Kate M.

Practical Clothes for peeing outside

I have a black skirt, knee length which is ideal for popping a squat. I also have a pair of LL Bean swim shorts which have a built in panty. They are made of nylon and resemble running shorts. They are great for the beach since you can wade into the water and pee through them much like peeing through a swimsuit. Also, they are good for beach walking and taking a quick pee in the ocean or even sitting on sand and peeing through them followed up by a rinse. For touring they can be used for a discreet pee by squatting behind a dense wide object and pulling the liner to the side and taking a quick urgent pee. In winter I wear a coat that covers my butt - mid-thigh so that I can pop a squat behind a tree in the snow and still have my derriere covered. Elastic waist pants are great for a quick pee. One can even use a FUD female urinary device with elastic pants for a quick pee. Underwear that is not too tight is helpful also so that the crotch can be moved aside easily and quickly - wear panties the same colour as your pants (choose black for instance) and nobody will notice that you are peeing if you just pull the crotch over.


Accident in College

I don't know why I'm posting this, but I don't guess anyone will find out who I am and it will be good to get it off of my chest. I was 18 and it was my second week of college, away from home for the first time, didn't really know anybody, and I was shy to begin with. That first Friday I had an honors ecology / biology class that was going out on a nature walk as part of the course. Our campus had a lot of natural areas surrounding it and trails kept up for student use so we would be on those. It was still summer so I wore a cute sun dress that went down to just above my knees. We left at 9 am and would be back at noon for lunch. I had been running late so I didn't get to use the bathroom that morning. We got out to the trails and the teacher was lecturing us on things and we were taking notes. I already had to pee pretty soon after we left but there was nowhere to go so I held it. I held it until after 11 am and we had less than an hour left before we would be done and back at the main campus where I could go to a bathroom. But soon after I was so desperate I was starting to know in the back of my mind that I couldn't hold it for another hour. I was staying at the back of our group - there were about 20 of us - so I could cross my legs and squirm if I needed to help me hold it. I was so shy I didn't want to say anything or admit I needed to pee so bad or ask to leave to run to the bathroom, and I couldn't exactly squat down and go in the bushes with people around. I started to panic a little but felt helpless. Around 11:30 I was walking at the back of the group as we moved to our next spot and I felt a squirt of pee escape into my panties. I regained control quickly but started to panic. My heart was racing and I didn't know what to do. Here I was, 18 years old, first week of college, around 20 people I would be around for the next semester and I had just peed a little and it was probably about to be a lot more behind it. I tried to act normal. We stopped a few seconds later and the teacher started up again and I knelt down and sat with one heel pressed hard against my crotch and used my other leg to prop up my notebook like I just wanted a little rest and tried to take notes, but I could feel the dampness of my panties and my bladder was screaming at me for relief. The teacher finished and started to move again and we started to follow. As soon as I began to stand up another squirt of pee came out and I felt some of it tricking down my left thigh before I could stop it. I felt my face turn red and flush and almost felt numb. I took a few more steps to where the group had stopped again. Then my bladder spasmed and I knew I had reached the point of no return and I could not stop myself and I could not hear the teacher or anything else, but could only feel the sudden rush of wetness flood my panties and begin running in streams down my legs. I pressed my legs together so that it wouldn't splatter onto the ground but instead just ran into my shoes and socks. I could hear the sound of the pee hissing against my panties so loud in my head that I was 100% sure that the other kids near me could hear it too but nobody turned around or looked or seemed to notice. It felt like forever but I'm sure it was all over in less than 30 seconds and I was done. My panties were soaked, dripping wet, I had pee down the insides and back of both legs, my socks and shoes were soaked and squishing a little when I walked, but I felt soooooooooo much better. I stayed in the back of the group the rest of the lesson and then back up to the campus and when we were released I walked as fast as I could straight back to my dorm room. My roommate was in so I wasn't sure how to get a change of clothes, but I said something about not having time for a shower earlier, grabbed clean panties and a new outfit, then ducked into our bathroom, turned on the shower, and checked myself in the mirror. Luckily no wetness had gotten onto my dress front or back, but when I lifted the dress to take it off the back of my panties were wet halfway up my butt cheeks and the front was wet a few inches up. I showered and changed and hid my wet panties to wash them later. It was a really embarrassing way to start my life at college. I still sometimes think about it these years later and can feel my face turn red.


American Standard Town Square Skirted Toilet

Is this a good toilet?

new guy

more comments and stuff

To: Julia loved your story about pooping in the urinal and about your fiend claire pooping in the toilet instead of using the uirnal you could have done a buddy dump together.

To: Car Mom I see you answerd a question I asked about pooping in your car when I wrote the question I didnt notice someone already asked it oh well another question whats the most number of people peed in your car at the same time?

To: Jodi great story about pooping your pants your friend Jared should have been more nicer to you and helped you clean instead of acting the way he did please share more stories.

To: Stac great story about you pooping at club those people were very rude to you please share more stories.

To: Upstate Dave another great set of great description to please keep them coming.

To: Decperate to poop great desperation story keep the stories coming please there really good.

To: Natalie I bet you felt a whole lot better after that dump I bet it hurt a little please contiue to post more stories.

To: Emma W you should try to face fear and nervousness about pooping in public restrooms because it sound you had a pretty tough after holding for that many days.

Well thats all for now no stories at the moment but ill post one if can remember one or something happens thats worth posting.

Sincerly new guy

PS. again just cant say this enough I really love this site.


Most Recent Accident

You might remember some of my previous accidents. Well today was different. It was not public. Nobody was even home at my house. I needed to poo ever since the morning but i thought it could wait for school. I had so much fun at school that i forgot that i needed to poo. When i got home i wanted to watch a really long video on youtube. Thats when the urge struck me by storm. I suddenly started to slowly poo. I wanted to make the video load so that way i wont waste a lot of time waiting for it to load. It kept on asking me to refresh but every time i did more poo would enter my white panties. It finally started to load so i ran as quick as i could to my washroom. i thought i could pull my panties down before the load would be dropped so i quickly pulled them and sat down on the toilet but when i look i saw a chunk of brown poo. I also saw that i peed a little bit.

On the subject of pooping in urinals, when I was in high school back in the 80s I used to see turds in the urinals a lot. One day there was graffiti on the wall that said "I'll stop shitting in the urinals when you guys stop pissing on the toilet seat".

On a somewhat ealted note, one time in a bathroom at a department store I read graffiti in a stall that said "If you came here to piss, go to the urinal next to this stall. I', tired of cleaning piss off the toilet seat".

Upstate Dave

Answering Questions Part 1

For Julia I have taken a shit in a urinal when I was real young. I was five years old at the time and I was with my brother and two sistors. They are all older then I. We were at the teater on a Saturday which we did almost every weekend durring summer vacation while my parents were shopping.

Now when the movie was half over I needed to shit and real urgently too. I told my brother that I had to and he told me just go for he didn't want to have to leave for he wanted to not be iinterupted watching the movie. So I got up and I left the theater and went up stairs for that is where the bathrooms were.

Once I was up the stairs I at this point ran to the mens room! I pushed the heavy door open and ran inside. I went over to te stalls and pushed on the first stalls door. It wouldn't open! It was locked from the nside. I went to the next one same thing! It was locked! So I went down th five stalls and the remaining ones were locked too! All the stalls doors came down so close to the floor you couldn't crawl under them!

What to do?!!!! I thought to myslef. I can't shit my pants! Which I felt I would do that in any second! I looked at the urinals which there were three of them which were the bolw type which these three were for adult mens not a young kid like me! They were high up on the wall. But there was only one for a kid like me at the end with a steel single partitain along side of it sperateting it from the others!

I hurried over to it. I pulled down my pants and underware! It was just down low enough so that I got my now bare ass over the front cup and I pushed my penis down so that I owuld pissin the urinal too. I only pissed just a little bit and then I started my shit! Even that that age I took good big fast shits! I was so relieved as I felt my shit comming out and it came out fast!

I could smell it well too for it was a stinker! Now since I was shiting in a urinal and being in a theater I was pushing hard which made my shit move fast and I also made me resume my pissing too! I was worried that someone would walk in and at least hear me or cme over and see me shiting in the urinal! With my hard pushing I was real quick about doing this shit and piss. In maybe about 15 seconds I was done with both.

Now there was ony one think left to do. I had to wipe myslef! Since I wasn't in a stall where there would be toilet paper I had only one choice and use theat brown paper used for wiping your hands after washing them. Now you have to imagine me with my pants and white briefs down at my knees holding them with my hands trying to hurry over to the isks so I could use the paper there to wipe my ass!

I managed to do it without tripping and falling down. I cranked out very fast a single sheet of that brown paper crumpled it up which that paper always is noisy unless its wet and I gave my ass a quick wipe! Then I shoved it into one of those domed hooded tarshcans and pulled up my pants and underware! Once done doing that I ran out of the bathroom full tilt! Thinking to myslef as I ran forthe stairs; I was suer glad no one had come in and had seen me there!

When I reached the stairs I did walk down them normaly and the lobby too. The standard rule was no running in the teater so I didn't not at least as far as when I went out and comming back. I went back where in the theater where my brother and sistors were siting and sat back down. I asked my brother if I had missed anything. He just said no to me. I settled downin my seat and I watched the movie but as I sat there I smiled and I was so relieved that I had shit and had not been caught! * The only one person that would find out later was my siustor Judy for I told her. Boy did she ever laugh so hard! But she kept it a secret beween us two too for she and I did tell just each other many things that we did and we still do. I will give new guy a answer in my next post. Upstate Dave

Magnesia Maggie

My first post

This is my first post on the board, although some friends showed me it back last year when we were freshmen. I'm 16 now (as of last week) but I've had a constipation problem going back about 6 years. Swear to God, I have no real problem peeing when I'm away from home, but bowel movements are another story. On Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings I can go to the bathroom on the top level of our house where my room is, sit and have a nice, satisfying stool. However, come Monday at school, I feel like I have to go, I go in, sit down, but I'm unable to produce anything. Well, sometimes I will pass a ball or 2 of crap, something that my friend Gretchen calls my "consolation marble." Each piece is no larger than a marble. Then when I wipe there's nothing on the toilet paper and then I have to go through the day with that really full, bloated feeling. Some days I will sit down and try to go right after school before I begin walking home, but I sit for like 10 or 15 minutes and sometimes all I can do is drop a couple of marbles. Oh, yes, yesterday afternoon I did fart twice and the final one really smelled up the stall. Mom and my doctor want me to keep some kind of journal, but I don't always keep it up to date but when my mom asked me last night about how my bowels were moving this week, I told her the truth. Then she said if I didn't crap by 7:30 this morning, she was going to give me some Milk of Magnesia. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, went to my bathroom and peed, and like Mom suggested, I quietly sat for about 10 minutes. Nothing. No feeling in my rectum.

So for the 4th time in the past 5 or so weeks Mom gave me the laxative. She knows I hate it, and she doesn't want to give it to me at night because she says I could get too dependent on it and she would rather let nature take its course, if you know what I mean. So at the end of 2nd hour I went in and peed, and as Mom's suggested, did a little pushing, but nothing happened. I could only sit for like 2 minutes because we have only a 5-minute passing period between classes, but I was still hopeful. However, Gretchen was getting restless on the other side of the stall door as she waited for me and she almost didn't get her pee in before the warning bell rang and we both had to run to class. By 4th hour I was starting to feel a little more activity and I was looking forward to making a run for the stool right after I finished my World History test. However, it took me longer and I had a hard time writing about ancient Egypt when I started to get nauseated and sweating so much that the inside of my long hair was even starting to feel damp.

I turned my paper in with like 1 minute left in the period and waited at the classroom door with my book bag on ready to make a run for the bathroom. I figured if I was lucky, I had a lot to accomplish in just less than 5 minutes because I had to go one floor up for my 5th hour class, something by the way which I think is really dumb because all our English teacher does is take attendance and hold us for 5 minutes when we go to lunch. Even Gretchen believes that rule sucks for what it is, but I'm an honor student and know that many such policies are not going to change. My BM was literally popping out into my blue undies when I threw my weight into the doorway of the 1st stall. One of the hover pissers (I hate them!) had done her number on the seat but I didn't care and I dropped my jeans with wreckless disregard, ripped at my soiled undies and before my weight fully rested on the seat, there was a gigantic fart eruption that was so bad, that the front of the black seat, the front of the bowl and even part of my inner thighs were splashed. While I felt relief, if I were not an expert of sorts in constipation and Milk of Magnesia, I would have suspected that my entire colon fell into the toilet.

While I hadn't used up that much time and I knew my time was limited, I reached to my left and pulled at the bottom of the TP holder. Nothing. I quickly looked underd the stall partion and did see a couple of sheets on the floor that the girl who was peeing away into the stool was partially standing on. Since she had music on it took me a couple of attempts to get her attention and I finally did by sliding my shoe up and tapping it against hers. When I told her my situation, she reached down with her right hand and slid the sheets onto the floor in front of me. I was surprised by the amount of dust on them, but I turned them over and used them anyway. I knew I should have more, but getting to class on time and avoiding tardy slip time is important to me. I quickly surveyed my undies and with so much soft BM in them, I decided to leave them on the back of the stool, just behind the sheet and in front of the flusher. Then I hiked up my jeans and made a run to class.

While I was sitting in class and counting down the minutes to lunch, I cupped my hands and placed my chin in them. Urgh! There was a distinct crap smell and and one streak of crap on the fingernails of my forefinger and the next one. Gretchen couldn't wait to get to lunch, but I told her to wait for me while I went into the bathroom and thoroughly washed my hands. As we walked down to lunch I told her more of the story. She's a once-a-day crapper and usually has her BMs before she ever leaves home. Will I ever be that lucky?

Kelly P- Thanks for your post! My mom used to use Correctol. I think I took it once. I usually don't need laxatives.



Peeing on the Trail

My name is Rachelle and I am a 19 year old blonde freshman. Behind my neighborhood is a trail that cuts through the woods. I was walking it when I felt a strong urge to pee. I saw one one coming so I raised my mini skirt, dropped my thong to knee level and began to pee. It was a solid steady stream that lasted for about 45 secs or so. I drip dried and pulled my thong back up and dropped my skirt, continued walking down the trail. It's nature at its best in my mind.


Comments on stories & Standee Mandy's survey


That was great advice you were given. I remember when I was babysitting like 15 years ago boys would go in and pee and come out, sometimes even with their penis hanging out. Was ADD involved? I don't know, but I do know that if I hadn't been that observant customers at Burger King would have been grossed out.

Teacher Tammie:

Would Jolita's mother actually have believed that a long sit can induce shit? Regarding the boxers, her undies might have been dirty so she borrowed those of her brother or dad. I would also ask the question as to whether there are financial issues at home.

Standee Mandy's survey:

Do you have an opinion on whether the ladies or mens toilets are cleaner? More total butts will sit on the womens seats on any given day, but with the exception of the really fastidious few, the seats and toilets overall are kept much cleaner. Frequently when I use a unisex bathroom, if a man comes out, the seat is down and there's urine on it. And twice this past month, there's been unflushed logs in the bowl. My thinking is always c'mon and flush before unlatching the door.

Do you think more men cover the seats before sitting down compared to women? Only a few of my colleagues at our financial corporation cover the seats. I use public toilets several times a day at restaurants, sporting activities I attend with my boyfriend, and when I'm shopping at the mall. Even in exclusive stores where seat papers are available, they are not used that much. And over the past three years that I've been reading, I haven't heard that many guys saying they cover the seats. Wasn't there a post just a few days ago from Jaded Jarrod about a three or four-stall doorless bathroom in a department store, each stall was being used by a guy sitting directly down on the seat (including the writer's father). Nuff said!

response to pregnancy pee stories
to the person asking if anyone has ever been pregnant and had pee stories, i have not, but i know of people who have.

my cousin was recently pregnant about a few months ago and since she stayed with our family for a few weeks while her parents went on vacation, i had some experiences with her appointments. once i got to go in with her when the doctors were taking photos because i wanted to see the baby. the doctor's gave her like over a gallon of water to fill her stomach so they could take photos. at first she was fine, and she didn't seem to be having a problem. after about 7 minutes, the doctors were all set up and ready to take the photos, and they said that it would only take about 10 more minutes. i could see that my cousin was a little uncomfortable and i asked her 'haha, do you need to pee yet?' she replied, 'just a bit, but i'm fine. i can hold it.' the doctors started to take photos and about 4 minutes later they said they had to go into the other room to get a piece of equipment and they told my cousin to stay put because it'd only be a second. when the doctors left the room my cousin turned to me and said 'okay, now i really kinda have to better not take long.' she tried smiling jokingly as she said it, but i could tell that she really needed to pee. the doctors were back soon and they started taking a few more pictures. about 3 minutes into the photography my cousin said. 'stop, can i go to the bathroom really quick?' the doctors said 'we only need to take about 5 more photos, and then detach you from the equipment, it'll be pretty quick.' my cousin replied desperately 'but i've been holding it in, i have to go now.' the doctors said 'we'll go as fast as we can, but just try to hold it in, if you have to, just pee in your pants if you can't hold it.' my cousin was the type of person i knew who wouldn't pee her pants. she held it until the doctors were done but she was pretty much bouncing up and down and squirming desperately when they said she could leave. 'omigosh, omigosh, i have to PEE so bad!' i know it was kinda bad, but i sorta wanted her to pee her pants so i tried stalling for a bit while we were going to the bathroom. 'i can't make it! i can't make it!' she cried when we saw the bathroom, her hand was shoved in her crotch and she tried to go in, but then i heard her scream 'SHIT! I PEED!' and then she had an accident. it wasn't too big of a deal considering she was pregnant and no one really cared, but it was an interesting experience.


Standee Mandy's survey

These are interesting questions that will probably start a lot of debate.

Do you have an opinion on whether ladies or mens toilets are cleaner?

Well the few times I've used an out-of-the-way bathroom with Stac, I've found them to be cleaner. The ladies bathroom doesn't have a puddle at the base of the toilet from drips (as yes this sounds gross) and sometimes streams of urine that start too soon before guys have their dick pointed into the bowl. Also, I've seen some young boys at places such as the mall and parks that don't even touch their dick, let alone aim it, so you can imagine the result. And I know Stac flushes from a seated position and doesn't have to worry about pee dripping from her hand after she flushes. As for me, I learned at school back in about 7th grade that you can't assume anything. I completely stand, turn around, and with a piece of toilet paper in my hand I reach over and flush. If that makes me a "clean freak" (what Stac calls me, among other things) so be it but I don't like shaking hands with a flusher that's dripping with urine, and occasionally, the back wall and stall panels. Why don't I just use my foot ot flush? Well once back in about 7th or 8th grade, I tried that and because I had hard dress shoes on for a choral concert, the urine my shoes were standing in was so bad that standing on one foot almost sent me me down on my back. I was saved by falling against the stall door, one of the few the guys have had in my K-12 schooling years.

Do you think more men cover the seats before sitting down compared to the women?

I put one line of toilet paper over the four sides of the seat. Stac was surprised when she saw me put a small strip across the front of the seat/bowl. I heard an older guy a number of years ago in the park talking about protecting his "most important asset" while he sat and had a really obnoxious kid asking him lots of questions. Stac says most of her friends don't cover the seats because of the hassle involved, etc. I remember back when I was like 5 or 6 and out with Mom and she had no choice but to drag me into the bathroom with her, she usually sat right down on the toilet. I admired how fast she could start her pee. I think she was being as fast as possible because I was with her and she didn't want me to see too much. I don't remember ever seeing/hearing her crap out in a public place. Rather, what she did was hold it and a few times I remember her cutting errands short and she would hurry home to crap.

Keith D
I have been taking some really big dumps lately. I have been very busy at work so don't get the opportunity to go when I should. So My logs have usually been trapped inside for two to three days. When I do get the chance to go it has taken quite a bit of straining and the logs have been big and lumpy and reasonably hard. I really need to concentrate to get them out. When they are big and stretching me wide, I have to concentrate to relax and keep my poor ring from panicking and clenching and forcing the poo back in. But at the same time the poops are so big that I don't want them to just force their way out I'm afraid they would tear me so I need to constrict my butthole just slightly and force the logs to squeeze down in diameter a bit. It's a tough balancing act!

Kelly P asked why pooping feels so good. I'm not sure. I find the most enjoyable ones to be the logs that are fairly large and firm but just soft enough to move through. The ones with knobbly shapes can give a real massaging effect that sometimes really hits the spot.

Mr. Clogs

Sandy Mandy's survey

1) Do you have an opinion on whether the ladies or mens toilets are cleaner? I can't speak for the ladies I'll leave that up to them to answer. I can speak for the men's toilets, it depends sometimes they clean up after themselves, other times they leave their evidence if you know what I mean.

2) Do you think more men cover the seat before sitting down than the women? Again I can't speak for the ladies, but some men do. I always cover the seat no matter how clean it is. I can't squat over a toilet well, so I have to sit on the seat.

Mr. Clogs

What weird stuff you found in the bathroom?

Question for all of you? What weird, disgusting stuff you've found in the bathroom, whether if it's your home, visiting a relative, friend or stranger's house bathroom, or public bathrooms? You're thoughts please.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Desperate to poop - that was another excellent desperation story. Wow, a total of an hour and 5 minutes holding back your dump while waiting on the line - that must have been terrible. Was that the longest you ever had to wait?

Upstate Dave

Odd Ways Of Going That I Have Seen Girls Do Part 8

Barbie asked me to hold the toilet seat up for her. So I stepped over to the side of the toilet and lifted up the seat halfway for her. Then Barbie took the roll of toilet paper and started unwinding it going around the the hole of the toiet seat covering the hole! I had no idea why! Barbie went and made several rows wrapping the toilet paper and also wrapped it each of the rows several times so the paper was quite thick.

Then she set the roll down and told me to put the seat back down which I did. Then Barbie told me to move out of the way. I stepped out of her way. Then Babie got right up on the wrapped seat standing on it! She turned around faced forward. Then Barbie hiked up her dress both front and back and got down into a squat! (kind of a high one)Now see what I'm going to do Dave! Barbie said to me.

I was still kind of stunned by what she was doing but also at the same time raceing through my mind was her brothers Butch's telling me what Barbie had shown him and this was exactly it! All I could say at the moment back to Barbie was; Uh huh. Barbie giggled and she ten said to me; I hope I don't pee first dave. Then this won't work!

I kept stareing at Barbie and Barbie let out a little phit of a fart. Good it feels like I'm going to shir first after all! Barbie said to me. A second soft phit of a fart I heard. Then a few short seconds later Barbie was shiting for I saw a bown fat stub of a shit apear under her and it was moving slowly.

Then after acouple of more seocnds had passed her shit sped right up and when it reached I would have to say 6 inches or so long it dropped down on the toilet paper which made it bow but did not break! Then Barbie had a secoind shit starting to come out. This one too was brown and fat but it was movng faster much faster then her first one. This one crackled as it moved too.

Barbie's second shit took about the same time as her first one had but when it dropped down on to the toilet paper it was a couple of inches longer! The paper held its weight too which kind of surprised me again. There was a reason for this for Barbie had started to dribble out piss up front from her gagina and her piss was starting to wet the toilet paper but it held.

Now Barbie let out a soft sigh after she had stoped shiting and right after her sigh her dribbling piss turneed right intoo a hard stream o piss! It shot slightly forward hitting the toilet paper in front of her shit. It darkened turning the paper yellow and the paper getting wet sagged heavily under her shits weight and then the paper started to break!

With the wet toilet paper breaking ahead of where her shit was laying on it her shit started moving to the lower point of the paper and then dumped right off the paper and down into the toilet with a loud flump and a good splash which the splashing water with her piss wetted the paper not hiting her. Barbie went on pissing which her piss wtted the paper more and the rest of the paper wound up breaking under the weight of her piss making it wet.

Barbie went and took for her a log piss. Then before it did come to its end it did hiss for several seconds and then it dribbled and dripped. As it dripped Barbie asked me to give her the toilet paper roll. So I picked it up and handed it to her. Barbie spun off a big wad from the roll andwiped her vagina and crotch off first. Dropped the wad in the toilet. Then she rolled off more and used the second wad and wiped her ass of with it.

Then when done with her wipeing her ass Barbie stepped off from the toilet seat and took the broken pieces that were still hanging from the seat and knocked them off into the toilet. She took a look down at the bowl and soo did I. Barbie giggled hard and said to me; I hope this will all go down! Barbie sure did have a good reason to say it! There was so much toilet paper in the toilet that only just one small piece of one of her shits was showing. All th rest of it was covered over and buried by the toilet paper.

Barbie reached over to the handle flushed the toilet holding te handle as the toilet flushed. As we watched the one shit that we could see moved and now slid under the slowly spinning mass of toilet paper! The water level did ever so slowly did drop downward with the toilet paper. Then the tank was empty which Barbie let go of the handle and the tank started to refill.

Down in the bowl the paper stopped its spinning and the water level with still a lot of toilet paper rose. She and I watched till the tank was refilled and the water stopped flowing into it. Barbie gave the toilet a second flush. This time the remaining paper went right down very quickly but the toilet gurgled very loudly and a few sheets came back up inside the bowl! But this was only briefly and then those pieces got sucked down real fast a few seconds before the tank emptied out a seccond trime and started to refill.

Phew! Brbie said loudly. I thought the toilet was plugged up but I guess not now! I laughed a little and said back to Barbie; It almost was! When the water stopped refilling the tank Barbie gave the toilet one more flush. The water went right down real fast so it hadn't plugged up. Barbie was relieved and happy that it hadn't. So that was it and she and I left the bathroom and that ends this series of posts. Upstate Dave


Pooped in a urinal

Has anyone ever pooped in a urinal? I did one time when I was drunk. My friend Claire and I were walking back to my house and we walked through a park at one point. Well, I could feel then that I would need to shit soon, so I told Claire and she said she needed to take a big dump as well. We found the restroom, two unisex one-occupant bathroom. Since we both had to shit, we had to decide who would use the toilet. I agreed that since I didn't have to go as bad, she could have the toilet first.

We went in, she sat down, and started with a lot of farts and loose turds just as soon as she got her thong and skirt off. She kept going, having a wet mushy dump for at least ten minutes, and my urge was growing stronger. I kept waiting, but after a little while more, I couldn't hold it anymore, and that's when I spied the urinal.

I did an awkward squat over the urinal, and to get my butt so my poop wouldn't go on the floor, my pee stream did go all over the ground. I was peeing a hard stream while I pushed out a big turd. It touched the bottom of the urinal and curled up in the little cup thing, but I still had more in me. I had to kind of half-stand half-squat and I kept pooping. My turd did finally break off and it was on top of itself and part of it snapped and fell on the floor.

Claire had finished while I was going, and was now laughing quite loudly at me. I couldn't help but laugh as well, and I went over to the toilet and set to wiping myself, then we just left, without even bothering to flush the shitty toilet paper.


Thanks Car Mom!

Thanks for sharing the details, Car Mom! And of *course* you're not "so weird," thank goodness for the Web to reassure you of that! In fact I think it's really great that you can be relaxed and casual about it, and obviously, your passengers (of all ages!) are a lot more comfortable for it!

If you don't mind me asking yet more: do the girls always scoot to the center, to avoid sitting in the pee after they're done? Also, are there other places besides your car where you let your daughter or her friends pee, either at home or about, if the bathroom isn't handy?

Thanks again for sharing your stories, they're interesting and fun to read!

Car Mom
I saw that someone asked what I do if someone has to poop while they're in my car. I was actually going to mention that in my next post! So now I will! I'm not really that crazy about the idea of pooping in the car, and unlike the smell of pee, the smell of poop DOES bother me. Nevertheless there have been a couple of times that I have had to let my daughter poop in her pants in the car and also one occasion when one of her friends did it too. When my daughter had to do it, it was because it would come unexpectedly. Sometimes when she's having a pee she'll be sitting back there peeing and then all of a sudden she'll start farting a lot, which is normal for her when she's peeing, but these farts are different. They're what I call pre-poop farts. And they're smelly! Then after that she'll say "um mom I think I have to poop." And so I'll ask her if she can wait and if she says no, I'll pull the car over and then I'll have her quickly get out of the car and then poop on the ground. I always try to make sure its a place where no one can see her. But unfortunately there have been a couple times when there wasn't a place where no one would see her and so instead I had to tell her to quickly pull her pants back up and then go ahead and poop in her pants. And so that's what she did. She just pooped in her pants and I would just wash them later. Its better than pooping on the seat. Then on another occasion one of her friends was with us and we were going on a pretty long trip and both of the girls had already peed in the seat at least once and so they were sitting there with their pants still down. They always leave them down while they're still in the car so that way they don't get them wet. So anyway they were sitting there and my daughter suddenly told me that her friend had to poop. And so of course I asked her "how bad?" And then my daughter's friend said "I'm actually already going." And then I said "oh no" and I knew it was too late and I could tell that the girl felt bad, so I just told her to finish going but to try to let it go on the mat on the floor instead of on the seat. And so she did. She felt really bad and kept saying "I'm sorry." I said "its ok, don't worry about it." It did smell bad though! A lot worse than my daughter's! But luckily not much actually got on the seat and it came right off the mat. So no permanent poop smell in my car. And she did stop feeling bad about it and that was a while ago. She has actually soaked my backseat with her pee a few times since then. Well I hope that answered your question. Like I said, pee doesn't bother me, but poop does.


latest accident

Hey all,
i haven't posted recently. I pretty much told most of my notable stories from the past... haven't thought of any other interesting ones. But i did have another accident this week. My first since i crapped my pants while writing a post here last month.

This one was pretty embarrassing because it happened among friends. Jared is a diehard san Francisco giants fan. Well since we've been together I've developed a love for them too. On monday night they were playing a playoff game against the braves and it was a real nailbiter. The game was very close late and the giants would be able to advance if they won. We had our friends rob and Emily over for the game too and had dinner together beforehand. Anyway, toward the end of the game it had been a couple hours since dinner and i had developed a pretty urgent need to go to the bathroom. Because it was such a close game and it was almost over, and because of how i am with putting it off when i get preoccupied, i wound up waiting too long.... i fought back at least two near "turtleheadings" during the 9th inning and kept trying to find creative positions to sit in to help subdue the intense pressure to release my bowels. After the game ended i felt relief was near. The giants had won and my husband was really excited and hugged took everything in me to hold it in when he did, and he wouldn't let go for a minute. I embarrassed myself a little by urgently saying "jared i have to go to the bathroom!" A little louder than i wanted too. He let go and started talking to rob as i shuffled off towards the hallway with my load really pushing to come out. I ripped a loud, crackling fart that i couldn't control... it reverberated through the hallway which had wooden floors so it was loud, and right near the tv room. I got into the bathroom and a big solid load squished its way into my pink panties before i could even unbutton my jeans... it was a pretty squishy clay like consistency so it really filled my pants and made kind of a funny bulge in my jeans like an upside down T. It spread a little to each side of my cheeks right on the seat of my jeans and also spread up along my buttcrack. It was really obvious, i could see it because there is a mirror on both walls facing eachother in that bathroom. I stood there for a minute trying to decide what to do, and then i left that bathroom and quickly snuck off upstairs. I cleaned up and changed my panties as quick as i could to try and be inconspicuous. But going downstairs i was struck with horror as it became more and more obvious that my friends were aware that I'd pooped in my my own my 30s. I got down there and i could smell that a lot of air freshner had been sprayed. Rob and Emily looked uncomfortable and jared seemed nervous, and then rob and emily awkwardly said goodbye and headed out. After they left i turned to jared and i could feel my face was burning bright red. I asked him what they said and he wouldn't tell me. Then i just asked him "was it obvious?" He paused then said "Did you poop your pants?" I started blushing more and turned away and said "i couldn't help it i was trying to wait until after the game..." he said "its ok... but yeah it was a bit obvious. We heard you having gas in the hallway then you were in the bathroom for several minutes, then left without flushing the toilet and went upstairs for a while and left a pungent smell behind. You didn't exactly hide it well." He sounded a bit embarrassed by me and annoyed, which hurt my feelings. He's usually really sweet about it, but i don't blame him because he deals with me pooping my pants kind of a i guess he's entitled to being tired of it at some point. It still made me feel bad about myself that he seemed annoyed though. It was a really crappy night, in more ways than one. Its probably the most embarrassed I've felt about pooping my pants in a pretty long time. I mean its pretty defeating when you're in front of the toilet about to pull your pants down and you start going in your underwear... oh well.


My Sunday Walk--Part Two

This is the conclusion of my story about a mile-long walk I took last Sunday. It was a nice day, Connor had backed out of helping me with a volunteer assignment at the food bank, so instead of driving downtown to the food bank's warehouse, I decided to walk. It's good exercise and sometimes, well, I just need to think.

I was running late and as I finished the last two blocks of my walk, I called my supervisor and told him I was running late. He said that was fine because several trucks that were expected were running late and that I would have a lot of unloading work to do. As I held the phone in my left hand and was drinking my pop from my right hand, my right shoe stubbed a piece of broken sidewalk, and I went tripping for about three or four feet, eventually, falling into the hedge in front of some psychologists office. I cursed and Tom my supervisor asked me if I was OK, because he apparently heard the whole thing when I dropped my phone, which luckily didn't break. I lost the last one-fourth of my pop as the container went rolling down the curb and into the street. However the fall and how much it scared me, caused me to fear that I might have shit my pants. It just felt different down there, but then I remembered that I had a thong on and that would do a much better job of holding my crap in--at least better than some of the looser fitting underwear I sometimes wear. I have a pretty good relationship with Tom, he's only about three years older than me, and we joke around a lot. Before I hung up, I warned him that the first thing I was going to do when I got there was to take an emergency shit. He made some kind of remark about me stinking up the bathroom and I told him to "F@@@ O@@!" We just love teasing one another!

I came upon a hill and started walking down it, cutting through a wooded area, smelling what was being held in my butt and with increasingly painful gas, by the way, and I saw a large crowd of several hundred people--several of whom were dancing--near the bandstand in the park. What was surprising was that this was a fund-raiser for a statewide Earth Day campaign and I'm the president of my school's ecology club. As I got closer, the music from a DJ got louder and I was surprised by the number of older people who were dancing. As I finally got to the park, it was obvious that the DJ was playing music from like 30, 40 or even 50 years ago. Music they knew and which they probably didn't hear that much. Behind the bandstand, where the DJ was playing, I could see two portable toilet booths. There were about five people waiting for the two toilets. Once I got up to them, I could smell the stench but I knew I had to go there and that by the time I got two blocks down the street to the food bank warehouse, I would be dealing with a mess.

As I waited in line and was increasingly in greater pain, I listened to the music which was pretty loud. Some of the songs sounded pretty good, but I was hearing them for the first time. There was a middle school boy next to me along with his brother who looked to be like 7 or 8. The younger boy was crying and had his hands on his crotch because he had to pee so bad. Suddenly the door opened on one of the two unisex toilets, a girl about my age came out and this boy next to me shoved his younger brother forward. The boy didn't totally or securely close the door, but I didn't think it would really matter because I knew he wasn't going to be in there that long. After he opened the door and came out, he still was working with his zipper and his brother helped him pull it up. I walked around them and looked forward to sitting and shitting. I had to really pull on the door which stuck in order to get it to securely close. In using the latch, I felt liquid between my fingers and hoped it wasn't the pee from the boy. Then I looked at the toilet and the seat was literally dripping from yellow pee. The pressure was getting worse and I was so hot that I was araid I was going to puke so I quickly yanked my jeans and thong down and seated myself. I didn't really look down between my legs because I felt bad about the slop I was sitting in. I did notice one large skidmark in my thong but a loud blast came out of me within like 10 or 15 seconds of my sitting on the seat. It was so satisfying and as I prepared for another blast, (there were four that I remember) and I admit it, the smell of the toilet booth could have caused it to be condemned. I reached for the toilet paper to start cleaning myself, even though I wasn't sure that my three or four day load was completely out of me. Some of it was large and hurt me pretty bad as it came out. Other parts of it were quite soft and I knew they would be messy. I looked on both sides of the booth and could not find a toilet paper roll. I looked behind me and strangely enough, there was a toilet paper roll mounted on the wall but it was empty. I thought "F@@k!" I could just see Tom standing on the loading dock where I was overdue and laughting his head off.

I think I was on the stool for about 10 minutes and when I finally felt I was all cleaned out, just as I stood up and was pulling up my clothing and getting my thong even more dirty, there was a strong pound on the door and a female voice telling me to give someone else a chance. I don't usually get mad, but I uquietly unlatched the door and put all my weight into it and almost knocked the next girl over because she was too close to it. I was pissed and I didn't care. She looked at the seat, opened the door, and called me a pig and something else we can't say on this board and I just got back in line and luckily the second toilet opened. An older man came out, he was very polite and said something like "It's all yours, Maam." It might have been because he saw I was frustrated. Well, I went in, latched the door, sat down and with two rolls of toilet paper available, I thoroughly cleaned myself. When I opened the door, there was a mother and her young daughter (about 5 or 6) waiting and I smiled at them and told them to have a nice day.

I tried to remember what one of my leadership coaches once told us that "Attitude is Everything." As I was walking through the rest of the park to get to the food bank, there was a great song playing that seemed very appropriate for me that day. It was done by a lady called Spanky with a huge, booming voice and the DJ announced it as "Sunday Will Never Be the Same."

After another block's walk I was at the food bank. I decided to surprise Tom, who I knew couldn't wait to hassle me about my physical ineptness and bathroom needs. Instead of going in and signing in with him at the office, I got up onto a 16-wheeler trailer and as part of a group from my school's volunteer club, we had half the truck unloaded and the boxes of food and supplies stacked in the warehouse when Tom came up and acted surprised that I was there. Like did he expect me to get lost? He tried to fake it by saying he knew my "calling card" (smelly shit) smell from the bathroom which is right across from his office. I just thought, "Like sure....."

Connor came down to pick me up about 7 when the food bank closed. When I told him about my adventures, he said he regretted staying in to study. I guess I agree with that.


Re. Using the shower as a toilet/urinal

TO Mike of MD USA:
I pooped in shower frequently at one time but I had to stop. The drain kept clogging and another person who used the shower was thinking about calling a plumber to solve the mystery of why it the drain wasn't emptying as quickly as it should. When I heard that a plumber might be coming, I knew it was time to end my secret fun.

As for peeing in the shower, I do it all the time. Why waste water to pee in the toilet and then flush it - when I can just do pee in the shower.
It's a heck of a lot easier to pee in the shower. #1. I don't have to care about the accuracy of my 'aim', #2. I don't have to sit down on the toilet just to pee, #3. It simply feels very 'natural' for some reason, and #4. The toilet water and the shower water go into the same sewer pipe.

Take care,


Upstate Dave

Odd Ways Of Going That I Have Seen Girls Do Part 6

The last girl was my friend Butch younger sistor. Her name was Barbie. She was a small but cute brunette which she wore straight and long. Barbie either wore jeans or a dress or on a rare occasion a pair of shorts. Barbie was in our group of friends which included another Barbie her sistor Jeannie who lived next door to Butch and Barbie.

Now at one time or another all of us had pissed with one another. Then one day Butch and I were out together with none of the girls currently with us. Butch was sort of going steady with the Barbie next door by this time. Lets say she was his girlfriend now. So he had brought her up in conversation telling me that she had let him watch her shit!

Butch described it pretty graphicly. His sistor Barbie was there also and seen Butch's Barbie shit and then she told the other Barbie how she would shit sometimes. Then Butch told me how his sitor Barbie would shit. The way she did sounded to unbelievable to me. Butch said the same thing after his sistor had told him and the other Barbie. So Barbie Butch's sistor a day or so later showed Barbie Butch's girlfriend and she told Butch confirming it.

Now I got along real well with Barbie Butch's sistor. She after a time would when she had to piss would let me watch without any problems. I had yet to see her shit but with Butch telling me how she did I had to see if Barbie would show me. Barbie was funny in that she was kind of on the shy side of showing her rearend to me. But she was getting less shy about it and would show me more of it as time passed.

The other thing about Barbie was she wasn't interested all that much seeing my penis when I pissed with her watching me piss. Barbie openly told me watching me piss was what she liked best! NowI was down at Butches the following Saturday after he had told me about the way Barbie his sistor took a shit. I thought I might ask her about it while I was there.

Well it was busy there at her house that morning. Butch,John, and Tom her brothers were all there getting ready to go to different events that morning so I couldn't ask Barbie about the way she shit. Barbie and Jeannie from next door too came over. Jeannie of course gave me a kiss and a hard hug as I sat there at the kitchen table. She also took her hand while hugging me and rubbed the front of my jeans right you know where! (Jeannie was boy crazy!)

After about of a hour of total crazyness it settled down and everyone was gone as far as Butch,John,Tom,Jeannie, and the other Barbie. Barbie herself was now glad everyone was gone. She even said that after everyone was gone she was glad they were all gone. Peace and quiet? I asked Barbie. Yeah that too! she said back to me with a laugh.

Barbie was still n her pjs and now with everyone gone she asked me to kep her company while she changed. (Whenever she could do this we would and many times after it would lead to her takeing a piss after or before she would change) So I followed her upstairs into her little area she had inher brothers large bedroom where shehad her desk,couch, and her dresser.

Barbie did have a bedroom which she shared with her oklder sistor Marrgie but her dresser was out here for the bedroom was to small for it to be in there. She didn't mind at all for she liked the little area of hers being out therewhich she a lot of times would overhear her rothers Butch and John talk about Jeannie and the other Barbie and in turnBarbie would talk with the other Barbie and Jeannie about Butch and John!

Well I sat down on the small couch and Barbie slipped off the pants part of her pjs first!(Barbie like I said was getting over her ass shyness!) She left them on the carpet and walked over to her dresser to get out her clothes she was going to wear. As Barbie started rummaging through her dresser she aske me what it wa like outside. I told her it was sunny and real nice close to seventy I said to her.

Barbie soon had picked out what she was going to wear and she came over to the couch with a summer dress, socks, and her sneakers. Barbie was like Jeanniie and her sistor Barbie didn't wear panties a lot and today there was not a pair with the clothes she had pulled out from her dresser.

She dropped her clothes on the couch and sat down and pulled her pj top off over her head threw that on the floor. She picked up her summer dress and out that one followed by her socks and smeakers. She went back over to her dresser garbbed a hair brush came back over to the couch sat down again and started brushing her hair.

Now I thought would be the time to ask her about her odd way of takeing a shit to really see if it was true or not. I started of by saying to her; Barbie don't get mad at me I have to ask you something if its true or not. Both Butch and Barbie had told me something that you do and at least you had showed Barbie. Barbie stopped brushing her hair and looked atme for a moment and she told me that how could I be mad if you haven't asked your question yet.

She was right and she laughed and I smiled. Then I went and going into a less graphic detail at least leess then her brother Butch had told me and I finsihed saying it by asking was this true? Barbie made me wait till she had her har all brushed out. I thought in y mind hey it mustbe true! Barbie didn't come right back witha a answer or wasn't showing any sighns of being angry too!

She got up off the couch put her brush back o her dresser and came right back over to the couch and sat down with me. Yes Dave it is true. I do what Butch and Barbie had said. I have a good couple of reasons why. One is the bathrooms at school as far as the girs can be really filthy dirty with piss or shit or even piss and shit on the seat or floor.

Yeah but Barbie that wouldn't be the reason why you go the way you go. Barbie giggled and said I was right. Here is the real reason why I go the way I go. Barbie went on and told me she hated having getting splashed with the water in the toilet when she would shit. I know it doesn't happen all the time Dave for I don't shit the same every time I go and besides it's fun to do!

Now Barbie had told me the truth. But I wasn't going to get my chance to see her do it today. Barbie told me that she had done it yesterday morning and it might be a day or two before she would have to shit again. I don't go every day. But Barbie let out a giggle but I can sure pee right now Dave!

So Barbie hurried over to her desk opened the cabinet section of it and took out the large glass she kept in the desk. This was her piss glass which she did use a lot which I had held it many times while she would piss in it. So I was going to get to do it again right now! NowBarbie came right over with the glass and handed it to me. I took it.

Since I was sitting on the couch Barbie just stepped forward towards me straddleing over my legs till she was straddled over my thighs. Up went the front of her dress, as she seperated her feet a little further apart. I reached down with te glass placing it just under her vagina at a tilt and waited. Barbie was looking down with her holding her dress way up with two hands with its bottom on her chest.

Barbie started to piss seonding a hissing stream of piss right into the glass. It was quite yellow in color and it made foam as soon as her piss went into the glass. The glass filled rapidly with her piss foam swirling around inside of the glass. I could feel when her piss had gotten up to where I was holding the glass the outter surface of the glass got a little warmer from her piss which I could feel on my hand that was holding the glass.

Then a liitle more than half filled Barbie's piss stream slacke right off with her swirling piss foam slowing and then stopping. Her streams hissing had stopped also. There was only a soft splashing of her piss in the galss and that got ess as her stream got weaker and then that even stopped as for the last few seconds Barbie only had a trickle going and then she stopped.

She stepped back and after shehad stepped back far enough not straddled over me that is when she let go of her dress and I could get up to dump the glass out in the big flower pot in the corner. That I did and then Barbie told me if I wanted to see her shit I would have to come down each day in the morning to see if she would. I said I could do that. So a chance to see was all set now. I hope it would be in a day or two and Barbie would get the chance to show me! To be continuied.

new guy

todays dump

I just took a dump about 5 minutes ago it was about 2 or 3 inches more or less and it was a dark brown with some lighter brown mixed in that was followed by 2 light brown nuggets.

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