Train station antics.

My girlfriend and I met up for happy hour at a local bar. We both had about 4 pints of beer over about a two hour period. I was drinking regular beer and she was drinking light beer. We finished up, paid and decided to head back to the commuter parking lot where our cars were. It is about a 10 minute walk to the subway station and 50 minutes on the subway to the commuter lot. I headed to the men's room and my girlfriend to the women's room. When I got done with a nice long pee and left the men's room, my girlfriend was waiting for me and we headed back on the subway. Suddenly, two stops before our destination my girlfriend grabs my hand and practically towed me off of the train. We were above ground at that point and on a train platform with only ticket machines and another commuter parking lot. I asked her why we got off early and she said, I'll tell you in a minute. She lead me to a small cluster of cars in the mostly empty lot. When the last of the passengers were out of sight, she pulled me between a van and an SUV. She let go of my hand and walked about 3 steps, stopped, and crouched down while lowering her jeans and panties together in one fluid motion. In a another second there was hissing and spattering of a strong and steady, but not gushing stream of urine. She whispered to me that the bathroom at the bar was disgusting so she tried to wait until we got home, but she couldn't make it. She looked through her purse to get a tissue, all the while the steady spattering continued. She was facing away from me and towards the driving lane of the row of cars. Her jacket covered most of her rear end. From my perspective from behind and to the side, I could see a ragged arching stream landing in a glistening 3 foot diameter oval of splatters extending away from between her shoes. A 3 inch wide river of urine was flowing from there toward the driving lane. After I stood in silence for what was already a really long pee, the spattering had not slowed at all. The little river was now even with the back of the van and flowing into the open driving lane where is would be obvious to people driving, walking, or standing on the plaform. I started to get nervous, but I also new that my girlfriend could hold as well as most guys and she wouldn't have got off the train unless she was really full. After another 10 or 15 seconds the flow slowed to a stop, but the urine river was now 2/3 of the way across the driving lane and still moving. I heard a city bus coming. She wiped, pulled up her jeans, not exposing anything and placed the tissue in the trash on the way to the platform so we could catch the next train. When we got to the platform we started chatting again like nothing had happened. We saw people stepping over the little river on their way to the platform.

Miss B

Poopy Pull Up

,hi all, One time when I took an enema, I pooped my pull up. I woke up in the morning, thought I had to fart, and loaded my pull up. It came out with a squirt, and leaked onto the floor! I told my mom, and she cleaned me up.

Once had an awful job as a janitor.

Cleaning pee out of fabric.

To Remote Guy,

What you want is an extractor. It is like a vacuum, but it sprays water into fabric like carpet and upholstery, and then you vacuum it out. That should take care of the couch and the car seat or any other carpeted area.


My story - part 1

My story began lastyear when I was a junior in high school - right at Halloween last year, actually. My best friend Katy and I were both 17. We had grown up together since we were around 8 or 9 years old after she moved into our neighborhood a few houses down the street. We were more like sisters than best friends. People in school called us "The Y's" because our names both end in Y instead of IE and we were always together. Anyway... We were both in band - I played trumpet and she was a clarinet, but we always sat together on the bus to and from games. Like I said, it was Halloween. Our band director let us dress up in costumes instead of our band uniforms so Katy and I both dressed up as cats in all black pants, black tops, face paint, cat ears, etc. We were super cute. After halftime we get the 3rd quarter off to get food, hang out, and stuff. Katy and I went over to the bathrooms but they were disgusting so we decided not to use them even though we both had to go a little. After the game we all got back on the bus and started home. Katy whispered to me that she still had to go but couldn't bring herself to use the disgusting bathrooms at the football field. I told her I felt the same way. We rode back towards our school, everyone around goofing off and talking like usual for a while, people listing to mp3 players and stuff. About halfway home things had quieted down. It was late and dark and we still had almost an hour to get back. Katy and I had been texting friends and stuff on our phones for a while, sometimes each other. Then I got a text from Katy that said she really had to go bad. I asked how bad. She said really, really bad. She didn't know if she could hold it until we got back to the school. I offered to ask if we could stop since I was on the inside seat. She said no she would hold it. She had her legs crossed and was bouncing her foot and stuff. About fifteen minutes later she shifted so she was sitting on her heel and sent me a new text that said she seriously had to go so bad she didn't know if she could make it to school. I said we only have another 30 minutes. She said she didn't know if she had that long or even five minutes. I joked that she was wearing all black so it probably wouldn't show up if she peed her pants. She said something like haha very funny but I have to do more than pee. I said oh that sucks. She said yeah it does. She stayed sitting on her heel and I could barely see that she had one hand holding her crotch. A few minutes later she gasped a little. I asked her if she was ok. She texted me I just peed a little. I seriously can't hold it much more. I told her I was sorry and to keep trying. We were still at least 20 minutes from school. She was squirming more and was obviously really desperate. Then I got another text that said I just peed more. A lot more. I am about to lose it. I said are you serious? She said yes. A few more minutes went by and then I heard Katy gasp and say something to me I couldn't hear over the wind from the open windows. She was very still suddenly but I couldn't tell what was happening, but then I caught a whiff of the smell and knew. She sat very still for a few moments and I texted her did you just...? She texted back yes I couldn't hold it any more. She then slowly shifted in the seat and sat kind of sideways leaning on her left side towards me a little, I guessed to keep the poop from smooshing out in her panties. I texted and asked if it was bad. She said yes. A boy behind us said something about somebody farting. Katy sat that way the rest of the ten minutes back to school. We stayed in our seat until everyone else was past so we could get off last, with me behind her as a shield. I could see a bulge on the butt of her pants but unless you knew what to look for it wasn't too obvious. I went to the bathroom with her and she spent quite a few minutes in the stall cleaning up. We didn't have any spare panties so she cleaned up as best she could and wore the soiled panties home under her damp pants with a layer of paper towels inside her panties. We found a towel in the trunk of my car for her to sit on while she drove home so she didn't get her car seat damp from her wet pants.

Wow this seems long. I'll stop and keep going in a part 2 or something.



Re. Stool Samples

TO First time poster:

It has been a looong time since I had to provide a stool sample. The last time I think was when I was in my 'tweens'... around the age when you begin having a sense of yourself and get embarrassed when a parent casually walks in to do their makeup or shave while you are on the toilet.

My mother put some tinfoil on the bottom of the bathtub, I sat on the edge and plopped out a good sized log as she stood there. It took me a few minutes to feel (ahem...) 'comfortable' enough to have my BM while she was standing there impatiently with her arms crossed. When I was done she wrapped the foil around it, took it out of the tub and then we went to the doctor's office. The feeling of TOTAL humiliation going through my mind as the doctor and my mother discussed my bowel habits has remained palpable to this day.

The only sense of shame I may feel now that I am adult would come from NOT being able to 'pinch-a-(big)-loaf' onto that tinfoil.

Take care,


Migraine Loverer

Update on me:

Sorry it's been so long. My poops have been boring. Does anyone get migraines and diarrhea? I have only met one person who said that that they had diarrhea while having a migraine for the first time.
peace and love from,
Migraine Loverer

Car Mom

Something Different

Hey its me again! Well I have had something new happen again and so I thought I'd share it. Another adult has relieved herself in my car! I didn't expect it that's for sure. Of course it was another of the moms from my daughter's group of friends and the way it started was the girl had to pee first and she told us. There were four of us in the car by the way, 2 moms and 2 daughters. The girl is in my daughter's class so she's around 8 or so, and the mom is around 30. I'm pretty sure she's a little older than me and I'm 26. Anyway the girl said that she had to pee and she was one of the girls who pees in my car once in a while but I didn't really want to tell her to go in the car when her mom was right there because I wasn't sure how she'd respond or if she'd think I was nuts or something. I guess I am nuts, but isn't everyone in one way or another. Anyway I told her to wait and we'd stop somewhere. But that's when the mom said "don't you sometimes let people pee in your car?" So then I was like "uh oh I'm busted" Apparently her daughter told on me! But then she said "no no its cool that you do that, I don't care, its your car, I just wanted to make sure was true before I tell her she can start peeing all over the place." And so I knew that the mom was cool with it and so I told the girl that she could go ahead and go if she wanted. And so she did. She just sat in the seat and peed. Her mom actually told her she could just leave her pants on and go right in them so she didn't even have to pull them down or anything, which was fine since we were on the way home. She was sitting on the passenger side behind her mom so that's where she peed, right there on that side of the seat. Then when she was done she just continued to sit there in her peed-in pants. Ok so that's the normal part (if anything is the normal part!) Now comes the different part. After a little while the mom asked me "so do you ever pee in the car too?" I told her "I have once but not in this car" (which is true but that's another story!) Then she asked me does anyone else ever pee in your car besides kids?" And then I foolishly told her "yeah one person has" and then she said "who" and I just said "one of the other moms." Of course I meant the one mom who's 38, but I didn't want to embarrass her, so I didn't say her name. So then she asked me "well if its ok, do you mind if I pee in your car too?" I figured that's where she was going with this, and so I said "sure you can." And she said "thank you" and I knew that she was about to relieve herself in my car. Then it was actually funny because she was starting to undo her jeans while she was still sitting in the passenger seat. I told her "wait, don't pee in that seat" and she said "oh I'm sorry!" And then I said "no its ok, I'd just rather you did it in the backseat than the frontseat" and she said "no no that's fine." And so then I parked the car so that she could get out and get into the backseat. She's actually sort of a big girl (but I wouldn't consider her fat) so it was easier for her to get out than to just climb over to the back like the other woman does. Her daughter moved to the middle of the backseat and of course she kept looking at her mom and laughing because of what her mom was going to do. And her pants were so soaked too! Most of the girls don't pee in their pants but she sure did! The mom wasn't going to go that route though. She actually pulled down her jeans but she left her underwear up, I guess because she didn't want us to see her nakedness. Then she sat down in the same spot where her daughter peed. Then she began to relax and have her pee. I could hear it coming out and making a hissing sound against the seat. She also let 2 or 3 little farts while she peed. She actually went a LOT. Then when she was done we had just in time gotten to her house and so she got up and out of the seat and so did her daughter. Then she said "thank you SO much for letting me do that, and (daughter's name) too" and then they left. As they walked away their jeans looked so wet. Even the mom's were wet because her underwear was wet. It was actually cute to see them walking side by side with their pee-soaked jeans. On the way home my daughter asked if she could pee in her jeans too and I told her she could. And so she did. And so that's what happened the other day. Bye now.


another potty for the police!

While I was waiting for the train by the downtown transit office, I saw a police officer park her car and walk through a door marked, "authorized transit personnel only." She was there for a while.

(I once saw a police officer use a bathroom that bus drivers use at a busy bus stop a couple of miles from downtown).

There's usually one or two police cars at the transit office at any time. Maybe the police use the bathroom at the transit office as their downtown potty. The police station used to be downtown, but now it's in the middle of the "bad" neighborhood south of downtown.


Pleasure in pooping

A poster said that there are few things in life so satisfying as pushing out a big firm turd. I agree, especially since now, at 68, I can no longer take such bm's for granted. With heart and prostate medications, my movements are no longer consistently hard and firm; and because I eat less than formerly, my poops are not as large or frequent as they were when I was younger. Nonetheless, I do still have big firm ones some of the time, and I do enjoy the sensation of driving those turds out and then seeing them in the toilet afterwards. Wiping is not as much fun: almost always three sets of paper, used once and then folded and used again; sometimes painful if I have an anal fissure. The one-wipers that I had frequently as a youth are rare now. Nonetheless, I do look forward to pooping as a pleasurable part of each day.

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 9

I think I made the fastest time ever getting over to my grandmothers house from the fort. I dumped my bike and ran inside the house. MY grandmother wasn't in the kitchen but I heard the tv on in the livingroom and very quickly went to the livingroom. She was there. I still sort of out of breath blurted out my question about sleeping out in the fort tonight.

Now since I blurted it out in such a hurry and being on the out of breath side too my grandmother asked me to slow down and repeat what I had said. I waited till I did catch my breath and asked again. This time my grandmotherunderstood what I had said and told me I could. I almost jumped right out of my pants! I thanked her and I tore out of the livingroom through the kitchen and out the backdoor in a flash!

I picked up my bike and raced back over to the fort getting there well ahead of Janet and Jill. I sat down at te table and waited for those two to show up. I had a fairly short wait. Ten minutes or so I heard them pull up and climb up. Janet came through the door first followed by Jill. I kind of put a sad look on my puss when they had come in.

Janet seeing the look on my face asked; What's wrong Dave? You can't sleep over? Jill went and said right after Janet had asked what was wrong; That's to bad Dave I wish you could have. Then I stood up and smiled a big smile and then said; Got you! I CAN!!! Janet laughed and Jill giggled and I then asked if they needed help for againg they had their packs with them and they were full.

Jill told me that she didn't need any help with her stuff. Janet said she didn't either. But I saw that where the table was therewasn't going to be enough floor space for all of us to lay down unless the table was moved. So I moved it all the way to the back end wall and turned it so it was aloing the wall. That gave us more then ample floor space to sleep on. The girls setup was that Jill was closest to the door, then Janet, then my spot which I had yet to bring any of my seeping stuff over yet. That would be done after eating supper which all of us would go home to eat then come back.

There was time for us to have a little fun befor going back home to eat. So my radio got turned on and the deck of cards was taken out. Now with three of us here and only two of the old camp stools here I stood and let Janet and Jill sit on the camp stool chairs. Janet said she would dig out another one and bring it over when they would come back after eating. I said; Good we can all sit then.

As the ame progressed Jill would when it was my turn to play whispered to Janet. Jill whispered low enough that I could not hear her. Janet would smile,giggle, or shake her head yes or no when Jill did whisper in Janets ear. I wondered what Jill was asking or saying to Janetbut most likely I would find out now or later. This went off and on till we did reach the end of the game.

Then I asked; Ok what is going on between you two? Are you two up to no good? Janet laughed hard after my no good question. As Janet laughed she struggled to say; You better ask Jill not me! Ok Jill I said. What is up? I have a feeling I'm involved in what you were asking Janet with your whispering. Jill giggled and her face cheeks turned a little darker pink as she giggled. Janet said to Jill; Come n Jill answer Dave.

Jill was silent for a long moment and she looked down at the table while being silent. Janet got impaitent with her sistor and Janet started to speak up but Jill had now worked up enough nerve to answer me and siad to Janet; OK I'll ask Dave!!! Then she turned and looked at me and asked me; Dave can I watch you pee if you go while we are here tonight? I laughed and Janet did too.

Then after I had stopped laughing I said to Jill; You've have seen me piss already and that is alright. You can watch me any time Jill! But don't you thinkit would fair in return that I could see you go too? I really expected to get turned down on this one by Jill. Jill looked at Janet and then back at me. She smiled ever so slightly and then said to me; I guess so. It would be only fair as you said.

Then Jill asked me; Dave do you have to pee right now!!!Jill sounded excieted when she asked the question. Janet laughed a little and said to Jill; You sure want to see Dave go don't you Jill! Jill cheeks turned dark pink again but she giggled shook her head yeas and she also said that she did too. Ok I do have to piss a little Jill but that means comming up on the roof and piss there. Jill got right up from her stool and headed for the door. I laughed and Janet got up and we folowed Jill outside and she climbed up the short ladder and waited for Janet and I to climb up and join her.

Now Jill instead of just walking across the roof she ran! Janet laughing said to Jill as she ran and stopped at the far end of the roof; You are in such a hurry Jill! I don't think its becuase you have to pee either! Jill giggled and replied back to Janet; Yes I do ut you are right about being something other! I let out a laugh and by this time Janet and I had reached the end of the roof with me betwen both girls.

We all were going to piss. Now just befor Janet and Jill were going to pull down teir shorts and I was unzipping my zipper Jill said to Janet; Ask Dave Janet! Janet giggled just a little and said to me; Jill wants to know if you'll drop your pants and pee that way! I turned my head towards Jill and I reached up popped my snap and I did drop my pants right down to my knees! There's your answer Jill!

Janet cracked up hard. Jill was standing there frozen, her red shorts down around her sneakers and herhands still on her white panties griped tightly to them, eyes wide open, and stareing right at my fully exposed equipment! Jill! JILL! Janet said to her sistor. Are you here Jill? Wake up Jill! Your'e peeing youself! That did it. Afetrr Janet said that Jill was peeing herslef Jill looked down at her white panties and Janet was right! Jill had let out a spurt of pee for her white panties crotch did look a little wet!

Jill yanked her panties right down and she sqauted. Janet also squated and I wasn't going to hold myslef. I was going to free style it this time. (I was fully erect and I thought Jill would want to see me go this way anyway.) (Janet might have told Jill I went this way for her.) Jill started to piss sending out a stream of light yellow piss just missing the edge of the roof and missed the bush down below. Jill's stream did not hiss.

Then I did hear Janet start her piss. Herstream hissed right fom its start. Her stream was coudy white and her stream struck its mark by shooting into almost the center of the bush down below us. Then a few short seconds after the girls had started pissing I started my piss. Isent a good high curving arc way out into the air. I sad to Jill as soon as I had started pissing; Jill look I'm going!

Jill had been looking down at her own stream. She looked up. Her mouth opened like someones jaw dropping and she stared at my high arced piss stream and then would glance at my penis and back to my stream again. That is all Jill did for most of the time durring the time that I did piss. Janet was leaning forward so she could see Jill and seeing Jills reaction she just giggled hard all the while she pissed for she stayed looking at Jill the entire time that she pissed. To me I just smiled and wouldn't laugh till after both girls had stopped pissing and I after I had stopped pissing.

Well with Jill doing her stareing, Janet looking at her sistors face, and I watching Janet piss and only watching Jill's stream too none of us had noticed that Jill;s red shorts were down around her sneakers and even though Jill had a stream shooting forward like I said just missing the edge of the roof her stream unseen also had split and the second stream was wetting her red shorts! This would not ne=be known till after Jill had pulled them up amd would feel that she had wet them.

Janet was the first of us three to fifnish pissing. She had her stream ease which made its hissing soften and then end just before she did stopp. But it was just a pause for Janet let out three good spurts did a little dripping and then she was done. Then she stood up and pulled up her shorts. She stood there watching my stream amd then would take a glancing look over at Jill who was still pissing and stareing frozen at me with her eyes fixed on my you know what!

That made Janet let out another giggle. I smiled. Then my stream dropped right off. I ran out of piss. I stopped and I only managed to drip a little off frm my penis's head so I reached down and shook it. That brought Jill out of her frozen state for she laughed seing me shake myslef. Janet smiled. Then I told sayig to Jill as I pulled my jeans up; Ok I'm done Jill. No more to stare at! Janet let out a little laugh.

Then Jill must have stopped pissing and she was now out of her frozen state. She yanked up her wite paties and then her shorts. Right after she had yanked up her shorts Jill let out a loud gasp followed by her saying loudly; I peed all over my shorts! Jill also had yanked the shorts back down and had pulled them forward in the front so she could look at them. She was right her dark blue shorts were wet with a darker blue wet spot in the shorts entire crotch area both in the front and the back! I never saw it or felt it till now!

None of us had and Janet and I told Jill this too that we had never sen it happening other wise we would have told her. I asked if Jill had brought other clothes to wear. Yeah I did Jill said. I have a pair of jeans in the fort. I'll have to put those on. Jane said now to jill as we now were walking across the forts roof; Get another pair when we go home. That I'll have to do. Jill answered Janet right back.

Jill climbed down the ladder and Janet and I followed. Onceback inside the fort Jill went right over to her one pack bag and she pulled a pair of jeans out from it and went right over to one of the camp stools tossed the jeans on it and she shoved her wet shorts along with now her wetted white panties down together and stepped right out of them. Jill now seemed to have no embarrassment in undressing with me right there.

Jill turned to pick up her jeans which gave me a sort glimpsing look at her bare ass. Jill's ass was cute. It being a slimmer ass then Jantes ass due to Jill being a little more then a year younger then Janet. But Jill's cheeks were higher so that made her cheeks taller looking and her asscrack was longer. Then Jill turned back stepping into her jeans after sitting own and she pulled her jeans up and zipped and buttoned them up. That was it.

Jill did take her wet shorts and panties and stuffed them into her pack bag. She would take that bag hom with her and put her panties and jeans right into her dirty clothes and get them washed later. She also would be wearing a different pair of shorts when she would be back after eating and the same pair of jeans she would have that she just had put on. It was time to leave now and we all did leave. WE hoped all to be back in a hour or a little more to start our sleep out! To be continuied.


Post Title (optional) Two Questions

These two questions are for both men and women.

1) If you take a shit right before going into the shower, do you wipe your ass or do you assume your ass will get sufficiently clean in the shower?

2) Regardless of your answer to #1, when you wash your ass in the shower, how far into your anus do you clean?

Daily morning pooper

Curly turd

Some days ago I had to go to the bathroom for my morning dump. I sat on the toilet, relaxed and bended, and pushed a little bit to help the turd tip coming out. I felt a smooth turd coming out my anus then. After 3 or 4 plops, I wiped, stood up and I suddenly saw some brown marks on the back of the toilet seat. I realized that it must have been a curly turd tipping the toilet seat while exiting. Does anyone else experience this sometimes?

Migraine Loverer

answering a question

to: I <3 POO

"To Migraine loverer: My question to you would be have you ever let anyone watch you poo? Are you into having "buddy dumps"? If you have ever taken a poo with someone there was it a man or woman and did you find it easy to take a poo or did it make you nervous and stopping you from having a poo? Take care god bless."

No I have not be it sounds like fun. I would probably find it hard to go since I have a shy bladder so my colon's probably the same way.

Migraine Loverer


Greetings fellow pee-ers and poopers

Hey there people. I don't know if many of you remember me, but I used to post under the name BigPhil. Well, I'm back. To be honest, though, I never really left. I still come back every now and again to read new posts and check out some old ones...

Anyway, on to my post for the day... Last night, I had a group of friends round my house for drinks and to listen to some music. We were all sitting in the living room, drinking beer and talking about this and that, when one of my female friends (Carly) excused herself to go to the lavatory. We thought nothing of it and carried on chatting until finally we thought we'd better go and check on her, 'cos she'd been gone rather a long time. So, I went upstairs and hovered outside the bathroom for a second before saying, "Carly, are you alright in there?!"
A few seconds passed and I heard a pained grunt from her and a bit of a runny splutter into the bowl. Finally, she replied, ", I'm sorry but I'm not feeling too great. I had shellfish for lunch and they're not agreeing with me. I might have to go home."

Carly only lives around the corner from me, in the road just next to mine, so it wouldn't be long for her to get home. Regardless, one of my other friends walked her back to her house. After she had left, I needed the loo (to pee) and had gone upstairs to use the bathroom. The stench of Carly's diarrhoea was still quite pungent in the air and the bowl was still speckled with little chunks of poo that hadn't gone down in the first flush.

My question to you, guys and girls, is this... If you're stomach's had become upset while you were round a friend's house, would you use their toilet or make your excuses and leave?

Emily R

Holding in a BM

A poster who calls himself new guy asked "has your daily routine ever changed causing you to have to hold it in when your body has gotten so used to going at a certain time."

Well, I don't know if you could say it was a daily routine change, but one time a few years ago I was at the local fair with some friends. It came to be time for my BM and I felt the urge on schedule, but the only bathrooms they had available were portapotties. I should mention that wasn't really the problem, the problem was more the lines were very long. The portapotty area closest to where I was had I think like 20 individual potties set up, but there was still a line a mile long.

I needed to go bad but the line took forever. I guess a lot of people were having BMs. By the time there were only three people in line ahead of me I could barely hold it in. I felt the BM trying to poke out all the time and I struggled to suck it back in. After another long time of waiting I was finally next in line so as soon as a potty opened up I rushed in, closed and locked the door. I barely got my jeans and panties off before the head of my BM poked out again. My BM was coming out as I was sitting, and it just kept coming as one piece. I felt it snap off with a weird sound as it slapped on the pile of other people's BMs in the tank. I had another big but short piece after and I was done. Wiping was very hard with the awful paper in the portapotty. It was thin and almost broke when I grabbed it. I wiped as best I could and cleaned my hands with antibacterial wipes from my purse after I was done.

So, that's my story for today, hope you liked it.


Replies, etc.

The query on stool samples is interesting. I have had to supply them a few times, but never in a hat. The doctors didn't want an entire b.m., just a sample. I had to collect it in a bottle, using a little wooden spoon to take a small bit from the beginning of the stool, and another bit from the other end. I had to do my urine in a separate container so as not to contaminate the stool, which had to be in the toilet just in the water without anything else. This was not easy to collect. I even thought of doing the movement on newspaper or something on the floor and collecting the sample from that, then dumping the poop into the toilet; but I didn't have to do that because I was able to get the sample from the toilet. Then I sealed the bottle, labeled it with my name, the date, and the time, and took it in.

Desperate to poop

Shopping trip dump

I took a mean shit today

I had been out shopping and was taking a break with a coffee and cake at John Lewis. I had felt a poo coming on when I sat down and after my coffee and cake I decided I'd better deal with it and went to the toilets

The toilets are 2 unisex toilets and when I got there, there was a queue of 1 man, 2 girls in their twenties, a 50 yr old woman and 40 yr old Mom.

Shortly afterwards the man went in and he wasn't in long and one of the girls took his place. The 40yr old mom had a child with her and she keep asking can we go yet to which the mom kept replying "Mom needs to use the toilet sweetie so we have to wait for the toilet to become free". She was rubbing her ???? so I guessed needed a pooh.

The one girl wasn't in that long and soon after the other girl was able to take her place she had been crossing her legs a bit so I guessed need a pee quite bad. The other toilet had been occupied since I got there so must have been a dumper. A few minutes later and the other cubicle opened up and another lady in her 40's came out with her shopping bags. The 50 yr old lady took her place and know it was me and the 40 yr old lady.

The little kid was getting impatient and the Mom said quite sternley "Mommy has to go for a poo stop moaning please". She seemed a bit flustered.

By now I had been waiting about 7 mins and was getting quite desperate. The 40 yr old Mom also seemed quite desperate and was rubbing her ???? and bending a little.

Finally a few minutes later the girl came out fixing her belt as she did and the Mom hurried in.

By now there was a queue behind me as well (another 4 people) and I was desperate. I waited another 5 minutes and no sign of the doors opening. They were completely enclosed and you couldn't really hear anything.
Finally after another few minutes the 50 yr old came out and I took her place. I was burstingfor a poo and quickly closed the door ensuring it was locked.

I hurriedly took my jeans down slipped my knickers off and let a small trumpet fart and some wet mush erupted into the toilet. Oh man the relief! I had a small stain on my knickers but nothing serious.

Inside the toilet I could hear the mom trying to control the kid as she finished. Finally after a few minutes she flushed and left. I was going for another 5 or 6 minutes to get rid of all my poo and my bellyache. I finally felt done, wiped up flushed my load down and left feeling vey relieved.

There was quite a queue when I left.

Happy Pooping

First time poster - never had to give a sample before, so I have no stories. Sorry you're in the hospital. Hope every things okay.

I just started a regimen of Fiber One bars. I've been feeling a little bloated and sluggish lately, so I replaced my usually mid morning snack of a bag of chips or candy bar with a Fiber One bar. Each serving has 9 grams of fiber, so it's a lot like eating a bowl of bran cereal each day. I already have noticed a difference after eating just one of them. Within a couple hours after eating the first one, I noticed a lot of rumbling in my lower gut, followed by a lot of long farts. I farted a lot more that afternoon than I usually do in a whole day.

I'll report back on how they change my pooping habits.

In the meantime, take care everybody.


Outdoor poo

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. In my last post I mentioned that I had a story from when my cousin Amy came to stay a couple of weekends ago. I was meant to be staying with her but it turned out that her brother's friend was already staying that weekend so she ended up coming round to our house. She arrived on the Friday evening and we had tea before going up to my room to watch some telly. I was getting pretty desperate for a wee but knew I could hold on until I went to bed, well at least I thought I could, we ended up watching some really funny comedy sketches and I laughed so much I felt a big spurt of wee come out into my knickers. About 5 minutes later so it wasn't too obvious I told Amy I needed the loo and went into the bathroom. I quickly pulled my blue jeans and pink knickers down and sat on the loo, my wee stream started up almost straight away and went on for ages! I looked down at my knickers to inspect the damage and there was a massive wet patch, so as I was weeing I pulled the dirty clothes hamper towards me and started to rummage through it to find some knickers I'd worn a few days before, at least that way Amy wouldn't notice I'd wet myself when we got changed for bed. Typically I could only find some really gross flowery ones which were way too small for me, but I figured that anything was better than wet ones so I quickly changed into them and put my jeans back on. Not long after I got back to my bedroom Amy said she needed the toilet, when she got back we watched a bit more telly before I suggested going to bed as it was getting quite late. As Amy took her jeans off I couldn't help noticing that there was a slight damp patch on her pink and yellow stripy knickers so it wasn't just me who'd leaked a bit. We put on our nightclothes and went to bed. The next morning we woke up early, which was just as well as we had to get going- we were meeting up with Lucy, Sarah and Katie to go on a walk through the countryside which was going to last most of the day. As I got out of bed I realised I was bursting for a wee, so I went straight to the bathroom, lifted my nightie and pulled down my pants. As I was weeing I rubbed my belly, I realised I was starting to want a poo, I tried to think how long it had been since I'd last had one, probably three or four days. I knew there was no point pushing as it would be a while before it was ready to come out, so I quickly wiped, flushed and pulled up my pants. I hoped I'd be able to wait until we got back that afternoon, I didn't really fancy having to go for a poo while we were out on the walk although even that would be better than going at school. Most weekends it gets really frustrating as I don't seem to want a poo even though it would be a lot easier for me to go, typically Monday morning comes and I end up needing one urgently. We ate breakfast then went back up to my room to get dressed. While Amy had a wee I made sure I changed my pants, I put on some white ones which do actually fit me, otherwise I would have spent the day walking round with a permanent wedgie. We then went downstairs to make a packed lunch and get some drinks. I also made sure I took a few packs of tissues so that I would be prepared if I needed the loo. We left the house at half nine to meet up with Lucy, Sarah and Katie at the bus stop, we were planning to catch a bus out into the countryside and do a walk there. We spent the short bus trip looking at the map working out what route we would be taking so we were able to set off straight away once we'd arrived. We walked along chatting and talking about all sorts of stuff, I could feel pressure building in my bowels and let out some silent farts to try and releave it, but I knew it wouldn't be too long before I'd be really bursting for a poo. I noticed that Amy and Katie were starting to look a bit uncomfortable and rub their bellies a bit so I guessed I wasn't the only one who needed to go. After about three hours we stopped to eat lunch, Katie was sitting on her heel and jiggling about a bit so I realised she was probably pretty desperate too. As if she was reading my thoughts Katie suddenly said "I'm bursting for the loo, I'm going to have to go behind those trees over there."
"Me too, do you mind if I come with you?" I said. "No, thats fine," replied Katie, then she said "Actually have you got any tissues only I've forgotten to bring any."
"Yes, I remembered just as we left" I said, walking round behind a think clump of trees and bushes. We both put our backpacks on the ground and paused for a second.
"Sorry, but its going to be more than just a wee I'm afraid" said Katie as she unbuttoned her jeans.
"Don't worry, its the same for me" I said and saw Katie look really releaved. I was just hoping I wouldn't have to strain too hard to get my poo out. Katie dropped her jeans and purple and blue spotty pants, squatted down and started to wee almost straight away, she also let a few farts out. I pulled my jeans and pants down too and started to wee shortly after I squatted. Katie's wee stream died away and I could tell from her breathing that she was pushing. I started to push shortly after and farted loudly, then felt a rock hard turd moving down and starting to poke out of my bum, it felt really massive and dry. For a few minutes there was quiet, I sneaked a few glances over at Katie and saw that she was starting to go a bit red from all the pushing and I guessed I probably was too. I suddenly heard a crackling sound and looked over to see that Katie was really straining and that a thick log was starting to come out of her bum. After a few more pushes it thudded onto the ground and she moaned with releaf. I passed her the tissues and she wiped her bum, I kept on pushing and straining but was trying to keep as quiet as possible as I didn't want to start panting and grunting in front of her. Finally just as Katie was pulling up her pants and jeans I felt a massive turd fall out of my bum and onto the ground. I knew there was more to come but also knew I could wait until later to push the rest out, so I took a tissue and wiped my bum, the poo was so dry I hardly needed to. After I'd pulled up my pants and jeans we went back to the others and carried on with our walk. The story is not over yet, there is more to come, but its getting late so I'll save the rest for my next post. Thanks for reading, bye!!

To Sandra: That was a great story about seeing Sean relieve himself in the woods! Seems like you were just the right distance away for all of the sites and sounds! Do you have any other stories from that camping trip, or any other times you've viewed another guy answering the call of nature?

On The John

Oh wow. I have a story to share. I had a late dinner the other night which was delicious. I was at a restaurant and ordered a farmer's dinner as it was called. I had a salad, pork and mashed cauliflower. It was amazing. The results the next morning were horrendous.
I went for the usual run mid-morning and by mile 3 needed the john badly. I did not get to the restroom for another mile. Upon arrival all three stalls were filled with one very athletic brunette ahead of me. She got a stall quickly as another runner emerged with a relieved look on her face. The brunette sat quickly, farted and began to have soft matter emerge. I imagine she had really needed to go.
Another stall cleared and I passed a beautiful 20 something that had seemed constipated as she vacated. She smiled and said sorry for the wait, and I had to go badly. I laughed and said that I did as well. I got in, locked the door and sat. I immediately pushed a large poop and a good fart. I felt my ???? give a push and another fart produced a large soft load, parp, splash omg it felt so good, i had another blast of soft sludge and surveyed my shorts which had a light stain. I sat for a few minutes passing small poos and gas. It was really cleansing my digestive system, lol. The runner in next stall farted again and produced another serving of mushy poops and gas.I sat and listened for a minute and composed myself and hurried back to my run.
I do enjoy your stories and contribute when i have a good one on the john. Love


Our first college buddy pee--Part 2

As Adam arrived to the science building bench where Jaisa and I were seated, he was pained and it was obvious that he had to pee. So did I and I had been holding it and in pain for like 10 minutes because I didn't want to be in the bathroom when he came by to visit me. You might remember on Page 1824 I wrote about how Adam surprised me last year when I found out that when he's out in public, he will go into the toilet and sit to pee. We talked about it that time when I caught him doing it in the interstate rest stop bathroom and the way he feels makes total sense. And I do feel sorry for him and think it's wrong that guys beginning in like middle school get put down it they are standing at the urinal and the users next to them notice that they have a small, or perhaps deformed, penis. It's so wrong that they don't get more privacy, and I agree with what Adam has done in order to get privacy.

Well Jaisa took the bags from Adam and said she would take them into the lab. She said for us to meet her at Station 20 and that she would start up the computer, set up the experiment, and at that point she burped, and the amount she had drank was evident. Since it was so late and there were very few others in the building, I told Adam he could come in with me. I told him that he and I should both go Green, meaning that we would save water and being environmentally proficient (the word just slipped out of my mouth but he smiled and knew what I was referring to. You might remember I'm 6',3" and I knew as I was latching the door that I would have to take off my jeans and thong in order to comfortably sit that far back on the toilet and have him in front of me. So while he stood on the side of the toilet dropping his boxers and jeans, I stepped out of my tight jeans and read thong and hung them over the door. I realize I made a bad decision by not balancing them properly over the door and they almost immediately fell forward, landing just outside the door. I sat on the front of the seat and pulled the two pieces of clothing in from under the door and more carefully balanced them on the door. This time they stayed. Adam said many of the guys bathrooms had hooks on the inside of the door that you can hang coats on and I guess it surprised me that these doors didn't.

Still, my pee was burning at me and I knew that I had to release it. I slid all the wall back on the toilet so that the back of my butt was pretty much over the back of the seat and I grabbed Adam's hand and pulled him down in front of me. The hairs on his butt had grown quite a bit since last time and we were so close that I was selectively kissing him on the shoulders and back of his neck as my pee stream started. He slid back a little closer to me and I saw him pull his left hand from his knee and he quickly pushed his penis into the bowl. At first he had forgot to tuck it in, and it was hanging over the front of the bowl and he joked about almost wetting down his jeans and underwear. I could hear his flow getting louder and then I realized that he was aiming it not onto the front of the bowl, but rather back farther into the water. I started to imagine how two pee stream hitting the bowl's water at one time could be pretty mean, not just in sound but in the splash and bubbles it would create. Adam doesn't joke around a lot but he said something about the bowl's "eco-system" being really tested by the two of us. I remember studying for an essay on eco-systems for my test last month and I was surprised that he remembered it from when he was drilling me on possible test questions during our review study.

I don't know which of us peed longer. It seems like we both finished at the about the same time. I like to tease him and I pulled off just one sheet of toilet paper and handed it to him and asked him if he needed it to wipe his penis. He said something totally hilarious that can't be printed here and followed it up by saying that an advantage guys have in peeing from a seated position is that they can dry their organ by rubbing it over the front of the bowl. He said he's seen younger boys do that, but then he took the paper and said he was trying to gross me out and that he never could do it. Then he asked me if I wiped after peeing and I told him that most of the time I don't need to. Adam got up first and quickly pulled up his jeans and boxers. After he stepped aside, I slide to the front of the toilet, pulled my thong off the door and then got into it before pulling off my jeans and putting them on. He suggested we look at the "eco-system." There were lots of bubbles and some of them were popping. The entire bowl was the darkest yellow I've seen in a while. He flushed while I opened the door and we both washed our hands at the same sink.

As we were washing our hands, Jaisa came running in, faked like she was mad and in a very authoritarian voice, pointed at us and told us to wash with a lot of soap and to vigorously wash our hands. Then she let off some profanities and looked directly at Adam and said "I don't want you handling your dick and then giving me some of the food I know you're going to share." What stands out so much about Jaisa is that she's so forward. Then she looked at both of us, told us to hurry up and said she was horny, wanted to get the two-hour lab done so she could get to her boyfriend's apartment before 11 p.m.

We shared our food with her and Jaisa had me shut off the computers and put the equipment away as she walked fast out of the biology lab and to her boyfriend's apartment. Adam came to my room and we watched TV for an hour before campus curfew started and he had to leave. I got my first sleep in like 48 hours that night and felt like a new person the next morning. Before I went to my political science lecture, I stopped in the arts & sciences hall bathroom and took the most satisfying crap I had in days. I didn't fall asleep on the toilet this time and although I was seated for only 30 seconds, I filled the bowl. Only one thing could have made it more satisfying: having Adam in there with me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wendy & Kirsty

Apologies for ignoring our friends

To everyone.
Sorry about not posting for a couple of weeks. It's just that we've been to Ibiza for two weeks. We post via smart phone & international roaming charges are extortionate especialy for internet, so we don't use our mobiles abroad. We will catch up though. We promise.

I got up quite late this morning & went to the toilet to find we'd ran out of toilet rolls. Kirsty said she just used the last of them but there were some baby wipes in her bag. I'd never wiped with them before & was busting to go so I took then into the bathroom with me. As soon as I sat on the toilet I peed a lot as my poo came out in a long soft rope, curling up as it hit the bottom of the toilet. When I was done I used the wipes to clean up & I have to say they are are a fantastic way to cleanse yourself. So soothing & I felt totaly clean down there. Now I don't want to go back to old fashioned toilet rolls. Wet wipes are so much better.

While we were at the airport waiting for our flight home there was a young woman running through the departure lounge holding her bum. She stopped at a sign presumably to find out where the toilets were & as soon as she worked out which direction she had to go in she ran that way. She came right past us & all of a sudden she stopped about 15 feet away & I could see a big wet patch in the front of her jeans. That was actually the least of her problems because she was still holding her bum only now it was both hands. She pressed her fingers into her bum hole in a desperate attempt to hold her poo in but it wasn't working too well. She gave up the fight & let go of her bum. A second later a big bulge formed in the seat of her jeans which spread quickly across the whole of her bum. The watch patch grew as she emptied her bladder all down her legs. The poor girl must have been dying to go for a long time & just couldn't hold it any longer. She was bright red & very embarrassed but the look of relief on her face was a picture.

On the way back from the airport I needed to poo really really badly. Kirsty couldn't stop the car on the motorway so I had to hold it untill we got to a service area. I could feel the pressure in my bowels growing by the second & I had to clench really hard. I was in pain as the pressure reached bursting point & soon I started to leak liquid poo in my pants. I clenched as hard as I could but it wasn't enough to stop the flow. My stomach really hurt & my anus just opened itself against my will. There was nothing I could do but relax & let my bowels explode into my already messy underwear. It went everywhere. It spread all over my bum & up my back & I had to sit in it all the way home. When we got home I waddled up to the bathroom & showered fully clothed to get the worse of the diarrhoea off & then stripped off to shower properly. Once I was clean I sat on the toilet naked & pushed out some more diarrhoea. I felt a lot better after that & Kirsty came into the bathroom to check I was OK. I wiped myself & washed my bum with the shower & went to bed to rest. Hi all sorry it's been a while. We've been away on holiday to escape the "great british weather". We went to Ibiza for two weeks & we had a great time. On our second day we were walking along the beach & I was dying for a poo. Kirsty needed to go as well so we went into the sea & took off our bikini bottoms off. No one could see us so I pushed out my poo right in the water. Kirsty started to go as well & soon we had all these turds floating around us. We moved away from the area & put our bikini bottoms back on & went back to the beach. It was a fantastic relief & great fun too.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Braidy great story that lady probaly wanted to show everyone what she did in the toilet maybe she was proud of it or something.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about Janet do you have anymore stories about other women if so please share them.

Tothe person asking about female poop scenes here are some from movies and/or tv shows.
1. larry the cable guy health inspector has a couple of scenes one in a resteruant and the other in a womans house the first one is the best it has alot of women pooping there pants.
2. in the show or movie im not sure which killas theres a kinda graphic scene I wont go into details.
3. in the movie khalate or khalante jungs or something like that theres another kinda graphic and gross scene involving an old woman pooping in toilet.
4. in the movie sex pot has a scene with a naked girl pooping in a toilet its a short scene.
5. harold and kumar go to white castle
6. not another teen movie
7. two weeks notice
8. boomerang which is a short film from australia
9. scary movie 4

well thats all the one I can remember the names of there is with ana nichole smith I think its called illegal aliens im not sure.

well thats all for now I would post more but there werent that many stories this time.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site

First time poster

Stool samples

I never have anything worth while to post but I am now in the hospital so thought perhaps this would be a good time.
For the past few days they requested stool samples from me. None of them would do of course. But I found it so very strange to go to the bathroom in a 'hat'. There was no familiar plop and the sound was actually much louder than if there hadn't been a hat there.
I find myself somewhat enamored with it. It looks so different when it's not in the water. I have never gone to the toilet and had it outside of the water before.
There will be no more of this for me though as I finally gave them a usable sample.
Does anyone else have any interesting stool sample stories?


To Kate, the Soccer Mom

Oops!!!! How old is Chelsi? Why are you having her wear Good Nites in the car? Sounds like you both had a "sh***y" day LOL :-) I wrote not too long ago about the 1st really major bowel accident that I had, not once, but twice in the same day! At least you had the benefit of having a change of clothes in the car. In my case, I had to go into a Walmart and buy new pants and underwear. The pathetic thing was that I was thinking about getting some adult protection, just in case, and for some reason, decided not to. Humpf! I wish I had. I was overwhelmed at what a job it was to clean up in a gas station lavatory! I wasn't all that embarassed as I knew that I probably would never see any of these people again.

new guy

some more comments & stuff

To: Amanda great story about you farting alot after eatting prunes well now you know what to eat if you to have a farting contest but it could be different if did it again.

To: Feral Girl great story about your first time peeing outside and about watching you aunt poop outside do you have any more stories about seeing other girls and/or women pooping outside im not if I already asked this question if you have any stories like that please share them and again I would like to say how much I enjoy your stories.

To: Sasha great story about story you pooping your pants in front of your brother well thats one way of getting what you want.

To: Jayda loved your story about that serious dump you took at school I bet you felt alot better after that please contiue to post more stories.

To: Emily R great story about your daily routine a question has your daily routine ever changed causing you to have to hold it in when your body has gotten so used to going at a certain time.

To: Morning poop loved your story about peeing and pooping in the sink do you have any other stories about peeing or pooping in other places besides a toilet if so please share them.

To: End Stall Em great story about you and your grandma do you have anymore stories about seeing or hearing other female reletives going to the bathroom if so please share the stories.

To: Megan from calgary im glad you desided to start writing on this site I loved reading your stories about you different accidents you have had please post more stories.

To: Upstae Dave another great story about your friend Janet pooping again I just want to say your stories have some of the best descriptions you do a really great job at describing everything that is happening it so good I can picture it in my head please keep up the good work and post more stories.

To: Wendy & Kristy where are you guys havent heard from you in a few weeks I hope your ok please start posting again we miss you guys.

Well thats all for now no stories right now but like I always say ill post one when I remember one or when something happens thats why sometimes I post more then once a day because sometimes I remember something and have to post it right away before I forget it or if something just happened that is worth posting about.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I love this site


Response to Catherine

I really liked your post. You made a lot of good points about defecating. It's interesting how you mentioned that you on occasion take a picture of your BM. I do that myself when I have a photo-worthy crap.

Yesterday's dump was a photo-worthy one. It looked like a tangled mass of snakes, pretty much totally covering the toilet surface beneath the water. All in one piece, too. I would have loved to know how long it was, but that was impossible to know. I'm guessing 2 feet or more.

Well that's all for now. Bye.

Big turd beast

Good things come to those who wait

I've been visiting this site for years, on and off, and decided to make a post.

There are few things in life as satisfying as pushing out a big firm turd. I've enjoyed the sensation of having a really big poo beginning to push itself out for as long as I can remember. I sometimes eat far too much, and wait a couple of days, so that I can enjoy pushing out a massive poo.

It sometimes seems obvious that lots of other people must find doing a big turd pleasurable, but I sometimes wonder how many people secretly eat a little too much, knowing that it will make their next poo that bit bigger...

It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who eats extra because they enjoy doing a big one.

Big turd beast


Our first college buddy pee--Part 1

Last week was really stressful for me and my boyfriend Adam. We are both freshmen at the same college and each of us had a couple of term papers and a full slate of mid-terms. Our dorms are at opposite ends of our college's large campus and we just don't get much time to spend together. I think back to a year ago when we were in high school and he was picking me up at my clasroom, walking me to my next class, eating lunch together. Etc. However, we text each other regularly and try and me up for a few minutes when our class schedules and activities permit.

Such was the case last Wednesday. I was up all night studying for two mid-terms. Can you count falling asleep at 2:30 a.m. on the toilet while shitting. I think I was asleep for about 20 minutes or so and apparently I moved and slipped against a stall partition and that movement and that movement caused the flush sensor to go off and that woke me up. Scared the shit out of me, too. I actually dropped two of my largest pieces while I was startled after waking up. Anyway, I think I did OK on my tests, but the expectations are much higher than what we had in high school. Well I went back to my room and stayed up the rest of the night studying and I studied through the day so that I didn't get into my biology lab that afternoon like I normally do. My lab partner Jaisa and I texted and agreed to meet at the biology lab at 8:30 that night to get in the first two hours of our weekly four-hour lab requirement. Adam texted me that he would come by at that time because we hadn't seen one another that day and I got into the science building about 10 minutes early after spending five hours in the library working on a paper for my least favorite class (Brit Lit).

I knew I needed to go in and pee before Jaisa got there and we went into the laboratory. But since I was anxiously waiting for Adam to come up the stairs, I didn't want to be in the nearby bathroom when he did. Also, as I've written about before, I hate those science building bathrooms because they are so small. Two stalls. They are heavily used and often have lines extending outside into the hallway. I did know they would probably be less smelly at 8:30 at night, at least compared to 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning when most everybody is crapping. I heard noise on the stairs and a door closing. It was Jaisa. I could smell both smoke and beer on her breath as she walked up to me and then she walked around me and immediately went into the ladies room. I could hear her feet stop in one of the two stalls, the door being latched and then a thud, probably as her butt hit the seat. There was silence for about two minutes, then I heard the door open and she walked out. When she came around the wall, I decided to give her a hard time for not flushing or washing her hands. Then she teasingly opened up on me with "F*** Y** Miss Manners...." and she asked if I was neurotic enough to go in and do it myself. She's 21 and drinks quite a bit when she's stressed and it's easier for the student newspaper staff to do it because they operate out of a small, leased house just on the other side of campus. They hang out there a lot getting the weekly paper out. The amount of freedom they have intriques me because the athletic department that I'm involved in is so disciplined and is operated with almost para-military precision.

At that point, Adam came up the stairs, holding two large dinner bags on each side of him. He looked really distressed and said he had to pee like really bad.

I'll conclude my story next time.

To Natasa-I'm going to agree with everyone here and say you need to report that creep to the police. I'm really sorry that that experience happened to you and I'm grateful you weren't hurt. But it's important to inform the authorities of what happened so he doesn't try to hurt anybody else. Believe me, I'm speaking from experience as I've had a couple of creeps sexually assault me back when I was a teenager

To Sarah from Calgary-I'm sorry to hear about your accidents. I used to suffer from diarrhea during my period when I was in Grade 10 though I've never had any accidents. I understand and sympathize with you though. And even if it's not the nicest experience to have, I have to say I enjoy your stories. And welcome Megan from Calgary!

My poops have been kind of boring lately, mostly hard and painful despite taking my laxative every day as per my gastro doctor's instructions. I've tried to increase my fibre and been taking 17 grams of my PEG laxative (polyethylene glycol) aka RestoraLAX/Lax-A-Day). I don't see the doctor again until January 4th. My poops seem to be hit and miss-sometimes soft, sometimes hard.

Remote Guy

Remember Me?

Hi everyone! I'm sure you all remember me, I'm the guy with the girlfriend who peed in different places like the couch and in my car and on my remote control! Well sadly we broke up and she moved out. I'm ok though! Its for the better. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on getting her pee out of my things. A lot of what she peed in could be thrown out and most of the things she used were hers anyway. But my couch and the backseat of my car and a few places in the carpet and a couple other things are still pee-soaked. I shouldn't have let her do all that. I guess at the time it seemed cute to me, but now I look at it and its disgusting. I'm cool though! I'm over her! Time to move on! But if anyone could let me know if they have any ideas, I'd appreciate it. I'll eventually get a new couch but for now I need to use this one. And I'll have my car for awhile I'm sure. Thanks!

toilet scenes

im looking for movies with girls on the toilet or going to the bathroom outside pissing or shitting thanks

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 6

Janet and I picked through one of the piles for wood for a fire. WE got a lot and also picked up small dead tree branches for kindleing. Got the fire going and then I cut and stripped down to youn trees which we could use to cook the hotdogs.We had before we had cimbed down setup the rest of what we were going to eat on our table in the fort.

Once we had cooked our hotdogs we climbed back up and went into the fort and we ate supper which both Janet and I enjoyed and we again sure ate a lot. We again had soda with our supper leaving the last two bottles for later. After picking up and putting stuff away Janet and I sat back down at the table and we talked.

It was a couple of ideas that I had on the fort. We had window openings and a open doorway. I knew that mosquitos would be bad later on. With the doorway being open and the windows too we would be raided by mosquitos which could drive us right out of our fort.We needed screens for the windows and do something about the open doorway too. The door was the easier part for I told Janet a wood frame,two sheets of paneling, a pair of hinges and a latch.

The windows was a different matter. Screens would be needed for them or sceening without frames. Either way I could make work. Maybe my grandmother had old scren laying around in on the loft of the middle barn. I would have to check there. Janet said she would help me look. Which I said would be ok. After ll this talking Janet and I again played some cards till we both again had to empty our bladders.

So we made another trip up on the rof together went over to the far end where we had gone each time we had pissed and had taken our shits this morning. As we walked over to the back edge of the roof we both noticed that it was really nice outsde up here on the roof now. So why not stay out on it till we had to leave. So that would be our plan.

Janet pulled down her pink shorts and hung her bare ass out over the edge of the roof. I didn't pull down my jeans this time. I just had my penis out through my unzipped zipper. I started before Janet this time. I sent a good stream of piss down into the first bush not the further away bush like my last piss. Janet started her piss several seconds after I had started.

Her stream was a true straight down stream this time with no hissing. Her streams head was wide but short. There was one very long twist after the short wide head. With her straight down stream Janet's stream wasn't going in the bush. It was wetting the ground just in front of it. No matter I watched her piss and enjoyed her pissing!

I had started before Janet so I stopped before her. Not just that I had started frst but I had pissed hard which made my piss on the short side. I did one little spurt and I did some dribbling too which having that happen I had o give my penis a good shakeing which as I did it Janet watching me giggled hard. Then with the shakeing done I slippped my penis back inside my jeans and zipped them up.

Janet right after I had zipped up my jeans had her wide head of her piss stream narrow. The long twist got shorter and then disapeared. Her stream went right down to a trickle which wetted her lower vagina,her crotch and did a split running off both of her asscheeks. This went on for several long seconds and then turned to driping and then the driping stopped.

Janet then stayed in her squat and she reached down and slid her pink shorts don around her sneakers and carefully slipped them over her sneakers one at a time. After getting them off she then stood up holding her pnk shorts n her hand. I'll have to air dry Dave. Janet said to me. It won't take long. Go down and get the cards and your radio. I'll stay here. So I went down to the fort grabbed the radio and cards. Whikle I was inside the fort doing that I yelled up to Janet; Do you want your last soda Janet?!! She said she did so I also grabbed the las two bottles of soda and then went bac up on the roof.

Janet then as I started over to her sat down on the roof but got up real fast. Oh that roof is rough to sit on with a bare ass! I laughed hard. We need a blanket here! Janet said to me next. Only if we are sitting with no pants on! I went and said back to her. That made Janet giggle hard. Janet then put her pink shorts back on and we sat down which having put her pink shorts back on Janet was now comfortible.

So we sat on the roof listening to tunes on the radio,played cards, and drank our sodas takeing sips sothey would last longer. We stayed on the roof till a little before sunset. Then we got down put the cards back inside the fort. Picked up the cooler,tools, and trash and then climbed down to the ground. I tossed our trash in one of the piles of wood and trash. Put the tools in the saddlebag on my bike and put the cooler in one of the carryiers. Janet and I then rode away headed first to her house and then I left her and I went home to my grandmothers. So that ended another day together. To be continuied.

Friday, October 29, 2010

To random girl

I just read your story about you pooing on some newspaper in your room. I've done that too as well as in my bin. I don't know about you but my poos are often realy big & tend to block the toilet, so doing it somewhere else is probably a good idea.

You know how people say that prunes give them diarrhea? Well Prunes don't give me diarrhea. They do make me fart a lot though.
I was going to the fridge to get something to drink when I saw a small box of prunes sitting on the counter. My Great Grandmom bought them cause she couldn't poop. I knew I wasn't going anywhere so I just decided to eat some. I ate 6 of them.
I came and sat on the computer. My stomach started to rumble a bit and I got real gassy. I thought I was going to have to poop soon but I didn't. I didn't get an urge to go at all just was farting a lot.

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 11

Time sure can pass by when your'e having fun! That was the way it was happening that night in our fort. We played cards switching to different games as we played. I must admit that Jill was the one that seemed to be having the most fun amoung us three. Not that Janet and I were not having fun. Jill provided us two with a lot of laughter. For Jill started later in oneof the card games asking Janet and I a lot of fun questions which we would give her a answere to which made us all laugh hard.

Here is one example of one question Jill asked while we were playing cards. Hey you two what's the difference between takeing a pee or takeing a piss? Janet hearing Jlls question first giggled a short hard giggle. I looked up from my hand and I smiled. I said to Janet; You want to answer that one Janet? I wanted to hear what she would have to say about if there was a difference.

Janet looked over at me and then she said to her sistor; Jill thre realy is no difference between takeinga pee or takeing a piss. But it just sounds more adult saying piss then pee. Dave what do you think? Janet asked turning it over to me. I let out a chuckle and I then spoke giving my answer. Jill Jnet is right in what she said to you. But the way I see it is that when you pee it is a short piss. A piss is a very long pee! That made both girls laugh the way that I had said it.

So it's the length of time makes the difference! Jill said. So how long does a pee become a piss? That again made Janet laugh and I chuckled. Janet said to Jill; Ten seocnds or more is a piss in your case Jill! Then Janet laughed again. In Dave's case 20 seconds before his pee becomes a piss! Jill broke right up! I also let out a pretty good laugh.

Then Janet said to Jill I suppose you want to know the difference between a poop and a shit! Janet just managed to completely say it all for she laughed hard right aftershe had finished. Jill giggled hard and as she did she asked Janet to explain the difference between a poop and a shit! Jill had to wait for Janet to stop her laughing before Janet gave her her answer.

I was laughing a littlestill when Janet gave Jill her answer. Jill a baby poops. Then Janet mentioned a persons name I didn't know and said that person also poops. Then Janet said next; You and I poop sometimes and sometimes we shit! Dave he always shits! Janet then went and broke up into hard laughter. Jill giggled but Janets answer must have confused her.

Janet I'm not sure what you ment. At least part of it I think I do Jill went on and said to Janet. It's about age? But that's not all of it for you said we do both while Dave only (a pause and a giggle) Dave always shits! I then spoke up and told Jll that she was right as far as the age thing, but it also hadto do with the size! Janet still laughing shook her head yes to what I had just said to Jill. Jill now joined in turning her giggleing into laughter which both girls laughed for a good long minute or more.

We then went on andplayed out a round of our card game. Then after Jill had taken her turn she stood up and said to Janet and I; It's time for me to either pee or piss! And it feels right now that I'm going to piss! Anyone else comming with me to piss? Jill asked as she started heading for the door and to go outside on the deck. Janet laughing gt up and she said to Jill Laughing; I'll join you for I know that I have to PISS not PEE! I got up also but I didn't say a word but I was smileing with a big smile on my face.

Janet grabbed the flashlight as she headed towards the door I followed her and we joined Jill who was already outside. It was really dark now till Janet turned on the flashlight. Enough time had passed that the fire had gone completey out. There was no glowing coals now. Janet then moved the flashlight so that it was shineing right on Jill. Jill yanked down her pj bottoms and squated. As soon as she had squated in the flashlights bright beam a gushing spraying type piss stream came out from between Jill's vaginassmall lips.

Jill seeing her gushing piss stream in the flashlights bright beam said loudly; Now that's a piss not a pee! Janet let out a short hard laugh and I did too. Then Janet moved the flashlight down along Jill's piss stream down to the ground below. Jill was wetting a large area down on the ground. Then she moved the flshlight back putting it back on Jill's vagina which Jill let out a hard giggle. Jill went on and she did take a piss for she seemed to me to piss well over twenty seconds.

When Jill did finish her piss she did some dribbleing and dripping. As soon as she was done she yanked right up her pj bottoms and told Janet and I her ass was getting cold. Janet handed the flashlight over to Jill and in a instant Janets sweatpants were down and she was squating and she had a strong loud hissing piss stream comming out from her vagina!

Jill had the lashlight right on Jantes vagina. See Dave Janet is pissing not peeing! I laughed and Janet smiled. Then Jill like Janet hd done shone the light down Janet;s piss stream to see where it was hitting the ground. Janets piss was wetting a much smaller area for her stream wasn't spraying like Jills had done. Then Jill put the flashlights beam back on Janets vagina till she stopped her piss. Janet stopped cleanly and she yanked up her sweatpants as soon as she was done. She too mentioned that her ass was cold now and so were her hands.

Now it was m turn. I unzipped my jenas and pulled my oenis right out. I said just before I started to piss; I'm not going to get a cold ass this time you two. I didn't pull my jeans down with this piss. I shoved one hand in my pocket and I did hold myslef this time to keep it warm. Janet giggled hard. Jill asked her why she was giggleing. Janet said right back to Jill. At least Dave can keep one of his hands warm! Jill cracked up laughing and Janet also let out a short hard laugh. I let out a little hard laugh and my jeans slid down a littlewhen I laughed.

Jill still had te flashlight so she now shone it on my piss stream and movedit following my piss stream. My stream was makeing a long low arc and had come down near where the fire was. Then Jill moved it right back up my stream and then kept it shinning right on my penis and my testicles which were also now showing since my pants had slid down. She giggled hard as she held it there.

Now Janet joined in giggleing along with Jill. I had to ask what they both wre laughing about now. Janet spoke right out saying; Your balls Dave they have shrunk! They had too from the cool night air and being out in it. I made both girls laugh harder when I took my fingers on the hand I was holding my penis with and I cupped my balls covering them up. That made my balls feel better for my fingers did feel warm on them and I soon finished my piss and I pulled my jeans back up and quickly zipped up and we hurried back inside the fort where it was warmer form the heatof the burning candles.

Both Janet and Jill warmed up there hands by placeing them over the flames of the candles. I didn't have too which Janet told Jill that I had kept my hands warm with one in my pocket and the other one on y penis> Jill then broke both Janet and I right up when she made a comment about having a heaterto hold on to to keep your hand(s) warm!
Then she asked me i it was really that warm. I laughed and told her it was!

Well we went and played cards for another half hour. Then Jill and Janet both had started yawning big time. They both were now tireing out and when the game was finsihed they told me they were quiting for the night. They bth went over to their blankets opened them up and got under them. I blew out the two candles but had the flashlight on. I got into my blankets and the turned off the flashlight. It only took a few short minutes for Jill and Janet to fall asleep. For heard light steady breathing form both of them. I even said Janet Jill and got no repsonse back. So I pulled me jeans off tossed them along side my blankets and I soon joined te girls for I had fallen asleep like them in a few minutes time. To be continuied.

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