Rag Muffin Reanna

Part 2--My Lingering Need to Crap

This is the conclusion of my story of not being able to crap the several times I sat down and tried at my high school last Friday and then how that full-up awful feeling below my belt continued into Saturday when we left for our out-of-town debate trip.

My Dad woke me up at 4:30 a.m. so I only had like three hours sleep. I didn't need to pee but I still felt that full-up feeling below my waste as I put on my new pant suit outfit and raced downstairs to the garage where my Dad was already in the car. Our team travels to debate tournaments in a 15-passenger van which was scheduled to leave our school at 5 a.m. Our coach is great, but she embarrasses anyone who holds up the team, and I didn't want it to be me. She had the door closest to our classroom proped open and I saw my debate partner Tank walk into the classroom door. I told him to get the evidence tubs ready while I went down the hall and hoped to take my long-lingering crap. I felt some activity below my belt and that full-up feeling was something I didn't want to deal with all day, especially since some of our tournaments go as late as 11 p.m. As I pushed the girls bathroom door open, I was surprised that the lights were off, and I fumbled on the wall for a switch, only to remember that there's a key that faculty and janitors use to turn them on. Even though the first two or three stalls are doorless, I decided to use the first one because I had privacy. As I reached down to put my finger over the front of the seat, because I didn't want to make the mistake of having the seat up and falling into the water (been there, done that!), while I was pulling my pants and underwear down, a loud and steady pee stream started in the stall to my right. Then there was a thud of something hitting the floor just to the right of my shoe. That was followed by a flashing light like that of a flashlight but it was much smaller so I figured someone was in the second stall and had their cell phone out. Suddenly, I heard "Is that you Reanna?" I recognized the voice of Cassi, a college student who is one of our assistant coaches. The pee stream was still going and I told her it was me and that I hoped to crap right then and there rather than being in the van in the middle of our drive to our tournament school, and then having the emergency.

Just as Cassi's pee stream was subsiding, I heard her take a swig of something and then sigh. She said it was from a thermos of coffee that had taken her through the night, because she had been editing cases for three of our teams. She slid the thermos with her left hand under the stall partition to me and said coffee has also physiced her. At first I didn't know, what that word meant, but I figured it out. Then I heard splashes from her toilet and a sigh and I knew it was working. I took the top off the thermos, leaned my head back as a sat and started drinking. The first swig was too big and much too hot. She heard me swear and cry out. Then she said something sarcastic about knowing the difference between the capabilities of a hot plate and a thermos, but the coffee was good and I think I quickly finished off the remainder (about a cupfull) and did feel a little more activity in my gut. At that point, the restroom door opened and within about five seconds our Coach inserted the light key and the lights quickly lit up the room. She said "good morning" and then made some sarcastic remark about how good we looked. I think at that point Cassi (who is one of her graduates from 2007) playfully flipped her off and then Coach said something to Cassi about a "spastic finger needing control." I tried to hold back the laugh but couldn't.

Cassi finished wiping, flushed and then left for the room. She stuck her head back in about two minutes later and said the others were in the van and Tank was finishing loading the tubs. I knew what that meant: traveling with my crap in-holding and being the last in the van. I grabbed the thermos, and since I had nothing to flush, made a run outside into the cold to get into the van. I was the last person in, but Tank had reserved a seat for me.

About an hour into the trip I steadily got that feeling that my crap was coming and that I needed to get onto a stool ASAP. I think I was even starting to smell, but Tank didn't say anthing because he was working on his lap top. Finally, our Coach saw a highway rest stop sign and said she was going to gas up then rather than wait until after the tournament and pump the fuel in the middle of the night. Luckily I was closest to the door and I ran fast for the toilet because I figured it was a one-staller and I need to be the first in. Two other girls followed me and I heard them talking about their bladders bursting. It was so disheartening to run past the cashier and to the bathroom and to see the womens door closed. I tried to open it and the lock showed "occupied". I immediately looked across the hall and saw that the mens room was open. I quickly ducked in, dropped the seat, and had my clothing down and I was seated in less than 15 seconds.

There was a big fart explosion and as I spread my legs wider on the pretty cold seat I could feel a very wide crap sliding out. It seemed like it was 10 seconds long and moving fast. Then I felt empty. In my haste, I hadn't even turned the light on. Now I made a long reach and flicked it on. I stood and literally found a crap snaked around itself that was probably over two feet in continuous size. I grabbed for the toilet paper as I straddled the toilet and I was pretty clean. It had slid out amazingly clean. I grabbed the flusher, flicked it down, and while there was the start of the flush, nothing went down. I couldn't wait to even wash my hands. I pulled up my pants, fumbling with the top button briefly, and then opened up the door and ran back to the van. Coach was still at the pump and I noticed the van had taken more than $50 worth of gas already and she was still pumping.

Tank started to ask me if I was successful and I just winked. He knew what I meant. We had a long day, I had one more crap, although much smaller after fourth round, but we won all five rounds of our debates and got medals.

I just wish my bowels would give me a break when I'm stressed out!

Scott R

Eating suhar free polos

Has anyone ever done this? I had heard about sugar free polos having a sweetener in them that acts as a laxative if you eat them to excess. I bought a pack not long ago and on the way back from the shop I ate them all quickly. About four hours later, I was eating dinner and not long before finishing, I suddenly felt what was like a rush of water go right through me, I was going to hold it until finishing but I just couldn't. I was about to poo myself, I made me way quickly to the toilet and as soon as I sat down, I torrent of liquid shot out of me. I sat for a few minutes when suddenly I had a cramp and a lot more liquid came out. After that I was done. I did have to rush back to the loo a couple more times. Anyone else have any experiences like this with a laxative?


Keith D
Have been dropping such big bombs lately! Every two days or so. I get a really strong urge around lunchtime. But as usual once I am seated on the pot the urge magically goes away. I have been experimenting with a few new seating positions lately. Mixing it up a bit. I find that after a while, changing seating position while pooping can make it much easier.

I usually lean forward or semi squat. I find it helps to build pressure and force it all out. But following some other people on here, I have tried leaning back instead. It is making a bit of difference. When I lean right back, my ring seems to relax more and it actually starts the log down and out of the whole. It will probably work for a month or so, then like usual, I will have to find a new position or trick to make me go again.

To Linda from Australia: Sounds like you were able to drop a massive load! Must have felt really good. Am very jealous. Those banana shaped turds sound impressive. Would be my favourite type of log. Just the right thickness to stretch me open a bit, with nice tapering ends so that they are gentle on my hole. Would love to be able to drop more than one at a sitting.


Hi Esteban! And another doorless stall dump

Esteban-Glad to see you are still around. To bad your favorite restrooms are being bulldozed. That happened to many of the ones that I would sometimes use near the beach. Living near the coast, there are miles of beaches, and oftentimes, restrooms. The ones at the beach near my college had 2 doorless stalls that you had to walk past as you entered. I used those a few times. They had mirrors and sinks right in front of the stalls so you could see your neighbor as he undid hid shorts and then sat down, disappearing out of view. At the beach a couple of miles down, the stalls were also in front of the sinks and mirrors. The person in the handicapped stall could be easily seen by everyone at the sinks because of the angle of the mirror to the large stall. And another restroom near the pier had the stall directly opposite the entrance. That one was a little bit more unnerving to use because everyone entering the restroom had to walk directly towards you to get to the urinals or sinks. I stand when I wipe, so I must have been quite a sight since I would only be wearing shorts at my ankles while cleaning up!

I was walking through the park with a friend of mine and I needed to use the restroom. He did too and so we entered and went over to use the urinals. We finished up there and as he was washing up, I walked over to the toilets and said, "actually, I need to take another minute because I gotta take a crap" He said, "sure, don't hurry for me." He said he would be waiting for me outside and I told him, ok, unless you still wanna talk to me. He laughed and said "no, I'll be standing upwind," as I was unbuttoning and lowering my shorts. He just saw my white briefs, briefly. I took a crap, which was GREAT, because I had eaten bran cereal that morning which had worked it's way through.

I knew I had to take a crap, but for some reason I didn't want to dump while he was taking a leak. Maybe because i didn't want him to hear me or smell me. I'm not sure. I don't think i care if he sees me on the toilet, but I'm not sure. He's a newer friend, so we'll see how he handles a future dump, which I'm sure there will be.

Desperate to poop

Panty Stained poop


I slightly messed my panties today. Went for a walk around our local lake and half way round I needed a pooh (despite having gone for a little one before we left). As I continued to walk round (it's a circular route) my need increased and increased and nearing the end I started to leak a little into my panties. It felt cold and a bit uncomfortable.

I finally made it back and told my G/F I'd have to go the toilet whilst she got the coffees.

I got there and there was a line of 3 ladies waiting for the 2 toilets. One lady went in quite quickly. I was now pretty desperate for a runny poop. There was also now a queue behind me. We had to wait five minutes when the second cubicle opened up and the first lady was able to go in. I was now having to hold my bum clenched shut (and could feel a pee as well). She only had to pee and was out in a few minutes allowing the tall blonde in front to go in. The other lady was still going in the other cubicle. I had to wait another three minutes the finally the first cubicle opened up and the lady came out. I dashed in and locked the door before sitting down and unleashing some soft serve with rapid plops. ohhh the relief. I surveyed the panties and there was some blobs of poop on them. I cleaned them as best I could and continued sitting and shitting for another 6 mins. Finally I felt finished wiped, flushed and put a little paper down my pants before flushing and leaving.

There was quite a queue waiting and I apologised.

Happy Pooping all



Alright guys, I've been lurking for a little while, and I've finally built up the balls to post. I need some help. I'm a 17-year-old senior in High School, and for as long as I've been in school, younger years included, I've never been able to bring myself to ask to go to the bathroom. It's gotten to the point where I'm half-spurting into my jeans, and I'll always hold it. I'm not afraid to share stories, if you guys would like to hear them (trust me, I've got some from 1st grade through this year) but I really need some advice. It doesn't matter if the teacher is male or female, a substitute or my every-day teacher. I cannot bring myself to ask. It's gotten painful a few times, and on a few humiliating occasions, I've claimed I was 'feeling sick' to be excused without having to admit that I was absolutely dying for a piss. I guess part of it is being a guy-you know, don't admit to the 'weakness' of your bladder, especially in front of people-and I never really show signs of desperation, if I can help it. I'll be bursting, completely dying, and because I don't want to show my desperation, I won't do much more than squirm and fidget or hold myself through my pocket, if my jeans are loose enough. But please, any advice would be highly appreciated, because I haven't wet myself yet, and I really don't want to anytime soon, but sometimes it's so bad, that I have trouble walking out to my car and driving home at the end of the day.

Teddy Bear

I don't like soft poop!

I love to visit this site although I haven't posted for a while. I've enjoyed all the things written about in these pages for a long time.
I am really intrigued that some people prefer their poos to be soft; I reckon the firmer the better.I like to do and watch nice solid Jobie's;
especially if it's happening in my or someone Else's pants.
My fascination with wees and poos goes back to when the girl next door and me were kids. Kathy had no inhibitions and would do both jobs any-
where under her house or in the garden.... mostly her poos were pretty good ones. Being very shy Kathy had to coax me for a while before I would use her metal sand bucket for a potty; thankfully I was able to do a nicely formed poo for my very appreciative friend.
Although I was looking forward to starting school the following year, I was very apprehensive about using the toilets there. I was able to avoid doing any bm's at school for the first few weeks but then one time during morning class I got the urge;I hadn't been for a couple of days so I needed to do a big poop but I was still determined to hold it in til I got home...During first recess I was sitting on a bench in the playground when I knew how badly I needed to go potty; I was bounc- ing up and down on my bottom and frantically clenching my butt cheeks when the firm tip of my Jobie started to come out.I struggled to pull it back in but my anus stretched open widely; as I leaned forward I did the entire job in my undies.... The bell rang while this drama was happening so I had to go back to class; I couldn't hide the odor or large bulge. I felt really humiliated when all the other kids teased me for pooing my pants...... Despite this being such a nightmare I found some aspects of the experience strangely enjoyable; I rather liked the sensation of doing a large solid poop particularly the way my anus was forced to stretch open to let it come out.
Basically these early experiences lay the foundation for my life long obsession with wees and poos. Now that I am in my 50's I have a few stories to share. I'll send my next post as soon as I can.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Another pooing session i the shed

I went back to the old shed this morning to have a poo. I hadn't been since wednesday & it's now friday so I was busting to. By the time I reached the field I was getting desperate & walking across the rough ground made it harder to control my bowels. I made it into the trees surrounding the shed but as I got nearer the shed I felt my bowels pushing & I couldn't stop the soft poo from escaping into my knickers. I filled them completely & still needed to go really badly. I got into the shed & took my jeans off & luckily the was no mess in them. My knickers had held it all but they were bulging out heavily & I took them off & put them in the bucket. I squatted over the bucket to push out the rest of my huge load & peed a lot too. After wiping with the paper towel I left the shed to head home feeling very relieved.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Desperate poo on my smoke break

On my smoke break this morning I felt a desperate urge to have a poo. We only get a 5 minute smoke break & by the time I finished my fag I realy had to go. I knew I'd be late back to my checkout but I couldn't risk pooing myself so I ran to the toilet & just about made it in time. I quickly pulled my trousers & panties down & sat down with a thump as my bowels exploded into the toilet. I don't know what I'd eaten to upset my stomach like that but it really cleared me out. I kept going for ages & by the time I was ready to wipe I'd been on the toilet for 25 minutes pooing my brains out. I got to my till to find my team leader waiting for me with a face like thunder. She held her watch in my face & told me, "A smoke break is 5 minutes not 30!" I explained my situation but she didn't believe I couldn't wait untill lunch time. I knew I would have definately messed my panties if I'd waited that long so I had no choice really.

So I work at a daycare in the 2 and 3 year old room.

The other day one of the bigger boys who is still in diapers was just playing with the toys when he stood up and bent over And grabbed the chair in front of him and he started grunting loudly and got very red in the face....he said in a strained voice
.I'm trying to poop. I let him continue doing that for about 5 minutes And then I checked his diaper and there was nothing in it which I thought was strange since he had been grunting for 5 minutes.... he then went back to playing And he did this a couple more times throughout the day and never did poop. I felt bad for him cause he was trying so hard to poop but couldn't..........

So yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back and it is so painful to even move
It is also making pooping very difficult for me to do because I have to push a lot to get my logs out which is very painful when you have a strained back so I have not pooed the last two days and wont be able to until my back gets better..
....I am going to get so constipated.....well I'm gonna go for now
My boyfriend is going to massage my back...will post again soon!

Car mom: It definitely would have sounded different if she was crapping herself - not to mention smelled different. Great stories, keep it up.


Summer delight with Maggie

Although I've been visiting this site for quite a while this is my first post. I want to relate something that happened over fifty years ago, when I was aged eleven, which has remained fresh in my mind ever since.
The houses my friends and I lived in were mostly built in the mid-1930s and there was a large field nearby which had been set aside for building, but never used because of the outbreak of war. Part of the field was used by us children as a football pitch, but a large area was covered by rosebay willow herb, which we called fireweed. This grew taller than us in summer and had lots of pink flowers. We made a maze of paths through it and were well hidden, spending whole days playing together, boys and girls.
One lunchtime all our playmates had gone home to eat leaving my friend Tom and a girl I'll call Maggie and me alone among the fireweed. Maggie was a year or so older than us and I thought she was wonderful, with long fair hair and a pretty face. Us boys were always trying to persuade the girls to let us see them pee, usually without success.
The boys had no qualms about peeing in front of the girls and I don't think most of them paid us much attention when we did. This day both Tom and I peed in front of Maggie and began coaxing her to let us watch her. Eventually she agreed, pretending to be very reluctant, although if she had really wanted she could easily have returned to her home which was only a couple of minutes walk away.
"You can only watch if you both stand behind me", she said. Of course we agreed and she started to lift her skirt. She was wearing a long floral patterned skirt and a white blouse. Her knickers were quite large and pale pink. She squatted down with her knickers below her knees and lifted her skirt high, bunched above her waist. I watched in delight and wonder as a stream of piss started to spurt to the ground between her legs. Being behind her I could only see the stream, not its source, but her bum crack was clearly visible. I was completely thrilled at the sight before me. Tom on the other hand appeared to lose interest in proceedings and wandered off. All too soon the stream of pee died away and I expected Maggie to adjust her clothing again. Instead she turned her head, smiled up at me and said "I haven't quite finished yet!" To my surprise she began to strain and grunt a little and the head of a turd started to protrude from her bum. It fell to the ground to be quickly followed by two more, then Maggie said "That's all, now". We had no paper to wipe with, but I found two large dock leaves and gave them to her. Finally she pulled her knickers up, straightened her long flowery skirt and the show was over. If there was any smell I don't remember it, perhaps it was lost in the fresh air.
We never mentioned the incident again and unfortunately it was never repeated. I think Tom was rather disgusted when he knew what had happened, but I visited the spot for days to look at the souvenir Maggie had left under the two dock leaves. To this day I cannot see a woman in a long floral skirt without thinking of Maggie and the summer of 1959.



Alright guys, I've been lurking for a little while, and I've finally built up the balls to post. I need some help. I'm a 17-year-old senior in High School, and for as long as I've been in school, younger years included, I've never been able to bring myself to ask to go to the bathroom. It's gotten to the point where I'm half-spurting into my jeans, and I'll always hold it. I'm not afraid to share stories, if you guys would like to hear them (trust me, I've got some from 1st grade through this year) but I really need some advice. It doesn't matter if the teacher is male or female, a substitute or my every-day teacher. I cannot bring myself to ask. It's gotten painful a few times, and on a few humiliating occasions, I've claimed I was 'feeling sick' to be excused without having to admit that I was absolutely dying for a piss. I guess part of it is being a guy-you know, don't admit to the 'weakness' of your bladder, especially in front of people-and I never really show signs of desperation, if I can help it. I'll be bursting, completely dying, and because I don't want to show my desperation, I won't do much more than squirm and fidget or hold myself through my pocket, if my jeans are loose enough. But please, any advice would be highly appreciated, because I haven't wet myself yet, and I really don't want to anytime soon, but sometimes it's so bad, that I have trouble walking out to my car and driving home at the end of the day.

Kate M.

Sugar bush pee outside

A few years ago I took a day trip to the sugar bush. I had lunch which consisted of pancakes and sausages with maple syrup (the real stuff). I also had 2 cups of coffee for lunch. We had some time to walk the trails on the property. I had been walking then the coffee hit me and I had to pee urgently. I did not want to go back to the building with bathrooms so I looked around and nobody was in the immediate vicinity. I found a secret place to pee, squatted down, pulled down my elastic waisted jogging pants and let loose. I peed and peed then got up and continued walking. Elastic waisted pants are great for a quick urgent pee. I enjoy peeing outside - it feels natural. I like peeing on ferns, on sand, on leaves, etc. I also like peeing underwater while swimming at the beach. One time when I was a kid, I was playing in the snow and wearing ski pants - they were a polyester but not waterproof. I had to pee urgently so I sat in the snow and went through the pants. There was a big yellow stain in the snow. I just put some fresh snow over it. Anyone who came across it would have thought it was our dog. I used to envy the little boys since peeing outside was so easy for them and when I was growing up it was common for little boys to pee in their yards. If I had kids I would let them pee in the backyard - I would even have hubby install a privacy fence for this purpose. I used to do it when I was wearing a bathing suit.


to Car Mom

Why don't you keep bath towels and garbage bags in your car? People can pee into the bath towels, which can be placed on top of garbage bag. Then you can put the used towel into the garbage bag, and wash the towel.


Digging My Butt Crack

,hi all,
I'd like to tell you a story. When i was little and had accidents, I used to stick my fingers up my butt crack, and smell my poop. I found it enteresting. Anyway, when I was little, my cerebral palsy caused me to have poopy underwear. I used to lay on the floor, stick my fingers in my poop, and smell it. Eventually, I wore diapers for awhile. I've grown out of the poop problem, and don't wear diapers anymore.

To Car Mom

Do you or your daughters ever go somewhere besides the bathroom when at home?

Mr. Clogs

Nice poop after work, a question, and comments

Yesterday which of course was Friday, I finished my work for that day and my stomach gurgling and growling at me. I knew it was time to take a dump. For breakfast I had a small oatmeal with the fixings in it, and for lunch a ???? sandwich. So I knew I was going to have a nice full dump in the toilet. I wanted to use the food court's bathroom but it was locked. So I had to go up to the 5th floor of the building that I work at and use the toilet. I really like the 5th Floor bathroom because the stalls walls are built into the floor, the lighting is a bit dim to put you in the mood for a good dump, and heavy wooden doors. So I got into the stall, lined the seat, and pulled down my pants and underwear and let it rip. The turd making it's way out my butt hole was fat long. I really stunk up the place with my funky turds. I must of made about 3 long logs about 12" in length. I wiped with the wet paper towels and got dressed, washed my hands and went to visit the old folks. Of course I flushed the toilet just in case you were wondering.

Car mom: Wow, great posts about the 30 something mom peeing in your car. Just curious, does your car smell like pee after everyone has peed in it?

Pooping women: hope your still lurking around here, really missed your posts.

Desperate to poop: Like your old story encounter abroad.

And a question for all of y'all. Has anyone caught peeing and pooping other than the bathroom or toilet eg. in their bedroom going to the bathroom in a container or in their waste bin? Can anyone post their experience.


Mr. Clogs

Megan from Calgary

Melanie's Accidents.

Hi again.

I thought I would take a break on my stories for a posting or two and share what it has been like for me when either my sister Melanie or Sarah have had accidents while I was with them.

I know that Sarah has posted about a few of Melanie's accidents, so here is what I remember of themů

When Melanie was in grade 10, she and Sarah went on a school trip to Toronto. I was in grade eight at the time, and did not go on this trip since I did not go to the same school as they did. They were in high school and I was still in public school. Anyway, that morning, Melanie got up really early because their bus left their school at 6am or so. She was up at 5am and I woke up at 5:30 because she was loud and I could not get back to sleep anyway. I didn't have to leave until 7:30ish, so I ate my breakfast with Melanie when she was done in the bathroom. She was complaining about not feeling well and that her stomach was feeling unsettled. She tried using the toilet, but wasn't able to go. Mom gave her something, I can't remember what, to help her stomach settle down. We both normally walked to school with Sarah and my best friend Laura, but mom drove both Mel and Sarah to school since it was really early.

They got home at around 7pm that evening and they both walked home from the school when the bus dropped them off. I had finished my homework and was watching TV with my mom and dad when Mel got in. Dad said something like, "Hey sweetie, how was your day?" She said, "Fine" and bolted upstairs.

She went right into the washroom and I could hear her turn on the shower. We were wondering what she was doing. Mom went to get up, but I told her that I would check to see if she was okay. When I got upstairs, she was in the shower. I tapped on the door and asked her if she was okay. She didn't answer, so I opened the door a little more and said, "Hey, are you okay in here?" She still didn't say anything, but I could hear that she was crying. I walked in and asked her what was wrong and she said that she had gotten sick on the bus ride to Toronto. She said that she had diarrhea and pooped in her pants before they stopped halfway there. She said that she couldn't get herself cleaned up properly and had to walk around in her messy underwear and jeans for the entire day. She had another accident in the afternoon when they were at the Science Centre. She kept her jacket on for the entire day as it covered her bum area. Her bikini underwear and jeans were in a pile beside the bathtub and I could see that they were a complete mess. I left her alone to clean up and told her to call me if she needed any help. When she was done, she came downstairs carrying her soiled jeans and underwear that she had balled up so she could throw them in the trash outside. Mom got up and followed her outside to ask her what had happened and Mel told her the story. I didn't tease her about it because she had been nothing but super nice to me when I had my accidents prior to that day.

When we had all moved to Calgary, when I started University, Melanie and I got our own apartment. Sarah had moved out by then and was living on her own. I was in my first year of classes, Mel was in her third year and Sarah had transferred from Ontario. Sarah and Melanie had similar class schedules so they would take turns driving to school each day. My schedule was quite a bit different, so I either dove myself, or took city transit to the University.

One weekend in March Melanie got her period. It started on Friday evening and she was complaining that she wasn't feeling well. We stayed in that night and Sarah came over for dinner and a movie. She left at around midnight and we went to bed. About an hour after we went to bed, I could hear Mel going back and forth to the washroom (our apartment only had one) on several occasions. Unfortunately for me, I am a light sleeper. Anyway, this went on for about an hour. At around 3am in started again and she woke me up with flushing the toilet all the time. At 4am, I hear her get up and was moaning as she rushed into the washroom. She turned on the shower and I was like, "What the hell?" I got up and peeked my head in the door. I asked why she was in the shower and saw something in the sink. She said, "Oh Meg, I am so sick, I can't even believe it." I looked over to the sink and saw her very badly soiled underwear. Luckily she had not been wearing a thong, but her full cut underwear was covered in diarrhea. So were her pyjama bottoms. She finished showering and I went to her room and grabbed a clean pair of underwear and pyjama bottoms from her dresser for her. She was able to sleep the rest of the night and we both got up at around 10am. I asked her how she was feeling and she said "better". We needed to get some groceries and I told her that I could go alone if she wanted to stay home to be close to the toilet. She said that she was okay and wanted to get out for some fresh air.

We went to the Superstore and as we were walking around, Mel moaned and said, "Oh no! I need to use the toilet." She headed down the aisle and I followed her for a few feet. She stopped, crouched over and I could see her jeans balloon out behind her. Another wave hit her and the seat of her jeans started turning brown. It started running down her legs turning them wet and brown as well. I abandoned our cart and put my arm around her to walk her out of the store. The mess was all down her legs by the time we got to our car and she was leaving a small trail of diarrhea behind her. She was crying pretty hard. I grabbed a few of our fabric grocery bags for her to sit on. When she sat down, she had the most disgusted look on her face as the mess in her pants bubbled everywhere. We got home and Mel went directly into the shower with all of her clothes on. I helped her get cleaned up but the task was enormous.

The rest of the story picks up from Sarah's point of view on page 1829 and Melanie has not worn a tampon since then. She is now a pad girl like myself and Sarah.

On December 26, 2009, Melanie, Sarah and I went to Las Vegas for the week. Sarah told this story in great detail on page 1819, so I won't go into the details of that story either.

Well, I will stop writing for now. I will try to post about Sarah's accidents next time.

Thank you,


questions for Car Mom and a short account

Greetings I gotta I find your posts very interesting and had a question or two for you if you don't mind.
1. I believe you mentioned something about how you have peed in your car but not in this new one could you tell your story behind that?? If it is in your oldest post I am sorry I haven't made it all the way back to the beginning.
2. Are you married and if so what does your husband think if not what does your boyfriend think about it if you have one?

And Please post more I really do like your accounts I find them very interesting wish there was a way to contact you via email but don't see that happening.

Last weekend my wife and I went to visit her parents with our daughter they live about a hour and a half from where we do. Nothing happened on the way up but late that night on the way back home my 15months old was fast asleep in the back of my jeep and my wife told me she needed to pee really bad and since there wasn't actually a rest area coming up and being late at night I pulled off at the Natchez trace exit which had nothing there and back on an on ramp off to the side. I asked my wife if she wanted to just squat but since it was dark she didn't want to get out of the car so she made me empty my sonic route 44 slush out and I asked how she planned on doing it. At first she was going to just get in a squatting position in the seat and put the cup under her but I suggested leaving the cup in the cup holder and just squatting over it. She liked my idea so she got her butt hanging over my cup holder and I helped hold her up so she could relax and she half filled the cup back up.


Jaded Jarrod

Laurel's questions answered

These are my answers to Laurel's questions.

Number 1. I don't like sitting and shitting into a toilet bowl with another person's or many peoples' shit floating in it. It sucks to try to flush it because it just backs up or overflows. And like nobody flushes the toilets at my school!

Number 2. I don't like the doorless stalls and haven't had to shit in too many of them. The malls and chain stores are bad, though, because within the last couple of years several of them have removed the doors. I guess people are messing them up or doing other illegal things.

Number 3. No toilet paper. I need toilet paper to spread over the seat. I no longer sit down if there's no toilet paper in the stall for the seat. Several of my friends agree with me on this one, although some will just tear some toilet paper off, make a mitt out of it, and wipe the seat down before sitting down.


To car mom

I just love your stories. Please give us more!


Sheila Report 12

Hi everyone.

I haven't been able to write recently, work commitments have kept me so busy. I have just read the latest forum issue and got my usual thrill, nothing changes, if anything the stories get more and more interesting.

Timee . . . Your experience was so exciting and made me think of my nephew Stephen (latest story 1893). I am wondering if he really wants to be a girl, he is so gentle and kind, not a bit like a robust boy almost 16 years old. Your experience with the young man with diarrhea made me shiver. I am so glad you didn't report him, there is so much bigotry nowadays. I think it was wonderful that he told you he wanted to be a girl. It was that statement that has made me think so much. He must have been wearing panties by your description, white briefs. I know that Stephen likes to be around when I am on the toilet, although the story in (1893) is the only time he has seen me, panties down, on the toilet. I am longing to hear more about him Timee, and to hear more experiences from you.

Hi Alexandra . . . I loved your first story. To answer your queries. (a) I do like to take a newspaper or magazine to the toilet with me. (b) I always have my mobile with me, in case I get a call from Head Office, or if I need to get some information urgently. (c) I always make-up, or repair my make up if necessary, but funnily enough I have never done that whilst I am on the toilet, still Alexandra, I will be trying that now, thanks for the tip. For your information honey, sine my school days I love to have somebody to chat to when I am on the toilet, in fact, nothing makes me more excited than to chat to Stephen when I am on the toilet. I have always tried to engender more freedom in the bathroom, more unisex toilets. I think that it would lower the (mental) barriers that somehow make the sexes want to be apart there. I can tell you that once when the gentleman's toilets at work had a burst main pipe, that for the next three days the ladies became unisex. The first day there was a degree of awkwardness but I remember on the morning of the second day, Fran, one of the court stenographers, came dashing in with an urgent need to go. John W. one of the office leaders, a Q.C. was on the toilet and Fran had dashed to a cubicle with no paper, I don't think she had even thought it might be a guy next to her because she blurted out a low voice as she pooped, asking for paper. I always remember the incident, I wanted to be next to her desperately, but alas I was at the washbasins. The ice was broken immediately and John W. and Fran talked as they had a buddy poop. Fran is a sweet, dark blonde woman, very attractive, certainly she made me feel rather hot. I know I slipped into a cubicle a couple of ones away from them and listened feeling so free and warm towards them. The bottom line, no pun intended, is that I managed to induce the Head of chambers to introduce unisex toilets into the offices. The work is being done over the Xmas holidays and I cannot wait to be the first to christen them.

Abbie . . . I loved to read your story. Hope you send more in and especially if you have a buddy poop with Olivia.

Timee . . . To answer your earlier post (a) I always wipe my bum even though I am going to shower straight after, habit I guess. (b) When I shower I always use a flannel as well as a sponge, and I work the flannel corner into my rectum as far as I can, to make sure I am really clean. I always work the toilet tissue into my rectum when I poop at work or when shopping, again habit I guess, just to feel absolutely clean.

John the Lurker . . .I am so glad my advice has paid dividends for you. You must have been really thrilled to see Anne on the toilet at last. The thought that you wanted to wipe her bum is not dirty darling, its a comfort to know somebody feels like that. Please, please tell me more about your life, I have an idea you will have more happy times with Anne. Have you told your Mum? I would before Anne blurts it out and then it won't be embarrassing for you.


to Car Mom

@Car Mom

from your last post but one (where 38 yr old asked if you ever pee in your car) - It sounds to me like a request for you to join her in the back and to pee side by side. I guess she would get even more excitement from that than she obviously does from peeing in your car whilst you are in the front.


Intestinal Massage

Hi! I'm a masseuse and I'm blonde and a bit of a hippy so I guess you guys can call me Phoebe!Well I have a story to tell that happened yesterday at the massage parlour where I work. I had a 4o clock appointment and it was this guy. He was really good looking, about 25 and really muscular, dark hair and dark eyes. I thought he was pretty cute right away and I was glad I got to be his masseuse I can tell you! So I leave him with a towel to get ready and ten mins later I come in and start working first on his back. I was making small talk so I said "Wow your shoulders feel really tight, have you been stressed recently?" He laughed and said "Well yes you could say that." He laughed a bit embarrasedly then said, "The truth is I've been... Really constipated all week and I thought maybe a massage would relax me enough to erm, get things moving. Oh god, I can't believe I just told you that!" I just giggled and reassured him that I didn't mind, all bodily functions are natural and should be expressed freely. Because of my hippy upbringing and ideals I'm really laid back about that kind of thing.
Then I thought of something, I said to the guy, "Hey, I've been learning this technique recently called intestinal massage. If you want maybe I could give it a try on you?" The guy was quiet for a while then said "Sure. That would be really helpful actually!"
He turned onto his back and I got to see his face again, it really was a very handsome face, with a little stuble and one deep dimple in his left cheek. He smiled at me and said, "Hey, my name is Joel by the way."
"I'm Phoebe," I grinned, "Shall we begin?"
I started to kneed his lower stomach in a circular motion. I could actually feel how full he was. As I rubbed I could see his face screw up in pain and under my hands I felt his bowels let out a low rumble.
"Ohhh, wait," Joel groaned, "I feel like I'm gonna... I'm gonna fart."
"It's ok," I soothed him, "Just let it out."
"Are you sure?" he said, and I nodded, still pushing down on his belly. Joel bore down and I felt his stomach go hard, then a huge fart ripped out from under him.
"Oh god," he said, "I'm really sorry. I can't believe I just did that. But this is really working and I just had to push it out."
"Don't worry, just do what you need to. That's what this is for!" I reassured him. Joel laughed, then he frowned as his stomach rumbled again. "Uh oh," he said "Here comes another one, uhnnnnnh!" he grunted loudly and pushed again, and an even louder fart came out of him. I could smell them by now, they were definitely pre poop farts. Joel seemed more relaxed now, I could feel the huge mass inside him moving lower down. "Do you feel like you could poo soon?" I asked gently. "Yeah," Joel moaned, "It's getting really close now..."
There's a toilet just off my massage room and I pointed it out to him. A minute later he said "Oh... It's coming!" and jumped off the massage table and into the toilet. I heard him straining for a few minutes then he came out looking dissappointed.
"Nothing happened," he explained. "It's like as soon as I stood up it just went away."
I had an idea, so I told him to lie back down but this time told him to raise his knees and I put a towel under his buttocks.
"This time I'm going to massage you really hard and if you feel the urge just go with it and poop. There's a towel under you so you won't make a mess. Ok?"
Joel smiled at me through his desperation and agreed, thanking me. I couldn't believe how comfortable he'd gotten around me in such a short while. I guess he has a hippy soul like me!
So I started rubbing him again, gently at first then more firmly. The huge mass of poop began to move lower in his bowels again and he moaned and blew a few more tight, smelly farts.
"Uhhhhnh are you sure you want me to do this?" he grunted. I nodded and smiled gently and he looked me in the eyes as he began to push.
"Is it coming out?" I asked. Joel groaned and nodded and lifted his knees up higher. I looked between his legs, feeling his huge poop travel through his bowels, and saw the tip of it crackle out from between his hairy cheeks.
"Uhhhnh, oh god, I'm pooping," Joel moaned, straining. "It's gonna be really big!"
I watched as the he pushed out the turd another two inches. It was almost like Joel forgot I was there, lost in the ecstacy of relieving himself right there on my table. He reached both hands down and pulled his buttocks apart. I saw how wide the turd was and how much is was stretching his poor anus!
"Are you doing ok?" I asked
"Yeah..." Joel grunted, "It's just... Trying to push out this turd, it's really dry... UHHHNNNH!" With that he bore down hard and his face went red, and the turd crackled loudly out of his arse, actually pushing the towel out of the way as it rushed out of him. I didn't mind the mess, It felt so good to help someone out in this way. The log fell eith a thud on the table and rested between Joels legs as he lay back and farted loudly.
"Don't give up yet!" I laughed, "I can feel a lot more inside you!"
Joel smiled and thanked me again, before pushing and letting out a string of loose sounding gas. The odour of Joel's poop filled the small room. His turd, as I looked closely, was dark brown and huge, about ten inches long and very fat. I guess the guy must eat a lot to be so muscly!
"Nnnnnnh, I can feel more coming," Joel said, his voice sounding strained, "Are you ready? UHHHHHNHHH UH!" His abs tensed as he bore down again and another turd slid easily out of his bottom. This one was slightly lighter, and softer, but just as big as the last and twice as smelly. Suddenly I felt Joel's bowels let out a really loud grumble and he frowned, and squeezed out a wet sounding fart.
"Uhhh. Phoebe," he said, "You should bet another towel. I think I'm gonna do a soft one..."
I quickly grabbed another few towels and sort of cradled them around Joel's bottom. Now he was grimacing and biting his lip trying to keep the poop IN!
"Are you ready?" he panted.
"Yes honey," I said, "Just let it come."
I clearly didn't need to massage his bowels anymore as they were doing all their own work now! So I gently stroked his arms and chest to relax him as he let go and started to easily empty his very full rectum.
"Uhhhh!" he groaned with relief as he opened his arse and let out a soft, but still formed turd. It came out really fast, then Joel opened his legs wider and grunted out a long, wet fart. Suddenly the floodgates opened and Joel, with a moan, began to poop jets of soft shit into the pile of towels between his legs. it kept coming and coming! Every time he bore down a rope of shit would rush out of his bum and add to the huge pile. His poos smelled really strong, but not bad exactly. Just very earthy and healthy. Eventually Joel stopped pooping and farted dryly.
"Uh, god," he groaned, "That really needed to come out. Thank you so much, Phoebe."
He looked into my eyes and we both smiled, him lying naked on the table with a giant mound of warm poop between his legs and me in my masseuse overall and long skirt. I helped him clean up a bit and then let him into the staff shower. While he was showering I gathered up the dirty towels to put them in a bag to throw out, they weighed a tonne! All Joel's poop was so heavy it actually was an effort to carry! I put the bag in a dumpster outside then waited for Joel to come out of the shower. When he did he looked really handsome with his hair wet.
"Thank you Phoebe," he said, "I was so uncomfortable and you helped me out. I would never usually be that comfortable around girls I don't know but you're much different than any girl I've ever met!"
We talked for a little while sitting on the massage table in the room that still smelled of Joel's poop, and just before he left he asked me out for coffee! It's not til thursday but I'm soooo excited! I'll let you all know how it turns out!

Phoebe xxx

new here

Another story

I posted several pages ago (somewhere in the 1920-1930pg. range, I believe). Well, like I said, those three accidents are only a small number of my many experiences. So, here's another one.

So, this one was mortifying, but, in an odd way, satisfying. I was on a date. Simple (but cute) outfit, shorts (below the navel to just above the knee), print tee, and converse. All throughout I felt just fine, but, I did have some fried chicken before I left on the date. It wasn't until we were heading home that things got... uncomfortable. Driving along we start to get in some heavy traffic (normal Friday afternoon traffic jams). So, what could have been a relatively short drive turns into barely moving. Well, that fried chicken started to get unsettled. At first I actually felt nauseous, but, after that passed I started feeling cramping in my lower intestine. At this point we were about 25 minutes from home in normal traffic, turns out it be closer to an hour with the traffic jams. I tell my date we need to pull over somewhere I can use the restroom. At first he said "okay", but, didn't really seem to be searching really hard for a place to pull over. I mentioend it to him again several minutes later. Well, this time he tells me that I'm gonna' have to hold it until we get home because he has other commitments later that evening. I bit my lower lip and cringed, but told myself I'm a big kid, I can handle it. We're still crawling along. About 10min. from home (normal traffic, that is), I tell him I'm getting desperate. He says hold it. Crossing my legs, sitting on my foot, trying all the various methods of keeping from filling my shorts, we're still driving along. Finally, we got off the freeway and we're moving a little more quickly. I had a small moment of relief feeling "I might make it!" Well, apparently I thought that too soon. About 10 blocks from home we were driving along, I could feel that wave of pressure that tells you its coming one way or another. I cringed, looked at my date, simply said I'm sorry, and lifted my butt off the car seat and had a huge movement. It literally felt like the entire seat of my shorts had filled and were sagging. I had to hold myself up off the seat because he wouldn't let me sit back down. He said I was a loser for pooping my pants on a date. He dropped me off at home and drove off quickly and angrily. To add insult to injury one of my neighbors was out for a walk right as I got out of the car. She was laughing under her breadth. I couldn't believe how much I had filled my shorts. I could feel everything sagging back there. I get inside. I sneak around other's who were home and get into the bathroom. Well, luckily I hadn't had poo in my shorts long enough for it to stain through. Panties couldn't be saved, but the shorts were. In the end, part of me felt sorry for my date that I did fill my shorts while he was driving me home. The other part of me said he deserved dealing with a "loser who poops their pants" for being such a jerk. (Also, if you haven't noticed, driving is one of my most common times for accidents).


poops with a pile

Am a first time poster. I am a male, 58. Have had a pile for over a year, which, when the muscle gets swollen, makes pooping rather painful at best. It also makes trying to hold poop in impossible, so, whenever I feel the urge to poop, have to make a beeline for the nearest bathroom.
Also sometimes after a good healthy poop, the thing gets all painful and swollen, other times, it's fine. To Upstate Dave, just love your interesting stories. Need more girls like that around now! When I was younger, used to get into outdoor pooping on a regular basis, though, where I live, it's not a practical option anymore. I certainly do enjoy this site, have been reading it over 10 years, but, never posted before. Happy pooping and peeing! Nate

WinnieThePooh - I found your old post. I am just like yourself - I always prefer having wet/dirty panties to having to go. If I won't be around a toilet soon, or if the toilets are busy/dirty, I always go on myself.

To make it less obvious, I tend to wear long skirts a lot of the time, but I'm not averse to going in jeans if I have to. What about you?

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