A trip to the Forest

Last weekend Claudia, Nadine and I went to the Bavarian Forest. Claudia and Nadine have an old house there where her grandmother had lived before moving to the old people's home. We take care of the house and go there three or four times a year. As the house is from the 19th century there is always something to fix. We use the house as a basis for our hiking trips and for skiing in the winter as it is located in a hilly area. The house is directly on the edge of the forest. On the other three sides it is sourrounded by meadows. There is also a barn and a well for water. However, the plumbing no longer works, so we cannot use the bathroom and have to go into the woods if nature's calling. It would be much too expensive to repair the plumbing.

We drove for four hours. Because we all drank a lot of soda, we had a much needed pee break after about two hours. We were driving through a dense forest and stopped on the side of the road. The girls took a roll of toilet paper and went into the woods to squat down. I did my pee directly on the side of the road, my arc hitting the dead leaves on the ground. A little bit later the girls were back and we went on.

We decided to have lunch at one of the area's typical roadhouses. We all had really big and delicious steaks. Hardly had we arrived at the house when Nadine said that she had to go to the bathroom again. She took the roll of t.p. and went into the woods behind the house. Nearly ten minutes later she came back. "What did you do in there" Claudia asked. "Getting rid of the steaks" Nadine replied with a smile. It was clear - Nadine had taken a shit. Claudia said that she also could feel her stomach working and took the t.p. I decided to come with her as I also felt that I could need a poo.

We went through the forest. After about a minute we came to a massive pile of really fresh shit. It was still stinking. The dirt next to it was still wet. "That can only be Nadine's work" I said. She had done two long turds and a shorter one. All turds were rather soft, so she had used a lot of paper to wipe her ass.

As the pile was stinking so much we went away a bit. When we had found a perfect spot Claudia unbuckled her belt and pulled down her jeans and panties. She squatted low to piss. Her pee formed a foamy puddle on the ground. When her stream had eased she went into a higher position and started pushing a bit. Out came a soft long turd that had the same medium brown colour as Nadine's. Hardly had it fallen down when the second turd appeared. This one was very long but didnÄt break. It fell onto her first turd. She shifted her position a bit to the right and pushed out a third much shorter turd that fell next to her pile. "Done" she said and started wiping. Her pile was also a real stinker. I unzipped my pants and peed onto the next tree while Claudia was still wiping. When I had done this I squatted down to do my much-needed poo. It was so relieving to feel the poop come out! I did four turds that had the same colour as Nadine's and Claudia's. That must have been the steaks. Claudia who had finished wiping watched me with astonishment while I was doing my business. Being a fast pooper herself she was shocked how I could poop such a big pile in such a short time.

When I had finished wiping we both went away as fast as we could as there was an unbelievable stench in the air. When walking back I nearly stepped into Nadine's pile that had attracted some flies in the meantime. She had squatted right next to our small path so she wouldn't get lost. As we know from our previous visits at the house she always prefers to do her shits there.

..To be continued...


Code word for poop - AFR

TO the unnamed poster Re. "Code word for poop?":
LOL! I was channel surfing and caught that moment on 'Undercover Boss' too!

It's one of those legendary things you hear about second hand. You know... A friend of a friend was on vacation and said they had an encounter with somebodies poop floating in a pool. I *NEVER* thought I would see an actual 'floater' in a pool! It is unfortunate the actual turd had to be pixelated for broadcast.

Take care,


Friday, October 08, 2010

Upstate Dave

Seeing Desperate Persons Part 3

Here I'm telling the last part of seeing desperate persond that needed to piss, shir, or both, and then go. This time deal again with one of the rest areas on the northway. I had been up north lookig for land for sale fro my friend Tony back in the early 70s. This was on a Sunday and I was done with a couple of possible places that might interest him.

Now I was heading back home and it was late afteroon. I myslef needed to pull off the northway which I pulled off the rest area on the southbound side above Warrensburg. I have stopped many times at this one for it is a real large restarea in ir size. Many places where you could go to the bathroom in pretty much privacy without other persons seeing you most of the time.

I pulled in and parked. Being Sunday and late afternoon the rest area was on the crowded side with all the picnic tabled taken. Thats not what I was here for. I walked down the short hillside to the flat area. In this flat area there was small areas with groups of trees scattered about. The very back edge ran a creek with trees along it. Thats where I knew most people wuld go when they had to piss or shit. Today people were doing just that for I could see them walking to or from there as I walked now on the flat area myslef.

I made a left turn heading for a far group of trees in the flat area. I saw no one over to the left side heading that direction or comming from that area heading back. So I assumed that there would be becuase of not seeing anyone. It was far enough away over to the selected spot of trees that it took me almost ten minutes to get there.

Now this spot itself the trees were mixed pines and maples with some bushes too. I stepped through the bushes and trees and there was a small clearing right in the center! Good I wouldn't now have to worry about having my piss splash back at me off leaves or pine needles. I pulled down my zipper on my shorts fished my penis out and aimed it downward.

I in a short second or two started my piss. My bladder was very full for I hadn;t pissed for quite some time. My stream was a light yellow and it wasn't extreamly hard so it hardly made noise hitting the grass and pine needles laying on the ground. Plus it wasn;t splashing much either. As far as the relief that I was feeling that I was pissing felt pretty good too!

As I stood there pissing and enjoying my relief I only had my attention of course on pissing nothig else. I never heard others approaching outside the smal treed area I was standing in the middle of pissing. Well there would be and very shortly too. That is when I knew I had company right where I was!

Well my company showed up for now I heard them for I heard my company's voices behind me outside of the trees and bushes. I cut my stream right off stuffed my penis back inside my shorts and I slowly did my zipper keeping quiet as possible. What the voices were was three females which tow different voices said that they were going to go here! Then a third voice said to the others I'm not! I'll stand guard while you to go but the you two stand guard for me!

I couldn't at first see the three girls only could just hear them. They could not see me either for there was no mention about me being seen from all three. Now instinctively I ducked down. When I had I now could see right out to where I heard the three girls voices. Sure enough I saw three pair of jeans from the sneakers on up to just above the knees!

I saw at least tow of the pairs of jeans along with nise like the two girls were getting ready to pull them down. The third pair of jeans were still. That must have been the girl guard! I saw the opne pair of jeans get shoved dow over the tops of the sneakers. That was one girl on the right. The other girl too had pulled down her jeans but only too her knees. Then as I was watching I saw the girl on the left white panties and the girl to the right red panties and they both pulled them down together!

Both girls still bare asses faced me for one short moment befire they squated down to go. The left girls ass was larger in its fullness as far ass her cheeks but her asscrack was shorter in length then the girls ass was on the right. Her ass was smaller with a longer crack and her cheeks were smaller and tighter looking. I saw no pubic hair visible on either girl. They both now were squating. The left girl higher and the right girl much lower with her bare ass just above the grassy ground.

The one on the right started pissing first before the girl on the right. She started very hard too! Her piss stream was a spraying gusher type stream which having such a short distance to the ground it splattered hitting on the ground! That girl let out a slight scream as she said too; I'm pissing on myslef! As she sad this she raised her assup higher which got her bare ass out of her splattering splashing piss.

Now the girl on the left had yet to start her piss. Now I heard the girl standing guard for the other two girls that were pissing speak up. Hey I thought you had to go real bad. The girl on the left said back to this other girl was; I did! I do but now I can't get it to come out! Then a little spurt of piss shot straight down. Oppps! There I go! Well she did start letting out a nother short spurt paused and then started and stayed going with a yellow stream and it hissed softly. The third girl said nothing more.

Now the girl with the spraying gushing splattering stream still was pissing the same waystill asked the guard girl to get tissues out form her pocketbook. The guard girl did for I saw the right pissing girl reachupward and when her arm dopped her her closed hand was a wad of yellow tissues. She laid her hand on her right thigh that had the tissues clench in it.

Since the girl on the right was the harder pisser of the two she ended her piss very quickly. Then as I watched she took a few tissues out from the wad and reached down all the way back through her crotch and started wiping her piss wetted skin on the back lower asscheeks dropping the napkins after doing much but quick wipes with the tisues she had used. Then she took the rest went right in the middle of her lower crotch wich I could see and did a slow foward wipe which I saw till she had gotten to the front and she must have gone slowly up her vagina wiping it for the tissues weren't dropped to the ground till several sconds later after I saw the tissues go out of my sight.

Now with the girl to the right was done my attention went back to the girl that was on the left. She still was pissing with noy really having her stream change all that much. The only thing I would say that had changed her stream hissing was softer as she pissed. Now the right side girl pulled up her red panties and she started with being in a sqaut and then as she raised them she stood up. Then she bent right ove and pulled up her jeans and stepped forward with the guard girl takeing the first right side girls spot.

Now the girl on the left her piss stream was easing right off now. I saw a brown poketbook swing over to her in my sight. She grabbed it and opened it and she took white paper napkins out from it. She used two to take care of her needed wipeing. Then she set the brown pocket book down reached down and she pulled up both her white panties and jeans together. She did the same as the first right girl as she pulled her panties and jeans up together she stood up once where she reached where she could stand up.

All there was left now the guard girl to watch. So I did. Her piss stream now was wobbling forward and back. When it went forward it hissed when it came back it didn't hiss. This went on for the next several seconds then her stream became straight and the periods of off and on hisses of her stream stopped. Now also the guard girl told the other two girls to take off. One of them I heard say to the guard girl; Are you sure? You did say that you did want us to stay. Oh go ahead! I'll be ok.

So I saw the two girls as far as there jeans turn and moved off to the right and were gone. The guard girl the mutterd to herslef; I'm glad they are gone. Now I can shit! Thats what she started now to do! For now she was doing litle pushes which made her piss stream go back to wobbleing forward and backward again along with hissing again too when her stream moved forward. Also with her pushing I saw her asshole stretch partly open and just a hint of a dark brown shit I could also see.

As the girl went on with her series of pushes trying to shit now each push did stretch herasshole more along with having that darl brown shit show more by getting bigger around and come out just a little further! But her shit would get sucked right back inside her asshole when she stopped her push. She was getting mad as a wet hen too for having this happen too her. For she said loudly with a mad tone in her voice; Look asshole SHIT!

Boy did I ever have to stiffle off a laugh! If I had that would have given me right away! But I didn't. Now the girl took a break for she did stop pushing. Instead she waited for her piss to finish. She pissed for a good close ten seconds and then she came to a dripping stop. Now i heard her suck in her breath deeply and loudly. She leaned over at the waist way over too let out a loud grunt as she gave a very hard push.

Her asshole did stretch right open and a large fat sized good chunk of brown shit poked out about three inches out of her asshole. Then the girl loudly exhaled and this three inch shit fat shit broke right off and was sent flying! It came backwards hitting the ground rolled right towards me where I was laying onthe ground. I almost rolled off to te side but her shit slowed quickly and came to a stop over a foot from me.

Phew I thought. THat was close! I hope she doesn't send anotherone back here! Well the girl again sucked in her breath deeply pushed hard and grunted loudly again. Her asshole opened right up again with another same sized dark brown shit poke out of it again. THis time it didn't break off after the girl exhaled it strayed put. The girl did a nother deep breath pushe d again and her shit got longer. She wound up doing her pushes and grunts several more times till she had a half foot long fat tail shit hanging out of her asshole! Then she took a needed rest.

Now after she had taken her needed short rest and before she would again start shiting with her pushes and grunting she did something which I had never seen a girl ever do when she was shiting! I saw her reach back with her left hand and she placed one of her fingers and with that finger she touched (barely) her shit! She rapidly pulled her arm back wiped her finger that had touched her shit on the grass! As she did this she said EWWWW!!! Its still there!

Then she grunted and pushed hard. Her shit gained two inches in its length and then it broke right at he asshole, it closed up tight and her shit dropped to the ground with a good thud. Then she tried doing some more pushes which opened her asshole I saw the broken edge of her remaing shit that went back inside and which t would come out about a inch and go right back inside of her again. She tried a half dozen time s more only with the same result happen.

Then she gave up. For she gave her asshole a sinlge quick wipe with a white tissue and dropped it after checking it. She reache down for her panties and jeans and pulled them up together. Once done she hurried right off to the right and I even heard her run after she was out of my sight. I waited several seconds and then I stood up myslef. I walked out of the center of the trees and out through the trees and bushes and to the outer edge of them where the three girls had been.

I took a look at the guard girls brown veryhard shit laying there on the ground. I smiled a little. Then I did take a lok behind me,over to the right, then to my left last. I had not finished my piss if you remember so I was going to finish it now. I did just that by getting out my erect penis aimed it at the guard girls hard shit on the ground and I pissed all overit the entire time I stood there and pissed. Then after I was done I simply walked back to my car and took off. The End

Upstate Dave

Pissing Contest In A Car

It was Saturday and I was up early. Today was laundry day so I gathered up my laundry and walked overto the laundrymatt. Loaded up three washers got them running and headed back home to my apartment. Just as I reached to turn to make the turn to walk down to my apartment from behind me came Mary's voice saying Hi Dave! Good morning! I turned and she was in her dads car which he had bought from my friend Tony.

She was in the backseat of te old white Chrysler. Mary had the window down and had her elbows on the down window sill with her head resting on her arms. I walked over to the back door where she was and I squated down to talk to her. Hey Dave! Mary said to me. I want you to meet my Mandy. I didn;t see her when I had first squated down outside the car.

Mandy had been sitting back behid Mary and she leaned forward and said hi to me waving her hand at the same time and she gigged too as she said hi to me. I said to her nice to meet you Mandy. She gave me a sweet smile and then leaned back and said nothing more. Mary asked me what I was up to and I told her laundry. I was just comming back from there.

I then asked what she and Mandy were up to. Mary told me that they were just hanging out hre in the car. Mandy giggled hard first and then she spoke up and said to Mary; Tell Dave what we are really doing out here Mary! Mary laughed and then said to Mandy; I WILL give me a moment Mandy!

Mary then moved out of the window and she sat back on the backseat. Now that Mary had moved out of the window and was sitting on the backseat I could now see the entire inside of the back part of the car. Now on the floor of the car between the front seat and back seat in the old Chrysler were black rubber floor mats. I saw that on Mary;s side the rubber floor mat was wet.

I asked; Did someone spill something? Mary laughed hard, Mandy also laughed but she shook her head no as she laughed. Well then why is the floor wet if you two hadn't spilled something? As Mary laughed she managed to say to me; Wait I'll tell you! But Mandy beat her to the punch and she said Mary has pissed and s did I!!!! Mary still laughing shook her head yes and then managed still laughing told me that they had both had pissed there in the back of the car!

Why piss in the car? I asked them. I had to wait now for both girls to stop thier hard laughter. It took a good long minute or more for both girls to stop laughing. Then Mary turned and looked at Mandy. Mary as she looked at Mandy said to her; Should we tell Dave why we did? Mandy again broke into laughter and shook her head yes. Mary told me that she and Mandy were having a pissing contest! That's why the mats wet. It's our piss!

I at first was a little stunned and didn't say anythng right back to the girls. As I was being silent I was thinking that sure guys had pissing contests which most of the time it was to see who could piss the farthest! So right after that thought crossed my mind I asked the girls how were they doing the contest. Mary laughed agin so it was Mandy that told me. We just see who goes the longest Dave! Now I laughed a little.

Mary now spoke up telling me that her and Mandy had just pissed before I came walking by. Gee Dave if you came a little sooner you would have seen us pissing! I stood there shakeing my head no. That made both Mary and Mandy laugh more. Then Mary turned to look at Mandy. Mandy Dave has a fancy watch! It;s a regular watch but also a watch that he can time things with too! You know a stopwatch! REALLY? Mandy said back to Mary. Mary lauged and shook her head yes.

I also too shook my head yes with Mary. Then Mary got serious for a moment. Mandy would you want Dave to time is the next time we piss? It would be better having Dave time us with his watch! Mandy said excitedly right back to Mary; WHY NOT!!! That makes it more fair. I have a better chance to beat you! Then both girls laughed.

I agreed to do it but told both girls that they would have till wait for a bit. I do have to go back over and put my clothes in the dryers. They both said was ok. B that time Dave we both may have to piss again! Come on Mandy lets go inside and get something to drink so we will be able to piss when Dave gets back!

Mary and Mandy slid on the backseat over towards the door where I was standing by. I stepped away and the girls got out from the car. As they hurried to go to Mary's apartment I heard Mary say to Mandy I'mm going to change too! Mary was dressed in a pink top with red shorts. Mandy had on a red and black plaid summer dress. Now the girls had walked far enough away that I heard them both suddenl giggle and Mandy shook her head yes. Then they reached Mary's door and they opened the door and slipped inside and the door slammed shut.

I then walked to my door and went inside my apartment. I went and got my watch and put it on. I checked the time. Seeing the time it was just about time to go back to the laundrymat already. So I did that. I did take my time getting the clothes out ofthe washers and into the dryers. I slipped the needed change into the dryers and started them up. I made sure that they would long enough which would give me time to be the judge and my clothes would be dry.

As I left the laundry mat I checked the time. I had been in there for a good twenty minutes. I hoped this was enough time for the girls to have thier drinks and Mary to change into what ever she was going to change into. I turned the corner now on my block and was heading towards the old white Chrysler which I could see from where I was.

Suddenly I saw Mary stick her head and arm out the window on her side and Mandy did the same thing for she was in the back on the other side of the car in the backseat. I sped up my pace just a little so I would get there to the car quicker. But I hoped that Mary and Mandy wouldn't notice that I had. I didn't want to give myslef away! Once I did reach the car both girls said they were ready. They both could piss!

Mary asked me if I had my watch on and I smiled and put my arm through the ope car window and showed her. I squated down on Marys side of the car. Now I said to both girls. I can only time one of you at a time. Not together!. Both Mary and Mandy let out giggles but shook thier heads yes that they understood. Now I asked a importent question to both of the girls; Who is going to go first?!!!

Mandy looked at Mary and Mary back at Mandy. They only smiled and niether girl asnswered me back. Then after what seemed to me a long silence Mary told me she would piss first. Now Mary did change when she and Mandy had gone inside to get drinks and Mary was going to change also. Mary now like Mandy was in a old faded out green summer dress.

Now I told both girls I had to change mywatches settings to a stopwatch. Mary said she would get ready while I did that. SO I pushed the two butons on my watch and now had it set to the stopwatch function. I then looked back inside the car and Mary was ready! I mean really ready! For she had slid forward on the backseat. Marys dress was ppulled way back no longer being under her and she had it all gathered around her stomach in the front!

Mary had given e a clear look at the front of her whitch I could see her vagina without any problems at all! Mandy was sitting right along side of Mary and before I could tell Mary I was ready and she could go Many reached right over and tickled Marys stomach! As she did she said to Mry PISS! Mary was giggling hard from Manys tickling her and told Mandy to stop. I'll GO!!! Mandy stop tickling me!

Mandy pulled her hand away stoping her tickling Marys stomach. Mary asked me if I was ready. I told her I was. Can you see ok too? Mary asked me. I laughed and I told Mary I could. Then from Mary's vagina ut came a good piss stream! It was clear, a small wide head, a twist and it angled outward as it went down. It hit the black rubber floor mat wetting it and after three seconds her stream started hissing softly.

Mary gave me a quick look over at me with a smile and then turned herhead back to watch her piss stream. Mandy too was watching Mary piss but she asked me how much time had gone by. I had to glance at my watch which I did. I told Mandy 8.6 seconds. Then I went back to watching Mary piss. The seconds ticked off as Mary went on pissing.

Then Marys piss stream eased off thining down and its soft hissing stoping. Now I had to watch closely to get the right amount of time of Marys piss. I leaned over deeper through the cars open window. Marys stream was down to a dribble and she then stopped and I hit the stop button on my watch. I pulled myself out of the window and I looked at my watch.

Both Mary and Mandy asked me; How long Dave?!!! I teased them both for a short moment by not telling them. Then I told them that Mary had pissed for 14.2 seconds. Mary laughed and said to Mandy; BEAT THAT! Mandy replied right back to Mary; I CAN!!! Mary told Mandy to help her with the floor mat before you go. Mandy did and bot girls reached down nd lifted up the mats back edge closest to the front edge of the bottom of the backseat.

Lifting up the floor mat made Marys piss run forward adn off the mat itself and going under the front seat. Then I heard splashing under the car! I bent down on my hands and knees and looke under the car. It was running out off a rusted out spot! It now wetted the pavement and ran over the pavement right to the curb and then trickled nto some leaves, dirt, and paper trash that was there at the curb.

I got up from my hands and knees. I looked back through the back open window. The two girls laid the mat back down and Mary and Mandy had changed places. Mandy was also ready to take her piss already! But she was not going to do hers the same way as Mary had!. Mandy was on her knees on the backseat and was leaning forward with her one arm out and her hand on the tp of the front seat instead!

Mary was holding the back of Mandys red black plaid summer dressway up in the back. Mandy had the front gathered up with her other hand and had it high up in the front as well! Now I saw like Mary Mandy was not wearing panties! Now Mandy being in the kneeling position I couldn't see all that well. I told Mandy to wait. I opened up the drivers door and I got inside up front and I sat on the front seat and looked back at Mandy.

Now I could see fine! Mandy sure had a cute looking vagina! Little knobby clit, very thin side lips and a short slit opening. I told Mandy I had to reset my watch. I had forgot to do it. Mandy giggled a little. I reset it and told her I was now ready. I had a short wait for Mandy to start her piss which would be several seconds before she did.

I saw Mandy start hit the button to start my watch. Mandy started off by only dribbling piss form her vagina. Then ver so slowly it seamed her dribbling formed into a piss stream. It was a thin long twisted stream going straight down just barely missing the front of the backseat but ddi hit the black rubber floor mat lightly splashing and started to flow over it.

Mary was watching Mandy piss and as Mandy pissed and the seconds ticked off her stream was increasing its flow. It now was stroinger with a wider stream above the long twist in it. It hit the rubber floor mat harder making a louder splashing noise and covering more of the mats surface. It wasn't hissing like Mary;s piss stream had when she pissed.

May's piss stream had been clear but Mandy;s piss stream was cloudy white. More seconds ticked off my watch. As I watched Mandy's piss stream was thinning down now. Mary hadn't asked how much time had gone by like Many had when Mary was pissing. I heard my watch click off three more seconds and now Mandy;s piss stream had thinned down more and also it was hissing a little louder hiss then Mary's had.

Then Mandy's stream just came to a stop. I pushed down on the stop button on my watch. Then Mary and Mandy both asked me how long had Mandy pissed. I looked at my watch and I didn't tell them again teasing them. I did it longer this time then when I did it after Mary's piss. Oh COME ON DAVE TELL US!!!! Mary said.

So instead of telling the girls I raised the watch up and turned it towards them both so that they could see the time that it took for Mandy to piss. Mandy was the first to react. 16.8 seconds! You beat me Mandy! Mandy said excitedly; I knew I would! I didn't think I went that long! Mary then said; Well that's round one. I'll beat you in the second round!

Mandy giggled hard and said as she giggled; We'll see Mary. Well what the two did next was flip the black format up and againg have Mandy's piss run down through the rusted out hole in the floor under the front seat. I got out of the front of the car and shut the door after I got out. I put my watch back to regular time. I told the two girls round two will have to wait. I have to go over to the laundry mat and get my clothes. They should be dry or close to being done.

Both Mary and Mandy said ok. THat will give us time to get ready for round two! I laughed but I told the two girls if it goes to round three can I help if I buy you two sodas? Mary and Many looked at each other and did a hard giggle. ThenMary said; WHY NOT!!! You can do that Dave if you want too. I said I would and started walking away to go to the laundrymat and the two girls ran towards Mary's apartment. To be continuied.


Hello, End Stall Em

End, you are clearly a gifted young writer. I found your latest story actually engrossing. I'm an aspiring writer myself and a university English major. Keep up the excellent work! (If you haven't taken my survey, found on page 1916, I invite you to do so.)

I'll have a story for you next time, folks, that is a promise. I've got a test tomorrow and sleep beckons. Goodnight!

Upstate Dave

Pissing Contest In A Car Part 2

I spent some time at the laundrymat getting the clothes from the dryers folding them and sorting them while I folded them. I then went across the street to the store and bought the gorls promised sodas and bought one for myslef too. Then trudged home back to my apartment carying the heavy bags of clothes.

I slowed down as I aproached the old white Crysler epecting the two girls would be in it waiting. This time Mary and Mandy were not inisde the Crysler waiting. It was empty. I then after checking walked to my apartment and went inside closed the door behind me and set my laundry bags down opened one which had the sodas in them and went to the kitchen put the sodas in the fridge.

I walked back out to the livngroom turned on my stereo picked up my two luandry bags and went into my bedroom. I set the laundry bags down on my bed opened the one unopened bag and started takeing out clothes form it pileing them on the bed. One bag down and I started with the second bag. All of a sudden from behind e two loud Hi Dave!!! were shouted out! It made me jump and drop the clothes back on the bed since it had scared me!

I turned around and it was Mary and Mandy and now they both were laughing hard from giving me a good scare. I stared hard at the two girls make ing it look I was mad at them. Mandy was first to notice my hard mad threatening look and she cut her laughter right off. Mary went n laughing for a good minute more before she stopped. By this time Mandy had a scared unsure look on her face and Mary now wasn't as sure looking anymore either.

Now having gotten the girls off guard I let out a good laugh which surprised the girls. I said that you two did scare me pretty good! That's alright I'm not mad at you guys. Immeadiate looks of relief came to each girls faces along with smiles too. Hey I got your sodas they are in the fridge. Go get them and please bring me mine. I said to them. Both girls raced out of the bedroom.

I then starting picking up the dropped clothes and Mary and Mandy came back in my bedroom with the three sodas. I finished with the dropped clothes refolding them and then I took my soda and opened t and joined the two girls takeing a good sip. After the sip I set my bottle down and went back with finishing sorting out my clothes.

I picked up one pile and started to goo over to hand these clothes up on hangers for the clothes were my work cclothes both girls asked if they could help. I said sure and Mandy and Mary bioth came over grabbed empty hangers and I gave them clothes to hang up. This was nice to have the girls to do this for it wuld make the job sure go faster which it would with thier help.

Back and forth we all went whch we would take drinks of soda between trips as far as when we hung my clotes up or I should say the girls hung my clothes up. Soon it seemed that was done and then now to put the sorted out clothes that went into my dresserwas left. There were my shirts,pants, jeans, shorts, tshirts, socks, and my boxers (underware) to be put away in my dresser.

So here how it was done. I would pick up shirts and tell Mary and Many wich drawer in the dresswer they went into by saying number 3 or number four etc. Both girls would take the folded clothes from me hurry over and open the drawere put my clothes in it and close the drawer and hurry back over to me and wait for me to give them more clothes and race back over after I siada number and they would put those clothes in the drawer that I said the number to.

We all would also take more sips of soda he two girls more then I would betwenn the trips over to the dresser. Now the last pile was left which were my tshirts, socks, and my boxers. Both Mary and Mandy after only having me say drawere # 1 once left the top drawer open. For the girls knew all what was left would go in that top drawer.

As it happened what was left last were myboxers to be put in last. Now Mary knew what boxers were but not Mndy. For now when they wentthis time over to my dresser to put my boxers awa Mandy started opening drawer3 to put the ones she had in her hands while Mary was putting the boxers inthe top drawere where they were suppost to go in.

Mary seeing Mary opening the lower drawer said to Mandy; Stop Mandy they do not go in that draweer! Mandy said right back to Mary; But they are shorts! They go in this drawer! Mary said to Mandy NO THEY DON'T! Look at them! Do you see a snap,button,and a zipper on them! Mandy did put all of them on top of the dresser and then took off one pair and took a closer look at them.

No Mary there isn;t now takeing a closer look at my boxers she was holding. They are underware! Mary said to Mandy which she now had to giggle as she said thisto Mandy. Then what Mandy said next back to Mary cracked Mary right up and I too let out a shrt hard laugh. Then as Mary was still holding the pair of boxers up whch she was holding them tightly; Where is the opening in them I don't see one! Does Dave have to pull them down when he has to go to the bathroom?

THat was what made Mary and I laugh for which Many had said. After our laughter I let Mary answer Mandy. Mary grabbed the pair right ut of Mandys hands and she held them up right in front of Mandy's face. When she did this she stuck her thumb right through where the slit opening was in the front and wiggled her thumb right in Mandys face and said to her; THIS IS WHERE DAVE"S C**K WOULD COME OUT!!!!

Mary then laughing hard threw the pair of boxers right on top of Mandys had as she laughed hard. I sa on the bed and I chuckled pretty good too. Mandy did pull off the pair of boxers ans she gigled hard but with very dark red cheeks on her face being embarassed by Mary too. Then Mandy put that pair of boxers back on the pie which she had placed on top of the dresser and put them in the top drawer and closed the lower drawer.

Now there were two piles of boxers left which both girls took one each. As they puthem away Mary told Mandy that they were called boxers. As the girls closed the drawer Mandy asked; Why are they called boxers? Mary said right back to Mandy. Like a box Mandy; Something to ut something in it! Store something in it! Mandy thougt just for a vey brief moment and the first smiled, and then giggled, then laughed. Mary giggled hard and agin I laughedfor I couldn't stop myslef from laughing.

When the wo girls stopped thier giggles and laughter they both drank thier sodas what remainded in them right down letting out two good loud burps right after thier drinking from the bottles. I thanked them both with thier combined help. Both Mary and Mandy said I was welcome! It was kind of fun Mary said. Mandy said it was and she then puased and went on saying and giggled as she said; I learned about boxers too!

Mary let out a short hard giggle and I put a pretty good smile on my face then too. Then the conversation went back to my boxers for the next few minutes. Just about all of it was between Mary and Mandy. Mary had started it by saying to Mandy she had seen me wearing just them only! Mandy giggling hard aske How did you see Dave like that? I would be over visiting him in the morning sometimes and that was all her would have on!

Then Mary went on going now a little deeper not as far as my boxers or how she had seen me other ways. She went and told Mandy about the white plastic toilet of hers (not saying that I used it too) As she told Mandy the white plastic bucket was there in the bedroom tucked between the end of the bed and dresser. Mary pointe right to it as she told Mandy about it.

Mandy looked backand forth between the bucket and Mary. As shedid. she first smiled, then giggled , and then laughed. Now as she laughed she said to Mary; You would do something like that! PISS IN THAT BUCKET AND HAVE DAVE WATCH!!! Mary now laughed and told Mandy; Mandy you know I would! It took a few short moments for the two girls to stop thier laughing.

Then Mary told Mandy even I used it too. Mandy turned and looked at me and asked if I had even with Mary being there? I said ; Why not? Mary lets me watch her when she uses it. That made Mandy laugh again and hard. Again takeing Mandy a few long moments before she did stop her laughing. Then Mary spoke up to Mandy; How bout for round three we piss in Dave's emergency bucket!!! Mandy answered right back to Mary WHY NOT!!!

Mary stepped over to the bucket and pulled out from between the dresser and bed. After Mary had pulled the white plastic bucket she asked Mandy if she could stand and piss into it. Mandy laughed a little looking at the white plastic bucket as she said to back to Mary; Suer Mary you know I'm pretty good at takeing a standing piss! You've seen me enough times doing one! Then both girls giggled hard for a short moment.

Then they turned around to me and both said to me; WE ARE READY FIR ROUND THREE!!! I smiled got up off my bed and pulled my watch out frm my pocket and sat back down on the bed. I asked the girls; Who is going to piss first? Mary spoke out first before Mandy could. Mandy goes firt this time. I went first for round two! Mandy smiled and agreed that she would go first with Mary being right about having her gone first in round two.

Mandy stepped over to the bucket and straddled over it standing. I reset my watchto its stopwatch function as Mandy stepped into position getting ready to piss in te bucket standing over it. As Mandy starting pulling her dress up with both hands and only had it raised just below where her vagina would be showing towards me Mary said loudly To Mandy STOP!!!

Mandy had to turn towards Mary and she did she simply said to Mary Why? Mary the n said to Mandy Piss like I've seen you always piss when you were standing. BARE NAKRD!!!! I dare you Mandy there was a quick puase and Mary said Double dare you!! Mandy let out a short hard laugh and then almost in a blink of a eye pulled her dress right up over her head and tossed it on the floor! Then she stuck her tounge out at Mary which Mary giggled hard and I was smiling with a big smile on my puss!

Then Mary came right over and sat on the bed next to me and I told Many that I was ready and I asked her if she was ready. Mandy shook her head with a hard shake meaning yes and she had come out from her vagina right then a hard straight down piss stream slamming into the white plastic buckets botom with a hard plastic sounding thump! Then as Mandy pissed with her hard piss splashing in the bucket it changedto drumming till the bottom of the bucket was covered with her piss and thenyou heard just the splashing of her piss. The drumming had stopped.

As Mandy stood pissing in the bucket her eyes were right on Mary only. She was challenging Mary it semed. Like I am going to beat you! Mary only smiled for she was looking at my watch and Mandy's piss stream. I was just watching Mandy piss. As Mandy pissed I was counting off silently to myself the ticks of my watch too. Icould count off the tenths of a second that my watch ticked off with no problem at all.

Well Mandy would take a good piss thsi time and when she stopped I hit my watch to stop also. I flipped it over fast enough from Marys sight she couldn't say to Mandy how long she had pissed. I only knew how long she had gone. But Mandy wasn't done with her piss into the bucket. Yes she had stopped but smileing looking right at me smileing she said to me; Yeah I stopped which is ok but I have some spurting to do to finsih up with!

So Mandy did do three hard hissing spurts into the bucket and then she was done pissing. She did pick up her dress off the floor and she sat down on the bed next to me on my otherside for Mary hadn't gotten up yet from off the bed. She leaned forward and aske Mandy if she needed to wipe. Mandy said back to Mary I'm ok! As she said this she did pick up her dress and opened her legs very wide and was going to get up off the bed to wipe herself off using her dress.

Now as Mary looked over I had on my bed a light blue very light blanket. It still get cool at night sometimes still so that was why this blanket was on my bed yet. Mary said to Mandy Don't bother with your dress Mandy. You've already wiped yourself off! Mandy the turned and looked at mary saying; I huh did what? Where and how Mary? Mary gave her answere back o mandy giggling as she said her answer back to Mandy.

Dave;s blanket wiped you off! Mary pointed to a daker blue small patch on my blye blamket where Mandy had sat down on it. Mandy giggled looked at me and sort of sheepisly sounding sad; Sorry Dave. Mary let out a good short brief loud giggle and I smiled at Mandy and told her it was ok. But Mandy set her dress down over that small wet spot on my blanket and then she sat right down on her dress.

Ok lets then go on with your two last round of the contest. Mary are you ready! I said in a raised voice. I'm ready Mr. Dave Mary said right back to me. Now both Mary and I wenton sounding like a final round in a tv quiz show which made Many giggle hard as Mary and I went along in the tv quiz sounding format. I basicilly asked Mary te rukes of the contest which Mary said yes or shook her head yes to my qrules questions.

I announced the last rule telling the time will start on the clock when YOU Mary start to PISS! Mandy then let out a louder giggle and Mary had to let out a good giggle herslef! Then after her and Mandy stopped thier giggles Mary got ready by standing straight up over the white bucket and we all waited for her to start pissing.

may teased Mandy at first for Mary would rock back n forth on her feet then stand still. Then she would reach down with both hands place them along each side of her vagina swivel her hips back n forth and pretent that she was pissing. Mandy after Mary stopped her swiveling; Come on Mary piss! Mary smiled and said ok I will now. I hope that I diodn't wait to long.

Mary did start her piss and when she did her stream was avey thin weak one just above a dribble. Now I and Mandy knew why Mary said that she hoped that she could piss. As it now looked to me that Mary had held on holding to long with her thin weak stream of piss makeing a soft splash in Mandy's piss in the white bucket. Now Mandy whispered siftlyw hich I heard her whisper;Stop stream stop! She repeated this several times in a row and then she stopped.

Now Mary's piss stream ever slowly got harder as she pissed. So Mandy didn't get what she wanted having Mary' piss stream stop. Mandy sat stiffly on the bed with her arms folded across her waist and just stared har at Mary with a slight frown on her face. Mandy knew now she was going to loose this time. Mary seeing Mandy's frown knew she was going to win and she smiled with a big smile now as she pissed into the white bucket with her harder stream of piss comming out of her vagina.

Mary's piss stream was now a nice straight down long twisted stream. Its splashin was louder and now it hissed a nice hiss too. I was smiling which Mary saw my smile. Hey Mandy I'm doing now what Dave likes best! Mandy said in a dissapointed tone; What's that Mary? Dave likes hearing a hissy piss! Not the hissy piss you're in right now!

Mandy first gave Mary a dirty look but then her frown did go away and was replaced by a little smile. She did aske me if I did like hearing the hiss when a girl did piss with a hiss. I smiled with abigger smile and shook my head yes fast and hard for my answer. Mandy giggled harder and she was now back in a better mood. Mary was still pising which was now eve harder with a louder hiss and splashing in the piss in the white bucket.

Then Mary's piss started easing off very fast. It's loud hissing and splashing softened just as fast as her piss did. The hissing stopped completely before the splashing did and her stream. I was ready to stop the watch when Mary stopped her piss and I was goig to tease the girls by flipping the watch over from thier sight. But Mandy had otherplans about me doing this.

Before I did and Mary stopped her pissing Mandy said to me and Mary; Let me tell you how long it took! Can I Dave? I smiled and said to Mandy; Ok wth me Mandy. Ok with you Mary.Mary said Ok so Mandy would now give Marys time. Mry then stopped pissing and I clicked the button stopping my watch. Mandy kike being the n=mc on a tvquiz show said; Mary your toatl time is; Mandy paused then told Mary 19.9 seconds! You are the winner!

Mandy looked at me and asked me if she did a good job. I laughed and told her she had. Mandy giggled hard and Mary still standing over the white plastic bucket laughed hard and sent squirst of piss from her vagina as she laughed! Mandy saw Mary laughing and pissing laughed harder. Evennow I laughed lightly. Then we all stopped our laughter Mry got the roll of toilet paper out from under the bed and tore some of it off and wiped herself. The contest was now over. Mary had one two of the three rounds. But there would still be some more pissing done. So this will be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Odd Ways Of Going That I Have Seen Girls Do Part 2

Susan ???? is the next giorl I'll tell about. ????is prnounced ????by the way. She was the youngest for she had a year and half older sistor Brenda and a brother Mike that was close to three years older. I hung around with Mike and occasionly both Brenda and Susan would hang around with Mike and I if we two were playing games and let the two girls play with us.

Now as the time passed the Susans parents seperated and the divorced. This was over a two year time period. Mike got involed heavily into sports keeping him rela bus with baseball and football. His mom had to work since now divorced. On this one time while I was at the house I was asked if I would babysit! I always would like to have extra money so here was a great chance to! So I aid yes.

My hours were after school to when Mrs Smyth got home and all day on Saturday which she had to work on too. Susan was glad to have me babysit Brenda seemed not to care either way. Mike didn't care that I did for he would hardly be home when I was to babsit from him being so involed with his sports. So I started and on the weeday hours I helped both Susan and Brenda with homework when they got home from school. Thattook various time depending how much they had to do. If there was left over time then Susan and Brenda would play together inside or outside till thier mom got home from work.

Some times I would play with the girls or do my own homework when they did thiers. Well the on one Saturday I only had to baby sit Susan only. Mike was gon forpractice for baseball and Brenda had styed over at one her friends for the night so she wasn't there. Now I was always there at before eight in the mornings on Saturday befor Susan's mom would leave for work.

Sometimes Susa wouldbe up along with Brenda. This morning Susan wasn't up when I arrived. So after Susan's mom left I went into the livigroom turned on the tv and started watching it till Susan would wake up. Susan woke up after about twenty minutes. I heard her bedroom door open which it squeaked when it opened so I knew she was now up.

Being in the livingroom and where the couch was I couldn't see Susan and she couldn't see me unless I was at the cery end of the couch and leaned out showing myslef in the livingrooms doorway which was at the one end of a short hall. I leaned over into the doorway and said; Hi Susan you little lazy head! I was teasing her of course.

Susan was not awake looking at all. For she was just standing now in her open bedroom dooway in a little teddy syle nightgown and had her arms stretched way above her head with a big yawn on her face. She finished her yawn and stretching. Then she looked at me still looking very sleepy said Hi Dave. Can you make me breakfast?

Then Susan took a few forward steps and made the left turn into the bathroom. I got off from the couch and walked down the short hallway to ask Susan what she wanted for breakfast. I expected that Susan would have shut the bathroom door since she had gone in to use it. No Susan hadn't! She had left it wide open instead!

There she was siting on the toilet backwards! Susan's teddy was pulled up high in the back with her ass mostly showing and she was pissing very noisily already! For when I say noisily it was plashing loudy and what a loud hiss her stream was making at the same time! So I stood there looking at here and listened to her stream hissing and splashing.

Now the way the bathroom was there were more then one mirrior in it. One over the sink,a full mirrior on the bathroom door on the inside side,and a last one above the toilet. Susan must have seen my image of me standing in the open doorway of the bathroom. For Susan said to me; Dave I'll be done here in a momnet. Then you can get in here. Susan was not at alloed bothered seeing me watching her!

Well Susan did finish her piss. She held up the back of her teddy as she got up from the seat then let it down. Then she flushed the toilet and turned around. I didn't move as she started walking towards me and the bathroom doorway. Susan asked me as she did this; What's up Dave! You need to go? Oh no! I managed to get out saying to Susan. What then do you want. It took me a short moment to answer her. Then I asked what she wanted for breakfast. You did aske me that before you pissed.

Susan then let out a loud giggle right after I had said piss. Most of the time I would say pee which she did too when she had to go. This timepiss had just slipped out. I had done it a few times before with Susan and she had giggled then too. I then went into the kitchen took out a cereal bowl for her, a spoon, and milk out of the fridge. Then I opened the cuboard where the cereal was kept but there was more then one box and all the boxes were different kinds of cereal.

So I sad rather loudly;Susan what kind of cerael do you want? Susan had also come into the kitchen when I was at the open cuboard which my back was to her. Don't shout dave! I'm right here! Susan said to me and she laughed when she had said it. She told me the surgar frosted flakes! o I grabbed the box of them and came over to the table with them and handed the box to her. I also told her I was sorry for shouting. I didn't know you were there Susan!

Susan giggled a little a she poured the cereal out into her bowl.Then she poured in the milk and started eating her breakfast. I sat down with her now as she ate. After takeing her first mouthful of cerael and milk and had swallowed it down. Susan can I ase you a question? I said to here. Susan told me to go ahead. Then she dipped her spoon in the bowl and took a secpnd mouthfull of cereal and milk and started chewing it.

Susa do you always pee siting on the seat backwards? Susan still chweing pointe a single finger upward which she wanted ne to wait till she had swallowed down the mouthfull of cereal in her mouth so I did. Susan swallowed the cereal and then she answered my question. Susan started with a giggle and as shgiggled and then stopped Susantold me yes she did sit down backwards on the seat to pee. Susan went on saying this morning she did sit bacwards on the seat this time in the bathroom. I was still alseep! Most of the time she didn't in the upstairs bathroom but in the cellar basement I always do!

Now that led me to ask a second question which was why she sat on the toilet in the cellar bathroom backwards. Dave you seen that bathroom!There is no door on it at all! As soon as Susan finished saying that it made me remember that there wasn't. She let out a retty good laugh and I laughe a little myslef too. Then before Susan took her next mouthfull of cereal she said to me; You should see how I poop! Susan laughed and then took and stuffed the spoon of cereal in her mouth and started chewing away on it.

I sat there waiting now wondering what Susan would say to me if I asked her how she took a shit in the basement bathroom. I had t wait for Susan tfinish that spoonfull and then I would ask her. Susan in a short moment was done and I asked her what she did when she took a poop downstairs. She laughed a litle first then she looked at me and smiled and said; You'll have to find out maybe later! I leaned back in my seat and stared back at Susan. She was going to show me! Boy did that thought race through my mind. Susan went and soon finished eating her cerael. She got up from the table dumped the bowl and spoon in the sink. Then she told me stay there. Im going to get dressed. She left the kitchen went into her bedroom and closed the door. I sat there at the kitchen table and waited for her to get dressed. To be ocntinuied.

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