Sharing experience

Hi I am 25 and have just started jogging. One of my work colleges (Jill) asked to join her one evening at women's jogging club.We met up at the local park and before I when off for the run I needed a pee.So I asked Jill where the toilets were and she said over the other side of the park but we just pop into the bushes over there where those 2 women are going if you want I will show you I have to go.So she lead me to a clearing in the bushes as we entered the 2 other women where in a squat position both peeing.I felt a bit embarrassed being here as I am not used to doing my toilet openly.Jill got her shorts down and squatted and I join her.I looked over at the other 2 women and was shocked to see they were both now pooing. then I hear-ed Jill grunting alongside me I looked at her while I was peeing and she had a fat turd coming out.
All of us finished about the same time and I had a quick look at their various poos one was a mushy pile, one 3 4" logs but Jill's was a log that even I would have been proud to do 12" and fat.
On the way back to the jogging group other were going to use the bushes Jill did say she had not been for a couple off days and thinking of the run had triggered the need to go.


Sexy Guy Pooping

I just finished submitting my last post about 30 minutes ago, but right after I finished posting. I went out for my nightly walk through the park near where I live. It is very peaceful there at night...Well on the pathway I walk on, I passed a very sexy guy whom I have never seen around before. He was tan, and very muscular, with dark hair and dark eyes. He had a great smile and I loved how he smiled at me as we passed each other. I continued on my walk and as I began to circle the pathway once more, I noticed the same handsome man walk into the edge of the woods just off the pathway. There are several lamp posts that keep the area very well lit, so I could see him clearly even though he was in between some bushes and trees. From where I was, he could not see me, but I had clear view of him. He took his pants down and began peeing against the tree. Wow, I had never been so lucky to witness a sexy guy like this peeing out in the open. I figured once he was down he would fix his clothes and go on, but he didn't. Instead after he finished peeing, he squatted down with his butt hanging just a few inches off the ground. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, he was trying to poop. He began pushing, and I heard some pffft noises as his hole began to open and then the tip of this massive turd poked through and started moving rather slowly but steadily out making some loud crackling noises as it was passing through his hole into the night air.. He was making some soft sexy grunting the turd continued sliding the tip reached the ground, he had to lift his nice butt a little higher so the turd could slide out the rest of the way, and when it reached about 14 inches it sped up as it got a little thinner and then finally when it reached about 22 inches it landed with a thud on the ground. I estimate it being at least 2.5 inches wide...his hole stayed open as another massive turd began to slide out, a little faster than the last one...this turd probably only reached 13 inches before it fell to the ground with a thud. Then right after 3 more turds almost the same in length but wider slowly slid out falling to the ground with a thud. He reached into his pants pocket, and took out some toilet paper...I think he had planned on doing this. He tore some off and wiped his behind 3 times, then pulled his pants back up as he stood up. He then took his phone out and took a picture of his pile, and me making sure I was well hidden, wacthed him leave the woods and go back to the path and continue his walk. I, on the other hand had to rush home and tell you all about what I saw...Now if you will excuse me, seeing that makes me wanna go and give my boyfriend a visit, so I will have to end the post here...Happy Poopin!!

Car Mom

Some Answers!

Hi everyone!

Kate: thanks for the clarification! I'm thinking you're right, I don't think she pooped, but she sure did let some farts! I'm glad you like my posts!

Lynn: that may be what I'll do when I do eventually get a new car. I'm sure I'll end up letting people pee in it like they do in this car, so that would definitely be a good idea! As for this car, I just don't care enough about it! But thank you for the idea, I will probably do that actually.

Mr. Clogs: thanks, glad you like my posts! As I've said before, the smell of their pee is definitely there, especially now that I've had the two grown women pee there, but it doesn't bother me.

Anon poster: my daughter has used the sink and the bathtub a couple times but that's about it. As I've said the only reason my car is a toilet is because of convenience. Whenever we're somewhere else besides the car, there's always been a bathroom nearby, so I've never had to let her pee anywhere else. I would though. I certainly wouldn't have a problem with her doing something like that. I would let her use, say, a fitting room for example. But so far the need hasn't come up.

Joshua: great post about your trip with your wife letting go in the cup! I suppose that's what I shouldve done when my car was newer (I got it used) but I guess its too late now, what's done is done! I don't mind though. As far as me peeing in a different car, I'll tell that story sometime. It was when I was like 17 and the car wasn't mine. In answer to your other question, I've never been married nor am I in a relationship right now, and for now I'm glad of that. Also you had asked me about the pee being able to dry between pees. It usually does actually, but my daughter is the only one who pees in the seat more than like once a week. And when she does, she just doesn't sit in that spot the next time she gets in the car. So she stays dry that way. If we get in and there's no dry place to sit, she just pulls down her pants and sits in the wet (or damp) spot.

Megan: thank you, I will continue to post as they come! I suppose since I'm on here all the time now, I might as well let you and everyone know, my name is also Megan! There, now you all know! But I still like Car Mom as a nickname! My daughter's name is Kaylee.

Ian: yeah, I know the 38 yo does enjoy peeing in my car, so you could be right. She may like the idea of us peeing next to each other. I don't know, maybe one day I'll surprise her!

I was rereading some old posts the other day. What ever became of people like Becca and Goldgirl (from the 320s)? Oh well!

This week no one else other than Kaylee peed in my car so nothing is really new with me as far as stories! I'm glad you all enjoy them!

Take care!


Finally Pooped!!

Hello everyone! I finally pooped today while I was out shopping. I had to take a stool softener to be able to because my poo was rock hard and would not come out. I was in the middle of grocery shopping when I felt the need to take a poo, and I just figured I could hold it until I got home, but as I continued shopping, the need got much worse, and I knew I should go ahead and go while the need was so heavy on me. I parked my cart at the door, and walked into the bathroom. There were 6 stalls, 2 were occupied. I went into the largest one by the wall. One lady was in the stall next to it. By the smell of the restroom, it seemed that the two ladies in there were also pooping. I pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles, and sat down releasing my pee first, which only lasted a few seconds. As I finished up with my pee, I hunched forward a bit, folding my arms into my stomach. I immediately got to work, and started to push.....I felt my hole open up wide, and I felt the tip of the massive turd touch my hole, and protrude through a little. Meanwhile, I heard a loud crackling that echoed through the whole bathroom from the lady farther away from me....and I heard some soft grunts coming from her....and then a loud kafloomp...and then more crackling and another loud kafloomp. The lady next to me was straining, and I could tell by the way she kept pressing her toes against the floor she was pushing hard....she started making some soft grunting noises that seemed to be getting more forceful every few seconds...She then took a deep breath and held it...and I could see her legs kinda move forward a bit, as I assumed she was putting much force into this push...she let it out with a grunt after a few seconds. She gave another big push and I heard a loud kersplunk...followed by 3 loud PLOPS....She sat breathing heavily....My turd, on the other hand had moved about 4 inches out and was moving slowly as I pushed it began to get painful as it was forcing my hole to open up wider and wider each inch it moved. It started moving on its own very slowly, so I gripped the sides of the toilet and arched my back as I leaned forward a little more...I closed my eyes and made grunting noises without me being able to even stop them from coming out...I couldn't stop the turd, and it was forcing my hole to open so wide that my hole was tingling..All I could do was grip the toilet and hope it was out soon...It kept coming and coming and finally after a few more minutes it landed with a loud kersplonk. I had hunched over so much at the end that my butt was barely even on the toilet anymore, kinda just hovering over it. Then after that, I stayed hunched over as turd after turd came sliding out of my butt without me being able to do anything about it. Tears were running down my cheek as the relief was causing my eyes to water and my nose to grunts and moans were coming out uncontrollably and I have no idea what was going on in the other two mind was too concentrated on the feeling of my hole being forced open by these massive logs one right after the other...just when I thought it was never going to end, it did. My hole was quivering and I just sat back against the toilet breathing heavily from the relief that I felt. I looked into the toilet and I couldn't believe what I saw..there were 10 massive logs in the toilet. I have no idea how I was able to produce that much, but I do normally poop twice a day sometimes more...and I hadn't been in over a week. I was not even going to attempt to flush it down because I knew it would just clog the toilet....It only took a couple of wipes in the back because the poo was still pretty firm and not too messy...the front however took quite a few wipes, because of other reasons...the relief was unexplainable! The lady next to me was still grunting and straining away. She began talking to me as I started pulling my pants up, and putting myself back together...She said, "I wish I could feel the same relief you just felt. I am SOOO constipated. I have never ever been this clogged up before." I told her that I was the same until I got the stool softener...and I suggested that thats what she do. She thanked me and went back to straining for she also informed me she had a turd hanging a few inches out that would not move and was stuck....I felt awful for her...I left the stall and the other lady that had been in there was gone...I never even heard her leave...but I was caught up in my own pooping...I looked at my watch and realized I had been in there for 40 minutes...WOW crazy!! I washed my hands and wished the lady luck...I went back to my shopping and about 20 minutes later I felt the need to poop again, so I went back to the same bathroom and that poor lady was still there...I kinda took a peek into the stall before I went back into the same stall going to add more onto my load...and it was a young looking girl, maybe 17 or 18...and she was dialing on her phone...I heard her say, "Hello mom..." then she broke down into tears as she began talking, "Mom, I am so constipated...I am at Wal-Mart and came in to poop and I have been in here for over an hour and I have a piece of poop that is just stuck and I can't force it back up or get it to come out anymore. It hurts so bad mom"....then I heard silence as her mom must have been saying something..then the girl replied, "I haven't been for over a week now. Please when u come, buy the strongest laxative u can find. I need to get this out NOW!" Then she got off the phone...and I could hear her sniffling...I had already pulled my pants down to my ankles again and when I sat down I began to push and my hole opened right up and made a pffft sound as the tip began to emerge and a massive log started sliding out slowly making a loud was another hole stretcher that caused me to grunt uncontrollably again...after some more slight pushes it landed with a thud on my other turds. Then two more just the same landed, and I felt done. It took a few more wipes to get me clean this time....and I once again wished the girl good luck as I left and washed my hands then left the bathroom. After I got home I pushed out 4 more large logs. I love to poop and I definitely do it a lot. I feel great now! Well, I hope you all enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed telling it! Happy pooping everyone! May you all experience the amazing relief I experienced!!

Mr. Clogs

Answer to Magnesia Maggie question, comments, story

To answer as to why men papering the toilet seat, I personally think it's nasty to sit on them when somebody else has spread their nasty butts on the seat. Some dirt bags pee all over the seat, I hate that! Also the thought of another man sitting on the seat before me grosses me out. Germs! That's the reason why I cover the seat before I sit down to take a dump.

Feral Girl: Hey great post about you using those 5 gallon buckets to take a dump in and peeing in the vase.

Hey it's poop: Great post about your roommate pooping in her panties and video taping it for her boyfriend.

Robert: Hey it's more fertilizer for the plants to grow, lol!

Kyle: Wow, you're pretty lucky guy to witness your friends mom using the toilet while you were in the tub. It's amazing how open she was and didn't ask you leave the bathroom.

I need to find a container with a Lid now to pee in at night, I had a spill on my floor when I went back in the bed, I knocked the cup that I have finished peeing on the floor, what a mess! Urine all over the floor! I find some dirty clothes to dry up the urine. Surprisingly my room hasn't smell like pee yet. Oh well, has this happened to anyone?

Take Care,

Mr. Clogs

new guy

lots of comments & stuff

This is going to be a pretty long post because some of my post didnt get posted for some reason maybe I posted to many at one time or they had something that coudnt be posted or they got lost in cyberspace or just havent been posted yet I posted them on wensday oh well now enough about that.

To: Feral Girl great story about pooping and and peeing in that vase that was a very interesting choice of places a question how many containers do you keep in your or other places so you always have to use in an emergency? another question have you gone in something but then regreted it for some reason like it leaked or the smell or something else? if so please share the story thanks I know these questions might have been asked but I thought I would ask them again.

To: Zach great story about your friend Jess I bet youll get to see alot more of it and if you please post about them and I feel sorry for Gregs toilet if it could speak it would say "WTF did you eat girl your killing me here" and do you have any other stories about her or any other girls or women going to the bathroom if so please share them thanks.

To: Kari great story about you pooping your pants I bet that was truly embarrassing but it could have been alot worse it could of happened in front of a group of people or your boyfriend if it did he would have probaly offered to help you get cleaned up and please post some more stories thanks.

To: Kyle another great story about seeing you friends mom pooping I bet that memory will last forever and please contiue to post more stories like that there really good thanks.

To: Upstate Dave another story about you and the girls going to the bathroom in the shed a question have you ever got one of your friends female freinds going to the bathroom not one of the ones youve talked about in you previous posts but any of Barbies, Janets etc. or your wifes friends if so please share them and again I want to say you are a very lucky guy to have so many female friends that are willing to let you watch them go to the bathroom also again I envy you please contiue to post great stories I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Jake the only time in school when I didnt ask to go to bathroom was in kindergarden which meant I would pee my pants everyday I dont think anybody knew I did or if they did they didnt say anything about it.

To: Wendy & Kristy great stories Wendy that was a great story about Kristy pooping her pants whiel you guys were on vacation and to you or Kristy which ever one wrote about the girl pooping herself in the store that is one of the reasons stores need to have a customer bathrooms or let them use the employees if its absolute emergency that way people wont have that problem as much and also loved the rest of your stories form this week I would have posted my comments but like I said above those posts didnt make it up so please contiue to post great stories you guys I look forward to your next stories thanks.

To: Aleshia yes and no it all depends on how good the person wipes after pooping but for some people no matter how good they wipe they still get skid marks my advice is to wipe until the paper is clean and then wipe a couple more times just to make sure and please post some more stories thanks.

To: English Teacher great story please post more stories like that or about other women youve heard or seen pooping thanks.

To all the rest of the girls and women on this site keep the great stories coming thanks and also WOW 1945 pages and growing I wonder if the creaters of this ever thought it would this popular and again I would like to thank them for creating a site like this where anyone can come and post something for free unlike other sites where you have to sighn up and pay a fee but im gald this site is not like that keep up the good work thanks.

Well thats all for now ive been typing fo about an hour now im not very fast at typing and I wanted to make I said all that needed to be said.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


desperate BM

hi all! i have another story to share. one time nathans mom, catherine invited me over to her place since she really enjoyed what we did last time. but early in the day i ate some food from 7/11, which usually always gives me semi liquid shit or runny, and often bad diarrhea. and as usual i forgot about what that food usually did to me, so i ate it not remembering that.i arrived at her house at about 7:30-ish, and nathan wasnt there since he had to spend the week at his fathers place, since his parents are divorced. so me and catherine were in the living room making out furiously on the couch, when she stopped and said she was going to take a shower to freshen up. so she went into the bathroom and was having her shower. but shortly after my stomach started to grumble, and it got worse and worse as time passed. finally i could feel my shit pounding on the back door wanting out, so i got up and clenched my cheeks together and went to the other bathroom. little did i know it was inoperable, and the toilet couldnt be used. when i saw the toilet i almost lost control, but then i had to regain my strength and clench tightly. i had to go really bad, and my stomach was making very audible grumbles. i waddled my way to the bathroom catherine was in. i was so desperate i tried turning the knob to get in but it was no use. no i was squeezing my legs together and i was sweating perfusely. i was waiting there for about five minutes when the cramps started hitting me. catherine sure loved to take her time, i waited another five minutes before i couldnt take it. i started getting really painful cramps, and i was panicking as i was trying to find a place to go. i finally went into a spare room which was her office, it had a hardwood panel floor, an ebony desk and other office essentials. i finally spotted her trash can, and i went over to it and emptied all the papers from it and nearly lost control while doing so. finally i emptied it, then i quickly undid my belt, slid down my jeans, and boxers down to my ankles, then plopped down onto the trash can. the second my ass made contact with the trash can i shat an intense fountain of diarrhea into it. it was like the worst i ever had diarrhea times twenty. it was so noisy too, all these wet loud farts came out simutaneously with the enormous waves of liquid shit. the cramps were prett bad, i clenched my teeth as each one hit me, they hurt so much. i wasnt anywhere near done when i heard nathans mom come out of the bathroom, i didnt care though, shes seen me taking a shit before, and my need to empty my bowels was far too great to care. she walked in and she just saw me there shitting the world out into her trash can. she covered her mouth with both of her hands and she just stared. "oh my god! kyle if i knew you had to go so badly i would have opened the door for you! im, so, so, so sorry!" she said. i coudlnt say anything, since i was straining from the flurry of shit splattering out of my ass, and gasping for air from the effort of having a monster shit. she then rushed over to me and knelt down beside me. she wrapped her arms around me and told me to let it all out, and that she was going to be there for me. after about ten minutes i was done, and my ass hurt so bad, my knees were shaking. i then looked at her and gave her a huge kiss on the lips, she then gave a bunch to me in return. i know she enjoyed seeing me taking a dump like that, and i kinda wanted her to see me like that. she pulled away then looked between my legs into the trash can. there was so much shit in there, i nearly filled the bin up a third of the way. she then asked if i needed anything. i just asked for some paper. she ran out then came back with a roll, i wiped in front of her then pulled my pants back up. i was just about to leave the room when she said in a playful tone "i gotta take a dump, do you wanna watch?" i said yes of course. she slowly pulled her skirt up and thong down to her ankles then sat down on the trash can. i heard her grunting and i heard a bunch of plops afterwards. she kneeled forward and pushed out a huge log while passing some noisy farts. i came over to her, got down and kissed her. she loved kissing while taking a dump, so she wrapped her arms around me then squezzed my close and we started making out while she finnished up her crap. i know she loves it when i saw her taking a dump as well. after she was done, she asked if i would like to wipe her. i was very happy to do so. i wiped her bottom, then we emptied the trash can outside, then we went to her bed for some hot fun. i think ive gotten most of my bathroom habits from her, because with my girlfriend i do the same things that catherine and i did.

will post again soon...


Been a bit constipated again this week.............

Linda from Australia here again. I managed to get constipated again this week. On Monday, I had the urge to go all day but I didn't want to go at work. When I got home after work, I made my way to the toilet. I didn't think I would have a hard time but I did!! I took my pants off and sat on the toilet. I could feel a hard turd in my anus but it took a long time to start moving down. I had to push and strain really hard to get the poo moving. After about 15 minutes, the poo got stuck and I had to work hard to get it to move again. It had to come out, I didn't want to give up and have to try again later. After about 30 minutes, the poos finally came out. They consisted of lots of small, rock hard turds. I didn't feel finished but at least I got most of the poo out. I'm not sure why I got constipated because I've been eating healthy food lately.

For the rest of the week, I was on a winning streak with my poos. Today, Ive done poos 4 times!! Each load was massive too. I think it was because I had Chinese last night, I always produce lots of poo when I eat it.

China girl
To New guy: Thanks for buddy dump suggestion. If that mean doing a dump each in toilet before flushing, I did do that with another close friend of mine under certain circumstance.

To postman: Thank you.

To finish from my previous post several day ago. My friend did another dump in toilet before we left for home. After I presented the toilet with a horrific turd, and then she nearly kill it with hers, she did another one on the day we were leaving. That morning I was showering, she was slow to get up, but she did and then stumble into bathroom still looking half sleep. I was already drying off and just step out of shower. She drop her underwear to sit on toilet. I told her she looks dead, she smiled and said it's way too early and that she had to shit. I said wow, again? And she smile. While I was drying, she sat there with control not even flinching on the toilet with only underwear around her ankles and a t-shirt on. After about a minute of keeping toilet guessing, out of nowhere you heard a quick gush of air come out of her but and a moist crackle. Then it stopped for couple seconds, but it wasn't for mercy and the fact this bowl needed a break. The crackle came back strong in an instant, and then it was like a cannon ball shot out. After you heard the instant sliding sound of turd coming out and gulping sound into the toilet, her buthole made several loud popping sounds as a big fart was pushed out after the turd. The smell was instant, and when she wiped and stood I could see at an angle. The toilet was a mess with dark water and shit pieces all over, but when water filled up after she flushed, the mother load was a huge light brown chunck of turd that had flakey almost "hairy-like" appearance. The toilet didn't like that one. Just looking at it made your eyes open wide, enduring something like that though must be absolute torture. Then to futher humiliate an agonizing bowl after getting that load down, she sat down again, blasted a huge fart (and I mean huge) in the bowl and peed, then farted again, but no turd though. That chunck was already a killer though. Keep up the good posts everyone.


Pooing with an audience

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has ever had people watch you while you poo, and not be able to produce anything even though you really have to go?

This happened to me earlier today. I was over at a friend's house. She has a young daughter who is being potty trained, so the small child's potty is in their only bathroom. We ate lunch and after my friend and I talked while we watched her daughter play with their dog in the yard. I felt an urge to poo, but I thought I could hold it for a bit, so I did.

For a bit longer, we kept talking until I felt I couldn't hold it much longer. I told my friend I was going to use the bathroom, and off I went. I went to their bathroom, closed the door, undid my belt, and lowered my jeans then sat on the toilet. I sat for a bit and then the head of a large turd poked out. It was not long after that when I heard a knock on the door and I guess it scared me a little because my turd snapped off. My friend and her daughter came in, and she had to poo as well.

I didn't mind so much that her daughter had to poo, I mean, she's still learning the rules... but I also have a hard time going with people watching me. And of course, my friend stayed with her daughter so I had two people in the bathroom while I was pooing. I really still had to poo, and having an audience made it very difficult for me. Another turd began to snake out with a crackling noise. My friend said something like Look Jennifer's going poo-poo too, just making me all the more embarrassed.

My turd broke and splashed and with a little pushing I had another turd take its place soon. This one eased out slowly and with no noise. By then, with two people pooping in the same bathroom, it was starting to stink. About that time, she was finished with her poo, and my friend congratulated her and said she could dump it in the toilet and flush when I was done. Well, as if on cue, the turd broke off, but with no noise that time. I wiped five times and stood up. She emptied her potty into the toilet, wiped herself with some help from mom, and then flushed. After, she commented Jennifer you did a big poo-poo. I could just feel my cheeks turn so red.

So, yeah, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it.


What was your poop like today?

Hey everyone. It's been a long while since I last post here but I visit the site when I get a chance to and a big fan of this forum. Let me introduce myself, I'm a 23 year old guy from NYC. I'm always been interested of people's bathroom habits, pooping and reading their stories.

Here is a new survey that I found that I want to share:

Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where
b) Date/Time
c) What you read if anything
d) How long you took
e) Were you shameful
f) Did it smell
g) Did you enjoy it?
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today?
i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?

Here is my results about one of my poops today

a) A public unisex bathroom at The Center. It's a community center I volunteer at every week.
b) November 18, 2010 around 8:20pm
c) I have nothing to read when I poop today
d) It only took me 5 minutes. It usually takes me at least 10 minutes when I poop in a public bathroom.
e) Not at all shameful pooping in a public bathroom
f) Not this time but I was farting in my bathroom stall
g) I always enjoy pooping in a public bathroom
h) I pull down my jeans and my underwear down to ankles.
i) I was working at the Cyber Center that I had a little gas. I went to
bathroom that I mention that it was a unisex bathroom. I took the middle stall which is my favorite stall to poop at. I closed the stall door and I pull down my blue jeans that I was wearing and my underwear down to my ankles. I always like pooping in bathroom stalls since I feel very relaxed when I poop that I don't feel rushed compared to a private bathroom or at home. Sometimes it takes me about 10-15 minutes to poop, rare cases over 20 minutes since I don't want to make a return trip less than an hour later that I want to get all the poop out, even that I be in the stall for over 20 minutes with my pants around my ankles. Also I don't get embarrassed when I poop in public bathrooms since everyone poops. It did not took me long to go this time around and it took me about 5 minutes to poop. I took some toilet paper to clean my butt. It took me about 3 sheets. I flush the toilet and pull up my underwear and blue jeans.

I have other stories to share in the future that I will post. Looking forward to hear more poop stories and the survey results. Happy Pooping!


one long poop

yay friday i just got school and had go poop. when i sat down all the air went out it was just one long poop logs i was amazed myself


World Toilet Day

I'm one of the old timers on here although it's a long time since I posted here regularly. However I've just heard it announced on local radio that today (November 19th) amongst other things is World Toilet Day. It's the first time I've heard mention of a day dedicated to the subject. Various statistics including the fact that most of us don't clean our toilets as often or as well as we should, although the old chestnut about the average toilet seat neing more hygienic than the average food preparation surface got a mention. It was also mentioned that one in four of us take a mobile phone in the loo with us - with the intention of checking our e-mails or updating our Facebook details whilst in there. However I'm one of the three out four that doesn't!

Natalie X

Some questions

How many of you don't mind going to the toilet when your partners around?
Today, I was round my boyfriends and we were getting close when all of a sudden my stomach violently gurgled, soon after i had really bad gas. I really really didn't want to do a poo at my boyfriends, especially feeling that this one is gonna be horribly messy. I don't think my boyfriend knew what my situation was (well hopefully not) cause the situation was almost pooing myself. I told him I forgotten something, then dashed to my car (my first car! :D) While in the car i started to reduce some pressure, I farted a bit. It was really soggy and wet though, felt like i would take a messy shit in my thong any moment. I sat on my loo, my stomach gave off a huge growl and then i unleashed a monster crap. It was a wet one no doubt, i could easily hear it splatter and I fart a lot when i poo so it really made the noise worse. I thought to myself thank god I didn't go for a poopie at my boyfriends, he thinks im innocent, just wait til he knows what i go through when i take a dump! Afterwards i went back and made up for the trouble of the interuption to him if you know what i mean ;)

Anyway feel free to answer please :)

Do you mind taking a dump in your partners house?

Do you mind your partner knowing that you need a poo?

Would you tell your partner if you need a poo?

Do you know if your partners cares about the whole toilet situations?

Do you fart infront of them?

Thanks :) x

Natalie X

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Upstate Dave

Some Cases Of Useing A Two Holer Outhouse. Part 2

Tony's two holer outhouse would be agian used by two of us going n it it together. This would be after Tony had moved away going back to the city where he first had lived. The house was empty being for sale. Bobby who was our victim also had moved so he was no longer around. So I which at this time had new friends that I had made. This time it was not males either that would be involved!

At this time the group that I was friends with was a mix of just two brothers and at times up to five girls. The two males were brothers and one sistor. The other girls were pairs of sistors different families. Two if the sistors lived nextdoor to the brothers. The other sistors lived up the road past Tonys old place being closer to where I lived.

All of us at times would be all together but most of the time we were not. The number would always varey being from two of us sometimes, or three of us, (most of the time), four being rare, and like I said all together which was rare also. The order in length of time that I knew the people on this group was first the one set of sistors which was Barbie and Jeannie S. Then Butch, John, and thier sistor Barbie H. Then last were Brenda and her sistor Susan. Brenda was out of all the group would be the least person being within the group.

Now let met into my post about again haveing ti use Ton's old two holer ouhouse. On this day I was with Barbie S and her sistor Jeannie. We had been out together all morning and I was walking with the girls to walk them both home. We were walking onone of my neighbors old roads heading up towards the highway. I happened to look over which I could see Tonys place from where we were. That included the house, the two sheds, and the old two hole house in the middle of the two sheds.

Rememering about Bobby and Tony having done that time sneaking up on Bobby and getting the outhouses door open with him inside I laughed. With my laughing it was both Jeannie and Barbie asked me what was so funny. So I told them the story about Tony, Bobby, and I had dne that time with Bobby useing the outhouse. Both girls were laughing hard at the end of it too.

Then since we had stopped walking and we were standing in the old road as I told the story about the outhouse it was Jeannie that spoke right up and said; I want to go over and look at it! Barbie also said that she would too. This hadn't surprised me at all for both of them being country girls knew where some of the outhouses that were around and had used them. (either telling me about it or I had been with them and we all had gone in them!)

Now since where we were standing we didn't have to go out to the highway and walk down. There was a open field we could walk over to right to Tony's old house and the sheds, and outhouse. So that's what the three of us did. There was only one other place as far as a house to go by on the way so we did stay in the field which did pass behind the one house before Tony's house.

The walk was a good ten minute walk or better going through the old field for it had becomd badly overgrown with the grass being high,low tangled vines,and bushes to cut through. The one good thing was once we were on Tonys property there was no real high grass,bushes, or tangled vines. For some reason this area nothing seemed to want to grow there. So the last hundred feet of our hike was very easy to do.

One thing had happened as we had gotten closer which I realized that had happened. The old window shutter door was no longer on the front of the outhouse. It was laying broken on the ground a few feet from the outhouse. It now was a almost a year later when Tony had moved back to the city. With noone there to keep the place up sure the door could have fallen off. So the inside of the outhouse was open to see for the two girls.

Now let me give you a description of the outhouse.On the outside it was a light green color witch the two sheds were the same color light green. All the interior walls of the outhouse were the same light green color. The outside walls were wooden six inch wide pine boards. Inside was wood also but was wainscoating which was thinner boards and they ran up and down instead of across like the outside sideing.

Now the wooden platform was a natural light tan hardwood which I thought was maple. Under that platform board was matching light green painted wains coating like the interior walls. Now as far as the two openings in the platfirm board they were oval shaped cutouts with in the middle of the front edge of the opening the added little oepng shapded like you would see on potty chairs for males! Rememeber this outhouse had to have been built when this was a girls school! But the male hole part could have been adde after the girl school had shut down.

Jeannie now was first to take the short hop to go inside. Barbie followed her. With the two grls now inside I had to stay outside in the doorway which I looked inside. There was never any hinged covers put on over the holes for in the platform there were no nail holes or screw holes. Jeannie looking right at te hole infront of her was giggling hard and she also was rubbing her hand over the wood platform too as she stood there giggleing.

Then she stopped her giggleing and said to Barbie; It's nice and smooth too! You won't get any slivers in your ass if you sit down and use it! That made me smile and Barbie let out just a little giggle. Then she asked Jeannie saying to her; Are you going to use it then Jeannie? Jeannie immeadiate response to her sistor was; YES I AM! Barbie then giggled a little harder and longer.

Jeannie turned right around now faceing towards the doorway and me.Jeannie was wearing a pair of dark green elastic waisted shorts and she yanked them right down, letting them go letting them drop down around her sneakers. Now I let out a short chuckle from what I now saw. There was Jeannie shwoing off her fine splender to me. Jeannie was not wearing panties that's why!

Jeannie did take one backwards look at the hole and then she plopped her bare ass down covering most of the hole when she did sit down. The part that was exposed was the middle front opening male hole. Jeannie took a quick glance down and then glanced up at me. Here let me move Dave so you can see better. Jeannie placed herhands on the front ridge of the platform and pused slideing back several inches exposing more of the larder hole.

Then she looked up at me and asked me; That better Dave. I knodded my head that it was. Jeannie did do one more thing to make sure that I could plainly see. She spreaded her sneakers wider apart, along with getting them to stretch her shorts out, and this made her thighs open wider which gave me a good look now at her vagina and crotch! Then she checked herself let out a short giggle. Than she said to both me and Barbie; I only have to piss. So here goes!

It took two short seconds and Jeannie had a hard stream of loud hising piss comming form her vagina! I could see a good part of her stream but not all of it. I could see its head which was pretty wide but short in its length. I also could see part if its twist too. I could have seen more if I had stepped up inside of the outhouse but I hadn't. There was room for me to do it with Jeannie sitting down and pissing along with Barbie standing off to the side on the left.

Besides even where I was standing oustide looking in I could see enough as Jeannie pissed. Jeannie was silent for a few seconds as she pissed. Then she spoke up telling me as far as this morning that she had taken a good shit. Then right after that Jeannie told me that Barbie had not. So as a result of that Jeannie turned her head to look at barbie and she asked Barbie; Do you have to shit? Barbie took a quick glance at me and then over to Jeannie; Yeah I could go here I guess. I was going to go when we got home. So I now smiled with a big smile and Jeannie let out a short hard giggle.

Jeannies piss stream now by this time was easing off for its loud hissing had softend way down. As I too was looking down there herstreams wide short head had becomd small along with her streams twist too had narrowed. Then the hissing stopped ,Jeannies thin stream dissapeared turning in to dribbleing wetting her lower vagina and crotch. Also now from down under her down in the hole was a soft pattering sound as her piss was hitting the ground.

Then her short dribbling turned into just dripping which Jeannie sat till the sound of her dripping piss droplets stopped. That is when she bent over and down grabbed her green shorts yanked them up as she stood up andthen she stpped off to the right side. But she turned after doing this and as she giggled she asked me if I had to go!I told Jeannie that I could. That made her smile and giggle again.

But Barbie niw said to me and Jeannie; I said I'll shit but I will need something to wipe with which there is nothing at all in here to use. Barbie was right for there was nothing to wipe her ass with. Jeannie piped up saying that she had nothing for her sistor to wipe her ass with. All my pckets are empty is exactly what Jeannie said to Barbie.

I then quickly checked my jeans pockets front and back. In my back right pocket I did feel something in it besides my comb. I reached back adnd slipped my fingers nside and I felt cloth crumpled up inside of the pocket along iwth my comb. I pulled it out and it was hankerchief. I dangled it in that air shakeing it. Barbie can you sie this? I said to her as I shook it. Barbie asked right back: Dave has that thing been used? I laughed and told Barbie not as far as blowing my nose! Wiped some sweat off with it that's all.

Barbie reached right out and grabbed it right out of my hand! So she was going to use it to wie her ass after her shit. Now Barbie she was wearing one of her plaid old summer dresses. It was a white and different shades of grey plaid as far as its colors. Barbie then now stepped up on the platform turned sideways to face both Jeannie and I.

Barbie then said to both of us. Look I'm going to face my ass towards Dave Jeannie so he can see me shit! Dave since your'e only going to piss Jeannie hold Dave so he can watch me. Jeannie let out s squeel of joy and she with her hand reached over and attacked the snap on my jeans! Barbie then turned back around now being sideways with her back towards my hole that I was going to piss into.

Now Jeannie had my snap popped and she now had her both hands on the top of me jeans and she was yanking them down very hard which her pulling on them so hard she shook me.(Jeannie hadn't even bothered to pull down my zipper since she wanted my jeans right down so fast!) Barbie now was takeing care of her summer dress which she was pulling upward in the front and back together which as I watched in a few short secpnds in the back her ass was now fully exposed. Jeannie by this time had my jeans down at my knees and I like her ,Barbie, I had no nderware on to be pulled down too!

As I looked at Barbie's Bare ass which barbie had positioned herslef in a high hovering sqaut over her hole I felt Jeannies fingers on my erect penis and she was pushing it into position so I could piss. I then also felt her other hand on my asscheek with her finger tips in my asscrack! Jeannie giggled and said now; I'm ready,Daves ready!, Barbie are you ready?! Barbie said that she was. So now all that was left for eitherme to start pissing and Barbie to shit!

As it happened I played it smart. I held back to keep from starting my piss! :-)!! I wanted to watch Barbie! With me holding back that is what did happen. Barbie did piss a little first which was a short weak piss lasting only several seconds. Then Barbie did start to shit for I saw her asshole get stretched opened revealing a brown smooth fat blunt poke out from it. Barbie may have been pushing this shit for from her vagina piss dribbled from it which wtted her and her shit with piss dripping off the blunt end of her shit. It was moving also but slowly.

After several passing seconds Barbie had her shit being 4 5 inches in length. It was creeping along with piss dripping still form it too. Jeannie now said loudly to Barbie; Narbie your shit stinks! Jeannie was right for Barbies shits foul oder wwas on the strong side inside the outhouse. Jeannie then almost shouting said; DO SOMETHING! Barbie said right back to Jeannie; I AM! There was a pause and then Barbie told Jeannie to hold her nose. Jeannie di just that for she didn't want at all to have to let go of me!

Barbie's shit with it driping piss moved a few more inches and then stopped. Barbie let out a soft shigh. Barbie had been pushing holding her breath till this time. Her shit just hung there now which also no longer pushing she did have her pis drip off from it but that now had stopped also. So I now relaxed my holding back and I started to piss now which from Jeannie came a short squeel of delight and a loud giggle too. Jeannie said loudl too; Dave;s now pissing. Barbie said then; I hear it. My iss was hitting the ground and could be easily heard.

I was still looking over at Barbie with her hanging down shit. I did feel Jeannie move which she had pressed into my side a little tighter. Also the hand that was on my asscheek with its fingers into my asscrack I felt it slideing downward. Jeannie wasn't stopping it. Maybe her full atention was watchng me piss and holding my penis. Now in a few very short seconds her fingers had slid down and now they were every so lightly on my balls! (but they had stopped there and stayed there!)

Barbie now had started to push again for I heard her suck in some air and a grunt followed. Her shit took a quick one inch jump! A spurt of piss came from her vagina! The piss spurt was a few seocnds long then died rightoff. Her shit did that one inch quick jump and then it slowed but kept up its movement and I head Barbie exhale and her shit kept moving. In several mre seconds her shit was eigt inches long or so. By this time I could feel my piss stream easing off so I knew my piss would end in the next few to several seconds. I wondered if Barbie would be ending her shit at this time too.

Well it didn't happen that way. I finished pissing without doing any finishing off after spurts. Jeannie still shook my penis anyway. I felt her do it only. Then she did let go which my penis came right up with its head slapping my belly lightly. Jeannie then moved behind me pushing me and she headed right out of the outhouse. Barbie' strong smell of her shit drove Jeannie out for fresh air.

Jeannie could have stayed inside for a few short seconds after I had stopped pissing and Jeannie had gone outside Brbie's shit fell makeing a good thud hitting the ground. Then a short fat nugget fell and a short three second spurt of piss came out from Barbie's vagina and she was done. She ereached back an gave her ass a long slow upward wipe from the top of her vagina all the way down it,then between her vagina and up over above her asshole and stopped there.

Barbie then pulled my hankie back through and took a very quick look at. Then Barbie stood up. As she did she asked me if I wanted my hankie back. There isn't any shit on it that I can see Dave. I said right back to Barbie; TOSS IT! It may not be shitty but it sure is going to smell like shit Barbie! She laughed a litte dropped the used hankie down into her hole and stepped off form the paltform. She stpped over to me and she pulled up my jeans for me holding and shakeing my penis as she did. When my jeans were all the way up she let go of my penis, zipped up my jeans, and dd the snap. She and I stepped out from the outhouse and the three of us then walked up the driveway to the highway made the turn and we walked to Barbie's and Jeannie's house together. The End of part 2 Ther is a part 3 whill I will post. Upstate Dave

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