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Couldn't make it... :'(

Hi, I'm 15... I always hate using the washrooms at school because they always looked kinda dirty and not really well sanitized... Anyways, about a few weeks I was walking home from school and I really had to poop... I made it back home without too much problem. I immediately burst into the front door and head towards to the washroom, but due to the horror, I realized that someone was using the washroom. In my house, there's 2 washrooms and one of the toilets is broken due to pluming problems. I knocked on the door and apparently someone was taking a shower and couldn't hear me knocking... I really had to poop and I tried to wait but I just couldn't stand it anymore.

I quickly went to grab some old random newspaper, then burst into my room. I locked the door and placed it on the floor. I immediately pulled my pants and panties off... then squatted. Without hesitation, I started relaxing and out came this loud fart, and followed by this thick hard solid poop... It slowly started coming out, and it felt so good. I was holding back 4 days of poop due to constipation so yeah. The thick solid log finally came out, then pooped out a few smaller ones, afterward I just wiped with some tissue paper and just put all that big dump into the plastic bag and threw it outside as soon as possible.


Response to Natasa

This goes back more than 20 years ago. I was about 6 or 7, Mom and I had just arrived at the bus station to pick up great-grams who was coming in from a three-state trip to visit us, and dumb me, I had not taken her advice and peed before we got in the car to leave home. I was really concerned that I was going to wet my underwear so I was trying to get Mom to walk faster into the bus station because I really had to go bad. Worse yet I had some tan shorts on so any accident would be really noticeable. What hurt me the most is that we got to the doorway to the bathroom, there were a lot of people around and many of them were not residents of our suburb, if you know what I mean, but Mom stopped me, grabbed my left hand, and told me to wait while she was fumbling through per purse. What she ended up doing was taking out a red-striped canister that looked like a writing pen and she clipped it onto the belt of her jeans. To my relief, she led me quickly to a stall, let me drop my shorts and get up on the stool and pee, and later when we were at McDonalds nearby with Great-Grams, Mom bragged to great-grams that she had her "little helper". That's when I learned and saw what mace is. I carry mace with me to this day and would not have hesitated to use it on that man who was in the womens bathroom, opening your stall, and watching you, Natasa. It would have brought him to his feet and given you time to get store security involved and probably also the city police. Although I didn't appreciate the mace at that time as much as I did being able to sit and pee, I find it assuring to know that I have it available as a weapon against any pervs.

Car Mom

To Chai

Hey, its me!

To Chai: Sorry I took so long to reply! I don't mind you asking me things at all! Its actually fun to answer and sometimes I remember things that I haven't mentioned yet. So keep asking anything you like. You had asked if the girls sit in the center of the seat when they pee. Actually some of them do but usually they just pull down their pants and pee wherever they are already sitting and then they just stay sitting there when they're done. They just leave their pants down till we get to where we're going so their pants don't get wet. And that's usually what they do. They usually don't care that they're sitting in pee. But there have been a couple who don't like to do it that way, and I remember one girl didn't like to touch her pee, so she got up on her knees and faced the back of the car and peed. I actually already mentioned her in my very first post. She ended up getting a lot of her pee on--and into--the back of the seat. It didn't matter to me, whether it went into the bottom of the seat or the back of the seat, so it was fine that she did it that way. The important thing was that she was able to go. She did actually do it in the center too, by the way, so when she was done she moved and sat behind my seat and so she didn't have to sit in her pee. Other than that there was one other occasion when a girl didn't want to sit in her pee so she and my daughter actually traded places and my daughter then peed in the same place where her friend peed. Obviously pee doesn't bother my daughter.

As far as other places, they have so far never peed anywhere else, since the bathroom has always been readily available. However I'm not opposed to the idea of peeing somewhere else. I know there have been others who have posted here who have let their kids use the sink or the fitting room or places like that, but so far I never have had to do that. But I'm sure I would if it was more convenient.

Well, that's it for now. I'll keep you posted if I think of anything else or if anything else happens. Also, tell me about yourself. Do you have kids? Any stories from you?


To Natasa

Sorry about what happened to you. Personally, I don't use public restrooms, and your experience is why I don't. There are way too many creeps out there nowadays. When you're in a public stall with your pants down, you are in an extremely vulnerable position. I'm glad you weren't assaulted by that creep.

As for myself, nothing much going on. This mornings BM was a little bit interesting. Had some chili and beer last night, which led to some pretty long and loud farts last night. This mornings crap came out pretty easily, with 3 or 4 pieces each about 6 inches long. Gonna have chili again tonight, so tomorrows dump should be much like todays was.

Happy crapping, people.


Re. Natasa Walmart

TO Natasa:
That employee WOULDN'T help you!!?? Seriously? A pervert hides in the women's bathroom and that employee wouldn't call the manager or something!? There is a potential rapist in your community for God sakes! Kids and other women need to be warned that a predator is roaming their streets. He might even be a serial killer for all we know.

Make a stink about it... Make big, Big, BIG! STINK about it!!! Tell the police about it ASAP. Give them *all* the info you can! Hell... Go to your local media and tell them that Walmart 'blew you off.' If it gets on TV that they did nothing after you reported the near sexual assault, I'm pretty sure something will get done. Nothing like bad press to get a corporation off its ass.

Take care,



jenna l

Jenna, how old is your other sister? Did either of them have accidents during the storm?

Amanda M
Tonight I was walking home from my friends house,when my stomach started to hurt. It would hurt then it would rumble. This happened a few times. I knew I was going to have to poop soon. When I got home I had to go pee. My stomach was really hurting and rumbling like crazy soI decided to sit and try to poop. I pushed and farted a few times then I felt it slowly starting to come out. I kept giving small pushes and finally a thick medium sized piece came out. It really hurt coming out. I wiped once and that was it.
After that I came down and decided to listen to some music. 5 minutes later my stomach started hurting again and I had to poop again. I sat on the toilet and a bunch of soft poop came out and filled the whole bottom of the bowl. I felt instant relief in my stomach. I still felt more so I sat a little longer but not much more came out. I wiped 2 times flushed and was done. It burned a little bit,probably because I had chicken that was a little spicy for lunch. My stomach felt much better after that.


Lights out

One time in the 3rd grade when I was 10.It was only a few weeks Before summer vacation.There was a few bathrooms with two stalls Me and my best friend went in one of the bathrooms and it was dark in there.Scince the bathroom had no urniels I started to pee and end up peeing on someone in that stall.We both ran out of there and never found out who it was.At least next year they built on that school and had a better bathroom in the 4th and 5th grade Hallway.This one was also for you Poopiegirl.

Uncle Harry

Urologist Office

During the year before my prostate ream job, when I was often having diffulty urinating and was taking Flowmax, I periodically went to see my urologist to see how I was doing. There was a device that measures how fast and how long you pee before your bladder is empty. It's a large funnel mounted in a toilet bowl that empties into a machine attached to a printer. As your flow is measured, the printer is printing a graph on a strip of paper coming off a roll. When you're done, you tear off the graph and give it to the nurse before you see the doctor. It has a regular toilet seat so both men and women could use the device. The seat had arm rests on it. I didn't know at the time what its technical name was, so I referred to it as a "pee-o-meter". I later learned that it's called a "urine flow meter".

I was there for my appointment one day and was sitting next to a female patient in the waiting room. I had seen her there twice before, but never sat next to her or talked to her. I learned her name was Joyce. On this occasion, the office was unusually crowded and we were both alreday 20 minutes past our appoint times. We got to talking about how long the wait was, especially since we had to drink lots of fluid beforehand and make sure our bladders were full for the peeometer test. Natuarally, we both had to pee quite badly. She was very chatty and asked me if I was there for a prostate problem, since that is the most common reason men see a urologist. I don't usually ask patients why they are there, but since she started the conversation, I followed suit. She had a problem with her sphincter muscle, which was sometimes difficult to open and sometimes wouldn't stay closed. She wasn't pee shy; it was a medical condition. She even volunteered that she found using the peeometer was awkward for her, as she didn't like to sit on strange toilet seats, especially one's used by men (the old "guys are messy" claim), so she had to squat over the bowl, and how much more convenient it was to be a guy. She was really quite blunt about talking about her bodily functions. She suggested we compare our graphs afterward and see who peed the fastest.

The nurse finally came out and called both of us at the same time. She remined us that we needed to use the flow meter and then give her the graph and left it to us to decide who would go in first. (There were two doctors in the office). There was only one peeometer room, so I told her she could go first; I could wait. I was pretty startled when she said, "Should we just go in together?" Of course I said "Sure, why not?", and in we went and locked the door. She still wanted to go first, as she was about ready to wet her pants. She stepped over to the machine, lowered the seat, and pulled down her slacks and panties. Then she backed up to the seat and, using the arm rests for support, bent back over the seat, legs apart, and quickly let go a huge hissing, spraying, gusher. She obviously wasn't having any problem that day. The machine started to clatter as the paddles turned and the printer started to spew out its graph. She pissed for over a minute before she finally stopped, gave a few more squirts, and then stopped completely. She grabbed some toilet paper, wiped her pussy, and threw it into the waste basket, since you couldn't throw it into the machine. Pulling up her pants, she stepped aside. There was nothing to flush, of course. Now it was my turn.

I raised the seat, unzipped, pulled out my dick, took aim, and started my flow. It seemed rather slow that day, but I kept at it while she stood there and watched me, glancing at the graph every so often, and mebtioning that it looked pretty obvious she would win the contest. Finally I finished and put away the hose, while she tore off my graph and handed it to me. Comparing graphs, she had definitely been faster than me. We both left the room and the nurse looked kind of startled to see us coming out together, but said nothing, like "Oh, well. You see all sorts of stuff in this business".

Just Jerika

I can't take a complete pee at school!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my problems with crapping at school. It finally got so bad that Gopi and me had to pool our money and buy me an enema. She gave me the enema and it worked great.

Now it just doesn't seem that my 8th grade year is getting any better. For example, I can't remember back during the first nine weeks of the semester when I've been able to take a complete pee at school. I might sit down four or five times a day but only be able to go for about ten seconds, even though I might sit for like five minutes or more. There are several reasons for this:
1) I'm only 3',5" and my feet don't reach to the floor when I'm on the toilet.
2) The toilets are way higher than we had in elementary school. Our building is really old and used to be the high school before a new high school was built. So the toilets were put in for older students.
3) The seats are the old style of faded black. At home and at most of the places I use including the mall, the seats are more modern and in brighter colors. Black so sucks!
4) The seats are shaped like a pear. That makes it so tough for a smaller person such as me to sit on and be comfortable.
5) Just in the past week, I've had three seats that were so loose, I was afraid of falling in. However, I have to use them because going back into the line would cause me to be late to class. And two of these seats had one of those rubber tabs broken off the bottom, so the left side of the seat was tilted way to the left and slipping against the toilet bowl because it had no pad.

So just yesterday, for example, I dropped my panties, hiked up my loose-fitting skirt and seated myself. I had waited much of the class hour to go and finally when I got onto the stool, I was so uncomfortable that I don't think I drained more than 1/4th of my bladder. I sometimes start to cry when it takes me half the passing period to get my stream going and then it stops after 10 seconds because the seat shifts or like yesterday, when I shifted my weight to the front more and my shoe slipped out from under me because of some spit or urine on the floor. Then I listen to a classmate on either side of me seating herself and contributing a steady stream that goes for a minute or two. Some are even able to pee and crap at the same time and I'm so envious.

Gopi is sympathetic. She says I should try playing my music when I'm seated, but I don't know. What I do know is that when Gopi and I stop at the gas station and convenient store across the street after school each night I can usually take a pretty decent piss.

It's what goes on in the school toilets that really sucks for me.

Just Jerika

To Kelly P: Im glad you enjoy fulfillment of having a "healthy" log sliding out of your rear...please do share actual experiences :)

Sally from Wisconsin- You're a trip darlin! Keep em coming!!

Half Dump Denise

Information for Natasa


That was so unfair what happened to you in the store bathroom. Depending on where you live, it may also be against the law for a man to be in a womans bathroom. I'm only a sophomore in high school, but since I come from a large family, I use bathrooms elsewhere at places like the mall, park, and my school a lot more than many of my friends because we have 14 people living at our house and only 1.5 bathrooms. Several times this summer I rode my 10-speed over to the park (about two blocks) where I would crap or pee rather than wait in line at home.
I have witnessed several cases of opposite sexes in the other's bathrooms. At page 1885 I wrote about a mom who brought a 7-year-old boy into the park bathroom this summer. There were no stall doors and here he is watching me on the stool, kind of snickering and his mother, who's going to the bathroom two stalls down, takes his side and tells me that I'm over-reacting. I'm like WHAT? I don't think any child who is 5 or older should be in the bathroom of the opposite sex. And if their parent disagrees with that and still brings them in, why not put the child in a stall, and insist that they stay there until the parent goes to the bathroom and can then supervise them as they have to walk up to the sink, etc. Over the past few years, I've seen the eyeballs of several kids as well as adults against the doors of stalls that I'm using. It upsets me and makes me nervous. And then when I find that it's a boy, it creeps me out. And Natasa, have you thought if that young boy in the wrong bathroom today will become the man ladies like you have an encounter with?

Ben In Iowa

My brush with disaster!

Ok so tonight I was closing at my grocery store job. It was just me and the closing cashier. There was about 10 minutes left and the store was a ghost town. I was feeling fine when all of a sudden I needed to fart. Being completely alone I just let it rip. This was a big mistake. All of a sudden I needed to shit NOW! I had this huge pain in my stomache and was seconds away from shitting my pants. Since I was wearing boxers it would be a disaster in the making. I clenched my butt as tight as possible and slowly made my way to the bathroom. Luckily it was empty and the toilet seat was clean. I undid my pants and sat and immidiately my shit shot out of my like a cannon. When i was finished I got up expecting to see diarreha but instead saw 3 huge logs, i was quite shocked. So yes it is possible to have an accident without being the runs because it almost happened to me!



Thanks to Upstate Dave and Jas. But i would really like to see some more! Please everyone, post any childhood stories/stories of your children and poop experiences. Thank you very much!

Kate, the Soccer Mom

Thanksgiving trip to my parents

Hi everyone.

Thanksgiving in Canada was on Monday, October 11th. On Friday, October 15th, my husband John and I took the day off to go to my parent's house in Carleton Place, which is west of Ottawa. Our daughter Chelsi had the day off from school as well so everything worked out well.

Chelsi has grown quite a bit and is a little too big for Pull-Ups now. So, I have switched her into GoodNights. They are a little more expensive, but if they fit her better, I certainly don't mind. Plus I find that they are slimmer than Pull-Ups and are less noticeable under her clothes. I told her that I thought it was a good idea for her to wear one for this trip, but she fought with me over it. In the end, I won, 'cause I'm her mom. Or at least I thought I won…

We left our house at around 11 am and stopped in Brockville and stopped for lunch at Wendy's at around noon. From there we took the scenic route up through Smiths Falls, which is about an hour north of Brockville.

About 30 minutes after we left Brockville, I started getting this uneasy sensation in my stomach. I started cramping up really bad and new that I needed to get to a toilet soon. I asked John how far we were from Smiths Falls and he said that we were about 20 to 30 minutes away. I told him that we needed to stop there so I could get to a toilet. He asked me if I wanted to pull over on the side and I said that I thought I could make it. I was wrong. About 10 minutes later I had a really bad cramp and a shot of diarrhea leaked into my white bikini panties. I whimpered, "Oh god." John asked what was wrong and I told him that I wasn't feeling well and asked him to hurry. Just as we were pulling into Smiths Falls, I had another really bad cramp and a soft load of diarrhea oozed past my clenched butt cheeks and into my panties.

We finally stopped at a Tim Horton's. Chelsi was listening to her Ipod and John said, "Okay, time for a washroom break." I got out of the car and asked him to open the trunk so I could grab a clean pair of underwear. Chelsi saw what I was doing and I whispered to her, "I messed in my underwear sweetie." I grabbed a pair of pink bikini's out of my suitcase and quickly walked into the Tim Horton's. As I was walking there, I needed to go again, and started leaking more diarrhea into my panties. I got into the ladies room and there was a bit of a line up. After a few minutes, I got into a stall and pulled my jeans down. They were messy on the inside from the diarrhea leaking out of my underwear from me having to sit in it. I felt more diarrhea coming on, so I lowered my soiled underwear just in time for another eruption to happen. I called out for Chelsi and she stopped at the stall I was in. I asked her to grab me a clean pair of jeans. I took off my shoes and socks and then took off my jeans and underwear. I wrapped them up together and by then Chelsi was back with a clean pair of jeans for me. She then grabbed a bunch of paper towels for me wet some down as well, so I could clean myself up. She's such a sweet kid and she did such a good job at helping me out.

I washed my hands and walked out of the ladies room with some of the women in the line looking at me strangely. I didn't even care, I just got out of there and we drove on to my parent's house.

When we got to my parent's house, Chelsi was moving rather slow. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Mom, I was sick too and I didn't make it." I said, "Oh honey, that's okay. At least you are wearing a GoodNight. We'll get you cleaned up right away." We got inside, said hi to my parents and I told my mom that I needed to get Chelsi cleaned up. I explained to her that we were both having rough days.

When we got upstairs to the washroom, Chelsi said that she could clean herself up. I said, "Its okay sweetie, I will help you." She hesitated before she undid her jeans and started crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Mom, I'm sorry. I didn't wear a GoodNight." I actually got a little mad and said, "WHAT? What do you mean, you didn't wear one?" She said, "Oh mom, I'm sorry. I won't disobey you again." At that point the damage was already done, plus I wasn't really in a position to be giving her a lecture because of my accident earlier in the afternoon. I said, "Don't worry. I forgive you. Let's get you cleaned up."

Her jeans and panties were in a similar state as mine were. They were totaled. I don't know how long she had been sitting in her mess, but I think it was for about an hour or so. I'm not sure why John or I couldn't smell anything in our car. Maybe it was because we were driving with the windows partially down because of the nice weather.

The rest of the weekend went really went and we had a nice time at my parent's house and were both accident free.

Kate, the Soccer Mom

My wife has just returned from a holiday trip to Vietnam with her best friend. They liked to travel about in the countryside. She has told me that they then several times had to go to toilet even to open the boewls somewhere in nature. She said that she saw several others do that too, not only tourists but locals too. I asked her if she ever was seen herself. She said that probable it had happened because it was often impossible to find places with total pricacy. Once she discovered two boys gazing at her from behind when she was finished. I guess that they must have had a bit of a sight with a long legged woman with pale skin squatting! Another time they had to go on a platform over the sea. What they did just fell down into the water and the platform had no walls back and front, only low walls at the sides.


Shitting Outdoors is a Pleasure

Today in the afternoon I was walking down a sidewalk behind a small green park, and suddenly I felt an urge to take a shit. The urge was not a great deal, but you see, I like to take a shit outdoors, and whenever I have an opportunity to do it, I do it.

S0, seeing it was dusk i took that opportunity; I turned left and went into the park. Since it was already rather dark, i didn't have to go far. I went about 12 steps from the sidewalk, took a place behind a tree trunk, pulled down my jeans and underpants, squatted and quickly made a little brown pile under myself. I had with me a piece of toilet paper, so i wiped with it, pulled up my pants, and went back to the sidewalk and went on.

For me shitting outdoors feels great. Who thinks likewise?


Bathroom Frights

Natasa, the world is full of perverts. I was having a big messy shit oneday when I realized I was being looked at over the top of the partition, I had to wipe fast and get out with a sticky areshole. It was a man playing with himself watching me shit. You should have got up and kicked him in the balls then reported it. I called security and they found him in the ladies and they removed him with the bulge in his pants.


Accidental Witness to a Bathroom Break

Hi this is my first time posting here although I have been lurking on this site for some time now.I want to share an experience that i had stumbled upon by accident. I was out with the hiking club that I belong to and me and about 12 others,a mix of us gals and some guys as well,all about the same age( early to mid thirties) We started rather early on our venture on some trails into the woods that involved some hill climbing as well. About halfway through the hike we were scheduled to stop for a break to regroup,then finish out the hike back where we started,as with most of these trails,there are no restrooms, you would either have to wait until you got back to where you started or Just go in the woods if we were getting closer to our halfway point,the urge to have a pee came on. I noticed one of the guys, His name is Sean, slow down a bit with a perplexed look on his face,and was walking a little funny too. as we approached our break area,a couple of us went in different directions into the woods. Sean was the first to go off the trail,as I pondered to do the same as my need to pee was getting pretty desperate, I went off into the woods and walked for a bit looking for a place to squat and pee. I came upon these large rocks with some bushes in between them, and heard a rustling noise,I quietly came around the large rock with the bush to the other side,and spotted Sean with his back to me about 25 ft in front of me,he did not detect that anyone was nearby, He put down his backpack to his right side (i just stood there not wanting to make a sound) he then lifted his t shirt, undid his Khaki cargo shorts,let them drop to his ankles,then lowered his white cotton briefs to his ankles,exposing his bare bottom ( very Round cute butt that looked as soft as a baby's) he then leaned forward and bent his legs into sort of a squatting position,(I am standing there frozen in place not wanting to spook him nor did i want him to know i was watching him) he let out a series of loud farts followed by a large turd emerging from his hole a length of about 8" before breaking off and hitting the ground with a thud,he remained in this position as another turd made its way out of him landing on top of the first one,the his butt farted loudly again,this time followed by some softer turds,ending with yet another round of resonating farts,he then stood up, his butt still facing me,as he grabbed his front and started peeing while at the same time i could hear him sighing in relief. he then bent over for his backpack and grabbed some napkins and started wiping his lovely butt, he wiped quite a few times before dropping the poopy napkins onto the pile of shit he has created. He then pulled up his briefs, then the cargo shorts,grabbed his backpack,and let out another sigh of relief and quickly headed back for the trail. I quickly walked over to the bush, dropped my shorts and panties and peed profusely for about 40 seconds. as I pulled up my panties and shorts let out a sigh of relief as i too was now empty. I made my way back to the trail. I saw Sean there with the rest of the group,looked at him,Gave him a bit of a smile,he smiled back. The funny thing is,is that he has no clue that I witnessed him answer to his call of nature in its entirety.

To Natasa- i would file a complaint with Walmart and call the police. I would have screamed.


To Kelly P: Im glad you enjoy fulfillment of having a "healthy" log sliding out of your rear...please do share actual experiences :)

Sally from Wisconsin- You're a trip darlin! Keep em coming!!

Catherine: The descriptions of your BM experiences are interesteing, keep em coming!

Ashley C: Its all good, keep your head high and the stories coming!

Rugmuffin Reanna: Your forner babysitter reminds me of alot of women Ive encountered

Now, I have a question for the females on here: Why are females (at least ones Ive been around over time) weird about pooping in front of a male, but will piss all day in front of us? They're still exposed and we are adults

Kelly P

Good feelings

Catherine and Penny, thanks for your responses. And yes, Penny, I think I get your drift. I occasionally drift that way, too.

Well, now we have three females and three males who get great sensations from slowly pushing out a big firm (but not too hard) poo. Another area of gender equality established!

Anyone else sometimes squeeze a poo back in so you can feel it come out again?

super soaker 2000
It happened again, I wet the bed. I knew I had to pee when I was going to bed, but I didn't go to the bathroom! I wake up at 5 in the AM to a wet mattress and underwear. whats worse is this is a friends bed, so now I have to find a sneaky way to wash the sheets and take care of everything without them knowing. Wish me luck.


Reflections in the Tile

I went to the movie theater today. While there I went into the restroom to drop a deuce. I went into the stall and had a seat. I noticed that the floor tile was very shiny and I could easily see myself on the toilet. I was next to the handicapped stall and so I glanced over. I realized I could also see the guy who was on the toilet next to me. His toilet was on the other side of his stall, so I got a good view. He looked to have pulled his trousers and underwear to his ankles. He was finished crapping and started to clean up. He was a seated wiper. He would lean forward and wipe with his right hand. When he was done, he stood up to flush the toilet. I could see he was wearing white briefs when he pulled them up. He then pulled up his trousers and buckled his belt. He put on his jacket and went to wash up at the sink. I finished up right after and caught a glimpse of him as he left the restroom. He was a white guy, probably in his 40's, with short brown hair and a little bit of grey at the temples. Better than average looks, nice build. In the reflection it looked like he had nice legs. He also wore wire-rimmed glasses. I glanced at the stalls and realized that I was also on display! The tile reflected like a mirror anyone who was sitting on my toilet to anyone at the sink. I guess I must have given a show to anyone who happened to glance over while I was dumping or standing to wipe. Good thing I'm not shy about these things!


To Natasa

I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you! Thank god that pervert didn't lay a hand on you.

Every state has laws against peeping, and there are undoubtedly laws against what this bastard did (assault and indecent exposure being the least of his worries). If it ever happens again (and I pray it never does) ask to speak to a manager. If the employee refuses, inform him that your next call will be to the police, and then the press. That will get some action.

In the event that you still want to take action against this creep, it isn't too late to file a complaint with the police. I urge you to do so, as this guy should be caught before he decides to escalate.



Natasa's situation

We had a boy pull that trick in my middle school. Almost exactly the same situation, but he had some friends just outside the bathroom to egg him on and record it. He was kicked out of school for a week and referred to the juvenile courts for prosecution. I heard he was required to get counseling. His parents then made him switch schools.


Reflections on 30 Years of Going to the Bathroom

Today is my 30th birthday (October 22) and I wanted to say that I really appreciate this site to talk about something that is one of my favorite things to do, that I would not dare discuss with anyone who knew who I was. I thought I would share 30 brief reflections about defecating and how life is what it is because we have to go.

(Just to re-introduce myself, I am an adopted only child from the southern United States, Greek ethnically, 6'1" athletically built, 185 lbs., with long, thick brown hair and tan/light brown skin, brown eyes, and curvy. I work as a pharmacist and am single. I doodie twice daily normally, with a few days going three times and 1-2 days monthly going just once. I rarely miss a day and eat a healthy, high fiber diet with lots of vegetarian recipes, but am not a vegetarian. I eat a lot and poop a lot too!)

1. We all poop. It is the great equalizer of all people in all times and places. Peeing is different among the genders but pooping is the same.

2. Though we all poop, we have a sense of shame about defecating that we don't have when urinating.

3. I don't think that there is anything that people can do that is more humiliating than have a BM in our pants. I mean, we pass gas accidentally, but there is no clean up. If we wet our pants, then that's not good, but there is no odor. If we throw up, well at least there is sympathy because that means we are sick. But having a BM in our pants smells bad, it is not excused because bowel control is supposed to be easier than bladder control, etc.

4. Therefore, pooping ought to keep us humble. We all do it.

5. When I am in private, I really enjoy having a bowel movement. It is one of the most relaxing things that HAVE to do.

6. The more doodie that comes out, the more satisfying the experience.

7. My favorite is the thick log that comes out in one piece, effortlessly, and requires minimal clean up.

8. My least favorite is when not a lot comes out, whether hard or loose.

9. Though diarrhea can be messy, I really like the initial large loads when either sick or having eaten something that does not agree. However, referring to #8 above, I do not like subsequent squirts or urgent trips to the bathroom for small amounts.

10. I have had accidents with diarrhea. I imagine we all have. I have been thankful that all of them have been at least semi-private and not public.

11. I've had two solid accidents in my life. The feeling is like nothing else I have experienced. I do get tempted to purposefully have a solid accident, but I have never done it. However, the increased heart rate, the flushing of the face and the losing control as it comes out was something I will never forget (I wrote about them on pg. 1821 or there abouts). I secretly hope that it will happen again...

12. As a child I ate a lot but was not a healthy eater. I was chubby and I would have diarrhea a lot and would get constipated some.

13. No bowel movement is ever exactly alike.

14. Since college, I don't mind pooping in a public bathroom. If I am with a friend, I won't be gross about it, but I will let them know if I have to go. I don't try to mask any sounds or anything.

15. However, I was embarrassed but would never hold it too long when I was an older child and a teenager. I guess we are all self-concious then

16. In college I got a reputation with my volleyball teammates for having large bowel movements. I would have to go before our matches regularly. Sometimes I would be nervous and my stools would be looser than normal. They would overhear me going and the large amounts coming out. I would let them see the loads every now and then.

17. I have made it a policy not to show others any shame about going to the bathroom but tried to be modest about it.

18. I have never pooped outdoors.

19. Sometimes I wish that I could poop for a long time and maybe have 6 feet of poop come out.

20. Though I know that we all poop, I wonder what other people's poop looks like on a given day.

21. I have never buddy dumped, but I have gone to the bathroom with friends where we all had to poop. That was interesting!

22. I carry some Charmin on the Go and moist wipes with me all the time.

23. I always look at my doodie and sometimes take a picture.

24. I keep a journal of all my bowel movements.

25. When I get married (at 30, I am wondering if I will...) I hope that my husband will like my pooping, but still allow privacy. I don't ever want to do anything gross. I think I would like to see my man doing it too.

26. I fear my bowel habits changing as I get older. I don't want to lose one of the things that I do daily that I enjoy.

27. I like to pass gas privately as well (blushing)

28. I have never witnessed someone have an accident since elementary school. I felt bad for them.

29. I have never had a bowel movement on a plane or bus or any other public transportation.

30. I had an awesome bowel movement this morning! It was a soft stool, but still "loggy" that came out thick but slow and curled up into a pile in the middle of the toilet. It had a strong smell but healthy and not "eggish" or stale. It was just one of those simple pleasures that gets the day off to a good start!

I hope everyone is well! Love to all!

new guy

more comments and stuff

To: Natasa you should complain to the stores main headquaters and tell the police because your lucky he didnt try to do something else people like make me very very angry its people like why the United States dosent have unisex bathrooms.

To: Garra great story your boyfriend should have been more kind instead of being a jackass please post more stories.

To: Sara great story about you peeing and pooping in the van and having your boyfriend help you he must truly care about you thats how you know someone is a true friend.

To: Sarah from Calgary great stories im glad that officer was nice to you there have been a few stories on this where the officer wasnt as nice and she even told you about something that happened to her your second man I bet that a real mess to clean up but I bet you felt a whole lot better please post more stories there really good.

To: Frantic Francine great story about going to the bathroom at school your friend should probaly learn to be more considerate of others and please post more stories I also hated pooping at school that was until I got to high school thats when it changed I dont know why but I became comfortable enough to poop at school.

To: Sportsfan you are one very very lucky guy getting to hear a couple different women farting and pooping please post anymore like that you have.

To: Upstate Dave great story about barbie and you watching her poop please contiue to post more of those stories there really good and again I would like you are one very very lucky guy to have so many female friends who let you watch them go to the bathroom again I want to say I envy you.

To: Ashley C great stories please post more of them.

A question to all the girls and women out there what is you most memerable bathroom experience it good funny, embarrassing, horryfing or just really strange? if you have a story like that please post it.

well thats all for now no stories right now but ill post one as soon as something happens thats worth posting or I remember one.

Sincerly new guy

PS. I know I keep saying this but this how ill probaly end all my from now on I really love this site and to the moderator keep up the work.

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