European Unisex Toilets

I had a couple of experiences in Europe with unisex restrooms that I'll relate separately. My wife and I went on an anniversary trip 9-day European highlights tour. We flew from California to London where we met the rest of the group and started the coach tour from there. Our tour guide was a very attractive lady in her 30's from London, with a pleasant accent (it was to us Americans). We went to 7 countries, England, Belgium, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, and France, hitting the highlights along the way. The bus had a restroom, but on the first day the tour guide said that the restroom was really designed for those who may have had too much coffee (i.e. peeing), and not really for any other need (i.e. "don't shit on the bus"). She said if there was a need for facilities, let her know and we would stop for "appropriate" toilets. All went well. Few people used the bus toilet since we did stop at times along the way. And up until the 6th day of the trip, all the restroom facilities were separate by gender. When we were about two hours from Paris, we stopped at a place just off the highway that was a gas station, convenience store, and restrooms, much like we have in the USA. Well, the restroom was unisex. It had 5 stalls with doors to the floor and the partitions reaching to about 2 inches of the floor and about 7 or 8 feet tall. So sound traveled well, but there weren't any cracks to see in the stall or ability to see under the walls to the next stall. I'm a bit of a shy pooper, and after 6 days of traveling with these folks, you get to know them and it would be uncomfortable to have a major loud BM in the same room with them, and with both sexes there. The line to the restroom was pretty long, and everyone just went and didn't think about it. I told my wife I need to do a #2 and felt gassy. She asked what I wanted to do and I said I'd wait until the restroom cleared and then go. She only needed to pee so she went and I browsed in the convenience store. The line seemed to be finished in the restroom and people were milling around the store when our tour guide came in from outside and told us we'd be leaving in about 7 or 8 minutes. So I started to the restroom. I went in and all the stalls were open, so I started toward the first one. Just then the very attractive tour guide came in and smiled and spoke to me and went into the stall next to me. I needed to go and hoped maybe she would pee quickly and go, as it would be embarrassing to fart in front of this fine looking lady. I quietly pulled down my pants and took a seat and I heard her sit down. I then heard about a 10 second gush of soft poop flowing from her, follow by a loud brrrrrrappppppt fart. I was stunned about her just doing her thing and realized that if I was going to go, I'd better get started. Besides, she probably knew my purpose by now since I'd been sitting there. I pushed out a heavy log that plopped very noisily into the toilet. The water level in the toilets is lower that you see in the USA, so it makes a loud splash when hitting the water. The tour guide proceeded to pass another quite loud fart and with a soft grunt, pushed out more mushy sounding shit. It began to smell pretty strongly at that point. I was surprised when she said, "Sorry for all the noise and smell. I've been needing to use the toilet for over an hour." I told her it was OK, that I was going myself. She said, "I thought I heard something!" At that point I felt a huge amount of gas, and said to her, "Sorry, but I have to make some noise." I farted quite loudly and said, "Excuse me" and she said, "You don't have to excuse yourself. We're in the toilets and that's what happens here." At that point she farted again and said, "See?" I laughed and finished my poop, as she did. We wiped, flushed, and were at adjacent sinks washing our hands. We then joined the rest of the group in the bus. I told my wife about this and she was surprised but thought it was pretty funny and said it's more accepted here to have unisex toilets and it probably happens everyday. After thinking about it, it was pretty neat that this happened. We had two more days to go on the trip and I experienced another incident in Switzerland, which I'll cover in a separate post.


Another European Unisex Toilet Story

I'd posted earlier about a trip my wife and I took to Europe and the experience in France with a unisex toilet. We had another incident in Switzerland that I'll relate. We were on a 7-country tour on a coach with about 40 other people. We stopped for a couple of days in Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. The first morning there, we took a boat across the lake to an open-air market. We call them flea markets or swap meets in the USA. When we first arrived at the market there was a sign for restrooms pointing down a long staircase to a building at the bottom. Most of us went down there. There was one unisex restroom, with three stalls and on the other side of the stalls 3 urinals. The view of the urinals was blocked by the stalls, so guys could pee in somewhat private. The stalls had the first two marked with a female figure, and the third one marked with a male figure. We all peed and then went on our way to the market, with instructions to meet back at the boat at noon. My wife and I browsed the market, and I felt the need to poop coming on. I mentioned to my wife I needed to visit the restroom and she said she needed to go as well. I asked if she just needed to pee. She said no, she needed a #2. I said I did, too. We walked back to the restroom area and a younger attractive couple was just descending the stairs. We followed them down. Both were dressed in jeans, and she filled them nicely, I might add. We went into the restroom just behind them and the guy went to the urinals. The girl took the middle stall, leaving the two end ones, one male and one female designated, for my wife and me. So I was in a stall next to this young lady. The man peed quickly and said something in a language I didn't understand and the young lady answered him. He left the restroom. We were all three seated now, and I hear a pretty loud fart that I was pretty sure came from my wife. It seemed to be from the far stall. I pushed out a sizeable log that plopped noisily into the toilet. Then I heard a near explosion of poop coming from one of the stalls, not sure if it was my wife or the other girl. Then I heard my wife flush and open the door so I knew it was this young lady blowing it out next to me. My wife told me she'd see me outside and I said OK. This young lady proceeded to have diarrhea next to me for a while. She would blow out soft, watery poop and let huge farts every 30 seconds or so. I was amazed at the amount of fecal matter she was passing. I got done and wiped and started to pull up my pants when she gasped and grunted and farted very loudly, and in the middle of the fart, shit started exploding from her. She said something I didn't understand. I finished up and flushed and heard her wiping at that point. I washed my hands and as I was drying them, she flushed and came out. She smiled and said, "Sorry" in English and rubbed her stomach and made a face and stuck out her tongue as if to say, "I was desperate". I left, joined my wife who said, "My God did you hear that girl next to us?" I said, "Yes, you should have heard her after you left!" I guess it's more accepted in other countries. Maybe something the USA needs to consider!

Upstate Dave

Times OfMy Childhood

Barbie was a girl that was one of myfriends sistor. She was only two years younger then I. I was ten she was eight. Barbie was the brunette haired girl that showed how she shit useing the toilet with wrapped up toilet paper in the toilet seats opening and would shit on the paper and when she pissed the toiet paper would break and her shit then would fall into the toilet.

Well after that Barbie and I woulod be together a lot and she would have no problems telling me when she had to piss or shit when she needed to go. I was the same with her. Now it was one Saturday just her and I were together. We were outside and we were takeing a hike together. We were headed to a spot which we had once been to before but that was with our whole group of friends then. Today it was just us two.

Now it had been last summer when we all had gone to this spot together. So now it was almost a year later. We had chosen a great day to do our hike too. Sunny in te low seventies with a breeze. So it was real cofortible to take our hike. Barbie was wearing one of her summer dresses while I had on shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

After we had crested the first hill in the series of hlls we were going to go up and we were behind the last house thatwe would go by Barbiee made a quick stop on the trail. Laughing Barbie pulled up the bottom of her summer dress in the back! Barbie was pantyless and as she flashed her ever so cute bare ass to me Barbie said to me; Dave I came prepared! I then let out a short laugh. I see that! I said to her and then said to Barbie also; Let's keep going.

We went up the path going up the seccond hill and then the third. Crossed the almost dried up creek where it crossed the trail and continuied on. As we hiked Barbie and I talked, told each other jokes some being clean, and some being a little on the dirty side. That made the hile seem to go a lot shorter. Soon we wre at where we would turn right cross the creek again and go up the steep embankment to where we were heading for.

Going up the steep embankment was the hardest part which I helped Barbie get up it as we went up it. It always took a good 15 minutes to get up it and this time it took us to do that as far as time. Once on top it was a easy flat walk over to our destination. As she and I walked over once was a old road at one time we walked at a faster pace and we talked about what itstill would look like when we got there.

Ten minutes later we wre there. Now what this place we had hiked up to at one time was a group of cottages which were camps. Back in the 1920s and 30s this area was a tourist area from which people from around the area would come out to for a day, weekend, or a week to spend time in the country getting out of the city. There were spots like this scattered around the area and this was one of them.

Now these cottage camps had long been abandoned. As being a tourist area it most likely died out as one after worl war 2. Now being a year later Barbie and I noticed that two of the five cottages had become victims to the past winter. They had fallen in from the heavy snows we had this past winter. The other threelooked a little more worn down too but they were still standing.

Now also too all of the cottages had outhouses. One for each cottage so there were five standing last year. Now there were only three of them for two also had fallen in since last year. There had been electrical power to them but no running water as far as bathrooms in the cottages. There was one outside well with a pitcher pump that was shared by all five cottages. How did we know that? The pump was still there and still worked. So that is where Barbie and I headed for after takeing our first quick look around.

So now we went right over to the hand pump and I started pumping it which did it ever squeek louly as I umped it. Water did start flowing from it but it was rust brown at first but soon it turned clear and Barbie dipped her hands into the flowing water cupping them and started drinking the water. After her third big mouthfull I asked Barbie; Is it still taste good? Is it good and cold? Barbie laughed and told me it tasted great and YES it still as cold as ever!

Barbie took many handfulls of the water and finaly drank no more. I stopped pumping and she pumped for me so I could get a drink. I was thirsty like she had been so I drank a lot of the water which she was right. It still tasted good and again it was COLD! Cold enough by the time I finished my two hands were dark pink and semi numb! I shook then hard to warm them up which made Barbie laugh.

Then Baqrbie and I went and inspected the remaining cottages. Now the older kids used them too for partying. For last year when we were all here we looked inside all of them. In them were trash,broken remains of left furniture, emty beer bottles,beercans, soda bottles, and empty booze bottles. There was deposits on the beer and soda bottles and we gathered them all up and turned them in makeing some spending mney for us all.

Sure enough there had been parties here since last year. There were plenty of bber cans,beer bottles, and soda bottles, and cans in the three cottages. I had brought a garbagebag with us and we picked up enough cans, and bottles to almost fill it! Barbie added up what it would be worth as we went around picking them up. When we got done there was $5.25! So that was enough money for us to sure have spending it when we returned the cans and bottles in!

Now spending the time picking up the botles and cans had passed and both of needed now to really take a good piss. I told Barbie that I had to and she said she did too. Now one of the remaining three outhouses was a two holer. So that is the one Barbie and I hurridly walked over too.

This outhouse still had its door on it and I started pulling it open and suddenly the screws in the doors hinges came right out! 9the wood had rotted) I almost fell but let the door drop on the ground with a loud thud. Barbie and I broke into hard short laughter together. But we both stopped our laughter for if I hadn't I would have pissed my shorts right there! Barbie too would have pissed right where she was standing if she kept on laughing. For we told each other as we stepped into the ouhouse together.

Now inside but before I pulled my shorts down and Barbie raised her dress up I told Barbie as she began to tell me I was going to tell her I also was going to shit. Barbie as it turned out was going to tell me she also too was going to take a shit also. When we did tell each other after stopping to tell each other which would have been at the same time. We did another short hard laugh together! We cut that one short too.

So here is what we did. We both got up on the wooden platform together. Barbie faced towards the backwall while I faced foward. I yanked my shorts right down to my ankles while barbie had her summer dress raised up and wrapped around her waist. WE both squated down. Being this way I could see her piss and shit and she the same when I would go!

Well having drank so much of the water from the hadpump we both started with a good hard piss first! I was leaning slightly back so I could see Barbie's vagina. Barbie was not that close to the back wall as she squatedover her hole so she was forward of me and she could see me holding my penis and see my stream of piss comming out from it and shooting down through the hole opening.

With us both pissing we both heard our piss hitting the dirt which made a soft splashing sound from both streams. As I pissed I thought to myslef; Oh it is so nice to piss! So right after that thought I asked Barbie; Does it feel good to piss Barbie? Barbie giggled slightly then smiled and shook her yes. I smiled and let out just a hint of a chuckle and we went on with our pissing.

Barbie's piss stream didn't hiss till she neared the end of her piss. Then it only hissed about 5 seconds. Then it stopped her stream went right into a dribble and then into driping. By this time my stream was just starting to ease off. It thinned down and then I stopped but I did need to do some finishing off spurts. So I did three very nice ones in a row and now I was done.

Now Barbie moved foward getting herbare ass over the hole. This made her able to see when I started my shit and I leaned forward which made me able to see her shit when she started! Now who was going to start first! Well it was me. When I have to shit I have to shit! I felt my asshole stretch right pen and felt my shit starting to slide out from it.

Barbie said with a excited tone in her voice; I see it comming! A big one? I asked her. It sure is Dave! Barbie said right back to me. Tan and smooth too! Barbie added saying to me. Barbie said no more but she did giggle as I went on shiting. Severla good long seconds went by and I then heard a dull thud but my asshole was still stretched wide open and I could feel my shit still sliding out from it. Did it break? I asked Barbie. It did Dave. Abig one too! Barbie added and then with a hard giggle.

Afew more seonds went by and there was a second good thud and I felt myasshole close right up. But I also felt that there was more shit still inside of mr yet. Barbie did ask me if I was done. No I can feel just alittle more inside of me. Lets see if I can get it out. Ok Dave I'm watching! Barbie said rather loudly along with a giggle as she said that to me.

So I pushed my penis back down with my hand just incase with my push I might have a spurt of piss come out I gave a good hard push. I did have a spurt of piss come out from my penis. I felt my asshole open and sure enough I felt ashit slide out. It was only a short one for in a couple of seocnds there was a lighter thud down below and my asshole closed shut. I felt no more shit inside of me. I was done.

So what I did was sit down instead of staying in a squat. Barbie seeing me sit down stayed squated but moved forward giving me a better view of her bare ass. Then I herad her do a soft grunt. Her asshole domed a little and just a very slight sharp tipped brown shit poked out and then slid back inside and her asshole closed up. Barbie did another soft grunt and push. Her asshole reopened and the sharp tip of her shit came out again but got longer and reached being long enough so that a fatter secition of her shit was showing.

Then Barbie stopped her seocnd push which her shit stayed still not slipping back inside of her. Barbie said to me; I can fel that its stayed there this time. One more good push will get it going and stay going I think Dave. Barbie grunted a little louder with her next push. Her shit moved exposing more of it which stayed fat in size. Then Barbie stopped her push and her shit did keep moving but went slowly.

It was a chunky looking shit too. It slowly got longer As I watched I would say that it was a good five inches long and slwly getting longer. Since t was so chunky looking what happened some of the chunks in her shit would break away and make soft thuds hitting the ground down in the hole. Barbie hearing the thud of her chunks whenthey had broke off an had hit the ground giggled each time she heard one.

Barbie's shitreached eight inches or a little more and then it just dropped down through the hole making one louder thud when it hit the ground. It had not tapered down to a shaprp tip like its begining. It satyed fat at its other end. Then Barbie dribbled out some more piss from her vagina which turned into dripping. Barbie had to bounce and shake to get the driping of her piss to stop. The she was done.

I had to wipe which I had brought a few napkins along which should have been used for our lunch. But now feeling that my ass did need wipeing I pulled them out from my back pocket and used one of them wipeing my ass with it. As it turned out I only needed to use the one napkin only. Barbie took one from me and she wiped her ass only once too. That was it we wre done. I pulled up my shorts she got down rom the platform and we went back outside the outhouse. That was the end of our first outdoor buddy dump together. Up state Dave

ashley c.

various responses

Hi. I'm new, been reading for a couple of weeks and i Just wanted to comment on a few posts and finally share my stories.

De-lurking: thats really interesting that you were a witness to two accidents like that. Mind if i ask about how old those people were? The first girl i imagine she was at least a teen or young adult, but thats too bad for her that she was too stubborn to go in nature like everyone else, and subjected herself to an embarrassing pants wetting accident. She'll probably be more open to peeing in the woods next time! As for the other girl she was probably pretty young, no? I can't imagine a child much older than 9 or 10 maximum letting that happen, they would be more forceful with their parents or just walk off anyway. I can't believe she just gave up and pooped her pants right there! My niece used to do that because she didn't care about going to the bathroom in her pants until she got to about 4th grade and realized how socially unacceptable it was to do it on purpose. She often would just poop in her pants, at home or in public, and ignore it until she was confronted. Drove my brother CRAZY! thankfully she has stopped that behavior. Perhaps the girl you saw was the same way my niece was growing up.

Misty: i can totally picture that happening! I know that choking gasping feeling when fluid gets in your airway and i definitely see how that could cause a wetting accident iff you had to pee. At least you were home and your husband was playful about it..i mean if he teases you thats one thing, it probably means he was endeared by it in some way. Its a shame when men are flat out mean and nasty to their wives/girlfriends for having accidents. Which brings me to...

Jodi: i find all of your stories to be highly intriguing. If you are so well aware of your accidents and what causes them, why do they still happen? There is probably more too it, like you lack some sort of muscle control to contain your bowels. I mean I'm also a healthy adult female as well and i can say that when i need to poop, unless its diarrhea there's no way its coming out until i let it. I mean, diarrhea is a whole different animal, and yes, I've suffered the humiliating diarrhea explosion that every adult does sooner or later it seems like judging my the posts here, i just can't fathom a normal bm ever happening beyond my control. Even times i had to go REALLY bad, and in some part of my mind i was honestly afraid i might go in my pants, i was able to fight and fight and would ultimately gain strong control that i could maintain for a long while until getting to a toilet. I'm sorry its not that way for you. I really feel for you because of the humiliation you must endure because of pooping your pants in public. And i feel really bad for the way your fiance acted about your most recent accident... i understand that it would be embarrassing for him too, but he needs to be supportive and comforting to you in your time of need. Not critical. Take care and good luck keeping your undies clean! Lol.

Now for two quick stories. I've had one accident of each i alluded to above. When i was 25, i peed my pants for the first time and so far only time in my adult life. It was the most humiliating and degrading thing i experienced for a long long time (until my other accident). It was a pretty random thing. It was a sunday and i spent time at a bar watching a football game with friends i had a few beers and a couple of shots of liquor and a mixed drink, and i got fairly intoxicated to say the least. I was still coherent and functional just feeling pretty good, lol. When we left the bar, i had neglected to use the ladies room and i didn't notice a fairly pressing need to pee until i was in the car with 3 friends including the guy i was dating then. Well alcohol is a natural diuretic..and i had a lot of a pressing need became a dire emergency very quickly. I had to pee worse than i ever felt in my whole life. My whole abdomen felt tense and tight from trying to hold my swollen bladder. I violently fidgeted in the backseat of the car, rubbing my feet together and crossing my legs. I was biting my lip and practically in tears when i told everyone i had to stop for the bathroom. They were incredulous because we had just left the bar and it was only 10 more minutes until we got to my then-boyfriend's house. So i told them i could wait, and i had to try to wait....didn't work out. We pulled into my exboyfriend's neighborhood when it just started squirting out little by little against my will, and soon enough i was completely wetting myself. You don't forget what that feels like..the hot tingling sensation spreading across my thighs lap and butt...i peed myself real bad, and i was so upset and ashamed. I couldn't stop crying and we had to turn around to take me home. Drunk or not, it was shameful to wet my pants in a car full of other adults...especially on such a short ride.

Then last years i trumped that. Basically i came down with an urgent case of diarrhea in the supermarket. Like all the sudden my stomach violently churned and groaned and a rush of poop barrelled to the back door ready to burst through. I tensed up, abandoned my cart and began walking gingerly in search of the bathroom. Within seconds, i just lost control of myself and exploded in my pants. I had tight jeans and panties on..but that didn't was wet, it was a lot, and it came out with great force. It made noise. It soaked through. It went everywhere. I left the store in tears, utterly mortified. And i went everywhere...filled my panties and jeans, squeezed out the back waistband, soaked through, poured down my legs... there were streamlets of liquid poo coming out of the ankles of my jeans and spreading over my shoes, causing me to leave actual poop footprints. I wish i was kidding . It felt so disgusting, and it was horrible to sit in my car. I was trembling from being so upset and humiliated, and i felt sick to my stomach, and i was crying so much i couldn't even see to drive so i had to sit there until i calmed down........worst moment of my life. Bar none. I can promise you i haven't been back to that supermarket and i doubt i ever will.

Reading this site has been a HUGELY therapeutic thing for me. I can't believe how many adults have accidents or have had them, and its reassuring to know. I've become pretty fascinated by it now. Thank you all!


Feels good

Kelly P
Yes I have the same sensations when pushing out the hard plug that starts my poo. I can squeeze it so that it goes in and out a few times before I cannot control it and it slowly slides out, love it when it is rough and knobbly fantastic sensation, if you get my drift??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upstate Dave

Up In A Tall Tree Part 2

I got right up the next morning. I dressed had my breakfast and instead of walking over to Janets I rode my bike over to her house. Doing this it was faster and I had my reason to get over to her house in a hurry! I hadn't gone to the bathroom when I got up. So I needed to piss and now too after I had eaten I now also could take a shit! So I was ready like we had planned to do today.

AsI rode up into the driveway the front door opened and it was Janet! She was up and must have been watching for me through the kivigrooms picture window of her house. She smiled at me and sid good morning. I smiled back and said good morning back to her. I see you rode over Janet next said to me. Yeah I was in a hurry to get here I said to her. Janet laughed. I told Janet to hop on and we'll get going. Well we sure are in a hurry! Janet said as she got on my ike and sat on the cross bar.

YES I AM! I said to her and I started right down the driveway and out on the road. In a short couple of minutes later after making the turn by the store and heading for the school I told Janet that I was already ready that I had to piss and shit! I didn't piss after wakeing up and I had ate and now needed to shit too. Then I got what I wanted to hear from Janet She told me that she had to do both too!

We reached the school yard. Where to? I hurridly asked Janet. Around in the back Janet said to me. So I did just that pedeling hard and quickly getting behind the school. Where now? I asked. Over to the trees Janet said so in another fast minute I was at the line of pine trees at the far end of the school yard just past te gym. I stopped and Janet hopped right off from my bike. I got off too.

Janet went right over to one of the trees which had low barnches and started to climb right up it! (this tree was the one we had climbed before many times) So I went right over and started to climb it also. Janet was more in a hurry thenn I was it seemed. I thought then she just might have to go worse then I did. For why I thought that was Janet was climbing o quicky that she was above me by a good six feet!

Now Janet was wearing a light green summer dress when she had come outside at her house. I was paying attention to my climbing as we climbed up the tree till I had taken a look up to grab a branch. That's when I looked up and Janet was still climbing up I saw right up under her dress and she had no nderware on! That made me stop for several seconds and I just stayed still and watched her climb. Then I started climbing again.

Wellsoon enough Janet reached where the spot we had always gone to when we climbed this tree. It was to the backside of it where we could sit on two branches that we could face twoards each other. She sat down on one and she looked down at me as I was still climbing up tje tree to get to that spot where she was. Come on Dave! You're so slow! I would have thought you would be climbing alot faster knowing what you're going to see me do! Janet then laughed and I looked up at her and I was smileing.

It took e a couple of minutes to get up where Janet was. I took the oppisite branch across form her and sat on it. I had to take just a short break and catch my breath. Janet already had since she had been there for a few minutes already. Then after I had cuaght mine I said to Janet; I saw that you are not wearing any underware! Jaet let out a giggle and told me she was in to much of a hurry to bother. I smiled and let out a little chuckle myslef.

Then Janet said to me; Let's not waste any more time! With saying that Janet with her feet placed on a lower branch stood up, pulled her summer dressup front and back up and at back down on her branch. I had on jeans so I popped the snap and since I had to piss and shit so bad I just yanked at my jeans without pulling the zipper down and I yanked them down to me knees and I sat back down on my branch. Janet let out a hard giggle as I had yanked my jeans down in such a hurry!

I reached right down and grabbed my penis and shoved it over to the right so that when I started to piss my stream would go out through the wide open space and go down into the field that was there. When we would shit that is where our shits would wind up going too. If Janet didn't piss hard her piss would hit some of the branches of the tree down below us. I hoped that wouldn't happen for some of those lower brranches were ones that we had used for the climb up here! Oh well that we would have to worry about after we were done.

Now since I had to go so bad I in a very few short seocnds after shoving my jeans down and had taken a hold of my penis I started my piss! I snt a hard stream of very yellow clored piss from my penis. It shot way out of the tree through the wide opening space. It was very wide headed with a very long twist. It stayed together most of its way down but did break up several feet above the high green hay in the field below.

Boy did it ever feel so good to piss! Janet let outa little laugh for she was watching my piss stream. Boy that's why you were in such a hurry! If your'e pissing like that Dave I can't wait to see what your shit will be! I said right back to Janet; I don't think you'll have a long wait for that Janet! Janet let out a little giggle and she moved a little and then I saw her piss stream come to life! Janet startedher piss!

Her stream did come out hard which at first her stream just went slightly forward which she did piss on several of the lower branches for the first few seconds. Then her stream jumpped much further foward at more of a foward angle and it missed the lower branches and it too made it down to the tall hay down below. Her stream was agood shade of yellow too and her stream gave off a nice steady and kind of loud hiss as it flowed out of her peehole in her vagina.

Now after several seconds had passed and only both of us wre pissing I felt my asshole being pushed open and fast and it was being stretched wide open. I was starting my shit! I said to Janet; Hey I'm starting to shit Janet! It's comming right now! Janet turned her head and looked over and down. Besides feeling that it felt that it was going to be a fat one I could feel that it was slideing out kind of fast too. Also it was letting off a crackleing sound already as it was sliding out!

Janet in a very few short seconds said loudly and excitedly; Dave it's a big fat tan one! Holey shitit's so big! Does it hurt? I told her that it didn't. Gee it's already eight inches long Dave! Janet said back to me a short few seocnds later. I just shook my head yes. Then Janet said to me; Dave I think I'm starting to shit! It feels like I am!

So I took a lower look over Janets way but nothing was showing yet except that her strong piss stream had weakened a lot and again she was pising all over the lower branches again. Then right then I felt my asshole sudenly close up. I heard even from up where we wre my shit crash through the hay and a dull thud when it had hit the ground. Then my asshole reopened a second shit started slideing out from it! No wonder why I had the feeling that as far as shiting I had to go so bad!

Now I saw Janet's shit It had poked down far enough so it was in my sight now. Hers was on the fatish side too! Hers was brown and smooth and it was moving right along getting longer fairly fast. Before I could say anything about her shit Janet said to me; Hey you're shiting a second shit Dave! Just like the first one too! I shook myhead yes and then I told Janet she was takeing a pretty good one for a girl too. Janet giggled a little as a result of me saying that to her.

Like my first shit my second shit took no time to be taken. Only took seven eight seconds and my asshole closed up and my shit dropped down through the hay and a second dull thud was heard. Now I was done and I only now had to finsih pissing. Janet was still shiting and weakly pissing. Then ten or so seconds later Janets shit which had slowed down it dropped down to the ground. There was a dull thud too from her shit hiting the ground. Janet went and weakly pissed for several more seconds after she had shit and then stopped.

Nwo in our haste to get up ito the tree we had forgotten one importent thing which I had brought. The toilet paper! It was still down in the saddlebag on my bike!Now realizingthat it was not brought up I said to janet with a low and knd of dumb tone in my voice; Janet? Janet saidWhat Dave? WE forgot something we need right now. What's that Dave? Janet asked back. The toilet paper which I said ever so slowly making both words sound very longer then they should have.

Janet looked at me giving me a hard long stare as she did look at me. There was a awkward silence where she didn't say a word t me and I to her. Then Janet did say to me; Where is it? I ointed down at my bike and said to Janet, In the saddlebag. Another silent period followed. Then Janetlet out a very short giggle. Then a second but longer one ,and then a thirf longer one yet. Then she stopped.

Then Janet said to me; Well there is only one thing left to do then. What's that Janet I said back to her. Climb down and get it? (I thought right after that I was going to have to just that!) I was responsible to be the one to bring it up when we did climb up the tree. Tat was now Janets answer to me. What she said back to me I didn't expect at all!

Janet said witha slight giggle as she spke to me; We'll just have to check each others asses to see if they do need wipeing! As Janet blurted this ot she stood up with her dress hiked up in the back with her hands she spreaded her asscheeks apart making her asscrack a lot wider! Well I could only stare at her being this way! I couldn't say a word. After a good several seconds had passed Janet said loudly to me; Well do I need to wipe it? I then looked at her ass and itwas clean.

I told her that she didn't need to wipe. Janet laughed and let go of her dress and turned around. Ok Dave let me look at your ass! So I stood up and turned around and pulled my asscheks apart for Janet to look at. Janet still was giggling and she told me I looked clean as far as she could tell. I let out a phew which she heard and she giggled harder. I thought then that; What a relef! I wn't have to climb down and get the toilet paper!

So I turned around and I pulled up my jenas zipped them up and popped the snap. Then Janet and I started climbing back down the tree but went and took one of the other sides down avoiding the branches she had pissed on. It took us longer but we did reach the ground safely. Once back on the ground standing by my bike Janet said to me it sure was fun what we had just done. I areed with Janet.

Then we started walking with me just walking y bike while we walked. Janet talked to me as we walked slowly. Dave what we need is a fort. A tree fort! I know of a good place too where we can build it! There is already plety of wood there to use too! We only need a saw,a couple of hammers, and nails to do it. Plus where all this wood and stuff is there ios a good tree there to build it in!

I had now to ask Janet where this spot was. It was a great idea that she had too! So I asked her where she was thinking of doing this tree fort. Come on it's not far Dave. Lets get on your bike and I'll show you. So we both got on my bike and we peddled off out to the road. As soon as we passed the firehouse Janet told me to turn right. There was a very old road there that went back. I turned and started up this old road.

I when I was living up here never had gone up this old road so I only had a slight idea was up it. My brother had mentioned that him Ricky Mikes older brother and other friends had been up here and mentioned it briefly saying that there were the ruins of a old mill, factory or a hotel that was there one time. Even that he wasn't sure if it was any of those types pf places thatwere mentioned. But I was now very interested in seeing what was there myslef now. Janet said to me It isn't far now Dave. We had been riding at least five minutes now and way up ahead of us I could see some scatered large trees. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Five Peeing Girls! Part 2

After I had jerked my zipper on my shorts I did pull andleave my zipper down. Then I popped the snap. Then I ever so slowly started to slide my shorts down. Now all of the girls either laughed ,giggled, or started cat call whistleing. Then just before I had pulled my shorts down to where they were just before the point that my penis would start to show itself I stopped.

That brought from the girls comments like,Dave come on keep going!, dodn't stop, quit teasing us, etc. I stood there smileing. Then I gave a final push letting go o my shorts also and theyfell to my feet. Barbie H said in a real high pitched excited sounding tone; See Dave's thing does look like a bananna! Barbie S smiled Jeannie shakeing her head yes was laughing. Janet and Kathy both were staring right at it but they too were all smiles.

Then Barbie S came right up on the bilco doors and joined me. She reached right down and she took and held my penis in frontr of the rest of the girls! Barbie H and Jeannie giggled hard while Kathy and Janet now just stared at us both. Barbie S then said to all of them; Watch this and Janet and Kathy YOU BETTER MOVE! Kathy and Janet did move making a wide spot between them and Barbie H and Jeannie.

I started my piss then. I sent a very high arcing thin long twisted stream out form my penis. It went shooting well past the girls which all of them turned and watched where my stream had come down wetting the grass. Jeannie and Barbie H laughed. Janet and Kathy first stared but then Kathy spoke out saying; Gee that sure is a piss Dave! Janet then spoke up; I never seen a boy piss so far and i've seen boys piss too! Kathy then said; Me too!

Barbie S held me for about the first five seconds or so then she said to all of the others; Who's next? Barbie H said loudly and started heading up the bilco doors ME I'M NEXT! Barie H scrambled up the doors and she took over from Barbie S. Barbie H giggled hard a she held me. Jeanie after Barbie H had held e for about the same time then said it was her turn. Jeanni scrambled up the doors and took over from Barbie H.

Jeannie smiled with a big smile as she held me and then after againg after holding it for 5 or 6 seconds she asked Janet or Kathy if they wanted to take a turn. Well it was Kathy that said she would. As she started up the bilco doors to come up and hold me her sistor Janet said loudly and sort of a shocked tone to her voice; Kathy! Kathy let out a giggle as she had reached the top of the doors and was reaching to take over from Jeannie she said to her sistor; I've done this before Janet. You've held a boys c**k but you have done other things with it! I know who and when too!

Janets cheeks turned quite a dark pink and she became quite silent. Kathywas now holding my pissing penis. She did whisper to me as she held it. Feels nice Dave. Doesn't it? I smiled and shook my head yes. All the girls that had held me all felt good! Theyall held it differently. Then Kathy said to Janet; Come on up her Janet! You can now take over till Dave finishes.

Janet just stood there not movig untill Jeannie, and the wto Barbies started teasing her. Janet then did step up on the doors and she took a hold of me. Kathy stepped aside but didn't come off from the doors till she said to Janet; When you go to shake it don't jerk it off! All the other girls then hearing Kathy burst into hard laughter.Janet went to swipe at her sistor Janet to punch her but missed for Kathy had quickly stepped away and jumped down off the bilco doors.

Janet went and held me to the very end. My stream stopped and Janet asked me if there was anymore. She knew enough that I may have to do some spurts to finish off with. I did and I did several short hard spurts in a row. Then after that Janet gave me a couple of shakes and still holding me she leaned over and whispered in my ear just so that I would only hear her; You know Dave if those few shakes felt good you should feel how my hands can be doing more shakes! Then she let go and she took a step and hopped down off from the doors.

All the other girls then cheered loudly and I bent down and pulled up my shorts and took care of them. I took a bow which al the girls clapped their hands loudly as I stepped down off from the doors. We all then walked over to where we left our croquette mallets and resumed our game. Janet wound up wining it and I came in third. But I and all the girls were winners in other things we all had done. The End Upstate Dave


Five Peeing Girls! Part 1

Natasa that wasa very unfortunate incident you went trough. Plus I feel that Walmart should have done more and not had ignored what happened to you. That employee should have gone to a department manger or the store manager and reported it and had then reopoted it to the police.

Sara that was so nice that your boyfriend Tim helped you in your time of need on that field tip in the van. Trust sure is a big key and I hope you and Tim still have the same trust in each other. I know myslef that trust is a importent key and many times I and the persons I have been involved with over the years sharing pee and shiting experiences to gether trust was importent.

newguy you asked the most number of girl that I had seen pee or poop at one time together. Four at one time but I can say five which was time but it was wto then one three times in a row. This one was all five girls just took a pee. It was all done outside too in my yard! Here I'll tell you about it too.

I was home. It was summer vacation from school. At this time Iwas between 11 and 12 years old. I had finished mowing the lawn and I got out the badmitten set and had setup the net. I then wnt inside and started calling up any of the group of friends I had to see if any of them were home and wanted to come up to my house to play badmitten,vollyball,pingpong,or croqutte.

I had called several of my friends but as far as the guys they were not home or they were busy. So I called Barbie S's house which her sistor Jeannie answere and she said yes to me. She told me also Barbie S her sistor,Barbie H (girl lived next door), and her two friends that were visiting from the city Janet and Kathy they all would come up. A half hour ok Dave? Jeannie asked and I said that would be fine. She hung up and went outside t wait for them all to show up.

Well I wound up not waiting a half hour for them. About twenty minutes later I saw them all walking up out on the road and I yelled ot to them and also waved. Barbie H and Jeannie I heard say to the rest of them; Hey there's Dave! The girls cut into the front part of the yard and quickly walked through the yard to the back part of it where I was.

Barbie H and Jeannie gave me a quick hug and a Hi Dave. Barbie S also said hi and then introduced me to the two friend of theirs from the city Janet and Kathy. They were sistors with Janet the older one of the two. Janet was a little older then I by about three months. Her sistor Kathy was ten. So the girls ages ranged from 12 to 8 years of age with Barbie H being the youngest.

So we had to decide what to play first. Badmitten was out. Not enough rackets for all of us. But we could play volleyball, dodgeball, or croquette. Well volleyball was the game chosen and we then picked up teams which I and Janet being the oldest were captains and I let Janet pick first and then I picked. I wound up with Jeannie and Barbie H on my team while Janet had her sistor Kathy and Barbie S on her team.

We started playing and as we played the teams were pretty evenly matched too. There were long periods of just back and forth vollies. So the game was a long but real fun one with Barbie s's team winning the first omne. We planned the best of two out of three. Now before starting the second game Barbie H and Jeannie said they were thirsty. Also Janet ad Kathy said they were too.

Jeannie mentioned the handpump down in the bottom of my barn so we all walked down to the barn and I pumped the handpump for all the girls and Barbie H pumped it for me. Then back out to the yard and we played our second game of vollyball. Just like the first game had been the second game was long and my team won this one. We made a second trip down to the barn for all of us were thirsty again.

Then after the second rounds of drinks we played the last game which was much shorter and my team lost by a pretty wide margin. None of us took time out to go drink some water for none of us were thirsty. Nest we voted on and we would play dodgeball. I would be the peson throwing and the girls would be the dodgers. They lined up in front of the big woodshed and we started.

I after a few tosses knocked out Barbie H and then Jeannie. That left Barbie S,Janet, and Kathy left. I next got Kathy. Then it took me quite awhile fr me to get Barbie H and Janet. I finaily got them both with Janet being last. Now it was time for a third trip doiwn to the barn for more drinks of water from the handpump. I, Barbie S, and Janet drank the most water. Barbie H,Jeannie, and Kathy drank not as much as us three for they had time to coll off.

Then we went back out to the yard and setup the croquette set.We satrted playing it. I was last and as we played which some of the girls had reached halfway Jeannie,Barbie H, and Barbie S were together waiting for me,Kathy, and Janet to take our turns were standing together and talking and giggling a awfull lot for some reason. Kathy, Janet, and I did make the middle too on our turns.

At this point Barbie S spoke up saying that she,Barbie H, and Jeannie needed to take a break. Well Janet soke up saying to those three; Why now? We are in a midle of the game. Jeannie then spoke up saying to Janet; Well Janet IF YOU MUST KNOW W ALL HAVE TO PISS!!! Both Barbie H,Barbie S and Jeannie giigled hard. Janet was silent but only for a moment.

Jeannie, and Barbie S dropped ther mallets and started walking over to where there was a pair of old wooden bilco cellar doors in the corner of my house. Janet asked them; Where are you three going? This time Barbie S answered Janet back. Over here to piss Janet! Now Janet came right back and said; Oh I don't belive you are! Janet went on and said to them. I DARE YOU! IN FACT I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

Now I let out a laugh and so did Jeannie, Barbie S, and Barbie H. I knew and those three girls THAT they would do it! So all three of them walked right over to where the bilco doors were and the three of them stepped up on to them together in a line side by side. But before the three girls did anything Jeannie said to Janet; I double dare you Janet if we go and piss and YOU WILL HVE TO DO THE SAME!!!

Well Janet stood there silent only for a moment. Know she as far as when we had been playing our games accepted being challanged. So she told Jeannie she would! What really clinched it was her sistor saying to her; Janet you'll do it! There has never been a time where youv'e back down to antything or anyone. IN FACT I'm going to do it too! Now that surprised me!

Now still as far as Barbie S, Barbie H, and Jeannie had yet started to getready to take ther pisses. Janet had turned and looking right at me said; What about Dave? He's a boy! Before she could continuie to say anything more about me being there. Jeannie laughing said loudly back to Janet; So what! Dave's not going tos ee anything new. Jeannie paused and then she said; Oh I'm wrong about that! He will! He'll see you and Kathy! That made the two Barbie's laugh real hard and even Kathy laughed. Then Barbie S asked me; Dave if Kathy and Janet go will you go? I like Jeannie, and the wto Barbies had no problem having girls watch me piss! So I said back to her. You know I will and I DON'T HAVE TO BE DARED!. That now made all the girls laugh!

Now the two Barbies and Jeannie got ready to piss. Barbie S was inthe middle. Barbie H was one the left side while Jeannie was on the right side. Barbie H and Barbie S wre wearing summer dresses while Jeannie was wearng red shorts. Jeannie must have had to piss the worst of the tree girls. For she just simply yanked her red shorts right down letting them drop when they were past her hipos!

Both Barbies gathered their summer dresses right up pulling them up from the isdes raising thier dresses right up both in the front and back. Now both Barbies did not have panties on! Seeing that they both didn't made me smile for I knew thatthere would be a good chance they wouldn't. (past experiances when I had seen them iss before they weren't wearing panties then) Kathy let out a giggle too. Janet just stood there silently but she did have a light smile on her face too.

Like I had said Jeannie was the one that seemed to need to piss the worst. She got down in a squat but before she started to piss reached down and did pull her shorts up so that the weren't laying on the wooden bilco doors. As soon as she did that she let go from her vagina a short looping piss stream which came down between her sneakers and ran right down the bildo doors reaching the bottom edge of them and ran right off the end of the door into the grass. Kathy then laughing said; There goes Jeannie Janet! That makes one!

Then both Barbie H and Barbie S squated with Barbie H in a low squat and Barbie H in a high squat. Barbie S started her piss just before Barbie H started hers. Barbie S's stream went straight down and was hard and hissing loudly! It did slash hiting te wooden bilco door but wasn't hitting her,Barbie H, or Jeannie. Her piss did make a much wider run off down the the slanted door then what Jeannie's piss was doing.

Then Barbie H satrted her piss a second or two after Barbie S. Barbie H;s stream was a thin straight down stream which didn't splash mush hitting the wood of the door. It did hiss for the hissing of her stream and Barbie S's stream I did hear that the two streams hissing made the hissing louder. Barbie S's piss ran down the door like Jeannie's piss was. Just making a thin wet area down the door. Now Kathy said to Janet; Now number two and three are going. THEY ALL ARE PISSING NOW! Janet there is now way you can back out now! Both Barbies and Jeannie giggled real loud as they pissed hearing what Kathy had just said to her sistor Janet.

Since Jeannie started first and was pissing the hardest of the hree girls she finsihed pissing first. She did d a lot of dribbling and dripping which she did wet hercrotch and inner lower parts of her asscheeks. But as she started to stand up she grabbed her shorts and pulled them right up and stepped down off the bilco doors. Barbie H and Barbie S were still pissing.

Jeannie joined in with me,Kathy and Janet watching the two Barbies piss. I heard Jeannie say to Kathy as we were watching the Barbies piss; Are my shorts wet? Kathy told Jeannie that there was a small darker wet spot showing in the back ofher shorts. Jeannie giggled a littel and said back to Kathy; I thought so. I can feel that they are a little wet. Then by this time Barbie H was ending her piss which she did by doing a lot of short spurts in a row and she then stood up dropping her dress and she jumped off from the side of the bilco doors and walked over and joined us.

That left Barbie S a the last one still pissing. Barbie S went long enogh for before she stopped pissing Kathy giggled and said that seeing Barbie H and Jeannie pss and now with Barbie S takeing such a long one she now was have to step up on the doors and go! Janet said quickly to her sistor Kathy; Oh no you aren't! You wait for me Kathy! Kathy groaned a little and she said allright and then said to Barbie S; Can you hurry up and finsih Barbie? I really have to go bad! Kathy now was doing a little jog hopping up and down with one hand stuffed into her blue shorts right in the crotch of them!

Barbie S told Kathy she was just about doen. Hang in there a few more seconds Kathy! Barbie S was right for in several more seconds her stream eased right up stopping its loud hiss and her stream just stopped with no dribble or dripping. But Barbie as she stood up and started walking down the bilco doors she took the front of her old summer dress and wiped her vagina off with it! That made Jeannie and Barbie H giggle hard. Janet gave her a dirty look but didn't say anything to her.

Once Barbie S had stepped over and Joined Barbie H,Jeannie and I Kathy pulled her hand out of her crotch and blue shorts! Kathy took three bounding giant steps which she was right up on the wooden bilco doors after takeing them. Kathy had on a pair of white shorts and she yanked them right down along with a very light yellow pair of panties! Kathy had not turned around to face us so what I and the other girls got to see was Kathy's bare ass!

Now Kathy's ass its cheeks were small but full and looked firm too. With her cheeks being smallish her ass crack was a shrt but nicely curved. Kathy had to go so bad she never turned around to face to the front. For she sqauted right down and as she sqauted she had a wide stream of piss shopt straight down from her vagina which couldn't be seen by us. Her stream made a real big splash hitting the wooden bilco doors!

Now with Kathy's piss makeing such a big splash Janet had to go way over to the left of Kathy to keep from getting splashed by her piss. Janet wen and climbed all the way to the top of the bilco doors and there she turned around. Janet had on a pair of black shorts and Janet must have had to piss real bad also even though she never mentioned she had to. For Janet tugged her black shorst down to her knees squated placed her lefthand behind her and on the wall for support.

Now with Janet being up high on the doors it was easy for all of us to see her.Her vagina looked short. Her clit was short and was sure stubby looking. Janet a short second or two after she had sqauted let go with a her piss stream. Her stream started as a straight down stream with a good hiss. Kathy's stream was not hissing. Janet's stream hitting the wooden door only at first made a small splash and it mae a narrow path all the way down the door. Kathy's piss did what Jaennies piss had done. Made a wide path down the door.

Now Janets stream got harder as she pissed. For its hising gotlouder and her stream changed going into a foward angle as it stronger. In fact her stream got si much stronger Janet had to pull her black shorts further foward to keep from pissing them! Now watching those two girls piss and Kthy having had pissed so hard her piss was a short one. Her stream did ease up which just for several seconds when it did ease it hissed and then stopped. Then her stream stopped but Kathy did do a few pushes to finishe off which made short spurst of piss when she did do her pushes to finish.

Then Kath did turn around and faced us. Her vagina had a much longer slit. Her clit was longer and fat. Kathy did smile just a little as she reached down and pulled up her yellow panties and then her shorts. She moved over to herright took two steps and she jumped down off from the bilco doors. She joined the rest of us to watch and wait for her sistor Janet to finish her piss.

Janet and went a very long piss! It seemed to me that she was trying to out piss Barbie S! Jantes stream did slacken off which it crept back became straight and then stopped with a lot of dripping. When Janet felt that she was just dripping she reached own for her shorts and started to pull them up and stand up while she dripped! But she stopped before for she did stand straight up along with stopping pulling uher shorts till she did stop dripping. Then she yanked up her shorts and panties the rest of the way. Then she looked right at Barbie S and said to her; There I pissed longer then you Barbie! So Janet had and done just that! She did out piss Barbie!

Janet stomped right down the bilco doors when she came down off from them. Now it was my turn to take my piss in fronto all the girls. As I started to step towards the wooden bilco doors to step up on them Jeannie shouted out to me; Dave pull your pants down! Barbie H let out a loud giggle. I also heard Kathy joinin with Barbie H and she giggled. Then Barbie H said after her giggle; Dave that way you can show your bannana!

That made Jaennie speak up again which she said to both Janet and Kathy; Yeah Dave's c**k looks like a bannana. It's curved like one! Jeannie giggled and so did Barbie H. I also heard Kathy giggle agin with them. Barbies for I had turned and faced the giorls now was smileing and Janet was looking right at my shorts! Jeannie said as she ws still giigling; Dave has a cute ass too! I saw both Barbies shake their heads yes to Janet and Kathy agreeing with Jeannie what she had just told them.

So I smiled and I said I would pull down my shorts. I stepped up on to the bilco doors and like Janet I went up to the top of them and turned around at the top of them and faced all five girls. I teased hem all just a little at first. I reached down for the zipper and I unzipped them and zipped them right back up many times in a row! Jeannie after I had doen what would be the last time said loudly to all of the other girls; Dave quit jerking off your zipper! That brke all the girls right up making them all laugh very hard. I stood there waiting for them all to stop laughing before I would go on. And I'll end it right here! To be continuied.

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