Coworker's desperate poop

Hey there everyone! I haven't posted here in a while, but I've still been reading all of the new posts. Some of you might remember me from around page 1865, but if you don't, that's okay too. In any case, my story today is about one of my coworkers being completely desperate to poop.

I was on the bus to work this morning and L, who is one of my coworkers got on at her usual stop. I don't really know her as a friend, but we talk sometimes on the way to work, or at work. As we got closer to work and were talking, I noticed L was beginning to fidget slightly. I didn't want to embarrass her by asking if she needed the bathroom, so I lied and said that I had to pee and hoped the bus would hurry up. When she heard me say it, I guess she felt more relaxed and admitted to me that she was desperate for the toilet, but "not for just a pee". This excited me greatly, and I spent the rest of the ride in anticipation, though trying to hide that from her. The rest of the ride we just spent making small talk, and at last we arrived at work.

We work in an office building which has three floors. The first and third floors are actually other businesses, but L was so desperate she made a beeline for the bathrooms on the first floor. I followed her, trailing behind a bit. By the time I got the bathroom, she was just closing the door to her stall and then I heard a loud wet fart as she unloaded. Brraaaaap Braaaap Splunk Splip Splopplopplopplipsplop Brraaaap Prrrrt Braap Spoosh sploosh. In the brief time it took me to get to a stall and pull down my pants and sit on the toilet, she had done a lot of poop and she was still going. I peed a little bit as she continued...

Pffrrt Prrt Splunk plopplop Splop sploosh splop Braaaapp Frrt Splunk splunk splunk. Plop Floomp Splop Sploosh Braaappp pffrrt Braap Splash plopplop splop splash. I had finished my pee and wiped up, then I flushed as it seemed that she finally finished. "Oh god, Kendra, you have no idea how good that felt!" she said to me, surprising me with how open and frank she was. As I washed my hands, she began to wipe. I imagine that was quite the ordeal, but I didn't stay to find out.

Kendra :)

Ben In Iowa

Response to CD

You posted a while back about if women had found evidence of an accident taking place in their bathroom. Well i'm no woman but I have found evidence of their accidents they have left behind. The women's room at the store I work at is a single occupant one. I clean the restrooms once in a while after we have closed and I have found plenty of evidence in the womens room. I've found 4 different pairs of panties in the trash at different times that have had been peed in. 2 were thongs and the other 2 were full cut panties. One pair in particular was white with flowers on it and 80% of it was stained dark yellow, whoever wore them had a huge pee accident. I've also found 3 pairs of soiled panties. One pair I wrote about actually sort have witnessed the accident while I was on my lunch break and then finding the panties later on in the night. I've also found 3 used adult diapers. 2 had been peed in and the other had been pooped in. One of the peed ones wasn't even thrown in the trash. The owner had left the soaked depends diaper next to the toilet. I've also found pantyhose a couple times that had been with the panties as well.
Those are some of the underwear i've found from some unfortunate women's accidents. The ironic part is i've only found one pair of soiled men's underwear, which makes me wonder why women seem to have more accidents. I've also had to clean up someones after math of their accident. Twice me and a co-worker had to clean up somones diareha accident that they had blasted all over the toilet and wall. Once I had to clean a pee mess, the lady had must have lost control before getting seated because there was pee all over the floor from the door to the toilet, all over the seat, and an unflushed bowl full of dark pee and toilet paper. I've also seen pads that had been peed in a little bit. So there is the evidence i've seen in the womens bathroom.

Now for a quick story that happened tonight. I was sitting in the back room on my lunch break in the chair that has the best view of the adjecent bathrooms when all of a sudden an attactive women, probably in here late 20's early 30s runs past the breakroom to the women's toilet hand in crotch. She flies into the womens room for what i assume a much needed pee. A few minutes later another attrive women comes to use the bathroom. I think nothing of it since i know she will have to wait. Then I see her push the door open which shocked me, the first women was in such a hurry that she forgot to lock the door! The second lady apologized and told her not to worry, when you got to go, you got to go. The first lady came out a couple minutes later and apologized and the second went in. I would have loved to have been the seond lady to push open the door and see the beauty on the throne.

Kate M.

Bedside urinals & reflections of the outdoors

Hi, a few years ago I purchased a female urinal from the pharmacy - I was getting up too often for a pee and it is so fatiguing. It may be of use to women who need to pee often, have a bladder infection, can't rush to the bathroom without peeing on the floor as they get older, are pregnant, are too tired, etc.

I find it funny that Upstate Dave used to pee out the window as a kid.

I have some questions for people - did you pee in the backyard as a kid? Do you still do it? I remember in the summer wearing a bikini and being in the backyard reading on a lounge chair. I just squatted on the grass and pulled the suit to the side and peed onto the grass. It was more convenient than going into the house.

One of my friends lives on many acres of land and takes her dogs for a walk on their property - they both pee outside.

I also used to go on field trips with a group of outdoor people and we used to pee outside.


Watching a girl go at a rest stop

Hi, its been a long time since I've posted here, but here it goes.

I'm in the USAF, and am stationed in Germany at the moment. Recently, I was on a road trip when i got the urge to go, so I pulled into a rest stop area off of the autobahn. The toilets were unisex, so i just picked one and went in. You have to hover over these toilets, as they dont have any seats, so thats what I did. It was about this time that I noticed a 4 inch diamater hole in the wall to my left, I took a quick look through it, and saw that the stall was empty at the moment. I pushed a little and farted a few times. Then I heard the stall with the hole in it open up. I looked over again, and saw that it was a woman, maybe in her early to mid 20's. She quickly pulled her pants and panties down and hovered over the toilet, just getting in position before starting a loud and strong piss. As her piss stopped, she let loose with some wet farts, and shortly there after, I saw some loose wet poo start comming out of her. She keep pushing out this stuff for a few minutes. By this point, I was ready with my own poop, and pushed out a semi-firm 6 incher. I reached for the TP and wipped, just about the same time she did. We exited at the same time, I saw that she was a very attractive blonde, with about a D chest.

Kate M.


Hi, one of my concerns is grocery shopping in case I am purchasing Depends on sale - imagine a large grocery cart with one or two packs of Depends in them going down the aisle of the large grocery store such as the Superstore. Well this has happened to me - once I even passed an older gentleman who had purchased Depends Guards for men in his cart and I had a pack of Depends in mine. I wear these for a weak bladder and heavy menstruation. The weak bladder is very weak during that time of the month and even a tiny cough will leak to peeing. Such is the world. However I don't want to come across a co-worker in the grocery store if they are in their 20s; if they are older it is not such a big deal. For parents who have to purchase these products for their teens, if you are shopping with your child and one of their classmates runs into them in the store, always say that these products are for you, not them, so the child won't be embarassed. I saw a mom purchase 2 packs of Goodnites but they were obviously for her kids. I am curious how many people use: pullups, Goodnites, Depends, Poise, etc. Even if one does not have a current issue, one can get ill with bladder infections, diarrhea, etc. and they help to protect the family washing machine, good sheet sets and mattresses and furniture. As I get older I pee outdoors more since I get caught short - coffee does not help. I am glad that I did hiking/camping as a kid so I learned to pee outside in my youth - a skill for any gal of any age. So long as I can get away with it I can pee anywhere (within reason of course).

new guy
To: Frantic Francine I agree with you school and some park toilets need to be improved but probaly wont because of budget problems.

To: Upstate Dave great story it sounds like you & Polly are very open about your bathroom habits I think everyone should be because its nothing to be ashamed of like it says on the top of the page everyone does it from the queen & presedent to the poorest person.

To: Anny I also enjoy a nice big poop I find it relaxing.

To: Harry pooper great story about seeing a girl poo

To: Punk Rock Girl welcome back ive missed your stories & I hope you stick around & write more of them please because there really good.

To: Wendy & Kristy loved your last stories I agree gas/petrol stations & many other places should change there restroom policies unless they want to clean up peoples pee & poop. Keep the stories coming.

To: Paul from Germany another great story about seeing Claudia poop.


Friend finally had a good poo

Hello again. This weekend, I went out with my friend and ended up staying at her place on Friday night. We were talking and she said that she needed to use the bathroom. So we went into the bathroom and kept on talking. She sat on the toilet, but after ten minutes, she got up and expressed frustration that she still couldn't poo. She told me she'd been constipated for eight days now and was really feeling uncomfortable. Then she asked me if I'd run to the store and get her a laxative, as she was too embarrassed.

I said that I would, but since it was 2 am at that time, I wasn't sure what was open. I ended up having to go to Winco, because I knew they were open 24/7. I bought her some gel capsule laxatives that said they were gentle on your stomach and wouldn't cause cramps, and I also bought some bran muffins, to see if they might help as well. I returned from the store and my friend took two capsules (even though you're supposed to take just one) and ate a muffin. The box said it should take effect within 1 hour, so we just waited.

Finally, she said she thought she felt it working so we went to the bathroom again. She took off her jeans and panties and sat on the toilet. She let off a bassy fart and a knobbly head of a turd poked out of her anus. She seemed to be pushing just a little bit as it grew. It broke off and splashed in the toilet. She farted quietly two times before a softer turd eased out. Another one about the same softness and size followed. After that, nothing for a while, but then out of nowhere a series of smaller turds came, each one making a loud plop sound. I think there was maybe seven or eight of them in total. A loud fart signaled the end of that, followed quickly a green banana-shaped log and a long thin snake.

She had a few quiet bursts of gas then a dark brown turd which was quite thick emerged. It came out very slowly, but she didn't seem to need to push at all. When that broke off, her asshole remained open for a moment and then a skinnier turd began to slide out. This one just kept coming and coming for a good amount of time. I almost thought it would never end. But finally it did and then she farted a loud fart and a quieter fart back to back. She said she was finally done, so she stood up and we surveyed the damage to the toilet. It was most definitely plugged up, completely full of her poos. Turds and logs of varying sizes and colors all mixed together into one giant mess. To finally get the toilet back in working order was not an easy task. It took upwards of an hour with a toilet brush, a plunger, and many many flushes. To be truthful, I'm still not sure that toilet does work properly.


Advice for Frantic Francine

Both of your posts have me really feeling for you. I've been out of school now for 10 years and work for a financial company, but I go back to my old high school every semester and spend two days talking to the intro to marketing classes. The bathrooms haven't gotten any better over the years.

To start with, if I were on the school board I would never have 5th graders assigned to middle school. What's happening is not helping your development or confidence and you imply there's some bullying also going on. I would also keep 6th graders in grade school.

Every student should be able to sit down on a clean and well working toilet and sit on the seat. Note: seat! Prepare yourself now for the likelihood that in many public places that you will be using for the rest of your life, your best option may be to just sit right down on the seat. Papering it first, or even just wiping it, will not always be possible. If you remember to look for paper when you have stall choices (I admit I'm sometimes lax here)that will help, but sometimes you just have to work with what you have.

As much as possible try and tune out the names and vulgar language you hear. Try and slow down a bit before you leave the stall. Wipe away your tears because they will just attract attention, feel around and make sure your dress is pulled down, and whenever possible, reach down and flush the toilet. That will tame any hostility from the next user. Remember to wash your hands. Especially with pandemics and flu going around, handwashing is much more important than worrying about placing your butt on the seat.

Once you gain more confidence in yourself, you will be able to walk with it! At that point, you will definitely feel much better about yourself. Successfully navigating school bathrooms is essential. Good luck Francine.


Re. Your near overflow at that Target store

TO Kevin:
There is almost nothing as frightening in this world as watching water in your toilet full turds rising higher... and HIGHER... inexorably to the rim. All you can do is just stand there watching it, hoping against hope that it will stop. (And perhaps planning how you can get out of there ASAP without anyone knowing YOU had something to do with it.)

Take care,


curious kelly

new to the forum, surprised by the stories!

hi yall, i'm kelly and i'm a 24 yr old girl from the southeastern US, i'm petite with long brown hair and green eyes. i found this forum a couple of weeks ago and have found it to be a fascinating read in my down time! i actually stumbled upon it while looking for potty training info to give to my sister who has a toddler, lol. anyway, i've always found discussions on going to the bathroom to be interesting, even though its generally considered taboo in many social circles for girls to talk about it! anyway, one thing that has mesmerized me is the sheer number of folks who have stories to tell about poopin in their pants in public! i mean wow! i can't believe it happens that often. i mean its pretty rare to see that happen to somebody so i've been shocked to read about how many times people have had that kind of an accident in public. in all my years (all 24 lol) i have only once ever seen someone besides a young child poop in their pants in public. now, me embarrassed as i am to admit, but this is certainly the place to do so, have had the unfortunate experience of poopin in my pants...twice actually...but neither time was in public so no one even knows about it!

the only time i ever have seen someone do that in public in my entire life was when i was 18 and i worked in a supermarket. one evening, a coworker of mine named kimberly, a chubby girl with brown hair and a bubble butt, had an accident in her pants while working in the customer service booth...and she tried to pretend nothin even happened! me and some of the other cashiers knew she did it...whenever we went near the customer service booth there was an obvious poop smell in the air. she must've thought no one could smell it and since she was behind the counter no one could see the big poop bulge on her butt either! she had tight black pants on so you could see the big ol bulge in them plain as day whenever she turned around and walked back far enough in the booth that you could see her butt over the counter. we couldn't believe it that she thought no one knew. she was just trying to be casual like nothin happened, but i'll tell you what every customer that came in to buy cigarettes or skoal saw her turn and walk to the back of the booth and saw that big poop bulge on her butt! me and my coworkers kept arguing with each other about who should say something to her but no one wanted to. and the grossest part was that after awhile she musta realized that she had a bulge on her butt, and she smooshed it! we don't know when or how she did it, but eventually one of us looked over again and there was no more bulge, just a wet looking dark spot on her butt. she must've pressed her butt up against the wall when no one was looking. anyway, when she left for her break and someone else relieved her in the customer service booth, she kept side stepping the person and walking backwards and stuff so they couldn't see her butt, and you could see she was getting nervous and red, and she made a comment about the trash needing to be emptied because it smelled! lol! but we all knew the truth. she left the store and drove somewhere on her break, and came back 10 minutes late with new pants on. they were similar pants, she musta thought no one would know the difference, but we did. i didn't work there much longer after that, but i never had the nerve to ask her about why she pooped her pants in the booth and tried to hide it. everyone talked about it though.

that's the only time in my life anyone has ever done that in public. but people definitely do have accidents, i know that from experience! when i was 16 i had a really bad stomach ache one day at school. i tried to go to the bathroom twice but i couldn't get anything going. well on my walk home from school, it was time! my stomach gurgled and grumbled and i suddenly had to poop real real bad! like diarrhea bad. i rushed home as quick as i could, but by the time i got to my house it was too late. i was standing in the middle of my carport about to head through the side door to my house when i just cut loose, and totally filled my pants with wet poop. i could feel it sagging down in my underwear and it was liquidy so it was runnin down my legs and soaking the back of my jeans. it was so gross! thank god i didn't do it at school, and thank god i was already at my house so i didn't have to walk past all my neighbors houses with a big mess in my pants.

finally, about 2 years ago i had this really tough week. it was my senior year of college and i had a lot of work to do and i was working part time. long story short, i rarely had a day off or a day to sleep in. i was getting real stressed and depressed about my sleep schedule. one night before i had to get up real early, my cat woke me up in the middle of the night and i was so mad! i had a hard time falling back to sleep because i was mad at the fact that i was awake. to make matters worse, as i was trying to fall back to sleep, the urge to poop started growing stronger and stronger...i usually poop as soon as i wake up in the morning so its like since i woke up my body decided it was time to go. well i REALLY didn't want to get up and go to the bathroom, i just wanted my sleep and go to the toilet in the morning! so i went back to sleep...i'm sure you can guess what happened next..yep, i woke up in the morning with a big old stinky mess in the back of my underwear! my body just didn't wanna wait til morning and i pooped my undies real bad in my sleep.

Hi my name is Elsie and I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade. My friend told me about this site(she just reads does not post) and after my weekend I felt the need to share.
I used to have accidents ALL the time when I was little, but have not for awhile now. That was until last weekend. It started Friday at school. I had drank two glasses of OJ at breakfast and two bottles of water at lunch. I really had to pee. Bad. So my me and my 3 friends went to the bathroom right by the cafeteria. It was a small bathroom with only 3 stalls. As soon as we got in, my friends all went into a stall and locked the door. I knew they didn't really have to go. I was holding my crotch and bouncing around and begging them to come out and let me in. They all started laughing and commenting on how good it felt to pee and making water noises. The sound of their pees were too much and I completely lost it, soaking my jeans. They were light washed and it was very obvious. I started to cry and my friends all felt really bad. They helped me to the nurse by standing around me so no one could really see. I felt really embarrassed but was glad it was only pee. The nurse called my brother to pick me up from school.
On saturday I had almost completely forgot about my accident. Now, I get very constipated and have to drink this stuff that the doctor prescribed. I'm supposed to drink a serving a day, but had been forgetting the past few days. I woke up Saturday very constipated and uncomfortable so decided to drink a few days worth all at once. Big mistake. Later that day my brother and i went shopping at a very big furniture store. We were looking for a new sofa. The sofa section is upstairs so we fought our way through the crowd to get there. There was a sale and it was very busy. All of a sudden I looked around and couldn't see my brother anymore. I began to panic. I walked up one aisle and down another and still couldn't find him. well that is when I felt a rumble in my stomach. The medicine was kicking in plus me being scared about being lost meant I had to poo, now. The only restrooms I knew of were all the way downstairs and I didn't want to head all the way back down there without my brother. I clenched my cheeks together and kept looking. But the pressure was getting worse and worse and I knew that even if I headed towards the restrooms right then I would not make it. A big mushy poo began coming out into my panties. The huge squirts of diarrhea came out. When I poop, I also pee. I began peeing my pants as well making a puddle underneath me. I was so embarrassed and still upset about being lost so I just stood there and cried. I knew it was obvious I just pooped and peed myself and the smell was horrible. I couldn't believe I was having another accident, and this time so much worse. People were looking at me but no one offered to help.
I stood there for a few minutes, but it felt like forever. Then I saw my brother come around the corner. He ran to me and hugged me and apologized for losing me. Then he noticed what I had done and made a comment about how I really must have been scared. He put his arm around me and led me out and into the car. I knew I smelled horrible and was probably ruining his leather seats but he acted like it didn't bother him at all. I guess after all my years of accidents he was used to it. We went home and I took a shower.
Well that is my story of my accident filled weekend. Hopefully I don't have another for a long long time.


To Misty (Re: Sister's Accident)


Just a quick post to let you know I really liked your story about your sister. Not only the contents: you are a talented writer, I like your style! I'm curious what happened a couple of days later, like you said. Hope you post it.


Upstate Dave

Playing Doctor Part 2

Now Janet was my paitent. There was a old wooden dinningroom chair in the storage room and Janet went over and pulled it out and sat down for me. I put on the stethascope and placed it on her shirt in her chest area. I was being polite since Janet was a girl and I thought it would be better doing it this way to listenfor her heartbeat.

Janet laughed when I did this and she pulled her top out of her pants and lifted it right up bareing her chest! Dave I don't have boobs yet! Now check my heart! I laughed and I placed the stethescope back on her chests bare skin. Janet said loudly and jumped backroking the chair. Oh that's cold! Janet said to me giggling hard. So I blew on the end and then replaced it back on her chest. That's better Janet said to me.

I moved the stethescoppe around on Janets chest just like a doctor would do. Then when I heard the loudest heartbeat I stayed on that spot for a minute or two. Then I told Janet her heart sounded fine. Then I went lower like she had done to me and I placed the stethescope on her stomach and took a listen there. Her stomach wasnot at all noisy like mine had been when she was checking me.

I then went just a little lower under her stomach and placed the stethescope right on her belly button and took a quick listen there. Janet giggled for she thought it was funny that I was checking her belly button. She did ask me if there was anything there and I told her no. Then I told Janet I had to go lower now.

Janet stood up fro the chair. Standing there Janet said to me; Want me to pull down my panties too? I smiled and told Janet she had to. Janet smiled and pulled down her blueshorts and white panties together and then sat down in the chair again. I said to Janet; You'll have to stand back up Janet. Opps! That's right! I forgot. Sorry Doctor Janet said to me and she stood up.

Now I placed the stethescope on Janet's lower belly and took a hard listen. As I listened I also without knowing was presing hard with the stethescope. Janet giggled and said to me. Doctor if you press any harder I'm going to pee! I said sorry back to Janet and I lightened up on the stethescope. I took it away and I told Janet every thing seemed fine to me. She giggled and said back to me; I'mm glad doctor. Are you going to listen while I pee? I laughed and said yes back to Janet.

I had to get the old box with the old newspapers in it that I had peed in. Whie I got the box Janet took off her pants and anties so that I could place the box on the floor in front of the chair. That would allow Janet to sit on the chair and pee into the box while I tried to listen like she had done when I peed for her.

I placed the stethescope on Jnets lower belly and Janet started to pee a few short seconds later. Janet peed very noisily for Jantes pee stream hissed loudly as she went and her pee hit in a different spot down in the old newspapers and they were so dry theycrackled and made noise as her pee hit them and wetted the them too. Jant's pee was short also takeing her about ten seconds or so and she was done.

I pulled the stethescope off from her and told Janet I didn't hear anything unusial so you can get dressed now. I pulled the box away Janet put her white panties and pants back on. I kicked the box across the floor putting it back way in the back of the storage room. Jante leftthe chair where it was. I hung the stethescope back up and we left the storage room closing its door when we left. We both agreed that it was a lot of fun what we had done. We went back downstairs to the kitchen had something to drink and then joined my grandmother in the livingroom. Yhe End


Guy in a port-a-pottie

I volunteered at a Special Event this morning. I was there early (around 4:30 AM).
Every time I volunteer for this event, I have to take a dump, and so I went to the closest portable toilet and opened the door. There was a guy sitting on the seat, taking a dump. It was dark, but the park lights illuminated his legs, the rest was a bit shadowy. He was wearing dark trousers, with white briefs all the way down at his ankles. His underwear was quite bright against the dark trouser material. His silhouette showed a slim guy on the toilet. I said, "Excuse me" and he replied, "no problem". I closed the door and went into the next unit to unload my crap. I noticed that the door latch wasn't shutting properly, based on the angle of the ground. I didn't latch my door, but didn't get anyone popping in on me.

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

A girl peed herself

As I was driving to pick Wendy up from work tonight I spotted a girl walking along the road holding her crotch. She had a definate wet patch in her jeans & was walking quickly for a bit & stopped suddenly. As I passed her I looked in the rear view mirror so see her bum was soaked & it was obvious she'd been desperate to go for a long time. After the other nights pee holding competition with Wendy I knew how she must have felt.
A few months ago I went to the supermarket for some bits we'd run out off & as I was leaving there was a woman of reading a magazine waiting for someone. She had a big wet patch in her jeans & I couldn't help wondering why she hadn't used the customer toilets. I don't know if she realised but she was standing right in front of a cctv camera!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr. Clogs

Question for y'all

When peeing, pooping or combo of the two with containers like a cup for example, has anyone overfilled their container while going the bathroom in them? If so can anyone share their experience and how did you resolve the mess? I have a pet peive to share, I'll post that later.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

To Feral Girl

I hope you don't mind me asking but why don't you like using the toilet? Was it a bad experience you once had? Like you I love to poo in various containers. Do you ever find you poo so much the container can't hold it all? What do you do when that happens? Have you ever been unable to find a place to relieve yourself in time & gone in your underwear?

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

To Danielle

Hi Danielle. I loved your story about the time you pood on the petrol station forecourt. I did something similar once when I was refused permission to use the toilet at a petrol station. I was walking home from a pub with Wendy. It was late at night & apparently they don't let the public use the toilet after 9:00pm due to vandalism. I was desperate to go & I guess I shouldn't have done it but we were drunk & I was so angry that he would rather let someone mess themself than to allow them to use the toilet. I went behind the bins at the back of the shop & found a plastic bag. Wendy was busting for a pee but she wanted to wait untill we got home. I raised my skirt up & Wendy held the bag under my bum while I pushed out a seven inch long poo. When it broke off another one emerged & reached a length of ten inches. I wiped on some tissue from the dispensers at the pumps & put that in the bag with my huge poo. Wendy found a paper cup in the bin & peed in it. When we were done we ran up to the night till & emptied the smelly contents of the bag & Wendys pee into the tray & ran off. The guy behind the counter was as mad as bulldog chewing a wasp. He called up some names I'm sure the moderator would never allow but lets just say they're not something a kid should know! Sweet revenge ha ha. Of course we can never go back there again. Anyway his petrol is far to expensive anyway.

Kate M.

The Need to Squirt

I find that after I pee, sometimes I need to squirt out a bit again. I wear Poise pads and often squirt in them. It is not worth yet another trip to the loo (or bush). Once when I went swimming after getting out of the pool and having my shower (and peeing in the shower) I went to the benches to get dressed. I needed to squirt so I just did it through the slats in the bench. I was well hydrated so it just seemed like water - I did squirt more than I thought I had to however. When I go swimming, I put on my bathing suit, have a shower, pee in the shower (and push on the abdomen to try to get out the last bit of pee). Then I get in the pool and within 10 or 15 minutes I need to pee again so I just pee through my bathing suit. It is like a trickle. Sometimes I have had a coffee and kept the paper cup - it is good for putting under wide short legs and peeing into the cup - it can be done beside an object such as a fence or parked car.

Paul from Germany

A Journey

Yesterday Claudia and I were driving around a bit in our old VW camping bus. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant and both went to the bathroom there to pee.

At about 2 o'clock we got tired and stopped at a really nice parking lot at a country road. You could see the mountains in the distance. I stopped on the edge of the parking lot. There was a rather big mown meadow between the parking lot and the hedge that surrounded it. The sun was shining into the car and we both dozed of.

I woke up when I heard the door closing, but thought that it be just Claudia going out for a smoke. However, I decided to get up and have a look. And there she was - squatting in the middle of the meadow near the hood of the bus, her blue jeans and her pink thong down and watering the grass with a strong yellow stream. I saw her from the side. It was really a good spot. Nobody driving on the road could see her. She was covered by the hedge and our camping bus. She drunk a beer at the restaurant, and that makes her have to go. I looked at her until her stream had stopped. I looked away from the window so didn't see me watching her. She should think that I was still dozing. Half a minute later, she still wasn't back. So I got up again and looked out again. Claudia was mid-poop, a turd hanging out of her asshole . She was concentrating hard on the ground . She was pushing so hard that her face was red. With one hand she was holding her pink shirt. But her turd didn't move any further. After a minute of pushing it got longer and eventually fell down. I could see it from my position in the bus as the grass was very short. Then she pushed again and another turd that was much lighter brown came out. However, this time she didn't need to put so much effort into it. It just fell down onto her first turd. Then her third turd appeared and fell down. The pile below her asshole had now grown significantly, but Claudia was still pushing. Two short turds came out and landed on her mess. She took a roll of t.p. (she had placed it to her left so I hadn't seen it before) and started wiping first her vagina, then her asshole. She needed six wipes for her anus and tossed the used paper next to her pile. I could clearly see it from the bus. Then she put away the roll of t.p,, got up and pulled up her thong and jeans. She closed her belt and the zipper, had a look at her pile and went towards the bus. I closed my eyes so she would think I was dozing.

When she entered I opened my eyes and said: "Claudia, what were you doing? Did you have a smoke?" "Honey, I had to use the bathroom." She put down the roll of t.p. "Well, you had to piss because of the beer!" "Yes, but I had to do something else out there!" Now I could feel my bowels. "You can give me the roll" I said. She handed me the roll and I went out. I headed for her pile. It was really a big pile - the three long turds and the two short one above them. Also it was quite a stinker. I had a quick look at the paper pile. The t.p. on top was completely clean, but below it the paper had big brown skidmarks on it.

I squatted next to it and let out two 15 inchers. When done, I went back into the bus. We had left quite a mess there.


TO: Soccer Mom - Panties vs. Pull-Ups

Once again ... thank-you for sharing with us!

The debate on your daughter with the Pull-Up vs. Maxi pad debate is a tough one and I understand where you're both coming from but I think it would be MUCH better for her to wear a Pull-Up.

First off ... it's not a diaper it's a Pull-Up and I know it may sound like I'm splitting hairs here but they are different. A Pull-Up is no more of a diaper than panties are a Pull-Up ... don't know if you understand where I'm going but it makes sense to me ;-) LOL

ANYWAY ... consider the fact of what you're dealing with here. We're having this discussion because your daughter has been having some bad diarrhea accidents. So let's say she does again ... if it was a solid poop she made in her panties it wouldn't be so bad ... she could just go to the restroom, tip her panties, and most of it would fall out.

Diarrhea is much worse and panties are not going to hold up against it. You said yourself in your post from your childhood that you went in your pants and it started leaking down your leg ... Pull-Ups are designed to contain accidents and panties aren't.

Here's the bottom line ... which is worse ... and you can even let your little girl decide. Would it be better to wear the Pull-Up and take a chance somebody "might" find out your wearing, have an accident in your Pull-Up and MAYBE get out of class or to the nurse with out anyone finding out? OR ... OR ... would you rather wear panties, have a diarrhea accident that will soak through the panties and into your pants leaving a brown spot on your butt AS WELL as maybe overflowing your panties and leaving a trail as you walk down the hall?

Given the two ... I'd personally ALWAYS pick the Pull-Up ... but that's just me!

I REALLY hope my little post helps ... keep us informed as to her decision and any other accidents either of you may have!




Post Title (optional)Nurse

I recently got out of the hospital and I had gotten especially chummy with one particular nurse. It was one of her duties to ask everyone on the floor when their last bowel movement was. One day, I playfully asked her when hers was and she told me:)

I was at Target last night having some food at the cafe/Starbucks. Well, I had almost finished my meal, when two women who looked to be in the thirties walked by. I overheard of them say to the other, "I should go to the bathroom now, I don't think I can hold it until I get home"

I knew that this Target had one one-occupant unisex bathroom, so I finished eating as I walked them walk to the bathroom. When I had finished, I threw away my garbage and began to walk to the bathroom. I got there and found the door still marked "occupied", and I hoped it was the people from before.

I waited for probably close to ten minutes more and another person was in line behind me now. I knew for sure now that she was having a poop. Finally, both of the women I saw before came out and I went in and locked the door. The room still had a definite smell of poop about it, and when I looked in the toilet, I found out why. There was some paper in the bowl and also at least ten turds of considerable size. It also didn't look like they had even tried to flush the toilet. I peed a little, then flushed. The toilet gurgled, the water rose and almost overflowed, but finally it sucked all of the turds down the drain.

Upstate Dave

Playing Doctor Part 4

One of the last times playing doctor with a girl was with Barbie H my friend Butch's younger sistor. Again this was over summer vacation and Barbie was up visiting me at home. We had ben out durring the early morning but like many times here in upstate New York the weather can change quickly from nice and sunny to clouding up and rain. That is exactly waht happened later in the morning so we now stayed inside at my house.

While when the weather was nice and Barbie and were outside my parents had left for the day to go see my grandmother. So once Barbie and I were forced by the weather to get inside it was just us at my house. We both had got caught in the rain some before we did get in the house so I got a couple of towels and we dried ourselves off first thing once we were inside.

Then we sat at the kitchen table after I had made some hot tea to warm us up inside. Now my mom hada small desk in the corner of the kitchen next to the wall telephone. It was my moms work desk mainly. At this time she was a nurse and would soon become a teacher teaching nurseing. So this is where she kept much of her medicail stuff which included a lot of books and on a peg hung her stethascope.

As Barbie and I sat at the kitchen table and we were talking and drinking our tea Barbie mentioned that she better call home and let someone there know where she was. I told Barbie go right ahead call home. She got up walked over to the phone and she called her house. Some one did answer for Barbie did tell who had answered where she was and then she hung up the phone.

Right after hanging up the phone Barbie took my moms stethascope off the peg it was hanging on between the phone and her desk. Your moms? Barbie asked me as she slipped the ear pieces into her ears. I replied back to Barbie that they were. I also told Barbie that if she was interested in being a nurse my mom had a lot of good medicail bok there on the shelves there at her desk.

Barbie smiled and then asked me; Do they have any good pictures in them? Like what Barbie? I asked her in return. Oh I don't know Dave. Maybe the heart stomach,skeliton bones, you know that kind of stuff. I said to Barbie; Yes they do Barbie. Can you then get one of them so I can look at it? Barbie asked me. Sure Barbie I'll get one. I myslef had a interest in science so I had looked in them and I knew which of the books of them was the best one. I got up from my seat walked over to the desk and pulled the best one from the shelf it was on.

I then placed it on the table Barbie sat down and she at first just quickly thumbed through the book. As she did she told me this book does look interesting! Lots of good pictures. Some are even in color too! Barbie let out a good giggle as she flipped through the book still and also said to me; Quite detailed too! Barbie seemed quite excited about the book to me right now for some unknown reason.

Since Brbie seemed to have so much interest in the book I asked her if she wanted to go in the livigroom. We can sit down together and look through the book togethsr. Barbie said OK! Can I bring these with me too? (my moms stethascope) I said sure. Barbie then said to me; Maybe we can use them too as we look through the book. I said ok we can do that too.

So we got up from the kitchen table but before we went to the livingroom to look at the book and play around I asked Barbie if she wanted something to drink while we were in the livingroom. Sure Dave I do. Orange soda ok? I know we have some I said to Barbie. That sounds good Dave. Make it a big glass with ice! So I did just that made two real big glasses with plenty of ice and filled the big glasses up with the orange soda.

Barbie took hers and I mine along with the medicail book. Barbie still had on the stethascope hanging around her neck and we went to the livingroom. We both sat down on our big couch placed the big medicail book on the coffee table in front of us along with our glasses of soda. Ok I said to Barbie. Where do you want to start? Barbie opened the book up and she flipped right to the section on the heart and the cirulatary system.

Right here Dave! Barbie said to me. Best part for using your moms stethascope! I laughed and Barbie giggled some and she put the stethescope ear pieces in her ears and placed the othe end right on her blouse and she started to listen for her own heartbeat. I told Barbie move it around till you can hear your heart the loudest. She did just that till she did hear it the loudest and kept the receiver still and listened to her heart.

Barbie listened to her heart for a good long minute or two then she took the earpieces out of her ears with one hand keeping the receiver end right where she had it. Dave you take a listen now! Barbie said to me so I took the earpieces placed them in my ears and I started listening to Barbie's heart. It was good and loud and her heart I thought was beating a little fast.

So I started silently counting off the beats of her heart as I looked at my watch too. I was timeing her heartbeat which I did do for one minutes time. Then after the minute was up I took the earpieces out of my ears and I told Barbie that her heart had beat 84 times in one minute. If you look in the book the average rate for a grown adult is 72 beats per minute.

Barbie said right back to me; I see that Dave! Well I'mnot full grown yet and you arn't either. I bet if I timed your heart it would be fast too! Ok Barbie I said to her. Go ahead and lets see if you are right. Barbie took the earpieces again placed them in her ears. She took the receiver and started placing it on my shirt moving it around on my chest till she could hear my heart the best and then she said she was ready.

I turned my watch towards her so she could time my heatbeat. Instead of counting off silently like I had done Barbie counted out loud instead. When the minutes time was up Barbie still with the earpieces in her ears said loudly to me; &4 beats per minute Dave! You're pretty mormal. Then she took the stethascope off and she placed it down on the coffee table.

We both took a good sip from our sodas which was quite cold now. Then we went back to the book. The next stop was the stomach and the digestive system. I then told Barbie as she looked over the picture of the stomach in the book and also was doing some reading I told her that when there is omething in you stomach using the stethascope you can hear the staomach at work.

Barbie looked up at me and she reached right over and grabbed the stethascope right off the coffee table and put it on to use it. I laughed a litle and Isaid to Brbie; Take and place the end right here on my stomach. I had lifted up my tshirt for her so she could take a good listen. I'll drink some soda and you shoul hear me drink it and hear my stomach working on the drank soda.

Barbie giggled and told me to do it. So I picked up my glass of soda nd I took a good drink from it wich I swallowed down three or four mouthfulls in a row. Barbie listened and after the second swallow of the second mouthfull of soda Barbie said loudly I can hear it all! This is so cool! I didn't know your insides could be so noisy! I let out a good short laugh and then I set my soda glass back down on the coffee table.

Ok nurse hows my stomach doc? I asked Barbie. Now we were just starting to play doctor. Barbie let out just a little giggle firts and she told me that my stomach I guess is fine. Then I asked Barbie if I could listen to her stomach. Barbie let out a harder short giggle. Barbie was wearing a blouse like I said along with a jumper style summer dress.

So Barbie stood up for a moment and she raised her dress right up and then sat back down holding her dress up as she now sat there. Barbie was wearing a pair of white panties which sort of surprised me for Barbie didn't wear panties alot in the summer. But today she had. I took the stethascope and placed it on her stomach. Barbie had already picked up her glass of soda and she started drinking from the glass.

As I listened Barbie took smaller mouthfulls of soda as she drank so she swallowed many more times then I had. Then I told her to stop which she did. She placed the glass down and she asked me was she ok. I smiled and said that she was. Then Barbie picked the stethascope up and she placed it in her ears, placed the end on her stomach, picked up her glass of soda and she drank some more soda and listed to herslef.

Barbie drank less and when she listened to herslef she couldn't help but giggle all the ime between her swallowing down the soda as she drank it. She then took off the stethascope and placed her soda glass backk down. We went on further into the book as far as the digestive system. We tried more lstening of other arts like the intestines but really heard anything new.

We had also when going through the digestive tract had been drinking our sodas and we had finished them off. So we stopped took a quick break and we went out reflled them with ice and orange soda and came back to the livingroom and went further into the book. Barbie stopped when wereached the part of the digestive tract where it was dealing now with waste disposal.

There were color illustrations of the liquid and solid wastes systems in the human body. Quite detailed too. Barbie really giggled hard as she looked at the colored illustrations in the book on these parts. At first was shown illustrations of the solid waste system in the body which was the small intestines, the rectum and last the anus. Barbie read the captions and she then laughed hard for a long momnet. Then she siad to me; So thats where your shit is inside of you and where it come sout when you have to shit! Youranus is is your asshole!

I couldn't help laugh myself for what Barbe had said. After I had stopped my laughing I said to Barbie; Barbie you are so right! Barbie then flipped some pages of the book and she now stopped at the urinary tract system. On two pages there were colored urinary tract systems of both male and female with all parts shown. Barbie reall giggled hard now a she saw them both with a vagina and a males penis shown!

She carefully looked over both saying outloud mainly to herself all the labled parts of the female and male parts that werethere on the two pages. It took Barbie a good ten miutes to go over all of the two pages as she read the female and male parts that were there. Then she stopped her reading and looked at me with a big smile.

Then Barbie said to me; WE BOTH KNOW THRSE PARTS ARE DON"T WE DAVE!!!! I laughed and told Barbie she was most certainly right on that! Barbie and I both had pissed nad shit together many times watching each other too. Barbie then smiled its time at least for me to let you see my waste sttem doctor. IT need sto be checked out! I let out a little laugh and I told Barbie mine could use a check too.

So we both got right off from the couch and we raced upstairs to use the upstairs bathroom. Once in the bathroom I let Barbie go first for on the way up Barbie told me she really had to go bad. I did too but I could wait and hold it. Barbie went over to the toilet now. Since she ad on the summer dress as a jumper she took the dress right off my slipping it right off nd tossed it aside.

Now she had just her white blouse and white panties on. But her whit panties didn'tt sty on long for Barbie sli them down and off and playfully now she tossedthem at me! Ilet out a laugh and I tossed her white panties aside which they landed on her summer dress. Barbie then took care of the toilet lid and seat raising them both up.

Barbie then stepped back winding up straddling over the toilets bowl. Then she got into a high squat hovering well above the bowl. Isat down on the floor in front of her now. But before Barbie started what I thought would be just to piss Barbie announced that she was going to show me both waste systems at work! Both solid and liquid! Gigleing Barbie said to me that she ws going to piss and shit!

Barbie started pissing first. When she did she got quite desriptive! I'm starting to urinate! Barbie said. MY urine is emtying out from my yrethra inside of my vagina! Barbie was pissing hard with a had loud hissing straight down stream slashing loud in the toilet bowls water. Boy my bladder feels quite full too Barbie also said as she urinated.

As Barbie pissedshe asked me if her urine was yellow. I laughed and told Barbie it was. A light yellow Barbie I said to her. Barbie let out a little giggle. Then its normal? I again chuckled an said it was. Then having my bladder full with urine Barbie went on saying as she continuied to urinate; My kindneys are working ok then too! I said they were. Barbie agin let out a giggle but she suddenly nterupted her giggle cutting it off.

Her urine stream slowed as I watched. Barbie said loudly; I can feel my anus being pushed open right now! I'm starting to sh** but Barbie stopped talking right there for a fast second or two and then she said deficate. See I remembered Dave! Barbie said to me. I couldn't help but let out a little laugh becuase of Barbie remembering deficate instead of saying shit!

Barbie went on saying; I'm still urinating as I'm starting to deficate pr I shouls say Barbie did another quick pause and went on saying have a bowel movement! At this point Barbie' shit had ccome out enough that I could see her shit under her crotch. It was a fairly thick looking one with a dark tan color and was on the smooth side. I described what I was seeing now to Barbie telling her it was fairly fat looking,smopoth, and dark tan. It's normal I said last to her.

Barbie's shit was moving along and after I saw that it looked about a half foot long it must have broke for that six inch shit fell into the toilet with a flump and ans sent up a big splash of water in the toilet on its impact in the water. In another couple of seconds a broken staggered edge shit was showing so Barbie was keeping on shitting and pissing for me.

The seond shit of Barbies only reached about four inches in its length and it fell away into the toilet making a softre flump and splash. Then right after that her piss stream got much harder giving off a loud er hiss and her stream must have been hitting her shit in the toilet fro the splashing of her stream was muffled.

Barbie said thatshe felt her anus close and she was dne as far as moving her bowels. I just have to urinate now only doctor. I laughed and told Barbie she was doing fine. That made her let out a little laugh too. Then maybe five six seconds later Barbies hard loud hissing piss stream eased right off with its hssing stop and she came to a dripping stop. Barbie then said to me; Doctor I'm finished. She stepped forward and she rolled off a big wad of toilet paper and tore it off. Barbie started to wipe her ass and as she did she now said the job will be done in a few moments. Barbie wound up wipeing her ass three times but for some reason didn't wipe her vagina. In stead she sat down on the floor to watch me use the toilet. To be continuied.

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