Revenge on a rude gas station cashier

I had an experience of note at a gas station on my way home last night. I was driving home from work and I noticed that I was running a bit low on gas, so I pulled into the nearest station. I gassed up my car and went inside to pay, and then as I was getting back in my car, I felt an urge to poo brewing.

I decided to go there rather than wait until I got home, and so I went back inside. I found the bathroom, but it was locked and you had to ask the cashier for the key. Well, I went back and asked the cashier (the same one who had just rung me up earlier, mind you) for the bathroom key, and he remarked that the bathrooms were for paying customers only. I tried to explain that I had just paid for gas, and that he should even remember me. But then he started getting an attitude with me and being rude to me about how I should have thought to ask when I was paying.

All that time I wasted arguing with the guy meant I'd never make it back home without a load in my panties. I was so mad at that rude cashier that I made a snap decision to just do my poo at the station on the ground and force him to clean it up. I got back in my car and drove around the side of the building like I was going to leave, but I got out when the cameras at the pumps couldn't see me.

I grabbed a few tissues from my bag to wipe with when I was done, and began to undo my jacket and lower my jeans and panties. I lowered them about to knee length then squatted over a parking spot. I began to pee a forceful stream on the ground which lasted a few seconds. I farted quietly and the head of my first log of poo emerged from my hole. I pinched off the log at close to four inches then felt more slowly ease out. This time, I think it got to six or maybe seven inches before it snapped off. Once more there was a log in position, but I shuffled slightly so my butt was hovering over the sidewalk for this log. A good sized log, probably five inches came out and fell on the sidewalk.

I wiped as best I could with my tissues and left them in the parking spot. I felt better that the jerk would have to clean up my poo, and made a note never to stop at that gas station again.

Young Mom

Response to Jodi

Thanks for your kind words and experiences, Jodi. To answer some of your questions:

I may have overstated how often I have bowel problems. I don't know that they are baby related, either. I've had a few small diarrhea accidents here and there, which is hard to control anyway and I can't blame anyone if they have an upset stomach and get caught short. I've only had a solid accident twice since the baby and I think those were more my fault from waiting too long, like you said of yourself.

For example, my last BM accident was three months ago. I had been out shopping and taking the baby to the Dr for a checkup, etc. and had been holding it because I hate to deal with her in a public bathroom when I have to poo so I often hold it until I get home for a BM. After holding it since morning into the afternoon I was realy desperate and on the way home was turtle heading and only the car seat was stopping it from coming out and I knew my panties would have marks on them. Then I realized I was almost out of gas and didn't want to risk running out so I stopped for gas. I got out and was pumping, crossing my legs, squeezing as hard as I could, but while waiting for the gas to finish pumping I had another really strong urge and since I wasn't sitting down this time I had nothing to prevent it except my hand, but I couldn't grab myself with people all aroudn me, so I just turned my back to the car so nobody could see what was about to happen. Then a very large solid turd quickly forced its way into my panties followed by a softer second turd. My panties were completely loaded and my shorts had a huge bulge on them. I couldn't leave my baby in the car to clean up in the gas station bathroom so I just put a towel on my seat, slowly sat down, feeling the poop flatten out against my butt and squish up the inside of my thighs, some of it coming out of the leg bands onto the towel. I rolled down the windows because of the horrible smell and drove home as quick as I could. So when I got home I had two people to change and clean poop off of - the baby and myself. It was not a good afternoon...

But most of my accidents are pee, and most of them small, from the baby.

I would be interested in hearing any of your other experiences, Jodi.

Young Mom


My first time!!

Well, this is my first time on this site. So let me start of by describing myself. I am 5'4" and weigh 115lbs. I wear a size 2 and have a 28ff chest. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I live with my mom and dad and adopted sister.

Okay! So I was at school today and began to feel some movement in my lower bowels. I am a normal three time a day pooper but I had not been able to go for almost four days.

I was wearing my shortest mini skirt that was allowable with a sexy black thong.

Well anyways, I felt like I could still hold it til the end of the day through the first 2 periods. But in third period, I began to get desperate. I could feel a lot of poop wanting to escape.

I made it through third period but i was beginning to have to clench my butt cheeks. I walked into third period and let a long loud fart escape. I stop dead in my tracks. I instantly blushed and walked straight to my seat. I was still hanging onto the hope that i could make it until time to leave. (my school only has 4 periods)But as soon as I sat down i let out another long fart. I got up to ask my teacher to use the restroom, giving up hope of avoiding dirty bathrooms. As soon as i stood up, i could feel the poop lurch toward my butt hole. I practically ran to the teacher. Luckily there weren't many people in class today and i am pretty friendly with the teacher.

She saw that i was desperate and gave me the pass. I quickly did the "i have to take a dump wobble down the hallway." Holding my butt with my hand and letting farts fly.

It was starting to come out. My thong was very scared! But the restrooms were in sight.

I made a final mad dash to get there. I realized i would not have time to get to a stall as i ripped down my thong on entrance to the bathroom--it was coming out of my hole.

I saw a sink... and that's all i could make it too. I bent my butt hole over the sink and pushed! Farts exploded out of me! I strained and groan! I looked at my butt and nearly 8 inches of poop were out of me and more was still coming! I screamed as butt hole got stretched out past 2 inches. It finally all passed! i turned around and hoped off the sink! I turned around saw nearly 16 inches of poop in the sink.

I moaned. it felt so good! Then it hit me! There was more! i went quickly into the stall and relaxed over the toilet. Turds started flying out of me! farts and mushy poop came next! it felt like i was never going stop! The bathroom smelled awful!!

Finally my poo came to a stop. I stood up and looked at my creation. I had felled the bowl up half way with poop. Some turds reaching two or three inches out of the water. After five flushes it wouldn't go down.

I went into the next stall to wipe. It took me nearly half the roll to clean up. I went back to the sink and climbed back on to release some pee. About thirty seconds later i was done... I had to moan at all the relief.

The janitor that finds this will be in for a treat. My booty was happy and i felt great.

Soccer Mom

Maxi Pads or Pull Ups and The First Accident That I Remeber

Hi Everyone.

It has been a while since I last posted. I hope that everyone is doing well.

My daughter turned nine on September 6th and then started fourth grade on the 7th. Towards the end of grade three earlier this year, she had diarrhea at school and messed her underwear and jeans really badly. The nurse at her school put her in a Pull-Up and gave her a clean pair of track pants to wear home. I posted about this on page 1875. On Canada Day (see page 1879) we were in Ottawa and she had diarrhea in her underwear again. I made her wear a Pull-Up for the day even though she didn't have any further accidents that day. The summer was an okay one for us. My daughter and I were mostly accident free although we both got sick one weekend after eating something that did not agree with us. It was a Saturday and we were buying groceries. My daughter said that she needed to use the ladies room and since I was cramping up, I thought that it was a good idea. Unfortunately, neither of us made it and we both messed our panties at about the same time. It was crazy! We got home and got cleaned up. I gave my daughter a Pull-Up to wear and I put a maxi pad in my panties in case I leaked diarrhea into my panties. I'm glad I did this for both of us, because we both had a few accidents trying to get to the toilet.

Last September, my daughter and I went to Ottawa to do some shopping for her birthday. She was really sick that day and had multiple accidents. I had to buy her new underwear and pants and had to change her several times during the day. Before we left Ottawa to head back home, I said that I wanted her to buy Pull-Ups for her to wear. She protested big time. Instead, I have her one of my Always Maximum Protection Ultra Thins to wear in her panties. The pad pretty much covered all of her panties front to back and the wings almost wrapped around entirely.

So my question for everyone is this… If my daughter is not feeling well and is having diarrhea and has to go to school, should I make her wear a Pull-Up or make her wear a maxi pad? The pad would definitely be less embarrassing for her, especially at school, but it would not offer the protection that a Pull-Up would as it may still leak out the sides of her underwear. A Pull-Up would give her better protection and make clean up easier for her, but, like I said, it would be more embarrassing for her to be wearing a diaper. Everyone's thoughts on this are appreciated!!!

When my daughter and I were sick earlier this summer when we were grocery shopping, she asked me about the first accident that I could remember. Being one of the first accidents that I remember having, I was able to recall the details pretty easily. It went something like this…

I was 12 years old and in grade seven. It was a Wednesday sometime in October. I was feeling a little off all day but I didn't say anything to my parents. Our morning recess went from 10am to 10:20am. Before the morning recess, I was feeling sick with diarrhea and needed to get to the girl's bathroom in an urgent way. Our teacher, Miss Williams, would not let me go because it was close to recess, so I held it as much as I could. I got up when the bell rang and as I was walking down the hallway, some diarrhea slipped out and into my panties. It was wet and sticky and felt really gross. I got to the girl's room and luckily it was empty. I lowered my panties and jeans and sat on the toilet. I let out a small amount of diarrhea but that was all I could get out. My panties were stained, so I took some toilet paper to wipe them out. Then a bunch of girl's from grade eight came in and I sat there very quietly. They were chatting and then I let out this booming wet fart into the toilet. My face went completely red and the room went silent. Then they burst out in laughter saying things like, "Whoa!" and "Blast off!!!" They were still laughing when they left. Making sure the room was empty, I wiped myself as best I could, pulled up my panties, which were still wet and then I pulled up my jeans. I washed my hands and finally left the girls room. When I got into the hallway, the grade eight girls were standing there. Again they erupted in laughter calling me the "Master Blaster" and things like that. It is so not cool to have diarrhea, or to have to move your bowels when you are in grade seven or eight…

Fast forwarding to the lunch hour, I was hanging out with my best friends, Nancy and Erin. We were sitting near the fence at the back of the school yard which was also lined with trees. It was our hang out area. I started feeling sick again and was having really bad cramps. I said something like, "Oh no". Nancy said, "Hey, are you okay?" I said, "No, I need to go to the bathroom, like right now!"

As I got up, diarrhea escaped into my panties. I walked as quickly as I could across the school yard, trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched the entire way. However, with each step, I kept on going in my pants. About half way across the field, it happened… My bowels contracted and wet, mushy diarrhea poured into my panties. I gasped when this happened and Erin said something like, "Oh god!" The grade eight girls were standing near by and started laughing. One of the nicer ones told them to shut up and came over to help me. She gave me her jacket to wrap around my waist. I had to go again as I got into the school and loaded my panties again.

As I was walking through the hallway with Nancy, Erin and the nice grade eight girl, I could feel the diarrhea leaking down my legs. We ran into Miss Williams in the hallway and she asked us what we were doing inside. The grade eight girl said that I was very sick and needed to go home. Miss Williams then took me to the nurse's office. Unfortunately, they did not have any clothes for me to change into, or anything for me to get cleaned up with, not that it would have done any good. Also, I did not have Gym Class that day, so I didn't have anything to change into either.

The nurse called my mom at work and told her that I was sick and needed to go home. My mom wanted to talk to me and when I got on the phone she said, "Hi honey. What's the matter?" I said, "I don't feel well." She asked, "Did you throw up?" I said, "No." She asked, "Do you have diarrhea?" I said, "Yes." She said, "Honey, did you… have an accident?" I started crying, I couldn't speak. She said, "It's okay honey. It happens. I will be there soon."

That was Wednesday. I stayed home on Thursday because I was still sick with diarrhea. I went through three or four pairs of underwear because I could not make it to the toilet on time. I was feeling better on Friday so I went to school. Then my very first period started that morning. I went to the nurse's office and she gave me a pad to wear along with an extra one. I had to tie my sweater around my waist for the rest of the day.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the story of one of the first major diarrhea accidents I remember having.

Again, if anyone has any comments on the Pull-Ups vs. maxi pad question I had above, please share!

Thank you,
Soccer Mom

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 19

Polly's sleepingbag had dried. She pulled it out from the dryer rolled it up and we were done here. We walked out got in my Camaro and took off headed for the base lodge and the climb back up to the leanto area.It would be a 45 minute drive as far as the time between town and the base lodge. After being on the road for 20 minutes I needed to piss and also had a very strong urge to shit too.

I waited till we came to the intersection where I would have to turn on to the other highway that went down past the base lodge. I knew there were places now to pull off and I could go in te woods to piss and shit. I pulled off at the second small parking area where there was a marked hiking trail and the parking area was empty. Polly had been dozing but she woke up when I had pulled into the parking area and I had stopped and shut off the engine.

Polly asked me why I had stopped here. I told her I had to piss and shit. She smiled and said she would come with me. I have to piss a little myself she said to me. So we both got out of the car and hiked on the trail for a hundred feet or so and then ducked in where there were some heavy bushes and found a small clear spot amoung the bushes.

The clearing between the bushes was quite small. Polly noticed this and with a giggle she asked me; Would you go standing if I go standing? As she asked me her question Polly already had my belt unbuckled and was pulling my zipper down on my jeans. I smiled and said back to her; Why not! Pollywent and then did the button on my jeans and shepulled them down and then i stepped out of them.

I then had a easy time with Polly for she was wearing her blue sweat pants. I slipped them right dwn over her hips. She lifted one foot at a time and I slipped the pant legs over and off. As it happened Polly then took my tshirt off and I her top. So we both were now completely nude! Then Polly moved behind me rewached around and took my now erect penis in her hand.

Hey don't you remember I have to shit! I said to Polly. Polly let out a little laugh and told me she hadn't forgot that I had to. Just hold it while I hold you while you piss! I'll try I said back to her. I can't guarrentee that I can Polly. Polly giggled and she told me that she would be carefull. Then rght after she had said that I started my piss.

I shot out a arcing piss stream with a high arc going through the air. Polly was holding my penis at a sharp upward angle since it was erect. It went right over the top of the bush in front of us. The bush was quite tall which I would have bet over six feet high. Polly told me from what it looked like that I did have to piss. Nice stream! she she added.

After the first ten seconds had passed Polly had taken her other hand and now had my testicles cupped in her hand. Now with her doing this along with her holding my penis and my pissing I was getting aroused even more! Then Polly took one finger on the hand that was holding my penis started stroking it on the underside of my penis where the slot is in the ring. That aroused me even more!

With all this happening I now wanted to get done with my pissing and get on with takeng my shit too. I started to push so my piss stream shot out harder and I could feel my asshole opening as I pushed. I told Polly I'm starting to shit! She slipped her hand away that was cupping my testicles and she must have stepped back away and sqauted down. For I did see the position of her arm move that had come around in front of me with the hand holding my penis.

I could feel my asshole opening wide and I knew I was going to shit a fat one. It also was moving fast too which made me think it's one of my normal shits. I asked Poll if it was a fat job. Polly said to me; It sure is Dave! It looks like its alsogoing to break! It's starting to crack. A short secnd later my shit must have broke for I heard the dry leaves that were on the ground break with a loud crackle and there was a dull thud too.

I was still shiting for I could feel my shit comming out yet. I was still pissing but my stream with my previous pushing had now eased off. Polly with her interest now watching me shit had moved that one finger that had been stroking the slot in my penises ring had moved up and I pissed on it! Then I saw that finger move and all around my penises head making it wet! I now also felt my shit narrowing down for my asshole was closing up. Then it closed and I heard a louder thump on the ground along with more of the dry leaves crackling too.

Polly then got up from her squat. She let go of my penis which the last of my piss came out as she let go of it. She came around and stood in front of me. She was smileing with a big smile. Then she asked; Dave are you in a big hurry to get back? Well with her teasing and getting me in a very aroused state I told her I wasn't. Good Polly said to me. Lets find a little bigger clearing!

So we picked up our clothes and we stepped through the bushes. We found a bigger cleared spot less then twenty feet where I had shit and pissed. We tossed our clothes on the ground. Then in a insatnt Polly hopped up and she had her hands clasped around my neck and her legs were around my hips and crossed behind me. She kissed me hard and I her.

We reapeated ly kissed hard and then while we kissed Polly did piss giving me a short hot shower and then we went on and had some good hard fun there in the woods for some time. After that we evn took a long nap. Then we got dressed walked back to my Cmaro and did get to the base lodge and two hours later we were back at the leanto. To be continuied.

I finally took a decent crap after a few days of having to take my stool softener & laxative and passing skinny small turds. I take docusate calcium and SeaLax or Lax-A-Day(polyethylene glycol) and it really does clean you out.

My stomach bubbles a lot after I take the laxative and it takes a couple of days for the laxative to take effect but when it does it's like a little sponge getting rid of all the crap inside you. It doesn't cause diarrhea or stomach cramps so it's gentle but effective. I usually take it at bedtime mixed in a glass of water.

I felt a strong urge about 10 minutes ago and sat on the toilet and without really having to push a big turd came out. It was pretty long and light brown and fairly thick. Wiping was a messy job too. Let's just say I feel better now :)My stomach doesn't feel so full and uncomfortable anymore.



I went to my friends house to visit her last night. After a couple of hours I needed to pee. She was sitting just across from the bathroom. I really had a strong pee and as I finished I let out a loud fart. She commented I heard that. I was shocked that she commented. A little while later she went to the bathroom and as clear as crystal I heard her stream as she peed. As she finished, she let out a sign. I really wanted to say a comment but I remained silent. We have a wonderful relationship, nothing physical, and I don't want to ruin these nice bathroom activities by making comments that would make her uncomfortable. She enjoys me as a friend, not embarrassed to pee on the phone when we talk, but is not physically attracted to me. I've learned patience because there's not too many women who go pee knowing that someone is listening. I consider myself fortunate to have such a friend!

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Desperate on way to work

I was on my way to work this morning & because I got up late there was no time to go to the toilet before I left the house. I was bursting to go but I thought I could wait the 20 minutes it would take me to drive to work. The one thing I wasn't expecting was getting stuck in a huge traffic jam. The journey ended up taking an hour & a half & I started to get a ???? ache from holding it too long. I felt a wave going through my bowels & now the poo was pushing down on my anus trying to force it open against my will. I clenched hard & managed to keep it shut but that increased the pressure in my bowels & the pain got more intense. There was another wave & that further increased the pressure. I was in agony & knew the only way to get rid of the pain would be to release my enormous load. That was definately not an option right now! Finaly the traffic began to move but I still had to drive another 10 miles to get to work. I was determined to make it. There was no way I was about to turn up at work with a load in my knickers. Easier said than done though. I'd never needed to poo as badly as this & wave after wave kept going through my bowels. I don't know how I did it but somehow I managed to make it in to work without losing it. The pain was excrutiating & I ran from my car into the building holding my bum. I got to the toilet to find Louise was in there. I was now within an inch of messing myself & if that wasn't bad enough I had to listen to the sound of her turds plopping into the toilet. She gave a sigh of relief which really made it hard for me. After waiting 5 minutes she flushed the toilet & came out to find me holding my bum & straining with all my strength to keep control. She said she was sorry for keeping me waiting & if she'd known I was desperate she would have hurried up. I rushed in to the toilet to be hit by the smell of Louis's poo. I quickly pulled my work trousers & knickers down & sat on the warm toilet seat. In one huge rush, my soft poo exploded into the toilet. It lasted ages & the relief was indescribable. I pood my brains out & filled the toilet up. As soon as it was over I wiped & flushed the toilet but it blocked & the water came over & flooded the floor. I was so embarrassed.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Kirstys cure for constipation

It's now wednesday night & I'm still constipated. After straining for half an hour I gave up. Kirsty told me she had a cure for that & led me back into the bathroom & wet her finger. She got me to bend over & stuck her finger up my bum. It felt really hot especially when she found my compacted poo & pushed it up a little further. She pulled her finger out & it felt like I was pooing myself. Then I felt my poo moving down towards my anus. While Kirsty washed her hands I sat on the toilet & out came this huge turd. It landed with a splash & I pushed again. Another turd began to stretch my anus & it hurt as it came out. That too landed with a splash & then another smaller one came out followed by a series of small balls followed by some soft mushy stuff. By the time I was done the toilet was full & I felt so relieved. It took three flushes to get rid of it all & the bathroom stank of poo.


Dirty diapers have been removed from the train station!

I called the transit authority a second time to complain about the dirty diapers at the train station, and they finally removed them! They were there about a month.


New habits

Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well.

I just wanted to let you know about my new morning routine of reading toiletstool while I'm on the toilet! It's great. I used to have my poops in the afternoon right after school but since I'm not in high school anymore that's slowly changed.

Now every morning I wake up, read your wonderful posts and have a great poop while I'm at it. Some of which have been very satisfying, I'll share more later!

basket case

am i living up to my name, or is this a cause for concern?

(apologies for the length)
hello everyone, here goes my first post! i've known about this site for a long time, although i never had interesting stories or even much of a desire to post. the bathroom has always been a curiosity (NOT pleasure) of mine since bodily functions are most natural, and shouldn't be considered inconvenient or humiliating

i'm an 18 y/o male, 5'9 and weighing around 170-175 pounds. for the past 5 weeks, i've been dealing with intense anxiety, which began when i was experiencing pains in my hands. i was worried that the soreness was a sign of something severe that could ruin my future as a musician, though it turned out to be tendinitis from playing too much guitar without proper finger exercises. however, i began searching for possible causes online (HUGE mistake as i'm a hypochondriac to the extreme). i was sidetracked and somehow ended up researching various types of cancers. although i'm what most people call "too young" (untrue, as cancer can manifest at any age though far less common in my age group), i began panicking since my lifestyle is a typical risk-factor. although i'm not noticeably "heavy", my diet had been heavy on junk, fast food, and soda. my belly appears bloated compared to the rest of my body. i wasn't totally sedentary as i had walked at least 30 munutes to the bus stop (so i could meet up with a friend who didn't ride the bus that stopped closest to my house) or over 2 hours home from school during my senior year, on days which i couldn't get a ride. i also played basketball several times a week and generally enjoyed being outdoors. over the summer, i became less active and ate a whole lot more.

here's where the bathroom comes in: my typical symptoms of anxiety include a total loss of appetite and gas. since those symptoms can occur with gastrointestinal cancers (i'd been most concerned about stomach and colorectal cancers) and given my reactionary and neurotic nature, i was in a trap of sorts. before this started, i generally had a bowel movement every 2 days, sometimes every day and occasionally going up to 3 days without one. they normally were on the softer side but firm, medium-dark brown, very long and somewhat thick, not messy, and came out with very little time or effort - usually a matter of seconds. after my worries commenced, i ate very little and wasn't able to have drop one of my usual loads, instead only managing little string beans and pebbles.

after i had blood work and multiple physical exams done, all of which turned out to be "excellent", i started to feel more like myself. i had made significant changes to my diet, eliminating junk food and introducing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and generally fiber-rich foods. i started noticing a tight feeling in my stomach, though it's likely connected to my muscles tightening as a result of a curved spine, which in my most "natural" posture sort of scrunches them together. of course, i hadn't considered that at the time and so the cycle of distress began once more. i haven't had serious trouble with constipation over this time, have had diarrhea for 3 non-consecutive days but the sudden change in my digestive tendencies still flares up my anxiety. my movements are smaller - maybe 5-8 inches- and recently have been a lighter shade of brown. more recent ones tend to float in the bowl. last night, i had pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, and pineapple; and i let out a increasingly rare monster turd that was the now-usual light brown with tiny bits that floated around it. later on, my stomach was in pain and i had diarrhea twice. today, i took another massive dump; a good 15-incher that came out effortlessly and had a "hook" that extended about 1/4th of the way around the hole. it was, again, light brown...but the section that was furthest in the bowl appeared to be VERY dark (which happens more often than not when i have pizza), but with bits of orangeish-red scattered around. might that have been tomato sauce? i have noticed bits of reddish/orange foods like carrots and such, there haven't been OBVIOUS signs of blood or anything
what concerns me is the feeling i get in my rectum. it feels like i'm always about to rip an enormous fart, but i know i don't have to. there will be an inevitable part of the day (normally late-afternoon) in which i do get terrible gas and cannot quit letting off percussive and wet-feeling (not messy) farts. the feeling on the inside subsided for about 10 days, but has returned during this week. i try to get on with my life and pay little mind to it, but i know it's there. my parents have a matter-of-factly and honestly, rather baseless "listen boy, i'm right and you're wrong." attitude toward life (i don't start college until spring, so i'm stuck until then) and i may not have a chance to be looked at further unless more serious symptoms show up. i want to know more than ever if the feeling is a result of my rapid and constant introduction of unfamiliar foods to my system, or if something more serious is taking place. also, i don't have a structure in regards to my eating habits except in rare occasions.
i'm working on that, and i'm beginning to exercise as well.
i'm not necessarily posting in hopes of finding the answer, but to see who can relate. thanks to all who pay any amount of mind to this post

Thursday, September 23, 2010

new guy


to all the girls and women on this site have you ever eaten bad berries in the wilderness one that gave you bad diarrhea or made you puke

usually I would have more to write but since the site hasnt been updated yet this is all for now


1 near accident and 1 accident that come to mind

Hi guys,
Haha I cannot believe that there is a site out there like this. A little about my self, I am female name is Stephanie, and I am half Irish and half German. I am about 5'2, brunette, people tell me I have a cute figure lol. I don't remember when I was potty trained but I remember from ages of about 6-11, every time I would be out somewhere I would have to pee. It was almost a once a month thing where I would go out with my mom and come home with a wet patch on my pants because of losing spurts. The biggest pee accident I remember from my childhood years was when my mom and I went to the grocery store. I was I believe 9 years old at the time. I was wearing these cute jeans with little pink flowers on the thigh part of them and a pink shirt. I remember walking around with my mom and suddenly having to pee. It was like a sudden spasm and before I could think I crossed my legs and did a slight crouch. I lost a little control and felt a little pee trickle and its like the dam burst open for 2 seconds. I clinched my legs tightly and looked down to see my front wet down to almost my knee. I immediately ran to the bathroom and finished in the toilet. I remember trying to wipe my pants but failed miserably and mother seen my wet pants but luckily I didn't get in trouble. That was probably the worse pee accident I have had with pee, others would usually be right before I got home or in the car I would lose a little control, and have damp panties or a wet spot on my jeans.

I was always good with holding my poop, but did have 1 disaster, and 1 almost disaster. Unfortunately the disaster was recently. First I will tell you about the almost disaster. I was 14 years old at the time and I remember it was Christmas break and we did not have school. I went to the mall with my friend and her mom. After about an hour at the mall I felt the urge in my bum telling me it needs to sit on a toilet soon. I remembered how nasty the mall bathrooms usually were and definitely preferred to be at home pooping. Luckily my friends mom told us it was time to leave. We got in the car and the cold December weather made me have to go even worse. The 10 minute drive to my house was horrid for me and on a couple occasions I really felt like I was going to lose control and soil my self in front of my friend and her mom. We pulled in my street and I felt extremely relieved that I would soon be in my toilet, and my panties would be clean. They pulled in my drive way I said bye very quickly and got out of the car and headed towards my house. I turned the knob and it was locked. I knocked on the door and no answer. I was getting extremely desperate and I pulled my cell phone and called my mom. She told me she was sorry and that she was in the basement and she didn't hear the bell. So she finally came up and opened the door. I rushed passed her went up the stairs and as I got to the hallway by the bathroom, my butt gave up a little fight and I felt some mushy poop slide down into my panties. I immediately got in the bathroom shot the door and locked in and plucked my butt on the toilet. I surveyed my panties and there was a glob of poop on them. I tried washing them in the sink but the stain was still there and I ended up stuffing them in the bottom of the trash can and put a lot of tissue over it. BIG MISTAKE, I left the bathroom and my mom immediately walked in the bathroom and I heard her say. Jeez Stephanie what did you eat for lunch!!. I went in my room, 2 minutes later my mom walked in my room with a pair of my dirty panties in her hand and said steph what's this? I WAS VERY EMBARRASSED!

This one takes the honors by far. Last year my boyfriend and I decided to go to the zoo as it was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. We went out breakfast and I had omelets and sausage. After that we headed to the zoo. I was wearing short jean shorts that barely covered my butt, ( I wanted to look sexy for him) and a white tank top. I felt my stomach churn and I immediately felt the need for the bathroom. This load was a soft load and it was wanting to get out. I told my boyfriend that I was going to head to the restrooms, and he said Hun do you want to hold it I want to leave lets just go him. I did not want to argue as it was getting a bit late and we still wanted to fool around ;). We left the park and I get in the car with him. The 30 minute drive was going to be dreadful and I knew it. 15 minutes into the drive, I asked to him to pull over a gas station or anything he sees. He said fine and we passed by a gas station and he missed it. A second gas station and he missed that one also. I told him I really need to use the bathroom and he better pull over. He finally pulled over into a McDonalds. I got out of the car and rushed inside and went to turn the handle. LOCKED. I immediately sat down at one of the tables in hopes that it would help me hold it. Right then while sitting a sharp cramp hits me and out of reflux I lifted my butt of the seat and slowly filled my shorts with poop the consistency of pudding. I instantly felt my face turn red. I got up and left and once I got outside I felt it slide down my legs and hit the floor. I got inside the car and started crying. That was my first accident as an adult. My boyfriend immediately started to comfort me and he told me that he pooped his pants when he had locked himself outside of his house 6 months ago. He made me feel a little better and once we got to the house he stayed in my room while I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. It took me over an hour to clean up and once I got out of the shower and changed, I still felt like I smelled like poop. Horrible experience!!

Sorry if it got to long, post your feedback and I would like to hear accident stories of others also!

Paul from Germany

Riding Out

Claudia and I have used the last warm days this year to ride out. After having breakfast (eggs, bread, coffee and orange juice) we went to the stables and started saddling our horses. Then we started riding through the fields. After about half an hour, I heard Claudia farting. It really sounded like a wet fart. "Do you need to stop and squat somewhere?" I asked her. She smiled: "No, not yet, Paul. But I haven't gone in the morning!" Normally Claudia shits after her morning coffee. So I assumed that she needed to go during the trip. An hour later we had left the open fields behind us and reached a woody area. When we came to a clearing Claudia said: "I need a pee break!". I could feel my bladder, too. There was a post where we could tie our horses to. Claudia went down first and I followed. She went to the edge of the clearing and took out some tissues she always keeps in her pockets.

When she had found the perfect spot she pulled down her pants and squatted low. She immediately started peeing. With a hissing sound her strong stream hit the grass. She was still emptying her bladder when she let loose another wet fart. "Oh no" she said. Her anus opened and out came a yellowish turd. It was about 11 inches long. She let loose another fart and pushed a little bit. In no time her second turd was on the ground. It was about 8 inches long and even softer, but it wasn't diarrhea. "When I have too much orange juice I always have to go like that" Claudia said while pushing out her third piece of shit. It was short, about 4 inches long. Then she was done. "That was strange, I didn't feel that I needed to shit until I started peeing" Claudia said while wiping her ass with her tissues. She had used all of her four tissues and thrown them onto her pile, so I handed her some mine to finish. She wiped her vagina once, threw away that tissue and stood up. Then Claudia had a quick look at her mess and went back to the horses.
I unzipped my pants and pissed next to her pile. It was really reliving to get rid of all the coffee and orange juice!

We rode on for another two hours and then went home. It was an interesting day!


Standee Mandy's story helped me remember.....

Standee Mandy's story helped me remember that I, too, was involved in a couple of "dares" with my friend, Ianne. We were both about 12 and ready to start middle school. It was mid-summer, we were bored because there was nothing to do, so we decided to go to the civic convention center in our city with my father, who moonlighted on weekends, as a union electrician. His project was to set up the electrical operations for several hundred booths that were part of a trade show. Since this was union work for card-carrying members only, all we could do was help haul his tools into this huge arena-like dome. I'm wish I could remember more of the details but this was about 25 years ago in the mid 1980s and until reading Standee Mandy's story, I hadn't thought about it for years, although it was a great adventure at the time and we down there from like 7 am. in the morning to the middle of the evening. But it was better than just staying bored around the house, or so we reasoned. They piped some pretty loud music over the PA system as people worked, but it was occasionally interrupted when they needed to page someone. It was kind of like that which happens in a hospital, although my dad was one of those being paged pretty frequently. I remember when he took us out to lunch, he said he was looking forward to taking his shit at the restaurant because he wouldn't be interrupted. Ianne thought he was gross for saying such things, but she knew him well enough to know that he was just being honest.

Both Ianne and myself had been to the huge bathrooms at the auditorium a couple of times that morning. She had to crap and I peed at least a couple of times. My problem back then was that I was inconsistent and being in a foreign type setting was somewhat intimidating to me. Don't laugh, but those of you who regularly read my stories now know that I'm a lot more confident and productive. But after getting back right after lunch, I told Ianne that it was time for me to crap. Since almost all the other exhibitors and workers were setting up their tables and large displays, Ianne said he would like to try something and that messing around a little would be fun. When we got back into the bathroom there were about 40 stalls all in one room in two rows that were facing one another. On the other side of the concrete block wall, there were probably an equal number of sinks. Both Ianne and I were wearing shorts and she had left her shoes off by the chairs we had been sitting in and talking. She stepped on a couple of spots of liquid on the concrete floor and looked down and said something about hoping that you can't get VD that way. (For younger readers, that's now what we call STDs). I tried to mitigate her fears by telling her at least she wasn't walking on concrete or across parking lots where she would have to step over rocks and glass and things like that. We were in the middle of the row and we both decided that the stall to our right was as good as any to use.

The seat was down and I was feeling my crap and knew that I really had to release a major shit. I looked at the seat, just as Ianne was pulling off some toilet paper for me to wipe it with, and I told her that wasn't going to be necessary. I quickly placed my butt on the black seat and marveled how the stool was higher than the ones we had used earlier. Although my feet just about touched the floor, it was a strain compared to the other toilets I had used in other places such as the mall where my feet were firmly planted on the floor. I hadn't seen Ianne do this, but at one of the display tables they had a box of cheap little plastic stop watches that they would be giving away with the name of an insurance company or bank printed on it. She started the timer and it was clicking away and right after she said "30 seconds" I blasted out a couple of big ones which looked like well formed bananas in the stool. She seemed surprised that I was so fast and she used another word that was pretty crude. I don't remember exactly what it was but I remember looking it up in the dictionary in my room and remember it was labeled not as a cuss word but as a word that "uneducated" people used.

As we were joking around and I pulled on the toilet paper to wipe, she told me she wanted to try a squat pee that she had really perfected at a summer church camp she had gone to earlier that summer. I didn't even remember her being gone for a few days, so as I wiped myself--and scared her a couple of times by shoving my crap-laden paper toward her face--I kind of played with her and told her I would give her the ultimate (it was a nice word, although I wasn't exactly sure of what it meant) "test". I would stay seated, and with a normal stance and without me moving, she would have to pee without getting as much as a drop on me. She said that was no problem and even offered to close her eyes. I started to worry a little, then a lot as she squatted over, and faked like she was trying to keep her balance. I also noticed that she had several red pimples on her butt, and she said it was just prickly heat, something I know my Mom has talked to me about.

Ianne broke her stance when I reminded her that I needed the timer and just at that point I remembered a game of what was called "red light-green light" that I had read about in a novel. I told her it was not just about squatting and directing her pee stream, but when I yelled "red light" she needed to stop and hold her pee as fast as possible. Otherwise, she would lose the game. I had remembered a word that our 6th grade teacher used almost everyday "proficient" and while I could barely say it, it rattled Ianne when I questioned her proficiency in doing this magnificent thing that she was practically bragging about.

I started the timer and while placing the middle finger on her right hand on herself for direction, and now doing a much better job of steadying herself, Ianne's flow started with a few drops, then a line of trickle and then a much more robust flow. She didn't see me but I slid back a little more on the toilet and spread my legs as wide as they could go because I was afraid of a spray onto my very exposed thighs. After I think about 30 seconds and probably just as she was feeling some relief and waiting for some praise from me, I said "Red light." She dropped the f-bomb and a few other choice words, but in moving her hand, she did almost immediately cut-off her stream. (I knew it was possible because I had to do that once in about 4th or 5th grade when I was peeing and the fire bell went off. It hurt me and I had a little pee in my panties, but I was able to do it). I waited about five seconds and then gave her the green light. In the interim I was counting the pimples and found that they followed into her pubic area. She let off a string of three or four farts just before her flow started up again. She went another 20 or 25 seconds and nothing (somewhat a surprise to me) splashed on me.

Finally, she dropped her hand, reached for the toilet paper and made a fast wipe. I don't know if it was deliberate or not, but the paper which she partially crunched up dropped on my thigh. I told her she blew it by hitting my thigh with the paper but she just told me to "F*** Off. I grabbed another sheet of paper from the roll and got a tan colored sample on it and I quickly threw it in the bowl. As Ianne and I got our underwear and shorts back up, she kept saying I lost some bet and owed her something. I don't remember, however, if I ever came up with anything to give her. We have our high school class reunion coming up in a couple of years and if she comes, I'll probably want to ask her.

We'll both probably be drunk then.


re: spandex shorts

Karen: that sounds sooooo embarrassing!!! I'm sorry that that happened to you at the gym. Have you ever pooped your pants before your accident in spandex shorts?

But i definitely agree that having accidents in any kind of form fitting or stretchy pants is extremely embarrassing... moreso than with jeans or khakis or anything. There have been times i pooped my jeans and there was hardly a visible bulge on my butt at all since the jeans don't have much "give" so their tightness is more likely to flatten the poop. The only time i get an embarrassing bulge when i poop in my jeans is if its a particularly solid load.

As for your question i have never pooped in spandex before but i have had a couple of accidents in other stretchy material. I did ballet as a girl between ages 8-13. I remembering pooping in my leotards at least 3 or 4 times. They show a pretty obvious bulge too. It happened during practice and my leotard was black usually in practice so it wasn't horrible, but i remember we did a big recital when i was 13, and i had all pink and white on, white tights and a light pink leotard and a short pink Tutu. All the dancing and the nerves from performing got everything moving down there and right when the show ended and we were getting ready to leave, i messed in my tights and leotard and it was big and soft. It bulged out really bad and looked like i had stuffed a bunch of balled up paper towels in there or something. It stained bad too. I was humiliated and i didn't do anymore ballet after that (for a number of reasons not just the accident).

In college i pooped myself wearing gray workout tights to class. Like spandex they were form fitting to my butt, so when i pooped, they bulged out bad. I wore them a lot just lounging in my dorm and i wore them to class as comfy pants when i was too lazy to get dressed. I was struggling to hold it in during a lecture and i didn't want to miss anything because were having an exam the next class. The urge overcame me and i suddenly realized i was going to poop right there in my seat. I started to panic as i got up from my seat and started rushing for the door turtle heading the whole way and trying not to reach back and grab my butt. I'm sure people knew what my problem was because I'm sure i was walking funny and had a weird look on my face. The second i got out the lecture hall and the door shut behind me, i lost control and badly crapped in my tights. It came out with all kinds of funny noises, and it was a solid but soft load. It made a lumpy bulge on my butt as big as my fist that really stuck out...everyone i waddled past could see that i had a load of poop in my pants and stared in disbelief. I waddle all the way back to my dorm that way and didn't even get my stuff from class, my friend got it for me. That was a pretty embarrassing accident and i think it was a similar experience to Karen's accident in spandex shorts at the gym, as far as having a gigantic visible bulge on my butt so everyone who isn't blind knows you pooped your pants the second they see you...

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 18

I and Polly must have drank enough of her wine for I slept soundly through the night. Polly did too. In fact she too soundly for when she woke up she had pissed her sleepingbag real bad! It was soaked from the middle all the way down to the feet end. When Polly moved it where it had laid on the wooden floor of the leanto there reamained a big dark wet patch where her piss had soaked through the bottom of the sleepingbag.

Now Polly had changed into dry clothes after wakeing up. Now as I got out of my sleepingbag I kidded Polly saying to her that she should have pissed before bed. Yeah I know Dave I should have but I didn't feel that I had to go. Must been the wine made me not feel my bladder was full! Well you are going to carry that wet bag yourself when we hike up to take the train back down. Yeah I know that too Polly said back to me in a disgruntled toned voice.

I got busy with making breakfast and coffee. We had ham eggs hardrolls Tang and coffee. Got everything to that was going with us together. Polly's sleepingbag and trash was really it. Before we started the hike back up to the top Polly and I did piss along side the end side of the leanto which I left a very foamy looking wet patch and Polly left a large wet areaq herself.

WE hiked up whichwe took a hour to get to the summit and we had a wait for the gog railway train to get up to the top. So we sat outside and I and Polly had a coffee from the hotrel ad a snack. Twenty minutes later the train was thereand we climbed aboard and the train then started its downward trek. There was some people on this train but there were some empty cars. Polly and I were not alone this time like we had been when we came up last night.

Most of the way down Polly slept with her head leaned on my shoulder. We got to the station I wok her up and she kind of stumbled a long as we headed out to my Camaro. I tossed her piss smelling sleepingbag in the trunk and we then took off for the luandry mat to wash her sleepingbag. We got there tossed her bag in the washer and we had our garbage which we both walked out to my car got it out of the trunk and then walked behind the laundry mat building to toss our garbage in the dumpster.

We tossed our garbage into the dumpster. After I closed the top of the dumpster this is whan Polly told me she had to piss and shit. Real bad too! she said to me. So Polly was between two of the three dumpsters that were in a row. She just yanked down the blue sweatpants she was wearing and squated down with her ass faced towrds the alley and she started first by pissing very hard.

The pavement was sloped towards the alley so her piss headed that way as it wetted the pavement making a black trail out to the alley. Polly pissed hard only for several seconds and then her stream eased up but didn't stop completely. Polly now had started to shit. This time she had no problem shiting at all. Her asshole domed stretched right open and in only two or three seconds time shehad a dark tan smooth shit moving downward towards the pavement.

Now since Polly's ass was low her shit did make contact with the pavement and it bent right over so her shit was on the soft side. It had a crack split across her shit and it broke with the part that broke got pushed by the peice that was still comming out from her asshole. The push made her shit start to roll and it rolled down the sloped pavement right out to the alley!

I let out a short laugh seeing her shit roll out to the alley. Polly asked me waht I was laughing about. Oh your rolling shit has gathered no moss! I said back to her. Polly smiled but asked me back; Why what did happen? I told her that her shit was out in the alley. It rolled out there. Polly let out a very short giggle and her second shit that had remained was pressig into te pavement and was bending now. It broke but didn't roll.

Then as Polly kept on shiting her shit now was thining down n size so she made a coil now under her ass which the coil broke and she made a second smaller coil shit. Then followed two nuggets and she was done shiting. All the time she was shiting Polly did piss too so her shit was wetted with piss as far as the coils and nuggets. Then Polly for a few shorts seconds did a hard spurt of piss and then she came to a dripping stop.

That was it she was done. Polly had nothing to wipe herslef off with so she carefully pulled her sweatpants backup leaving them down on her hips so they stayed loose on her. She and I went inside the laundry mat and she went into the bathroom and wiped her ass and vagina in the bathroom. Then she came out and we sat together waiting for her sleepingbag to finish in the washer. When it did finish it went right into the dryer. We then sat there and waited for it to dry. To be continuied.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Urgent morning poo

I got up this morning busting for a poo but we'd ran out of toilet rolls so I went to the local shops for some more. I walked to the shop & the cold morning air must have effected my bowels. By the time I got home I was really desperate. I had had to run to the toilet & just got my knickers & jeans down in time. The moment I sat down a big load of soft serve poo shot out of me. I peed quite a lot too & it felt so good. I feel a bit guilty knowing Wendy is constipated but I'm sure she'll be able to go soon.

new guy

comments & a story

To: Wendy & Kristy another set of great stories. To Kristy that girl must have been pretty embarrassed having diarrhea in front everyone and out in the open like that and that outside poop good description and the rest of stories were really good keep them up. To Wendy I bet that girl probaly pooped her pants or found a place to do it. It was probaly diarrhea or really mushy or she just really had to go.

To: standee Mandy great story and welcome to the site I hope you have more stories if so please share them

To: Upstae Dave great story please keep them coming.

A short story heres a story about seeing one of my female cousins poop in the I tried to post this on sunday but it didnt get posted I might said something that wasnt alowed I dont remember what it was or the post just didnt get posted and might apear tonight if so this story will be on it but this time it might be a little different. This story happened about ten years ago more or less I cant remember exactly I was at my uncles house which there were 6 people living there at the time 5 of them female my aunt & 4 cousins so I was just sitting in there living room watching tv when I had to pee so I went to the bathroom and when I opened the lid I saw a 6 inch turd floating in the toilet it wasnt flushed because they didnt have good water presure there and the person forgot to get rid of it I cant be sure it came from my aunt or my cousins but its a good chance it did.

thats all for now ill post again tommorow after the page has been updated sincerly new guy

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Louise's poo

At work today I noticed Louise was farting a lot. I said to her, "Blimey Louise if you keep on doing that you'll poo yourself." She replied. "I know. I'm just going to the loo." Louise got up & made her way to the toilet. She was gone for about 20 minutes & I guessed she must be having a reall good poo & when she came back she said, "That was a relief. I feel much better for that." I needed to pee so I went straight to the toilet to find it stinking of poo. Louise there thick skid marks below the water & a big brown streak at the front of the bowl. Louise must have been dying for that poo. After I peed & flushed I washed my hands & exited the toilet.

As I was about to leave work, Nikki asked me for a lift home as she didn't feel well enough to get the bus. She lives a few miles away but she was really ill & I couldn't make her go home on the bus. As we drove Nikki complained of stomach ache & asked if we could stop somewhere with a toilet. She looked really desperate & I knew she was close to having an accident but we were on the motorway & couldn't stop. Nikki was freaking out at the thought of pooing herself in the car but there was nothing I could do. Eventualy we got to Nikki's exit & left the motorway. She seamed happier knowing she was nearly home but her diarrhoea was getting worse. Nikki's flat wasn't far from the motorway but she was losing control & I the car stank really bad. She was bright red & started to cry as we drove up to her place. I parked the car & Nikki got out with with her hands pressed hard against her bum. Luckily there was nothing on the seat but I could tell Nikki was in big trouble. She stood by the car & just froze as a brown stain started to form in the seat of her white jeans. It quickly grew as her diarrhoea spread out in her underwear. Nikki ran off to her flat with liquid poo running down her legs & I went after her. She told me to leave her alone as she was too embarrassed to face anyone. I headed her advice & got back in the ca

Tuesesday, September 21, 2010

Upstate Dave

Playing Doctor Part 1

I'm sure at one time you have played doctor. I have many times and had a lot of fun doing it. There were three times when it was the most memorible. Each time it was a different girl involved and it was at different ages too. Plus each time it started off with us having a stethoscope to use when we did play doctor. (my grandmother and my mother were nurses with both having a stethoscope) So having the stethoscope just made playing doctor that more real!

The first time playing doctor was with the girl that lived next door to me and she and I were at my grandmothers house. I was up visiting and satying for a weekend over my summer vacation. It was a rainy Saturday so we were inside. Janet and I had been playing upstairs and we came across my grandmothers old stethoscope hanging up in the storage room.

So seeing it Janet and I started playing with it. She being a nurse at first and I being her paitent. It started off in being innocent fun at first for both of us. Janet had me take off my shirt and she listened to my heartbeat. Then she moved the stethoscope down to my stomach and listened to my stomach which she giggled a lot and told me my stomach sure sounded funny! It gurgles a lot! Janet said to me.

Then Janet handed me the stethoscope put kept the receiver on my stomach and I listened to my own stomach gurgle. Then she had me give back the earpiece section. Ok Janet said to me. Dave I have to do some more checking. She smiled a big smile and told e to take down my pants! I laughed and I pulled them right down for her! I now stood there with my pants down and just in my white briefs.

Janet then pulled the waistband of my wite briefs open slipped the stethoscope inside my briefs and moved it around stopping and listened and moved it again stopping and listening again. I asked Janet; Here anything down there? Janet replied pretty quiet. Not muchnoise I'm hearing. She went on moving the stethoscope around some more and then slid it out of my briefs.

Then Janet asked me; Does the doctor make you pull down your underware and cough when he checks you in school Dave? I told Janet that the doctor did. He makes all of the boys do that! Janet then did a hard giggle. So I in return asked if the doctor did the same with the girls. Janetdid a little giggle and told me yes. Then Janet told me to take my underware down and cough like youu would with the doctor in school.

So I pulled my briefs down for Janet. ( Janet and I had both seen each others privates before for we had peed and shit lettingg each other watch when we had done it.) So there was no embarassment at all for me to drop my drawers for Janet. The one thing was different that Janet didn't do on this checking that the doctor did was touch a finger on the boys testicles when you coughed. Janet did place the stehoscope on my lower belly and had me cough. She pulled the stethoscope off from my belly.

I'm proud to say Dave your are heathly and you past all the tests so far! Janet said to me. Then Janet said there was one more test that she wanted to do. I asked Janet; What test is that nurse? I want to see if I can hear anything when you pee! Janet giggled hard all the while she said this to me. I let out a laugh. Then I stopped laughing and Janet asked me if I did have to pee. I told her I could.

Since this was the storage room and there was a lot of boxes around and some of them had just crumpled up old newspapers in them I picked a box with old newpapers in it. I made sure there wasn't anything in with the newspapers which there wasn't. So I was going to pee in that box of old crumpled newspapers. I slid it over in front of me. Janet got ready with the stethoscope placing it againon my lower belly.

I aimed my penis at the boxand I gave a little push to start my pee. With my little push to start my pee I let out a short blat of a fart! Janet said to me; I heard that in myears Dave! She let out a loud giggle as she said that to me. You passed the passing gas test! Now I let outa pretty loud but short laugh. Janet went on with another pretty goog giggle and she said my laughing sounded funny through the stethoscope.

Then Janet sad to me after hergiggle; Come on Dave start peeing so I can see if I hear you pee! OK OK!! I said to Janet. I gave a little harder push and I did start peeing sending a stream of pee out from my penis right into the box filled with the crumpled old newpapers. The old newpapers were a faded yellow color which my pee made the yellow darken as my pee weted the newpapers in the box.

I peed for several long seconds and then I asked Janet if she could hearme peeing. I'm notsure Janet said back to me. I think I do she went on saying to me. Then Janet looked to me that she was listening harder for she readjusted the earpieces in her ears and became very still. I was still peeing but my pee stream was easing off. I didn't have to pee all that much so my pee wa going to be a short one. A few seconds later I stopped peeing and I told Janet I was done.

Janet took the stethoscope away from my belly and she stood up and took the stethoscope out of her ears. I again I asked her of she heard my pee inside of me. Janet told me she thought she did. I don't know if it was your pee I heard or something else I heard. But I did heara noise of some kind. Janet handed me the stethoscope and said to me with a giggle. Your turn doctor Dave! I now laughed and I told Janet to get ready for my examination! WE both laughed and Janet went over to a old wooden chair and sat down on it and was now ready to be my paitenet. To be continuied.

new guy

fart games and some questions

Here are some fart games couples can play together

1. The double dutch oven Its were both people fart under the covers and then put both there heads under the covers.

2. The gas mask Its were one person cups there hand on there but and farts into it and then puts the over the other persons nose and mouth and says gas mask.

3. The gas chamber Its like a dutch oven but you pull the covers over the persons head first and hold them there and then start farting alot then the other person does it.

4. The stink box Its were you put 2 or 3 pillows around a persons head to form a confined space then you fart in that space traping the smell in between the pilows where the persons head is.

5. Beat that Its a fart game were one person farts and then says beat that then the other person farts and tries to beat the first person then it goes back and forth between the 2 until somebody gives up , cant fart any more or they poop in the bed if that happens the person wins but if both poop the bed its a draw.

well thats all the fart games I can think of right now I add more if I think of any.

I wonder if some of the old posters who use to post here like punk carmalita and her friends and punk rock girl will start to post again there stories were really good I know carmalita hasnt posted for a few years and punk rock girl about 2 years but I hope they are still reading this site and start posting again I know I mentioned this before but I just wanted to bring it back up.

well thats all for now no stories today but I may post later today if something happens thats worth posting.

sincerly new guy

PS. I cant say this enough about how much I love this site and wish I found it earlier most of the people on this site i consider to be my friends even though weve never met in person which bring up a question I wonder how many of us have met people from this site and not even known it because a lot of us live near one or more in some way or another like living in the same state or towm and not even know it.

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