Feral Girl

I did it! I went inside!

new guy: i got a few more, lol, i'll tell them eventually.

someone asked if i ever figured something out for when i can't go outside quickly. i did! we have a bunch of 5 gallon buckets, so i got one and put it in my closet with a garbage bag and a plastic grocery sack in it. its been in there like, 2 weeks, but i dunno i didn't want to just use it if i didn't have to. been going in the compost heap and in the woods like i normally do. but today my mom got off work early and was home right after i got back from school.

anyway. so i finally got a chance to use it. i put the garbage bag on the floor under the bucket just in case i missed the bucket cuz sometimes i have bad aim, lol. so i took that out and spread it on the floor, then set the bucket on it and put the grocery bag in the bucket like a garbage bag. course then I had to figure out how to use the bucket, lol. I took my pants and undies off, and was starting to really need to go cuz i always wait until i'm like about to stain my undies. i had my vase to pee in since i didn't want to risk the bag busting later cuz my pee was in it. the bucket's just a little too tall for me to squat over really, so i sort of hovered over it. i started to go, so a little of my pee dribbled out into the vase, and i pooted for a really long time then a little poo came out. i still had to go really bad, and my stomach was rumbling like i was gonna poo a lot. i was feeling really anxious, and my legs were burning really bad already so i stood up.

so far the sack was holding at least. shouldn't have taken the vase away from my y'know tho, cuz a little pee in my hair ran down my leg, but i wiped it off with my undies. so i was wondering what to do when i remembered the non-rolly chair in my room for my friends when they come over. it's like, an old wood dining room chair and kind of low. i set the vase down by the bucket and went to lift the big load of laundry off the chair. as i did i pooted again and almost dropped something on the floor which woulda been really bad, lol. don't want to have to explain why i pooed on my floor, or try to clean the carpet withou anyone noticing (have gotten pee on it before, lol)

I pulled the chair over and got my vase and stood up in it, then really carefully crouched down so my tiptoes were on the edge of the chair, i had one hand on its back, and the other was holding the pitcher so i could pee in it. then i felt my shirt like hanging against my butt and was really afraid like this i'd get poo on it. so i put the pitcher down and pulled the shirt off and tossed it on the floor. was totally naked then, don't know why i didn't do that from the start. i could feel my poo already halfway out of me by then, and my pee was about to start dribbling out. so i quickly got the pitcher back up and just let go. it felt so good, i pooed so much. it made a really krinkly sound in the bag whenever some fell in. I nearly tipped the chair over too, almost had to drop my pitcher to stop myself. so i finally finished, and there was a lot in the bag and i peed a lot in the pitcher too. was careful this time so pee didn't run down onto my butt. got down off the chair and got my toilet paper, wiping my booty and my y'know, then tossed the paper in the bag. tied the bag shut and put it in the garbage back, then sealed it in the bucket so i can throw it out later. set the pticher back on the shelf so i can pour it out in the toilet later like i usually do.

And that's how i go potty during the week when someone's home now! on weekend i can still make sure i'm not in the house like I usually do. should tell you about that some time too!

Oh, i was thinking too, dunno if this its really the right place to ask, but figured i'd ask the other girls here. is it weird i don't shave at all? i started wondering after i remembered that time with my aunt and cuz my mom noticed i hadn't been shaving my legs the other day and asked me why. It just feels like a waste of time. sometiems i get scissors and trim the hair on my downstairs, but i don't have a whole lot. i guess it covers the whole area and sort of goes down the inside of my legs. but i like boycut panties anyway, so it does really show. and it's not like anyone looks anyway. and you can barely see the hair in my armpits or on my legs.

i know some other people on here have sort of said they didn't shave or knew someone that didn't, so i'm wondering how common it is to not shave at all, or not shave your legs or armpits. I guess i just don't get why I'm supposed to do it.

I'll post again soon!



Hi how is everyone doing? I am a first time poster here. First I want to say how great it is to find other people who like to discuss their bathroom habits and accidents. I feel I am a weirdo but I really get aroused when reading the posts by women on here. Is it me or am I a sicko.

I will start with my first post here. I work for a lawn service and treat lawns. I do alot of work in subdivisions and there are no bathrooms out there nad I am to busy to leave and come back. Today I was half way done with the yard I was on when I felt the need to go. Ignoring it I went on with my work. A few minutes later I got the oh no I gotta go now feeling. I quickly walked back to my work van clenching my cheeks as I did. I flung the doors open and quickly climbed into the back and shut the doors. I dropped my pants and underwear and grabbed an empty fertilizer bag and held it up to my cheeks. I didnt have to push just release the valve. when I did I let out a good 2 lbs of mushy pudding like poo. I was alll sweaty and my legs were shaking. I finished and didnt have anything to wipe with so I know my ass was going to be very dirty till i could get somewhere to clean up.

I have a friend who has recently become very open about her bodily functions. She is quite attractive and very popular where we go to school. She has blond hair and a really nice body. Her name is Jess and a few weeks ago I was walking with her and she farted. Naturally she was embarrassed but I said "Hey, it's fine, it happens to even the best of us." She looked really touched by that and I thought nothing of it. However I think it has changed something about her. Now she always tells us when she farts (which she now does openly) and even tells us when she has to poop. That's where my story really starts.
So one day we all gathered at our friend Greg's house and Jess was sitting next to me. We are all very close friends and this room is very small so we all huddle together on the couch. There is a refrigerator behind us, a t.v. in front of us and a very tiny bathroom to the left. While we are watching T.V. Jess out of nowhere says "I need to take a HUGE dump". Now this is shocking for three reasons. One, the fact that she so blatantly announced it. Two, the bathroom she was going to use was not particularly private as in we would be able to hear everything. Finally, three, the toilet has a habit of clogging and overflowing on the slightest blockage and she emphasized the word HUGE. So like I said this surprised us but we just nonchalantly said "Okay, TMI." She shrugged and rushed into the tiny bathroom.
Remember how I said there was little privacy, well I'm not kidding. We could hear everything, we even tried turning up the t.v. to no avail. Immediately she started pissing, then out of nowhere we heard a gush of diarrhea spew into the toilet bowl. We all started to laugh but silenced ourselves trying not to embarrass her further. She kept going on like that, grunting and mumbling, as wave after wave of diarrhea splattered into the toilet. The smell became rancid after only a few minutes. After a while she called out to us "Sorry, for this." Then the loudest most putrid fart came from the bathroom along with a final splash of muck. We were all pretty taken aback by this incident. She wiped, washed her hands and came out, strutting her ass like nothing had happened. We all looked at her shocked and she gave us a cute little smile and said "Excuse me, must've been something I ate." She giggled and sat down. Then completely serious she said , "Oh, and Greg...I think I broke your toilet." We all then had a good laugh (except for Greg whom I think is gonna actually have to find a new toilet.)

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
Usually with a lot of toilet paper, I usually feel itchy afterward though

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?

While having diarrhea what do you do?
moan and run to the toilet

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
its okay... i like it better when nobody's around

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?
almost everytime

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
dairy, fatty stuff, anything with grease

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?

Do you enjoy diarrhea?
no, it makes my ???? hurt like hell

How often do you get diarrhea?
maybe once a week


questions for car mom

Just had two questions for the moment.
1. Just how often does someone pee in your backseat? You make it sound like a weekly thing.
2. how often does your backseat stay wet? I know you said that when someone does pee in the seat they keep their pants down so they won't get them wet but I doubt it dries out before they next time someone sits back there so how does the next person keep their pants from getting wet?


my embarassing moment

my name is kari. i'm 17 and just a normal girl. i started dating a new guy named tim a couple of months ago and i really like him a lot. we went out last friday night to dinner and a movie and then afterwards we went over to where our cars were parked and got into the back seat of his car. i had drove my car and met him. anyway, we spent some time making out and it was great but i really had to go to the bathroom pretty bad but was too nervous to say anything to him. i tried to ignore it but it soon started to be an emergency. i stopped and told him i had to go home because of my cerfew because i didn't want him to know the truth. i got out of his car and into mine and started home. i had go soooooo bad. i drove as fast as i thought i could get away with but with traffic lights and stop signs it was still taking longer than i wanted. i was so desperate it hurt. by the time i got to my neighborhood i turtleheading and my butt felt sticky and i was pressing my left hand against my crotch to keep any pee from coming out. but there is a speed bump before my house and when i went over it i did squirt pee into my pants and felt it on my fingers but stopped it. i got into my driveway and turned off the car and grabbed my purse. i knew if i didnt get inside i would have an accident but i was also afraid that if i stood up i would also have an accident and didn't know what to do. i knew i couldnt just sit there so i made up my mind to try to get inside. i opened the door and jumped out but as soon as i did i knew it was too late and the poop just shot out into my panties before i could even try to stop and then my bladder released and i completely peed all down my legs standing there in the driveway with my car door still open beeping at me. my jeans were soaked and my panties were full of heavy poop. i just stood there for a minute trying to recover from what happened. i closed the car and waddled inside and down the hallway to my room. it felt so disgusting trying to walk. i flushed the ruined panties down the toilet and took a shower and rinsed the jeans and hid them to dry in my closet to wash them later. i'm just glad my parents werent home yet to catch me. it was so embarassing.

new guy

some questions

To all the girls and women on this site have you ever done a buddy dump with a stranger or someone you knew but didnt know very well? if so please share the story thanks.

To any female lurker out there who cant decide to post something or not dont worry this site completely anonmys and a great way to get share something you wanted to share but were to embarrassed to do and also get answers to a question you may have so please come and join this great site you may find you enjoy it and want to come back again and again I know I did once I started posting here at first I didnt know what to make of this site but once I started posting I found myself really enjoying this site this site is great full of of really nice people who wont judge you. I sorry this is off topic but I wanted to tell newcomers it was okay to post here.

If my last post looks a bit different it was because I typed it on my psp at first I was using a computer but the computer freaked out and started acting strange and my post got accidently deleted before I could send it so I had to use my psp which only lets me type one paragraph at a time so I had to keep submiting after each question I asked or answerd because I usualy do a paragraph more or less for each thing I post about.

So thats all for now ill post again probaly tomorow after the sites been updated unless something else comes up thats worth posting about.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


another bathroom encounter

Hey everybody! its me again, before i start off i would like to thank new guy for giving me such positive feedback on my experiences. wendy and kirsty, i love reading your stories, keep writing, and i'll keep reading.

now, in my last post nathans mom said that we should "do this again sometime." and sure enough we did. it was about a month later after the camping trip, so it was half way through summer when nathans mom and i had another bathroom encounter. i was at nathans place when he said he was going to go take his drivers test, so he told me to stay put at the house, and he would be back in an hour or two. it was so hot that day and since there are lots of windows on nathans house the heat is unbearable. so after about five minutes, i could no longer stand the heat, so i went into the bathroom threw off all my clothes, and poured myself a bath (since my leg was still broken i couldnt stand in the shower, let alone get my cast wet) then i hopped in and rested my leg on the edge of the tub.

i heard the door open from outside the bathroom, and i just assumed that nathan got back early from his drivers test. i heard a few bags being dropped, then i pretty much knew it was nathans mom. i could hear her coming over to the door, it then opened and there she was. she was wearing a dark blue mini skirt, and a white tank top, it may not sound like much, but she looked sexy in it. the bubbles in the bath covered me, so my penis wasnt visible to her. when she saw me in the tub, she looked at me rather lustfully, she then smiled and said "hey there ,tiger." followed by a small giggle. i was so turned on i couldnt help but say "hey, sexy." she gave me a suggestive look, then came over to the toilet, lifted her skirt and pulled down her white panties to her knees. "ive been a bit constipated for the last few days, so i took some laxatives this morning." she said while rubbing her stomach. i could hear a bunch of loose plops, and wet sounding farts as she was dropping her load into the toilet. she moaned a little as i heard some diarrhea splattering against the porcelain in the toilet. "sounds like you got to the toilet just in time." i said. "yeah, i was worried i wasnt going to make it in time." she replied. i then heard her drop about four big logs into the bowl. she sighed with relief, then she put her hands onto the sides of the toilet, and leaned back against the tank as she forced even more diarrhea out. she did that for about two minutes before she sighed again. she then ripped off some paper then wiped. she flushed the toilet while she was still on it then giggled and asked "so what did you think of the show?" "i thought it was great. but isnt there always a final act?" i said. she knew what i was implying, and without hesitation she slipped off her panties, got up then climbed into the tub with me, and, well since i cant get into details all i can say is that afterwards we both left the bathroom feeling very satisfied.

hope you enjoy, i know i did, haha.


Response to Frantic Francine

You asked what did I think Stac would have said if I had told her about the skidmark on the white underwear she was wearing.

Stac would continue to mess with me about a situation two summers ago when we were in my room, I had missed Mom's deadline to get my laundry downstairs, and I asked Stac to carry my hamper downstairs to the washer. What she found were two white boxers that she asked me about. One had blood stains on the back of the right thigh (see page 1779) and the other had some pretty bad crap skidmarks (see page 1782) because I got slivers in my butt crapping in a primitive toilet at camp and I was basically hassled off an open-stall toilet while volunteering for my church at a homeless shelter.

While I'm not the cleanest wiper, this school year I started as a senior who wears black boxers. I bought three packages of seven each. I love them, although Stac hasn't had an opportunity yet to go through my laundry.

Upstate Dave

Useing A Shed Too Part 2

I was unable to visiyt down at Susans house for several days. When I did get down to her house the first thing I had to ask had she been useing the shed toilet and had taken a shit. Susan laughed hard for a long moment. Then she stopped. No I haven't Dave. I never had a chance to do it. In fact I've only used it once which I took a piss only. I showed Brenda so that was the only one time.

You know what was funny too about me showing her? Susan said to me. I couldn't begin to guess as I stood there thinking to myslef along with waiting for Susan to tell me. Susan went on and told me that Brenda asked her if I had gone in it with her! Susan must surely had told Brenda about us makeing it and had used it together. So I asked Susan about just that. Susan again laughed and told me she had.

Then Susan told me some more that had happened after she had shown Brenda the shed toilet. You know what she did after I had used it? I said to Susan; She too pissed in it. Susan shook her head yes as she giggled. She stopped giggleing and then she said to me; Brenda then beat us both for she took a SHIT in it too! So she was the first to do that too. I stood there pictureing in my mind of Brenda squated down and shiting! (I did like looking at Brendas ass or it was quite cute!)

Then Susan went on and talked a little more about the shed toilet. Dave it'scompleted now. How's that Susan? I asked. Thereis toiletpaper in there now to use thanks to Brenda shiting in there! I had to get some for her to use! Susan broke into laughter part way though saying that to me. Susan finished up saying to me; Oh that was the day after we had made it and used it tgether too.

Now where Susan and I were talking was at the picnic table outside in the backyard. Now our conversation about all this had only taken a few minutes time. Then she and I started talking about what ther things we had also done the last few days since we had last seen each other. This took another ten minutes or so. Just as we were finishing up this conversation around the end of the row of pine trees there in the backyard came Brenda.

Brenda walked right over to the picnic table and sat down on the oppisite side from Susan and I. She said hi to me and I said hi back to her. Now Brenda started talking to me right off. It was about the shed toilet! Brenda told me that itsure was a great idea that I had. I told her it wasn't all my idea. I gave some credit to Susan. Ok Brenda said looking over at Susan and she went on and said; Ok you too Susan.

Did Susan tell you that I usedd it too? I said yes she had which when I answered Brenda Susan giggled loudly. Brenda then smiled as she said to me; Yeah I know thhat you two used it together after makeing it too. I wish I had been there too for that! Now I let out a short chuckle right after Brenda had said that.

Then Brenda asked; Are you two now again going to use it right now? Both Susan and I said back to Brenda; No. I didn't have to piss or shit and now with Susan saying no she didn't have to go either. So we all began just talking about other things together which we sat there for over a half hour at the picnic table together.

With being occupied in our talking none of us had not noticed that it had clouded over. We were still siting at the picnic table taling when te sky opened right up and it rained hard! We all got right up from that pinic table! I knew going for the shed was a lot closer then running up to the house so I headed that way. Susan and Brenda saw me doing this and they followed right on my heels.

It only took a fast moment or so but with the downpour as far as the rain when we made the dry confines of the shed the three of us were pretty wet. I asked both girls how they were. Susan giggled a little and said as she spreaded her arms far apart as she showed me how wet she had become; See Dave? Susan was pretty wet fr her dark pink top was wet enough that it was sagging at the bottom and was dripping. Her black pants were wet all down the front of them.

Brenda was wearing a dress and it was wet on the shoulders mostly but there were areas shwoing being wet where water had ran down the front of her dress and most likey in the back too. Myslef I was wet like both of them in that my shirts shoulders were wet and the thighs of my jeans were wet two. All of us had very wet hair too.

We needed something at least to wipe our hair offf with. So I said to the girls; Let's look in the boxes for anything to dry off some with. I didn't need a answer from the girls at all for they walked over where I had put the junk boxes and both Susan and Brenda started rummageing in the boxes as I did too. After several long minutes later Brenda and Susan hit paydirt!

Brenda pulled out a couple of old bedsheets. Susan found some old tattered towels! I also too had found some more very old towels. So between what we all had found we could dry ourselves off. We all then did just that together. Getting dryer sure felt better. The only thig was since we had our clothes get wet that was what was left on us all that remained wet. To me it was not uncofortible and both girls didn't say that they didn't mind it one way or the other.

Our attention now was on the hard rain outside. We all were standing in the shed together looking out the doorway. Now the workers over building the apartment building too had srambled to get out of the rain. They all had run to ther cars and trucks. As we could see them they looked like they were watching the rain come down. I then said to bot Susan and Brenda; It looks like thier day got washed out. Susan and then Breda said along the same lines but sai differently that it looks that way.

So we stood and watched the rain pour outside for a good ten minutes or so and then we got kind of bored so we moved away from the ope doorway of the shed. Looks like we can only do is wait it out I said to both girls. Susan agreed with me. Brenda said; I wish we had something else we could do out here. Brenda has said this sounding bored. She was right I thought. It was getting boreing. I too whished we could do something else. Who knew how long this hardrain would last? I went n thinking to myslef.

We remained silent for several more minutes. Then it was Susan that spoke up. Hey lets look in the boxes again. There is a lot of or and Mikes older stuff in some of them I think. Brenda then spoke up and she said; Hey Susans right! There is. So we all went back over to the boxes again and started going through them not othering gong through the opnes we already had.

We got lucky after ten minutes or so. Brenda in one of the boxes she was going through found a old scrabble game in it. She turned around holding the game box in her hands and said loudly; Look what I found! Our old scrabble game! Both Susan and I turned and looked. Now we did have something to do! I thought to myslef. Susan told Brenda to open up the box. Susan also said; Hey that;s the old one and has the broken board. That;s why it's out here!

So Brenda sat down on the floor removed the boxes cover and looked inside of it. Susan and I walked over and we sat down and loooked also. Yes the board was broken along where it folded. All the games letter pews were there. Then we all started checking on te games letter tiles and they were all there! None were missing. Then Brenda said; All we need now is paper and something to write with to keep the score!

Now I smiled and I said we do have a pencil out her to use. I had left the old one on the side window sill and I took a quick glance over and it was there. Susan got up and she went over to one of the oxes of junk and in one of the boxes was a old brown paper grocery bag filled with junk. She dumped it out and said; Here's our paper! So we wre set. So we all sat there flipping the tiles over and then picked one to see who would strt first. Brenda would start then Susan and me last.

We started playing. After fifteen minutes or so had gone by we heard engines strt up outside so we all looked over towards the doorway and we saw the workers leaving. Their day ended. The rain called off their day but not ours. We went back to our game. It had become Susans turn to play. After some time Susan asked saying; Hey can we play useing slang? That's the only way I can play. I don't want to pass. I looked at Brenda and she me. So I said why not. It can make it more fun to play. Brenda smiled and she said; That it can.

Susan went and took her turn spelling ou iss with the letter P on a tripple letter box. She giggled hard and said; That piss was worth more then takeing one! Brenda let out a giggle and I let out a chuckle and now it was my turn to play which I was already to play so I took my turn. Then it was Brendas. She scored real well by spelling shit which she pluralled my word. Brenda nade both Susan and I laugh by saying right after she had spelled out shit; Now see that shit!

Then it was back to Susan which she played and then I and then Brenda. We went on playing going to the point where the tiles had been picked up where they were past being halfway. It was Susan's turn but she said she needed to take a needed break. By this time I would have guessed we were close to be here in the shed over two hours time. Maybe more or could have been less too. There was no real way of telling how long.

Susan got up from where she had been siting on the floor. Susan walked awa and went right over to the back window and grabbed the old screwdriver. I have to piss. Anyone else? she asked. Well I had to go so I started to get up. Brenda seeing that I was getting up she moved real quick and got up herself. She and I walked over to Susan and she handed me the screwdriver and I pryed up the trap door out of the floor.

I leaned the trapdoor up against the wall. Now Brenda had been silent not saying anything. She didn't say that she had to piss but had gotten up real quick when I said that I had to go that's for sure! Now Brenda did speak out and her is what she said to Susan and I; Look we all have to go and we all can go at the same time. Susan you me at the ends and Dave can stand on one side in the middle.

Susan let out a giggle and agreed to do it. Itsounded fine with me. I thought to myslef; WELL this is going to be one of those rare times I'll see Brendas pussy! My penis waa already reacting starting to get erect inside of my jeans. Susan was pulling don herblack pants already and Brenda was reaching under her dresses hem to pull down her panties. So I knew that Susan and Brenda liked seeing me go with my pants pullde down so I undid the buttons on my jeans. (button fly style jeans I was wearing)

Once I had my jeans unbuttoned but had yet to pull them down Susan had her black pants down along with a white pair of panties shoved down into them too. Brenda had pulled down a pir of yellow panties and they where at her knees and both girls were looking over at me waiting for me to pull down my jeans. I did and bothgirls looked right at my now erect penis and giggled. Then Susan and Brenda sqauteddown to piss. I took my penis in hand and pushed it down aiming it at the openig in the floor.

Susan started off pissing first since she said she had to go. Out from her vagina she had a slightly angled forwaard thin stream of light yellow colored piss. It wasn't hissing but it did make soft splattering sound a her piss wetted the ground down in the opening. Then my attention was turned towards Brenda. Brenda had sterted pissing. Her piss stream was hissing very loudly which that made me turn and look towards her.

Brenda had sqauted so that she had herself over the opening and with her piss stream shooting straight down out from her vagina. Now there was a much louder splash comming from the opening. I stared right at Brendas vagina for like I had said this was a rare occasion to see it! Brendas vagina had a long slit opening with her side lips being long and wider then Susans. Plus Brendas clit was fatter but shorter in length. It looked to me it was really puffed right up now too as I looked.

Then I strted my piss which I glanced away from Brenda to watch my stream. My piss stream was thin down its entire length. It was twised also and like Susans piss stream my stream was yellow in color. As I looked down at my stream I could see down to the ground in the opening. I let out a short chuckle. I was pissing right on Brendas shit! It wasn't all that big in size but it was there.

Brenda and Susan heard my short chuckle. Both had been watching me piss but both girls eyes were fixated on my penis. Brenda said now; What's so funny Dave? she asked me. Oh I'm pissing on your shit Brenda. That made Susan look down into the opening and she let out a shorthard giggle. Even with me saying that Brenda too took a look down into the opening and saw that I was pissing on her shit. She smiled and then looked back over at me and my penis. Susan went on watching me piss on Brendas shit.

Susan wasn't the first one to stop. Brenda wound up being the first to stop pissing. Which she did quickly. Her stream tapered right off with its hissing stopping and Breda did some dripping and that was it. She started to stand up and as she did she pulled up her yellow panties up as she stood up. Then that was it Brenda was done. Brenda kind of surprised me for she hadn't wiped herslef after finishing. In the past when I've seen her piss she always would wipe. There was toilet paper out here too to use.

Then a few more seconds later Susans piss stream slackedoff but Susan dribbled fr several long seconds with her piss wettng her crotch and asscheeks. Then she dripped long enough in that I had stopped my pissing into the opening. Susan like Brenda didn't bother to wipe eithe for she pulled up her white panties and black pants up together but did stop and pulled her whire panties up alone with her black pants at her upper thighs. Then with a single quick yank her black pants were up the rest of the way. I gave my penis a couple of quick shakes ans then I pulled up my jeans and buttoned them up.

Then we all went back over to the scrabble game sat down and started playing again. When it came BRendas turn she did spell right ut erect which she and Susan both laughed hard. I let out a good chuckle myslef. We went on playing mixing in regular words and more slang words too. We reached about useing up 3/4ths of the tiles and we stopped again. We had noticed as far as outside the rain had let up. Inn factit had stopped. So we talked for a momnet saying that we could go up to the house get drinks and make up something to eat too. Then come back out and finsish our ganme. So thats waht we did. To be continuied.

Lisa- Thanks, and I understand what you mean. I feel pathetic for not being able to, and the thing is, it's only with teachers. Around friends, girls, family, I'm fine. It's really only with teachers. I think a part of it may be that I actually have to ask permission, you know? It's happened in my classes a few times that a teacher will say no to a kid, and then the entire class knows that they have to go. You can tell it's really awkward for them, too. I don't even have a problem with using the school's bathrooms. They're nasty, yeah, but with a grant we got last year, the just re-did a few and they're a lot better than they used to be.

New Guy: Hey, no worries, that's really what I need to do. I mean, I feel like a straight-up pussy about it.

For Lisa/A story:
This one's from 6th grade, first year in the middle school. We had 6 classes, from 830 AM to 330 PM, with lunch thrown in there around 11 depending on your grade. We had 5 to 7 minute breaks between classes depending on where we were going-it is was between core classes, we had 5. For electives, 7, because they weren't all in the same building.

Now, I live in Michigan, so the weather is crazy, and it can rain and be 45 degrees one day, and the next it'll be sunny and 70 degrees out. We were having one of those classically out of whack Octobers, where there's snow on Halloween but it's still 80 on the 10th of the month. One day, I remember it was really hot out, and I always either had a water with me, or bought one at lunch. I remember filling it up that day, too, before 5th hour, meaning I had already drank one. They sell Aquafina, so the bottle I had was one of the normal-sized Aquafina's. So at this point, I had two hours of class left, one was math, and the other was science, and I had atleast 1 bottle of Aquafina in me. During 6th grade, I wasn't really the shrimp so much as I was merely short. I'd lost my 'baby fat' but I hadn't really grown much yet vertically.

I already kind of had to pee, but there was no way I could go-I spent my time between classes filling up my water bottle, and the trek through the buildings took me the entire time otherwise, with the crowds. (The same applies right now for high school. We get 5 minutes between classes, and it takes all 5 minutes just to get through the halls. We've got over 1500 kids, otherwise I'd just go between classes). So I had barely enough time to fill the bottle and get to class, and during class, I remember things got worse pretty fast. Before half the class was over, the 'kind of' need had gotten to the point where if I were at home or out with friends or something, I would've gone. I had been drinking the bottle of water steadily since it was so hot out, and I was in jeans and a t-shirt, if I remember right. I know I was atleast in jeans, and ones that were more fitted and tighter. As I've said before, I don't like people knowing when I have to pee, so I stayed discrete as the need grew, and without thinking, I finished off the second bottle of water in under an hour. With 15 minutes left of class, I didn't feel my greatest, but I knew I only had to get through one more hour, and the drive home. I got through 5th hour with a growing need, and I moved a bit slower between classes after, but it was 6th hour when it really hit me.

I had downed an entire Aquafina, and on an empty stomach, meaning it went straight through me and straight to my already-full bladder. I already had to piss like a racehorse and couldn't do a damn thing to try and ease the need, and now, I could practically feel it stretching as with every breath, every shift in my seat, I felt it. It was so heavy and hard and I was having trouble sitting still, but like I said, with each move I'd feel it. I had to go so bad, but there wasn't anything I could do. Within the first 15 minutes of class, it felt like my bladder had doubled in size. The waistband of my jeans cut into me a little bit, which didn't help things either. I crossed my legs at the ankles and tucked my feet under my desk, and put my thighs together, shifting them here and there and doing my best not to draw attention.

I remember fiddling with my now-empty Aquafina bottle, and wishing I could just go in it, too. I hadn't gotten this bad in a while. I guess I was moving around a bit too much because I rmember my teacher telling me to sit still, which took away the main tactic I was using to hold on. I had to go so bad. I kept my hands on my legs but I didn't dare risk anyone seeing me steal a chance to hold myself, and I was in 6th grade, I was supposed to be able to hold it like a big kid, right?

It got bad so fast, that I was absolutely desperate before half of the hour had even gone by. I had over 40 minutes before I could go, and it felt like I wasn't going to last another 15. It was hard to breathe, even. Each inhale put pressure on it, and I could tell I was starting to leak into my underwear. Risking my dignity, I slid a hand in my pocket and tried holding myself, but it didn't work-my jeans were too tight and I couldn't stretch them without pushing them down on my bladder. Somehow, I had survived another 10 minutes, but every time I looked at the clock, it seemed to be moving slower. God, I had to go so bad...

I remember suffering through that entire hour, the feeling of my bladder sitting like a rock in my abdomen, my dick aching and me wondering how the hell I was going to walk, and manage the ride home. I had gotten quiet, and a few friends had asked what was wrong, but I always told them I just had a headache. That was always my excuse. The teacher even asked if I wanted to go to the nurse about my 'headache' but of course, I said no. All I wanted to do was piss. I honestly don't know how I made it, but I remember getting to my mom's car and immediately doubling over and holding myself. I made it the 10 minute drive home, leaking here and there, but eventually I made it. How, I have no idea, but I was peeing every hour for a while after that, too.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Holiday accident

While we were on holiday in Ibiza we were walking back to our hotel after a night out in a local bar when Kirsty said she needed the toilet really badly. We were about half an hour from the hotel & Kirsty said she couldn't wait any longer & had to go now. We looked around for somewhere to go but in the middle of the town there weren't many places to go. Kirsty was getting more & more desperate & the only place we could find was an alley behind a shop. The problem was the shop had security cameras & Kirsty didn't want to do it on tv! Time was running out for Kirsty & we had to find somewhere fast. But where? In the end we just carried on walking back to the hotel & prayed that Kirsty would make it in time. By the time we reached the hotel it was 3:15 am & Kirsty was about to poo herself. The door was locked & we had to ring the bell to get in. No one answered at first & Kirsty was losing control. We rang the bell again & eventually a voice in spanish answered. Neither of us spoke any spanish & we tried to ask to be let in using some dodgy dell boy style spanish. He just said, "que?" & then said, "Oh English." It was just like a scene from fawlty towers. I.E. Manuel the spanish waiter. The buzzer went & we opened the door to get in. By now Kirsty had totaly messed her pants & we went up to our room un noticed. She cleaned up in the shower before getting ready for bed. I couldn't believe we got away with it but the rest of the night in bed was a lot of fun.....

heyitspoop: Did she pee in her panties too? I find it very hard to poop myself (or poop at all, for that matter) without letting out any urine.
English Teacher: Wow, you're the exact opposite of me! When there are dirty toilets, I prefer to go in my panties!
WhinnieThePooh: Just yesterday, I was on the Underground, really desperate to pee. I was this time actually somewhat nervous, as I was surrounded by people (I was sitting, but people were standing around me, and all the seats near me had people in them too), but I completely soaked my panties, wearing my knee-length skirt. The skirt wasn't under me, so it was mostly dry, but the panties were wet all over. I got off at the next stop, because people were looking at me. Nobody said anything to me, though.

My answers to Jenna's survey:

1. How often do you poop a day/week? Usually twice a day

2. After you sit down, how long does it take you to start pooping? normally 2-4 minutes

3. Do you fart, while sitting on the toilet? Usually

4. If you do fart, when do you fart the most?
A: Before actually pooping.
B: During/in between pooping.
C: After pooping.
D: Berfore and after pooping.

A and B

5. Do you stay seated for a while, when you're done, to be sure you're empty, of for relaxation? Yes, both reasons

6. How long does a complete pooping session usually takes you? 15-25minutes.

7. At what time of the day do you usually take a dump? Afternoon.

8. What is the consistency of your turds? Firm, solid.

8 Do you have to push and strain, while pooping? Yes

9. How often are you constipated? 1-2 times a month.

10. How often do you have diarrhea? Not very often

11. Have you aver taken a dump outside? Yes I have, and I enjoy it

12. Do you like to listen to other people pooping? Yes, I love to listen others pooping.

13. What is your gender? Female.

Magnesia Maggie

Guys papering the toilet seats

I've read the posts by several of the guys such as Mr. Clogs, Connor, Jaded Jarrod, and others, and they talk about lining the toilet seat with paper before sitting down on a public toilet. Is this something guys are doing more than us girls? I sure don't do it and know most of my friends don't either. Guys: what is the reason you are so afraid of sitting right down on the seat. There was an article in our student newspaper last year that said toilet seats are much cleaner than doorknobs and staircase railings. I guess I'm trying to understand what the guys are thinking. Help me out, please.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anybody else have any stories of daycares or involving your or others' kids and diapers? I really enjoy poopy diaper stories as I have changed a lot in the past. Thank you!


Response to Kate

Kate, I am not really a fan of skirts. I much prefer jeans. When I do wear a skirt, it is usually a denim mini skirt and that does make peeing your pants much easier and less noticeable. However, I really don't care if anyone knows I peed my pants or not. When I gotta go, I just let go. I don't get embarrassed by a noticeable wet spot or bulge. Please post some stories of times you have peed your pants. I would love to compare notes.


skidmarks, is it normal or not?

I was at school again, I was cheerleading with my best friend Katie. I had a wedgie, and I knew it was the thong I had. After practice I showered and got changed, I went and chated with Katie and Hayley. They were talking about my wedgie in practice. You noticed that, I said. Yeah girl, if I had a wedgie like that I might get a little you know poop stain. Well it happens, I said. But I wipe real well, being that I'm a girl, I said. Women get stains and not just period stains, I got one last friday, I was looking for a bathroom and I had a hard time waiting a little piece of doo doo came out in my panties. Finally I got to the bathroom. I couldn't believe it a little skidmark. Oh well.

English Teacher

Learning My Lesson The Hard Way

I'm fresh out of college and I was lucky enough to land a job teaching English in my old high school. Last month I went to my school's football game - the first time that I'd been at the football stadium since my cheerleader days.

My 12 year old niece came to the game with me. We had to leave midway through the 3rd quarter when my niece had to go to the bathroom for #2 and didn't want to go in the stadium bathrooms. She is a very shy and sensitive kid and was upset that she was making me leave early, but I told her not to worry about it. I could tell by the way that she was sitting at the game that she really did have to go and judging by the expression on her face, I knew she couldn't wait much longer. And judging by how she literally ran for the bathroom when we got back to her house, I am certainly glad we left when we did. I was just happy that she felt comfortable enough with me to tell me of her needs (including that she wasn't comfortable using the stadium bathrooms) and I was happy to help her get to an appropriate bathroom in time. I figure it's just one of things that a good aunt does.

My sister, on the other hand, was pretty upset about the whole thing as apparently her daughter has had these kinds of bathroom problems before. She wasn't so much mad at me, but mad at her daughter for "being immature" and not using the bathroom at the game. She's at a new school this year and apparently she had been holding it in rather than using the girls' rooms at her new school. She and her mother have apparently been fighting about this and the incident at the game is just more of the same. I am VERY sympathetic to my niece, though. I never had much of a problem using the girls' rooms in school (well, at least not so much of a problem that I wouldn't use them when I really needed to), but when it came to the bathrooms at the football stadium, I certainly know how my niece feels. As a cheerleader, I had no choice but to use the stadium bathrooms on many, many occasions, but I did have to learn my lesson the hard way.

I was a sophomore in high school at the time and it was my first game as a cheerleader. It was a Friday night and we all had this big meal before the game at the cheerleading captain parents' house. I guess I ate a bit too much and by halftime of the game, I definitely needed a bowel movement. I went to the girls' room and peed, but since I didn't have to go that bad for the BM, I decided to try and wait it out. It wasn't so much that the bathroom was dirty (I wouldn't exactly say that it was clean, but it wasn't that bad), it's just that all the stalls were considerably shorter than regular toilet stalls and the doors on them smaller than regular stall doors. That, combined with the crowd that was in there at halftime of the game, meant not as much privacy as I liked when having a bowel movement.

Of course, the need to go didn't just go away and by the 4th quarter of the game, I had to go pretty bad. Throughout the 4th quarter I was constantly debating myself as to whether I could hold it in until I got home or whether I absolutely needed to go and use the stadium girls' room. By the end of the game, I was really suffering from holding it in. I remember thinking that if I had had to walk home from the game, I would have gone and used the girls' room because I knew that there was no way I could have held it in that long - especially while trying to walk at the same time. But one of the older girls had already offered to drive me home, so I figured I would be getting to my own bathroom at home soon enough and I could tough it out and hold it in a little longer.

The only problem was that we didn't leave right away, but waited around for a while after the game. By the time we got to the car, the bowel movement was already splitting my ass cheeks. I was barely holding on, but I was holding on enough to keep the poop trapped between my ass cheeks. It was partially starting to come out and at least a little bit was probably already in my panties, but it wasn't so bad that it was going to give me away. The smell was evident but with a car jammed back with girls you couldn't really tell that the smell was coming from me. Thankfully, my house was the second stop to drop me off. No sooner did I step out of the car when I just completely lost it. Standing in my driveway, I just completely pooped in my panties under my cheerleading skirt. It was bad enough happening in my driveway, but at least it was out of sight (and more importantly, out of smell!) from my friends and fellow cheerleaders. If it had happened only a moment earlier, I would have been completely humiliated pooping my panties in my friend's car with maybe 1/3 of the cheerleading squad.

It just felt completely awful to have this big load of poop in my panties and I felt like a stupid idiot to have done this. I kept thinking to myself, why didn't I just go and use the girls' room in the stadium when I had the chance. The stadium bathroom certainly wasn't a nice place but going in there was absolutely better than this. I kept thinking how was I going to explain this to my mother and how I was going to answer why I hadn't gone at the game when I had the chance.

As much as I dreaded having to deal with this, all I wanted in the world was to FINALLY get up to my bathroom and get myself cleaned up. I still don't know how I managed to make it past my mother without her noticing (or smelling!) my mess, but somehow I did. I tried to wipe myself with toilet paper at first, but that just wasn't going to cut it. I used a washcloth to get the worst of it off of me, but then I had to step into the shower to get fully cleaned up. Boy that felt good. My panties were just totally destroyed but thankfully, they held the whole mess in. I guess I took a big risk in just flushing my panties down the toilet, but I didn't know what else to do with them. Fortunately, they didn't clog the toilet. My cheerleading panties were dirtied but they weren't so bad that I couldn't clean them. I would never wear them again, but at least I would still have them so I wouldn't have to explain how I was missing a pair. And all this happened with my mom not to far outside the bathroom door. It really was a miracle that I didn't get caught.

That experience taught me that no matter how bad the bathroom is, it isn't has bad as going in your pants and then having to clean it up. And as bad as this experience was, and how unlucky I was to have it happen to me, I know how lucky I was that it didn't actually happen at the game or in my friend's car on the way home. And how my mom never suspected anything is still hard to explain. After that experience, I pledged that no matter what, I'd never go in my panties again. In my 3 years as a cheerleader, I ended up doing many a bowel movement in that stadium girls' room and even in some worse girls' rooms in other stadiums. I had to use a port-o-potty for a bowel movement at one field and I had to do it in one stadium girls' room where they didn't even have doors on the individual toilet stalls. But any time that I gave a thought to not using those bathrooms and trying to hold it in until I got home, I just thought about my accident and what it would be like to have another accident. With that in my mind, I was always able to make myself use the bathroom, no matter how bad it was.

As my niece got yelled at for making us come home from the game early and for "being immature" about not wanting to use public bathrooms for her bowel movements, I thought about telling her my story. Neither my mom, nor my sister (she was away at college when it happened) nor anyone else ever found out about my accident. But even 7 years after the fact, I'm still too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. All I could do was try to get my sister to calm down and back off a little bit and not be so hard on her daughter. My sister was never shy about her bathroom functions (or anything else for that matter), so I didn't think she really understands what it's like for her daughter. But I'm sympathetic in ways that I could never quite make myself explain.

new guy

comments & other stuff

To: Wendy & Kristy, Kristy that was another great story about you pooping in the shed again and great story about Wendy pooping her pants on the doorstep and wendy great story about you pooping during your smoke break sure you were late but its better to be late then have an accident in your pants and great story about seeing tha desperate girl having a major diarrhea atack in public. Kristy to answer your questions no I havent done a buddy dump yet but I have been in the bathroom when someone was pooping it usualy happens when im in the shower usualy my mom would come in and poop also my sister has once or twice and you other question about me pooping my pants ive only done that one time that I can remember and I posted about awhile ago its somewhere in the 1900s or late 1800s I cant remember right now but I give you the short it only hapened because I was scared and that was many years I think about 13 years ago more or less and please contiue to post your guys great I really look forwar to them.

To: Dumper great story about seeing your friend Maggie pooping do you anymore stories about her or any other girls and/or women pooping if so please share them.

To: Jake simple advice and dont take this the wrong way but you need to ask the teacher and not be afraid because you shouldnt have to sufer and risk a having an accident in simpler get over it sorry to sound mean or bossy but its the only way.

To: Megan from calgary great sory I really enjoyed it please contiue to post more. well thats all for now because im out of time but ill post more in a few minutes using my psp so to be contiued.

Im back and using my psp to type this part so thats why there may some mistakes like words contiuing on the next line.

To: Sheliagwentgirl another great shelia report please keep them coming.

To: New here great story and that guy was a real jackass a real would help you and do what he did youll find somebody alot better and please contiue to post more stories.

To: Grego first welcome to the site and great story about seeing a woman going to the bathroom please post more stories like that.

To: Blueboy another great story about you and your aunt please share more of those stories.

To: Linda from Australia another great story.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Holding it too long once

At work today I was working with Louise & she kept farting all day. She went to the toilet a few times but she was only gone a couple of minutes so I knew she only peed. I knew she had to poo & by the frequency of her farts I guessed she must be busting to go. In the afternoon Louise let off a really long smelly fart before running off to the toilet. She was gone for ages & I knew she was pooing. When she came back 20 minutes later she said she felt much better as she hadn't been all week. I had to pee so I went to the toilet to find Louise had left behind a huge turd & some thick brown streaks at the back & bottom of the pan. She must have been very desperate to be able to poo like that & when I went back to join her I asked her how long she'd been holding it. Louise replied, "Er a week." "A week!" I remarked. "Yes & it felt SO good. Really good." Louise added. "I bet it did." I replied. Louise also said, "I love holding it untill I'm dying to go. I love the relief of it especially when I'm nearly shitting myself." I asked her if she'd ever shit herself & Louise went bright red & said, "No!.....Er well actually yes I have done it in my knickers once & it happened at work. I was in such a mess I had to go home.""I remember it too." I said.

Upstate Dave

Useing A Shed Too Part 3

We spent about 15 minutes inside the house makeing up a lunch to take out to the shed. When we stepped outside to walk to the shed it had again started to rain. It was not hard so when we were back in the shed we were only damp from the walk from the house to the shed. We sat down and had our sandwiches and our drinks that we had brought out too. We also resumed playing scrabble as we ate.

We did after about a half hour did finishe eating and our drinks while we played the game too. Durring this time the rain outside was showers. It ould be going off and on and the rainfall amounts of these showers was different also. The reason I mentioned his was Brenda had told Susan and I that if the game ended (which was going to be soon) she was going to go up to the house and stay there.

Twenty minutes later the game did end. Brenda got up to leave Susan and I and she did leave even though at this time the rain hadn't stopped also it was not all that hard either. That now left just Susan and I together in the shed. It was also where enough time had passed that we both needed to piss again from our drinks we had with lunch. So Susan and I got up from the floor and walked right over to the opening in the floor.

Susan now thi time grabbed the roll of toilet paper and placed it on the floor which would be beside her when she would go. She was at the left end side and I was on the ight end side makeing us so that we were faceing each other. Susan pushed down her black pants and white panties. I unbottoned my buttons on my jeans and I pulled them down to my knees. Susan didn't ask me to but I knew she liked me to piss this way.

Susan now had squated down but she shuffed forward so that she was fully over the opening. So I had to push my penis down at a sharper angle for there was less of a opening area with her being the way she was squated over the opening in the floor. I started to piss which right after I had Susan started too. I waas pissing hard with my stream makeing a good splash on the ground n the hole which could be heard very plainly b both of us.

Susan wasn't pissing all that hard. Hers stream was a straight down one tbeing thin, a short twist, and no hissing. Susans stream didn't last all that long either. I would have to say less then ten seconds and her stream just died right out. Then since I was watching her piss and still looking down at her out from under her ass a shit came into sight!

Hey you didn't say you had to shit Susan! I said to her. Susan giggled slightly first and she said to me; I thought I would give you a little surprise Dave! I let out a little chuckle and watched her shit slolwy grow longer. It was dark tan in color. Itdid start off having a folded over tip and then got fatter up to where it wa over two inches around. It was a little soft for the chunks that were in her shit where smeared offas far as the surface of them.

When her shit reached about six inches long it fell away down through the opening and made a soft flump when it hit the ground. Then Susan issed a little for a few short seconds and then a second shit came into my sight which looked the same as her first one had been. This one was moving slower then the first one had. I by this time was nearing the end of my piss.

A few seconds more I had stopped my pissing so I stood there watching Susan shit. Her second shit did get longer then her first one. ( acouple of inches longer makeing it eight inches long.) Then it fell away leaving a short stub which was just in my sight and it stayed put too. Susan pissed again for several seconds and then stopped.

I told Susan that she did have some shit still at her asshole. Oh yeah I can feel that it's hanging ondown there Dave. Susan then picked up the roll of toilet paper and spun off a wad ofpaper from the roll and tore it off. She reached down and under her crotch and did a dabbing wipe at her asshole. EWWWW!!! Susan said. This one feels real sticky.

Susan then after dabbing did a short wipe and pulled the toilet paper back out from under her. She took a quick look at the paper and I did too. There were a few small clumps of tan shit on the paper and Susan dropped the paper downinto the hole and quickly spun off from the roll another wad to wipe herself a second time.She wiped herself the same way again which she had the same result with more clumps of shit on the paper.

One more time Susan spun off from the roll another wad. She reached under herself and she did a very slow upward hard wipe. She pulled the paper out took a very quick glance at it and dropped it down into the opening. Then she reached down grabbed her white panties and black pants together pulled them both up together as she stood up. As Susan did this I asked her; Susan are you sure you got it all? Susan told me she thought she had. I don't feel sticky anymore Dave.

Then since it wasn't raining all that hard and both Susan and I didn't want to play scrabble again we made a decission that Susan would go up to the house and I was going to head home. As we walked up to thehouse and before I started my walk home Susan said later and I said the same back to her. As I walked up the driveway I thought that now Brenda and Susan had used the shed toilet to shit into. That now left me to be the last one. I crossed the highway and satarted up the hill on my road and headed home. To be continuied.

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