Feral Girl

First time peeing outside

poop from norway: lol that'd be bad yeah

new guy: lol had forgotten about my first time until you said that, so figured i'd post about it.

First time outside i was thirteen and staying on my grandpa's farm for a week. he has a cattle farm, and my Aunt was there to help him cuz he hurt his knee. my aunt is like, a lot younger than my mom, so she's only like ten years older than me. she likes working outside and stuff, like i do, so we get along really well lol.

anyway i was helping her check the fence around the cow pasture that day making sure the electric fence was all working right and patching places in the fence. we'd been riding on a 4 wheeler, my aunt was driving and i was sitting behind her on the rack thing. i think it was the vibrations, or maybe just cuz it was in the afternoon, but i was starting to really need to go to the bathroom. i didn't want to look like a wimp in front of her cuz if i asked to go back to the house she'd probably think i was getting tired of working already.

so we kept going and i was really needing to go so i stopped holding onto her waist and was just sitting indian style on the rack so i could push my foot into my crotch to try to hold it. finally when i was just about to let go in my pants, my aunt said she needed to take a dump. i nearly wet myself cuz i'd never heard an adult say it like that before. she stopped the 4 wheeler in like this hollow in the pasture and cut it off and got off and i followed her.

she asked me if i needed to go and i said i did, then she asked me if i'd gone outside before and i said i had used a latrine when my family went camping. so she took a roll of toilet paper out of the toolbox and went over to one of the trees and just set it by it. i followed her and asked her where we were going to go. she shrugged and said anywhere was fine since it was a cow pasture and there was shit all over the place anyway.

since I really had to go i undid my pants and pulled them and my undies down real quick and she giggled cuz my panties had little hearts all over them. i crouched down but it was weird and i suddenly couldn't go.

my Aunt undid her jeans and pulled them and her undies down. she was wearing like, boys boxer shorts for some reason. what really surprised me was how hairy she was. like, her hair is a lot darker than mine and it was really thick around her y'know, and there was a little bit like, running up towards her belly button. i sort of stared at it and she asked me what was wrong and i got embarrassed and she told me i was gonna have hair like that some day. i was trying really hard to go and started dribbling a little pee.

my aunt was just leaning back against the tree, just standing there with her pants and undies around her knees while she took her cigarettes out of her pocket and lit one. i was still just barely dribbling and it stopped when i asked her if she was going to go. she said she was waiting for things to get moving, then let out this really loud really long poot, and said it was almost there. she finally pooted again really loud and stood up from the tree so she could bend forward a little bit. her poo came out instantly, like, almost flying out as it hit the ground behind her. She kept going until she'd made a pile over the tree roots, then squatted down low and started to pee really hard in the dirt so it ran down under her boots. she finally took the TP and wiped good, then dropped it under her before pulling her undies and pants back up.

i'd finally started really peeing and finished quick and just pulled my undies up without wiping. she told me i'd stain them and embarrassed me again. we stayed at the 4 wheeler for a while to cool down then got back to work.

and that's the first time i peed outside just cause i could.

-feral girl


Prank gone wrong

This is how you know when a prank goes wrong. I remember one time when i was just watching tv one night when my parents weren't home. I constantly kept picking the everlasting wedgie from my pajama bottom shorts out of my booty crack. I was just watching my favorite show when my older brother came in and decided that he was goinna' change the channel when he knew I was watching. I began to argue with him but he kept bringing up the fact that he was the oldest and that I was watching tv for too long anyway.

I humphed as he sat down on the couch on side of me as he began to watch some sports channel. I was so upset that it kinda made my stomach upset and when my ???? is upset, all hell breaks loose (literally) The whole time he was watching the tv, I grinned menacingly as a great plan grew in my head.

I leaned over a little and let out a silent fart. After a few seconds, he began to sniff and make statements like 'You smell that?' I would shake my head and say 'No.' I farted again, this time it was louder and wetter. He glanced at me with a crazy look on his face that spelled 'wtf?' I smirked and looked indifferent as I let out a fart that rivaled the last. He gasped for air as he covered his nose and said 'Ugh girl! Whats wrong with you? Oh I see, you tryin' to get me to leave but it aint goinna work.' My smirked grew wider as my stomach continued to rumble. I got off the couch and went over to the tv. 'Let me raise the volume higher for you' I bent down so that my booty was pointed in his direction and act as if i were turning up the volume on the tv. A long and loud fart escaped my ass and collided with his face.

He yelled and moved quickly away to the other side of the couch. 'Stop before I tell mama.' He said as he saw the grin on my face. My stomach rumbled again, this time more violently which turned my grin into a worried expression. My brother looked at me then at my ????. PHHHHHHHHHFFFFFFFT. A fart escaped my butt cheeks. I yeeped as I clasped both my hands over my ass. I doubled over a little as the pain became on bearable. The farts were to fly out of my booty without control and it felt as if the farts were goinna put a burning hole through my pajama bottom shorts. BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT. I couldn't stop it all as the farts began to turn wet and diarrhea-like.

My brother stared in horrible as if a deer in head lights. I quickly moved my left hand to my stomach and kept my right clinching my ass as I let my middle finger try to close off the 'air pressure' escaping my booty-hole. As I did this, I could feel a large object push up against my finger and I knew for a fact that something big was about to try to escape. I quickly got up and pushed my brother out of the way ( who was trying to help me up)to get to the bathroom. The only problem was that it was down the hall and I could feel that I wouldn't make it in time. My booty hole hurt like if someone were to punch you in the ass (weird analogy) It began to come out and i warily double over onto to my knees, butt in the air, hands to the floor, face in a weird twist, and something big escaping me.

I could feel my asshole being booty-hole being stretch and I could tell that this was the biggest crap that I ever took in a while. (Too bad I didn't make the toilet.) I could feel the bulge stretching my pajama bottoms and I could feel it also forcing its way out of my ass. The big one broke off in my panties and smaller ones began to quickly shoot out. And then it was all over. My brother helped me clean up all the mess that was on the carpet ( I put the pajamas in the washing machine.) I took a quick shower and scrubbed my ass especially. I took a seat on the couch next to my brother when I was done. It was an awkward silence until he turned to me and said 'Okay. Fine, you win. I'll just go play my psp.'


Troublesome Day

Hi My Name is Jayda. I am 13 years old and I live in Chicago. I am Haitian and I am in middle school. My friend told me about this website and i have been interested about hearing people poo for a long time. I want to tell you a story that happened to me a last year in 7th grade I'm in 8 grade now.

So here is how it starts ever since i have been at least 7 years old my parents used to give me a lot of food to eat but i always use to decline. But i stopped and i started eating a ton since i was 9 years old. my mom gave me alot of food and i would sometimes eat all of it. my father would say and he still does how does all that food fit into a small girl. I only weighed 104 pounds. The funny thing was i fart very loud and I know its because i would eat so much. i am very embarrased when I fart because it smells really really bad. Now at school I eat alot too. but the thing is when i hold in my farts my stomach kind of gurgles and churns warning me that i have to poop soon. One day I was at home alone watching T.V and i was hungry but the problem was there wasn any food so i just called my dad and asked him to buy some food for me and he did. I had a sub that was pretty good and felt satisfied but i didn need to have a bowel movement at all that day. The next day i had a good breakfest but when I had something to drink there was only milk it tasted funny. I walked to school. 4 periods later on the school I had luch and had a good amount to eat. after lunch was fifth period and we were not allowed to go to the bathrooms at fifth period. During the time I really had to take a wicked dump and had to fart real badly. I was desperatley trying to hold it in when my freind sits nexts to me and tells me about this rumor she heard and I wasn't really paying attention. I wanted to let a fart go so bad but I didn't want everyone one espicially the boys laughing at me. I was one of the popular girls and was attracted by many boys. when she left my stomach did a very loud gurgle and i am pretty sure some people in my class heard that over the loud chatter. I held my stomach as a sharp cramp hurt me. I raised my hand and ask the teacher politely if I could use the bathroom. she looked at me and said you know you can't use the bathroom at 5th period. I told her please its an emergency I said. she smiled and siad i let you go but never again. I thanked her as I was holding my stomach I grabbed the bathroom pass and I didn even pass by the door yet and I farted a long bubbly one and I was shocked. the teacher looked at me and she said oh my you really must hurry then. I hurried to the bathroom and my stomach churned violently. i finally made it to the bathroom and i ran into and hurriedly dropped my tight jeans and panties and slammed my butt down on the toilet seat and waited for the worst. My stomach gurgled agian and I groaned it hurt so much. BRAAAP PLOOOP I dropped a hard piece of poop. BRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLOOOOOOOOOOOOP. My stomach was churning like a hurricane I continued to fart very loudly and I kind of started crying cause it hurt so bad. I continued to fart for till my stomach stopped churning but I still felt I had more. I realised that I was in the bathroom for 14 minutes I got and looked at what I produced and saw 6 meduim logs. I was about to wipe till I saw that there was no toilet paper. I new that I didn want a sticky butt for the rest of the day so I unlocked my stall still with my pants down and tried to walk to were the paper towels were untill the door opened and my friend Jessica came in and saw me she laughed and asked what was I doing I told her that I took a dump and there was no toilet paper. she laughed and I was kind of embarassed but I laughed to and then I did a wet fart. I was shocked that I farted and laughed my head off I got the paper towels wiped and threw it in the trash and didn even bother to flush the toilet. I pulled up my pants and my friend and I left to go to 6th period.

Part 2 will I will post later

Emily R

Daily Routines

Hello everyone, I'm a new poster and new reader as well. I started college this year at the age of 22. My college has mandatory roommates and same sex rules in their dorms. I think it's a little weird, but oh well. I've had a casual interest in my BMs just as a health conscious individual, as does my roommate. In fact, she introduced me to this site.

But, on to the point here... I've been thinking more and more about my BMs and things of that nature since finding this site. Daily routines in particular are an area of interest to me, because my routine and my roommates are so different. She has a BM in the morning at home, and again in the evening after dinner, plus she says she usually has a third BM during the day at school or work. I, on the other hand, have only one BM each day around the same time.

I begin when I wake up with a shower after my roommate has her BM, and I pee in the shower each morning. Then three days a week, I go to school, the other three I work, or on Sunday I don't go anywhere. On days when I work, I typically hold my BM until 6PM when I get off work then have a very relieving BM at my work. Other days, I can have my BM at home around 5PM when the urge hits me.

Today (Monday 10/25) I had my BM at work. My shift got done and I really had to go bad. I rushed as best I could while being professional still to the bathroom. There was one stall open, just lucky I guess, so I went in, closed and locked the door and yanked down my panties and pulled up my skirt. I had a little pee in me, but not very much, then some silent gas. My BM consisted of three large pieces which make big splunks in the toilet. I tore off some paper when I was done, crumpled it and wiped by digging in. I tore off more paper and wiped by passing it front to back, folded the paper and wiped front to back again. I wiped one last time by digging in again and it was clean, so I pulled up and flushed. One of my pieces and the paper flushed down but the other two pieces stuck to the side of the bowl. I flushed a second time and the rest of my BM went down and left skidmarks in the toilet.

Catherine, some excellent reflections on pooping. I'm a guy, but my bathroom patterns are somewhat similar to yours in that I go on average twice a day and sometimes 3 times, and I rarely miss a day. I rarely though have a bm that comes out in one thick log. I usually do a few long thin logs, a bunch of smaller logs or sometimes a more soft pudding type bm, but not diarrhea. I enjoy all 3, but the third can sometimes be smelly. By the way your #21 reflection sounds like it would make for a great story. It would be great if you could share the story.

new guy

comments & stuff

To: A random girl great story about you pooping on the newspaper please post more stories.

To: Natasa it seems alot of people care about you and have good advice about what to do about the situation like I said you need to tell the police that guy could a very dangerous man and like you were very lucky he didnt try to hurt you.

To: Amanda M great story loved it please post more.

To: Uncle Harry I usually dont care for stories about girls and women peeing but yours I thought was interesting please post more stories about girls and women pooping if you have or another pee story if its interesting.

To: Kate the soccer mom great story please contiue to post more of them.

To: Who ever great wrote about there wifes trip to vietnam great story please post some more.

To: Sasha great story I bet that was embarrassing but I bet you felt a whole lot better after please post some more stories.

To: Kate (purple) great story please contiue to post more

To: Upstate Dave another great story about barbie and the rest of the girls please contiue to post more of them.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I really love this site

Morning poo

I got up this morning with a big urge to have a poo but going in the toilet felt boring so I had my breakfast & got ready for school. I took a toilet roll from the bathroom & put it in my bag & left for school. I was busting to go by now & walked through the park where I knew there would be plenty of bushes & no one around at this time of the morning. It wasn't long before I realy had to go & I love that feeling. For a bit of fun I went to the public toilets knowing they would be locked & tried the door. To my surprise it opened & I noticed the lock was smashed off. I walked in to find all the vending machines had been broken into & the toilets were trashed. I decided it would be great fun to have a poo in one of the sinks as I was desperate to go anyway. I took my skirt & knickers off & lifted myself up onto the sink. I peed a lot while I pushed out a lot of soft mushy poo followed by a bit of runny stuff. It was a big relief & as soon as I was done I jumped off the sink & wiped myself with some of my toilet roll. I put my clothes back on & left feeling very naughty & very relieved too.


Roommate Had An Accident

Last night I was up late studying for a test I had this morning. I was like 11:30 pm or around there. My room mate Samantha (Sam) had been out working like usual on Sunday night. I heard a key in the door and figured it was her. She flung the door open really fast and threw her purse into the room and dashed into the bathroom like a bat out of Hades! I figured she was desperate after he shift at work or something - it happens to all of us, right? I went back to studying but after maybe five minutes Sam was still in the bathroom and I hadn't heard the toilet flush or the shower turn on or anything. I though about asking if she was ok but then the door slowly opened and I saw Sam's face peek out. She looked at me for a second, then said, "Promise me you won't laugh or make fun of me." I was confused but said, "Ok. What for?" Then she stepped out of the bathroom slowly with a towel wrapped around her waist and legs. She came out into the room a little ways then slowly unwrapped the towel to reveal that her jeans were soaking wet from her crotch down to her ankles. I couldn't help but blurt out, "You pissed your pants!" She shut the towel back around her and said, "You promised not to laugh. It's embarrassing enough to piss my pants at 20 years old. The zipper was stuck!" I told her I wasn't laughing at her and said it could happen to anyone and not to feel bad. She finally got the zipper unstuck and was able to get out of her wet jeans and take a shower. Afterwards she did laugh a little about it so she seemed ok.


it's about the smell.....

Middle-aged guy here. Love this site!
I just took a nice satisfying poo on my tile bathroom floor. A couple of nice logs, and clean up was a snap. The most interesting thing about this poop was the smell, not at all objectionable, just a healthy poo smell. with a bit of burnt almond odor. I did not turn the fan on, so there is still a nice hint of a rather pleasant poo smell in my bathroom.
Anyone else like the smell of their own or their significant others poo?

End Stall Em

Grandma's Old Wives Tales

My grandma is in her late 70s. She came in to visit us last week. Because there was parent-conferences and I was out of school for three days, she thought it would be a good time to visit and it was. Despite her age, she's very independent, drives a 1972 Valiant which I love to ride in, and she's on two senior bowling leagues which an average like 150. And nomatter what the subject of consersation is, she just volunteers so much like from the 1930s and '40s when she was growing up.

Well on Friday, we went to the mall to do some shopping and eat the the food court. She has a lot of money and each time she visits I get to select the store and she buys me a nice gift. Often it's a store I wouldn't be otherwise shopping at because I'm only 14 and don't have much money. After we shopped for like two hours, we stopped in the food court. We got a pizza and despite the large size, we shared it and each of us was pretty stuffed when we finished. She made a remark about what goes into the body, has to come out and although it took me a couple of seconds, I figured out what she was saying. So we gathered up our things and walked a couple of blocks down the mall to where the restrooms were. (There were bathrooms close to the food court but I know from experience there's long lines there during the lunch hour). We finally got to the bathroom.

Since I knew grandma had to go worse, I held the door open for her and as she took the turn left to enter the side where the stalls were, I noticed the first two stalls had yellow out-of-order construction tape stuck to their doors. There were three other stalls. The first one was in use and a young boy about 6 came out an bumped into me as he ran down to the other side of the bathroom where his mom was at the sinks. Grandma started walking toward that stall where the door was still swinging a little. I was just going into the end stall and ready to sit down and pee. I heard grandma say "Opps, that one's out, Em ..." and she mumbled something else under her breath. I asked her what she said mean and she said the seat was dripping with pee. At that point, I quickly sat on the seat and told her to take the stall right next to mine. I heard her open the door, lower the seat (I find it so amuzing that some people will lift the seat when like a young child pees but others won't even think about it) and I saw her sweats drop to the floor and I immediately heard her start pushing.

As she started her work, she remarked that I had always favored the end stall. I told her I liked the privacy and the fact that the toilet and seat seemed to be cleaner because it would get less use. She said that was true and that her mother had taught her to take the end stall for that reason. Then she said something about great minds thinking alike and I knew that was a compliment. I started to tell her how bad the school toilets suck and she was very sympathetic. She has a master's degree in business and said things will get a lot better when I get to college. About every minute of two I would hear a splash in her bowl, and while I was done, I continued to sit and talk with her. She's very good with stories from when she was growing up and she has a great memory. For example, she told me about when she and her best friend Nellie took a UP train 75 miles to the state fair. Both of them were in high school at the time. Once they got off the train, they both had to pee real bad and they immediately headed to the depot bathrooms. She said the bathroom was the hugest she had ever seen and there were like a hundred women and girls waiting for stalls. I think the dripping seat next to grandma probably caused her to remember this trip, but Nellie was just about to pee her dress, but when the toilet opened, she want in, hiked her dress, dropped her underwear and did one very long pee. Then as Nellie was peeing, she looked between her legs and saw she was sitting in someone else's pee. Grandma went in next and sat down and peed. Then when they were washing their hands Nellie told grandma that she hoped it was her lucky day and that she hoped she wouldn't be getting pimples and boils alll over her legs because she had had an emergency and needed to sit down directly on a public toilet seat. I said to grandma "Like what...?" and she explained some of the "old wives'" tales that were spread around back then. As we were wiping our hands a girl about 7 or 8 came in farting, holding her butt and immediately ran for the middle stall. She threw herself onto the toilet seat so hard that grandma said that if she had done it, she would have cracked her tailbone. Then grandma said that girl would have enough to deal with because of all the pimples and boils she would be getting. Then she winked at me and told me about some of the other "old wives'tales" that use to be spread around. At one point I rolled my eyes and grandma said that was another one: rolling your eyes could cause them to lock up.

On Saturday grandma and me went bowling. She's really good and beat me in two of three games. However, she wants to get a ball that's a little lighter to throw. I showed her the new models in the pro shop and I've pretty much decided that's going to be my Christmas present for her.

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 8

The makeing of the screen door went easily enough. I and Janet had it completed in less then a half hour but we needed a pair of hinges for it. I had forgotten to take the ones form the old screendoor up in the barn. I only took the screen material. Janet and I did hunt on the scrap piles around the fort area but we found none.

Well that ment a tripback to my grandmothers. It was just as well anyway. We needed the hinges for the door along with Janet said she would get a roll of toilet paper fom her house while I went and got the hinges. We would meet back at the fort. So we rode out. Janet went to her house and I to my grandmothers.

I went straight upstairs to the middlebarns loft and got the hinges and screws form the old screendoor. Then also went in the house for some stuff for lunch makeing up some pj sandwiches along with two bottles of soda. Then I rode out and back over to the fort. When I arrived at the fort there was two girls bikes parked there when I pulled up on my bike and parked it.

As I climbed up to the deck I had a feeling who was with Janet. It could be her sistor Jill. It was quiet though for when I had climbed up the ladder to the deck I would have thought at least Janet would have heard me. I looked in the open doorway and no one was inside the fort. Maybe up on the roof so I stepped up on the short ladder looked over the roof and no girls there either.

Well they could be off any where so I went to work putting the hinges on the forts screendoor and then hung it up and did the secon set of screws for the hinges and the door was now up. I had also taken the closer spring off the old door and I put it on this one and now I was done. I tested the dood and the spring did close it and it stayed shut tightly.

So I was finished with the needd work. Now I had brought lunch and I was hungry so I satd own at the table inside the fort and I started to eat my pj sandwhich and also had opened one of the sodas. I finished my sandwich and sat there sipping at my soda and that's wjen I heard Jante and Jill outside. I heard them climb up and they both came inside.

They both had small packs with them and when Janet had gone to her house Janet made up a lunch also as it turned out. Jill was there and helped her with makeing the lunch and only came over to see our fort here. She wasn't staying for she did leave leaving just Janet and I. Now Janet had made up sub snadwiches and she saw that I had a soda and she laughed and she showed me two bottles. We would have them later.

Janet sat down at the table and now I ate the sub she had made and Janet mentioned the screendoor turned out nice. I thanked her. She smiled. Then I asked Janet where you two were. I saw both bikes here but you two were not around. Oh we were Dave Janet said to me. Jill had to pee and we had walked further up the road. We were just out of your sight that's all. Jill wouldn't go up and use the roofs bathroom! Janet laughed and so did I.

Janet and I soon finished eating the sub sandwiches. Then she opened the other small pack and there was a large blanket she pulled out from it. This can be used to sit on up on the roof or in here! Janet said to me. Then she pulled out two new rolls of toilet paper. Now we have enough to last awhile! Janet then said I can open one right now and use it! I have to piss!

I did too sl we both went right up on the roof and walked over to its far end. Now Janet when she had gone home had changed. It was now in the mid severties not like this mornings low to mid fifties. I was now wearing just my tshirt along with my jeans for it was to warm for the long sleeve shirt I had worn this morning. Janet had put in a pair of bright blue shorts and also had changed out of her top now wearing a white one with short sleeves.

I stood faceing outward and gotten my penis out and was holding waiting for Janet. She pulled her bright blue shorts down and she too was faced towards the roofs edge and she pulled her shorts down nad sqauted in a high squat. I relaxed and let go a good piss stream which went dead center into the bush down below.

Janet started pissing several seconds after I had. She had a angled forward stream which made it in partway into the bush wetting the outer leaves on theouter branches. Her stream let off a nice hiss too as she pissed. Janet this time while we pissed was quite talkitive. You know Dave the way the fort is now it could be slept out in. (I had already planned on doing that but was keeping that to myslef.) Janet went on and said that her and Jill were planning on doing that.

I turned and looked down at Janet and said; Oh yeah! How are you two going to do that? Janet let out a giggle and told me to wait a minute. Janet was finsihing her piss and she was getting ready to wipe when she did stop. I was still pssing too but I was just starting to ease off so I would still be pissing for just a litle longer.

Janet stopped pissing gave herself one real fast wipe and then stood up and pulled her shorts right up. Now smart guy! We already have permission! We are doing it tonight matterof fact! Jill should be comming back any moment too! I was a little bummed out now as I ws finishing my piss which I did finish off by doing several good spurts in a row.

Then my mood changed for Janet said to me; Dave we want you here tonight too! Just ask your grandmother! I'm sure she would let you. Janet was right. I gave my penis its needed shakeing and stuffed it back inside my jeans. I zipped them up. Janet and I walked back across the roof and went back inside the fort. We talked about it more.

I had mentioned about that we'll need snacks, we had the cards, and my radio already here. I brought up about having breakfast here in the morning. I made Janet laugh when I aid I know girls stay up late and get u late when having a night get together. I told her I would take care of the food. She was all for it. Then we had finished our plans and Jill had come back for she had climbed up and she came inside.

Jill had two pillows,two sleepingbags, and a couple blankets. Janet gave Jill the news that I was also sleeping out here tonight. Jill said; Really that true Dave? I smiled and told Jill Janet was jumping the gun a little but more then likely there was a very good chance that I will be. Jill giigled and then she said not just to me but most likely to Janet and it was a slipup on Jills part! I may get to see Dave pee again!

I turned right around and looked at Jill. You saw me piss? Jills face turned a dark pink but she was caught. Yeah I did. I rode down the road just far enough and stopped and watched. I saw you two come outside. Walk across the roof and I knew you two were going to go to the bathroom. Janet told me that is where you two do go! So when you two were walking I quickly snuck up and got a lot closer so I could see better. Jil giggled a little and said; I did too!

There was no use in being mad. I wasn't mad at Jill but a little ticked at Janet but again I was over it quickly for it was done. I then told Janet and Jill I wasleaving and so were they. We all rode off on our bikes wth the girls goingto their house and me to my grandmothers. All the way on the ride over I thought about one thing; She would say yes to let me sleeping out! To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 7

It was now morning I was up and sitting at the table having breakfast with my grandmother. I had already asked her about the old window screens and she told me I could have them if they were still up in the middle barns loft. She een said if the old screen door was there I could have that too! If all of this stuff was there Janet and I would have all that we needed.

I had just finished eating and was gettiing up from the table and I saw Janet pedal up on her bike outside. She got off came to the backdoor and gave a light knock on the screendoor. My grandmother told her to come n in and she did. I told Janet that we had our screens for the windows and for the door. She smiled and said that's good Dave. Janet talked for several minutes telling my grandmother all about our treehouse fort. I had to wait for Janet give my grandmother all the detals which I waited a little impaitently while she talked.

Then Janet was finished and she and I went straight out to the middle barn went to the door that was there with the stairs that went up to the middle barns loft. Once upstairs we started our search for the window screens and the old screen door. Well the sreendoor we found first. This old screendoor the screen was in two sections which both sections were ripped along one side of the screen which was fine. So I carefully ripped the screens out of both sections and that was now done. Now we had to find the window screens.

They seemed not to nbe laying around in the open. My grandmother had told me they might not be but could be in a box. So Janet and I started looking in boxes. After pokeing through many boxes which took us over twenty minutes time Janet yelled out suddenly; I found them over here Dave! Janet showed me one lifting in the air. I came right over and the box she had pulled the screen out from was filled with window screens.

Janet put the screen back in the box and I told her that we'll take the whole box. I myself was in a hurry now for a different reason. I had the needed urge to piss and shit! I hoped that I could hold it till we got to the fort. We left the loft went down the stairs and I dumped the box on the ground and raced to the other barn where my bike was. I came out with it picked up the box placed it on the carryere and I was ready now to leave. Janet ran to her bike hopped on it and we raced off.

I was doing pretty well as far as holding back the urge to piss and shit till we got on the old road to the fort. Then it hit me real bad as far as the urge to do both. I had all I could do to keep from pissing and shiting as I pedaled. I almost at one point was going to skid to a stop dump my bike and yank my jeans down and piss and shit right in the road! But I managed to fight that urge off and kept going with the urge to go suddenly go away. I felt quite releived then.

I had left Janet a ways back and I went slower now to let her catch up to me. When she did catch up to me Janet asked me; Dave where is the fire? Sorry Janet I said right back to her. I had a very strong urge that I was going to piss and shit my pants! It's gone now. Janet laughed a little and she told me that was a ok reason for going so fast! I would have done the same too!

Several mnutes later we reached the fort parked our bikes and I with the box of screens climbed up to the deck and went nside the fort. Janet followed me. Once inside I set the box down on the table opened it and took out the two ieces of screen to be used in the door and satrted takeing out the window screens cheking them as I took them out.

A couple of them were broken as far as the wooden frames. Two more the screens were ripped. but there were more then enough needed good ones so we were all set for the forts windows. Janet took one and I took one and we nailed them up over the two back end window openings. Then we proceeded to do all the others and soon had all the wndow screens up. Now the door had to be made which Janet and I would do a little later.

For now the feeling had cme back strong again that I had to piss and shit and Janet after I said that I had to go told me she had to do the same! So she grabbed the roll of toilet paper which was getting small and we climbed up on the roof and went over to the far end to take our pisses and shits. As soon as we reached the far end I just popped the snap on my jeans and I yanked them right down,turned aroud and squated right don hanging my bare ass well over the edge of the roof. I wasn't going to wait for Janet this time! I had to go!

Janet too was wearing jeans and a long sleeve top. It was on the cool side this morning. As she was takeing care of her jeans still faced forwrd where she could see me I started my much needed piss! I sent a arcing stream which almoist made it off the far end off the other side of the roof! Then it came back landing about six feet out in front of me and ran down the roof and over the back edge of the roof. Janet goggled hard when she saw that intail first part hard spurt almsot cover the whole distance of the roof and then she stopped.

I only pissed for about five six seconds and I felt my asshole get pushed open wide real fast and I started my shit! It sure was comming out fast too for I could easily feel that it was. There was a loud crackle too. Janet heard and saw my shit for it became visible to her in a matter of a few shorts seconds. OMG!! Janet said to me. Dave your'e really shiting! I've never seen you shit so fast! Janetwas telling the truth for I really was takeing a fast shit!

As it came out I felt it rubbing along both of my inner asscheeks so I knew too it was fat and also fekt soft. So I was going to have skid marks on my cheels after this one! A few more seconds later I felt my asshole close followed by a crash with my shit going down through the bush down below. I was done doing one of the fastest shits I had ever taken.

I was still pissing so that was the only thing I had left to do. Janet was still standing there with her jeans only partaily pulled down to her upper thighs. Today Janet was ewearing panties which were a old pair for the yellow color of them was faded in many spots on them. Now seeing that I was done with my shit Janet yanked her jeans down to her knees and pulled her old yellow panties down into her jeans, turned around and stepped back to the edge of the roof and then she got down into a squat.

I now had my piss stream ease right up and stop. so I sat down to watch Janet piss and shit. Janet started off pissing first with a yellowish colored piss stream which wentr sraight down out of her vaginia. It hissed slightly. Then after several seconds Janet started shiting without having her piss stream ease or stop. Janet's shit this time were pellet shaped and she did one right after the other too.

When they would drop her pellets were pushed out with some force behind them. They hit the bush hard again snaping small branches of the bush and make a loud rustleing sound as her hard pellets went deeper through the branches of the bush. I counted in my mind as each of her pellet shits came out. One, two, three, four I counted. Those four came out fast. Then the pace slowed a little. Also now her piss stream had changed to a dribble which her piss was running off fro mer asshole area and then I counted five as a nother pellet shot out and down. A couple of seconds more and a sixth one came out and dropped. Then two omre one right after the other and a long pfffiting fart and that was it. Janet was done with her shit.

Janet did dribble piss for several seocnds more and then she stopped with a lot of dripping to finish off with. She grabbed the roll of toilet paper whipped off a small wad tossed the roll over to me and she gave herself a wipeing to get herself dry with wipening off the areas which she had gotten wet with piss. That included her asshole and then she tossed the toilet paper down pulled up her yellow panties and pulled up her jeans. She was done.

I had gotten back up getting back in a squat. I rolled off a small wad for there was even less toilet paper left now. I carefully wiped my asscheeks. The toilet paper came out heavily smeared with shit. I carefully refolded it and gave myslef a second wipe. Again the paper was heavily smeared. I dropped that paper down. I carefully rolled off the remaining paper off the carboard tube. Going right down getting the last sheet without tearing it. I was going to need it all!

I gain wiped my asswith less shit now on the paper showing. Ok I thought o myslef. I have only enough for one more wipe. Here goes! I wiped myslef using the last of the paper. I wiped and I checked the paper. There was a little smeared shit on it and I stood up tossed the paper away. Then I turned my bare ass Janets way and asked her if I got it all. I opened my cheeks up and Janet told me there was just a little left. Most of your shit is gone Dave. I thought well that is going to have to do for now. I pulled my jeans up and that was it. Janet and I climbed down to the ground to get wood to make our screen door. To be continuied.

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