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Pooing/Peeing at My New School

I've been in catholic schools my whole life. After K-8 parish school, I moved to a catholic high school which I basically liked, although I thought the dress code calling for uniforms was a bit strict. However, the teachers were pretty good and the speech and debate program, which was my main interest, kept me engaged in activities which my parents, especially my dad, really believe in and continually tell me will help me be successful in the future (whatever that means!). Well, earlier this summer my dad lost his job. So the $10,000 a year tuition would become a stretch since he is working like three part-time jobs that don't pay that well. He and I are talking about taking up DJing again on weekends, because that pays pretty well and I can use the money, too. And there's always going to be weddings, private parties like reunions, and my dad's huge music collection will also be an asset.

I'm in my third week of my junior year. I'm at a public high school that's located about four miles from our home. My previous school had less than 900 students; my new school has 2,700 students and while I thought the discipline was tough in my previous school, my new school is strange in that while the daily schedule is very regimented, with only 4-minute passing periods and a 25 minute lunch time, there is almost no supervision or expectation for students in the bathrooms and it shows. There's some smoking going on and the upper windows in most of the bathrooms are open this time of the year to help get rid of the smoke, but the girls leave the crowded bathrooms filthy beyond belief.

My previous school had toilets about the size of what most of us have in our homes. The seats were white, there was ample toilet paper on the roll and extra rolls stacked on shelving just inside the door when you put your book bag down. The seats were white, the flushers were used, and when someone was going to like puke, they would lift the seat before kneeling and getting sick. And tampons and that type of thing were most often put into special metal containers on the wall opposite the toilet paper. Now, for the problems at my new school. There are about 25 stalls in each of the major bathrooms and girls waiting for each. Although some of the stalls have doors, many do not and among those that do, some of the doors have been bent or are on one hinge. So much for privacy when you can see almost all of a person seated on the toilet and the brand of makeup they have out while they are waiting for their poo to fall. Tampons and other personal items have been left on the seats, along with more frequently pee that in some cases is dripping off the seat and onto the floor. You have to look carefully before you sit down because with the black seats, poo isn't going to stand out as well as it would on the white seat. The same can be said for the hot ashes. It's a definite ouchee if you sit on them.

Probably less than 20 percent of the toilets are flushed and the ones that are are sometimes flushed by fools who think poo from three or four other users plus Pepsi bottles and lots of toilet paper are going to go down a normal drain pipe. Some of the users must be really dense. I mean get real! With only the 4 minute passing period and the 8 period day, I've found that I have to get onto the seat within 15 seconds of entering the bathroom. About three or four times now that has meant taking a doorless stall, sitting in some pee, but it's the only opportunity I have to drain my bladder. Then I flush, that part is not that hard, pull up my undies, jeans or shorts and if there is a sink available, I will quickly wash my hands, and then dry them on my jeans as I make my run for class. Some of the girls have come up with a good idea for the open stalls. It's brilliant (but I won't use the other word that Bono did a couple of years agon on an award's show). While one girl is using the stool and it's an open stall, the next user comes, stands in the doorway but facing the sinks, and gives her privacy from the others passing by or hanging out. The user gets up, and turns the stall over to the student who has been shielding her privacy. Pretty billiant, don't you think?

My biggest problem with tardies so far has been when I have to poo. I just don't think that most of us can do that in such a small amount of time and still keep 30 seconds or a minute to get all the way down the hall with the crowds and into the classroom. With the exception of my 8th period debate teacher, the teachers are really strict about tardies and security guards and administrators are really tough too. In the past several years, I have poo-ed at school most every day but I'm having to hold it in this year. Too many teachersare really tough about keeping students in the classroom because of vandalism and other crimes that have been done by students out of class. They don't want the administration to haul a kid back into their room because that can impact their evaluation.

All I can do, I guess, is hope that things get better as the year goes on. Until then I tell my friends I'm going to be "constipated or in-holding." I don't see too many alternatives.

To Jodi

I love your story. Water in the toilet definitely hides some of the smell. how does your fiance respond to your accidents? I hope he is understanding. I would love to hear more about that week you had where you had accidents every day on the way home from work.

mike from the usa

scared farter-

Hey, I think a valid point to be brought up is that guys do it all the time and get away with it so why shouldn't girls be able to? I'm a guy and I find anything having to do w/ farting funny. I'm sure in a couple of weeks all of the girls in your dorm will be farting in the common areas and not caring who hears or smells it. I've got a funny story involving farting also. A couple of years ago I was in court with a friend of mine sitting on a hardwood bench. I thought I could get away with letting one out quietly but no luck. The hardwood bench with no cushion seemed to amplify it and the side of the courtroom where I was sitting erupted in laughter. Thankfully the judge wasn't there yet otherwise I might've been charged with contempt. LOL. Anyway, let us know how things go, and if my theory holds true. Is your pee stream loud and are you shy about people hearing it also?



to Nina

I'm glad you liked my post! Also I'm glad I'm not crazy about the smell of accidents. As if its not embarrassing enough to poop your pants, the smell needs to last so long on top of it!

That's sad and terrible that guys would break up with you over accidents. I mean, they're just that- accidents. You can't help it. Its not like you do it on purpose just to be gross or you're just lazy so it sucks that guys would be that way. Guys like that aren't worth it anyway. But yeah, my fiance, Jared, is really great. I mean sometimes he kind of lectures me about not waiting so long and making sure i give myself time to get to the bathroom. But other than that he's always understanding and helpful. He'll try to help me cover myself up if i have a public accident and he has even rinsed my soiled underwear a couple times.

One particular accident that comes to mind happened about 3 or 4 years ago. We went to the movies, i think we were seeing that movie Crash if memory serves. My biggest memory is how bad i had to poop halfway through the movie, because we had a pretty hearty dinner a couple hours early followed by coffee. Well, being the way i am, i certainly wasn't going to miss 10 minutes of the movie to go use the toilet. So i was determined to hold it. I fidgeted in my seat a lot, shifted between legs i was sitting on, leaned forward in my seat, anything i could do to surpress my need to poop, i did. I had things fairly well under control as the movie continued. Finally, the movie was wrapping up and the pressure was at its peak. I was just about turtle heading and i knew i was cutting it very close. I anxiously stood uo and headed toward the exit with Jared. But of course, it was too late. I fought as hard as i could to hold back the turtle heading load as i waited for the bottleneck of people to get out of the theater, but i had waited too long and my butt cheeks were no match. Preceded by a series low, baritone farts that happened in quick succession, i lost control of my bowels and pushed a thick, heavy load into the seat of my pants while exiting the theater. It came out slow.and i felt the warm stickiness of it spreading upwards between my cheeks, then as the end of the load broke off i felt it quickly spread onto my right butt cheek and expand into a sizeable lump. I felt my face burning red and my heart raced from the anxiety and humiliation of what i had just done. The pungent odor soon rose to nostril level and alerted everyone to what had happened. I tried to walk normally but its difficult with a big load in your pants so I'm sure i had a bit of a funny "i just pooped my pants" waddle. When we got out into the corridor to the lobby and were in the light, Jared must've noticed the bulge on my butt and my red face and figured out i was the source of the odor. He put his arm on my back and walked me right in front of him so my butt was concealed by his body and he lead me straight out of a side door to the parking lot so i didn't haves to go through the lobby full of people with a mess in my pants. I told him i was sorry and i really thought i could make it and he calmly said not to worry about it. I asked him if it was real bad like if you could tell by looking at my butt and he sarcastically said "nah, just looks like you keep a roll of socks in your panties". I laughed meekly then got in the car and flattened my roll of socks in the back of my yellow cotton panties and light blue jeans and rode home with a warm sticky wedgie. It smelled really really bad because of the thick consistency. Jared had his hand near his nose and mouth for most of the ride and i even gagged once or twice. When we got home he calmly gave me a brief but stern lecture about not letting myself get to that point where I'm on the brink of an accident before heading for the bathroom,and i just apologized and explained about not wanting to miss the movie. He nodded and hugged me before i went to clean up. I literally had to peel my jeans and panties away from my butt before getting in the shower. When i got done they were gone, and ifound that Jared already had them rinsed out and soaking in the sink in the laundry room. He had also clearly sprayed a lot of air freshener throughout the house. So sweet.. anyway, that is one of my most memorable accidents since Jared was so involved. Those yellow panties have actually been pooped in more than once so there is a fairly obviously brown stain in them.
Anyway, i have plenty of other accidents i can share from time to time. Nina, tell me about some of yours. What causes them? Do you have unbearable pain that causes you to release prematurely or do you simply put it off too long until you become incontinent like me? Also, if you don't mind, how did past boyfriends react? If a guy was ever mean to me about an accident I'd put my soiled undies under his pillow! Lol not really. Anyway, talk to you soon!
Love Jodi


Advice for Scared Farter

Hi Scared Farter! I am a college junior who can sympathize with your dilemma because I had the same fears when I was a freshman two years ago.

My farts usually aren't that noisy, but they do tend to be very stinky! This is fine in public places with lots of people around, because I can usually let them out discreetly, play innocent, and avoid getting blamed. But it really worried me when I moved into a tiny dorm room with a roommate. I knew that even if I could let my gas out quietly, there was simply no way I'd be able to prevent my roommate from noticing the smell. I was worried that she would think I was totally gross and get upset at me for stinking up our living area. I became even more worried when I first met my freshman roommate, Anna. She was very friendly, but also very "girly", and I just didn't think she would find farting openly to be acceptable.

For the first month or so or living together, I was able to avoid farting around Anna completely. If she was in the room, I would either go to the bathroom or just take a walk around the hallways and let them out then. I only farted in our room when Anna was gone and I knew she wouldn't be coming back for awhile.

Eventually though, my luck ran out. One night, shortly after returning from dinner, Anna and I were preparing to go to the campus fitness center together to run on the treadmills. As we did stretches on the floor of our room, I could feel the gas building up inside me. I figured if I could just hold in the gas for a few minutes, I'd be able to let it go outside, on the walk to the fitness center, and the smell probably would't be noticeable. But then, as I was stretching with one leg straight out and the other bent and pulled in toward my chest, Anna said something that made me laugh, and I couldn't help it - I felt a long fart hissing out of me. It was barely audible, but it only took a second or two for the smell to hit me, and it was BAD! Thinking that maybe I could get Anna out of the room before she noticed, I hopped up to my feet and suggested that we leave. "Ok," Anna said, as she started to stand up. "Just let me grab my iPod, and put on my-" Anna stopped in mid-sentence. I could see her face twisting into a look of disgust, and at this point I knew that I was busted. She quickly pulled up her shirt to cover her nose, gave me a horrified look, and said "Oh my god, Kelly....Did you just FART??" I was absolutely mortified, and I can only imagine how red my face was. "Um, yeah. Sorry." I replied sheepishly. I felt like I was about to start crying - until I realized that Anna, with her shirt still pulled over her nose, was actually laughing. "Jeez Kelly," she said, "That smells awful! You're worse than my brother! Give me a warning next time!" With that, she grabbed the bottle of Febreeze we kept on our windowsill and began spraying it around the room. I realized that Anna wasn't really angry or anything, she was just teasing me, like friends do. I relaxed, helped her air out our stinky room, and we went on to the fitness center, laughing and joking about what had just transpired.

From that point on, I was much more comfortable farting around Anna, and she became comfortable farting around me as well. We lived together again our sophomore year, in a suite with two other girls, and now the four of us all live together in an apartment as juniors, and we all fart openly around each other.

So to Scared Farter, my advice is that you shouldn't be embarrassed about farting around your roommate. If you try to live with someone for an entire year without farting, there are only going to be a lot of uncomfortable moments. If you and your roommate get along, I don't think farting is going to change that, even if you are worried that your farts are nastier than hers (and I bet mine probably smell worse than yours :-) . I hope that helps! Please let us know how things work out for you!


Super Soaker

Hiding accident

Since everyone is talking about hiding accidents, I thought I'd share a story my girlfriend just told me about her trying to cover one up. Tonight we were walking thru campus at the school she attends, and we walked on a sidewalk that reminded her of something. 3 years ago, we were walking along the same sidewalk. It had been raining a little and it was muddy, we were laughing about something and I gave a friendly push, and she ended up falling into a puddle. We all laughed about it and I never thought anything of it. Apparently, she made sure she fell in the puddle all the way because we had been laughing so hard she peed her panties and jeans. It covered up her pee, and I never would've thought that she was covering something up. That's just one of many pee stories from her, I'll share more sometime if anyone wants to hear them.


for New Guy regarding Linda's constipation

New Guy,

Some people are prone to constipation no matter what dietary guidelines and fiber they use. It seems like no matter what I eat I get constipated and have to use either an enema or suppository at least two or three times every month if not more.


Nice, healthy craps

I have been eating lots of vegetables and fiber and I find that it gives me the best craps ever. I can have a seat on the can and with just a slight push, I get a full load out of me. It's a bit on the soft side, but it ends up in a pile in the middle of the bowl, with the top of it sticking out of the water. The down side is that it always seems like it will be clogging the toilet, but the whole mess ends up going right down after all.
This had come in handy when I've used doorless stalls. The most "embarrassing" part about taking a dump in front of someone else is usually having to strain and make funny faces while pushing.

Jake-A 3 foot log? I'm surprised you didn't have to break it up with a stick to make it go down. It's great when we have those dumps that really empty us out, isn't it? At work, do you have a single room toilet, or are there a bunch of stalls? Clogging a single toilet at work can get embarrassing. Also, when you take a dump, do you lower your briefs and pants all the way to the floor? In a multi-stall setting at work, I think many times guys are shy about their co-workers seeing their underwear at their ankles while on the can. Especially if it's briefs. Do you wear just plain old tighty-whities or something with a little more color? I used to be shy about anyone seeing my briefs, almost always colored, but now I don't mind at all.

Keep on posting, Jake!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

new guy
To: Half Dump Denise love your stories your last story was great and I hope you continue to write more of them.

To: Amy L that was a great story about you having diarrhea and meeting your boyfriend I bet he feels lucky.

To: Blueboy loved your story about your aunt its sounds you 2 really get along if you have any more stories about her please post them.

To: Upstate Dave another great story keep writing them and we will keep reading them.

To any of the girls and women who havent posted in awhile please come back we miss you espicaly puink rock girl, carmalita and any other ones out there.

To: Wendy & Kristy you guys are becoming my new favorite posters your guys stories are the some of the best one so far on this site keep it up.

To: Abbie great story keep writing more of them.

To: Leane loved your story if you anymore please post them.

Heres a story about hearing a woman fart this happened many years ago when I was in sunday school we were sitting in a circrle and one of the kids mom was passing something out I forget what when she got to me she bent down in front and gave me the thing she was passing out and when she walked away I think she dropped something and when she bent over to pick it up she farted right in front of me I can't remember if I could smell it.

Heres another story about seeing a girls poop this story also happened in sunday school this might have the actual first girls poop I saw im not sure if this was or the other one was. I dont remember her name but I think she was a few years younger then I was because she was still diapers I think we were just sitting around doing something when she pooped herself and mom changed her right in front of everybody I think she had diarrhea it was yellow and chunky sorry for being graphic and for some strange reason I was thinking about cornbread I dont know why.

41. The false alarm Its a fart that feels like its ready to come out but when you try its not there anymore.
42. The backdraft Its a hot fart that starts to come out but then gets sucked back in and blasts out a few seconds later with a lot of force.
43. The squeaky stinky Its a small squeaky fart that smells really bad.
44. The S.O.S (shit or stink) Its a fart that will come out as a big fart or a big load of shit.
45. The cork popper Its a fart that gets traped behind a peice of crap and has blow that crap out of the way usauly into the persons underwear unless there on the toilet or arent wearing any.
46. The cute one Its a fart that has a soft or very little sound and usulay little or no smell.
47. The eye waterer Its a fart thats so bad it makes your eyes water.
48. The taste of death Its a fart so bad you can taste it, it usualy makes your mouth go numb
49. The triple threat Its a fart that makes your nose burn, your eyes water and makes your mouth numb.
50. The owwww fart Its a fart that really hurts when it comes out it hurts so much you have if your bleeding back there.
51.The devils reject Its a fart that smells so bad that the devil himself couldnt stand the smell.
52. The good to bad Its a fart that starts out with little or no smell but sudenly gets a whole lot worse.
53. The day ender Its a fart that you been holding in all day and when it finaly comes out its usualy very loud and packs a real punch from being held in so long.
54. The wake the dead Its a fart so stinky it can wake you from a dead or very deep sleep its the kind fart you don't want to smell in the middle of night or any other time.
55. The double feature Its a fart that my start as a quick small one but a few seconds later really big one comes out.

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 2

I drove for another almost two hours. I guessed now I was over halfway but not quite two thirds of the way. I was hingry checked the time and it was past one in the afternoon so it was time to find a place for lunch. I was south of Burlington Vermont so I would stop at a McDonalds there use the drive through and would save time eating while on the road.

I did just that having a quarter pounder with cheese,big order of fries and a chocalate shake. I had my lunch as I drove. I was on Route 4 and as soon as I found another highway that headed the same direction as Route $ did I pulled on to it. Again I was in no hurry and I always liked to explore as I drove.

This road as Route 4 did crossed the border between Vermont and New Hampshire and I was now in New Hampshire. That made me feel better for it at least in my mind I was getting much closer now but stll had a distance yet to go before I would be at Mnt Washington. But also now I had to make my second piss stop for I had to piss again and also it felt like I had to shit too.

Since I wasn't on a major road there was no real shoulders on this road to pull off on and stop. So I kept going. I drove for another twenty minutes and up ahead there was a small dirt pull off area which was one used to park at a hikeing trail. Good! I thought to myself I can stop there get out just go up the trail a little ways and I can shit and piss!

In a couple of minutes I was parked out of my car and walking fairly fast up the hikeing trail. I walked in about a hundred feet and then walked in only about ten feet into the trees and brush and I stopped. I unbuttoned my jean shorts pulled them down without bothering with the zipper on them. I didn't have to worry about underware for I had none on. I squated right down.

I slipped my hand down and aimed my penis down at the ground. My asshole was allready being pushed open by my shit. I could feel that it was. My shit in its normal fashion was comming right out for I could feel that too. The way my asshole felt being stretched wide open my shit was a good fat one. I now started to piss wetting the ground out in front of me which was about two feet from me.

I went on with my shit and piss but I heard a lot of small branches being broke off to my left. The way the branches were being broken it wasn't a animal but sounded more like a person who was in a hurry. I felt my asshole close up followed by a very dull thump. My asshole reopened being stretched very wide again. So I was having a second shit starting. I did stop pissing as this happened.

I also took a look over to my left and I could see less then twenty feet away a Girl with a back pack on her back hurring through the trees and brush. Must have been hiking the trail and I smiled just a little seeing her hurrying she looked and acted like she was going to use the woods to like I was!

The girl stopped very suddenly right out in the open. She was in a spot where it was pretty much clear. She tugged at her belt whipping it apart. She had on a pair of jeans which must have been tight on her waist. For she strugged for a few seconds to get the snap or button on them taken care of. I right then fet my asshole close sht. IMy second shit was done. I began to piss weakly which I barely felt for the girl had just about my full attention now. (With my mind the way it was watching the girl my penis was rapidly becomeing erect which was making my piss stream weak)

The girl now had gotten her jeans pulled down to her knees but from here I heard her say very oudly; OH SHIT!!! I wondered why she had said it as I watched her. She had on a white pair of panties and she now yanked them right down and as she did she also moved into a high hovering squat. As she did this I saw that the girl was already pissing! Now I knew why the oud oh shit. The girl had pissed herself before she got into the squat she now was in.

She had quite the stream going too which was a gusher. As the girl pissed I got a comfermation that she had pissed herself for she was looking at her white panties moving them as she looed right at them. Then in a much softer voice and her being close enough for meto see and hear the girl said to herself; I'll have to atke these off!

I a few short seconds later felt that I was no longer pissing. I let my penis go which it went straight up for I knew it had I felt its head against mylower belly. The gorl was stll gushing piss stream going and now as I was looking over at her she began to shit! For I saw a short fat shit drop away from her ass and a second short one dropped right after the first one. Followed by a third and fourth shit.

Thn one more shit came into sight. This one was much fatter and moved very slowly as it came out. Also the girls piss stream had been slowed down by her shit nd it had looked to me that it was just dribbling out od her now. The fat shit got longer and longer. I would have guessed it had reached at least a foot in length and then it fell to the ground.

The girl now stood up. She slipped her backpack off setit on the ground and she sqauted down. She pulled out what looked like either toilet paper (not on a roll) tissues, or even could have been napkins. The girl wiped her vagina first. She also wiped her lower crotch and her asscheeks too. Tossed what ever she had used and then picked up some more what ever she had used and gave her ass a good wipeing. Tossed the paper away and then she slipped her jenas and panties off.

She stood ther after getting her panties off holding her jeans now and she was checking them over. Once checked she put them back on. I now having been done for awhile I pulled my jean shorts back up. I quietly sliped away and back to the trail. I walked back to the parking area going fairly slow as I did.

I had just walked into the pull off area and I heard the girl behind me for she too had headed out from the woods comming the same way as I had done. She had after I had left when she was still back there in the woods had taken a tshirt form her back pack and had to tucked into her belt cvering her jeans. She must have pissed her jeans too along with her white panties!

I said hello to the girl. Been hikeing? I asked her. She gave me a slight smile and told me she had been. Easy hike? I asked. No not to bad. KInd of long. Ten miles she said to me also. Now I have a long walk back to my car yet she also said to me. Which way? I asked the girl. She pointed the same way I was headed. I believe that way she said to me.

Hey I'm going that way. Want a ride? Save you a long walk. The girl smiled and said to me; That sure would! Thank you! Here put your backpack in the trunk. I had opened it up and the girls put it my trunk. I closed it. Now the gorl saw my big backpack and she asked me if I was going hikeing or been hikeing. Before we got in my Cmaro I told her I was headed to Mount Washington to goo hikeing.

We got in my Camaro and I pulled out on the highway. Now the girl said to me; Oh really Mnt. Washington? I never have climbed it. So the conversation wenton betwen us for all the time it took to get where her car was parked at the other end of the trail which was on the same road. She got out and so did I. I opned the trunk she got out her bacpack.

She stood there and she laughed. Then she said to me I never gave you my name! I laughed and I said right back to her I didn't either! We both then laughed a little harder. When we did stop laughing the girl said to me putting her hand out forme to shake it; My name is Polly. Hi Polly my name is Dave. We shook hands.

Then a idea struck me. Polly where are you ging next? Oh I don't know she said back to me. How bout going to MOunt Washington. You did say you never have been there. Do you have the time? Yes matter a fact I do Dave! Ok Polly follow me so she went over and she got into a Ford sedan and pulled out and followed me. Now I would not be alone on this vacation. I had made a new friend. I hope we would have a lot of fun together. To be continuied.

Scared Farter
To Shy Pooper- I'm going through the same thing except with gas. What I do to avoid the embarassment is flush the toilet while pooping to avoid the noise.

I still need suggestions on how to make my fart situation better!

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 9

Polly and I stayed for a short time on Mnt. Jefferson. Took some pictures and then resumed hiking which again we headed downward instead of staying on top. We were going down in elevation as we headed through the chain of the prsidential peaks. So it was sooner to be in the trees as we hiked along.

Wehad our lunch this time as we hiked. Instead of going back up again useing the map we headed for a very small lake area and would camp there and spend the night before going on. One of the big reasons was for drinking water and both of us could use a sponge bath. Plus in this area a fire was allowed. That ment I didn't have to use my sterno to cook with.

We arrived mid late afternoon in that lake area. It wasn;t bad at all. Small cleared spaces were made and they were pretty well aprt which gave some privacy. There were only as we saw at mots a half dozen people here and none of them were close by us in our site we had picked.

As we set up our little sight I asked Polly; Under the stars or I do have a small orange pup tent. It is open on its ends. Polly in return asked about what the weather would be for tonight. I told her no rain. Then under the stars Dave! Polly said to me so I rolled out our sleepingbags on the ground. Then Polly and I went and got water for drinking, bathing, and for our supper.

When we got back with the water I started a small fire and in one larger aluminuim pan heated water up for our sponge bath. Once it was heated both Polly and I stripped right down and we began washing ourselves off which felt real good. This time though instead of washing ourselves down only we washed each other off instead. Polly really liked it when I did her back and shoulders. She was a little sore there with her muscles.

After bathing and rinsing off we did get dressed in clean shorts and tshirts only. The fire was down to being just glowing coals and I had cans of stew and I had rinsed out the pot and dumped the stew into the pot and heated it up. I had some hardrolls too and pats of margerine. So we had the stwe with rolls and margerine on them for supper. We then cleaned up and it was still early so we sat played cards listened to my small transistor radio for awhile.

Polly got up and topld me she would be right back.She went down heading to the lake and was back several minutes later with a wine bottle in her hand! She held it up showing me which it was Boon's Farm strawberry wine. It chiled! Want some? I don't drink much wine but being Boon's farm and strawberry I did like it so I told her I would. So Polly opened it poured it out into our coffe cups.

So now we drank the wine as we went on playing cards. Well wine being wine after drinking a couple of cups of it both Polly and I took a break from playingcards and we stepped over to the side of our campsite where there were bushes to piss. This time we took care of each others shorts by pulling each others down.

Once Polly had squated but before she started to piss she said to me; You know Dave seeingyour penis this time and all the times seeing it when we pissed or had shit too it is always has been nice to see it. Then Polly giggled a little and she went onsaying to me; You know it might be the wine or something else but I'm feeling a little horny seeing your penis this time!

I smiled and said back to Polly; Oh the first time now?! Polly giggled harder and shook her head yes back to me. Then she let go from her vagina a strong stream of piss which hissed loudly and splattered hard all over the ground. I too started to start my piss now byt Polly told me to wait. I'm horny enough I want to hold you! So I squeezed hard making my stream stop so that it was only a very short spurtt that I had released. I stood watching Polly piss an in my mind I thought; I can't wait for her to hold me!

Well I did have just a little wait for Polly. But watching her she had started pushing making her stream harder as it flowed. For its hissing got much louder and her piss splattered evn more on the ground. You are sure in a hurry there Polly. THat horny? I asked. Polly giggled a hard shrt giggle. Then she said right back to me; You'll see! I laughed. and Polly several short seconds later her piss stream came to a clean sudden stop.

She yanked her shorts up over her hips but did nothing else with them She toof the few steps over to me doing it fast. She reached right down pushed my peis down using her thumb on its head and then told me to piss. I had been holding back so as I relaxed my piss stream shot out fast and hard. It hit the ground hard making a bigger splatter then what Polly's piss had done.

Polly said to me; Gee are you in a hurry Dave to get done too? I smiled and said back to Polly I could be! She gigged a little and watched me piss without another word. I didn't say anything more either. Even with my pushing I took a long piss. And I did several finishing off spurts in a row too. Polly let go and grabbed my hand. We walked out of the bushes and back to our sleeping bags.

WE wen on playing cards and she again poured out the wine into our coffee cups and thats what we did untill shortly before sunset. The qurt bottle was finsihed off by this time and POlly was not drunk nor was I. I would have said that we both had a good buzz though. To be continuied.

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 8

Well I woke right up at dawn. I had to wake Polly up. I got our breakfast made while she packed up her stuff and mine for our hike. It was cool so we both dressed for the cooler weather. We ate threw on our backpacks and we were off. I had a trail map and we took a different trail that would take us to the top of Mount Washington and then from there start our journey to the other peaks to the northeast.

Being on this trail for the first time I didn't know what to expect so we took our time. It wasn't all that bad but was narrow,rocky,and parts were quite steep. Luckily noone else was hiking the trail this early in the morning. We made the top and we were already east of the top of Mnt Washington and the drive up road. You could see everything from where we wre over on Mnt. Washington.

So Polly and I hiked along the open ridge on the trail for about a half hour and then we made a very needed stop. We both hadn't taken a moring piss yet and we both now needed to. The spot we had reached was about three miles from Mnt. Washingtons peak which if we looked back we could see it but at this distance unless someone back on the peak area would need a telescope or high power binocculers to really see us well.

But what Polly and I did was take off our backpacks and leaned them up against each other so they would stand and Polly could squat down behind them for a littel privacy to piss.Me I could stand with my back towards Mnt. Washingtons peak. Polly squated in froont of our backpacks and I hadmy penis out and we both started pissing. Polly had quite a noisy loud hissing stream going wetting the scrub grass and moss.

I myself was pissing hard with a long low arcing stream of piss wetting the moss and scrubgrass well out in front of me. Both Polly and I let out a good sigh of relief at the same time and we both laughed together for doingthat together. I finished well ahead of Polly even after doing several long finishing up spurts f piss in a row. So after putting my penis back inside of my jeans and zipped up I turned around and watched Polly piss till she stopped.

When Polly finished her piss she stood up showing her backside to Mnt. Washington and then she bent over and pulled up her jeans. I laughed and said to Polly; Oh giving someone else some sceanery? She laughed and told me she was just doing that! WE put back on our backpacks and started again our hike. We didn't make any more stops till we reached Mnt.Adams and we took a half hour break there.

Next would be Jefferson and I checkedthe trail map before we would head there. Polly asked if there was a trail that woud get us down at least to tree level and there were several. Thre was also these trails would connect with otheres that went back up. So we chose one and headed for it. Wesoon were on and were heading downward for the woods.

In less then a half hour we were well intio where there was woods and Polly asked meto get out my little shovel from my backpack. I smiled for I knew Polly had to shit. So did I. I got out the little shovelwe set our packs down. I said to Polly; Shall I make it a one holer or two? Polly laughed hard and told me two!

So I dug two shallow holes one for each of us and I had dug them so we both could sqaut and face each other. It had warmed up by this time too and Poly said she was also going to change clothes and I agreed we should do that too. So we did take off our heavy jeans and half naked we bot squated down over the two holes I had dug and we got ready to take our shits.

We both did piss a little before we shit. I made sure that I had my penis pushed way down so I would piss in the hole. That was no problem for POlly being a girl. Her thin stream went straight down into her hole. As I pissed I felt my asshole being pushed open and in a few short seconds I was shitting with my shit being a god fat feeling one and moving right along too.

Polly looking over watching said to me; Dave I wish that I could shit like that! You make it look so easy! I chuckled a little and said back to Polly; Just being normal! Polly took a swipe at me but missed but she too let out a little laugh as she took the swipe at me. Then I feltt my asshole close up and a very dull flump as my shit fell into the hole. I pissed jsut a little spurt and I was done except for wiping myslef.

Polly had stopped pissing but yet had not started to shit. I reached over and from one of my backpack puches took out a napkin and I wiped my ass with the napkin. I checked and there was smeared shit n it so I turned it over and gave myslef a second wipe. The napking cam out with just a little light tan smearing on it and that was good enough. I dropped the napking in my hole.

I stood ther now and Polly was just starting to shit for I saw a brown blunt end of her shit wouldpoke out far enough to see it and then slide back out of sight. Then it would reappear again and slide back in. Polly was having a little trouble getting started this time. Polly now stared to push to get her shit to sty moving instead of having it slip back inside.

Wth a hard push and letting out a grunt her shit slid out a little faster and farther. With her push to Polly sent out a spurt of piss from her vagina. Then her shit stopped. So she had to push again which she again grunted her shit moved, a spurt of piss again came out, and her brown shit got longer. Polly repeatedly did this till she managed to complete her shitting. When her shit did fall into her hole it made a thump not a flump like me had.

He shit was very hard looking as I looked. Polly stood up I gave her a napkin. She gave her ass a wipe and she checked the napkin. Nothing she said to me dropped the napking down on her shit. She got out from her backpack what she was going to change into while I took the dug up dirt and tossed it in the two holes covering up our shit. Then I got changed also. I took a little water and poured it on the shovel and wiped it off on the ground and back in my pack it went.

We then hiked back to the trail went and hiked it till where we came upon the trail that would take us back up to the top of Mnt. Adams. WE did make one stop for there was a spring and we got more water which we would need for drinking and eating. Then we continuied and hiked up to the peak of Mnt.Adams. To be continuied.

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