Megan from Calgary

My Accidents Part Three

Hi everyone.

Halfway through grade 10, my dad got a new job in Calgary. Melanie and our mom stayed back in Kingston, Ontario, so Melanie could finish grade 12 with her class before she started University at the University of Calgary. Melanie and Sarah graduated from the same class, but Sarah stayed in Kingston and went to College for two years before she moved to Calgary to go to the U of C.

Since our dad was already living in Calgary, Melanie, mom and I drove out after Melanie's graduation.

I remember that Melanie got her period on the day we were leaving Kingston. The drive from Kingston to Sault Ste. Marie was about 11 hours in length and we had to stop for bathroom breaks on numerous occasions. Mel had started wearing tampons when she started grade 11, but tended to wear a pad for back up since her period could be heavy for the first few days. On this trip, I think she wore an overnight maxi from Always just to have extra coverage in case she bled through her tampon, which she did a few times. Luckily the pad kept her underwear and pants clean.

We got into Sault Ste. Marie very late on our first night. We ordered a pizza and went to bed to get up early for the next leg of our journey.

We were hoping to get from Sault Ste. Marie to Dryden on our second day, which was about a 14 hour drive. It was brutal! Fortunately for us, it was summer time and we had quite a bit of sunlight to drive in.

We got up early the next morning, got breakfast to go and headed out. There wasn't much on the drive to Thunder Bay which was about 9.5 hours from Sault Ste. Marie. We stopped in Wawa for a quick lunch and a bathroom break at which point Melanie was desperate to change her tampon and pad.

We got back on the road towards Thunder Bay which was about a six hour drive from Wawa. About three hours in, I started getting cramps. My period had ended two weeks earlier, so I was pretty sure that wasn't what the cramps meant. They continued to get worse as we drove towards Thunder Bay.

About an hour outside of Thunder Bay, I cramped up really bad and let out a wet fart. I could feel the wetness in between my butt cheeks, but my full cut underwear still felt pretty dry. A half an hour or so later, I was feeling like I really needed to go to the bathroom. I said to my mom that I needed to stop for a bathroom break and Melanie said that it was a good idea for us to stop. Mom said that we were about 20 minutes or so away and I tried holding on with everything I could, because by then I knew I was going to have diarrhea and I did not want to do it in my pants again. Ever since my horrible accident in front of my school in my cheerleading uniform, I had been accident free and I knew I was tempting fate.

We finally got to Thunder Bay in the late afternoon. We stopped at the Terry Fox rest stop just east of Thunder Bay. I was desperately trying not to lose control of my bowels even though I could feel that my underwear was a little wet from the few wet farts I had been letting out.

Mom parked the van which was loaded to the brim with our stuff and we all got out. I was sitting in the back and slowly got out trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched. Melanie and mom got out and stretched and Mel went to the back of the van to get a new tampon and pad to change into.

I hurried my way across the parking lot and ran up a few stairs to the entry way of the building. This is when I lost it. Just as I was entering the first set of glass doors, my bowels opened up and emptied into my underwear. It felt like someone had poured three or four cups of warm, watery oatmeal into my underwear. It spread throughout my underwear really quickly and felt like it was cupping my butt cheeks as it spread down my legs. I shuffled into the building as a second wave was hitting me. I started going again and continued going as I got into the ladies room and into a stall. I knew the mess in my underwear and jeans was going to be enormous.

I carefully unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. The mess from my accident was everywhere and had already leaked through my jeans. My underwear was a complete disaster. I carefully slid them down and sat on the toilet as I sprayed diarrhea all over the seat and finally, into the toilet. I sat there and cried.

I heard Melanie and mom enter the ladies room and enter stalls a few down from where I was. They were quiet. Mom was done first and she washed her hands and left. Melanie was changing her tampon and pad and then left her stall to wash her hands. She must have heard me crying because she called my name. I replied and she came over to the stall I was in and asked me what was wrong. I told her to go get mom. She asked me to open the door and I said no. She asked why and I told her that I didn't make it and had a terrible accident in my pants. She went to the door of the ladies room and called mom over. Mom came in and asked Mel what was wrong. Mel replied by quietly saying that "Megan pooped her pants". I was mortified because I knew that some other ladies could hear them talking. Mom came over and asked me to open the door to my stall and I did that. I had my knees together when she came in and she asked what happened. I told her that everything started coming out on my way to the building and that I could not hold it back. I opened my knees to reveal the state of my underwear and jeans. She gasped and said, "Oh honey!" She told Melanie to go to the van to get me a clean pair of underwear and pants to change into while she helped me get cleaned up with dampened paper towels.

The clean up took forever, but I felt much better after I was cleaned up and in clean clothes. We eventually made our way to Dryden where I had a long hot shower.

Luckily I did not have any other accidents on that trip.

I have other stories, of which I am posting in a chronological order.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Bookstore poopers

Hi, everyone. I am new to post, but I have been reading this forum for months. English is not my mother tongue and I want you to have some patience with how I write.
I'm a guy born in 1981. My family members are very private about their toilet habits, and it consisted a big taboo to me, which broke a girlfriend taking a big dump in my bathroom.

Anyway, Tom's latest post is very interesting to.
It seems true that books make us poop; in the library and bookstores the bathroom stalls are always quite busy.
I recently found a bookstore where any activity in the ladies room are audible. Last weekend I noticed two attractive women (both brunet and medium composition) apparently crapping.
The first one was a lady in her mid 30s who headed directly to the far end stall and kept silent for 5 minutes before her first flush.
I don't think she had a big success.
The second one was a young employee, who helps us to find books.
She was in the stall almost 10 minutes, with several flushes.
She was very lady-like even while pooping.
I couldn't hear the plops but some soft grunts and sighs were quite audible.Before the last flush, she used a tons of TP.
When she got out, she saw me and said
"sorry for having kept you waiting, may I help you?"
smiling gently as usual.

thank you for reading.
I will post again.


Introductory Post - Fun and Games in the Warehouse

Hi Everyone!

I am a guy living in London, aged mid thirties and have just come across this website and the forum.There are quite a lot of poop-related stories I could relate, however on reading through previous posts submitted, I was reminded of a former colleague who would dearly love this site. Apologies for might be a long post, but please bear with me.

Many moons ago I had a short (temp) job covering for long term sick leave and I worked in a small company in the leisure industry.There were two Managers and me and my colleague KC.(name changed to protect the guilty!)

KC was an attractive freckle-faced red head woman in her early mid-twenties, and always wore a light brown shirt and dark brown skirt with light brown tights. She was my immediate colleague and she oversaw my work in a small warehouse which was part of the building we worked in. She was what we used to call in the UK a "ladette", but somehow always managed to get away with mischief or crude behaviour, as she was at heart a genuinely sweet girl.

I was surprised to discover that she was even more obsessed with toilets, pooping and farting than I, which is saying something.She always at least once a day would manage to sidle up silently behind and fart loudly before running off giggling.

She was a walking encyclopedia on anything to do with toilets and lavatorial jokes, and I learned quite a lot from her. As business was generally quite quiet, and there were only the four of us about, whatever went on throughout the building was always fairly obvious.

In the morning I would hear the muffled thunder of her Ford Mustang(she was looking after her Uncle's car which was similar to that driven by Steve McQueen) die away before she walked into the entrance foyer, say hello to me, hang her coat up and disappear into the small toilet downstairs.

Maybe what I about to say may shock, bu there was no way I could not avoid hearing what was going on, but this happened every morning at 850am.

One could hear the rustle as she hitched her skirt up and the snicker of her pants and tights coming down.The would be a brief tickle as she peed. There would immediately be a very loud bassy fart which went on for about two or three seconds followed by another more Lenghty and louder fart, and then two loud plops as she started pooping. There would be a short period of silence, follwed a massive KERSPLUNK!!Then i could hear the rattle of the toilet paper holder as she wiped and got ready to come out of the toilet.

She also pooped at 11am, half past one and just before 5pm when she would give me lift home in that wonderful car of hers:))The reason I remember these times were because I was alway told to provide telephone cover for her when she went(in both senses of the meaning)

Being a quiet place, I could her pooping even in the office.At 11am regular as clockwork she would disappear, and long tinkle would procede a long loud bassy fart followed by three very quick plops, and another fart and two small plops.

At lunchtime, she would tinkle and fart several times on the toilet before a loud KERSPLUNK was followed by five or six loud plops.

Finally at 5pm, she would tinkle briefly before farting several times followed by six or seven plops and a very loud and massive KERSPLUNKKKKK.

She had a very relaxed view on using the toilet and I was once told by one of the Managers that KC sometimes left the (outward opening)door open when using the toilet, which annoyed Management.I obviously agreed with Management on the surface at least that this was unacceptable, but inwardly I was intrugued by this revelation.

One week, the Management were out on the road drumming up trade and I was left alone with KC for most of the week. Nothing abnormal occurred, she farted a lot and I was called on to provide "Poo Cover" as she called it at the usual times.

On the Thursday evening as she came out of the toilet, adjusting her tights and skirt as she walked out, she said she was off to a "Eat as much as you like buffet" somehwere.Now KC was a little curvy, but still had an attractive figure, but boy could she put food away when she wanted to!In KC's case this was red rag to a bull.I wondered how this would affect my need to provide cover for her tomorrow(Ahem!)

The day went pretty much as usual, until the time came for us to go home.I heard her run fast into the toilet but did not hear the door close.

I heard a brief tinkle followed by the loudest fart I have ever heard any man woman or animal produce.This was followed by a KERSPLONK, and then another KERSPLONK and then another loud KERSPLONK, and then several loud farts.I walked unpsarts and on turning the corner saw KC
sitting on the toilet with her brown skirt tightly hithced round her waist and her tights and pants raunf the top of her knees.SHe smied a waved and said give a coulpe of minutes.

As she said this she farted and a loud plop came out.She laughed and said hang on could you make it five? I was asked to shut the dorr at that moment, and thankfully after a brefir wat we retunred to our rspectibr homes.

I shortly got another job somewhere else and never saw KC again, who I have no doubt would have no problems with my posting this.

Take care

Hermes x

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Emily R I liked your last story please contiue to post more.

To: Wendy and Kristy another great buddy dump story Kristy it sounds like you just made it to the toilet with seconds if not milaseconds to spare but if did have an accident I know Wendy would help you clean up and keep the great stories coming a question have either one done a buddy dump with someone else if so please share if you havent already.

To Upstate Dave another great story about you and all your female friends please keep the stories a question do you have any stories about more then one of the girls being very desperate to poop at the same time if so please share them if you havent already.

To: Ian great story about seeing a girl poop I bet youll get to see that more often since she become comfortable around you if she does please post about it.

To: Laurel reasons I wont use a public restroom
1. no stall doors because I dont like people watching me on the unless its a special circumstance
2. seat covered in who knows what because it just nasty
well there are other reasons but I can think of them right now.

To: Anny man I bet you felt alot better after that and I bet it hurt coming out keep the stories coming please.

To: Linda welcome back we missed your stories glad to have you back and please contiue to post more stories.

To: ZJay great story about seeing a girl poop I bet you feel really lucky after that maybe youll get to see it again if so please post about it.

A question to all the girls and women on this site dont you hate those messy craps that take forever to clean because of one stuburn soft piece that when you wipe it just smears around everywhere meaning you have to keep wiping and wiping and wiping sometimes using half a roll more or less I know I hate that if any of you have stories about please share them well thats all for now ill post something if something worth posting happens.

Sincerly new guy

PS I love this site.

Desperate to poop

college outing

I wanted to share an old story I remember when I was on a college trip once. Were going to Italy via France on a coach. About 60 of us.

There was a toilet on the coach but it was requested only to be used in emergency's. It wasn't very sweet smelling so people did try and avoid it.

Anyway on what part of the trip, some food had not agreed to well with me and I was getting quite desperate to pooh. We arrived at a rest area and we all piled off the coach and most people headed for the bathrooms.

When I arrived, as quickly as I could, there was about 20 in front of me! And most were desperate to pee/poop or both. The queue seemed to go down agonisingly slow. My friend Rachelle was in front of me and she needed to poop also. In front of her a few were jiggling there legs, including one of the teachers. I think it seemed to take about 10-15 mins to move 5 places. This wasn't a big rest stop and there were only 3 cubicles. We got to about 7 in front and then the queue stopped for what seemed like an eternity. Two of the cubicles had a teacher and a lady (not part of the trip) with diarreoh, it sounded awful as you could hear it from where we were. The other cubicle let two more in before another pooper joined the 2 having diareoh. She was one of the teachers and had been rubbing her ???? and dancing slightly so it was clear she needed a pooh. She didn't have diarreoh but still took her sweet time. When she vacated after 5-6 minutes the other 2 were still going and had been for 10 mins. There was now 4 in front and luckily the next 2 only had to pee and then there was me and Rachelle. Suzie who had been in front of Rachelle needed a pooh though and had been bending her knees and groaning with stomach cramps. When she went in and exploded everywhere it sounded gruesome. The other 2 were still going and by now me and Rachelle were doing poo poo dances and clutching our bums

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the two diarreoh ladies finally came out and we both rushed in. The toilets wouldn't flush and were very full but we didn't care and we unloaded in unision with lots of relief. Outside people were begging to be let in but we couldn't stop for another ten minutes we were so backed up.

When we came out one girl had given up and was poohing in a trash can! She splattered the back wall but looked immensely relieved. We knew how she felt as we walked back and were thankful we were stopped for an hour as overall it had taken us 20 minutes + to get in a stall and 10 mins to have a pooh!

Happy pooping all

new guy

comments & stuff

To: anywhere,anytime,inanything,pooper I liked your story about the home made toilet thats a really good idea and do you have more stories about wife using it if so please share them.

To: Emma W great story about you pooping in your garbage bin please share anymore stories about pooping and/or peeing in that bin or any other place besides a toilet if you have one.

To: Megan from calgary great story about your accident I bet that truly embarrassing but at least your sister was there to help you your lucky to have her as a sister because she seems to really care about you is willing to hel you out instead of making fun of you and please contiue to post more stories maybe you could do story together with you friend sara.

To: Miss B great story please post more of them if you have any.

To: Becky great story about you and your friend Katy you are a true friend to her and shes lucky to have you as a friend and she would help you out if had an accident.

To: Car Mom great story about the mother and daugther both peeing in your car at the same time please post more stories usualy pee stories dont really intrest me but yours are diferent.

To: Upstate another great stories about your friends please share more about your wife if you have any.

To: BigPhilyStyle great story about your friend Carly do you have any other stories about female friend or reletives going to the bathroom if so please share them.

To: Emily R great story about holding in your poop I bet it felt really good to get it out finaly please post more stories.

To: Desperate to poop loved your last story please post more of them a question whats the most youve been to take a shit please share the story if you havent already.

To: Abbie great story about pooping outside do you have any other stories about pooping outside or any other place besides a toilet if so please post them.

To: on the john great story please share anymore like that you have.

To: Wendy & kristy first welcome back I was kinda of worried about you two we missed you guys and loved you guys stories I bet that woman must have been beyond desperate and Wendy grea story about you pooping in the car I bet Kristy was really willing to help get cleaned up please contiue to post more stories I always look forward to your guys stories.

sorry I hit the submit button before I was finished

well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. I really love this site

Emily R

Comments on old posts

I've been reading some old posts on this forum, using the Random page feature. I recently read a post from somebody (I forgot the name sorry) who described seeing his sister's friend have a BM in a toilet in their laundry room. I liked the story, but I've never seen or heard of a toilet in the laundry room before.

It's somewhat unrelated, but a friend of mine lived in a small apartment with her mother and the only bathroom in their apartment was right off the kitchen. I had to pee a few times but luckily I never had to have a BM there. Although I do remember one time my friend's mother did have her BM while we were eating lunch in the kitchen. I could hear every time she turned a page, every grunt, every plop, clear as day. If that were me, I'd have been soo embarrassed, but neither my friend nor her mother seemed to care about it.

Also, today is Sunday 10/31, and I had my BM at home. I felt the urge right on schedule and went to the bathroom. I pulled down my sweats and panties and sat on the toilet. I had a long pee and farted a few times, then I felt a big hard piece begin to come out. It was kind of short and made a big splash. I could feel a bit more that maybe wanted to come, but I waited and the feeling went away, so I wiped and flushed.


For the dudes

Whats the biggest poop you have ever taken?
Mine was about 16 inches, and the width of a coke can, i done it outside... as a dare... infront of my friends, yeah kinda embarrising...

Cye XD

firefighter's porta-potties

Firefighters have a red porta-potty that is carted to long-term fires.

Also, when the firefighters collect money for their charity, two of them are in an enclosed aerial platform for a couple of days. I called the fire department and asked what the firefighters did when they had to go to the bathroom. The firefighter who answered the phone wouldn't tell me, so I drove to the location to look for myself. They had a porta-potty next to the fire truck that had the names of the firefighters on it.


Southbound I 75

I was Heading toward Knoxville one day in 1997 and on a tree outside the road I saw a milk jug and it looked like it had Pee in it and next to it was a thermous and I can imagin what was in that thermous.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: anywhere,anytime,inanything,pooper I liked your story about the home made toilet thats a really good idea and do you have more stories about wife using it if so please share them.

To: Emma W great story about you pooping in your garbage bin please share anymore stories about pooping and/or peeing in that bin or any other place besides a toilet if you have one.

To: Megan from calgary great story about your accident I bet that truly embarrassing but at least your sister was there to help you your lucky to have her as a sister because she seems to really care about you is willing to hel you out instead of making fun of you and please contiue to post more stories maybe you could do story together with you friend sara.

To: Miss B great story please post more of them if you have any.

To: Becky great story about you and your friend Katy you are a true friend to her and shes lucky to have you as a friend and she would help you out if had an accident.

To: Car Mom great story about the mother and daugther both peeing in your car at the same time please post more stories usualy pee stories dont really intrest me but yours are diferent.

To: Upstate another great stories about your friends please share more about your wife if you have any.

To: BigPhilyStyle great story about your friend Carly do you have any other stories about female friend or reletives going to the bathroom if so please share them.

To: Emily R great story about holding in your poop I bet it felt really good to get it out finaly please post more stories.

To: Desperate to poop loved your last story please post more of them a question whats the most youve been to take a shit please share the story if you havent already.

To: Abbie great story about pooping outside do you have any other stories about pooping outside or any other place besides a toilet if so please post them.

To: on the john great story please share anymore like that you have.

To: Wendy & kristy first welcome back I was kinda of worried about you two we missed you guys and loved you guys stories I bet that woman must have been beyond desperate and Wendy grea story about you pooping in the car I bet Kristy was really willing to help get cleaned up please contiue to post more stories I always look forward to your guys stories.

Wendy(Kirstys girlfriend)

This mornings buddy dump

I woke up this morning with a very urgent need to pee & poo. I don't know why I was so desperate but I had to run to the toilet holding my crotch & bum. Kirsty needed to go as well so we buddy dumped. I sat right back on the toilet & started to pee a powerfull stream as kirsty sat between my legs. She peed a lot too as I began to release a huge load of soft poo. It was a smelly messy poo but then Kirsty began to push out her poo adding to mine. Hers was a big one & just as smelly. The whole upstairs stank of poo & when we were done we wiped each other & attempted to flush our seriously overloaded toilet. It wouldn't clear first time but after the second try it all went down. We were both very relieved but the toilet was stained badly.


Camping fun

Hi all - I posted about our festival poo technique a while ago, as many of you were complementary i thought you might enjoy an earlier holiday camping experience.

Some of our best experiences were at the beach - our nearest one has sand dunes behind and is usually fairly quiet. My girl W and I had been together for a few months and had quickly got used to enjoying peeing together.

It was normal for W to wee through her bikini bottoms whilst standing in shallow water (even when there were others around).

Anyway we decided to have a few days camping in the dunes behind our favourite beach. The first afternoon/evening we had a few beers and a bbq before making love under the stars. As it was warm we went for a last pee and dip in the shallows.

I woke early needing a wee and went just outside the tent - just standing naked in the early light without holding myself - it feels so free. Although I'd been quiet i had disturbed W who came out of the tent just as i was finishing. She was only wearing pale blue cotton knickers.

After i had finished, she said I need to go to the toilet (????) as she was holding her stomach i eventually realised that she needed more than a wee. She eventually confessed "I have to have a grunt".

We found her a protected place away from the tent and I encouraged her to just go ahead. Initially a bit shy, she slipped down her knickers and stooped down - her piss stream started immediately and splashed around her feet. Then ..........nothing.

After waiting a while I said why not take your knickers off then you can get more comfortable. She slipped her panties off completely, helf stood with her legs apart and started to push gently. She dropped a little one to start then a couple of slightly larger ones. By this time I was hard from watching. So I kissed her and held her in my arms as she continued.

Once she realised i was comfortable with this she really relaxed and started to empty her bowels fully. A couple of decent sized chunks with a bit of pushing and grunting, followed by a mushy squirt with lots of wind came next as I held her, kissing.

When finished, I took her down to the sea and washed her bottom for her. Then she relieved my hardness on the beach - using her mouth.

Happy days !


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In 1995 when I was 15.Me and my two friends(which where brothers)was at a MovieTheater,and we went in the two stall bathroom,and in the 2nd stall was a long turd that didn't have an end.

And when I was 17 at the theater I always took the urnal cakes out of the urnal and throw it at the wall and hear the shards go in the toilet.I keeped doing it every time we where there,untile they put them in thoes plastic things where you can't get them out.

Upstate Dave

Desperate Sleepwalker

I have mentioned in other posts about being with my best friend Tony. We were close friends as kids right through our late twenties early thirties. Tony married in his mid twenties like I had done. The girl he married was Mry and shewas married before which she had two duaghters by her first marrage. The girls names were Jessica and Mary which she was called little Mary to avid confusion.

Now I was still single and I went down to visit Tony and Mary one very cold January Saturday night. Tony and Mary had just done some remodeling of theire apartment plus for Christmas Mary bought Tony a vcr which this was back in 1976 and back then the first vcrs had just come out and it was a $1000! So Tony wanted to show it off to me.

So it had been setup with a good movie to watch. But we had talked before the movie would be started and watched by us three. Jessica and little Marywere already asleep. So that's why it would be just us three adults. One of the remodeling projects that was done was new carpeting installed along with padding. Boy was that padding and carpeting ever so thick! So cofortible to sit on or walk on! Mary laughed telling me that her and Tony tried the carpeting out which she laughed even harder said it was better then their bed! Boy did us three crack up then.

Nw I hadn't really warmed up yet from the bitter cold outside and Tony walked out of the livingroom for he had to take a shit. So I aked Mry if I could make a hot cup of tea. Mary told me to go help yourself. You know where everything is Dave. So I left the livingroom and walked out to the kitchen.

Now between the kitchen and the dinningroom there is a set off double leaded glass doors. They always close when going into or out of the kitchen so they swung shut when I went into the kitchen. I checked the teapot on the stove which the water in it was low. I refilled it put it back on the stove and lit the burner. I got out a cup, teabag, and some sweetner. I sat down at the kitchen table to wait for the water in the teapot to boil.

While I sat there for a couple of minutes Little Mary came out form hers and Jessicas bedroom. She was in a pair of pjs. She said hi Mr. ???? as she walked by me heading for the doors to leave the kitchen. I said hi back to her. She went through those double doors and they swung shut. A few seconds later the same doors swung open and Litle Mary walked back in the kitchen.

She sat down on the end chair at the kitchen table. She had a very blank expression on her face and for a long moment she didn't say a word. Then she said with the same blank expression on her face; Tony is in the bathroom takeing a shit! I need to go and I can't get in there. Now with Little Mary saying that I thought she was talking to me so I said back to Little Mary; Looks like you'll have to wait Litle Mary. I tried to make her laugh by adding saying to her; Get in line and take a number! Tony will be in there quite awhile.

I got no reaction from Little Mary. She got up out of her seat and stepped over to the double doors again and slightly opened one and poked her head through the opening. Then she stepped back came over and sat down again. Tony is still in there. Little Mary was now angry. She blurted out; Tony is going to be in there all night! Little Mary now had her hands down between her tightly clenched thighs pinched tightly together right on her vagina! She also was rocking slightly now too.

I knew Little Mary was getting desperate and she had to piss badly. The teapot over on the stove started getting close to boiling for it was just starting to ruble a little. A couple of minutes more it would be boiling and I could make my cup of tea. Little Mary got up off her seat and again went over to the double doors and poked her head through them to check to see if Tony was out of the bathroom. He must not have been for Mary again steped back the doors closed and she turned around.

Now here is what happened next. Little Mary walked right over to the white plastic trashcan between the stove and the kitchen sink. It had one of those domed tops with a swinging door in the top. Little Mary took the trashcans dome top off placed it n the counter by the sink. Then she turned around and she yanked her pj bottoms right down! I stared right at her for I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I also I couldn't react to say something to her either. Mary still had that same blank expression on her face too.

Her pj bottoms fell down around her feet. So Mary was standing there half naked and I saw her vagina and she seemed that I was not even there. She moved back a step and paced her bare ass over the top of the trashcan. Then Little Mary let go with a strong loud hissing piss stream right into the trashcan!

As I couldn't help stareing at Little Mary pissing in the trashcan her piss stream changed from its loud hissing neat twisted stream into a silent gushing spraying stream which made enough noise hitting the insides of the plastic trash bag and the trash that was in the trashcan. Little Mary still had that blank look on her face.

It seemed that time had slowed way down whih it really hadn't. So Little Mary seemed to meto piss foreever! Her stream did change back to like it had when she first started to piss with a loud hiss and a twisted neat stream. Then her streams flow slowed its hissing softened and then stopped before her stream stopped with some dripping which made slight pattering sounds. Then Mary bent right over pulled up her pj bottoms, turned towards the sink, placed the top back on the trashcan, and went walking slowly back into hers and Jessicas bedroom climbed up on the top bunk covered up and was asleep in a instant.

I had even realized that I had stood up sometime while Little Mary had been takeing her piss. But I had for also teteapot was now whistleing loudly which brought me back being aware that it was. I went over turned of the burner,poured the water into my teacup, and put te teapot back on the stove. I walked out of the kitchen and into the livingroom. Marywas reading a magizine and she looked up at me and said to me; I see you got our tea ok. I told her I did.

I sat down and sipped my tea. It was hot which warmed me right up. Mary was getting impaitent for Tony was not out of the bathroom yet. So she yelled out; Tont get done with your shit! Dave and I want to watch this movie! We heard the toilet then flush and a moment later Tony ame out with the newspaper in hand walked into the livingroom started the vcrsat down with Mary and we watched the movie.

Now after watching the movie before I left I asked about Little Mary. I mentioned that when I was in the kitchen she came out but acted like she was in a zombie state. That was the best way to desribe her actions. Mary laughed a little Tont and Mary both told me that Mary was a sleepwalker! Mary told me Little Mary always had been. So that explained the why behind this time! Mary had been sleepwalking.

** I severla days later was agin down visiting at Tonys and I got a chance to talk to Little Mary. I told her the last time I was there that she had been sleepwalking. Little Mary said to me; I was? I don't remember Mr. Ellers. Were you there? she asked me. I told her I was. Little Mary then asked me; What did I do? I was hesitent now. I really didn't want to tell Little Mary what she had done.

I did say to her that what she had done was something I shouldn't tell her.It will embarrass you I said to Little Mary Now Little Mary didn't get at all concerened about being embarressed by what she had done. Little Mary WANTED to know what she had done. PLEASE tell me! Ok I said back to her. I went and told Little Mary what she had done with her pissing in the kitchens trashcan! I DID WHAT! Little Mary said to me. So I repeated saying again that she had pissed in the trashcan. Do'nt worry Little Mary Tony and your mother didn't see you or hear you. It was just me that did.

Little Mary the seemed to relax and she even smiled a little and then giggled and then laughed. After stopping her laughter Little Mary said to me; I guess we then have our own little secrete! I smiled and told Little Mary I guess we do! Now there were other times Little Mary would tell me about what I told her about pissing in the trashcan while she was sleepwalking which she would always laugh afterwards. It was always kept between us two for a long time after. Upstate Dave

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Desperate poo after work

Untill now I hadn't pood since saturday & I had to take a mild laxative to get things moving. I went to work & nothing happened all day untill I was about to leave work. I was busting to go but thought I'd be able to hold it untill I got home. The problem was I underestimated how badly I needed to go & about half way home I got stuck in traffic. I was getting desperate & the traffic showed no sign of moving any time soon. It took half an hour to move a hundred yards & I could feel my poo pressing against my anus. I had to clench hard to keep it in but the pressure of 3 days worth of poo was hard to hold back. By the time the traffic started moving I was in pain from all the clenching & I felt my anus being forced open against my will. I was determined to keep control & in spite of the pain I clenched as hard as I could & managed to stop anything coming out into my knickers. I got home without having an accident but I was in agony & very very desperate to poo. I parked the car at an angle, as I was more worried about making it to the toilet without pooing myself than parking properly. I had to be carefull getting out of the car in case I lost control but somehow I managed it. The next challenge was to make it into the house & up to the toilet. I had to walk carefully, taking small steps & by the time I got inside I was withing a second of losing it. I made it to the toilet & pulled my knickers & jeans down together & sat on the toilet with a thump. I relaxed & blasted the toilet with a full 3 days worth of semi solid diarrhoea. I kept going non stop for 30 seconds & felt the most intense relief imaginable. I wiped several times to get clean & when I looked in the toilet most of the water was displaced by an enormous amount of semi solid poo. It took 4 flushes to get rid of it all & even then there were some thick brown streaks bellow the water.


Survey: Why I Avoid Public Toilets

I've been reading about several experiences where the writers have had access to a public bathroom but have avoided it because of ....... That is my question. Why, specifically, do we hold it or possibly set ourselves up for an accident to avoid a public toilet?

Your age:

Please list up to 3 reasons (#l is most important, #3 3rd most important)to you on why you have avoided using a public toilet from those listed below:

no doors on stalls,
out of toilet paper,
bowl clogged,
papers strown about,
putrid smell,
skidmarks on toilet,
bathroom too cold or too hot,
pee/crap on seat,
lines too long
not enough time
other reasons (please be specific)

I'll start

My age: 35

Nothing keeps me from using a public toilet. I usually crap at about 5 a.m. in the morning when I'm running at the park and I sit down about 3 or 4 times during my work day at the bank. I also go in at least once on evenings when I have my MBA class at the university.


HUGE crap for Nov 1

I haven't pooped for about 4 days despite lots of fiber and taking my laxative every day so my stomach has been swollen and uncomfortable. I didn't have to go all weekend even though I've been eating more than usual and that I've had my period (my period usually causes me to poop more). I finally took a dump about 5 minutes ago. It was really hard to hold while I was getting the toilet paper (I was kind of squirming and dancing around while getting the TP). I quickly pulled down my boy short undies and sat on the toilet.

It didn't take much pushing at all since it was so big and came out in less than a minute. The turd was HUGE about a foot long-I guess that's what happens when you don't poop for a few days. Do other women notice they poop more or bigger during their period?


Been a bit busy lately and constipated again!!

Linda from Australia here again. I haven't been to this site for a couple of months because I've been busy with work and life in general. Since I was on here last, I haven't had any constipation, up until last week. I went away for a week last Saturday and I spent most of that day travelling (a 4 hour flight and then a 2 hour train ride). I didn't have time to do a poo all day and I didn't even feel the urge to go at all. I tried going before I went to bed that night (we stayed in a hotel, my mum and I) but I couldn't get anything out. I could feel a small turd stuck in my anus but no matter how hard I pushed, it wouldn't come out. I went to bed feeling bloated and lethargic. The next day, which was Sunday, I managed to squeeze out a few rock hard pebbles in the morning before breakfast. Throughout the day, I went to the toilet several times to push out small rock hard 'bits' of poo. I was well and truly constipated and desperate for a good dump. On Monday, I had more luck. After breakfast, I squeezed out a massive load of poo. I went another 5 or 6 times to do poos that day and each load was medium sized. I felt so much better after that. For the next few days, I did poos 3 or 4 times each day and my loads were huge. I managed to get constipated again later in the week and I had trouble with my poos up until Saturday, when I went 6 times!!!

To Keith D: Have you been constipated lately? I haven't seen any posts from you on here for a while.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hey there, all! I've got a story I'd like to share. First, I should mention that I'm a freshman in college (won't say which one, though).
The story takes place in the apartment of a female classmate of mine. She's approximately 5'3'' tall, long black hair, and a very curvy body. We were in her living room, discussing a project that we were co-operating on. Everything's going smooth, and we're having a good time, feeling very creative.

While this classmate of mine, let's call her Cindy, is in the middle of a sentence, she suddenly stops talking and clutches her stomach, looking rather uncomfortable. "What's wrong?" I ask her. "Nothing, I'm just a bit upset in my stomach."
So we go on talking for a while. Suddenly she clutches her stomach again, this time with both hands and bends over in the sofa. "You sure you're all right?" I ask. "I think not. I better go to the bathroom", she says. She gets up, but instead of going there straight away, she stops, looks at me and says: "Why don't you come along? We still have a lot to talk about." Needless to say, she didn't have to ask me twice.

We enter the bathroom together, and she goes over to the toilet, drops her jeans and panties to below her knees and sits down. She really doesn't seem bothered by my presence. We keep talking while she's sitting and leaning forward on the toilet facing me where I was sitting on the bathtub, her hands clasped in front of her. For some time she just sits there, nothing happening, not even peeing.

But after a while, she gets silent and I can see her face turning slightly red. She's obviously pushing very hard. I can hear the cracking sound of a big turd making its way out of her body. She keeps pushing for about 20 seconds, before it finally hits the water with a loud *splash!*
When she sees the mesmerized look on my face, she just laughs and says: "What? Girls poop, too, you know!" Hearing her talking about poop makes me very excited, and in order to stick to the subject, I tell her: "You obviously do! That must have been a big one." She tells me that she's been constipated for a week, and it has been building up inside her.
Shortly after the first turd, she pushes out five or six more, equally big judged by the loudness of the *splashes* that followed.

The bathroom was reeking by then, but I didn't mind. On the contrary. We keep talking about our project, and she keeps dropping her pebbles meanwhile. Eventually, she starts wiping herself, not minding me watching her doing it.
Before she flushes, she tells me to have a look in the bowl, which I do. There were six big, dark brown turds, covered with some paper.
We both laugh and go back outside to resume our school work.


Poop urgency index

Interesting how there are different degrees of urgency for having to poop. Using a scale of 1 to five, with one being the most urgent: 1 is when it is totally liquid and you have no control over your bowels. If you're not near a toilet, it's all over. This is usually accompanied by severe cramping. This is total diarrhea and it is awful. Stage 2 is when you have to go very urgently, your rectum is absolutely full and you know it's going to be a monster. You know you need to get to a toilet fast, but it's not quite as bad as stage 1. Stage 2 is not accompanied by stomach cramps and it is not liquid. When you finally do make it to the pot, you release an absolutely massive load and it feels utterly blissful to be relieved of this. You feel wonderfully empty. This is personally my favorite. Stage 3 is a normal, garden variety poo. You feel the urge, it is there but not uncomfortably urgent, but you know you need to attend to it within the next half hour. Stage 4 is when you feel the slightest urge, you know there's something up there, but you could go for hours without attending to it. When you finally do go, it is a respectable poo but it requires a bit of pushing to get it going (unlike stage 2 when it just comes right out, or stage 3 when it requires just a little force to get it moving). Stage 5 is when you feel the slight urge as in stage 4, but when you finally do go, you can't get much out--just a lot of gas and maybe a pebble or two. You usually give up knowing that there's more stuck up there, and you generally feel pretty unfulfilled, knowing that you have left some behind. For the rest of the day, you feel slightly sluggish and you might make a couple of more trips to the toilet in hopes to get the rest out. You might push out a couple of more marbles and perhaps a golf ball or two. Usually by the next day, you get the rest out. Stage 5 could generally be considered constipation (luckily for me, my BM's are usually stage 2 or 3). Please share the urgency category of your bowel movements.


Stool Samples

This is second hand, but... many, many years ago my mother was a primary school teacher in England. There was an outbreak of dysentery and the school was visited by a medical professional who handed out little tins for stool samples to all the children. Unfortunately, being a medic the language he used was not something the kids understood about - so my mother had the interesting task of trying to explain to six and seven year olds about this.

She was smart. She was able to talk to the class about when you went for a wee, and ... well, what do you call the other thing? One boy piped up and said: "Big jobbies" - and now that everyone understood what she was talking about, she was able to explain that they needed to tell mum and dad that they'd need to use a potty this time and put a little bit of it into the tin for the doctors.

My mother tells me that some of the children - and staff - at the school were away for the better part of a term...


Masking product called POOF!

Hi all. Some of you may remember me. I am the guy who is totally addicted to the aroma a woman leaves behind after she uses the toilet for a No. 2. I work in a bookstore and am responsible for checking the restrooms on an hourly basis. I have had a number of great experiences lately, including; 2 "regular" customers (girls who crap in the store everyday), a lovely "cougar" who was in too much of a hurry to flush the toilet, a stinky Spanish girl in her late teens and a VERY stinky business lady in her early 30's. I will talk about some of these in another post. Now, I want to talk about POOF. The other day I went into the ladies and was checking the tp and found a tiny bottle sitting on top of the dispenser. At first I thought it was eye drops. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a product called POOF. Apparently, you are supposed to put 2-5 drops in the toilet before using and it will mask your odor and create a "pleasant smell". I looked it up on the Internet and it appears to be marketed mostly to college age girls. Has anybody ever heard of this before? Anybody used it? Does it work? If this thing catches on, it could mean the end of a lot of fun for me :( Any responses greatly appreciated.

anywhere, anytime, in anything, pooper

another new place to pee and dump

Well, having to get up in the middle of the night to go is MUCH
easier now. With diabetes one has to pee sometimes 3-4 times a night.
No big deal except waking up the dog and others. In a one bathroom
house sometimes it is busy for a while if one is showering or doing
their business. I really don't like to "pee dance" for sometimes
10-15 minutes, and I can't just walk in on my step daughter and sit
down and dump like if it was my wife. Well she is having some back
and knee problems and needs high seats to get up from easily. SO,
we got a bedside folding potty that has about a 2 gallon bucket
"pot" with a lid that sets in a frame under the normal seat part.
Put it in the bedroom and now all we have to do is just take about
five steps , lift the ring and remove the lid, lower the ring and
sit. it is high so she gets up easily to get back to bed. No
bathrobe or whatever to put on to leave the bedroom in, no lights,
no doors to latch etc. That plastic pot sure does make a rattle
when you piss in it and the turds hitting the bottom make a pretty
good thump when it hits the bottom with half an inch or so of pee
in it. The farts REALLY echo off the plastic catch bucket. We both
know when the other is "busy" now for sure. Oh yeah, the smell is
no problem as a couple cap-fulls of camp toilet chemical/deodorant,
in about a glass full of water in the bottom before use, makes the
"stuff" break down and the paper turn to mush, and almost no smell.
Now just waiting to drop the first "really big one" in it during
the middle of the night then piss all over it in the noisy
plastic pail. Will write again if any neat experiences happen
with this alternative potty .

Emma W

Tonights poo

I was in my room watching telly when I realy needed to poo. I'd been holding it all day & couldn't be bothered to go to the toilet so I did it in my waste bin. It very naughty pooing in my bin but the relief was so good I didn't care. When Is was done I tied up the bag, threw it in a dustbin sack & went into the bathroom to wipe my bum. No one knew about what I'd done & it felt so hot.

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents Part Two

Hello. I see that my first entry was posted already. As I mentioned in my first post, I had an accident in my cheerleader uniform in grade nine. This was my second accident in grade nine, which happened later in the year.

This one happened at a school assembly, when the cheerleading team, which I was on, had to perform one of our routines for the school, in preparation for a city wide cheerleading competition. The assembly itself was just after our lunch break and whatever it was that I ate that day, did not agree with me at all.

We all got dressed into our cheerleading uniforms and I always wore a pair of full cut bikini undewear under my cheerleading underwear. Our uniforms were mostly white, including the underwear and the skirts were white, orange and blue, our high school colours.

We were well into our routine when I started not feeling very well. Being in grade nine and being one of the shorter girls at 5 foot 6, I was usually in the front and was also one of the girls that got thrown up into the air. Our team was made up of mostly girls, but we did have two well built guys to assist with the throws and catches. Normally I was pretty good at being thrown in the air and was even able to do twists and summersaults in the air.

Just as I was about to be picked up by one of the guys, I cramped up really badly and I could feel everything rush into my bowels. I clamped by butt cheeks with everything that I could, but when the guy picked me up, a squirt of diarrhea rushed into my underwear. I tried to keep my composure as he threw me in the air, but when I went up, I could feel everything splatter into my underwear. He caught me and I very quickly moved away from him, trying not to completely explode into my underwear. I couldn't hold it. I stopped in the middle of our routine and exploded everywhere. I put my left hand to my stomach and my right one to my behind and could feel the wetness from the diarrhea leaking through my bikini underwear and my cheerleading underwear and start to go down my legs. I turned around and made a bee line out of the gymnasium towards the girl's change room. I could hear some of the other students start to laugh and gasp as I made my way out of the gym. I was the talk of the school for the rest of the year. It was so embarrassing.

I got into the girl's change room and began to cry. Sob actually. I went into one of the toilet stalls, shut the door and stood there crying uncontrollably. After all, I had just had the most humiliating accident in front of my entire school.

After a few minutes, the door of the girl's room opened. It was my sister Melanie and her/my best friend, Sarah. Mel said my name and came over to the stall I was in. She put her arms around me while I balled my eyes out. Sarah came over and gave me a hug as well. She grabbed my jacket for me to tie around my waist so I could walk home. Melanie signed us both out and we walked home so I could get myself cleaned up. Sarah signed our as well and came with us for support.

As we were walking home, I had to go again. This time it was really wet and gushed down my legs and over my socks and shoes. I finally got home and jumped right in the shower. Our mom came home from work a few hours later as I was trying to wash out my cheerleading underwear. They were white originally and were very badly stained almost entirely from front to back. It was terrible. My bikini underwear as a disaster as well. My mom saw that I was trying to clean out my cheerleading underwear and asked what happened. I told her and she said that accidents happen to all of us one time or another. She was really nice about it and helped me clean out both my cheerleading underwear and my bikini underwear. We were not able to get everything 100% clean and I ended up having to buy a new pair of cheerleading underwear. With Sarah's recommendation, I kept the bikini underwear to wear during my periods.

Well, sorry for the long post. I have other stories to share as well and I will post them at a later time. I am finding this website very helpful and quite therapeutic.


To Feral Girl

Did you ever work anything out for pooping in your room when you can't go outside?


Response to Ashley C

Ashley C,

I am so sorry that you had the kind of diarrhea accident that you had in the supermarket. I wrote about one that happened at the beginning of September when I went all over myself driving home in the car.

I don't normally get diarrhea, and I don't know if you are some one who has IBS or something that causes occasional diarrhea, but it is really hard to control whether you have it often or only those couple of times a year when sick.

Welcome to the forum and I hope that you are well.

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