Children Stories

Does anybody have any stories about their poop experiences as a kid? Any buddy dumps? I enjoy reading these kinds of stories and i have to look hard to find them on the site. Whether it's your own past experience or your child's I would like to hear some. Thanks! :)


Desperate early morning poo

I woke up early this morning with a desperate urge to poo. I realy had to go but knew I would wake the others if I used the toilet. I thought about going to the woods on my way to school but I had to go so bad I couldn't wait. I started to panic & almost pood myself in bed. I had to think fast as I knew it would be coming out at any moment. I saw my waste bin in the corner & took off my pyjama bottoms & squated over it. Immediately a load of soft poo came out realy fast. I peed as well & was worried in case the bag wasn't water tight but all the tissues & other rubbish absorbed it all luckily. I felt so relieved but them my brother came into my room. He saw what I'd done & I begged him not to tell anyone. He said he would keep quiet if I let him use my bin as well. I was shocked but exited by this & knew our secret would be safe now so I said yes. He took off his boxer shorts & squated over the bin. He pushed out a thick long poo which stood upright in the bin for a while before bending in the middle & falling over into all my soft poo. He pushed again & another smaller poo slipped out landing with a thud on the metal bin. We wiped & he went back to his room while I tied the bag up & went back to bed as it was too early to get up.

jenna l

re: fear accidents

I saw a post a few weeks ago asking if anyone has ever actually wet/messed themselves out of fear, just out of the blue. Not even knowing if they had to go. I actually asked one of the professors in my biology department if thats even possible, and he said no. If you have to go real bad it is possible, but not just for no reason. He said its not uncommon for aninals to "void" out of fear and even humans if they have to go (which leads to two stories i have) but he said if there is no need to go your body won't just force something out as a fear response.

But i have definitely had accidents from being scared. One happened when i was 16. I live in the midwest and we were having bad windstorms for 2 days. We have to be prepared for tornados but I'd never been in one and wasn't expecting one. Our power was out from all the wind when suddenly as i was reading in my room the wind got really loud and the house was creaking. My dad started yelling for everyone to come down in the basement because the neighbors said there was a tornado that touched down less than a half mile away. I got really scared which made me realize how bad i had to go to the bathroom. We all were getting in the basement and it got REALLY dark outside all the sudden, like it was almost like night at 2pm. We could hear what sounded like a train rumbling by in the distance and as we all took cover in the basement, i was so scared and nervous that i got butterflies in my stomach that made me need to go way way worse. Afte just a few minutes down there i just couldn't hold it in and it started to come out, and i completely lost control and crapped in my pants. It was a lot and made a really big bulge on my butt. I was really upset and embarrassed about pooping my pants in front of my whole family but i was still more scared about the tornado. I had to stay in the basement with my whole family for a while with a big load in my underwear, which was really uncomfortable. My sisters kept staring at me funny... but my mom just kept telling me it would be ok. After everything calmed down and it was safe to come out, we did. Our yard got torn up and we lost shingles on the roof and our trashcans got blown away, but my panties suffered the most damage. It was a big solid load caked in real good in the seat and crotch of my red and white striped panties. My first tornado literally scared the shit out of me...

The other time was much less dramatic...but more embarrassing just because of how dumb it was. Me and my sister were home alone for 2 days because my parents went with my other sister to volleyball tournament she was in out of state for her high school travel team. It was late one night and we were both in the computer room, and we both kept hearing some weird sound. It was starting to bother both of us so we turned off the tv and turned down the volume on the computer and other stuff to make it quiet and figure out what it was. We listened and heard what sounded like someone whimpering downstairs. It was sooooo creepy and sent chills down my spine and my sister started freaking. We calmed down and decided we had to go see what it was. Neither of us wanted to do it and argued about it, and eventually we decided to go together. So we slowly started to head down the stairs. There were two was pitch black and the light switcg for the downstairs hallway was across the hall from the bottom of the stairs..two..i had to go to the bathroom..pee and poop..and the fear and butterflies were adding plenty of pressure to my bladder and increasing my need to poop. As we were heading down the stairs i said to my sister "I'm not kidding i am gonna shit my pants" and she said "me too". But i thought i WAS kidding. I wasn't terrified the way i was with the tornado. Just a bit spooked. Thought id go find what it was, realize it was nothing to worry about, and go back upstairs and use the toilet. But no. As soon as i stepped into the downstairs hallway the sound happened again, much louder, and in the dead quiet pitch black. It startled the hell out of me and sent chills down my spine again, but that wasn't what did it. Two seconds later as i stood there frozen trying to overcome my fear, something rubbed across my leg. Well i SCREAMED, and i JUMPED and shook violently, and i completely pissed my pajamas. It just started streaming right out, soaking my panties and pajama bottoms, running down my legs and puddling onto the floor at my feet. And then i pooped. It was like wet, squishy lumpy poop. It made a squishy sound as it squeezed into my wet panties. So, yeah, i voided. My sister on the other hand had flown back up the stairs screaming, leaving me behind. My hero.

Turns out my cat rubbed against my legs. Also, the sound? My dog crying by the front door because he missed my mom. Thanks, pets!

When i stepped back into the computer room my sister stared at me in horror and i said "it was mickey and buster" (cat and dog) and she closed her eyes and burst out laughing. I slowly turned around to waddle toward the bathroom when she screamed "JENNA! YOUR BUTT IS BROWN!" and started laughing again. It didn't help that my pajama bottoms were light blue and my panties were white. So the fact that i was soaked in pee probably made them kind of see through to show the big brown mush all over my butt staining through the white fabric. I said "omg shut up" and she screamed again "YOU REALLY POOPED YOURSELF!" and i said "i peed too thats how scared i was!" And she just kept screaming "OMG". After a long shower she laughed hysterically at me when i came out. She had a lot of fun with it, but never told anyone that i know of. I was so embarrassed anyway. I was 18 and she was 16.

So yeah, neither of my fear accidents came "out of the blue". I already had to go to the bathroom both times, and the uneasy feelings thay come with being scared and nervous made it really hard to hold it in and i wound up going in my pants.


For Amanda who sneezed

Amanda: so what did you do after you sneezed and peed your skirt?

I had seomthing similar happen to me a few years ago. I was sitting on the couch with my husband watching a movie in our house, just a normal Saturday afternoon. I took a sip of my water and swallowed wrong somehow - you know how it goes - and started choking/coughing really hard. After a minute or two of coughing I finally recovered and got myself back to normal. Then I felt it. My crotch and butt felt wet. I opened my legs and looked down. Sure enough, the crotch of my light blue jeans was dark, as was the inside of my thighs. I said, "Oh my God." My husband said, "What's wrong?" I said, "I peed my pants from coughing so hard!" He said, "You're joking." I just said, "No, I really peed my pants." I stood up and he laughed. I turned to a mirror we have in the room and my butt and back of my thighs had a giant wet spot on them like a big dinner plate. We both just laughed and I walked towards the bathroom in our bedroom, finished peeing, and changed clothes. At least it happened at home. My husband still teases me a little bit sometimes if I start coughing too much.


Kelly P
Thanks, TM and Keith D, for answering my question about whether a big firm poo feels good as it's coming out. Along with my husband, that makes three of you males. Any other females besides me really get a good feeling from it? For me it's mostly the beginning that feels the best. Sometimes I even squeeze it back in so I can feel it a second time. Anybody else ever do that?

Sally from Wisconsin

Dares part two

Today I did something daring...
I took of my pants and panties At school and peed against the wall it felt so good for my ****** against the nice cool metal wall. You must try it.

new guy

re: mr clogs

stuff ive found in public restrooms

1. empty or half empty
beer cans & bottles.

2. adult reading material.

3. crap & pee on different areas of the floor and one time a pile of poop in the sink.

4. trash

5. food & drinks

Panty pee-er


Has anyone peed on the floor?

Rag Muffin Reanna

Story of Isabella

This story happened back in the summer of 2002. Me and my friend L'Mia were 8, bored and both of our parents had to work so our parents pooled their money and hired this high school babysitter for us. Her name was Isabella and she was like 16. I think her dad worked with my dad, so that's how my parents found out about her.

Isabella became a real friend to us that summer. She would like come over to one of our houses at 8 a.m. right when our parents left for work and she would stay with us until they got home at like 6 p.m. I remember that every other day we would do somethng extra special like go swimming, to the mall for lunch, miniature golf, bowling, things like that. Unlike some of the other babysitters me and L'Mia had, Isabella wasn't an authority figure in front of us and she acted differently than our other sitters. An example is that she would sometimes smoke in front of us. She was very open about it. One day she rode her bike over to L'Mia's house where my parents had dropped me off. Isabella was somewhat winded and was almost winded as she rode it onto the front yard. She said she haden't taken it our for like four or five years and the exercise would probably cause her to shit. She talked like that quite a bit. For example, one day we were at the amusement park and Isabella said she needed a break from the rides because she was about to shit her pants. She took us into the restroom building which was huge with like 20 toilets, but very few people using it. She took us all the way down to the far end stall, which by the way had the door missing, and Isabella dropped her shorts and like new black underwear and placed her butt on the stool.

Neither me nor L'Mia needed to use the bathroom at that time so we stood by the door and continued talking to Isabella as she opened her purse and pulled out a cigarette from a pack. She took out a lighter, lit it and held it between her legs flicking the ashes onto the front of the bowl, and like every 20 or 30 seconds she would put it in her mouth and take a drag on it. While she was sitting there waiting for her crap to come out, she told us that she wasn't going to worry about us watching her crap, but she no longer lets her boyfriend Matt have such a privilege because he gets an erecton from it and that he was late to school once because he watched her shit at a donut shop and then 15 minutes later still had it up. Matt had to sit in his car outside their school until it dropped. She was just so different than the other babysitters we had had. L'Mia asked Isabella how she liked her black underwear and she said it didn't show skidmarks and didn't cause her pubic hairs to stand out. She had a pretty good sized bush, by the way.

A couple of weeks later we went out riding our bikes on a trial about two miles from our house. We had stopped at a c-store and she had purchased a large water jug of about 48 ounces. It had about a 2-inch head and cap at the top. As we got into some of the hills, Isabella started to complain that she had drank all the water and she was tired of carrying the water jug on her handlebar. I tried to be encouraging by saying maybe we would come to some watering source and she could fill it. Then she said she could fill without such a source. L'Mia caught on right away, but I didn't finally. Isabella swore a couple of times and was just about out of breath. We stopped. Both L'Mia and I got off our bikes and seated ourselves on the ground, although I was sweating so bad I was worried about attracting more bugs and I don't like going home with five or six additional bug bites.

Isabella asked for a volunteer to hold the jug. She quickly squatted over and dropped her shorts and dark blue underwear that was somewhat moist because she was sweating as bad as us. Since L'Mia didn't quickly volunteer, and now just catching on as to what was going to happen, I volunteered. I don't think it was much of a decision because one of us two had to do it. Well I put the jug up to Isabella and she started cleverly cussing that I needed an anatomy lesson and we all laughed. She said I was off by about a mile and she grabbed my hand from the back between her legs and moved it a bit forward. I admit, I was only 8 and really naive. Almost instantly, a heavy stream started that splashed into the jug and its bubbles were really impressive. It was just like when you pour soda out of a bottle and into a glass. L'Mia joked that Isabella would likely poop on me and Isabella said that wouldn't happen because she had shit at the park late last night when she and Matt had downed a six-pack. Then she made a crude remark about beer being the best laxative a girl can use.

Isabella filled up just over two-thirds of the jug. She invited us to contribute to it but neither L'Mia or I felt we wanted to try it. Our plan was to use a real bathroom which Isabella said was at the park about a mile at the far end of the trail. I asked Isabella what we was going to do with the jug and she couldn't make up her mind. So L'Mia suggested we walk a few feet over to a tree and place it next to the tree. Isabella joked that we could stop and add to it on the way back and that sounded like something we might want to do. When we finally rode to the end of the trail and got to the restroom building, it had three stalls. Me and L'Mia took adjacent stalls and Isabella took the far end one. We were surprised she sat down, but within like 15 seconds, her stream was going again and lit lasted for like a minute. L'Mia whispered to me about how Isabella must operate on three tanks. I thought it was funny and laughed so hard that Isabella called down to us to "share." She thought it was funny, too, but said something obscene that we didn't understand.

The following year my Mom clipped an article from the lifestyles page of our daily newspaper about Isabella. There was a picture of her as the homecoming queen wearing her crown and that she had won a full-ride Regents scholarship to college. However, when I showed it to L'Mia she said that we knew several other things about Isabella that they probably couldn't print in the paper.


Keeping records; unusual color

Good morning--chilly and clear here. I've been keeping a record of my bowel movements for the year 2010, and yesterday I had no. 500. At that rate I will have done about 630 by the end of the year, or about 1.75 bm's per day. Yesterday's movements (2) were unusual in color--a sort of deep purple, with hints of brown. I had eaten a large portion of fresh beets, including beet greens, the day before. In one movement I could actually see small faint traceries of leaves, with veins and stems, in my poop. In my record keeping, I have noticed that spring and summer were most productive (by a narrow margin), while this fall my movements have slowed down just a bit. I have pooped in a variety of places, though mostly at home. My first poop of the day has usually been between 5 and 6 a.m. If I have more than one movement in a day, the second and later ones are most often in the afternoon. Has anyone else here kept a record of your bm's, sort of a log log?


To: Magnesia Maggie

Maggie, Your post brought back many memories of my Junior High (when I was younger than you are) years. What you're experiencing is most likely "shy bowel". Some of us can't poop with others around, in your case, like mine, you can't poop when you're rushed. Having to take MM makes it a medical condition that you should not allow to continue. Have you thought of asking your Mom to talk with the school nurse and getting permission to use the bathroom in her office for a few minutes each day?
It may not help immediately, but after a few days I bet you find your body will allow you to be more and more productive. GOOD LUCK-- JW


two accidents

I'm a long time lurker. I actually think I posted once before, but I'm not sure exactly when it was. Anyway, I recently (within the past month) was witness to 2 seperate accidents, which I find quite ironic, because I have never before witnessed an accident. (Unless you consider a child who is toilet training, and I don't)

The first accident was last weekend. I went on a long, all-day hike with a group of people. The hike took several hours, and was in a very remote area which meant there were no facilies - not even out-houses in which to relieve oneself. This meant that anyone needing to use the restroom was forced to "pop a squat" and go in nature - as many of us did. One girl in particular though apparently was not accustomed to using nature as her toilet, and she held it all day. At first, it wasn't obvious, but after awhile, she started complaining about how long the hike was, and asking how much further till the end. But then, as she eagerly asked if a small cabin visible through the trees was a public restroom (it was not), it became obvious of her predicament. I assured her that it would not be much further, and it truly was not. But this poor girl was in a bad state. It was obvious she was in urgent need of a toilet, and while the car was close, it would still be quite a drive until a toilet was available. But by then, it was too late. Just as the car became visable, she suddenly shouted "SCREW THIS" and unbuttoned her jeans. But, before she even got her jeans down, pee was already gushing. She managed to get her pants down to her knees, but just stood there and peed into her pants, completely emptying her obviously full bladder. The poor girl could do nothing except pull her soaked pants up, and ride home in shame.

The second accident was just today, at work. I was waiting on a customer, and the transaction was taking quite a while. Her daughter was standing next her her, and was very distracted. She was figiting and whining so much, that is was distracting to me. After a while, she stood completely still, but had a strange look on her face. As if there was any question what just happened, the unmistakable smell of shit made it obvious. Her mother appeared to not notice, but the smell was gagging me. Finally, the transaction was completed, and as they turned to leave, I could not believe the size of the shit in the girl's pants. She had on stretch pants, so the lump was very visible, and the bottom half had a brown and wet stain. But she walked out of there like nothing ever happened.


boyfriend poop

I've written about my boyfriend one other time. He used to be really shy about bathroom habits when we first moved in together, but he's gotten a lot more open about it. Still, whenever he goes, he usually is a freak about me hearing it. Last time, in a moment of desperation, he actually went in front of me, which hasn't happened since. Last night however, he was using the computer and I was laying in bed watching tv. Our bedroom is right next to the bathroom, and actually has a door to it about 3 feet away from the bed. After he finished on the computer, we were talking about trying to get to bed relatively early, but he said "I'm sorry hun, I really think I need to s*** my brains out and take a shower first." I immediately pretended to be all disgusted, saying "oh thanks, babe, I really wanted to know that"- which of course, I did. He went over top the television and turned the volume up, looking at me all puppy-dog eyed. He said " I don't think you want to hear this." I waited until he went and closed the door, then of course turned the volume back down. Now, he usually only takes about 3 minutes on the pot, but he wasn't kidding last night. I heard ever plop, grunt, sigh, magazine page turn, for about 10 minutes. It started out pretty loose, then there was about a 3 minute pause, in which I could hear him straining a bit. Then, he continued with quite a few small plops. When I heard him flush and get in the shower, I went in to "get something" and the smell was just crazy. It doesn't matter how much or little he goes, the smell is always peel-the-paint-off-the-walls bad. Gotta love him.

Uncle Harry

Park Bench Pee

Hello, everyone. Uncle Harry is finally back. I haven't posted since April 2. I've been very busy and away much of the summer. I'm glad to see Upstate Dave is still around and better then ever. Wow! What great, detailed stories he writes. Keep it up, Dave.

In my high school days, we lived in a high rise apartment building across the street from a large park along Lake Michigan.. I often took walks there. It was not unusual to come across various "characters" who roamed the city. One warm day in late spring, I took a paperback book with me and went for a walk. The park was not very crowded, as it was a weekday. There was no school that day because it was a teachers' training day. I came to an L-shaped bench in a grassy area surrounded by bushes, There was a woman sitting on one of the wings of the bench doing nothing in particular, apparently just sitting there and enjoying the day. I walked over to the bench, said hello, and sat down on the other wing. The woman appeared to be much older than me, probably in her 60s. She was quite plain looking with long, stringy gray hair and was wearing a blouse and a short skirt that came 3/4 of the way down to her knees.

I sat down and started to read my book, when she started chatting. I really wanted to read, not chat with some stranger, but I didn't want to be impolite, so I started chatting, hoping she would take the hint that I was trying to read. Her chatter wasn't about amy particular subject; rather, she just rambled on about this and that, switching subjects frequently. I got the feeling that she didn't have quite all her marbles. I wondered if she might be one of the many homeless people in the city, but she mentioned the building where she lived in the neighborhood, so that wasn't the case. I noticed that she had been jiggling her legs quite a bit. The following dialogue is as best as I can remember from 56 years ago.

Suddenly, she asked, "Do you know where the bathrooms are? I gotta' go to the bathroom. My bladder is killin' me. I gotta' go wee-wee". I told her the nearest one was about 5 blocks away. "I can't make it that far", she replied. "I have to wee-wee right now. I can't hold it no more.". I had no idea what she meant. On the grass? In the bushes? Behind the bench? With that, she stood up, reached under her skirt, pulled down her underpants, took them off completely, and put them on the side of the bench. "Don't look", she said, and pulled up her skirt, bunched it around her waist, sat down on the edge of the bench with her legs spread and her pussy hanging over the edge. I could see that she had large labia. Glancing at me, she said "Don't watch me" and then, looking down at her pussy, began to piss. Within seconds, a heavy stream shot out of her pussy and began making a foaming puddle on the grass, along with some hissing sounds. Of course, I was watching all the time, which she probably new or didn't really care. After about 10 seconds, she looked up at me, saw that I was indeed watching her, and said rather casually, "Boys ain't supposed to watch ladies make ciss". Then she resumed looking down at her pussy while she continued to piss heavily. She kept right on pissing for over a minute without saying anything further. She finally slowed down, stopped, started and stopped a few more times, and then was done. She stood up and stepped away from the puddle she had made. Drops of pee were dripping from her hairy pussy. She shook herself a few times to get the drops off, which caused her pussy lips to shake along with her, then dropped her dress, and sat down on the bench.

"Boy, did I need to go wee-wee", she said. "A lot sure came out down there", and started rambling about how women can't hold their piss as well as men. "When a woman's gotta' go, she's gotta' go", she said, with no further talk about my watching her. I then noticed that her panties were still on the bench. I pointed that out to her and she said, "Oh, shit! I forgot to put them back on". She stood up, picked up her panties, and then told me, "I gotta' lift my dress. Don't look at my muff", as if she didn't know I had been watching her piss, and then proceeded to lift her dress without bothering to see if I was looking. She put her panties on, dropped her dress again, sat down, and started her rambling conversation again about nothing in particular.

Upstate Dave

Buddy Dumping Oudoors Part 2

J and I slep very soundly all night. We also woke up at least for me a little later in the morning. That is the nice things as far as sleeping outside and being on vacation too! It was a little cool when we got up so we both got dressed in jeans and long sleeve shirts. It would be warmer later and we would change again then when it was warmer.

First things first as always in the morning. J and I had to piss! So behind the tent we went but not back over by the stump. WEboth just sqauted down behind the tent and we pissed facing each other as we squated. WE both had quite dark yellow colored streams. There was more dirt and sand in this psot then thereh had been in the other spot where we had the tent. So we both made good wet spots and piss puddles in the dirt sand mix. J even had some muddy yellow piss foam in her piss puddle. I had none.

Then we started a fire and we started makeing tea,coffee, and breakfast which would be pancakes,eggs, and suasage. It took some time to make up this rather large breakfast which by the time it was already I had drank two cups of coffee and J had two cups of tea. We both made a third cuo whike we sat and ate our breakfast. We cleaned up after eating. By this time I could feel that I needed to piss and shit! J too also had to do both!

So it was time to take a buddy dump useing the stump together! So J grabbed the roll of toiet paper from a bag and we walked back behind the tent and over to the stump. WE both took care of each others jeans takeing them completely off. I sat down on the stump with my bare ass just on the stump enough so that I could shit on the ground.

J was faced towards me and she this time since it was cool clung tightly to me to get my body warth. I let her and I leaned sort of around her to watch her shit! I knew if J pissed she wuld get me wet with piss but I didn't care one single bit about that! After all it would be warm! WEll I was right about that for J started to piss hard first. Her warm piss did hit me down in my crotch area among hitting other things down there!

Then maybe about ten seconds later I felt no more of her warm piss for she had either stopped or just wasn;t pissing hard enough to hit me. But what I heard nw was soft crackling which I knew now J was starting to shit but it wan't in my sight yet. It took several seconds before I did see J's shit. When I did see it it was pretty fat around, a light brow and on the smooth side as far as its looks.

It was moving kind of slow but at least this time J wasn't having to push like most time s she does. As the seconds went by her shit got longer. I could now see at least a good six inches or a little more in sight. Then her shit must have broke for it fell down to the ground with a soft thud and fell over laying straight across on the ground.

I still heard the soft crackling soJ was still shiting.Her shit this time was moving faster. For I soon saw the jagged broken edge where her shit had broke was in my sight and it soon had moived several inches down as her shit got longer. It almost reached the same length as the one laying on the ground. Then it to fell to the ground laying right next to the one that was aready there.

Then I got wetted with some more of J's warm piss just for a short time and that was it she was done. Then we both reached down between my legs for my penis! We both laughed a little and I pulled my hand out and away and J took a hold of my penis alone. I placed my hands which were warm on her bare asscheeks which she smiled a little and told me my warm hends fet good there and I started to piss.

We both heard my piss hit the ground beind J. So she knew I was pissing. I also felt my asshole being stretched open now also. I told J I was just about to shit now too. Now to le her see I reall spreaded my feet wide apart which made my thighs open enough so thta J and I could look down whichwe could see her hand on my penis,part of my piss stream and also would see when my shit would come into sight.

Well it never takes long for me to to shit so in a few short seconds my shit was in our view. It was a tan smooth very fat one. It was moving fast and its weight was making it move back towards the stumps side. IT hit the sde of the stump started making it bend and it cracked wide open underthe increasing pressure of being against the stump. It broke and the piece that fell went downward and rolled forward and collided into J's one shit ther on the ground.

The remaining broken pice kept comming iut slideing right along. IT was just missing the bark on the stump so it never cuaght the bark like the first time. It reached almost a foo9t long and then it fell with a dull thump hitting the ground and I pissed a little longer the paused and di severla short spurts in a row. Then I was done.

J reached to my right side for that's where the toilet paper roll was. She handed it to me got up off from my lap turned around and sat back down further out on my legs. I tore off some paper and I gently wiped her ass for her. I dropped te used paper down on our shit and she was fine now. I in turn after she had again stood up I did a sqaut and she wiped my ass. Then we got dressed and went down to the water spigot filled a small pail with water went back to our site warmed the water up and got washed up. Then we left and went over to my parents camp for the day. To be continuied.

new guy

A sugestion for everyone

I think everyone should carry at least two rolls of toilet paper in there car that way if they have to use the bathroom somewhere besides a toilet they at least have something to wipe with that way they don't get there underwear messy.


Two weeks notice

I love that scene in two weeks notice where sandra bullock eats a chillie hotdog & pays the price for it by having the worse case of diarrhoea ever. I love the determination she displays as she tries to avoid having an accident in her pants. The best bit is where she relieves herself in the motorhome or RV. The noises she makes are so graphic of a very desperate woman who has a biological need to empty her bowels. I wish there was a scene inside that toilet that showed her actually pooing.

Slow Shittin' Sammi

Response to Magnesia Maggie & Standee Mandy's survey

First, this is my response to Magnesia Maggie:

It's great, Maggie, that your Milk of Magnesia worked so efficiently, but it's too bad that it was so messy. I remember a time when I was constipated a couple of years ago, but my mom gave me my dose of Milk of Magnesia before I went to bed. When I got up for breakfast at 7 a.m. it was obviously churning in my intestines so mom excused me from school until after I passed my crap at home. That saved me from having an accident or messing myself up in front of others. I think I got to school about 10 that morning. My mom has always been so understanding about such "emergencies." Even under normal conditions, I've wiped my butt and then smelled the crap on my hands, just as you did. I always try and spend some extra time at the sinks with soap after I've had a soft crap and had a lot of wiping to do.

Next, these are my answers for Standee Mandy's questions"

1) Do you have an opinion as to whether the ladies or mens toilets are the cleanest? Yes. I think the ladies are. Since they are used more and there would be more complaints if they are dirty, and most everyone I know sits down on the seat, there would be too many complaints for custodians to ignore them.

2) Do you think more men cover the seats before sitting down compared to women? I've seen very few girls or women cover the seats at my school, at the mall or places like a theatre. It's a foolish waste of time, paper and other resources that's not necessary if the others are careful and pick up after themselves. And from what I've read on the board here, most boys or men don't cover the seats either.

new guy

another under cover boss scene

I am watching undercover boss and they just showed a guy emptying an airplane toilet you could see all the crap & stuff getting sucked through the tube.


Beach Greetings and Story

Hello! From the Beach. Which Beach? The rules of this site won't permit me to say, but you can safely assume it's on the Atlantic or Pacific coast somewhere. Two things you can be sure that all these resort strips have in common: (1) Every business you enter has a sign that says, "Restrooms are for Customers Only" and (2) Since we don't have pay toilets anymore (How many of you, other than the site moderator, are old enough to remember those?)you can expect to see an occasional problem. For that reason, you should always wear a bikini with deep pockets loaded with money to spend in these places. Jim & I have perfected the fine art of using McDonalds and just buying a sode or cup of coffee which at Beach prices is still a sizeable chunk of change.

I got to see one earleir this summer. we were walking the Boardwalk and three bikini clad girls were walking about 10 yards in front of me. All of a sudden, they slowed down, looked like they were discussing something when one of them started to give the sidewalk a "golden shower" right through her bathing suit. It ran down her legs, splashed off her sandals and left a puddle where she was standing. When her performance was finished, they just kept walking just like nothing had ever happened.

Well anyway, on to my story. Those of us who live on the coast sometimes get tired of the golden sand and beautiful sunshine with its crashing surf and an occasional hurricane or typhoon. So, for our vacation, we go inland, generally toward the mountains. We decided to do that this fall and to make it more fun we travelled with our neighbors Scott & Cindy. We live just a mile and a half from the beach, in a 2 family townhouse setting. My hubby & I are 28, just eight days apart, been married 4 years, 2 months. Scott & Cindy are just a couple of years younger and have been married about the same length of time.

We decided our destination would be the mountains that seperated our coastline from the central U.S. We had already, through our travel agent, rented a cabin with two bedrooms, a kitchen and fireplace, and a spacious yard on the waterfront of a gorgeaus lake with a dock and small boat so we could do some fishing.

We decided to travel from the metro area to the mountains by the Interstate, then go north up the mountain parkway to the site where our cabin was. (Thank God for GPS! - We'd never have found it!) My husband Jim was the one who decided this route. The interstate part was a long boring three hour jaunt, but once we entered Skyline Drive, it was more beautiful than we could have imagined. The leaves were just turning and it was just beautiful. Only one problem: The drive is part of a National Park, and there are no gas stations, restaurants, or bathrooms! From one to the other, it's a two hour trip. We should have made a pit stop before we got in the park.

About a half hour into the park I stopped to let my husband take over cause I had to pee real bad and I didn't want to do it on the drivers side. After we got moving again, I slowly relieved myself hoping Scott and Cindy wouldn't hear or see anything. I know Jim wouldn't mind because we've done this before.

Cindy soon became fidgity and said, "We need to find a bathroom somewhere." Jim told us that we had to check in at the cabin by 6:00 pm or our reservation would be cancelled. It was now 4:30 and we had had about another hour and 20 minutes before we got there. Jim said, "Not much change of that. We can't afford to stop." Tell her to just do it on the seat and we'll worry about it later. Not like it's the first time this poor old car has ever been pissed in!" Jim looked over at me and winked. He knew what I had just done. My jeans were soaked, but Scott and Cindy couldn't see that from the back seat.

A couple of minutes later I heard Scott asking Cindy if she had diarreah and she replied "No, I've just been constipated for three days, so I took a laxative this morning and now it's time." A couple of minutes of silence, then Scott said, "I guess you'll just have to raise up off the seat and do it in your pants!"

I couldn't believe he told her that! She was near tears and finally said, "I'm sorry y'all. I hope I don't offend you. My hubby said, "No problem. Not like the first time this car has been pooped in!" I'm sure he was thinking about the time we got caught in a bad traffic jam and I just had to go, so he told me to go ahead and relieve myself. I did and he insisted on cleaning me up when we got home. We did and made passionate love when we got finished. My hubby seems to have a thing for women in bathroom distress. He's told me about it before.

Cindy raised her butt up a few inches and grunted a little and I could hear the crackling sound as her work progressed. She sat down and then a couple of minutes later grabbed my seat and raised herself up again and pushed one more time. I heard Scott say, "Really loading them up aren't you?" "Yeah, Cindy replied. And this was all his fault", looking over at Jim, "And I'm making him clean me up and bathe me!" I was surprised to hear her say that. Then she looked at me and said, "I hope you don't mind Sandy. Not like I'm going to try to steal your husband, but Scott hates cleaning up poop."

Jim and I were both surprised. Scott nodded to Cindy that it was OK and put his arm around her. I'm sure Jim's seen a woman before and he'll see one again. It's OK with me Sweetie, so long as I'm with you all.

When we arrived, we all got our soiled clothes off. Everyone by now had peed at least once, and poor Cindy was a mess. Her butt crack was full, it was all stuck to her legs, and she was only clean where she has peed again just before we arrived and washed some of it off her 'taint.

After we all showered, we each retired to our private bedrooms and had a quiet evening together with our husbands. Cindy thanked Jim for helping her clean up, Scott went out to the car and rolled the windows back up and brought in the luggage.

Jim later told me that he found bathing Cindy was sexually exciting for him, but he would still rather have me. He said he wished it was me that had done it. That really made my day. I promised him I'd do it again, just for him, sometime when we are alone.

We'll that's all for now. Sorry about the length, but I just had to share this with y'all. Bye, from Sandy, the Beach Girl.

Jaded Jarrod

Answers for Standee Mandy

1. Do you have an opinion on whether the ladies or mens toilets are cleaner?

Until last spring, when I had to crap at school I had to sit down on wet seats. A couple times the seats were dripping with urine. But I shouldn't complain, because the other guys who couldn't hold their crap until they got home also had to sit down on the seats that were wet. Maddie and my friends who are girls say it's never been that bad in their bathrooms.

2. Do you think more men cover the seats before sitting down compared to the women?

This I know first-hand. So many of the mens stalls don't have doors. If there are lets say 10 stalls, 9 guys will be sitting down right on the seat. One will put paper down first. I've seen a few wipe the seat first before they sit down. Since my friend Ethan's accident at school last spring, me and Maddie now put paper over the seat before sitting down. This has caused a few of the boys to make fun of me but I just say F*** Em because I never want to be in a situation like Ethan was. (The story is posted on page 1855) for those of you who missed it).


Latest stories

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. I've been meaning to post for some time but have been so busy lately I just haven't had the chance. The toilet situation at school hasn't really got any better since my last post- I do my best to go for a poo at morning break whenever I feel the need, but this can be really frustrating as I often don't have enough time. The break is 15 minutes long but usually by the time I get to the loo theres only 10 minutes left and I just know thats not long enough, no matter what I try to do about my eating and drinking habits I just can't seem to manage to have an easy poo. Like I said in my last post, I sometimes hear other girls having a poo and most of them just seem to push for a few seconds and it comes out straight away, that never happens to me, normally I have to push and strain for at least 10 minutes and my poos are always really big and hard. Theres really nothing more frustrating than sitting on the loo having a wee and knowing that you want a poo but there just isn't time for you to go. Last week I hit upon a new idea which I have realised I can use occasionnally, if I use it any more than that I know I'll probably get found out. Typically during the lesson before break I started to want a poo quite badly but we got let out late as someone was messing around as usual. As I walked out of my lesson I had to clench my bum to hold the poo in, my knickers were really tight so I knew I couldn't afford to have an accident. I went straight to the nice loos in the humanities block and chose the only free cubicle, a lot of girls have realised how nice those toilets are so there busier than they used to be. Judgeing by the noises and smell most of the other girls there were having a poo, I was feeling really desperate too and hoped I'd soon be joining them. I locked the door, quickly lifted my skirt and then pulled down my tights and purple knickers before sitting on the loo. I dribbled some wee into the bowl but actually didn't need it that much as I'd been for a wee just before school started. I took a deep breath and began to push and felt the head of a really big poo starting to come out of my bum more or less straight away. As usual it got wider and wider and I had to push harder, luckily by then the loos were empty so I could grunt away without embarasement. When the turd was about half way out I heard the bell ring, I relaxed my muscles to see what would happen. If it had been sucked back up I would have gone back to class and tried again later, but it was too far out so I realised I'd have to get it to drop even if it took me a bit longer. I strained, pushed and grunted for another five minutes, luckily no-one else came in during that time otherwise it would have been pretty embarasing. Finally the turd dropped with a thud and then I managed to push a few more pieces out fairly quickly. I took some loo roll and wiped my bum as fast as I could, flushed and then pulled up my knickers and tights. Looking at my watch I realised I would be 10 minutes late to my lesson but I hit upon the idea that I could say I'd been in the medical room feeling sick. Luckily the teacher and my classmates bought the story and so no-one ever knew what I'd been doing. As I said before, asking to leave a lesson to go to the loo is just too embarasing, for a start some teachers won't even let you go and then even if you do get to go its not like I can spend 15 minutes on the toilet because then everyone will make fun of me when I get back. I've got another story about last weekend when my cousin Amy came to stay again, but will have to leave this till next time.
Emma and Leanne- hope to hear some more posts from you soon, you've been gone for ages now!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Upstate Dave

Buddy Dumping Oudoors Part 5

I got to Long Lake and J and I had breakfast at the Long Lake Hotel. We had a hearty breakfast of eggs,pancakes,and bacon. With breakfast oj and coffee. Then back on the road heading further north to Blue Mountain Lake and Golden Beach State Park on Raquette Lake. I estimated travel time would be less then two hours as long as we were not held up.

Well as we went along we didn't encounter any traffic so that was ok. J tried the radio again and did find a station that came in well enouh to listen to. Besides now having good tunes on the radio we both enjoyed the continuieing sceanery as we went. But before we did reach Blue Mountain Lake having oj and the coffee with breakfast another piss stop was needed.

I remembered that there was no more marked rest areas now so that would mean just pulling off and go. Now I had to find a spot where te shoulder was wide enough to pull off or like where there are many streams or so called rivers which to me were just creeks there would be pull offs onn many of these for fishing.

Sure enough in another ten minutes we came upon just one of those streams with a pull off and I pulled in and parked. J and I got out went up the path that was there maybe about twenty feet and then we stopped. J dropped her jeans and I just unzipped mine and pulled out my penis to piss. As soon as J had her jeans down and had squated J started pissing witha termendously hard piss stream!

So hard and being in a low squat with only being just a few inches above the ground J's piss splashed hard on the hard packed dirt and stones in the path that her splashing piss wetted her bare asscheeks and she raised her ass up higher to stop from being splashed! I in turn also when after I had started my piss I had a strong hard stream shoot from my penis. I sent a high long arced stream over a bush which was almost five feet from me and it was near the edge of the creek. For whenmy stream had come down it was in the creek for its splashing in the creek was heard by both of us.

Our pisses seemed this time to be one of those never ending ones! You know what I mean. J with her hard piss soon had the dirt so well soaked she was pissing in a good sized puddle that her piss had made. I still had my stream going over the bush andsplashing in the creek. Then finaily J's stream eased stopping its splashing and she pissed much quieter only makeing a softer splash in her piss puddle for her stream now was less. Then she came to a driping stop.

I went on with my hard piss for at least ten seconds more. Then I had my stream just stop. I did one finishing spurt and I was done. I slipped my penis back inside my jeans zipped up and we walked back to the car got in and took off. WE soon reached Blue Mountain lake made the left turn on Route 28 and twenty minutes later we were at Golden Beach State Park and Raquette Lake. To be continuied.

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