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Hi Mike! I'm glad you liked my post as well. As for my fiance, i have a second post up now where you can see that i explained some details about my fiance and how he handles my accidents, its in my post addressed to Nina.

So the time i had accidents in my car all week was when i was doing managerial training for my company. All the managers have to train at the district headquarters, not necessarily the location where you will actually work, and the district headquarters is 2 hours from my house. They offered to put all of the trainees up in a hotel room and cover food and other living expenses during the training but it was early on in my relationship with Jared and i had other things going on at home so i decided i would commute back and forth to training everyday, and the company covered gas expenses instead of the hotel. After all it was only a week.

Anyway, as I'm sure you can imagine, training was a lot of work, and i was inundated with information and training exercises and practice and tests every night. It was a lot to take in! Especially the first night. It was so much to focus on that my mind couldn't even wrap around anything else. I didn't even take a dinner break. Well not long after i got in the car for the long ride home and my brain stopped being numb and i got myth senses back, i realized two things. First of all, i was starving!!! Second of all, i had a pretty significant urge to poop developing in the pit of my stomach. But of course, i kept going,trying to get home because it was past midnight and it had been a long day. I guess about an hour into the ride, i got a sharp pain in my bowels telling me i was going to poop in a minute whether i was ready or not. I frantically searched for a place to pull off at the next exit, but it wss already over. Another cramp struck and i squeezed the steering wheel hard as i ripped a loud squelching wet fart and filled my panties and work slacks with mushy crap. It felt like warm chocolate pudding. It was certainly an interesting sensation. The rest of the ride home was awesome as I'm sure you can imagine.

The next night, almost the exact same thing happened and i was mad at myself for making the same mistake. This time i got most of the way home when i started to lose little bits of more soft pudding poop every few minutes. I was actually driving with my butt lifted slightly off the seat and clenching hard. Every few minutes i would fart beyond my control and little glob of poop would escape into my underwear, until after a while i completely lost it and a huge warm blob filled my underwear all at once with one big bubbly fart. I was cursing so loud at myself in my at for pooping myself for the 2nd night in a row!

The 3rd night was just unfortunate... my soft pudding poops from the previous nights had developed into actual diarrhea-like BMs. I actually took two urgent bathroom breaks during training and had runny BMs both times in the toilet. I went right before i left, but still didn't make it home. It pretty much just came out without warning, i was driving when suddenly i felt crampy and could feel hot goo spreading under my butt, up the back and front of my pants and all down the insides of my thighs. It was like a big water balloon full of wet poop popped in my pants. It felt really gross. I couldn't believe I'd pooped my pants for the 3rd straight night.

The 4th night was just plain bad luck. I didn't have to even go until most of the way home. I pulled onto my block and i was just about at the finish line. I knew i had just enough time to park my car and get inside to the bathroom....but my landlord had FINALLY come that day to re-pave my driveway after weeks of stalling. And i had to park in the street. It wasn't much further away, but it was far enough. I got in my front door and lost it. Pooped my pants for the 4th day in a row. This time it had more consistency to it than the diarrhea accident and the two "pudding" poops. It came out slowly but steadily without much noise and settled into a nice baseball sized bulge in the back of my underwear as i waddled up my hallway undoing my belt. I was really, really upset about that one.... if i had been able to the park in the driveway I'm sure my butt would've hit the toilet seat in the nick of time. That's actually i believe the other time i pooped that pair of yellow cotton panties that i pooped in at the movies as described in my post to Nina.

Finally, the last night i honestly just didn't care anymore. I was just so burnt out from the training. I wanted to get home. As i drove, i wouldn't say i did it on purpose, but i definitely didn't try that hard to stop another load from releasing into my pants. As soon as a cramp hit and i felt pressure on my butt i just let my body take over and it spread into the back of my underwear with a crackle and flattened between my butt and the carseat, and i just thought to mysel "yup, makes sense with his this week has gone." I also wound up wetting my pants on that drive too, which is very VERY unusual for me. In fact i can't think of another time in recent years where i peed myself. Like i said i was just exhausted from a hard week and felt so defeated already from pooping my pants 5 days in a row so i just subconsciously let my bladder gubo, too.

After that week from hell, i got back to making it to the toilet for a long time. It was an anomaly that i pooped my pants 5 nights in a row, brought about by a combination of long exhausting and stressful work days, a 2 hour drive, a brief stint of diarrhea, and some bad luck. I can't pinpoint another instance in my entire adult life where i pooped my pants even 2 days in a row, let alone 5. Yeah, it was rough.

I hope you appreciate the details Mike, its definitely a week that's hard to forget! My underwear drawer and ny washing machine took a major hit!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Accident in the cinema. & on one knew it was me!

To Jodi. I loved your story about your accident in the cinema. It was so thoughtfull that your boyfriend stood close behind you to hide the poo stain in your clothes. Exiting via a side door was genius & I'm pleased no one else found out about it. I once had an accident at the cinema. I was 22 & I'd miss judged how badly I needed a poo & half way through the film I felt the wore urge to go possible. I was on the end of an isle so I could have sneaked out easily without being noticed but I was so engrosed in the film I tried to hold it untill the end. I felt the tip of a huge turd poking out of my anus but it didn't get far as I was sitting down. As it met the resistance of my seat it stopped coming out for a moment & I thought I was ok. But then I felt an enormous amount of pressure building up in my bowels as the poo backed up. It really hurt & I knew I had to go to the toilet right now. I got out of my seat & it just rushed out of my bum into my panties. There was nothing I could do to stop it & it was really messy. By the time I got to the toilet my bum was covered in warm sticky poo. I still needed to poo & pee quite badly so I locked myself in a cubicle & peeled my panties off my bum. I then sat down & peed a long stream into the toilet followed by a huge amount of soft poo. My panties were full of poo so I just dropped them down the toilet. It took a lot of cleaning up & I must have taken about half an hour in the toilet. Afterwards I went back to watch the film & I'm pretty sure no one knew that I'd totaly shit myself earlier. After the film I left the cinema & waited for the bus to take me home. While I waited tire were two teenaged girls talking about the smell in the cinema. One of then said something about finding a pair of soiled knickers floating in the toilet. They had no idea it was me & it felt so hot to be able to get away with it.


Wide long deuce

Zip there are stalls at my office. I work in a big office, so there are several men's rooms in my building. I wear white and colored briefs, it just depends what I'm wearing. I lower down to my ankles. I'm not shy about my body or my clothes.

Today I had another big shit. I went into the bathroom in my apartment. Sat on the toilet, lowered my pajama pants and Hanes white briefs to my ankles. I didn't think it would be big, but there was one big wide deuce. I couldn't tell the length part of it was down the drain, but the circumference was about 5-5 1/2". It was pretty wide and long. Just one piece with a rounder.

I <3 POO

Hypothyroidism (Underactive thyroid)

To confused-ed: I have hypothyroidism & have been since I was diagnosed with it by paedritrician in 1983 & since then have been taking Thyroxine to stabilize the amount of thyroxine which my body needs. I have to take Thyroxine for life but thankfully with the right monitoring from my consultant my levels are what they should be but they have been this way since I was 19, I'm nearly 33.
Now in my teens I really suffered with underactive thyroid a lot, levels weren't always stable & had some pretty bad effects & one of them was constipation & I found that I had irregular bowels & found my self that I wouldn't be able to go for days & as you can imagine it wasn't pleasant because I was constipated a lot I had bellyaches & had a lot of wind as well which was very smelly!! And when I did manage to poo it took me a long while on the loo because I was constipated & I used to stink the bathroom out!!! Nowadays as I said my thyroid levels are more settled & thankfully my bowels are more regular as I usually have a poo twice a day. The reasons why some people who suffer from this condition may get problems with their bowels is that if not controlled properly thyroid function has an impact on your metabolism & if it slows down it can cause constipation & gaining of weight. Try Googling Hypothyroidism & see what info you get on it. I hope this has been of some help.
Take care & hope you get things sorted :)


Sheila, JTL

Sheila, I just logged in to tell you how much I loved your story with Martha. It was really sexy. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed to hear another adventure with her in the hospital, the last one was so hot.

I'm also thinking of a way to have another "encounter" with Shirly. She is somewhat conservative, not really into intimate situations in the toilet. Maybe the wine let her guard down last time.

John the lurker: I loved your update and hopefully you'll get to see more of your mom and her friend on the toilet. Please update us with your adventures.

gotta go now.


Sheila Report 10

I had an awful accident last Friday when I was in court. Fortunately I was wearing tight fitting black trousers, a trouser suit. I normally prefer costumes, jacket & skirt, or even makeups, skirt and sweater combinations. But the suit was a present from Luke, he had been saving his pocket money and weekly allowance just to buy it for me. I love Luke so much, since my divorce he has really been the 'man' of the house, more my friend than my 15 year old son. I was overjoyed when he gave me the present, he had asked Alan's Mum about size etc, and she had kept the secret and not told me. I was so proud wearing it to work on Friday. I guess the excitement had gotten to me. I was defending a juvenile before Ms. ????. When my ???? started toache I know I could have asked her to adjourn, take an early lunch. But I was at a vital time in the case and soldiered on. My ???? was churning but fortunately I wasn't farting at all, the subject of much concern of late here. But then I could feel my ???? protesting and then I felt it churn right over and I could feel poop, not a turd, and not diarrhea thank god, pushing into my panties. I struggled on until M/s ???? adjourned for lunch. Walking down the corridor to the ladies keeping my thighs touching, I could feel the poop in my panties pushing more and more. In the ladies I went to the first of the row of four cubicles. Unbuckled the belt on my trousers and pushed right down to my ankles. I turned and squatted a bit and as I reached for the elastic on my panties I started to ease them down slowly. My panties were full of poop and as I eased them down I squatted lower and somehow managed to, with one hand, reach under and sort of push the crotch up so that my poop slid into the toilet. Then at last I was able to sit on the toilet, I was holding my ???? and my poop blasted out into the back of the pan, it splattered as I gasped and held my ????. For a few minutes I could'nt do anything except sit and hold my ???? as I pooped in three/four huge spasms. Then as the pain eased I was able to consider what to do. I had to take my trousers off to get my panties off. Sitting on the toilet I eased my shoes off, god the tiled floor was so cold for a few seconds, then I worked the right leg of my trousers off then the left. I started to stand to hang my trousers up then had to sit down quickly, poop was running down the back of my legs. I had to pull some toilet tissue and wipe myself before I could stand. I stood up and hung my trousers on the door hook. My panties were so messy that my fingers got stained as I gingerly took them off, I tore more tissue and wrapped my dirty panties and put them into the sanitary towel bin. Ohhhhh then I wanted to poop again, another burst that wracked my whole body. Holding my ????, head bent over, gasping as the pain made me tremble as I farted and pooped. I sat still for over five minutes feeling my ???? churning over and over and pooping almost like water. I tried to get up twice but each time had to sit as my ???? blasted out again. At last I was able to wipe my bum, actually first I had to wipe all down the back of my thighs where pee and poop had run. Wiping myself thoroughly I used almost all the roll and then I took a spray from my shoulder-bag and sprayed the perfume over the crotch of my trousers before I put them back on. I had pooped over the back of the pan and on the floor so I took more tissue to clean it up. Finally flushing, twice before the pan was clean. At the wash-basin I washed my hands and hoped that I could get through the rest of the day without an accident. I had forgotten to carry a spare pair of panties with me so I went back to court pantie-less. But I got through the day alright. All I hope is that Luke doesn't ask me where my new suit is, I had to put it in the cleaners because the trousers were slightly soiled also. What a day, one to forget.

Abbie, glad your new school year got off to a good start with a successful poo!
Like you I have so many toilet stories from my time at school. It's because there are so many people packed into one place, and because you can't leave it until the end of the day- if you have to go, you have to go there!
I've posted before about accidents I had or almost had at school and there are more of those I have yet to post, but one that comes to mind happened when I was in Year 9, meaning I was 14. I had been given detention because I hadn't given in my homework on time (I genuinely lost it but the teacher ignored me). This meant that after last lesson I had to go straight to the English departments detention room to serve my sentence. This became an apparent problem just after lunch. We were in our form rooms having the register taken when I started to feel the usual urge for a poo. Knowing I had detention I asked in both my afternoon lessons to use the toilet, but I was denied. I had no time between lessons because back then we only had a couple of minutes to change classes (they gave us longer in later years). When the bell rang at the end of the day I had to go immediately to detention. By now my urge had reached the usual fairly urgent stage it tended to get to by the end of the school day if I hadn't been (and if I only started needing to go quite late in the day), which worried me because normally by the time I got home (which took about 15 minutes) I would always be bursting. With an hour's detention ahead I was not looking forward to holding it, and I knew you weren't allowed to leave until the hour was up. The teacher was there when I arrived handing out the piece of homework I had failed to produce and we were to do it again in detention. Also there were four or five boys, the usual suspects who spent more time in detention than they did in class, and another girl from my class who I didn't know particularly well, Kelly, who had also not done the work. We worked in silence to complete (or in my case recomplete) the homework, and all the while my bowels were filling up and churning. I kept shifting my weight from one side to the other to try and ease the pressure but it didn't really work. With about 20 minutes to go I was really desperate and had to go bad! I didn't want to show it in front of the boys who would have no doubt teased me if they knew, so I tried as hard as I could to act normal. By the end of the hour I was so close to crapping myself. The boys hurried out of the room together and I quickly put my things away and left with Kelly.
"Thank god that's over," I said as we walked down the stairs. "I know," she replied. "I really need the loo!" I was amazed that she would admit this to me, since I didn't really know her very well, but since she had told me I felt ok telling her that I had to go too. "I've been holding it all day!" she said as we headed for the nearest loos. I told her I'd been waiting since lunchtime but not whether I had to go number 1 or 2. When we got to the loos they were locked up! "Oh no!" Kelly exclaimed. "I've really got to poo!" Now that she'd confirmed she needed a number 2 I said, "me too! I'm bursting." She led the way through the almost deserted corridors (just a few other kids who had served detention and the cleaners) to the next set of toilets in the middle of the building. They were locked as well! Kelly started to look really worried. "Not these as well! Oooh," she said. The 6th formers loos, which we weren't supposed to go in anyway, were also locked, which left one other set of toilets in the building we were in and two in the other block. Luckily the last set were open so we hurried in and took adjacent cubicles. We both sat together and almost immediately both let out big turds! Kelly sighed with relief and pushed out two more logs. I pushed out a mushy mass of crap that followed and then farted loudly. A final piece and I was done. Kelly pushed out three or four more bits of poo and she was done too. We wiped and went to the sinks. We walked home together and after that we became much closer friends! So who says using the toilet has to be a solitary experience? :)

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Our latest poo together

To new guy. We're glad you like our stories. We love your's too & would love to hear more.
Well on to our latest story. I picked Wendy up from work tonight & she was busting for a poo. I was too as I'd held it all day. As as we drove home we got stuck in traffic & my need to poo was getting quite urgent. Wendys need was far more serious. She was doubled up in her seat & was sweating. I knew she had the runs & was close to shitting herself. It took an hour to get home & somehow she made it. As soon as we got home we raced up to the bathroom & I got there first. I sat at the back of the toilet seat & Wendy sat in front of me between my legs. She told me to go first as she wanted to see just how much bowel control she had. I peed a lot & then I pushed a huge log out. It took about 10 minutes to get it all out & it was such a relief. Wendy was still holding on but I knew she was really desperate. I rubbed her belly encourage her to go but she was determined to keep her diarrhoea in. She clenched her anus tightly shut against the enormous pressure that was building up inside her. I told Wendy to just go but she wouldn't. I squeezed her belly to try & force her to empty her bowels but that didn't work either. She just sat there stubbornly refusing to release her load. We sat there for ages & eventally Wendys need to defacate became a biological one. She relaxed & allowed the entire contents of her bowels to explode into the toilet. She peed loads too & by the time it was over Wendy looked extremely relieved. We cleaned up & showered together & after getting dry we had some amazing.....Well as this is a moderated site you'll have to use your imagination for the rest!


Another Crapping Scene in a Movie

I don't know if this movie has been mentioned, but, "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell" has a very funny scene of the main character having a horrible bout of diarrhea. He ends up naked on the toilet, crapping like crazy. It stars Matt Czuchry. He's a good-looking 20-something blond guy. Very funny, but gross scene! It's near the end of the movie.

desperate to poop

marina toilet wait


I was at the marina where my friends boat is moored and developed the urge for a pooh. I was directed to the toilets by my friend and wandered over. When I got there there was one lady waiting and both unisex toilets engaged. After a few minutes a gent came out and the lady went in. She was in her 30's and very pretty.

I wasn't really desperate but couldn't definitely feel the need for a pooh. Despite it being quite, you couldn't really hear that much. I waited for five minutes and was now getting more of an urge to go and letting of some stinkys. Five minutes later and the first cucible opened up and a friend of the lady who owns the boat came out. She's in her 50's but good looking and keeps very fit. She smiled as I went past and I smiled back. When I went inside there was a strong poop smell and a skidmark. I lowered my shorts and panties and nestled my butt on the loo to have a pooh. It came out fairly easily over the space of five minutes. Next door I could hear some plopping as the walls are quite thin and then the rustling of toilet paper before she flushed. I took another few minutes just to make sure I was empty and then wiped up and left feeling relieved.

Happy pooping all


Problems using the loo at school

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with the latest update now I'm back at school. The end of last week didn't go too bad as I said in my last post, but I had a few problems this week which have made life more difficult. I've been trying to eat more fruit and drink more in the hope that my poos will get softer and then will come out more quickly and easily, but it hasn't really made a huge difference so far. Also for some reason rather than wanting a poo about every other day which used to be normal for me I now seem to need one every three or four days meaning theres a lot more to come out when I do eventually go. After managing to go at school on Thursday I didn't need to go again until Sunday, and then the next time I felt the urge it was in my Maths lesson on Wednesday morning. I put up my hand and asked to be excused to use the loo, but the teacher refused to let me go and what was worse some of my classmates made faces like they were straining to have a poo when they thought I wasn't looking, they had also been in the lesson with me last week when I'd had to spend 20 minutes on the loo which made it pretty obvious what I'd been doing. Obviuosly this destroyed my fragile confidence about asking to go to the toilet in lessons so I realised I'd have to go back to holding it until lunch break, not exactly what I wanted to do but definately better than people making fun of me. Straight after the lesson it was break so I went to the loos in the humanities block for a wee, it was frustrating sitting there wanting a poo but knowing there wasn't enough time for me to have one. After break I was in my History lesson and was starting to get more desperate, but I didn't want to ask to use the loo only to be refused and made fun of so I tried to forget the heavy feeling in my belly and focus on the work. By the end of the lesson I was feeling a bit better, I still had a slight urge but it wasn't that bad. I had a lot on that lunchtime so stupidly I didn't make time to go to the toilet, and by the time lessons started again in the afternoon my need had pretty much vanished. When I got home that night I went to the loo straight away, had a wee and then started pushing but nothing would come out except for a few dry farts. On Thursday I woke up feeling bloated and uncomfortable and part way through the morning my need for a poo returned in a big way. I held it through breaktime and the whole of the next lesson, I could feel the head of a massive turd trying to force its way out of my bum and knew that I wouldn't be able to hang on for too much longer. At the start of lunch I met up with Lucy so we could have our packed lunch together but I realised I'd have to go to the toilet first. Lucy said she needed to go quite badly too so we both went over to the humanities block and tried to go in but the door was locked! At that moment a teacher came walking by so we asked why it was all locked up and she said that it was a new policy from the start of this year to stop kids messing around in there, the only people to be let in would be people who had a pass from their teacher because they needed to do extra work or go to detention. I talked to Lucy and we both agreed that we weren't desperate enough to use the main girls loos so with growing pressure in my belly we walked back to eat our packed lunch. Neither of us ate much, Lucy admitted she wanted a poo as well and that her belly was hurting. I just hoped I'd be able to last another couple of hours, unfortunately last lesson was PE which wasn't exactly ideal given how desperate I was! By part way through the first lesson after lunch I was really struggling, despite clenching my bum the poo wouldn't take no for an answer and was starting to come out anyway, I could feel the tip of it touching my knickers and I tried to suck it back up but I couldn't. After that lesson was over I took my PE stuff and walked stiffly over to the gym, I met up with Lucy there and could see by the look on her face that she was quite desperate. I made sure I got changed with my back to the wall, I knew that my knickers would be badly marked by now and they were plain white so it would be even more obvious. Before I put my shorts on I pulled my knickers down a bit to move them away from the poo and hopefully stop them from getting even more stained. As Lucy took her skirt off I caught a glimpse of her yellow knickers but I didn't see any poo stains, so she wasn't in quite such a desperate situation as me. We were meant to be playing netball but as it was the first lesson of the year there was a lot of sitting and listening which was actually quite good, as I sat on my heel and managed to stop any more of the turd from coming out. We only managed about 10 minutes of playing and I just kept out of the way and tried to avoid running around. Back in the changing room Lucy and I quickly got changed, I was due to be going round her house after school and I figured that I'd been holding it so long I could manage to wait another few minutes. As we walked to Lucy's house I suddenly felt more of the turd escape and I knew I was about to poo my pants any minute. "I can't hold on much longer" I said to Lucy, "Do you mind if I use the loo first when we get to yours?"
"No. that's fine, I can wait a bit longer" Lucy replied. When we got to her house we went straight upstairs, Lucy went into her bedroom and I went to the bathroom. I was unzipping my skirt and pulling it down as I walked over to the toilet, I quickly lifted the lid and dropped my knickers before sitting on the seat. There was a massive brown stain in my knickers from where the poo had been squashed up against them, so I took them off completely and left them on the floor next to the toilet. Sitting there I could feel about an inch of rock hard knobbly turd poking out of my bum, suddenly my belly tightend and started to push without me really deciding to and the poo moved a bit, getting wider and wider. Soon it was stretching my bum so much my eyes were watering, I had to strain really hard and I was gasping, grunting and moaning as I did so. This seemed to go on for ages when suddenly the poo started to move faster and felt a bit smoother, the widest part was obviously through and I just sat back and relaxed and let my body push the rest out. It fell into the water with a huge splash and I breathed a major sigh of releaf. I then let out some loud farts before pushing a couple more turds out, they were still quite big and I had to work quite hard on them but they weren't as bad as the first one. When I was certain I was done I took some toilet paper and wiped my bum carefully before putting my skirt back on. I looked into the toilet before flushing it and saw three huge turds in there, I hoped the flush would cope and fortunately it did, just about. I picked up my knickers and went back into Lucy's room. She was sitting on her bed with her knees drawn up to her chin, I could see her knickers as she was wearing a skirt but luckily they still looked clean. She leapt up from the bed as I came in and said "Thank God your out, I can't hold on much longer" and started to walk past me. I said "Do you mind if I borrow some clean knickers, I didn't quite make it in time."
"No, help yourself" she called over her shoulder. I went over to her chest of drawers and pulled open drawers until I found her underwear, then took out a pair of pale blue knickers and quickly pulled them on under my skirt. About 10 minutes later Lucy came back looking a bit hot and red in the face but really releaved. We started talking about how grim the toilet situation at school was and how it looked like we were going to have to get used to being constipated and having hard poos. Like me Lucy is desperate to avoid using the main toilet block, but we came to the conclusion that that would be better than having a major accident in our pants. No doubt at some point over the next few weeks I'll end up having to use the main girls loos so I'll let you know how it goes! That's it for now, thanks for reading this, bye!!


held it too long

my name isn't really tabitha, but i am 19 years old, a sophomore in college, 5-8, brunette, and last night i pissed my pants for the first time in years. i work at a frozen yogurt store in a big outdoor mall we have. i had been running late to work after classes yesterday so i didnt go to the bathroom before my shift. it was also just me and one new girl working last night because wednesdays arent usually busy. since she's new i had to help her out a lot and do a lot of things by myself, which kept me really busy and kept me from getting a chance to sneak away to a bathroom. we don't have a bathroom in our little store to use right now, we have to go across the walkway to a big department store. i had been holding it for hours and hours and knew i was about to burst. i wanted to run across to the bathrooms but i couldnt leave the store with just the new girl by herself and we still had customers coming in and only had another 20 minutes until we closed. i thought i could make it another 20 minutes even though by then i had to cross my legs when standing still and keep shifting and was doing everything possible to hold it inside. but then new girl was having a problem with a coupon code at the register and i had to go help her with that. i was standing at the register trying to show her what to do with the customer standing right across the counter and i couldnt exactly cross my legs, bounce, and grab my crotch right in front of both of them so i was trying to stand as normal as possible and not act like i had to really, really pee. that worked for all of like two seconds. i was trying to explain the coupon menu when suddenly a big squirt of pee shot into my panties and soaked my crotch and i felt a trickle run down my left thigh before i could cut it off. i stammered for a second and felt my face turn red and hot and my whole body was tingling. i knew 100% that i was seconds away from completely pissing my pants. i quickly pushed the last few buttons, talking faster than normal, squirmed a little involuntarily, mumbled something about needing to grab something from the back room, and quickly turned around and hobbled as fast as i could around the corner into the back room. as soon as i got around the corner and was no longer visible i lost all control. i just stood there with my back against the wall as i completely flooded my pants - thank god they were black pants! - and pissed for at least a full minute non-stop. the warm wetness spread out from my crotch, across my butt, down my legs, dripped down my feet and sandals and made a large puddle on the floor beneath my feet. the relief was amazing but i was also completely embarrassed to be pissing my pants at 19 years old - and at work! after i finished peeing i just stood there for a second almost in shock, my mind in a haze, just staring at the wall across the storage room. i then realized that new girl was calling me so i shouted back that i'd be there in a second. i found some paper towels and wiped off my pants and feet and sandals as best i could. you couldnt really see the wetness on the black pants except that the wet spot was shinier in the light than the dry spots but i couldn't do anything about that. we only had 15 more minutes. i grabbed a box of mix from the shelf and carried it back out, trying to act as calm as normal even though my face still felt red with embarrassment. at one point i caught new girl kind of staring at the back of my pants like she wasn't sure if she saw something or not. i prayed she couldnt tell. but when the customer who was inside left and the store was empty she asked me, "do you want me to cover the store so you can go to the bathroom." i said "no, why?" she said, "it's just that i thought maybe you needed to go... or maybe go clean up?" she was trying to be nice and had a sheepish, apologetic half smile on her face. i was caught. she knew. my face went all red again. i said "i'm sorry, i didn't think you could tell. i had been trying to hold it forever and then just lost it." she smiled sympathetically, "when you were helping me with the coupon?" i said, "yeah, was it obvious?" she said, "not too much, but i could tell something was wrong by the way you were acting and then your face went all red and you took off all fast into the break room and you can kind of see the wet stain on your pants when the light hits it right. i'm sorry, i shouldn't have said anything." i said, "no, its ok. i pissed my pants. i tried to hold it and couldnt and pissed my pants like a little girl at 19 years old." she said, "its ok. it happens. i totally pissed my pants last year in high school in front of a bunch of friends at a party from laughing too hard, only i was wearing pale blue jeans and it was waaaaay obvious what happened. at least you are in black pants." so we laughed it off, cleaned up the store and left. and now new girl and i have an experience to bond over, haha.



I have Hypothyroidism. It does not effect my bowels.



Grocery store poop

I remember when I was Ten or so my mom would take me to grocery store. It was only a few blocks away so we usually walked. Most of the time I didn't like to go with her through the store so I hung around the back door or just outside. Because I played out doors a lot and didn't drink much water I got constipated a lot. This was one of those days. I could feel a big turd lurking by my anus. I really hadn't tried to go earlier and it did not hurt but was just uncomfortable. Unfortunately the walk to the store got things moving and I knew that I would have to go soon. The grocery did not have public rest rooms. The longer I waited the more the urge to go got. Every time I squatted down by the Coke machine I could feel my anus opening and the rock hard head of what felt like a huge turd starting to poke out. I reached behind and pushed it back in and stood up. Every time I crouched down it would try to push its way out and I would push it back in. I became desperate. I went out side toward the big trash bins spilling over with old potatoes. What better place to go. No one would notice unless they got too close. As luck would have it this was not to be. A store employee came out to dump some more stuff and clean up some of the spilled trash. Soon Mom came out carrying two bags of groceries heading home. I walked slowly behind her. The pressure now slowly pushing the giant turd out and into my pants. I was able to maneuver my undies over far enough so that it rolled down my right pant leg past my shoe and onto the pavement. I looked back and saw this turd the size of fairly large potato lying on the ground. Good thing nobody saw what had happened. Then again, who knows?

Nicholas from MY

Me, my friend and a empty chips bag

This is what happened to me the other day. I think I mentioned before that I had a friend named Carlos. He's actually my housemate too. Yesterday we went to do some groceries. We spent quite a bit and went home. On the way, I felt really hungry and Carlos said that we could stop at the side of the road and eat the chips that we bought. So we did and ate 3 packets of chips and flushed it down with some Coke. We continued home when Carlos put his hand to his stomach and groaned. I asked what was wrong and he said he had to poop. I was surprised as he used the toilet back at home before we went and he said he did but now something was wrong. We came to a car park opposite a circus and saw some porta- potties there. So we stopped and Carlos went out. To his horror, they were all full. Then I remembered the big empty chips bag we had and IO said poop in there. I took it out and we went to a space behind some trees. Carlos said hold the packet underneath my butt then he lowered his khakis and stood/ squatted over the packet. He peed a bit on the ground and then the turd started to come out slowly. It was diarrhea colour but it was looking quite solid. Suddenly it stopped and Carlos was like I can't do it anymore. I encouraged him to push a bit more and he said ok. He went... ungh..ungh.. and then turd felt into the back. He said there was more to come and started to push again. This time a longer turd came out and hit the packet. I could see bits of the chips we just had mixed with Carlos' poop. He sighed and said that was really good. By that time people were coming out of the potties and I told Carlos that I was gonna poop there. He said ok and he'll come and watch. We went in and a very pungent smell of poop hit us. I stood over the hole and started to poop. Carlos held my hand and said it was coming and out came a long dark brown log. Then I started to fart and suddenly let out some diarhea. It was very sudden that the diarrhea came and so I squatted lower so it wouldn't make a mess. I wiped like 5 times cos of the diarrhea and threw Carlos' poop away.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Our treehouse poo

While out walking in the woods near our house with Wendy, we found a treehouse. We both needed the toilet & Wendy suggested we did it in the treehouse. We climbed up the ladder & entered through a hole in the floor. Inside there were some crates & in one corner was large plastic bucket with the bottom cut out of it. Wendy moved the bucket to find a hole in the floor so she put the bucket back over the hole, lowered her jeans & knickers & squatted over the bucket. She peed a long powerfull stream as she was bursting to go. When she was done I swapped places with Wendy & peed a little bit as I wasn't desperate. I did need to poo though so I pushed & a large turd quickly came out landing on the ground bellow with a thud. Then another even bigger lump came out followed by another two more & then I was done. It felt really good to get rid of it & doing it in the treehouse was so hot. I had nothing to wipe with so I just pulled my knickers & jeans up without bothering. My poo was firm & dry so I didn't get any slid marks in my knickers.


Re. Scared Farter

TO Scared Farter:

Farting comes along with having bowel movements. Sorry... but that's just the way it is.

If you think you are excessively gassy, try changing you diet. Carbonated drinks, products with milk or cheese, even some vegetables can give you the 'farts.'

As for possible short term solutions? Hmmm...

-If I don't want to be heard for some reason, I use my hands to spread my butt cheeks enough so my anus opens up a bit. Then I gently push to get things going (if I need to)... and that usually allows my farts to come out with a silent 'pffffffffft'. It helps a lot if you can sense what is coming out will be some gas or a stool.
For me, the only drawback to my method is that it makes my shit more difficult to come out when it's their turn to emerge. I have to stop spreading my butt cheeks a little and allow the stool to come out comfortably.

-There are over-the-counter medications to help relieve gas. Go to your local pharmacist and ask him or her what you can do.

-If your loudest farts generally come out before your crap emerges, consider finding a spot to let the gas go before you head to the toilet. Say, like your dorm room or outdoors when nobody is close or where the traffic is loud enough to drown out any sounds. (If I'm walking down the street and need to break wind, I usually don't have to wait long for a freight truck to pass by. The noise of the truck easily drowns out any sounds that that comes out of my ass.) Just don't get carried away and end up pooping yourself unintentionally.

But remember, there will always be times where you BM's are going to be loud. If you pick up a bad stomach flu or eat something that doesn't agree with you, you're going to rush to the bathroom (probably repeatedly) and have wave after wave of noisy, messy BMs. At those moments, you shouldn't give a rat's ass about what anyone else within earshot thinks. You are sitting on a bathroom **TOILET** for goodness sakes! NOT in a posh sitting room, library or flower shop.
You can't read the minds of other people, so worrying about what they think of your shits is pointless.

Take care,



Scuba Diving bathroom adventures

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica, I am a 21 year old college student, and last year I had to take some electives of my choice. It so happened that scuba diving was one of the electives offered. I thought that would be awesome, so I picked that, went through the class, got certified, and am now an avid diver. I have been able to dive in some awesome place, but I am here to share the bathroom stories hahah! One in particular which I will get to in a sec. Anyway, one of the first things I found strange when diving is that the urge to pee really hits when going underwater. I asked some of my friends that were already more advanced divers and they said everyone seems to have to pee when diving. I was like, ok so you are saying to pee myself while wearing a wetsuit underwater? They said that's the way to go, so I did. The first time I peed in my wetsuit it was out of this world strange to me, the warm feeling and all. Kinda grossed me out at first but I have gotten pretty used to it.
Anyway, last fall my diving group wanted me to go with them to a cold water dive off the cost of North Carolina where there are several ship wrecks. I happily agreed and went. While cold water diving, we use drysuits instead of wetsuits. For those of you who don't know the difference, a wetsuit does not keep you dry, it only warms up the water next to your body, while a drysuit keeps you completely dry and you can layer up insulated clothing underneath it, thus better for cold water diving. I do not own a drysuit so I had to rent one, but I brought my own insulated clothing, which consisted of a full underarmor suit and then ski pants and coat. Then the drysuit and the rest of the geargoes over that. So the night before the dive I started wondering about what happens when I have to pee, because up till then I have always used wetsuits in warmer water, in which it makes peeing easy because it will eventually get flushed out. But not in a drysuit. So I asked the other girls with me, and they to my astonishment said, "ohh no biggy we just use diapers." I thought they were kidding me, I mean come on. I laughed and said something like, "no seriously." Well ended up they were serious. See men, use what is called a "p-valve" which they hook up to their business and it sends urine to the outside, but women don't have any equipment to hook hoses up to. So the next morning when suiting up, my friend Beth got out her package of adult diapers and told me to put it on first. I was very weary of doing this, but they acted like it was no big deal, so I went with it, because they said there are no bathrooms on the dive boat, and we would be at sea for 5 hours at least. So there I was in the changing stall diapering myself, but I figured I would just hold it and not use it. Well, I was wrong, very, very, very wrong.
Later, we got out to our first dive site about 15 miles off the coast. Sure enough I got in the water, started feeling the urge to pee, and well, I figured what the heck and let go. It was actually more comfortable than I thought. The pee soaked right into the diaper and then I couldn't feel anything. I ended up peeing once more in the diaper, but on our last dive I actually started feeling like I had to poop. I tried to shut it out of my mind because I knew we wouldn't be back on land for another hour at minimum. But once I got back on the boat, we were still waiting for others to get done with their dives, and I all of the sudden was bursting in pain almost as if I were going to have diarrhea. Beth, my dive buddy could see the look of pain in my face I guess, and asked me what was wrong. I told her and she did her best to comfort me. She then went on to tell me that no one would fault me for pooping in the diaper, nor would they be able to know because all the equipment on top would cover the bulge and the smell, drysuit is also air tight! So without much more thought I decided instead of being in pain, I would rather crap myself and get it over with. That's what I did, I stood up and pushed the load into the diaper.


Farts:) + Update

It's me! Hi everybody. On the recent subject of farts, I gotta say... Love em ;) Haha, I like farting (and when other girls fart too). I can even do it on command. When I'm bored, I'll stick my butt in the air, relax my hole and suck the air in. It's weird when I explain it, but just awesome when I lay on my stomache and blast them out after a while, lol. A couple of minutes ago a 7 second fart literairly (sp?) blasted out from between my cheeks. It started off *really* loud! Scared me at first, ha... Then it kept going with gaining a higher pitch at the end. No smell though ;) Just a very satisfying feeling.

Adding to the subject of farts and shit, I never seem to fart when I poop. Usually before or about an hour (or so) after. For example, today (Wednesday) I got home from school. As always, I hold in my gas during school and let it out when I get home. Anyway, I got home, relaxed, and while looking for something to east I got a strong urge to poop. The sudden urge of poop in my ass made gas come out. I was standing in the kitchen when--brrraap, burrrpp, brrrt, brruuump, brrnnt--blasted out my cheeks with rapid force. They weren't too loud, having been muffled by my sweat pants. Then it happened again, the same sounding farts and I ran upstairs to the bathroom, gas leaking out my ass along the way. I sat on the toilet, pushed for a minet or two and 2 clumps of poop fell out. Each big enough to fit in the hole of the toilet bowl. Ehh, not a very satisfying dump for me, but whatever :P One wipe (clean, as always), a successful flush, and washing of my hands.

Sory for it being so long. I've been told I write things really well and have been told to be descriptive. Thanks for reading :)
Shay x

Remote Guy

Me Again!

I don't know if you remember me but I'm the guy on the bottom of page 1901 with the girlfriend who likes to pee in different places including the couch. Well another place my gf likes to pee now is my car. I don't mind though. She can always manage to get me to let her do whatever she wants! But I don't mind. I got used to the idea. The first time it happened we were in my car and she just suddenly made the announcement "I want to pee in this car!" She pees in her own car all the time by the way if anyone was wondering, but she had never peed in mine. She actually peed in hers even before we met. But anyway she said "I want to pee in this car!" and so I said "no way!" And then she said "aw come on! You never let me pee in your car!" Then I said "I don't want pee in my car, ok?" Then she said "but its MY pee. Come on." Then she said "You KNOW you like it!" Then she knew just what to say next, and I'm a little embarrassed that it worked on me, but I don't mind. She said "my ex used to let me pee in HIS car." Then she said "he LIKED my pee in HIS car." And that's what got me, I'm ashamed to say. LOL! And so I told her "Fine. You can pee in my car. But do it in the backseat, ok?" She smiled and giggled and gave me a big huge kiss and then I stopped the car and she went into the backseat and she pulled down her pants and sat on the seat and then she had her pee. She sat there with a huge smile on her face and she peed right into the backseat of my car. She sat there and peed until she was finished. I could tell she was proud of herself for what she just did. And she has also done several more times since then. I am such a PUSHOVER!! But I don't mind! LOL!!


Another Accident

As some of you might know, i posted a story before about my track and field accident. Well today, another one happened. I was at school doing my work when i felt that i had to go to the bathroom. I just came from lunch and I was not allowed to go because they tell us to go during lunch, so i had to hold it in. After a few minutes it became really bad. I asked to go but my teacher said i should have went during lunch. I went back to my seat and tried to hold it in but after 2 or 3 minutes, i could not hold it any longer and my pee burst into my white panties staining it. I was so embarrassed that i peed myself in front of my entire class.

Harry Pooper

Pooping with two broken arms

My mother brought me up on her own and Mum's friend Alison sometimes helped Mum with child care. I was very fond of Alison and she was just like an aunt to me. When I was 13, my mum had to go into hospital for a few weeks so I went to stay with Alison and her husband Peter. They had no children of their own and Mum gave them parental responsibility for me while she was ill. Each morning, Peter left early for work then Alison took a bath. The only toilet was in the bathroom and if I looked through the key hole, I could see Alison get out of the bath, dry herself then sit on the toilet with nothing on. She used to spend about 10 minutes sitting there and I knew that her poo was quite soft because I could hear a lot of small "plip-plip-plop" noises.

One Sunday, I was climbing a tree in Alison's garden when I fell, put my arms out and broke both arms. Alison put my arms in slings and took me to the hospital. While we were waiting in Accident and Emergency, I could hear a lot of activity in Alison's stomach. A few minutes later, Alison said that she needed to go to the toilet. Ten minutes later she ran to the toilet again. When she came back, Alison explained that she suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS and when she is really worried about something, she sometimes has to run to the toilet. She said that she was really worried about me breaking my arms while I was staying at her house.

Then, I told Alison that I needed to pee. She took me to a unisex toilet in the hospital and I asked her to take my pants down for me. I rather enjoyed this and it had a predictable effect on me. I stood in front of the toilet with my bum bare and I told Alison that I couldn't aim my pee into the toilet bowl with no hands. It needed to be aimed downwards a bit, if you see what I mean. I asked Alison to aim it for me but she told me to sit on the toilet and pee like she does.

At the hospital, they set my broken bones and put my arms in plaster. Before we left, they gave us some strong painkillers that are only available on prescription. The doctor told us that these may cause constipation and said that I should eat plenty of fibre and that I might need a laxative. The nurse gave Alison a urinal bottle to take home for me to pee into.

As soon as we got home, Alison rushed to the toilet and I spied through the key hole. I could hear that she had diarrhea. Around the house, Alison normally wore jeans but whenever she went out, she always wore a long flowing skirt and I found the reason for this. She was wearing large panties with a thick absorbent pad inside that went right up in the back of her panties.

The next morning at breakfast, Alison gave me a large bowl of bran flakes with some prunes. Each time she took me to the toilet, she took my pants down a little way and held the urinal bottle for me to pee into. She always asked me if I needed to sit on the toilet but I always said that I didn't need to. On Tuesday morning when she took me to the toilet, she told me to sit down for a few minutes, try to do a poo and she would come back later. I was really looking forward to Alison wiping my bum for me but I couldn't do a poo as the painkillers had made me constipated.

On Thursday morning, I had a follow-up appointment at the hospital Fracture Clinic. Alison told the doctor that I had been constipated for four days because of the pain killers. The doctor prescribed some liquid laxative and she said that I was old enough to take the adult dose but it was quite slow acting and it might take 24 - 48 hours to work. Alison collected the laxative from the hospital pharmacy. When we got home, she measured out the dose into a cup and I drank the sweet liquid.

The next morning, I went to the toilet but I only did a pee. I told Alison that I had a stomach ache and I needed another dose of laxative. She said that I should wait a bit longer for the first dose to work. At breakfast, Alison gave me the usual bowl of bran flakes and prunes but I wasn't hungry. She said that I should try to eat some breakfast so I ate it but after breakfast I was sick. Alison said that this was probably because my food wasn't passing through my digestive system. I asked Alison for another dose of laxative and she warned me that when it eventually worked, the combined effect of two doses might give me diarrhea. I said that would be better than having a stomach ache and being sick so she let me take another adult dose. I was quite looking forward to having diarrhea as it would involve lots of visits to the toilet with Alison wiping my bum each time. I thought that if she didn't get me to the toilet in time, that might be interesting too.

That evening, Alison took me to the toilet before going to bed but I only did a pee. I said I was worried that I might need to do a poo in night and I might not get to the toilet in time. As a precaution, Alison went and got some incontinence panties. She told me that her elderly mother used to wear them but I knew that they were really hers. Alison fitted a pad inside the panties and put them on me, then I went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up with an urgent need to go to the toilet. Peter had already gone to work and I waited until I heard Alison go into the bathroom, run the bath and get into the bathtub. Then I tapped on the bathroom door and said that I needed to go to the toilet and I couldn't wait. Alison said that I could come in. She covered her breasts with her arms. I stood by the bathtub and I asked her to take my pajamas and incontinence panties down. As she did this, she couldn't avoid baring her large breasts. Then I sat on the toilet just in time as a big load of runny poo slipped out into the toilet bowl. I sat there for a few minutes until it felt like everything was out. Then I stood by the bathtub and bent over while Alison sat in the bathtub and wiped me at the back. It felt rather nice.

After breakfast, Alison said that she was going to the supermarket and she suggested that as I had diarrhea, I should stay at home sitting on the toilet. I said that it felt like it was all out now and I wanted to go with her so we took a bus to the supermarket and got the groceries. Before we left the supermarket, Alison asked me if I needed the toilet and I said that I could wait until we got home. On the bus coming home, I whispered to Alison that I needed the toilet but I couldn't wait and I was doing it in my pants. She told me not to worry as I was still wearing incontinence panties with a pad inside. I could feel my warm liquid poo in my panties. When we got home, I rushed upstairs with Alison and I asked her to take my pants and panties down. I sat on the toilet and had several waves of diarrhea. When I had finished, I asked Alison to wipe me at the back. I was rather messy and Alison cleaned me as much as she could with toilet paper then she told me to take a bath. She gave me a good wash at the back and underneath and I enjoyed that.

That night, I dreamed that Alison was taking me to the toilet again, wiping me, bathing me and giving me a good wash, you know where. Then I woke up and I thought of a way to make my dream come true. The next day, Alison had planned to take me for a trip on the London Eye as a treat. I woke up the next morning with an an urge to poo but I held it. Alison said that my Mum had booked the London Eye tickets months ago as soon as it opened and they were quite expensive so she didn't want to cancel the trip but she warned me that the laxative might still be working today. Alison went and got a clean pair of incontinence panties and she put a pad inside and helped me to put them on. Before going out, Alison took me to the toilet and she said that as I hadn't done a poo this morning, I should sit down and try to do a poo before going out. I told Alison that I didn't need to and I thought it had all come out the day before. I did need to poo but I held onto it so that I would need to do it later when we were out.

We travelled to London by train and walked to the London Eye. This is a giant observation wheel over 400 feet high with 32 cabins and it takes about 30 minutes to go right round. We got into a cabin and started to go up. When we were nearly at the top, I had a sudden and very urgent need to poo. Alison could see that I was uncomfortable and she asked me if I was OK. I whispered in her ear that I needed to poo urgently. By the time we were half way down, I couldn't hold it any longer and it was starting to come out in my panties. Alison noticed the smell and she whispered, "Have you...?" I said that I had. A girl of about five was sitting next to me and her mother also noticed the smell. The mother whispered something to her daughter then the little girl said in a loud voice, "it's not me, that boy has pooed his pants!"

After we got off the London Eye, Alison took me to a mother and baby toilet. I asked her to take my pants down then I sat on the toilet and let rip with a load of mushy poo. Then Alison put a clean pad in my panties and wiped me clean with toilet paper. When we got home Alison told me to take a bath and she gave me a good wash at the back and underneath and also somewhere else where I had got a bit messy. Alison could tell that I enjoyed this.

The following week, Mum came out of hospital and I went back to school with both arms in plaster but that's another story.

Mount Washington Vacation Part 11

When morning did come it was the coldest morning Polly and I would wake up to. Niether of us wanted to get out of the sleepingbags. But the call of nature was strongly calling to us. More so for Polly then me. After all she had more of the wine last night then I. But still I did have to iss almost as bad as she did.

Now at least I had a big advatage being a male. For here is what I did. I just pulled the zipper down far enough on my sleepingbag which was along the outside of it. I slid over and just stuck my penis outside laying sideways. Polly was nice enough that she was holding it with her hand and I was able to take my piss lke this sending a good piss stream which steamed heavily in the cold air as I pissed.

Where my piss had landed on the ground it was still warm enogh to have steamy vapor rise there too. Oh it felt good to piss! Durring this piss I also farted several times and I knew that I would have to shit but that I was going to hold that back and shit later when it was warmer. As I went on pissing I thought about Plly and what she could d to avoid getting out in the cold to piss. I felt kind of sorry for her.

I didn't completely empty my bladder for I only went and pissed enough so that I felt that I had gone enough and I stopped my stream. I slid back reached over and zipped the zipper back up on the sleepingbag. Polly laid for several minutes and then she rolled over for a moment and she had her clothes by the sde of her bag which she could reach. She grabbed her flannel shirt and put that on. She told me as she put the shirt on; Dam this shirt is cold!

Then she said suddenly; Oh shit I just pissed a little in my sleepingbag! I asked her; How bad Polly? Just a little Dave. But I really think I'm on the verge of loosing it! Now I was near enough to where we had put last nights garbage in a plastic bag but didn't toss it into one of the garbage cans. I pulled it closer to me and I fished out from it one of the opened empty cans of stew we had for supper last night.

Her Polly piss in the can I told her. At least you don't have to completely have to get out of your bag to do it. So Polly did unzipper her sleepingbag enough so that she could get into a kneeling position which she did just that keeping the sleepingbag covering her bare ass and most of her front covered with it too. I had the can slipped down under her vagina and Polly strated pissing when she felt the can touching her.

Her piss banged into the tin cans bottom and in only a few short secnds had covered the bottom and now splashed noisily. Since I was holding the can her piss I felt lowly warmed the can which I soon felt the can hget warmed by her piss. It was filling rapidly too. When I saw that it was getting filled wih about two inches to go before her piss would reach the top ridge of the tilted canI told Polly to stop. The can is nearly filled. You have should have pissed enough Polly so that you won't have to piss again for awhile.

Polly said she had and as she told me her stream eased rightoff and did some dripping into the stew can and she was done for now. I carefully moved the can and I gave it a heave which all of her piss shot from the can wetting the ground where I had aimed the can. I tossed the can and we snuggled back down together and we did go back to sleep for about a hour and a half. To be continuied.

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