Jeff A.
Hi all! I had my usual routine this a.m.: I worked out, showered, jumped out of the shower real quick because the urge hit me hard, sat down on the toilet, and gave birth to the poopie of the week! The old low fat diet is doing its usual thing to me. I do enjoy the firmness of the old jobberoos tho. I could however, do without the wet toilet seat from having a wet butt. I was remembering a time when I took a girl hiking with me up on a mountain. We were really good friends, and before this day, I'd only seen her on the toilet once, and only briefly. (She'd asked me to bring her a cigarette while she was doing a #2, and when I brought it to her, I said, "are you sure you want to light a match in here?"). Anyway, we did a 3 mile hike, and about halfway up the trail, I had to pee really bad. I told her as much, and she said "Just pick a spot and fire away. I won't watch." (but she did). I unzipped, pulled it out, but was getting a little excited over her watching, so I was half hard, and only a trickle stream came out. She took off her back pack and set it down and said "While you're doing that, I'd better go find a bush myself." There were'nt very many spots on the trail, so she went behind a tree that had a few bushes around it. Even through the bushes I could see her in there as she slid her shorts down and squatted. She looked out at me and said "No peeking!" and I turned around. I decided to forget about peeing because it was'nt going to work anyway. I looked back over at her, and could hear her tinkling into the dirt and when she finished she pulled a branch down so she could see me and said "I have to do something else too. Do you have any toilet paper in your pack?" and I said yes. I leaned against a boulder, and watched her in the bushes doing her thing. She pooped for a couple of minutes. I would hear a soft grunt every now and then, but I could'nt see anything coming out of her. It was great just watching her, and all of the little things she'd do. She pulled her hair back behind her ears, then scratched her left breast for a second, and then re-supported herself with the same arm. Once she looked up at me through the bush and said "Quit looking at me." and I'd avert my gaze, but only for a second. After a minute or two, I said, "How're you coming in there?" and she replied "This last one is being's coming out now." After a few more seconds, she said to me "Can you toss me that toilet paper now?" and I dug through my pack and whaddya know? I'd left it in the car, along with the map and my sunglasses. I had to tell my friend who was squatting in the bushes that I did'nt have any TP for her. I decided to take off my T shirt, and rip it in half for her to use. It was August, and I was'nt going to freeze. I started to walk over there with it, and she said "Would you just toss it? I'll catch it." and she did. I could hear her tearing it into more strips and she wiped alot. The visuals were wonderful. After a few minutes she emerged from the bushes and said "Better!". This little bit of woodland naughtiness was absolutely wonderful. I cant think of anything that would equal it. Not even making love to her, which we never did. There's something very erotic about sharing an experience like this with a woman who's not a lover. It seems to open new windows of possibilities of learning and awareness between men and women. When she came out, she gave me a kiss for giving her my T shirt, and I told her it was no big deal, "I'd give you the shirt off my back anyday." She was a very special friend to me, so I'd rather not disclose her name. I did get the shape of my back pack straps sunburned into my chest though. The good news: I eventually got to pee! Yippee! Love Y'all!

Monday, June 15, 1998

Steph, I'd be most interested in hearing about the times you peed while out in the woods hiking. I also try and be discreet when I have to pee outdoors, as I wouldn't want anyone (other than my husband) to see me squatting with my bare butt exposed, much less passing a stream of urine onto the ground. I've had to do it quite a few times this spring already. The main issues I have to deal with when peeing outdoors are how to keep my shoes from getting splashed (while squatting), how to keep myself hidden, and what works best to squat over and pee on (rocks, bare ground, grass, etc). I have pooped outdoors on the ground a couple of times, which is an interesting experience to say the least.

Jeff A.
Hi all. Here are some of those "Dead concert" stories that some of you asked for. I was at a show in Monterey one time, and there was an area that had a tree grove surrounding it with bushes all around. This area was aways back from the main stage. I always prefer this area, because it's more relaxing and away from the crowds. There was this one large tree, with lots of bushes surrounding it that had really low branches that hung down creating a natural curtain. It was an ideal outdoor bathroom area. I had watched some girls come in and pee in there, but nothing else. The guys would just whip out their willies and go wherever they stood. (me included). Most of the ladies seemed to want a little more privacy though. Anyway, there was this small clearing under the tree with just soft dirt, and branches lying about. I was sitting on the ground in there cross-legged, and after awhile, this one girl comes in. She looked to be about 17 or 18. She had really long brown hair, and was wearing a bright yellow-blue tie-dyed T shirt, and beige shorts. She crawled in, took a careful look around, pulled her shorts down and squatted. After a few seconds she grunted a couple of times, and a good sized turd started inching its way out of her fanny. I was completely dumbstruck and just kept staring as it came out! It was long, and thudded softly on the dirt as it came out. She exhaled softly, and then another one began only it was'nt as long. It fell on top and curled over her pile. She grunted again, and little bit more softer and wetter stuff came out top. After that, she wiped a couple of times with bunches of dried yellow grass, pulled up her shorts, and crawled out. The second story I told on my first posting here, so I'll just go over it again roughly. Later on in the evening, I decided to go in the bushes just for the hell of it. Hoping to get caught I guess, which I did. This girl came crawling in wearing a long lightweight tie-dyed skirt. She was just starting to hike it up around her waist when she saw me. I was squatting there producing, and she said "Oh excuse me." She pulled her panties down halfway, covered her front with her skirt, and bent over slightly with her elbows resting on her thighs. She had a look of concentration on her face as she started dropping away. I had never watched a woman dump while bending. She plopped out a good sized load, equal to anything I could've done. As a result, the turds kind of plopped all over the ground. Then she wiped, using some TP she had in a backpack, hitched herself back up, and said "See ya." and was gone. I sat in there for a little while longer, when 2 more girls came in. They looked to be about 14 or 15. One of them peed, and when she was finished, they started kissing each other for a real long time. I felt bad about being in there, denying them their quick chance at a little love. They obviously were'nt comfortable kissing in public, so they hid out under a tree. I crackled some branches to make some noise to alert them of my presence. One of them said "Oh! we did'nt know anyone was in here." and I said, "Just finishing up. You stay, I'll go." and I left. It was a pretty fun concert all in all. As a finisher upper here, later after I had walked out, there was a guy standing in the middle of the trail peeing. I stopped and watched him for the hell of it. He must've peed for a good minute! Another girl just dropped her pants in front of everyone, and peed too. It was wonderful. Love y'all!

Hey, a quick funny story. Friday afternoon, we were having the outside facade worked on. At 2"30 in the afternoon, I went to the men's restroom, and 2 of the construction workers were in there shitting, and smoking cigars. The stench was horriific ! A customer comes in, (I was at the urinals) and starts complaining that the smoke from the cigars is so bad, thathe can't breath. Then the three of us start laughing, (the 2 workers) and at the same time all say "Lucky for you" The guy huffed and puffed, and stormed out !

To reply to Mr Shy, I don't advocate that you see a doctor about your being self conscious about performing your natural functions in a public toilet. Many people feel this way and I wonder if you had a repressive upbringing as this is often the root cause of such inhibitions. The poet, Phillip Larkin was spot on when he said "They F*** you up your mum and dad" . I was lucky that my parents, even in the 1950s when I was born, were quite liberal and open about such things whereas I have come across people with hang ups about their natural functions who came from families where urination and defecation were considered "dirty" or "shameful" or even "sinful" (whatever that may mean???). May I ask if this was your childhood experience? I suggest you do as many men such as my friend Moira's husband George does and use a cubicle (stall) with the door shut when you need to pee in a public toilet rather than a urinal. Lots of blokes have a nervous stricture when trying to urinate with other males present who can see them. As regards being likewise inhibited about having a bowel movement in a public toilet at least you are then in a closed cubicle and cannot be seen, (in Britain anyway) and I doubt if many others are interested in what you are doing being preoccupied with their own functions. As it says on the top of this website, everybody does it! My suggestions about seeing a doctor was only about your concern regarding the looseness of your stools as you MAY be allergic to something in your diet, lactose, gluten or whatever and a doctor may be able to prescribe something to help or identify the cause. I am NOT a doctor so cannot and would not try to diagnose such problems.

On the other question you raised, the size of the jobbies I pass, I am a large lady, weighing 18 stone (that's 252 pounds) and I am 5 foot 10 inches tall. Im happy the way I am all the propaganda about slimming is rejected by me, Im glad to be fat, and have always been a ???? person as are my family. I eat a lot and as Ive said I usually only have two or three bowel movements a week, in effect every two or three days and this has been my natural pattern since chidhood. When I do have a motion I usually pass the accumulated fecal mass as a single long, fat, solid jobbie and it is often from 12 inches (quite common)to 16 inches (every so often) long and about 2 1/2 inches thick at its fattest. Sometimes it comes out as two turds the larger say 10 inches long the smaller about 6 or 7 inches or when I am constipated, just about the time of my period, it will consist of a load of big hard balls and one or two longer fat logs. That's how it is and I have been aware of doing large jobbies since I was a kid at Primary (Grade) school as my turds would often stick in the smaller toilet pans in the Girls' Toilets to the great amusement of my fellow pupils. This didnt bother me but I didn't like the school toilets very much, especially when I went to Secondary (High) School, where the bullies used to hang out and intimidate the more sensitive pupils. As Ive already said in an earlier post, I'd sometimes go off into the woods or some other secluded place and have a motion outdoors and still do so sometimes even as an adult. Like many who post here I am quite happy to let close friends watch me doing a motion whether on the toilet or outdoors but like Steph and Alex I wouldn't want to perform for total strangers though unlike Mr Shy I am not worried if they can hear me doing a jobbie or see what I have passed after I have finished. Hope this reply is of use to Mr Shy and since he has asked I will finish by telling him about the motion I passed this morning before writing this post. I woke up at 7.00am BST today Sunday 14 June and went to the toilet for my usual morning wee wee. I normally sleep only in my panties in the summer, plain white Sloggi Maxi briefs this time. I pulled these down and sat on the pan and did my pee but then felt that stiring in the ???? and filling of my rectum that said a big jobbie was on its way down . This time it was a nice easy one and with only a slight "OO! OO!" on my part to get things started it slid out of my back passage into the pan with a gentle "floomp!" It was about 12 inches long, very fat, smooth and easy and slightly curved like a big light brown cucumber. I had my shower, then when I pulled the flush it took 3 flushes to get my jobbie to go away. I had previously had a motion on Friday morning at work and that one was of a similar size but harder, darker, and more lumpy and took a greater effort to pass. I hope this interests Mr Shy and any others of a like mind, being empty I am now! off to cook my typical British fried breakfast. Lot's of love to you all especially Alex and Steph.

Well, for my latest dump, I unfortunately come down with the runs, on Friday, so to put an end to that, and probably will be Wednesday before I go again, since I seem to be on a 5 day cycle, I ate a 12 oz. package of american cheese singles, as I know that will bind me up enough to stop the runs...Will let you all know what happens when it does...

Sunday, June 14, 1998

Hi guys! Jeff A., I'd love to read more stories about seeing girls (and guys) going to the bathroom at Dead concerts. I have peed (never dumped) outside at several concerts, as well as hiking, but I've always been discreet about it. Lisa, I loved reading about your experiences with Illy. Alex and I feel the same way when we "buddy potty" together; I'm using the phrase "buddy potty" because although we usually both have to dump at the same time, there have been other times when both of us only had to pee, or one of us only had to pee and the other dump. Regardless, it's a very intimate experience.

I agree with my friend Jodi that it's inappropriate to walk in on someone, especially if doing so is the result of tampering with the locks. I'd be quite startled if anyone (male or female) decided to walk in on me while I was on the toilet. It's my body, and only *I* should decide who (such as Alex) or who should not (mostly everyone else, including all strangers) see me without my clothes (at least my pants) on. I haven't taken a dump in over two days, which isn't that unusual for me. This means my next one should be a biggie, and I'll be sure to tell you about it :) Peace, Steph

I remember when I was about twelve and I was cycling to my girlfriends house and I had to go across a rough field. As I got off my bike I knew I had to poo bad and real quick. I was about halfway from home and halfway to my girlfriends house. I was not going to make either as it was coming out already. I was about to put my bike down and drop my shorts but it was too late it had pushed out and I was passing a big log into my pants. Fortunately in those days I wore baggy boxer type underpants and my shorts were too big. Mothers always have their children wear clothes three times too big so they can grow into them, and by the time you do, you have to have another set of clothes three times too big.

I felt the poo go into my undies and then it dropped down my leg and on to the ground. It was a firm round brown piece of shit about six inches long which starred up at me. I felt much better and did not need to poo any more, so I quickly checked left leg for brown stains and there wern't any so I got on my bike and went to play with my girlfriend. She never found out and on the way home I saw the poo all covered with flies. Hope they had a good meal because by next day the rain overnight had washed most of it away.

A couple of days ago, I was at the mall and had to take a good shit. I went and did my duty and then headed to the candy store and got some gummy worms. Pretty good and I ate them pretty quick. I left the mall and headed to the grocery store to get a few things and then to a gas station to talk to a friend who is from Indiana and heading back real soon. When I was at the gas station, I had some gas problems and decided to head home which was 5 minutes away. When I got in the house, I dropped the stuff on the floor and headed to the john. I literally pissed out of my ass and was sitting for a good 10 minutes. It was a good explosive shit. It must have been the gummy worms as for I have not had much to eat that day. When I was finished, I ended up cleaning underneath the seat and the back part of the rim of the bowl so as to eliminate any signs of a good dump before the wife got home.

Mr shy
Many thanks to all the people who have posted advice and reassurance to me about my problems. I am glad to know that I am not alone in being shy about my toilet habits, but I do rather envy you people who can just walk into a public toilet and take a noisy dump oblivious of the other people around. Actually I am jealous of people who can fart in public, or even talk about their most recent dump!.... and as for actually doing it in front of others! It may seem hard for some of you to believe, but I cant even fart if my wife is present, it just doesnt seem right, although I agree with someone else who wrote in about how much of a turn-on it is if a woman farts in your presence. Donna, thanks for your sympathy and advice, but I dont think I could talk to a doctor about the problem. I am still amazed at the size of your turds. I usually only "go" once every 2 days but the result is only a fraction of yours! Im not sure if this anything to do with the size of the person, as my wife can produce really thick turds from time to time, but not the size of the "whoppers" you describe. How long have you been doing them like that? And when did you first realise they were bigger than most peoples? To conclude, do keep posting details of huge dumps, I find it a tremendous turn on!

Hello. I am a British reader who has only recently come across this marvelous web-site when I put the word "Toilet" in my search engine. It was great to read of people like myself who are turned on by both their own bowel movements and other peoples'. I especially like the correspondence from Donna, Jill, Harry, George and Moira,and Tony from Britain, and Jay & Paige, Alex & Steph and her friends, Bridget, Harry and other US readers. Its great that such matters can so freely be discussed in such intimate detail.

My childhood experiences are very similar to others I have read here so I won't bore you with repetition. Suffice it to say that I too was turned on from an early age (about 5 or so) by hearing my mother and my sisters doing a motion and sometimes actually seeing the jobbies they had passed and by doing large solid turds myself and still am today at the age of 25.

On the subject of bed-pans and commodes I can relate an interesting experience a few years ago. I was helping a woman friend who ran an old folks home with decorating and building work. They were short staffed at the time and I gave a hand with the residents, taking themn their meals and other tasks, but not of course the nursing side of things. One day I had taken a pot of tea into a particular old woman's room, (she was about 75 I'd say and very fat and had a bad leg). I knocked the door and she called me in and I saw her sat on a commode, her skirt drawn up round her waist and her large white cotton interlock knickers (briefs) pulled down just to the top of her thighs preserving her modesty. As she was a bit red in the face and by strong fecal smell I knew she was doing a motion. I left the tray with her tea on the table and was about to leave when she called me back and said, "Im finished now, you can take the pot away and empty it" She obviously thought I was an Male Nurse or auxilliary. She got up off of the commode having wiped herself and pulled up her knickers and I removed the potty with the lid covering it and went to the sluice sink in one of the toilets. Inside I took off the lid and wow! In the pot was a single fat dark brown turd. It wasn't the longest jobbie I have either seen or done being only about 8 inches long but it was nearly 3 inches fat! and shaped like a great nobbily cylinder and I could see all the folds and lines in it where it had become compressed and compacted inside her rectum. It was the size of a beer can I suppose, but slightly tapered at one end but blunt at the other. This really gave me a buzz as I thought what it must feel like to pass a great brick like that! When I dropped it down the sluice sink, which is like an outsize toilet pan, it made a tremendous "kur-sploomp!" and sunk straight to the bottom and took 2 pulls on the powerful flush to send it away. My friend saw me take the pot back to the old lady's room and laughed saying "so Nellie got you to empty her pot then? I bet she dropped a right brick she only goes twice a week" I described the huge jobbie to her and she merely chuckled and said "that's one of Nellie's Smellies alright she usually passes ones that big" I often wonder if she enjoyed doing it as much as I did seeing it.

I have also read in old posts how spicy food gives many readers the runs. This may be so if you are only used to bland Anglo Saxon food but I used to work with a Spanish girl who ate the typical spicy foods of her native land and Latin America. She was obviously used to such food as her stools were long, fat and solid and often stuck in the toilet pan at work and I was often called to unblock the toilet pan in the Ladies Toilet after Jacinta had done a motion. Her jobbies were usually about 12 inches long, 2 inches thick and shaped like great smooth but well formed curved sausages. I heard her doing her motions on a number of occasions and they made a quiet "Floomp!" sound when they slid into the toilet pan. I would also relate that they were usually a rather light brown colour but that they had a very strong, pungent aroma, no doubt caused by the spicy food she ate and sometimes gas bubbles came off if it had been lying in the pan for a while. Have any other readers British, US or Spanish / Latin American observed similar effects? Good lick from Gerald :->

New Guy
I once went into a women's bathroom by mistake. Where I was standing the "wo" was blocked and to me it said "men". I went in and didn't see any urinals so I peed in the stall. When I came out that's when I saw the tampon machine. I washed up and left. As I left I looked at the door and sure enough it verified I was in the wrong room.

Saturday, June 13, 1998

In answer to the query about using bedpans. I had to use one as a 16 year old when I had a short stay in hospital after a car accident. I had a broken leg but also had suffered concussion so they kept me in for a couple of days for observation. During the first day I needed a motion and rung the buzzer expecting a nurse to take me to the toilet in a wheelchair or something. Instead she came to my bed, drew the screens and presented me with a metal bed pan. Now I had used a chamber pot (potty) in the past but hadnt seen one of these strange flatter items before. She asked if I needed any assistance, got me to sit up and slid it under my buttocks. I did my wee wee then as I felt the turd start to slide down in my rectum I sat up as best I could as I didnt want to squash the jobbie which I knew was going to be a big one. Sure enough with a couple of "OO! OO!s and "Ahs!" out slid a long fat sausage of about 12 inches long. When I had finished I buzzed for the nurse to come back. S! he was a friendly Irish girl in her late teens called Bridget as I recall. When she looked in the bedpan she forgot the expected polite way nurses are supposed not to comment on such matters and exclaimed "Heavens, that's a big one Moira, were you constipated then?" Feeling quite proud I replied that I hadn't been constipated but usually passed large motions like that. I was discharged home from hospital the following day so didnt get a chance to give Bridget a repeat performance.

Speaking of bedpans, George and I also bought a commode. We didn't really need it as we have two toilets in our home but we thought it might be amusing to use and it was an attractive piece of furniture. We did make one modification though. The plastic potty that came with it was rather small and would squash up the size of turds we both usually pass so we substituted a deep plastic bucket (pail). As luck would have it I was first to use it one evening when we were watching the TV and I felt a motion coming down. I removed the top cushion, hitched up my skirt and pulled my pink panties down to my knees. I must say it seemed strange to be sitting in the front room watching the telly while doing a motion! George rubbed my ???? as usual and urged me to try hard and do a big one. My wee wee dribbled into the bucket then I went "OO! UGH! OH!" and with the typical "cracking" sound pushed out a substantial long fat log which dropped into the bucket with a loud THUD! This amused us both greatly and afterwards we disposed of the big jobbie down the normal toilet pan where it took 3 flushes to go away. The only disadvantage was that our lounge now smelt like a toilet as the strong aroma of my jobbie hung in the air and we had to make generous use of an air freshner spray . George has also used the commode with similar results. We might persuade Donna to do one of her whoppers on the commode when she next visits us.

Both George and I would confirm to Lisa that "buddy dumping" is a bonding experience. Both of us buddy dumped with close personal friends or relatives when we were kids and teenagers and we still do. I suppose its a combination of being allowed to witness a very private, personal and intimate act and defecation is also a point were the individual is at their most vulnerable as they are partly undressed and fully preoccupied. Even animals will often go to a place of relative safety to protect themselves from predators when excreting. There have been cases reported of people being mugged when sitting on the pan in public toilets, and kids are often bullied in school toilets, as it isn't easy to put up much of a fight with your knickers pulled down and a jobbie coming out of your bum and men are often attacked when standing at the urinal, another reason why George won't use these horrid smelly contraptions. Consequently, it can be very comforting to have a close, trusted friend i! n the cubicle (stall) with you when using a public or school toilet. I also must admit that both of us enjoy letting a friend with similar outlooks watch when we do a motion and watching them doing theirs.

Finally, to Keith. That's what happens when you take a dose of any saline purgative, such as Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts), Sodium Sulphate (Glauber's Salts) etc, it runs the shit out of you! causing repeated watery stools with griping. If you simply wanted something to ease the passage of a solid stool the try a tablespoon of Liquid Parafin ( Mineral Oil) or drink a wine glass of Virgin Olive Oil before going to bed and that will usually help produce an easy but formed solid motion the following morning. Love to all Moira.

To Lisa I'm intrigued!!! Please send more...MUCH MORE! I (and most likely the forum) would love to read about more of your adventures in the ladies room.

Just found this site. Cool page. I am a custodian in New York City Board of Education. Due to overcrowding, some of the restrooms are used as classrooms. Some are renovated permantly, but most are just makeshift classrooms. Case in point, one of the boys restroom, has 4 stalls without doors. The seats were all removed, and no toilet tissue is provided. A plank of wood is put on each toilet bowl, and books are stored an top of the wood planks.. Other day one of the female teachers asked me to move some books for her. Well, after the books were moved, the wood fell off the toilet, and there was a huge turd in the bowl ! Who would do this, she asked??? Of course i don't know. She was set back by the discovery, as was I !

Jay (of Jay & Paige)
Regarding bedpans...unfortunately I was hospitalized twice several years ago for a completely out of the blue medical problem. The treatment included being immobilized on my back for 48 hours after the actual procedure because I had to have a large sandbag in the area of my groin in order to prevent an arterial catheter site from turning into old faithful. Nowadays, patients undergoing this medical procedure can in some instances avoid this routine and are discharged from the hospital within 24 hours. Medical personnel reading this post will no doubt know what happened to me and what procedure I underwent--suffice it to say it was a success and saved my life. The aforementioned 48 hours is spent in intensive care. The whole thing about male patients falling in love with their nurses is true--it happened between a lovely nurse named Jeannie and me during the first hospitalization. When you're on your back and occasionally drugged by Demerol your moods change from complete resignation and submission to aggression throughout the period. Luckily, I only had to shit once during each hospitalization but it was the first time I used a bedpan in my 40+ years and it sucked. Nothing worse than extruding a long turd log into a dry recepticle, smelling the room up to high heaven and then having a pretty nurse come in and attempt to delicately wipe your ass...I'm sure some enjoy it if the guy's cute...and forgive me...but I'd like to think I'm in that category! Anyway, Jeannie was a pro...and she rotated my body just right and used a warm, wet cotton hand towel to thoroughly cleanse my bottom from the top of my crack to my perineum after laying on the god damn bedpan for about ten really have to decide if you've completely evacuated your bowel before giving the signal cause it's cumbersome to repeat the process. And fortunately what I produced were healthy, well-formed logs and nothing loose...I can't imagine an explosive motion in that situation and all the splatter..yeeeechhh! The second hospitalization was was for the same reason a few weeks later (lucky me) but the nurse who attended to me needed some graduate level ass-wiping courses...maybe she'd had them and skipped the lab that day! Anyway, after my motion (thanks to George and Moira and my other friends in the UK for that marvelously delicate expression...we used it throughout our trip to Europe back in March and the kids loved it!), the nurse wiped me with dry toilet paper...afterwards, I had to signal the nurse's station to have another nurse repeat the process...and I had to tell her exactly the way I wanted it done...she was businesslike and efficient but probably pissed at the first nurse because she was now stuck with, you should forgive the expression, sloppy seconds! She used several wetwipes until the paper was white and I thanked her profusely. There must have been some alcohol on the wipe...which I think is atypical...cause it burned a bit...she had to wipe a bit inside my anus...spreading my cheeks with her gloved thumb and forefinger. Interesting, she was the only one of the three who used gloves during the procedure...a bit of a bad oversight for the other two, wouldn't you think? Anyway, those are my only bedpan stories...hopefully the only ones, aren't you glad you asked? Regards to Alex, Bridget, Steph, Jill, Jody, and the other forum women who add so much to this site...and to any guy who reports on an overheard or witnessed peeing or shitting experience. Thanks to all for taking the time...I'll try to be back here soon with stories about why as a child I thought girls didn't fart...

Lisa, I would love to hear more of your stories about Illy and others. Keep em coming.

Friday, June 12, 1998

Has anyone had any experience using bedpans?

Hi everyone. I'm similar to my friend Alex in that I like to go to the bathroom before showering, so I rarely have the urge afterwards. Doorman, I would have used unprintable language if you "accidentially" walked in on me. There is a concept called knocking, you know!!! (I'd react in exactly the same way whether it was a male OR female imposing themself like that) I've shied away from dairy (lactose) products, so my visits to the bathroom have been uneventful. I'm sure most of you have heard the phrase "scare the crap/shit (or whatever word you use to describe BM) out of me." That literally happened to me the other night while I was on the toilet. It was around midnight and I was going to the bathroom just before going to bed. There was a severe thunderstorm in my area and BOOM!, there was a VERY LOUD rumble of thunder. I'm glad I was on the toilet, because my sphincter (intestines) also "rumbled" at the same time. I was intending to do *both* anyway, so I suppose it wasn't that surprising. I would like to add to the consensus that teachers who refuse to let their students use the bathroom are jerks! I'm usually able to hold it, but some can't. Silent Spice, congrats on graduating! Love to all. Jodi

Jean Claude
To: Standfast -- Please relate! To: Jeff A. I'd love to hear the story about the ladies at the Dead shows!

When I was 10 or 11 my family went on a vacation to florida. I remember that I was In our hotel lobby and I had to take a shit really bad!! By mistake I went In the ladies room, and sat down and didn't realise I was In the ladies room, I heard a lady and a girl between 7-13 come In she said to her mother "do you have to poop too"? The mother said "yes". When I was finished I waited till It was quiet In the ladies room then I snuck out and know one ever found out I was In the ladies room

Hey Guys... Good news over here at J.C. Penney's ! Tuesday afternoon I was in the mens restroom, sitting there doing (and minding) my business. I was in the center stall, a customer was in the end stall, and in came the new regional manager. He took the stall closest to thee entrance door. He really doesn't know me, but he saw my name tag on my shirt, so he made some small talk, while he shit. Then 2 teenagers came bursting in laughing hysterically, they had to crap really bad, could we hurry up? They really were annoying, and they were just standing there watching the 3 of us do our business! I was embarrased. As was Mr -------, who stopped by by register later that day, and said he would do anything in his power to have the doors replaced. Pretty cool, huh, private poops ! What a concept!. I will keep you posted of the progress.

to Silent Spice: I know, you're probably sick of hearing this, but I'm sorry about your mom. When I told my mom I was gay, she and my dad gave me a large sum of money and told me to go and never come back.I guess I kind of know how you feel. I thought you all would like to hear about the first time I "buddy dumped." It was with my good friend, Illy. When we where over at her house, we used to hang out in her bathroom. It was wierd; that was the nicest room in her house. Don't get me wrong. The rest of the house was lovely, but that bathroom was sooooo nice. Anyhow, that's where we used to hang out. Now, peeing for me (And Illy, I guess) was never a big deal. It's pooping that's a big deal to me. I find it kind of embarrasing if someone knows if I'm pooping or if I have pooped. Anyhow, We used to pee in front of each other all the time. It was really no big deal. So, this one time in about the ninth grade,we where in the bathroom talking, reading magazines and just hanging around. I was sitting on the toilet (not going) when Illy got up and said "Excuse me." I got up off the pot, she took down her pants and panties, fliped up the lid and sat down. I went and sat by the tub and we keept talking. I figgured she was just peeing. No big deal. She started to pee.Then, she let out a loud, smelly, almost inhuman fart. She kind of giggled and kept talking to me as she began to poop. It made popping noises and landed in the bowl with a PLOP! I was just shocked and embarrased, but a little turned on. She finished and took a handfull of paper off the roll and whiped. Then, an idea hit me; I could do this for her too. I was so nervous that I had delveloped the "urge" (dose this happen to anyone elas when they get nervous?) so I said "Don't flush! I have to poo too!" (Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a poet) so I began to undo my pants and looked in to see what Illy had done. 3 long, fat turds and a bunch of yellow water. I pulled off my pants and undies and sat with a fart. I began to push and noticed Illy had a strange smile. I let out a couple of more farts and began to poop. It came out in little balls that hit with PLIP PLOP noises. I sat for around 10 minuets (Illy was done in about 10, too) and whiped. I stood and Illy and I looked in. "Pretty full" I said, giggling.It was true; the pot was almost fulled to the top! We flushed, worryed about the toilet backing up, but (somehow) it didn't. This was a strange bonding experance, and it's always stuck with me. If you'd like to hear more, tell me. I've got plenty of stories. Bye Lisa

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