Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Pooing in a container

To Kyle
I loved reading your post about you pooing in a halloween lamp. I did something like that with Wendy once. You can find our story on page 1926 I think, entitled 2 girls 1 cup. Another time it happened was while Wendy & me were camping at Glastonbury. I think Wendy posted about it but I'll tell you my version. The que's for the toilets went for miles & Wendy was desperate for a poo. The woods were full of people having a pee but Wendy didn't want to have a poo in front of a lot of strangers so she asked me to help her go in a carrier bag inside our tent. I didn't like the idea but Wendy said she would do it in her knickers if I didn't help her & I didn't want that to happen so I agreed to it. Wendy pulled her jeans down & then her knickers &I held the carrier bag under her bum. She must have been holding it for ages as she pushed out 5 large turds & then a lot of softer, barely solid stuff into the bag. It really stank up the tent & the bag weighed about 4 pounds. She was very relieved after that. I tied the bag up & put it in a wheelie bin nearby.

Magnesia Maggie

Answers to Laurel's questions

I'm 16.

The three things that cause me problems in using public toilets in order of importance are: 1) time; 2) piss on the seat; 3) no toilet paper.

Because it takes me more time to crap, especially at places like my school and our city's entertainment arena, I become very self-conscious. Some of you may think this is kind of strange, but I'm much less self-conscious when I set and piss because I'm not going to be seated for more than 2 minutes. However, for a crap that may take me 15 minutes or more, I do get frustrated with my lack of progress because often I either side of me I'll hear someone seat themselves, their crap will fall into the water, they'll wipe and flush, and they are on their way a lot faster. For me, sometimes it gets so frustrating and even in the end, I don't dump anything close to a full crap. I remember I first had this feeling like three years ago when my mom bought me a ticket (it was my birthday present) for a Jonas Bros. concert. I spent like the whole intermission in a stall and there were some others waiting for my stall that yelled out some really crude things to me. Finally, after dropping like two really good pieces, I just get frustrated with them and I wiped, didn't flush, and left the stall before about half my crap came out. After the concert, I went back to the bathroom and was a little less frustrated and I dropped another piece. Constipation like so sucks. Then my friend Gretchen who was with me goes out into the parking lot and tells my mom that it will be a while since I was in the bathroom and constipated. And then Mom started telling me about all the ways that could help me "regulate" myself. Then she threatened me with having to take a laxative every day until I get "regular" on my own.

When I'm out and I have taken a laxative, I'm not very picky about what I'm sitting in on the toilet seat. Sometimes at school that means there's some piss on the seat but I don't want to get a detention for being late to class. Being limited to a 5-minute passing perid really sucks.

Also, once again last week I was in a panic at school because the Milke of Magnesia my Mom had given me that morning was working at about lunch hour. All 10 stalls in one bathroom were taken and I knew I couldn't wait. So I raced down the stairs and found another bathroom of tha that size that I could use. There was one stall open and I threw myself onto the seat. Great crap, but with no time to spare. Then I found I didn't have any toilet paper on the roll. I just can't seem to do anything right, I guess.


Pooping better than I have for years

To New Guy-Nope the big foot-long turd didn't hurt coming out. In fact it felt really good to get rid of all that shit out of my body.

The day after I had the foot-long shit I had to poop again. It was about 12 inches long and later a smaller one about 5 inches. The other day I had diarrhea-ish soft poop. I guess my period cleans me out because that's when most of the big turds came out of me.

I've been pooping every day to every 2 days lately without the help of my laxative (RestoraLax). It does just that-it restores your regularity without giving you diarrhea. It just softens your stool and boy does it help. I've also been eating fiber cereal and taking Benefibre (fiber supplement) up to 3 times a day and it seems to be helping to keep me regular. I also drink as much water as I can. I'm not really having constipation problems anymore.

If you're backed up try polyethylene glycol-brand names like Lax-A-Day, RestoraLax or Miralax. All you have to do is mix it into a glass of water and drink it and it usually works the next day-best effect is to take it at bedtime so you poop sometime after breakfast.



One of life's most over-valued pleasures is sexual intercourse; one of life's least appreciated pleasures is defecation.

~ Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Wendy I had the same thing happen to me after eating out for dinner one night. I was on my way home and could not hold it in and it was a huge mess

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

accidental buddy dump

I once had a buddy dump with Kirsty while we were walking home from school. We were about 15 at the time & we had some off tasting sausages for school dinner. I just assumed they were a bit spicy but Kirsty thought they were off. After lunch we went to class & after an hour or so we began to feel unwell. By home time I was desperate for a poo & so was Kirsty. As we walked home Kirsty began to slow down. I knew she as having trouble holding it & she wasn't the only one. We tried to get to the woods before it was too late but Kirsty couldn't hold it & stopped suddenly as she was filling her panties. We got to the woods but before I could get my panties down I totaly lost it & filled them with a huge load of semi solid poo. Kirsty was going again by this time & her panties bulged heavily at the back. We went further into the woods to get cleaned up as best we could & by the time we found a private spot I had to go again. I just let it out into my panties again making a huge mess in them. We peeled our underwear off our bums & wiped using some leaves. We left our panties in the woods & went back to Kirstys place as there was no one home. We cleaned up in the shower & I borrowed a pair of Kirstys panties to go home in. By the time I got home I was desperate to go again so I ran up to the toilet just in time to have another big clearout. I felt hollow inside & weak. I couldn't believe how much I'd done especially as I'd been 3 times now.

Just a guy

Leanne - great stories! I had thought you stopped posting. You and Emma really know how to tell about your experiences with lots of details.


to long time reader: about interest in accidents

I sometimes look at that popular video website. But they don't show people peeing their pants. They just show desperation. Those videos have huge numbers of views.


more menstrual diarrhea

To: new guy i actually have another story that just happened today with my girlfriend that i was going to share.

its day three now of my girlfriends unrelenting menstrual diarrhea. today was quite a different experience that i enjoyed somewhat. i was at her place and it was just the two of us there and it was early in the morning, round 8 pm when my girlfriend ran to the bathroom. i could hear through the door, and she was having a powerhouse round of diarrhea. i kept an ear open because i was concerned for her, and it was about thirty seconds later after she sat on the toilet i heard her calling me from the bathroom. i went up to the door and asked her if everything was allright. i heard her from the other side saying "Baby could you please come in? i need you to be with me." without any hesitation i opened the door and stepped in. she was sitting on the toilet with her pants past her knees holding her stomach. i then came over and kneeled down, and before i could do anything she wrapped her arms around me, so afterwards i did the same. i started to massage her stomach, while i told her i would be here anytime if she needed me. she smiled, hugged me even more and thanked me. after she was done she wiped, flushed, then stood up and gave me a big kiss. i think she really enjoys having me in the bathroom with her, and i really enjoy being there for her.


Public Toilets

I actually like using public bathrooms, as long as they're clean. I actually seek them out, when in my travels I end up in an office building and see lots of relatively young men walking around. I also, at least once a day at my office, sit in a stall, check my email and have a nice relaxing wee. The reason I like public toilets is because it allows me to sit and listen and observe others going about their business. I like to observe their little rituals--if they use seat covers, if they wipe the seat down, how they drop their trousers and underwear. I like to listen to their grunts, plops and farts. Occasionally a whiff might float over, and if it isn't too strong, it is somewhat intriguing. I love to observe the different wiping techniques, which you can determine by shadows and sometimes by the reflection in the tiles in back of you. I also enjoy entering a stall when there's someone next to me and unloading a wonderful dump. I do so without any inhibition, grunting and sighing audibly. I've noticed that sometimes when doing this, the person next to me finishes up very quickly, which I find very amusing.

Natalie x

Response to Risa's questions and short story

I was wondering, how many people rub their stomachs when they have to poop?
How do u do it and why do u do it?
Does it help?
I do, I rub my stomach and breath in, it helps me to relax if it hurts or to just be more comfortable.

Also, how many people sit on tip-toes when they poop?
Why do u do it and how does it help?
I do sometimes, especially when I have diarrhea. I just squeeze my knees together and be on my toes while im exploding.

How many people makestraining and grunting noises when they poop?
What are they like?
I almost never do. I have too loose stools for that.

Now for my short story, I'm gonna keep it brief...

Me and my friends (Sarah and Ellie) were out last night when we decided to go to the cinema randomly. I said to Sarah that I was really hungry, she understood and said she was too. So we dragged Ellie with us lol. I asked Sarah what to eat, she suggested fried chicken. I immediatly screamed YES! (I love fried chicken lol) Me and Sarah bought a large family bucket together and literally ate the whole thing. Ellie sighed at us and said "your going to regret that" I said how, it won't hurt to eat junk food for one night. Then she replied "no, I mean your going to regret that... as in you'll regret it, on the toilet!" When she said that it kind of made me think, but Sarah just thought whatever yea right. Then Ellie said "Seriously I know, it makes you shit loads if you've had more then you should, which you have" I just tried to ignore her sayings and warnings, didn't really like to think about it. We watched this really scary movie, we were half way through it when Sarah starting sweating rapidly. She tried to hide it but there was no doubt that she was holding something in. 20 minutes later she got worse, she begun clenching her stomach and holding her breath. I started to feel uneasy, only a little but still queesy. It was a jumpy film, so it had suprises which didn't help. Sarah was squeezed her legs and lips. But then a real jumpy moment happened in the film and after that sudden loudness of the suprise, I and everyone heard a big wet fart coming rom Sarah as she cringed holding her knees, her fart lasted about 3 seconds then went into low pitched where you could hear the wetness of it. I don't know if she pooed herself though, because at the end you could hear something happening and a lot of wet gurgles. After the huge fart Sarah slowly walked out shifting her legs with a worried look on her face. So either she pooed her lovely tight jeans, or she was on the verge of pooing a mess in them. Me and Ellie still don't know. Ellie wispered ewww to me when she walked out, it stunk. But I felt stupid because now I had to poo, really badly. I had so much gas too. I felt a fart coming on, I decided to let it come out silently because i wanted relief and I knew it wern't gonna make a sound and it didn't, sure did stink though. The movie finally ended I was soo relieved I power walked to the toilets. Ellie followed me asking where I was going, I replied "omg you were right, I need to take a really big crap! NOW!" I squealed that to her really fast and she just cringed, I did too. But then couldn't stand there for too long as I was about to explode in my pants. I quickly turned and then entered a cubicle. Had some trouble pulling my tight jeans down and then pulled my black panties down, placed my bum down and took a really big shit. It was a biggen then quickly followed by a lot of mush that came out really fast. That made me fart A LOT! The gurgles in my stomach were still making horrible sounds. My poop production got slower though, and they started coming out with huge farts and everyone of those short farts that came with mushy poo I sighed intently. I had finished and when I came out I saw Sarah and Ellie laughing and saying how gross I was, I blushed and was SO embarrassed I felt like crying, but they said they were just teasing. Sarah said besides I had the same problem... Just not as noisy, I gave her a friendly evil stare and then we all went home forgeting about the eventful night (well trying to forget) I feel better today though thankfully, so its all the case of not speaking about it lol.
Thanks for reading

Keep up the good posts people!

If you've got any questions just ask :)

Natalie x

Desperate to poop

Another shopping trip poop

I had another big poop today.

We went out shopping today. We arrived quite early and started with a coffee and some brunch. I felt a small pee and poop so decided to go and use the toilet before we set off. It was a small coffee and shop and had just one toilet unisex. It was engaged and I waited five minutes before a ????ish lady in her 40's came out and I took her place. The seat was nice and warm and had a tinkle and let a small 4" log out. I wiped flushed and went back to my G/F

After that we went to loads of different places shopping for a few hours , we then had some lunch and did some more shopping. After a while I had an urge to poop, as did my G/F and we decided we'd better find the toilets.

We were in a busy shopping centre so we headed off the toilets there. We knew they'd be busy but there are quite a lot of stalls. When we arrived it was pretty busy and there were 6 people waiting with all of the 7 stalls in use. 2 became free pretty much straight away and the two 40 yr old's at the front took their place. In front of me there was a 20ish yr old girl and I was sure it was her that let off a sbd. In front of her was a mother and daughter (40ish and 20ish) and 2 other ladies.

It was quite noisy in the toilets so you couldn't hear to much but you could definitely smell that more than a few ladies were pooping. Quite quickly another 2 stalls became free and the two ladies in front went in. The 2 ladies that had gone in first were still in and seemed to be pooping and the other 3 stalls had been engaged since we got there. The 2 ladies that had just gone in soon came out and that allowed the mother and daughter to go in. That left one in front of my G/F and then me.

For a few minutes there was no movement and then one of the stalls opened up and one of the two ladies came out straightening her skirt. The girl in front ran in and she had looked desperate holding her ????.

That left us two and five more now behind us. Everyone seemed to be pooping but finally after a few more minutes the end stall opened up. It had been engaged since we had got in so must have been a pooper. My G/F took that one and then shortly after the daughter came out. I took her place and nestled my bum on the seat for a nice poop. Next door to my left had been engaged since I was waiting and now I was in I could visibly hear diarreoh and groans. I let out a small fart and slowly a nice big log emerged. Despite the queues this wasn't going to come out quickly so I just took as long as I needed. The toilet next to me flushed and a few people came in and peed.

Finally after another 7 mins I had pushed out a nice 10" log and another 4" and felt relieved. I had a final little tinkle, wiped back and front and then flushed. A ???? lady didn't waste much time taking my place.

As I went to the sink, the daughters mom came out. I walked out with her although we weren't chatting and my G/F and her daughter were waiting.

Happy Pooping

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Correcting a mistake.

I posted a moment ago, mentioning the story "2 girls 1 cup". Well the page was 1887 & not the one I said in my latest post. Sorry about the mistake.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Car Mom another great car peeing story a question whats the most number of girls and/or women that have peed in your car at once im not if this has been asked yet if not please post a story about that time.

To: Shih Tzu Girl great story do you have any pooping stories if so please share them.

To: Leannne first welcome back and great story I look forward to your next story and all the ones after that.

To: long time I belive people need to lighten about accidents and not be embarrassed because were all human and I think people like seeing others have an accident is because it makes them feel that every is the same and accidents can happen to anybody from a normal person like us to the president and celeberties I dont if this made any since it was just something on my mind.

To: Abbie another great story please contiue to post more of them.

To: Wendy & Kristy great story Wendy and Kristy helping you get cleaned up and then later on pooping in the toilet with you in the shower keep the great stories comming.

I used to wet the bed every night up until age 7 or 8 I did it because I didnt pee before going to bed why I didnt I dont know I think just because and heres a quick peeing in public story this happened years ago I was in the parking lot of a store with my dad when I realized I really had to pee and the store had no bathrooms so I just opened the car door and peed on the pavement lucky there were no other cars around I think because it was early and the businesses werent open yet.

well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.

Desperate to poop

morning shit with my laptop

I've never done this before but I needed a hot shit this morning and decided I'd take my laptop in with me.

So I've pulled down my pink panties (I'm wearing pink panties and a pink t-shirt which I slept in). It's a little chilly a I've winced a bit a t the cold seat. Brrrrrr

First of a good tinkle. It starts slowly but it is now increasing speed as it shoots out. Goes on for about 40 seconds and is now fizzling out.

Hmmm now for the pooh we had a curry take away again last night. Oh brrrrppp frpppp first of some runny stuff(not diarreoh) but it didn't hand around. Ohhh brrrpppp and some more. Phew starting to smell in here. Brpppp plop plop plop plop. And some more. Been in a few minutes now.

Ahh a bit of a rest a minute later but I can still feel some more. Ugghhh I can feel a more solid poop wanting out. Uggghhhh yes it starting to slowly move it's way down my back passage. I can see about 3 inches, now 5 inches, now 8 inches and ahh flooomp it's out. Hmmm that felt good. Puffing my arse in and out to check for more. A few more little nuggets but I think I'm done.

Right time to start wiping. Uhh that one's a bit messy better wipe some more. A few more digs around the arse hole looking a lot cleaner now. A couple more and now wiping my front. All clean.

Well that's it about 6 minutes in total. Time for me to say goodbay although I may be staying on the toilet a little longer (for other reasons).

Happy pooping.


Car Mom

I Asked Her!

Hi everyone!

Ok so I decided to just come out and ask my 38 year old friend a few questions and so I did. We were driving in my car and of course she asked me if she could have a pee in my backseat like she normally did. As usual I told her "sure you can" and so she climbed back there and she did her thing. So that's when I decided to ask her, "I was just wondering, do you also pee in your car or do you only pee in mine?" She laughed when I asked her that and then so did I. Then she said "no, I only pee in your car!" Then she laughed and said "lucky YOU!" I just said "oh" and then I said "I don't mind that you do, I was just wondering." Then she said "yeah my husband would kill me if I did that in our car!" Then she laughed again. Then I said "yeah I suppose he wouldn't like that since most people don't." I'm single by the way so I don't have anyone to get mad at me for letting my car be a toilet. I don't think I ever mentioned that. My ex (my daughter's dad) is no longer in the picture. Anyway, she then said "yeah" and she just continued with her pee. Then after she was done she said "I've actually never peed in a car before I peed in yours." I laughed and then I got brave and I asked her "well, how do you like it?" Then she said "I like it a lot actually." I wasn't actually surprised when she said it, but it was still strange to hear her say it. Then she said "it actually feels really good." So now I know! I know she likes to pee in my car! She then told me how ever since she peed in my seat the first time, she has wanted to keep doing it ever since. So now I know! Not that I mind. I will continue to let her do it. Like I keep saying its just a car. She said its like a stress release for her. So I decided I will keep letting her do it.

Well, that's it for me! Bye for now!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Shih Tzu Girl
Hey all! Today is my birthday, and I have got a short story from last night.

I went to Denny's last night, and had to pee. I read this post alot by the way. I wanted to be naughty, so i had a plan. I got into the stall, pulled down my jeans and full-cut panties, and peed right on the floor. I wanted to go in the handicapped stall (so I could see and hear the piss go in the sewer hole), but it would not lock. So I went to the 3rd stall (3 stalls in all) and did it there. It was so relieving, and was about 45 seconds long. It made its way down to the 2nd stall, and into the 1st handicapped. I wiped my wee, and pulled my pants. I washed my hands and walked out, but as i left there was an old lady coming in. I felt bad, and rushed out. I left pee on my seat too.

bye all!

Car Mom


To new guy: thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my stories! I will keep posting as I remember things and also as new things happen!

Well my friend peed in my car again! The 38 year old mom. I actually told her about the other woman (who I posted about last time) and she was like "who? Who is it?" and I didn't want to tell her and said it was because I didn't want to embarrass her, which is true. But unfortunately 38 yo really wanted to know! But I refused to tell her and finally she was like "fine." Maybe someday I'll ask the other mom if I can tell 38 yo mom about her, but I'm sure she'll say no. We'll see! I really don't think its that big of a deal! But I will respect her wishes. So anyway a little later that day we were in my car and 38 yo asked if she could pee in the car and I just said "sure go ahead." We were the only ones in the car that time. She said "thanks" and then she climbed into the backseat and got ready to have her pee. She pulled down her jeans and her underwear and then she began to relax. Pretty soon I could hear the familiar hiss of her peeing into the seat. I also heard her let out a sigh and I could tell she was relaxed. I knew she was having a pee in my car! That actually reminds me, one of the girls always makes little grunts while she pees, its so cute. She just sits there in the seat and grunts, even though she's not pooping. Anyway, back to my friend. As usual she took a long time. She must have been holding that pee for a pretty long time. I KNOW she waits just so she can pee in my car! I know that some of the girls like to wait so they can pee in my car, or at least I'm pretty sure they do cause they'll wait and then announce it as soon as we start to drive. So I suppose its no different for her. Obviously by this site there are a lot of people out there who enjoy relieving themselves in different places. And as I said it doesn't matter to me, its just a car. And its an older car. I can even tell by the way she sits there and pees and watches herself pee that its probably something she enjoys. So I don't mind. So anyway she sat there and peed until she was done and then when she was done she just sat there till we got back to my house and then she said again "thanks for letting me do that again" and I just said "its ok" and then after that she said "you should do it too!" I just said "me?" and then she said "yeah!" Then I said "yeah, maybe." I don't know if I ever will or not. Maybe I will try it once. I know I won't do it in the driver's seat, and I'm always in that seat when I'm in the car so I don't know if I ever would do it or not. I usually don't have to pee when I'm in the car, and when I do I just wait till we get to where we're going cause I'd have to get out anyway and move to the backseat. So there's really nothing convenient about it. I don't know, we'll see! You never know! Maybe one day I'll try it and I'll let you know how it is!

Bye for now!


Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I posted last, and that's because my internet in my house at university won't let me submit my stories for some reason! But I've come home for a few days so now I can update you on some of the things that have been happening to me and my housemates. I will post a more detailed story tomorrow, but for now I'll just give you a recent one.

Earlier this week I really had to do a number two during one of my lectures. It was a two-hour one and by the end I was really bursting to go. When it finished I quickly made my way to the students union toilets that are usually strangely quiet. Today was no exception, with only one cubicle in use when I went in. I took one of my own and quickly sat. I immediately started with a loud fart and a wee. The girl in the other cubicle was obviously struggling to poo because she was grunting and moaning every so often. I pushed out my first two logs easily with big splashes and a good deal of relief. As I let go with my third the other girl finally got her poo out with a plop. I finished with a final piece and left her to finish her poo!

As I said, will post again tomorrow. Bye everyone!


Laurel's survey

The biggest problem I have in using public toilets is when I'm at a place that has single-stall unisex accommodations and the door latch is loose or broken. I written about some clods that throw the door open, have bashed up my knee and really disrupted my activity because they are in such a rush. That's really the only reason I will sometimes bypass those bathrooms.

My Number 2 reason would be lines being too long. A few times at places like the airport or city auditorium, I will simply find a smaller bathroom just down the hall where I can get my butt onto the seat and relieve myself faster than I would by waiting 15 or 20 minutes due to the crowd.

My Number 3 reason would be having to shit into a bowl that's clogged. I don't like possibly getting splash-back from a bowl that contains someone else's piss or poop. It happened to me enough 10 years ago when I was in high school and I thought it was gross then.

Age: 28

Just Jerika

My responses to Laurel's questions

Age 13

Most of the items listed are reasons why I try and avoid using public bathrooms, especially those at school. I'm only 3'5" and its not comfortable for me to sit on big toilets where my feet don't even reach the floor. But here's my list:

1st--long lines
2nd--time (because of the long lines. It's easier to hold it until after school when I go across the street to a gas station with much cleaner bathrooms and more time to drop my crap more comfortably).
3rd--no toilet paper. On some days, the toilet paper is gone by 11 a.m. and anyone who has to crap is out of luck. When students tell the janitors about it they just ask about the 3 or 4 rolls that were found floating in the toilets the day before. I know that happens and it hurts all of us. So does the action of some of the students who place large sheets of paper over the seat before they sit down on the seat. And that paper just stops up the toilets and those clogs are also a big issue with me. It's hard being smaller like I am, sitting there and looking between your legs and seeing/smelling the crap of three others being piled on by yours. And that's on a good day when I have enough time to fully unload my bowels.

Just Jerika


To Laurel: Avoiding Public Toilets


I don't avoid public toilets. If I have to go and the choices are between having an accident, being really uncomfortable holding a pee or poop, or using the public restroom, then I will use the public restroom.

However, my reasons for discomfort are:

1. Lack of privacy. I am not really comfortable with other people smelling my smells, or hearing my plops or poots while I am on the toilet, or hearing me pee or wipe.

2. Unfamiliar surroundings. I will use a public toilet if it is in a familiar location like the church gym or at work. Even though it is public, the surroundings are familiar and makes me more comfortable.

3. Cleanliness is a major issue with me! I will use a gas station restroom if I have to, but would rather not.

I hope that helps!

new guy

daily dump

I just took a dump a few minutes ago it was kind of soft but not messy the 1st piece was about 3 or 4 inches long that was by 3 skinny pieces about as long as the first one.


Morning pee

Some mornings I wake up in agony absolutely desperate for a long pee to relieve my bursting bladder however my willy is not pointing in a downward position. I try to wait a while but it kinda gets painful.One morning in sheer desperation I got in the shower just stood under the warm water and pointed downwards to try and pee. Nothing happened and I was aware of lots of grunting and straining but on letting my willy go I suddenly felt as I if I was peeing. It literally started shooting upwards in a series of a quick spirts and trickled down my stiff willy and over my balls. The relief of pressure is fantastic. I cant fully empty my bladder until things go down then I just stand there and pee like mad for a long time. I usually have to take a long pee again about ten mins later. Does this happen to anyone else?


Personal Record

At the beginning of the year I decided to keep a record of the number of times I found myself having to Poo in a public facility.

For this purpose I ignored cases in private homes and bedrooms in holiday apartments.

To date I have used Supermarkets 16 times DIY Stores twice, A restaurant again on two occasions, a church I attend twice a primary school staff toilet once.

I have also made one visit to a toilet in a sports centre, an archives office and one genuine public toilet in a mall.

I must admit I am amazed not only the times I had to go but the variety of places it has occurred.

long time reader

lets be honest

I think that the act of other people having accidents is a very common interest among humans that no one wants to openly admit, but it's there. You read a site like this and see the vast range of people who write about thier accidents and the people who respond to them with great enthusiasm. Then there are other websites, particularly one involving videos thats very popular, where you find submission after submission that has a title or tags referencing a person peeing and/or pooping their pants when in reality the video has nothing to do with that; the poster simply knew that such a title would attract a high volume of viewers. Because we as humans are very interested in seeing others pee and poop their pants. Its so weird but its true. I think we should be more open about it in society. I think their should be more accidents/general act of going to the bathroom depicted in film and television. Its obviously something people want to see and something they're going to watch...i can't tell you how much more interesting shows would be if the lead female accidentally shit her pants once in a while. I watched a popular comedy the other day where it seemed like they were setting things up perfectly for the female lead to have a pooping accident...and they blew it. They made a fuss about her wanting to look good and be sexy for a celebrity, to the point where she started drinking an unusual health beverage to try and look her best physically. Then a big deal was made out of a pair of white shorts she was gonna wear. To me the storylne was obvious- she keeps drinking this questionable health drink, goes to see the celebrity in her pristine white shorts, is trying hard to be cool and sexy, but suddenly she has some negative side effects from the health drink and badly poops herself in her white shorts. To me this chain events was obvious and it seemed like the direction the writers were headed, but alas, it never came to fruition.
Just my two cents. Agree or disagree, i think humans want to see others have accidents. So many things point to this but people are too self conscious to openly admit it. But i do admit it. When i was 12 my older sister's best friend pooped her pants in our car coming home from dinner. To this day one of my fondest memories. That is all.



I was wondering, how many people rub their stomachs when they have to poop? How do u do it and why do u do it? Does it help?
Also, how many people sit on tip-toes when they poop? Again, why do u fdo it and ho does it help?
How many people makestraining and grunting noises when they poop? What are they like?

thanks :)


Lurker's survey

Hello, I'm Jenna, 16 y/o, medium sized, about 1.70 metre tall, and about 54 kilogram's (Sorry, as a European I use metrics)
I have long, black hair, and have been lurking for a long time, and I like doing just that.

I also like to compare my (slow) bowel habits to those from the other posters here, so I'll just submit a survey, including my answers.
I've read some people over here like them. :-)

1. How often do you poop a day/week?: I poop 2 times a day, usually.

2. After you sit down, how long does it take you to start pooping?:
Somewhere in between 5 to 15 minutes.

3. Do you fart, while sitting on the toilet?:
Yes, but not too much, usually.

4. If you do fart, when do you fart the most?
A: Before actually pooping.
B: During/in between pooping.
C: After pooping.
D: Berfore and after pooping. My answer is D.

5. Do you stay seated for a while, when you're done, to be sure you're empty, of for relaxation?:
Yes, I do, for both reasons.

6. How long does a complete pooping session usually takes you?:
It usually takes me about 30 to 40 minutes, from the moment I sit down, till the moment I start wiping.

7. At what time of the day do you usually take a dump?:
Just after getting up in the morning, and after dinner.

8. What is the consistency of your turds?:
Firm, sometimes a bit messy though.

8 Do you have to push and strain, while pooping?:
Sometimes a bit, until I get started.

9. How often are you constipated?:
I'm rarely constipated.

10. How often do you have diarrhea?:
About twice a month.

11. Have you aver taken a dump outside?:
No, it takes me too long. I can't squat for over half an hour.

12. Do you like to listen to other people pooping?

13. What is your gender?
I'm a female.

Bye! XXX

new guy

more comments & stuff

To: Kate I always pee before getting in a public pool but once I did pee friends pool because diddnt want to get out and go in there house.

To: Emily R Great story about seeing and hearing your roommate taking a crap it sounded like it was a pretty nasty crap I bet it smelled pretty bad to and like the part about your dump late that day.

To: Kyle loved your story about your girlfriend crapping in that jack o lantern I bet after it probaly scared everyone away from that and I bet the owner was not very happy the next day theres a video on the internet called the dumpkin it has this woman come up to a jack o lantern a take a crap into it I think its fake but im not sure just to let you know and please post more stories about your girlfriend pooping if you have any.

To: Megan from calgary another great story at least you had some hel to get cleaned up and I look forward to your next story.

To: Potter grat story please post more if thave them

To: Hermes great story loved it KC sounds like very interesting woman its to bad you dont get to see her anymore im sure if you did she probaly give you lots to write about and if you have anymore stories about women and girls pooping please share them.

To: Desperate great to poop another great man food poising can be brutal im lucky ive only suffered a mild case because I dont like having diarrhea but I do like to hear others having especialy girls and women please contiue to post more stories.

To anyone suffering fom constipation there are videos out there that give good advice about different ways of helping you go there are types of massages and other things that could help.

well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site.


Outdoor poo story continued

Hi, Abbie here again with the end of my last story. Just to refresh your memory, my friend Katie and me had gone for a poo in the woods while out on our walk and we'd just finished and joined up with Lucy (my other friend) and Amy (my cousin). As we walked along I noticed Amy was starting to look really uncomfortable, shortly after she said "I just need the loo a sec" and dissappeared off behind some bushes. I thought she needed a poo so I was expecting her to be a while, especially as I know she's often a bit constipated, but she returned so quickly I knew she'd only had time for a wee. Lucy went to the loo a bit later on, but again she was really quick. Amy had looked releaved for a while but was now once again looking uncomfortable and holding her belly, I must have been right first time as it was now pretty obvious she wanted a poo. About half an hour later we got back to the bus stop and Amy was biting her bottom lip and looking really desperate, when the bus arrived and we got on I noticed she sat on her heel. She leaned over to me and said "I'm really dying for a poo, I can't wait much longer".
"It won't be long now" I whispered back, hoping she'd be able to make it. A few minutes later we got off the bus, Lucy and Katie went off towards their houses and Amy and I walked off in the other direction. Amy was having to walk really slowly, I could see that she was clenching her bum and wasn't far off having a major accident.
"I really can't hold it any more, its starting to come out in my knickers" she said desperately as we got to my house. As I unlocked the front door she asked "Is anyone else home?" through gritted teeth, I said that there wasn't and as soon as we got into the hall she started to unbutton her jeans. Amy walked stiffly up the stairs, as she got to the top she pulled her jeans down then shuffled over to the bathroom, she was just about to go in when suddenly she stopped and grabbed her stomach. She lent forward and moaned, I was standing right behind her and saw her red and white stripy knickers bulging out as her body forced a massive turd out into them. Her pants started sagging from the weight of all the poo but luckily it stayed contained and didn't come out through the leg holes. After the first log was out Amy shuffled forward into the bathroom then quickly took off her pants before sitting on the loo, by now she was bright red and crying.
"I'm really sorry Abbie, its so embarasing, I should have gone earlyer when we were out on the walk, only I really don't like going outside" she said tearfully.
"Hey, don't worry, I've done it too," I said, and then told her about a sleepover I'd been to earlyer in the year where I'd ended up pooing my pants as I'd been kept waiting for ages to use the toilet. She pushed out a few more logs before wiping her bum and then emptying out her pants into the toilet, actually the poo was quite dry so they weren't too badly marked. We then went back into my room, Amy put on some clean pants and then we watched telly she she could take her mind off her accident. Hope you liked this story, will post another one soon, bye!!

Just a guy

Emily R, I've enjoyed your stories. I too agree that its interesting to observe daily routines. I usually go twice a day (morning) and evening, but will occasionally go a third (in the afternoon) or sometimes I have 2 dumps in the morning - I sometimes go after I get up and have to go again soon after breakfast. Interestingly, enough on days where I'm off, I go twice a day (afternoon & evening), but usually don't have a morning dump, even though I really don't sleep in and don't get up much later than a usual day. Additionally, I usually have a larger breakfast, so I find it quite odd that I don't have to go until later. Does anyone experience different habits on days off?

Matthew - Interesting scale on urgency. I would say most of mine are probably 3's but I have my fair share of 2's too & you're right about these being the best.

Desperate to poop - enjoyed reading both of your recent posts. In that last post, having to wait on line and hearing the other 2 ladies having diarrhea must have been agonizing - as you knew they weren't going to be done soon. Oh well, you and your friend made it in time.

Hermes - great story on KC - welcome & look forward to hearing more

On the John - great post & I look forward to more stories.

Hi everyone! Here's the long update I promised you yesterday to make up for my long absence.

There are 10 girls in my house- me, Emma, Lauren, Natalie, Kat, Sophie, Michaela, Hannah, Amy and Lizzi. We have three toilets (although the ground floor one has no lock and the top floor one is in the bathroom with the shower), and the middle one is right next to (and up half a flight of stairs from) my room, so whenever someone uses it I can hear them. I have heard Emma pooing once or twice, and also Natalie (their rooms are on the same floor as me), who, while far from shy about most things, doesn't like people to know when she's having a poo. I heard her the other day go into the toilet and have a wee and then sit for a few minutes. Then came two plops, and after a few more minutes she flushed and left. I hope I get the chance to hear many more of my housemates pooing over the coming weeks!

A few weeks ago we went out for Lauren's birthday. We went to the cheapest (but dingiest and dirtiest) nightclub in town after a Chinese takeaway for dinner. I felt full all evening and after a few drinks we left for the club and within twenty or so minutes after arriving I had to poo, badly. I knew I'd never make it until the end of the night and there was no way I was going to go home so early, so I had no choice but to poo in the disgusting toilets. After some more drinks I told the girls I was going for another, and Kat said she would come too. As we walked off I had to confess to her that I needed to poo. She said she would help me out by holding the door closed while I went (since the cubicles never seemed to have locks). We went down the stairs to the loos where there were 3 cubicles and a short queue. Kat said she really needed a wee, so I said I'd hold the door closed while she went and then we would switch. We reached the front of the queue and then one cubicle opened. Kat went in and I stood guard while she weed. Then she came out and we swapped. Surprisingly the seat wasn't too dirty, just a couple of spots of wee, so I sat down (when I poo I have to sit or squat, I can't hover). After a wee I pushed and a big log came out quickly and with a big splash. I was worried people might have heard but the music and talking was so loud nobody did. I pushed out two more logs and I was done. I wiped with some tissues Kat gave me (since of course there was no paper). And as far as I know, nobody but Kat (and now all of you) know that I had to poo in the disgusting club toilets!

Last week I had a two-hour lecture just after lunch. I had a sausage roll for lunch and about half an hour into the lecture I got my usual afternoon need for a poo. It was quite strong but then it almost faded away entirely. I was confident that I would be fine until the end of the lecture. But then with about half an hour left the urge came back very strong. I really really had to go suddenly and it came from nowhere and caught me by surprise. I had to clench my cheeks tightly to stop it from all coming out. Time past and I was getting more and more desperate. With about ten minutes left I was completely bursting. The poo was beginning to force its way out and I was only just keeping it in. I crossed my legs under the desk. When the lecture finally ended I leaped from my seat and headed out. I didn't want to go in the toilets in the building we were in, because there were only a couple of cubicles in it and I prefer toilets with lots of cubicles. That meant the arts building, where the toilets in the basement have at least 20 cubicles. It was a 5-minute walk away so I hurried over there, trying desperately to hold it in. I made it and went down the stairs and into the girls loos. There were two rows of cubicles opposite each other, and then two shorter rows (also opposite each other) nearer the door. Quite a few cubicles were taken, no doubt with girls who were emptying their bladders and bowels after a lecture. I quickly went in to a cubicle in the shorter block, where there were three on one side and two on the other. The two were taken, as was one of the three, so I quickly got in the cubicle in the middle and dropped my jeans and orange knickers. Within seconds a series of turds exploded out of me. I couldn't help but moan with relief as I let go. Four or five turds splashed into the bowl. It felt so good and they slipped out easily. After that emergency load was out I could relax slightly. The girl to my right was also pooing, with a couple of plops and a fart while I listened. It sounded like both of the girls opposite were doing the same. I guess lectures just after lunch really make you have to go! Glancing down at the floor I could see the girls' jeans and white knickers around her ankles. Someone entered the stall to my left and I saw her panties drop to the floor as she pulled up her skirt and sat. I leaned back and pushed out another log. The girl to my left started peeing while the one on my right let go with a big loud log. I pushed out one more and then farted quietly. I still wasn't done. There was definitely more to come, but then the fire alarm went off! I jumped and so did the girl to my right which led to another splash as she literally pooed with fright! Now I didn't know what to do. I remembered seeing a notice on the door as I came in that there would be a fire alarm test but I didn't look at the date or time. I assumed this was it, but I didn't know if we were meant to leave the building or not! The other girls who were pooing around me must have been equally confused because nobody made any attempt to leave. The girl to my left flushed and left after her wee, but I still had more poo to get out. I was wondering what to do, with a turd creeping ever closer to my hole, when the alarm stopped and a deathly silence fell over the toilets. Evidently nobody wanted to be first to break it with a plop or fart; I certainly didn't, so I held my poo in. There were a couple of coughs and a rustle of paper from someone, and then finally a splash from across the way as one of the girls over there decided she couldn't wait anymore. With the silence broken I pushed out my final three pieces of poo and then sat back and rested my hands on my legs. I was quite interested now to know who my pooing partners were, so I waited until the girl next to me had dropped her final two logs before I started wiping. One of the other girls left but the rest of us came out pretty much together. The girl to my right was quite ???? with red hair and an equally red university hoodie on. The girl from the other side was also quite ???? with blonde hair and glasses. I have to say I enjoyed our poo together, even if it was quite a desperate one for me!

I will post again soon and keep you up to date with anything interesting that I remember! Emma says she will try and post tomorrow when she gets home. I'll post as often as I can until Tuesday when I go back to uni, since my internet there won't let me post properly for some reason! It's so annoying! I'll next be home for Xmas so I will post again a lot then. Bye for now!

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Desperate 5 day poo

The last time I had a poo was sunday night & it's now friday. I had to take a laxative this morning to make myself go & boy did it work. The troubled was I was walking home from work when I really had to go. There was nowhere to hide myself to have an emergency poo. I could feel my poo pressing against my anus, trying to had to force its way out. I had to clench hard to hold it in & I was sweating from all the effort. I was quickly tiring & I was only half way home. I knew deep down I wasn't going to make it. The urge to release this monster poo was overwhelming but I couldn't face having to walk home with my panties loaded with a pile of messy poo. I kidded myself I could make it home & kept clenching as hard as I could but of course I was losing the battle. I had a full 5 days worth of poo in my bowels & there was a biological need to get rid of it whether I liked it or not. My anus opened & there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I felt a rush of semi solid poo filling my pants making them sag downwards. I somehow managed to stop it but I was still desperate to go. I waddled the rest of the way home stinking of poo but my coat covered my bum so you couldn't see I'd messed myself. I couldn't wait to get home & finish my poo but after walking for about half an hour I had to go so bad I just let go in my pants again. I began to wet myself as several lumps of poo fell out of the leg elastic of my pants onto the pathway. I kept going for ages before I was finished & the relief was indescribable. I could not believe it. I'm a 29 year old grown woman & I just pood & wet my pants in the street. I don't think anyone could see what I'd done but when I got home Kirsty let me in & got very exited when the smell hit her. She exclaimed, "Oh Wendy, you realy did need that poo didn't you!" She helped me clean up in the shower & as I was drying off she sat on the toilet & had a massive poo right in front of me. After wiping her bum we both felt tired & had to go to bed for..... Well I won't go into detail Mr moderator but we didn't get much sleep!

Friday, November 05, 2010


Post Title (optional) Matthew's Urgency index

as for Matthews urgency index, My Bowel habits are usually at stage 2 or 3 on a daily basis, with stage 2 being my favorite,as everything comes out effortlessly in mass quantity,resulting in maximum gratification in being "empty" after a stage 2 load. I usually don't mind a little desperation,as I normally am not too far from a toilet with easy access,as i have no issues in using public restrooms as long as the toilets are clean. I am not a fan of the stage 1 level mostly because of the cramps and diarrhea.On some of those occasions,I did not make it to the toilet resulting in a nasty mess,although I have had a stage 2 accident at school (story on page 1576). A stage 5 can be really frustrating and disheartening,thus I am no fan of stage 5 either.
would like to see more poop urgency index stories,as well as accidents rated to the index.

I'd like to hear about people's pissing habits when swimming.

When I'm at a swimming pool, I always use the toilet. I dislike peeing in the pool. However, when I'm on the toilet, I pee through my swimsuit.

At the beach, if I'm in the water, I'll pee in it. If I'm on the sand, I'll go into the water to pee, but around the beach (in the streets and stuff) I'll just pee myself while walking. Sandy, a few pages back, speaks of someone giving the pavement a golden shower through their bikini.

Emily R

Witnessed my roommate having her BM

Today I woke up and went straight to the bathroom to have my morning shower and pee. My roommate is sometimes having her BM when I wake up, but usually she's already on her way to work or school or whatever when I get up. So when I didn't see her in the bathroom, I assumed it was the normal, and I began my shower.

I peed during my shower as I always do and at some point, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. My roommate then asked through the door if she could come in and use the toilet. I said of course she could and she came in. Our shower has a frosted glass door so we couldn't see each other, but I could definitely hear her. She apologized saying her alarm didn't go off and she slept in. I said it happens, and not to worry.

I continued to shower while she had her BM. She had lots of noisy gas and what sounded like a sloppy wet BM. I heard many pieces hit the water rapidly. She finished, wiped, washed her hands and then left. When I had finished my shower, I was curious and had to look at her BM. The toilet bowl was splattered all over and her entire BM appeared to be just one mushy pile.

Later on, after I went to school, I came back and had my BM at my usual time. My BM consisted of just one soft long piece. I felt it curl against the bottom of the toilet and it didn't break off. It formed a circle and it curled on top of itself almost making a second circle.

about Poof

I looked it up. It's a clever invention. I read that it smells like Japanese mint.



hey everybody, its been a while since i last posted so lots of you probably dont remember me. first a brief description of my appearance, im 5"7', good shape, brown hair, good looking. anyways, on with my most recent experience. it was halloween night, and since im 16, i was at a typical halloween themed party. it was pretty great, lots of alchoholic drinks,food, costumes and pretty much every other necesity of an awesome party. after the party me and my girlfriend were walking home, it was pretty late, probably 2 am. we kept walking until my girlfriend stopped dead in her tracks and held her stomach. i asked "whats wrong?" she replied "nothing, just menstrual cramps." i helped her up and we continued walking. a couple minutes later she stopped again. i asked "menstrual cramps?" she replied "ya, and something more... i need to find a toilet quick" i didnt know what to say to that, and she looked worried. apparently she was going through that diarrhea women sometimes get when they menstruate, and i could hear the sounds in her stomach, large growls and rumbles. she looked over at the doorstep on somebodies house, then she quickly went over to it while holding her stomach and her bum. i followed her, and said "we cant ask the people living there, they are probably asleep." she replied "im not going to ask for their bathroom." i was confused at first, then i saw her go over to one of the jack-o-lanterns and take off the top. she then quickly pulled down her pants and black thong and plopped her bum onto the top of the jack-o-lantern. she then released a huge wave of diarrhea into it, and she kept on going for about five minutes and she did all of it right in front of me, as if i werent there. i just stood their, and watched. she started crying a little, i assume because it was painful, so i went over to her and kneeled down in between her legs and gave her a big hug while she kept having diarrhea. she wrapped her arms around me as well, and rested her head on my shoulder and continued going for about another minute. she then stopped going, she leaned back and looked at me then gave me a kiss on the lips. "thank you." she said in a weak voice. "your welcome, my dear, i would do anything for you in your time of need." i said. she smiled at me then i helped her up. she held my shoulders as i pulled her pants and thong back up. she couldnt wipe since there was no paper. and as we left the scene i looked back at the jack-o-lantern and her diarrhea was pouring out of its mouth and down the steps. i think the moment we shared brought us closer to eachother.


To Matthew: Bathroom Urgency

Hey! I like how you describe the stages of urgency to defecate.

I would have to say mine are mostly 2's with some varying degree of urgency. I eat a very high fiber diet: daily fiber one cereal and big breakfast, lot's of fruit, salads at lunch and vegetarian recipes for supper(although I am not a vegetarian). I have soft, voluminous BM's twice a day, with sometimes more firm logs.

Like you, I love the stage 2 urgency BM's the best.

saw myself on the toilet

i went to take a pee in a bathroom at a shop in my city and i noticed a mirror straight in front of the toilet. when i sat down i could see myself sitting there with my drawers down. it was kind of funny. anyone else ever see yourself on the toilet?

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