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Standee Mandy's Survey Answered & L'Mia's 1st Squat

Standee Mandy Answers:

1) A; 2) A; 3) A; 4) A; 5) A; 6) A.

Any additional comments you want to make?

I can't see myself ever trying to go to the bathroom standing up. Me and my friend L'Mia tried it like 7 years ago when we were 9. We were at the park just as it was getting dark and she didn't want to walk back to our houses because her mom would make her stay in for the night. This was a unisex bathroom and some boys had peed over the seat. She she does this squat, and I quickly grabbed the seat and lifted it, and she complained about how much it hurt. She held over for like 2 minutes and then her stream started very slowly but as it picked up it rolled down her inner leg. She just got upset and turned around and dropped the seat and sat down to finish. Her steady stream started again and it took her about 30 seconds to empty herself. Then as we were talking, there were two plops that she was very matter-of-fact about. I asked her if she crapped and she said probably, but didn't even look as she reached around and pushed on the flusher. There was no toilet paper in the holder, but she hadn't checked earlier. I told her to continue to sit and I quickly went outside to a trashcan just outside the door. There was a large 64-ounce DQ drink cup in there with one napkin in it. I pulled the napkin out and quickly took it into her. Luckily it was still pretty clean and had the corporate logo on it. As she sat, she tore it down the middle and with her right hand she wiped her butt. I was surprised she wiped so matter-of-fact like and didn't even look at what was on the napkin. Then, again while she was still seated, she spread her legs and thighs and quickly did a wipe of the pee. Then she flushed again. We started walking toward our houses and as we got to the other side of the park we could her her mother standing in the doorway and yelling "L'Mia!" several times. We had to start running because she didn't want to get grounded.

Upstate Dave

Seeing Desperate Persons Part 1

I told you all about when I deleivered auto parts up north with my wife J. There was many other times being on my nothern route working and would see persons in a desperate state needing to piss,shit, or both. Sometimes this would be in the rest areas, right along side the road, or other outside places.

I'll start with a massive traffic tie up on the southbound side of the northway above Plattsburg. It was a very nice sunny day and I was in this tie up on the northway with both southbound lanes a dead standstill. I had shut the trucks engine off and I had the windows down for I was having a cigarette at the time.

Now right in front of me there was a black Pontiac sedan with Quebec plates on it. There was a coule in the car. A man and a woman sitting up in the front seats. The man was the driver and the woman was the passenger. They had thier windows down and boy were they ever talking loudly all in French. The mans tone sounded angry as he talked and the womans sounded impaitent and urgent. This went on like this the tota time it took me to smoke my cigarette. Five to seven minutes I would say.

Then suddenly the woman said something in a very angry voice to the man. Her door suddenly opened hard and she got out from the car. Now she looked betwen 30 to 40 years old. Dark brunette hair pulled up which looked nice. She was well dressed to in a very fancy blouse with lots of lace in its front. She had on a long black skirt with a pair of matching black highheels.

She then bent over reached inside the car and when she stood up she had a very expensive looking big black leather pocketbook. She slung the long strap of the pocketbook on her left shoulder. She slammed the car door shut and stepped on to the shoulder of the road. She did a very quick look around looking south then north. Then she took off those black highheels and carried them in her hand as she started walking up the small grassy embankment right there along side the shoulder.

She would only take a step or two stop stand stiffly for several long moments and the repeat again going another few steps and stop stiffly again. It appeared to me she had to go to the bathroom and quite badly too! It was just the way she was acting takeing so few steps and stopping standingalmso like she was frozen. On this grassy embankment there were only a few very widly scattered very small scotch pine trees. They were so small since they must have only been recently planted as far as it looked to me.

On the top of the grassy embankment there ran a chainlink fence so this poor lady could not walk any further off the highway. The few small single pinetrees that I could see were really far apart which I would say better then a hundred feet apart. So this poor lady would have to walk quite a distance to get to te closest one which I would have guessed 75 feet distance.

Well this lady did get about halfway up the grassy embankment. That's as far as she went. She slid that fancy black leather pocketbook off from her left shoulder and it hit the ground hard. It opened hitting the ground so hard that a lot of its contents spilled out from it. I heard her say something loudly in french as she looked at the spilled contents from her pocket book scattered around in the grass on the embankment. I could have bet she had sworn. She then dropped her black highheels on the ground.

Then it happened that I knew she had to go to the bathroom and she was so desperate. For she did have her back faced towards the road and me. I saw her two hands go up under the long black dress. She had on stockings and she peeled them down under her skirt first and then she pulled them down now in plain sight for the stockings were lower then the hem of her long black skirt.

Then I saw her hands go back under her sirt and she very quickly pulled down a white pair of very fancy white laced panties and she let them dropp to her bare feet after she had gotten them over her hips. She did a quick two step and she had stepped out of her lacy white paties laying there in the grass.

Then she did a single side step and squated right down still faced with her back faced in my direction. Then I saw her grip her black long skirt with both hands and yanked the back right up flipping it up and held there! Now I saw her bare ass faced to me. The lady jiggled spreading her feet well apart. Then as I watched I saw between her legs and under her bare ass a gushing piss stream shoot down hard into the very short grass on the embankment!

Was that why she had been so desperate needing to piss flashed through my mind! From the way she was pissing with that gushing stream that I was seeing I could have been very right. This woman I also thought sure could piss! Then after maybe ten seconds of doing the gushing piss her piss stream eased way down to nothing but a trickle. So now I thought she was done and would now only have to wipe when she would stop which I thought would be any second now.

She did stop pissing and she did drip some too. But she stayed right down in her squat along with not reaching over to take her pocketbook. So she wasn't going to wipe yet as I watched. Is she going to shit too? raced through my mind right at this moment. In a few short seconds later I got my answer. The lady did start to shit!

She did one thing before she did shit and that was raise her bare ass up higher and reached back sliding herhands to keep the back of her black skirt up and then she pulled her bare asscheeks apart opening up her asscrack wide! I could nw see part of herasshole and it was laready opening with a brown smooth shit poked out from it. There was skidmarks already on both of her inner cheeks too!

Her brown smooth shit moved out of her asshole real fast. Then she besides needing to piss so bad also had to take a wicked shit! In only several short seconds she produced making a good long shit and it fell away hitting the grass embankment andit turned and rolled away from her dfor a little ways and then it stopped rolling. Then after her shit had stopped rolling a second shit started comming out of her asshole comming out faster then the first shit had.

The lady's seoond shit since it was movng faster took her less time to take but it was so much longer then the first one was! It's front end managed to raech all the way to the ground,bent into a curve, a crack appeared in her shit as it bent and then it broke where the crack formed. The bottom part of her shit just layed there not rolling away like her first shit had. As far as the remaining broken piece it just hung there for a few seconds and then it dropped down n to the grass. A litle very short piss stream went down wetting the grass again for a few seconds and that was it.

Now the lady reached over with only one hand which resulted with the one side of her black skirt fall covering up part of her bare ass. She skidded her large blackpocketbook over in ront of her. She rummaged throughit for a moment or two. Then I saw that she had a good wad of toilet paper in her hand. Now she raised her ass up higher reached through form the front and gave her ass a real long downward wipe with the toilet paper. Then pulled her hand back through to her front. Then the paper dropped.

She then let go her skirt with her other hand and she used two hands to get more paper from out of her pocketbook. She didn't have any more toilet paper but she had tissues instead. She wound up using tissues to wipe her ass. Boy did she ver have to use so many tissues too to get all the shit off her ass! I remeber I started countingthe number of tissiues she used. It wound up being eight of them! She never did wipe up front. She ran out of tissues wipeing her ass!

Now she stood up for only a moment. Then she sqauted back down and stuffed her stockings and thoise fancy lacy white panties into her big pocketbook! Then she hurridly picked up everything else that had spilled out of it. She then picked up her pair of black highheels and she got up and walked right back down to the black POntaic sedan got in and slammed the door shut. The man didn't look over at her or say a word to her. As far as her she just sat in her seat without saying a word to the man. She only looked ahaed and stayed taht way for twent minutes and then the long line of cars and trucks ahaed of us started moving slowly. The traffic jam was now over. I thought as I started the trucks engine and put it in gear and started moving; She would have never made it this long! To be continuied.


Fright & Shitting Yourself

The old expression goes, "I was so scared, I nearly shit myself!"; but I don't think I have seen anyone here ask this question before.:

-Have you ever been so REALLY frightened or scared about something that you ACTUALLY peed or pooped (or both) yourself involuntarily?

I don't mean when you already know you've got a load ready to go - and something pushes you over the edge... I mean completely out of the blue, something gets your 'flight response' up so high so quickly that you mess yourself. Then, only much later do you notice you that you have had an accident.

It can be something 'ordinary' event as a smash-up on the highway you averted by millimetres or that horror movie you watched as a kid (despite your parent's warnings.)

Truly traumatizing stories of assault, abuse, et cetera..., should probably be left unsaid.

Take care,


Wayward Urine Sample

I had to submit a urine sample and got a bottle from the lab and was told to pee a few drops first to get it in midstream. Well, easier said than done. I went into the ladies' room, started to hover/high squat over the toilet and peed a bit on the seat. Then I put the bottle into the pee stream and some got in but some squirted onto the floor. Then the automatic toilet flushed. I moved over to the floor area and just thought I would pee over the floor and catch what I could. I got most into the bottle but my pee stream then went onto the floor to make a puddle. I closed the bottle and put it into the plastic bag. I adjusted my clothes, wiped the toilet seat and got paper towels to mop up the puddle. I washed my hands and then gave the sample to the lab technician; they don't handle it but ask us to put samples in the tray.

Johnny Half-Pint

Chemicals in swimming pools

It is not true that swimming pools contain a chemical dye which changes colour in the presence of urine. There is no such substance! Urine is chemically too similar to perspiration to distinguish reliably between the two.

working guy

sarah's mishap

Hey ive never posted before but i found this site a long time ago, read it for a while then stopped. But im back with a wild story. I work in retail in a popular homegoods store. Anyway ive been working there for about a year and there is a coworker of mine who is awesome shes like my best friend there, her name is sarah. Shes just really chill, i actually liked her at first but then i found out she is actually gay so we're just buds. She talks like a guy friend would talk to another guy you know? Its just cool. We joke around all the time and have fun together at work. We're both in our early 20s and well, we both party so its not uncommon for each of us, but her especiall, to come into work and be a little hungover. Sometimes she comes in after a night of partying and tells me straight up "ive got gas" lol. Later she'll come out of the bathroom and be like "i just pooped for the 3rd time at work gotta get all that beer out" and things like that. Sometimes I'll walk toward her and she'll be like "you don't wanna come near me right now!" And wave her hand back and forth near her nose, lol. So i guess you can say she's uninhibited. Well today at work she was in one of those states. She was working cash register and i was the cashier supervisor. We got really busy and i was helping on register, and i was on the one next to her. As things settled down i heard a muffled bubbly fart come from behind me so i turned and looked at her. She quietly said to me "might wanna spray something" Then said "take my next customer ive got a code brown underway over here and its an emergency." Which, in case you cant crack the code, is what she says sometimes when she has to poop. So off she went to the ladies room. About 10 minutes later she wasn't back, and the lines were cleared so i was supervising again. I was filling out an inventory control slip when i heard a bang come from the hall to the employees only area and the bathrooms. I turned and looked to see sarah poking her head out of the storage room, trying to get my attention, and she quickly waved me over and ducked back in there. I walked in there to see her standing there with the weirdest look on her face and said "what the hell are you doing?" Thats when i could see her face turning bright red and she was trying to either keep from laughing or crying. Again i said "what???" And she said "i dont know what to do right now" and covered her face with her hand and started laughing and crying at the same time. I started laughing too and i just said "what are you talking about???" And she whispered "i pooped....i pooped my pants!!" And just kept laughing and covering her face. I stared at her then said "you're kidding" and she just shook her head no and mouthed "im not" while still laughing and tears filling her eyes. I said "you've gotta be playing a joke on me" and she said "dude how do you not smell it I'm hiding in here with a giant blob of shit in my pants! Help me!" I said "what the hell happened?" And she said "i got to the bathroom and both stalls were taken. I tried to wait but i had to go SO bad i knew i wasnt gonna make it... so i hid in here and i just started to shit myself and couldn't stop. Ive been trying to get your attention for 10 minutes!" I said "oh my god, well what the hell do you want me to do?" And she said "you've gotta help me get outta here unnoticed. I'm taking my break so i can go home and change. But you gotta help me!" So again i asked what i could do and she said "I'm scared to move my legs i don't know if my underwear will hold it i need you to get me a bunch of paper towels and my sweatshirt from my locker." So i said ok and she said "hurry" and i went off. I returned with a roll of paper towels and her sweatshirt and she had the most pitiful look on her face. She said "i need one more favor...." and i could tell by the sound in her voice it was gonna be a doozy. I reluctantly said "what...?" And she said "I'm scared to bend down but i need to put paper towels in my pants..." i stared at her blankly. She said "dude ill do ANYTHING for you, you name it, but I'm in a totally desperate situation here i can't go out there with everyone seeing i pooped my pants. Please." So i said .....ok. she carefully turned around without bending her knees at all and said "is it bad is it easy to tell?" And i said "yeah kinda" and explained how the seat of her khaki cargo pants were tenting out and there was a wet brown mark between her butt cheeks. She said "oh god" and started to get panicky. She calmed down and said "i think if i just put paper towels in my pants i can walk to my car with my sweatshirt around my waist, and people won't see it and it won't get on the floor..." so i said "so i guess you're asking me to help you put paper towels in your pants" and she said "again ill DO ANYTHING. please." So i agreed...she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and i grabbed onto the edge of her pants in the back and pulled them away from her body. She said "careful!...slow!" And i gently slid her pants down off her butt for her...her panties were a disaster. They were light blue cotton bikini cut panties with bright green and bright pink flowers, and white elastic around the waist and the leg holes. It seriously looked like they had a water balloon in them! The bulge was large and smooth, and the poop stain completely soaked threw making a yellowish brown color on them. It had a kind of...i don't know if shine is the right word, but it was visibly moist. Her load seemed well contained in her panties because i don't think she hardly moved a muscle after pooping in them. I held my breath and she just kept repeating "im so sorry. Thank you. Im so sorry...." over and over. Once i had her pants lowered past her butt she said just to put several layers of paper towels lining the thighs and the seat and the crotch. So...i did. Then i helped her pull her pants up. I did it as slowly and gently as i could, making sure to pull them away from her as i did it so as to avoid making contact with "the bulge" as much as possible. I got them all the way up, and the were looking much more bulgy with all the paper towels. I guess i pulled them up a little too far because she suddenly gasped and said "ah! Ah! Careful. Omg" and i said "what?" And she said "nothing..i think it smooshed a little. Ohhh that did not feel pleasant. It spread up the back of my underwear." I said sorry and she said "i think its ok... i think the paper towels will help contain the mess so i won't get shit on the floor walking out of here." She tied her sweatshirt around her waist to cover her bulgy poop stained pants. She looked at me and said "you are my bff omg im so sorry" and i said "its fine just go home and change girl damn!" She said "here goes nothing.." and walked toward the door, but she was walking rigidly. I said "sarah you're walking like you pooped your pants and you have a sweatshirt around your waist..people will know" and she said "well what am i supposed to do!?" And i just said "walk normal thats what the towels are for." She looked at me pitifully again and took a couple of normal steps out the door. She turned and looked at me with the funniest face, i can only imagine the sensations she was experiencing as she walked out of the store and to her car, and what it was like to sit down. Anyway, that whole ordeal took between 10-15 minutes. I told some of the curious cashiers that i was helping her find something and no one seemed the wiser.

She got back to the store a little less than 40 minutes later and shot me a huge beaming smile when she walked in. Obviously she felt good in a fresh change of underwear and clean pants. She got back to work like everything was all good and went about her day like a champ. Later she thanked me again profusely and said "well i guess I'll cool it with the drinking finally. I mean hangovers are bad but i pooped my pants at work, thats pretty bad! I bet i coulda held it in if i wasn't hungover." I agreed that scaling back her partying might help her to avoid another unfortunate mishap in her pants, and she laughed.

All in all, it was easily the most interesting day I've had at work in a very, very long time, if not ever. That girl is lucky to have a friend like me to help her out like that. I'll probably have her buy me lunch all next week as repayment! I hope you found this to be a good story, i was excited to share it, sorry if its long.

how many women like to read on the toilet?

Slow-Shittin' Sammi

Comments & answers for Standee Mandy's survey

Braidy: great comments for Frantic Francine. I agree with you that a little urine on the seat should not be something you worry about. There is so little time between classes and with lines so long, I too, just sit right down. If I waited for the cleanest stall to open, I'd be shoveling shit out of my panties and pissing off others who are irate.

End Stall Em: your stories are the best!!! Just like you, I've decided that I need to unstress myself in going to the bathroom at school. I know I need to concentrate more on what I'm doing in the stall. For example, when I was younger and at the state fair with my parents, I fell into the stool because I forgot to drop the seat. It takes me a while to crap in a public stool and that frustrates me because I know I'm keeping others waiting sometimes 20 or 25 minutes. Like I said, I need to find a way to unstress myself and in your case I surely get what you're saying about Jewell's immature behavior when she cheered your shit. She must have gotten carried away because I don't think a long-time friend would normally act like that. She sure put you on the spot and I know if it was me I'd never open the door for her again. By the way, I've ripped my underwear, too, just like you have but I don't worry that much about it because when my mom does the laundry she just lets me know that she will give me money for new.
Did you and Jewell get the same style and color of shoes?

Standee Mandy:

I like your survey. It's so different. These are my answers:
1) A
2) A
3) A
4) A
5) B (sometimes)
6) B (my mom nags me to do it)
If my mom required me to do what your mom did Mandy I, too, would react the same way you did.


Latest update

Hi Abbie here again.
End Stall Em- I'm sorry to hear you've had such a hard time using the toilet at school. I must admit I don't understand a lot of what you say about how things work in American schools, but to me it seems really complicated and strict to have to get all these passes and permissions. If only teachers would realise that we would learn a lot better if we could go to the toilet as and when we need to! Its grim trying to concentrate on your lessons when you really want a poo, sometimes when I'm bursting it takes all my energy and concentration just to hold it in.
Anyway, here's my latest story. After managing to have a successfull poo during morning break last week I was hoping that things were going to get better, but unfortunatley today was not my day. Typically I hadn't needed to empty my bowels at all at the weekend when I could have gone quite easily, and I kind of knew that I'd end up wanting a poo today when I was back at school. Sure enough, by the lesson before break I was feeling a definate need so I rushed off to the loos at the start of break, hoping to have both a wee and a poo as I'd managed to do last week. Within a few seconds of the bell ringing I was on the loo, my white knickers at my knees and my skirt hiked up, with my wee stream fizzing into the bowl. I started to push to try to get my poo out, but it seemed even harder than normal and was coming out really slowly. I hadn't been too careful about what I'd eaten or had to drink over the weekend so couldn't really expect an easy time. Suddenly the cubicle door next to me banged open and I heard a girl frantically pulling down her skirt and knickers and sitting down, as I looked in her direction I could see her tights and red pants at her ankles. After just a few seconds I heard some splashes as her poo dropped and then I heard her wiping her bum as I continued to strain. As she flushed and left the cubicle I started feeling quite jealous, I've hardly ever had a poo like that since I've been at secondary school, I wish it was that simple for me. I had managed to push part of my poo out but when I relaxed it got sucked back up my bum, so I reluctently wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed with the poo still inside me, as there was no way I'd have time to get it out before lessons started again. I went off to my next lesson feeling uncomfortable and part way through it I had to start clenching my bum as I was getting really desperate, I could feel the poo starting to force its way out. I suddenly remembered with horror I was meant to be going shopping with Katie and Lucy after school, no doubt we'd end up trying stuff on and so it would be really embaraseing if I took my skirt off and they saw poo stains on my pants. I made every effort I could to hold in the massive turd I could feel pressing hard on my bum to stop it from poking out into my knickers and making them dirty, by the end of the lesson I was almost loosing the fight. As soon as we were let out I waddled over to the main girls loos and waited in the queue for a free cubicle, I was only just managing to hold in my turd and whats more I was really bursting for a wee again, as I waited I acidentally let a spurt go into my pants. Luckily a cubicle was free quite soon, I went in and locked it then straight away pulled down my skirt and pants as I could feel the turd poking out. It was only then that I lifted the seat and saw a bowl already full of turds and paper, but I had no choice but to sit down as my poo was already starting to come out. I sat down carefully, breathing through my mouth to be less affected by the smell. I looked down at my knickers but luckily they were clean apart from a slight skidmark and a damp patch. Meanwhile my first turd was sliding out of me really slowly, as it got wider and wider it finally got stuck and I knew I'd have to push hard to get it to carry on moving. I took a deep breath and pushed, I did my best to keep quiet and not grunt but couldn't help it. I pushed and strained for about five minutes and wasn't getting anywhere, so I spread my legs as wide as I could, dug my toes into my shoes and used my hands to spread my bum cheeks apart. I carried on pushing for as hard as I could and as long as I could and finally I felt the turd start to move again, once I'd got the widest part through it got a lot easier and eventually fell into the loo with a massive plop. I pushed out a few more logs but they were much easier than the first, when I was done I wiped my bum and pulled up my pants and skirt. As I came out of the cubicle a few younger girls waiting in the queue were smirking at me but I just ignored them, I was just happy to have emptied my bowels without getting my knickers dirty.
Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!!


Colonoscopy and question

I did my prep last night-the doctors are right, that IS the worst part. I took the Dulcolax at 8 am and 3 pm and at first just had stomach pain. I managed to go once or twice but mostly had a bloated ???? and was uncomfortable. Then I had to take Purg-Odan at 6 pm and by 8 pm I was on the toilet going like crazy. I had to take it at 10 pm again and I was going several times. Needless to say I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I went once this morning before taking the cab to the hospital and once at the hospital and twice again later.

My husband and I had to wait about an hour before I was finally wheeled in to have it done. The doctor explained what he was going to do (my GI doctor had to go to a funeral so this doctor had to do mine). Finally I was given the sedative and I fell asleep and didn't feel anything. I woke up in the recovery room after and the first thing I asked was "Can I go home?" LOL.

The bottom line is my bowels are normal, just a bit twisted. The doctor told me to take my PEG (polyethylene glycol) laxative up to twice a day and try to eat more fibre. I will be following up with my GI doctor in 3 months like he told me to. I passed gas a lot before I went home.

One question though-did anyone else have a problem with um...leaking back there? My husband and I were walking to find somewhere to go for lunch and I felt something wet back there and had to go to Burger King to change my undies. It wasn't crap it was more like clear fluid but it was still gross. Did anyone else experience this?


No good plops happening for me...

TO Ben In Iowa:
Thank you very much for replying to my post! Getting rid of soiled panties, pads and underwear is one thing, but you and your coworker deserve medals for cleaning up those diarrhea accidents!

To the paraplegic girl: Sharing your experiences was VERY good of you. I think we all appreciated hearing how your handle your accidents as far as your condition is concerned. I was wondering if you have a pooping 'schedule' you try to keep to, to prevent accidents?

TO Punk Rock Girl:
Great to have you back! You have been REALLY missed around here.

To person re. their nude beach adventure:
LOL! Your impromptu trip to that nude beach was amazing. I am very surprised your gf and her daughter were so open about allowing you to watch and record the 'show.'


I thought I would have some good poops this week. I ate a lot of pasta with my spaghetti, bran flakes for breakfast (and some at night), and plenty rice. But nada...

The only big things coming out of my butt were big, loud farts.

Take care,



Morning Fun

It's been a while, but what's happening guys. Another cool moment with my Aunt. This morning she stopped by my apartment to visit me and use my computer before heading downtown. She came over wearing a grey hoodie and some black jeans on. As she worked on the computer, she told me to come over because she had to fart. From the previous stories, you all know we share our farts with each other, LOL! I sat on the floor next to her chair and she leaned over with her ???? ass towards me and ripped a good fart in my face. It lasted about 4 seconds, but not much smell. When she got up, she told me she had to take a shit and saved it until she got to my place for good show.

When we got in the bathroom, before she pulled her pants off, she told me she had one more to let out. She stood there with her back towards me and let out a shorter fart, but it stunk. From there, she sat down and proceed to release broken up pieces and semi-soft/runs. It was a lot and filled the entire bowl. She had a tore up stomach from night of drinking and greasy food. It stunk up pretty bad a well, but she found it funny. After a few wipes, she was done and she left.

What type of poop do you prefer? Soft and easy or long, thick logs? Does anyone ever take pics with their cell phone of your own or mate's for a good laugh? Or even a friend for competition?

Monday, October 04, 2010

Upstate Dave

Having Company While I Worked Part 2

Thank you Sadie for telling me you always look forward to my posts. To answer your question about real pee emergencies is yes I have. As a child I have had several that I remeber that stand out. As a adult there is one that really stands out and this one I'll tell you before I go on with part 2 of my post.

This happened back in the early mid 80's same time period as my current posting. I was home which I had Sundays off and I was the only one home at the time. My wife J and duaghter had gone visiting. So on Sundays I work around the house and had it all done by early afternoon. I am a type one diabetic which I can be prone to insulin reactions which involes this paticular post.

I had eaten lunch but having done all my work that was needed and my lunch intake was not enough I started going into a reaction. Now the place we were living in at this time was on a steep hill so the finished off basement was at ground level and the livigroom,dinningroom,and bedrooms were on the second floor. The bathroom was down in the what was the finished off basement level.

Now when a diabetic does go into a reaction the person acts like they are drunk. So I was at that point in my reaction. I had plenty to drink with my lunch which was ice tea. I really needed to piss too at this time with my reaction. I was headed to go down the stairs to the basement to use our bathroom but only gt to the doorway in the dinningroom at the top of the stairs!

Thats when I just stood there for several long moments fighting back the urge to piss kind of bobbinng around as I stood there fughting down the urge to piss. I looked down the stairs and I did think I shouldn't go down them for I may just fall down the stairs and could seriously hurt myself. What should I do? was my next thought. I was now ready to piss myslef and that I was not going to do!

So what I did was just unbuckled my belt,poped the snap on my jeans, and I yaked them right dow past my knees! I remebered that I was laughing as I did this. Now there is a small landing at the end of the stiars with a window right there. The window was open and it did have a screen in it. Simple I thought I'll aim for the window and piss through the screen!

I got my penis in postion to do this and I let my stream fly! Well it sort of worked. When I started though my stream didn't start off as one long arc going the distance needed to the window. My stream went down the entire steps of the staircase instead which the stairs were carpeted which was tan in color. So all the way down dead center on each step there was a thin darker tan trail left by my piss as it had went down the steps.

Seeing this happening before my eyes I laughed harder! My stream ddi go across the small landing wetting it crept up the wood paneling under te window and did mange finaily go through the window screen! I let out a loud; I made it! I did keep pissing through the window screen for most of the rest of this piss only wetting the carpeting on the landng when I came to a stop. Since I would call this piss a fresh piss so it oder had to be very light and I did after my reaction did die off I took care of the carpet on the landing and steps of the stairs by putting some carpet cleaner on it and later vacumed it off. When my wife and duaghter came in that night it was no sighn at all of what I had done. Now let me continuie with my tittled post.

Ok J and I made the two auto parts drops in Lake Placid. There was only one left which this Saturday was down in Whitehall. I did have my Amway stops for up around the Plattsburg area t do next which I had several. So those would be done next. Then Whitehall then down and over to Corinth NY for the last Amway stop. Then head for the warehouse and home. This would be several hours more time which I figured we would be back at the warehouse at dusk.

I made the one only Amway stop in Plattsburg which J helped me out with. Then the next two Amway stope were south of Plattsburg which were quick stops. Then down to Peru for the last northern area Amway stop which after that I would stop in Peru itself and J and I would have our lunch which it now as part two in the afternoon. We made the stop ad then stopped at the store in Peru picking up sub sandwiches more sodas to drink and we then went over to Rte 22 and I headed south to go to Whaitehall NY for the last auto parts drop off. Our next to last stop.

The drive down Rte 22 is slower but shorter then travelling down the northway and then crossing over to Ticonderoga and getting on Rte 22 there. Beside also going along Lake Champlain is a nice ride. I could also take my time eating and enjoying the sub sandwich that much more. Both J and I did eat the subs and had a soda each. J then got her small pillow back out and she was tired and was going to take a nap. J told me if you stop before Whitehall wake me up. I told her I would if she was still sleeping.

The drive down to Ticonderoga took just under a hour and down to Whitehall would be less time then tha once I was south of Ticonderoga and the roads speed limit did go up to 65 miles per hour in many long sections between Ticinderoga and Whitehall. I would keep it around 70 though for the road was patrolled by state troopers in spots. So I did just that and made very good time heading south heading to Whitehall.

I would have to stop though before reaching Whitehall. Drinking soda I would need to piss before getting there. That was alright for there were restareas along the southbound side and northbound sides. I would stop at the last one which was one that I had used many times when driving along this road. Being a Saturday traffic was light and hardly any tractor trailer trucks were on the road on Saturday afternoons too. So the chance of anyone at this time in the rest areas was slim or none.

I did reach the chosen rest area and it was a uphill exit to it so that in its own slowed me right down. J had felt me slowing down and she woke up from her nap. Oh your stopping J said to me first. That's good I sure do have to piss! I laughed and told her that's why I was stopping. I pulled into aparkinspace and sht the engine off. We both climbed out fof the cab.

Now the rest area here there is picnic tables lined in a row in a narrow grassy strip along the parking area. Then there is a somewaht steep embankment with tress (small),large granite rocks, and grass areas along the embankment. There was no one else parked in the rest area so I aske J if she wanted to piss along the grassy strip where the picnic tables were. She told me she better not. Soemone could come in while I have my shorts down! She let out a laugh and told me she would rather go up the hillside piss up there somewhere.

So we did cut crosswaise on the hillside and we did get to a spot where there was a large granite rock and some trees for good cover. What was even nice for J the large granite rock was jagged edged and there was a small outward jut of rock she could sit on and take her piss! I was just going to stand and take mine.

Like earlier we both took care of each others clothes. I pulled down herblue shorts while she took care of my belt,snap,zipper and pulled down my jeans. Again my penis was erect in anticipation of seeing J in a almost half bitrday suite and Pissing! She let out a little short giggle after droppingmy jeans and seeing that I was erect. Then she sat her cute bare ass down on the little granite ledge of the big rock to piss.

But before she did piss she did pull back up her blue shorts back to over her knees at mid thigh level. I don't want to chance pissing on them! J said to me laughing. Also how bout you Dave turn and stand beside me! I can hold you while you piss! So I stepped over to her right side and faced the same way as she was siting. J reached right over and held my penis lightly with her hand. Now we both ready to take our pisses together.

I looked over and downward to watch J's piss come out. It did starting off slowly at first which she wetted the front face of the granite rock all the way down to the grass at its base. Then she started flowing harder which her stream anled forward missing the rocks face and her stream started that ever so lovely hissing sound! (:-)) She now had her piss stream wetting the grass on the ground.

I after this started my piss. I sent a nice long head high arc through the air and my stream came down a good six feet out in front of me wetting the grass there. J seeing how far my stream was going said to me in a kidding kind of fashion; Can you go any further? I let out a chuckle and said right back to her; I'll try. Here goes! I gave a fairly good push which my stream jumped forward almost another two feet. I did this for only for about five seconds and then gave up on my push. My stream fell back now being less then where it had been wetting the grass before my push.

J giggled and said that was pretty good honey. J dd like it when we did do thsi sometimes together other times when we would be pissing together outside. With my five second burst that did shorten the toatl time of my piss so I finshed pissing before she did. So I stood there relaxed and watch J piss which she dida nice long hissing piss which she even did several good finsihing spurts in a row which all of her spurts hissed when they came out!

J and I both never brought napkins for her to use to wipe off with. It didn't matter to her any way. What we did was just take care of each others clothes. I her shorts and her my jeans. WE had a easier time and faster time ggetting back to the truck becuase of the steep embankment and going downhill on it as we walked back. Up in the cab again and I pulled out and our next stop in aboyt twenty minutes would be Whitehall! To be continuied.


Eleven year old guy - I can understand your nervousness at school when the bully saw you sitting on the toilet. Really there was nothing for YOU to be ashamed of. You weren't doing anything wrong. I had similar experiences at the same age. Older boys would try to push the door open, waiting outside when younger ones went into the toilets, and if they were a long while, they would come in, push the doors open, and laugh at us. It was a matter of pride or health. I thought health was more important. As they say, if yer gotta go, yer gotta go. I had just moved to a new school and had to leave home earlier. I was sitting on the bus at the time when formerly I had been sitting on the toilet. It took me a couple of weeks to get into the earlier routine. At weekends I sat there doing my homework, pushing gently from time to time, until something happened. I had a sensible dad and I found it easy to talk over matters with. Gradually my 'system' responded to my earlier breakfast. It's best to get it over with and start the day right.


To "relying on others"

Well, that makes a lot more sense. It is all in the timing. What about the idea of the "travel mate"? This would likely help in terms of bladder needs, and since you have SMA rather than are paralyzed, you have all the necessary feeling in the associated areas. In theory, you're supposed to be able to use one right through an unzipped pair of pants. It's also possible that you could get into the routine of planning ahead so that when there are possibilities that you may not be able to get to a bathroom in a timely manner, you can dress accordingly to make the use of a "travel mate" much easier. In your case, it beats a wet diaper, and the hassle with having to get it in place, take it out, and clean up. While I am not a person with major physical challenges, my thought is that independence doesn't mean doing everything yourself, but knowing when and how to ask others for help, and how to explain to them how to do that. You've already stated the rest. Hang tough, and keep your head high.

Mr. Clogs

Standee Mandy Response to survey

Here are my response to Standee Mandy's survey:

Which of the following do you do:
b) wipe the seat off first
c) paper the seat
a) then sit down to handle my buiness

in the following places: 1) mall

3) gas stations/convenience stores- I try to avoid them to take a dump in, usually they're nasty
4) school/work- Work now, and when I was in school then yes.
5) airports- When I use to travel
6) highway rest stops -When I use to travel on the road

Noting really going on, I like to pee in unusual places like my bedroom into my cups, now I have a particular interests in peeing in bottles usually those Snapple bottles since it has a wider opening to fit my "man hood" in with ease. I much prefer to pee into cups instead of bottles. Have a great weekend everyone.

Mr. Clogs


Colonoscopy tomorrow

I started taking the laxatives this morning at 8 am to prep for the colonoscopy tomorrow. I took Dulcolax at 8 am then 3 pm and didn't poop much other than a few pieces. Then I had to take Purg-ODan at 6 pm and have had a ton of diarrhea several times. I have to take the second dose of Purg-ODan in a half hour at 10 pm. The whole day I've been on a clear liquid diet. I've been drinking lots of water, ginger ale and apple juice to stay hydrated so not only are my bowels being cleaned but so is my bladder. I had a pretty bad stomach ache after the first dose of Purg-ODan until about 7 pm when it started working and working WELL. The poop started out brown and watery and after about the 5th time going it's clearer.

I hope the laxatives finish working by the morning so my husband and I can take the bus to the hospital (we live in Toronto). I'm pretty nervous about the procedure as I've never had one done before (I'm only 24) but I'll get through it. I'm looking forward to a decent cup of tea, some food and a nap afterwards. Most people don't like the prep (neither do I) but on the bright side I needed this clean-out. Wish me luck! My appointment is tomorrow morning at 8:45.

new guy


To: End stall Em great story and have you talked to your friend Jewel if not you should.

To: Wendy & Kristy loved your first buddy dump story please keep them coming.

To: Angie great story about your sister pooping herself. If you have more stories please share them.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Garden shed poo

I was in the garden doing some weeding, this morning when I felt the urge to have a poo. I was right at the bottom of the garden which is 120 feet long & not wanting to walk all the way back indoors I decided to leave it untill the borders were done. As I was working, I felt a few drops of rain on my arms & looked up at the sky to see it was turning dark & stormy. I carried on working for a few more minutes untill my bowels started to tell me it was time to relieve myself. I put my trowel down as the raindrops increased & stood up ready to go back indoors to use the bathroom. As soon as I got to my feet I felt a pressure wave go through my bowels, telling me I really needed to use the toilet. The rain was getting heavier now & the garden shed was only 10 feet away from me but the house was 120 feet away so I decided to make a dash for the shed to get out of the rain. As soon as I got into the shed I shut the door. The heavens opened & the noise of the rain on the shed roof was deafening. It got really windy too & I though It was hurricane Katrina or something. But not in the UK of course. I was almost pooing my panties by now so I looked for something to do it in. I found a metal bucket & quickly lowered my jeans & panties before squatting over it. I released a huge load of soft mushy poo into the bucket together with a lot of pee. It was such a relief. I needed to wipe with something & luckily I found some rags so I used them. The rain was still pelting down outside so I waited in the shed untill it stopped. After half an hour the rain stopped so I opened the shed door & emptied the bucket out in the dirt behind the shed. The garden was waterlogged & I had squelchy exit from the shed to the house. My feet were soaked but it was a lot better than pooing & wetting myself in the garden.


A very good comment you made to 'Relying on Others'. She is paraplegic and is obviously supported by friends and others, and to her credit, has kept a lot of human dignity as a person. Few will know what problems she has overcome.

As you say, it is right that she can look upon people on this site as friends, because they can sympathize with you, and give anonymous advice without either side being embarrassed.

When my best school pal and I were only 13, Pete fell down and broke his wrist. It was his right hand, the one he used for writing and for other essential things in life ....

His mum was a single parent - he was conceived after a wild party she attended as a teenager.

At this age, he obviously didn't want his mum attending to his personal needs, so she said I could come and stay (we often stayed at each other's houses.)

If he could have help with dressing and undressing, he was OK to go to school, and notes that we normally took at school, he listened, and then at night he wrote them up on his computer, writing with his left hand. (His mum in her work had become proficient in information technology, and she had spent time teaching him the skills.)

Over those few weeks he was allowed to wear 'pull-ups' for school. He had no problems when he stood at the urinals. He could hold his penis with his left hand and fortunately for both of us, I didn't have to touch that part of his anatomy, and also fortunately, he, and I, had a good routine of a once-a-day poop at home.)

In the morning I helped him get showered (covering up his broken wrist) and then get dressed. He wanted to wear his school tie so as not to be different from the other kids. That was when I learned to put somebody else's tie on.

Then after breakfast before school we adjourned to the bathroom. He could clean his teeth with his left hand. But he couldn't apply enough pressure for wiping. This was actually the main reason why his mum knew he wanted me to stay! When he had finished he asked me if I wanted him to go out so that I could be 'private'. I said it was OK for him to stay.

This became a kind of bonding, when we both learned what true friends will do for each other. We laughed that I had to wash my hands twice after wiping two bottoms, and he said it was the one good thing about breaking his hand!

Also, we both decided that it would be a good thing to practise wiping with our left hands, and both of us learned to do this efficiently, in emergency! We both went our separate ways, but when we met recently, we went over our childhood, and this incident. Both of us wipe with our left hand once a week.

Now we are both married, we are confident that we will always be there for each other in need.

Harry Pooper

Two weeks in Provence

My mum brought me up on her own and she didn't have much money for holidays. After our successful camping holiday in Britain that I wrote about on page 1919, the following year when I was 15, Mum and I and Mum's best friend Alison went to France.

We had booked bed and breakfast at a farm house in the Provence region of France. It was more expensive than camping so to keep costs down, we had booked a family room with en-suite shower and WC. When we got there, the room wasn't quite what we were expecting however. It was a large bedroom in a converted farm building with three single beds. In the corner of the room, there was a bathroom area with a toilet, shower and wash basin. There was a partition wall to shield the bathroom area from the bedroom but the partition wall didn't go right up to the ceiling of the room, which was much higher. There was also no door on the bathroom area so whenever any of us used the toilet, everyone else in the room could hear every sound. Fortunately there was a fan in the bathroom area to remove steam and smells. Mum said that this was obviously a family room for families who are not shy about going to the toilet. She said that when we needed to poo, we should put some toilet paper into the toilet bowl first to avoid making 'plops'.

Soon, we all knew about each other's toilet habits. Mum used to do her poo after breakfast each day. She would tear off some toilet paper and do it silently. Alison used to poo as soon as she got up but she couldn't do it quietly. She used to fart when she did a poo and it often sounded runny. They had also been observing my toilet habits and after we had been there for three days, Mum said that she didn't think I had used any toilet paper since we arrived and she asked me if I was constipated. I admitted that I was constipated and that I hadn't done a poo since we arrived in France.

Mum said that I should eat more prunes. She always took some packs of prunes on holiday and she used to put five prunes into our packed lunch boxes each day. I hadn't been eating my prunes and I threw them away when Mum wasn't looking. That evening, Mum got the pack of prunes out and said that I should eat some before going to bed. She said that I should eat five for each day that I had been constipated so that was 15. There was no escape so I ate 15 prunes. Later, Mum took a shower and Alison whispered to me, "I know what you'll be doing tomorrow morning".

The next morning we needed to make an early start because our day out involved a long drive. Mum got up first, used the bathroom and then before breakfast, she drove to the village to get fresh French bread for our packed lunches. I got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower and I deliberately spent a long time in the shower. After about 10 minutes, Alison asked me if I was going to finish soon as she needed to sit on the toilet and it was rather urgent. I said that I hadn't finished in the shower yet but she could come in and use the toilet if she liked. She asked me to look the other way then she made a loud "Ploot" noise. She apologised for making such a rude noise but she couldn't do it quietly.

Alison finished in the toilet, I came out of the shower then she went in for a shower. While she was in the shower, I found Mum's pack of prunes and I ate another 10, to make sure I would need to do an urgent poo while we were out. Mum came back from the village and the three of us went to have breakfast.

After breakfast, Mum asked me if the prunes were working yet. They were working and I needed to go to the toilet but I could just about hold it. I told her they weren't working yet and I needed to eat some more. Mum got the pack out and I ate another 10.

That day, Mum drove us to the Gorges du Verdon where we planned to hike a spectacular 9 mile stretch of the GR4 long distance hiking trail. This includes a long iron ladder bolted into the rock cliff. Mum didn't like heights so she didn't hike with us that day. The plan was that Mum would drive Alison and me to the start of the hike and collect us from the other end. It was a two hour drive on narrow winding roads to get to the start of our hike.

Before we got to our destination, Alison said that she was bursting to go the toilet and she asked Mum to stop the car. The road was narrow with a steep hillside one side and a steep drop the other side so there were very few places to stop. Mum found a small place to stop the car then Alison picked up a toilet roll from the car, got out and closed the car door. She thought that her lower half was out of sight but she had pulled the sun visor down in the front seat of the car and the sun visor had a mirror. From where I was sitting, I could see her in the mirror as she undid her jeans, pulled her panties down and squatted. After a few minutes, she wiped herself with the toilet roll and got back into the car. Then I said that I needed to get out for a pee. It wasn't urgent but I wanted to see what Alison had done on the ground. As I opened the car door, Alison warned me to tread carefully. I turned away from the car and did a pee and I saw that Alison had done a pile of runny poo onto the ground.

We got to the start of our hike, Alison and I got out of the car and Mum drove off. I liked hiking with Alison because she was very open about toilet matters and she knew that I liked to talk about such things. As soon as we were away from the road, Alison said that she needed to go behind a bush, a BIG bush. I knew what she meant. She took her backpack off, got out a toilet roll and went off into the bushes. She was gone for about 5 minutes. When she came back I asked, "Better now?" Alison said that she often gets diarrhea when she goes abroad on holiday and all her breakfast had come out by the side of the road and in the bushes. Then she offered me the toilet roll and asked me if the prunes that I ate last night and this morning were working yet. They were working very well and I was bursting for a poo but I told Alison that I didn't need the toilet roll yet. I held my poo because I knew that there would be a more interesting place to do it soon.

We got to a section of the trail where we had to climb a long iron ladder with 240 rungs to get over a rocky outcrop in the gorge. By the time we got to the top of the ladder, I was having a stomach cramp from all the prunes I had eaten. Alison asked me what was wrong and I said that I had a stomach cramp and I was desperate for the toilet. We were perched on the top of a rocky crag and the trail continued down another ladder on the other side. I took my pants down and Alison said that I mustn't do a poo there eight on the trail. I said that I couldn't wait and I had to do it there or do it in my pants. Alison said that I would have to do it into a plastic bag. She got a clear plastic bag out of her backpack and handed it to me, I tried to squat but as we were on a narrow rocky ledge and I needed to hold onto the top of the ladder to keep my balance and avoid falling down the cliff. I asked Alison to hold the bag under me so she opened it and held it under my bum. Then I let my prune-induced diarrhea come out and Alison said that it looked like I had eaten too many prunes. I didn't tell her how many more I had eaten that morning.

Then a French couple climbed up the ladder and they saw me with my pants down, pooing into the bag that Alison was holding under my bum. The French woman said to her partner, "Il a la colique." When they had gone, I said to Alison that I needed to hold on with both hands so I asked her to wipe my bum for me. She got the toilet roll out, held onto the ladder with one hand and wiped my bum with the other hand. Then she put the toilet paper into the bag and tied it up. We continued along the trail and got to the end of the section mid afternoon. Mum was there with the car to meet us.

The next morning, Alison got out of bed first and went into the bathroom. I heard her tearing off some toilet paper before she sat down so I guessed she needed to poo. Then she farted and I heard her trying to have diarrhea quietly. Later, while Mum was in the shower, I whispered to Alison, "How's your diarrhea today?" Alison said that it wasn't as runny as yesterday but she would probably need some urgent toilet stops when we were out.

Later that day, Mum, Alison and I were in the market square of the nearby town when I spotted a sign that said "Toilettes" so I popped in for a pee. It was a unisex public toilet and I was standing at the urinal when Alison walked in and said that she was glad I had found a public toilet as that was just what she needed. There were two unisex stalls behind me and Alison went into one and locked the door. I noticed that there was a three inch gap under the door of the stall. I bent down to tie my shoe lace and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was a squat toilet with a shallow bowl set into the floor and two footplates to stand on. I saw Alison's feet then she took her jeans and panties down and squatted low over the sunken toilet bowl with her knees wide apart, revealing everything to me. She started to pee and then she made a "plooooot" noise and I saw her soft brown poo coming out of her bum. Then Mum came in and caught me looking under the door. I told her that I was looking for a 1 Euro coin that I had dropped but I don't think she believed me.

That was the most amazing toilet view I had ever seen and I decided that France was my favourite country for a holiday. Mum and Alison also liked France but for other reasons so we all agreed that we would like to go to France again next year. The three of us got on very well sharing a room for two weeks but it was quite expensive and we decided to go camping in France the following year, but that's another story.

At the time i was eleven years old and it was my first few weeks of middle school. I was very small and skinny, and was made fun of daily. I was quiet and kept to myself, and only talked when a teacher talked to me. Anyway, it was only like the second week of school, and I bought a school lunch for the first time. It was a meatball sub that was probably frozen and microwaved. Two periods after lunch I really had to go number two, and after not being able to take it anymore, it would be my first time using this school's bathrooms. I asked for a pass and found a restroom right across the hall. I entered the mens room and immediately hated these bathrooms: there was one urinal, one sink, and a stall with no door: just a small wall separating it from the urinal. Very embarrassing. I peeked my head out the bathroom door and asked the teacher who monitored that hall how the door locked. She said that it wasn't a single person bathroom, there was no lock. I was getting ready to cry. I went to the toilet and tried to make it as fast as possible. It was solid poop, but the snakes just kept on coming and coming. On the second log, a bully came in and asked if anyone was in the stall. I answered yes and I'd only be a minute. I was soooo embarrassed, i let out a massive fart that lasted for like 5 seconds, and then the anticipated diarrhea started coming, and burning. The bully still didn't realize it was me, and said it sounds like you could be here for a while. I started to tear up and told him i just had to wipe. After ten seconds of water-faucet diarrhea, i grabbed some TP, and reached under my butt, still sitting. This was going to be a messy clean-up: it was all over my cheeks. The other kid couldn't wait any longer and walkied in front of the toilet, seeing it was me with my shirt under my chin and my pants on the floor. He started cracking up and making fun of me. I hate school.

okay so i was ahout 12 years old when this friend chris and i had convinced our parents to let us go to a sleepaway camp for a week and a half with a bunch of other kids our age that we didnt know. there were two boys cabins and two girls cabins like right across from each other, and two porta-johns about 50 yards from them, both handicap sized. it was the third night and the counselors made us hamburgers on the fire after a fun day of canoeing. We all went to sleep at curfiew, ten oclock. In the middle of the night, im guessing around 2:30, chris woke me up. He said he really had to poop. I reminded him of the rule that we cant go outside until morning unless it's an emergency, and we would have to wake a counselor for that. He said he didn't want to wake one of them, and started half crying he had to go so bad. I finally gave in, and we snuck out the door. As soon as we got out we could see the porta potties with our flashlight, and one of the girls getting into the one on the left. Chris asked me to slow down, or he was going to go in his pants. we reached the porta potty, and the girl was still in the other one. As if i hadn't done enough, Chris starts half-crying-pleading with me to stand in the stall with him because he was so afraid of the dark. At first i just flat out refused, but if he was going to keep talking, he might have woken the counselors, so i went in. I turned off the flashlight as soon as he had himself situated on the seat, and turned the other way. after like thirty second of him just sitting there breathing heavily, i asked him why we came all this way for him to just sit. and just as i said that, i heard a noise that kinda sounded like when you try to squeeze out the last bit of ketchup from a bottle: a sick mixture of air and liquid. I heard the diarrhea hit the bottom of the make-shift toilet and chris moan in pain. it must have been coming out of him for five straight seconds. i raised my shirt above my nose in disbelief: chris was very small for our age, and very skinny. i turned around with the flashlight on to look at him. he had a funny look on his face and faintly told me that his hamburger must not have been cooked. Then he told me he wasn't finished. he stopped his breathing and moaned again, and let out the most massive fart i have ever heard. it sounded like a motorcycle speeding up,and lasted for like 4 seconds. He told me he felt incredibly better, and that i should try to go so we don't have to wake up again. he wiped for like five minutes. i shined the light into the toilet, and saw a green liquid at the bottom. i couldn't look at this. i sat myself down and strained, to let out a log probably a foot long into chris' mess. I wiped up and we left. and as it turns out, the girl in the other stall told all her friends about what she had heard, but no one knew it was us :)

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