New place to poo

While Kirsty was at work today I thought I go out for a walk in the hope of finding a good place to poo. I didn't need to poo but I did need a pee quite badly. I cut through the woods to get to the open field on the other side. In the middle of the field there was a clump of trees but not much else so ignored that place & kept waking. I was dying for a pee though so turned round & went back to the trees to empty my bursting bladder. I was glad I went back because I found a great place to have a poo, but I'll go in to that later. I was so desperate to pee I leaked a bit making my panty crotch wet. I quickly pulled my jeans & panties down together & squatted. As soon as I relaxed I released a powerfull stream onto the grass that lasted for 3 minutes. I was so relieved. My panties were damp but I pulled them up anyway. Now on to that great place to poo. Amongst the trees there was an old store shed & I went inside to find lots of junk. There were rolls of blue paper towels, a small bucket, a wooden bench, stove some rotten old wood & a pile of old newspapers. I couldn't wait to tell Kirsty about it when she finished work & sometime soon We'll post a story about it.

My answers to Jenna's survey:

1. How often do you poop a day/week? Usually once a day.

2. After you sit down, how long does it take you to start pooping? 30 seconds - 2 minutes.

3. Do you fart, while sitting on the toilet? Usually, but not every time.

4. If you do fart, when do you fart the most?
A: Before actually pooping.
B: During/in between pooping.
C: After pooping.
D: Berfore and after pooping.
A and B

5. Do you stay seated for a while, when you're done, to be sure you're empty, of for relaxation? Yes, quite often for both reasons.

6. How long does a complete pooping session usually takes you? 3-5 minutes.

7. At what time of the day do you usually take a dump? Afternoon.

8. What is the consistency of your turds? Firm, solid.

8 Do you have to push and strain, while pooping? A litte.

9. How often are you constipated? 1-2 times a month.

10. How often do you have diarrhea? Rarely, very rarely.

11. Have you aver taken a dump outside? A couple of times.

12. Do you like to listen to other people pooping? Yes, I love to listen others pooping.

13. What is your gender? Female.

Post Title (optional) Two Questions
These two questions are for both men and women.

1) If you take a shit right before going into the shower, do you wipe your ass or do you assume your ass will get sufficiently clean in the shower? I wipe my ass real good.
2) Regardless of your answer to #1, when you wash your ass in the shower, how far into your anus do you clean? As far as possible. I use soap, hot water and a washcloth.

Daily morning pooper

Curly turd
Some days ago I had to go to the bathroom for my morning dump. I sat on the toilet, relaxed and bended, and pushed a little bit to help the turd tip coming out. I felt a smooth turd coming out my anus then. After 3 or 4 plops, I wiped, stood up and I suddenly saw some brown marks on the back of the toilet seat. I realized that it must have been a curly turd tipping the toilet seat while exiting. Does anyone else experience this sometimes? It happens if you sit too far back on the seat.

My name is Timeeka. I am 18, thin as a rail black female.

1. How often do you poop a day/week?: 2-3x daily
2. After you sit down, how long does it take you to start pooping?:
right away unless I am constipated.

3. Do you fart, while sitting on the toilet?:
4. If you do fart, when do you fart the most?
A: Before actually pooping.
B: During/in between pooping.
C: After pooping.
D: Berfore and after pooping.B

5. Do you stay seated for a while, when you're done, to be sure you're empty, of for relaxation?:
Yes, I do, for both reasons.

6. How long does a complete pooping session usually takes you?:
8-10 minutes
7. At what time of the day do you usually take a dump?:
when I wake up in the morning, midday-afternoon

8. What is the consistency of your turds?:
Firm, sometimes a bit messy though.

8 Do you have to push and strain, while pooping?:
Not often
9. How often are you constipated?:

10. How often do you have diarrhea?:
About twice a month.

11. Have you aver taken a dump outside?:
Sometimes in a park where the toilets are busy in the summer, I go in the woods.

12. Do you like to listen to other people pooping?

13. What is your gender?

She was born a girl. Now she is fixing to be a guy. She plays for GWU, as a guy. The school and the team supports her, but how does she go to the bathroom?

Hi again.Hope you are all OK. I love all your posts.

I ran out of battery power on my laptop as I was submitting the post about KC anonymously using a non-censored Internet connection.Sorry for the spelling mistakes, guys.All I said was true although KC sadly only had use of the Ford Mustang for two weeks of the four I was there.

KC had an obsession with foods very high in fibre and occasionally used bulking laxatives - hence those frequent "bathroom breaks".Short of sticking your fingers in your ears there was no getting away from her noisy dumps. I miss KC a lot as apart from the shared interest in pooping, she was one of those genuine large-hearted people who make the world a better place.

More pooping stories involving women I either knew or worked with to follow another time.

Hermes x

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Sports Fan great story about hearing and seeing a woman pooping please share any other stories like that if you have any thanks

To: Wendy & Kristy, Kristy great story about Wendy pooping in a bag and Wendy another great buddy dump story a question for both of you have ever done a buddy dump that got kinda messy like starting to go before getting seated if so please share the story thanks and keep up the great stories I really love them.

To: Magnesia Maggie great story please post more of them.

To: Anny another great story for you please contiue to post more of them now a question whats the biggest dump you ever took I dont just mean size but also amount please share the story if you havent already thanks.

To: Kyle another great story about your girlfriend you must truly care for her and shes lucky to have someone like you please share anymore stories about her or any other girl or woman youve seen or heard pooping thanks.

To: Natalie X great story about you and your friends pooping please share any other stories you have

To: Desperate to Poop another great set of stories please keep them coming.

Well thats all for now sorry about the short comments sometimes I cant think of things to say but I want respond to peoples stories so I just that it was a great story or ask them to post some more and sorry for any mistakes sometimes my brain works to quickly for my hands or I dont notice them until the post has been added to the sight or I will hit the letter next to one I ment to or even sometimes I leave out big chunks of a story because I go to change something but forget to correct it right sorry if im rambling on about stuff not about this site but I had to get this off my chest so thanks.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


My Answers

My name is Jade and I am 13 and in school. I have been reading this forum for a while having and thought this might be a good oportunity to post something.
So first my answere to break the ice and then a little confession...

1. How often do you poop a day/week?: I poop 1 time each day.

2. After you sit down, how long does it take you to start pooping? I always go for my poo at the same time each day but sometimes I dont do it and withold it out of choice. When I do decide I will do a poo it depends If I need to go or am I going to have to make myself go and if its a hard one or more mushy anything between 1 or 2 minutes and about 20 mins before it starts moving.

3. Do you fart, while sitting on the toilet? Yes, especially if I am straining on a hard poo

4. If you do fart, when do you fart the most?
A: Before actually pooping.
B: During/in between pooping.
C: After pooping.
D: Berfore and after pooping. Can I say a mix of A and B

5. Do you stay seated for a while, when you're done, to be sure you're empty, of for relaxation?: Sometimes If I am not certain its all out I relax for a while then try again

6. How long does a complete pooping session usually takes you? Average is about 30 mins, but like last night it was over 1 hour.

7. At what time of the day do you usually take a dump? When I get home about 16.00

8. What is the consistency of your turds?:Usually Firm

8 Do you have to push and strain, while pooping?: Yes alot to get started and also during if its hard.

9. How often are you constipated?: Quite often

10. How often do you have diarrhea?: Not often, I get softer poo occasinally

11. Have you aver taken a dump outside?: NO I always hold it untill I get home

12. Do you like to listen to other people pooping? Yes especially if the farting alot

13. What is your gender? Female.

Ok so with that out of the way my confession

I like deliberatly witholding my poo until either I cant hold it anymore and I have an accident in my knickers or I stop needing to go and I can withold then for ages.

I might tell more another time..

Jade J.

Keith D
To Linda from Australia: Hi! Good to see you back again. Even if it is for the "wrong" reasons and because you are constipated again after a long winning streak. I have missed your stories. I haven't been here much myself but that is because I have been very busy at work and not because I haven't been constipated! I have been sitting at work for long days and really don't get much of a chance to take a dump when I should. This leads to me often not getting to go for two to three days. Then I get backed up and need to push and heave a lot to get things moving and once something does finally start to breach through my hole it is usually a very very large log that stretches me unbelievably. Some have been so big it has been almost frightening. But it is always a good feeling to get it out. I will have to post about some of the more memorable dumps soon.

Linda it sounds like you were really able to make up for lost time after being constipated, dropping several good size loads a day. I wish I could do that. I really enjoy a good firm poop and would love to be able to do them more often. I think it was Catherine that said she eats lots so that she can enjoy a poop more often. I wonder how many other do that? LOL maybe I should try it. But I think that it would just get me backed up even more.

Desperate to Poop's story about taking a laptop into the toilet was interesting. I haven't tried that. I often have to sit for a while. But usually I spend the time concentrating on straining out a log. I know that some people read or smoke. What about talking on the phone? How about a survey for everyone:

Phone Survey:
- Do you take your cell phone into the bathroom with you?

- Have you ever had to answer a phone call while you were on the toilet?

- Have you ever sent a text message while on the toilet?

- Have you ever made a phone call while on the toilet?

- Were you peeing or pooping at the time?

- If you have had a phone conversation while on the toilet, did the person on the other end know what you were doing?

John the Lurker
Hi everyone,

I have seen Andy's Mum on the toilet at last. I mean really seen her pooping from start to finish. I think she must have known that I tried to listen to her on the toilet, even to see her sitting there. Ever since the time I talked to her through the bathroom door in my home I have tried. But when it happened it was so unexpected and exciting. I had gone to her home with a message from Mum about a charity stall they were running at the weekend. I had to ring the door bell several times and was about to leave when she opened the door. I was about to give her the letter and then she looked sort of odd and I could see she was holding her hand over her ????.

"Ohhhhh, its you Stephen," she muttered.

"Are you alright?" I asked see her tense face. "Only I've brought Mums instructions for the White Elephant stall."

"I was about to go to the bathroom when you rang the door," she explained.

I have no idea what happened to me, I know I just blurted out, "It's alright, I see Mum on the toilet often."

Then she spoke the words I have dreamed about for so long. "It's alright honey, ohhh damn, I gotta run." She turned then, leaving me at the door. I watched her run upstairs and she was holding a hand under her bum as she ran, then at the top of the stairs as she spun her dress lifted and I saw her stockings and suspenders and then for a second her blue panties. I stepped inside and closed the front door. My heart was beating so hard it was like it was going to burst. The bathroom door was ajar and I could see Jill scrabbling her dress up and then I saw her slipping her panties down and then she sat on the toilet seat. Ohhhh heck this is so hard to tell, but I am so grateful to those writers that helped me, Sheilagwentgirl particularly. Without her advice here I would never had had the nerve to say and do what I did. I tapped on the bathroom door and said, "I've got the letter, you ran away so quick," I blurted.

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Anne gasped, "you'd better open it and tell me."

As I opened the letter she pooped with a loud splattt! into the pan. She sounded so loose that I thought she had diarrhea, I just stood watching her as she sat hands on her knees. There were three/four explosions into the pan. Then she looked up and she didn't seem to be in pain at all.

"Well what are my instructions?" she asked with a sort of smile on her face.

I must have stammered as I tried to read the letter and keep my eyes on her thighs. I know I never wanted to leave her, I wanted to stay with her forever. She just chatted to me normally as I read the letter. She must have been on the toilet five minutes at least, she pooped several times after. We were talking about the work at the stall on the weekend, then she twisted her body a little and ripped paper from the toilet roll. Ohh how I wanted to be wiping her bum. She wiped several times before pulling her panties up. Then incredibly she put her hands on my face and kissed me softly. "I think you'd better go home to Mum now Stephen, but thanks for being with me."

I have puzzled so much about what she said at the end, thoughts flood my mind about what she may have said or meant. I just hope if any one can give me advice about what she meant I would be so grateful.


Employment Agency Tales

Hi Guys

Hope you are all well and OK.Love your posts.I'm sorry about spelling mistakes in the last post as I submitted it before spellchecking...They say the truth is stranger than fiction and I dont think it does get any stranger than this.

A few years ago, I used the same employment agency for about 18 months to get me work.12 months of the 18 nothing much happened on the poop front although the waiting room I used bofre being driven off in the van at lunchtime was next to the toilet and the walls were very thin.What went on could heard crystal clear. I was never that much interested until one day, the bosses niece Katie(name changed) started work there.

Katie was 20 years old, had dimpled rosy cheeks, jet black hair always in a pony tail, always wore knee high black boots, a short grey skirt and white or grey blouse. She was only 5 foot 2 but was very feisty and more than capable of looking after herself.

On the first lunchtime I met her I went to wait in the waing room for the 1pm van to where I was going. At 1250pm, I heard Katie shout out to her colleagues "I need to go on the loo for five minutes!"

I heard her walk towards the toilet and as she came closer I heard she was farting as she walked along.She was making a very strange noise - there was a putt-putt-putt-putt noise coming from her curvy little bottom, as she walked along during the ten seconds it took her to get into the toilet and shut the door.

I heard her hitch her grey skirt round her waist and heard her pull her pants down to her thighs, and the clag as she hit the toilet seat.

She tinkled for ages -at least fifteen seconds before a brief silence. There suddenly a loud FRAP followed quickly by a soft sounding FLOOOOOOOOOOP as a large soft poo fell effortlessly out.Thus was followed ten secnds later by another FRAP then a splash and another splash as as she did two small soft plops.

There was brief wait until she started her strange putt-putt-putt farting in the toilet for about 10 seconds.This was followed by a FRAP then a Floooppp.Another FRAP was followed by a splash and then another splash.

There was brief speel of quiet until there was suddenly a FRAPFLOOPFRAPFLOOPFRAPFLOOPFRAPFLOOP as four soft plops came out quickly.

I heard her say out loud on the toilet "Ah that's better!", before the very smallest rattle of the toilet roll holder, followed by her pulling her pants up and adjusting her skirt.The toilet flushed and she came into my room to introduce herself to me. I noticed she smelt strongly of poo and after a five minute chat, she went back into the office.

I went into the toilet as I needed a quick pee before the van arrived, and noticed that she had left a three inch floater in the toilet and there were heavy brown stains on the bottom of the pan.

I noticed that Katie always went for a poo at exactly 1250pm and she always did her strange sounding farts as she walked into the toilet.

One day she was the only one in one of our two offices and she was continually on the phone.I was wondering whether she was going to poo that lunchtime, and I started chatting to her when she put the phone down.

As Katie talked, she suddenly started doing her putt-putt-putt farts and said she was feeling a bit gassy. She looked very uncomfortable as she phoned across the other office to arrange cover so she could go to th toilet.As she put the phone down she whispered to me "I really have to run fast!" She was not joking.

She sprinted very fast indeed into the toilet, hitching her grey skirt up round her waist as she ran.She must have pulled 2 or 3G as she violently swung through 180 degrees as she ripped her pants down to middle of her thighs and sat down quickly on the seat, to face me head on in the small corridor

The second her bottom hit the toilet, there was a massive FRAPFLOOFRAPFLOOPFRAPFLOOPFRAPFLOOP and she giggled as she put her finger on her lips and whispered at me to shut the door.I complied but in the waiting room, heard several more FRAPFLOOOOOPS and soft sounding splashes come from her. Again, only a vey small wipe of her bottom before she pulled her pants up before she was finished.

After she was done, she came in the room I was in and sat very closely next to me.She smelt strongly of poo as she lent her head on my shoulder and made me promise not to tell anyone what had happened.Since 1997, I have kept the secret.

More tales another time.....

Take care

Hermes x


Survey response

Here are my answers to Jenna's survey.
1. How often do you poop a day/week?:
I usually have a poo about 3 times a week.

2. After you sit down, how long does it take you to start pooping?:
It normally takes 2 - 5 minutes before my first log starts to come out.

3. Do you fart, while sitting on the toilet?:
Yes, but not that much.

4. If you do fart, when do you fart the most?
A: Before actually pooping.
B: During/in between pooping.
C: After pooping.
D: Berfore and after pooping. My answer is A.

5. Do you stay seated for a while, when you're done, to be sure you're empty, of for relaxation?:
Yes, if I have time.

6. How long does a complete pooping session usually takes you?:
It usually takes me about 20 - 30 minutes.

7. At what time of the day do you usually take a dump?:
I usually want a poo mid morning but often end up holding it till after lunch.

8. What is the consistency of your turds?:
Normally pretty hard and dry.

8 Do you have to push and strain, while pooping?:
Yes, nearly always, my poos are never that easy to get out.

9. How often are you constipated?:
I'm a bit constipated most of the time as I don't have a poo that often (about every three or four days on average) and when I do its quite hard work to push it out.

10. How often do you have diarrhea?:
Hardly ever, I can't remember the last time.

11. Have you aver taken a dump outside?:
Yes a few times in an emergency when it was either that or end up pooing my pants.

12. Do you like to listen to other people pooping?

Will post with more stories soon, bye!!


To Magnesia Maggie

Not sure that taking a laxitive on a regular basis is a good thing. Would like to hear other's views on that. But as a regular reader of this site I concur with the many posters that have successfully "regulated" themselves (and avoided constipation) with a high-fiber diet and lots of fruit and ????.

hey ive been a lurker here for a while
i enjoy pooping and peeing and watching girls do the same thing
I have had a few accidents in my 13 yrs.
The first time i was in 1st grade and i hadnt peed all day and so i raised my hand to go to the bathroom and the teacher said no and so i waited for as long as i could but i couldnt hold it and peed myself
The 2nd time was in the summer between3rd and 4th and so i was sick and had been constipated for a few weeks (cuz i used to hate pooping) and so i had to throw up and so i ran to the toilet and kneeled down and started puking and so my muscles were convulsing and so my body started pushing and so it started forcing its way into...well i was naked bcuz i was takin a it was coming out and soi tried to suck it back in but i couldnt keep it in and so a foot and a half long log pushed outa my 9yr old hole and it was very hard and it hurt coming out but the good thing was tht it was an easy clean up but it clogged the toilet when i dropped it in
I have more stories so let me know if u wanna hear them


Unisex City Park Toilets

Last week I was out of town on business and had a meeting that started at noon. Around 8 a.m. I decided to go for a walk in a city park near the hotel. I was walking around the park about 8:45 when I felt the need to poop coming on. The park was a very nice one, with ball fields, children's playgrounds, a large parking lot, and in the parking lot was the city's park district office. I was walking along a sidewalk near the parking lot and came upon the restrooms. They weren't like I'd seen before - kind of a cross between porta-potties and a permanent structure. It was one double unit, with two doors, both marked unisex. As I approached the toilets I noticed a car pulling into a parking spot nearby. A man who looked to be about 45 was driving, and a younger woman, approximately 30 was the passenger. They got out of the car. Both were dressed professionally, like they were working. He had on a dress shirt and slacks and dress shoes. He had dark hair graying at the temples. She had on a beige colored skirt with a white blouse, and platform type heeled shoes. She was slender, light brown shoulder length hair, with nice legs and her skirt showed off her pretty butt very well. They were an attractive couple, and she was especially good looking. They started walking together towards the restroom where I was heading. I could overhear them talking and apparently they were working; he was the boss and she the employee. He was saying that the park district office did not open until 9, and then they'd have their meeting with the park superintendent. She nodded, but seemed very uncomfortable. We all arrived at the restroom at the same time. He said, "Good morning", and jokingly said, "Looks like we all are here for the same thing." I smiled and said I guess so. The lady was looking even more uncomfortable. I was there slightly ahead of them and he said to me, "Go ahead", and then looked at the lady and said, "Ladies first!" She looked almost mortified and said, "Oh, no, you guys go first. I'll wait." So the guy went in one door and I went in the other. The units were pretty nice as far as park restrooms are concerned. Like porta-potties, they didn't flush, but had the catch basin with chemical water that was pumped out by a service company periodically. The wall between the two units was solid fiberglass. I lifted the lid to the toilet to prepare to sit, when I heard the guy start peeing profusely. It sounded like it was right in my cubicle. I looked into the toilet and could plainly see his pee stream. So while the units were separate, the catch basin below was all one, catching piss and shit from both units. The man finished peeing quickly. I got some toilet paper and was wiping the seat, since it had condensation on it from the night air. The man left the unit and I heard him say, "Your turn" to the lady. I heard her say, "Can you wait in the car?" He said, "Sure" and I assume he walked away as I could hear a car door slam about 30 seconds later. She had come into the other side now. I had just sat down and was kind of embarrassed to fart and shit with her there. With the universal catch basin I could hear her pulling down her hose and panties. I figured she didn't realize how the unit was made. She sat and started peeing very strongly for about 30 seconds. I thought that she was through, but after a few more seconds I heard a PFFFFFFFFFT BURRT of a fart from her. I stood up and looked and while I couldn't see her butt, I could plainly see a long turd emerging. It was about 8 or 10 inches long, and dropped into the water with a loud plop. I sat down and dropped a pretty nice log that she had to hear and I let an audible but not very loud fart. She was quiet for a few more seconds, and then let another fart, a bit louder this time and then passed another pretty big sounding turd since it hit the water with a loud splash. I passed another log, and then heard her fart a 3rd time, followed by another loud splash. It seemed she would fart, shit, then repeat. It was quiet for another minute, then I heard a wet sounding fart followed by soft poop plopping into the water. It sounded like taking a soaking wet towel and dropping it onto concrete. At that point I was done and started wiping. She started wiping as well, and did so 5 times. Then I heard her stand up and start to pull up her clothes. I was doing the same thing. I went out first, and she followed just a couple of seconds later. I glanced at her but she didn't make eye contact, and headed straight for the car to join her work companion. By now it was close to 9 a.m. so I guess they went to their meeting. This was something I didn't expect on my morning walk, but it surely made my day!

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