Standee Mandy

Squat Shitter Exposed

This past week three or four of my friends from my middle school where I am in 7th grade have started calling me Standee Mandy. In this, my first post on the forum, I will tell you my story.

On Friday night me and my best friend Skye with whom I've done things since we started kindergarten together walked up to the high school stadium to watch the high school football game. Most of our friends go and the stadium was full with about 6,000 people, I guess. By the time the sun went down, it got chilly fast and we were both thankful we had worn our sweaters, although Skye had her shorts on. This was a decision she kind of regretted. Just before halftime she said she had to piss even though she had drank only like half her soda, so she went to the bathrooms on our side of the stadium. I helped her finish off her pop while she was gone, which was why I decided not to walk through the crowd to go down with her. Also, I didn't need to piss. Well, Skye came back in like 15 minutes and was complaining about how cold the seat was and because of the cold seat how she was so slow in getting her piss flow going. She knows that I squat piss and she's seen me. Sometimes at our middle school if there's 15 stalls in a bathroom, she'll walk from stall to stall halfway down the line before before she finds a dry seat. That's not an issue with me because I squat pee. Although I don't sit down, I do lift the seat because I don't want to make it tougher for the next user. Some of the others squat pee, but Skye has never learned to do it. So as we were waiting for the second half to start, I told Skye she needed to learn to squat pee and I told her that over the summer my mom had learned me to squat shit. We were in a park bathroom in Washington Square park while we were on vacation on the east coast. At first, it seemed impossible to me, but the more I've tried it makes a lot of sense. Skye didn't believe me and I told her I would demonstrate for her after the game when there would be less people in the bathroom. She didn't know that the two hot dogs I had eaten and all the soda I had drank had activated my bowels.

Although our team lost the game, we hung around for about 15 minutes after the end and then went into the main bathrooms downstairs. I told Skye she could select the stall. She did and quickly pulled her shorts down and sat and pissed for 45 seconds. Then she pulled them up, stepped aside and "all yours" in a tone that led me to believe she expected me to embarrass myself with a failure. I told her to lift up her seat, which she quickly did, and I positioned myself with my jeans pretty close to the front of the bowl, I dropped my jeans underwear all the way to the floor, and I went into a squat. I held myself steady, placed my hands on my knees and told her to watch as the first log of about a foot came out, broke off with the first piece scraping against the very inside of the front of the bowl, and I threw my weight more to the rear and the plop of the second could be heard hitting the bowl, just in front of the water. As I pushed harder, within about 10 seconds three smaller pieces, once of which looked like about a triangle in shape, splashed into the water, so hard that I got a splashback that hit my butthole. I felt good that Skye had selected a stool without pee in it because we hadn't flushed it first. Sky then moved to the side of the stool and watched carefully as the final piece which was much softer slowly slide out of my ass and broke into three parts before it hit the water.

Skye swore a couple of times when I asked her how well I had done. I knew she was impressed and that she had lost the bet. I told her that now she had to wipe me because she lost. At first she refused and seemed scared, but I finally pulled off the toilet paper and told her to get to work. Then she swore under her breath and for the first time called me Standee Mandy and while I continued to squat (with ease, by the way!) she wiped me with her right hand. After about two or three times, she dropped the seat and seated herself on it so that she could get a better look at what she was doing as she wiped. I told her I didn't want any skidmarks. Luckily I was wearing white underwear. Before I let her stop, I asked to see a clean piece of toilet tissue. Then as we washed our hands, the custodian came in and told us he was closing up.

Skye and I continued to talk about it at Burger King after we walked down the street to get something to eat. Two of her close friends came to our table and she faked having to go to the bathroom with them. When I came back one of the friends snickered and called me Standee Mandy and more of my friends are now calling me that. But I don't think Skye is going to want to bet me again anytime soon.

College Student

Why can't I poop near my roommate?

Hey everyone! I'm a 21-year-old college student. First I'm a muscular male, with a slight pouch on the stomach. About a week ago I moved in with my new roommate. She's a tall, 26-year-old brunette grad-student with a gorgeous figure, and the bluest eyes I've ever seen. We're not a couple, we're just good friends who decided to get a place together to split the rent. It's nice to have a female roommate, except for one MAJOR issue. I'm too Embarrassed to poop at home. I wouldn't have this problem if I had my own bathroom, but the fact I have to share the bathroom makes it hard for me. I always hold it in until I get to school or work just because I'm too embarrassed. My roommate seems to pop with no issue at all. In fact I hear her go every mourning when she wakes up. I always get a slight whiff of the smell when I go wash up. However I'm just too afraid. What if she hears me? Can anyone out there give me suggestions so I can solve this problem?

Feral Girl

Avoiding toilets again again

CD: it's very convenient, lol!

James: now i know what i need to post next ;)

so guess i totally forgot to explain what i do when i need to poo and can't go outside. Well, sometimes i will break down and just use the stupid toilet, lol.

Like i said before i almost always need to poo right after i get home from school. usually the reason i can't go out to the compost heap is cuz my mom or dad is home early. if that's why its usually game over, lol, and i'll just perch on the stupid toilet.

i tried a couple of things to get around that, though. First was we have these plastic bags from the grocery store my mom keeps to put trash and stuff in, so i kept one of those in my room. finally had a day when my mom was off work early and home when i got back from school

so when i started needing to poo I took off my pants and undies and got the plastic bag. i was holding it between my legs with like, one handle in front of me, and the other handle behind me. i was afraid it might have a little hole in it, so i had another of the bags spread out on the floor under me i was going to put it in. i started peeing and the bag was already getting heavy by the time i pushed my poo out into it. as soon as i was done I tied the bag shut by its handles and stuck it in the other bag, then realized i hadn't wiped and didn't have anything in my room to wipe my butt with. so i ended up having to sneak into the stupid bathroom anyway. plastic bag sort of worked, but not really well cuz i was constantly afraid it would leak and stink up my room since i had to just stick it in my garbage can.

So we also have these like, little brown paper bags for stuff, and i thought i could use one of those instead, just poo in it and pee in that vase like usual. Kept one of those in my room, mom was home early again, so i got the bag out. i'd already waited longer than usual to go, so i really needed to do #1 and #2. i got the vase to wee in it first and...that's when i realized, i dunno if i'm weird or there's something wrong with me, but if i have to do #1 and #2 and i always have to do #1 when i need to do #2, i can't do them one at a time. if i start to pee, my poop will try to slip out, if i try to poo i'll dribble pee out. I sort of panicked cuz i didn't have anything on the floor and was afraid i was gonna pee on the carpet. i couldn't hold the vase and keep the bag open at the same time, so i sort of freaked and ran to the bathroom. when i got in there i calmed down a little but was still bursting, so i got in the shower with the bag and held it so it'd catch my poop and tried to just poo. lucky thing i did, cuz i ended up dribbling pee all down my legs, and when i tried to get all of my pee out first my poop started to slip out and i just gave up and let go.

so still don't know what to do when my parents are home when i have to poo and can't just leave the house totally :( gotta figure something out. i do sometimes go for a walk but can't always if i'm supposed to be doing homework or somethin and usually am when they're home.

Only other time it's a problem is sometimes i have to go twice in a day, or i don't have to go at my normal time. doesn't happen often, but one time i didn't eat lunch until late and didn't have to go until like, just as i was about to go to bed. if it'd been earlier I would've just snuck out of the house and gone somewhere, but i'd just taken a shower, and gone back to my room, and suddenly needed to poo.

i don't know why it seemed like a good idea, but i went over to the window and opened it and took my towel off. soon as the breeze from outside hit me i had to go really really bad, so i sat on the window sill like i've done before and it always worked when i just needed to pee, but i could hear my poo smack on the plants below as i pushed it out. my mom found it a few days later and thought a dog had gone in her flowered :( so i can't do that anymore.

lots of times i've gone places other than the compost heap, but i'll save them for later and just tell you about this one right now cuz doing it naked on the window sill reminded me. it was like, pouring rain when i got home from school, and it was the middle of summer so it wasn't really cold or anything. i was trying to wait for it to stop, but after like an hour it hadn't and i really needed to poo bad.

So I finally decided since no one was home and i can see anyone coming to the house way before they're gonna notice me, i'd still go where i usually do. so i just stripped down totally naked so my clothes wouldn't get wet and went out to the compost heap. i shivered when i got soaked, but it wasn't like, a cold shiver, it was a good kind of shiver, i guess like a cold shower or somethin. Cold and being naked always make me need to poo a lot more, and i'd already waiting, so i was really close to losing it as i dug the hole out in the middle of the heap.

got the hole made and i climbed up to sit on the top frame. i usually put my hands on the side and lift my butt up onto the back of the frame, this time i decided to do something different, so i put my feet on the sides of the frame and was trying to lift myself up to stand on it. as i started to stand up tho i pooted really loud and some of my poop slid out. it barely landed in the compost, and I managed to stop it and stand up all the way. I got myself centered over the hole then and just let go. my pee sort of went forward, so some splattered on the frame, but the rain was gonna was it away. let my poo go and it felt really weird doing it standing up straight. it made me shiver even more, tho. Sort of missed the hole so when i climbed down i had to really turn the compost over with the shovel to hide my poo, but it was worth it. have to do that again sometime when it's raining. went back into the house after that and wiped my butt and toweled off.

that's all for now, lol. i'll post more later.

-feral girl


Jaded Jarrod's questions

In answering the questions, I'm going to compare high school to my current situation as a college freshman. Diver, my boyfriend is studying with me today, so he may have a few comments, also.

1. Are the girls who put paper over the seat hassled? Yes there were stares, jeers and cracks about killing trees a few times while I was still doing the seat papering in high school. In the school I moved from my sophomore year, they had those toilet seat papers you pulled off. It made it faster, but not all the girls used them. That's why at 16 I just started to sit right down and not worry about it. I'm glad I did. Now in college, the larger the bathroom the more ladies who will at least wipe the seat first. At huge places like memorial stadium, there's more attention to it. DIVER: Guys will always sit to shit and unless your penis is hanging over the front of the bowl, most of us don't worry about being on the seat.

2. Do others complain about the toilets? There's less of a time crunch in college because there's no bells or tardy checks between classes. When the lines are too long in one bathroom, we just go upstairs or downstairs a floor or two. DIVER: the great thing about college is that almost all the stalls have doors. The guys are cleaner about using them, flushing, and it is nice peeing into a urinal that doesn't have foreign objects floating into the bowl.

3. Have you told your parents? That's not likely to happen with college students. Basically we're much more independent. Mom and Dad came down to drop me off, attend parent orientation and the first football scrimmage in August and probably won't be back this year. Mom means well but she's always been a seat coverer who converted me for a while, but about two years ago I just decided it to be too much of a hassle. DIVER: Most guys will sit directly down and not think anything about seating themselves on a school toilet. However, if there's a lot of urine on the seat, I will wipe it off or go to another stall.

4. What about your discussing it with your favorite teacher or counselor? That's just about impossible when you're considered an adult in college. DIVER: You're expected to figure out more things on your own


Hello, Everyone

I am a college sophomore. My roommate introduced me to this site. I've been a lurker for several months now. This is my second post.

Thanks to all who responded to my survey, which I'm about to answer myself. And thanks to End Stall Em, Leanne, Emma, Wendy, Abbie, and Catherine, whose posts I follow with particular interest. End, I wish you would post more than you do. Are you in a program/school for gifted students? I was, actually.

Anyway, on to my survey.

1. Do you read while you poop? Almost always.
2. Do you talk on the phone while pooping? Often. It helps me shit.
3. Do you eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? Eat or drink, no. Smoke? See answer above.
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? Sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Er, probably.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? Once. I'm a lazy wiper.
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? No, just dry toilet paper.
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Yes, and it usually passes (hee, hee).
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, or difficult to pass? Sometimes.

Feel free to take this survey if you haven't. Bye, everyone!

new guy

comments, questions and stories

To: Feral Girl you must really enjoy going to the bathroom in other places besides toilets but have you ever been got by someone while doing it and have you gone in public when there were people arround if so please share the story with us.

To: wendy & Kristy loved lastest stories keep them coming now some questions have you or Kristy gone to the bathroom at night in or on something other then a toilet while sleep walking, have either of you had an ambush poop happen to you its when you get a sudden urge telling you, you have to poop right now one more question have you ever pooped or peed your pants to help the other not feel embarrassed when they did like say Kristy pooped her pants would you poop yours so that she would be less embarrased or vice versa so inconlusion please keep the stories coming.

To: Emily T those girls should have uncuffed you when you were telling them you were gonna go in your pants or at leased help you clean up instead of laughing at you people like that well get whats coming to them if they have an accident and people laugh at them but if you help them out it might make them nicer.

To: Jodi I bet that was a real mess to clean up I personaly hate having diarrhea or loose poop by I like hearing others have it. The only time I would probaly enjoy having diarrhea would if my friends had it as well and we had to together espicaly the girls.

To: Just Jerika I have had an enema or had to take laxatives nor do I ever want to because as I said above I hate having diarrhea or loose poop unless under certain conditions I stated a question will you friend gopi ever post something on this site.

To: Merica man I would hate to be that sick and also welcome back I hope you contiue to write more stories there really good your really good at descripitons.

To: Abbie your latest story about the resturant you couldve said to that girl she shouldnt be embarrassed about the sounds she makes in the bathroom or the smells and tell thats whats its there for.

now some stories many years ago I heard my grandma talking about my cousin having diarrhea and how her legs were weak from it well thats all for now because im out of time I may post again later

Sincerly new guy

What's the most unusual place you've ever relieved yourself?

Driving home from a concert with my boyfriend. It was around eleven or twelve, and it was snowing outside, so I refused to go out in the snow and relieve my bowels. We were also far away from any places with a toilet. Naturally, my boyfriend didn't want me pooping in his car, so he fished out a bucket from the backseats and handed it to me. I pulled my pants down, and as I started to push, a police officer came because I wasn't seat belt. I was too busy straining out the long turds to notice, but my boyfriend kept poking me. I was on my second one, and it was around halfway out, but the little sucker was stuck. The police came and tapped on the window, and I freaked. I didn't know whether to stay on there, and 'attempt' to look natural, or just to get up with half a piece of turd in between my butt cheeks. I attempted to push, and push, and push while my boyfriend was trying to stall for some time. But, eventually he had to roll down the window, and the smell wavered towards him. The piece of poop eventually fell into the bucket, and made a loud plop into the pee. We were all embarrassed, and the police officer quickly wrote down a ticket and handed it over and left. Although, I still wasn't finished. During the ride home I released two more pieces of poop, and had to sit on it during the rest of the ride. Needless to say the ride home was quiet and embarrassing.


have you ever pooped in spandex shorts?

Because i did tonight. If it ever happens to you...good luck hiding it. I was at the gym tonight working out after work like i do every Tuesday and Thursday. I had on a tank and black spandex shorts and i was on the elliptical machine when i started to feel the urge to poop. I ignored it so i could finish my work out. It wasn't that bad. Anyway by the time i got to the weight training portion of my workout i suddenly had to go bad. I was reluctant but i decided i better get to the toilet. I turned and headed towards the ladies room when out of nowhere the most intense cramp just crippled me completely, and the pain in the pit of my stomach was unreal. I wanted to scream, and i didn't know what was going on. I quickly realized that the only way the pain was going to stop was if i pooped. Well i really, really, REALLY didn't wanna poop my shorts in the middle of the fitness center around like 2 dozen strangers at the age of 36. I stood frozen, trying to wait out the intense cramp. Finally it eased up a little and i started to rush toward the women's locker room, but then another cramp came back with a vengeance...i froze again and i just couldn't bear the pain, and i wasn't able to hold it in anymore. I whimpered loudly before a really thick hard piece of solid poop squeezed out of me into the back of my shorts really slow, making a noticeable protruding lump on my ass. The fact that it was such a large and firm log was probably why it hurt so much. But as soon as i passed it, it was clear to me that it was like a cork holding in like a gallon of much softer poop. It came gushing out, surrounding the solid log and forming a big soft squishy mound on my butt. It made a suctioning, squishy sound as it filled my shorts. By the time i was done humiliating myself in front of all those people by pooping myself, i felt overheated because of how much my heart was racing from the humiliation combined with having been working out. My entire body felt like it was trembling in terror. I felt like i couldn't move or talk. I heard someone ask me if i was alright, and someone else said "i think she just shit herself". I think i mouthed "yes" to someone but i couldn't even talk. After standing there with a giant load in my shorts for what felt like an eternity i finally started to waddle to the women's locker room. I tried to cover the bulge with my hand but it was too obvious. There were mirrors everywhere and the stretchiness of the spandex just conformed to the load of poop, so it was extremely obviously. I couldn't even bringing myself to attempt to clean myself there, i just wrapped a towel around my waist, grabbed my stuff and got the hell out of there. Worst accident of my life...

Couple years ago my female friend (i'm male by the way) and I walked over to her house just to realize that it was locked. We went over to her house because my mom had just left work, for the next maybe five to six hours. We tried reaching her mom, but she didn't pick up, and after an hour of waiting, we were hot, and needed to use the bathroom. Since we didn't want to go ask the neighbors for their toilets, we decided it was best to hold. An hour later, my friend was in desperate need to relieve herself. Since her backyard was close to huge, we trudged down to a quieter part where it wasn't directly near her house. She lowered her pants and started to lower her underwear. She decided that she didn't want to risk getting her clothing dirty so she completely took off her underwear and pants. We were around fourteen and I was standing behind her, waiting for her to finish. She took a long pee first, splashing her shoes, so she threw those off too. After a few seconds of her just squatting there, I asked her what was wrong. In a quiet voice, she told me that she had to go poop, and it was coming out. She was too embarrassed, and didn't want to go. A few minutes later she said she was in urgent need of pooping, and she had no where to go. She refused to squat because she thought it felt awkward, and I was surprised that she was open to me seeing her. She was also smaller, around 5'2 and 95 pounds. After a few seconds of scrutinizing pain, she looked at me and begged me to carry her, bridal style, so she could lay a few turds. She knew I was capable of carrying her, and she was now nearly in tears. Feeling sorry for her, I took her up and her face flashed with relief. She was fidgeting around in my arms until she started to push heavily.

She looked comfortable enough in my arms and after about three minutes, she pushed out her first one, which was really quite huge. After around five more minutes of carrying her she pooped out three logs, each larger than the last. We stayed out there for about four more hours, and she only had her panties on.


Holding my poo

As a teenager I used to hold my poo in for a week as I enjoyed the relief so much. The problem was my poos were enormous & would block the toilet which got me into a lot of trouble. I got round it by going to the woods to have a poo but sometimes I got constipated & couldn't go. I once took a laxative after not going for 10 days & I waited for it to take effect before heading off to the woods ready to release my huge load. I was really desperate when I reached the woods & I couldn't hold it any longer. I quickly pulled my skirt up & panties down but I wasn't quick enough to stop a load of mushy poo going into my panties. I took them right off & squatted over the grass releasing a massive torrent of brown liquid poo all over the tree behind me. I kept going for 30 seconds, spraying the tree, the grass & even my trainers with my messy diarrhoea. It was most intense relief I'd ever felt. Almost like having an orgasm. I had to walk home without my panties on & my bum was dirty. When I got indoors I went straight up to the bathroom to clean up but I felt a big urge to go again so I sat on the toilet & released even more diarrhoea into the water.

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 14

Polly and I did stay in the sleepinbags after our romp. The setting sun was absolutly great! Many different shades of reds,oranges,yellows, and pale blue sky. Then we stayed up well after sunset enjoying the multitude of stars in the night sky. Then we cuddled up and did go to sleep.

We rose shortly after sunrise. WE had a cold quick breakfast again using up the last of the ceral and powdered milk. We cleaned up and packed up. Both of us talked about heading down and getting to town. We sure were looking forward to doing this. We then started our hike down to the main highway and the ten mile walk back to yje base lodge and the parkinglot where our cars were parked.

The hike down was not all that hard for the trail was easy traveling. We reached the trails end in just about a hour. We started waking alon the highway and after twenty minutes of walking I started hitchhiking sticking out my thumb as cars went by us. In fifteen minutes both Polly and I did get a ride from a couple that were headed for the base lodge!

Boy did that ever cut our time. The couple pulled into the base lodges parkinglot we thanked them and they told us that they hoped to see us some time or somewhere when we returned. I and Polly told them we just might. You never know. The couple went over to the lodge and Polly and I headed over to our cars. On the way Polly asked me if she could drive my Camaro. I asked her if she could drive a stick shift. I can! she told me. So I janded her the keys.

Since we were going to resupply when we got to town we put our backpacks in on the backseat. But before we got in my Camaro Polly said to me; I need a piss stop before we leave Dave. I told her I did too. Polly did take some tissues form her pocketbook which she had gotten out of the trunk of her old Ford. She did toss the pocketbook in my Camaro before we did walk into the woods together.

Again we walked back around fifty to severty five feet ito the woods. Came upon a small cleared area and we stopped there for our piss stop. We again took care of each other by pulling down each others jeans. For us both we had put on pairs of jeans for the hike this morning. Polly squated this time forshe had a good reason to squat this time. I stood this time.

Polly as soon as she had squated let out a long very wet sounding fart and she started to piss hard right off too as she let ut the long wet fart. Polly let out a slight giggle as she was squated down pissing and letting out that long wet fart. I hope you don't find my wet farts disgusting Dave Polly said to me as another wet fart (much shorter) came from her asshole. After all you are the cuase of them! I laughed and I started my piss now.

Both of us as faras our piss our streams were yellow in color. Pollys stream hissed and was a straight down stream. My stream was a arcing stream and I was pissing on the side of of a tree which my piss did splatter off from its bark. Then Polly did one more real short wet fart and I saw a brown thin shit pointing down under her and it was moving very fast.

It quickly got six inches long dropped and another same color brown skinny ssecond shit came into sight gain moving very fast. That second shit dropped which it was longer then the first one. Then a third and last one skinny shit came out of Pollys asshole which this one was the shortest of the tree. and she was done shiting but not pissing. She pissed for several seconds longer and came to a driping stop.

I soon after Polly had stopped pissing m y stream fell and I stopped my pissing. Polly stayed squated as she took tissues and used them to wipe her ass off first. She used three tissues toptal. Then she went and used two tissues to wipe her vagina off and she was done. She as she stood up pulled up her jeans. Then we kicked dirt,leaves, and pine needles covering up her shit. Then back out to the parkinglot got in my Cmaro and took off heading to our trip to town. To be continuied.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 20

After our climb back up to the leanto area Polly and I both were tired right out again even though we had taken a nap after her pissing and my pissing and shiting in the woods before our climbing. We had come up the entire trail wthout making a stop too. So that added to our being that much more tired. Plus we both were quite thirsty so we both sat in the leanto and we drank several cups of water in a row and then stretched out on the top of our sleepingbags and we took another nap. This nap was a long one since we were so tired.

When I woke long shadows were being cast across through the leanto area. I made a quick check as far as the time. It was past eight in the evening. Polly was stirring as I got up from my sleepinbag. I told her it was eight and we were going to have a late dinner. I asked Polly if she would pick out what we were going to have for supper. Why me? she asked. I had a very hard fully erect penis (from sleeping and needing to piss too)

I laughed and told Polly I had a good case of a morning woodie and I needed to piss too! Poly laughed a short hard laugh as she got up off from her sleepingbag. Then she said back to me; Dave I have a minature woodie myself! I have to piss also! Dinner can wait a few moments! Lets go take care of our need! So we both hopped down out of the leanto. Polly grabbed my hand and we walked away holding hands to go take our piss together.

Instead of just going around to the left end side of our leanto we took a walk through the leanto area this time. We headed down as we went across the leanto area and wound up going into where there was moretrees that would provide us cover. The walk also gave us time for both of us to get over our sleepyness and once we did reach the spot in the woods to piss we both were wide awake.

Polly ook care of my belt,bingle button and zipper on my jeans. She still had on her blue sweatpants so I just pulled them right down for herpulling them down around her ankles. Then before we did piss Polly said to me suddenly; Hey lets piss this time kneeling! So we both got down on our knees side by side. Polly reached right over and held my throbbing penis in her hand. My penis was throbbing being so hard and fully erect.

I started my piss right off. I sent a thin long twisted piss stream underneath the nearest tree in front of me and my stream landed in the dry leaves and pine needles several feet past the first pine tree. I let out a very long soft sigh of relief now that I was pissing at last! Now Iturned my head to look at Polly to watch her piss. Polly spreaded her knees further apart moving some dry leaves and pine needles when she did this.

Then she sent from out between her vaginas lips a straight down wide headed twisted stream of piss. The distance her stream had to reach to hit the ground was short so that her twist in her stream was hiting the ground and her piss did splatter some but not enough to wet her crumpled up sweatpants at her feet or anywhere else on her. Her tream was silent for just a few seconds and then did it everlet off a loud hiss!

Polly too let out a sigh of relief as she knelt there pissing. We both did a little giggle together after her sigh but didn't say anything about feeling the relief we were feeling right then. With both of haveing letting out sighs there was no need to. Polly took a nice long piss as so did I. Her loud hissing went right on almost to the ned of her piss but did stop a few seconds before she did stop. But she finished off by doing several hard loud hissing spurts in a row before she stopped completely.

I kept on with my piss a good half minute more after Polly had stopped. Then my stream fell as it eased off. Then I puased and I like her I did several hard long spurts in a row myslef. Then I was done. Polly shook me making sure I was done. I was. Then she got up in a squat moved right in front of me and knelt. I knew what she wanyed was to have me wipe her off. So I did in our usuall way that she and I liked best! Then we stood up pulld our pants up and walked back to our leanto and started our supper. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Using My Mop Bucket As A Toilet

I had recently changed apartments were I was living. I had moved from the partment I was in on the buildings right side back apartment to the front apartment on the left side. It was a easy move for I only had to move my personal belongings for the partments were furnished.I even had a helper wich was one of the two duaghters that lived next door in my new place.

Her name was Mary. A short cute looking long haired brunette wich she was quite talkitive and thought I was quite funny for she would laugh very easily anytime I made a joke as we worked taking the packed boxes from one apartment to the other. We started mid orning on this Saturday with the moving and we wprked till lunch and I offered to make luch for both of us which Mary gladly accepted.

The kitchen was the last room I had yet to pack up so making our lunch was no problem. We sat at my kitchen table and we ate and talked. At this time all that was left was the kitchen to be packed up in boxes and taken over to my new apartment. That we would do after eating our lunch. We did finishe eating but took another twenty minutes to relax before we resumed our work.

When we did start working again I had gone over to the new place and mopped the bathroom and kitchen floors. They needed it badly. I left the mpo and plastic bucket in the bedroom doorway in the new place and went back over to help Mary with the kitchen packing. When I walked in Mary was just finishing packing thelast box! She had it all done! So we started our back nd forth walkint trips between the apartments and in less then twenty minutes we were finsihed having emptied out my old place and had all the boxes in my new place.

There sure was a lot of boxes now to unpack there in the livingroom. They were marked for which room the items in the boxes were to go in what room. So Mary and I did the livingroom items first which didn't take but 15 minutes to do. I gave a check on the kitchen to see if the floor there had dried. It had not yet. I told Mary we had a wait before we could do ,ore unpacking. She asked about my bedroom boxes. I told her I would take care of that as far as those boxes. She told me ok.

But Mary was acting kind of fidgety. She couldn't stand still for she was doding a little dance as she stood and when she sat she also moved around as she sat also. Only five minutes or maybe a little more had passed and Mary asked me if the floors were dry. I went and looked and the kitchen floor and waht I could see of the bathroom floor from the kitchen doorway in the livingtoom the floors were still quite wet. I told Mary that they were still wet. Mary let out a groan.

I asked her; What's the matter Mary? Mary looked right at me and said loudly to me; I HAVE TO PISS!!!! If I don't go right now I'll piss myslef! Mary was sitting on the couch. She was sitting now with both hands shoved into her skirt whichwas jammed up betweenher tightly clenched thighs and deep into her crotch! Mary was rocking also as she sat this way. Mary was in a real desperate state needing to piss that badly!

Mary muts have right then spotted the mop bucket in the bedroom doorway. For she said very loudly to me; I'll iss in te bucket! I turned and looked back at Mary with I must have had a great surprised look on my face for Mary did a quick loud gggle but cut it off for when she gigged and had cut it off she shoved her hands harder into her crotch and clenched her thighs tighter.

I then told Mary she could use my mop bucket to piss in. Mary smiled and still sat there stiffly on the couch and made no attempt to get up. She did take another look around and then she told me I would have to move the bucket. You have no curtains up on the door Dave! Someone might see me if the bucket is where it is now! Will you move it PLEASE!

I got up and picked up the bucket and moved it inside the bedroom placing it out of sight of the open doorway. I stepped back to the doorway. That better? I asked Mary. She did a quick smile and knodded her head yes that it was. Then Mary got up like a shot offfrom the couch shuffed across the livingroom with her skirt and hands clenchedbetween her thighs and shuffled into the bedroom bumping me out of the way before I could move out of her way!

She stepped over to the bucket straddled standing over it pulledher hands and skirt out he her crotch flipped up the front of her skirt and let out a gushing stream of piss straight down into the waiting bucket! There was no time for Mary to do anything else like sqaut down and keep herself covered up useing her skirt as cover. Her piss drummed ever so loudly in the plastic buckets bottom. Mary let out a loud sigh of total relief now that she was pissing in my mop bucket too.

Now as Mary oissed and for the first several seconds as she did piss Mary had her eyes tightly closed shut. The loud drumming that her piss was making now had changed to loud splashing and soft hissing for her stream now was hissing and the buckets bottom had been covered over with piss. Mary now opened her eyes and looked over at me. She smiled a little seeing I was standing there with my eyes fixated on her vagina and piss stream.

Mary now let out a goo9d giggle. Boy Dave that was ever a close call! You would have had to use the mop on the livingroom floor! I almost pissed out there when I got up! That made me turn my attention away from her vagina and her piss stream for one quick momnet. I smiled at Mary and told her I was glad she didn't. That would have surewould have one big mess if you had Mary. Mary laughed again.

You know Dave from the souns of it now I've pissed enough so the livingroom floor could be mopped! Then we both laughed. Mary's piss stream started just to ease up slightly for the splashing of her piss in the bucket and its loud hissing had softened some but Mary was still pissing hard. The one thing I now noticed too and not before her piss was a golden yellow color and was giving off a pissy oder now too.

Then I realized now something else. I said to Mary quickly and with a excited tone in my voice; Heyyour not wearng pantis Mary! Mary let ut another little laugh. Then laughing she said to me; Took you that long to notice that I'm not? That made me laugh. Then Mary told me she glad she wasn't. I asked her why. I would have pissed them silly! Mary said to me.

Now by this time Mary;s piss stream had eased off quite a lot. It was only softly hissing, t was no longer gushing, being a thin slight twisted stream going straight down into the plastic bucket. Her stream eased up even more with the hissing stopping and her stream went right down thinning down so now shewas dribbling piss wetting her crotch and having piss dribbling off frm both her asscheeks. This went on for a good several seconds and then her dribbling stopped but she did keep on dripping piss into the bucket for a few long seconds which the dripping piss slowed and then came to a stop.

I'm done now Dave Mary said to me. Can you go find some toilet paper? Mary laughed as she now bent over andlooked at her crotch and lower asscheeks and then stood straight back up again. I'm really wet! Get a roll! I laughed and told Mary that the toilet paper was packed in one of the boxes. Its going to take me several mnites to find it Mary. Ohh never mind then! Mary said back to me. Mary dropped her skirt down and shoved it nto her crotch and used it to wipe herself off with. Then after that we went back into the livigroom amd waited for the floors to dry which they did after some more time had passed and then we did the rest of the needed unpacking. The End

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 21

Once back again at the leanto Polly picked out stew for supper along with rolls. That was fine with me for it was cooling off now so hot stew would tatste good for supper. She opened the two cans and I had the sterno going and I started heating up the stew. With it cooling off we both got up in the leanto and we undressed and we both changed into warmer clothes.

I went back to warming up the stew while Polly got out a small can of sterno got it lit and heated up water for hot tea. Her water was ready at the same time the stew was ready so we had hot tea,the hot stew and the rolls for our supper. Both of demolishe the stew and even used the rolls dipping them in th gravy if the stew and ate the rolls this way.

Then we cleaned up and Polly refilled our cups with hot water and we sat together and drank a second cup of tea in the leanto. It now had clouded over too as we sat in the leanto and it started to drizzle at first. Then the drizzle turned into light rain. I now got up and turned onmy little transistr radio to hear the forcast. The weather was not going to be good for the night and most of the day tomorrow according t the forcast.

Polly hearing the forcast laughed and said to me; Oh well in life a little rain must fall! I smiled and told her that was the truth. So we sat and got out the deck of cards and played cards for the next hourusing the big flashlight when it got dark enough inside the leanto. We played a single game of rummy and when it was over Polly had won. Theen since we had a late start it was nearing eleven and it was time to turn in but wth drinking the tea both of us had to piss before turning in.

What I had changed into since it had cooled down and now it was damp also was alight long pair of thermal underware. Polly had changed into a heavier pair of sweatpants. My thermal underware were like wearing briefs with legs so the opening was just like a briefs opening with having to seperate and slide back the opening to get out my penis to piss.

I let Polly get my penis out which she was so used to me not wearing underware or when I had I had worn boxers so she was having just a little trouble opening my underware to get my penis out so I could piss. She laughed as she struggled getting the opening open which in turn I couldn't help but laugh with her. With Polly fidgeting with my briefs with her fingers motions which made the material of my briefs rub on my penis I became erect which made Polly and I laugh harder which she did finaily got the opening slid apart and pulled my erect penis out!

Then I just reached over and pulled down her sweatpants and Polly was now ready to piss with me. With the steady rain falling Polly and I could only go to the front of the leanto and piss out of the leanto. No real problem for us to do that. For Polly was going to stand and piss along side of me so we would both stand and piss together. Polly slipped a hand down above her vagina used a couple of fingers seperated her vaginas lips apart and one finger pulled up on her clit. She now was ready to go. I wasn't holding myslef so I was ready to piss now also.

Polly started just before I did which was a short couple of seconds apart. She sent from her vagina a short arc outward which was far enough so that her piss stream went out and then down mixing into the light rain that was running off the leantos roof above us. I sent out a much harder higher arced stream of piss well in out in front of the leanto which the rain had no effect on my strong piss stream.

I was pissing much harder then Polly was so I took a lot less time to piss then she did. I did do a lot of spurts in a row to finish this piss off. Then after that I stood there and watched Polly. She still was pissing like when she had started and then her short outward arc fell to where her stream angled forward slightly and she had to push to keep from pissing on her sweatpants. So she did a short hard spurt and that was it. Polly was done but she did drip a few drops of piss which did fall into her sweatpants but not enough to make a big wet area on them.

She pulled them up and I slipped my penis back inside my underware and we went back to our sleepingbags. Got in them I turned off the radio,the flashlight, and we snuggled down together and listened to the falling rain which after a time the sound of the rain did put both of us to sleep. We both would sleep well into the morning and wake up to a hard rain. To be continuied.

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