Volleyball Explosion

Any way, I had a bad experience on my volleyball team about a few months ago. Before our game, I was feeling really thirsty so i downed a few packs of the milk our cafeteria serves us. The girls were constantly laughing at how crazy i looked drinking the milk. I just laughed with them until my sides hurt. Later, it was game time and our team was winning against the opposing team. My stomach was hurting really bad, like I had an extreme amount of gas pushing against my ???? and booty hole.

It was rather distracting, but I was in the zone and I couldn't let something like gas slow me down. That was a big mistake. At one point, the ball was coming towards me and I was ready to put my back into spiking it back but i put my 'booty' instead into it. At the exact moment I hit the ball, my booty hole betrayed me by letting out a big juicy fart. It echoed throughout the gym, so even the other team could hear it. I covered my booty in embarrassment as my teammates look at me awkwardly. When the ball was served again, I smacked my left ass cheek lightly as to give it some kind of punishment. It didn't stop there though. We were winning by a land slide and I wanted to show off a little by hitting the ball up before it hit the ground. I bent down and struck it with all my might and at that moment another fart escaped my booty hole. This one was louder and wetter than the last. It didn't help that my ass was all up in the air when I landed onto the floor. The pain soon came as i started farting uncontrollably. I literally had no more control over my booty hole. PHHHHFFFFTTTT! PHHHHHRRRRRRTTTTH! One after another started to come out and my ass was on fire at this point. I cried out in pain as i held my stomach with my left hand and my booty with my right. I could hear my team calling out to me and some of the members of the other team laughing while others had clueless faces. I got up as quickly as I could and ran to the restrooms. I could feel something pushing against my booty hole and it was coming strong and fast. I wasn't sure my spandex shorts could keep it busy I swiftly jumped into one of the stalls, pulled my shorts and panties down, and planted my ass on the toilet.

BURRRRRRRRRTTTTT! Farts were basically running out of my ass. I clinched my knees as big turds began to come after. It was freaking brutal. I felt like it would tear my booty hole apart. I felt like crying a little but it was already embarrassing enough. I pushed the last big pieces of dookey out of my booty hole and grimaced as i felt streams of watery diarrhea drain out of me.

It stung like a bitch. It felt like my booty hole was on fire. I sighed as it seemed to subside. I looked down and noticed a little bit of diarrhea in the seat of my panties. Must of came out when i was having that little uncontrollable fart problem in the game. I grimaced as I began to whip my ass afterwards.

It burned like hell when I whipped but I finished the job. I pulled my shorts back up and threw my panties away. I smacked my left ass cheek 3 times( I do this whenever I ready or putting my game face on) and left the bathroom. Now the only problem was telling my coach why did I run out of a game.

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 1

Poopygirl here is one more buddy dump post when I was younger and involved a former neighbor girl a few years after I had moved away and was up visiting. Her name was Janet and she was about a year and half years younger then I. I was eleven and she was close to being ten. Janet was now interested in boys now. Only a year or so earlier she definately wasn't! A year or so sure can make a change as I was to find out.

Now it was summer and I and all the other kids were on summer vacation. I was back in my old home town staying at my grandmothers for a etended visit. Now the first few days there I hung out with two old friends Mike (Jantes brother and Matt. Both of them were very active in little league baseball. So the three of us would practice together. You know pitch and catch and hit grounders and pop flys to each other.

We would practice in Matts side yard or over at the old school in the playground. On the third day tat is when Janet showed up and we were practiceing in the school playground which I was hitting the ball to Mike and Matt. Janet offered to catch the ball when Mike or Matt threw it back. I gladly took up Janets offer to catch. It saved me fom having to chase after the ball it Mike or Matt made a bad throw back to me.

While I hit and Janet was the catcher sh would talk to me. I noticed the change in her attitude right away about now being interested in boys. She sre seemed to be really interested in me by the way she talked and acted! I'm sure you can remeber acting this way too. We all stayed there in the playground together till Mike and Matt had to leave. They had a game to go to which was a away game. So Mike and Matt thanked me and Janet for our help and they took off.

Janet and I then walked over to the swing set and sat down on the swings. We both needed the rest and I thanked Janet for helping me by her being the catcher for me. Janet told me she was glad to do it. She even went and sai to me; Dave it is really good to see you again. I missed you. That kind of caught me off guard. For I remebered the time she wouldn't have anything to do with a boy and that icluded me! But before that we were good friends.

Janet even brought that up. Janet smiled as she went on talking about our former good times we had when we were friendly to each other. Ten after she had finsished saying all that she said she was sorry for the way she had acted to me durring the time she had been unfriendly to me. I laughe and said to Janet; That's ok I guess girls just do that. That made her smile and then laugh.

Now I and her were rested up. I asked Janet; How bout a walk over to the store? Want a soda? I'll buy. Janet said; Sure lets go! So we hopped off from the swings and the store was a shhort walk from the playground dwn on the corner. Ten minutes later we had two cold cokes and were headed back over to the playground and the swings again. Once back and sitting back on the swings we sipped our cokes and resumed talking.

Janet got real interesting now as she talked to me. She had asked me if I liked girls. I smiled and said that I did. Then she asked me if I still liked her. I again told her I did. I never got angry over your bad times Janet. Then she smiled and told me she was glad of that. Then she went on saying about certain times when I and her were together. I told her I did. Janet then brought up those specail times whe she and I were together which was about her seeing me pee and I her!

Then Janet asked without any hesitation and asked; Would you still do that Dave? Now I smiled with abig smile and as shook my head hard up and down I said loudly back to Janet; YES! Now Janet had a big smile on her face as I had on mine! By this time our cokes had been drank. Janet then said to me; Want to go to one of our old spots and take a piss together? I do have to go! I looked at Janet and I first thougt was that she had said piss not pee like she used to. Well she was older now and then I said to her; Lets go! You lead the way!

Janet and I hopped off the swins. Janet took my hand and she and I hurried together heading towards the backside of the school. In my mind raced thoughts of where which spot was Janet takeing me! There were several spots behind the school where we had pisseed before. By the gyms backdoor, Over under the pine trees, down inside of the big vent, and last even up in one of the big pine trees when we had climbed up one of them together!

We in a few moments were already behind the school past the old section and where the new section which was the gym and kindergarden room. Janet didn't slow down when we had reached the gyms backdoor. So we wre headed somewhere else to piss! We weren't far from the pine trees either. A long row of them ran alog the end side of the schools property but when we reached the corner of the gym Janet turned right and we headed up along the gyms wall and between the row of pine trees.

That left only one place left to go from where we were. The vent opening! Now this vent opening outside in the ground for the air conditioning system. It was pretty large in size. Four feet wide six feet long, and about five feet deep. It was covered by a aluiminum grate which was light and easy to move. Even when we were younger Janet and I could ourselves move or any other kids could too.

Besides pissing down into it or liding the grate open and getting down inside and pissing while down in it we also used it as a hidein place when playing hide and seek. We reached the vent and Janet and I slid it back. We both then hopped down into the vents chamber. I reached back up and slid the grate back in place.

Now Janet had on jeans and so did I. Janet started right of by unbuckling her belt and popped her snap. She did this very quickly too. Janet did say she did have to piss. They wayshe was in such a hurry she must of had to go real bad! I was more interested in watching her for I only had just reached down to my own zipper but hadn't pulled it down yet!

Janet yanked her zipper right down. Then she reached up placing her hands at the sides of the top of of her jenas at the hips and started to tug them down! Her jenas were tight so she had to wiggle her hips as she tugged at her jeans to get them over her hips. Once past her hips Janet slipped them right down to her knees. Now all she had left wwere her white panties to slde down.

But before she did take care of her panties Janet took a look at me. Seeing me just standing there holding my zipper Janet let out a little giggle. Then Janet said to me; Dave let's get going over there! I repoled back; Oh yeah I was distracted. Janet againlet out a giggle and I unzipped my zipper and reached inside my jeans and pulled out my penis. Janet smiled and said to me; That;sthe way I remeber that it looks like! She giggled again and I even did a little laugh.

Then Janet sqauted down and I took a step sideways to get along side of her for when I would piss my stream would go down into the smaller opening thatwe wre faceing. I could look down and see Janet piss. Well as soon as I had stepped side ways and was alonside of Janet she started her piss. Her piss came out a s little dribbling first which made a litte wet spots on the concrete which made the concrete turn dark gray.

Then her stream became much harder turning into a nice thin stream with a short twist. Her stream hit the concrete which it did splatter which turned a large area dark gray further out in front where Jante had dribbled. Plus her stream hissed nice and loud! Then I started to piss. I had my penis pointe at a downward angle so I would piss into the opening which was there as part of the vent. My stream shot through near the top of the opening just missing the top under edge of the opening.

My stream went far enough in that you could only hear it hiting something for it was dark in that part of the vent. Now the concrete floor sloped towards that other part of the vent. So Janets piss ran that way across the concrete floor where we were. It diddn't take long at all for her piss that headed that way to reachthe point where it couldn't be seen due to being dark.

We both seemed to take forever to piss! Well it could have been that at least for me again seeing Janet going so was so nice to see and that was makeing it seem so long. Well as I watched Janets stream eased right up with its hissing stopping and her stream was just now going straight down which covered over where her dribbleing had frst wetted the concrete. Then she came to a stop with just a few drops and that was it Janet was done.

I was till pissing so Janet pulled up her white panties and jeans together as she stood up. Once she had her panties and jeans pulled up she just stood there and watched me piss. I went and pissed for I would have guessed a good ten seconds or more after she had stopped. Then my stream eased off falling and came back reaching where the opening was and then I stopped. But I did do a finsihing up spurt.

I gave my penis a single hard shake which a few piss drops came of form it. Janet giggled hard then stopped as I had slipped my penis back inside of my jeans. As I started to zip them up Janet said to me; Dave I forgot about the shakeing part! I laughed and so did Janet. I had my jeans zipped up and Janet now took care of her zipper,snap, and belt. I reached up slid the grate back nd we both climbed out of the vent. Slid the grate back in place and we walked around to the front of the school.

Jnet wanted to go back to her house so I walked with her. As we walked Janet said that sure was fun to do again! Would you want to do it again tomorrow? she asked me. I told her that I would! Then Janet asked me a second question after she had told me that she knew that I used to shit outdoors when I was young. That made me stop dead in my tracks. HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THT JANET!!!

Janet told me that Luise had told her. Then I remembered as Luise and I were playmates we did piss and shit together when we layed in the hay fields over past my driveway. Then I did admit to Janet that Luise and I had done that together. Then Janet said to me as we started wlking up her driveway; Dave would you do that for me if I do it for you? I now getting to see Janet shit I just could not pass up! I told her I would if I did have to shit. Janet laughed and said to me; Same here! So she said in themorning and I said the same thing back to her. I left and started walking to my grandmothers and as I did I thought tomyslef; I CAN"T WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!! To be continuied.

new guy

a short story

heres a story about hearing 2 different women farting at the library the 1st one happened yesterday I was sitting in a chair reading when I heard someone fart it was a small fart but a minute I heard a longer fart so got up to put the book away thats when I saw a woman standing there looking at books so I guesed it was her that farted. The 2nd time happened tonight I was by the magazines reading when a woman went into the bathroom as she enterd she farted twice I thought she had to poop but she only peed.


Another Park Restroom Dump

I went in to use the toilet in the local park and a guy who was running/jogging got there just before me. He went into the stall and I had to wait for it to become available. The other one was occupied. The restroom was busy, so I had to position myself right in front of the stall, by the sinks. I watched as he lowered the seat, wiped it down and turned around. He pulled his blue running shorts down in one fell swoop and sat down right away. He wasn't wearing any underwear but I noticed that the liner of his shorts was turned inside out. They were down at his ankles.

He was a good-looking blonde guy, looked to be in great shape, probably mid 20's. He sat close to the front of the bowl, on the balls of his feet with his heels lifted, and his elbows on his knees, hands clasped. I didn't hear anything out of him, or see him making any faces, buy he did look serious. He sat like that for a few minutes, then started to grab some paper to wipe. There wasn't much paper left, but he used what was available. He would lean forward and wipe from behind while seated. He did check the paper a few times as well. When he was done, he had to unravel the liner from the inside of his shorts before he pulled them up. He pulled his shorts up quickly and then turned to flush. I took the stall after him and the seat was still warm. Good thing I brought some paper from my vehicle with me.

He didn't look bothered by the fact that I basically watched him crap. I didn't stare, and I moved around a few times, since there were people walking around me. It is kinda interesting to see someone dump, though.

Sportsfan, you've had some really interesting experiences that make for great stories for this site. Thanks for sharing these stories and I look forward to hearing more.

Just Jerika

Comments for Frantic Francine & Freshman Freddy

Frantic Francine:
I so sympathize with you and the problems you are having in using the toilets at your middle school. The broken door lock doesn't help the situation, but I feel Alexis is taking advantage of you. Then she does more than barge in and actually like criticizes you for peeing over the front of the seat because you're helping her pick up the cards. I'm thinking like she should thank you for even agreeing to help her. The fact that your pee on the front of the seat is a complaint from her shows that she is very self-centered.

Freshman Freddy:
I so get what you say. Like a year ago I was writing about the difficulty in using the bathrooms at my school. This is just my opinion and I don't have a boyfriend or anything, but that senior was bullying you when he made fun of your penis size. I agree with your decision to move to the stalls. You are correct that it is great to have doors on your stalls because I've heard and read that so many of the stalls in many of the schools are doorless. That would so suck to use them in such a situation. If you take the stall at the very end of the room, the farthest one, that should keep more of the traffic from you. If someone were to peak in on you while you're seated, by keeping your underwear and jeans at mid-thigh level, you're giving them very little to see. Finally, twice this year I've been in the girls rooms when janitors have been cleaning the toilets. They like use a bucket of water and soap and completely wipe down the seat and bowl with a sponge. Then with another sponge they rinse it and then dry it. I wonder if they forget to dry it if that causes the smell and stickiness. Just a guess. I hope things go better for you 2nd quarter.

Just Jerika

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A friend told me about this site and as a first post I wanted to share a story from earlier in the year when I was working late.

My company was mid way moving offices at the time - the floor I was on was due to be refurbished and so consisted mostly of empty desks, boxes and general mess. Mine was one of the last offices to be moved.

It must have been around 10pm and I had been holding back the urge to pee for a few hours already. The thought to go to the bathroom had entered my mind on numerous occasions, but each time I would get wrapped up in work and push it away. As time went on waves of desperation kept washing over me, and I soon noticed I was involuntarily jiggling in my seat.

I got up and began to walk to the bathroom, and as I did so I realised this was an ideal opportunity to try peeing in some new places... something I like to do often. An empty, soon to be gutted office was too good an excuse to miss.

After a quick check to make sure no one was around I began to choose where I might go. My first sight was a large and withered looking pot plant against a pillar. Unbuttoning my jeans I relaxed and aimed at the soil, after a second I began to pee and a satisfying splattering noise ensued. I played with my aim, washing the dusty leaves, watching my pee drip off them.

I stopped before I was empty and standing back I noticed drops from the tip of my penis had made wet spots on the carpet. I didn't bother putting my manhood back in my jeans as I walked around looking for another place to finish my wee.

I soon spied one of the empty side offices. There was a desk, chair and a pile of paper to junk on the floor. My first idea was to trickle a little on the papers which I did. sprinkling them with almost clear droplets. I then went a step further, pulling down my jeans and boxers. This felt weirdly thrilling in an office environment. I tricked a little more on the papers, and then the carpet.

Finally I sat at the desk, tucking my legs back so my jeans wouldn't get wet. I shuffled forward and relaxed again, feeling my pee stream start once more. It was satisfying hearing it hit the the carpet a few feet away. The stream grew stronger and it must have hit the underside of the desk as I felt it splashing back on my hand. At this point I didn't care and emptied myself over the floor, waving the stream from right to left as to not soak one area too much. I lay back in the chair for a second, relieved of the pressure on my bladder. Then I pulled up my jeans and surveyed the damp streaks on the floor. Luckily no one area was too soaked.

I picked up the wet papers and stuffed them in a rubbish bag, before going back to my desk to continue working.

Kate (purple)
Hi. In my last post, I added a city to the end of my name, and it was removed. I added a colour this time - reveals no personal information, and keeps my name unique.

I was having a shit earlier today. First, it was solid, and then I had a wave of soft diarrhoea. The diarrhoea sat on top of the other shit, making it CAPSIZE!

Has this ever happened to someone else?

Hey guys.
I had a bad experience in a Walmart's bathroom yesterday. I had to go shopping for a few things for school, and I really had to pee. I went to the ladies room, and it appeared empty. Once in the bathroom stall, I realized it didn't have a lock, so I went to the next one. It didn't have a lock either, so I assumed none of them did. I undid my belt and sat down. As soon as I did, a person with a deep voice started breathing heavily. I think they came from the handicapped stall, which would explain why I didn't see any feet. Before I began peeing, they came out of their stall and started walking to the sink. However, they stopped in front of my stall. They pushed my door opened. It was a man, with his privates hanging out of his pants. I quickly tried to cover myself and slam the door closed. He then tucked himself in and ran out of the bathroom. I sat on the toilet for at least 5 minutes and couldn't pee, all I did was cry and shake.
I talked to an employee, and gave a description of the man, but they refused to do anything.
Even when I got home, I couldn't pee for about two hours, even though the pain from holding it was excruciating.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience, or been unable to use the bathroom after a scary experience?


To Poopygirl

Well when I was nine I took a little dump outside when my cousin was spending a few days with me,and she steped in it.When I was little when someone would visit and use the bathroom at my house I would asked them if they pooped or peed,and the stranges thing was is that they told me.And one day when me and my Dad and Grandfather was ou fishing,my Grandfather got a hand full of water ou of the lake and took a sip,then a boat came by with someone sticking their butt out of it.One Christmas eve in 86 I was at my Uncles,And my cousin went in his bathroom and let out a wet fart,and said he had diarrhea.My aunt said it was that chrismas candy that his dad got from work,later that day he took another dump.And later that day I was watching my uncle play The Atari,my cousin was standing next to me,then ran to the bathroom with his hands on is butt,I started to move my feet and my uncle yelled,Stop!next to my foot was a brown puddle.The next day on Christmas me and my brother got a playdough set that makes all kinds of shapes me and my brother kept saying THAT LOOKS LIKE HIS POOPIE!My mom told my dad that.That's all for now.


jenna l

Jenna, how old is your other sister? Did either of them have accidents during the storm?

Hi, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. My name contains my city to differentiate me from all the other Kates who post here. I am a 22 year old female, and will probably be posting often.

Wendy, why on earth did that teacher do that to you? It seems so odd, and others might consider it cruel. Sexual self-gratification, perhaps?



Yesterday, I was sleeping and had a dream that I was using the bathroom. When I woke up I noticed that I've messed the bed peeing and pooping my pants. My boyfriend got so mad that he spanked me and threatened to put diapers on me.

I <3 POO

Holiday poos ;)

Well all of this week I have been on holiday with my friends at a holiday camp, the weather was lovely for October & the food was gr8, so much so that it played up
with my bowels. I was eating big healthy meals & was taking really big, sloppy, greasy, smelly poos as my belly was feeling rather delicate by the middle of my holiday I was feeling icky & uncomfortable. Here's a brief diary of my bm's during the week:

Mon 18/10: Morning: Had a normal poo at home before I left to go on holiday. Couple of logs & a lot of chunks, averagely smelly, spent 10mins on the loo. Evening: at my chalet felt bloated, full & had wind so went & sat on the loo dropped a small
piece but sat & let out some bum gas!

Tue 19/10: Afternoon: After having had a lovely cooked breakfast made by my mate & fish n chips at the sea front (which were lovely!) my belly felt a bit delicate, again. Had that crampy feeling when returned back to my chalet from the sea front & needless to say I went for a good poo which was a bit greasy & sloppy, but I really stunk the place out as bit by bit of poo slithered out my bum, left marks in the loo. Spent a good 20mins on the loo having a colonic clearout!

Wed 20/10: Morning: After breakfast my belly was in a bit of a state again! Was flatulent to say the least as I could feel another visit to the loo was impending. After letting out several, wet minging farts I got the urge & with one hand on my belly made a rush for the 20mins I had a really good poo but it was sloppy & very smelly & let out some smelly gas on the loo as my bum felt like a chocolate dispenser! Clean up was messy took 7 wipes & the smell of my poo was lingering in the air for a while & my mate got the back draft as he went for a pee after I had just dropped a monster of a stinker!

Thu 21/10: Morning: If the last few days were anything to go by then today was the worst as I felt the wrath of my belly. After breakfast was relaxing on the couch with my shorts on in the chalet when all of a sudden felt crampy & uneasy, let some foul meaty wet SBDs which really were minging! I then told my mates that I had a bad belly as I sat on the couch holding my belly letting out smelly gas then I knew I had to make a bee line for the loo & told my mates that I was going for a poo & that I was going to
be a while as I needed to take my time & that I wanted to be left alone to have a poo.
I pulled down my shorts & pants, sat on the loo & crossed my arms & pressed them to
my belly & could feel my poo rushing down to my bum, it felt warm...I farted & it wasn't pleasant & followed through with logs, chunks, pieces .... Which plopped loudly into the bowl. Again I was doing another sloppy, smelly poo & this felt like another colon cleanse as it took me nearly half an hour to totally stink out the bathroom! Took a lot of wipes to
get my bum clean. 11:30pm: While I was clearing up things in the kitchen packing up
ready for when we leave the chalet in the morning ,after having been out in the evening was feeling bloated again & every couple of minutes was letting rip some smelly farts again & needed to go & sit on the loo, lowered my shorts & had another really good poo which consisted of logs, big chunks which was smelly & was on the loo for 20mins as I managed to relieve myself satisfyingly ;)

Fri 22/10: Evening: at home, really tired & as I was unpacking after my holiday I felt a huge load build up in my bowels, was passing meaty smelling farts & made a dash to
my upstairs loo, dropped my shorts to my thighs, sat & had a really big monster of a poo which was quite smelly lots of plips & plops as I was dropping poo from my bum at quite a rate ;). I was on the loo for over half an hour as I unloaded a biggun' :)

more from me soon take care everyone x

My Casino Desperation Piss True Story

During the day for breakfast I had water cranberry juice and some hot tea. I always pee a lot when drink a lot for breakfast when I am home during the day. In afternoon my cousin wanted someone to come with hem to casino so I went with hem. When I go to casino I needed to pee badly because I had cranberry juice and a bottle of water on way to casino but I waited. Any hour later at casino I really felt need to pee so I went into the men s room to pee it felt great to let pee out but no all of it came out.When I hold my pee in for a long time not all the pee comes out of me. Latter on during the night I had 3 mixed drinks on casino floor. After having though drinks I really needed to pee badly and wanted to go to men s to let some pee out of me. So I walked quickly over to men s room went up to a urinal
and let go of a long pee it felt great letting pee out of me. I could't hold pee in much longer I needed to go.

Freshman Freddy

Some questions

This is the first time I have written anything. I just started high school two months ago. Last year in using the urinals I had some problems. I'm underdeveloped for my age (14) and I was having trouble with guys standing next to me and while they were peeing, they would look at the size of my organ and do things like point and laugh. Once during the first week of school this year, I was fumbling getting my organ out of my boxers and this senior jock behind me made a remark about me "losing my c**k."
Luckily, I was able to get some of my piss out, despite the laughter from about six or seven of his friends in the bathroom. That was two months ago. Since then, I've now switched to using the stalls to piss. I go in, close the door, and sit down and pee like a girl. It's more comfortable for me and actually faster. However, I have two questions for the rest of you:

1) What should I do when I see eyeballs on me through the space between the door and partition?

2) Also, I seem to pick up a smell from the seats I'm sitting on. Sometimes I can still smell it like two hours later. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the edge of my bed and changing my underwear and I could still smell it. The same was true at 11:30 p.m. when I finally went to bed. Have any of the rest of you experienced something like this? What should I do?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


All day field-trip

My name is Sara i am now 19 years old & have a boyfriend(Tim)for the past 12 years. This story happened 10 years ago when i was 9 a Tim was only 11 years old.I & 6 other students (4 Boys & 2 Girls)from my class who where all 8-12 years old.One of them Tim & Kathy our driver for a total of 8 persons in a 21 persons van.We where out on an all day field trip that we started off at 5am. with breakfast at school on the road by 6am.At about8:30am we stopped for a short short potty break & time to stretch out our feet for a wile.Well Tim & i where sitting in the back seat of the van &the others where all up front of the van.I needed to wear braces on both of my lower legs & therefore made it slow & a bit heard to move around.So i & Tim stead in the van wile the others all got out for a bit.Then at about 8:45am.we where on the road again.At about 11:30 we stopped for a one hour lunch & potty break.I stayed with Kathy in the van for a wile as Tim went to get me lunch so i could eat it in the van.We all where back on the road by 12:30 & had about 2hours more to go till we would reach where we where headed to.Well as fate would have it ! after about one hour i felt a real need to both pee & poop extremely bad & to make things worse we where in the center of the highway with no exits for about 50 miles.I told Tim who was sitting in the seat right next to me about my urgent need to pee & poop.Well i had on a skirt & it was just the two of us back in the back of the van.S Tim still had the cardboard box that his & mine lunch was packed in as well as a 48 oz. plastic cup that had a coke we both shared & finished off.Tim helped me get my panties down and helped slide me forward on the seat placing the empty box on the floor besides the seat then held the cup up to my pussy as i peed a real gusher into it. At the same time i pushed out about 6 to 8 large logs of poop that dropped into the box by the seat.Gratefully it did not have much of a smell so the others in the van did not have any ideal of what had happen.After i was done Tim took out a napkin & helped wipe my butt & then helped to put my panties back up.Tim told me not to worry that he would not tell anyone what had happened.I told Tim that i was truly very embarrassing to have him have to see me like this & have to help me to do my deed .Yet i was well pleased that if it had to be someone that it was such a kind sweet boy like you & kissed him.

Sarah from Calgary

My four hour drive from hell

Hi everyone,

On Thursday, October 14th, I had to drive to Edmonton to interview a woman for a maternity leave position in our Edmonton Sales Office over lunch. My period had pretty much ended the day before, but I decided to wear a panty liner in case it started up again. I was wearing a pair of purple paisley full cut panties and a pair of navy cotton pants. I also brought a few extra pads and a clean pair of panties in case it did start up again.

I left Calgary at around 7:30 in the morning, stopped in Red Deer to use the washroom and grab a coffee. I got into Edmonton at around 10:30 or so. I filled up my car with gas and met Paul, our Sales Rep. for coffee at Tim Horton's before our lunch meeting with this lady, Lisa. I went to the ladies room at Tim Horton's to pee and my panty liner was still clean.

We went to lunch at an Asian place called PMP or FMP. It may have well stood for "poop my pants" or "fill my pants". The food was actually really good, but it did not agree with me at all. At around 1:30 in the afternoon, I made my way back to Calgary. Before I left I went to the ladies room again to pee. My panty liner was still clean, so I decided to remove it from my panties.

As I was driving to the highway to go back to Calgary, I started getting this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. By the time I got out of Edmonton the cramps were getting really bad. I let out a few farts to help relieve the pressure and it helped. About 15 minutes after that all hell broke loose. This really intense, sharp cramp hit me and I let out another fart. When I did, my bowels turned to water and this huge amount of semi soft diarrhea rushed out of me and into my panties. I lifted myself up when this happened, but even in the seated position, the diarrhea oozed up my back and up my front as well. It was awful, but the cramps went away. Still driving, I looked around in my car for something to stuff under me. I found a partially folded towel in the back seat, grabbed it and proceeded to put it under me. It wasn't that easy because I was driving, but I didn't want to stain my car seat. Looking back on this, it wasn't the best move to make, but I wasn't exactly thinking rationally at the time. I still had about 2 and a half hours to go before I got to Calgary! When I sat fully down, the mess oozed and bubbled out everywhere.

Then I started speeding. I was trying to get home as quickly as I could and was doing between 130 and 140 km's per hour. About 20 minutes later, I started cramping up again. I kept saying to my self, "oh god, oh god" and taking deep breaths to ease the cramps. It didn't work. Another messy load of very wet diarrhea rushed out of me. Because I was fully seated on the towel, most of the mess went into the front of my pants. I could feel the mess bubble out everywhere every few minutes. It was disgusting.

Then something really bad happened. I got pulled over by the police. My heart sank as I saw the police car speed up behind me with its lights flashing. I stopped my car, turned off the ignition and started crying. A 20 something female officer got out of her car and walked up to mine. She was very pretty and reminded me of Charlize Theron. My window was already down and she asked me for my license and registration. I handed it to her and she asked me, "Do you know how fast you were going?" I was still crying and then really started sobbing. I said between sobs, "Yes". She asked, "Are you okay?" Still crying, I said, "No. I have diarrhea. And I… messed myself badly." She took a half step back and said, "Oh. Uhh… I'm really sorry." I grabbed a kleenex and blew my nose while she stood there for a few seconds thinking things over. She then said, "Okay, look, I am going to let you off with a warning. But you must promise me that you will slow down." I said, "Okay. I really appreciate it." She started walking away and then turned back to my car and said, "Hey look, I know what you are going through. I have had this happen to me before a few times, including this past summer at a concert in Edmonton. My friends and I were on the floor and I had to go so badly. I just couldn't hold it back and I made a complete mess of myself. It was really embarrassing." I was still snuffling and blowing by nose. It between I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. This isn't my first time either." She said, "Okay, well, I hope you feel better. And please, please slow down. I would have for you to be stopped by a male officer who may not care about your current situation." I said, "Okay, I promise. Thank you." She went back to her patrol car and I waited for her to leave before I did.

About 10 minutes after that I had to go yet again. This time it was very runny and it went everywhere again.

Now, normally I have a really strong bladder. In fact I haven't peed my pants in about 15 years. I can't even remember exactly what happened, but I don't think it was that bad. My bowels have always been my main problem. After three coffees, water and a glass of wine that day, I really had to pee. I had went pee at the restaurant before I left, but I needed to go badly again. I wasn't in any condition to stop anywhere either, so I decided to let go and pee my pants. I figured that since they were so heavily soiled from the diarrhea, that peeing in them would not matter so much. What I didn't count on was the pee turning the mess more liquidly than it already was. I was a complete mess from the back of my panties, down the insides of my legs, my lap, everywhere!

Just outside of Calgary there was construction. Two south bound lanes out of three were closed turning my normal three hour drive into a four hour one. So I had to sit there in my mess for another hour.

I finally got home at around 4:30 and my husband was home from work. Getting out of my car was no easy task. When I got out of my car, the mess in my lap started going down the front of my pants. I had leaked through my pants that the towel I was sitting on was a mess as well. I grabbed it and took it into our house with me.

When I got inside, my husband greeted me and I started crying again. He asked what happened and I told him the entire story from when I left Edmonton and started feeling sick, to actually going in my pants several times, to being stopped for speeding, to peeing my pants and so on.

I used our guest bathroom to get myself cleaned up as it has a full bathtub. Our on-suite just has a shower stall and a separate jetted tub. I started the shower to warm up the water. I took of my blouse which had diarrhea stains on the bottom of it. I took off my socks and undid my pants. This ended up being a big mistake because when I undid my pants, the mess went everywhere. It went down the front of my legs and onto the tiled floor of the bathroom. I quickly jumped into the shower and proceeded to clean myself up.

That was a brutal afternoon! What ever I ate at that restaurant went right through me.

Sarah from Calgary.


jenna 1, Fear Accidents

TO jenna l:
Thank you for responding to my question! (You even went a bit further and got an expert opinion!!! WOW!)

We must already have the need to go beforehand. Fear just pushes an already primed system over the edge. Makes sense!

And thank you for sharing those two experiences. I hope you and your sister can smile about your accident on that scary night.

Take care,



Response to Ty

Man I know how you feel! I have had the shits like that plenty of times. I think you already answered your own question--it's definitely the alcohol and it's not at all uncommon. Lot's of guys get the squirts from drinking. It might go away, it might be a minor little bowel irritation---I doubt it's IBS since it only happens when you drink. I thought I had IBS one time cuz I had the shits for a month! Recently, I had to stop drinking burboun because the next day I woulds have the shits--and I never used to be that way--sometimes our bodies just change regarding what we can and can't tolerate. I switched to Vodka and other than my usual loud frequent farting--which I am quite proud of when in an all male environment---I don't hardly get the shits.

Beer is a very well known diarrhea producer. Almost everyone that drinks lots of beer gets the shits the next day--not to mention extreme gas and wet sharts. If you miss drinking maybe you can just try a few Vodka drinks and see what happens, but I think the beer is definitely OUT!

Good luck--keep us posted!


Scared wet

I disagree with your professor. Voiding in fear is not only for those holding. When I was 13 or 14 I was riding my bike and thought I had the whole road to myself. It was a state route but not heavily traveled. I was riding pretty fast and without thinking (or looking) I changed thing I knew, the bike was gone and I was flying through the air. I landed in the road. I stood up and quickly realized two things. A car hit my bicycle and knocked it out from under me...and I was peeing my pants. The car never touched me.

I was in a state of shock...I was not injured and the bike was not damaged but I could not stop peeing my pants. The driver of the car got out to check on me but I grabbed my bike and got out of there before she could see me peeing.

I also peed myself during a car crash when I was 17. I remember needing to pee before that crash but at the time of the bicycle accident I was not holding.


Comments for Rag Muffin, Magnesia Maggie & Connor

For Rag Muffin:

What a story about Isabella and the edge she showed. What do you think your parents would have done if you had told them about how she was talking about liquor as a laxative and her boyfriend's boner? The fact that she smoked in front of your guys could also have caused problems.

To Magnesia Maggie:

Have you ever run into teachers who won't let you go during their classes? I remember overhearing a girl in my 1st hour Am. National Government class last year ask our teacher (a woman, by the way) if she could go to the bathroom. The teacher said no and that she should have gone before leaving home or should be able to hold it. What the girl did about 15 minutes later was to volunteer to get a textbook from the bookroom for a new student and she stopped down and took her shit on the way. Later that day I heard talk that someone had shitted right on the seat. I guess that could have been retaliation.

Connor: It's interesting that you don't touch the flusher but rather flush with your foot when you are away from home. My mom does that a lot in public bathrooms and when I was about 6 or 7 she taught me to do it. She was so pissed a couple of times when I forgot and put my hand onto the flusher. She yanked it off and yelled at me. I think that was interesting that you got to see your mother sitting on the public toilet. Mine is very clean about herself and would never sit on a public seat.

new guy

comments & other stuff

To: EmmEmma great story about you pooping in the waste bin that sounds like it could work as an emergency toilet for when your desperate and please contiue to post more stories.

To: Jenna I great story about being scared and pooping your pants thats happened to me once ive written about it before but ill tell it again it happened one night when I thought I was home alone but my dad was there I just didnt know it at the time so I was just sitting when for some reason I got scared I dont know if it was sound or something but it scared me enough that I pooped my pants this happened over 10 years ago.

To: Rag Muffin Reanna great story about isabella please contiue to post more stories.

To: de lurking great stories and glad you decided to post please post more stories.

To: Upstate Dave great story about your outdoor buddy dump A question whats the most number of girls or women youve seen poop anr/or pee at the same time please share the story.

To: Sandy) great story your friend pooping in the car please post more stories.

To: Abbie great story a question have you ever had to leave a bathroom because a girl or woman was creating a smell so bad that if your nose could jump off you face and runawy from the smell it would? please contiue to post more stories.

Heres a list of places ive gone to the bathroom besides atoilet

1. A bucket I still do sometimes just because I feel like it
2. A baseball field behind a building because I couldnt hold it and didnt want to pee my opants
3. In several different bushes and shrubs just because I felt like it
4. In my backyard because I felt like it

1. In a field because I wanted to try it
2. At the beach in the sand I really had to go and there were no toilets around and I didnt want to poop my pants
3. My backyard just because I felt like it

there are others but I cant remember them right now.

Sincerly new guy

PS. again I really love this site.

Frantic Francine

Still adjusting to middle school toilets

Jaded Jarrod:

I think that it sucks that some of the guys make fun of you for not sitting butt down on the toilets at school. What business of theirs is it whether you put some paper liner down first? And haven't you said that some of the guys will even sit down in someone else's pee. That's gross, but I guess they are just trying to keep from getting tardies to class. I know I am. You said at one point Maddie was having a tough time learning to squat pee and crap. I'd like to know how that's going for her.

For Everybody:

Yesterday was one of the best days of my first eight weeks of middle school. I didn't need to use the restroom! And about the time I think it's getting better, something goes wrong.

That was the case last week. I finished lunch, and three of the girls at my table, left briefly and came back from using the bathroom, and I looked at the clock and knew I too needed to go before I went to Math. I took my tray back, was nicely thanks by an English teacher who was standing by the tray dump wheel for reaching down and picking up a couple of wrappers that blew off my tray, and I headed across the cafeteria to the restrooms. I knew they were busy, but I knew I didn't have any choice because I know there's no a lot of opportunity to get a pass out of Math. Our class has so many discipline problems and our teacher is really stressed.

As I walked into the bathroom and around the privacy wall, I saw one and only one of the stalls obviously open. I picked up my pace, threw my bookbag against the wall and headed directly for it. An older girl in a cheerleader uniform literally bumped into me in the doorway, and I told her I wouldn't be long and I slithered my way in. I had tight blue jeans on and I unbuttoned them, dropped them and my panties to just below knee level, and I turned, tore off a couple of sheets of toilet paper and started to wipe the seat. I admit I made the mistake of not completely closing the door and the cheerleader was watching me. Finally she said somethng like "Good God, I'm about to shit my panties..." and I closed the door in her face. Unfortunately, it slowly swung back open because the lock had broken off. Not only was the lock broken off, it was missing.

I put my butt on the seat and I saw my friend Alexis from Math stick her head in and ask for my notebook. I told her where my bag was and she got the notebook, and again brought it to me in the stall and said she couldn't find the page in the Math section where I had done my 20 homework problems. I didn't really want her to copy them, but I wanted to pee worse and my stream really hadn't started yet because of all the confusion. Without standing up from the toilet, I showed Alexis where the Math tab was and told her I would be out in a minute. At that point, I didn't see exactly what she did to cause the problem, but she dropped my notebook in the doorway. Like 40 vocabulary cards I had been studying earlier hit the floor. They caused quite a bit of clutter. From my seat, and now my pee stream had started, I reached down and forward to help Alexis and upon making my farthest reach, I felt pee splashing on my inner leg and when I put my hand down to move my underwear, my hand got wet because I was outside the range of the toilet bowl. Without interrupting the stream, I slid back on the seat. I finished my pee while Alexis was down on her knees picking up the cards.

Alexis kind of apologized, but I was still upset with her. Then as I flushed, and was pulling my pants up, she slides by me, hikes up her skirt, and seats herself for a crap. Two other girls waiting outside the door, which was partially open, called her out and said they had been waiting longer. I was impressed with the speed with which Alexis took her crap. Within like 30 seconds she was done and wiping. She did say something upsetting to me, about sitting in some of my pee on the front of the seat. I got to thinking about what a short memory she has and how rude she was being to me. She was still seated when I quickly opened the door and went to wash my hands. The passing period bell rang and more girls were lining up for each of the stalls. I didn't wait for Alexis, knew that she wouldn't have homework to turn in, but I didn't feel guilty because of the way she treated me.

Alexis finally came into Math about two minutes late. Unfortunately, our teacher was in her office and hadn't come out yet to catch Alexis.

I just don't understand why I'm having so many problems adjusting to middle school bathrooms.


To Kelly P

I am sorry that I did not see your question before now. I love the feeling of defecating a long,thick log. I guess that is why I am (in my opinion) unhealthily obsessed with going to the bathroom. I have been a very healthy, yet hearty, eater and I keep in good shape for many reasons. But my primary motivation is to have that kind of a bowel movement as frequently as possible.

I like to let the pressure build a little before I go but I don't wait too long. I have done that where I let a little come out and hold it back, but only if I have that firm "turtle head." But I don't have it that often since I go twice daily. Usually it is the same consistency at the beginning as the end.

I hope that helps.

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