Feral Girl

Avoid toilets again

squat spotter: Lol only all the time! Seen those urinals, thought of getting one jus never bothered, got plenty of other things to take a leak in

new guy: totally going to, don't want to make it all one huge thing tho

david: one step ahead of you :)

so thought I was going on too long about pooing last time and cut it off. When I don't have to poo I usually just go anywhere in our yard, really. Just like, walk out the back door on the grass and squat there and let go. If its late or raining or somethin I still got a couple of options lol. if my parents aren't home or are asleep I'll take my undies off and open my window, then sit on the sill and pee into the flowerbed below my window. feeling the breeze on my butt always makes me feel really excited, lol

if my parents are awake or I don't wanna pee out of the window, I've got these clay vase things I made at summercamp when I was little. They're always on the shelf by my bed and I think I've been peeing in them since I first made them. Never liked using the toilet even as a kid, lol. got three of them one's kind of low and wide like a bowl, the other is tall and skinny like a glass, and the third is the best one, sort of bigger, with a sort of spout on it cuz its like a pitcher or something.

Usually what I do first thing in the morning is wake up, throw the covers off, then sit up on the edge of the bed and grab the pitcher one off the shelf and just pull the boxers I sleep in aside and hold the vase against me. If I point the pour thing down it fits really well against my y'know and I don't spill a drop as I go. After I'm done I'll just pull my boxers back over and give myself a rub to soak up any pee that got caught in my hair into the boxers

if i'm at my desk like now i'll either just roll my chair back over to the shelf, take my undies off if i was even dressed, and sit on the edge of the chair and pee into the pitcher like on my bed or i'll get up and go get the bowl and set it on the floor and squat over it if i need to stretch. just wipe myself with my undies since its usually only a few drops and all of them are colored lol.

only other place i really go when i'm at home is in the shower. i'll pretty much pee every time i get in to take one and just let it run down my legs. the bowls and stuff i'll take and empty into the toilet then flush it and rinse them out before putting them back on the shelf

couple of other places i've gone in my house, but i'll tell about them later ;-) when i'm at a friends or out somewhere it's a lot harder to avoid toilets, so sometimes i do end up perching on them to go.

i'll post again soon with more places i've gone, it's really fun actually being able to tell someone about it and not having to play it off like i didn't have a choice!

-feral girl


Re. Avoiding toilets

TO Feral Girl:

You are so lucky! If I had a country home like you, I would like to try that too.

I once had a poop inside my house on some newspaper and went outside at night to bury it in my backyard flower garden. (It was a nice sized log actually.) My neighbours have adjoining back yards separated by tall wooden fences. If there was someone in another backyard, they would not see what I was doing. But if I wasn't careful, someone looking out the window on the 2nd floor of their house might - so I had to be VERY careful.

Seeing flowers blooming over the spot where I had buried the log made me smile every time I saw them.
Take care,


emily t.

two accidents

My name is Emily, I'm 22, brunette. I've pooped my pants twice but one time it wasn't my fault. In my freshman year or college i pledged a sorority and there was in fact some hazing involved. One night they waited to see that i was heading for the bathroom then a girl stopped me and distracted me while another girl slapped a handcuff on my wrist and cuffed me to the radiator. They immediately started giving me random quizzes like one was about states and capitals, one was about TV, one was about the college and a bunch of other stuff. They said as soon as i got 3 quizzes in a row 100% correct they'd uncuff me and let me go to the bathroom. But of course they made sure i would get at least one question wrong every now and then to make me have to start over. They kept making water drip noises, talking about rivers and water falls, turning the faucet on, sloshing a bottle of water around trying to get me to pee. But little did they know, i wasn't on my way to pee... i had to poop kind of bad. The longer the quizzes went on, the stupider and harder they got and the worse i had to poop. Eventually i got really frustrated and started pleading with them that i was gonna go in my pants. That just egged them on and they told me i better answer the questions then. But they continued to ask impossible trick questions and it became clear that they were just trying to get me to wet myself. I told them "you really should let me go you're not gonna like what's about to happen" but they just laughed at me. I held on as long as i could but soon the pressure was too intense and i got a sharp pain in my stomach, so i had to let go. I felt my face turn red as i froze still and said "i warned you.." and i took a huge lumpy mushy dump in my panties and white cotton Pajama pants. It came out fast and it was noisy and smelly and i got extremely embarrassed! They were all totally shocked that pooped myself and screamed and laughed. They FINALLY let me go so i could shower and change my panties. They told me they thought i had to pee and wanted me to pee my pants, and that if i had said i had to poop they probably would've let me go, but i said i didn't think it made a difference. Apparently every girl in the sorority has been set up to pee their pants. Most girls got tied up or handcuffed like me and some girls got their hands put in water while they slept and they peed their beds. I have the wonderful distinction of being the only girl to poop myself which earned me the nickname Brownie...which evolved into Brownie scout and ultimately just scout, which was a lot less embarrassing!

Little did they know thats not the only time i pooped myself in the sorority house. The other time was last year, i woke up in the night needing to go. I got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom on my floor that i shared with 2 other girls. But one of my sisters was in their showering. I was so tired that i curled up on a chair near the bathroom to wait for her. Well i fell asleep. Then, i woke up and could feel that i was sitting on something warm and squishy. I hopped out of the chair and sure enough i had totally filled my underwear in my sleep. I felt totally embarrassed even though no one was there to see. I waddled to my room for clean underwear then back to the bathroom for a shower. Thank god it was the middle of the night so no one saw. I wouldn't be able to live it down if they found out i pooped my pants again on my own. I felt really weird about the accident and had a hard time getting back to sleep thay night. I was paranoid the girl that was showering had come out and seen me sitting there with poop in my panties. Hopefully i didn't actually poop myself until she was gone.. she never brought it up but i always felt a weird vibe from her after that...

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

This mornings poo.

I had a huge doner kebab with for dinner last night & woke up early this morning with a massive urge to poo. As I was getting out of bed I felt my poo bearing down on my anus & had to clench really hard to keep it in. It wasn't enough though & my anus opened up against the enormous pressure in my bowels. I sat on my hands to stop the advancing turd from moving too far but the resulting backup caused a lot of pain. I knew the only way to relieve it would be to let some some poo out but I really didn't fancy stinking up the bedroom & was too tired to dealing with the cleanup afterwards. I sat there for a minute or two while the urge subsided & then made a dash for the toilet holding my bum with both hands. I didn't make it & a long soft rope of poo soaked its way out into my knickers. It came out quickly, coiling up as it settled into the back of my underwear. It was a reall mess & by the time I managed to stop it, I had about a pound of poo in my knickers. It was all over my buttocks & I had to peel my underwear off my bum to get them off. I was nowhere near done so I dropped my poopy underwear in the toilet & sat myself on the seat to finish up. I pushed out another huge load on top of my soiled knickers & the relief was indescribable. The cleanup was a big task but I have to admit I did enjoy that massive poo.

Can anyone post more of boyfriend or husband poo accident,,would really appreciate it!

MD (Medical Doctor)

Thyroid problems and poop

I dont remember who asked about this but I will share some insight. Those with hypothyroidism tend to not have issues with their bowels along with other symptoms. But those with hyperthyroidism (or Graves' Disease) may experience bowel issues such as diarrhea, soft stools, or multiple stools during the day. I hope this answers your question.

End Stall Em

Answer for Frantic Francine

Your story caught my attention right away. I've had some of the same concerns as you, although I'm three years older.

An example was last year when I got a Saturday School (detention time) for not using the nearest bathroom which sucked and I was caught in a bathroom in the new wing of my school which is more modern, better lighted and and the toilets are a lot cleaner to sit down on.

Yes, I sit butt-down right onto the seat. I don't worry about tearing off the toilet paper and wiping the seat down first. Some of my friends do, I know, but I don't. And I've saved time pretty frequently by taking the one of the two end stalls even when others are rejecting them because the toilet paper is all gone. They still can be used for peeing, and wiping after I pee is not important to me. Francine, you should not be feeling bad for having had to sit down on that seat in the emergency. Many of us are doing that two or three times a day, although not always in an emergency.

I agree with you that the yelling and banging can be distracting in the large bathrooms. Many of my craps are at school and I've learned not to go into the bathroom too soon. By that I mean I not having to sit on the toilet in a busy bathroom for 10 or 15 minutes to get my crap to drop. Much of the time it is so that I'm dropping 30 seconds or so after I'm seated and when the bathrooms are really crowded, like between classes and at lunch, I'm wiping at my very first opportunity and I get out of the stall ASAP because I don't like the others looking in on me and the banging and smells that get really bad by mid-morning. Also, sit over just the very first part of the seat and keep your underwear no lower than at the middle of your thighs.

Yes, you are normal! With more experience using large public bathrooms, even when they are dirtier than we have at home, you will find that you can do it and when you're not having to clean up after accidents, you'll feel better. I agree with Lisa's posting: the problems won't get any better until we get to college. We just have to control the situation the best we can.

By the way, try the end stalls as much as you can. You will still be normal!

I <3 POO
Hi Carin :)
I'm glad you are having no problems with your bowels having an underactive thyroid, I have had no problems with my bowels (touchwood) since my thyroid levels were more stable in my early 20s, I'm now 32 and enjoy having a poo twice a day :) But as I said in my teens my thyroid levels played havoc with me and my bowels as my levels were erratic.

Cheers x

Feral girl, what do u do if you need to poop at home when you can't go outside?


Question for girls that strain

I have a question for the girls that have to work hard on their poops. When you're in the middle of pushing can you feel any sensation in your vagina? As a guy I can't imagine what it must feel like to have a vagina, but does it feel like the poo is pushing on the side of your vaginal tube?-- JW

Chris aka toast

memorable story from ROTC Officer School

When I was in Highschool I was in AirForce Junior ROTC ( Reserve Officer Training Corps) and in my JR year the instructor sent me to Command school and Chief Savoi told us a intresting story and I thought I would share it with you. He and his 3 year old son were in a home improvement store and while he was looking for verious nuts and bolts he looked around and his son wasn't there so he looked for him and he came running backto him a huge smile on his face saying " Daddy Daddy I poopoo in da potty!" and led him to A DESPLAY TOILET. Chief Savoi told us than, that he had been trying to potty train his son for months so hes not about to scold him for useing the potty. So he put the lid down on the desplay toilet with his sons poopoo in it and went out the door, his son saying" i poopoo in da potty , i poopoo in da potty. and they never went in that store again!

I just thought I would share that with you, I hope you ejoyed it. Talk t you all later.


to young mom

Hello and welcome! I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling with incontinence lately, i know how embarrassing and stressful it can be. I haven't ever had a child so i dont have experience first hand with how giving birth affects bodily control. I have spoken with other women about it, like my older sister and some friends. Since i have experience with unfortunate bathroom accidents they confided in me about their post-natal control problems. For the most part they were able to eventually regain significant bladder control, but the first few months/years were tough. None of them really had any bowel trouble though, so i don't know how relevant your poop accidents would be to having a baby. Tell us about them- how did they happen? Were they normal BMs or diarrhea? Did you ever do it before giving birth? Some of these answers can provide clues to prevention. I know I'm not one to give advice on prevention, i can't really prevent my own accidents due to my obsessive personality, but maybe we can all help you figure something out! I do know that for a lot of adults who suddenly start having accidental BMs in their pants, it can be stress related. I'm sure the stress of being a young mother can be a contributing factor! Anyway, let us know a little more. As for getting used to having accidents, you can only get used to it to a certain degree. You'll eventually become really good at quickly and efficiently changing your and the embarrassment and shame is easier to get over with time...when i was a teen i would be devastated for a few days or even weeks every time i pooped in my pants and people witnessed it..nowadays i can poop my pants in public and I'll be over it by the time i wake up the next day at the very latest... but you never really get used to it, per se, just dealing with it. Like i said, I've pooped in my pants innumerable times, and everytime i experience the same shock and humiliation and shame as it happens...but you will eventually learn not to let it affect you negatively on an emotional level. Just remember that accidents do happen, and you can forgive yourself for them! Wet jeans and soiled underwear can be washed- keeping a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is what's important!

Now for a story that kind of relates to the idea of "getting used to it" (having accidents). Since I've had so many, to me, pooping my pants isn't the most horrible experience a person can have. My friend tells me its her BIGGEST fear! Can you believe that? Out of everything, she fears nothing more than accidentally pooping her pants. Its funny because i cannot wait for her to poop her pants someday lol..Anyway, to that end, sometimes in extreme circumstances, I'm not exactly opposed to going in my pants since I'm "used to it" . For instance..this is gross lol but sometimes if I'm in bed and i wake up needing to go, and I'm tired enough that i don't want to get up, I'll just stay in bed and let myself poop my panties and go back to sleep. I RARELY do that! But I've done it a handful of times when i really had to go and wanted to stay in bed. I can't imagine someone who isn't "used to it" doing that. I haven't done it since i moved in with Jared obviously, and the last time i did it was a big mistake. The first couple times it was solid so it didn't make much of a mess, just a poop pancake in my underwear flattened against my butt. I can usually tell by the feeling of my urge if its gonna be solid. Well, i was deceived last time i "allowed" myself to go in bed. It felt like it was gonna be a small, solid load. But when i got started, my butt started pouring out really gooey wet poop, and i couldnt stop it and it totally overflowed my panties and made a big mess of my bed and my legs and my shirt. It was a total disaster. I was too lazy to get up and use the toilet and just made it 10 times worse by having to get up anyway to clean a huge mess. That was a rough night.

Well in irony, ive run too long with this post and i just pooped my pants in my computer room... see? That's what i do to myself. I get so damn obsessed with what I'm doing that i don't just go to the bathroom even though i know i have to go. Ugh. I thought i could wrap up the post in time. Gotta go change my underwear..



To Young Mom

It sounds like you might have some damage from your pregnancy. Talk to your gynecologist.

John the Lurker
I haven't tried to answer any surveys before but here are my answers to New Guys survey recently.
1. A
2. A
3. I'm not old enough to have a licence to drive yet. If I am in a
car I ask the driver to stop by a place where I can go. Ideally a
ditch by the roadside or motorway.
4. B. I like to think of Mum when she is desperate to go, or Alan's
Mum, some of my prefect mates at scool, and a few of the teacher's.
5. A )Always)

Sheilagwentgirl. Your stories are awesome. I wish I could have been with Luke when he saw you on the toilet. I followed your advice and did see Mum on the toilet. It was only briefly, but taking the toilet paper away was ideal. Mum had to call out for me to bring her some. Alan's Mum is more open and both Alan and myself think we will soon see her on the toilet. She spoke to me that day without ambarrassment and it was so sexy.

At school a couple of days ago I had to go during class. I had to ask the teacher for permission and she say yes immediately. There are some cruel sods who make me wait, make anybody wait. I think they do it on purpose, knowing we wouldn't have asked unless we were desperate. Anyway that day when I started into the toilets I heard footsteps behind me and it was Alan, my best mate, he had asked teacher for permission to go same time as I did (he was in the woodwork lesson) but it was quite a coincidence. We sat quiet for a few seconds before I went first, pushing a long turd out, it hurt at first and I was having to strain then stop to get my breath. I culd feel it pushing but I couldn't get it out. Alan was pooping quickly, much more freely than me and he asked if I was alright. I told him I was bunged-up and he said he would help me when he was finished. I managed to get enough out that it broke off and plopped into the pan, but by then Alan was wiping up and flushing the toilet. He came in with me and asked if he could help again. I asked him to massage my ????. Feeling the palm of his hand on my ???? somehow made me feel better and I was able after grunting and pushing to get the rest of the turd out. I need to explain about Alan, he is my best mate and there was nothing out of the ordinary in what he did for me. We help each other often. Trouble is we get constipated quite a bit, we both think its the school lunches that do it, all stodgy food that fills up and bungs the bowel. I managed to have a good poop after the first turd and felt great after although my bum hold felt sore.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Desperate poo at the garage

I was waiting for my car to be serviced this afternoon & was desperate for the loo. I didn't want to use the toilet at the garage because it was all men working there & was embarrassed as I needed to poo. I decided to wait untill I got home but then the mechanic came out to tell me I needed a whole new exhaust plus a load of work on the brakes for the MOT. I had to get all the work done as the car wasn't safe to drive & I had to wait 3 hours before the car was ready. By then I was about to poo myself especially when I got the bill! I got up to pay for all the work I almost lost it. I had to wait for all the paperwork to be printed & by the time it was all done my bowels were ready to burst. I had to ask to use the toilet which I found very embarrassing but nowhere near as embarrassing as doing it in my knickers! One of the mechanics showed me were it was & I entered a filthy toilet. There was a sink that was covered in oily streaks & the toilet was disgusting. It had some very unpleasent stains around the pan & the seat was dripping with pee. I didn't want to use it but the other alternative was doing it in my knickers. I heaved as the smell hit me & I felt a shot of pee wetting my knickers. I heaved again & threw up in my mouth. I almost pood myself at the same time & just managed to hold it in. I held my breath while I lowered my jeans & knickers to my thighs. I let myself breath again & wiped the toilet seat dry with toilet paper before sitting down. I relaxed & released a load of soft mushy poo into the toilet, followed by a stream of pee. Feeling very relieved I flushed & washed my hands & exited the toilet. I then collected my car & drove home in a much safer car so at least I wouldn't have any other types of accidents. LOL.

Just Jerika

Comments and a story about my enema

To: Frantic Francine:

Please don't question about NOT being normal. Read my story on Page 1806. I'm 12. My school bathrooms suck real bad and I've tried a lot of different alternatives to using them. And I've written about many of these. And when you read about my experience from two weeks ago, you will find that you are very normal. Although I don't normally wipe the seat off before sitting down, there is nothing wrong with doing that. I remember my mom recommended I do that once when we were on the interstate and at a reststop and the one open non-busted toilet had urine splashes on the seat. By the way, it's more difficult for me to use most public toilets because I'm only 3'5" so my feet don't go all the way to the floor. I totally feel for you and hope things get better for you.

To Jaded Jarrod:

These are my answers to your questions.
1. Are the girls who put paper over the seats hassled? No, I don't know anyone who does that with the exception of my friend Gopi, who is from India. I've noticed some of the girls stare at her while she's facing the school and putting the paper down.
2. Do others complain about the toilets? Some do. But my situation because of my size and the fact that our toilets are higher than what many junior highs have make the situation worse for me. I do notice, however, that between classes when there are several stalls open, some girls will check out several stalls before they make a decision on which one they are going to use. There's like no way that can be done between classes and before school because the stalls have waiting lines and it is all one can do to get onto a stool before an accident.
3. Have you told your parents? Yes, several times. Often when I was in tears, especially during the first semester of 7th grade last year.
4. What about your favorite teacher or counselor? They are too busy and my concerns are very personal to me.

Enema Story:

This is my first enema. This happened the first week of school during the week just before labor day weekend. Getting adjusted back to the school bathrooms was just as bad as a year ago. I had gone four days without a crap. Pretty much every day at school I felt the urge at mid morning but because I didn't like using those bathrooms, I let the urge get away and I got clogged up. I remember the third day as becoming more painful, and my friend Gopi and I walked across the street after school to a gas station store and I was surprised that I just sat and was unable to push it out. And when we got to her house like an hour later, I sat again but wasn't able to produce anything.

On Thursday morning at school I got the urge again, but during study hall I got my pass, went down to the bathroom, sat for like 20 minutes on that strangely-shaped black seat with my feet dangling about 3 inches from the floor, but I was so uncomfortable and couldn't go. At the very end before I gave up, I gave a massive push but all I was able to drop was like half a ball of crap. It was the size of about a quarter. The study hall proctor also gave me a dirty look and looked at the clock about three times when she saw how long I had been gone.

I believe it was Wednesday morning when I asked mom for some school money that she asked if the year was going better for me. I told her the bathrooms still sucked and she said something about many people hating public bathrooms, but they have to learn to use them. "I don't want you holding you poo like you did last year," she said. She said something about it not being good for my system. I knew she was right but didn't want to admit it.

Well, Friday morning Gopi and I walked to school and when we got there I told her I was going to take my mom's advice and sit down and try to go. That was depressing because I was only able to fart a few times and drop another quarter-size ball. I wonder if I would have been less depressed if I hadn't dropped anything! Then the homeroom bell rang and we had to run for class. By third hour, I knew I was going to have to crap before I could get home. I got a pass from my math teacher, quickly went in, got up onto the stool and the situation was one of the most private I could expect: I was the only person in the bathroom. I remember my mom telling me once before when I was constipated (but not this bad) to drop my underwear and jeans all the way to the floor, push my body forward (and this is hard for me because I will fall forward off the stool because of my size) and push extra hard as I spread my legs farther apart. I tried it twice and ended up on my feet. It was very uncomfortable for me, but on the third try, I slide back father on the seat and I almost yelped out in pain as I was able to push out a piece about an inch and a half long. It looked partially decayed. Half of it was black and the other half was almost yellow. I noticed a couple of hairs in the water too. I got off the stool, wiped, and flushed and hurried back to math without taking the time to wash my hands. Although my teacher didn't say anything to me, we were onto another whole lesson's worth of problems.

During lunch, I went in again. The line was about 10 minutes and once I got a stall and quickly dropped my underwear and jeans and got up on the stool, I knew I had a lot of activity brewing in my gut. I was very impatient, I went through the procedure I described earlier, even though it hurt me, and this time my butt got splashed when like two balls the size of what I dropped earlier hit the water. Some girl was cursing about shitting her pants and needing a toilet, and although I didn't know she was waiting for me or another toilet, I got up and left without flushing. After sixth hour I went in again and I new my situation was becoming more urgent. The question was how I could push the monster poop out. Gopi recommended that I try sitting over the side of the seat, but I knew I didn't dare do that because of the attention it would draw from the crowd in the bathroom. This time I slide mysels so far back that the back of my knees were over the front of the seat and I was practically on my back. A piece about three inches long and very wide slowly and painfully emerged and when I felt it coming out, I sat my legs back down the normal way and by slowly standing up and part squatting, I was able toget it to drop. Still, I knew I was very constipated and after wiping and quickly running to 7th hour, I started to look forward to again getting onto the stool right after school.

At this point my stomach started to churn a bit and I was starting to sweat more than usual. The 50-minute class went slowly and right after class I grabbed my bookbag and went right across the hall. I ran for the first stall, the seat was up and I dropped it and pulled my jeans and underwear down and was praying that I could pass the monster crap. Gopi came in like two minutes later to gave me moral support and I told her I could feel the crap slowly and painfully tearing through my hole. I even tore off a piece of toilet paper and curiously wiped around down there and the impression made on it, showed that I had touched its head. I sat for 10 minutes and it was so painful and I couldn't get it out. Gopi reminded me that it was getting late and that her parents were expecting her. I knew it would be painful, but she convinced me to get up off the toilet and begin our walk home. Although I tried to change the conversation, about all she wanted to talk about why my stuck crap and how we should stop at a drug store and buy me an enema. I had no idea how much they costed, but she said if we pooled our money, we could probably afford it. So we stopped at the drugstore, bought an enema and I couldn't wait until we got home so I could get my butt pain to stop.

When we got to my house, Gopi said I should take my jeans and underwear off and lay on the bed on my back with my legs in the air. The box gave her some instructions that were a little different. She told me to lay still while she pushed the I guess what you would call a nozzle into my butt. She swore a couple of times because she made a couple of drops onto my sheet and she almost never swears so I knew she was frustrated. The liquid went into me fairly fast and I felt like I was going to burst with the hot fluid. She told me she would clean things up and that I should go into the bathroom across the hall and sit and stay seated on the toilet. For a few minutes I thought I was going to get sick from both ends, but finally brown water started running out of me and then there were like six massive explosions from my butt that both hurt and made me feel so satisfied. I was so sore, but also feel like I had dropped about 20 pounds into the bowl. Gopi brought my phone into the bathroom and offered to take a picture of the results once I got off the bowl. We took like three or four.

I thought I would have to use the plunger but I didn't care. I was so relieved for the first time in like six days. Luckily, I listened to Gopi and flushed before I started to wipe because the amount of toilet paper I used was like almost a full roll and it was three additional flushes. I told Gopi to open the window while I was cleaning up and since my mom was late in getting home, the bathroom smelled much better when she arrived.

As for me, my butt was sore for much of the Labor Day Weekend. I hope I can do better with the school toilets this year because I don't want to undergo such a situation again.


Survey Question for the Ladies

Question for the ladies:

Situation: I'm a guy and attended a pro golf tournament last week. Restrooms are individual unisex porta-potties. I lost count of how many times I went into a unit to find pee splattered on the front of the seat. I'm virtually certain this is almost 100% women squatting rather than sitting to pee (at least that's what my wife thinks). On one occasion, I had to wait in line. The unit that opened was vacated by a very attractive young woman. I went in and there was pee splattered all over the seat, and mushy shit on the front as well. She obviously did a #1 and a #2 in there and left it. Men pee in the urinal part, so I was able to pee but had to stand there looking at the mess she'd left.

So here's the question - ladies, if you need to go #1 and/or #2 in a porta-potty and don't want to sit on the seat, why do you not take some TP, cover your hand, raise the seat, and pee and poop into the hole so you don't leave a mess? Or if you must mess up the seat, why not wipe it clean before you leave?

I am curious as to some answers, as I don't understand why people do this.

I had to work quite late this afternoon until about 6:00 pm. I had something for lunch that just wasn't agreeing with my stomach not to mention that I also hadn't had a dump since yesterday morning. I left work not thinking about it too much but as I made the walk to my car I could feel my stomach start to gurgle and a sharp pain erupted almost immediately afterwards. I knew I needed to have a poo before I made the hour or so drive home but I had already left the confines of the office.

Since the underground parking is expensive I usually park my car a few blocks away in a open lot. I regretted the decision the more I walked and I could feel I was almost ready to crap my pants. There weren't a lot of businesses open but as I approached the parking lot I was ready to drop my pants and shit somewhere I couldn't be seen. Just then in the corner of my eye I saw a porta potty near the far side of the lot where they were doing some construction to a building nearby. I set my bag in the trunk of my car and hurried over. I entered in to what could only be described as a well used porta potty. There was plenty of shit in the tank but the smell was tolerable. I grabbed a paper toilet seat liner from the dispenser on the wall before ripping my pants and underwear down and seating myself.

In less that a few seconds I ripped a enormously loud wet fart that was followed by a flow of soft and mushy diarrhea. The feeling of relief was tremendously satisfying. I waited about 30 seconds as I relieved my also very full bladder. Just as the flow slowed I felt a very strong pressure build up in my anus. I thought it was just a bit of gas so I pushed but the wet fart turned into another load of soft poop. By now the smell was becoming quite unbearable. I knew nobody was around so I got up and opened the door just a crack to let some fresh air in. I inspected my two very large mounds of soft shit at the top of the pile. I couldn't believe how much toilet paper it took to clean up. All in all it was a very much needed dump that I knew needed taking before I headed home. That porta potty sure was handy!


Are you a home or work pooper?

And if you are a work pooper, do you do a final work poop when possible before going home?

My wife is a work pooper exclusively. She seems to poop Sunday mornings, probably after a late Friday work poop. On Mondays when we have both taken leave from work, she has had some early poops.

Here at work, just about none of the girls seem to do work poops, at least not in the restroom close to my office. In fact, they are very quick even by peeing standards. The cubicle doors squeak, and it sounds like only rarely do they bother closing them. So maybe they pee behind open doors?

The men are prodigious poopers here. The restrooms are regularly stunk out, especially just before 5pm.

I seem to work up a poop about 8am every second day so it is a toss up. I try to hold it to work, but it has resulted in some close calls..

All in all it comes to pretty lonely pooping. My wife is not particularly open about it. Her very infrequent home poops are quick and very quiet. Only once, on holiday, did I hear her poop 3 substantial turds. And recently, the toilet flush was cranky and one Sunday morning I asked her not to attempt flushing before I had a chance to go too. I could see the signs of a quite impressive thick poop under some toilet paper.

My mom was and probably still is an impressive pooper and always showed me her nice fat poops when I was a kid.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

new guy

poop names part 1

here is a list of diferent types of poop im making this list because im bored and have nothing else to post about but I wanted to post something here they are

1. The never ending one Its a poop that just keeps coming out in one long contius peice.

2. The bit by bit Its a poop that comes out in small pieces like pebbles you try to push harder but thats all that comes out are those pebbles.

3. The eruption It starts as a rumble in your stomach and then it will either explode out or flow out much like a volcano once it starts coming out you cant stop it, it can be pretty painful if you been eatting spicy food thats when it really feels like a volcano.

4. The explosion Its a poop that just explodes out of you at a high rate of speed creating a big mess in the toilet or where ever it ends up.

5. The big boy It a poop that is very very big and usualy hurts coming out and will usualy clog the toilet and probaly leave you breathless for awhie after words.

6. The mud dump Its a poop that has the consistcy of mud its very messy and you need a lot of toilet paper to clean it up a least half the roll.

7. The stuborn but the messy Its a small peice of poop that gets stuck after you finished and when you start to wipe it just smears it around which means you need more toilet paper and it takes forever to get it all.

8. The easy out Its a poop that needs little or no pushing to get it out it just slides out.

9. The little start big finish Its a poop that starts with a small peice coming out follwed by a really big peice or bunch more poop.

10. The WOW (without warning) Its a poop you dont feel coming until the last second or its to late to stop it.

This is the end of part 1 I may do a part 2 if i feel like no stories today but ill probaly post some tomorow after the page has been updated sincerly new guy

PS Again I would like to say how much I love this site and thanks to who ever created this site.


Part two of my camp story

Hello everybody!

I'm really sorry that I hadn't posted for such a long time.
If anyone's interested, my last post is on page 1892 and I promised to write what happened the next day, so here it goes.(Read the first part before you read this one)

I spent the next morning talking with the girl and we got to know each other pretty well. Then I asked her why did she had diarrhea yesterday, and she said that she was lactose intolerant. I didn't know what that means, but I didn't bother asking her. Then she said that it was probably the sweet cream she had yesterday, she said that she didn't want to eat the rest of it, because she would get an upset stomach again, so she asked me, if I didn't want any. Without much tought, I immediately said yes, and she gave me a half of a pack of frozen sweet cream. I ate it very quickly, and wouldn't think that my stomach could not agree with it. After about an hour, I was struck by a strange feeling, and my face was suddenly covered in sweat. She asked me if I was alright, and I said "I don't know" about just then I suddenly felt the familiar feeling, that I was about to have an accident. I said to her, that I needed a bathroom and quick. Then she asked "I tought that you liked to go outdoors" then I said that we should find a place outside the camp. We quickly went to her yesterdays pooping place, and when we got there, then I asked her "What does lactose intolerant mean ?" she said "It's when you get an upset stomach, if you eat products that contain milk, that's why I had diarrhea yesterday, cuz I ate the sweet cream" Then I understood, that I may have a very similar problem, but there was no time to explain that to her, cuz my insides cramped up, and I had a few seconds to get my pants and panties down, before my bowels would explode. As soon as I squatted, my rear released a wet and loud fart. I felt my insides churning, as a wave of nausea came over me. My stomach starded hurting very bad, and started to feel awfully sick to my stomach. "My stomach hurts like hell!" i yelled to the girl, and she asked if she should get the nurse. I said "not yet" a moment later my guts cramped up again, and I finally felt something coming out of me. A unbelievably long wet fart came out of me, it was followed by the most foul smelling wave of mush I have ever had. It made me gag, and I felt like I was about to vomit. Just then my bottom sprayed out a flood of diarrhea, that burned my hole like fire. But atleast my stomach didn't hurt that much. Unfortunately at the same moment I felt vomit coming up to my mouth. As soon as my diarrhea stopped coming out, I fell on my arms and puked a huge pile of milky-brown mush. I cached my breath and puked again, this time a stream of vomit came out of my poor mouth. The girl asked me worried "You feeling better?" but I was feeling so weak, that I couldn't answer her. I barely stood up, when the urge came back, so I squatted down again and basically pissed completely watery diarrhea out of my ass. I hurt so bad that i started to cry. When that was over, she gave me her napkin to wipe my ass, my face and my tears, as I layed down in the grass feeling extremely sick. Thank God, after about 10 minutes, I slowly started to feel a bit better, so we went back to the cabin. There she hugged me, and said that she was sorry for giving me her sweet cream, and she also said that I had lactose intolerance too, if I got sick from milk products and it was true, as I would find it out the next month. Till this day we are great friends, even if I don't see her too often.

While I enjoy pooping and having diarrhea too, this was one of the times, that I wish i didn't had to experience.

To Harry Pooper - I really loved your stories, especially your experience with girls who had to go to the bathroom. Loved the part when the one girl had diarrhea in the sea.
To Jordan - Love your stories, glad that you boys have a good relationship with your girls and share your pooping experiences.
To Leanne - Looks like the girl who was sitting in the stall next to you, had the runs. You have some of my favorite stories
To Wendy and Kristy - Love your stories, glad that Wendy helped you while You were having stomach troubles.

And I noticed that an old survey had been brought up, so I'll answer it too.

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
I wipe carefully, with great amounts of toilet paper.

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?
Very often, but sometimes, I don't even have the time to hold it.

While having diarrhea what do you do?
Try to stay at home, and near the can. I drink water to keep myself hydrated or sometimes even use some medicine if the diarrhea does not stop.

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
Try to finish as soon as possible and leave, but if I'm constantly letting wave after wave out, than I stay for as long as needed.

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and realized you weren't done?
That has happened very often. Usually as soon as I walk out of the bathroom, I have to turn around and run back to the toilet. Other times the next wave comes as soon as I have finished wiping myself.

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?
I could say that from 4 to 6. That is if I'm having my regular diarrhea, but if I'm very sick, then it can easily be whole 10, cuz I have sometimes puked from the smell.

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?
Only if I use too much toilet paper.

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
Spicy foods, cheese, sometimes fresh juice, prunes, most milk products, too much sweets.

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?
While I would love to see other peoples diarrhea, I always flush mine, cuz some people find this kind of stuff very nasty.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?
Usually about 7, but if I'm really sick, then 10, cuz it feels like my stomach is tearing up.

Do you enjoy diarrhea?
Very, it's probably my favorite thing about pooping (not really a fetish) I love everything about it, since my childhood, however there are times when I'm not enjoying it, that's when I'm really sick and the diarrhea becomes dangerous to my health.

How often do you get diarrhea?
Sometimes every two months, other times every week, it depends what I eat.

Are you sick of this survey?
No way! I love surveys about diarrhea ^ ^


Restaurant poo

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a new story for you.
Leanne- Great post about your poos in the restaurant and the shopping centre, thanks for sharing them. I must admit I always look for anything visible under the cubicle partitions either side and then try to imagine what the person might be like if they've gone into the cubicle after me. As you said, you can guess quite a bit if you can see their shoes and underwear. I'm just glad its not only me who wears flowery knickers!! Your restaurant story reminded me about what happened when I went out with my family for my 15th birthday, which I'll get to in a sec.
I'm still not having the easyest time with my poos, the last time I had a poo was Monday and since then I haven't been able to empty my bowels. I must admit I did feel the urge a bit today at school but I didn't get too desperate so I held it in. I did try to go when I got home but despite straining on the loo for ages nothing would come out. Knowing my luck I'll need a poo in a big way tomorrow and then I'll end up having to use those disgusting loos again. Apart from the fact that they are gross and smelly I'm in a total panic that someone will burst in on me, the locks are so flimsy. The trouble is, if I want a poo by breaktime then I really should go during lunch break at the latest, otherwise by the time it gets to afternoon lessons I'm really bursting. I can just about hold it in but its really uncomfortable and when I'm that desperate I can't really learn properly as I'm in constant fear of letting some poo out in my knickers. As I said in my last post, the most frustrating thing is when I'm on the loo having a wee during break and I know I have to poo but there just isn't time before the bell rings and lessons start up again. Anyway, back to my story. For my fifteenth birthday last Autumn I went out to a Chinese restaurant with my parents and sister. I ate a massive amount and then suddenly wanted a poo while we were waiting for the bill. I excused myself and went to the loos, and a girl of about 18 followed me in. There were 3 cubicles, I took the farthest one and she took the middle one next to me. I locked the door, lifted the seat and quickly pulled down my leggings and knickers before sitting on the loo. I had a short wee, as did the girl next to me once she'd got her trousers and pants down, I could see her black trousers and pink knickers at her ankles as I looked over into her cubicle. I got my bowels moving with a few pushes, next to me all was quiet apart from the girl shuffling round a bit so I guess she needed a poo as well. I gasped as my poo started to leave my hole, it was really big but it wasn't too dry so it was sliding out quite smoothly. As it started to get wider I had to give a few harder pushes, meanwhile the girl next door was farting away and squirting some runny poo down into the toilet. I gave a sigh as my first turd dropped into the bowl with a splash, next door the girl was still farting and squirting away. After a couple more logs I was done, I took some loo paper and carefully wiped my bum and next door I heard the girl doing the same. I pulled up my knickers and leggings and flushed, then came out of the cubicle. The other girl flushed and exited as I was washing my hands, she gave me a nervous smile before washing her own hands and going out of the main door.
Have to end this now, will post again soon, bye!!

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

A question

What's the most unusual place you've ever relieved yourself?

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