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My Hectic Friday

This last Friday started out as a pretty normal day for me, but it ended up pretty hectic. If you want to better understand what happened, read first my post on page 1809.

I had just arrived at school and knew I had to pee before classes started. I went into the first bathroom I came to,it was crowded, but I noticed the far, far down end stall didn't have a door closed. So I ran down there, almost knocking a couple of girls over as I tried to squeeze around them with the weight of my backpack which was shifting. I finally got all the way down there, having passed like 25 or 30 stalls, and I ducked into the stall pretty fast. I dropped the load from my back, pulled down my jeans and underwear, and my butt was on the seat and my pee was flowing in like three or four seconds. Suddenly there was a knock at my door and looking under it, I could see it was my friend Jewell, because I recognized her shoes. She had been trying to catch up to me in the crowd and said she just had to come in and tell me something. I continued my pee, yes this was a longer one, and reached forward and unlatched the door. She squeezed in with little extra space and when she turned around to latch the door, her bookbag nearly smacked me in the face. I got mad and told her to watch out, and she was very matter of fact and reminded me to "sit still (swear word)" so I didn't cut myself again. Jewell was reminding me about a case last winter at our city's convention hall where I moved too much and too fast on the toilet seat and tore 1 1/2 inches of skin from midway up my left under thigh. And I still have a very evident scar today from that!

Jewell was amazed at how much I had peed, how consistant my flow had been and I told her I hadn't peed since like 9 p.m. Thursday night when I was doing my homework. Then she told me to switch positions with her because she had to go next. So I got up and was pulling up my panties and jeans while I moved to the left while she moved to the right and pulled down her slacks and underwear and seated herself. It was gross. As soon as her butt hit the seat, she threw her headforward, along with her hair, and in doing so there was a blast of gas, and like two seconds later without any movement on her part, she half filled the bowl with a coil-like softee that was part almost black and part somewhat yellow and brown. She stood up to wipe fast, knowing that I was watching and she likes to put on a show, and as she was wiping, my phone rang. My mom had just woken up and forgot to tell me about a babysitting job I had that night. Her first question was what I was doing and I told her I had just gotten done peeing and the next sound I heard was the five minute warning bell going off. Anyway, her friend Juliet, has a son Justin who is like 6, and I needed to walk to Justin's grade school which was about a half mile from my school and pick Justin up immediately after school. He would be staying with us for the weekend because Juliet had to fly to her parents house for some emergency. When Mom quoted me what I would be making for the babysitting, it all seemed worthwhile. Actually very worthwhile.

As we were talking, Jewell kept nudging me from my back. She was back on the toilet, now peeing, and again trying to make a big production number out of it. When Mom hung up, I told Jewell I had to make it to class on time and at that point, the one-minute warning bell rang and I unlatched the door and ran to my class. I didn't quite make it and was given a chargeable tardy. (When you get three, you get a Saturday School detention). This was only my second and I had almost made it after clearing two staircases.

After first hour, I went almost right across the hall from my classroom and into the bathroom. Jewell texted me and I told her where I was. She knows that I always take the end stall. I had just seated myself on the toilet seat which I could tell had been used before the break because it was quite warm. Three peices fell out of me and I was pushing harder to get more out when Jewell knocked on my door, and when I opened the door, she quickly came in and again at the expense of my space, told me to shut up and listen to what she didn't have time to tell me earlier. Her father, who makes good money setting up trade shows at our civic convention center, needed us that night right after school to help craft exhibitors carry stuff in nd set up their tables. Just like I wrote about last winter, I would make $100 for the work, plus there would be some tips. I remember being frustrated thinking about all the multi-tasking I was/would be doing. I was wiping, listening to Jewell and also trying to think about what I was going to do with Justin being with me.

Just then the second period one-minute warning bell rang and I yanked up my panties and jeans and, knowing that I didn't have time to flush or even wash my hands, and ran down the hall. I got to the doorway of my classroom just as the bell rang. I got to thinking that my sprinting must be getting better. I sat down at my desk and noticed that my jeans were not buttoned at the top and that the zipper was about a third of the way down. I got to thinking about how lucky I was that they had stayed up during my run and that nobody had noticed.

I still felt crap inside of me and quietly remembered that I probably would have been more productive if Jewell hadn't interrupted me. But I guess money talks.

I'll continue my story next time.

Dan Boy

Morning After

Recently I went to a friends wedding out of state, so I had to get a hotel room to stay over night. The wedding was on a Saturday and the reception lasted until about 1am with lots of drinking. I was actually sharing a room with a female friend of mine. She's a year younger than me with a pretty nice body, and a very nice butt. We're just friends but I still couldn't help but get a little excited about sharing a bathroom with her. She's pretty open about bathroom stuff so I knew she wouldn't mind taking a dump in the same room as me.

Well the morning after the reception, we're starting to pack up our things to check out and she announces, "Ugh...I gotta poop really bad! Too much beer last night..." and heads into the bathroom, which is right next to where my bed is. I got a little excited because there was no fan installed in the bathroom and the sink was outside next to the closet so there was nothing she could do to try to hide any sounds.

I could clearly hear her pulling down her jeans and panties and sitting on the toilet. She pees for about 10 seconds and sits quietly for about a minute. Then she drops a couple loose but heavy sounding logs. I can hear her breathing a little heavily, as if she's in a little pain, maybe having some cramps. Then I hear a very long turd crackle out of her and slide into the water. Two more of these follow with about 30 seconds between each. She sighs rather loudly and ends with a bassy fart that seriously lasts 10 seconds. She laughs and says out loud, "I KNOW you heard that!" A couple minutes later she comes out and washes her hands and says she can't believe there's no fan in the bathroom.

About 30 minutes later, we're almost ready to leave and just watching TV waiting for a couple other people to get ready in their rooms. She jumps up and runs back into the bathroom, undoing her pants along the way. I hear her throw herself onto the toilet and immediately start dropping a huge amount loose poop with a ton of gas mixed in. She starts having diarrhea for about 10 minutes with lots of gas loose/watery poop. When she finally comes out her face was red from both embarrassment and suffering cramps. She was a little worried she told me because her crap was red, not blood or anything but like a bright red. I get her some water and she was fine for the rest of the day. That was a pretty fun experience for me.

Kendra, that was an excellent post. Do you have a friend or co-worker that you particular enjoy listening to? If so, would you be able to share one of your experiences listening to them.

desperate to poop

good work poop

I had a nice poop at work this morning. I went in early and by the time I arrived I needed a good pooh. I walked into the downstairs toilets as I was bursting to go and as I went in another lady was going in front. There were 3 cubicles and we ended up next to each other as she took the middle on.

I quickly nestled my butt on the seat and let a parp out and a long log started to ease out very quickly. It came out fast as sometimes happens but there was plenty more still to come out.

The other lady was squirting much looser than mine.

I continued to push out some more logs and was in for about five-seven minutes.

When I exited the lady was still squirting and seemed in a bit of trouble. I asked if she was ok and she said yes just a dicky ????.

I washed my hands and left and saw her walk past the canteen fifteen minutes later

Happy pooping all


Comment for Frantic Francine


Wow! Don't let your two bad experiences impact you negatively. When I was your age, I too was singled out because I was the tallest and biggest girl in my class. Later I turned it into an asset by getting into athletics and now my college is being paid by an athletic scholarship. However, I did hurt because my head would tower well over the partition panels and usually the privacy (what a joke!)doors on stalls that were lower than the sides. When you have to pee, it's probably unrealistic to bypass a toilet simply because there is no toilet paper left. Go in, close the door, and immediately seat yourself for a leisurely pee. You said you wear a dress a lot and that's good. Let the dress drape over your thighs as you sit and it will help give you he privacy you want when your classmates peek in on you. (Don't pull it up around you; that's a mistake I made when I was your age). Most importantly, don't give yourself the chance to hesitate when a stall opens. Go in, seat yourself, and try to enjoy eliminating your waste. On occasion, there may be a little urine on the seat. Don't fret. I learned it's one of the cleanest fluids in the body and if you don't take the stall, you've already found that one of your classmates will--and in a heartbeat. You will find, just as I have, that 99% of the girls don't worry about seat wiping or seat covering. Finally, I agree with what some of the others have told you. You risk urinary tract infections by holding in your pee. You don't want to go there. Good Luck!

Soccer Mom

Thank you!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who responded to my posting last week about Pull-Ups vs. Maxi Pads. I really appreciate your comments and insights with regard to my daughter.

Frank, I think you are right. I will encourage my daughter to wear a Pull-Up when she is sick with the runs. And yes, I did understand what you were saying!

To Kate M:

First of all, thank you for your response as well. I appreciate your comments. When you had diarrhea last year and wore a Depends to work, did you have an accident? If so, how did you deal with it?

You said in your recent post that you wear Depends for a weak bladder and heavy menstruation. How heavy are your periods? If you could relate it to wearing a maximum protection pad, how many would you go through in a day? How long could you wear one before soaking through and having to change it? Also, how do the Depends work for your heavy periods?

Sorry for all the questions. My periods can be really heavy as well, plus sometimes I get mild IBS diarrhea and I am considering wearing Depends for those days as well. Thanks!

I am so happy that I found this message board to share my any my daughter's stories with. It's nice to know that there is a website where everyone is so understanding, and is there to listen (or more appropriately, read) my postings. Thank you to all.

I have been posting here for about two years now and not once have I mentioned my name. Well, here it goes. My name is Kate. My husband's name is John. Yes, we are "John and Kate", but we just have one child, our nine year old daughter Chelsi. So, from here on in, you can refer to me as "Kate the soccer mom".

Well, until next time, take care!

Kate the soccer mom.

Upstate Dave

Playing Doctor Part 5

Hey hi to all. I have to answer Kate M's question before I finish my playing doctor post with Barbie. Kate M yes I have peed in my own yard. When I was younger I always lived in the country and had large yards or fields. With the fields being hay it grew tall so that is where I played a lot either by myself or my first playmate Luise the cute little redhead from across the road. We would play in the fields and if we had to pee why bother to go home and pee when we could just pee where we were! So we would. We did it all the time till my family moved and I no longer had Luise for a playmate.

As far as now I live in the city and I do have a yard behind the house it is rather small and I do have close by neighbors but I have peed in the backyard at night only a few times since me and my wife have lived here. So that is it Kate M. Now let me go on with playing doctor with Barbie for it was my turn to use the toilet with her watching me now.

Barbie sat on the floor like I did to watch me piss. I gave Barbie a surprise for since I also had to shit but didn't say to her that I had too I pulled down my pants and took them off. Barbie smiled of course which she always did when I pulled my pants down for her whethere I was going to piss or shit or both. Now since I had watched her piss and shit just a few minutes agao my penis was in a full erected condition.

Barbie after her giggle said to me; Dave I see your penis is erect! Now any other time Barbie would have said my penis or peeter as she normally called it was hard not using erect. I looked at Barbie and asked her; How do you know erect? Barbie let out a short hard laugh first. Then she told me that when she was flipping though the medicail book there was a secotion on reproduction. There was a full page picture of a penis and its parts there and the picture was a erect penis which it explained how it gets that way!

Oh boy! I thought to myslef at first. Then Ithought well it is being human its part of life. Then I stepped back over the toilet and I llike Barbie had done did a real high sqaut hovering high over the bowl. Since my penis was erect and so hard I had to use two jands to get it pointed down so that I would piss into the toilet. Barbie laughed seeeing me holding myslef with using my two hands to get my penis in position to piss.

Just before I did start my piss I said to Barbie; Now this male species MUST urinate! I started to piss. But since I was erect and had my penis pushed down at such a sharp angle my stream just barely flowed. IT was very uncomfortible for me to piss like this too. My stream was thin with just a slight twist and I was pissing on the front side of the toiletbowl well above the water. So there was barely a sound of splashing as I pissed.

After pissing for I would say 5 6 seconds I stopped my stream. Barbie it's just to hard for me to piss like this. Barbie said back to me sounding dissapointed; Then what are you going to do? Not go at all? No! I;ll still piss but after I shit. Right after I had said shit Barbie 's mood immeadiatly changed. OH good! Barbie said. So what I did was I stepped forward turned around stepped back so Barbie had my ass faced to her now and I got down back into a high sqaut again over the toilet.

I did again pushed my pens down like I had it but used one hand to do it this time. Plus I was squeezing down hard with my fingers so that I wouldn't piss. I thought to myself right at this point. I hope now that I take a quick fast shit for it felt worse to squeeze my penis then when I had it pushed down in a two hand hold when I first tried to go.

I was fortunate for I did start right away to shit for I felt my asshole get pushed right open in only a second or two. From behind me Barbie sitting on the floor watching saw my asshole stretching open and she said loudly and excitedly; Your anus is opening! I see a blunt fat brown tip comming out! Looks like your movement is going to be a good one Dave!

I felt my asshole really being stretched to its limit and my shit was crawling alongas it started. Oh nothis is not the time to have such a slow shgit! I thought to myslef. I was starting to feel pain now as my bladder wanted to empty itself out in the worst way and my hard squeezing with my hand on my penis was stopping me from pissing!

Then it was like going from almost no movemenet and then right into full race speed as far as my shits movement! I felt it speed right up. Barbie seeing its sudden fast speed let out a loud squealing scream! My shit raced out of me and in about 5 seconds maybe just a little longer I felt my asshole close folloed by a dull flump and then a loud splash.

Then my asshole reopened and opened wide and a second shit started racing out from it. This one too was just as fast as the first and was over in the five or six second time like my first shit had done. There was a second flump and sofetr splash that followed. That was it I was done shiting. I stepped back and as I did Itold Barbie to get out of my way. She slid sideways on the floor as I hurridly moved backwards.

I moved all the way back to the wall for my ass was against it. I let my penis come up till it was at a pretty good upward angle. I lessoned my tght grip that my hand hadon it. Immeadiatly out from the slit in my penis a stream of piss eruppted out of it! It arced the distance across the bathroom and down into the toilet! It was splashing some but not all that much. It sounded like that my piss was hitting one of my shits in the toilet.

All I could think of right then right now was the great relief that I was pissing!The pain in my bladder after just a few short seconds of pissing had faded. But as I pissed I knew my bladder was still very full. I moved my penis slighly and that resulted in that my piss stream stopped hitting my shit and hit the water now making a real loud splash. Boy are you ever pissing hard now! Barbie said loudly hearing the loud splashing of my piss in the toilet.

I pissed better then a minute. When my stream eased I took steps forward so I would piss on the floor. Barbie giggled all the time that I did step forward. I did cut my stream off before I would have ended. I did this for I didn't want to chance taking finishing spurts. Barbie had gotten up off the floor after I had stepped back to the wall to start my piss. So when I finished my piss she walked behind me and rolled me off some toilet paper and gave it to me.

I asked her if I needed wipeing and her reply was that I better you DO need to Dave! So I wiped my asshole which Barbie was right. There was a big smear on the toilet paper on the first wie. I wound up wipeing myslef four times in all. Now it was time to take a inspecction look as far as my shit in the toilet. There in the bwl wer my two shits. One was almost nine inches long. Must have been the first one. The seocnd one felt longer and it was. It wasover a foot long! Plus I did piss alot for the level of the water and my piss in the bowl was way up.

I flushed the toilet which my one shit went down and my other shit broke with only part of it getting flushed down. So I flushed the toilet again after it had refilled. The second flush did get the other broken off shit flushed down. Then Barbie and I washed up picked up our clothes but did not get dressed. WE went back down to the livingroom continuied on reading the medicail book played doctor by doing close personal exams on each other! The End.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

desperate to poop

a desperation story I remembered

This is a desperation story I remember from a few months ago.

I had been out for a walk round our local lake, it's a very nice place and has a nice 1.5-2 mile walk. My girlfriend and I went for a walk and the weather was very nice. We had a big breakfast in the morning and planned to get a coffee and maybe a cake when we had finished the walk.

As we walked round the weather was really nice and I was really enjoying the fresh air and the scenery. However at the same time my ???? also seemed to be enjoying the fresh air and digesting the large breakfast. I felt a grumbling as I went round and had to let off a bit a fart.

As we finished the walk we went and got a table and my G/F got in line to order our drinks. I told her I needed the toilet and she said fine she would meet me at the tables. I knew I might be in for a wait when I came in as there was quite a line (about 7 people for 2 toilets).

I got in line and there were now 8 people waiting a gent at the front, 3 ladies, another 2 gents and 2 girls in their twenties. I waited in line and could feel a big pooh brewing. It didn't take long and a lady came out and the gent went in. Shortly after the other door opened a man came out and one of the ladies waiting went in. For a little while both toilets were in use and the line behind was getting longer. Looking down the line it was clear 1 girl needed a pooh as she was rubbing her ???? and another one looked a little desperate for a pee. The two girls in front of me clearly needed to pooh as the were doing SBDs like me. five minutes passed and finally the lady came out and her friend replaced her, she only needed a pee and came out quite soon and the other lady who had been rubbing her ???? and looking anxious went in. I was now getting quite desperate and was occasionally squeezing my checks when I felt it trying to squeeze out.

Finally after about ten mins the gent came out, he'd obviously had a good dump and look relieved. The Gent replaced him and now there were was 1 gent and 2 girls waiting in front of me. The other lady was doing what I really wanted to do and having a good old dump and the toilet had been engaged for about 5 minutes already.

The gent just needed a pee and came out and the girl went in after him, the two in front had both been letting of SDB's so I guessed they would need to pooh. The other lady was still using the toilet and I was getting very desperate now and was having to clench my buttcheeks. I also needed a pee.

The lady didn't take long and came out and one of the girls hurried in. Judging by the SBD's she was close to poohing herself like me and I reckoned there might be stains!

Five mintues later the lady who had bin in for a while came out and the other girl rushed in. Both toilets were now engaged with poopers and I was really desperate. I was pooh dancing slightly and squeezing tightly both ends. The lady behind me commented there weren't many toilets. She seemed desperate to pee and said sorry I'd let you cut but I really need to poo.

For another five minutes both toilets were engaged and getting a serious workout. Finally two minutes later one opened up and the girl came out. I rushed in. It was very stinky and skidmarks around the bowl. I was so desperate I hurried to get my cargo pants down and my knickers and nesstled on the warm seat and let a big log out. it came out instaniously and just went flump straight down, this was followed by a big stream of pee that gushed into the toilet. The relief was immense! I still felt I wasn't done and had 2 more nice logs which took about 2 mins each. I felt done wiped up and left and found the other toilet was still engaged the lady smiled at me and dashed in and as I walked back to my tea there was now a line of 10 people waiting to relieve themselves.

Happy Pooping

new guy

comments & other stuff

To: I love your stories about your friend Stac she sounds like an interesting girl and post more stories about her

To: Kendra great story about your coworkers desperate poop I bet she felt great after and if you have more stories please share them

To: Ben in Iowa great story abot finding girls soiled panties and do you have any stories about seeing a girl or woman pooping if so please share them.

To: you lucky guy getting to a girl poop man I envy you do you have more stories like that if so please share.

To: Danielle that sounded like a really big poop I bet you felt alot better after that and please share more stories if you have them.

To: Currious Kelly first welcome to this site and I hope you decide to write more stories and I loved your accident story I bet it was pretty embarrassing but accidents can help prove who your real friends are like I said in an earlier post.

To: Wendy & Kristy when was your first buddy dump together could you please post that story if you havent already I bet alot of people would like to here it I know I would.

To: Punk Rock Girl please shre more stories and again welcome back.

I know everybodys seen writing on the stall wall you know like "here I sit broken hearted came to shit but only farted" and so on heres a list I came up with of things that written on stall walls not that im saying you should write on the stall because thats vandelisum (how ever thats spelled) I just felt like creating a list some of them may be very simple and some might have multiple choices so here they are.

1. Here I sit trying to take a shit.

2. Here I sit on the commde getting or about ready to explode.

3. Sorry about the smell but I just took the crap, dump, shit from hell.

well thats all the ones I can think of right now I may post others later or not.


Comments from Stac and I for Frantic Francine

My friend Stac and I have been studying together and we break up our large load of work for AP classes and school activities by reading the latest posts on the board. You may know that we are both seniors who are in student government at our school and we know the school bathrooms--especially in the larger schools--are going to be bad. They always have and they always will be. That is not going to change so as students we need to make the best of it.

First, I am more careful than many of my male friends. I crap at school three or four times a week. Rather than just wipe the seat off as you said you are seeking to do, I put one layer of paper over it. I've been doing that for like three year. Since there are no doors on our stalls, I can tell you there are more guys doing that, but by far most just sit down. Some do quickly wipe the seat before seating themselves. Guys would never want to sit down on the bowl like you recently did because our bowls have lots of urine splash on their sides because often the seats are up and several guys pee into the toilet and they have bad aim. However, sometimes later in the day there have been emergencies when I've had to crap, and I've been out of alternatives because there's not enough toilet paper, so I just have to sit down to save the situation and not worry about some splashes on the seat. That happened last May. A very soft crap and I was late to a test so I had to run to class unwiped. All four bathrooms I checked after school were out of toilet paper in every stall. About a half hour later after school, when I met up with Stac before we went down to the auditorium to work on the play set, I told her I was walking with a mess between my butt cheeks and she took me to a small downstairs girls room and I went in and sat down and cleaned myself. Of course, I had skidmarks in my boxers, but I was glad I could save the situation because our drama teacher didn't let us leave campus that night until 10:30 p.m.

While I was cleaning myself, Stac went into the stall right next to mine, closed a very feeble wooden door and put herself right down on the seat. It wasn't a surprise to me that she doesn't wipe or cover the seat before sitting on it, because we had discussed it before. She is very good about washing her hands and will always relieve herself immediately when she has to go. No holding it to see if she can wait until she gets home. Even when we're at the movies, sometimes she'll leave the show to go down to the bathroom when there's only about ten minutes left in the film because she knows that urinary tract infections can happen from holding your pee. She says some girls cover the seats but she really hates those that hover over the toilet because they splash the seat up for the next user who probably wants to sit down. I know she sometimes will look in on several stalls before deciding which one to use. When possible, she'll take the stall with the seat raised, because she knows there's a pretty good chance that when she drops it and sits down that it will be dry because a considerate person raised it.

So, Francine, Stac and I feel for you and wish you the best. Try using the bathroom at your school at the very first moment you feel the need. There are a lot of disrespectful and crude students of both genders and all ages who will try to mess with you. The more smaller and private the bathroom, the better. Don't be afraid to ask your teacher for a pass during class because you should have a lot more privacy then. Keep us posted on your progress. We're pulling for you.

Upstate Dave

Having Company While I Worked Part 1

Back in the mid 1980's I drove for a delivery service. It was goof pay but long hours. I did work on Saturdays which was my longest route that I would cover. What I maily delvivered was auto parts and Amway products. My route started near Albany NY and I would travel north just about to the Canadian border swing west to Malone NY then down to Lake Placid east back to Plattsburg, Peru sometimes down to Whitehall NY or down to Corith NY then back to the warehouse and home. It was one big loop in that sense.

I got to know shortcuts soon after I had started doing this route. I knew the noth country pretty well already for I had driven up north a lot for years before starting this job. Every once in awhile I would get my wife to ride along with me which I was glad for her to keep me company. That is what this post is about is when she traveled with me on my Saturday north route.

Now I would have to leave around three am from the warehouse. I would have coffee as we would leave and J my wife she would curl up with her pillow and small blanket and she would sleep as we headed north. My first stop would be in North Hudson where I would get a second cup of coffee, a snack, and my wife J would get a decaf cup of tea or coffee and a snack also.

Then from there to my first stop over just outside of Port Henery. I would take a shortcut from Noth Hudson to my first stop which saved almost twenty minutes over the way I was shown when I had first started. The first stop which was a uto parts store drop I knew the fellow that owned it before I started this job. I saw him durring the week but not on Saturdays for I waas there way to early before he would be there and would be open.

Now J would help me get some parts out and we both would bring them inside his shop. Most of the time it only was a short drop for there were nly a few parts he had ordered. We also by this time both of us would need to piss. Me from having my two cups of coffee and J having her tea or coffee she had drank on the way over to here.

Between the shop and the large attached garage was a little short hall and the shops bathroomwas off the small hall. It was tiny in its size with room for just a toilet and very small wall hung sink. Now since it was such a tiny bathroom J and I would sit together on the toilet and piss most times when she was riding with me. Sometimes not. she would sit and piss and I would stand take my piss sometimes with her holding me (:-)) sometimes not. (:-()

Then after that back out to the truck and back up along Lake Champlain and back on the northway to Plattsburg. I always had two auto parts drops in Plattsburg and one was like the Port Henry stop with just a few parts and the other stop was longer which was always cases of oil. The second stop the place would be open and I would slide the oil to the end of the truck and the forlift driver would take it from there.

Then the next stop was breakfast. I had time to do this too and I found several good places to eat around Plattsburg. So I wuld stop and I and my wife J would have a good breakfast taeing about a hour off from being on the road. This was good for me for I would get a break from driving and have new found energy as a result.

Now at this point I could have a choice as far as which way I wanted to run the loop as far as my route. I could run it backwards or run it the normal way by going to Lake Placid first. There was one catch which was one store up in Malone the shop was open till noon and I didn't have keys for this place. I had to be there when they were open. So that was the catch. I always made it running the loop either way without a problem.

Running the route backwards though was faster for there was a shortcut that way with none going the other way. This morning I would run the route backwards. So North I went out of Plattsburg made my turn which was my shortcut (saves twenty minutes or more) and we reached our next stop whch was a gas station muffler exhuast parts place. J would help me here alsowith smaller tail pipes while I handled the larger longer pipes and mufflers.

Then on to Malone making the one stop at the store that had to be open. Once done there down route 30 to Lake Placid. There was a store on this section of my route I always stopped at. So I pulled in when we got there. Time for a cold soda and snack for it was mid morning already. Then back on the road and headed south. From the store down to Pual Smiths colloedge outside of Lake Placid there was hardly a house, cabin, trailer, or other building. It was all just woods with some small senic lakes. Pretty country.

There was a nice pull off spot before getting to Paul Smiths and again I always needed to stop at this spot for a needed piss or sometimes a needed shit if I had to shit also! It was a old rest area but the picnic tables were long gone but the clearing was still there and the old stone fireplaces although they had fallen mostly apart were still there also. Even the rest area still was marked with old state made sighns.

Well I told J I was stopping which she was glad that I was making the stop. As we were getting out from the cab of the truck I grabbed extra napkins and we got out. As we started walking back into the old rest area J asked me if I had to shit. I told her I did. That makes two of us! J said to me as we hiked along. In several minutes we reached the point where we were far enough back from the highway so we couldn't be seen.

Now J brought along with her a change of clothes which she had a pair of shorts to change into istead of wearing her jeans she had put on for the start of our ride. I unbuckled her belt,[opped the snap on her jeans and pulled down the zipper on them for her. She took over from there takeing them off along with the light blue panties she was also wearing.

Now another choice point was reached. J could sqaut to piss and shit or I could sit down on the ground letting her sit on my knees. We had done both ways before. J does kid me about my boney knees if she sits on them. It more teasing then anything else for she does sit down on them a lot when she does have to shit in the great outdoors!

I sat down on the ground with my legs nent and J hafl naked for she hadn't put on her blue shorts and panties yet sat down on my knees. I reached around and placed my hands on her bare stomach lightly and watched waiting for her to piss and shit. I didn't have a long wait as faras for her to start pissing!

As I watched J errupted quite a piss stream out from her vagina! I was peeking around her rigt side and I saw her piss stream which was doing a short upward arc and then came down out past in front of her bare feet. It was hissing softly and was a light golden yellow color. I said to J as I watched her piss; Good thing you didn't put on your pantes and shorts! You would have pissed all over them if you had! J giggled a littel and she in return said that she would have too!

J's piss was short for it eased right off drobbled a little and then dripped. She let out a short squeaky sonding fart. I moved one of my hands off fro hestomach and slapped her one asscheek with it. Hey I'm back here don't go stinking me out! J now did a short hard laugh. Then I saw the blunt fat end of her shit poke out from her asshole. J had started to shit and it looked like it was going to be a good one!

Her shit was creeping and came to a dead stop after it reached a couple of inches long. J I felt with my hands on her stomach tensed up along with sucking in her breath she gave a good push to get her shit moving again. With this hard push she succeeded in getting her shit moving again along with a short hard spurt of piss from out of her vagina!

Her shit kept up its movement and her short spurt of piss stopped with some more droplets falling off from her crotch. Well her shit did manage to reach four maybe five inches long thats all and it either broke or that was long as it was. For it fell making a good loud thump when it hit the ground. J's asshole closed right up after her short fat sht had come out from it. J resumed pisssing again with a straight down stream which wetted her shit laying there on the ground. J pissed for about ten seconds and then came to another driping stop.

I aked J if she needed to shit some more. It sure feels like I could J said right back to me. So she tried which I saw her asshole dome as it pukered outwatd and just a hint of a blunt eneded shit would apear then slide back with her asshole closeing again. J repeatedly tried with the same thing would happen the same time along with either doing a short spurt of piss when she tried pushing or have just a little piss dribble out from her vagina too.

J then told me it looked like she wasn't going to shit any more. Maybe later. That we'll have to see if I do. J piked up a napking and did wipe herass but it wasn;t really needed for that. She had quite a bit of piss wet skin and her pubic hair along with her vagina to wipe off and she used the entire napkin for that. Then she got up from my knees and just slipped on herblue shorts not her light blue panties.

While J was doing this I had stood up unbuckled my belt,did the snap on my jeans and had pulled them down to my knees. I stood there waiting for her as she took care of her shorts putting them on. I was going to piss first which I could do before I was to shit. J smiled as she stepped overto me. My penis was erect for which it always would when I watched her piss shit or both.

She held it loosly and I started my much needed piss. I sent a long low arcing stream of piss from my penis. It went over six feet outward before it did hit the ground wetting some leaves and pine needles that covered the ground. J kind of leaned up aganst me as she held me and watched me piss. I asked her f she was tired and she did tell me justr a little. I told her after we made the two stops in Lake Placid she could get a nap before getting back into Plattsburg. She smiled and told me she would do just that.

My piss was fairly long and it did ease off. I did cut it short by stopping it. The need to shit now had taken over so thats why I did cut off my piss stream before it would have ended on its own. I told J to let go now. She did and I went right down into a high squat. In only a few short seconds I would be takeing my shit.

I started with letting out a long soft phhhhting fart and then my asshole I felt open right up followed with a soft crackleing sound a my shit came out. It felt big to me and it felt that it was moving rather fast. In about seven eight seconds there was a dull thud and I felt my asshole close right up. I was done. I stood up took a step forward and then turned around. I had taken a good fast shit. There laying in the leaves and pine needles on the ground was a good fat light brown ten incher!

I turned back around and was going to aske J for a napkin to wipe with but she had one in her ouststretched hand for me already! I said a quick thanks and I shoved the naplingin my asscrack and gave myslef a good hard wipe. Only a little of my shit was on the napking after my wipeing so I dropped the napkin pulled up my jeans and said to J; I'm done lets go. AS we walked back out to the truck I did my zipper,snap and belt as we walked. We got in the cab pulled out and we were now on the way to Lake Placid and my next two stops. To be continuied.

new guy

female bathroom scenes in books

here are some books and magazines that mention a girl or woman going to the bathroom

1. A rage for revenge it has a poem at the begining or end of one chapter about a woman peeing.

2. Vaccum diagrams mentions a girl emptying her bowels outside.

3. there are books by Tom Robinson I thinks that his last if not its very close his have scenes about women peeing at least the ones ive read thoes are Even cowgirls get the blue, asleep in frog pajammas.

4. In a recent MAD magazine that came out earlier this year had a comic about amy weinhouse pooping in a dressing room in a store.

5. The day my butt went psycho might have a part in it im not sure but from what I did read in it I wouldnt be surprised.

well that all I can think of right now ill post more later if I find anymore.

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