Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Buddy dump fun

Last night I came home desperate for a poo. I'd held it all afternoon & by the time I got into the bathroom I was close to doing it in my pants. Kirsty was on the toilet at the time so we buddy dumped. She sat at the back of the seat & I sat in front between her legs. She put her arms around my waist which felt great. I relaxed & a seven inch turd slipped out effortlessly, landing with a splash. There was another one of about eight inches followed by one about six inches. It felt so good to get so much poo out of me & Kirsty loved watching it all come out. She wiped my bum for me which felt realy hot, especialy when she wiped my vagina. Her spare hand was "wiping" her own intimate place! We went to bed after that to finish what we'd started & I have to say we didn't sleep a lot.

Upstate Dave

Odd Ways Of Going That I have seen Girls Do Part 1

The first girl I'll tell you about is my friend Mikes youngest sistor. Her nameis Marcy. I was down visiting Mike on a nice Saturday. We Mike,I, along with other friens had been playing football outside. We took a break and I asked Mike if I could go a badly needed drink. Sure Dave go ight on up to the house and get one.

Now Mike's family lived in a converted basement apartment. This apartment was big enough so that since Mike had one brothere,three sistor, and his mom and dad there was enough bedrooms in it they all as far as the kids had thier own. I went inside and went straight to the kitchen first to get my drink there.

I couldn't for there laying on the floor with his legs only outside the cabinet door wide open was Mike's dad working under the sink. Mike's dad asked who was there and I told him it was me. Dave grab a glass and use the bathroom sink to get a drink. I said; Fine I'll do that thank you and I walked away and headed to the bathroom for my drink.

The bathroom door was open so Iknew there was no one in there so I went right in. I turned on the cold water let it run a little so that it would be good and cold. I filled the large glass that I had taken right to the top shut the fuacet off and started slowly drinking this big glass of water down. Boy did it ever tatse so good! Cold and sweet!

I had drank half the glass down and I refilled it back up to full again. Istarted to drink from the glass again. While I was drinking now Marcy Mikes youngets sistor came running into the bathroom! I mean running! She said hi Dave very quickly. Then Marcy added saying to me; STEP ASIDE! I HAVE TO GO!!!!

Now the bathroom is a full bathroom with sink,toilet full tub with a shower but as space I should the floor there wasn't much floor space. Since that was the case I moved closer to the sink squeezing my bodyright up against the sink. THat barely gave Marcy enough room to slip by. But she did.

Onnce Marcy had slipped by me she was standing faceing the toilet and sh had on a red and white striped top with a pair of matching red shorts. Marcy had in tha short instant of time when she had slipped by me had her red shorts already pushed down where now her whole ass was showing! Marcy then spun around real fast. Then she said to me; Dave you can stay! But shut the door!

So just to let you know Marcyhad peed in the bathroom one time while Mike and I had been in there getting drinks so I had seen her go that one time before which Marcy idn't care at all we were there at that time too. I took the couple of needed steps towards the bathroom door and closed it. Durring that very short time Marcy had taken her red pants right off had lifted up the toilet lid and seat and was now standing straddling over the toilet!

Now from Marcy's vagina out came a hard straight down very yellow stream of piss! It was hitting well above the water down in the bowl so its splashing sound wasn't all that much. Marcy had pissed only for several seconds and then as I was watching a long tan shit came into sight and it was a smooth looking one and boy was it crackleing as it moved!

Marcy's shit didn't take any time at all to get to a good ten inches long and then it dropped down into the toilet which it hit the water makeing a loud PHLUMP sending also up a big splash of thyellow pissy water in the bowl. None of the water from her shits big splash hit her, the top rim of the bowl, or go on the floor. Marcy wasn't done shiting yet and pissing.

Marcywas still pissing but her yellow stream had slackened some. It was hissing now and she was having another tan smooth shit comming quickly slideing down from herasshole! This second shit when it fell into the toilet was only about half as long as her first one was. So I would say five maybe six inches long. It fell into the toilet making less fo a splash. Then a third shit started sliding out from her asshole and Marcy;s piss stream slowed down more with its hising stoping.

Now again Marcy's third shit wassmooth and the same color tan. It moved just as fast as the first two but it stopped suddenly and hung n the air! Marcy feeling that this shit had stopped said; It's stuck! What she did nest was place her hands on her knees bent her knees slightly so that instead of being standing straight up she was in a very high hover with her bare ass farther over the toilet but raised up higher.

I saw Marcy shut her eyes and she gave a real hard push along with a loudish grunt. Marcy's cheeks on her face turned a deeper ping as she pushed. First out came a loud long squeaky sounding fart and then her shit moved and shot hard out of herasshole hitting her other shit buther shit having hits so hard made another good splash but not as hard as te splash from her first shit!

Then Marcy pissed some more and had three soft far pebble shits drop out from her ass into the toiet. Then she stopped shiting and pissing. Marcy turned t get some toilet paper. Where it was kept was on top of the tank but there was no roll there for her to use. Marcy turned back saw the roll on the sink. She asked me to tear of a wad so I turned back grabbed the roll and started unwinding the roll.

Say enough! I said to marcy and she said loudly in a few short seconds; Enough Dave! I stopped and tore the paper and handed her the big wad that I had rolled off. Marcy then held the big wad and let it unfold itself I had rolled off so much Marcy had to raise her arms up. The wad was almost as tall as she was when it stoped unfolding itself! Marcy seeing how long it was giggled hard!

Then she tore about a third of the paper off. Marcy then stepped forward to where she now stood in front of the toilet. With the torn off piece in her one hand she dabbed away at her vagina using one side of the paper she had torn off. Then she turned it over and again dabbed off her vagina. Then tossed the paper in the toilet.

Then Marcy tore the remaining toilet paper in half. She reached back behind her and wiped her ass! Marcy did a long upward wipe. Then she came back around with the hand that she wiped herself with. Took a quick look at the paper. Folded it smaller and I thought she was again going to wipe herself. But Marcy didn't.

Instead of wiping Marcy turned around so that her cute ass faced right at me! Then she bent over alosng with using her two hnds spread her cheeks wide open! Dave how much more is back there? Marcy asked me! I said back to her; Just some small skids now on both sides of your asscheeks Marcy. With me saying asscheeks Marcy giggled a little.

Then now without turningaround Marcy reached back with the hand that had the folded toilet paper she stuffed it into her cheeks and wiped herself! She pulled the paper out checked and tossed it into the toilet. Then she took the last piece she had folded it up and againg she stuffed it into her asscheeks and wiped herself again.

She checked the paper and tossed it into the toilet. Then Marcy again pulled her asscheeks apart. Then she asked me if it was all gone. Her skids were gone and I told her yes. Marcy then reached over flushed the toilet. She put the seat down along with the lid. She then sat down on the toilet reached down to her red shorts on the floor and started putting them on.

Now I haven't mentioned aboutMarcy having panties on. Marcy ony wore them with a skirt or dress not when she had on pants or shorts. There was a good reason why. Mikes family was large and Mikes dad didn't make much money at this time. He would as time went on for he would get better jobs with better pay. So at this time they did as best as they could do.

Marcy had slipped her other foot through her red shorts and stood up and she pulled them back up to her waist. Once done with her shorts I asked Marcy why did you stand and shit! Marcy giggled hard first. Then she told me why. Well having three bothers the toilet would be messy with thier pee! You know on the seat if it wasn't up or even many times the seat and the floor!There was pee on the seat this time! That's why! I laughed for I knew she had a good reason why and I being a boy I've doneit myslef. Well now I gulped down my drnk real fast and Marcy and I walked out ofthe bathroom. She headed down the hall back to her room and to the kitchen to place my empty glass out there. To be continuied


On the ass-gaskets & reality

Francine's stories are both interesting and frightfully close to home for me. The reason is when I was 16 and proudly using an ass-gasket several times a day at school (I would often crap once and pee up to three times for four toilet trips a day while in school), my parents moved to another city and that school didn't have them. Because my Mom raised me very strictly about using them, or else holding it until you got to a better bathroom (I remember being led by my hand from one mall store to another when I was in elementary school when all I wanted to do was sit and pee like my friends) I often felt (and knew) that I was one of the few kids that was worried about having contact with a public toilet seat.

Then my dad got transferred and we moved across the country. My new school didn't have the seat protectors and the way I had been "coached" I was too stubborn at first to change my ways. Luckily the whole class wasn't punished like with Francine because she was late to suit up for gym, but as a high school sophomore I was agonizing about having contact with that dreaded toilet seat. So I was able to avoid it the first few weeks at my new school because I was taking all the time to put toilet paper and yes even the dreaded brown paper folding hand towels over the seat. Of course, I stood out not only because of the time all this was taking, but standing in a line for a toilet with four or five of the brown hand towels did bring some strange inquires--some of which would violate the rules for this forum.

To make a long story short (and I've previously written on this forum about some of the transitional steps I went through), I basically found that the NEED to eliminate my body waste with both speed and discreetness was more important. The first few times I sat directly onto the uncovered seat I even cried a little as I contributed to the bowl because I didn't want to displease my mother at a time when 20-some other girls in immediately around me were seated and thinking of their next hour's test and what their friends had planned for that evening while I was looking down at my thighs seated directly on that dirty black seat. I found it was just like learning to ride a bike or swim, with each trip to the toilet I gained my confidence and shook more of my guilt.

Now I'm a freshman at a major university and outside of my morning pee in my dorm, all of my daily encounters with the toilet come in a variety of buildings and situations which are much more pleasant and confidence building. Sitting down for me is just as easy as it is if I were in my favorite bathroom on the second floor of my parents' house.

So comfortable, I might add, that when I've driven down to the airport twice to pick up friends, and I've had what previously would have delighted me--an ample supply of ass-gaskets in each stall--I've opted to sit like the "new normal" and not fall back into that artificial trap.

Instead of worrying about that dreaded seat cradling my thighs, I now enjoy the activity of using public bathrooms and put more emphasis on capping each "sit" experience with more time to spend at the sinks where I more thoroughly wash and dry my hands.

There are a lot of people of all ages like Francine out there who can and hopefully will be converted to reality.

Canadian Kelly

My Cousin's Wedding & What Happened Before

Hi everyone!

My husband Scott and I went to my cousin Janet's wedding in ????, Ontario in September. We stayed at my parent's place along with my cousin Ryan and his wife Angela. Janet's wedding was on the 18th. We flew to Toronto on Thursday the 16th.

On Wednesday the 15th, I was caught off guard and made a mess of my panties. It was about 10 am and I was standing at the fax machine at the back of our office and started getting crampy. I didn't think much of it since my period was due to start on either Friday the 17th, or on Saturday, the day of the wedding. The cramps went away for a few minutes then came back with a vengeance. A sharp cramp hit and along with it came a rush of diarrhea. Some of it splattered into my panties before I could clamp my butt cheeks closed. I stood there for a few seconds trying to breathe the cramp away, but it wouldn't stop. Instead, it got worse. I was afraid to move for fear of losing everything in my panties. Very carefully, I shuffled my way from the fax machine and made my way out of the office. As I was just about to leave, my boss, Tina stopped me and asked me a few questions. When I stopped, I lost some diarrhea in my panties. I couldn't really concentrate on what she was asking, so I had to tell her that I needed to get to the ladies room.

I was still leaking diarrhea as I rushed out of the office. As I was fumbling with the key to the ladies room, my bowels contracted and a wet fart bubbled into my panties. I finally got in and rushed into the first open stall. I ripped down my dress pants (black, thank god!) and my panties and the diarrhea poured out of me. My panties, which were white, were in a bad state. I didn't have an extra pair with me either, nor did I have any pads since my period was still a few days away. As I sat on the toilet letting the diarrhea fall out of me, I wiped out my panties as much as I could. They were quite messy and stained badly. I cleaned myself up, washed my hands and went back to the office.

Tina stopped me as I walked by her office. She started asking me her questions again then stopped when she saw the uncomfortable, stressed look I had on my face. When she asked what was wrong I said, "I, uhh, I… I didn't make it." She asked, "What do you mean?" I said, "Uhh… I, uhh… I was having diarrhea… and I didn't quite make it." She said it a shocked and whispered voice, "What!?! Did you…?" I said, "Yes, I pooped in my underwear." She said, "Oh my god! Kelly! I am so sorry. Why don't you go home for the rest of the day?" I said, "I really shouldn't, I will be away for the rest of this week and all of next week." She said, "Well, why don't you go home, clean yourself up, change and come back?" So that's what I did.

My husband Scott was at work when I got home. I showered and cleaned myself up. It was a nice feeling putting on clean panties again. I decided to put a pad in my panties in case I had more diarrhea later in the day. The dress pants I wore were black, but they smelled bad, so I put them in the wash and grabbed a clean pair. I decided to bring an extra pair of panties and a few pads in case something happened again and I'm glad I did. Later in the day the cramps came back and I let out a few wet farts onto my pad. The first time it happened I wiped it out with some toilet paper. The second time it happened was worse, so I changed into a fresh pad.

We flew to Toronto on Thursday and again I decided to wear a pad in my panties in case I had diarrhea again and in case my period started early. My period didn't start, but I was once again glad to be wearing a pad because the diarrhea came back on the plane. I was cramping up and then we went through some turbulence and I could not keep my butt cheeks clenched. Most of the mess went into my pad, but some went out the back right side and onto my panties and jeans. It came out with a squelching sound and Scott looked at me and asked if I was alright. I replied with "No!" When the seatbelt sign was turned off, I grabbed my purse and made my way to the toilet. I finally got in and proceeded to clean myself up. My panties were stained at the back right area so I changed into the extra ones I had in my purse. I put on a clean pad, washed my hands and went back to my seat.

My period started on Friday and it was heavy. I went through several pads that day and on Saturday it was even heavier. I needed to change my pad every hour or so to avoid any leaks. Angela was getting ready in the guest bathroom, which at my parents house, is huge. The toilet area is separate from where the shower, bath and double sinks are. I had showered when I woke up, but was still in my sweats at around 11am when I decided to get ready. I grabbed a pad and clean pair of panties from my suitcase. Angela was standing in her white bra and white bikini panties and was doing her make-up at the counter. I tapped on the door and she said, "Come in." She looked at me and said "Hi." I said, "Hey. I just need to…" I waived my pad, "you know, to change my… pad." She said, "Oh, okay. No problem." She then asked, "Is it heavy? You've been going to the washroom a lot the past day or so." I said, "Yes, it's very heavy!" She said, "I'm sorry, that really sucks. I know what it's like."

After I changed my pad and panties, I got ready myself. I wore white bikini panties that day, similar to Angela's and we both wore nylon panty shapers and a white silk slip under our dresses. She had brought two dresses and decided to wear a white dress with red flowers. Mine was green with yellow flowers. I had a yellow clutch purse and packed it with 10 pads and an extra pair of panties. I wasn't sure what the plans were for the day and I wanted to be well stocked.

We left just after 12 noon and went to the ceremony. We had rented a car from Toronto, so Scott drove. The ceremony itself wasn't that long, about 30 minutes maximum. Both families were then invited to a park for the pictures. For my family, it was like a family reunion, so we took advantage of the opportunity and had some nice pictures done.

At around 1:30pm, I could feel that I needed to change my pad. I was about to head to the washrooms across the field when I caught Angela's eye. She had a very worried look on her face. I walked over to her and asked her if she was alright. She said, "No. I need to use the toilet very badly and I can barely hold it." I asked her, "What do you mean?" Then I heard a gurgling come from her ???? and I figured out what was going on. She moaned and whispered, "Oh god, I just pooped in my underwear a bit." I said, "Its okay. The washrooms are across the field. I was headed there myself." We started walking quickly at first and then about half way across the field she slowed right down and then stopped. She hunched over a bit and put one had on her ???? and the other over her bum. I then heard the familiar sound of her bowels contracting and letting out a loud wet fart. She moaned again and said, "Oh god, no!" and I watched in horror as she filled her panties and nylon panty shaper with the most wet diarrhea that I have ever seen. I could hear it as it came splattering and rushing into her clothes. I mean, I have had my share of accidents, but this one was far worse than any I have ever had. When that wave ended she started crying and said, "Oh god! What do I do now?" I said, "Its okay, let's get you back to my parents house." We made our way back to the parking lot as quickly as possible. Angela was walking stiff because of her accident. Scott and Ryan were standing around talking and I asked him if he could give me the keys to the car. He asked why and I said that Angela wasn't feeling well and that I was taking her back to my parents house. Ryan and Angela were whispering to each other a few feet from us and Ryan looked like he had seen a ghost. He put his arm around her and gave her a little hug.

The four of us decided to go back to my parents house together. Luckily it was a nice day because we had to drive with the windows down. The car seats were leather, so that was good. When Angela sat down, I felt so sorry for her. From my own experience, I knew how she was feeling. On the drive back, she had to go again two more times and I don't even think she bothered to try to hold it.

When we got back to my parents house, I followed Angela upstairs to the guest bathroom. I helped her out of her dress and her white silk slip was stained all the way down the back. She unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. The mess was unbelievable. She was covered from her waist down past her knees in diarrhea. The mess had also gone up her front as well. She started crying again when she saw herself in the mirror. She said, "I can't believe this is happening. I don't know what to do!" She was sobbing. I felt so bad for her. I said, "Hey, I know how you feel. Trust me! This has happened to me more times than I would like to admit. Including this past Wednesday at work!" I was trying to make her feel better, but she only cried harder. I told her to step into the bathtub to take off her nylons and panties. She did that and closed the shower curtain. She asked me to stay with her and I agreed to it. She slipped everything off and handed everything to me in a ball. I put her nylons and panties in the sink and suggested that we throw them away. She didn't have any problems with that as she would never wear those panties again anyway. I said, "Well, once you have had a few accidents, you learn to keep your messy panties for that time of the month."

As she was cleaning up, I picked up her dress and inspected it. The mess had leaked through to her dress as well from when she sat down in the car. I said to her, "Hey Angie, I think you need to wear your other dress for dinner." She said, "Okay, no problem." Her other dress was a cute navy dress with a white flower on the left hip.

The dinner started at 6pm and we left my parents at 5:30. Angela was feeling much better by then. I would have been surprised if she had anything else left in her! I used the washroom before we left, changed into a clean pad and the dinner and dance ended up being very nice. Not many people knew about Angela's accident, so that was good.

Sorry for the long post! I hope you enjoyed it.

Canadian Kelly

new guy

more comments & other stuff

To: Kelly P great story I bet that guy enjoyed that experience please contiue posting more stories.

To: myself yes I pee when I poop usualy before but sometimes in the middle and even sometimes at the end.

To: Half Dump deneise great story I never use those seat covers I just wipe the seat off if theres pee on it but if theres poop I will choose a different stall.

To: On the john loved your story please post more of them.

To: the one that got away great story please post more and that girl sounded pretty interesting.

To: Frantic Francine great story about your first dump at school I use to hate crapping at school that was until I got to high school I dont know what changed but it didnt seem as embarrassing maybe because I was older I really dont know please keep the stories coming.

To: Paul another great about Claudia and Nadine pooping in the woods like I said before you are one lucky guy plaese post more stories about claudia and any other women you know.

To: Upstate Dave another great story about desperate girls and women usualy I dont care for peeing stories about girls and women but yours are the exception again I would like to say you are one very very lucky guy keep the posts comiing please.

here are a couple of short stories one time I heard a little girl in the library tell her mom her stomach hurt her mom said we should probaly head to the bathroom I dont know what happened next she probaly had to poop bad or posibly puke. Another time at the library I was in the mens rooms peeing when a father came in with his young daugther the girl said she had to poop so they both went into the one stall I should mention this mens room only had a sink a urinal and one stall which isnt very good if multiple guys have to poop at once well back to the story thay went into the stall I couldnt help but over hear some small plops.

another story about hearing a woman having explosive diarrhea at the library again I was looking for a book or magazine to buy when a woman sudenly rushed into the ladies room and took the first stall within seconds I heard a massive blast of diarrhea I mean it was loud anybody outside the bathroom or in the mens could hear it, it sounded like she just made it not a second to soon.

yet another story about hearing a woman having diarrhea at the library I was again in the same place doing the same thing as my previous library stories when this woman walked into the bathroom and then I heard a loud fart and some splatering sounds in the toilet.

well thats all for now

Sincerly new guy

PS. love this site

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Desperate girl in car park

Kirsty After work tonight, I was walking towards my car when I saw a girl walking past holding her bum. She looked unwell & had a wet patch in the crotch of her jogging pants. She stopped suddenly & bent over holding is belly. She stumbled over to a lampost & leant on it defore she began to throw up. As she did so she let out a long & wet sounding fart. She continued to throw up & a stream of pee began to run down her legs. After a while she stopped throwing up & stood up straight. She was standing in a huge pool of pee & there was puke covering the base of the lampost. She let out another wet fart, only this time it sounded much more liquidy. I could see a big brown stain spreading in the seat of her jogging pants & the girl bent her legs a little. There was another liquidy fart followed by more diarrhoea & soon the girls legs were smeared in the brown liquid. She ran off crying after it stopped.


No place like home

Sorry a bit late on the story but here it is, one of my worst whole day cases:

I was out for a meal with my boyfriend Mark (at the time). He decided to take me to Nando's where almost anything you buy is gonna be hot and spicy. We shared a whole spicy chicken together, i needed a poo quite badly anyway. If it wasn't for the chicken, i just would have been able to hold on. But the meal ensured that i would have to go to the toilet that night. During the time of the meal I tried my hardest but a wet bubbly fart came out my arse followed by more bubbles making a slelchy sound, I froze with a cringing face, Mark asked me "did u just.." right after he said 'just' I let out a loud, wet but short fart, I gripped my stomach with a gasp, then replied that I needed the ladies room. I power walked my way to the bathroom with a worried look on my face whilst still holding my stomach. I sat on the toilet but nothing would come out except thundering farts with big cramps, so I exited feeling a bit more worried about my future. After the meal we went to his house and started watching a movie. Meanwhile my stomach was cooking something very big and messy for me to deal with very soon. It started hurting, it made loud grumbles, pressure was building up so much it was hard to hold in farts, let alone holding in the enormous storm that was about to empty into my tights. I took a deep breath and asked Mark if I could use the bathroom, he said yes of course. So i made a quick tight walk into the bathroom lowered my pink panties followed by my tights and then lifted up my skirt. During the process I was begging to hold saying quietly no repeatedly. I sat down and first my poo was like the weather, hard rain with heavy winds, and gurgles! Then splattering started to occur with violent farts as poo exited my bum loudly. I was groaning a lot while still all the splattering of poo was shooting out my ass making farts and gurgle sounds. When the first wave was over my stomach rumbled loudly again and I grunted in pain. Then I did one single fart and with just that I blasted out more poo. It stunk; all I could hear constantly was my arse and guts making weird gurgle, crackling, bubbly, pooey noises. After the horror stopped I came out the bathroom and announced that I was going to my place as I wasn't feeling good. In the car I had grumbles again. And before I knew it I had a dire need for a toilet. I was in a traffic jam wasn't comfortable about the situation I was in. After another 10 minutes I was squealing, I could hear this bubbly noise in me that sank lower from my stomach to my bum, from then made a low churning sound and violently forced its way out my butt. It was a long deep fart that reeked. From that I really really badly needed a poo! I was bouncing up and down in my car trying to hold the load but I lost grip and it all filled my tights and my frenchies. It came so loud with a constant motion of splutter in my underwear. I had to sit in it until I got home. The shit smeared all across my butt, it felt horrible. As I was almost home still sitting in my own shit my stomach went off, I then realised that I yet again needed another poo. I said to my self 'you've got to be f-ing kidding me' so pulled on my drive got out the car. As I got out I felt some of the poo sink lower down my leg, I was like noooo. So I gripped my right back of knee and my butt to hold it in place. Got to my bathroom and carefully took of my clothes that by the way were ruined especially my frenchies. Sat down and then having an explosion from my ass causing spluttering in the bowl. There's no place like home…


Saw a wetting

I've posted a few times before, but last night saw the best thing ever.

I was out at a restaurant with some friends at a big outdoor mall. After dinner I was walking to a store and passed a group of three young women in their mid 20s maybe who had just left a different restaurant and were each carrying a drink and were already evidently a little tipsy - not drunk or anything, you could just tell they had been drinking a little already. They were pretty hot looking and I wasn't busy, so I followed them for a few minutes. They were joking and laughing and having a good time you could tell. Then suddenly one of them doubled over while laughing and shrieked a little and then I noticed something unusual that took me a second to figure out, I just knew right away that something wasn't "right". Then I realized what it was. There was a wet spot at the crack of her butt that was rapidly spreading down her legs and across her butt. She was laughing the whole time but just stood there, half bent over, and completely soaked her jeans right there in public. Her friends just laughed, too. She was finished after about 30 seconds and just stood up, all three of them still laughing, and they kept walking. I followed them from a safe distance for a few more minutes and then they went into a department store. One of the dry ones went off in one direct and the other dry one went with the wet one to the ladies jeans, found a new pair in her size, and were quickly joined by the third who showed up with a pair of panties. They went to the nearest cash register, paid, and then the wet one took the new clothes into the bathroom around the corner. A few minutes later she came out in the dry jeans (and I assume dry panties, ha ha) and evidently was carrying the wet things in the shopping bag - she said something and opened it up to her friends and showed them the contents and they all laughed. They then carried on as though nothing strange had happened and I went on my way.

Whinnie the Poo, and Feral Girl

Whinnie the Poo, and Feral Girl, Where else do you go to avoid using the toilet?

Does anyone else avoid toilets?

Kelly P

Wrong restrooms

Hi all. I got a kick out of reading SportsFan's story about the woman in the men's room, because I had a somewhat similar experience just a couple of days ago.

I was visiting a small office building in the morning and had an urge to pee, so I found the lady's in a hallway. It had three stalls, two regular and the far one was a large handicapped stall. No one was in there so I took the first stall and peed. My period was about to start so I was constipated and I decided to try to go. It felt like I might be able to, so I pushed harder and it slowly started to come out.

Just then the door opened and a man's voice said, "is there anyone in here?" I thought it was the cleaner, so I said, "be out in a few minutes." Then he said, "can I use a toilet, it's an emergency," and he sounded desperate. So I said, "be my guest." He rushed into the middle stall and I saw his feet turn around and he sat down and let out a tremendous fart followed by loud crackling and a big splash. He said, "I'm terribly sorry. I took a laxative and the men's is occupied," in a strained voice. I was amused rather than upset. I don't know what came over me, but I said, "it's OK, I'm constipated myself." The I pushed really hard with a little grunt and mine came out with a crackle-crackle-plop.

Then I started feeling somewhat embarrassed, but also a bit devilish, so I said, "it sounds like you took something strong, What kind was it?" He said, "something my wife gave me. I think it's called Correctol." So I said, "I've took that once so I know what you mean. How long has it been since you last went." He said, "five days" and I said "if I went that long my husband would give me an enema." Then I got really embarrassed and didn't say any more, although now I kind of regret it.

Anyway, I wiped and washed my hands and left. He was still pooping. As I was leaving another woman was going in. I thought of warning her, but then I thought no, let them have an experience.


question for everyone

when you sit down to poo, do you pee as well? if so, do you pee first, or do you poo first? is it conditional? do you just fulfil the more urgent need first?

personally, i poo first at home (and usually flush BEFORE i pee), and pee first in public toilets. dont know why.

Half Dump Denise

Kalee's ass-gasket question & my response

That was a very imformative letter you wrote about your ass-gasket experience at the concert. How you sat for like 25 minutes and the ass-gasket got melted into the sweat of your skin must have been embarrasing for you and to have had Marne pull off some of the pieces must have really sucked.

I'm like you, although at 16 I haven't had all the experiences you've had, but I don't believe the students in my school would use them if they were to be offered. Like they're just too much of a hassle. I've been in a few mall stores that have them and, of course, airports, but I don't use them. I just sit right down on the seat and crap or pee. I would also think that they can be a hassle to put down over the seat. I remember once back when we were traveling across the country one summer when I was like 10 or 11. We were at an Interstate rest stop and my mom told to use one. She then took the stall next to mine. I knew she would listed fon me to pull one off, so I did and instead of putting it down I carefully, quietly folded it up as I sat waiting for my crap. Sitting and waiting to crap in a public toilet has always been like really boring to me. I had one of the largest craps I've ever had. It was like three huge logs of a little less than 10-inches each. They were soft and moist, but I don't think I would have been as successful in getting them out if I was sitting on one of those ass-gaskets.

I wiped, dropped the ass-gasket into the toilet and flushed. Mom was happy that I was able to have such a large crap because I hadn't done so in like three days. As far as what made me more "productive" (to use her favorite word), that's my secret.

So to me and my friends, ass-gaskets suck and we wouldn't use them.

On The John

It has been a while since I posted. I have been busy with work and such. I have been keeping up with running but not as much as I would like. I was at an art festival with my friend Ann last weekend. Not a huge show, but it was outdoors and the weather was nice. It seems like there were more craft booths than in previous years even though it is a juried event. Anyhow... we went rather early Saturday morning and we had both had been out for beers the night before but we were troopers and went early to the festival.
We spent a couple of hours browsing and decided to have food early as we were a bit hungover lol. We purchased gyros and sat down at a picnic table to relax and enjoy our food, It was really good for what it was. We talked a bit and continued to browse the event. About an hour later we were walking and both began to feel the need to find the john. I had to poop pretty badly and pee too but was not desperate.
We walked to the area where the restrooms were located. There was a public building as well as portable toilets. We opted for the building which seemed more comfortable. When we entered we were surprised to find that the line was relatively short which was good because I needed to go badly and luckily there were at least 10 stalls. There were a couple of art girls in front of us both very pretty and probably mid twenties. One of them a brunette was holding her stomach and told her friend that she really had to shit badly.
They got in quickly toward the end and began their business. We waited and I quietly joked we should try to go to the end too. So we went and waited on the other end. Ann whispered that she had to poop bad because of the beer and might have a loose bm. I said me too. We waited and listened as those girls began to pee and fart lightly then began with loose poops. They began to make quite a bit of noise. We got to go into neighboring stalls within just a few minutes. I quickly took down my pants and panties and sat on the john. I began to pee before ann got in and farted loudly but I waited until she was into her stall before proceeding. Meanwhile the other girls were quietly unloading a great deal. Ann got in next to me and farted before she sat, I think. It was really rank but we were about to give them a run for their money. The girl next to me had her skirt up and no sign of undies.
I farted again and pushed out a mushy beer induced soft poop. Very unladylike but it felt oh so good. I gave another fart at the end. Ann moaned in relief as a load left her bottom and farted mid way and then had a very loose sounding wave. The girl next to her passed a long gassy series of poop and snickered "oh god that was loud!" I think the girl on the other side had passed a few chunks and was wiping. I felt another hot wave inside me and passed molten beer sludge with quite the accompaniment of flatulence. How many ways to spell relief.
Both girls flushed and that left us with new neighbors who sat and began to pee. I sat for a moment as did ann and I think the stench outweighed the desire to sit and make sure we were fully relieved. We wiped washed and darted out.
We spent another hour perusing paintings, pottery and various handiworks before heading back for very minor clear outs. We left without buying any art and decided to go for a jog later that afternoon. What a lovely day.


Questions for Car Mom

Hi Car Mom, I certainly remember your previous posting. I'm curious about the details, if you don't mind sharing: How old are these girls that pee back there? What kind of car is it? Does it smell from all those times?

Whatever inspired you to let your passengers just go where they were sitting?

I hope you'll share more.

the one who got away

The first girl i ever dated seriously (ie: it wasn't one of thise 2 month long high school deals where you make out in the halls between classes) was a girl who i really wish was still in my life sometimes...
It was my 2nd year in college and her name was jenny. We had the same major and she was a freshman that year, and i was in two of her classes so she chose me to work on a project with in the second class because i was the closest person to someone she knew. Anyway, we hit it off and got along great and we started dating seriously a few months thereafter. It lasted a long time, 2 and a half years to be exact, and by my senior year we shared an off campus apartment. She had a tendency to get a bit of an untrustworthy bowel during stressful times... during midterms, finals, or just when a lot of assignments were due in a short time, she would get stressed and anxious to the point where it gave her the hershey squirts. She'd spend the days studying and occasionally getting up and making a mad dash for the bathroo, where i could hear a wonderful performance taking place each time. She was always really embarrassed about being in that condition because normally she was very private about her bm's. So in that state, urgently rushing to the toilet multiple times a day, sometimes emitting some accidental flatulence on the way and/or needing to grab her butt to hold on, she couldn't keep it as near a sexret as she wabtes

Post Title (optional)kind of poop you like

what kind of poop do like to have in a public bathroom? for me its diarrhea. like to just sit down and explode into the bowl. do you agree?

new guy

more comments & other stuff

To: Bryci great story the contest and pooping with your sister please share more stories about and her and any other girls you know who like to poop. A question have you ever pooped your pants in order to make someone else feel better after they had an accident if so please share the story if you havent already.

To: who ever posted about undercover boss yeah I saw that part to.

To: Upstate Dave another great set of stories about seeing girls and women desperate please contiue to post more of them. there really good.

To: Sportsfan you lucky lucky guy I bet that memory will be with you forever and I bet that woman must have been truly embarrassed after she found out she was in the mens room I bet she will more careful which bathroom she goes into next time unless shes really desperate please share any other stories you have about seeing or hearing a woman in a bathroom.

To: Whinnie the poo great story about you pooping your pants do you have any more stories if so please post them we would like to hear them.

To: Kate M great story about you pooping in trafic yeah I bet that can be very anoying

To: Sheilawentgirl another great sheila report please keep them coming.

To: Wendy great story about you pooping your pants I bet you where truly desperate to do that and great part about Kristy pooping as well in the toilet again I just want to say I really enjoy reading your guys stories keep up the good work.

A question to all the girls and women on this site have you ever woke yourself up at night from a fart that smelled really really bad if so please sahre the story.

heres a quick story about smelling some ladies poop this also happened at the library I was again standing by the book sale area looking for a book or magazine to buy when the door to the ladies room opened and a lady came then I was hit wtih a strong smell of diarrhea or a very nasty dump im not if it was the lady who came out or some one else in there I didnt stick around because that smell was bad and I mean bad I bet who ever did it probaly felt alot better afterwords. Like I said before the walls and doors of those bathroom dont do much of anything in the way masking the sounds people are making inside.

in my last post was actualy posts from two different days one from and one from the day before so thats why it may look a little out of order.

Sincerly new guy

again I love this site.

your name (optional
went to the gym, had a good workout. at the end of it i had to go bad! went into the bathroom ( 4 stalls) and shit a nice warm runny poo. some guy came in into stall 1 (i was in stall 3). he sat down fast and exploded a loose runny shit. man it was smelly, just like mine. any other guys have a runny shit at the gym?

to upstate Dave

The girl in the black bell-bottomed jeans could have peed her jeans instead of using the men's room. It wouldn't have been noticeable because the jeans were black!

Frantic Francine

Standee Mandy's survey & My 1st School Poo

First for Kalee:

I'm so sorry about your ass-gasket experience. I would absolutely love it if we had the ass-gaskets available in the stalls of my middle school. I know not all of us would use one, but I sure would. It's kind of strange, but since I started 5th grade like 7 weeks ago, I have become very uncomfortable about sitting butt-down on the seats at school. And it's causing me problems, like I've been writing about.

For Standee Mandy's survey:

1. At malls, I wipe the seat off before sitting down.
2. At parks and recreation places I wipe the seat off before sitting.
However, in portable potties (and I've only used a couple), I squat.
3. At gas stations and convenience stores, I wipe the seat.
4. At school, I hate totally sitting down by butt on the seat.
Sometimes I lift the seat and seat myself on the bowl.
5. At airports, I put paper all over the seat when they don't have the
6. At highway rest stops, I spread paper over the seat before sitting.
Other comments: I've been told I'm cleaner about myself than others my age (almost 11). One much older girl at a baseball game this summer called me "newrotic" because I was taking time to put paper on the seat before I sat down to pee. She blamed me for the accident in her pants. I did feel sorry for her, however.

This is my new story. It is about my first middle school poo. It happened yesterday.

About two or three times a week I've felt I could poo at school but I've held it in until I get home at about 3:30. Often when I get the feeling that I'm going to have to poo, it's right after lunch. So I only have to hold it for like three or four hours. However yesterday, I had that feeling when my Mom woke me up. I immediately went to the bathroom, but I could only pee. Then I got dressed and went down to breakfast. When I got done eating, I went back to the bathroom and spent about 10 minutes on my toilet hoping I could poo. Finally, I was within about 5 minutes of my bus coming, so I decided to give it up.

It might have been the stop, going and jerking of the bus but I could start feeling my poo drop. No emergency, but I was getting that feeling down there. I got to thinking about if only I could have had that feeling when I was seated and ready to poo at home an hour earlier. The bus was full and pretty much on schedule but the driver was a substitute and she was driving much faster than our regular driver and she hit the first of the four speed bumps in our parking lot so hard that all of us got jolted. She joked about it saying that it was time to wake up. I didn't like her sense of humor because I pretty much knew that I wasn't going to be able to hold my poo all day. Still I was hopeful.

We got off the bus and I headed to my locker. I knew that I should probably get into the bathroom and poo, but I was still hopeful that the feeling would go away. Like when you feel sick to your stomach, but later find the feeling has gone away. First and second hour classes got me involved and my mind off my bowels. Third hour gym is my least favorite class. We do a lot of dumb games and we have to undress in the locker rooms and put on our uniforms that have different colors depending on the squads we have been assigned to. There's like 100 of us on a squad. I went into the locker room, dressed into my uniform fast, and headed to the other side of the room by the showers where there were like 7 or 8 stalls, all of them without a door.

There was a girl on each of the toilets, shorts dropped and only the middle stall was open. I decided to get the inevitable over with. Our teacher came in with the whistle and blew it and said to hurry up in like two minutes. I grabbed for the toilet paper to wipe the seat with and there was nothing on the roll. So I just carefully seated myself and immediately there was a loud blast and my 1 1/2 foot log dropped into the water, so fast that it splashed me. I hadn't even looked because of the whistle going off so I looked between my legs and saw yellow. The previous user hadn't flushed her piss and now I had gotten passed. The other girls had gotten up and rushed off to where the attendance line-up was being held in the gym. I knew I wasn't going to have time to clean myself, so I got off the seat, pulled up my underwear and made the run for the gym. I knew I had a messy butt and was going to mess up my underwear but I didn't have an alternative.

I opened the gym door and got that strange feeling that attendance had already been taken. She called my number because with that many students, we don't go by names, and she said that everyone had to run two laps of the gym and because I was tardy, a third lap was being added. I got a lot of dirty looks as the others passed me. I'm one of the slowest runners in the class. Then we stopped for our regular daily activity which was basketball shooting. One really mean girl whispered to me that the activity was going to be dodge ball. My gut sure felt better since I pooed and I didn't really suck at shooting baskets.

When we were whistled into the locker room, I went right back to the same toilet, immediately reached down and flushed my poo and the other person's pee, and then cleaned myself. Two girls walked by and pointed at me and pretended to laugh. I had two streaks in my underwear, but it could have been much worse.

I was glad I hadn't waited to poo. I know I never would have made it.

Upstate Dave

Odd Ways Of Going That I Have Seen Girls Do Part 4

Susan and I wound up going outside and up the backstairs and into the kitchen. Susan wanted to see if there was anything other tehn water to drink. She thought there was some packets of drink mix left so she hunted in one of the cupboards for them. After checking several of them did she did fnd one packet left which was cherry flavored.

Susan opened the pacet poured it into a 2 quart plastic pitcher. She filled the pitcher with cold water and told me to get some ice out from the freezer while she stirred the pitcher. I got out one of the ice cube trays from the freezer and two glasses. Susan finished stirring the pitcher took a sip from the spoon and told me it tasted ok.

Then she told me to take the pitcher which I did. She icked up the icecube tray and the two glasses and we went outside to te picnic table in her first backyard. She took the top off the pitcher put some icecubes in the itcher. Then she and I took the rest of the ice and put in our glasses. We poured out our own drinks and then we sat at the picnic table sipping our now good and cold cherry drink.

As we drank the cherry drink Susan and I aslo talked. Susan started by saying to me; I hope this is enouh so that I will piss! Susan let out a good giggle after saying piss. So that is what we both talked about the next several minutes as we drank the cherrydrink as we talked. One of Susan's questions was; Why do you say piss all the time Dave? I say pee a lot which I only say piss when I do a long pee.

I laughed a little and I said to Susan; Well you knowthat when I piss I PISS! They are always long! Susan laughed pretty hard as she shook her head yes at the same time. Then Susan said to me; Oh i thught you said piss only becuase you are older then me! I know Brenda sais piss and shit a lot and so does Mike. I laughed a little and I told Susan that was true but not everyolder person would say piss and shit. Susan laughed and said; That's true!

We had finished off our first glass of the cherry drink so we refilled our glasses which now what remained in the pitcher was about a half glass for each of us. We started sipping awy at our second glasses of cherry drink and went on with our conversation. Dave do you think that you will piss a long one like you always do? I laughed and told Susan I should for we sure are drinking this stuff fast! Susan laughed pretty hard. Then said I was right. I can already feel that I need to pee but not enought to say that I have to piss! I laughed.

We went on drinking and talking and had emptied our second full glasses of the cherry drink. Susan poured out the rest which did give us both more then a half a glass. Then insteadof sipping te half glasses down we kind of hurried this time almost chuggng them down instead. I set my glass down on the wooden picnic table. I said to Susan; I'm filled to the gills! I couldn't drink another drop! Susan giggled and told me she felt like she was going to burst!

Now all we had to do was wait for our bladders to get filled now. So Susan and I sat there at the picnic table and just talked to pass te remaining time untill we both would need to piss. As we sat there waiting Susan I talked and at times Susan would tell me that her bladder was getting fuller. Sometimes she would say it wothout a giggle or othertimes she would.

Now myslef my bladder was somewhat filled before we started drinking the cherry drink. With my bladder being partialy filled before starting my bladder filled to being full before Susan's did. So I needed to piss well ahead of her as a result of my bladder being the way it was. So I went and asked Susan as we sat there talking I asked her if it was time for her to go or I would aske if she was raedy to piss yet.

Susan would tell me no not yet or the time was getting closer. After the third time asking Susan Susan asked me if I had to piss. I told her that I did and really couldn't wait much longer for her to go. Susan laughed pretty hard. Then after she stopped her laughing she said to me; Ok Dave just piss here! Then we'll go inside and I'll show how I piss int the cellar toliet!

I totaly agreed in doing this for as soon as Susan finished that sentance I reached right down and yanked my zipper right down on my jeans shorts makeing a loud zzzzittt! Susan slid down on the bench right next to meat the same time giggling hard. Susan always did like seeing me piss and my equipment as she called my penis and if I pulled my pants, or shorts down, or what ever I was wearing when I pissed she liked seeing my penis and testicles!Also too Susan like holdingmy penis whe I did piss!(Susan one time awhile back when I was pissing and she watching asked me if she could hold me while I pissed. So I let her! :-)) So Susan every now and the when we were alone she would hold me while I pissed. Now would be one of those times since it was just her and I!

I asked Susan since she had slid over next to me if I should pull my shorts down too. She gigggled just a little and shook her head yes that she did. So I only now had to pop the single button through its hole and yank my shorts down which I did in a instant! My penis had hardened so it was erect. Susuan giggled seeing it was erect did reach right over placed her thumb on my penis ring area and one finger down along its shaft and pressed down. I was still at a upward angle still but it wouldn't matter. I would hit the underside of the picnic tables top but would be far enoughaway so that we would not get hit by my splashing piss when my piss did hit the underside of the picnic table.

Boy did I ever start of so hard with this piss! I shot a stream of very light yellowed piss right out of my penis! With the angle that my penis was at with Susan's hold on it my piss stream hit between two of the picnic tables top boards. My piss not only splashed off the underside of these boards but splashed up through the crack and wetted the top of the table too!

Both of us seeing what had happened we laughed! We laughed hard! With us both laughing hard now I was shaking some and so was Susan! With both of us shakeing my penis was being shaken! So my piss stream moved erraticly around under the table making its hard splashing move and change. Sometimes just splashing off the underside without having any piss splash up between the cracks between the the boards. Other times it would but in different cracks wetting more of the tables top!

That wuld make us laugh even harder makeing my piss nake a bigger mess under the table and on top of the table. Fearing that with as Susan with her hard laughing she might let go so I reached down and I also held my penis with her and that did help for as soon as I had done this I stopped my laughing and managed to keep my penis much more still as I pissed.

Soon Susan had stopped her laughter and I let go and let her hold my penis again alone. Susan did say to me; That was funny Dave! I told her I thought it was too. I also told Susan that I was feeling so much better now too. Are you going to stop soon? Susan asked me. No Susan I'm not! I have a long way to go yet! Susan said Good! along with a big smile.

Now since the picnic table was wood and on the older side there were larger spaces or cracks between some of the boards of the tables top. I felt my penis being let up just a little by Susan. With her doing that my stream moved which it went back and it suddenly came shooting through one of those larger spaced cracks! It made a arc through the air and came down well past the otherside of the table and my piss was wetting the grass on the otherside of the table!

I did a quick look at Susan and she back at me. Susan and I both didn't let out a laugh for if we did I'm sure my penis would move agin makeing a big mess again! But I had all I could do to keep from laughing and Susan's face the way it looked sure looked like she was doing the same.

Susan held me with me pissing upand out through that wide crack till my stream eased off. It was funny to see my stream come back wet the table top and then shrink back out of sight down through the crack. Then I only pissed a short time o the underside of the table and wetted the grass and dirts ome more under the table. Then I stopped and did a couple of finishing off spurts and then I was done. Susan then let go of my penis and I yanked my shorts up, zipped, them, and did the single button on them.

Thenn Susan got off from the bench and said to me with a smile; Ok Dave you did take a PISS! Now its my turn to take a PISS! Let's go inisde and I'll show you how I piss in the downstairs toilet! So we both slid out past the picnic tables bench and started walking towards the house, the cellar, and the bathroom! I now really wanted to see how Susan would just piss in this toilet this time! Especially since I knew how muchshe had drank and it would be a great long piss too! To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Odd Ways Of Going That I Have Seen Girls Do Part 5

Susan and I quickly got inside the house. Straight across the basement to the small bathroom in the back we went. All the way while heading to the bathroom Susan said repeatedly; Oh I have to go! She was ahead of me as we reached the doorway of the bathroom. She stepped inside turned on the light, slipped her black shorts right down and off.

Then she ran over to the toilet! Like before Susan straddled the low bowl but kept stepping forward untill she was straddled over the back of the bowl. Then she lifted one foot off the floor and she turned right around to face foward and sat right down on the toilets low tank!Then put both of her bare feet out on the toilets rim!

Susan did this so fast she was done when I walked into the bathroom! I stepped over to te front of the toilet. I sat down on the floor which put me jutst seeing her vagina at eye level. No sooner then I had sat down on the floor Susan let go with a termendous piss stream from her vaginas peehole!

Her piss stream started angled downward but was moving foward and raising into a rc as she sat there pissing! It traveled across the water splashing loudly as it did and then the splashing died off a lot when her stream had gone fprward and no longer was hitting the water in the bowl. It was hitting the blue porilain of the bowl creeping up inside of the bowl as she pissed harder!

I placed my hands down on the floor now to push myslef back just incase Susan's piss stream came right out of the toilet!For it was nearly to the top of the bowl and was just starting to with its splashing starting to have some droplets wetting the floor along the sides of the toilet! I gave myself a short shove back but Susan's piss stream stopped its forward motion and stayed where it was.

Susan had been silent up till now. She seeing her stream stopping its forward motion said to me; NOW I WOULD CALL THAT A PISS!!!! I laughed and told Susan; You sure could Susan! She smiled watching her piss stream hitting the porcilain f the bowl but she hadn't noticed yet that her piss was woth ots splashing Susan was getting the floor wet with piss.

I could have bet that Susan pissed like this for a good half minute. Then slowly her stream eased off with it creeping back down inside the bowl with now doing this her splashing lessened with less going on the floor and then it hit the water in the bowl making a loud splash agin with no more piss comming out of the toilet wetting the floor.

Then her arc dropped right out turning her stream just into a foward angled down stream. Now it began to hiss very loud which put a smile on my face. I had thought to myself that I hoped that her stream would hiss. Now it was! Susan seeing me smile let out a giggle as she said to me; Now I'm doing your favorite thing when I piss! I knodded my head yes and Susan smiled and let out a giggle agian.

The hissing stream of piss went on for about ten seconds and then her stream went right down to a dribble and then two short spurts. Then Susan came to a stop with some pss dribbled out giving her vagina a wetting and her crotch too. Susan then put her feet down which she pulled right back up! I pissed on the floor! Now my feet are wet too!

Dave get me the toilet paper Susan said to me. I got up and grabbed the roll off the sink and gave it to Susan. Then I turned and took the twoel from the rack and I quickly wiped up Susan's piss that was on the floor beside the toilet. Susan rolled off paper from the roll and she wiped her wet feet first. Then she waited for me to finish wipeing the floor which I soon had done.

Then Susan put her feet down on the floor and stood up. She tore more paper off and wiped her crotch and her asscheeks off. She must have gotten them wet when she did her last dribbleing. Then she wiped off her vagina last. There sure was a lot of paper in the toilet when Susan had done all her needed wiping. She pushed the button the toilet flushed. Susan got back into her black shorts and thatwas it for this day. So there is Susan who did piss and shit on a odd way. I have one more girl that went in a odd way yet to tell. Upstate Dave To be continuied.

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