Standee Mandy

Two Question Survey

A two-question survey about public bathrooms and how the toilets are used:

1) Do you have an opinion on whether the ladies or mens toilets are cleaner?

2) Do you think more men cover the seat before sitting down than the women?

I'll start. I think because of the number of ladies sitting on the seat, each seat gets more total use but I feel that the guys have dirtier toilet sets because they splash their pee all over the place. The guys at my school tell me the bathrooms are gross, especially those on the first floor and in the basement. They get the most use each day.


Teacher Tammie's story on Jolita is very mysterious

I find Teacher Tammie's story on that girl Jolita to be pretty mysterious. Why is she wearing the boys boxers? Why does she believe that sitting on a toilet for 45 minutes or longer is going to help when she's eight days contsipated? Is she like Francine and often afraid to sit and crap at school? I wonder how strange her mother is? To me, it seems like Jolita needs some major counseling. Please keep us posted, Teacher Tammie, if the nurse gives you any other information.

pregnancy pee stories

anybody on here ever been pregnant and had stories about having to hold your pee or anything like that?

Upstate Dave

Odd Ways Of Going That I Have Seen Girls Do Part 5

Susan and I quickly got inside the house. Straight across the basement to the small bathroom in the back we went. All the way while heading to the bathroom Susan said repeatedly; Oh I have to go! She was ahead of me as we reached the doorway of the bathroom. She stepped inside turned on the light, slipped her black shorts right down and off.

Then she ran over to the toilet! Like before Susan straddled the low bowl but kept stepping forward untill she was straddled over the back of the bowl. Then she lifted one foot off the floor and she turned right around to face foward and sat right down on the toilets low tank!Then put both of her bare feet out on the toilets rim!

Susan did this so fast she was done when I walked into the bathroom! I stepped over to te front of the toilet. I sat down on the floor which put me jutst seeing her vagina at eye level. No sooner then I had sat down on the floor Susan let go with a termendous piss stream from her vaginas peehole!

Her piss stream started angled downward but was moving foward and raising into a rc as she sat there pissing! It traveled across the water splashing loudly as it did and then the splashing died off a lot when her stream had gone fprward and no longer was hitting the water in the bowl. It was hitting the blue porilain of the bowl creeping up inside of the bowl as she pissed harder!

I placed my hands down on the floor now to push myslef back just incase Susan's piss stream came right out of the toilet!For it was nearly to the top of the bowl and was just starting to with its splashing starting to have some droplets wetting the floor along the sides of the toilet! I gave myself a short shove back but Susan's piss stream stopped its forward motion and stayed where it was.

Susan had been silent up till now. She seeing her stream stopping its forward motion said to me; NOW I WOULD CALL THAT A PISS!!!! I laughed and told Susan; You sure could Susan! She smiled watching her piss stream hitting the porcilain f the bowl but she hadn't noticed yet that her piss was woth ots splashing Susan was getting the floor wet with piss.

I could have bet that Susan pissed like this for a good half minute. Then slowly her stream eased off with it creeping back down inside the bowl with now doing this her splashing lessened with less going on the floor and then it hit the water in the bowl making a loud splash agin with no more piss comming out of the toilet wetting the floor.

Then her arc dropped right out turning her stream just into a foward angled down stream. Now it began to hiss very loud which put a smile on my face. I had thought to myself that I hoped that her stream would hiss. Now it was! Susan seeing me smile let out a giggle as she said to me; Now I'm doing your favorite thing when I piss! I knodded my head yes and Susan smiled and let out a giggle agian.

The hissing stream of piss went on for about ten seconds and then her stream went right down to a dribble and then two short spurts. Then Susan came to a stop with some pss dribbled out giving her vagina a wetting and her crotch too. Susan then put her feet down which she pulled right back up! I pissed on the floor! Now my feet are wet too!

Dave get me the toilet paper Susan said to me. I got up and grabbed the roll off the sink and gave it to Susan. Then I turned and took the twoel from the rack and I quickly wiped up Susan's piss that was on the floor beside the toilet. Susan rolled off paper from the roll and she wiped her wet feet first. Then she waited for me to finish wipeing the floor which I soon had done.

Then Susan put her feet down on the floor and stood up. She tore more paper off and wiped her crotch and her asscheeks off. She must have gotten them wet when she did her last dribbleing. Then she wiped off her vagina last. There sure was a lot of paper in the toilet when Susan had done all her needed wiping. She pushed the button the toilet flushed. Susan got back into her black shorts and thatwas it for this day. So there is Susan who did piss and shit on a odd way. I have one more girl that went in a odd way yet to tell. Upstate Dave To be continuied.

Desperate to poop

old festival story

This is an old story of when I went to a music festival one year.

We camped over at this music festival and the morning after the first night of events I needed a pooh. All that drinking and greasy food wanted out! I went at the first signs of a pooh as I knew the line would be long and sure enough I had to wait in a line of about 30!

As you can imagine mine and others needs increased all the time especially with so many in line and quite a few pooping it seemed to.

I got chatting with the girl in front of me a redhead who also needed a pooh and quite badly she told me. two or three girls in front of her started to jiggle and hold their crotch as time wore on and nearer the front there were a few rubbing their ????'s and holding bums.

To begin with my need was there but not desperate but as the line moved and at times slowly my need increased and increased, I started to rub my ???? and clench my butcheeks a bit. The girl infront of me was doing the same and we kept each other company chatting about last nights events who we saw and occasionaly wishing the line would move on quicker. At one point it ground to a halt for about 5 mintues.

One girl did loose it and peed her pants about 5 in front of us. Poor lass she hobbled away but probably very relieved. The other two with her were also seemingly very desperate but just managing to hold it.

With a line so big as time wore on more and more were clearly showing signs of needing a pee or pooh and some were more open than others about showing their need visibly holding their crotch or clasping their bum.

after about 30 mins we had move about 12 people down. The Redhead lesley was getting more desperate and my need was increasing probably a 6.5/7 out of 10 on the gotta go scale both ends. I asked the redhead at one point and she said 8 out of 10!

after about 50 mins we had got to about 5 people. The redhead was now very desperate and I was also very desperate. The girls in front also looked pretty desp 3 visibly needed a pee and 1 looked like she needed a pooh.

Finally after another 10 mins it was me and the Redhead waiting. You could clearly see the feet of people and in some cases knickers, sanitary pads for those that weren't that shy and jeans/trousers.

5 minutes later and two cucibles opened up and we took one each. I was now bursting to go and I heard Lesley quickly pull her shorts down and let a loud far. The cucible I was in was pretty gross. Pretty full, some pads and some that had missed the hole. I didn't care though and I let loose with a barrage of soft poop. The relief was amazing from the sounds of it for the redhead too. Next door someone was having terrible diarreoh it sounded like she was moaning and letting lots of wet farts out. I was in for ten minutes, finally felt finished, I wiped my bum which was messy and wiped some pee and other juices from the front.

I left a relieved lady and caught up with the redhead again and we went for a drink

Happy pooping


To Kelly P

Having a nice firm poo is very enjoyable for me, too. I am a 62 year old male and as I have gotten older, my poos have become larger and more firm. These days, I enjoy taking a dump even more because I don't strain or force it out. Once comfortably seated with that "full" feeling, I just let myself relax with a good book or magazine. It often takes a few minutes for the stool to start moving out and frequently it will just stop for a few minutes after emerging an inch or so. It is not unusual for me to take 10 (or more) very satisfying, minutes to expell one or two nice specimens. During the process, I usually begin peeing when the stool is hanging about half-way out and pee more again at the end. I really enjoy this "no strain, no pain" technique of elimination.


College Time

I woke up this morning with a lumpy ????, i felt it rumble a couple of times during breakfast. I was a bit worried because i didn't really want to do my business in college. So i went to the bathroom, nothing much happened just a few smelly farts that echoed because i was on the toilet. I came out disapointed but i carried my day on as normal. I finally got changed out of my girl briefs (for bed) and into my skinny jeans and my halter top and my friend Sammy picked me up in her car. Whilst on the way my ???? rumbled straight after that i really needed to fart. I started to get quite uncomfortable as the presure was building up. Before i knew it i was having to make small shifting movements in my seat. My face started to crumple as i was holding on so tight. Sammy asked if i was okay, i replied no i really need to fart. She said she don't care if i do. So i let the car window down one so she cant hear it and two so she ccant smell it. It didn't work as well as i hoped. The fart was loud and it absolutely stunk! Sammy said jeeze girl that was rough do you feel better? I replied no i really need a shit! I ran into the college toilets, i didn't care if i was late to class i needed a shit badly. I jogged into one of the cubicles holding my butt and farting a few times, sat down on the toilet and had this sensation where a felt my whole gut drop and gas came out followed by two huge poo's as they came out my knees were squeezed together really tight. I admit that i whimpered a little noise as they came out. Such a relief! I've still been farting throughout the day though, i can't imagine whats next...


hangover shits

First time posting here for me, I'm a 27 y/o guy, pretty average build + some freeweights, swimming and hiking so I get a lot of exercise and even tho my diet isn't as good as it could and probably should be, I don't live on junk all the time either. Also this problem of mine has only started recently and I haven't noticed any changes in things that I eat or lifestyle or anything that could contribute but basically lately when I drink (as in get drunk) I get one hell of a case of the shits the next day that literaly lasts all day long. I don't get it because I've never had this problem before like this. I drank in college from 21 up, not like a LOT or anything but kinda pretty average consumption for a guy my age based on my friends and we're talking cheap booze that you can buy a gallon of lol. The most I had wrong w/me the next day was a headache or maybe I'd throw up a couple times in the morning if I really felt rough. I haven't changed my usual drinks either (except now I drink a better quality product lol) which basically boil down to beer and vodka. So I go out, get drunk, get back home and sleep it off and wake up feeling kind of sick in my stomach which isn't anything out of the ordinary after a night out drinking but then everything heads south lol and within minutes I go from "kind of sick in my stomach" to "growly bubbly gassy feeling pressure in my guts" to "intestinal cramps so bad they make you start sweating" and then I'm fumbling my way to the bathroom all groggy and hung over as quick as I can with my ass clamped shut to take a slimy, explosive, completely liquid shit which turns out to be only the first of many over the course of the day that range in volume from what feels like a gallon of greasy slimy shit-water spraying out of my ass to explosive wet farts with only a few squirts of this unearthly material here and there. No throwing up or usual hangover stuff, just diarrhea. Sometimes it hits with almost no warning, no cramps, nothing, I just feel like I have to rip a huge fart all at once but it's that instead and it's so totally liquid and so under pressure and comes on so suddenly that its taken me by surprise a few times and I've "farted" or even just didn't clamp my ass up in time (yeah it's really that bad, esp the first few times I have to go in the morning) because I'm hungover and groggy and ended up having the stuff all over the back of my boxers before I know what happened in my own apartment within steps of my own bathroom. So after thinking it was just a fluke and maybe I ate something bad or maybe I had a stomach virus or something, I finally just gave up drinking altogether until I can get to the bottom of this. The alcohol is definitely the cause in this cause and effect situation because without it my bowels are their usual pretty peaceful selves, no "sharts", no emergencies, no slimy alien liquid spraying out of my ass every hour or so (it's even a weird color, kind of vivid tan lol and I don't think I've ever had the shits that bad, that watery or that hard to hold in even with stomach flu or something), just my usual solid shit in the morning, one after work and maybe one before bed depending. I'm just wondering if you guys have any ideas about what might be going on with my stomach and alcohol lately, looks like there's a lot of collected knowledge about all things shit here lol so it seemed like a good place to throw the question out. I've thought maybe I developed IBS or something, and I've wondered about people becoming allergic to alcohol and if maybe that's what's up w/me. Like I said, I've cut drinking out because the diarrhea can easily last all day and I've had loose bowels even the day after before and am worried that I'll end up having a bad emergency in public somewhere where I can't get to a toilet easily because I have barely minutes to work with when it's like that. The fact that my day after drinking shit has on a close look absolutely nothing solid in it period (I'm grossed out but fascinated with it lol) but slimy greasy feeling stuff that sort of strings in the bowl makes me wonder if I'm not digesting the alcohol? I guess that's my question/s, if anyone knows anything about this, or maybe has had something like it happen, lemme know. Good posts btw :D I totally dig and relate to the whole "woah, look wtf came out of me" aspect lol

new guy

comments & stuff

To: Mike of MD USA yes I haved pooped a few times while showering sometimes by accident sometimes just because I just pick up and throw it in the toilet and then contiue my shower I always pee in the shower because why get out of a nice warm shower just to pee I mean all the water ends up in the same place.

To: Car Mom has any girl or woman pooped in your car if so please share the story.

To: Upsate Dave more great stories keep them coming please a question has your wife or any others women you know ever done a buddy dump if so please tell the story if not maybe she or they could try.

To: Paul great story please keep them coming.

To: Teacher Tammie great story about Jolita please post more if you have any.

To:Wendy & Kristy, Kristy you must have been beyond desperate but at least you didnt mess your pants have you or Wendy thought carring a roll or two of toilet paper in the car just in case that way you wouldnt have to worry about messing up your panties from not being able to wipe Wendy great stories about holding your poop for a long time I bet it felt good when you finaly went and great story about the girl Rachel pooping her pants. please keep the posts coming.

Here are my ranking of the posters here

Most interesting stories Wendy & Kristy
Most details Upstate Dave
Poster who should return Caramalita & friends

well there are plenty of others out there but I cant remember there names at the moment

well thats all for now no stories right now but ill post one when I get one

Sincerly new guy

PS. again cant say this enough I really love this site.

Hello all. I'm Natasa, first time poster, long-time reader.

Yesterday morning, I was listening to 'The Dave and Chuck the Freak Show' on the radio, when they got a very interesting question.
Basically, it went like this:
"Hey, guys. I have a girlfriend, but I've noticed something weird about her. We've been going out for the past three years, but I noticed that whenever she goes to the bathroom, she always turns on the water or a fan to mask the noise. Is this normal?"

So here's what I'm wondering, do you, or someone you know, do this?
Have you ever? For how long?
Do you do it only when you poop or pee, or both?
Do you only do it around certain people?

Myself, I've done it a few times. Most recently, I was about to have really bad diarrhea at work. The bathroom is very small, and when you're outside, you can hear everything that goes on in there? I turned on the water, I think that helped a little.

How about you all?

Kelly P

Wrong restrooms

Hi Carin,

That's a thought. I wonder what he would have said to that news? It certainly seemed more than strong enough for him. Maybe his wife gave him two.

Actually, is Correctol still advertised as being for women? Maybe the company that makes it doesn't think that guys get plugged up, too. My husband and I took it a few times on camping trips some years ago before we discovered the little liquid glycerin enemas. In fact I have quite a funny story about both of us having urgency on a camping trip from Correctol. Maybe I'll post it sometime.

Hope you are keeping regular.

Emma W

Shy pooper

I'm16 years old with ginger hair & a very petite figure. I'm only 5' tall & can eat for England. I'm really lucky that I never put on any weight even though I never stop eating. love a good poo but only when there's no one around. I hate anyone knowing when I'm having a poo & I'll hold it for hours if I have to. I love the relief when I finaly go especialy when I've been holding it for a couple of days or more. I've just had a massive poo after 4 days of holding it. I got home from school with a desperate need to go & I had the house to myself so I was free to relieve myself in private. I sat on the loo & pushed out a 5" long turd followed by another one of 4". The next one was soft & needed no pushing at all. It was huge & it came rushing out. It curled up as it entered the water & took up all the space. It felt a great relief & I wiped myself & flushed the monster poo away.

College Dude


Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a long time because I've been pretty busy. Being a college student while working takes up a lot of my time. But I had a question for everyone. This time of the month for most college students I feel like is always pretty hectic, as professors all seem to have their students either take tests or write papers all around the same time. So that translates into a lot of studying or a lot of time spent writing, which naturally leads to some stressful situations. Being the procrastinator that I am, I tend to put myself in really bad spots by waiting right up to the last minute to do my work. I've noticed over the last couple of years that this stress has affected my digestive habits, though. I know that a good amount of people end up vomiting when they get stressed, but I've noticed that I seem to have a tendency to need to poop a lot more than normal. I feel like any time I eat something that within a few hours I need to go, which isn't really normal for me. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who experiences something similar to this, or if I am the only one. Thanks!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mike of MD USA
Have you ever pooped in shower while showering?
Have you pee in shower?

Myself - I always pee first. Don't know why, but I guess it's just easier to point it down and pee first, so I don't have to worry about squirting pee out while I'm bearing down to squeeze out the turd.

Now, on to other business. The other day, I went in to take a crap. I pushed out a nice, long slider, wiped, then stood up to have a look at my dump. I was kind of intrigued by how it looked. It looked kind of like a backwards 3. It got me to thinking about the shapes our poops take when they land in the toilet. Usually, for me anyway, they take the shape of a letter of the alphabet or a number.

Generally, if they look like a number, it's usually a 6. If it's a letter, it's usually a J, an L, an I, or an S.

So, on to my question: what numbers, letters, or other shapes do your poops most often resemble?

Upstate Dave

Answering Questions Part 2

Ok new guy had asked me about buddy dumping with a girl or my wife. I can answer yes to both. I can tell you that when I was young my play mate was the girl that lived across the road from me. Living in a real small town which had large farms all around its outskirts she and I would play together in the large hay fiels together.

One of the large hay fields boardered or property. This was the one she and I would always play in. Her name was Luise and she was a cute redhead! At first we would not go to the bathroom outside when playing together. But we enjoyed being outside so much playing in the hay field that we would start going to te bathroom outside while playing in the hay field! We figuired it was just easier to go outside then run to the house and go!

At first it started off with just takeing a pee. Which when we did we would turn our backs to each other Louise would pull down her shorts or pants, or hike up her skirt or dress while I would pull down my shorts. or pants and we would go. But soon after going like this natuaral curiostity over came us bith and we let each other watch each other go! Or we would face each other and go together! No more running off to the house to go now. This like I said was just when we would have to pee.

But I think that I was one the one between us two that started with takeing a poop outside for there was one time that I had to do both so I did both with Luise watching me go both! Then a few days later Luise did the same for me while we in our play spot in the hay field! Then we would do both together takeing a pee and a poop togther if we did have to do both.

I'll add this too for you new guy. Once Luise and I started kindergarden the way the school we went to was built there was a new wing added to the two room school that was in town. This new wing was a new gym along with a single kindergarden room, and off the kindergarden room were the two bathrooms. Now the two bathroom were side by side but seperate. But there fr some reason a large vent in the wall that seperated the two bathrooms. So you could hear what ever went on inside the two bathrooms!

So Luise and I would go into the bathrooms to use them at the same time when we could! She and I could hear each other go whether we had to pee, poop, or both! We also could tak back and forth also while we were in the bathrooms. You couldn't see each other but it was still like being together going in one sense! Well this lasted for just kindergarden and as far as going outside over in the hay field together that went on for the next three years untill I moved away. Upstate Dave

Upstate Dave

Buddy Dumping Oudoors Part 1

Well my wife J and I always liked camping. Not in a trailer or rv but with a tent. That is ho we spent our first and second honeymoon was camping. I had a extended vacation for our first honeymoon. I bought a new car along with all new camping gear which included a bigger tent.

We left and went to a nice older state park up on the Sagandoga Resivoir which is really the Hudson River which has a dam on its north eastern end of the resivoir. Well we got a nice large site that was pretty much all by itself. That was great for its privacy! But we ran into a problem with the tent! It was missing some of its poles! WE did manage to use it but I and J agreed that I should take it back.

I did just that the next morning after breakfast. J wanted to do a little shopping in the local town so I dropped her off there and I drove back down where I had bought the tent and exchanged it for another but different tent and drove back up to the local town andpicked J up. Then back to the campsite and we set up the new tent without a problem with this one.

Now whenevershe and I had to piss or shit we would not go walking over to one of the bathroom buildings which by the way the closest one to our campsite was not all that close by. We just would go behind the tent if we only had to piss but if we had to shit just walk a little further for there were plenty of bushes to quat behind and shit behind a bush together!

Now the first full day in the afternoon before takeing a nap in the tent J and I had eaten a good lunch and had plenty to drink with our lunch too. J always now made sure she did drink a lot with meals now. She knew how I loved watching her piss! (We had been boyfriend girlfriend for over two years now before we were married and we had started doing this then. There ws a second reason which why we did this to. Fr a obvious reason it would get me excited in a most certain part of me too!

Well we both walked behind the tent to piss. Now J was wearing her blue bikini for we also had spent some time before lunch at the parks beach. I was just wearing cutoff jean shorts and a tshirt. So I took off J's bikini so she wuld be comfortible when we wre in takeing our nap and she did the same with my tshirt and cutoff jeans shorts.

Now also behind the tent there was a stump which this time I sat down on it and J sat down on my lap faced towards me. We both were at this tme in the mood for a little foreplay! So we both did a littel! Then we stopped and we both really now had to piss! J let go with a hard loud hissing stream which just a momnet before she had started had slid back, I had spreaded my legs wide open which made her legs wide open and I had a great view of her vagina and her piss stream. I remember J had a big smile on her face as she watched me watching her piss!

Boy dd she ever take a hard long piss too! When she had finaily finished pissingthe pine needled covered ground was soaked with her piss. Then It was my turn to go which J reached right down pushed my erect penis down and I sent out from my penis a god thin long twisted stream of piss hitting the ground well past under her bare ass and I made anothe big wet spot by the time I finished my piss. Then it was a quick run to the tent for our nap! (:_))

Well we did sleep a little while we wre in the tent. After wakeing up we talked about moving the tent. Away from that stump. J mentionedwe could use it for our bathroom spot for doing both! J does come up with great ideas many times and this was one of them. So we did move the tent forward awayfrom the stump moving th tent ten feet away. That put the tent closer to the picnic table and the fireplace too. That's how the campsite would stay for the next three days before we would leave and go up north to our next stop on our honeymoon.

We then got dressed agin in what we had worn at the each. J back n her blue bikini and I back in a tshirt and cutoff jean shorts. We did go back to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. We had a great time for the local highschool the senoirs were there having a party on the bech and she and I joined in playing volly ball and tossing a frisbee too aaround on the beach besides swimming too.

WE stayed till six for thats when the senoirs started leaving for ther little get together was over then. We both were starvig we both were that hungry. So we made ouselves a big supper which was baked potato,steak,corn on the cob, and a tossed salad. Plus gain we had lentyto drink before eating,while we ate and after too.

After eating we cleand up and we went and played frisbee out in the road that was in front of our site. WE played till after the sun had set. It was dark now and we walked over to the picnic table and I had a lantern and I turned it on. We had marshmellows and J toasted hers in the low burning fire. I had some crackers and cheese for my snack. We spent a halfhour time having our snack and then decided to turn in for the night.

But instead of going behind the tent to piss before bedtime both J and I just turned around on the picnic tables bench and we both wre going to piss right there instead! I took off her bikini bottom only and she my cutoff shorts. Then we sat side by side on the bench with e holding the flashilight down at her Vagina which made her giggle hard! When J started her piss I moved the flashlight on to her piss stream and shined it all the way down her stream to where it was hitting the dirt on the ground. J giggled even harder!

Now that it was dark and the air was still her streams hissing and splashing seemed to me to bee so much louder! J still was giggling but she did say to me; I wonder ofanyone else can hear me right now! I laughed a little and replied back to her; Who knows J. Sound does travel farther at night! We both then laughed. Soon J's piss stream eased off with its loud hiss gone. Then whe she did stop I gave her the flashlight and when I started pissing she shone the flashlight on my stream going its entire distance like I had done with hers. She had to shine the light a long ways for my stream was a long one! After I finished my piss the flashlight went out and we ran to the tent and went to sleep. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Buddy Dumping Oudoors Part 3

My wife spent the day wth my parents at the camp over on the otherside of the resivoir. We all went swimming and then later we had a great supper again together out on the deck. We played some cards out there too till dark. Then J and I left and went back over to the state park and our compsite.

Tomorrow was or last day and we then would head north up to our second stop which would be Raquette Lake at Goloden Beach State Park Campsite. There also would be a three day stay which would include going to Blue Mountain Lake Museum and over to Old Forge. But for tomorrow it would be a morning of shopping in town to resupply as far as food and pick up something else that we needed before we left here.

J and I after getting back we took our needed before bedtime piss behind the tent. Then went right inside and got undressed right into the sleepingbag and went right to sleep. It was warmer in the morning when we got up then yesterday morning s J got into a pair of shorts and a shortsleeve top. I got into a pair of jeans and a shortsleeve shirt. We had are usuall cups of tea and coffee and we had milk,cereal, and fruit for our breakfast this morning. Niether one of us needed to piss or shit at this time so we went right over to town got resupplied with food again, some dry ice, and I picked up a little folding shovel.

Then we went back to our campsite which now both of us needed to piss and shit! I brought the little foldup shovel with us this time. I was going after we had pissed and shit bury our shit from today and yesterday using the new shovel. Since we both had to go so bad I didn't take care of yesterdays shit which was still laying there on the ground by the one side of the stump. So all we ddi was g to the oppisite sida of the stump again we half stripped each other and again i sat on the stump and J on my lap.

This time J didn;t sit snuggly right up against me since it was warm. She sat back at my knees. But I had spreaded my feet wide apart again which made mine her legs wide open so both of us could clearly see each other! WE both let go just about at the same time with hard piss streams. J from her vagina and me from my pushed down penis which J was again holding. With her being farther back I did getwet with her piss this time like yestrdays pissing and shiting.

This time I started shiting long before J would. I didn't have to hold it back like yesterday morning and we both could see when each of us did shit this way. J smiled as she saw my shit comming down out of my asshole. This shit was moving fast and to me it didn't feel as smooth and quite as fat as yesterdays. Also being not as fat it wasn't going to scrape along the bark of the tree stump.

I only had one long shit come out. It was a good close to a foot one too. It had been silent with now crackleing or phiting of gas too as I shit. It made a soft thump hitting the ground and I was still pissing when it dropped and I saw that my piss stream where my long shit lay was being wetted with my piss. That lasted for about five seconds and I stopped pissing.

Now since my shit was so short in time along with my piss J was still pissing which her stream was wetting down the one end of my shit. Then her stream eased right up did some dripping and she let out a low but long blat of a fart. Then I saw her push and there was a phit out of her ashole! A couple of seconds later I saw her shit come into sight. Hers was a brown quite chunky dry one this time.

Her dripping piss with her push turned into a weakish piss stream which wetted my shit again down on the ground. Her shit slowly got longer till J had to stop her push. That made her shit stop and her weak piss stream stopped and went back to just driping again. I smiled just a little and I told J; Looks like your having a harder time today then yeasterday. J returned with a slight smile and told me she was. I told her that we had all the time in the world. J laughed a little and then starrted a second push.

She started sending out more of a weak piss stream out from her vagina and her shit shuddered a little as it started moving again going very slowly again. It gained about three inches and stopped after J stopped her second push. It hng there and then it broke and fell down to the ground. Her asshole with it closing had broke it where there must have been a crack betwen the chunks in her shit. When it hit the ground it made a loud thud. So J's shit was hard.

We sat for a goodlong minute or more with J trying to push ut what she said that it felt to her there was ore shit to come out. But none did. Only a few weak spurts of piss instead came out from her vagina instead when she did push. So J gave up and stood up. In our haste we forgot to bring over a roll of toilet paper so J went and got it and I while she did this unfolded the shovel scooped up her shit tossed it over by a bush and did the same with mine.

J came over with the role of toilet paper and had torn off some for her to use. Since I was takeing care of the shit with the shovel she sta down n the edge of the stump and then wiiped her ass and vagina. I went to the other side of the stump and scooped up all of yesterdays two shits. J tossed the used toilet paper on the shit covred shovel and I walked over where I had tossed our just taken shits and dropped yesterdays shits there. Then I dug a small but deep enough hole and scraped all of our shit into thehole and covered it up.

Then I walked back over to the stump which J had gotten off from and was laready pulling up her shorts after she had slipped them on. I wiped my ass and I just walked over by the bush and dropped the toilet paper on the ground by the bush. Nature would break that paper down. I walked back put my jeans back on. I then walked out to the water spigot and washed the shovel off. Then came back to the campsite and packed the shovel away.Then we decoded to lay out in the sun for awhile to get a darker tan. Then we would have lunch, a afternoon nap along with soe other fun. Then later maybe to the beach then supper. That we would have to see after our nap time fun! To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Buddy Dumping Oudoors Part 4

Well J and I did do all that I had mentioned at the end of my last post. Since we wre going to leave in the morning when we had our supper we spent the evening packing up except only just a few things which was the tent,sleepingbags, coffee, tea, acouple of cups, and the teapot to heat water in. Then we turned in.

In the morning we woke and J took care of making coffee and tea. I rolled up the sleepingbags and took down the tent. I put the tent and bags in the trunk but tossed the pillows in the car fro J to use. We both had two cups J tea and I coffee and then we got in the car and left. WE were now on or way to our next destination. Raquette Lake and Golden Beach State Park.

What was nice it was a short ride to Route 30 north which would take us to Blue Mountain Lake then west on Route 28 and we would be there. Going north on 30 is a veryy nice senic ride and the road is a nice road as far as its condition. Plus traveling on a weekday traffic would be very sparce. Plus my big Pontiac had air and cruise control which I used the cruise control a lot as we went north. J was real comfortible with her being sound asleep using the pillows that I had tossed up frot for her to use.

I did have a breakfast stop planned two somewhere along the trip. I had a idea where to stop for breakfast in the back of my mind and that would be in Long Lake which I hadn't been there in years. I was a kid about 7 years old the last time I had been there. Being in where towns are spread far apart and going in and out of the mountains radio reception was lousy so I didn't bother with the car radio. Besides I was enjoying driving the big Pontiac and the sceanery so not having tunes to listen to didn't bother me at al.

But what was starting to bother me was my bladder. The morning cups of coffe along with not pissing after getting up my bladder was full and I was feeling it. So now I started debateing to myslef should I stop pull over and piss. But I knew that there were rest areas along this road till you got above Blue Mountain Lake. So I decided to wait t out for one of these rest areas.

I after another twenty minutes and twenty miles came upon ne of the rest areas which was now justa couple mies ahead. Good I only have to handg on for a few more more minutes and I would be there and I can piss! A minute later one mile to go the sigh read. Then I took the cruise off as I saw the sighn indicateing the reast area and I slowed down and this rest area was off the road with a entry and exit ramp.

I pulled off and up the entry ramp and pulled into the reast area and parked. J feeling that I had stopped woke up and she sleepily asked me where were we? I said to her; Makeing a piss stop! That is what I said a lot to her instead of saying makeing a it stop. She tossed the pillows aside and we both got out of the car.

Now this rest area was a older one. There were sighns that it was too. The wooden picnic tables had turned grayish silver with some of them having warped top boards on the table or the benches had warped some also. Plus there were areas where over grown with smaller trees amoung the much older large trees. Least it was kept clean for there was no visible trash that we saw scattered around.

As we started walking away from the car J asked me; Dave is the toilet paper handy in the trunk? Oh you're going to need it? You have to shit? J told me she did. It was buried in the trunk and I knew it was. I told J it was and she said wait just one moment. J walked back to the car and got out her pocketbook and then we started walking again.

What we wound up doing was we walked and found a single old picnic table that was off by itself way in the back of the rest area and was out of sight too. J put her pocketbook on the tables top and she and I took care of each others jeans by pulling them down and we sat down side by side on the picnic tables one bench. Since I had to piss badly I started right off with my piss before J did anything.

MY penis wasn't fully erect so my stream wasn't thin at all and not being erect made it much easier for me to piss too. Oh it also made it feel soooo much better that I was pissing! My stream was a real yellow color and my stream was making a very long but low arc. It came down almost eight feet out in front of me. J seeing how fr my stream was going said to me; Now I know why you had to stop! I did have a good reason didn't I! I said back to her.

I had pissed for maybe five six seconds and J then started pissing. She too had a good yellow stream of piss come shooting from her vagina! It was comming out hard and hissing loudly. It had a slight forward angle and it made small splash in the tall grass that was there. (tall that the grass was four five inches high needed to be mowed) I said to J watching her piss; You're not doing to bad yourself! J smiled a little smile.

Now watching J piss my penis did become fully erect which thinned my piss stream down but I had pissed enough so that it wasn't bothering me. I was alos looking to see if J was starting to shit for I would len over so I could see her crotch more. But she hadn't yet. A good sighn would be if her piss stream would ease right off or move foward become harder if J felt the need to start pushing. Several more seconds past with still nothing having changed with her piss stream.

Now my stream was easing for my bladder was nearing being empty. So what I did was push which made it shot foward gain ann when my bladder did reach being empty my piss stream just stopped dead. I was done. I wouldn't need any finishing off spurts to finish this time. Then a few seconds later J's piss stream lost all its hard force and died right ddown going into a dribble and driping.

Thats when I leaned over to look at her lower crotch and not seeing anything yet I got up from the bench and I sat down on the ground along side of J. You really want to see me shit! J said to me. I teased her a little and I said back to her; YES I DO!!! Then instead of siting there on the ground I laid dwn on the ground. Now I could see J's ass! That made her laugh when I did lay down to watch.

J did start after her piss stopped its dripping. I saw her asshole dome a little and it stretched open. Then a turtle head apeared which it was the part of the shit that remained that she tried to get out yesterday but never did. For it wa the same brown hard chunky type shit that she had taken yesterday! It took several seconds for this chunky shit to reach about 4 inches long and thenit opped out fast and hard out of herasshole. It hit the ground so hard it took a bounce or two and then stayed put! If J had doen this on a toilet she would have sent up one big splash!

Then I was going to see more for J's asshole stretched open again and this time a lighter brown fat shit began slideing out from it. It was soft but not runny soft. But there was wet farts along with this shit as it slid out. Then when it reached aout a half foot it either broke or it had reached its end for it droppedd own into the grass hardly making a sound landing in the grass.

But J wasn't done. For her asshole reopened after making a short wet sounding fart and a second smooth soft shit came slideing out! This one moved fats and it only reached about 4 inches long and it dropped. Then J went and did a wet fart as she did four more same type shits in a row all being four to five inches in length and she made quite a pile of shit in the grass when she finished.

Being there laying on the ground I could see brown skid marks on both inner sdes of her asscheeks. So J was going to need to wipe herslef and it would be one where she would have to wipe several times to get rid of those skidmarks on her cheeks. So I stayed laying on the ground to watch her. J did turn to get her pocketbook and in a momnet or two she had gotten out sme tissues from it and I saw her with tissue in hand start wiping the shit from er asscheeks.

It took J a half dozen napkins to get her asscheeks clean. Then she used one more to give her vagina a quick wipe. Then she stood up and pulled up her jeans. I got up off the ground and I pulled up my jeans we took a quick look at her pile of shit laying there in the grass and the tissues laying there with shit on them. As we started walking away J smiled gave me a hug and thanked me for y my help last night! That sure made takeing that shit easier! We waked to the car got in and in a short minute or two we were back up to cruising speed heading north and we were both very hungry and we both wanted breakfast! To be continuied.

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