It has been really rather boring in my pooping life lately. Until yesterday that is. I hadnt gone poop in two days and was badly in need. Luckly i was at home and quickly walked into the only bathroom in our house. I ripped down my short shorts and panties and got seated. At that exact moment, my sister, 15 year old Lexi, ran in with out pants or panties on. She was jumping up and down and turning around in obvious need to go. When she turned around, I saw her turtle head sticking out. We often poop together so i had an idea. I got up. By now i had a turdle sticking out of my own.

I asked her if she wanted a challenge to see who could take the longest turd. Of course, she excpeted. She always wants to beat me! We both quickly decided to take our poops squating on the floor then measure afterwards.

We faced each other and sat on our heels. I let out a long 10 second fart and then i could feel it starting to move! My sister moaned and grabed her ????. Sundenly poop start to move out of her. The turd was stretching her butt hole really wide! She screamed in pain as it got wider still. She farted and then let out a long stream of pee on my leg. I laughed and did the same to her.

I was getting frustrated because my poop was not moving! I feared i was constepated. My sister had almost 6 inches out. I started to grunt and push hard. I felt the turd move! It was on its way. I grunted and felt my hole stretch as it got wider. Lexi was still pushing when all the sudden she let out a long wet fart.

She looked up nervously. Her turd fell from her hole and hit the floor. She then let out another 10 second fart that was so wet I good hear the diarea. She jumped up and sat in the bath tub still pooping all the while.

By now I had out a good deal of poop but i was still farting and feeling really full. Then I let out a super loud fart and the more of my turd slid out.

Just then i heard a moan from the bath tub. Lexi fart and i heard wet poop hit the tub floor. She kept fart and having wet poop while i kept pushing. Finally i felt the end was near. I was almost standing by this point to keep my turd from breaking. I let out a short fart and my turd feel from my butt.

At this point Lexi was washing down the tub and wipping her small booty. I wipped and got the tape measure.

Lexi's turd was 11.25 inches long and 3.125 inches wide (why she screamed)
My turd was 22.125 inches long and only 1.75 inches wide!

That is the longest turd I have ever taken! Clean up was hard but we had a lot of fun!

Please include in a message what your longest poop is! Beat you sis!

Happy Pooping.

Car Mom
I'm the mom who posted a while back, on page 1892 (2nd post) about letting my daughter and some of her friends pee in the backseat of my car. In case you don't remember I mentioned that about 20 girls have peed in my car, and also one of them while she was peeing asked if it was ok if she farted and that was so funny to me, in a cute way of course, because she actually asked me that when she was already peeing into my seat! How cute is that! So anyway I was in my car with my daughter and one of her friends and also the friend's mom was in the car with us. Well, this time it wasn't the girl who had to pee but it was the mom instead! And so this time the MOM peed in my car! The girl is one of the girls who has peed in my car before and the mom actually knows about it and since she knows about it she actually asked me if it would be ok. At first I thought she might have been talking about her daughter but then she said "I REALLY have to go!" and so I knew she meant herself. I couldn't believe it! I couldn't believe she would actually ask me that! I mean, I don't mind if a little kid does it, but a grown woman? She is actually older than me, I'm 26 and I think she's like 38 or 37. I wasn't sure how to answer her. Then she said again "I REALLY have to go! Is it ok?" and so finally I just said "um ok you can go." I could tell she was glad when I said that. And so she got ready to pee in my car. She climbed in the backseat (she was originally in the front passenger seat) and then she pulled down her pants and she sat down on the seat between the 2 girls. Then she started to pee. I couldn't believe it! Both of the girls were watching her but they didn't really act like they were surprised, probably because they had both done it before and to them it wasn't a big deal. She kept peeing. I could tell she was peeing a lot too because she was taking a long time. She was also farting a lot while she peed and I was afraid she was going to ask me if she could poop too, but she didn't. She just sat there and had her pee. Then finally she was done. When she got done she smiled and said "thank you SO much for letting me do this." I just said "its ok." Then it was all over. She just pulled up her pants and climbed back into the front seat. Then after a little while she said again "thank you SO much. I feel SO much better." I just smiled and said "its ok." And that was that. Her wet spot in the seat was really big and I could definitely tell she went a lot. I wasn't really mad though, just surprised. It actually has never happened again since then, but it probably could. Her daughter has done it a few more times since then, and in fact she peed a little later that same day after her mom did, right in the same spot. So my seat really got a good soak that day! Its ok though. I'm not upset or anything. Just really surprised that a woman in her late 30s would do something like that. I guess its no different than her daughter doing it. I mean, pee is pee, whoever its from. But I'm just surprised she would do that! Well that's it! Let me know what you think! Just don't judge me, I'm still gonna do whatever I want because it is MY car!

Post Title (optional)Code word for poop?

Did anybody see Undercover Boss on Sunday? This CEO of Great Wolf Lodge chain was working as a lifeguard in one of the indooor waterparks and she had to deal with an AFR--acciddental fecal release. Poop in the pool


Adding the ass-gasket to Mandy's survey

These are my answers to Mandy's survey:

1) at the mall, I sit right down.
2) in parks and recreation places, I sit down, but might wipe the seat off first.
3) at gas stations and convenience stores, it depends. Sometimes I'll sit right down, other times I'll wipe the seat and a few times I've even covered the seat with toilet paper. I should probably do the latter more because on a couple of sits recently my butt has stuck to the seat for a couple of seconds. I don't want to know what I'm sitting in and my Mom used to warn me to be more careful.
4) I'm in my late 20s, but when I was in school, I almost always sat right down.
5) at airports, I've kind of changed my strategy. When I was younger my Mom would warn me not to have contact with the seat. Now, however, since I travel somewhat with my job, I've become more favorable to airport bathrooms and I've seen them cleaned about every hour to two. Unlike other bathrooms, the extra attention they get makes them cleaner. I never saw the bathrooms in my schools cleaned during the day unless somebody puked.
6) Most highway rest stops are pretty clean, so I just wipe the seat off if I do anything.
7) Any additional comments you want to make?
Yes. What impact would having ass-gaskets--that's what my boyfriend calls them--available in more public bathrooms have? These are the toilet seat tissues that you pull off and place over the seat. I've seen them in some stores and airports and I've tried them on a few occasions. My problem is that I move around a lot, especially when I'm crapping, and it's easy to rip them or they partially work their way out from under you. Also, one holiday weekend when we went to an ampitheater concert, I was sweating so bad and the humidity was so great and I don't think all the beer I had been drinking helped, but when I stood up to wipe after a really significant crap, the gasket was torn and practically melted into my skin. I had to peel away at it piece by piece and my friend Marne knocked on my stall door and asked if I was OK. I had Marne come in and I turned around and asked her to check my butt for more pieces. She pulled off about three or four and said it reminded her of when she tries to open the shrink wrap from a store-bought CD. When I bathed that night, I saw another two pieces in the water. By the way, I had only sat for about 25 minutes on that gasket, but it sure wanted revenge!

Upstate Dave

Seeing Desperate Persons Part 2

I'll tell a second girls desperate need to piss and what she did was amazing at least to me at the time. This took place at a concert by Emerson Lake & Palmer back in 1972 at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) in Saratoga NY. It is a outdoor amphitheater located in a park just on the southern boundery of the city of Saratoga.

I went to other friends Kerry and Dave takeing my just recently purchased 1965 Mustang convertible. All three of us were big EL&P fans which we al at the time had all of thier alblums. We arrived early got our lawn tickets and went in. WE picked the middle section of the three lawn sections and also were in the middle of that section. Great view from this location of the entire stage.

Thw shows here at Spac always started at dusk. Also at this time coolers were allowed in and you could drink alcholic beverages so we had a small cooler with cans of Budwieser ber with us to drink durring the show. Dave,Kerry, and myslef had one can of beer before the show. Kansas was the opening act before EL%P. Dust In The Wind was the hitthat made Kansas famous and with them Kansas would put on a great opening show as it turned out!

Ok now let me give some importent infor right now. The one thing at this time that SPAC lacked were the bathrooms on site. There were not enough for the crowd sizes for the big performences held there. Tonights concert was one of those. There at this time two spots where bathrooms were. One was one small building behind the middle section where we were. The other was way down way off the east side of SPAC in one of the original park buildings dateing back to the early 1930's. The new building behind us had a half dozen urinals and a half dozen stalls for the men. The ladies side had a have dozen stalls only. The bathrooms in the old park building wre even less!

Now the worst time to choice to use a bathroom was durring intermission. Even though intermission was between 15 minutes to twenty minutes long tha wasn'tnearly enough time sometimes when there was a hudge crowd like there was tonight. I had past experience being here at Spac before so I knew this. So when Kansas had done such a great show they did come back out and did a encore and that's when I made a needed trip over to the new building behind us to take my much needed piss.

Well there sure were many guys and gals over at this bathroom building already. Many others had learned this trick! So I got in line for the mens room. The ladies line was twice as long as the mens I noticed. Plus the mens line was moving a lot faster then the girls line. Also as I stood in line Kansas's encore songs which they did two songs for the encore played which I and other guys had turned to watch which could be seen from the line at the bathrooms.

Well the encore ended and a few minutes more of waiting I was inside waiting for a urinal or a stall to open. Also going at the same inside all the sinks were being used. Not for washing but pissing in! No wonder why the mens line did move quicker then the girls line.As I stood there waiting to piss what happened is why my post.

All of a sudden a very good looking girl comes rushing right into the mens room! She looks around hurridly first. See guys at the urinals and all the stall doors are shut also. She even looks down at the guys standing at the sinks pissing in them! Which when she had come in she made the guys in the bathroom that had seen her come in make a looud commotion about her being in there. (That was sure funny too!!!) Comments ranged from WTF!!!! to what the hell, and you can't ome in here! etc.

Well she had come in and a couple of guys pissing in the urinals and sinks made fast cutoffs of thier pissing yanking thier penises back inside thier pants or shorts and beat red faces!!!! I stood there along with a few other guys laughing. Now where I was standing now became importent. I was standing at the far end of the bathroom up against the wall. Right by the end stall. I was standing in the corner which would be even more importent in a very short moment.

Now te door on the end stall starts slowly opening. The girl that had rushed in saw the door openingand she rushes right over to the stall yanks on the door pulling it open with great force. Now the guy comming out of the stall he's pushing the door holding the handle as she yanks it hard open. What happens is with her hard yank and his grip on the handle she pulls him right out of the stall so fast he falls flat down face first on teh floor!

She jumps over him in one swift motion. The poor guy lays there on the floor stunned not knowing what had happened to him. Now the girl was all in black with black bell bottom jeans and a black tight top. She slams the stall door so hard it doesn't catch just bounces and reopenes all the way with the door wide open! She' has her back to the open door so she does't see or know that the door had not caught and was closed.

She was just plain in to much of a hurry to use the toilet right then. For she was unbuckling her belt followed by what looked like instead of having a zipper on those black bell bottom jeans she has several buttons to do instead for I could see her arms moving franticly as she was unbuttoning the buttons on her jeans. She got them all and now she tore those jeans right down along witha pair of bright yellow panties! (still had her back faced at me and the other guys thatwere there with me.

Now she does turn around and her front faced the open stall doorway. She isn't loking forward! She is looking back for the seat was up so she reaches back and slams the seat down. Now she was standing which gave me and the other guys a frontal view of her. She had a big patch of black curled paubic hair above her vagina. Then she plops down hard on the seat which she also as she plopped down on the seat she had started pissing pissing on the seat as she plopped down and she sat in er own piss too!

She with feeling her own piss on heself she was lifting one thigh up then the other so still she had not looked forward! Then after checking out her piss on the seat she looked down between her opened thighs most likely watching her own piss stream. Still hadn't taken a foward look! There was enough guys pissing in the stalls which made the most noise as far as piss splashing in the water of the toilets. But I swear she was being closest and pissing so hard she made such a loud splash with her pissing it was heard well above the noise form the other guys.

Now I would have bet that she pissed well over a half minute. The girl must of known that when she was going to stop in adavance she did roll off some toilet paper well before her piss had stopped. She did stop and still had not noticed the wide open stall door. She shoved her hand down between her thighs and with her arms movemnet going very hard and fast gave her vagina three fast wipes and then she placed her hands on her yellow panties and stood up and pulled them up fast.

NOW she took a look forward as she pulled up her black bell bottom jeans. She stared hard at us guys looking at her and then she without saying anything she hurridly did three of the four buttons on her jeans. whipped her belt back together andwalked hurridly out of the stall and over to the entrance way and was gone. While she cam out of the stall and had gone to the entrance way she was appluaded loudly by all of us that had seen her piss!

I soon shortly after took my piss in a urinal that became availible. Then after that I walked back to our spot on the lawn and told Dave and Kerry all about what had happened there in the mens room. Dave and Kerry didn't believe me at all! But it did happen I told them. I got my chance to prove it too a short time later.

Here how that happened. After the girl had gone out of the mens bathroom she must have had girlfriend in the ladies line so she had waited for them to use the bathroom. Noe intermission was still going on so all the house lights were still on full. I also had described the girl to a tee as I told Dave and Kerry. So doesn't that same girl come walking down the aisle off to our right!

I said to Dave and Kerry; Thre's the girl right therethat was in the mens room! She was telling the two girlfriend at the time what she had done too! All three of the girls were walking slowly so the girl telling what she had done Dave and Kerry heard her describe the part where she had yanked the guy out of the stall,gone in the stall, taken a wicked piss and of course being last she laughed loudly and told the other two girls the f**King door wasn't shut! Boy then Kerry and Dave knew I had told them it was the truth and the two other girls had burst into screaming laughter! They soon had walked all the way down for they all had seats in teh ampitheater secion not lawn seats like we had. EL&P put in a great show which was very long and did a double encore to finish it off! The end of this one but others will continuie the series.


Quite a Surprise

One day I was out shopping around for some golf and fishing supplies. It was mid afternoon and normally I'm already done with BMs for the day, but I felt the urge pretty strongly coming on. I decided I wanted to find the most private public restroom I could, hopefully a clean one. I'm not one for going in public restrooms, but if I must, then so be it. Driving down the street I saw a sign for a Hilton hotel. I thought that they would have a clean restroom since they usually have staff continuously checking them each day. I pulled into the lot and saw that it was a medium sized Hilton, about 8 stories on the hotel side, and a wing off the side for the restaurant and apparently the ballrooms and meeting rooms. The parking lot was virtually deserted, so I figured I'd have some good privacy once in the restroom. There was a separate entrance for the lobby from the restaurant side, so I went in the restaurant side of the hotel thinking the restrooms would be located near there. I saw the marquee board with no events going on, and then I saw a sign pointing down a hallway towards various meeting rooms and the restrooms. The hallway went down a good way, then made a 90 degree right turn to more meeting rooms. The restroom doors were in an alcove at the turn. In the alcove, the men's room was on the right and the women's on the left. The doors faced one another. I went in the men's room and it was empty, and had apparently just been cleaned. It was a very nice restroom, carpet on the floor in front of the sinks, then urinals behind a wall just beyond the sinks, with 4 stalls across from the urinals. The stalls were the fancy wooden type with the louvered doors so there weren't "peeking" cracks between the door and the frame. And the partitions between the stalls were wooden as well, and while they didn't reach all the way to the floor, they went down to within about 6 inches of the floor, so you really couldn't see next door unless you practically stood on your head. I choose the first stall, which had the wall on one side and stall #2 on the other. I settled in and began my BM. About 2 minutes into my visit, I heard someone come into the restroom. I was hoping it was a guy who just had to use the urinal and leave. But the stall next to me was taken. The door closed, and I heard pants being pulled down, and then the distinct sound of a very soft poop immediately started. This crackling poop sound continued for about 10 seconds. Someone was taking a massive crap. A few seconds after the poop stopped flowing, I heard maybe the loudest fart I've ever heard erupt from the next stall. You could have heard it outside the restroom. It practically rattled the walls. I thought, "Man, you really have to go!" I pushed out a not-so-loud fart and the rest of my BM and began to pee, which is usually my "I'm done" signal. I then heard another 5 or 6 second crackling of poop emerging next door. Between these two rushes of poop, it must have completely filled the toilet. It was huge. At the end of the second poop episode, there was another large, but not quite so loud splattering fart from next door. And as the fart came out, a soft grunted "Uhh", which froze me in my tracks, thinking, "That didn't sound right". I leaned over to where the top of my head was almost touching the floor and looked under the small opening between the floor and the partition. I saw two high-heeled shoes. It was a WOMAN next to me. The shoes were butted together, indicating a ladylike; knees together sit on the toilet. I immediately thought I should get out of the restroom to avoid embarrassing this woman. I wiped as quickly as possible, flushed, and then pulled up my pants. As I was buckling my belt I heard her pulling toilet paper off the roll to wipe herself. I opened the door and hurried to the sink to wash my hands. Just as I got my hands lathered with soap, she flushed the toilet, and immediately opened the door and walked out, smoothing her blouse. I could see her in the reflection of the mirror. This was a drop-dead, gorgeous young woman. I'd say in her late 20's, dressed very professionally in black slacks and a smock type top. She had blonde hair. I'd say she was on par with someone like Julliane Hough or Jennifer Anniston. Really a nice looking lady. But fire shot from her eyes when she saw me. She was PISSED. She said, "You're in the LADIES room!" I said, "No, this is the men's room" and pointed toward the urinals. She looked at the urinals (which were right in front of her), and then looked like she was going to faint and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and rushed out of the room. As she left I got a glimpse of her very fine backside. We're talking a Miss Universe class woman here. I thought, "That was interesting". I couldn't resist checking out the stall she left. There was a definite poop smell, and the toilet was completely streaked with skid marks. I dried my hands, and went out. Well, she had gone into the ladies room when she rushed out, and when I came out, she came out of the ladies' at the same time. She looked kind of like "Wow, why do I keep running into this guy?" She said, "I'm so sorry". I said to not worry about it, and she went on a near run up the hall and out the door. I wondered how she'd made the mistake of going into the men's room when the door was clearly marked. I then saw a sign on the alcove as you approach the restrooms, which said "Restrooms" with the male and female figures underneath. But the figures were reversed from how the restrooms were actually set up. So she must have been in such a bad need that she saw the female figure, turned right, and kept going, when the ladies' room was actually on the left in the alcove. I saw her back her car out and leave. I figured she may have been a company sales representative out on sales calls, and like me, ran into an emergency BM need and wanted a clean place to go. I can say this, while she may have been humiliated, I know for a fact she had to be relieved! This poor lady REALLY needed to shit!!

Whinnie the Poo
Hi my name is Whitney but I go by Whinnie for short. I just found this site and I love it. When I have to pee or poo, I just go no matter where I am. Like feral girl, I also hate using toilets and look for creative ways to avoid them. I have been known to pee or poo my pants in public. If I gotta go I gotta go and will not hold it. My friends are all used to it and are even jealous when they are left holding very full bladders and I can just let go. I have loads of stories, but I will tell one that happened recently.
My friends and I were at our schools football game. We are in 10th grade by the way. Anyway we were watching the game and drinking lots of soda. My friend Kyla's boyfriend is on the team so we did not want to miss any of the game,so my friends had been holding their pee. I, on the other hand, just let go in my pants whenever I had to. Kyla told me how jealous she was and wished she could just pee her pants like that, but was too embarrassed people would see. I told her big deal it is better than getting a bladder infection or being uncomfortable. She still would not do it, so she got up to go to the bathrooms. I went with her.
The lines were very long and Kyla was getting desperate. She was squirming around and had her hand in her crotch. Seeing that made me have to pee again, so I did right there in my pants. I also felt some pressure in my bowels so gave a little push and out came some poo into my panties. It was pretty solid and stayed place with little smell. That isn't always the case, but again I don't care. Finally it was Kyla's turn and she made it without peeing herself, which I would've liked. I went in next and cleaned up my butt. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. I have lots and lots of stories so let me know if you guys want me to post more and keep the pee stories flowing. They are my favorite.

Just Jerika

Standee Mandy's information

My information for the survey is pretty easy. Since I'm the smallest person in my 8th grade class (I'm 3',5"), when I'm on the toilet, my feet are like 1/2" off the floor and that's when I'm at places like the mall and the movies. Because my junior high is in our district's old high school building, the toilets are even a little more higher than in many other places. So my friend Gopi, is right when she joked to a friend of ours that I "sit right UP". So I'm not going to be able to lay TP over the seat or hover piss like Mandy does. However, Gopi does put toilet paper over the seats like every place when we use the bathrooms when we're away from home.

There was one exception this past summer. We were riding our bikes about a mile away from home and she said she had to "urinate" (her word for pee because she has a huge vocab)and she said she was about to piss in her shorts. They were white and it would have shown real bad. We stopped at the c-store, locked up our bikes and ran into the place. The womens room was locked because it was in use. She immediately noticed the door to the guys room immediately behind us was open. So we decided to duck in there. I flipped the light on and by the time I turned around she had dropped the seat, her shorts and underwear and was sitting and peeing away. She said this was the first time she had sat directly on the seat and I know that she always, like always, covers it. She peed for more than a minute and immediately stood up and said it was good to get off the seat. Like she's scared of it. As she started to pull up her underwear, I asked her if she was going to wipe and she pointed to the empty roll of toilet paper on the wall. It was one of those Duh remarks for me and I felt stupid.

Since we had like two hours to go before we were do at her house for dinner, I decided I had better piss, too. As I sat waiting to get started (sometimes it takes me a while to get it going) I asked her why she is so shy about directly sitting on toilets away from home. She said it's something her mother has always done and insisted that she do. Her mom says you can't sit on a toilet unless you know the last person who did. As I pissed I asked Gopi if I had used the stool first, if then she would not have gotten in trouble with using it after me. She seemed to have to think about that. My piss was clear color and it didn't bubble up the bowl like hers did. Also, hers was a very dark yellow. I also farted once while I was seated and pissing. Gopi covered her mouth and laughed, like I had done the grossest thing on the planet.

Upstate Dave

Seeing Desperate Persons Part 2

Now when this time I saw a group of girls together that were desperate to piss was in the spring durring when highschools were having proms. I was out with a friend and we had stopped where he could get copies of maps that he needed. I stayed out in his truck while he went inside to get his maps.

Where my friend parked his truck was in the back side corner of a McDonalds parkinglot. It was clos to eight oclock in the evening and theis McDonalds closed early at eight pm. Now it was several minutes later and the McDonals had closed. IN pulls this stretch whitte limo with a great looking blonde girl standing out through the limos back sunroof!

Now the limo did pull up to the drive up and stops at the intercom where orders are placed. The girl very loudly says into the intercom; I need to piss! Can I use the bathroom? No immmeadite voice comes back to her. She tries again asking to come inside to use the bathroom. This time a young males voice comes back over the intercom and tells the impaitent blode; Sorry we are closed. Her reply was WTF!!!! Shit!!! Why are you closed so early? Same young male voice comes back and says; That's just our hours here. We close at eight.

Then I hear more girl voices which there were other girls in the limo with the blonde. The blonde wasn't the only girl that needed to piss. I heard at least three other girls laughing and saying that they had to piss too! The blonde ducks back down inside the limo. Then the limo moves and goes around the back of McDonalds and stops. The doors in the back on both sides of the limo open up and five gorls pile out of the limo!

First the blonde that I saw sticking up through the sunroof when the limo first pulled in. Following her out of the limo wasanother girl which she was a redhead. Then from the other sde the first girl out of the door was a very tall well built black girl. With her came two more girls one a brunette, and a very pretty asian girl with very long black straight hair.

Now all of these girls were dessed to the hilt with various colored fancy long gowns,highheels, and little matching purses as far as being the same colors of thier gowns. They all were either laughing or giggling and not so steady on thier feet either as they all sort of walked or stumbled along heading over to where there was dumpsters at the edge of the backside of the parkinglot.

As they all headed towards the dumpster together I did hear comments about drinking so much champagne so soon. So the girls had already been celebrateing drinking in the limo. That now was the reasn for needing to piss and being slighty drunk already too. The group of girls rewached the dumpsters They stopped by the end of one of them not going behind them or between them.

The reason I guess for not going behind them for it was clear behind them which less then a hundred feet away was the interstate. There was a low hedge row from the last dumpster that lined the parking lot which would give them cover from being seen from the interstate. But thy all were sure in my view from my friends truck!

Now since all of the giorls were in these fancy long gowns they all would need help with the gowns when they would be pissing. I heard three different girls say this along with that they could not piss alsone being dressed the way they were. So they did just that with a girl helping a girl that was going to piss and the girl that pissed would help the girl that helped her so she could piss.

The blonde that had been standing through the sunroof was the first to take a piss amoung the group of girls. She had to go the worst of any of the girls it seemed. For as soon as the girls gathered up im thier group and were discussing about how they were going to piss the blonde already had reached uder white gown and had peeled her stockings down and was pulling down a pair of panties which were white once she had them pulled down where I could see them!

Now the girl that helped her with her white gown wa the black girlwearing a dark purp;e gown. She got behind the blonde pulled the long white gown in the back as the blonde pulled up the front of the white gown. What great looking long legs the blonde had! A thought raced right into my mind seeing the blondes pretty long legs! Long legs reach to a long P***y!!! Well her case it sure did!

Even though seeing the blondes vagina for only a few seconds it was a nice looking one for sure! She was a true blonde not a bleach blonde too! Her pubic hair was blonde with a thick curled blonde patch above her vagina! She squated down and as soonas she had squated she released from her vagina a big piss stream! I was about twenty feet from the group of girls and I had no problem seeing at all!

The blondes piss stream did go forward making a big dark black wet spot on the parkinglots asphalt. Severl piss trails came out from the big wet area onthe pavement going across the pavement as the blonde pissed. One of the other girls made a comment about the blond hard pissing saying; No wonder why you needed to stop! There was some giggles and laughing that followd the girls comment.

Now the rest of the girls there watched the blonde piss for the first several seconds and then the redhead and the asian girl paired off with the redhead was going to piss. She was in a emerald green gown. She peeled down her stockings but no panties came down next! Instead her gren gown was raised in the back by the asian girl and the front of the green gown was pulled up in the front by the redhead.

Now instead of squating down real low the readhead just barely bent down but opened he legs real wide by spreading her feet wide apart! Now the redhead had no visible pubic hair around and above her vagina. Now she released her piss and she sent down a hard thin twisted stream of piss straight down to the pavement which splashed hard. Alsoher stream hissed where the blondes stream did not. Then I heard the redhead say that it felt so good to piss! They way she was going it must have been.

Now two down pissing and three to go! That was the black girl, the asian girl, and the brunette that yet had to piss. Since the blonde was first and she pissed hard she was done quickly and she didn't wipe after pissing. The black girl helped the blonde after the blonde had pulled up her white panties and the black girl and blonde both pulled up the blondes stockings together.

Then they exchanged places so the black girl could piss. The red head still was pissing yet but no longer as hard and she soon stopped as the blonde had heled the black girl with her purple gown and also helped with getting the black girls matching purple stockings down. The red head asked the asian girl if she had tissues in her little purse. The asian girl said yes and fished out a couple ofthem from her purse handed them to the redhead.

I saw the redhead wipe of her vagina with the sissues dropped them to the pavement and then she alone pulled up her stockings. Meanwhile the black girl and the blonde were finished with the black girls purple stockings. Her stockings were down at the black girls knees. Then down came matching pair of purple panties to the black girls knees. Then the black girl really hiked up the front of her purple gown before she got down in a high squat to piss.

What I saw before the black girl squated was her crotch vagina which was surrounded by a thick patch of black short curled balck pubic hair! Her vaginas brown colored skin was off set by its inner pink inside flesh. Then the black girl started to piss which her stream which a saw under her panties was yellow in color not like the clear streams of the blonde and redhead.

Her piss wetted the black pavement and made patches of very yellow piss foam which slid along the pavement as her piss went across the pavements surface. I heard the blonde say to the black girl as she pissed; Ewwww yor piss sure does stink! The black girl told the blonde that her piss didnt smell to good either. Shutup and just le me go. The blonde said no more.

Now the asian girl was getting ready to piss now. She had raised her black gown in the front while the redhead had itraised real high in the back. The asian girl was wearing gartered style stockings! She had no need to peel them down since they were this style stockings. Plus she was pantyless too! The redhead seeing no panties and the garter style stockings giggled a litte and told the asian girl she would have to get those type of stockings! I like them!

Then the asian girl almost standing right up with only slightly bent knees started to piss. Now she had just a thin very short patch of black pubic hair above her vagina. Like a this straight line. Her vagina looked tiny. But what a piss stream she had come out from it! Such a wide head at its start going into a very long thin twist almost reaching the pavement it was that long! What a splash her piss made strikeing the pavment too! It covered quite a area and the asian girl had her splashing piss wet her black highheels and had seen it for she suddenly moved her feet sepeerating them even wider as she pissed!

Then the black girl was ending her piss which she ended it by doing several short hard spurts out from her vagina. Then she asked the blonde and the other girls if they had anything she could wipe with. They all told her no. She said SHIT! and started pulling up her purple panties and then did her purple stockigs.

But she did one more thing before she was all done. The black girl saiid that her bra was killing her. This thing is just way to tight! Now her purple gown was deeply veed in the front so the black girl opens the v real wide revealing a lacy purple bra! Her brown breats were big round ones as far what I could se of them! She pulles te bra off the front of her breasts now showing all of them!

They were big and fully round in shape. The darker area at the base of her two nipples were real big darker brown circles. Her nipples her short but very puffy matching brown like the circles at the base of her nipples. She then slides the bra around unclasps it and pulles it out. Crumples it up and the tucks her breasts back inside the gown and adjust it. Then her and the blonde start back over to the parked limo.

Now back to the asian girl who was still takeing her standing piss. Her stream had eased off for its wide head was gone but still had its very long twist. It wasn't splashing all that much now and the asian girl had moved her feet back closer together. She came to a dripping stop and when she was dripping told the redhead to let go and the asian girl let go of her black gown together and the asian girl said she would hep the last girl the brunette and the redhead kind of wobbled away heading for the limo.

Now the brunette while waiting to be elped had pulled down her stockings. She waited for the redhead and the asian girl to help her with her long white gown. Hers was the longest gown going down to the very top of her ankles. Now the asian girl helped her first standing in frontof the brunette blocking her from my sight. I could seeshe was pulling up the long white gown inthe front with the brunettes help.

As the two girls worked raising up the brunettes long white gown they did talk to each other. The brunette did mention about the asian girl pissing on her black highheels. The asian girl giggled said she had and I need to take them off! I even pissed a little inside of them! Both girls let out louder giggles together. Then the brunette asked the asian girl about tisues. I really need them. Asian girl asked her why. The brunette took a quick look over at the parked lomo for a real quick couple seconds. Then she told the asian girl that she had to SHIT TOO! Both girls then did a real hard but short laugh together.

The asian girl knodded her head yes to the brunettes question about tissues. Then the asian girl moved away and the brunettes stockings were down and the asian girl moved nbehind the brunette and raised the bottom back side of her long white gown up. I heard the brunette say to the asian girl to move off to the side. I have to move back to support myslef! She did step back as the asian grl stepped to the side holding the white gown.

The brunette reached back with her left arm placed her left hand on the side of the dumpster. Thats better she said with a laugh. Now I wont fall over! The asian girl giggled and said to the brunette; You're that drunk? The brunette said back to the asian girl; I SURE AM! They both burst into laughter together but kept it short.

Then the brunette rocked sideways back and forth a couple of times and then became still. Out from her clean shaven vagian came a straight down loud hissing piss stream hitting the pavment making a splash and began to puddle under her. There must have been a depression there in the pavement so thats why she created a piss puddle wher none of theother girls had.

The brunette went on pissing and after five seconds or so she started her shit! She shit the same way that I do! For a saw a fat smooth brown shit slide into sight and it was moving extreamly fast! It took only several seconds to reach long enogh for its blunt front tip to hit into her piss puddle bend and break with the broken shit falling into her piss puddle.

The reamianig part of her shit kept comming and it almost reached the pabvement but dropped falling on top of the first broken off shit laying in her piss puddle. I heasrd the asian gorl now say loudly; Your shit sure does STINK! The brunettes reply back was; Well don't breathe or hold your nose! Well that's what the asian girl did! She took her hand and pinched her nose tight! She also giggled as she did this too.

The brunette had another fat fast moving shit come into sight. I like the first one broke but breaking off a shorter piece fisrt. Ten it broke again as more of it came out. The brunette now had four shits laying in her piss puddle and she was still shitting! She sure was making a pile! As the brunette kept shiting they were getting thinner and her shits would break into two or three pieces making her pile of shit get bigger and higher.

Then the asian girl took her pinched fingers off her nose. She said to the brunette seeing the big pile of shit on the pavement; Gee WHEN WAS the last time you shit! The brunettes answere she told the asian girl was three and half days ago. I didn't shit much at all then. No woner why your so full of shit! the asian girl said loudly and laughing.Te brunette let out a good giggle too.

Well the brunette did do another three four shits and a couple of short thin ropes. The brunette did stop pissing sometime while she was shiting. That I didn't really notice. But she again started pissing hard after she did stop shiting whih herpiss wetted all of her shit that was in the pile under her. The hard piss was short. She stopped but did a little dribbleingand dripping as to finsish her piss of with.

Then Th asian girl reached into her little purse and di pull out some tisssues form it for the brunette to use for wipeing. The brunette loked at the tissues for a moment. Then I heard her say to the asian girl; Take one and start wiping my ass. I'll do my p***y! The aian girl started wiping the brunettes ass as the brunette wiped her vagina. They went very quickly too each of them. Tissues piled up on te brunettes shit as they went on wipeing.

Then there was only one tissue left which the asian girl said she would have to use for her shoes. The brunette told that was ok. I think I'm all right. But lets move away from here! You are so right! MY SHIT DIES STINK!!!! They both laughed hard and did move over getting away from the brunettes pile of shit. The asian girl then took off her highheels wiped the outsides off and wiped one of them on the inside.

Then she put her heels back on and the two girls then walked back over to te limo ad got inside of it and closed the doors. But before the limos engine started and started to move I heard all of the gorls laugh hard with some screaming too amoung the loud laughter. Then I heard the girl that had shit tell the others she had also shit besides pissing. Well that guy in McDonalds desereved it my shit for the shit he gave us! Then the imo puled away swung around the McDonalds and was gone. The End I will continuie with one more post. Upstate Dave

To Anny

I had a colonoscopy and the prep truly is worse than the test. I wore Depends adult diapers and yes there can be some liquid leakage. Depends are great for: colonoscopies, bladder infections, overactive bladder & stress incontinence, pregnancy, menstruation, shopping, street events, marathons, emergency responder jobs (no pun intended)student examinations, driving tests, cashier jobs, weddings, funerals, graduations, and anywhere else where getting to the bathroom is not possible or would be disruptive, etc. Just don't litter the used ones - find a trash can.

Kate M.

Traffic Jam Poo

What I cannot stand is a traffic jam poo. I consider this to be two fold: one - if you are actually caught in a traffic jam and have to poo or pee and; two - when you defecate and then there is some stuck in the rectum - too far up to poo out but too close to the end of the route and hence, it causes discomfort and leads to straining to get it out at the next bathroom stop. Why can't it come out with the other poo? It is truly being anal (no pun intended). Especially if you are going out and will need to pee outdoors, this little bit of stubborn poo can cause trouble. I have noticed this problem as I have gotten fatter. When I was young and skinny the poo behaved itself and did not get stuck; in middle age it is annoying. I had a colonoscopy so it is not a real issue healthwise, but just so annoying. It is almost like it is being a delinquent poo to annoy me with my busy schedule.


Sheila Report 11

I have been away from work for several weeks taking a 'refresher' course organized by my firm. I usually groan when these come around. It must be a bit like a pianist having to keep practicing the scale. I groaned this time but it turned out to be the most exciting 'refresher' I'd been on. It was held in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and I travel led up on a train. Sunday travel ling is never a good thing and I arrived at the station about an hour after my scheduled time of arrival. It was raining, typical weather for this time of the year, and also quite cold. There was one other person waiting on the platform, a woman, quite attractive. Iron grey hair done up in a bun, soft eyes, eyes that looked worried. She seemed lost so I asked her if she needed help. It turned out she was coming to the same 'refresher' had travel led down from Motherwell, in Scotland. We had both missed the car that should have been waiting to take us to the hotel. So we had to walk and we had not gone very far when she told me she needed to go to the toilet. I had no idea how far we had to go, it was way out form town, the damn station is about a mile from the town cent re. She said she was desperate. I suggested as we were way out that she went in the field we were walking alongside. I took her suitcase and shoulder bag and watched as she walked over the pavement and a few steps away from me behind a clump of bushes. I was close enough to hear her clothes as she pulled her skirt up and slid her panties down, then the sigh as she pee'd rapidly. I was hoping she wanted to do more but her pee suddenly stopped gushing and I thought she had finished. Then just as I was feeling disappointed she farted, a sound that echoed in the night air. She giggled knowing I was close bu I guess, and apologised to me. I said its not a problem, when you gotta go, you gotta go. I knew my answer must have sounded cheesy and trite. But then she shit, she was so loose, it splattered to the grassy floor and she gave a low moan then. I asked if she was alright. She said she had the 'trots' she had been having them all the way down from Scotland. I didn't think but just stepped over to her. She was in a half squat, holding the skirt away from her, she asked if I could help her she was afraid to stain it. I stood by the side of her as she squatted lower and coo pied down holding her skirt away from her bum. I was feeling quite wet myself, but not from pee, it was an incredible feeling to be so close to her. It reminded me of how Kirsty must have felt lots of times in her lovely letters. I did not even know her name at that stage. She was squatting holding her ???? and shitting at intervals, breathing hard, almost gasping between the flurry of shitting. Then she asked me in a low voice if I could find some paper. I always carry toilet paper in my bag and got it out. Wiping her I could tell she had such a messy bum that she probably had stained her panties and tights. But first I tried to clean her. I used all the toilet paper and then finished her off with a couple of wet wipes. I was about to help her take her panties up when she said they were stained as I had thought. Somehow I managed to get her tights and panties off as she held my shoulders. I don't wear tights but I always carry a spare pair of panties so I took them out of my bag and helped her step into them. The as she stood and smoothed down her skirt she suddenly hugged me close and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. All that week in Harrogate we shared a room at the hotel and she has become a very close friend indeed. If anybody in Scotland reads the newspaper she is a ???? and her name is ????, more about her and our lovely week next time.

Thanks to Harry Pooper for his wonderful story about his holiday in Provence and Alison. I have a lovely relationship with my son, Stephen, Harry, so I would love to know if you saw Alison on the toilet again.

Working Guy your story about Sarah was incredibly sexy. More of the same please. I am sure Sarah has been much more open since then.

Thanks Upstate Dave for your story of seeing the lady having a poop from your lorry, Seeing Desperate Persons 1. It was such a warm story. More of the same please.

I was at a university football game on the weekend with some friends. It was a pretty long day for me as the game was being held at another school, and as the afternoon worn on my need to have a shit did to. At the half time break I got up and went to try and find some bathrooms. There was a lineup for the porta potties that I swear looked a mile long. I decided to try and find a washroom inside the university but I decided I would just wait until the game was over. I did go to the concession stand and get some refreshments including a large soda. Once the game had resumed and I had finished my food I realized I should have never consumed anything. I got a strong feeling in my stomach and it continued to grumble. I knew I had a bit of gas but I couldn't relieve the pressure without it being obvious. I sucked it up and tried to not think about it.

When the game was over I was seriously needing to unload. I was going to go to the porta potties but the lines were again quite long so I wondered over inside the university and tried to find my way to a bathroom. I finally found one after a few minutes of walking around. I entered into the two stall bathroom and approached the open handicapped stall. The regular stall was in use by a guy who sounded like he was also having an intense shit. My bladder and anus were just about ready to burst so I was relieved to finally have found a free bathroom. I closed and locked the door but as I approached the toilet I made a shocking discovery.

The toilet was either blocked or broken because there was murky brown water about 3/4s of the way to the top with a few turds floating around. Clearly it wasn't going to flush and I didn't dare try to clear the out of fear of causing a serious mess. I quickly left in search of another bathroom near where I was but I couldn't find one that was open. It appeared that this was the only washroom that was unlocked. I looked out the large windows and there was still a large lineup for the porta potties. I decided to just wait discretely nearby the washroom until the other guy came out and then I would use that stall. After a few minutes of waiting I grew impatient. I was really needing to go and the more I paced back and forth looking at the displays in the hallway the more I focused on my need to shit and piss.

When nearly five minutes had passed I decided to tough it up and use the broken toilet, something I couldn't ever imagine doing but the need was simply too great. I went back into the washroom and the guy was still sitting on the pot in the adjacent stall. I again locked the door and quickly undid my belt and jeans before sitting down. I didn't even think about what was in the bowl right underneath my ass. I let out a very loud set of farts before pissing for about 30 seconds. I relaxed and the turds started plopping out one after another. I knew they were very thick by the feeling they gave as they slipped out and how they sounded as the dropped into the bowl. After about the fourth or fifth log dropped I took a sigh in relief. The guy next to me hadn't even made a noise since I entered and I'm sure he was listening in on my very enjoyable shit. I grabbed the toilet paper roll unseated myself to wipe at which point the guy next door flushed and left after washing up. The turds had all disappeared into the murky waters of the bowl but I could tell a few of mine apart from the others and they were short and thick. It was no wonder I was under such pressure to unload. After wiping I quickly exited the stall and washed my hands before leaving. I can only imagine the look on someones face the next time they entered into that stall.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Shut in the attic (1 girl 2 cups)

While Kirsty was at work today, I was putting some stuff in the attic when the door swung shut. I thought nothing of it untill I felt the need to go to the toilet. I tried the door to find it wouldn't open from the inside. I tried to phone Kirsty but she wasn't answering her phone. I texted her instead & a short while later she texted back saying, "OMG! You let the door shut didn't you. It only opens from the outside I'll be home in 2 hours. You'll just have to wait for me to let you out."
I was busting to go by now & I found an old mug so I peed in it. The problem was I filled it up & I still had to go. Not only that but I needed to poo really bad & the cup was full of pee. I found another mug & finished my pee in that but it didn't solve my urgent poo problem. I looked around the attic to see if there was some sort of box or container I could relieve myself in but there was nothing suitable. I was close to filling my panties by now & had to clench hard to keep the poo inside me. It hurt to keep holding it in & the urge to push was hard to resist. I knew I had to resist the temptation no matter how badly I needed to go. I'm a 28 year old grown woman & I was not about to poo myself like a naughty little girl. By the time Kirsty came home I was having a real battle with my bowels. All the clenching was realy painfull & the moment Kirsty opened the attic door I shot out & ran into the bathroom. Kirsty followed me in & as soon as I started to pull my jeans down it happened. I relaxed for a split second & load of soft mushy poo exploded into my underwear. I was powerless to stop it & it spread out all over my bum cheeks & all up my back. The relief was indescribable & so was the smell! Kirsty loved it & she said she'd been busting for a poo all day. While I cleaned up Kirsty sat on the toilet & dropped several huge logs & peed for England. She took quite a while to finish & by the time she was ready to wipe I was clean. It was an awsome experience. I'll never forget.


Layby pee - and someone else's poo!

It's been a long time since I posted on here, but I've been reading the posts pretty much every day.

For the US readers, a Layby is intended as a rest stop, but is generally just like another lane on the shoulder of the road, of a length that might fit a few cars or a couple of trucks.
Generally they have no facilities, but on some of the larger ones there is sometimes a mobile catering trailer aka "butty wagon"

Anyway, I had to travel about 150 miles the other day to pick up some goods I'd bought online. They were an awkward size, fragile and had damaged boxes so the seller hadn't offered postal delivery.

As I neared the town I was collecting the goods from, I was feeling the start of the need to pee as I'd been driving about two hours, having lunch en-route.
Nothing desparate though, it could wait for a while yet.
Being a busy highway with a lot of freight trucks, there are laybys every couple of miles or so, but one on the other side of the dual carriageway (divided highway) caught my attention because it was the type that was set further back from the highway, with a wooded "island" between it and the highway.
I thought it was somewhere I could use on the way back.

Anyway I picked up the goods and set off back. The weather was bad, pretty much the whole country had heavy rain the whole day, which of course slows the road traffic down somewhat.
By now the need to pee was becoming urgent and I soon recognised the location of this layby I'd noticed on the way there.
I pulled the car off the highway into the layby, but to my disappointment there were quite a few cars in the layby, with people sat in them, and there wasn't really much cover - the wooded island area was quite sparse from this side, and there was a retaining wall the other side.
I drove slowly through the layby and came to a point where the retaining wall ended and there were some bushes. By this point though it was near the exit and you could see the main highway.
Where I stopped there was a 4x4 in front of me, and I thought I'd wait a few minutes till this 4x4 left, then go into the bushes.
But this 4x4 did not go.
After 5 minutes (seemed longer) a guy, I'd say late 40s, got out with what looked like a bunch of kitchen towel and pretended to wipe his rear view mirrors. I was close enough to see that he hadn't actually cleaned them. But then after he did the passenger side, he stepped into the bushes. Now it was obvious what the kitchen towel was going to be for!
So, not knowing how far this guy had gone into the bushes, how long he was going to be, etc, I knew I could no longer go in the bushes to pee.
Where my car was, it could be seen by about three others in the layby, plus anyone on that side of the highway.
Another minute or so passed as I thought about what to do, but I was about to burst and so got out and ran round the passenger side of my car, with my back towards the other people in the layby and unzipped.
Being exposed like that, it took me about 20 seconds to get going.
Anyone looking out the passenger side of their car on the main highway would have got a full view, but at 50mph they wouldn't have seen much.
There was only the guy that had gone into the bushes to poo, but I thought he'd be more time than me anyway - and I doubted he'd say anything anyway because he'd know that I knew what he had just done lol
I peed for what seemed like ages, just onto the ground at the side of my car.
Finally, relieved, I walked back round and got in my car. I was soaked by this time as the torrential rain had not let up.
But luckily nobody had driven past while I did what I had to.

As I set off back I thought about how long it was since I peed outside like that - it's something I always used to enjoy - and recalled how I used to like going out into wooded areas just to have a poo. When I poo outdoors I like to squat - I find that position ideal because it spreads my butt cheeks apart and also puts pressure on my stomach - making sure everything gets emptied out and it's cleaner because nothing catches the sides of my butt crack.

I've heard of some people who lean their back on a wall or tree etc, in a sort of sitting position as if there was an invisible toilet underneath them. I did try that once, but I found it so uncomfortable, and I ended up peeing onto my jeans too, which made a bad experience worse.

I think I need to take up hiking again :)


Post Title (optional)To CD re : nude beach

My girl friends daughter is very open about me seeing her nude she was a little nervous at first but then she said it would be cool to watch, that she never saw herself shit from that angle. My g/f didnt seem to mind either. She was more nervous about her daughter watching then me .I have seen her in the bathroom plenty of times and wiped her ass almost all the time It was a realy excellent time and we watch it all the time. Even when we are all together they will say to me "put on our shit video" they still cant believe that we all shit so much and they both said mine was the longest.

What Your Hair Says about Your Poop

Hey, I am the guy who wrote "Poop Your Way to a Sexier You" on page 1861.

Women, what does your hair communicate to the world about your bowel movements? Hear goes...

Brown: Rich, thick poop
Blonde: Soft, but large poop
Red: Loose stools
Gray: Hard, knobby poop

Straight: Your poop was long, thick and solid
Curly: Your poop was gassy, loose and even runny.

Short, tucked: Small, dainty poops
Shoulder length: Thick, but medium length poop
Middle of the Back: Long and thick
To your rear-end: Thin, long poop that breaks into pieces.

Pony Tail: You just had the most relaxing, perfect dump
Rolled Curly: You have diarrhea
Layered: You had a large, soft poop
Long and Straight: A soft, snake-like poop.
Short cut: Constipation

What do you think???

new guy

comments , questions & other stuff

To: Rag Muffin Reanna great story about L'Mias' firtst squat please share more of them about you guys if you have any.

To: Upstate Dave great story about seeing the desperate woman pee and poop on the side of the road she must have been truly desperate to do something like that in front of so many people and keep the stories coming please maybe some more from when you were younger.

To: Working Guy great story about helping your friend sarah out when had the accident you are a true friend indeed and shes lucky to have you as a friend and please share more stories about her or any other girl or woman you know im sure everybody here would like to here them.

To: Abbie that sounded like a really relieving dump you took I bet you felt good after that please keep the stories coming they are really good.

To: Anny I bet you feel so much better now great story by the way keep them coming please. A question whats th most desperate youve been to take a dump please share that story if you havent already.

To: Blue Boy another great story about your aunt it sounds like you guys have a very special realashinship (how ever you spell it) please share more stories about her and you there really good.

To: Wendy another great story you and Kristy are becoming my favorites on this site I know ive said this before but I really love your guys stories and please keep writing them. A question have you or Kristy ever stunk someone out of a bathroom if so please share the story.

To: Harry pooper another great story kepp them coming please.

To: Punk Rock Girl have you had a buddy dump with someone I know Wevdy already asked that question.

I think parents shouldnt punish there children for having accidents espicaily if was the parents fault for not listening to the child when they were telling them they had to go because most children cant hold as long as most adults so I beleive parrents should be more kind and understanding with there kids instead of punishes them.

well no sories right now but ill post one if I remember one later today if I do I do if I dont I dont sorry about that saying just something I always wanted to write somewhere.

Sincerly new guy

PS I cant say this enough about how much I love this site.

this is my second post today I have a story one time I was at a park sitting at a picnic table when I heard a girl ask her friend if she was done yet her friend who was in bathroom said im wiping my butt. I forgot to mention the bathroom door was open so every thing going in there could be heard by anyone outside. They leave doors open for ventalation I think.

about an hour ago I heard a woman fart in the ladies room at the librarry I was outside the bathroom reading a magazine from the book sale area when she hurried into the bathroom and started farting I think she had diarrhea. I forgot to mention the bathrooms here arent very sound proof so anybody standing near the books can hear whats going on inside them.

heres another story it happened when I was in high school about 5 or 6 years ago I was sitting in the hallway during lunch when one of my teachers mrs schlosher came up to me and asked if I wanted her string cheese because she said her stomach hurt I said no cause I wasnt hungry then she left I started to wonder if had to poop I never found out because I had to go to class but to this I wonder did she have to poop.

I <3 POO

Tonight's poo

It's half 6 & yes I'm sitting on the loo with my pants & denim crop pants round my knees enjoying a good after work poo in the comfort of my own loo :). As I was relaxing, putting my feet up I could feel some significant pressure build up in my bowels & I knew that I needed a poo. So I made my way to the downstairs loo and sat myself on the loo, I could feel my bum hole opening & a chunky piece of poo dropped out & made a loud PLOP! Followed by several smaller pebble like pieces which made plops as they landed in the bowl! Aaaaahhhh! The relief of releasing a good poo is bliss :). The poo I had this morning was an explosive one & was very smelly this one was healthier & far less smellier than it's brother I dropped off at the pool this morning :). All done & a quick look behind - not a lot in the bowl but a whole lot out of my bowels though.

Till next time bye x

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Fart Suvery

Hi everybody, i made a quick Suvery about Farting specialy for our female members.

Body Type:

1. Do you Like farting?
2. About how many times a day do you fart?
3. Are your farts stinky?
4. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.)
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? If so who?
6. Where are you comfortable farting?
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had?
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot?
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys?
10. Have you ever farted at Someone?
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends?
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles?
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep?
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts?
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting?
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car?
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts?
18. Do you fart in public?
19. Should all girls be open about farting?
20. Any stories you would like to share?

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