Upstate Dave

Floded Basement

For a good number of yers we still oened our old house which we tried selling but wound up renting it part of the time. Then after renting my parents put it on the market and tries selling it again. That ment weekend trips which I would do the lawn work whch was mowing and rakeing leaves in the fall.

Well on one weekend we wre up there and I had left my grandmothers and had gone over to the house to mow the lawns. They needed it badly and sometime durring that past week there had been heavy rain for a good part of the week. So that ment also checking on the basement too. That I would do last for I wanted to get all the mowing done first. So that's ezactly what I did.

Right after doing all the mowing I went inside the house now to check the basement. I had to also piss and shit so I would turn on the water which had to be done in the basement also. I opened up the basement door which was in the hall between the kitchen and bathroom. I had a small flashlight but I left it outside and didn't go back to get it. I would just go down the stairs into the basement without it.

WEll I only made it down to the next to last step. Now in the dull light in the basement I could see over a foot of water covering te entire basement floor! The sump pump never had come on to pump and drain water out of the basement! I could see the furnace and the oil burner unit was just poking above the water and that was not good! (as far as it my dad would wind up replacing it and the sump pump had gone bad and that would have to be replaced too.

Now since I couldn't get to the main valve to turn on te water I couldn't use the bathroom to take my shit and piss that now was getting very urgent that I better go. So I thought for a moment that since there was plenty of water here in the basement just pull down my pants and take my shit and piss here in the basement!

So I turned around pulled my pants right down and held on to the railing with one hand and my other hand I held my penis. I aimed my penis so that when I would piss I would piss between the stairs which were openenings betwen them. I started pissing first which my piss stream shot right though the open steps and made a loud splash in the water covering the basement floor.

I pissed hard and long before I started to shit. When I did have my piss stream ease up that's when I started to shit. But I lowered my bare ass down closer to the water so I wouldn't make a big splash which would have wetted my ass big time! I felt my asshole get pushed open very wide and felt what was a very fat shit start slideing along out of my asshole.

I'm most of the time a very fast shiter and this time it didn't take me long to shit. In less then ten seconds my asshole closed up followed by a loud splash as my shit hit the water which I still got hit with some water on my asscheeks for the splash had been a big one. Plus the water in the basement was so cold when it hit me I swore loudly and raised my ass up high and fast! Luckily I had stopped pissing for the moment too for when I had raised my ass up so quickly I had let go of my penis. If I had been still pissing I might have pissed right up the stairs and would have pissed on the hallway floor above me.

I felt myasshole opening again. Oh I have another shit comming I thought to myself. I lowered my ass down again but this time I lowered it way down getting it only inches above the water this time. I took a second fat long shit for my second one. This one too came out quickly and was over againg in about ten seconds or so. Then I was done. I stood up and turned around on te step I was on.

I saw only one shit there in the water. One of my shits must have been heavy enough that it sank. I still needed to piss some more so I aimed my penis at my big long fat floater and gave a push. I started pissing which I did hit my shit and started pushng it away till I did stop pissing. I hoped that it would flaot well away for it wouldn't be seen when my dad would be up to fix the sump pump and the furnace. As it turned out he didn't for her didn't come up and do this work till three weeks later and I was there again mowing outside and he never mentioned seeing my shit after he fixed the sumppump first got it running and then did the oilburner for the furnace later on that day. The End

End Stall Em

My Hectic Friday--Part III

This is the conclusion of my story on what happened to me and my friend Jewell at school and after school last Friday. Both me and Jewell are 14 now, but back when I was about 7 or 8 I had a high school age babysitter who had some great lines I've never fogotten. For example, when I would complain about something, she had the perfect response: "Life sucks, then you die!" I remembering telling that one to Dad and he asked if that was something I had learned in the gifted program at my high school. (I was allowed to skip a grade and when I was 13 last year I started high school).

After Jewell and I had been written up by the vice-principal for both being in the same toilet stall (there's a one-student-per-stall rule because of smoking and some other activities)we had to make a run for our next class. For me that meant going up three floors and for Jewell, while she was on the same floor as me, she had less of a walk because her classroom was one of the closest rooms. I leaped sometimes two stairs at a time which caused my bruised knee to hurt again because I didn't want to get a second Saturday School because those detentions really suck. You guys might remember I got one last year for using an unauthorized bathroom rather than the one closest to my classroom. I was out of breath when I got to my classroom and was hopeful that I wasn't going to be looked on as the two-pack a day smoker that it seemed like because I was out of breath. Also because of the incident with the vice-principal, I now remembered that I hadn't had a chance to pee and my bladder was starting to hurt me. I sat down, and when a substitute walked in with a video tape in her hand, I felt good because I knew there was a chance that I would be allowed to leave. While she waited for a student to get the TV working, I walked right up to her, looked her right in the eye (something we were taught in Honors Language 9)and asked permission. She asked my name, wrote me a yellow hall pass, and I immediately left. The bathroom was about a dozen steps across the hall from my classroom and I carefully pushed the door open (I learned from what had happened earlier) and aimed myself for the first stall. But I stopped in my tracks and to myself thought "F**k!" I could see Jewell's shoes under the stall door.

I immediately turned around, exited and went downstairs one floor to the closest bathroom I could think of. I walked in, slowly again and expecting the worst, noticed only one of about 20 toilets was in use. I turned to my right, went into the end stall, took a quick look at the black seat and unbuttoned my jeans and using my thumb, I gripped my underwear. Unfortunately, I heard a rip and and felt my fingernail claw across my skin because I had forgotten that I had ripped them earlier, and that I needed to handle them more carefully. My pee started immediately and came out heavily, so much so that I noticed between my legs that there were bubbles in the bowl. I didn't really think it was necessary but after about a minute and a half of drain, I tore off one square of toilet paper and made a quick wipe. Then I stood, and putting my fingers at the bottom of my panties, I hiked them up. I also made sure that I was completely zipped up and buttoned because I try to learn from my previous mistakes. However, as I sat I did go back to thinking about how the Saturday School detention really sucks, so with that still on my mind, I left the toilet unflushed and went to a sink to wash my hands. The faucet worked well and I thoroughly washed my hands--actually the first time I remember washing them that day because of all the other problems. I went to turn off the faucet, then I decided not too. Sorry, but the situation with Jewell and the Satuday Schools just sucks. I walked slowly walked upstairs and I started having thoughts about squatting and deliberately leaving loads of shit on the seat for the next several times. You can definitely say I don't take criticism well, I guess. I got back to the classroom during the movie, and the sub asked for my pass. I told her I had left it on top of the toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. Now she was meaner. She said that was too bad but I needed to go back and get it because she had to record the time on it. I was nice about it, went back downstairs, back to that stall and there was a senior on the toilet loudly crapping away. I knocked on the door, apologized for interrupting her, but she had seen the pass and flushed it with her first load. I tried to keep from starting to cry and went back to class without it. The sub wasn't very happy with me and said she would put in

Luckily for Jewell, her dad picked her up right after school and I had like a six block walk to the elementary school to pick up Justin. Grade schools get out 30 minutes before the high schools in our city so he was waiting for me in the principal's office. The secretary asked for my student ID card, which they put on the photocopier, and they asked me a code word before I could sign him out. I told Justin we were going to be taking a long trip downtown and that he should go to the bathroom now. He said he had just done a Number 2 while waiting for me and that the secretary allowed him to use the faculty bathroom there in the office. He said he liked it because there was a door on the stall and wasn't any Number 1 on the seat. For some strange reason, I just found that to be sooo amusing I wanted to hug him.

The bus situation sucked and it took us more than an hour and two transfers to get downtown to the Civic Center. However, it was rush hour so the crowd was bad. Once we got off the last bus and started to make the short walk to the convention wing of the Civic, I noticed that Justin was starting to put his hands on his madrids between his legs. He said he needed to pee and I told him I would have him in the restroom within a couple of minutes. We opened the big doors going into the building and I immediately pulled him to where I remembered the closest bathrooms to be. I asked him whether he wanted to have me go in and he said he could go in by himself. I admire his adventure, but told him I would stand right outside entrance to the mens room. I opened the door for him and about 15 seconds later I heard a stall door being latched, a seat being slammed down, and I knew the was off to a good start. It took him about three minutes and he came running out of the bathroom and up to me with a big smile on his face. I stopped him and told him something was wrong. Immediately he said, "Ah, you're just like my Mama..." and he turned back and I heard the toilet flush and the sink being used. Other than than, Justin was a delight to have and was no problem.

I got $75 for caring for him for the weekend plus another $100 from Jewell's father for doing the exhibit set-up work, plus a $10 tip from an elderly couple who were late to arrive with a trailer full of ceramics that they hoped to make at least $1,000 off of.

Saturday morning I woke up early and was thinking about what Justin and I could do that day as I sat waiting for my crap to drop. I got to thinking about how lucky I was to have the bathroom all to myself.

Kate M.

Pee emergency in parking lot

I went biking and stopped in the wooded area to pee, then proceeded to the grocery store. I had my grocery articles in the cart and was in line for the cash. I paid with my credit card and was desperate to pee but I thought maybe I can make it home. I got on my bike with the stuff and thought OK, there is an industrial parking lot I pass so I will just have a quick pee beside some cars. I found a nice quiet place and faced the bushes, squatted down and pulled my panties aside. I was wearing my knee length skirt which covered the butt. I peed and peed and peed mostly into soil to absorb it. It was a huge pee. I got up and biked home. My skirt got a little wet but it is a dark colour so it is OK. It will go into the laundry tonight. Whenever I pee in public I make sure there are no children around and no men if possible. I don't care so much if women see me because at the pool all the ladies strip to the birthday suit. If a man sees me I would rather he be an older man since his vision won't be as sharp and I doubt he would make any lewd comments, since he or his wife/girlfriend may also have a weak bladder.


my sister and her accident

I enjoyed Misty's story about her older sisters accident and have a similar story to share. This happened several years ago when I was 15 and my sister was 18. I was sworn to secrecy and have never told anyone this story even though I always wanted to. I decided this was a good place to finally tell the story since my sister will be able to remain anonymous. My parents and the five of us kids (three boys and two girls) lived in a house with one bathroom for our entire lives while growing up. As you can imagine, with that many people, it wasn't unusual to have to sometimes wait to use the bathroom. It was kind of ironic that this happened on a day when there were only three of us at the house.

It was a Saturday morning and my sister and I were in our bedroom and both still in our PJ's. Our younger brother was playing in the tub while taking his bath, and taking his sweet time as usual. He'd also broken the house rule by locking the bathroom door because he "didn't want any girls walking in when he didn't have his clothes on". My sister had been patiently waiting to use the bathroom but kept making comments to me about how bad she had to go. After about twenty minutes she started getting desperate and went to the bathroom where she started talking loudly to my brother through the door, telling him she really needed to use the bathroom and he needed to unlock the door. Being a typical brat in that situation he just said he wasn't done with his bath and she would have to wait. She came back into the bedroom saying she was going to kill him when he gets out then sat back down on her bed. Within a few minutes I could tell she was getting uncomfortable and after about ten more minutes she got up and hurried to the bathroom again. This time she started pounding on the door and screaming at my brother who at first insisted he wasn't done yet but finally said he would be out in a few more minutes. My sister came into the bedroom again, this time with her hand pressed against her butt and said "I don't think I can hold it much longer" then quickly sat down on the small stool in front of our dresser. She sat there kind of bouncing and fidgeting and I said "I thought you had to pee?" to which she replied "I do but I need to poo even worse". I don't know why but the thought of seeing my big sister poo her pants seemed funny and I found myself hoping she'd have an accident. I pretended to be concerned about her situation and kept telling her it will only be a few more minutes. I knew she was really desperate as she looked really tense sitting on the stool, she was shaking her legs and taking deep breathes. It didn't take long before she gave in to her bodily functions. I was looking at her and she looked like she was about to cry then she leaned forward and looked down. Her entire body seemed to be shaking and then I heard her fart. It was long and wet sounding and I knew poo came out with it. After that I heard a bubbling sound and I realized she had diarrhea and was completely pooing her pants. If the sound wasn't obvious enough, the smell was. I've never seen her face so red when she looked towards me but before I could even say anything our brother announced that the bathroom was open. She stood up and quickly walked out of the bedroom. As she stood up I noticed the inside of the pyjama legs were wet and I knew then that she had went pee in her pants also.

I still have the vision of her walking out and the brown mess covering the seat of her yellow pyjama pants. I immediately went over to inspect the stool where she had been sitting and there was a small amount of brown liquid poo on the vinyl seat. The room really smelled badly and I was hoping my sister hadn't locked the bathroom door.We kept the air freshener in there and it gave me an excuse to hopefully go in to get one more glimpse at what she'd done. I waited until I heard the water running in the shower then I opened the door slightly and asked if I could come in to get the air freshener. I could already see my sisters messy pyjama bottoms on the floor. She said okay and when I walked in I then could see in the sink her white bikini panties she'd had on under her pj's. I could hardly believe the mess! They were filled with a very creamy runny poo. My sister washed out her pyjama.s but threw out the panties. She later told me how embarrassed she was but thanked me for not teasing her. And then she made me promise to never tell. For almost twenty years I didn't.

Kate M.

More for Anna

Anna, I find that people above age 40 are often more open to peeing in public - why - they have bladder control issues often, have raised or have kids who have to take a quick pee in public, have elder parents or other relatives and are practical in life. I swim and I cannot tell you the number of people of middle age and older who pee in the pool. We laugh about it - tell each other that we do it and ask each other if it is pee time again and laugh about 'warm spots'. I find that it is hard to get out of the pool via the ladder compared to when I was a kid/teen/20 and 30 something. I just pee in the pool discreetly. One senior who swims when I do goes to the side several times and stays still for a bit then swims again. She focuses on the distance and I know she is peeing; one man told her jokingly it is good they use chlorine in here. He also pees in the pool at least a little bit. My friends and I joke about peeing our pants and peeing where and when needed and I have stated that public urination should be legal after age 40. One middle aged couple was in the pool and the guy told his wife he had to pee and she told him to just go against the side of the pool while submerged. That is usually where I pee when I pee in the pool.


To Upstate Dave

I'm a big fan of yours. I love reading your posts, I look for them specifically whenever I log on. I was wondering if you'd ever had a true peeing emergency. Wanna share? Thankss!!

Standee Mandy

Survey on how we use public toilets

How do we use public toilets? This is a survey that me and my friend Skye (who I wrote about on Page 1916) discussed this week.

Which of the following do you do: a) sit right down
b) wipe the seat off first
c) paper the seat
d) squat/hover
e) hold it until you get home

in the following places: 1) mall
2) parks/recreational places
3) gas stations/convenience stores
4) school/work
5) airports
6) highway rest stops

These are my answers:
1) A; 2) c or d; 3) b; 4) a; 5) c; 6) d

These are Skye's answers:
1) A; 2)B; 3)A; 4) A; 5)B; 6)B

Any additional comments you want to make?

My mom is very strict about me not sitting on a toilet when we are traveling. So she learned me to squat and I've even learned to do that to shit. Last week she and I went up to my school for parent teacher conferences and she was surprised when I sat right down on the toilet. She said when she was my age and in school she hovered to pee and covered the seat before sitting down for a crap and she said she did it EVERY time. And I'm like get real!!!

Desperate to poop
I must apologise to the train station cleaner as I destroyed a toilet today! I had been on a work night out and was quite hungover. We had stayed over in a hotel. Id checked out and was at the station when I had to go really really badly! I rushed to the toilets and had to wait! Two minutes later lady came out I rushed in and before I Could pit down I exploded all over the seat and wall. It was awful but the relief was immense

re: relying on others.

Its me again. To clarify- i am diagnosed as a parapalegic because i have the ability to use my arms and hands. However my upper body strength is extremely limited. I cannot keep my arms or hands raised for very long, i can't write for very long without taking frequent breaks. I do not have enough upper body strength to lift myself or transfer myself from my chair without help, which is why i cannot use the bathroom on my own. For those interested i am diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 3, which is a rare neuromuscular disease. Type 3 is the least severe. Some sma type 3 patients don't even require a wheelchair but deal with weakness and fatigue. I'm more like type 2.5 id say, which isnt an officially recognized diagnosis but most type 2 patients are quadriplegics and have little to no peripheral muscle function whatsoever. So I'm better off than type 2 patients but most other type 3 patients have it better than i do. Anyway, i appreciate the words of advice. As for the travel john its not very easy for me to use because it requires a certain amount of maneuvering and lifting that i would need help with anyway. Basically my only options for peeing without assistance are a catheter or a diaper. Which aren't options I'm willing to use. Catheters are just unpleasant i think. Diapers...i dont see the point. To me that's no better than going in your underwear. The end result is the same, youre covered in your own urine and need to change and clean up right away, no? Keeping your clothes clean is the only upside. I don't feel like i have accidents frequently enough to warrant wearing a diaper "just in case" anyway. Like i said i can hold it in pretty well, just sometimes i overestimate my abilities. I think the real solution i have to work toward is getting over my worrying about asking for help when i need it. I try to pee as few times a day as possible for the convenience of others, but when i really take the time to think about it i realize the lack of logic in that because if i wait too long and have an accident, its even more of an ordeal to help me change my underwear and clean up than to have helped me go in the first place. Besides...There aren't many things more humiliating and degrading than being 22 years old and your mom is helping you change your poopy underpants like what happened to me last year...just gotta get better at avoiding those incidents. Thank you anyway for the advice. I just thought you would find my story interesting.


Wet patch on bus seat.

I noticed what looked like a small wet patch that was in the middle of the front edge of a bus seat. I carefully sat down to the right of the wet patch.

Kate M.

To Anna

Anna, don't wear pads in the pool since the gel can clog the filters. It is better to just pee as needed - I always pee in the pool when swimming and the chlorine takes care of it. I have learned from necessity how to be discreet. I can swim head up breast stroke and pee at the same time. I can pee while water running. I have peed while sitting on a pool noodle where it can be formed into a U shape and my butt hangs over and I let the pee go as needed. One of my senior citizen friends pees in the pool in front of the jets - the warm water makes the pee flow. I try not to pee in the hot tub but some always escapes. I do tell some people that I do it and most people over a certain age are quite understanding. I also pee in public discreetly and any large bush on public property is fair game for my weak bladder. Competitive swimmers are very understanding of peeing in the pool since they do it.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfrWendy

To new guy: First buddy dump

Our first buddy dump was a couple of years ago. We'd been to a car boot fair & there were no toilets. We both needed to go badly but had to hold it untill we got home. By then I was about to poo myself & Kirsty had leaked a little diarrhoea into her panties. We rushed into the bathroom & ripped our jeans & underwear off. I sat right back on the toilet seat & immediately released a huge amount of soft mushy poo. Kirsty sat between my legs but as she got herself into position she let a squirt of diarrhoea out which went on my legs. She was very apologetic but I secretly liked it. Once Kirsty was properly seated she relaxed & released a torrent of diarrhoea into the toilet. It lasted ages & I couldn't believe how much she'd pood. I pushed out the last of my own poo & we wiped each other as best we could. We then got in the shower & cleaned up properly. After that we went to bed but not to sleep!

We'd love to hear if anyone else is in to buddy dumping. Please post your stories as we would love to read them together.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfKirsty

Food poisoning

When I was 19, I got really ill from eating some re heated chicken wings I'd taken to work for my lunch. They weren't very hot & they were about 3 days old so I took a risk I know. Anyway during the afternoon I felt some churning in my guts & knew I would be needing the toilet very soon. Just before afternoon break I went to the toilet to be sure it would be vacant. I sat down but only farted. I felt realy full but wasn't ready to poo just yet. I took my break & returned to work with a major urge to poo but I couldn't take the liberty of going back late after starting my break early. I tried to hold it untill 4:30 when we finished but by 3:30 I was getting desperate. I was about to leave my workstation to go to the toilet but Emma needed to go as well & got up before me. I hoped she was only having a pee but after 10 minutes she still hadn't come back. I was realy cramping up by now & was close to losing it. I went to the toilet & asked Emma to hurry it up but she said she didn't feel too good & it might take some time. I told her I was nearly pooing myself & she said she was sorry but she couldn't get up yet because she was still going. I was at the point where I couldn't move, I was that desperate. Finaly after half an hour Emma flushed the toilet but she didn't come out. She said she was sorry to keep me waiting but it hadn't all gone down & she had to wait for the tank to refill & try again. I could hear Emma using the toilet brush to clean the pan & while I waited I squirted a tiny bit of diarrhoea into my knickers. Five minutes later she flushed the toilet again & came out. I could hardly move by now & I had to hold my bum tightly as I entered the toilet. It realy stank in there but to be honest I couldn't care less. All I wanted to do was get onto that toilet! I shut the door & locked it behind me before undoing my jeans & pulling them down. As soon as I started to pull my knickers down & I squirted again adding to the mess that was allready there. I froze while I tried to keep control of my bowels but I couldn't hold it any longer so I just pulled them down to my knees & thumped down onto the seat while I was still going. I got some poo on the front of the seat & on the floor but most of it went in the toilet. It was like an explosion & lasted ages. When it stopped I still felt I needed to go. My gut still hurt so I pushed out the last bit which made me feel much better. Looked at my knickers & decided they were ruined so I threw then down the toilet. I cleaned the mess off the toilet seat & the floor & I wiped, flushed & washed my hands before going back to work. It was now 4:10 so there was only 20 minutes left before it was home time. By then I needed to go again but though I'd be able to make it home in time. I walked to the bus stop (I couldn't drive back then.) & waited for the bus. By the time the bus got there I was busting to go again. I got on the bus & took my seat. It was quite a long ride & my bowels were churning. I started to regret not going to the toilet first as I was soon even more desperate than I was earlier. By the time I got to my stop I was about to poo myself. I got off the bus & as soon as I started walking home it just came out. There was nothing I could do to stop it & it flooded my jeans in a watery mass of smelly diarrhoea. It went all down my legs & into my trainers. As I walked the rest of the way home it happened again & by the time I got home I was in a terrible mess. I went straight up to the bathroom to clean up but I needed to go again so I sat my poo smeared bum on the toilet & released another big load of diarrhoea. I felt weak & empty so the cleanup was hard work. After taking shower I had bath to see if it would make me feel better. It helped a bit & after a long soak I got dried & went to bed to recover. I'll never take risks with dodgy food again. Not after a day like that!

I was working on a research project until late today with another class member named Kevin. We were in the very upper floor of the library in a part that I had never been in before. It was absolutely empty and I think we were the only ones on this part of the floor. I had eaten a bunch of dried fruit and raisins a few hours earlier and I could feel that they were having a profound affect on me. I had been holding it in for so long now that it was starting to become unbearable.

Another 20 minutes passed at which point I told Kevin I was going to go to the washroom. He replied that he had to go as well. I really was hoping I could have gone alone because I knew it was going to be a big and noisy shit. I tried to walk naturally but the pain in my ass was excruciating. We went down the long hallway where the men's washroom was located. I pushed opened the door and entered into the tiny washroom. Right near the doorway were two sinks and a large wall that divided the bathroom in two. I went around the corner and was shocked to see two toilets in the open against one wall with a single urinal in the far corner. I was sort of shocked and didn't know if I felt comfortable shitting in front of him. I knew I didn't have much of a choice so I walked over to the toilet and tried to act casual. Kevin came around the corner and seemed almost as shocked as I was.

I lowered my pants and underwear before sitting down. Kevin went and sat down on the toilet next to me. At that point I let out a barrage of gas that I had been holding in. I relaxed and a long and soft turd dropped out effortlessly. It was quickly followed by a load of soft shit. I took a huge sigh of relief and I peered between my legs and saw that the bowl was absolutely full of my shit. I took a very long piss at which point I heard Kevin fart and drop a few logs. I realized I wasn't done when I felt another sharp pain from my gut. I started to unroll a large amount of toilet paper from the holder and a moment later I released another load of soft shit. By that time the smell was absolutely horrendous and I'm sure anyone who entered in would immediately turn around and exit. I wiped for a good two or three minutes and then got up to see a very full bowl. There was the first log that was curled around the bowl followed by two larges pile of soft shit and two thick bunches of toilet paper. I pulled my pants up and flushed while praying everything would go down. There were a lot of skidmarks on the bowl after the first flush and the smell was still strong so I flushed again. I washed up and went back to the desk where we were working. A few minutes later Kevin returned and we continued the project.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

This evenings poo.

I had to take a second poo tonight which is unusuall for me. Wendy was soaking in the bath & watched intently as I pushed out a modest size but still satisfying poo all the same. Wendy got out of the bath & got dry & we went to bed after that.

Kate M.

Describe your ideal toilet/urinal

What comfort features would it have? What green features would it have? I would have two - one indoor and one in the backyard. For the indoor loo, it would be higher than standard with an elongated bowl.

The outdoor one would be a unisex urinal in the backyard. Guys can pee anywhere but it would have wooden fencing, and inside would be a high stand whereby a lady could rest her thighs and pee onto the ground. It would have ferns in front of it so that guys and gals could aim their pee at the ferns. It would have absorbant soil at the base.

Inside the house would be a bathtub/shower/urinal combination whereby it would be easier for guys to pee into a drain and gals could sit on the edge of the tub to pee into it; there would be a spray rinse of cold water so avoid odours.

This way the water bill would be reduced. I would make peeing in the yard legal and would encourage it via the environmental movement.

I would also have a pee underwater attachment so that one could fill it with water and put the urethra under water and release into the water; this would be good for interstitial cystitis patients, bacterial cystitis patients, people with hemorrhoids, have had surgery or childbirth procedures. There would have to be a way to sanitize the pee underwater device however.

For ladies who find it hard to squat, a higher toilet/urinal would be useful. Skirts are easier with this however.

Poolside, I would have a shower so that people who did not want to go to the bathroom or pee in the pool could simply take a 'rinse' during their swim session without having to move too far. I would also make a wee drain so that if one just wanted to sit on it and pee through a bathing suit, one could. This would be good for kids and others who are talking, socializing, etc. I would also make a pipi vite section in a pool, whereby one could go to the end of the pool, step into a section, let loose under some water then go back to swimming. This part of the pool would be filtered more frequently. At my pool, most people who pee in the pool do it at the end of the lane or at the side anyway.

I would bring back street urinals but have them for women also. They could be connected to the sewer and would save water. I recall reading about how in Paris they have these and some girls/women use them also.

I <3 POO

My after work home :)

Hi everyone :)
As you can tell by the title ... Yes, it's half 7 & I'm on the loo just pulled down my shorts to my thighs & made myself comfortable on the loo ready to have a lovely, satisfying poo after work. I'm home alone at the moment & am gonna take as much time as I need on the loo to have my poo.

Feel really, really tired after a hectic, busy week at work!!! So just need a nice, relaxing weekend to just completely chill out I think.

I have just let 2 little pieces of poo just slip out my bum ... Plip-plip! There's lots more to come yet :). Got a very full feeling in my belly so this is going to be a biggun' & a smelly one because my pre-poo farts were minging! and that's no lie!
There goes another small chunk of poo dropping out ... a quietish plip as it lands in the bowl. God! This poo is a slow mover tonight!!!! Come on!!
Now things are showing some signs of moving... I just a cramp to hit & I can feel I'm just let rip with a fart & just follow through with just brown, warm
smelly sludge! Crackle, hiss as I can feel my bum cheeks opening to let out a big log, I can feel it coming but a small piece drops out & plops into the bowl! Again another crackle and ... Plop-plip-plop-plop-plip-plop (It's getting kinda smelly in here now!) but I still got more up my bum ... Plop, plop, plop, plip, plop!
Now my parents are back & they are calling me but I'm in the middle of having my poo & then my mum keeps calling me & asking me what I would like for dinner but I say that I'll let her know soon, and again she asks me & now I'm about to let out a soft grunt as I can feel a log hanging out my bum & it's stretching my hole & I really could do with some time to myself & concentrate on having a poo! I hate it when I'm interrupted on the loo because I don't feel like answering all the time. Then the log drops & lands in the loo with a PLOP! Aaaahhhh, relief. That feels good it really does :). It's been 20mins & I'm still on the loo dropping the kids off at the pool :) if you know what I mean! I can feel a couple of smelly chunks waiting at my back passage to drop out & they do .... ploooopsloopplopslopblopplip & again my mum
asks me if I'm ok & I reply yeah just got a bit of a belly & carry on with pooing. A few more chunks of poo drop out my poopy bum & land with soft plops! I'm done & finally after 25mins on the loo it feels like I'm lighter :). It does smell a bit, phew! Have a quick look round behind me & it's all a big brown mess really & I quickly tear off some loo roll & it takes 5 wipes to get my bum clean! I quickly get up off the loo pull up my shorts, flush the loo. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my poos.

Till next time see y'all :). Enjoy pooing x


To: Kirsty ( Wendys Girlfriend)

Hey i just have a question for you, when it comes to pooping and farting who's stink the most your or Wendy's. When it comes to public restrooms witch ones, stink the most men's or woman's or both.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

End Stall Em

My Hectic Friday--Part II

This is the second part of my story about what happened to me last Friday. My friend Jewell met me in the bathroom at school--actually interrupted me while I was on the stool and trying to finish up and get out of there and to class on time and while I'm seated and trying to deal with her, Mom calls on my phone with a babysitting job. I have to stop going to the bathroom once before school and again after first hour because the tardy bell rings, and I like so much in a panic about getting to second hour that I got off the toilet, made my run to class and luckily survived the run because I didn't have my jeans buttoned at the top and my zipper wasn't fully up. I caught myself daydreaming during the first part of our reading period in second hour what would have happened if my jeans had dropped in front of like 1,000 students right in the main hallway. How lucky I was. I also got to thinking about how Jewell had already stopped me twice by demanding to come in my stall. She's a good friend, but sometimes she's like bossy and now here I am in second hour with half my crap still in me and churning around.

Luckily my mid-day class had first lunch, meaning that I immediately went downstairs and tried to make it through the mob as fast as I could so that I could finish my crap. No such luck! The line was snaking outside the bathroom, because it's really small and has like only 10 stalls. So I turned around and walked like two blocks down to the other end of the hallway, somewhat running now because I wanted to drop the rest of my crap which I had been holding for like four hours. I saw the restroom door, no line outside of it and I picked up my speed. Because of my backpack and speed, I threw my weight into the door pretty hard, and right into an older student who was just putting her hand on the lever to open it from the inside. She got thrown back a bit and her glasses came off. However, they didn't break and I felt reaaaally bad for her and told her so. She started crying a little but wasn't hurt bad.

I saw the first stall right on my left was open and I tossed my bag against the wall. I ripped at my jeans and as I was lowering myself onto the seat I noticed white over the black toilet seat. The light wasn't that good and I looked closer and found it was toilet paper that the previous user had lined the seat with and had not flushed. I personally think it's worthless to waste TP that way and I took my right hand and pushed the two sheets to the floor. My jeans had fallen quickly to the floor but because I was sweating a bit, my underwear clung to me harder than it mormally does. I admit I got pissed, and in yanking at it with my right fingers, I heard a rip and I could feel my right forefinger raking over my skin because it had broken through the cotton of my underwear right below the elastic. Then I heard the bathroom door open and Jewell was calling "Hey, Em" several times. I seated myself but reluctantly knew I had to acknowledge her because she would recognized my shoes.

She pounded on my door twice and then said "Open". It was like a demand and I didn't really like it. She said something about running after me and me not stopping for her in the hallway. I told her I wasn't going to do anything until I dropped the rest of my crap. She was starting to get a little noisy and with the others in the room and her pounding on my door, I finally opened it and she slithered in. Luckily, she had seen my bag outside and finally figured out that she should leave hers out there too. As I sat she noticed that my left knee had been skinned and I told her that had happened yesterday in gym class when I lost my footing going after a basketball and hit the boards and then slid into the wall. I was pushing hard as my crap was just about ready to drop and she was making fun of the expression on my face. I can be a b**** when I'm in a bad mood and I was already thinking about how I could pay her back for some of her insensitive actions. At that point, I made a huge push, one that required me to even raise myself off the seat an inch or so for a second or two, but the monster crap dropped. Jewell went into a cheer that was really obnoxious and I knew everyone could see and hear. She actually jumped off the floor and could be seen from those seated in the other stalls. Luckily, they didn't say anthing. I think they probably see her as obnoxious too.

Jewell told me to hurry up and wipe because we were already ten minutes into our lunch hour and that I should have used the toilets right outside the cafeteria. As I was getting more upset by what seemed to be an obnoxious rant on her part, there was a knock on the door. "Girls, come on out here" was the command from the adult voice. Jewell instantly cursed but opened the door right away, exposing me still sitting on the toilet with dirty toilet paper in my right hand. I said I had to wipe and I would be right out. Luckily, the door was pulled shut from the outside. I knew we were probably in trouble with one of the teachers who patrol the bathroom. I felt good about having a full bowl to show her, so I decided not to flush. After I got my clothing back up, I opened the door and found it was our vice-principal. She asked for our student IDs and both me and Jewell upset her by taking a couple of minutes going through stuff in our bookbags before we found them. Luckily we both had them because they give you detention time for not being able to produce one. I remember when the principal read the school handbook in assembly the first day and that rule was read, I overheard a boy sitting right behind me in the auditorium say the funniest thing: something like the rule was written by a sexually frustrated former traffic cop. Now me and Jewell were facing one.

Both of us got written up for violating the two-students-in-a-stall rule. The vice-principal didn't buy Jewell's story that she was just borrowing a pen from me. We each were assigned a Saturday school detention which lasts for like four hours and our parents will be notified.

Then she told us to get to our next class which upset me even more because we had used up all of our lunch period time. After she walked out, both Jewell and I looked at each other and we started crying. To make matters worse, we had a weekend of work and babysitting to look forward to.

I'll conclude the story with my next post.

Upstate Dave

Steph Pees Her Bikini

Yes pool pissing is quite common Kate M. But you do have to be carefull now for many pools have chiemicals in them which if youdo piss in the pool it reacts to your urine and turn purple or another color which can be easily spotted. Thus you will be chastised or asked to get out or asked to leave. I myslef was never a big pool swimmer. I swim a lot underwater with my eyes open. Can't do that with clorine used in swimmingpools! (to used to doing this from swimming in fresh water!)

Another dead give away that a person has pissed in the pool is right after the person has finished pissing they will splash water right in front of them with thier hands! I have seen this done many times by both guys and girls more so done by girls. Kids are more open about it then most adults for they will tell thier friends sometimes very loudly that they peed in the pool!

Farel Girl I enjoyed your post with the lake side hike with your friends and you all took a needed piss and you takeing a shit also. Really enjoyedthat post. I have a post that ties into your story and also related to Kate M's subject about pissing in swimmingpools. It involed a girl that pissed her bikini in a lake in front of me and my best friend Tony.

My friend Tony and I one summer evening drove out to the country where we both at one time lived. We stopped at one spot that was a good swimming spot at the lake we knew. It wasn;t all that busy for it was approaching sunset and thats why there wasn't many swimmers there. Tony and I were standing by a metal rail fence just talking back and forth and sipping a cans of beer. While we were doing this the last of the swimmers had left so now it was just us to there.

Well that wasn't for long. Tony and I heard a girls voice from behind us call out both of our names. He and I turned around and there was a girl heading towards us both and we both reconized her right off even though Tony and I hadn't seen her in years! It was Steph! (short for Stephenie) She had on a white with multi colred flowers bikini as she walked towards us.

Now Steph when we were kids was sort of pudgy but NOT NOW! She had slimmed right down in her waist but had kept the other places well filled out! She came right up to Tony and I and gave us both a big hard tight hug. She then told it was great to see us and we all talked for several good minutes fillking her in what we were doing with ur lives and she told us back what she had been doing since Tony and I had last seen her.

Tony asked Steph if she wanted a beer which she happiy accepted. We talked a ot more which lasted long enough that all of us finsihed our beers and then some. Then Steph told Tony and I that she had to pee. I'll be right back! Steph walked down to the water and started wadeing out. Tny and I watched of coarse as Steph waded out into the water.

Steph stopped her wadeing where the lakes water was at mid thigh only! Then as Tony and I watched Steph started pissing right where she stood withoutwadeing into deeper water! It could have been Steph had the water make her piss right then where she was not being able to no longer hold it or was it possible she was giving Tony and I little show! That we didn't know and Steph wasn't giving any hint either way.

Steph was pissing hard enoughso that she never had piss run down her thighs. She had a straight down piss stream dead center in the crotch of her bikini! Her stream was splashing softly in the still lake water which did make little ripples in the water as she pissed. I wiill add this as Steph pissed she was standing very stiffly.

As Tony and I watched Steph piss we both did a real quick look at each other after Tony gave me a poke in the ribs with his elbow. Tony had the biggest smile on his face and I'm sure I did have as a same big smile on mine. Steph must have pissed a good 30 seconds or more and then she did stop. She did splash herselfas far as her bikini front nd back along with her thighs too.

Then she turned right around waded back toward us. She had a smile on her face as she waded in. Just before she did get out of the water Steph told us she felt so much better for she did have to piss when she got here. I had been holding it while we talked she told Ton and I. Sorry it took me so long too! Steph said to us both. I told Steph nothing to be sorry about. Tony smiled and so did Steph. We all had one more beer and we all talked again as we drank them.

Then after the beer Steph did go in swimming and then came out. Tony asked her waht she had planned for th rest of the evening.. Steph told Tony nothing at all. So Tony asked Steph if she wanted to go out. She smiled with a big smile and said YES! So They took off for I politely bowed out for Steph asked if I wanted to come along. My reason was that Steph and Tony years ago had been boyfriend girlfriend and I just a good friend. So that's it. The End

Upstae Dave

Having Company While I Worked Part 3

Nowin Whitehall this was a long stop as far as time to get everything unloaded off the truck and into the shops storage room. This was mainly due to that there was a bar next door to the parts store and it was crowded this late afternoon and patrons of the bar had filled the parkinglot full blocking the door to sthe storage room so I couldn't back the truck up into the parkinglot to the storage rooms door. So J and I had to walk half a block from where I did park the truck on the street back to the staorage room. Even with the two of us doing this it was well over a hour before we did finish unloading the truck with all the parts for the store.

Now it was on to Corinth for the last stop which was Away stuff. There was only 5 pieces which were all small boxes so I had put them from the back and up front behind my seat and J's seat. I went south made a left turn on 149 went to Lake Goerge and then 9N south to Luzerne and Corinth. It took almost a half hour to find this stop too. It was on a side street almost like a alley as it turned out.It was unmarked with no sighns marking it. Ihad no phone number but found it by stopping at the maned firehouse and got directions there for where it was.

After that I was now done and it was supper time! Now I had one place in mind andone place only. I was told by other drivers to eat at the old Corinth Hotel which they said had great steaks,bbq ribs, and pizza. So that is where we went J and I for supper. I parked and we went inside. WE both liked ribs and we both got the bbq ribs dinner. The other drivers told me right for the ribs were the best I've ever had and yet to find a place after this that were better!

J and I spent almost a hour for supper there. Then we left both being fully satisfied and I headed for the northway and the warehouse. I knew a shortcut to go over the mountain road which was now a real good road straightened out, widened and paved! It used to be a dirtroad,very curvey , and with steep drops when you did start down the mountain. Not any more.

But when I started over the road it did cloud up very fast and we had a hard but short thunderstorm pass through. Everything was now soaked as far as outside. Plus it had created mist and fog as it went through. This slowed me down. The other thing was I had a very sudden strong urge to SHIT happen just as I did reach the very start of heading down the mountain!

I had to go slow which didn't help me at all for the urge to shit then was so great. I was to the point of having some beads of sweat form in my hair and even a few beads of sweat trickled down on to my forhead wetting my face as the beads of sweat trckled down on my skin. Now parts of the old dirt road were still there along side the new road. I knew there was one that I could pull the truck off on to and back out to the road again. Now I was bound and determined to make it to this spot before I would sht my pants!

Now J seeing me being so stiff and sweating aske me if there was something the matter. I told her I had to shit and was going to pull off the road up ahead to do it. IF I CAN MAKE IT! I said last to her. Then J told me she too had to shit but wassn't getting out to do hers. She too had seen the hard short rain and didn;t want to get wet at all. I'll hold mione till we do get to a bathroom! J said to me. I told her I couldn;t but we can stop at the truckstop place at the northway for you to take your shit J. J all she said was good but don't you take to long takeing yours/ I laughed just a little and said back to her; DON"T WORRY ABOUT THAT!The wy I'm feeling right now it won't!

Even though it did take me ten minutes to reach the old road pull off spot it was the longestten minutes right then in my entire life! I reached the pull off spot on the old road. This old section was still dirt and stone but did have sme growth with small trees and big ferns growing alngside the roadway making it narrowere then it once had been. Once I had gone far enoughI made a skidding stop. Pu the truck in park without shutting the engine down I just pushed my door open hard ,jumped right out of the cab. hit the ground hard, yanked my belt open,popped the snap and tore my jeans down to my knees with not pulling the zipper down on them which I made it zzzzttt loudly when I did this. Then lastly went right down into a high squat!

Even before getting into my high sqaut my asshole was forced open wide and and I could feel a lightning fat soft but firm shit slidingout form it. I sht like this for a good six seven seconds and then I herd a very dull thudand my asshole closed and reopened again and a second shit moving just as the first one started slideing out of me. Now from behind me J must have been watching for she could see me shitting from her seat up in the cab. For J said to me; Gee Dave I can't believe your taking such a big shit! You took a big one this morning!

J was right for it was rare for me to shit twice in the ame day. But I sure was doing it now!Then I felt my asshole close up folowd by a second dull thud and my asshole again opened twoce more letting out to short shits each time. Then I was done. I made a semi turn as I stood up. I looked down and sure enough there were two fat smooth kind of soft and firm almost foot long brown shits laying in the dirt,sgravel, and cruched ferns wher my shit had come down on too. There was also two very fat nugget shits there laying with the two long shits.

Now I could feel shit on my asscheeks skin and I do have pubic hair around the insides of my cheeks and all around my asshole. I knew had a good case of dingleberries on my asshole also. In my haste to get out t shit I never grabbed napkins to wipe with. I turned around and faced J up in the cab. She knew that my shit may have been messy so she had gotten a couple of napkins out for me to use.

She stepped over knelt on my seat and reached out with them. I took a couple of steps and I managed to take them. But before I wiped my ass off with the napkins I did stand there takeing a couple of stpes back again and I pissed a short but good piss all over my shit. Then I used all three napkins turning each one over to wipe myslef! I dropped them down on my shit pulled my jeans back up did the snap only and I pulled out and down the mountain we went. I did buckle my belt or pull up my zipper untill I was parked at the truckstop place at the northway. J raced inisde and ten inutes later she came out with a couple of bottles of soda and a smile on her face as she climbed into the cab. I Feel now just as you did after you had shit Dave! I laughed took the sioda opoened it sipped it started the truck up pulled out and got on the northway. We were heading finally to the wharehouse. It was nearing 7:30 and I would be right for it would be dusk when we would get there. To be continuied for the final part.

Upstate Dave

Having Company While I Worked Part 4

The ride down from Wilton to the warehouse on the nothway wasn't bad. Only in spots I did run into heavier traffic which did slow me down some. No more rain either so that storm we had hit back on the mountain was just a local one. J and I had the radio on and we drank our sodas that she had bought. We had them finished well before we did arrive at the warehouse.

I made one more stop before the warehouse which was fill the truck up with fuel. Then pulled into the warehouses lot parked the truck,J and I gathered up our stuff and the garbage. J put our stuff in our car and she joined me and we went inside the warehouse. I turned in the paperwork and went where we had our uniforms which I did wear the vest and hat only and I took those two items off and hung them up.

Then there was one last time J and I would piss before going home. We would use the bathroom there in the warehouse together. It was her idea not mine! She had mentioned doing this when I was doing my paperwork out in the main office. J had felt a little guilty I guess when she didn't shit with me back on the old mountain road. At least that what it seemed to me.

Even though it had been a very long day with doing more driving with the couple of extra stops niether one of us now was tired at all. So we headed for the one single very old bathroom which was next to where the uniforms were kept. This bathroom was old very old. The toilet was one of those ones with the high wall mounted tank and pedistall styled bowl. The sink was a wall hanging sink to just as old as the toilet.

Both the sink and toilet were stained some from iron which left rusty brown streaks on the porcilain of the toilet bowl and the sink. These fixtures were supposed to be replaced but they hadn't yet. The only one thing that was new was the toilet seat. It was a new real wood oak seat. It was not a bad seat to sit down on for it was comfortible when sat on.

When J and I went into the bathroom I turned on the single light. Now J as I would soon find out had other ideas while we were there but that would be after we had pissed. As J was takeing care of my jeans removing them she did ask me for the time. It was about 8;30 now I told her after takeing a quick look at my watch. Good we have time yet! J said to me and she now had my jeans taken completely off. She tossed them aside on the floor.

Then she herslef as I pulled down her shorts and she told me to take them right off she took off her top and bra! As she did and I took and removed her shorts she said to me; I want to be real comfortible this time! Know what I mean?! I laughed and I unbuttoned my shirt and tossed it down on the pile of our clothes on the floor. Then with a sweep of her arm jestering me to sit down on the toilet seat first J laughed. I stepped over to the toilet and sat down.

J came right over and sat down on my lap faced towards me sitting on my lap and she gave me a good nice hug along with a nice hard kiss. I did the same and I told her she felt real good to me right now! J said I felt good too and I would even feel better here in a very short moment! With her saying that J reached down between my bare thighs felt for my erect penis and slipped it down placing it under her crotch wwhich made it stay ut there!

Then she placed her hands on my shoulders leaned back so I could bend my head down to her now bare breasts and give her some nice kisses. Then as I did this I felt some very warm piss on my penis and wetting my pubic hair,and wetting the sides of my testicles along with soft splashing idown in the toilet under us! J had started her piss now! Severl aseconds later a new sound was added for J was pissing harder so there was that hissing sound now that I so much loved to hear!

With J now pissing I puled my head up and gave her a real hard kiss on her lips. J smiled back at me. Nice way to finish off the day? she said to me. I laughed and said back to her; IT SURE IS!!! J smiled again and by this time her piss stream had started to reach its end for its hissing had stopped and I could feel much less piss wetting me. Then J did stop or should say paused and did one single spurt and some dripping which I felt all of them on me!

Then J wiggled back sliding her bare as back some on my thighs.JUst enoghh so that she could again reach down took my penis and replaced its position but did have to keep it held to keep it where it was. She let out a giggle and said to me; Your turn! I gave just the slightest push and I started my piss! J sucked in her breath when my hot piss hit her. She leaned forward and we went right into as series of hard kisses as I pissed.

I was pissing hard so there was splashing of my piss which the splashing did get me wet on the inside of my thighs and J's thighs too. But at that monet both of us didn't care at all! We kissed all the time that I pissed just likewhen J had taken her piss. I did finish off differently then she had. I did many more spurts of piss then just the one that she had done.

Then after we were done pissing J said to me; Take me out to the lounge! I smiled and I got up from off the toilet and I carried J with her legs wrapped around me and her arms around my neck! But on the way out of the bathroom I remembered something I hadn't done yet and I said loudly; OH SHIT! J quickly replied back; Whats wrong?!! I laughed and told her I forgot to punch out! J laughed hard. Better punch out before you punch in!

So carrying her like she was we walked out where the time clock was. J found my card slipped it into the clock and it clicked and thumped punching my tme card. She took my card out placed it back inits slot where it was with the other cards. Now lets go and punch back in J said to me laughing. So I did! That was a very nice way to finish off a very nice but long day of work with some very fun hard work of our own! The End

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