My Accident

I just posted earlier about my room mate peeing her pants yesterday. I don't know why but now I'm going to post about the last accident I had.

Last semester my friend Michelle and I were in the library here at school late one evening preparing for a project we were working on together. It had been a long day and we were both a little tired and loopy, to the point where almost everything was funny. We got to laughing about something and then couldn't stop laughing. We just kept laughing and every time we would almost get under control we'd look at each other and just start laughing again. We were crying we were laughing so hard. But then Michelle blurted out that she was about to pee her pants and that made us both laugh more. Sure enough, Michelle grabbed her crotch and doubled over and started gasping, "I peed! I peed!" That made me laugh even harder and before I even had a chance to stop it I felt my bladder release and pee began flooding my jeans and poured down my legs. I couldn't stop it. I just stood there laughing and peeing until I had completely soaked my jeans and Michelle just kept laughing and dancing in place, holding her crotch, until she suddenly turned and started running towards the bathrooms and I decided to follow her even though I was a LITTLE too late for that. Thankfully the floor we were on was almost completely empty. I got to the bathroom and found her in a stall and could hear her peeing and still laughing. We both kept laughing while she finished. Then she opened the stall and came out and turned around and bent over with her butt facing me to show me the basketball sized wet spot on her butt and thighs of her khaki Capri pants. So there we both were, two college girls stuck in a library bathroom with obviously peed in pants. We just kept laughing and decided to walk each other back to our dorms together so we would at least have wet company. We were embarrassed but it was really funny and we still laugh about "the library incident".

Megan from Calgary

My Accidents Part One

I can't believe I am doing this… Posting about my accidents, that is. One of my best friends in the entire world is Sarah and she has told me about this website. From what she tells me, and from what I have seen being a "lurker" on this board for the past year or so, she has posted here quite a bit. I happen to know quite a bit about her stories as I have actually seen them happen.

I have an older sister, Melanie, who is two years older than I am. Sarah is also two years older than me and Melanie and Sarah were always in the same class growing up.

I have had some of my own accidents and I thought it was now time to share some of those stories. I may not post them all right now, but I will share with you a few from my early childhood.

One of the first ones I ever had was when I was in grade six. I was on a field trip to Montreal with my school and got sick on the way there. We were just east of Cornwall when I started feeling sick and by the time we got to Montreal, I had messed my underwear and jeans with diarrhea. One of the teachers took me to a store, I think it was Zellers or something like that, to buy new underwear and jeans for me to change into. That was a bad day but most of my class mates did not tease me as they new I was really sick.

In grade nine I had two accidents.

The first one happened one morning when we were walking to school. I was running late and didn't get a chance to use the toilet, except for a quick pee when I woke up. I got downstairs and Melanie, Sarah and my best friend Laura were waiting for me. It was nice out, but I decided to wear a light jacket anyway.

It took us about 30 minutes to walk to school and about 10 minutes in, I felt the need to move my bowels. About five minutes later the urge got really bad. No matter how tight I kept my butt cheeks, I could not hold it back. At first just a little bit squeezed out and then in started happening really quickly. It sort of rushed out of me and into my panties. I wasn't having diarrhea, but it wasn't exactly solid either. The first part was rather solid, but the rest that came out was soft. I could feel it settle in the seat of my bikini panties. I could feel it waddle behind me as I walked. It was really gross. I didn't say anything when it happened, it just sort of happened. I was super embarrassed and I didn't want anyone to find out. As soon as we got to our school, I went directly into the closest girl's room that I could find and went into an empty stall. I lowered my dark blue jeans and saw that some of the mess had leaked out of the leg holes of my panties and into my jeans. I wiped them out as much as I could. I then lowered my panties and saw the damage. I turned them over and emptied them out as much as I could and then tried cleaning them out with toilet paper. It didn't go too well.

The bell rang and I had to get to my first class which I wasn't looking forward to. I pulled up my panties and jeans and winced as I did. I wore my jacket as it covered my bum area. We had 15 minutes in between classes and when our first class ended, I went to the nurse's office. I remember asking the nurse if she had any clean underwear and she asked why. I told her that I had had an accident and needed to change my underwear. She said that she didn't have any clean underwear as a senior girl had taken the last pair a few days before. She offered me a maxi pad, but I told her that's not what I needed.

Laura saw me as I was leaving the nurse's office and asked me why I was in there. I asked her if she had a clean pair of underwear in her bag and she said no. I saw Melanie and asked her if she had any clean underwear with her and she said no as well.

Each time I went into the girl's washroom, I tried cleaning out my panties a little more. It was bad. Sitting in my mess didn't help either as the mess had leaked through my jeans. I had to keep my jacket tied around my waist all day long. I didn't have gym class that day which was good because I didn't want any of the other girls seeing me with my stained panties.

Finally it was time to go home and I met up with Melanie, Sarah and Laura. On our way back Melanie asked me why I needed to change my underwear. She asked me if I had gotten my period and I said no. She kept bugging me about it and I finally told her that I had pooped in my pants on our way to school that morning and that I had been walking around in my mess all day long. Sarah said that I should have asked her for a pair of clean underwear as she had a few pairs in her bag. The problem was that Sarah wasn't around when I saw Melanie.

We got home and I took a long shower and cleaned myself up.

Well, I have to go now. I will be back to post about my other accident in grade nine, and about some of my other ones later.


Car Mom

My Friend Pees Again!

Hey its me! Someone asked so I think that 3 is the most I've had peeing in my car on the same trip, but I don't think anyone has ever peed at the same time. I believe its always been one girl peeing and then when she'd be done another girl saying "can I go too?" shortly after.

Well this weekend the 38 year old mom peed in my car again. She and I have actually become good friends by the way, and we hang out a lot now, so I really don't mind if she relieves herself in my car. Its actually quite amusing. She's done it like 5 times now. She's the only adult who ever does it, which is funny to me, and now whenever she's with me in my car I almost expect it! Anyway we were in my car the other day (saturday) and we were by ourselves because we had just dropped the two girls off somewhere and we were just going to go back to my house and wait till it was time to pick them up again. Well she decided to suddenly say "hey do you mind if I pee?" which wasn't surprising to me, since this was like the 5th time she's peed in my car. I just said "um yeah you can" and she just said "thanks" and then she climbed into the backseat (she was in the passenger seat) and she got ready to have a pee in my car. She sat in the middle of the seat and she pulled down her jeans and her underwear and then she began to pee. I could hear it hissing as it went into the seat. She also let a couple of little farts while she peed. Then the hissing stopped and I knew she was finished. She sat there for a few minutes. Then she said "thank you so much. I feel SO much better." I just said "its ok" and I was starting to smell her pee and also her farts. But I didn't mind. Then by that time we were at my house and so we got out of the car and I saw the huge wet spot in the seat where she peed. She went a LOT. She probably had to go for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if she had been saving it just for my car! But I don't care if she was. Whatever makes her happy! She saw that I was looking at the seat and she laughed and then she said "I went a lot didn't I!" I just said "its ok I don't care" and she laughed again and then she said "thanks SO much for letting me do that. I feel SO much better." Then we just went in the house and played a game or something till it was time to pick up the girls.

Well that's it for now! Later!

To Kalee: Thank you for your story. I don't live in the safest part of the city, so I'm now considering carrying mace just for general protection. Great suggestion, and thanks for your sympathy. Hope to hear from you again.

Postman: I try my best to avoid public restrooms, but sometimes you just gotta use 'em.

CD- They said because they didn't see them, and because I had no proof, there was nothing they could do. I'm really considering going back, they must've gotten something on camera. Thanks for your support.

Half Dump Denise- Yikes. While I have not seen any young boys in the ladies' room, I do believe that them seeing that may spark a future interest. I agree, no one over 5 should be in the opposite sex's room.

Penny- I'm very sorry for your experience. But jood job, they caught him!

Carin- I'm pretty quiet, so even when scared I don't make much noise. I am, however, considering taking everyone's advice and file a complaint or something.

TAPO- Thanks for your concern. Yes, I am considering going back and talking to someone.

Stac- Although that's a bit harsh, I'm glad he did get punished.

Sandra- Nice story, would love to hear more.

If I missed anyone, I'm really sorry, but thaks so much for your advice.

I will post again soon, and hopefully a story with a better ending! =]

Poop from Norway (Male)
To: "A random girl" I loooved your story 'bout shitting inside your room, I also do that quite often (I'm also 15 :)
Do you have any story 'bout shitting outside btw? I love to shit outside, and having my own pooping spot (:

To: feral girl, I love ALL of your stories, especially the one you shit out of your own window!
I'm just wondering when you gonna post again! (:

To: Bryci, ahh your story 'bout your pooping contest with your sister is the best post I've read on this website!!!! :D
Have you or your sister ever had an pooping spot outdoors or a story 'bout shitting outdoors? (:

Hope y'all answer
I luuuuuv this site! :D

Sarah from Calgary

When I got home....

Hi everyone.

New Guy, thanks for your comments.

I just realized that I had a typo in my most recent posting. I said that I got home at 4:30 in the afternoon, when in fact I didn't get home until after 5:30.

Oh! One of my best friends, Megan, told me that she just submitted a story of her own this morning! Cool! Even though I haven't seen your post yet, welcome to the board Megan!

Sarah from Calgary.

Kate M.

Dangerous bathrooms

To Natasha, I understand fear of weirdos in public washrooms. When I go on errands I will often pee in a Depends rather than go to an isolated washroom. When I went to North Conway factory outlets the washrooms were out of the way and it was dark. I was scared of being accosted so I just went into a store and went in the fitting room. I peed in the Depends, not on the floor. I was able to change and put on a new Depends and throw out the used one. When I was young a woman was sexually assaulted at the Billings Bridge plaza - it was in the newspaper and I noted to never use that isolated washroom down a stairwell in the basement. When I go to the Superstore I don't take the elevator to the out of the way public washrooms - I just wear Depends and go in them. It is safer. One bathroom I feel safe in is at Carlingwood since the bathroom near the foodcourt has so much traffic there will always be people around - also there is no main door so one could scream and people would hear. If I had kids I would tell them to pee beside the car rather than go alone to a public washroom - for example if I was the mom and I had my young son with me I would not let him go into the men's room without dad.

new guy
to all girls & women on this site have you ever done a buddy with another girl or woman because you were both desperate and there was only 1 toilet availible at the time if so please share the story.

I <3 POO

To Natasa

I'm ever so sorry to read that you had rather nasty experience in the ladies loo at The Walmart the other day. I hope you are ok & that you reported the sick bastard who did that! I don't blame for being shaken & crying in the loo after your horrific ordeal. I can't understand what that sicko think he was doing? That is disgusting beyond belief & I'm disgusted & appalled that it happened to you.
Toilets should be a place where we can relieve ourselves in privacy not for sick perverts or sickos to do appalling acts of lewd conduct like what you sadly witnessed.

I hope you will be ok, take care xx


To Natasa

I echo everyone's opinion that you need to report the pervert to the authorities, no matter how much time has passed since that incident. And, you need to contact the manager of Wal Mart and give the manager as much info you can on the pervert as well as the unhelpful employees.

I am thankful that you are OK and other than traumatized, you are OK. Someone else may not be as fortunate.

So sorry this happened...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Pooping at work

I work in a large office with many men, and I am fascinated by their bathroom habits. I like to keep track of whom I see in the mens room, and I can make a few observations. First of all I have been in the restroom when the vast majority of the guys have pooped at least once. Most do so regularly at the office. A minority do it occasionally (like myself, who does it about once a month). There is a very small minority of guys whom I have never seen. Perhaps they have done so (since I cannot be in there all the time observing), but I suspect that this small group has issues with going at work or in public. In fact, one guy once confided to me that he has never gone at work and hopefully never will. He said he has on occasion gone home with quite a stomach ache due to him holding it in until he got home. This seems quite ridiculous to me, but I guess some people are very embarrassed by pooping in public. There's another guy whom I have observed going downstairs to a less frequented mens room, which he would never use ordinarily for a wee. But he probably wants more privacy where he is less known. I've actually followed him at a safe distance.

Of the people who do go, some are very open about it. They go into the mens room and if I'm at the urinal, they'll go right into the stall, and go about their business without any inhibition--farting and grunting and plopping. Some go into the stall and there is a silence. They wait until I flush or use the sink to mask the sounds. I have even tricked them by opening the door and closing it, as if I have left, to trick them into thinking I'm gone and they're alone. When they think they are alone, they then unload. I find this comical. This is risky on my part since if someone enters as I'm silently standing there listening, they'll give me away.

There's one young guy who started working at the office about six months ago. He is a frequent shitter--almost daily it seems. I have been in there many times, sometimes in the adjacent stall, sometimes at the urinal. He is very open about his activities. He comes in and says hello and enters the stall. He drops his pants and then pushes out usually four or five small plops followed by some mushy stuff. He then sighs quietly and wees. He rarely farts. He then parts his legs and spits into the bowl. I have no idea why he does this. He then wipes three or four times, folding the paper and "double dipping." He then lifts his pants up and he's done. He isn't the slightest bit self-conscious about his activities.

Do any others have any observations about work place bathroom habits? It's like a family. We spend so much time together there during the course of the year that for many of us, these wonderful breaks from the drudgery of work are quite exhilarating.

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 4

Again the next morning I woke up brite and early. I dressed, ate, packed up the needed tools in my bikes saddlebags and went directly over to Janets house. She was already outside with her bike and we took off going first to where the new school was being built.

Construction crews were already there working. Janet and I were carefull keeping away and we acted like we were only watching what was going on as we saw the men working. After about twenty minutes had passed one of the men came over to us. He was a foreman and asked what we wre doing here. I spoke up telling him we were just watching but I did have a question to ask him.

Well this guy was kind of gruff but he said to me; Hey kid ask your question. I'm quite busy. I explained quickly what I wanted as far a any scrap material that we could use for our roof for our fort. I thought he would say back to me;Kid get the hell out of here! We dodn't have anything for you. But instead he laughed hard. Which surprised both Janet and I.

Then he went on and said; Ok kid so you two are in construction I see. Then he turned and shouted to another nearby man. Larry come over here! Larry came over and he told Larry that us two kids needed some help. So Larry smiled and said to me; Ok kid how can I help you? So I explained to him what I was looking for. Larry smiled first. Then he too like the foreman said to me; You two sure sound like you have a nice building project going on too.

Then he told us to wait right where we were and he walked off. Janet and I looked at each other with smiles and feeling excited at the same time. We waited for this guy Larry for about ten minutes and he came back in sight carrying a small rll of roofing! As he got closer the roll looked like it was more then enough! He handed the roll to me and said; Here you go kids! This shuld do the job!

Janet and I repeatedly said back to Larry Thank You! Thank You! Thank you! He laughed and said to us before he walked away; Hey you two get on to your job! Then he said Your Welcome! Then he did walk away and Janet hopped on our bikes and took off. Ten minutes later we were at the fort and we climbed up the ladder with the roofing, tools, nails, the roll of toilet paper. (didn't forget this time!)

Then I put the roll of roofing up on the forts roof and Janet and I climbed up on the forts roof. I carried the roll over to the far end and I started unrolling it placing the edge of the roll down over the side end and then Janet and I rolled the roll right out completely. We kept it straight all the way across. Then out came the hammers and nails and the cutter I had brought.

Janet and I went back to the other end and I carefully with the cuter made a pretty straight not full cut and bent the roofing over and Janet started nailing it down being carefull as she nailed. Then I did the same with the front edge and Janet nailed that side down. Then the back edge was next and that was done. Then last was the deck end and that was done. Now we had a good roof on our fort which would not leak!

After finishing the roof Janet gave me a hard hug and a kiss! After her kiss I laughed. I don't derserve that Janet. She laughed and said to me; Oh yes you do Dave! Then Janet said we should see if the roof is really good! I looked at Janet and she giggled again. We have to see if it leaks or not! I have to piss! That will be the test!

I laughed hard. Then I said to Janet; That's only going to be just a small area that can be tested Janet! That made her laugh hard for a moment. Then she said back to me; I know that Dave! If you have to piss you can test a much bigger area of the roof! I then laughed hard for a moment. Then I toldJanet that I could do that!

So we got ready to test theroof for a possible leaks. Today Janet had put on a dark pink shortsleeve top with a pair of lighter pink shorts. I was in jeans again and a white tshirt. Janet slipped down her pink shorts to her knees and squated. (again Janet was pantyless) I pulled my zipper down and got my penis out and Janet started pissing rioght away which her piss stream was yellowich and hissed nicely.

With the slight slope to the roof her piss with foam ran over the roof and went ove the backside edge. I started my piss a few secocnds after Janet had started. My stream was on the yellow colored side too. What I did to test the roof is that I swung my penis back and forth as I pissed which I wetted more of the roof with my piss then Janet was doing. Janet watching me laughed as my stream went back and forth in the air and comming down wetting the roof.

Janet said to me also; Hey good job Dave! Your doing a real good test! Boys are sure better in doing somethings then girls! Pissing is one of them! She then laughed and so did I. Janet soon after this had her piss end. I went on and pissed awhile longer. Then I stopped. We both then went over to the deck end and got down ff the roof. We went inside to check for leaks and there was not a single one! So our roofing job had passed the leaking test!

Then Janet said to me; Hey Dave how bout making it easier to get up on the roof. Build a ladder by the door up to the roof? I told Janet good idea! Lets climb down and get some more of those two by fours we used for the ladder. So she and I climbed down and went straight over to the pile where they were. We only hadd to pull out three of them again. I had a saw with us and I cut two of them down to the needed side and cut the rungs two. I also cut four mounting blocks so the ladder would be out away from the wall so it would be able to be climbed.

Takeing all the pieces of wood Janet and I climbed up and we grabbed the hammers and nails put the blocks up on the wall,made the ladder, and then nailed it to the blocks and we now had a ladder to climb up on the roof. After the ladder was finished Janet went inside the fort and came back out with the roll of toilet paper in her hand.

I said to Janet; Janet you just pissed 15 minutes ago! You have to piss again? Janet laughed and said right back to me; NO DAVE I have to SHIT! I;m going up on the roof to do it too! Well Janet couldn't have timed it any better. I had to shit myslef but I was holding it back for I wanted to wait till all of our work was done. It was done now! So I told her it was going to be a buddy dump and Janet giggled and said to me; Come on then lets go and do it!

Janet went up the ladder first and I followed. We went right across the roof to the far end. At the far end as far as what was down onthe ground there were bushes. This would be great as far as shiting on this end! Our shit would fall into the bushes and would be hidden from sight. But I couldn't say about the smell!

So again Janet pulled down her pink shorts and I pulled down my jeans and we squated down together. Janet said to me before either one of us started; I may iss alittle again too Dave. I told Janet; Who doesn't when they shit! Janet giggled and then she did send from her vagina a spurt of piss from it wetting the roof again. It was only a several second spurt and then she had it come to a short and dripping stop.

Then a loud long brrrraping fart came out from her asshole. Janet giggled and said; Sorry Dave. I had to fart and let it out! I laughed a little and I started to piss which I pissed a good spurt out from my penis like Janet had done for several seconds and then I stopped. Janet let out a second fart which was a pfffiting soundng one but it was short.

Then Janet started shiting which I heard crackling comming from her. In a few short second her shit did come into sight. It was kind of fat but not like the one she did over at the school up in the tree. It was sort of soft too as far as it looked and it was tan in color. It was comming out quite fast which for Janet seemed not normal. It reached over a half foot long and then it fell htting into the bushes breaking some real small branches with a crackle as the branches broke and rustleing of the bushes leaves as her shit went down through the bush.

Tjis would be only a pause for in a couple of very short seconds I heard crackling again and I saw another tip of a roughly same size shit come into sight under Janets ass. This shit like the first one had was moving quickly too. Right at this point my asshole stretched open and my shit was starting to slide out of it. I quickly told Janet tha I was now starting my shit.

Janet's second shit had reached being longer then her first opne by a few inches and it fell againg going into the bush es down below and this time it didn't break any branches but made the rustling sound of the leaves on the bush as it went down through the bush. Janet then said to me right after her second shit had fallen I see yours Dave. It sure is oone of your fat jobs! It;s not moving as fast as you normally go.

Janet was right on that for I could feel that it was omming out kind of slow. Then Janet had come out from herashole a whole series of skinny tan rope shits being anywhere between 4 to six inches in length! They came out ne right after the other! Boy did they ever make a lot of rustling down in that poor bush! My shit kept up its slow movement and I startedpissing again with a real weak stream comming out from my penis.

Then Janet stopped that series of thin tan thic rope shits that she had been doing. I heard a couple of wet farts and Janet again from her vagina did several weak spurts of piss come out whne I heard her do her wet farts. Then that must have been it for Janet stopped her wet farts and now she had piss only dripping from her. Janet then now told me I had a good one footer hanging out from my asshole!

Then a short couple of seconds after she had told me that I heard a loud crash with loud snapping of some more of the bushes small branches and also a real loud rustleing of the bushes leaves as my shit went down through the bush. My asshole was still wide open so my shit had only broken off. Then I felt my remaining shit slide back inside my asshole and it closed shut. I also had stopped pissing so I was now done.

Janet and I both stood up and turned around to take a look down at that bush. We saw many small broken hanging small branches. Plus with Janets soft series of rope styled shits tha she had done some of those were visible! There were some haning right off where the leaves were thicker! Janet giggled a little seeing her shit hanging on the leaves below and after her giggle she said to me; That was one of my messy ones! I do those every once in awhile.

I'm glad its over too. Janet went on saying to me. Those kind make me feeel like I'm going to be sick. I'm not feeling sick now. I understood what Janet was saying to me. I hated to do those kinds of shits too. In my case when I had them I would do double the amount that Janet had done. I told her that I had times like she had just had with her shit but worse!

Janet asked me how often this did happen. I told her only once a month most of the times. That made Janet laugh hard for a short moment. Then still laughing Janet managed to say to me; That almost sounds like your'e like a girlwhen she is having her period! I let out a short hard laugh. Then I told Janet that she wasn't the only one that told me that! She laughed again.

Then she turned back around and squated back down. She grabbed the roll of toilet paper and whipped offf a good wad from it and tore it off. She reached behind her and made a long wipe up her asscrack. She pulled the paper out looked at it real quick and tossed it down off the roof towards the bush below. I got only a glancing look at the paper while she took the quick look at it.

It was heavily smeared with tan colored shit. Janet whipped off form the roll a second wad tore it off reached back again and did a second long wipe. She took again a look at the paper in her hand but didn'toss it away as quickly as the first wad. There was less smeared shit on the paper this time but still a lot though. This time Janet refolded the paper and wiped her ass againand checked the paper. This time there was a lot less smeared tan shit showing on it.

Then Janet said; One more time should do it as far as my ass. She again refolded the wad and gave her ass a much shorter wipe and looked at the paper. Janet smiled a little tossed the wad off the roof and stood up pulling up her pink shorts as she stood up. I then asked her for the roll. Janet bent over picked it up and I took it from her.

AS I started rolling paper from the roll I told Janet that I felt like I had some hard pebbles sticking to my asshole. Janet let out a little giggle. Oh you have a case of dingleberries then! Janet said to me. It sure does! I said back to her. I had torn off the needed wad and set the roll down on the roof. I reached back insrted the wad into my asscrack right at my asshole and I could feel those hard pebbles of shit that were there. I went and pinched them to get them all off which it took me a good moment to do.

Then I tossed the wad down off the roof and I hiked my jeans back up. As I did I said to Janet; That takes care of that! She again just slightly giggled. Then we walked across the roof and climbed down to the deck. We stayed on the deck for a few minutes. anet talked to me saying it would be so nice to stay her all day Dave. Have lunch and supper here!

I told Janet we could do that. But we will have to go get what we want for lunch and supper and you will have to tell your mom and I my grandmother. Janet said right back to me; Oh i'm sure she will let me! Then I remebered what Janet had said yesterday about putting a table and a couple of chairs ion our fort. Well can we build a table Dave Janet asked. I thought for a few seconds and then said back to Janet; Why not! But the chairs I doubt that I can do Janet.

Janet then said to me that in thiergagrage were some old folding campstools that were no longer being used. We'll use them! I said ok that sounds like they will work. Ok lets get going so we can get back here real soon buld our table and we can have our lunch after that. So Janet and I scurried dwn the ladder right over to our bikes and tore down the old road to go to her house first! To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 7

It was now morning I was up and sitting at the table having breakfast with my grandmother. I had already asked her about the old window screens and she told me I could have them if they were still up in the middle barns loft. She een said if the old screen door was there I could have that too! If all of this stuff was there Janet and I would have all that we needed.

I had just finished eating and was gettiing up from the table and I saw Janet pedal up on her bike outside. She got off came to the backdoor and gave a light knock on the screendoor. My grandmother told her to come n in and she did. I told Janet that we had our screens for the windows and for the door. She smiled and said that's good Dave. Janet talked for several minutes telling my grandmother all about our treehouse fort. I had to wait for Janet give my grandmother all the detals which I waited a little impaitently while she talked.

Then Janet was finished and she and I went straight out to the middle barn went to the door that was there with the stairs that went up to the middle barns loft. Once upstairs we started our search for the window screens and the old screen door. Well the sreendoor we found first. This old screendoor the screen was in two sections which both sections were ripped along one side of the screen which was fine. So I carefully ripped the screens out of both sections and that was now done. Now we had to find the window screens.

They seemed not to nbe laying around in the open. My grandmother had told me they might not be but could be in a box. So Janet and I started looking in boxes. After pokeing through many boxes which took us over twenty minutes time Janet yelled out suddenly; I found them over here Dave! Janet showed me one lifting in the air. I came right over and the box she had pulled the screen out from was filled with window screens.

Janet put the screen back in the box and I told her that we'll take the whole box. I myself was in a hurry now for a different reason. I had the needed urge to piss and shit! I hoped that I could hold it till we got to the fort. We left the loft went down the stairs and I dumped the box on the ground and raced to the other barn where my bike was. I came out with it picked up the box placed it on the carryere and I was ready now to leave. Janet ran to her bike hopped on it and we raced off.

I was doing pretty well as far as holding back the urge to piss and shit till we got on the old road to the fort. Then it hit me real bad as far as the urge to do both. I had all I could do to keep from pissing and shiting as I pedaled. I almost at one point was going to skid to a stop dump my bike and yank my jeans down and piss and shit right in the road! But I managed to fight that urge off and kept going with the urge to go suddenly go away. I felt quite releived then.

I had left Janet a ways back and I went slower now to let her catch up to me. When she did catch up to me Janet asked me; Dave where is the fire? Sorry Janet I said right back to her. I had a very strong urge that I was going to piss and shit my pants! It's gone now. Janet laughed a little and she told me that was a ok reason for going so fast! I would have done the same too!

Several mnutes later we reached the fort parked our bikes and I with the box of screens climbed up to the deck and went nside the fort. Janet followed me. Once inside I set the box down on the table opened it and took out the two ieces of screen to be used in the door and satrted takeing out the window screens cheking them as I took them out.

A couple of them were broken as far as the wooden frames. Two more the screens were ripped. but there were more then enough needed good ones so we were all set for the forts windows. Janet took one and I took one and we nailed them up over the two back end window openings. Then we proceeded to do all the others and soon had all the wndow screens up. Now the door had to be made which Janet and I would do a little later.

For now the feeling had cme back strong again that I had to piss and shit and Janet after I said that I had to go told me she had to do the same! So she grabbed the roll of toilet paper which was getting small and we climbed up on the roof and went over to the far end to take our pisses and shits. As soon as we reached the far end I just popped the snap on my jeans and I yanked them right down,turned aroud and squated right don hanging my bare ass well over the edge of the roof. I wasn't going to wait for Janet this time! I had to go!

Janet too was wearing jeans and a long sleeve top. It was on the cool side this morning. As she was takeing care of her jeans still faced forwrd where she could see me I started my much needed piss! I sent a arcing stream which almoist made it off the far end off the other side of the roof! Then it came back landing about six feet out in front of me and ran down the roof and over the back edge of the roof. Janet goggled hard when she saw that intail first part hard spurt almsot cover the whole distance of the roof and then she stopped.

I only pissed for about five six seconds and I felt my asshole get pushed open wide real fast and I started my shit! It sure was comming out fast too for I could easily feel that it was. There was a loud crackle too. Janet heard and saw my shit for it became visible to her in a matter of a few shorts seconds. OMG!! Janet said to me. Dave your'e really shiting! I've never seen you shit so fast! Janetwas telling the truth for I really was takeing a fast shit!

As it came out I felt it rubbing along both of my inner asscheeks so I knew too it was fat and also fekt soft. So I was going to have skid marks on my cheels after this one! A few more seconds later I felt my asshole close followed by a crash with my shit going down through the bush down below. I was done doing one of the fastest shits I had ever taken.

I was still pissing so that was the only thing I had left to do. Janet was still standing there with her jeans only partaily pulled down to her upper thighs. Today Janet was ewearing panties which were a old pair for the yellow color of them was faded in many spots on them. Now seeing that I was done with my shit Janet yanked her jeans down to her knees and pulled her old yellow panties down into her jeans, turned around and stepped back to the edge of the roof and then she got down into a squat.

I now had my piss stream ease right up and stop. so I sat down to watch Janet piss and shit. Janet started off pissing first with a yellowish colored piss stream which wentr sraight down out of her vaginia. It hissed slightly. Then after several seconds Janet started shiting without having her piss stream ease or stop. Janet's shit this time were pellet shaped and she did one right after the other too.

When they would drop her pellets were pushed out with some force behind them. They hit the bush hard again snaping small branches of the bush and make a loud rustleing sound as her hard pellets went deeper through the branches of the bush. I counted in my mind as each of her pellet shits came out. One, two, three, four I counted. Those four came out fast. Then the pace slowed a little. Also now her piss stream had changed to a dribble which her piss was running off fro mer asshole area and then I counted five as a nother pellet shot out and down. A couple of seconds more and a sixth one came out and dropped. Then two omre one right after the other and a long pfffiting fart and that was it. Janet was done with her shit.

Janet did dribble piss for several seocnds more and then she stopped with a lot of dripping to finish off with. She grabbed the roll of toilet paper whipped off a small wad tossed the roll over to me and she gave herself a wipeing to get herself dry with wipening off the areas which she had gotten wet with piss. That included her asshole and then she tossed the toilet paper down pulled up her yellow panties and pulled up her jeans. She was done.

I had gotten back up getting back in a squat. I rolled off a small wad for there was even less toilet paper left now. I carefully wiped my asscheeks. The toilet paper came out heavily smeared with shit. I carefully refolded it and gave myslef a second wipe. Again the paper was heavily smeared. I dropped that paper down. I carefully rolled off the remaining paper off the carboard tube. Going right down getting the last sheet without tearing it. I was going to need it all!

I gain wiped my asswith less shit now on the paper showing. Ok I thought o myslef. I have only enough for one more wipe. Here goes! I wiped myslef using the last of the paper. I wiped and I checked the paper. There was a little smeared shit on it and I stood up tossed the paper away. Then I turned my bare ass Janets way and asked her if I got it all. I opened my cheeks up and Janet told me there was just a little left. Most of your shit is gone Dave. I thought well that is going to have to do for now. I pulled my jeans up and that was it. Janet and I climbed down to the ground to get wood to make our screen door. To be continuied.

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