walked in on my friend....

Hello everyone..I have a good story to tell that happened last night. When I arrived home last night, I heard grunting noises coming from my friend's room. I tiptoed down the hallway to her room, and my friend was in her bra and underwear squatted by the side of her bed. Her back was to the door, and I noticed she had a video camera recording her...She was trying to poop herself. She was very open with me about pooping and peeing so I knew she wouldn't mind if I watched. She began grunting and straining and I heard crackling noises as a buldge started to form in her panties and it kept getting bigger and bigger until it was a large lump. Then she stopped to take a breath and the crackling stopped. She then started straining and grunting again and after a few more seconds I heard loud crackling as the buldge started growing even bigger. She then stopped to take another breath and the crackling stopped....She reached her hand back and felt the buldge in her panties, then she proceeded to grunt and strain again..Nothing seemed to be happening...She continued straining..still nothing....She spread her legs farther apart and as she began to push a lot harder, her butt raised up a little as her whole body began to tense up...She then gripped her knees and bore down hard and was pushing with a lot of force....She said out loud in a very strained voice, "God, this thing is HUGE"....I heard more crackling and the weight of all the poop began making her panties come down a little. She pushed and strained without stopping for 2 minutes straight, and then finally she stopped and breathed a sigh of relief. She then started to take her panties off very slowly so she wouldn't drop any poo on the floor. Still in her squatting position, she took her panties off, and looked in her panties...these were like granny panties so they were a bit larger than normal underwear, which I assume she has only for this purpose....her bottom was actually not all that dirty.....which was kinda surprising...she then turned off the camera, and stood up, and when she turned around and saw me, she didn't really get too startled. She said, "My boyfriend wanted me to poop in my panties for him, but I was a little nervous about doing it in front of him, so I recorded it for him instead." I said," He will definitely enjoy it. It was a good show!" She said, "Well it sure did feel great." She then showed me her panties, and inside was 3 very large balls of poop. One was quite a bit bigger, and I figured that was probably the last one that she was having trouble getting out. She was going to show it to her boyfriend today and I know for a fact he will love it...

Now, I have still not been able to poo. I haven't been in 5 days now. My back is feeling better now, still just a little sore. I might need to stop and get something to help me out with my poo. I will tell u all about it later. Have to go for now. Happy Pooping All!!

Upstate Dave

Useing A Shed Too Part 1

Now I've posted before about tthw two sistors of my friend Mike. Susan the younger of the two sistors was more active in lettng me watch her piss and shit then her older sistor Brenda. Brenda was much more interested in seeing my penis but would on a occasion would take only a piss letting me watch only if she really had to go and would always let mewatch from behind.

Most of the time when this had started we would piss in the backyard or over in where there were bushes which was the next doors property. Well things changed for a new apartment building was being built stopping much of our outdoor pissing and Susan' besides pissing her shiting too! :-( But we would get around that for there was a old shed that was used for storage also out in the backyard.

Now it would get used by us three when it was needed when there was guys there durrng the week working building the new apartment house. It would be Susan that would start useing the shed first too! Susan and I were outside sitting at the picnic table on a Monday morning. We had been talking for a short while also watching the guys working to over at the apartment house.

Then Susan told me she had to now piss! I expected that she would walk up and go inside the house and use the cellar bathroom. (she had been doing this now since the construction going on) I would go with her to watch and if I needed to go I would go letting her watch me. Well ass Susan got up from the picnic tables bench she said to me; I'm getting tired of haveing to walk inside Dave. It was so much better before just to piss here outside. I said right back to Susan; Yeah you are rightSusan. It was better then it is now.

Then Susan glanced at the shed. Come on I want to check something out. Come with me. I got up and Susan went around theside of the shed and to its back side where the doorway was.(no door just a open doorway) She went up the three steps and stepped inside. I followed her inside the shed also. Susan first stepped over to the left of the door way of the shed. Looking back at the door way where she stood you could see the apartment house site.

This won't work Susan said to me. So Susan walked over going past the right side of the doorway. Then she checked the door way to look out through it. From the right side she told me as she looked out the door way; Dave now from here you are out of sight. Susan was right but there was a slight problem. There wasn't much space to the right of the door way. If I stood to watch Susan piss I would be in the door way. Vice versa if she was watching me plus both of us could not go together either for the lack of room.

What was takeing up the space was just some junk,trash,some carboard boxes filled with junk, and some scrap wood. So I asked Susan; How bad to you have to go? Susan said right back to me and asked; Why Dave? I replied; If you can wait I can make more room. Susan then told me she could wait but not to long. So she stepped out of the small clear area and I stepped over into it and went right to work.

I started with the scrap wood tossing it over to themiddel of the shed where there wasn't anything there. After several minutes had gone by I started moving the boxes by stacking them and slideing them also over to the middle. Did the same with the junk and trash and after several more minutes of doing my fast work the entire right side of the shed past the right side of the door way was now cleared out. Now Susan could piss in privacy not being seen from the doorway. I could too.

Susan quickly walked over from where she had been standing. Susa was wearing a pink top and a pair of elestic waisted black shorts. She only stood for a quick moment and she yanked her black shorts right down and started getting down into her squat.(Susan wasn't wearing panties which she did a lot) Just before she was down in her squat out from her vagina came her piss stream!

It was hard, nice wide short head, a short twist, hissed loudly :-), and immeadiatly on the wooden floor boards started making a good spreading piss puddle along with her piss splashing up from the floor boards too. I said to her after a few short seconds had passed; Gee Susan you did have to piss from the looks of it. Susan said as she was watching her own stream; Yeah I almost didn't make it.

Severla more seconds passed with neither of us saying anything. Then Susa glanced up and looked at me and she said to me; Dave this is fne for pissing. But I and then she giggled and then went on; Not for takeing a shit! I let out a little chuckle and thought to myslef that she was right. It wasn't. I asked Susan did she have to shit too. Susan said right back; No not this time Dave.

Well then maybe we'll have to fix it so you can or we can! I said to Susan. She gave me a quick glance again and went back watching her piss stream. By now it had eased some so it was no longer doing a loud hiss. In fact its hissing had stopped. Her streams wide head was gone too. Her stream still had its twist but it no longer had its outward angle. It was going straight down to the floor. It also was not splashing.

Susan pissed for several more short seconds and then she dribbled having wetting her crotch and had piss flowing off form her inner asscheeks for several seconds too. Then she stopped her dribbleing and nowsquated there with drops of piss dripping from her asscheeks which she stayed squating til she felt that she had stopped dripping. Then as she stood up she yanked up her black shorts up.

She stepped forward and turned around and she looked at the floor seeing her quite large piss puddle on the wooden floor boards. That was going to be a problem too. The wooden floor would soak up the piss but would hold the smell of piss. So something else now had to be done to take care of that too. I mentioned this now to Susan. In return she tod me I was right. Susan sounded very disapointed about ittoo. Oh well it's just not going to work then useing the shed Susan said to me.

Maybe not Susan I have a idea. I walked over to the right side of the shed. I started walking over the floor and stomped my one foot hard on the floor as I walked across te right side of the shed. I was checking to see how solid the floor was. When I got towards the back corner the floor boards there were not as solid as the others. They felt spongey.

Hey the floors weak over here in the corner Susan! I said loudly to her. It is? Susan said back to me. It is I said back to her. I went and checked to see how far the boards were this way. My check turned out that a area around two feet square was like this right over in the back corner. Also as luck with have it where the floor was soft it was a patch being a repair done before.

I then walked back over to the middle of the shed where I had tossed the scrap wood clearing out the right side. I had tossed some boards in with the wood and I dug them out. I knew right off they were long enough. I would have to cut them for they were to long. Plus after walking back over to the corner and haeing laying down four of the pieces of wood I would have to cut one down length wise too.

I said to Susan after doing this; Susan problem solved! She looked at me slightly puzzled. Come on with me and I'll explain as I get some needed tools. So she and I headed for the house I explained waht I was going to do. As soon as I got to where I had said makeing a opning in the floor and replace the boards Susan said excitedly; Dave a trap door like up at your house in the back room!

I laughed and we went inside the cellar. I got a tape measure, a pencil, a hand saw, hammer, and nails. Back outside to the shed we both went. Susan grabbed the four boards and took them outside to the picnic table along with the saw. I measured out the needed measurements for the replacement boards. Then I went outside and did all the needed cutting.

Now back inside we went. I then pulled up the boards in the floor and tossed them in the scrap pile. I also went over to the scrap pile and got out some more needed pieces of wood to cut up for a lip inside the opening in the floor so that my trap door could lay on. I now made my only mistake as I looked at the opening in the floor. I had just nails. Wood screws would be better. So I told Susan to go up and get the jar of woodscrews there on the shelf in the cellar.

Susan did and she was back in a few minutes with te jar of screws and a screwdriver. Now there was enough room to screw in the screws for the sheds floor was oe=ver theree feet above the ground. In fact it was four feet for I measured it. I then with Susans help she hed the lip peces and I screwed them in. Then I took and cut strips of the same pieces of wood that I used for the lip for the trap door I cut and nailed them to the pieces of wood makeing the trap door.

I set now the completed trap door into the opening and it fit nicely. All that was left now was to make a handle or something to lift it up to pull it out f the opening. When I was cleaning up earlier I remebered seeing a large broken woodn handled plain end screwdriver. So I and Susan both started going through the junk boxes lookig for it.

Susan found and with a loud TA DAH!!! Susan held it up high in the air. Good Girl Susan I said to her. I took the screwdriver slipped its end between the trapdoor and the floor boards and pryed upward. The trapdoor came right up and with my other hand pulled it up higher and moved it over to the wall and rested it there leaning on the wall. Then I picked the door back up and placed it back in the opening. I gave the screwdriver to Susan.

See if you can do it Susan. Susan slipped the screwdriver down through the slit and pryed upward with the screwdriver. It came right up and she then moved it away out of the opening. No problem! Susan said sounding quite pleased that she did it. Now we are all set Susan! Susan giggled hard and after she had stopped said to me; YES WE ARE! She placed the screwdriver on the nearby window sill which waas the backsde of the shed.

We walked outside and Susan told me to come up to the house. Let's get something to drink! She giggled a short hard giggle then said; We can then come back out and use it! I smiled and said back to Susan; Right you are! Several minutes later she and I were in the kitchen siting at the table with big glasses with ice and lemonade filled to the brim and sipping quickly the glasses of lemonade. To be continuied.


Poo round my friend's house

Hi everyone, Abbie here with a story from this weekend, but before I start a few responses to other posters:
New guy- in answer to your question I have had a poo outdoors a few times when its either been that or go in my pants, it happened once on the way home from school when I'd been holding it all day and I just couldn't wait any more, I did post this story (my first post in fact) and its on page 1856.
Anyway, back to today's story, on Saturday I was round Lucy's house with Katie, we'd just got back from a shopping trip in town and I was getting pretty desperate for a poo. I'd been needing it since we got on the bus a few hours before, I hadn't been since Wednesday when I'd managed to go to the loo during lunch break at school. On the journey back I noticed that Lucy was jiggling round and holding her belly so I guessed she wanted a poo as well. When we got to Lucy's house we went up to her room and started trying on the clothes we'd bought. I could feel my poo moving closer and closer to my bum hole and knew I couldn't wait much longer. I realised how desperate Lucy was when she took off her jeans and top to try her new dress on, as she bent down to get the dress out of the shopping bag I noticed there was a poo stain on her pale yellow knickers. Just as she was about to put the dress on she grabbed her stomach and said "I really need the loo" and walked off to the bathroom in just her bra and knickers, as she went out of the door she said "I might be a while, I've been having a hard time lately".
Basically from talking to Katie and Lucy it seems that the school toilets are affecting us all in the same way, they normally want a poo part way through the day as well but put off going, and as a result we're all finding it hard to push our poo out when we do get round to using the toilet. Well, at least theres a couple of other people who know what its like and we understand that we might need to spend a while on the loo.
"Actually I need a poo as well" I admitted to Katie, I was having to clench my bum and was getting worryed that the poo would start to come out in my pants.
"Oh well, I only went yesterday so I doubt I'll need to go again for another few days" said Katie. "Anyway I never seem to want to go at weekends when it might actually be easy for a change."
"Neither do I usually, today's my lucky day" I said. "Normally I need it part way through a lesson and then have to use those gross main loos at lunch as the other ones are shut."
"Yeah, me too," said Katie, "I never get time to go at morning break."
We chatted for a bit longer and tried on some more clothes while I got more and more desperate. So far Katie had been trying on tops but just then she took a skirt out of the bag and took off her jeans, she was wearing white pants which had a noticable brown stain in them. She caught me looking and blushed a bit as she said "These are my period pants, I had a massive accident in them a while ago and the stain never came out." Just at that moment Lucy came back, a bit red but looking a lot happier. I was just putting my jeans back on but I threw them on her bed and quickly dashed out of the room saying "Sorry but I'm bursting", feeling the poo starting to poke out into my pink knickers. Once in the bathroom I closed the door, pulled my pants down and sat on the loo, I could still smell what Lucy had done and there were some massive streaks in the toilet bowl. I started to push and the poo began to come out slowly, as usual it was pretty hard and solid. I caught my breath and pushed as hard and as long as I could and the turd slid out slowly, after what seemed like ages pushing like that it started to move faster and eventually plopped down into the bowl. I could feel another one waiting to come out so I took a deep breath and started to push again, I could feel myself going red and getting hot and bothered. I was having to push so hard I was grunting and screwing my face up but I was desperate to get it all out and the bathroom was quite far away from Lucy's room so I didn't think I would be heard. After another 10 minutes I finally felt empty, I wiped my bum, pulled up my pants and washed my hands before going back to join Lucy and Katie and get dressed properly (I'd left my jeans in Lucy's room!)
I hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post more soon. Bye!!

Natalie X

Almost pooed my pants!

Just a short story...

I was out at the pub with my friends when suddenly out of no where my insides growled deeply and loud, i bent over holding my stomach moaning ooooo. A low pitched wet fart slipped out that really didnt show good signs ahead. From then on i knew what had to be done. I told my girls where i was going and made a dash to the ladies. I was holding my but trying not to fart but it wasn't exactly working too well, they kept seeping out. Tbh at that moment i was so worried about soiling myself! I made it to a stool with no seconds to spare, so without thinking i quickly pulled down my jeans and thong and the moment i placed my butt i started pooing out slush. I couldn't help but to hold my belly and moan in sweet relief as i was biting my bottom lip. It all came out so violent. It was almost as if my butt was a volcano spewing out lava (my shit) at an exreme rate. My bottom was spurting out poo rather noisely at this stage, i was still moaning because of the relief i actually thought that i was gonna poo all over my thong and jeans. Thank you taco's!

Natalie X

To Phoebe: That was an incredible story! Can't wait to hear about your date with Joel. Sounds like you may have come up with a new business practice too. I would certainly pay for that kind of treatment.


Re: Desparate Schoolgirl

To Wendy (Kirsty's Girlfriend)
Your post reminded me of something I dealt with regarding one of my girlfriend's kids.
She had had a poo accident while out one day but had decided to hide the evidence... in a carrier bag in one of the drawers under her bed.

By the time her jeans were found (with knickers still inside), they were ruined and had to be thrown away. They were her best jeans too.

My gf was mad about it but I said I'd talk to her daughter.
I explained that I'd found her jeans. And that I wasn't having a go at her for having the accident, because let's face it - everyone does at some point.
I told her that I was just disappointed she didn't feel she could tell me or her mum about it - because if she had said something straight away, maybe the jeans could have been saved by a good wash.

While we were talking, she mentioned that she was in the woods when it happened.

Your post got me thinking again...
With kids these days being a lot less outdoorsy than previous generations, do they just not know how to relieve themselves outdoors anymore? Do they need to be taught the techniques, tips and tricks?

I can't believe that girl stood there in shock doing both in her pants when she could just have whipped them down before doing so.
I suppose she worked it out soon enough after that when she squatted to get rid of the rest.

I enjoyed pooing outdoors when I was in high school and still do occasionally as the need arises.
Sadly that's not as often as it used to be, as I don't work in remote areas anymore.


to Jake

I would like to hear all of your stories.

There was one poster who posted that she has never been able to admit to a date that she has to pee. She wanted advice, so I posted that the only thing that will help her is being older. It's not possible to speed up the maturation process. She hasn't posted in a while. I don't know if she has made any progress.

Some people who are very young, don't have any problem admitting that they have to pee. Other people, who are shy by nature, will have to be older to admit to a teacher or girlfriend/boyfriend that they have to pee.


Hotel room bathrooms

I stumbled upon this site about a month ago; it is interesting to read some of the stories here.

I have a question: If you stay at a hotel, have you ever purposely not flushed the toilet after a BM, especially when you check out?

The reason I ask is that I am at hotels several times a year for the company I work for, usually for several days at a time. I eat quite a lot when I'm out and will always have a BM right before I leave the hotel to return home. By far, my BMs are largest when I am traveling and it feels good to have a healthy and large BM in the privacy of the hotel room bathroom before heading out. I am quite pleased with the size of my BM and have gotten into the habit of putting used toilet paper on the side of the bowl so as not to cover up my business. I guess I am proud of a healthy big poop and and wouldn't mind others seeing it. And I know the maids will be around to clean the room within a short period of time after I check out, and to have someone see it, especially a woman, just gives me a bit of a high.

So, I'm just curious if others do this. And, although I've never asked how a woman would feel about seeing an unflushed toilet with a large BM, I'd be curious to know: would you be interested in seeing it or would you be grossed out. Men can answer too, but I'd be curious about how women would react.

Megan from Calgary

Sarah's Accidents

The last time I posted was about my sister Melanie's accidents. Our best friend Sarah, who is Melanie's age, has certainly had her fair share of accidents herself, which is quite evident in her many postings on this message board. I have not been around for all of them, in fact, I have only been with her on a few occasions when she has had an accident in her pants. Here is what I remember of them…

When I was in grade 10 and Melanie and Sarah were in grade 12 and before my family moved from Kingston, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta, Sarah messed herself one Saturday afternoon at our cottage. Melanie, Sarah, my best friend Laura and I drove out to our cottage for the day. I wasn't actually there for this one, but I was when everyone got back to our cottage. It was in April, I think and Melanie and Sarah had just gone out to lunch in a near by diner with a few guys that we had met previously. Anyway, I was hanging out with my best friend Laura when the four of them got back to the house. Sarah was walking funny and she and Melanie went straight upstairs. The guys came in and sat down quietly on the couch. Laura and I talked to them for a few minutes and then decided to go upstairs to see what Melanie and Sarah were up to. We could hear the shower running and I knocked on the door to see what was going on. Mel opened it up and told me that Sarah had gotten sick on their walk back from the diner. Her shorts and underwear were in a pile on the floor and Mel went to her dresser to get her a clean pair of shorts and underwear to wear for the ride home. The clothes were somewhat out dated, but we always kept extra clothes at the cottage anyway. When Sarah was done in the shower, she got dressed and put her soiled clothes in a plastic bag to take home to clean.

The next accident of Sarah's that I remember happening, did not occur until we were all living in Calgary. Sarah and I were shopping at the Chinook Centre. She was complaining about having cramps and that her period was really heavy. We had made several trips to the ladies room so she could change her pad. At one point she got really quiet and I asked her what was wrong. She said that she was having diarrhea and had an accident on her maxi pad. We hurried to the closest ladies room that we could find and by the time we got there, her panties and pad were filled. I helped her clean up by passing her both dampened and dry paper towels. She put on a new pad, washed her hands and we went home.

I think it was New Year's Eve of 2008 when the next one happened. The six of us, Mel, Sarah and I along with our dates, went out for a nice dinner and then to a big New Year's concert event that had some big bands playing. We were dancing and I remember looking over to Sarah and she said something to her then fiancé, Steven, and she hurried out of the room. I followed her and grabbed Mel on my way out. Sarah went straight to the ladies room and stood in line. She had a very pained expression on her face and Mel asked her if she was okay. She said that she was having diarrhea and had a small accident in her lacy bikini underwear while she was dancing with Steven. She said that she was trying not to lose everything into her underwear and nylons, but by the time we finally got her into a stall, she had lost control of her bowels and pooped in her underwear and nylons quite badly. Melanie and I both helped her get cleaned up. We had to throw away her nylons. A bunch of other women in the ladies room were very nice and helped her get cleaned up as well. I washed out her underwear and then dried them under the hand dryer. It took forever. When we were finally done, and Sarah had her underwear back on, we met up with the guys again and they asked what had taken us so long. We told them that we decided to get some fresh air outside for a while. The guys did not notice that Sarah was no longer wearing her nylons. How typical.

The last one that comes to memory happened on Canada Day, 2009. Melanie and her fiancé Eric picked up Sarah and Steven and then came over to my and my boyfriend Mark's place. We had a nice barbeque and then went to Prince's Island Park for some Canada Day festivities. As we were walking around the park, Sarah said that she needed to use the toilet. Before we got there, she had pooped in her white and red Canada underwear and tan capri pants. I told the guys that we needed to go back to my place. They stayed behind to watch the bands play. On our walk back, Sarah messed herself again and leaked through her underwear and capri pants. It was really hot that day and we didn't have anything to tie around her waist. I felt really bad for her. When we got to my place, Sarah went into the shower to clean herself up. I gave her a pair of my full cut underwear and a pair of capri pants. The underwear fit her like bikini underwear and the capri pants looked like shorts on her. For what ever reason, that's how things go with her and I. Her bikini underwear fits me like full cuts and my full cut underwear fits her like bikini's. Anyway, the underwear I gave her I had an accident in myself. They were a light yellow colour and I could still see the stain from my diarrhea accident in them. I will tell the story of what happened to me in that underwear at a later time.

Anyway, those are just a few stories I had to share about Sarah's accidents from my point of view. I'm sure there are others, but I just can't think of them right now.

I think I will get back to Part Six of my accidents in my next post.



Camp Story

hello everybody! me again! i have another toilet story from when i was at camp, back before i was with my girlfriend.

near the end of the school year our high school thought it would be a great idea to kick off the summer with a camping trip. we usually went out to the lakes up here which are absolutely gorgeous in the summer. since i was a part of the sports advisory i had to go as well as the rest of the sports advisory team, a bunch of teachers, and parents. there was a good amount of people who went, at least thirty-five. since i broke my leg in an accident prior to the trip, i had to stay behind when everyone went canoeing. all i did was help run a few errands here and there.

about an hour after the students left i could feel some real intense pressure building up in my intestines. it just hit me out of nowhere with zero warning. it was terribly hot that day, so i think the heat was to blame. i knew i needed to find a toilet quickly but there were no facilities of any kind in sight. i was panicking, because i knew i was going to have an accident in the next couple of minutes, and to make it even worse i was using crutches, so i wasnt moving too fast. i was clenching my crack shut with every ounce of strength, and just when all hope seemed lost i saw a sign that pointed out the direction of the toilets.

i had to follow a dirt path through the woods to get to them. after going along the path for a minute i finally found them. it was an old wooden structure and i knew immediately it was a latrine, but i was never so glad to see one in my life. i almost lost it when i saw it, so i regained my strength then headed in. i walked inside and there were 3 holes. i decided to take the one at the end. i got to the end, put my crutches in the corner, pulled my pants and boxers down then thudded onto the latrine.

as soon as i got in place i felt like my gut dropped and my ass exploded, i could feel hot liquid crap pour out of me. there were some chunks in it, and it wasn't really gassy. the relief was amazing, and nothing felt better than to feel all that crap pouring out of me.

i was sitting there for a couple minutes when somebody else came in. i looked up and to my surprise it was nathans mom. "oh, kyle, this is the womens latrine, just to let you know." she said. i paused for a second then i said "sorry, i was in a hurry, and i wasn't paying attention." she just smiled and said "thats alright. i actually had to take care of some business of my own. mind if i join you?" i replied "not at all." she seemed rather reluctant that i said yes as she came over. she pulled her cargos all the way down, then pulled down her black thong. she sat her tanned bum down on the hole right by me.

she put her hands on her knees, then spread her legs, then she unleashed a massive flow of diarrhea. "i think its the heat thats causing this." she said. i agreed with her. she was having real noisy diarrhea too, lots of gas, and i could hear it making impact with all the pee and poo at the bottom. she was holding her stomach as she bent over and released more into the latrine. she was breathing heavily as well, as she strained to force it out. "are you alright?" i asked. "yeah, im just having some major cramps in my bowels." she replied. then it was like my instinct took over as i asked "mind if i help?" she opened her eyes then looked at me and smiled as she invited me to do so. i quickly wiped, then pulled my pants up. i then hobbled over to her and i started to massage her stomach. i helped her out alot, since i could hear her bowels just emptying at incredible speeds. she moaned as the last bit of her diarrhea flowed out of her.

"kyle... you were so..." she said. i interrupted "helpful, i know." i said that as i handed her some tp. she wiped, and just as i was about to leave with my crutches she got up, still with her pants and thong down, and kissed me so hard on the lips. we started making out right there when she pulled back and smiled and said thanks. "anytime" i replied. her smile widened as she gave me another kiss, while squeezing my bum. she came close and whispered in my ear "i would love it if we could do this again." i smiled as she said that. she then pulled up her pants and thong, then we both left feeling very satisfied. it appears that alot of the other camper got the same thing, about ten of them came back with diarrhea, and most got it later the next day. it truly was a camping trip ill never forget.

Linda, I'm rarely constipated, but still know its no fun, so I'm glad to hear you got out a massive load the other day. I know you said you had to go, so hopefully you were able to get out another big load and are back on a winning streak!

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Accident at customer services

At work today I was on the customer services desk when I noticed a girl of about 15 or so looking worried. She seemed to be looking for something but wouldn't ask anyone for directions. She wasn't very successfull & kept going past the desk. I thought she might be a shoplifter so I got security to watch her. Eventualy I found out I was totaly wrong when she came up to customer services to ask where the toilets were. She was in a panic especialy when I broke the news to her that we're only a small store & don't have any customer toilets. The poor girl began to cry as the smell of poo filled the air. People were holding thier noses as she stood there filling her pants with a huge amount of diarrhoea. It was running down her legs & a large brown pool formed at her feet. She must have been desperate for a long time to have such a big accident like that. When she was done she ran out of the store leaving a trail of brown footprints as she went.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A Blast from the Past

Hi Everyone.Hope you are all OK.

A long time ago, when my cousin Annie, who was 8 when I was ten, would sometimes visit.Before she was driven on the two hour trip home, she would have a poo.She was completely shameless about pooping with the door open, and I would often have conversations with her whilst she plooped, and farted a lot.She was a fat little blonde girl with spectacles.We had an agreement that i would not tell either my parents or hers about this.Sadly my parents had a bitter bust up with her parents and for nearly twenty years I had not heard anything about her.

I was on holiday for the tail end of last week, and it was agreed that we could visit Uncle Ted and Aunt Liz (names changed) for dinner on the last day we were in the East Midlands, which was Friday.I was interested to see how Annie had grown up.She had left home and was a respected middle manager in a local firm.I was told we might see her, but to assume she could not get away.

As we arrived I was expecting Annie to turn ou to be a chubby, bespectacled matron type.I was pleasantly surprised when a very attractive blonde woman opened the door.

She looked exactly like Sarah Harding from the Pop Band Girls Aloud.Annie was only just in from work so she was wearing a short dark blue skirt, and an orange blouse, and had yet to kick off her black shoes.

Annie, Ted and Liz all made us welcome and after a couple of hours talking we had a very substantial dinner.Annie said that she had been eating pies all day at work but still managed to wolf very large quantities of food down.

After lunch, Uncle Ted disappered to the downstairs toilet with newspaper, my parents and Liz started a boring political discussion, which Annie and me soon tired of.

I saw Annie leave and I assumed go into the lounge so I pooped in to catch up whth her.No sign of her.I needed a pee so I walked upstairs to use the other toilet. I remembered it had wierd doors - like those folding ones at a fire station.This gave the user little privacy and made it pretty obvious what was going on inside.

I saw Annie seated on the toilet with her blue skirt hitched round her waist and her white pants - which had noticeable brown stains- around her ankles.She said Hi and started talking to me without any embarassment as though she was just sitting on the sette in the lounge.

I had a strange sense of deja vu, as she briefy tinkled. She continued takling, and suddenly farted very loudly but quickly.This was followed immidiately by four plops shooting out fast with a PLOPPLOPPLOPPLOP!!

I said to her that she must have felt better after that.She replied that she wuld be ages yet and that she was still very desperate. She continued having a perfectly normal conversation with me, although every ten seconds there was a catch in her breath and a loud PLOP! from the toilet.Every three plops, she would fart very loudly followed by a very rapid PLOPPLOPPLOP as three smaller and harder poops would shoot.

She sat there for some time as the unending PLOP PLOP PLOP FAAAART!PLOPPLOPPLOP! PLOP PLOP PLOP FAAART!PLOPPLOPPLOP sounds came from the toilet.I lost count of how many plops she did - I gave up at 20!

After a few minutes the plops became less frequent and she was sitting there for a minute until she said "I've got a big one coming!"

SHe did a loud bassy fart follwed immediately by a THWOCKPLOOOOOOP!!This was follwed by another loud fart and loud KERSPLONKKKKK!

She then sat there and said " I alwsys have to stay on loo for a couple of minutes after I think I 've finished because I do what I call an aftershock poo.Yep, my belly is cramping and I just know it won't be long.

She sat there another minute until she said "See what I mean". She let rip with an explosive wet fart and this was rapidly follwed by a PLIP_PLIP_PLIP+PLOPPERTY_PLOPPERTY_PLOP_PLOP_PLIP-PLOPERTTY_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP_PLOP. SHe sighed with relief and flushed the toilet.

She wiped her bottom twice, and pulled up her pants and hitched her skirt back down.She flushed again and left me to have a pee before joing her in the lounge.She said "By the way Hermes, I think we'd better stick to our old secret arrangement" as she grinned mischeivously and winked.

I noticed that three small hard poops were left behind in the toilet and that there was very heavy brown staining in the bottom of the bowl, as I peed.

The visit was apparently so successful according to my parents that we are apparently going round Annie's house the next time we are in Nottingham!

Bye for now, take care

Hermes xxx

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