Punk Rock Girl
Hi, y'all.

Been a while since I've posted. I've been taking a very pleasant break from the internet. I'm happy to say, I have neither a Facebook or MySpace account. I keep up with my friends and family via e-mail, phone calls and letters. Yes, folks. I actually write and mail letters! Remember those?

So much for my self-righteous little rant. I have been noticing a peculiar bowel related phenomenon lately. I am prone to constipation. More often than mt, my dumps are dry and difficult and usually come out in multiple pebbles and chunks. This will occasionally be interrupted by bouts of diarrhea, but the norm for me is a pretty torturous time on the crapper. It's rare for me to have a "normal" BM.

I've noticed, over the last few weeks, I have been having exactly that, however. Normal dumps. Usually one big solid log followed by a few softer chunks. The really weird thing is that at least three or four of those times, one log was so solid and long that it didn't flush the first time. This is something that has not happened to me before. I mean, I've taken dumps that were so huge it took more than one flush to get it all down, but never have I had a load that was so dense, straight and long that it didn't go down.

The only thing I can think of is that I have been eating a lot of chicken. I've been laying off red meat, and have been eating lots of vegetables, nuts, fruit, and lots and lots of chicken.

I'm not complaining. It's a nice change of pace to not strain and have a sore bottom for an hour after every dump. I'd like to know what I'm doing right so it stays this way! My ass is very happy!!!

Hope everyone is well.



My Bathroom Pet peeves and comments

Yesterday at work I needed to use the bathroom. I as working a customer's computer setup. I finished setting up the unit and needed to take a dump. So I made my way to the Men's room and took the first stall. One of my pet peeves is someone else BM and toilet paper in the toilet. That really mad me mad but I can feel the urge kicking in. So I flushed the dirt bag's mess down several times to make sure it was completely flushed. Then I wiped down the seat and put down the seat covers and extra toilet paper on the set and sat down. I pushed a little to get things going and the turds making it's way into the bowl. I pooped into the bowl slowly there's an old saying a dog that shits fast don't shit long, LOL! It felt good coming out and peed a bit into the bowl not much pee though. I wiped with some damp paper hand towels and pulled up my undies and pants up and flushed the toilet. Washed my hands and went back to work. So that was my pet peeve rant here now followed by some comments.

Danielle: Hey great story about you pooping in the gas station's parking area, you sock it to that rude and nasty gas station attendant. He'll think twice about being nasty to customers.

Soccer Mom: Great stories too.

Anny: I've been thinking about you and was experiencing something similar to you. I've been taking this pyhsillum powder and changing my diet and have been having great bowel moments ever since. It's good to hear that you're going to the bathroom with no issues. Keep us posted.

Ferel Girl: I like your stories about going outside to take a dump in the compost heap. Peeing into your vase (pitcher) you keep in your room and peeing out the window when your parents are sleep and when the coast is clear. I can't do that because I'm a city dweller. I've once did something similar but I peed in a cup and opened my window and dumped the piss filled cup out the window in my room.

CD: Hi there, thanks for the shout outs and you can use my surveys anytime, you have my permission, LOL! Take care CD.

I feel my bowels churning, about to have a nice and large bowel moment in the toilet :(, I have to get my own place someday where I can pee and poop where I want. Take care everyone and have a good weekend.

Mr. Clogs


Girl needs toilet

At work this morning, one of the two girls I saw the other day (the one who was desperate to poo) came to my till. She looked worried about something & was hopping & fidgeting doing the toilet dance. I asked her if she was ok & she replied, " Not really. Is there a toilet I can use?" Unfortunately we don't have customer toilets at our store & when told her this she looked devastated. I realised she was about to have an accident so I asked my team leader (I'll call her Emma) if she could let her use the staff toilets. Emma told her the store policy was to not allow the public to use the staff toilets. The girl was crying & holding her bum at this point. Emma realised the girl was in serious trouble & said, "You know what? that policy sucks." Emma led the girl upstairs to the toilet. I scanned the the girls 3 items & got security to put it in a safe place while she came back. About half an hour later a very relieved & gratefull young lady came back to my till & thanked up all for helping her with her dire need. I guessed she'd made it as there were no marks on her bum. She paid for her shopping which came to 3.53 & As I was giving her the change of a 50 note she insisted we split it between us.

Frantic Francine

Another bout with the dumb school toilets

Thanks for all the advice you guys gave me after my first post. For those of you who may not remember, I'm a 5th grader and I'm basically grossed out and scared to sit butt-down on the toilets at my new junior high. The school has like 1,600 students, the bathrooms are so big and noisy and there's a lot of peeking in and cursing of those who are using the toilets. Especially during class breaks and during lunch. What's surprising was that this was not an issue with me in elementary school. And I had to use the toilet like every day but the bathrooms were much smaller and there were like 400 students or so in the whole school.

Well, yesterday, I had another pee that was really hurting me. It was at the end of lunch hour again and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it until school was out. So I went into the nearest bathroom. We had like 5 minutes until the class bell would ring. Again, one stall was open and because it was not being used, I went in and tried to latch the door. I had to mess with the latch because it was loose and noticed the space between the door and the stall was much larger than normal and I don't even like normal! It just creeps me out. For some reason this year I'm trying to be more clean about myself so I grabbed for the toilet paper and there wasn't even the cardboard roll left on the holder. Sure enough I looked down and found it floating with pee and crap in the toilet. I had to decide immediately if I wanted to flush and I decided not too because I wasn't sure if the cardboard roll would jam the toilet up and it would overflow. I no longer sit butt-down on toilet seats away from home unless I wipe the seat off first. Obviously that wasn't going to be happening.

I started to cry a little because I didn't want to be late to my next class. It's math, it's hard and our teacher is kind of mean because there are a lot of boys that are very immature, if you know what I mean. With my bladder hurting as much as it was I decided to lift the seat and to sit butt-down on the bowl. I quickly lifted my dress, which luckily was very loose-fitting up above my hips and I slipped my underwear down to just above my knees. I knew I was taking too much time and would probably get into trouble for being late to class, but I lowered myself onto, it felt like I was against, the bowl and it pinched me. Once I looked down and saw that I didn't need to be that far back, I slid up a little, but it didn't help that I saw a few pubic hairs on the front of the bowl, so I decided not to look and a little pee started to drop. I got a strange sensation being so close to the water and I was hoping I wouldn't get splashed back from the bowl. Remember, what the other users had left unflushed.

Surprise, I was able to pee pretty fast, although I don't think I completely relieved my bladder. It sure felt better and I pulled my pants up and made a run for class without even taking time to wash my hands. I ran smack into a big 8th grader coming into the bathroom. She called me a *****, told me to slow down, and then yelled at me while I ran down the hall that my dress was up in back and that she wasn't a l******! I was starting to cry again when I got to math. I was about a minute late, everybody was looking at me when I came in, but to my surprise, we had a substitute who wasn't that strict.

I worry that I'm in for one long school year.


Magnesium Citrate

I had a colonoscopy on Monday and to prepare, I had to drink three 10-oz. bottles of magnesium citrate the day before and the morning of the procedure. For those of you who suffer from constipation, this product might be for you! It completely cleans you out. You will be shitting clear liquid eventually. There will be nothing left in you! I did some research and it works by attracting water to the colon. It tastes absolutely vile, and you have to be careful to drink plenty of liquids or risk becoming dehydrated. But boy oh boy, you will be completely cleaned out after ingesting this!


Sister's Accident

First time posting on this site, though I just spent at least an hour reading a lot of the recent pages. Will have to go back through the older ones later. I thought I'd post about something that happened to me as a teen in the late 90's.

I was 13 years old and my older sister, Meghan, was 17 years old at the time and could drive. As a result she often had to pick me up after school if I needed to stay late. I remember one particular day in the spring after I had a band practice that she came to pick me up in her car. I remember she was acting distracted, snapping at me, being a little rude, and fidgeting a lot while we drove home. I finally put on my headphones and pretended to listen to my CD player but didn't really have it turned on. Meghan kept fidgeting and I noticed she sometimes grabbed her crotch with her left hand for a second. I finally realized she needed the bathroom badly. For some reason it got me excited and a big part of me suddenly really wanted to see her have an accident. Call it sisterly love, haha.

A few minutes later we were stuck at a traffic light and Meghan cursed and shoved her hand to her crotch, then a second later pulled her hand away and opened her legs and cursed again. My heart was racing. She had peed a little, I just knew it. I couldn't see any wetness on her jeans but I just knew that she had leaked a little from her reaction. I pretended to be looking out my window but I could see her reflection clearly. She checked to see if I was looking, then looked back down at her crotch and touched it again, then squeezed her legs together and kept her hand there, fidgeting more than ever. The light changed and we started moving.

We were still a good fifteen minutes from home. I kept watching her reflection in the mirror. Since she didn't think I was looking she kept her left hand squeezing against her crotch and her knees pressed together and shaking/squeezing. The light ahead of us changed to red and she mumbled another curse as we stopped. She then began mumbling, "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon," over and over. A moment later she cursed again and bent forward a little and then looked down again to survey the damage - another leak I was sure - and this time I glanced over from the corner of my eye and thought for sure I could see the very edge of a dark wet spot on her jeans on her crotch and upper left thigh.

The light changed, Meghan mumbled, "Thank God" and took off quickly, almost throwing me back into my seat. She was driving fast to try and get home before her accident got any worse. But there was one more light before our neighborhood and it changed to red, too, just before we got close enough for her to consider running the light. She slammed on the breaks and cursed quite loudly. We were both thrown forward into the seat belts as we came to a quick stop behind the car in front of us. I was just about to open my mouth to complain when I realized that Meghan was now sitting very still, cursing repeatedly under her breath, and staring down at her lap. I looked also and watched the wet stain spreading on her thighs and crotch as she completely peed her pants. My heart was racing and I just stared with her, not caring if she saw. Then I heard a crackling and squishing sound that I didn't recognize at first - until the smell hit me - and Meghan lifted herself a little higher from the car seat. The crackling/squishing continued for a few more seconds as I tried to process the fact that she was now pooping her pants as well. She just kept cursing, hovering slightly over the seat - which I could see was wet underneath the soaked bottom of her jeans - her pants bulging out slightly.

A car honked behind us because the light had turned green. I started to say something but Meghan cut me off, "Shut up! Not a word!" She sat on the side of her hip so the mound of poop wouldn't squish in her pants and carefully drove the rest of the short way home. She rolled the windows down because of the smell. Her face was red and I thought she might start crying, but she didn't. We pulled into the driveway and stopped. Without a word she very carefully pushed herself up from her seat and stood up. Her jeans were soaked all over the butt and back of her thighs down to her knees, and the area around the poop bulge was brown in a few places. She shut the door and waddled like a penguin into the garage. I just sat and watched, my heart still racing. I had never seen another person have an accident before up close like that, much less my older sister. It was just surreal!

I went inside, mom asked me what was up with Meghan because she didn't say hello or come see her, and I said I didn't know. I went to my room, which shared a combined bathroom with Meghan, and a second later heard the shower turn on. I couldn't resist, so I carefully opened my door - she didn't lock it! - and peeked carefully inside. She was in the shower so she couldn't see me through the dark shower curtain. I opened the door a little farther and could see on the bathroom floor next to the toilet her wet jeans and sitting on top of those were her panties - with a large mound of poop still sitting in the seat of them, only slightly squished out. I quickly shut my door so she wouldn't catch me, but those brief seconds I saw are still burned in my memory over 15 years later as though they just happened.

She never said anything about it, and neither did I. But I couldn't stop thinking about her accident, and a few days later, while I was home alone for a few hours on Saturday night, I had to do something about it and that night, for the first time in my life, I think, I deliberately went to the bathroom in my pants just to see what it was like. But I'll have to save that for later because I think this has already gone too long. Sorry if it was too long.


Alan in Amsterdam

Not nice experience

Hi there, I've been away a lot and just catching up.
Must say 'Good for you' to Danielle, I hope that dickhead had a bad time clearing up your poo. Personally I think you should go back and do it again.
I had a bad experience last night/this morning. Had too much red wine, which always affects my insides. Went to bed late, and I do tend to fart a lot. So I wasn't unduly worried, until I felt something wet on the sheet and realised that it was liquid shit. I got some tissue from beside the bed, and very quietly so as not to wake my wife I mopped it up as best as I could and went back to sleep. Sleep which was interrupted by a few ripping farts.
The bad experience came when my wife woke up and went "What's that?" There was liquid shit splashed all over the top sheet, on top of me. I tried to blame the cat but she didn't believe me for one second. In fact, the cat had come and laid on top of me during the night but he didn't stay very long, now I know why!
This is the first time I shit the bed in my entire life!
I took the sheet off and threw it in the wash, then got up. Tonight I will sleep on my own upstairs. I have forbidden my wife to mention the subject again.
Not an enjoyable poo experience at all.

Kate M.

To Soccer Mom

Yes, I would make your daughter wear a Pullup to school - kids can be cruel and if she has an accident people are much less likely to notice. Also, for laundry hygiene - you don't want enteric pathogens going into the washing machine. The pullup can be thrown out in the trash - even put in a small grocery bag to hide it and be more hygienic. I had a nasty nasty bout with diarrhea last year and wore Depends to work - in case some oozed out or I could not get to the bathroom in time I did not want people to know, ruin my clothes, or ruin the company computer chair. One lady at work wears Depends and some young pregnant ladies padded themselves up. Many people wear these products at least sometimes. The closer kids are to about grade 7 the crueler they get. I am going to go on a bus tour shopping trip and always wear Depends - they are great for serious shopping and weak bladders. Last year I went and although there was a washroom, it was very isolated at one of the factory outlets (stores spread out in a large parking lot) and I was scared of sexual assault or robbery so I just stood on the sidewalk and peed into the Depends. They can be convenient. Sometimes a gal just has to do what she has to do - convenience, safety, dignity. I can pee easily and even have a conversation with someone. I have peed in parking lots (beside cars) but there were too many shoppers and I did not want to go down an isolated hallway away from the main pedestrian traffic.

Kate M.

More for Soccer Mom

I have a suggestion in case your daughter still has this issue in her teens - purchase some small size depends for her and say they are YOURS. Say you are going through menopause or something so she won't be embarassed. When I was a kid/teen my mom used to say to blame her in case I was told that I could not do anything - eg. my mom won't let me. Minimizing the damage or doing damage control is important in a cruel world. Also if you and your daughter are out shopping when she gets a bit older and is seen by a classmate, the kid won't query the depends but they may query a kids pullup (goodnites, pullups, etc.). They will just think they are for the old fashioned old lady - and teens think that anyone over 30 is old.

Well guys, I'm back and I still haven't had much luck with the whole farting infront of my roommate thing yet. Although, I have gotten more comfortable with letting the gas go at night while she is sleeping. I don't think she notices me farting at that time. HOWEVER, today I'm going to address the issue once and for all with her. Maybe if I eat enough gassy things today, I can demonstrate how gassy I can get haha but I also plan to tell her that if she is fine with me farting around her, I'm completely fine with her farting around me. Kelly is right, we are going to be living with each other for a while so it's best to be honest know about farting around each other.

Now for a poop story!!! This happened on a Tuesday. I had eaten a breakfast burrito with orange juice which was ????. Then, I went to Starbucks with a friend and got some iced coffee. I went to my first two classes that day (which don't start til later for me) After my second class got out, I could feel like the urge to poop was coming but it was very feint. I got lunch which consisted of a sub sandwich and a smoothue. I went to my last class of the day. During that class, the gas bubbles started brewing down there and I could feel it moving towards my hole. I held in all the farts during that class. Class got out, and I preceded to walk to my dorm. I knew the poop was going to be solid, so I wasn't worried about pooping myself if needed be. As I was walking back to my dorm, I kept letting out prepoop farts that were kinda loud and smelled. I found myself looking around me while I was walking to make sure that no one was around so it would be safe to fart. Ten minutes later, I finally get to my dorm. At this point, the head of the poop was attempting to poke out as a result of me farting. I got out my key to my dorm room and opened the door. My roommate is never there by time I get to the dorm because she has later classes than me. I took off my backpack and sat on my bed. I still thought that I could hold it in. All of a sudden, a sharp gas pain hits me. I lean to the side and out comes a loud bubbly fart. This was a sign that the poop was ready to be free. So I make my way to the bathroom. I start pushing out the poop before pulling down my pants. After I pull down my pants, I sit on the toilet and beginning straining and pushing out my poop. It was massive so I became breathless after it dropped and made a loud "KATHUNK" in the toilet. The large poop was followed by a fart and a snake like poop. I wiped myself and before I put the TP in the toilet, I inspected by creation. The big poop was tanish brown and took the shape of a large ball. I was satisfied so I flushed and told my friend about the poop I did.

I will keep you updated on the fart discussion with my roomie tonight!

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 22

Morning came and the rain had fallen all durring the night and it was raining steadilly still. Polly was sound asleep as I got out of the sleepingbag. I turned on my small transistor radio and lt the sterno up and heated up some water for coffee. I then walked over to the front corner of the leanto for I had to piss.

So I got my penis out held it and sent a strong stream of piss into the falling rain. I listened to the weather forcast on my rafio as I stood there pissing. It was going to rain for most of the day. So that ment most likely a day was going to be spent in the leanto. I finished pissing and got out two cups for coffee and checked the water. It was boiling so I made two cups of coffee and went over with them to the sleepingbags and I set one down by Polly and I gave her a tap to wake her up.

Polly stirred and she opened her eyes. I gave her her coffee and she smiled and said thank you. She took a sip and then she noticed the rain. I told her it was going to be like this for most of the day. So we are staying put. Good she said to me. I can use a day and do nothing but be with you! I laughed and said back to her; Haven't you been doing that for the last several days? She laughed took another sip form her coffee cup and told me that was true she had been.

Then she got out from the sleepingbag stretched and she set her coffee cup down and she walked over where I had taken my piss and she pulled down her sweatpants and squated. From ut of her vagina came a short arced stream which did wet the first couple of the boards of the leantos floor. As her stream gained strength it moved forward and her piss stream went over the front edge of the leantos floor and Pollys piss stream wetted te ground in front of the leanto from that point on.

Polly took a pretty good piss too. Pretty close for a half minutes time. The she did do some dribbleingand dripping to finish this piss off. She pulled up her sweatpants and came over by me picked up her coffee cup and took sips from it. Now we talked briefly about what to have for breakfast and we would have cereal,Tang,and bannanas. Also more coffee too.

I made up the Tang and Polly got out the cereal and made up the powdered mild. I made more coffee and we sat down on the sleepinbags and ate. Then we had our second cup of coffee. Then we picked up. Thenafter picking up and cleaning up Polly told me she could feel that she needed to take a shit. I laughed and I told her that I did too.

Polly looked to the outside of the leanto and at the rain. You know Dave it is raining awfull hard out there. If we try going outside to shit we wre going to get soaked. I know that Polly I said back to her. So what are we going to do? Polly asked me. I told her that in this case we can stay dry if you don't mind takeing a shit in a garbage bag here in the leanto. Polly laughed and said to me; NOT AT ALL!

The garbage bag that we had used for picking up the morning trash from breakfast was not all that full so I grabbed that one to use for Polly to shit in. We both stepped over to the left side of the leanto but stayed towards the back. Polly pulled her sweatpants down letting them slide down to her sneakers and she got into a high squat. I squated down behind her and opened the bag putting it under her where her asshole was.

Polly told me she may piss some too. Oh that doesn't matter Polly. Being where we are you'll piss on the floor. She let out a giggle and she did start to piss which she did piss on the leantos floor for several seconds and then she stopped. She let out a phffft of a fart and then as I watched her asshold started to open with a blunt brown chunky looking shit started pokeing out of her expanding asshole.

It came out a getting a few inches long and then her shit stopped. I heared Polly suck in her breath she gave a push with a slight grunt and her shit again moved and also with the push she dribbled some piss out which this little bit off piss did go into the garbage bag making soft pattering sound hitting the plastic of the garbage bag. That was only for a few shortt seconds and then Polly stopped dribbling piss and she let out a soft short sigh.

Her shit now kept moving and it was a chunky quite knobby looking shit as more of it was out and showing. It wasn'tmoving all that quickly so it only gained a couple of inches in I would have guessed in ten seconds of time. It took several more seconds to reach a half foot in length as it crept along. Several more seconds it was betwen eight and nine inches long and a few more seconds it had reached ten inches long and then it broke right at her asshole.

Her shit dropped into the bag. It was qute heavy for the bag under her shits weight closed up some and stretched some too. Then the remaining shit stub at her asshole gained in length becoming a two inch stub and it thendropped falling into the garbage bag. As I still watched to see if Polly had more shit to come out I saw her asshole pucker in and out as she tried to see if she was going to shit more she also had very shorts spurts of piss wet the leantos floor as her asshole puckered. Polly's asshole then stopped its puckering and no more shit came out from it. Poly was done.

I set the garbage bag down and i Then pulled down my jeans and Polly had pulled hersweatpants up and she picked up the garbage bag and she now squated doown behind me as I got into a high squat for her. I also knew that I would piss too while I shit for the coffe had filled my bladder. I didn't hold my penis either for I already felt myasshole being stretched open and I felt my shit was already comming out from it. It was also comming out quite fast too.

I started pissing as I shit I sent a long arcing piss stream which went almost the seven feet distance to the front of the leanto. My piss didn't make the front edge of the floor so I pissed all over the floor about a foot short of the front edge of the wooden floor. I heard soft crackling from my shit as it came out. The way my asshole felt it was a good size one too.

This was confirmed by Polly for she told me it was a fat jobbie. It's already in the bag! Polly siad to me with a laugh. Then my shit must have broke for I heard the sound of the platic garbage bag rustle as my shit dropped into it. Poly said as soon as my shit had dropped into the garbage bag; Gee that's heavy shit!!! I again let out a short laugh. I felt that my asshole was still wide open and I was still shiting.

I was still pissing too as I went on shiting which I shot several seconds more. Then I felt my asshole close right up and a second rustleing of the plastic garbage bag as my shit went into it. I was done. and I heard Polly close the garbage bag up. I was still pissing after I stopped shiting and I stood up and went on pissing till I stopped.

I then pulled up my jeans but I didn't button them up,pull the zipper up, or buckle my belt. I could feel that I needed to wipe my ass thats why I didn't do anything else with my jeans. Poll y had set the garbage bag off in the corner. But she didsee the big wet area my piss had left on the leantos floor. She laughed and told me that I had pissed as much as I had shit! I told her that it looked that way too.

So waht we both did next was we walked back over and got out some napkins wetted them lightly with rain water. We both the dropped our pants and wiped our asses with the dampened napkins till our assholes were clean. Then Polly took the used napkins walked back over to the garbage bag reopened it and put the napkins in the garbage bag retied it closed and that took care of it. We then broke out the deck of cards and we started playing cards to pass the time for the rest of the morning. To be continuied.


Big poop

I had a big poop about a half hour ago. It felt really thick and kind of hurt when it came out but at the same time it felt good to let go of a huge load. I gave a good push and groaned. It stretched my bumhole and I was done within a minute. I noticed a bit of blood mixed with poop when I wiped.

It was long and really thick and I feel better.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Desperate poo this morning

I got up this morning with a modest urge to poo, so I decided to leave it for a while. An hour later I was busting to go so I went to the bathroom to find we'd run out of toilet rolls. I had to go down to the local shops to get some more but by the time I got there I was getting desperate. I entered the shop & looked around for the toilet rolls but couldn't find any. I had to ask where they were but was told the delivery was late & they should be in some time today. Well that was no good to me. I needed them right now. I ended up leaving the shop with an urgent need to poo & no toilet rolls. I had to walk down to another parade of shops a few streets away to get some some & they did have some. As I walked home I could feel the urge to go getting really bad. The poo was right at my anus & I thought I was going to do it in my panties. I managed to make it home without losing it but I'd left my keys in the house so I had to ring the bell to get Kirsty to let me in. She didn't answer & I was within an inch of pooing myself. I tried to ring her but all I got was her voicemail. I rang the bell again & finally Kirsty opened the door. It turned out she was in the garden & didn't hear the bell. By now I was in pain from all the clenching & was 100% ready for the toilet. Kirsty saw the toilet rolls & said, "Ooh good. You got toilet rolls. I'm dying for a poo." We decided to buddy dump &I sat at the back of the toilet seat while Kirsty sat between my legs in front of me. I released a torrent of small wet turds into the toilet while Kirsty pushed out 4 large logs. The bathroom stank of poo & after we were done we wiped each other which was hot & went back to bed for some more hot fun!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Pee holding contest

Me & Kirsty decided it would be fun to have a pee holding contest. We both drank two litres of water & set a timer to see who could hold it the longest. To make it more interesting we had a 50 bet & we had to wear jeans so it would be easy to spot the loser. After an hour I was busting to go & Kirsty was coping really well. After two hours Kirsty was looking desperate but I was about to lose it. However I really did not want to lose 50 either. I was in agony & kirsty knew it. She was getting more desperate though so I had a chance of beating her. I clenched hard using my pelvic muscles. After a while Kirsty decided to "Help me out" by adding another 10 for every15 minutes past the 3 hour mark (if reached) the winner won by. I was tempted to cut my losses by giving up but that would still mean I had to give Kirsty 50. Soon we'd been holding our pee for 3 hours & I have to tell you it was hard compete with Kirsty. She was clearly desperate to go but my bladder felt like it would burst at any moment. I was dancing around the room holding my crotch but not Kirsty. She even drank some wine in front of me. That was her big mistake. 2 & a half hours had passed by now which meant the bet now stood at 70. Now alcohol makes you pee & Kirsty was starting to show the desperate signs needing to pee real bad. I was also very desperate but the effect of the wine on Kirsty was devastating. A wet patch appeared in her crotch & I'd won the 70. "YES" I shouted as I held my hand out for the money. Kirsty let go completely & soaked her jeans. I took the money from her & let myself go as well. What a relief. We had both totaly pissed ourselves & I'd made 70 out of it.

new guy

questions, comments an stories

To the moderator i glad the sites been updated I was kinda worried that you werent gonna add anymore because you didnt do any on on tuesday and that seems to be one of days it gets updated but im glad this site is still going strong.

To: Danielle I bet that guy will probaly rethink the restroom policy unless he enjoys cleaning peoples crap and pee and graet story by the way please write more if you have want to.

To: Young mom good stories I know accidents can be very embarrassing but they can prove who your real friends are like if the laugh or make rude comments there not true friends but if they offer to help you clean up then they are true friends. A question have you ever had accident on purpose like if you were watching a good tv show or movie and didnt want to get up so you just went in your pants?

To: Bryci welcome to the site I really enjoyed your story about that big dump you took it sounded like a really nasty one but also very releiving at the same and if you have any more stories please post them.

To: Soccer mom to answer your question pull ups sound like a better option sure there embarrassing but it would be more embarrasing if she had an accident and it got everywhere and everyone would see it. And also great stories please keep them coming.

To: Anny it sounds like you feel better after that big dump and keep the stories coming there really good and I enjoy them alot.

To: Wendy & Kristy another set of great stories, Kristy that dump you took sounded like it was a very your lucky you didnt do it in your pants but if you did I know Wendy would come down there and help you get cleaned. To Wendy your very lucky to have Kristy because always willing to help you out and I know you would do the same for her. A question have you ever been woken up by Kristys fart or vice versa or you both wake eachother up at the same time with your farts and keep the stories coming please and you guys are becoming some of my favorite posters I liked the other stories from girls & women but you guys do a really good job at telling the stories and good descriptions to sincerly new guy

To: Stephanie I know accidents can be very embarrising but they can show who your real friends are liked I said to Soccer mom and also great story keep them coming please.

To: Paul from germany great story about Claudia pooping if you any more about her please share them and she sounds like an interesting lady and not shy to go in front of yo.

To: Upstate Dave another good story will Polly ever post something herself on this site im sure a lot of people would love to hear her stories.

To: Cathrine it really sounds like you really did have a "crappy" week man food poisining can be bad and very anoying I should know if you read one of my earlier posts and keep the stories coming please.

To: laurel great stories if you have any more please post them.

To Teacher Tammi welcome to the site I hope you contiue to post more stories here.

thats all for now because im out of time ill post again later today somtime if i have a cahnce.

this is my second post today I got a story its about the time I pooped in the sand at the beach im not if I already wrote about this but oh well. This happened about 12 or 13 years ago more or less I cant really remember so one day me and my family were at the walking in the sand when I realised I had to poop and we were pretty far from a bathroom it also wasnt an emergency I just had to go so I just pooped in the sand and covered it up with more sand because we didnt have anything to carry it with.

I love to fart around my house but not really in public unless my friends are all doing it espicaly if girls were also but at home ill do it any time I feel like it unless theres company over but if the people start to fart freely ill probaly start doing it.

Some of my favorite stories are the ones about girls & women being desperate to poop and basicly all other pooping and farting stories by girls & women I know ive said this before but I just wanted to say it again well thats all for today ill probaly post something tommorow if I feel like it or if I have something really intresting to talk about

Sincerly new guy

PS. I want to thank who ever created this site I really love it I know I said that before but I just wanted to say again.

Harry Pooper

Camping holiday in the Lake District

I was an only child and my mother brought me up on her own. Mum liked to go hiking and she had lots of hiking guide books and other books about camping and outdoors. She even had a book on how to shit in the woods that a friend gave her as a joke. I thought that was a strange subject for a book but I found it interesting reading. It was written by a woman who liked to get 'back to nature'. I had never done a poo outdoors but I thought I would like to try it some time.

Mum didn't have much money for holidays so we used to go camping. When I was 14, Mum told me that her best friend Alison was splitting up with her husband and Mum asked me if I would mind if Alison came with us on our camping holiday to the English Lake District. Mum said that Alison also wanted to go hiking with us to get fitter and lose some weight. I was very pleased that Alison was coming with us. As I explained on pages 1913 and 1917, Alison used to look after me when I was a child and she also looked after me when I was 13 while my mother was in hospital and I broke both arms. Alison used to take me to the toilet and wipe my bum afterwards. Alison was a few years younger than Mum and Mum was only 19 when she had me so Alison was a bit like a big sister to me.

We had a family size frame tent with two 'bedrooms' and a fancy flushing 'Porta-Potty' that Mum kept in the tent in case we needed the toilet in the night. Mum said that it was only for peeing and not for pooing except in emergency. It was in the main room of the tent and there was a small rip in the tent fabric so that when I was in my sleeping bag. I could spy through the hole and see a rear view of anyone sitting on the porta-potty.

One night I was woken up by the sound of heavy rain on the tent. I heard Alison get up. She obviously didn't fancy getting dressed and putting on a waterproof jacket to go out to the camp site toilet. She lifted her nightdress, sat her ample bum on the porta-potty and did a pee. It was just starting to get light and I got quite a good view as she sat down and again as she stood up.

A few days later, the three of us went out for a meal in the evening. The next morning we all went to the wash and toilet block on the camp site and when we got back, Mum and Alison compared notes about their toilet visits. Mum rubbed her stomach and said she had 'the runs' and Alison said "Me too" but that wasn't unusual for her. Mum said that she didn't feel very well so she would stay at the camp site today but Alison and I could go out hiking if we liked. Alison said that she felt okay and she would like to go hiking as long as it was in forest as she would need to go behind a bush later. Mum said that maybe it was something that we ate last night that upset our stomachs and she asked me if I had diarrhea. I was fine but I said that my poo was a bit runny this morning too. Mum went and got a toilet roll told me to put it into my backpack just in case.

I wanted to do a poo in the woods for the first time so I held my poo that morning. After breakfast, Mum and Alison went off to the camp site toilet block. I had already eaten a banana for breakfast and I ate another while they were away. Then I ate the apple that was in my packed lunch box plus another apple to make sure I had plenty of fibre and I would need to do a good poo later.

That day there was low cloud on the hills so Alison and I went hiking in the valley, mainly through forest. Later, we stopped in a clearing in the forest and we sat on a fallen log to eat our lunch. Alison's stomach was making noises and I asked her if she was okay. She knew I was interested in her toilet habits so she told me that she did two runny poos this morning and it felt like her lunch would all come out of the other end soon. Alison said that she wanted to sit down and rest for half an hour after lunch. The ground was covered with bilberry or blueberry bushes with lots of ripe berries. I started eating lots of them and after a while Alison said that I shouldn't eat too many otherwise they would give me 'the runs'. She suggested that I should collect some in our empty lunch boxes and take then back to the camp site to share later. I took the lunch boxes and spent about half an hour picking bilberries. I ate some then put some in the box then ate some more. By the time I had finished, I had a lunch box full of bilberries and a stomach full of bilberries.

We sat on the log and then Alison said that she needed to go behind a bush. Alison got her toilet roll out of her backpack and I saw that she also had a small pair of binoculars in the backpack. I sat on the log while Alison left her backpack and went off to the edge of the nearby forest about 100 feet away. I couldn't really see much at that distance so I borrowed her binoculars from her backpack. As these had ten times magnification, it was like being only 10 feet away instead of 100 feet. She went just inside the edge of a dense conifer plantation where the trees gave her good cover from knee level upwards but not much cover near the ground. I could see Alison's legs but she couldn't see me. I saw her moving a boulder then I saw her take her jeans and panties down to her ankles. She bent her knees, squatted and leaned forwards with her back to me, giving me a fine rear view of her bare bum. Then she put her hands behind her and pulled her well-padded bum cheeks apart, giving me an even better view of what was about to happen. I saw Alison doing soft poo that squirted out. I had never seen an adult woman pooing before and I was very excited. Alison squatted for a few minutes then another wave of diarrhea came. Then she wiped herself and pulled her big panties up. I put her binoculars back in her backpack.

After about two hours, my feast of bilberries was passing through my digestive system rapidly but I held on as long as I could. I was having stomach cramps so I slowed right down and Alison asked me if I was all right. I said that I had a stomach ache and I was bursting for a poo. I took off my backpack and started to pull my pants down. Alison said that I mustn't do it right there by the trail but she would show me how to do it in the woods and bury it without a trace. I asked her if she had read Mum's book about how to shit in the woods and she said she hadn't read the book but she had her own way of doing it.

Alison led me well away from the trail through the forest. The ground was rough and rocky and I tripped over. The surprise of tripping made me lose control of my bowels briefly. Alison asked me if I was okay and I said that I hadn't hurt myself but I had pooed my pants a bit. Alison found a large boulder that was half buried in the ground, lifted the rock and rolled it to one side, leaving a hole in the ground for me to poo into. She said that she would go away and leave me but I said that I couldn't wait any longer. I quickly took my pants down and squatted over the hole. I made a "plooot" noise and a big load of soft poo all shot out at once and made a big pile in the hole. A gentle breeze took the smell away and brought a nice fresh smell of pine needles. It felt nicer and more natural than sitting on a toilet indoors and I really liked having Alison there while I was doing it. Alison noticed that my poo was a dark blue colour and she said that I must have eaten too many bilberries.

I finished and started to wipe myself but I was very messy back there. I bent over and asked Alison to see if I was nearly clean but she said that it had all gone up my bum crack and there was lots more to wipe. I asked her if she would do it for me like she did last year when I had both arms in plaster. She reminded me that I was 14 years old not 4 but she agreed to do it and it felt nice. Alison dropped the toilet paper into the hole and put the boulder back in place so that everything was buried without a trace.

I had to go for a poo in the forest twice more before we got back to the camp site. I gave Mum the box of bilberries and said that I had picked them for us to share. Mum said that she still had 'the runs' so that was the last thing she needed and Alison said that she didn't want any for the same reason. It seemed a shame to waste them so I ate them all before going to bed. When Mum had gone off to the toilet block, Alison whispered to me that I would be on the potty all night after eating all those bilberries. She said me that she might need to get up in the night to use it and this gave me an idea.

I went to bed about 10 p.m. and fell asleep. Then I woke up about midnight with an urgent need to poo. Mum and Alison had gone to bed and I got up quietly and sat on the porta-potty that was in the main room of the tent. I let rip with some diarrhea but I didn't wipe and flush. Instead, I sat there for several hours.

About 3 a.m. Alison got up quietly to use the porta-potty and found me sitting on it. She whispered that she needed to poo and it was an emergency. I said that's what I was doing and I hadn't finished yet. Alison asked me if I could stand up for a minute and let her sit down. I stood behind the porta-potty and put my flashlight on the floor. Then Alison said, "Excuse me" as she lifted her nightdress just enough to sit down on the porta-potty without showing anything. Alison did some loose poo into the porta-potty then I passed the toilet roll to her and she wiped herself and went back to bed. Then I finished and wiped myself but didn't flush the porta-potty to avoid waking Mum.

The next morning, I woke up early just as it was getting light. I heard someone else get up quietly and I spied through the small rip in the tent. It was Alison! She was standing with her back to me and she lifted her long nightdress up around her waist then she sat on the porta-potty. She put her hands on her stomach and leaned right forward so that I could see her anus. I saw her relax her sphincter slightly and a thin stream of soft brown poo started to come out. She seemed to be releasing it very slowly to avoid making any noise. I watched her poo trickling out for about five minutes then she wiped herself and closed the lid of the porta-potty without flushing it.

The three of us thoroughly enjoyed our camping holiday that year and Mum asked me if I would mind if Alison came camping with us again next year. I said that I would like that. I was really hoping I would have another chance to watch Alison doing her poo.

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