this is my first post on this site welcome to everybody i have many stories to tell as i worked as a toilet cleaner maintenance man for a good many years so i will relate my experiences in the crappers for you i worked for a beach side council near Sydney Australia and used to maintain quite a few toilets shower blocks on and around the beach i was closing up late one afternoon i had locked the ladies toilet as i had cleaned it and was in the men's i had cleaned it but was fixing the bowl of the only toilet inside it had cracked and was leaking so i put some fast drying cement into the crack and was holding the pieces together so they would set i had left the entrance door to the men's open as i was not yet finished when i heard a womans voice yell out if any one was there i yelled back that the toilet was closed and to use the other at the far end of the beach next thing i know the woman and her friend was standing in front of the cubicle looking down at me as i was laying on the floor on my back my head against the bowl both hands pushing the crack together i had to hold it like this for about 15 minutes so it would set the woman was about 40 and had a good body wearing a full piece swimsuit her friend the same the woman her friend called her Jules asked if she could use the toilet as she had to go i said the toilet was closed and i was repairing it so it could not be flushed for at least half an hour and it was the mens and only had the one toilet and a small wall mounted urinal and a shower i could not open the womans as i had locked it and had no keys on me they where in my truck half way up the beach road and i had to hold the bowl so the cement would set now ordinarily women would not use a mens toilet but these two where desperate she pleaded to me she had to do a poo otherwise she would have wet her costume and it would have been unnoticed on the beach her friend was the same she was suffering all day from the runs and this would be her forth time on the loo but the loo was being fixed there was only the urinal and the shower recess and besides the toilet entrance was still open so anyone could walk in i relented to there request as they had to go i said they could use the shower recess or the urinal and to lock the main door which her friend did and then stripping out of her costume went to the urinal and squatted over it she had the runs alright it was yellow and liquid and she found it hard going trying to squat so high up without making a mess the other woman could not wait and asked could she use the toilet as she didn't want to use the shower or the urinal but i could not let go of the bowl as it still had not set she said i could hold it as she had no choice she did not have a change of clothes with her as she normally walked to the beach in her swimmers so to soil them was not an option and she had already started to go she dropped her one piece and crouched over the bowl with me directly underneath i had done many toilets like this before but never with a woman using it while i worked On it to say i could see everything was an understatement it was there in full view she had to spread her legs wide to squat over the bowl her ass started to pump out a long tapered poo very solid and not smelly which was good for me her piss was a different matter as she squatted to far forward and it missed the bowl completely covering my t shirt as she tried to adjust herself the piss then went in to the bowl i was embarrassed now as i had an erection and i was only wearing shorts and t shirt with no undies so it was full masting for all to see i know she was looking at it but she said nothing and i said nothing i just had to lay there she was still pumping out the poo and had finished her wee moving forward once more her unshaved mound right in my view once more the other woman was still going she was having a mega shit the urinal was overflowing onto the floor as u cant flush solid waste in a urinal they both were well endowed and had shaved vaginal areas the one at the urinal moved to the shower and washed off then put her swimmers back on and left saying she would wait outside not to be to long and then left without another word locking the door behind her as she left the woman over me was still going my nose winking up at the smell her friend had left and i had to clean up nasty the woman apologized for her friend and grunted as her bowl opened for the last time i was rigid as hell and she could see that it was in full view i was totally embarrassed by the whole thing by now she had finished and was wiping her butt and went to flush i told her not to that i would do it when the bowl had set besides i had to clean up the mess she put back on her swimmers and left me still laying on the floor with a rigid todger but after a minute or two she came back removed her costume and began to shower she had told her friend to meet here later that she had to help clean up the mess she had made and came back in to shower and wash her slightly soiled costume which she did she asked me if i always got an erection like that and i told her only under certain circumstances i told her to flush the toilet which she did still naked and felt it was OK to let go of the bowl the cement had held ands the toilet was flushed i proceeded to the urinal and began to wash it out the woman took a longish shower washing her swimmers as she went she was facing away from me now-as i proceeded to Finnish of the cleaning when i had finished she had quickly dressed and left but i knew she was watching me i still see her on the beach from time to time and she always gives me a cheery hello

Frantic Francine

Comments for Connor about Stac's underwear skidmark

That was a great story about how you and Stac spent your afternoon and evening off school. What do you think Stac would have said if you told her about the skidmark stain in her underwear?

I think you have the right idea about wearing black boxers because they are not going to show stains.

As for me, I have both urine and crap stains in my white underwear that I wear to school. There's no problem when I have to go to the bathroom at home or mall or the park. At school, however, it sucks to practically try to get a wipe or two in practically on the run because we can't be late for class.

Keep the great stories coming, guys.

new guy

daily dump

I just took a dump about 2 minutes ago it was about 3 or 4 inches long followed by 2 tiny pieces it was a kinda darkish/lightish brown color before I went to the bathroom I was farting alot.


Sneaky Morning Fun With My Aunt

Hi guys! I know it's been a while since my last story with my 38 year old fun loving Aunt. I was at her house this morning but one of her female friends were over and they were in the kitchen talking. I was upstairs playing the PS3 when she sent me a text that she had to take a shit. She always shares her gas before she takes her dump, if possible. We always fart near each other for laughs. Her friend finally got on the computer in the basement. Two minutes later, she came upstairs and laid on her stomach and told me to hurry up, it's going to be a bomb. She was wearing these shorts made out of cut up red jogging pants. As usual, I positioned my face near her ???? butt as she let out a small airy fart. I laughed and told her "false call, but it stank a little bit". She laughed and said, "There's more! Pull the cover over your head for the Dutch Oven Effect" So I pull the cover over my head and then she blasted off a loud ass foghorn fart that lasted about 5 seconds long. We bursted up laughing and talking about the smell as I stayed under the cover for 3 minutes until the smell faded away. Damn did it stank! She finally went for the bathroom across the hall but told me to wait for her to come out and look since she had company. She went in for about 5 minutes and came out. She signaled for me to go in and I did. I lifted the lid and she left a 7 inch and 4 inch floater in the toilet. The bathroom smell a little but not too strong since a window was open. I took a pic with my cell phone and left out.

Anyone ever have experiences like this and fun watching their female family members (i.e. sisters, cousins or aunts) take a poop or fart? This can be so entertaining.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Toilet adventures

To New guy:
I'm glad you like our stories. We have had some messy buddy dumps & accidently peed & pood over each others legs a few times. Have you ever buddy dumped with someon? Or have you ever watched another person going to the toilet? Or have you ever done it in your pants or seen anyone do it in thiers? I love doing all of these & love to read stories about it.


A bit constipated again........

Linda from Australia here again. I've been a bit constipated again this week, after being on a winning streak for about a week. I have been going every day but I've only been able to get out small amounts of poo. Yesterday I dropped a MASSIVE load in the toilet and I felt much better. The toilet bowl was full of lots of decent sized, banana shaped turds.

I can feel a big load knocking on my back door so I will need to go to the toilet soon. Hopefully I will have an easy time of it.

To Keith D: I haven't taken my laptop into the toilet before but I quite often take a magazine in with me to read. If I'm really constipated, I have to concentrate hard on squeezing out my load so I can't occupy myself with anything.
I really need to make my way to the toilet now, so I can do a poo

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Desperate schoolgirl

WendyI was walking to work this morning when I noticed a schoolgirl of about 14 in front of me was walking strangely. She kept speeding up & then stopping to hold her bum. I knew she must be bursting for the toilet & I followed her at a discrete distance. About 100 yards up the road was a wooded area & the girl disappeared into the trees. I ran after her to avoid losing her & once in the woods I could see her standing all stiffly. She had pee running down her legs & she bent her knees as her bowels exploded into her panties. She took her skirt off & then peeled her panties away from her bum & took them off too. She squatted over the grass & more diarrhoea poured out of her bum. She must have been holding that lot in for a long time to get that desperate & was now past being desperate & just couldn't hold it any longer. I walked away before she saw me & went to work

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Accident on the doorstep

When I picked Wendy up from work tonight she got into the car & instructed me to drive home as fast as possible because she was about to poo herself. She looked really desperate & was sitting stiffly with her bum pressing down into the car seat. We got home & as I looked for parking space Wendy got me to stop the car & ran to the house holding is bum. Once I parked the car I locked it & made my way to the house to find Wendy standing on the doorstep waiting for me. She didn't have her key & was waiting for me to open the door. She complained about how long I took to open the door & I could smell poo which explained why she was annoyed. I looked in my bag for the doorkey but couldn't find it so I went to the car to look for it. It took a while as it was dark & eventualy found it in the doorbin. When I got back to Wendy she had her knees bent & feet apart. The smell of poo was really strong & Wendy had a lump in the back of her trousers which was growing quickly. She peed down her legs as she emptied her bowels into her knickers making a puddle at her feet. I opened the front door but Wendy stayed outside while she finished pooing herself. By the time she came in her trousers were stained brown & yellow from the mixture of poo & pee in them. Wendy took them off & peeled her knickers away from is her bum & dropped them into the bin. She took a shower to cleanup & changed her clothes.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

new guy

more comments & stuff

First im gald this sites back up but for how long so im not if this will get posted if it dosent ill just post agaian when it dose

To: Wnedy and Kristy Wendy that was a great story about Kristy pooping in the bucket and you pooping on the floor of the shed and a great story about you having a acident at work at least you had people there to help you out and your boss was really understanding please keep the great stories coming you guys like ive said before I really enjoy them.

To: Car Mom another great story about people peeing in your car please keep writing more of them.

To: Desperate to poop great story do you have any others like that about pooping in a bathroom like that if so please share them if you havent already thanks.

To: Anny great story that sounded like it was pretty dump you tooik when you were younger please keep the stories coming there really good thanks.

To: Rag Muffin Reanna great story I hope your able to go soon and get back to a regular schedue and please ccontiue to post great stories.

To: Megan from calgary another great story im glad your was kind enough to help you out and please contiue to post more great a stories and ask sara to post some more stories please thanks.

To: Kyle great story about seeing freinds mom pooping I bet that memory will be with you forever along all the times youve seen a girl and/or woman pooping please keep the stories coming thanks.

Well thats all for now I hope this gets posted and that this site dosent have anymore problemms.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

New place to poo 2

This afternoon we went out to that old shed in the field. I was busting for a poo & so was Kirsty. By the time we got out to the field Kirsty was holding her bum & as we made our way across to the she started using both hands to keep her poo in. She hadn't been since sunday night & was almost doing it in her panties. I went at work yesterday which I posted about but it didn't get onto the forum, & I was nearly pooing my pants then so I knew how she felt. Kirsty made it into the shed & pulled her leggings down together with her panties. I heard something metal chink on the floor but didn't really take any notice. Kirsty squatted over the bucket. She immediately started to blast the bucket with a huge load of soft smelly poo. She peed for a long time too & looked very relieved. She pushed out some more soft poo & then she was done. After wiping a lot she got off the bucket & pulled her panties & leggings back up. The bucket was half filled with a mixture of Kirstys pee & all that poo she'd done & it stank. I couldn't stand the stench so I didn't use the bucket prefering to wait untill we got home. We left the shed door open & walked home. Kirsty said how relieved she felt but I still needed to go quite badly. We started walking back across the field & onto the road. By now I was getting more desperate & we had a 30 minute walk to get home. About half way I felt my poo moving down to my anus & I knew I would be needing to go very soon. We got to our house but then Kirsty couldn't find the front door key. I realised then that the chinking sound in the shed was her key falling out of her pocket. We had to walk all the way back to the shed to get the key & by the time we got there I was really desperate. I knew I wouldn't make it home in time but I really couldn't face using that stinking bucket so I tried to hold it. Kirsty found the key & put it in her pocket & we left the shed. We began walking back cross the field when I started to get really desperate. The poo was trying to force its way out of my anus & I decided that it was too risky to try & make it home so I turned back to the shed & held my breath while Kirsty emptied the bucket outside among the trees. I stated to feel my anus opening against my will at this point & couldn't wait to get on the bucket, so I pulled my jeans & panties down & squatted in the shed releasing a load of soft mushy poo onto the floor. It was messy but the relief was amazing. After wiping with the paper towel I pulled to my panties & jeans & We left for home.

Car Mom

Me Again!

To WhinnieThePoo: glad to see you're back. I had to reread your other post and I remembered it and enjoyed it! I admire someone who is as brave about wetting their pants as you are! You asked if I would let people pee in a new car when I get one, probably not. At least not right away. I'm thinking by the time I can even get another car, my daughter will probably be too big to do that kind of thing. But you never know, she may want to. And I might decide to let her, but only after I've had the car for a while. Now 38 yo mom on the other hand may want to right away! We'll see what happens!

To the "other mom" who posted: glad you like my stories! Great post! As far as the smell is concerned, I've said before, it doesn't bother me. But I'm sure everybody's different that way! But for me the smell of pee never did bother me, so I never do anything about it. Although it does seem to be a little bit stronger since I've been letting grown women like 38 yo mom pee in the car. But I don't mind it.

That brings me to my story for today. Remember the other mom who I said was 30ish and is a big girl but not really fat? Well she had another pee in my car! Again we were on the way home and she and her daughter were with us, and it was just us four in the car. The daughter spoke up first and asked me if she could pee in the car, and I said "sure, go ahead" and so she did. She actually started to undo her jeans and her mom said "you can just leave them on, we're almost home" and so she did. Then she had her pee right in her jeans. Then she was done, and that's when her mom looked at me and smiled and said "can I go too?" Then she giggled and I said "sure go ahead." And I giggled back. Then I pulled the car over and she got out and got into the backseat so she could have her pee. But this time she didn't pull her jeans down like last time. She just left them on and sat down in the seat. Then after a little while I heard a little fart and then I heard the hissing sound of her pee. I looked in the mirror and I saw her pee coming out through her jeans and going onto the seat. She was peeing a LOT too! Maybe even more than last time! She was also farting a lot too, and I couldn't help but notice that they smelled really strong. I actually wondered if she was actually pooping her pants and not just farting, but I didn't ask, cause I don't know her that well I guess, and I felt awkward asking her if she was pooping. So I just said nothing. And she kept farting, even after she was done peeing. Soon the whole car smelled, and the girls were back there giggling about it and she was too. Then by that time we were at her house and so she got out and so did her daughter and she said "thank you SO much for letting us do that again" and I said "its ok, anytime" and then they left. After they left I looked at the seat but there was only pee on the seat, no poop, which is good. I asked my daughter "do you think she pooped too?" and she said "she might have." So I guess I'll never know for sure!

Bye for now!

Desperate to poop

old story of a dump abroad

This is East European tale from about a few years ago.

I was on holiday and was enjoying a walk around the park. It was a pleasant day. I had been a little constipated so had taken a mild laxative and it decided to kick in whilst in the park.

it was a big park and it took me a while to find the toilets. Let me tell you they weren't very nice. 4 toilets which were just holes to squat in, completely open with just some dividers in between.

I would have potentially considered trying to hold but my needs outweighed this. All 4 were taken and there were 4 waiting. 3 were peeing but one in the middle was dropping a large log, she didn't seem to mind that much and had some tissues in her hand. Shortly afterwards 2 of the women peeing dripped dried and pulled their jeans back up and two ladies in their 30's took their places. One had started pissing straight away and seemed very relieved. She had been jiggling a bit in the line so was obviously in need of a pee badly. The other started to pee but at a slower rate which increased more and more. She finished and then mumbled something to the other lady who was her friend and she started pooping. Slowly a log started to inch out and out and she was grunting and scrunching her face slightly as she did. She farted a little toot too.

The other lady was still pooping and didn't seem like finishing soon, but the 3rd person peeing had finished and a young 20 yr old was now in her place peeing. The friend of the lady who was pooping had also finished and her friend said something that I guess was I'll see you outside in a bit or something like that. When she vacated her place the lady in her 50's in front of me took her place. She had been rubbing her ???? and she squatted and immediately squirted some diarreoh all over the back of the wall. It stunk quite badly but then the overall state and smell of the toilet wasn't pleasant.

Seeing 3 ladies pooping wasn't helping and I was holding my bum and belly. The 20 yr old finished peeing, but to add to my agony she had to change her pad first. She did that and finally I could get in. I rushed to the stall not caring about the openess. I quickly pulled my jeans down, pulled my knickers down, squatted and exploded like the 50 yr old lady.

There were now 4 of us pooping and a line of 7 waiting again. I could see 2 were jiggling slightly and one was rubbing her ????.

I was squatting for ages and my legs hurt as I let out 2 days worth of poop out. It started off as a diarreohish but then slowly got a bit harder. I was squatted in total for 20 mins. Two of the poopers finished about 5 mintues after I squatted but the 50 yr old was going strong for a further ten minutes.

It was actually quite a turn on being in the open but it didn't smell great and the back of each cubicle wall didn't look fantastic especially after I exploded over it

Happy pooping

I was getting very desperate as my laxative had really kicked in and I had 2 days worth of poop

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Accident at work

The alarm clock didn't go off this morning & I woke up half an hour late for work. There was no time to have a poo & I quickly got dressed & rushed out of the house to get the bus. The bus was also late & by the time it arrived I was desperate for the toilet. On the bus my stomach began to ache & I needed to pee urgently. I finaly got to work three quarters of an hour late. I was about to wet myself & needed to poo really badly too. I couldn't go to the toilet now or my supervisor would saw I was taking the pee as I was already late. I had to start work straight away & my first break wasn't due for 3 hours. I held on for about an hour before my bladder felt like it would burst & my bowels weren't far off it too. I caught my team leaders attention but she was busy & anyway she had the hump with me so she ignored me & carried on working. I was about to wet my panties by now & I needed to poo really badly too. I waited in agony for another half an hour before she finaly took notice of me but when I asked her if she could get someone to relieve me she said we were far too busy & I'd have to wait untill my break. I told her how desperate I was but she didn't care & just walked away. I started to leak into my panties making them quite damp & felt my poo trying to force anus open. I had to clench realy hard to keep control & it was not easy. By the time I was due to take my break I was close to losing it completely. As usuall no one came to relieve me & I had to remind the team leader to let me take my break. I was now really desperate for the toilet & was sweating from all the effort of holding it in. The team leader took her time coming over to see what I wanted & I told her if I didn't take my break soon I would poo & wet myself at the checkout. She just laughed & said she was sure I could wait a few more minutes for some one to come back from break to relieve me. 15 minutes later Lauren came over to take over & I got off my chair ready to run to the toilets. To my horror I'd made a big wet patch on the chair & my trousers were wet a the back. I was mortified but it could have been far worse if I'd pood myself as well! I ran up to the toilets & almost did it in my pants it on the way. I got there to find both cubicles were in use & 8 people waiting to use them. I leaked some more pee into my panties again & almost pood myself as well. I didn't know what to do & with pee dribbling down my leg I decided to use the mens toilets instead. I got some funny looks from a couple of guys as I went in but I had no choice. My problems were far from over though as there was only one cubicle & it was occupied. There was a fit looking young lad waiting to use it & he looked like he was nearly as desperate as I was. I loved the thought of him doing a massive poo in there but it also made me feel more desperate too. Finaly the toilet flushed & a man came out. The fit guy rushed within & a couple of seconds I heard him releasing a massive load into the toilet. He gave a big sigh of relief which made really made me want to go. He took ages to come out & by the time I got into the cubicle my panties were soaked & my poo was trying to force its way into my panties. I hurriedly pulled my trousers & panties down together & thumped down onto the seat. As soon as my wet bum touched the toilet seat my anus opened & a huge rush of barely solid poo splatted into the toilet. I peed what seemed like a gallon at the same time. The relief indescribable. Almost a biblical experience. It was almost ike an orgasm & I felt so good afterwards. My panties were skid marked quite badly & were soaking wet as well as my trousers. I had to flush my panties down the loo & pat dried my trousers with toilet paper. By the time I was done my break was over & I returned to work 15 minutes late. I got into a bit of trouble for not only being late for work but also being late back from my break, but when I explained my situation it was ok & I was taken to the office & given a new pair of trousers to change into.


To New Guy

That's a good question though a hard one to answer as I've had many huge dumps. I remember once when I was 6 I was at my cousin's first birthday party and I had to poop really bad. I went into the bathroom and pulled down my nylons and panties and pulled up my dress and sat down on the toilet and gave a good push. It felt like I was pooping forever since there was so much of it and it kept coming and coming. Finally I was finished. There was a huge amount of coiled crap, probably about a foot worth. It looked like coiled sausages.

Also when I tried a vegetarian diet a few years ago I was having many good shits, sometimes going 3 times a day. I had a stomach ache for most of the day one day and I felt a major need to shit. I went to the bathroom and didn't even have time to sit on the toilet. When I bent over to sit on the toilet a HUGE amount of shit came out in less than a minute. I'm lucky it went in the toilet, not all over the toilet seat. That one was in a big U shape and must have been about 2 feet long. Surprisingly it flushed because it was fairly soft. If it was hard it probably would have clogged the toilet.

Rag Muffin Reanna

My Lingering Need to Crap

As I said in my story last month, my life has changed dramatically since my Dad lost his job. He's working three part-time jobs plus he and I DJ on weekends because the money for private parties is pretty good. However, there was no way my parents could make the $10,000 tuition to keep me in my Catholic high school so I had to switch to a public school this year. It's not as good but because there are like 2,700 students and the students are pretty immature and treat the teachers and school pretty bad. I used to poo daily at my previous school, but now I have real difficulty in doing it. We have only four minutes between classes, 25 minutes for lunch and the fools who run the school don't do much to keep the bathrooms up. It's bad enough sitting--and sometimes an open stall is all that's available--to pee and peeing onto bottles in the bowl, hygiene items and sometimes crap from several people that is stacked higher than the water level. The smell sucks and when you look down between your thighs, chances are you're sitting in someone else's pee.

Me and my policy debate partner, who we call Tank because he's a pretty large guy for age 16, but one of the smartest and nicest boys I've ever met, were put together as a team by our coach. We work well together and spend at least 20 hours a week researching and writing arguments for our debates. On the weekend, we travel in a van to tournaments within three hours of our city. The tournaments start at like 8 a.m. on Saturday mornings and sometimes last until about 11 p.m. But me and Tank have started winning, we work well together, and debate is the only activity I enjoy at my new school. I liked it in my old school, too, but my new school's program is much more competitive and our team is much larger.

The problem last weekend was that I went in to take a crap right after lunch and I ate extremely fast, and left Tank at the table while I hurried to the restroom. I had been holding my poo for a couple of hours. I couldn't even get into the bathroom, because when I pushed in the door, there were girls jammed in there so tight and ready to go, I just knew it was useless. Tank was surprised when I came back within a minute and as we were talking and I finished his french fries, he told me he has not shat at school yet this year. I admire him, I guess, because he is so regular that he gets out of bed, walks to his family's upstairs bathroom, seats himself, poos easily, and then is done for the day. Well, when Tank and I arrived at our 8th hour debate class, I told or teacher/coach that I needed to go to the bathroom and I was given permission. I felt really full below the belt and was certain that I would be able to produce. Only about two or three of the 10 stalls were in use, so I felt good about a stall with a privacy door being available and I pushed a door open, dropped my blue jeans and underwear, and comfortably placed my butt on the seat.

For some reason, the seat seemed higher and a little more comfortable. I was pushing and got a little frustrated and started rocking myself forward forward and backward. This is something that has helped me get my bowels moving before and although my butt doesn't move on the seat, I suddenly felt a jolt and I was thrown about an inch or two to the left. I grabbed the toilet paper holder as I stood up to see what happened and I could see the back of the black plastic seat had broken off from one of the two bolts that was holding it. The seat had slid off part of the top of the bowl. The surprise and scare that gave me convinced me that my chance of completing my crap was nill to nothing. There was no need to wipe, unfortunately, and I went directly back to class to join Tank. We evaluated evidence the entire period and since our teacher had to go to a doctors appointment, she needed to kick us out right after school. We went to the school library and spent another hour doing on-line searches and when the librarian kicked us out, Tank suggested we go to his house. I had drank some of Tank's soda during class and felt that may help me with my crap. So as we left the building, Tank waited for me outside the girls room as I went in and unfortunately 15 minutes on the toilet didn't get my bowels moving. I just hate that full-up feeling you get when your constipated.

When I gave up and went back into the hallway, I was somewhat surprised to find Tank on a bench, using his backpack as a pillow, and he was asleep and snoring away. I went down the stairs to the cafeteria and bought another soda from the machine because most of the time that helps my bowels move. Tank was awake, but groggy because a janitor had awakened him. Then we walked to his house where we put in another five hours of work. His parents invited me to stay for dinner and that was nice, although I wasn't really hungry because my bowels were so stopped up. I peed twice over there and hoped that would get my bowels moving. He even went in and took what he called him "bonus shit". He tried to cover it up and at first he denied it. But the smell told me otherwise. He tried to change the subject because we had a lot more evidence to sort for our tubs and it was getting close to 10 p.m. when I called my Dad to pick me up.

It was going to be a short night because our team was leaving at 5 a.m. the next morning.

I'll finish the story next time. Bye!


The cruelty of children - a confession

This goes back to the early 1970s - I'd have been about six, and my little sister just turned four. Mum, dad, the two of us and baby brother went away on holiday to the coast. We hired a flat in a small town famous for its crabs. We ate a lot of crab sandwiches that week, and along the way I acquired a crab shell.

I'm not sure what it was about it, but little sis took a real dislike to that shell: I think she might have found a live crab on the beach and been scared by it.

Evening came one day, and I was feeling the need to do a poo. Unfortunately, little sis was already in the toilet. Now for some reason the toilet door wasn't a full-length door like most interior doors, but it had a 6-inch gap at the bottom, like the door you find on a public toilet stall. I was getting just a bit desperate at this stage - so I got the crab shell, and I pushed it under the door.

Little sis screamed and ran out of the toilet: I ambled in, pulled down my pants and sat down...

(but I didn't half get it in the neck from mum afterwards!)

Alexandra - I love to read on the toilet. It's a good way to take advantage of some alone, quiet time. In other words, put information into your head while sending junk out the other end.

China girl - love your stories.

I've been eating a Fiber One bar daily for about a week and a half, and I really haven't noticed much of a change in my bowel habits. My turds are about the same consistency and length as they've always been, so I must be okay on the fiber intake.

Bye for now.

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents Part Five

Hi again.

I mentioned in my last post about an accident that I had while on vacation in Mexico with my family during my school break in grade 12. I actually had two accidents in one day. The first one was in my white bikini at Xel-Ha and the other was in my white underwear and white shorts when we got back to our resort.

Here's how the first one happened…

Halfway through our trip we went to Xel-Ha for the entire day to snorkel and walk around the park. On the bus ride there, I wore my bikini under my white shorts I also brought with me a pair of white bikini underwear to change into for the ride home. I chose white underwear so they would not show through my white shorts.

We spent most of the morning in the water and stopped for a lunch break. After we ate, Melanie and I decided to go for a walk around the resort. It was actually more like an easy hike but it took us about an hour from start to finish. It was really hot, so I decided to stay in my white bikini and wore my Teva sandals for the walk.

As we were walking, I started getting an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought it was my lunch digesting, but instead whatever it was that I ate did not agree with me. About halfway through the walk I realised that I really needed to get to a toilet, however there were none in sight. I started walking quickly and Mel asked why I was walking so fast. I told her that I needed a toilet in the worst way as I tried to keep my butt cheeks clamped tight. The cramps got really bad and at one point a really wet fart shot out into my bikini. I stopped suddenly when it happened and reached behind to touch my bum area. I said "Oh god!" Mel came over and asked what was wrong and I told her that I just pooped some diarrhea into my bikini. I turned around for her to check my bum area and she said that it had not leaked through my bikini yet. We quickened our pace and had to cross the water over this big board walk. The board walk was not anchored into the water and moved around with the waves quite a bit. I was trying desperately not to completely mess my bikini, but it was hard to keep control of my bowels as I walked. Halfway across, the boardwalk shifted back and forth really badly and I had to spread my legs slightly to keep my balance. When I did this, a big shot of mushy, runny diarrhea rushed into my bikini. Mel was behind me and said that we should hurry back to the washrooms. The mess was leaking through my bikini and it was obvious that I had messed it badly. The cramps got worse as we got back to the beach and washroom area. I was walking somewhat hunched over and I could not help but let out a second wave of diarrhea into my bikini as we got close to the beach area.

I'm not sure where our dad was, but mom saw us as we were walking up to where she was sitting. Mel waived her over and she brought a towel to wrap around my waist. Up to this point, I was not crying, but when mom came up to me, I started crying pretty hard. She put her arm around me and we walked over to the toilets and waited in line. Mel grabbed the bag over by where our mom was sitting so I could change into my underwear and shorts once I was cleaned up. The ladies waiting to use a toilet were nice and let us go up to the front. As we were getting close, my bowels erupted again and this time it caused the mess in my bikini to pour down the back of my legs and into my Teva sandals. I finally got into a toilet and carefully pulled down my bikini bottoms. The mess was indescribable. My mom helped take off my Teva's so they would not get any more soiled than they were. She gave them to Melanie and she rinsed them off in the sink. Some of the other ladies were really nice and they handed my mom some wet paper towels to help with my clean up. My mom put my very badly soiled bikini in the plastic bag she brought for our wet swim clothes and pulled out my white bikini underwear and shorts for me to change into for the rest of the day.

Our bus did not leave for several hours after that, so I pretty much stayed on the beach area on a lounge chair. I had to run back to the ladies room a few times to have more diarrhea on the toilet.

Here's how the second one happened…

Finally, it was time to leave. The ride back was a little bumpy and as we got close I really had to go to the washroom again. Unfortunately, the bus we were on did not have any toilets. We got back to our resort and off the bus and I was hurrying as quickly as I could to the washrooms near the lobby. I didn't make it. I was about 15 steps away and I couldn't hold this huge rush of diarrhea from erupting into my bikini underwear and shorts. Remember, they were white, and the mess from this accident was obvious right away. I started crying. I turned around and headed to the room I was sharing with Melanie, which was joined to our parent's room. As I was walking, I was still letting out more diarrhea into my underwear and by the time I had gotten to our room, the mess was leaking down the insides of my legs. It was terrible. I got the most horrified looks from people as I walked by them. I finally got into our room and went right into the shower and cleaned myself up. Melanie and my mom let me get cleaned up on my own. My mom gave me some Imodium to help settle down my stomach. It seemed to work. She said that she was sorry for not brining it with her to Xel-Ha. I told her that it wouldn't have mattered as the first bout of diarrhea came on suddenly as Melanie and I were walking around the park.

I cleaned out my white bikini bottoms, underwear and shorts, but they were all stained very badly. I kept them to wash properly at home and bleached everything out. That seemed to do the trick, but I could still see a faint diarrhea stain on my bikini bottoms. I was lucky to have an extra one-piece swimsuit for the rest of our trip. I was blue with yellow flowers. I didn't have any more diarrhea during that trip, but I did get my period on our last day. I had some pads with me and had to wear regular underwear and shorts for our last day in Mexico. That put off any further swimming activities for me for that trip.




I'm a male-to-female pre-op transsexual here on the board.
I've been on the board off and on for a few years. I've gotten
in trouble with a law before I started living full-time. I
started living full-time in '92. I try to use the bathroom at
home so I don't always have to do it out in public. When I'm
in a dress or skirt I usually use a women's restroom out as I'm
passin better now than when I was younger. With hormones I have
38C breasts. I also go swimming and use the women's change room
but in the past I've had problems there also. I'm always cautious
when I'm out and when I'm in a mall or wherever so I don't get in
trouble. Look up my name and you can find my psst posts. If you
have anymore questions just ask.


new guy

comments & stuff

To: Timee welcome to site im glad you decided to post here I really enjoyed your story about pooping with that other girl and then seeing that guy in the womens room but at least he had a reason for being there please post some more a question do you have any desperation stories mainly poop if so please share them.

To: Megan from calgary another great story I bet those accidents were really embarrassing but at least your friend was willing to help you in some way thats how you can tell there a true friend if there willing to help you and not make fun of you and im glad your mom help you to because accidents happen and they can happen to anybody and please contiue to post more stories.

To: China Girl great story about you pooping and stinking up the apartment and great story about your friend pooping a question have you ever considered doing a buddy dump with your friend it might be something you could try and keep the stories coming please.

To: Alexandra I usualy dont read on the toilet but I sometimes play my psp if I know im gonna be there awhile please share some stories with us and welcome to the site I hope you contiue to post more stories here.

To: Abbie great story about you pooping with another girl who was also pooping please contiue to post more stories a question have you ever pooped outside or some where other then because you had no other options besdies going in your pants if so please share the story if you havent already thanks.

To: who ever wrote about that mark twain sorry I cant remember your name athe moment I agree pooping can sometimes be a very pleasurable experience but it can also be a painful one as well as many people on here have stated.

To: Desperate to poop great story it sounds like you just made it home.

To: Terrible accident great story it could have been alot worse it could have happened in front a group of total strangers at least you were able to get cleaned up and nobody saw it and please post some more stories.

To: Wendy and Kristy great story Wendy about finding a new place to poop I asked posted a question to you on sunday but it didnt get posted until yesterday and in my last I asked the question because I figured it got lost or just didnt get that day oh well and please contiue to post you great stories I really enjoy them you guys are my new number 1 favorites not that everybody elses arent good but your guys stories are some of the best.

To: John the lurker great story about seeing your friends mom pooping on the toilet do you have anymore stories like that about seeing and/or girls and women pooping if so please share them.

To: Hermes another great story about seeing a girl poop I bet that will be somthing youll remember forever I look forward to your next story.

Well thats all for now I just want to say I consider everyone here a friend which got me wondering how many of us have actualy met someone from and and not even known it, it could have been someone you said hi to or even someone you work or go to school with that was just something I was wondering.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.


To anonymous about 10 y/o daughter.

I really enjoyed your post about your daughter needing a wee whilst in traffic. Do you have any other stories like that?


To the anonymous car mom, my mum let me go in the car once. I was 13, it was just me and her, and I was really desperate to go #1 and #2. She just let me go on myself. I found it quite fun.

Vinegar is good for getting the smell out.


girlfriend and friends mom

before i start i would like to give a special thanks to Kristy for the feedback, i really enjoy your posts as well ,Kristy :) i think its nice to know that other people, like you and Wendy, feel a connection when sharing an experience in the bathroom, and its good to have someone who is willing to be there for you, wouldn't you agree?

anyways, on with one of my most recent stories. i am glad to say that my girlfriend is alright now, shes feeling alot better after passing all of her diarrhea, now shes returned to her normal self, but still invites me into the bathroom whenever shes on the toilet. she told me the other day that she loves the feeling of being in my embrace, and that the way i speak when we are sharing these moments gives her a strong sense of comfort and security.

But just today was a bit of a role reversal. i was in my biology class when my friend Alex offered me the rest of his vitamin water, and to my surprise it was hardly even touched. i drank th whole thing by the end of class, but every so often i would notice my friend Tony observing me from across the lab, i had a feeling there was treachery afoot. it turns out my feelings were correct, because by the end of the day i was getting awful stomach cramps, and i felt really gassy. when school was done i was walking with my girlfriend back to her house when i had the most intense urge to take a crap. i decided to act natural, and i knew i could wait until we got to her house. i spent about 15 minutes having the gastro-intestinal fight of my life, trying not to mess my pants in the company of my girlfriend. when we finally arrived at her house i rushed into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. i pulled my pants and boxers down to my knees and then opened the floodgates. i had the most powerful stream of chunky diarrhea flowing out of me, and it was noisy as well, with lots of farts. i was not even half way through when my girlfriend slowly opened the door and slinked her way over to me. she then bent down and wrapped her arms around me. "this is how comfortable you make me feel." she said. and it did feel great, having her right with me as im sitting on the toilet. she gave me a few deep kisses while i sat there, and finished up. after i was done i wiped, flushed and left the bathroom with my girlfriend feeling very satisfied. the next day i found out that Alex spiked the vitamin water with laxatives and he was amazed i drank the whole thing.

another story i have is the time i was sleeping over at my friend nathan's place. there were five of us in total, since we invited some other friends over for the long weekend. everybody was asleep in random places, nathan on the bed, me on the couch, and people scattered on the floor, and some sleeping on the futon. i ate alot of junk food before i went to bed, and i woke up at 3 am to take a dump. i walked over to the bathroom on the other side of the house and i saw the door was slightly open and the light was on. i didnt think anything of it because if someone were in there they would have locked the door and nathan leaves lights on in the house all the time. i opened the door and since i just got up my senses werent so sharp at the moment, and when i looked up i saw nathans mom sitting on the toilet. shes in her late thirties, she has black hair, nice breasts, very attractive i must admit, shes as tall as me, shes single, and shes white. she was wearing her glasses, a black tank top, and her black yoga pants were pulled down a little past her knees, and i could clearly see her pink panties. when she saw me, she gasped a little and stared at me, i just stood there awkwardly for about five seconds since i didn't know what to say. finally i turned to walk out of the bathroom after apologizing, she then said "no,no,no,no, its alright, im going to be done soon anyways, and besides i should have locked the door." she laughed a little after that. so since it was alright to stay i just leaned against the towel rack and stood there. she seemed very open about her bathroom habits, she didnt try to cover up now that i saw her, i could hear her pooping and she didnt try to hide that either. she made a little small talk with me while i was there
asking how things were, and if anything interesting had happened lately. this really surprised me, because she finally asked what i was doing up so late, i said "call of nature, you?" i realized how stupid my reply was, but she just answered "oh, im just taking a very satisfying dump." she said it while she cradled her head in her hands, and while smiling at me, afterwards she giggled. she then ripped of some paper then wiped in front of me then flushed. she stood up washed her hands and walked over to me and said "i warmed it up for you, now have at her, tiger" she then winked at me, then gently smacked my bum. i thought it was kinda weird that my friends mom was hitting on me after she took a dump in front of me. i didn't mind though, in fact i was quite aroused by the moment. i then sat down on the warm seat, which felt quite pleasant, and then i took my long awaited crap. the next morning i was the first person up for breakfast, she was in the kitchen preparing the meal, and she let some of the food cook on its own for a while. she came to the table and sat down right by me with her coffee. i noticed her giving me some suggestive looks while she was drinking her coffee. this was before i was with my girlfriend so i daringly gave her a few looks of my own. truly an experience i wont forget anytime soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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