Post Title (optional) MY TRIP TO THE NUDE BEACH

This past summer my girlfriend Jean (age 50) and her daughter Robin (age 31) were on our way to the beach. Robin was visiting for a week.We had stopped for breakfast on the way there.We had about another hour to go before we got there and Robin said to her mom why don't we go to a nude beach she kind of gig led and said to me do you want to I said if you two want to I will. I have never saw her daughter comletly naked, I have seen her sitting on the toilet but never nude.She is pretty open about letting me see her. So we got to the beach and found the nude part of the beach. Her daughter started taking off her cloths and so did my girlfriend then I started . I looked at her daughter while she was taking her thong off she had her back towards me and looked at her ass and saw a little turttle head. I said "robin do you have to shit" she said "oh you saw that"I said "ya"she said sorry but I have to shit and didnt see any bathrooms that were close.We were in a spot where there were no people around for a good distance. So my g/f and her daughter sat down with there knees up in the air and I laid on my stomack faceing them both (of course)all of a sudden i saw robin start to turttle head again she said I cant hold it much longer and my g/f said that she had to shit also but didnt want to get dressed to go to the bathroom so I said why dont you dig a little hole and go and then burry it and then we will move to a different spot. so they asked me if I minded and I said know how offten do I get to watch to girls shit!. So I dug A hole by robins croch and one by my g/f crotch and said go ahead. I took out my I-pod witch has a video camera on it and said I want to video this they both said yes that they never saw themselfs shit from that angle and it would be cool to watch when we got to my house on the big screen TV. so robin started to go and i couldnt believe that it was about 6" long and still comming out. She started to push again and it grew about another 4" and it stopped. I looked at my g/f and she was just starting to go.I was still videoing both of them from one to the other and then back again. My g/f had about 8" out and was still going.then she stopped and said I think I'm done. She started to move back from the little hole and the shit was moving with her. It did not break off.She shook a little then it broke off. Now her daughter was done also. After they went they said to me we both shit and you video'd us we want to video you .they said do you have to go. I said ya I could go for a shit I moved over to the hole that I dug for my g/f and started to shit while my g/f was video'ing I finished up with about a 8"long hard log.She stopped the camera and said I cant wait to see this on your TV. We then covered the hole and picked up our stuff and moved to a different spot clooser to the water. We all went in the water to clean up I washed my g/f ass and she washed mine Her daughter did her own. I did not want to go there with my g/f watching around 5:00 we packed up our stuff and headed home. The first thing we did was to hook up my I-Pod to the TV and watch the video. We all could not believe how big everybodys shit was comming out of a hole that size. we watched it about 5 times. Everytime her daughter comes over we watch the video and laugh and cant believe what we did


To "relying on others"

If you are a paraplegic, as apposed to a "low" quadriplegic, why is it that you can't get yourself to the toilet? So far as having to pee, perhaps you could get one of those "travel mates". It's an FUD (female urinary device) and this particular one is designed so that it can be connected to a collection bag. If you have enough capability in your hands, it would be easy enough to slide it in place using your hands to guide it and determine it's posisitioning, and with the collection bag, or some other container, you can empty your bladder when you need to without getting out of your chair. You can do this in the bathroom so that you can have the privacy, and the ability to empty what ever container it is, etc..

I had the most embarrassing accident at a hotel last week! I arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm. I unpacked, showered, napped, and put on my swimsuit to lay by the pool. The storm passed, and the sun was out! I slipped my suit on over my underwear thinking it would be too cold to swim, but was soon over-heated and waded into the pool, relishing the cool water. Suddenly, something began to "grow" between my legs. It felt like I had a very large zucchini squash in the crotch of my swimsuit. I'm old. I wear Poise Pads-you know, those wonderful inventions that allow you to laugh and cough without wetting your pants. I was wearing one at this very moment and the gel inside the pad was now doing its job absorbing pool water-buckets of it! Now, the only way out of the pool was at the shallow end. My clothes were at the other end. I had to get out of the pool, and walk past the other people for what felt like 20 miles to get to my clothes.

Swim-suits get saggy when they're wet. I was trying to walk gently so the GIANT swollen water-filled pad bulging from the butt of my now sagging swim-suit like a 10-pound potato, wouldn't wallow back and forth so much, making that loud sucking, squishing sound as it slapped up and down on the backs of my thighs. I couldn't get to my towel fast enough. It was too small to wrap around me so I had to put my shorts on over my suit. Now my shorts were soaking wet, only in the butt area mind you, with a giant bulging, wet lump. My pool side hotel room seemed to get further and further away as I tried to maintain my dignity and get through the door.


A heartwarming experience

Hello everybody ^ ^

I'm so glad to see that Punk Rock Girl is back. I have read almost all of her stories in the old post pages, can't wait for some new ones.

To Harry pooper - That was a great experience you had with Alison, although I would be pretty ashamed if would need someone to wipe my bottom,and even more, if I could just do it myself.

I have also a story to share with you, that happened last weekend. It was pretty sunny outside, so I went for a walk. As I was walking, I noticed that I was getting pretty hungry(I skipped breakfast, because of my diet) so I thought, that I could find a place where to eat. I went in a cafe and ordered pancakes with fruits and a milkshake. Even tough I knew that I shouldn't drink milkshakes, if I'm not close to a toilet, I was pretty sure that I'll be alright this time. As soon as I finished my lunch, I went to the nearest bus stop, so I could get home quickly. After about 30 minutes the bus still hadn't arrived and I was starting to feel some cramps in my bowels. After about ten more minutes, the bus finally came, but as soon as I stood up from the seat, I felt my stomach gurgle and I started to come down with a very unpleasant feeling. I realized, that if I get on the bus, I might not get home enough fast, to get to a toilet. I started panicking and tried to find the closest port-a-potty on the street, but I couldn't find one. After about five minutes, sweat covered my face and my stomach cramped up again, I knew that the only bathroom close enough for me was the one in the cafe I had eaten a while ago. I rushed to it, as fast as I could and barely made it.

As soon as I opened the door, I went straight for the bathroom. There were two empty stalls, but one of them didn't had any toilet paper in it, so I ran in to the other one. I got in, pulled my jeans and black panties down and plopped my bottom on the toilet. As soon as I relaxed my muscles, a wet fart escaped and two soft logs came out ... plonk plonk. When both of them plopped in the water below, my bottom released a endless flood of soft runny mush ... spluurtsplurtsplurtsplurt, but it wasn't diarrhea. After about a moment I heard someone else come in to the bathroom and take the stall next to me. I heard a long hiss of pee hitting the water and then complete silence. I wanted her to leave, before I let go another wave, but I wasn't able to hold it brrrrrrmoslopslopslopslopslopslopslopslopslopslop ... brrrpslopslopslopslop ... my ass bursted a stream of diarrhea in to the bowl followed closely by another wave of it ... brrrrpslopslopslopslop. I got pretty embarrassed and just then I heard a voice "You alright there ?" the girl next to me said, and I replied "Ī'll be alright, just a case of the runs, that's all" then she asked "If you don't mind, could you pass me some toilet paper?" I passed her some and I heard her wipe herself. "Thanks" she said and came out of her stall, peeked trough the door and saw her leaving. She was blonde, about 17 years old. After about five minutes I squirted out another wave of runny diarrhea and clenched my stomach with my arms, because it started hurting real badly. Twenty minutes passed and I heard someone come in to the bathroom "Hey! you still there?" a familiar voice started talking to me, it was the same girl the was here earlier. I replied with a painful voice "Yeah, my insides are killing me!" then she asked me with a worried tone "can I come in to you stall?" I was supprised to hear that and said ""Yes, if you want" she came in and saw my face in pain and tears. "Poor thing, I could give you some pills, that would relieve you from the pain" she said to me, and I replied "Thanks, but I'll be ok ... aaaaaaahhhhh!" I yelled in pain as my guts cramped up and a brown watery stream sprayed out of my ass. "My God, I think you have some serious problems with your stomach, we should get an ambulance" but then I said "Please no! please don't call no ambulance, I'll be alright, I rather take the medicine" She gave my two pills and her bottle of mineral water. "They aren't good against diarrhea, but they relieve the pain at least." I thanked her and she stayed with me for about twenty minutes, when my stomach started cramping up again, but at least it wasn't so awfully painful. A liquid fart escaped out of my hole and then a stream of diarrhea sprayed in to the can, I moaned quietly in relief and said to the girl "I think that was the last of it, I feel washed out and empty". She hugged me and said "I'm glad you're alright". Just then I don't know why, but I got very emotional and started crying and said "thank you, thank you for everything you did, thank you for helping me!". After that I wiped myself and flushed the toilet, which was completely covered in my diarrhea. She walked me home and we became good friends, even tough she is four years older than me (I'm thirteen). It was a truly heartwarming experience for me.

Will post again soon!
Bye everyone.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kate M.

My peeing life

I wear 2-4 Depends for heavy menstruation - I have fibroids and pass giant blood clots (gross yes). When I was younger I was fed up with blood on the sheets and in underwear so as the fibroids began to act us I decided to wear Depends. Last year I had massive diarrhea and wore Depends to work - yes some oozed out but at least it was contained. It would ooze out a bit on the way to the bathroom. A few years ago my sister had diarrhea and got some on her pyjamas - not good for the washing machine and the other clothes. I had had full blown peeing floods (on the bus), getting off the bus and once I was wearing a Tena and just got off the bus - the standing up motion got the floodgates moving and I just stood still and peed and some of the pee went down onto the sidewalk - I was wearing a skirt so it was not too bad - black is my favorite colour for skirts, shorts and pants since it hides incontinence well. There are times when I am so tired that I have worn Depends to bed (superplus absorbancy) and just peed in them in bed since I was too tired to get up. I had many pees during the night since I have symptoms of interstitial cystitis (not bacterial) and some days I flare. I would just squirt into them to ease the pressure and emptied my bladder several times in them. I have also emptied a full bladder into Depends on the bus and nobody was the wiser. I have peed in parking lots between cars, bushes, etc. anywhere I can get privacy when needed. I always pee in the shower since it feels better peeing under water. I pee in poise pads as needed. When I lived in a house, I had my night gown on and was outside in the garden with no underwear and needed to pee. I just stood with my legs apart and pelvis slightly forward and peed into the grass. I read that Victorian women did this when societies were more rural. People should not be embarassed to purchase incontinence supplies - with modern society and a lack of timely bathrooms there often is no choice and there are many people between 4 and 65 who use these products. When I have had diarrhea, I have used the shower spray to clean the perianal region, although I was not having a real shower. I would like to know how many packages of poise and depends type products are sold each week locally, provincially/statewide and nationally and by what age groups and for what age groups. I have called the Depends and Tena companies and told them that they should market to younger populations so that we don't feel so isolated. I believe that people should not be fined for public urination if they have a medical condition and are trying to be discreet. I can pee in incontinence products without anyone knowing, sit in the sand at the beach and pee discreetly, pee in the pool discreetly, when still, talking to people or even swimming. I was talking to a lifeguard and was peeing in the pool while talking. Several years ago I could usually hold my pee while swimming and just made it to the shower afterwards and let it go but now it is difficult to hold so I just let it go in the pool, out of the way of others and near the side if possible.

To relying on others - would a travel john help you at all or why not just wear Depends as an emergency bathroom.

To Kate the soccer mom - the school nurses should do presentations to kids about irritable bowel syndrome since many people have it and maybe kids would not be so cruel.

To Upstate Dave - I wish females had the peeing ease of guys and if I had kids I would let them pee in the backyard if we had hedges/fences for privacy. There are some women who cannot pee outdoors and will wait years for a bathroom despite the risk of bladder infections, bursting, etc. Men can be so much more practical. Some of my lady friends are prudes and some are quite accepting of peeing when and where needed and when we go swimming we pee in the pool and tell each other afterwards how many times we did it. Some however would be mortified. Most guys are accepting about peeing in the pool and anywhere else when urgent or convenient. When I was a kid I think I held it too long which has caused some problems now. My interest in peeing has increased since I have urgency and frequency and need practical advice.


Successfull poo during morning break

Hi, Abbie here with a quick post, sorry its been so long, have been really busy with school work lately so haven't had hardly any free time. The toilet situation at school hasn't really got any better, although I seem to have settled into a rythm of needing a poo every couple of days, which at least means it doesn't cause me a problem every single day. The trouble is when I do want to go I feel the need around 10 or 11 in the morning and I then have to do my best to hold it until at least lunchtime or ideally till I get back home. Unfortunatley I'm still finding I have to spend quite a while on the loo to empty my bowels as my poos are usually quite big and hard, despite my recent efforts to drink a lot and eat more healthy food. As I mentioned in one of my last posts I often go for a wee at morning break and some days while I'm sitting on the toilet I already want a poo, but I know that with only 5 or at best 10 minutes till the bell rings for lessons I just don't have time to push it out. As you can imagine this is really frustrating, especially as by lunchtime I'm often feeling really uncomfortable and having to clench my bum to hold my poo back. Anyway, I had a bit of a breakthrough the other day as I did actually manage to have a poo during morning break which made life a lot easier. It was about time something went well for me that morning, I'd got up late, had an arguement with my sister when we were having our breakfast and then ended up having a cold shower as there was no more hot water. When it came to getting dressed things didn't get any better, the only clean underwear I could find was an old pair of knickers that had got dyed this gross brown colour in the wash and the elastic had also bust so they kept falling down. I almost gave up and didn't bother wearing any pants at all, but thought that with a skirt and no tights (I still haven't got round to buying any yet) I'd better not risk it. Turned out I was right, as I was walking to school with Lucy a massive gust of wind blew my skirt up and so I was pretty glad I was wearing underwear even if it was in a bit of a state, luckily I don't think anyone saw except for Lucy as we'd just turned off the main road when it happened. Anyway, at about ten on that particular morning I started to get that tightness and heavyness in my belly that warned me that a need for a poo was developing, and sure enough just before break I started to have quite an urgent need, I was also dying for a wee. Luckily my teacher let us out a couple of minutes early so I shot straight into the girls loos, the added bonus was that I was able to use the nice humanities block toilets as these ones are left open during morning break (as I said before they're now locked at lunch). I took the first cubicle, locking the door behind me. I quickly lifted my skirt and slipped my knickers down to my knees before sitting on the seat and starting on my wee. I started to push hard to start on my poo straight away, I looked at my watch and saw I had 15 minutes as I'd got there so fast so I was praying I'd have enough time. My poo started to come out really slowly, it was a big hard turd that was stretching my bum wide open. I could hear other people coming in to the loos, the girl next to me had a quick wee and left but her replacement sounded like she needed to empty her bowels as she continued to sit after her wee stream had died away and then I heard some farts. I pushed and pushed and the turd moved out a tiny amount each time, I could feel myself screwing up my face and going red but I was trying not to grunt and gasp too much. The girl next door made some loud plops and splashes and then started to wipe. As she flushed I felt my first log start to slide out quicker and a few seconds later it plopped down into the bowl. I looked at my watch and saw I still had 5 minutes. It took me that long to push out two more logs and then I was done. The bell for next lesson rang as I was wiping my bum but luckily the poos had been so dry that this was quite an easy job and didn't take me long. I pulled up my knickers and and let down my skirt, then flushed and came out of the cubicle. I washed my hands and then went off to my next lesson feeling a lot happier, releaved I wasn't having to hold my poo in like I usually do. Will try to post again soon, bye!!

new guy

comments, questions & other stuff

First to Connor & Dan I forgot to put your names along with my comments to sorry my brain was just focused on responding to you.

To: Relying on others you must have good and carring friends who are willing to help you if you them to if they dont there not your true friends because true friends help there friends when they need it like I said in an earlier post and please contiue to post more stories on this site youll find that everybody here could be considered friends and may be able to help you or give you advice with any problems you may have.

To: Feral Girl another great post about going to the bathroom in places besides a toilet I also agree with you it seems more natural to go to the bathroom in a place other then a toilet because are bodies arent desighned sit and go to the bathroom there desighned to squat and go because thats how early humans did before the toilet was inveted. A question when was the first time you went to the bathroom in something besides a toilet could you please share that story if you havent already.

To: New Here welcome to the site and I know how embarrasssing accidents can be but like I said before they can show who your real friends are and please contiue to share more stories with us.

To: Wendy & Kristy first Kristy that sounded like a really nasty dump you took I bet Wendy would have helped you out if she was there and again I love your guys stories please keep them coming. A question for you both have you ever been stunk out of the bathroom by the other or do you put up with the smell because you love that person so much I know I would stick around in the bathroom even if the girls dump smelled realy bad because thats what you do for someone you care about.

To: End Stall Em first love you stories please keep posting them and your friend not to be mean but she might need to learn about personal space I wonder if she would like you doing it to her she would probly enjoy it or be embarrassed but you could just tell her thats how you feel when she does it to you if that dosent work you might want to talk to her about it.

To: Dan Boy great story about hearing a girl poop do you have any more about girls or women pooping if so please post them.

To: Desperate to poop great story please share more if you have any.

To: Kate the soccer mom you made the right choice because like I said before pads wouldnt work well and if you have any more stories please share them

Well thats all for now no stories today I usualy only write a story if something interesting happend to me or I saw or heard something. but that dosent happen that much but I wish it did.

Sincerly new guy

PS. again I would like to say love this site and to the moderator will you be adding any more new features to this site because there are lots of good ideas out there that would improve this site maybe you could do a survey and see what people would like to see on this site.

Desperate to poop, that was a terrific post you made on the desperation story. I love how you give all the details on everything that everyone was doing. I'm also glad you made it to the toilet on time.

I haven't seen any posts from Leanne or Emma lately. I hope you ladies are still here as you had some excellent contributions to this site.

relying on others

Im a 23 year old female and I'm a paraplegic. Naturally i require assistance to go to the bathroom. My mom has always helped me with it for the most part, and various professionals when i was in school. Its not that big a deal, except there are some occasions where it might be quick and easy for most people to take a bathroom break but for me its more of an ordeal. It makes me uncomfortable so basically I've just gotten really good at holding it in until its more convenient to go. But even the best "holders" can't go forever. So as you can imagine ive had my share of mishaps in my pants. I have a bad habit of trying to put off peeing for too long until i feel like its not an inconvenience to my mom for me to go. She doesn't always ask me if i have to or tell me i should go, so a lot of times if she doesn't offer i feel like i don't wanna bother her. I'll be holding for 7-8 hours until I'm bursting to pee before i tell her sometimes, but wheit gets to that point i seriously need her to drop everything right away. I either just make it or end up wetting my pants. Its always a lot since i hold it so long and i get really really soaked, which is very embarrassing. Last time i wet my pants i was waiting for my sister at school.she's a year younger than me and for a while we were in college together. She helped me get to classes and we drove to and from campus togethr. One day in my last semester i had to go really bad, and she had one more class that was 50 minutes long that i usually wait during before we go home. I felt bad to ask her to help me go because i didn't want her to be late, so i decided i could hold it until after class. I waited for her in the lobby reading some stuff for my homework and trying to ignore my throbbing bladder. It was only about 20 minutes before i lost the battle. Without warning a quick squirt shot out and dampened my panties and jeans. And that was it. Immediately after the quick squirt a torrent of pee just went flooding into my pants beyond my control. I must've peed for a solid 2 minutes, the warm wetness spreading all over my butt, lap, thighs and up my back a little. I tried to keep my cool so no one would know something was wrong. Iheld my book in my lap to hide wetness on my blue jeans, and since i was sitting in my chair i didn't have to worry about anyone seeing my soaking wet butt. I just had to keep my face from turning red so that people wouldn't link me to the unmistakable odor of urine in the air. It felt like an eternity waiting that half hour for her to get out of class, and my wet panties and jeans got uncomfortable in a hurry. She knew something was wrong when she saw me and i kept trying to hint at my problem but she was confused, so i had to blatantly tell her "i peed myself!" As quietly as possible. She said "oh!" And sprung into action to get me home quick, and assisted me with changing my clothes and cleaning up.

Thats the most recent incident where i wet my pants. Well, not including night gime accidents anyway. Those are weird...sometimes i wake up in the wee hours of the night really having to go (hence why they call them the wee hours!) And i simply don't wanna wake anyone to help me, so i try waiting until morning. Sometimes i make it, but in most of those occasions i end up wetting my bed, and on the rare occasion soiling myself. I soiled myself at night more frequently as a young girl, but now it seldom happens. Last time it did i must've been 17. It was a really hit summer night and i was restless at night and to make matters worse i needed to poop. I struggled through most of the night before finally filling my panties with a warm solid load at about 5:30 in the morning. I laid there and cried for a few minutes before reluctantly calling my mom in. I couldn't lay there in soiled panties for hours so i had to.. she came in and i told her i was sorry and i just couldn't hold it, and she understood...
Last time i soiled my pants during the day was like a year ago. I was at classes all day and i had to go most of the day. By the time i had my club meeting after my last class, i was really clenching my cheeks, which i cannot do all that well considering my condition. The urges would subside here and there and become more bearable but my need for the toilet was just as pressing. There were a couple of moments when i was certain i was going to poop in my pants right there in my meeting. But i managed to hold on, and i met with my mom at the car to head home. Even though i told her i had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got home, she didn't register just how urgently i had to go and stopped at the mailbox at the end of our driveway. I yelled "mom!!!" And she said "oh sorry! Force of habit!" And continued up the driveway but by then it was too late. I had no seconds to spare, it began turtle heading and pushing on the seat of my panties and jeans. I fought with all i had to hold it back, bt every time i fought one turtle head back in another one poked out, until finally i couldn't hold it anymore and i started pooping in my pants right in the car in my own driveway. It was warm and solid (i don't normally have soft or mushy bms usually solid logs) and the poop just piled into my panties and flattened out against my chair seat. My mom kept apologizing as i cried on the way inside. I peed my pants too, and to add insult to injury i had one of my favorite pairs of panties on. They WERE white with light purple and pink flowers that fit well and were soft and comfortable, now they're kind of stetched out from the load i filled them with and they have a bad brown stain.

As i get older I'm more mature about taking better responsibility for my needs and telling someone i need to go before its too late. I still have accidents sometimes but not as much as i used to.

Feral Girl


wendy: dunno, toilets make my butt hurt like i said before, but i just like going where i'm not supposed to i guess, lol. don't really have any containers to poo in, that's my problem! so haven't filled them up. never been unable to relieve myself and gone in my undies, but i did poop in them twice since i've been in high school. got lucky both times cuz i was at home. same way both times too, lol. i was just in my underwear, and felt like i needed to poot, so i pushed it out, and some squishy poop shot out into my undies.

no name: lol that's a great idea! I gotta try that! We've got a bunch of old 5 gal buckets around!

Squatspotter: just take my pants and undies off and perch on the toilet and hold the cup against me and go. Supposed to start peeing, then hold it under you and stuff anyway!

luc: yeah, i know! My granma had this like, brass chamberpot she was going to give me cuz I said it looked pretty, but my mom ended up taking it to pot some flowers in, and I didn't want to like argue with her over it or she would know i was really going to use it!

So, guess i told you how i usually do things when i need to poop or pee. was gonna tell you about time i went somewhere weird, since someone was asking about weird places and new guy asked me if i ever went in front of anyone!

i haven't like, gotten caught, but i have gone in front of my friends a few time,s and they've gone in front of me. our class at school threw this big BBQ thing out at the lake here summer of last year, so we were all there. i'll call them M, S, and J so i don't say their names!

anyway, we'd been there a while and started walking from the beach in our bathing suits, cuz the beach sort of runs out and then there's woods all the way around to the boat landing on the other side where some guys in our class were going to take a pontoon boat out. we kinda got distracted by this old cabin that looked like it burned, and looking around it. so when we started heading towards the boat ramp again, M says she has to pee, and S and J agree, and I need to go too.

we're like, the wrong side of the lake for any of the toilets, so my lucky day! J says she isn't going to wait, it's not like anyone can see us, and she's right we're like on the other side of the lake from anyone. so we go down to the waters edge, and it's like, this gray clay where the grass ends. M says she's just going to pee here, and tells S to give her some toilet paper out of her bag.

So J goes down to the waters edge on the clay and pulls her bikini down and squats and pees on the clay so it runs down into the water. she wipes herself then tosses the toilet paper in the water and pulls her bikini up then sits down on a dry spot on the clay and asks who's next. S volunteers and i realize that my ???? is feeling full cuz it's about time i usually go in the compost heap in the afternoon. So S stays back up on the grass, pulling her bikini to the side and sort of hovering while she pees, and makes it run down her legs, so she has to use a lot of paper to wipe her legs off then tosses that in the lake too. just laves M and me. M pulls her bikini down to her knees and stands on the edge of the clay and sort of pushes her hips out and fiddles with her y'know so she pees straight out into the lake. i need to learn how to do that, but she finishes and wipes and sits down by J on a dry spot.

S asks me if i'm going to go, i say i don't need to just pee, and S and J both giggle and ask me what i'm going to do. i'd been looking around, and just a few feet away there's like, these two big humps of clay where like, the water comes in further in the crack between them. its a couple of feet wide, sort of like a trough. so I say i'm going there.

S and J giggle some more and i just take off my bikini shorts all the way. soon as i get them off, J just shouts "wow you're hairy!" cuz i don't shave down there or anything cuz its annoying and its why i wear shorts :( was really embarrassing and made me blush really bad as i went over and straddled the trough. i sort of hunched down just a little and S says "don't film her!" and i look back and S has her phone out of her bag about to start recording me pooing in the lake. i yelled at her and she put it away, then i suddenly couldn't go at all.

i just stood there for a minute and was wondering if i should just put my bikini back on and wait until we got somewhere else. M asked me if I was constipated, i said "no I'm" and before i could get the rest out i just suddenly felt myself go and a huge piece of poo landed in the water with a really loud KER-PLUNK! for some reason it was really funny and we all started laughing. i nearly fell slipped off the clay as i started peeing really hard, making the water under my bubble up some and J suddenly yelled, "LOOK AT THAT HUGE TURD IN THE WATER!" and we laughed more.

I couldn't poo anymore, so after i finished peeing i stepped off the trough back up onto the grass and asked for some toilet paper and M said she was sorry cuz she used the last of it since S used so much, and it made me really mad cuz i didn't feel dirty but needed to wipe. i ended up squating down by the water and trying to wash myself with it, and i think i got pretty clean, but J laughed cause how the water made my hair look. i pulled my shorts back on, but now she keeps calling me "Bush" sometimes. :(

couple of other times i've gone in front of them, but that was the really embarrassing time! didnt' stop me from going outside though!

-feral girl

One of my afternoon classes was cancelled and since it was a nice day I decided to go to the beach for a swim. I stopped at home and got my swimsuit and a few other things before heading out. I was thinking of taking a dump before I left but the urge went away so I forgot about it. When I arrived the beach was quite empty so I picked a good spot to lay down and tan in the sun. Afterwards I got up and went for a nice long and refreshing swim. By now it was becoming more apparent that I was going to have to relieve myself fairly soon. The problem was where was I going to do it. I couldn't remember if there were any public washrooms nearby so I knew I would have to set off to try and find one.

I walked for about 10 minutes before I finally saw a small side trail that cut through some thick brush up from the main beach. I started to make my way up the trail but after another 5 minutes of walking I was becoming quite desperate and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it in for very much longer. I was relieved when I finally saw two small outhouses as I approached the end of the trail. The units didn't offer too much privacy as there were no doors. The units were placed back to back and faced away from the trail so nobody could see you as they walked up. The walls didn't go down all the way down to the ground so at least it would be very evident that somebody was using it as they approached.

I made sure there was enough toilet paper and got ready to sit down. The floor had lots of sand and dirt on it so I carefully removed my swimsuit and hung it on the railing next to the toilet. Now completely nude I sat down and almost immediately I let out a high pitched fart before a turd dropped out in one fast motion. It took a moment or two for me to realize that I wasn't done. I gave one good push and two more logs came out one after another with little effort. I immediately started to wipe and took a look at the three large turds I dropped. I sat back down to piss before putting my swimsuit back on and heading back.

Kate M.

Swimming social psychology

I am a swimmer and I need to pee often and urgently, so hence, I pee in the pool (yes, everytime I go swimming). I am also interested in the social psychology of peeing - and peeing in the pool is one of my interests - how many people do it, what ages, how, under what circumstances, etc. I have noticed that many people get into the pool, stand for a few seconds then move about. Those few seconds seem to be to squirt. Also, many people swim, then stand still near the side for a bit, pee and then get out to go into the hot tub. Some lane swimmers stop and pee at the ends. I was in the pool recently and a gentleman got in, stood still but saw me watching him so he turned around for a minute, stood still, then began swimming. Since I knew he peed in the pool, I wanted him to know when I was doing it. I swam across the pool several times, then stood at the side, looked at him, then moved closer to the edge, and stood so still while I peed. Then I quickly swam away. After he finished swimming, he told me to have a good day. People are more relucant to pee in hot tubs than to pee in the pool so there is a lot of squirting before getting out of the pool to go into the hot tub.

New Here

Too Many Times

Thought I'd share a couple of my stories about soiled panties, as I've had an unusually high number of accidents this year.

The first one was approximately 9 months ago, near the beginning of the year. I was wearing a t-shirt and these high-waisted white pants with suspenders (dorky, I know, but, so comfy!). Anyway, I was walking home when I could feel that something (loose) was knocking on the back door and wasn't particularly patient. Well, about 5 blocks from home the urge to go to the bathroom was increasing. Unfortunately, the area I was walking through didn't afford any emergency places, as it was well lit by street-lights and what not. I hurried up my pace as much as I could, but, about a block from home I just lost control. It was a very loose, wet poo. It all came out within a matter of seconds. It was one of those moments where you just know it's coming and you're not going to be able to do anything to stop it, a cramp, and then an uncontrolled push. Fortunately I was able to walk the final block home, and I think only a couple of people saw my soiled pants. I could tell it wasn't pretty back there as I felt it sliding down my leg. When I got inside and to the bathroom I turned around in front of my full-length mirror to survey the damage. A massive poo stain covered my entire bum and streamed down both legs. Remember that these were WHITE pants, so, it's not that kind-of brownish-green stain you get with jeans, just a pure brown poo-stain on my bum. After that I took them off, placed them in the trash, and took a long, hot shower.

Second story comes from a couple weeks ago. I was wearing a super-comfy pair of overalls I had JUST bought a few days ago. I was up late (not super late, around 10 or so) and decided to go for a drive to get something to eat. I grabbed some Burger King and ate my dinner. Still wide-awake I decided to drive around for a bit as it was a nice, quiet night. I was about a half-hour from home when I stopped at a park too look at the stars. It was then that I felt my stomach gurgle a little bit. Well, during the day the trees and bushes may have provided cover, but, at night I don't like going into parks, too worried about creeps. The only reason I stopped was I could be right next to my car and make a quick get-away if anyone approached me. Anyway, after this feeling I decided to head home. As I was driving home I got caught in some bad traffic, as a baseball game had just gotten out. At this point I the urge had increased significantly. Not an outright emergency, but, rather uncomfortable. I sat there trying to hold it while not focusing on it in hopes this would make the urge subside. Finally, after about an hour of sitting in traffic (the streets around the stadium have a horrible design that doesn't route traffic well, every game they get police out to help guide traffic). At this point I was still about 20min. or so from home, and at the end of that hour the urge was pretty strong. I drove at exactly the speed limit on my way home (I won't speed). At about 5min. from home I was stopped at a stop-light. That's when it hit, a large cramp followed by my butt-lifting off the seat as a very large amount of mushy poo rushed out of my bum and into the seat of my overalls. Those overalls went from super-comfy to super-embarrassing in a couple seconds. Luckily, it was fairly late when I got home, so I was able to get out of my car and inside without anyone noticing. The stain was bad enough that I had to throw the overalls out (I wasn't happy about that, I loved them!). Same as before, shower shower shower!

And the last one comes from last week. I was wearing a pair of really snug jeans (pretty much the same cut as the white ones) with suspenders (not gonna' lie, I love them! I know, I'm a nerd). Anyway, I had been at the mall with some friends. Throughout the entire time I felt a slight urge to go, but nothing that felt like it was coming soon or anything. We got finished and we started driving home (about a 30min. drive from the mall). I stayed pretty quiet about it the majority of the time, for some reason I didn't want them to know I had to go. About 10min. from home I told them I really needed to go. They told me to hold it till I got home (talk about feeling like a little kid! But, it wasn't my car, nor was I driving, so, I guess it wasn't my choice). When we got to my house I was very, very desperate. I grabbed my key and fumbled it into the lock feeling my poo about ready to come out. I got the door unlocked and opened as quick as I could without aggravating my need to poo. Walking in slowly with legs tight as to not poo I started heading towards the bathroom. Heading up the stairs it was getting worse and worse until at the second to last step, right in front of my two friends, I filled my jeans. It was mushy, like the other times. They both apologized for not stopping sooner as they didn't think it was that urgent. I made my way to the bathroom and cleaned off while they waited in my room. After wards I told them about some of my other accidents (these are only 3 of many), and now they know if I say I need a poo that I need a poo!

I guess my body isn't that great at holding anything less than the consistency of clay.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

This mornings poo

I woke up at 3:00 am this morning with a big urge to pee & a very desperate urge to poo. I ran to the bathroom & ripped my knickers down & sat on the toilet with a thud. I just made it it time & peed a powerfull stream into the toilet for about 30 seconds. My poo rushed out of me like a machine gun for about 15 seconds with a little push some more firmer poo came out. There were about 30 one inch, barely solid turds in the water plus 3 four inch soft ones. It was a very satisfying poo & the relief was out of this world. The smell was really bad & I had to open the window to clear the stench. Afterwards I went back to bed & got up at 5:15 to get ready for work. I had a slight urge to poo again but I decided to leave it untill I got to work. I had a shower, got some breakfast, got dressed & went to work feeling a big urge to poo. By the time I got to work I was desperate again. I don't know what was wrong with me. I felt fine but my bowels had to be emptied very urgently. I tried made a dash for the toilet & thank god it was vacant. (We only have one toilet at work.) As soon as my bum touched the seat I had some explosive diarrhoea lasting for about 30 seconds, followed by several more waves over about a 10 minute period. It was all liquid but messy. The toilet was destroyed & I had to use the brush to clean up the pan before I flushed. It didn't all go down first time round but with a second flush it cleared. I'd been in the toilet for about half an hour & I started work 5 minutes late. I got told off for not starting on time but when I explained I desperately had to use the toilet it was ok. I've had on more urges to poo all day so I guess the bughas been cleared out of me.

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