Feral Girl

Avoiding toilets

So like I said before, I hate using toilets and avoid them whenever I can, figured I'd explain my system, i guess you could call it

Lucky for me i live out in the country with my parents, nearest house is about a half mile away through the woods. my parents usually aren't home until dinner time either and I always have a poo about 4pm every day so...

There's a compost thingy behind the shed in our back yard for my mom's flower beds, like a wood frame with wire mesh around the sides about three feet high, then a taller open frame above the mesh. it's always full of compost, and there's always a shovel there, so usually my afternoon poo I'll go out there, take the shovel, turn the compost and dig a hole in it

I'll take my pants and undies all the way off (unless it's real cold lol) and climb up on top of the frame and sit facing into the heap with my feet on the bottom frame to pee, usually can get my stream right down into the hole so it bubbles up lol. After I'm done with my pee I'll slide down and stand on the lower frame so I'm squattin over the hole. For some reason the air on my butt always makes me need to poo, so I just have to relax and push out what I need to into the hole.

if it's cold I won't take my pants and undies off all the way, just pull my pants and undies down to my knees, then get up and support myself with my hands on one side and put my feet on the opposite side of the top frame so i'm like, parallel to the ground almost over the heap. have to be careful with that, tho, cuz if i raise my butt up too high my pee will start running down my butt as I go. Pretty weird to poo in that position, but kind of fun cuz it's not normal. House has a septic tank so we use like this special toilet paper that breaks down quicker, so i'll just take a roll of it out with me to wipe with. Or sometimes if it's nice outside i'll just go out without the paper and walk back inside to wipe before i put my undies and pants back on lol.

think that's enough for now, i'll tell how i pee next time i post. Can't tell no one around here i don't like using the toilet, so I'll post all about what i do to avoid it on here, lol.

-feral girl

Young Mom

My experiences as a young mother

Hi. I'm going to go by the name Young Mom, because that's what I am. I'm 26 years old, with a two year old baby girl. Up until I got pregnant and had her I can only recall having a handfull of accidents growing up after the age of potty training. But that changed. While pregnant I had a few accidents, and since actually having the baby it has become an all too common occurance!

Just yesterday I had another accident. I had been out running erands after lunch, picked up my daughter from my mother in law, who had been watching her, got stuck in traffic driving home, finally made it back to the house absolutely bursting to pee, got my daughter inside the house and playing in the den, took a bag into the kitchen, now dancing a little and grabbing my crotch, but then the cat was around my feet begging for food so I quickly grabbed the food bag and bent down and dropped a scoop of food into her bowl, but as soon as I squatted down a squirt of pee got loose and dampened my panties. I quickly stood up, crossing my legs and holding myself, and started hobling towards the master bath. I leaked again in the hallway and this time could feel dampness on my jeans with my fingers. I got to the master bath, shut the door, turned around towards the toilet, started to unbutton my jeans, but the sight of the toilet was too much and immediately I lost what last bit of control I had and felt the warmth and wetness spread down my legs and around my waist and just stood there until I finished. My jeans were completely soaked, as were my shoes and socks. I also had a puddle on the floor to clean up. I cleaned up the puddle quickly while still in my soaked jeans then just stepped right into the shower, turned on the hot water, and peeled off the jeans and panties while under the water to help give them a pre-rinse before taking them to the washer.

I have lost count of the number of accidents I've had the last two years, but it has to be in the 50-100 range. Most are small - just a small wet spot on my panties or pants that is easy enough to hide, some are a little bigger and are noticable if people are looking, some are full out wettings and, sadly, I also sometimes poop myself now, too. I would say I've almost gotten used to it all by now, but does anyone ever truly get used to wetting or soiling themselves?

I know plenty of mothers have incontinence issues, and have friends with kids who also have the odd accident, but not as many as me.

Young Mom


1<3 POO- I also have Hypothyroidism. I was diagnoised when i was 15. I am 5 feet tall. I also take Thyroxine. I have no problem with my bowels.


I Peed!

This happened when I was 7 or 8. I was in the living room and I had to pee. So I went over to the bathroom but my mom was in there and she was pooping. I said "I have to go potty!" She said "you'll have to wait, I'll be a while!" Then I said "but I have to go really bad!" She said "pee or poop?" "Pee" I said. "Okay" she said. "Can you get up on the sink in the kitchen?" I said "I'll try!" So then I tried but I couldn't get up onto the sink so I went back and told my mom. I said "I can't get up on the sink!" So then she said "okay go ahead and go in the living room and take one of the cushions off the couch and then you can go there." Then I said "okay" and I went to the couch in the living room and took off the middle cushion and then I pulled down my pants and I sat down on the couch and I peed right there like it was the toilet. I was so glad to be peeing at last! Then I was done and later my mom had to spray the couch with febreeze after my pee dried.

wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

This mornings poo

I woke up this morning bursting for the toilet. My bladder was full & urgently needed to be emptied. I needed a poo realy badly too so I rushed into the bathroom holding my bum & crotch. I just made it in time & my pee gushed out of me like a running tap. While I peed my bowels opened without any need to push & a huge amount of soft poo ploped into the water. There were six logs ranging in size between 4 & 8 inches in length. The relief was out of this world & I still had to go. I pushed some firmer poo out out & that was about 7 inches long. That felt good too & then I was done. I wiped & flushed the toilet leaving some huge slid marks below the water line. I had to use the brush to clean it up & after washing my hands I went downstairs to make breakfast.


Answers to Jaded Jarrod's questions

To Jaded Jarrod:

Your ask some pretty good questions for a junior high student. Keep in mind that I'm a senior, and because I'm in a lot of clubs and activities and represent my school at city and statewide Student Council meetings, I know the faculty and administrators give me more privileges than many of the other students. They know for example that I'm not going to throw away everything I've worked for with the leadership activities by skipping class to use the bathroom unless it's absolutely necessary and that I'm not going to vandalize the toilets.

Now, here are my answers to your questions.

1. Are certain girls in your school hassled when they put paper over the seats they don't want to sit on?

Yes, a few of them paper the seats before sitting down. Some stack like nests on the seat before sitting on it. As I've said in my other posts, I've never worried about sitting down on the seats and today I was on campus for 14 hours (morning crap, five trips into the bathroom to pee, plus a second crap at about 4 p.m. after school). Most of us don't like the way the toilet paper is being wasted and how few of the girls flush after they are done. Sometimes when somebody flushes there's like crap from four students plus a lot of paper that won't go down so the stool is clogged, sometimes for the rest of the day. The few that stack the paper are well known, so if we see them go into a stall, we're not about the line up and wait for them. They make sooo much work for themselves and don't seem to care about the others who are bursting their bladders or exploding their anus while they wait.

2. Do you hear complaints from others about the bad conditions of the toilets?

Yes, especially when blood and sanitary products are dropped on the seats. Also, one or a few girls must squat over the toilet and it looks like deliberately drop deposit their crap on the seat. That is sooo gross and I know at least one case where a girl has come in fast and plopped her butt down in it. Urrrgh!

3. Have you told your parents?

Yes. My mom says the toilets sucked when she was in high school too. She graduated in 1979. Like me, she said she just learned to sit down and make the best of it. She told me not to worry about having contact with the toilet seats because even if I sometimes have to sit in a little pee, urine is one of the cleanest fluids in the human body and that many girls get urinary infections from trying to hold their pee in.

4. What about telling your favorite teacher or counselor?

Our Student Council has a suggestion box and two years ago when I was a sophomore we got a letter about how badly the toilets sucked. It was signed by both boys and girls. It was run in our student newspaper but the principal refused to write an answer to the student body. However, in a talk to us he said regularly using bathrooms away from home is a life skill and one where students need to show more maturity and help police the bathrooms together. However, like my friend Connor says no boy or group of boys is going to tell a teacher or administrator that they just deliberately spray drenched the seat with pee and they wish the next crapper luck.

So Jaded Jarrod, while I know what you're up against and sympathize with you, you, Ethan and Maddie may be over-reacting a bit to the situation from last year. That prank was horrible and the police should prosecute it as such, but why not just run your forefinger or thumb over the seat before pulling down your underwear and sitting on the seat. That way you're making sure the seat hasn't been vandalized, but you're also eliminating our bowels or bladder.

feral girl do you ever pee in any containers? You should also go to the drugstore and get a female urinal those work great instead of a toilet


Poo today at school

Hi everyone, after my last post I said I'd report back on how things went when I was forced to use the main toilet block, as I said last time all the other toilets are now shut during lunchtime so thats the only option if you really need to go. As luck would have it after my poo on Thursday at Lucy's house I didn't need to go again until part way through this morning, I tried to have a poo on Sunday night as I thought that it would be good to try to go before the new week started but nothing would come out. So anyway this morning I was sitting in my English lesson when I started to want a poo, the need came on quite quickly and by lunchtime I was getting pretty desperate and was having to clench my bum to stop it from coming out in my knickers. As soon as lessons were over I walked straight to the main girls loos, I thought I'd try to get there early and it might be quieter in there but unfortunately there was still a massive queue. As I stood waiting for a cubicle I almost chickened out and walked off, but I knew I'd be unlikely to get through the afternoon without having to use the loo and I really wasn't keen on asking to be excused from lessons after what happened last time. Finally a cubicle was free, I pushed open the door and was greeted by a filthy toilet with a broken seat but I had no choice but to take it. I locked the door, jamming my bag up against it in case the rather flimsy looking lock decided to break and quickly lifted my skirt and eased my green knickers down to my knees. I sat down carefully and tried to get comfortable on the seat but it wasn't easy, it kept shifting around underneath me. I started on my wee and it trickled down into the bowl and I felt my poo moving down inside me as I started to push. The girl in the cubicle on my left obviuosly just needed a wee as I heard her pull the flush almost straight after her wee stream died away, but the girl on the other side was letting out some wet farts and then I heard some mushy poo splatering into the toilet. I was having to bear down really hard and was trying desperately not to make any noises, I didn't want to be the only girl in there gasping and grunting. Suddenly I was aware I had a new neighbour to my left, I heard a strong jet of wee splashing into the bowl and a moan of releaf, the girl had obviously been just about to wet her knickers by the sound of it. Her wee stream went on for ever and then started to die away, and then I heard her starting to grunt so she clearly wanted a poo as well. By now my first turd was part way out but was in danger of getting stuck so I gave a few massive pushes and couldn't help grunting after each one, I felt a bit better as the girl next door seemed to be having a hard time too. I scrunched my toes up in my shoes as I carried on pushing and felt the turd slide out faster as it got past its widest point and then shortly after it plopped down into the bowl. I let out some loud farts before another turd started on its way out, next door the girl was grunting louder and louder but nothing seemed to be happening. Just as my second turd was about to drop I heard a huge plop next door and a moan of releaf. I started to tear off some loo roll as the turd slid slowly out of my bum and as soon as it was out I wiped quickly, pulled up my knickers and let down my skirt. I came out at the same time as the other girl, who looked like she was in Year 8 or 9, she was a bit red in the face from all the pushing but when I looked in the mirror as I was washing my hands I realised she wasn't the only one! Just then a group of really loud and unpleasant girls came in and started banging the toilet doors shouting for people to hurry up, one of the doors swung open and there was a poor girl in there who looked like one of the new Year 7s sitting with her skirt and knickers round her ankles, by the look on her face it was obvious she was having a poo. The girls laughed at her and luckily then some cubicles were free so they went off to use them, I quickly walked over and pushed the girls cubicle door shut until she had time to get off the toilet and lock it again, as she did so she whispered "Thanks" to me. I think I'm going to talk to our student council about the toilet situation and see what can be done, that main toilet block is so grim and loads of bullies and unpleasant people hang around there. As I saw today, I'm not the only one who needs a poo during the school day and we deserve to have decent loos and to have people behaving themselves in there and respecting others.
Emma- I enjoyed your story about going for a poo in the park. I have had a poo outside when I've been really bursting but it hasn't occured to me to go for one on purpose- sounded like you enjoyed it though!
Leanne- Great story about being desperate for a poo during your detention. Looking forward to your other stories about wanting a poo when you were at school- you said you had more to come!
Anyway, thats all from me tonight, will post again soon. Bye!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

new guy

comments & questions

To: Wendy & Kristy Im glad you like my stories I will to write to write when I remember them. A question have you or Kristy farted in bed at night and blamed the other just for fun?

To: upstate Dave another great story a question does your wife have any stories about watching or listening to other girls & women going to the bathroom?

To: Feral Girl do you have any pooping outside stories if so please post them.

To: Nina your boyfriend sounds like real jackass you deserve someone who respects you.

questions & comments

this is my second post today I ran out of time earlier so the post was very short I was using a computer at the librarry and my time ended so some of this well be a contiuation of that post.

To: Nina adding to my earlier comment I want say your boyfriend should have been more carring about your situation instead of acting the way he did there are plenty of other great guys out there some that would have nice enough to help you clean up instead of sending you away in a cab so inconclusion look on the bright side he showed his true colors which are as I said before a jackass and some other names I wont mention here in respect the younger audiance and finaly if you have any more stories you would like to share please post them because unlike that jackass we care about yousincerly new guy.

To:Jodi another great story from you keep them coming

To: Sheilawentgirl another great sheila report hope there are many more to come because there really great stories.

To: Leane and Abbie I enjoyed both your guys stories and hope you post a lot more them because they are some of the best ones on here.

To all the women & girls on this site a question what is your most memorable bathroom experence it could be embarrassing funny ETC.

here another story about seeing a girls poop this happened a few years ago I was sitting in my front yard when I saw a mother daugther go behind a tree at first i thought nothing of it that was until I notice the mother adjusting the daugthers pants as they were walking away the peeked my intrest so I went accross the street to the tree and thats where I saw on the ground a small turd it was about an inch long more or less there was also some tissues there she wiped with the unusual part this tree was out in the open where everybody could see so I was thinking the little girl probaly pooped her pants a little and the mother for some reason decided to empty it there. Then I thought that mother must not be embarassed about people seeing which probaly means shes not ashamed of pooping in public at least thats what I thought.


Feral Girl

How you poop then if you hate using toilets? That is cool that you hate using them. I would love to hear how you poop.

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 12

It was much warmer when Polly got up later. We both were quite glad for that. We dressed had a quick cereal in the box breakfast,packed up,and cleaned up our little campsite. Then we started hiking heading back up the mountain and would turn eastwhen we got back up on the top ridge.

Polly was a little groggy from drinking the wine she had last night but she wasn't all that bad feeling becuase of it. She told me she would be fine in a few hours. The excersize will help she said to me. So we again weren;t in any hurry so it was close to two hours when we were up on the ridge and headed east along it.

The ridge itself sloped downward after all we were heading to the lower peaks of the presidentail chain. There was going t be points where we would go up and down between them much further on and also being lower peaked some fo the peaks would not be open but be completely covered with trees at the summit.

Polly and I after hiking which included the time comming up from camp as I now checked my watch had been three hours. and it was very close to noon time. So we stopped and had sandwhiches for lunch, along with a big dil pickle, chips, and water to drink. That was about a half hour and we resumed hikeing again.

We hiked for another hour and we had reached the point where we had come down in elevation where we were right at where there was trees but widely scattered. We both needed to make a needed piss stop which we both would say that to each other now if we neded to stop and piss.
As it turned out both Polly and I told each other that both of us had to take a shit too. Niether of us had gone yet todayas far as shiting.

So we waked over where there was some very small scruffy pine trees in somewhat of a group. Off came our backpacks and we set them down. I got out some toilet paper for both of us and then in turn I took care of Pollys shorts and she dropped my jeans. Faceing each other we squated. Niether of us had a problem getting started as far as pissing or shiting this time.

Polly and I both started pissing which both of us had bright yellow streams wetting the thin layer of pine needles covering the ground. Pollys stream hissed softly as she pissed. Then her streameased right off and stopped. This time as I was watching her she had a fat tan shit start which with no pushing,grunts, or holding her breath it rapidly exited her asshole making a soft crackle with its comming out.

When Pollys shit reached maybe seven eight inches long it dropped and since it was on the soft side it folded up on itself and a second same sized tan shit came into sight moving just like her first one had. Her second shit dropped and thats when I started to shit with my piss stream stoping and Polly had a third piece of shit in sight comming out slower but crackled louder as it moved.

I could feel I was takeing my normal shit for I felt myasshole being pressed hard along with being stretched wide open. I got ready for it for I got up into a higher squat. My shit came out fast and in several seconds maybe seven or eight it dropped and I was done. Polly who was watching me shit shook her head with a giggle and her shit her third one hit the ground and then her asshole spit out one little nugget and she was done.

Poll also now stood up. She said to me before I gave her some of the toilet paper t wipe with; Daveyou sure do take some big shits! I hadn't looked to see so I did a half turn and laying thereon the pine needles I had a almsot 15 incher laying there. I shoved some toilet paper into my asscrack and wiped. The toilet paper came out with just a hint of a smudge on it so I did fols it and gave myself a short quick wipe and the paper came out clean.

Polly had to wipe herself three times. Then she was done. She pulled up her shorts and I took care of my jeans. I got out the shovel. I scraped pine needles over our shit. The ground here was very thin with dirt so thats why I buried our shit with pine needles. We put our packs back on and we went on with our hike. We would now hike till early evening and tonight we would be out in the open and would be sleeping under the stars and a full moon! To be continuied.

I <3 POO

Answer to question

My procedure when having a poo in public toilets is:

*Check for a cleanish stall which has a plentiful supply of loo roll;
*Check to see if the loo seat looks clean, & quickly tear off a bit of loo roll &
wipe the seat;
*Pull down my jeans/shorts & pants to my thighs & sit on the loo;
*Spread my legs, cross my arms & press to my belly & lean forward...

...then let rip with some farts & enjoy a good, satisfying, smelly poo with lots of plops!

I don't care if I can be heard having a poo & stinking the place out because my idea of having a good poo is to take as much time as I need on the loo, drop a huge load & just let people hear me having a poo. Love it!!

Thanks for the question.

I <3 POO :)

new guy

A couple of stories

When I was in kingdergarden I use to pee my pants every day because I was to nervous and shy to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom I dont think anyone knew it was me I think because others did it as well. The first time I pooped at was in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade I cant remember which it wasnt an urgent need just a normal need to poop so I did but I didnt wipe because I dont know why so a little bit of poop on my underwear. but in highschool I would poop at school everyday.


An Old Diarrhea Survey

How do you wipe when you get diarrhea?
About the same as I do normally. However, I try to be more conscious of not rubbing too hard, as it can burn.

Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea?
I think so...I really have not payed close attention, because I am concentrating on getting to the bathroom.

While having diarrhea what do you do?
I not a bathroom reader, because my normal BM's usually go pretty quickly. However, I try to make sure I am finished before getting up. I will sit longer, just to make sure another wave is not around the corner. I try to eat mild foods and drink plenty of liquids. Unless I have somewhere I have to be, I will not take medicine to stop the diarrhea.

What do you do when you get diarrhea in a public bathroom?
Though the noises can be embarrassing, I will go until I am comfortable to leave. I would rather make loud noises and awful smells in a public bathroom than to have an accident in public!

When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done?
Yes...sometimes I cannot tell whether I did not finish going during the previous BM, or if it is just the next trip to the bathroom on its way!

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink?
9...I don't tolerate the smell of diarrhea very well.

Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet?
No, but because I eat a very high fiber diet and lots of food period, when I have diarrhea, I am amazed at how much comes out.

What foods cause you to get diarrhea?
I have never gotten diarrhea from a certain type of food like Mexican or something, but I imagine that I have had mild to medium cases of diarrhea from tainted food.

In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done?
No...I am not that mean!

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea?
Really, I am more of the kind of person that gets bloated and has a lot of rumbling and gurgling. I will have cramps sometimes, but never more than a 5.

Do you enjoy diarrhea?
I love to poop and even obsessed with pooping. So, if the diarrhea lasts less than 24 hours and I am having maybe only 4-5 large loose stools, then I enjoy diarrhea. However, if I have a virus, and the diarrhea goes to being runny, and I am making many trips to the bathroom, having squirts and accidents, then no.

How often do you get diarrhea?
As a result of a virus, maybe once a year. Sometimes I will have diarrhea in the morning or throughout the day, as the result of something I ate. Maybe this happens 2-4 times a year.

Are you sick of this survey?
No, that's why I took it!


Evidence of Toilet Accidents

TO any woman in particular...

Three question came to mind this weekend.

#1. It is no secret that ladies public restrooms are usually MUCH busier places than the ones men, so I was wondering how frequently do you women out there find evidence that someone had an accident in the toilet cubicle you are (or were thinking about) using? Discarded soiled panties or stockings or pads thrown in the trash or the toilet, urine or poop on the floor/seat (more than what you would expect for someone who was just 'hovering' and missed), or some other sign.

#2. Mr. Clogs posted a litte survey last month about bathroom pet peeves. That got me wondering... What does your average woman find MOST distasteful when they enter into a cubicle? An unflushed toilet with a smelly, diarrheal BM OR an unflushed toilet where some other lady has had her period?

#3. Have you ever angrily CONFRONTED another woman who left a mess in the public toilet you were about to use?
Were they embarrassed or were they remorseless and didn't care what they had done?

Just curious.

Take care,


Well today I went out shopping and then in the evening I went out for a meal with my grandparents. I stuffed my face(not very ladylike!) with nachos and then chicken and ribs and chips and my favourite profiteroles for pudding! Mmmm! So tasty, but so filling, and by the end I had to poo pretty badly. Just as I was finishing my pudding the very attractive if rather ???? blonde girl that I had noticed of about 17 or 18 at the table next to ours got up and headed to what I assumed were the loos. I decided to follow her since I didn't know where they were and I fancied a bit of company! I excused myself and went the same way she had. She had indeed been heading for the toilets and I entered.
There were four cubicles and she had taken the end one farthest from the door. I took the one next to her (it keeps happening to me in public loos so I figured it was time for me to pay society back by doing it myself!) and locked it. I could hear her shuffling around as she dropped her tights and knickers to the floor and pulled up her skirt. I lowered my jeans and knickers and sat. She was already seated and had a quick wee which I then repeated. I could tell it was going to be a big poo because I hadn't pooed earlier in the day (which I often don't if I know I will be eating a lot later on).
I waited a little while to see if she was finished but she stayed seated and silent apart from shifting around a bit so I knew she had to drop a load too. I gave things a good push and leaned forward a bit. My turd started moving but i didn't want to be the first one to let go so I held it when it reached my hole. Under the cubicle I could see her tights and her yellow knickers that she had lowered all the way around her ankles. Suddenly she grunted and I heard a big splash come from her cubicle. Obviously her first turd was out. I decided to join her and pushed out my log which made a much quieter splash. Then someone else came in and took the cubicle next to me for a quick pee. I suppose we were both embarrassed about releasing any more crap because while the other woman was in there neither of us made a sound, even though my poo was pressing hard and I assumed hers was too. When she was gone I quickly unloaded another two logs. My neighbour must have been clogged up as she was sighing and moaning quite a lot. Finally she got rid of another turd and then the floodgates opened. Four or five plops followed in succession as I released my final piece. I wiped and as I pulled up my knickers I heard her tear off some paper. She flushed and came out as I was washing my hands. We exchanged the sort of customary brief smile and I held the door for her on the way out. I was rather pleased to have shared a pooping experience with her!

Although I didn't have to poo in the shopping centre I went to today, I did when I went the week before. I went to check out the recently opened new food court and a few new shops since I don't normally go there (it's a fairly long bus ride away). I went to the Indian outlet and got a nice curry with rice, naan bread and poppadums and then I ate the huge great muffin I'd got from the muffin place nearby. When I was done I was full and had to empty my bowels soon. I set off into the centre looking for where I thought there were loos. But when I got there I found that I must have been getting it mixed up with somewhere else because there weren't any! I knew it would be a messy poo and I had to get to a toilet fast, so I decided to actually look at the signs this time! They pointed me back towards the food court and there I found the corridor they were in, just a few metres from where I had sat and eaten my lunch! I hurried in along with lots of other women, but it was ok because there were loads of cubicles- maybe 20 or 25 or even more. I took one of the few free ones. To my right there seemed to be a mother and young daughter who she was trying to get to wee into the toilet. Whoever was to my left flushed and left almost immediately. Into the cubicle came someone else who locked it quickly. I sat down and had a short wee. To my left I heard quick movement and a belt being undone. I looked down and I could see she had pink trainers on so I assumed she must be quite a young girl. Her jeans and white and pink flowery knickers confirmed my thought (although I do have a couple of flowery pairs myself...) as they dropped to the floor. I thought she was going to sit down but then she turned to face the loo and I heard her rapidly tearing off some paper so I guessed she was lining the seat. I pushed out a soft log while she did so and farted. I could see her feet shuffling rapidly and I heard her moan a couple of times- she seemed desperate!
And indeed she was- as I saw her turn and finally sit down a torrent of plops and splats came from her bum. She moaned again as she pooed. I let go with a load of mushy poo and a few small pieces. The girl was still pooing with lots of splashes and farting too. I farted as well as I pushed out my final two logs. By the time I was done so was the girl, and as I was drying my hands she left the cubicle. She was about 10 or 11 with short brown hair and she looked mightily relieved to have emptied her bowels!

Ankle Boy

Hi! I am a male. 'Old Posts from the Toilet' is brilliant. We can talk about intimate matters anonymously, and not be embarrassed. Something we all do which may be the most important activity in our life. I've just been looking at the responses to the survey and I note that for BMs, more guys sit with their trousers round their ankles, whereas girls tend to pull their underwear just down far enough to 'go'.
As a small boy, it was the first toilet activity I was made to do for myself. I had to stand with them right down, before sitting on the potty, or, when I graduated to the next stage, being lifted onto the toilet initially, then wiping under supervision, then doing the whole operation on my own, and then not having to have my shirt tucked in when I emerged back into the normal world.
As a teenager, for a number of years, I pulled mine down just far enough to cover my bottom, especially in situations where there was incomplete privacy, eg no lock on the door. But I realised that even in these situations, the few guys whom I saw 'on the pot' were more likely to have their trousers and underpants right down.
One occasion made me think. I was queuing up one day after breakfast in an English transport cafe, in the men's room with 2 urinals and 1 cubicle. There was one guy in front of me, and he said to me, "I'm going on the toilet". I said something like 'Me too' and we commented that there ought to be more than one sit-down toilet, especially as this toilet was also used by those in Bed and Breakfast accommodation. We heard the toilet roll being pulled, and he said 'Good, he's wiping his bum' and he started to unbuckle the belt on his jeans. Then we heard the toilet being flushed, and my new companion was soon inside the cubicle.
However, there was no lock on the door, and when others came in to the main area of the cafe, the door of the WC flew open. This happened 3 times, and I went and shut the door for him. But I noticed that his trousers were right down. When he came out I said 'I'm sorry I had to see you like that', and he said 'No problem'.
I went in and closed the door, and saw that the window of the cubicle was wide open, no doubt to let fresh air in. Perhaps we should carry a clothes peg to put on our noses.
The door was too far from the pedestal to be able to put my hand on it while I was sitting making my morning delivery. But shutting the window stopped it flying open, and as there were others queuing, there was no danger of anyone opening the door.
I told a friend - we could talk about such things without being embarrassed. He said he was an 'ankler' in all circumstances, because he could fidget about better and lift each of his legs up - to make sure his bowel was completely empty, and because it was easier to wipe his bum efficiently. I changed back to being an 'ankler' - I now only have to go once a day, which is very convenient, and my underwear is a lot cleaner. So that door flying open (unlockable and with a poor latch) and an open window was a momentous day in my life. It converted me from a 'thigher' to an 'ankler'.
Any comments or advice from other posters would be gratefully received.


Sheila, I read the story about your accident. I felt bad for you dear. I've had an accident too so I know what it feels like. It's worse when you have an accident at work. Well, at least your trousers weren't stained badly.

Wouldn't it have been nicer to have someone help you clean up?. Take care, Sheila.


to Frantic Francine

I spent nine years at Catholic schools. There weren't any problems in the bathrooms.
I attended a public school for the first time when I was a sophomore in high school. There were girls who smoked cigarettes in the bathroom. Some of them would stand on the toilets and watch the girls in the adjacent stalls. It never bothered me: that's just the way it was.

Unfortunately, the problems that you're experiencing in school bathrooms won't get better until you're in college.


Long time holding it

The longest I've gone without a poo is a fortnight. I used to love holding my poo in for as long as I could so I could enjoy the relief when I finaly went. Well this time I held it a bit too long & after two weeks I was really desperate. I was out shopping with my mate Sarah but I didn't want her to know I needed to poo so I didn't say anything. I was walking slowly in my desperate attempt to avoid having an accident & Sarah couldn't help noticing. She Asked me if I was ok & I said I was fine but I wasn't at all fine. Sarah said I looked as if I was going to poo myself & believe me she was right. I was clenching like mad but I was losing the battle. Soon my anus opened against my will & a huge load of mushy almost liquid poo exploded into my underwear. I was mortified & wanted to die. I couldn't belive it & neither could Sarah. I was 14 years old & I'd just pood myself in the street. It was all down my legs & everywhere. It was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life but it was such a relief to get rid of a whole 2 weeks worth of poo it was worth it.

I'd been in meetings all day at work & by the end of the day I was dying for a poo. As I got into my car I almost lost it but managed to hold it untill I got home. Getting out of the car was difficult & I came to within an inch of having an accident in my knickers. Somehow I managed to get to the house & into the bathroom without losing control of my bowels. I ripped my shorts & leggings down & plonked my bum down onto the toilet with a thump. The second my bum touched the seat a huge torrent of runny poo sprayed all round the pan. It was realy smelly but the relief was indescribable. It took about 5 minutes to end but I sat for a few minutes as I didn't feel completely empty. Then another wave of runny poo shot out of me & it was over. My bum was really sore & had to wipe carefully because of the pain. I felt weak so I went to bed to rest. I woke up at 1 am with terible cramps so I went to the toilet again & released another load of diarrhoea into the bowl. Wendy was great & held my hand while I sat in agony. When I was done she wet an old face cloth & washed my bum carefully & helped me back into bed. I slept right through till morning & felt a lot better although weak. I took the day off work to recover & I've regained my strength now. I don't know how I got that bug but I'm glad it's all out of my system now.


to Nina

I was really sad to read about how that boy treated you after having an embarrassing accident, especially right after your birthday. idiots like that aren't worth it anyway, some people just have no compassion. i'm sure you'll find someone some day who loves you for who you are and can accept your imperfections, even if it can be embarrassing being with a girl who poops her pants in public!

An accident I remember that I got in trouble for was when I was a kid. I was in 7th grade and I was in the theater club. It was grades 7-12 in the school and we did the musical called "Ragtime" as our winter show. Well mostly 11th and 12th graders got all the good speaking parts and lead roles and all that. pretty much all the 7th graders and 8th graders just got ensemble parts and were in the chorus. we always had these long, boring practices where we just sat in a cramped stuffy classroom with all the kids in the play to practice the songs. after a while we started going to the auditorium to practice parts of the choreography on stage. finally, we did a few dress rehearsals, including one before the show on opening night. well, after we got in full costume for the dress rehearsal, there was about an 1:40 minute window between the end of showtime and rehearsal where we could pretty much do whatever we needed to do to get prepared. we were encouraged to remove as little of our costumes during that time as possible so we could be ready for the start of the show. The only thing I had was this big poofy 1920s style ball gown and i had to wear stockings underneath, and i had a lot of makeup on and my hair done up nice, so it wasn't that elaborate of a costume. but i had a problem. during the final dress rehearsal, i had to go. the pressure was really building and i started to get worried about it. we were in the middle of the rehearsal so i couldn't just leave. when the rehearsal finally ended and everyone was congratulation eachother and telling eachother good luck for the opening, i exited the stage area frantically searching heading to the bathrooms in the back hallway. on the way there, i started to debate whether or not i should take the costume off or if i should just try to hike it up and pull down my stocking and panties to go. i decided it would be easier to take it off, so in the girls dressing room i started to take the dress off. that's when one of the teachers who was acting as a director for the show saw me and said "oh no no no sweetie, you really should keep your costume on since yours is pretty plain. its just easier because the dressing room is going to be very busy before the show." so i had to stop again and put the dress back on! i had just wasted all that time for nothing, and it cost me. i started turtle heading as i rushed back toward the girl's bathroom, trying my hardest not to reach back and hold my butt like a toddler. i burst into the girls bathroom, and just as i started to hike my costume up...*blllrrrtt*...*splat!*...i took a thick, squishy poop in my panties and stockings and it made loud squishing and popping sounds as it came out. my face turned bright red and felt hot, and i didn't know what to do. it was a pretty big load, it felt like a pooped a football! it was really hot and squishy against my butt. ultimately, i decided to just try and ignore it. i mean, i had a poofy dress on so there was no visible bulge or stain on my butt, and i had the stockings on around my panties and the stockings were skin tight, so they were containing the load in my panties. i, personally, couldn't really smell it, so i *stupidly* convinced myself that no one would notice. so, i did the ENTIRE show with a big load of squishy poop in my underwear! LOL. all the songs and everything. and boy, that made me even more nervous. i got really paranoid halfway through because other people in the show kept giving me looks and so did the director. when the show was over, my director pulled me aside, handed me all my clothes and and a washcloth and told me to go "take care of myself". i was SOOOO embarrassed! i went to the girls bathroom on the verge of tears, and i had to go in and get my dirty panties off and clean myself up and change. when i went back out she was waiting for me, and my mom was there too. my mom just looked disappointed. then the teacher gave me a lecture about how i should've gone to the bathroom when i needed to, but even though i didn't and had an accident in my pants, i shouldn't have continued with the show like it didn't happen. she said they would've let me not do the show since i'd "messed myself" and i didn't need to try to hide it, and she lectured me about how it was a health issue for the other kids in the play. i remember i cried a lot because i already felt bad and embarrassed enough but i didn't need to get in trouble about it. she made my mom buy my costume too, since they said it couldn't be reused since i soiled it, even though i only pooped in my own underwear, it didn't get on the costume...

i know its not as bad as how that boy treated you but thats my most memorable accident where someone was rude or mean to me about it. the teacher acted like i was trying to sabotage the play by pooping my pants! its not like i wanted to do it, i couldn't hold it in! and it was practically her fault anyway because she's the one who made me get re-dressed in my costume and cost me precious seconds, and i missed making it to the toilet by seconds...i bet i wouldn't have gone in my underwear if she didn't do that. it still makes me made to this day...

i'd like to hear more of your accident stories, nina, and i'll continue to think of more notable ones i've had.

I heard my housemate enter the bathroom and sit on the toilet. She farted, then I heard 3 splashes in quick succession. Then she farted and it lasted at least 15 seconds. She wiped and left.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

A girl I knew at school

After reading some old posts from another site I came across a story from a girl I knew at school. Without realising it she gave away some info about herself. I won't reveal the full details of course but she mentioned the school we went to & the class we were in. She described herself in great datail & the story was about an accident she had during a lesson. I know it was her because I saw it happen.
Her name was Emma & it happened in maths. She was sitting in next to me & by the way she was fidgeting I knew she was getting really desperate. She was too shy to ask to leave the room & sat on her hands to hold it in. It wasn't working too & I could smell poo. Emma went bright red & started crying. The smell got stronger & the teacher asked her if she was alright. Emma blurted out, " No!" & ran to the toilets holding her bum. She stank out the whole classroom & even though it was raining we had to open the all windows to get rid of the smell.

Jaded Jarrod

Response to Rag Muffin Reanna & Questions for All

For Rag Muffin Reanna:

I'm so sorry that your dad lost his job and that you've had to transfer from the catholic school to the public one. That sucks, especially since you've got like 2,700 students there. It's too bad that the administration and teachers don't much care about the condition of the bathrooms. There are only about 800 of us in my junior high, and while the toilets aren't as bad as in your school, they are dirty. Most of the guys just don't seem to care. It takes like how much effort to raise the toilet seat before you piss? Then to lean over and flush with one downward motion of your hand?

Then, and this is in my story on Page 1855, my friend Ethan was taking a crap and was the victim of vandalism because he actually stuck to the toilet seat because some guys had put some invisible super-glue on it and an ambulance was called by the nurse and Ethan was taken to the hospital and with the seat still attached to him, where the doctors had to remove it. When the word of the accident got out, a lot of guys gave him a hard time. Almost none of our stalls have doors so he unfortunately was standing out by putting down toilet paper and sitting on it. I've started doing that too. Our bike riding partner Maddie has also quit sitting on public toilets because you just don't know what you're sitting in. Maddie's tried squatting but that hasn't gone too well so I think she's going to start lining the seats, too, with toilet paper before sitting on them.

For you, Reanna, I would recommend putting toilet paper over the seats. You said your bathrooms at school are open stall too, and I hope the other girls won't snicker when they see you are sitting on the paper. Both me and Ethan notice some guys walk by and point and snicker. One guy, I think he's a 9th grader, was waiting for the toilet while I was putting the paper over the seat, asked "Make sure you leave enough to wipe with--F@@@@t"!

Reanna (and everyone) Are certain girls in your school hassled when they put paper over the seats they don't want to sit on? Do you hear complaints from others about the bad conditions of the toilets? Have you told your parents? What about a favorite teacher or counselor?


What are people procedures if you have to poo in public toilets? eg do you sit or squat? make a toilet paper nest or just sit?

I always cover the sit in toilet paper, drop some into the bowl to muffle the noise and then sit.


Laxative induced shitting

Harry Pooper: Great story. Was this the only time, you had induced pants shittings? I'd love to hear some stories.


Lazy and tired

Has anyone ever been sitting in the bathroom and been too lazy or tired to bother wiping? I just did this for the first time. I just decided to get up and pull my pants up and go to bed. If anyone else has done this post about it


Do dirty diapers attract rats?

The three dirty diapers are still at the train station, even though it seems as if the station has been cleaned at least twice recently. Maybe the diapers are a biohazard and need special disposal.

I mentioned the diapers to a woman at the train station, and she said that's why there are so many rats at the station. Every week I see a total of maybe one or two rats.

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 10

Polly and I after pissingdid play cards a little while longer till it was just about dark. With the last fadeing light Polly had to piss gain and I did too. But this time we didn't walk back to the bushes to piss. We only stepped away a few steps from where our sleepingbags were stretched out on the ground and we both would take our pisses.

It was cooling off pretty fast too so we both stood to go. Also when we started pissing I made sure I pushed. Polly did too for when she started her piss it came out hard and as it went down it angled outward landing on the ground two feet out in frront of her. Now in the still early evening air Pollys stream hissed extreamly loud. Polly let out a slight giggle and she in a loud whisper said to me; Dave do you think the other campers can hear me? They would have to know that I'm so loud that I am pissing!

As Polly was asking me I sent a powerfull stream of piss out from my penis shooting over the remaining clearing and into the front of a bush. I said back to Polly; Oh I'm sure you can be heard Polly. There is no mistake that it is a girl pissing with that loud hiss of yours! Polly smiled butshe didn't try slowing her stream down to quiet its hissing. We both just wanted to get done and get out of the cooling air and into our sleepingbags.

When I felt that I had pissed long enough I just cut my stream right off. I could wait for morning to piss. Polly pissed just a little more after I had stopped which she stopping her stream did dribble wetting down her pubic hair, her crotch, and the very lower part of her asscheeks. As we hurrried back takeing the few steps to our sleepingbags to get inside of them Polly was still driping piss off of her!

We both got into our sleepingbags. I warmed up quickly inside of my bag. Polly didn't. For only after a few minutes after getting inside of her sleepingbag Polly said she was cold. So I told Polly I could try zipping our bags together. So I had to get out of mine and she hers which we did. We both hurridly unzipped our bags making a very loud zzzzzt in the still air. Luckily it worked for ourbags did zip together and we bot after getting the bags zipped together almost dove into them to get out of the chilly air!

Polly was shivering I wasn't. Polly said to me softly; Dave I need to get warm yet. I'm still cold! Especially down in my crotch! I should have wiped after I had pissed. I told Polly use part of your bag. No I don't want to unzip it again Polly said back to me. Then she let out a short giggle and said to me; Letme use your body heat. That will get me warm and dry!

Now we bothh had taken off our shorts when we took our first piss in the bushes. So we both were still naked from our waits down. Polly now snuggledover to me as I had rolled over to face my body towards her. With the initail contact of her crotch area right on my crotch and penis I slid roght back away veryy fast! Her wet pubic hair was really cold! With my sudden backing away Polly let out a short hard laugh which I thought that her laugh was well heard by the others that were camped here too.

I did slde back over but stayed only close enough to have my body heat warm Polly. We did stay this way I would have to guess about ten minutes. Then I slid over and our bodies touched agin. Polly was no longer cold and her crotch except for her pubic hair only slghtly damp was dry. We snuggled up even tighter and we both wound up drifting off to sleep. To be continuied.

to super soaker

Funny story about your gf having an accident laughing, Have you ever had one yourself? If so im sure we'd all love to hear =)

Feral Girl

Don't like using toilets

Hey all, was gonna call myself Animal Girl but someone already posted here as that lol. i'm 17, have sort of auburn hair, sort of skinny (don't have much up front or in back), and found this site the other day. been reading through it and decided to post cuz i hate using toilets

they're never comfortable and my butt hurts if i sit long enough to poo. so i avoid using them any time i can. if i do have to use a toilet i'll stand on the seat and squat over it, though thats kinda risky. last time i did that i'd been out with friends at a mall, and really had to pee. i knew i couldn't hold it until i got home, so i slipped off to the bathroom

i was really bursting to pee when i got into the stall and locked the door. i took my pants and undies down, and stepped up onto the toilet seat, and when i turned around and started to squat i let loose a huge stream and drenched the back of the toilet seat, behind the seat, and it dripped onto the floor before i got aimed down

so i don't like using toilets and go anywhere else i can any time i can

i like the stories here, think i'll hang around and post some more stuff lol. see you later

-feral girl

Now that I'm back at university and working part time at my field training position my schedule has become quite busy. I had a really long day today and yesterday and didn't even take the time to have my usual dump somewhere along the way. By the time I was done my one class at school in the morning I had to head to work for the afternoon. I had quite a bit of work to do so I had lunch quickly before I headed over.

By the time I had finished the day I was quite tired for the drive home. I decided to head to the new gym I discovered last week and have a good workout. By the time I had left work I realized I needed to have my dump that I hadn't taken in nearly two days. I got my workout bag from my car and headed over to the gym for a quick workout. The workout was good but as I finished up I was really needing to relieve myself so I went to the men's change room and got my stuff from the locker and made my way to one of the glass shower and toilet combinations. As it was busy there were quite a few people taking showers. I took the first unit that was free near the middle. I slid the glass door closed and set my gym bag and towel to the side. There was a guy showering in the unit just down from me.

While the glass is quite opaque it is still possible to make out that someone is there. I knew he would be able to see me sit down on the toilet since the adjacent shower in the other unit is right next to me with the glass being all that separates the two. I took off my running shoes and clothes quickly in desperation. I sat down and immediately let out a few farts before starting to push. The turd made its way out very slowly and when it started to hurt I knew it was going to be a big one. I leaned forward and spread my legs apart as it continued to exit out. After about a minute of straining it dropped into the bowl with quite a pronounced thud. I took a break and relieved my very full bladder. By now the guy next to me was just finishing showering and I think he glanced at me for a moment before he turned around and walked to the bench near the toilet to change.

I remained seated for a few minutes since I didn't feel completely relieved before I started to wipe. I got up and saw a fairly long and thick turd sitting in the bowl. I tried flushing it but it got stuck sideways and wouldn't go down. I had a long and refreshing shower but before I got changed I felt the need to unload yet again. I sat down and let out a much smaller turd about half the size of the first one and a lot softer. I flushed again and luckily the larger turd became unstuck and everything went down without a problem. I got changed and left to go home feeling a lot better.

Frantic Francine

Adjusting to middle school toilets

I'm in my 4rd week of middle school. This is the first year our district has made 5th graders move up to the middle school buildings. Sure, there are more classes and lots more sports and clubs, but so far my experience in using the bathrooms has not been good. For the first five years of school, I was in the same grade school. It had like 450 students, but now my middle school has thru 8th grade and like 1,600 students.

For the first time in like my whole life, I'm afraid to sit butt-down on the toilet seats. I don't really know why that is but the number of stalls are much larger than I'm used to. All the 12 or so stalls in each bathroom have doors, but there is a lot of peeking in and pounding on the doors and statements by girls about crapping their pants or having pee accidents. Also, the noise level in the bathrooms is bad. There's a lot of yelling and banging.

Friday at lunch there were easily three or four waiting for each toilet. It took me about 10 minutes to get into my stall and my pee had been hurting me worse for each minute I stood waiting. When I went in and closed the door, I looked for the toilet paper roll as I always do, and found it had been used up. Since I've started to wipe the seats off before placing my butt on them, I immediately turned around and exited. An older girl immediately ran for the door and quickly placed herself on the seat. Her pee started instantly at about the same time I started to cry from the pain for what I was holding between my legs. I instantly made the decision that I was going to go in, make the best of the situation, and avoid peeing my underwear. However, as I saw the door shake I felt the first trickle and then much more stronger run of pee gather in my underwear. The girl came out quickly, leaving her bowl of pee unflushed. I immediately shot in, and luckily I had a loose-fitting dress on that allowed me to throw myself on to the seat while I quickly reached down and pulled my wet underwear down below knee level.

My pee stream was heavy and picked up and I could feel my more than damp undies. I ran my hands over them as I sat and convinced myself they were pretty wet, although not to the point of dripping. Dumb me! They smelled of pee and here I was getting my hands onto them in a stall without toilet paper. I decided I would continue to wear the wet panties, although I at first thought of just throwing them out. I felt so dirty all afternoon, if you know what I mean. I immediately went up to my room and showered when I got home. I was hungry because I hadn't gotten time for lunch.

My older brother asked me what I had for lunch and I made some stuff up because I didn't want to tell him the truth. He ordered a pizza delivered for himself, but I didn't dare ask him for any because I didn't want to blow my cover.

I'm starting to worry. Am I normal?


To: Rag Muffin Reanna

That's just NUTS!!! You should not have to constipated yourself just cause your schedule doesn't give you enough time to sit and go. Why don't you go to the school nurse, explain your problem, and ask for late pass to one of your least important classes....don't you have "study" periods where missing 5 minutes wouldn't hurt. Tell the nurse that you're working on trying to be regular in the morning but it hasn't happened yet.
If you cause yourself constipation everyday for the next two years your going to wind up with a life long bowel problem.--- BELIEVE ME, I know.


To Jodi

Thanks for posting back I enjoyed your post and would be glad to give you some stories of mine. When I get the urge to poop it is kind of like I have 10 minutes or I am going to explode. So it's not really me holding to long just that I have limited time.

One story that I will always remember was the day after my 19th birthday. Me and my boyfriend went out to celebrate my birthday. He took me out to dinner at this really fancy place. I was so excited! I got a huge meal because it was my birthday. After dinner we went for a walk in the park which was really big. I started to get a feeling that I needed to go to the bathroom, but I was to embarrassed to say anything to my boyfriend. Finally it became unbearable the pain and I said "We need to go now!". He asked why and i told him i had to go to the bathroom. We made it about 20 more feet when i just couldn't take it anymore. I let out this long loud fart and Diarrhea started filling my khaki pants. I started crying as I felt liquid poop just running down my legs. He looked at me and asked "Did you just shit your pants?" I just stood there so he turned me around and checked. As soon as he saw he gagged. He told me how gross I was, and said no 19 year old should ever poop their pants. This just made me cry more. We left the park and walked over to a cab he let me in the car first, and as soon as i got in he told the cab driver to "Take this gross b!@#$ home!" and he shut the door. I never heard from him again. I then had to go home and face my parents. Luckily my dad wasnt home. My mom was there as i walked in and saw me crying and asked what was wrong. Then she smelled it, and started gagging. She was nice about it though and walked me to the bathroom. I jumped in the shower. My mom said she would was my pants. I showed her my pink panties and she told me to just throw them out. My little sister 16 year old sister wets the bed and has goodnites because of it. So since of my accident history my mom offered me one I was upset at first but she made me put it on. Luckily i did because i ended up having more diarrhea in my sleep. I later found out he told all his friends about the incident it was soo humiliating and thats the first time a guy broke up with me because of an accident.

Jodi i would love to hear some of your other stories and will tell you more of mine if you would like. It makes me happy to see though that there are some guys like your fiance out there.


new guy

A survey for the girls women on this site

1. What do you do in a public bathroom if the toilet is nasty A. go on the floor B. go in a garbage can if there is one C. hold it and try to find a clean bathroom D. other explain

2. When your outside and have to go do you A. go behind a bush or tree B. use a container if you have one C. go in your pants or whatever your wearing D. try and hold it E. other explain

3. When your in a car and have to go do you pull over and get out and go B. try and find a bathroom C. go in your pants or what ever your wearing D. use some kind of container in the car E. try and hold it F. other explain

4. When you in the bathroom on the toilet and someone is asking you to hurry because they have to go do you A. try and hurrry and finish quickly B. take your time because you dont want to rush C. ask them if they want to share the toilet D. other explain

5. you see someone having an accident do you A. try and help them B. ignore them C. other explain

This is my try at making a survey so if the questions seem long its because I cant think of shorter questions no stories right now if I remember any ill post them when ever.

A sick daughter

Yesterday, while my wife & I were eating lunch at IHOP, we witnessed a sad accident. A couple in their 40's were sitting in a booth in the same dining room with a teenage daughter, at least 18-20, who appeared "mentally challanged". As they were finishing up their meal the girl started moaning and making a face that looked like something was wrong. She couldn't talk so she couldn't tell them she needed the toilet. She reached with both hands for her crotch and mom immediatly knew what was wrong and got her up and started to head for the ladies' room. She moaned again, kind of like "YAAAAAAA-AAAH" and again as they started to make their way across the back dining room. The bathrooms were by the front door in the front dining room so they had about a 60-80' walk to get there. Halfway through the main dining room she stopped, bent over slightly and grabbed her vagina again, legs tightly squeesed and cried out "AAAAAAAAAYYAAAAH!". Mom waited a few seconds then tried to get her walking again. After she took one step, her tight yellow shorts began to show a wet spot that soon covered her shapley but. She stopped again and held her vagina but apparantly it was too late. Pee ran down her legs, over her sandals and made a puddle on the floor right in the middle of the main dining room. Fortunately there weren't many guests and mom was able to get some help to clean up the mess. The girl turned and headed back for the booth crying and waving her arms. Mom tried to get her back to the toilet but she wouldn't go. She just kept moaning and making sounds like you often hear from someone in her condition. They finmished their meal and as they got up to leave she started screaming out again and again grabbed her vagina, once again legs squeezed tightly. As she leaned forward, I could see from where I was sitting she was about to have an even worse accident. She was turtle heading and you could see it pushing out into her shorts. She moaned again and leaned forward, her butt pointed toward us as she was leaving our dining room. Her mom and dad were walking in front of her, so they didn't know what was happening.

Within a minute, her shorts were bulged out behind her and it was threatening to come out the leg opening on her left side. She pushed again and a nice sized turd came out the opening and landed on the floor...ker-plop! Mom and dad were both embarrassed and trying their best to get her to the toilet, but she was waving her arms, maoning and very combatative. Before they could get her in the bathroom door, she grabbed her shorts and pullerd them down revealing one very beautiful pair of butt cheeks with poop jammed in the crack and staining her left leg where it had leaked out. Her shorts fell to her ankles, dumping their contents. She managed to step out of them leaving them outside the ladies room door. Another log was on its way out and landed on the floor with the rest of her poop. This all happeded in less that a couple of minutes. They hustled her into the restroom where they stayed for a few minutes. They forgot her shorts in front of the door, and while they were in there, a custodian cleaned up the mess, shorts included. Her mom came out to get them, but they were already outside in the dumpster by the time they got her cleaned up.

When they left the restroom, she was wearing her mom's panties which were four or five sizes too big. They fell on the way out, between the bathroom and front door and her mom kept trying to pull them back up. After the second time her mom just took them off her and they walked the rest of the way to the car with her dad's shirt tied around her waist which covered the front but still left her butt open to view. Her mom had got most of her rear cleaned up, but you could still see some residue in her crack as she walked.

I asked the waitress about them. She told me the girl's name was Stephanie and she was born with a severe brain deformity that left her that way. They came there to eat quite often but nothing like this had ever happened before. She did mention, however, that her mom always took her into the ladies room before they started eating, but for some unknown reason, she didn't do so this time.

I'd bet she remembers it next time.

The Shithouse Captain - jr

new guy

questions, comments and stories

To: Upstate Dave another great story heres a question have you ever seen any of the girls you know having diarrhea or loose ones like both of the barbies or anyone of the others or your wife?

To: Wendy & Kristy that was another great story a question you both seem to have the same bathroom schedue (how ever thats spelled) but have you ever tried to have a buddy dump when the other is going but you dont have to go but try anyway just to be close to eachother?

To: Tabitha I read your story it was ok but peeing stories dont really intrest me as much unless there out of the ordinary and not in the toilet and do you have any pooping stories if so please post them.

To: Jesica that was an interesting story about you scuba diving

I use to a few years ago poop my pants just for the fun but only if it was solid no runny but I only did it a few times.

To any female lurkers out there please write a story you dont need to be afraid to this site is full of some very nice people you can just write one time and if you dont like doing it you dont have do thats the great part about this site anybody can come on and post without having to be embarrassed.

Heres a story about a girl peeing outside this story happened many years ago when I was in elementry school it happened in the evening I was playing at playground with my friends Christina and Kayla when Kayla said she had to pee Christina told her to go behind some bushes I didint see her go pee which ive already said above dosent really intrest me but if she had to poop I probaly would have tried to spy on her because I relly enjoy watching, listening and reading about girls and women pooping.

I might create a survey for the girls and women on this site once I figure out what questions I want to ask.

sincerly new guy

Abbie- Glad your first poo of the term went pretty well! I know how that new girl feels and as you said so do you. It's really not nice when you start school, because a) you don't know where the toilets are, and b) you don't know if teachers will let you go and which ones won't etc. I remember on my second or third day in secondary education being pretty desperate for a big poo by lunchtime but not having time to go because, as first years, we had an assembly every lunchtime in the first week to tell us about stuff. After lunch I just couldn't announce in front of all these people I'd barely met that I needed the toilet, so I kept quiet an held on for dear life through the afternoon lessons. When the bell rang at the end of the day I had to race to the loos, but I didn't know where they were because I'd never been before (I guess the fear of moving to a new school had clogged me up for the first day or two)! I moved through the crowds to try and find the nearest toilets. I was struggling to hold it in and I was worried I wasn't going to make it, but I did. I unloaded about five or six logs into the bowl and it felt really good! From then on I tried to make sure I went at lunch or got enough courage to ask!

Today I felt inspired by posts I've read on this site to try something a bit different. In the early afternoon I got my usual urge to do a poo. I decided to wait. I waited until after dinner which really filled me up and left me really having to go quite badly. Then I told my parents I was going to meet a friend in the park for a little while. I went into the loo, pretended to go before I left, grabbed a couple of handfuls of paper and then walked to the park.
It was a lovely evening so I took my time walking there even though I really had to poo. By the time I got there it had been essentially 24 hours since I last had a poo (Wednesday evening at about 6). I had two poos-worth (so to speak) ready to come out since I usually go twice a day. The park wasn't too busy, but certain areas were crowded like around the play park. There are public loos in the park but they're always completely disgusting. I walked through the park to a more secluded area. There were lots of mothers and families with their young kids around and many dog walkers too, so it was quite hard for me to find somewhere private. I felt my poo knocking hard so I knew I had to find somewhere quickly. I headed away from the paths and into a big clump of trees away from prying eyes, or so I hoped. I found a spot where I could still see the path I had come up but where nobody (hopefully could see me). I lowered my jean shorts and my black panties and squatted in a clear patch of grass. I was really bursting by now so it was a great relief to get settled and relax my bum.
A big load of mushy crap squirted out immediately and sprayed the grass. Then a soft log slid out. I could still hear people talking and laughed as they walked by and it was quite a turn-on to know I could potentially be discovered at any moment! I got rid of another fair-sized log and a couple of mushy pieces. A load more semi-runny stuff followed. When I was done I wiped with the toilet paper I had brought with me and then pulled up my panties and shorts. Writing this makes it seem like quite a quick process but I was squatting there for well over 5 minutes and by the end my legs were aching and I was quite worried I might fall over into my own poo! I left a pretty big pile behind when I returned home- and nobody was any the wiser! It felt great and liberating and I can see why some people on here like to do it whenever they can!


Another Accident

As some of you might know, i posted a story before about my track and field accident. Well today, another one happened. I was at school doing my work when i felt that i had to go to the bathroom. I just came from lunch and I was not allowed to go because they tell us to go during lunch, so i had to hold it in. After a few minutes it became really bad. I asked to go but my teacher said i should have went during lunch. I went back to my seat and tried to hold it in but after 2 or 3 minutes, i could not hold it any longer and my pee burst into my white panties staining it. I was so embarrassed that i peed myself in front of my entire class.

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