Half Dump Denise

Indecent Exposure (And It Wasn't My Fault!)

When I introduced myself a couple of months ago, I told you about my name and family. I'm 16, come from a huge family with 14 from four generations of my family under one roof, so the bathroom time with only two toilets is quite limited. My biggest problem is this: I can't take a full crap or anything even close to it whenever I'm in a public bathroom of any type. It is like so embarrassing. However, when I'm in the bathroom on the upper level of my house I'm what my grandfather calls "the bowl filler."

Well, last week at about noon my friend Monique came over. She had the $5 to pay me back that she had borrowed and she suggested that we walk about three blocks up the street to McDonalds. I was hungry, but wanted to take my daily morning crap before I left, but both of our bathrooms were busy so I decided to save it for McDonalds. So me and Monique started our walk. It was like 95 out already and quite humid. I could feel the sweat rolling down my legs from my jean shorts and my hair, which I had pulled back, was wet too. When we got to the main street in our city and prepared to cross the six lanes, I knew we should be prepared to run because the cars don't stop or even slow down. We waited for a break, Monique called it, and we ran full speed across the lanes. Monique swore because she had stubbed her toe on the median and the run caused me to get that feeling in my gut that I needed to crap and pretty fast. I was feeling a little nauseated, probably from the heat and running and I told Monique I didn't feel my crap was going to hold until we got to McDonalds, even if we were to pick up speed. As we continued our walk which was a little harder now because we were walking uphill and against a wind that had picked up, we got to the sidewalk around a big construction hole where the basement had been dug for a new building. Monique pointed out a portable potty a few feet ahead of us and I said great. I actually raced to it.

It was obvious to me what I would be on the stool in like 10 seconds and I couldn't wait. The door was a little bit ajar, as if to invite me in and I immediately yanked it open. I probably used too much pull, but I was in a hurry. The problem came when I went to close it and found that it had been bent and wasn't fully able to be closed. I grabbed my jean shorts, because I couldn't see any light between the door and the unit and I knew with Monique out there that there wouldn't be a problem with someone opening the door on me. I lowered my shorts and undies, placing my sweating butt squarely on the toilet. The lack of air again caused me to feel nauseated and within a minute or two on the stool, I was literally dripping from sweat. My first log was about half way out and I was pushing as hard as I could when suddenly the door went flying open, exposing me sitting there to all the passing cars. I called for Monique who was I guess on the opposite side of the toilet trying in vain to light her cigarette. There were three or four honks from the street before she came crashing in, grabbed and closed the door and was literally standing right over me and cussing as she was finally able to light her smoke.

I was continually sweating, now starting to choke on the smoke and trying to get my first log to clear with Monique standing right against me. I got to thinking about what I had done to deserve this. I couldn't let her out without exposing me again to the six lanes of traffic and my first log had not yet dropped. She opened the door just a crack to get her cigarette pointing outside and I momentarily stood up, an act that caused my log to break off. I knew I had a lot more inside me but felt if I did a fast wipe, I could wait until McDonalds to get the rest of it done. I showed Monique the wiping paper before I tossed it in and she said my ass should be pretty clean. I told her to make sure I had my undies up and my jeans up before she opened the door. As soon as she partially opened it, the wind blew it all the way back again and she swore when her cigarette went out. Like I give a damn.

While she ordered for me at McDonalds, I immediately went to the bathroom. It was a one-staller but a lot cooler and cleaner and I sat for about three minutes and I dropped two more pieces, although they were pretty small. We had a nice lunch, after which I went back in to the bathroom and dropped a much larger log.

Now do you guys understand what's behind my pen name?

Amy L.

Diarreah accident

Hi guys sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was really caught up in college work, and my job. For those of you who are new, just to give you a mental image I recently turned 20, I am a brunette, full figure, 5"5 130 lbs. Anyways I'd like to share an accident i had yesterday.

Yesterday I went shopping at the mall to buy new clothes for the new college semester. I wore a jean skirt, that barely covered anything it only went like three inches down, and I wore a white thong. With a white blouse, and high heels. I was shopping for like an hour, and I got really hungry, So I ate in the food court. I ate 5 tacos, and a dessert. I felt sooo fat! lol. Well I started shopping again for about 2 more hours, and I really felt the need to poop. When i eat tacos, I always almost immeadeatly have too poop. My stomach was really acting up. So I quickly bought the rest of my stuff. I had like 7 bags of clothes, and my purse. So I had so much pressure carrying that stuff. And the urge became unbearable. I made it to my car, and threw the bags in the trunk. I was thinking about just squatting in the parking lot. But I didn't have the courage too. I got in my car and quickly left the parking lot. I was about 15 minutes from home, when I had a wet fart. and I was seconds away from completely ruining my brand new skirt. I clenched my cheeks so hard. And amazingly made it to my house. But as soon as I parked and got out, the poop started coming out. I wasnt even pushing. The urge was so bad. I ran to the front door, and I tripped over a box the mail man left, and I completely lost control and my butt exploded all over the box and the porch. My skirt and thong were ruined, it ran all down my legs. A quarter of my porch was covered in mushy soft green and brown crap. I puked all over my shirt from the stench, and I broke down in tears. I was a complete mess. My neighbor saw me on the porch crying and he immeadetly rushed over. He's 20 as well we go to the same college. He saw the mess, and my condition. and he helped me up. and opened the door for me. I went to the bathroom, and took off my shoes and showered with my clothes on untill, they were clean. then I took them off. While I was showering. he got the hose, and sprayed my porch and it was completely clean. He got my bags out of the car and put them on the couch. After I showered I got changed into my pajamas and put my clothes in the washer. I gave steve a huge bear hug. I told him you didn't have to do this. And I offered him 20 dollars for what hes done. He said no I don't want your money. I did this because I really care about you. I felt so special in the moment, and made out with him. Now we're dating :D So in the end the accident was HORRIBLE! but yet I felt so releived to release that HUGE load. So that day turned out to be a great one :P

Hi. I've been sick lately and the doctors think it might be my thyroid. Does anyone have a thyroid problem here?

I >3 POO

Bathroom shyness

To shy pooper: I totally understand how you feel about being heard having a poo at college, because once upon a time I felt the exact same way as you do now. Pardon the pun I was shit scared of what people would think of me hearing me having a noisy, smelly poo at school because it was something that I was so self conscious of & I got to the point where I would avoid having a poo at school at all costs & poo when I got home so I could poo at home. Some years later I overcame my bathroom shyness when I was at school funnily enough & needed a poo so very badly that I had no
choice but to go & needless to say it was noisy & as there was a lot of plopping, farting & smell, but do you know what I didn't care what anyone else thought I just needed to relieve myself so badly that I just went for it & from that point on I overcame my bathroom shyness from that day on. I don't even think twice about using public loos in malls, restaurants or work to have a poo because we all have to poo & being shy & nervous about being heard only makes it harder on you because like I used to do is to find a single cubicle loo to be in complete privacy, my advice is don't let your fear overcome you, have a poo when some of your friends are in the loo at the same time because if you hear them having a poo & you go too then there's no fear because you'll all be pooing. What you have to remember is that you mustn't let it effect you to the point where you feel you have to hold back from having a poo in the fear of being heard you have to go when you have to not worry about it just cut loose & let yourself be heard pooing because no one will know it's you because the door will be shut & they can't see who's on the loo. I really hope what I've said makes sense but don't let it beat you, you can overcome your bathroom shyness & I really hope you do too :)
PS You could also try putting a layer or 2 of loo roll in the bowl to try & muffle the plopping noises when you poo. I've heard others who do that & I've tried it once.

Good luck & all the best. Let us know how you get on :)


Tripping Out With My Aunt Again

Back again. It's been a few weeks since my last story, but I had a great episode with my aunt this morning. For her to be 38, she's got a great sense of humor. She was lying on her bed watching TV when she told me, "I gotta fart, come on." As usual, I laid my head on her ???? butt (she was wearing these green mesh shorts) and she let out a short popping fart that didn't really smell that bad. I told her I was the one with the serious gas since I had Chinese Food and a vanilla milkshake last night. She told me to let it out, so I put my rear against her back and let out loud, bubbly fart that lasted for 5 seconds. She fell out the bed laughing! Then, I left out another one that was loud but it was shorter. The room had that spoiled meat smell as she sprayed Lysol. I said, "Hey, can you breate? She said, "No! Your ass need to take shit!". I told her that she was right and that she can watch me.

She came with me as I sat there and released two thick ass logs that were 12 inches and 7 inches each. The bathroom was lit up and stunk like hell. She was sitting on the tub making jokes with me as usual. I asked her if she could add to my load, so she sat on the toilet an tried while I washed my hands. My Aunt dropped about 7 small pieces on my load. Her pieces were no larger than rocks. I laughed as I looked at her load combined with my huge logs. I told her that she barely did anything. She that she had to force that out since she was kind of empty. As she was wiping, I turned my ass towards and let out a grenade fart! It was loud as hell and went for 6 seconds. She slapped my leg and told me she had me faded next time!

Question: Any women on here love having a fart session with their friends around them? If so, when was your last experience and how was it?


Response to Sharon's Survey

Becky, like you I love some of the surveys in this forum. I'll answer my first.

1. Do you read while you poop? Frequently.
2. Do you talk on the phone while pooping? Sometimes I do. I've even made business calls while on the toilet (I'm a magazine editor).
3. Eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? I sometimes smoke while I shit.
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? I sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? I would say so.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? One to three times.
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? Never. Just plain old dry tissue for my bottom.
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Not usually. I just wipe and flush.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, or difficult to pass? Yep, too often.

I look forward to more responses to this survey, curious cat that I am.


Response to Jodi


I agree with you. Although i dont have too many accidents maybe 2 or 3 every few years I will admit that the few times I have pooped my pants the smell has lasted much longer than the other times. I would love to hear some more stories of your accidents and your fiancees reactions if you wouldnt mind posting. Ive had my fair share of guys break up with me about my accidents so would love to hear about a guy who is okay with it. Thanks.

Love Nina


Thanks and another story

Thanks to everyone who answered my question about having an accident and trying to hide it. Glad to know I'm not the only one to do that. :)

I have something that happened to me this weekend. It actually happened to my friend Ashley but I was there. She's also 15 by the way. We went with my church youth group on a camp trip over the weekend to the mountains. On Saturday afternoon we were out hiking on a trail to see a waterfall and Ashley was walking with me and we were at the back of the group. She really had to pee bad. I told her to ask to go back to the cabins or go behind a tree or something but she was embarrassed and didn't want anyone else to know but me. After a while though she was really bad off and had to hold her crotch and stop and cross her legs and bend over every few minutes to keep from letting go. She wanted to wait until we got back so she could use one of the bathrooms. She said she hates going outside and was too scared because there were boys around. She kept holding it and we stayed at the back of the group even though one of the chaperones kept telling us to hurry up and stay with the group. A few minutes later I heard Ashley gasp and start saying, "No, no, no, no, no" and I turned around and she was stopped, her legs spread a little apart, looking down, and her khaki capris were quickly turning dark in the crotch and spreading down her legs and pee started dripping onto the trail and she just totally, completely peed her pants, like all the way flooded herself. Her capris were almost completely soaked and it was very very obvious that she had peed her pants. She started crying and the chaperone heard and came back and saw what happened. He told me to take Ashley back down to the cabins and help her clean up. So we started back to the cabins and I tried to get Ashley to calm down and stop crying. She was mortified. I told her it was no big deal, accidents happen, and everyone pees their pants sometimes. She didn't care. I told her I had peed my pants plenty of times, but she said I never did it in front of the whole youth group at 15 years old. I finally got her to calm down about halfway back to the cabins. Only a few people saw her in her wet pants before we could get into our cabin so she could shower and change, but by that night everyone in the youth group knew about Ashley's big accident and some of the kids gave her a hard time about it, which sucked. She was really embarrassed all weekend and kept asking if she could go home but there was no way. I felt really bad for her. She told me she should have listened to me and asked to go or gone behind a tree. Anything would have been better than peeing her pants.

If anyone else has any stories about covering up an accident please share. I will try to come back with some of my other experiences later. Bye.


Shy pooper, if it helps, put toilet paper in the toilet first to muffle the sounds and maybe hold toilet paper over your bottom to to collect the first piece of poop and let go of it after it sticks.

Do you hover or actually sit on the toilet to poop because I think its better to sit but I put paper on the seat first.

Hope this helps


boyfriends accident

Heyyyy Im Kate! Im here to tell a story of my boyfriend who is the same age as me we are both 18. We were going out to dinner for a romantic night. He took me out and bought me flowers and everything it was a great night. We drove home back to my house and were cuddling in bed watching tv and all. Unfortunately my house only has one bathroom and I could tell he wasnt feeling well. All of a sudden he quickly shot up and told me he was going to the bathroom. He quickly came back however with a paniced look on his face. He told me my mom was in the bathroom and he really had to poop. I said im sorry just hold on shell be out soon. He said he was trying but didnt know if he could wait much longer. Well my mom got out of the bathroom and he turned to go out but as soon as he was in the doorway he doubled over and i just sat there watching as my boyfriend filled his pants with diarrhea. My mom who was walking this way saw and felt terrible and tried to help out Brian (my boyfriends name). She told him to shower and clean up and shed bring him some of my dads clothes. She even told him a story of when i pooped my pants last year on a family vacation which i later found out about. He came back all cleaned up wearing my dads clothes and i told him he looked cute to try and make him feel better but he was miserable. So i ended up telling him more about my accident last year and a couple others i have had before. He started feeling better and was less embarrassed as the night went on. Luckily for me he was very supportive if not more for me in a similar situation that happened to me a couple months later.

I really enjoy this sight. If anyone wants to know more about his accident or any of mine just let me know.


new guy

a quick question

To all the women & girls what is your most memeroable poop.


One of the biggest shits of my life

I've been a long time reader. This is my first post. Some of these stories are really great. Greg's are my all time favorite. I'm a 28 gay white male, 5'9", brown hair, green eyes, clean shaven, thin.

Anyway this morning I'm at work and I have this feeling like I have to take a shit. I go in the men's room and drop my pants and briefs. I'm sitting on the toilet, shitting. I look down at my deuce, and the longest one is like 3 feet. There was one or two more about a foot. There was a lot of shit in the bowl. I was hoping it wouldn't clog the crapper. That shit was one of the most amazing shits of my life. The whole day I'm thinking "Wow, I can't believe that shit I took this morning". I almost took a picture but I thought it would be too strange, being at my work's men's room and all. I flushed, and it all went down. The toilet was hungry, and ate all my shit down without a problem.

Upstate Dave

My Second Fort With A Toilet Part 3

Ok Barbie H had been the one that was cuaght in the first round of our hide n seek game. I had been with Barbie s and she took a piss in the crate toilet in my new fort for she and I hid in the fort for the time needed for her to piss. It was the second round now with Barbie H counting as we went off to hide.

Barbie S headed towards the front of the yard as I headed towards the barn. Diane first started going with me till we neared the barn an then she said come with me. So I did and she ran down along side the barn on the forts side with me behind her. She went right into the fort which I went with her.

Diane stopped right at the crate toilet lifted up its lid and she was wearing shorts and she without saying a word to me just yanked her shorts and panties right down letting them fall around hersneakers plooped down hard on the toilet seat and she let go immeadiatly with a gushing piss stream out from her vagina letting out a sigh.

After Diane had pissed for a few seconds she did say to me that she smelled piss when she came inside. Are you sure Diane? I asked. It could be your piss you are smelling. Oh no it's not mine. I saw that before I sat down the dirt was wet. Did someone else already piss in here? It had to be a short time ago too when it was done. Was it Barbie S or you Dave. I saw you two head this way when we first started.

I am honost so I did tell Diane that it was Barbie S. Diane told me if I had lied she would have asked Barbie S if it wa her or me. I knew this too myslef. Well I also new it wouldn't matter to Diane anyway. It was common knoledge between all of us that we all at one time oranother had pissed with each other around to see it being done. Diane was a little more private doing it though as far as with me and me only to watch not with any other joining in to watch.

Diane went on with er hard pissing which was enough that her piss had wetted dirt behind the back of the crate toilet and along a little bit at the base of the wooden wall of the fort by the time she did stop pissing. That was going to be needed to be fixed. I knew how too. I would take care of that later. Diane stood up bent over pulled her whte panties up and then yanked up her shorts.

The oder of piss now inside that room of the fort was stronger. She and I slipped outside andwe stayed by te fort takeing peeks over to see if we could see Barbie H. Niether of us did but we both were unsure if we could take off just then for home. Well good thing we didn't for Barbie H ran for home rightthen making it and Barbie H came out from inside the barn and stood in the driveway. Diane and I ducked down.

We stayed ducked down for a long minute or so and then took another peek. I took the chance to take off right then. I tore ass for home. Diane hesitated. Barbie H had also just came out from inside the barn. I had ahead start on her so she le me go but had seen Diane. Barbie H also headed for home and she had cuaght Diane so Diane was it now for the next round.

Before Diane started to count Barbie S told us she needed to stay out of this round. Barbie H asked her why. Barbie S answered that she had to shit. That made Barbie H giggle hard.Diane also did giggle a little also. Barbie S headed for the house Diane started her counting and Barbie H and I took off running.

As we started running Barbie H said to me that she was going to use the toilet in the fort. I know that you were with Barbie S and she had already used it Dave. So we made a hooking turn and went right to the fort. No sooner that we had gotten inside the fort Barbie S sad to me; Did Diane piss in the toilet too? I shook my head yes. Barbie was reaching under the dress she was wearing to pull her panties down and she told me like Diane had told me that she could smell piss.

Barbie H pulled down a white pair of panties also like Diane had done. Barbie lifted up the wooden lid and seat. She got up on the crate itself and got in a high squat. Barbie did a high sqaut many times when she would take a piss. Many times she would take her panties right off too before she would piss. But not this time she left her panties on.

Barbie started her piss. She sent a neat thin hissing stream of piss from her vagina. Her piss splattered hiting the dirt inside the toilet crate. After pissing for five six seconds Barbie told me that she felt like she had to shit! But I can't do in here right Dave? I told her that she was right. Right then Barbie must have bore down to stop her piss stream fr it eased right off and came to a dripping stop.

AS Barbie H reached down and started pulling up her white panties she said to me; The otherfirts toilet is used for shiting. I said back to Barbie H yes Barbie that one can be used. Barbie had her panties pulled up and had stepped down from the toilet crate. She went right out of the forts front door which I put the ctarte toilets lid down and I went out the door of the fort after putting down the lid. Barbie H was just going around the back corner of the barn as I had come out of the fort.

I ran after her hoping that niether of us was seen by Diane. I cuaght up with Barbie and I and her following me now I took her down to the hill side fort. Barbie saw the little open room one the one side of the fort with the hole in the wooden floor of it. She knew this was this forts toilet. She let out a loud giggle seeing the stovepipe under the floor pointing down into the hole in the ground.

Barbie H scrambled hurridly this time to get her white panties down. This time she did take them right off! When she got up inside the bathroom section she faced me with her back to me instead of facing at me. Barbie pulled and gathered herdress right up front and back so I was now looking at her bare ass faced at me.

Barbie started pissing again right off which she was hitting the edge of the holes opening with her piss splashing some into the hole and some of her piss wetting the wood of the floor. She aslo had started to shit too at the sme time! For already there had come out of her asshole a tan fat blunt tip of a shit that was moving slowly but steadilly.

Her shit to me looked hard and dry. It reached to be about three four inches long and suddenly her shit ended with it being expelled out hard of her asshole shooting down fast and hard into the hole under her and hit the stovepipe hard making a good thud when it hit the pipe. Then it fell out form the end of the pipe and into tthe dug hole in the ground making anothe softer thud hitting the dirt in the bottom of the hole. Also there was a trickle of piss running out of the pipe too.

Barbie H's asshole right after her first shit shot out from it opened right up gain and anothe fat blunt ened tan shitstarted out. This one was faster and reached about the same length a the first one had and it did the same ast the first shit g=had but even harder making a loder bang into te pipe and a louder thump down in the dirt of th hole in the ground. Then came a third fourth and a fith chunk of shit all being the same and shot out of Barbie H's asshole the same way too.

Barbie H pissed weakly all durring this time as she shit. Then one more fat blunt tipped tan shit started out of Barbie H's asshole. This one was not going to be short like all the others had been. This shit was amuch longer shit which it reached a would have to say a good eight incher! It fell down and hit with a good thud down n the hole in the ground. Then Barbie H finished off by pissing hard for about five seconds and then stopped.

Even though Barbie H had taken very hard shits she picked up her white panties reached under and wiped herasshole with her white panties and then wiped her vagina off with them. She then turned around after wiping and hopped down out of the bathroom. She turned around loooed in the hole looking at her shit and the she giggled and dropped her white panties into the hole too.

I told Barbie H that as far as her panties and her shit looked hard to me that she didn't have to toss her panties in the hole. I hadn't seen any shit smears on them after her using them to wipe herself. Barbie H just did a quick gggle and then she told me that they were wet from wipingher vagina. That's why I tossed them in the hole! Then we heard Diane's voice off in the distance say; Allie Allie in come free.

Barbie H and I knew Diane had given up looking for us. So what Baarbie and I did was split up and we neaded back up to home and Diane in two different directions. Diane would be it again. But Barbie S was not outside for she was still inside take in her shit so we all waited for her to come outside. Then we would wind up playing one ore rond of the game.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

John the Lurker
Hi everyone,

Special thanks to Sheilagwentgirl, it was your idea regarding taking the toilet paper from the bathroom that helped me so much. Somehow it has brought Mum and me so much closer. There is no mystery about the toilet now, Mum does not lock the bathroom door and twice over the weekend she called me as she went to the bathroom. On Sunday before church, after breakfast I helped Mum to wash up the breakfast plates and dry them and we went upstairs to get ready at the same time, Mum went into the bathroom and turned to me as she did so and she asked me if I would wear my nice dark blue suit she had bought me for my birthday. She had the bathroom door almost closed as she spoke to me but through the small cracked opening I could see her legs just a little and hear her slipping her panties down. I was so excited and just wanted to stay and listen, hoping she wanted to poop. I thought of what Sheilagwentgirl had said about trying to open a conversation. I just muttered something like sure Mum, and then asked her what sort of shirt she wanted me to wear, colour I mean. By this time Mum was on the toilet and I could just see her knees, she was peeing and it was splashing into the water, Mum said I should wear a nice white shirt as it would go so well with the suit. I pretended I hadn't heard and said, what did you say Mum. Then she opened the bathroom door more and looked at me directly. She was still peeing, her panties covered her knees and her hands were on her lap. She didn't blush, she just told me again she would like me to wear a white shirt. Mums pee had almost stopped by then, I head some sort of tiny trickles and she had stopped talking and turned her head down. It was so wonderful, I was seeing my Mum as I had always dreamed of, not peeking, trying to see her, but openly as she pee's. Then I realised she was pushing hard, straining I was trembling, she was trying to poop. I'm not good at describing very well, but she sort of went, ughhh, ughhh, then a pause . .I could see her taking a deeper breath, could see her shoulders moving more, then she ugghhhed harder and pooped. I could hear three plops into the pan and then a deep sigh. I could almost feel her relief and her body relaxing more. I know I was taking a chance then but I couldn't resist saying, asking her, if she was feeling better now she had pooped. It was amazing because she turned her head and looked at me telling me, yes it was a relief and then she said thanks for not dashing off to get changed. I know it sounds crazy, I wasn't sure what planet I was on, but I said, you mean you don't mind me seeing you on the toilet Mum. She told me she didn't. She said she had always liked my Dad to be with her in the bathroom because she felt safer, in case she wanted help, and just to feel somebody close by her. I just blurted out that I had always wanted be close to her and could we just go to the toilet like when she was with Dad. She said yes she would, but it would have to be only in the bathroom at home, I was too old for her to take me to the ladies when she was in town. I stayed with Mum until she had finished on the toilet, she was going for about five minutes, I'm not sure how many times she plopped but after she had wiped her bum, she wiped sitting down, five wipes, then she stood and as she did so she slipped her panties up before I could see any of her private bits. But I hope to share than soon. Its just so wonderful to see her like that. I hope to be able to see my best mate Andy's Mum, Jill on the toilet soon. She talked to me before as I wrote earlier. For me its a wonderful break through. Oh how I wish there were lots and lots of unisex toilets. I cannot understand why we are so private about going to the toilet. I would appreciate any advice anybody can give me to help me with Mum and Jill, and hopefully I am still a prefect at school, how to share my thoughts and ideas with the girls at school?


Back to school...

Hi everyone, Abbie here again. Sorry its been a while since I last posted, I've been really busy starting back at school and haven't had much spare time.
Emma- thanks for sharing your experiances on your holiday to Italy, I enjoyed reading about the desperate poo you had when you got to the airport and how you felt a lot better after. I know that feeling of standing waiting for a cubicle having to clench your bum and feeling the tip of a poo forcing its way out into your knickers and praying that you'll get on the loo before you have a full blown accident. Its also not a good feeling if you go for a poo and then you still feel like theres more up inside you but it won't come out, I get that sometimes and it can be quite uncomfortable. I look forward to your next stories!
Leanne- glad you enjoyed my last story, I loved yours too! I was glad you got there in time, it sounded pretty close!
I just thought I'd post quickly about the last few days starting back at school, I was quite worryed about going back as I'd already got constipated towards the end of the summer hols and thought that going back to school wouldn't exactly help my bowels to work better. My mum has given me medecine in the past when I've been constipated but that was a long time ago now just after I started secondary school and I'd be way too embarased to admit I'm struggling to have a poo at nearly 16 years old so I went online to see if there was anything I could do myself. After reading a bit about it I realised I'm probably not drinking enough or eating enough fruit and veg (I'm not that keen on vegetables and although I like fruit I often forget to eat any!) so I thought that I'd try to see if that worked, along with being sure to go to the toilet as soon as I start to want a poo. My first day back at school was last Thursday and I hadn't been for a poo since Monday, I hadn't really felt the need on Tuesday and I'd tried to go on Wednesday when I got home but nothing would come out. Typically by second lesson in the morning my belly started hurting a bit and I realised I needed to go. Normally I would have held it in till at least lunchtime, but I stuck to my intentions and put up my hand to ask my teacher if I could go to the loo. I was already feeling embarased because I knew I was likely to take a long time, although my last poo was a bit easier to get out after a couple of days of eating more fruit and drinking more it was still quite hard work and I knew that I was probably going to be on the toilet for at least 20 minutes. I walked towards the girls loos in the Science block (I was in a French lesson at the time and they were the nearest ones), I was just thinking it was nice to be going to the loo before I got so desperate I was about to poo my pants when I saw a girl who looked like she might be one of the new Year 7s coming towards me and looking upset. "I'm trying to find the loo, I'm really bursting" she said in a panic.
"Don't worry, that's where I'm going, you can come with me" I said as kindly as I could, I remembered what it was like when I was new and didn't know where the toilets were. The girl walked with me into the science block, I noticed she was holding her bum with one hand so I guessed she needed a poo as well, and we both went into the toilets. Luckily both cubicles were free so we took one each and locked the door. I usually just lift my skirt and drop my pants to my knees, but this time I knew I'd probably want more freedom of movement so I unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor and then pulled my yellow and blue stripy pants down to my ankles. As I looked towards the other cubicle I saw the other girl's skirt and pink knickers at floor level and then remembered that the cubicle partitions in these toilets were high off the ground and you could see underneath quite easily, I was a bit embarased at the thought that she'd be able to see my knickers too but it was too late for that and anyway I knew I'd have to spread my legs really wide to get my poo out. We both had a quick wee and then I started pushing, all went quiet next door so I guessed she was doing the same. After a couple of minutes I could feel the tip of a big log starting to come out of my bum, all was still quiet next door to me. I was breathing really carefully trying not to make any noises but as I sat there I started to hear some grunts coming from the other girl so I joined in too. After about 5 minutes of hard pushing my first log dropped with a loud plop but there was still silence next door. Shortly after I heard the toilet flush so the poor girl had obviously given up and then suddenly her pants and her skirt disappeared from view as she pulled them up. After another 10 minutes and a couple more hard logs I felt I was done so I quickly wiped my bum and flushed before pulling up my pants and skirt. I then washed my hands and went straight back to class. I got a few looks from people as I had been quite a while but luckily the teacher never said anything so it wasn't that bad. Thanks for reading this, will post again soon. Bye for now!!

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