your posts. Hope things keep moving smoothly for you in the future.


Peeing in a pad

I went biking and had to pee. I wear a large poise pad when I go biking and I thought about stopping in the bushes off the parking lot to pee but the leaves have gone. I just stood beside my bike and peed into the pad. A bursting bladder can have some relief this way. I always wear black pants in case the pad leaks. The bladder control pads are a great invention for emergencies or leaks after coughing, sneezing, laughing, and when it is not practical to find a washroom. Talk about convenience.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Wet night out

We went out for a drink tonight & the pub toilets were so disgusting we didn't use them all night. Kirsty stayed on vodka & coke so she was ok but I'd been drinking lager so by the time we left the pub I was desperate. My bladder felt like it was going to burst & there was nowhere to go. As we walked home I saw some guys peeing against a wall but I wasn't about to pull my panties down & pee in front of them so I tried to hold it. The problem was watching all those men peeing & seeing the look of relief on their faces made me even more desperate. I started leaking a little bit & had to hold my crotch to keep control. We had to get out of there before anyone noticed my situation & soon my panties were more than a little bit damp. I had a dark patch in the front of my jeans & Kirsty felt my crotch. I told her I couldn't hold it & began to flood my panties. Kirsty kept her hand between my legs as I peed through her fingers. She loved it & told me to feel her crotch as she peed her panties as well. I loved the warm feeling of Kirstys pee running through my fingers & I'm sure Kirsty loved it too. We got home with our jeans soaking wet & stripped off & showered together before going to bed.

I love a good poo especially when I'm desperate to go.I hadn't pood since thursday morning & it's now sunday night so I really had to go. I wanted to make things intersting & Kirsty suggested we went out for a walk round the block to see how long I could hold it. I think she wanted me to do it in my pants but I did't want to do it in public so I told her I was about to have an accident (I wasn't lying) & we headed back home. I could feel my poo trying to force it's way past my anus into my panties & we were about 600 yards away from the house. I had to clench hard to keep it in & it was hard work. I told Kirsty I wasn't sure if I could make it home & she got exited by it & asked, "You're not going to poo yourself are you?" I replied, "Not yet I hope." By the time we got home I was losing the battle & my bowels opened against my will. I tried to clench harder but the pressure was too great & by the time Kirsty shut the front door I had a huge turd in my panties. She could smell it & felt my bum to check out its size. Kirsty was impressed by it's size but that was nothing compared to how much I had inside me. We went up to the bathroom & I took my panties & trousers off. There was a fat 6" turd lying in my panties & Kirsty emptied it into the toilet before I sat down to release the rest of my poo. My poo was hard & dry so my panties weren't too badly marked so they went in the wash. As soon as I sat on the toilet I started to go again. I had to push this time & it was another big one so it hurt a little. I pushed out several turds between 5 & 8 inches long. It was a phenomenal relief to get rid of 4 days worth of poo but my bum was sore.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Desperate poo

I had a massive poo this morning. I don't know why because I hadn't been holding it for too long. I went to the toilet feeling very full but not exactly desperate, only when I sat down I looked at the toilet roll holder to find it was empty. I had to pull my jeans & knickers back up & nip out to the shops to get some more. The only problem was by the time I got to the shop I was busting to go. I quickly found the toilet rolls & paid for them & in that short time I was really desperate to go. It was a big effort to hold it & by the time I got out of the shop I was nearly doing it in my knickers. I knew it was diarrhoea & that I wasn't going to make it home in time so I decided to look for a place to relieve my urgent need. I went down an alley & saw an open garage. There was no one around so I walked into the garage & quickly lowered my jeans & knickers & squatted in a corner. In the space of 30 seconds I blasted the wall & floor of the garage with a gallon of the most explosive diarrhoea I'd ever had. The relief was un believable & I wiped myself with the toilet rolls I'd just bought & pulled my jeans & knickers back up & quickly left the garage before any one saw me. By the time I got home I had to go again & expoded into the toilet. I sat there for a while as I thought there was more to come & I was right. Another wave of diarrhoea blasted the toilet & I had to sit on the toilet & wait for the next one to come out. Alltogether I went about 6 times before I felt empty & I felt weak afterwards so I went to bed to recover. I was so lucky not to have an accident in the street. I can just imagine the mess I would have made if I'd messed myself 7 times in the street like that!

hairy annie

Post Title (optional)to feral girl

You are not the only girl who does not shave at all. I have not shaved for years. Judging by your description I am alot more hairy than you. My hair is jet black so it is very noticeable , especially under my pits . I also have a treasure trial as well. I gave up shaving when I was in my mid 20's and am 35 now . I, like u trim at times and I do wear boypants too. They do not pull the hairs as much . My pubes do make my boypants bulge out too so please do not feel alone . The only thing with boypants is if u have an accident it can creep out a bit . If I go out and feel I will need a poo later I wear full cut briefs or bike shorts . If I am caught short I usually do it in my pants, clean up when I get home . But I mostly wear long dresses so the bulge is not all that visible to others , my poo does not smell all that much . Hope I have been of some help . ANNie

Looking through the old posts using a search engine, I found a bunch of posts about people who did not want to get up or stop doing what they were doing, and went on themselves right there. An interesting trend is that they were all women! Now, I've never wet myself out of laziness. I always make sure that nothing beneath me (carpet, bed, etc) will be damaged if I'm going to go, which usually means wetting/crapping myself on the toilet. Is laziness like this common, and why isn't it as common in men? An example is "P>Angyngrl"'s post on page 1740.

Does anyone have any stories to share about going on themselves because they didn't want to get up?

Upstate Dave

Useing A Shed Too Part 4

The next morning I was already up and had just finished eating my breakfast and I was putting my dirty dishes in the sink the phone rang. I quickly stepped over to the phone and answered it. It was Susan who was calling. Oh your'e up she first said to me. Thne she giggled and asked if I was dressed. I said back to her; No I'm standing here naked Susan! Of course I'm dressed! Now I heard laughter over the phone from Susan.

Then she asked me; Are you comming down now? Since she did ask me that I told her I was on my way. Susan then told me she would be in the shed waiting and then she hung up. I only stood there for one very short moment. If Susan was waiting in the shed for me that ment only one thing. Susan was going to use the toilet in there! So I quickly left my house and I ran and jogged down my road and right down past her house,backyard, and went right into the shed.

Susan was there over in the right back corner with the toilets trap door already removed! Susan was standing beside the opening wearing a older summer dress only for I saw no socks or sneakers on her. Susan said to me; Dave it sure didn't take you anytime to get down here at all! I was catching my breath but I did tell Susan that since she was waiting out in the shed I better hurry so I did.

Susan giggled a little for a moment. Well Dave you were right in hurrying and you haven't missed anything. (Susan paused) I haven't gone yet! Then Susan stepped over in front of me. I had on a pair of jeans with a single button and of course a zipper. Susan reached right down placed two fingers on the button and started to push it back through the button hole! As she was doing this she whispered to mesaying; I'vegot to do both Dave. Piss and shit! I hope you have to do the same. Do you?

I looked right at Susan. I had not taken my morning piss yet. Plus since I had eaten and now that I had and some time had passed since I ate I could feel a strong urge that I could now besids takeing a piss I could also take a shit too. So I smiled and told Susan that I too could also piss and shit right now. Oh good Dave! Susan whispered louder along with a giggle and I felt her fingers make m single button slide back through its button hole. It now was undone.

Then Susans fingers moved down and she took the zippers handle in her fingers and pulled it down makeing a low zzzzzzt as she pulled it down till she had pulled it ALL the way down. Then Susan moved her both hands up to myjeans top and placed them at the edge of my jeans right at my hips and grabbed them there. Before Susan started to pull them down Susan was smileing said to me; Dave is there anything else inside that has to be pulled down also?

Now I had to let out a little chuckle before I answered Susans question. Then I said back to her; Only my johnson Susan! (my penis was fully erect) Susan took one hand off from my jeans and she raised it up in the air. I ought to slap you! Susan said to me laughing lightly. Then she placed her hand back down at my jeans top and she started to slide them down.

As she did this she went on saying to me; Let me go first Dave. Then I WANT TO WATCH YOU GO! That's if you can wait. I smiled and told Susan I could wait and now she had pulled my jeans down t my knees. Then she stepped back away and looked right at my erect penis for a long moment and Susan was smileing as she looked. Then Susan farted with a short squeeky sounding fart. Step back Dave she said to me. I better get myself ready. I have to go.

So I shuffled stepping back since I had my jeans pulled down this was the only way that I could step. As I did Susan easilystepped forward which she straddled over the opening in the floor till she was right over its middle. Then she stopped. She reached right down with both of her hands to the hem of her dress and yaked it right up going way past her waist with it crumpling her dress up with her hands.

Susan remained standing and as she did Susan said to me; Dve I'll piss first and then I'll shit. I just hope that I can do that. If I can't I;ll have to squat and do both. As soon as Susan finished saying this to me Susan did start pissing! With Susan straddled standing over the opening this made her vagina open slightly so her slit was wider. Just enough so that under her short stubbyclit I could see her peehole!

Susan started this piss with just some dribbleing which I sw her piss wet her vagina, run out from it down under it wetting her and then dribble off from her with her pis going down throug the opening of in the floor. Her piss patted softly hitting the ground down in the floor. Susan went like this for several long seconds.

Then a stream formed. A head formed right at her peehole grw longer and wider as her stream got harder. Along with doing this a twist formed growing in length. Plus the best thing that I liked when a girl pissed her stream began hissing which got louder as her stream gained strength! Susan's piss was very yellow in color too. Since her stream got hardr its angle changed form being straight down and now it had angled outward slightly going down through the opening. Also since she was pissing harder her piss was no longer pattering softly down in the hole but had turned being much louder and soon there was splashing for Susan's piss had puddled down on the ground down inside.

As I stood there watching Susan pissing the seconds ticked off. Hers stream stayed steady for sometime. Then it started to ease. Then Susan farted a second time with her fart makeing a long pffffiting sound. Susan rightt then said; I have to shit! I saw Susan's piss stream stop very suddenly. Susan ust haeve cut it off I thought to meyslef. With doing that Susan carefully but very quickly turned around so that nw her bare ass faced me and she got right down in a high sqaut over the opening.

A second pfffiting soundig fart came out from Susans asshole right after she had sqauted. Then as I looked at her I saw her asshole domeing being pushed by her shit.(not in sight yet) But this was only for a couple of very quick seconds and her shit did poke out. Her shit was brown. Boy was it ever such a fat one too! Susan did do some fat ones that I've seen but this one was really fat stretching her asshole as far out as I've ever seen!

It was smooth and it was slideing slowly as it came out. With seeing how much her asshole had been stretched by this shit I asked Susan was it hurting her to go. Susan said one word quickly; No. Then after a few seoonds of slilence Susan told me she could sure feel this one. Her shit by this time was a half foot long in length. Also now Susan had resumed pissing which wa only a dribble. Her piss as I watched ran down her shit and dribbled off its blunt rounded front fat tip and down in through the hole.

More seconds ticked off. Susan now had this shit reach a good ten inches long and it still was moving slowly getting lnger. She also was still dribbling piss which still ran down her shit. It got another inch or so longer and two things then happened. One Susan stopped her dribbling piss . The other her shit stopped its movement. With feeling that her shit had stopped Susan said to me; Dave it stopped. Her shit just hang there under her in all of its glory!

Then I saw Susa's stretched asshole moving. I thought she may have started pushing but that was not what Susan was doing. What she was doing as I watched was squeezing down on her shit instead. For as she made her asshole squeeze down on her shit it was begining to crack. The crack got wider as Susan repeatedly squeezed herasshole on her shit. As the crack in her shit got deeper and wider her shit started to lean over getting crooked as i hung under her. Then it did break! It hit the ground with a loud thud. Now there was only a fat short two inch stub that did move out from herasshole after her asshole did squeeze shut and reopened and this stub of a shit had come out and stopped.

Now Susan wanted to get this fat stuub out and she now began pushing which I knew she was. Susanhad sucked in takeing a deep breath. Then she held it and with a muted groan pushed hard very hard too. I saw a good spurt of piss shoot down into the opening at afoward angle. Her shit moved a quick good inch or a littel more then stopped as Susan stopped her hard push. Her spurt of piss stopped dead with her stopping her hard push too.

Susan sucked in hard again and gave a second hard push. Her shit moved along with a second hard spurt of piss came out from her vagina. This time her shit moved two more inches and had reached its end. For it shot out form her asshole real hard going down through the opening and hit the ground with a loud thud. Her asshole closed right up and Susans piss spurt died right off as Susan had stopped her hard push and now had relaxed.

Susan then stood right up and stepped off to the side of the opening. Susan ten looked down and looked at her shit. Know wonder I had to squeze that one off she said as she looked at her shit. Yeah that was some shit you took Susan I said to her. Susan let out a giggle as she still looked at her shit for a second or two longer and then she let her dress down.(Susan was still held it up till now) Then Susan stepped over to me and she smiled and ind she whispered; Now your turn Dave!

But before I moved to get in position to start. Susan had reached down with her hand andwas now holding my penis with it! Susan whispered in a not as loud whisper when she had told me it was my turn to go and she said to me; I want to hold your pecker! (Susan and Brenda had called my penis all the common names before includeing their own made up names for it) I was not surprised at all by this.

Susan had aleardy had it pushed right down too. I said to her that it was ok. But Susan if I like you start to shit you will have to let go ok? Susan said in a loud whisper back to me; ok! We both stood there and waited for me to start my piss. It was a shrt wait and after I would have said three four seconds I started pissing.

Out from the slit in my penis came a lghtyellow stream. It had a smallish size head, a thin long twist, and where Susan had my penis aimed it hit right off on the larger of her two shits that were laying there on the gound down in the hole! Susan seeing my piss splashing off her shit said real loud; I DID IT!!! That's what I wanted to do! I first smiled and then chuckled a little for I couldn't stop myslef from dong a little laughing.

With my light laughing and Susan having a loose hold on my penis my laughing made me jiggle my penis which made my piss stream jiggle and Susan let out a giggle herself. As she did giggle she said to me; Stop it Dave! I managed to cut off my chuckling and that stopped the jiggling of my penis and piss stream. My sstream being still again I went on pissing again on her one shit.

I did piss without having to stop for I didn't have to shit while I pissed. So Susan got to hold mypenis the entire time of my piss. It was a pretty long one too which I would have said close to twenty seconds. That also included the three short finsishing up spurts that I did too. Afte I had done my third spurt I told Susan that was it. Susan loosened her hand on my pnis letting it come up some and then she gave it three very short quick shakes in a row and then let go of it.

Now I moved forward getting to the middle of the opening in the floor and Like Susan had done I got down in a high sqaut. Susan stepped back to the end of the opening and she was now behind me and She said she was ready now too. (Susan had sqauted down to wach me shit) For from the way I heard her say this I did bend way over and looked back under myslef and I saw Susan squating. Susan seeing me looking back through smiled and gave me a wave with her hand. I straightened back up and resumed my sqaut.

Susan was rewarded with a short wait. Only it took a few seconds forme to start shiting. I felt my asshole being stretched right open. I knew then that also Susan would see that I was going to take a big fat shit too. Like most of the times when I would shit this shit was comming out on the quick side. Susan said loudly in a squealing toned voice; I see it Dave! It's like mine! I also knew then since Susan had said that my shit was brown and on the smooth side too. (being smooth that I could feel as my shit slid out of my asshole.)

Like Susan the seconds ticked off. My shit kept up its quick slideing. I also now felt that I could piss a little more so I reached down and pushed my erect penis downward. I did do a short spurt of piss down into the opening. From behind me Susan saw me do my short piss spurt. She giggled slightly. Then I like she had done my asshole closed right up which there was a good thud as my shit hit the ground and my asshole reopened right up and a second shit started to slide out from it.

Oh you too are doing a second one! Susan said loudly. I shook my head yes as I said to Susan; That I am. My second shit felt to me that it was comming out quicker and it didn't take as long to come out as my first one had. In fact it was only several short seconds I felt myasshole squeeze shut a softer thud came from below me and my asshole reopened for a third time! I felt a third shit start its slide out now.

Susan laughed loud now as she saw my third shit omming out. Then she said laughing;Dave your full of shit today! Before I could reply back to SusanI felt myasshole close and a third thud came from out of the opening. That was it I was done. I stood right up stepped off to the side of the opening and looked down into it. I wanted to see how much I did shit. Susan had never said how long they were.

Laying down on the ground were my three shits. My first one was over a foot long. My second one was close to being ten inches long. My last one was about eight inches long. As I stood there looking at my shit I thought to myself; No wonder why Susan had said that I was full of shit! That was a lot of shit there. Even for me to do all that much at one time!

Susan also had looked downas I had looked down. Then she stepped over next to me. She whispered out to me thanking me. Thta's the best one I've ever seen you do! I tod her what I had thought to myslef and told Susan that I agreed with her. I said to her. THAT was a lot for me. I then slowly pulled up my jeans and did the button and zipped them up. Susan stepped over and grabbed the door and dropped it into place with a loud bang.

Then she whispered in my ear asking me a question. I smiled and shook my head yes. We quickly walked outside the shed walked around it and back up through the backyard.Then up to the house. We went inside the cellar not going up the stairs to go inside the house. Once inside the cellar we went into the family room together and I'm ending it here. Upstate Dave

Adam the Wonder Dumper

I am not a regular diaper changer but I have had some experience with it on a family vacation. I was 17 years old and went on vacation with my aunt and uncle and 3-year-old cousin. She's a very fun kid to hang out with, and my aunt and uncle had reservations for a formal dinner. I didn't care so I stayed back with my cousin, the movie "Cars", and pizza delivery at the hotel room.

About 2/3 into the movie, she pooped. I definitely smelled it, but it wasn't as overpowering as when I do it. Thankfully we were done with pizza already - I don't think I would have wanted to go back to it. I hadn't changed a diaper before but I found them in a bag in the bathroom with some help from my cousin.

I opened the diaper and there was a big heavy solid load. I think she sat in it because it had kind of pasted into her diaper which also was heavy from her peeing in it. I think I would have had a hard time topping that myself. I did remember that they said girls needed to be wiped front to back so I think I was safe on that front. I got started with the baby wipes and probably used 7 or 8 when I was done getting the last of the sticky stuff from her bum, tossing them in the toilet and flushing after the first 4 wipes and again after being done. I taped her up in a fresh diaper and put her very poop-filled diaper in the toilet afterward and flushed it down the toilet too. I don't remember ever washing my hands for so long. I helped her with her hands too and got her dressed again.

My aunt and uncle came back about 2 hours later and they were impressed that I'd been able to change a diaper. My aunt did tell me that she doesn't normally put the poopy ones in the toilet but since it made it just flushed down the drain it was fine. However, she did go to wash my cousin's hands again just to make _SURE_ they were clean. (I had no doubt at all about mine.)


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