Hi all I am back. Have not posted in a while.
Car Mom- Love your stories. What would happen if you got a new car? Would you still let people pee in it? Also, are there any other strange places you let your daughter pee in?
As you all remember, I hate going to the bathroom in regular toilets and look for interesting places to go. I also refuse to hold my pee or poo and often go in my pants. I thought I would share the story of when I first got interested in this stuff.
I was about 6 years old. My brother, who was 16 at the time, was going up into the attic to look for some of his old baseball cards. I think he was selling them or something. Anyway, I, being the pesky little sister I am, followed him up there and pulled the door shut behind me. Little did I know, the door locks from the outside and we were stuck up there until our parents came home from work. It was about 1 in the afternoon and they would not be home until after 5. Well at first I was fine with it. I enjoyed spending the time with my brother who had lately been too busy for me. But after an hour or so I began to feel the need to pee. My brother noticed me fidgeting and asked what was wrong. Initially I was reluctant to tell him,, but he knew, so I admitted I had to pee really bad. At that point I could barely sit still and I still had 3 hours to go until they got home. My brother looked around and then grabbed his baseball cards. They were stored in a circular plastic bin with a lid. He dumped them out and told me to pee into the bin. At first I protested, but he insisted. He told me it did not look like I could hold it for the next 3 minutes let alone hours and it was either go in the bin or wet my pants. I really did have to go and I hated the feeling of holding it. It was so uncomfortable. I pulled down my pants and sat on the bin, which was just big enough for me to sit comfortably on but not fall in. It took a couple minutes, but soon my pee stream started and I could hear it hissing out into the plastic. How different it sounded than going in the toilet. I peed and peed for what seemed like hours, but was probably about 3 minutes. The bin was half way full. When I was done, I pulled my pants up and put the lid on.
I really enjoyed the feeling of peeing somewhere besides the toilet. It felt naughty and nice at the same time. And the relief felt amazing. I began to seek out other places to do my business. And here I am today.
Well that is my story please feel free to share your story of why you enjoy this stuff and keep the pee stories flowing.

I too am a mom and I have one experience to share. I have one daughter who is 10 and I actually have let her pee in the car once. We were driving and she was in the front passenger seat next to me and we were on the highway stuck in traffic and she announced that she had to pee. I told her it would probably be a while before we would be able to stop somewhere so I told her that she could hold onto herself. So she did. Then a little while later she said she really really had to go. I asked her how bad and she said "REALLY bad!" I could see that she was holding onto herself and wiggling her legs like crazy. I asked her if she wanted to get out of the car pee on the side of the road and she said "no! Someone would see me!" I could understand that. I can see where she would be uncomfortable peeing in front of all those other people. So I told her to keep holding on. I wished I had a container or a cup or something, but I didn't. Then after a while she said "I really REALLY have to peeeee!" So then I decided that I needed to give her some relief. So I told her "you can go ahead and let a little bit out if you want." She looked at me surprised. Then I said "its ok, go ahead. Just let a little bit out." And so she did. She relaxed a little and she let a little squirt of pee out into her pants. They were really thin sweatpants too so I could see right away a wet spot appear in them. Then she made herself stop. "There," she said. I asked her if she felt any better. She said she didn't. Then she started to wiggle again and she said "I STILL have to go!! Really REALLY bad!!" So then I said "fine. Just go ahead and go." She said "what? Are you sure?" and then I said "yeah I'm sure. Go ahead and just go." And so she did. She let herself relax completely, and then she started to pee herself. As she did she let out a sigh. I started to see it coming through her pants and going onto the seat. I knew that it was soaking into the seat. I decided to ask her to scoot forward a little so that way her pee would go onto the floor instead of the seat. So she did, but when she did she leaned back too much and so her pee shot out right through her thin pants and sprayed up against the dashboard. Quickly she sat herself up a little more and then most of it started to go down onto the floor mat instead, although some started going onto the seat again. But I didn't care at this point. It was really hard to clean up too. I guess I could have just left it like you do, Car Mom, But I figured I better not. Like your friend, my husband wouldn't have liked it either! That does remind me, what do you do about the smell in your car? I noticed right away that my seat began to smell and it was hard to get out. And that was just one girl doing it one time. What about all that pee from all those girls? Does the smell ever bother you?

TImeeka or Timee
My name is Timeeka. I like being called Timee, although I am a girl. I was born in 1992. I am 18 and in college. I am 65", 135lbs, with a 28 waist. I am a skinny runt. This website is neat. I was always interested in my toilet habits. I use the term pee, urinate and #2. I go every morning before school or when I get there. I am glad that I am in college. I can go when I want. In urban HS, I was at the mercy of security guards. I used to have to squeeze it out at home or stop somewhere on the way to school. Storekeepers knew me and let me use their bathroom. I hated HS and was glad to get out. I could not wait for graduation. I took a GED test and finished. Weekend mornings, I can get out of bed and walk to the bathroom with a magazine and sit on the toilet and take a healthy #2 because I have no axe to grind. My bowel movements are usually thick and soft. I sleep in a large shirt that I pull up around my waist and I pull my panty down to my ankles or knees. When I wear pants, either they can come down to my knees or ankles. Dress or skirt: panty/panty hose same way. Sometimes, I let my skirt and panty down below my knees. Here is one for you: Saturday morning, I woke up about 7:30AM. My mother was still asleep. She works M-F. My father works a second front on weekends. I felt the urge to urinate and #2. So, I took a black culture magazine with me, pulled down my white long johns and red VS panty to my ankles. My bowels released an avalanche of thick brown mud while I urinated at the same time. During the time, there was a crackling fart as my pee ended. I sat for about ten minutes reading my magazine. Then I wiped myself good and flushed. I then returned to bed for another hour. Another day at school, it was morning. around 10AM, during a free period, I went to the female toilet. This place is a cavern. It has 9 stalls. I took the 5th, closed the door, lifted my gray skirt, pulled down my black panty hose and blue fuschia panty to my ankles. My bowels exploded and released a thick creamy load. I broke long wind. I sat on the bowl when a Hispanic girl came in and said, "I got to take a ka-ka." She lifted her red skirt and pulled down her black panty hose and pink panty to her ankles. She released an avalanche like me. We sat for awhile and she said that we were in the toilet for the same reason obviously. We then decided that we had enough and we cleaned up flushed and left. One more: It was the first day of my junior year and I walked through the park to kill some time on the way home. It was a half-day. I stopped off at the female toilet. It had two stalls. The inner one was occupied. Little did I know. I saw khaki pants and white FOL briefs around ankles. I thought it was a girl. It was a teenage guy with developing honeydew melon titties when he came out of the stall. I had done my pee and here I was pulling up my white panty hose and undies and letting down my khaki skirt to my girlhood. He did not flush. He had a thick diarreah. I was surprised, but I did not cause an alarm. He told me that he was a guy preparing for a sex change. He told me that he was 19. It was first of many encounters. I will explain more. Is there anyone undergoing a sex change and how is it affecting your toilet habits? Anyone know of such a situation? I would love to know. I am encountering this often.


Peeing everywhere

When I am really desperate for a piss I find it very difficult to aim my pee. As soon as I take my dick out I kinda just start to spurt piss everywhere. This is sort of fine if I am at urinal although that has been a bit messy but over the can my pee does not go in a straight arc and I make a real mess. I hate to sit like a girl just to piss. I often go out in the garden to pee if I get desperate at home. This only happens if I have been holding for too long.

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents Part Four

Hi everyone.

"New Guy", thank you for your responses. I am glad that you are enjoying my stories. As I mentioned in one of my earlier postings, this website has been very therapeutic for me. This may sound strange, but this has been rather cleansing for me.

As I mentioned in my last post, my mother, my sister Melanie and I moved to Calgary to once again be with our dad, who moved out earlier in the year when I was in grade ten. Melanie started at the University of Calgary in September and I started grade eleven at a new school. There was a school being built near our home, but it wasn't ready yet, so myself and a number of students from our neighbour hood were bussed to another school about 30 minutes away.

I had gotten to know a few of the girls at my bus stop who were all going to our new school for the second semester of grade eleven. I became really good friends with Inga, Stephanie and Amanda.

One day in November, we were in gym class, which at the time, was an all girl's class and we were playing volleyball on this particular day. My gym clothes consisted of a t-shirt of some sorts and snug fitting gray spandex shorts. I wore my bikini underwear underneath as always. I think they were a light pink colour.

I had been feeling a little crampy during our first class. During our break, I went to the girls change room to get ready for our gym class. I went into one of the toilets to see if I could go, but nothing would come out. I peed, cleaned up and finished getting ready.

During class, we were doing these volleyball exercises and I could feel my stomach tightening up. I tried to ignore the cramps and I let out a few silent farts and the cramps went away. Towards the end of class, the cramps started again and got really bad. We were playing a game and with about fifteen minutes to go in the class, I felt everything rush down to my bowels. The ball was hit to be and I went to "bump" it and when I did, my bowels let go, and I pooped some diarrhea into my underwear. After I hit the ball, I froze. The play ended, and I asked someone, I think it was Inga, to sub in for me.

I went over to our gym teacher, who was female, and asked her if I could leave to use the washroom. Thankfully, she said yes. I could feel another rush of diarrhea coming on, so I quickly picked up my bag near the benches, and could feel more diarrhea slipping into my underwear. I walked as quickly as I could to the girls change room, trying to keep from losing everything into my underwear. I got into the girls room and as I made my way over to the toilets, everything just came bubbling out. I could feel it bulge out from behind me. Fortunately, none had leaked down my legs, but I knew that the damage was done.

I got into the toilet and hanged my bag on the hook in the stall. I pulled my jeans and shirt out of my bag. I took off my t-shirt, shoes and socks to prevent them from getting dirty and put everything in my bag. Standing in my bra and soiled underwear and gym shorts, I started to tear up at my predicament. Another wave of diarrhea snapped me out of it and I carefully lowered my gym shorts and bikini underwear and sat on the toilet for wave number three. When that wave was over, I tried cleaning out my underwear as much as I could by tipping the mess into the toilet. I wiped up with the toilet paper, which luckily there was quite a bit of. I then heard the door open and all of the other girls come in and my heart sank. I was sitting there with still very soiled underwear and gym shorts with a room full of my classmates. I panicked and pulled my underwear and gym shorts back up which felt really gross. I then pulled my jeans on and put my shirt on as well. I also had with me a long black sweater that went down to my knees and had a fabric belt to tie around my waist. I put it on and tied it around my waist. I left the stall and washed my hands really well.

The rest of the day was terrible. I still had really bad cramps and went in my underwear again during lunch as I was trying to make my way to the one of the girl's washrooms. I tried calling my mom at work, but she was out. I tried calling Melanie on her cell phone, but she did not answer as she was in class.

Just before our first afternoon class started, Inga stopped me and asked where I was, because I had been in the girl's washroom trying to clean myself up. I told her that I wasn't feeling well and that I had really bad cramps. She said that she was sorry. I quietly asked her if she had a clean pair of underwear with her, but she said, sorry no, but that she had some pads with her. I told her that I was okay in that area. Evidently, she thought my period had started, or that my pad had leaked and that I was walking around with bloody underwear. If only she knew the truth!

The bus ride home was bad as I had to go again. I was sitting this time and I could not hold it any longer. This time when my bowels relented, the mess spread up my back and into the front of my underwear. When I got off the bus, I had to go yet again and this time it was really runny. The mess went all down the back and insides of my legs. It was terrible. My mom was the only one at home when I got there. She saw me and said hi and I started crying really hard. She asked what was wrong and I told her that I had been really sick in my pants. She sighed and said that it was okay. She helped me get cleaned up and even offered to clean out my soiled underwear, gym shorts and jeans for me. My underwear was very badly stained, but I kept them to wear during my periods. I decided to throw away my gym shorts as they were stained right through and there was no way I could wear them in public. My jeans were also stained through, but they came out clean on the outside. They did have a faint diarrhea stain on the bum area on the inside though. I also washed my back sweater.

I'm not sure how I did it, but I was able to keep my accident, or accidents, from everyone that day. I remember keeping my back to the wall at all times and trying not to let anyone get behind me even though I had a sweater on that covered my bum area. No one seemed to comment on the smell either. I'm not sure if they were just being polite, but I was thankful.

I was fine for the rest of grade eleven at our new school and for the first semester of grade 12. My family went to Mexico in between our semesters that year. I ended up having diarrhea in my bathing suit. I will leave that story for my next post, but I can tell you that when I saw the scene in the first Sex In The City movie, where Charlotte pooped in her pants, I knew how she felt.

Thank you.


China girl

Post Title (optional).

Hi guys, good to see everyone again. I recently had a mini vacation with a good friend of mine last week. We sublet this apartment for 4 days and had good time in the city. Even though we were out having a blast. In this period of time, I did one dump, and she did 2 separate dumps in our apt toilet. We kept the toilet busy and certainly made our mark with serious loads. I went on the second night there. After a couple late night movies, feasting and girl talk, I had a late night load that hit suddenly and I just had to get up and go. The bathroom was tiny and the toilet was a round bowl right by the door. I just walk to toilet while talking to my friend, she paused the movie and all was quiet. She doesn't really joke about pooping much even though we go around each other with no problem. I walked to toilet leaving door open so we could talk. It was quiet though with the TV paused and she snacked while waiting. When I pull my pants down in front of toilet, I farted modestly while bending over to sit down. When I sat the turd was so toxic I didn't have to do anything. My but opened and it slid out. You heard the thud of the head of turd contacting the toilet, but you could still hear turd cracking from sliding out. In spite of this, I still pushed out of a natural urge to just get it out, so it slid faster and my hole just stayed open the entire time. When the tail piece came out a fart shot out briefly just as the turd released, and a tiny piece the plopped in. I sighed when finished, this all happened in only few seconds. Of course it stink so I had to say "whew." Then I stood to wipe and looked to see a hefty turd. Huge, and loaded with seeds (from grapes) so it was quite tough and offensive looking. The turd rested over the top of the hole, as I think my but pressure placed the head of it too far back into the bowl that it couldn't sink down to hole. So the turd was just on full display, with this huge bulking head. Although my friend could hear everything, she unfortunately was close to witness it, so I just had to say "damn that's big." She let out a giggle and said "take it easy in there." The apt did smell several minutes later, and the toilet had a flush ordeal. When I flush, because it lay over the hole, the turd folded in half making it twice as thick to get down the hole. So it was a couple of flushes and a slow painful gulp for that bowl to get that ugly foul turd down. There were skid marks all over the inside.

My friend, who I posted on before, is my really good Chinese/Russian mix friend. She's very cultural and traditional She's tall and eats like a horse. So it is no surprise the next day she shoots a load in, and that she did. It was the next night actually and we were in conversation so we talked together and just continued to when she had to get up and go. I follow her in and she has no problem with it, just like most girls. She has really demeaned my toilet before, and this one had the same fate coming. She sits on the toilet like a drill sargent or something cause she sits so straight up and perfectly still. She was probably there just sitting for almost 30 second while we talked, and nothing during that time. But then, just out of nowhere, you heard a quick opening of her buthole crackling, and literally this cannon shot and the sound of a turd shooting out at the same time a powerful fart occurs. The smell just came up immediately after the horrible sound. She still sat there like nothing, no flinching, and no interest as to what came out of her but. The potent smell overwhelmed. She still sat like a minute or so, the toilet no doubt begging for this to be over (hehe). She then peed and then smaller pieces of turd plopped in with some farting. She then wiped, got up with no comment. And the toilet had this huge turd that shot into its hole and it curved around as she was a little more advanced as to what the space in this toilet could provide. The water was darkened. The smell took over the air quality of apt. After the toilet got it down, her smell was still around the toilet only even when it cleared other areas. When I flushed after a pee later, some dark water backed up and the flush was slow and it became clear again. I think it was trying to bring up that monster but it just couldn't. I know this is long post, my friend did go the next day again, but I'll spare everyone the length so far. If you'd like to hear I'll post it. Keep up the good work everyone.


Reading on the toilet.

Hi, first time poster. I'm 18, tall, slim, brunette with an average sized chest.

I was sat at work emptying both my bladder and my bowels, and was sat on the toilet for quite some time when I thought. "Wouldn't it be great if I had something to read right now." and then I began to think how many people actually read on the toilet.

So I ask you, do you read on the toilet? and if you don't, what do you do? Do you use your phone, check your makeup etc.

Thank you in advance.

Alexandra x

Migraine Loverer


has anyone in desperation, pulled a big poop out of themselves or someone else? thanks,
Migraine Loverer


Latest story

Hi, Abbie here with a new story from the end of last week. Leanne, its great you're able to post again even if only for a short time. I loved your story about how you were bursting for a poo after your lecture and then the fire alarm going off while you and the other girls were on the loo! I didn't realise lectures lasted as long as two hours, if you need the loo it must be quite hard to hold it. Hopefully the toilets at universities are better than the ones in schools, I was wondering if this is your experiance? I don't know of many toilets which are as bad as ours at school, I can't wait to leave so I don't have to use them any more. At the end of this year I'm hoping to go to sixth form at a different school so maybe things will improve.
Anyway, back to my story from the end of last week. At break I went to the toilets in the humanties block hoping I'd be able to have a poo, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable and bloated as I hadn't been for a few days. I got in there really early so I was the first one in, I picked the middle cubicle on the left and went in and locked the door. I hitched up my skirt and then dropped my black tights and green knickers before sitting on the loo. I started to wee heavily, I was pretty desperate for that as well, and as I heard some other girls come in I started to push. I let out some loud farts which was a bit embarrasing, but quite soon the girl to my right farted too and then pushed out some runny poo. A couple of minutes later I heard her ripping off some toilet paper and wiping, I was pushing really hard and going red but not much was happening. The girl on my left had been quiet after I'd heard her have a wee, I guessed she wanted a poo as well. Soon the girl to my right flushed and left, and then I heard a slight grunt coming from my left followed by a few loud plops. By now I could feel a rock hard turd coming out of my bum, but when I relaxed and stopped pushing it got sucked back up. I looked at my watch and realised I'd have to try later, so I quickly wiped, pulled up my knickers and tights and let down my skirt. I flushed and left the cubicle at the same time as the girl next to me. We smiled shyly at each other and then went our seperate ways to our next lesson. By lunchtime I didn't feel any more desperate so figured I could wait till I got home. But unluckily for me we had games last lesson and I ended up running round trying to play hockey (not my best sport!) After the games lesson was over we went back to the changing rooms, a combination of the exercise and being outdoors meant the poo was knocking urgently on my back door and I knew I couldn't hold it much longer. As I started to get changed I could feel it forcing its way out, I knew it wouldn't be long until it reached my knickers so I clenched my bum and shot out of the changing room as fast as I could. The only good news was that I had changed so quickly that the school day hadn't quite ended so everyone else was still in lessons and the decent loos would still be open. I rushed into the toilets holding my bum and banged open the door of the first cubicle I came to. I quickly locked the door and then pulled my skirt, tights and knickers down to my ankles, I didn't have time to be careful about it. As I sat down I could feel the tip of the first turd creeping out of my bum, but quite soon it started to get wider and then it stopped moving. I spread my legs wide, screwed up my toes and pushed really hard, I grunted loudly but luckily no-one else was in the loos to hear me. At that moment the bell rang and quite soon I heard banging doors, I realised the loos would get quite busy for a time with people who were too desperate to make it home. I rather wished I didn't have a huge turd hanging half way out of my bum which was going to take some serious pushing to get out but I reasoned no-one would know it was me as it was going to take me a good fifteen more minutes to finish and by then everyone else would be gone. I kept pushing as three girls came in, two just had a quick wee and left but the one right next to me stayed sitting so I realised she needed a poo as well. I glanced under the partition and saw her trousers and pink flowery knickers at her ankles. A few more girls came and went but the two of us stayed, I was trying to be quieter now but couldn't help letting the odd grunt out and I heard the girl next door doing the same. Eventually after what seemed like ages I managed to get my turd to drop, I then finished with a couple more pieces before wiping my bum. As I was wiping I heard a moan coming from next door and then a sigh followed by a massive plop. I pulled up my knickers, tights and skirt and then flushed, as I was washing my hands the cubicle next to me opened and I saw that it was Olivia, a girl in my year who is in a few of my classes. She smiled at me and we both went out of the loos to go home. I hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading it, bye!! Leanne- I hope you're able to post again before you go back to uni and if not I look forward to lots of stories at Christmas!


Re. Pleasure

TO the unnamed poster:
EXCELLENT QUOTE! One of the best messages I have seen on this site! :)

Leave it to Twain to create a simple and elegant observation on the human condition. :)

Desperate to poop

desp poo

Oh I had a urge today. I was dropping my G/F off at the station and got an urge on the way, just my usual morning dump. I decided to try and drive back to avoid paying for parking (even for a short period it is expensive).

I just about made it back and hurried into my toilet and let fly. All over in a flash as a load of smelly poop shot out.

Happy Pooping

Terrible Accident

I had a terrible accident on Friday night. My friend invited me to eat dinner at an Asian buffet. I had two huge plates of food and the pasta was towered high on both plates. I also had a lot of soda. My friend and I talked and we said our goodbyes.

I am in college, so I usually go home on weekends to do laundry. The machines in the dorms are always busy and the dryers don't dry, so I take them to my parents house. On the drive home, which was about forty miles, I could feel a cramp starting. I also began to need to pee urgently. I was almost crying because I was going to have an accident any second. However, I couldn't stop because I was in the country.

Well I finally got to my parent's town and quickly drove to their house. I got out and walked to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. I had to poop really bad and a really wet fart came out into my panties. It really reeked. I knocked on the door. It was usually never locked, but no one came. I got another cramp and realized I would have to unlock the door. I got my key and put it in the lock and then I felt tremendous pressure in my stomach. I felt my body push and my knees bend slightly. It was involuntary. Warm mush shot out my butt hole and I felt wetness run down the back of my thighs like I was peeing myself. I wasn't peeing. I still had to pee and urgently. It was liquid poop that was running down my legs. I looked light I peed my jeans, but it felt much grosser.

I was angry and embarrassed. I hadn't pooped my pants since I was four and riding on an airplane the first time. I finished unlocking the door and was about to run to the bathroom when I thought I might need something to change into. I still had to pee really bad, but I thought I would track the floor if I undid my pants and then pulled them back up to go outside. I returned to my car and grabbed my laundry basket. I had to waddle and the poopy mess started running down my other leg. I went to the door and walked in to the bathroom. I left a wet brown trail as every few steps some poop ran down my legs.

I dropped the basket on the floor in front of the bathroom and reached for my belt. I had to pee so bad and I started to leak. I still hadn't got my pants unbuttoned when I started peeing. I jumped into the bathtub and let go. The warm liquid flowed down my legs and wet the rest of my pants. I wanted to cry.

I took off my shirt and bra and threw them on the bathroom vanity. They were poop free. The rest of my clothes, well things were going to get worse. I slid off my shoes and wanted to cry. My brand new light blue sneakers had brown poop smeared in them. They were the only shoes I brought home. My other shoes were at college. Mom only let me keep the shoes and clothes I took to college with me, so I didn't have a spare pair of shoes at home. My white socks were brown as well. The parts that were covered by my shoes were still white except where it leaked in around my heel. I put the shoes beside the bathtub and then peeled out of my pants and panties.

My jeans had soaked through with both poop and pee. What leaked out wasn't solid at all. Just brown smears. My panties were the same way. I let everything fall to the bottom of the bathtub. I then said, "Oh shit and bent down to retrieve the stuff in my pockets. There was two wet shitty dollar bills and my cell phone. I reached over to the toilet and grabbed some toilet paper to clean off my cell phone and put it beside the bathtub. I then turned on the water in the bathtub and smiled as the warm water begin to flow. I reached down and turned my jeans inside out and held it under the facet and then the water slowed to a trickle.

I shrugged confused and turned the facet on all the way. The trickle didn't get better. In fact it stopped. I looked down and I just saw a brown puddle. I had no clean clothes and no way to get clean. I sat in the bathtub and my mess and started to cry.

I saw my cell phone a bit later and picked it up. I would have to bite the bullet and call my parents. I dialed and asked my mother where they were. My mother said they'd gone to Florida for a couple of weeks to visit my brother and his wife. She just had a baby, so I should have known my family was visiting because my mother wanted to see the new baby. I complained that the water wasn't working and my mother said that my dad turned it off after before leaving. The neighbor had connected to his hose last vacation and water his lawn so my dad wanted to make sure that wouldn't happen. I complained that I was out of clean clothes and had nothing to wear. My mother said I couldn't possibly have nothing to wear, but she gave the phone to my dad and he instructed me on how to turn the water on. I had to go down to the basement and turn the yellow value by the water heater. Then I had to wait half an hour until the water heater came on. I was not happy to hear that part at all.

I hung up and then looked at myself. I was naked and covered in poop. I finally too toilet paper and cleaned the bottoms of my feet and hands the best I could. The living room and the basement steps are carpeted and I didn't want to be found out. I walked down stairs and finally found the valve my dad had talked about. It was behind the water heater and I had to bend way over to get to it. I heard water flowing through the pipes when I finally turned the valves. I also checked to see if I smeared anything when I was reaching. I didn't.

I went back upstairs and sat in the bathtub. I was disgusted. I turned the water on anyway, but it was ice cold, so I turned it off. I had to wait. After thirty minutes, hot water came out. I rinsed my pants, panties, and socks and wrung them out the best I could. Then I showered. The shower felt so good after all that. I used soap and water and washed my hair. I still didn't feel clean.

I drained the water and then I cleaned the bottom of the bathtub. I put my wet clothes in my laundry basket and took them downstairs to the laundry room. I started a load of colored clothes and went back upstairs to take a long bath.

I had to spend the rest of the evening naked until my clothes were ready. I spent most of that time scrubbing the kitchen floor and cleaning the bathroom.

I never had a poop related accident as an adult before. I peed my pants several times. I even wet my pants on the way home from the bar in college a couple of times, but nothing was ever this bad. It was the most disgusting night of my life.


Laurel's survey & My Newest Mall Experience

This is my response to Laurel's survey:
1) privacy is the most important thing for me. I prefer doors on the toilets, but a few times each year I have to go so bad that I just don't have a choice but to use a doorless stall.
2) no toilet paper is a deal-breaker for me. Unlike my girlfriend, Stac, I will not sit on a public seat without putting toilet paper on it first before I seat myself.
3) clogged bowls--I try to avoid them. Hearing my crap plop down on top of sometone else's is just kind of gross. And related to that is the smell.
Age: Just turned 18.

This is my story about what happened to me and Stac when we had an afternoon off school last week.

There was a districtwide teacher meeting last week. Every school closed at 11:30 and all the teachers went to the civic arena for some well-known college professor who talked to them. Because every teacher had to go and every school had to close down, me and Stac had a rare day without any school activities that afternoon. So we decided to go to the mall for lunch and to do a little shopping. Then we would go to her house to hang out.

We walked the six blocks to the mall. I guess the exercise got my daily crap excited and I told Stac the first thing I needed to do was crap. She said she had peed after homeroom but could feel the need coming on again. We talked about which of the food court windows we would go to and when we got to the parking lot, I realized my crap was becoming more urgent. Stac said she knew a faster door in that was right next to the mall offices and that there were restrooms right next to it. Two years ago she had her first job there for three weeks before Christmas and she learned her way around there much better than I ever will. She also needed to learn her way around because about that time, I found out that she occasionally likes to sneak off and smoke a little. She only learned to smoke from some of the other girls working there, and I've given her a hard time about it.

We went in the door and down the hallway past the offices. She said we'd meet up in the hallway and she quickly threw herself into the womens room door and I was pretty much counting the steps into the guys' room next door. Upon walking in, I was surprised on how comparatively small the bathroom was. Two urinals, across from one another at the very end of the room. Two doorless stalls directly across from one another. Then a sink and mirror, again directly across from one another. There was a boy, he was probably about 4 or 5, sitting on the toilet located on the left side of the room. Because of his size and the fact that he was nervous, he was sitting swinging his feet and his underwear and shorts were actually partially sliding off his shoes and onto the floor. He was obviously bored.

I didn't particularly like him watching me as I prepared to it and crap. But I knew it wasn't his fault because it was the way the toilets were placed right in front of one another. I grabbed the the toilet paper roll and tore off three lines of paper. I placed one over the back of the seat, and two over each of the sides. The one on the right fell off twice before I folded it over and placed it over the front. Then I tore off a longer sheet, lifted the seat from the front, and then used the weight of the seat and the tuck in as a way to keep it on. Then I lowered my blue jeans and black boxers and seated myself. Unlike the little boy in front of me who was jumping up and down on the seat farted, laughed and grabbed the top of his thighs as he started his crap. I noticed that he stumbled a little when he jumped down and walked a half step forward so he could see what was in the bowl. At that point, I heard a woman shout the name "Trevor" into the doorway and when he just sat there and didn't answer, she came into the bathroom. She walked right up to the door of his stall, told him to hurry up because his pizza was getting cold, and he got off the toilet and showed her what he had done. She swung around, I would think because she didn't expect to see anyone else in there, and was embarrassed to see my crapping. I recognzed her in an instant. Her name was Marcia and we were in Freshman English together. I felt lucky that my Dad had taught me to keep my underwear and jeans at mid-thigh level because Marcia could see a lot less. She remembered my name, though, and that kind of surprised me, I guess. As Marcia left the bathroom, Trevor, got down off the stool, pulled up his underwear and pants and was running out the bathroom while he was still buckling up his jeans. I noticed that he didn't wash his hands or flush.

Once the surprise invasion of my privacy wore off, I pushed moderately hard and a log about a foot long slide out. It was pretty wide and hard and I could feel it was expanding my hole. Next came three or four farts very close together and then a much more moist snake-like two footer meandered its way into the water. Its tip was standing about a half inch above water level and it seemed much darker than the portion that was underwater. I stood, flicked the seat toilet paper covering into the water, and used five or six pieces of toilet paper to clean myself with. Then I put my right foot onto the flusher and I walked to the sink as I was pulling up my boxers and jeans. I washed my hands as I heard the flushing cycle end and dried them. Stac was standing against the wall in the hallway and teased me about my underwear ("Black boxers, huh...") and I knew Marcia had talked to her. Then she started to ask me about my crap and was we walked, I said "Why don't you go ask Marcia about that!" She was kind of taken aback, though, and dropped it.

We had a nice lunch and as is often the case, a large amount of pizza caused her to need to crap. I walked her to a much more heaviy-used bathroom just a few feet from the food court. If this had been a more isolated location, I probably would have thought about going in with her, but there was way too much traffic. Stac was in there about 20 minutes and when she came out, she said something about dropping 2 or 3 pounds of her weight (she's just a few pounds overweight) so I knew that she had taken a satisfying crap. She crapped once more when we got to her house and went up to her room to work on our AP science paper. She let me stay in the room while she changed out of her dress and into her shorts. She had white undees on and a significant skidmark right at her ass crack level, but I didn't say anything.


Doors, Doors everywhere

I haven't written in a while because my "adventures" in open stalls have come to a screeching halt.

At the beach with my favorite men's rooms, all with doorless stalls, all of them were bulldozed. Right down to the sand. They are going to be replaced with the new individual toilets - Little rooms with a sink and (flush) toilet each.

The beaches to my south which were always a great place to stop have put wooden doors on the cinderblock stalls.

I have tried the chain department stores mentioned in posts here, but where i live, they all have privacy in the bathrooms. I know most of you guys think this is an improvement, but my favorite times on the toilet are mostly gone.

new guy

A question

To: Wendy & Kristy I have a kinda gross question have you ever done a buddy dump that got messy like starting before sitting on others lap thus getting poop on the other if so please share the story.

Laurel's survey

OK, here are my answers for Laurel:

1. Pee on the toilet seats. This is a huge issue with me and some of my friends who are underdeveloped and hassled when we use the urinals. So we've switched to using the stalls. During any passing period, there might be 50 guys needing to piss, and with only 10 urinals and 10 stalls, guys are really in a hurry to pee and get to class on time. Probably about half of us don't take time to wash our hands because there's a line for the urinals and stalls. Then when you get your stall, the seat is dripping because the previous users didn't lift it first. Unless they see you sit and dropping your pants, you will be hassled even if you are in the stall. So several of us are forced to sit in pee, because often the toilet paper is all used up.

2. Lack of privacy. Even in the stall, with a door closed and latched, I'm still getting a couple sets of eyeballs through the space between the door and partition each time I'm on the stool. One of my friends has started flipping them off, but I don't want to take a chance of getting beaten up.

3. Time. I can take a full pee in less than one minute. But if there's three in front of me, I'm risking being tardy to class. Several of my teachers will only allow only a couple of bathroom trips during class and since we have to sign on the bulletin board to go, there's a record of us going, how long we were gone, and I just don't feel good about signing out in front of everyone. I'm holding my two trips for an emergency such as a runny shit.

I hope this helps your survey, Laurel.


My poopies...


How many people rub their stomachs when they have to poop? I never do that!!!

Also, how many people sit on tip-toes when they poop? I don't...

How many people makestraining and grunting noises when they poop? Although my poos are smooth and soft I make small sighing sounds when pushing them out. In my case I normally have to push a little bit at the start, because the tip is always harder than the rest of the turd. Especially when I didn't go to the bathroom for more than 15 hours. When the tip has passed, I only have to relax my anus to let the much softer part come out. The turd usually breaks in 3 or 4 pieces, so I hear 3 or 4 loud plops.

This morning, I was really filled up. On the toilet I hold my breath and started pushing. I felt my anus opening wider and wider until it was wide enough for the width of the turd tip. The turd came out in one large piece, even the softest part stayed connected. I didn't hear any plops. I felt empty afterwards, enjoyed the big relief, wiped and left the toilet...

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