A Crappy Week

I really have not had anything interesting to write until lately, but I had a really bad week of bowel functions the week of Labor Day. I am 29, 6'1" 185 Lbs., curvy and athletic with long, dark brown hair and of Greek ethnicity (to re-introduce myself).

On Labor Day, I went to a cookout in the courtyard of my condo's. I go to church with several of my neighbors. We are all young adults who go to the same church and live in the same complex. We ate BBQ ribs, baked beans, potato salad and other goodies and made homemade ice cream for dessert. And, of course, I put away some food! There were ten of us who went to one guy's condo to watch the football game that night between Virginia Tech and Boise State. I love football and being with my friends, especially since I live alone. Not too long after kickoff I realized I needed to take a dump. I knew that it would be a solid one, but by the heavy feeling in my stomach and the way my whole back had an achy feeling, I knew that this would be a massive one, even by the standards of someone like me who is used to large bowel movements. I held it through half time and on into the third quarter. Too, I continued to munch on the chips and dips (salsa, cheese dip and bean dip) throughout the game. However, late in the 3rd quarter, the pressure returned with a vengence and I knew I was going to have to go to the bathroom. The guy who owns the condo is named Jason, and he is about 35, single and a pediatrician. I kind of have a little crush on him, and enjoy talking with him. His sister, Jennifer, is 31 and one of my best friends. She also lives in the complex, dating someone and is a nurse. I turned to Jennifer and told her that I had to go.

When I got to the toilet I sat down and my body took over. I shivered as my anus relaxed and stretched. The log stopped at my anus and then stretched it even wider as it slowly exited. I felt my stomach give a push and the log kept coming and coming. It was solid, almost like clay. It came out perfectly with no gas and no noise. Then I urinated a pretty good bit. After I finished, I lifted off the seat to find a log that looked like it was about 2 feet long and 2 inches wide. It also had a nice brown hue to it, and the bathroom was filled with the smell of healthy poop. It all came out in one piece and was just as firm at the end as it was at the beginning. I wiped twice, but was mostly clean. I placed the paper to the side of the poop. I don't like burying my poop!

It was a perfect BM and it did not take long. I stood up and pulled my shorts and panties back up. I looked at it again for a minute to get a mental image, then flushed. It went nowhere. Jason has one of those toilets with the .8 gallon and 1.6 gallon flush options. I looked around and there was no plunger! The water went down, but my poop went nowhere! I washed my hands came out of the bathroom and got Jennifer's attention. She came and I asked her about a plunger. She said that she would ask her brother, and do it discreetly. However, while we were doing this another guy, Mike, went in. When he lifted the lid he hollared, "Come take a look at this huge crap Catherine just took!" I felt like I was back in high school or college. I blushed, and almost felt like crying, but I played it off. "Yeah, I really had a clogger, didn't I." One of the other girls told Mike to shut up. However, all the guys and Jennifer looked into the comode. All they could talk about was how big and perfectly formed the doodie was. They had a good laugh and teased me some. Jason was a gentleman. He went and got the plunger and pulled the door to, and took care of the problem. I was so embarrassed, yet I knew if I let on, then they would just agg it on even more. I stayed for the rest of the game and their attention went from me to Boise State's exciting finish. The others cleared out and Jason came up to me and apologized profusely for not having a plunger in the guest bathroom. I told him it was OK and not to worry about it.

Then, he asked me out! He said that he wanted to make it up to me!

I went home all excited, my heart was racing! When I got back to my unit and got ready for bed, my stomach felt a little bloated and rumbly. I thought that it had to all that I had eaten, mixed with the cheese dip and bean dip. I had eaten a ton and would pay for it. I woke up at 5 AM Tuesday morning, sweating. I realized that I was about to have major diarrhea. I stumbled to the toilet and had a loud explosion of mushy and chunky diarrhea. I felt better after going and got up, ate my cereal and yogurt, and proceeded to do a little exercise. Physically I felt fine except my bowels were rumbling, gurgling and churning. The dairy products did not help. Without warning the diarrhea returned again. It rushed to my anus and I doubled over to keep from messing myself. I got to my guest bathroom just in time. This diarrhea had no gas but just poured out. It stretched my anus almost like a log coming out. The wave lasted a few seconds and was done. I flushed and cleaned. My stomach was still rumbling but I could not miss work. We already had one pharmacist out and I had to be at work. As I was getting ready, putting on make up, without warning my rectum and large intesting filled again. I got on the toilet and went again. This time, my stomach stopped rumbling and I felt fine, except being a little drained with losing all the fluid and food. The diarrhea seemed to have subsided. However, when I got to work I purchased some immodium and took a full dose.

I went to work out after work, like I normally do at the church gym. I had eaten pretty normally during the day and felt fine. However, during my workout the diarrhea came back. I made it to the bathroom and exploded on the toilet. The locker room was full but I had no choice. One of my aquaintances asked if I was OK, since I don't normally poop at the church gym. I said yes, but that something had upset my stomach. I cleaned up and decided that I needed to get back home. My condo is only five minutes from the church. Yet, on the way I noticed traffic was backed up a little. There had been an accident. After about ten minutes being stuck in traffic my diarrhea returned with a vengence. I was sweating and had that feeling that I had in the morning. I had to get to a bathroom and I knew that I was not going to make it. I fought it back as long as I could. I drove past the accident and got close to my condo. I was driving hunched over but I got some hope that I might could make it. I didn't.

I came to a traffic light and it turned red. I felt a load of diarrhea rush from the right side of my large intestine in the middle and down the left, adding to the large amount ready to come out. Them my stomach gurgled as the diarrhea loads met one another. Sweat poured down my cheaks and my stomach cramped. And I had reached the point of no return. My cheeks flushed and my anus gave way. I exploded in the car with a loud, large BM of diarrhea that soaked my shorts and went every where. It was so disgusting. I started crying. I gained my composure and pulled in my parking lot. I grabbed a towel and made it into my condo, walking past a few people who knew what had happened.

After I got cleaned up, I called Jennifer and she said that she had diarrhea all day and so did a lot of the people there. Something we ate had made us sick. I continued to have diarrhea the rest of the night and did not go into work Wednesday.

It was a horrible experience pooping that week! But life goes on. I had a great date with Jason that weekend, which made up for the humiliation.

Love to all!

Feral girl, why not get a storage container or small bucket with a lid for pooping. If you put a plastic bag in it, it's easy to clean up. The container will stop any leaks in the bag. In a pinch, a few sheets of newspaper on the floor will stop most leaks too.

Teacher Tammie

My Introductory Post

This is my first post, although I've been a reader for about three years. I'm a junior high teacher with seven years experience. About half my day is teaching social science and the other half is language arts. I turned 30 last month, actually on the day when we got our class schedules for the year and supervisory assignment. Mine is "potty patrol" two times a day. As you might guess, it involves supervising the bathroom closest to my classroom. The idea is to try to keep the room cleaner, cut down the vandalism and overall, cut fears from both parents and students that resulted from Columbine and similar incidents.

We have about 1,300 students in our school which is diverse and part of an urban district. Unlike some of the other posters on this board, our school's bathrooms are doorless (you walk around a couple of block walls to get in) so they are remain open as long as the outdoor entrances to the building are unlocked. Yes, we have doors on most of the girls' stalls, but my boys complain that they do not have that advantage. There's a little smoking going on, but one of the biggest problems is the clogging of the toilets. In the oldest wing of the building, the toilets were installed about 50 years ago, or that's what some of the older teachers think. Suffice to say, they've had better days. Some of the bathrooms have sensors on the sinks to control the amount of water use, but a lot of the soap gets used, and, unfortunately wasted and splashed around.

The faculty lounge bathroom is located way on the south end of the building, when it was probably the main area of the building when the school was built in the late 1950s. Unlike many of my colleagues, I use the student bathroom which is so close--two doors down from my classroom. Often I crap before my first hour class and my morning coffee goes through me pretty fast so I'm on the toilet peeing again by 10 a.m. Often I pee again right after lunch and when classes get out at 2:55 p.m. Some of the girls are surprised, just as I said my colleagues are, that I will use a student bathroom and they offer me cuts in line. I appreciate the gesture but will only make use of it when I have students in my room and need to get right back to them. I remember a time two weeks ago before school when I was next in line for a stall and one of the shyest 7th graders I've known opened the door, came out and apologized, for what I didn't understand. I quickly closed and latched the door, noted that there was some very yellow pee in the bowl, but I needed to sit and crap fast and since I didn't want to get splashed or wait out the flush cycle, I seated myself and quickly expelled by daily log. Then I put my right hand on the toilet paper roll and found out what my student had apparently apologized for. I tapped on the stall partition and asked the girl on the adjacent toilet if she had extra paper. She handed me more than enough. I only needed two wipes and I hung the extra over the roll holder for the next user.

I pulled up my thong, adjusted my slacks and walked fast through the crowd to get to the sink. It was about 10 minutes before school and I had about 30 minutes of work to do before class. However, as you'll not in my comments below, it's important to take time out for yourself and your body's daily needs.

Comments for some of the others posting:

Frantic Francine:
Don't worry about sitting directly down on the seat. Force yourself to do it initially, and eventually you'll feel much more comfortable. Read the postings of Vincene and some of the others who broke their routine and are much better off for it.

Just Jerika:
What a great friend you have in Gopi for giving you the enema. Please learn from this experience. Get a pass from a teacher if you must but get yourself onto the toilet at the earliest possible moment when you feel you need to relieve your bowels. Holding it in can lead to some really horrible consequences. For example, my uncle was hospitalized for more than a month when he literally burst his bowel. He had been traveling and was waiting for a cleaner bathroom.

Rag Muffin Reanna:
Perhaps you could talk to your debate teacher about putting on an all-school debate on what the student body in your very large school can do to keep the bathrooms cleaner. If the student body is willing to do its share, perhaps the administration will meet you half way.

Jaded Jarrod:
What happened to Ethan last spring was horrible. However, I agree with the advice some others have given you about being careful and not over-reacting to a very isloated case.


Happy Learning!

Teacher Tammie



Kirsty: Your friend Nikki seems to produce really large loads...that is amazing. She must have a high metabolism. I hope that you are doing well.

Karen: I am so sorry about your accident. Please know that the humiliation will pass. I hope that you are doing well now.

College Student: I am sure that your room mate is OK with you pooping at home. If it were me, I would just go. Maybe you could get some air freshener or something, but I am sure that, if she is comfortable going every morning in front of you, then she would be OK with you. Be intentional about getting that first BM out of the way when it is a normal one, rather than risk an accident when you HAVE to go but being uncomfortable to do so in front of her.


Poo at school and my cousin Amy coming to stay

Hi everyone, Abbie here with a couple of stories I'd like to share. As I predicted in my last post, I had a sudden and massive need for a poo on Friday morning while at school. It was so bad I almost put up my hand and asked to be excused, but I knew I would probably take a long time on the loo and I couldn't face people looking at me and whispering when I got back, so I clenched my bum and held it in. By last lesson before lunch I could feel my bumhole being forced open by a huge hard turd, so I waited until about ten minutes before the end of the lesson and then told my teacher I was feeling ill and asked to be excused. Fortunately she let me go, at least that way I knew I'd get a few minutes of privacy before everyone else came into the loos. When I got there I spent some time looking for the cleanest cubicle, I enventually found one that was OK and seemed to have a decent lock so I quickly locked the door, lifted my skirt and pulled down my yellow and blue stripy knickers. I sat on the loo and started to wee alomst straight away, it went on for ages as I was actually pretty desperate for a wee too! All the time I was weeing I was pushing hard, the turd was starting to poke out of my bum but wasn't exactly moving very fast. After a while my wee stream started to die out, but I still let a few dribbles out as I was pushing out my turd. It was quite hot in the toilets and I could feel myself going red as I strained, I pushed my hair out of my eyes and took a few deep breaths, people were starting to come in now and I didn't want to grunt too loudly. About five minutes went by and I'd managed to push my turd out maybe a couple of inches, if I relaxed for too long I could feel it getting sucked back up my bum, so I had no choice but to keep pushing. 10 minutes later I'd managed to push the widest part out, I was still pushing hard but a lot more was coming out with each push now. Shortly after I felt the turd slide out of my bum and fall into the toilet with a splash and then I felt a second piece starting to come out. By the time there were four logs in the bowl I looked at my watch and realised I'd been sitting there about half an hour, I could still feel more up inside me but I knew I'd be OK for now so I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bum. It was feeling quite sore so I didn't clean it as carefully as I should have done, after a couple of wipes I pulled up my knickers and flushed. I went off to lessons in the afternoon with my belly feeling a lot better, even if my bum was hurting a bit. Mum picked me straight up from school that afternoon and we went to the station, my cousin Amy who I visited a few weeks ago was coming to stay and we were going to meet her train. As we were in the car I started to want another poo, I didn't expect it so soon, there must have been more left behind than i realised. Luckily Amy's train was on time so we got home quite quickly. Then mum had to rush out to pick my sister up from a friends so Amy and I were in the house on our own- Dad's away on business at the moment. We went up to my room and I changed out of my school uniform into jeans and a tee-shirt. We were sitting on my bed chatting, I shifted around thinking I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer when Amy suddenly clutched her belly and said "I really need the loo, Abbie, I've been holding it in ever since I left this morning, I hate using train toilets."
"That makes two of us that are desperate then" I said. "The only trouble is we've only got one toilet!"
"Well- I can probably hang on another five or ten minutes" said Amy.
"You might as well come in with me, I can always wipe standing up if you get really desperate" I answered, walking off in the direction of the bathroom. Amy and I went in, I was unbuttoning my jeans as I walked over to the loo and quickly pulled them and my knickers down to my knees. As I sat down I farted loudly and couldn't help blushing, Amy told me not to worry and said that she was probably going to do the same. I pushed out a couple more logs without too much effort considering the state of my bowels lately, Amy commented that I didn't seem quite so constipated but I told her that I'd been having trouble going for a poo at school since the start of the new school year and that this was the first easy time I'd had in ages. As I reached for the toilet paper she said "Sorry Abbie, I really can't wait any more, I'm going to poo my knickers any second" and she started to unzip her jeans and pull them down. I quickly stood up, took a wodge of loo roll and shuffled over with my jeans and knickers at my knees so I could wipe my bum standing next to the bath. Amy dropped her jeans and orange knickers to her ankles and sat on the loo, I was standing sort of sideways on and as she sat down I saw the head of a dark brown turd coming out of her bum. Her knickers were quite badly marked so I knew she wasn't exagerating about how desperate she was. I quickly wiped, leaving the used paper folded on the edge of the bath ready to throw down the loo when Amy was finished. I looked down to pull my knickers up and saw that I had a big skidmark from not wiping properly earlyer, so at least Amy wasn't alone. Amy was clearly having to make an effort to push her turd out, she was grunting and going red in the face. After about five minutes she moaned and then I heard a loud plop, she then farted loudly and shot some small pieces out which plopped down close together. After another log she was done, she wiped and then I threw my paper down the loo. As she pulled her knickers and jeans back up I looked into the toilet and saw loads of turds and paper, luckily the flush is quite powerful so it wasn't a problem. We went back into my room and Amy said "As you probably saw I need to change my knickers, it came out further than I thought". This time it was her turn to blush as she unzipped her bag and started rummaging around in it. "You're not the only one" I said, unzipping my jeans and pulling my knickers down. Amy put on a yellow flowery pair and I put on some pink ones and we had just got our jeans back on when my mum and sister got home. The rest of the weekend passed without event and I'm going to visit Amy in a few weeks time, so I'm looking forward to that!
Thanks for reading this, will post again soon. Bye for now!!


Sharon's Survey

Sharon, thank you for following my posts. I agree that the others you mentioned are some of my favorites too. I could not remember if I answered your survey, so here goes:

1. Do you read while you poop? No, I poop pretty quick.
2. Do you talk on the phone while pooping? No
3. Do you eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? No. Smoke? No
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? Sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Yes, usually after the large portion of the BM is complete.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? 3-5 times or whatever it takes to get clean.
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? Charmin!
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Always! Sometimes I take a pic...
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, or difficult to pass? No, it is usually bulky, voluminous, and passes effortlessly.

I look forward to reading more posts from you. Thanks Sharon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

desperate to poop

desperate hiking poop

Hi all

I was reminded of a desperate poop I took whilst hiking when I went on my sabitcal a few years ago.

We went touring round Australia and New Zealand and had a great time. One time I was out on a guided hike, quite a long one. We had stopped for lunch and I needed the toilet quite badly for a pooh. The walking had got my bowels moving! I walked over to where the toilets were. 2 porta potties and there were 2 people waiting a man in his 40's and behind him a youngish girl in her 20's blonde. She said hi as I joined and I smiled back and said Hi. A few minutes later the one stall opened another and another gent came out and the gent went in. he didn't take long just a pee and was out in about a minute. The Blonde who had been chatting with me then went in (and I knew she wanted a pooh as she had eleduded the walking had got her bowels moving to which i had said me too).

I waited for another few minutes and was now doing a small poo poo dance as my bowels were getting more and more ready to let my load out. A couple of ladies had also joined the queue. I knew the one potty might be taken for a period as she was pooping and the other had been in use since I had arrived which was now going on five six minutes. Another four minutes passed and the blonde came out. I smiled and said the other one was still in use and she said sorry about the smell and the flies!

I went in and she was right it stank (not just from her I expected) and it was full of flies not a pleasent toilet. Needs must though so I squatted and let loose with a load of mushy poop. Luckily I didn't explode too much and I didn't get it over the seat or the back of the toilet. I usually prefer to sit if I can as I can be squatting for a while otherwise but I didn't want to sit on the flies. I had several rounds of mushy poop lasting about seven minutes and was then done. I wiped flushed and left feeling relieved.

The other porta potty was still engaged so I apologised the lady waiting for the wait. She grimaced a smile back as she dashed in

Happy pooping

I <3 POO


My belly is a bit delicate today and I have had 2 quite smelly poos in the space of a about 2 hours and I keep letting rip with really smelly bum gas which isn't pleasant and smells quite meaty and minging.

My first poo was at about 11:15am this morning and I was in my room tidying up some stuff when I could feel this really uneasy, crampy feeling building quickly in my belly. I let out a SBD and it was foul, it really stunk and the feeling in my belly wasn't going away in fact it was getting more unbearable. I quickly dashed to the upstairs loo in my shorts and sandals hoping that my bowels wouldn't suddenly cramp up and thank god they didn't as I made it to the loo and locked the door, slid down my pants and shorts to my thighs and sat on the loo. All I know is that I felt a cramp suddenly hit and I let out a really smelly wet fart ...brrraappppppp followed by an explosion of soft, but very warm poo just slithering and dropping out of my bum ... ka-plop, ka-plop, ka-plop, plop, plop, plop, plonk, blop, splooopslopsploop, plop-plop-plip-plip-plop-plip-plip! Aaaah! I was feeling immense relief but in releasing a poo like that I had single handedly managed to stink the upstairs loo, phew! It really smelled bad and a couple of more chunks of poo dropped out my bum with loud plops! I was done and had a quick look behind to survey the damage and it was a real mess ... there was many pieces, chunks and the water had turned brown so most of my view was distorted but I could understand why my belly was feeling the way it is... the smell was still lingering in the air though. I tore off some loo roll and wiped my bum and all in all it took at least 3 wipes and then for the last 2 wipes I used wet wipes to get my bum clean. I got up off the loo, pulled up my pants and shorts, flushed the loo (my poo left 3 skid marks in the bowl) and immediately I sprayed some air freshener in the air to banish the odour of my smelly poo. At least my belly feels a bit lighter now.

My second poo was at 1:30pm and this time I was given plenty of warning as my belly was churning again and I could feel another poo coming on swiftly and as no one else but me was at home I made my way to the downstairs loo. I let off a couple of really skanky, smelly farts and boy did they stink :) Phew! I quickly grabbed a magazine and then darted to the loo, as soon as I locked the door I could feel a cramp about to build because I let out another SBD and quickly pulled down my pants and denim shorts and plonked myself on the loo and started reading my magazine as ... suddenly I felt a sharp twinge in my belly and yep you guessed it another cramp.... I farted a really smelly one and exploded as more warm, brown, smelly sludge slithered and dropped out my bum and made loud plops in the bowl, yet again it really was quite smelly in the loo but I could feel there was a couple more pieces yet to drop out my bum and they were only soft pieces, I was feeling empty as I felt I had a colonic clearing poo. Had another look behind and this time I had a clear view of my poo and there was several chunks, a 5 inch log and some smaller pieces of poo next to it. I took more loo roll and in about 3 wipes was clean and got up off the loo and sprayed more air freshener to get rid of my smelly poo.

It's now 5:30pm and my belly is still feeling peculiar and delicate and having been for a poo twice I would've thought it might've cleared things inside but no. I have got wind now and am passing loud farts which aren't pleasant either! I feel I may need to go for a poo again sometime tonight but I know it'll probably be another smelly one.

I don't know what's upset my belly today but I'm sure whatever it is will be out of me soon if it isn't already.

To Wendy and Kirsty: I really love reading your poo stories they are great and keep me reading keep them up xx

I <3 POO

Having my after work poo @ home

Hi everyone :)
Feeling much better 2day after the belly trouble I had yesterday with an upset belly.
Had a massively huge dump this morning which was quite smelly b4 work. It's 7:30pm & I have been on the loo for 15mins now with my denim crop pants to my thighs dropping piece after piece of chunky poo out of my bum making loud plops! & have to say it's not half as smelly as the recent poos I've had yesterday & this morning but I love to have a good, satisfying poo :). Although the only smell in the air is of my poor, tired, achy, hot feet which have been encased in boots/socks all day, better wash them in a mo after I have finished my poo. By the way I'm writing this as I'm on the loo via my phone :). The wonders of technology :)

Hope u all r keeping well happy peeing & pooing :)
I <3 POO x

Kirsty (Wendys friend)

Girl pood behind a parked car.

I went to the local shops this afternoon to get some bread & as I was walking back A car pulled up on the other side of the road & a young redhead girl with lots of freckles got out holding her bum with both hands. She was crying & saying she couldn't wait & she hobbled behind the car & pulled her jeans & knickers down to her knees squatted. She had the most explosive diarrhoea in the road & it formed a pool around her feet. She gave a sigh of relief as she emptied her bowels & after 30 seconds it was over. She pulled her knickers & jeans up & got back in the car & they drove off leaving a huge mess at the side of the road. She must have been really desperate to have to resort to that.

A couple of years ago. I was working in a small village shop opposite some woodland & I had to get there an hour early because of the hourly bus timetable. I woke up late & had to get dressed in a rush. I didn't have time to go to the bathroom before I left the house as I had to catch the bus to work on time. I just made it onto the bus & as I sat there I kept farting. I got off the bus desperate for the toilet. Of course the shop was locked & the owner didn't usually arrive untill 5 minutes to opening time. I badly needed to pee & had the most intense urge to poo as well. There was no one around so I sneaked into the woods & lowered my trousers & knickers & squatted. I started off peeing which was a big relief & then my anus opened without me having to push. A huge soft turd slipped out of my bum & fell to the ground with a thud followed by another & then another. The relief of that was wonderfull. I had nothing to wipe with so I had to just pull my knickers & trousers up without bothering. I went back to the shop feeling very relieved but my bum was dirty &I had to stand outside the shop for three quarters of an hour before the owner arrived to open up. As soon as I got inside I went straight to the toilet to wipe myself & found I'd made a big slid mark in my knickers. I couldn't wear them like that so I took then off & flushed them down the toilet. I washed my hands & started work without any underwear on.

I've just got off the toilet after spending half an hour pushing a huge turd out of me. It was hard & knobly & it hurt as is bumped it's way through my anus. I don't normally do hard dry poos, it's usually quite soft & lose. I can't think why I was constipated but I was glad to get that monster poo out of me. It was so big it wouldn't flush away the first time & I had to flush the toilet 3 times to get rid of it all. My bum is sore but I'll get over it.

I've just read your constipation cure of sticking a wet finger up your bum to get things moving & it sounded so hot. I'd love to try that with Wendy & the next time either one of up gets constipated we'll give it a try.

I work with a girl called Nikki. She's 18, ginger hair, freckles 5' 0" & a skinny 7 stone. She eats like a horse but never puts on weight. I don't know how she can eat so much & stay so thin. Well on Friday at work I found out why. She has massive poos. I was waiting for her to come out of the toilet & after 10 minutes she came out without flushing the toilet. It really stank & when I looked at what she'd done I found 3 huge turds in the toilet. They were so big they stuck out of the water & when I tried to flush the toilet filled up & nearly overflowed. It wouldn't go down & I got the blame for blocking the toilet. I was busting for a poo but now I had to hold it untill I got home. After work Nikki needed to go again but the toilet was still blocked so we both left busting to go. I gave her a lift home but on the way Nikki said she needed to go really bad & she suggested we drove to the local park to relieve ourselves. Of course I agreed & 5 minutes later we were parking the car in the park. We got out of the car & Nikki was holding is bum. We ran into the bushes at the edge of the car park & quickly pulled our jeans & knickers down. Nikki started to poo a load of soft serve poo making a big pile on the grass while I peed loads. I pushed out a modest poo & Nikki handed me some tissues from her bag. We wiped ourselves & pulled our knickers & jeans back up. I was surprised that Nikki was so well prepared for this sort of situation & she told me she has to be as she poos 3 times a day & can't always get to a toilet every time.

Feral Girl-

Thanks for the response and great how you have so many things to pee into. I drink a couple of gallon jugs of water a day and guess what I use the empty jugs for? LOL. How do you pee in a cup when you have to for the dr. you seem like you'd enjoy doing something like that. :)

-SquatSpotter from Houston

Harry Pooper

School nurse helping me to go to the toilet

To luckyfart - you asked if I had any other laxative induced pants shitting incidents. Well this one wasn't exactly laxative induced but prune induced! And that's how I got my nickname.

On Page 1913, I wrote about the time when I was 13 and I had both arms in plaster so I needed help going to the toilet. Mum was in hospital and she brought me up on her own so I had been staying with Mum's friend Alison and her husband Peter. I still had my arms in plaster and I was still taking the strong pain killers. These were still making me constipated and as I couldn't go to the toilet on my own, Alison knew that I was constipated.

We had an appointment at the Fracture Clinic at the hospital where they did some X-Rays. Alison told the woman doctor that the painkillers were still making me constipated but the liquid laxative that we had previously was slow-acting and it was difficult to judge the correct dose. Alison said that when it eventually worked, it sometimes worked a bit too well. I said it worked so well that I couldn't get to the toilet in time. The doctor gave us a prescription for laxative suppositories. She explained that these usually cause evacuation of the bowels in 30 - 60 minutes and they are useful for disabled people who need a carer to take them to the toilet.

Alison and I went to the hospital pharmacy to collect the pack of laxatives. I told her that I had a stomach ache, that my breakfast was still in my stomach and I was feeling a bit sick so I would like to take a dose as soon as we got home. I didn't know what suppositories were but I was about to find out.

When we got home, Alison opened the pack of large bullet-shaped things, each individually wrapped. I said that they were much too big to swallow but she explained that they are not for swallowing. She whispered, "You insert them into your back passage and they stimulate your bowels to move." I couldn't insert one by myself so I asked Alison to insert it for me.

We went to the bedroom and Alison told me to lie on the bed. As I had both arms in plaster, I could only lie on my back. Alison took my pants right off and asked me to put my legs apart with knees up. She put a pillow under my bum to raise me up and an old towel under me. Then Alison put on some latex gloves, got a tube of lubricating jelly and lubricated my anus with the jelly. Alison told me to try and relax my muscles then I felt her gently insert a suppository and push it right up inside me. she said that she could feel that I was full of poo. Then she inserted a second suppository. It felt rather nice and I was rather embarrassed to have a 'stiffy' in full view of Alison. Alison said that I seemed to be enjoying this but I might not enjoy what would happen next.

Alison wiped the jelly away then told me that for maximum effect, I should hold my poo in until I couldn't wait any longer then go and sit on the toilet. About 15 minutes later, I had a pleasantly full sensation with a strong urge to poo but I held it like Alison had said. After another 15 minutes, I was really bursting so I rushed to the toilet and did a big load of poo. Then I called Alison who wiped me.

A week later, I had stopped taking the painkillers, Mum had come out of hospital and I was back at home with her. I had enjoyed Alison being my carer and taking me to the toilet but I wasn't so keen on my mum wiping my bum for me. After I got home with mum, I held my poo for as long as I could, hoping that I could do it at school. On Monday morning, Mum bathed me then she said I should sit on the toilet and try to open my bowels as she knew I hadn't done that at the weekend. I needed to poo but I held on to it and told Mum didn't need to do a poo today. She said that I should try to do it at school today.

I went back to school with both arms in plaster but obviously I couldn't write anything in class. My class mates wanted to know what happened when I needed to go to the toilet. I explained that home, Mum helps me and they laughed. "You mean your MUM wipes your BUM?" someone asked. I said that when I use the toilet at school I go to the school medical room and Mum had given permission for the School Nurse to help me. The School Nurse Tracey was in her early 20s and most of the boys thought Tracey was rather nice. They liked the idea of getting that sort of nursing care from Tracey.

My best friend Mark was also interested in toilet matters and he asked me, "Does she hold your dick while you pee in the toilet?" I explained that Tracey unzips my pants and holds a urinal bottle for me to pee into. Then Mark asked, "Does she wipe your bum when you do a poo?" I said that I hadn't done a poo at school yet but I liked the idea and I had been holding my poo and would try to do it at school.

Each day, I had the urge to poo after I got up but I held it in. Each morning, Mum said that I should try to do a poo but I said that I had done it at school the day before. Each day, there wasn't time to do it when I got to school so I held it until morning break. Then I normally went to the medical room and did a pee in the urinal bottle but by that time, the urge to poo had gone away and it didn't come back all day.

On Thursday at school, I told Mark that I had been holding my poo each morning at home so that I would need to do it at school in the Medical Room but now I was constipated. I said that if I didn't do a poo at the weekend, Mum would find out that I was constipated and she would give me a laxative suppository. Mark asked me what that was and I explained that they go up my bum and make me do a shit that I can't hold. I had enjoyed Alison inserting these for me but I wasn't so keen on the idea of Mum doing it for me.

I told Mark that I wanted something that would definitely make me do a poo at school in Tracey's Medical Room. Then Mark came up with a plan. Mark said that his mother often gets constipated and she eats bran flakes and prunes for breakfast. Mark said that his mother buys packs of prunes in bulk when they are on special offer and she keeps a large stock in the kitchen, so she doesn't notice if someone else eats some. Mark said that he sometimes gets up in the middle of the night and has a prune feast in the kitchen. If he times it right then when he gets up the next morning, he goes to the toilet and has diarrhea. Before he flushes, he calls his mother and shows her what he has done in the toilet and says that he can't go to school that day because he has diarrhea. Then she lets him stay at home that day.

On Friday, Mark took a large pack of prunes from the kitchen at home and brought them to school for me. Mark said that if he eats half a pack, they make him run to the toilet a few hours later. I asked him what happens if he eats a whole pack. He said he hadn't tried that but it would probably give him the 'mega shits'. I said that I would like to have the 'mega shits' at school. At that time, the Harry Potter books were very popular in Britain so Mark gave me a nickname, "Harry Pooper"!

During the morning break time, we went outside and Mark fed a whole pack of prunes to me. About an hour later, I started to fart a lot and I had stomach cramps. At lunch time, Tracey helped me to eat my lunch as usual then after wards she asked me if I needed the toilet. That day, I was farting a lot and I am sure she could smell it. After lunch, we walked to the medical room. Tracey took me into the medical room toilet and I told her I needed to sit on the toilet urgently. Tracey pulled my pants down and I sat on the toilet. I went "PLOOT" and sprayed the toilet bowl with liquid poo. Tracey left me alone and told me to call her when I had finished. I held as much poo as I could for later but I told Tracey I had finished. She put on some latex gloves and wiped my bum with toilet paper, then she pulled my pants up and flushed the toilet. She asked me how I was feeling and I said that I still had a stomach ache. She suggested that I should lie down in the medical room for the rest of the lunch break in case I needed to use the toilet again.

About 10 minutes later, I asked Tracey to take me to the toilet again, where I did some more loose poo but I held some for later and I told her I had finished. She wiped me again and I went back to lie down in the medical room. Then 10 minutes later, I asked Tracey to take me to the toilet again. After Tracey had wiped me for the third time, she phoned my mother at work and told her that I had stomach ache and diarrhea and I had passed three loose bowel motions in the past half hour. She suggested that Mum should come and collect me from school and take me home. Mum couldn't leave work so she asked her friend Alison to collect me from school. Alison's husband Peter took their car to work and Alison didn't drive so Alison collected me from school and took me home on the bus.

Before we left the school, Alison asked me if I needed to go the toilet. I was bursting to go but I told her I didn't need to. On the bus I whispered to Alison that I needed to go to the toilet, I couldn't wait and I was doing it in my pants. We got home and Alison took me to the toilet. I asked her to take my pants down and I sat on the toilet and did some more poo. There was only a little as I had done most of it at school or in my pants on the way home. Then Alison wiped me and said that I needed to take a bath. I was delighted. She undressed me and I got into the bath tub. Then she washed me thoroughly underneath and it felt nice. She asked me why I had diarrhea and I said that it must be something that I ate. That was true but I didn't tell her what I had eaten!


To Feral Girl

Your use of convenient items in which to pee (so you don't have to stop what your're doing) was at one time the norm and not the exception.
As Upstate Dave can probably confirm, covered chamber pots were a fixture in the rural north. Houses were darn cold of a winter morning and there was no interest in going outside if the house didn't have indoor plumbing. The chamber pot, usually under the bed, was the universal "pot to piss in", the origin of the expression "He's so poor he doesn't have a pot to piss in."
My grandparents bought an old farmhouse in NH in the 50's and every room had a commode (a small chest) in which there was a chamber pot. I remember wondering what the cute floral pot was for and found out pretty quickly when the sewer line to the leach field got blocked and everyone had to use one (and then go into the woods to dispose of it). That was about the time I discovered the pleasures of pooping outdoors, something I still occaisionally look forward to these many years later.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

To Tiffany on page 1900:

I've just read your story about the time you had a big messy poo on the floor & I'm sorry it was such a big cleanup. I bet it felt a relief to get the whole 2 days worth out of your system. When I was 14 like you I loved holding my poo but it's not good to hold it too long as it can cause medical complications.

I was waiting for Kirsty to pick me up from work today when I couldn't help noticing a pair of teenage girls talking about taking there poo habits. One of them said she hadn't been since yesterday & was busting to go & the other one said, "Well you'll have to go some time."
"I know." said the other girl. "But I'm not using a public toilet. I'll wait untill we get home."
"But what if you can't wait?"
"I'll have to." She replied.
The girl was holding her bum & her friend said, "Well it doesn't look as if you can to me."
At this point Kirsty pulled up in the car & I got in. I never did find out if that girl made it to the toilet or not but I seriously doubt it.


wet wife

My wife has had a bladder of steel since I've known her. On occasion she'd go 10-12 hours without going to the bathroom and still be able to hold it. Sometimes i would be dumbfounded about how she didn't pee her pants. Didnt think it would ever happen to her, but now it has...a few times. A few months ago she got a pretty bad urinary tract infection and actually spent a day in the hospital because of it. She had constant pain down there with frequent urges to go but it was painful and difficult to go. Sometimes she got so upset and frustrated by having to pee every 20 minutes that she just peed herself. I was really shocked by that because like i said, i never thought she would ever do that. She wasn't pleased about it but she said she just got so sick of having a sudden intense urge to go, rushing to the toilet then not.being able to go easily, so she decided that she would just let go as she felt the urge and she found it easier to go that way. She was at home anyway, staying out of work because of it. One day she stayed in bed with wet panties on for hours, and just kept wetting them. When she finally changed she wet her new panties within 20 minutes but said that was a legitimate accident and she was upset about it.

Anyway i didn't bother her about it because i know she was coping with a lot of pain and discomfort. After several days and
trying a couple different antibiotics the infection cleared up. Now she doesn't have to go frequently or urgently and has no pain or difficulty going, but, she definitely lost almost all of her bladder endurance. She has a lot of trouble holding it now and she's not sure if its from the uti itself or because she kept peeing as soon as she felt the urge and inadvertantly conditioned her body for instant relief. Its probably a bit of both, but now she really struggles to hold her bladder. She's doing the pee-pee dance and biting her lip and anxiously searching for the bathroom on such a short outing as going to the grocery store, she doesn't think she can make it 1 hour until we go home. About 2 weeks ago, after returning home from the store we were carrying groceries in from the car when she just stopped n the driveway. I looked to her and she was looking down and clutching the groceries tightly and she had her knees bent and her legs spread apart sightly. That's when i noticed two dark blue streams spreading down the back if her jeans and increasing in width, and a big dark patch starting to grow on her butt. She breathed heavily and blurted out "oh god I'm peeing!! Ben take these....i just peed my pants" she kept breathing heavy then sighed in relief before starting to whimper and cry a little bit. She said "oh my god i can't believe i couldn't hold it" and she just stood in the driveway with a big puddle at her feet that was making several small streams down the driveway. Her jeans didn't appear that wet on the front, just a little wet patch right around her zipper. But when she opened her legs her jeans were just drenched on the insides of her legs all the way down to her ankles. When she turned around the backs of her legs were drenched too and her butt was soaked. She tiptoed into the house and went to change while i hosed off the driveway and put away groceries. I saw her clothes in the laundry. She was wearing gray cotton bikini panties and the were a lot wetter on the front than her jeans appeared, they were a dark, charcoal gray from the wetness almost up to the waistband, and the crotch and seat were obviously soaked too. The only dry spots on her panties were like the very thin parts on the sides right around the waistband and the front near the waistband. They smelled very strongly of pee.

Yesterday we got stuck in traffic coming home from a baseball game. Long story short, she had to pee. Still in traffic after about an hour, she told me there was a 95% chance she was gonna wet herself. Her voice was shaky as she told me and she had her hands firmly between her legs and was shifting her legs and feet like crazy. I said there might be something she can go in, but all we had were bottles. She thought a jar might work if she could position it right but a bottle was no good. So it was no use. She couldn't get out and pee on the side of the highway either so she was forced to wait, but she wasn't able too again. She sighed both sighs of relief and disappointment as she lost control of her bladder and totally wet her shorts in the car. I could actually hear the hissing sound from her peeing with such force. This time wetness was a lot more visible on her lap for some reason. She must've peed for a solid 30 seconds. It smelled strong, too. She was quiet and seemed really bummed the rest of the ride home, which was about another hour for her sitting in soaking wet shorts and panties. We got home and her butt was completely wet and so was the back of her shirt a little bit. The carseat had a wet stain bigger than a dinner plate. She went inside and changed, and i saw those panties too. They were green bikini style cotton, like a regular green like a plain green crayon, with orange spots. But soaked with pee they were a much deeper, forest green looking color for the most part.

So all the sudden, one uti knocks her bladder of steel into a bladder of like..paper lol. After resorting to using her underwear while she coped with the infection she's now had two horrible major wetting accidents in the past month. I feel bad for her but hopefully she'll be able to regain her endurance soon, and she'll make sure to pee more often so as not to cause another uti.


To: Just Jerika

Glad you found relief from the enema. Sounds like what you used was a "Fleets" enema. Those things are really harsh and uncomfortable. If you find yourself in that situation again...first of all don't wait so long. The longer you wait the harder the poo gets and the more it will hurt to pass. Take the "fleets' bottler and dump out the solution and just use plain. warm, water. You'll find you're able to go once you hold it a few minutes and it doesn't feel half as uncomfortable.-- JW

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