Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Our desperate poo

To new guy:
In reply to your question. We once went to a pop festival where the que's for the toilets were a mile long. We'd eaten at a burger van & it wasn't very clean. Well later that evening we both got upset stomachs & needed to get to a toilet fast. We waited in line for the toilets for ages before we decided to forget it & try & make it to the woods instead. By the time we got there we were almost pooing ourselves & we had to climb over a fence to it in. As I jumped down the other side I lost it for a second & squirted some diarrhoea into my panties. As Kirsty got to the top of the fence she swung her leg over ready to lump down when she let out a wet sounding fart. I knew she'd leaked a bit by the look on her face. She swung her other leg over & jumped down landing awkwardly. She grabbed her bum as she stood up & then it happened. I could clearly see a brown stain forming in the back of her jeans. At this point I was losing it too & my diarrhea litteraly exploded in my underwear. All we could do was just stand there & let our bowels pump thier entire contents out into our pants. It was extremely messy & we had no way to get cleaned up. Then it started to rain heavily. What luck! We stood in the rain & cleaned up that way. Our jeans were stained but we had a change of clothes in the car so it wasn't too bad in the end.

Today I went out shopping with another school friend, Heather, who is a lot shorter than me with fiery red hair and pretty green eyes. We looked around the shops for ages and then had lunch. Afterwards I had to poo, and so did Heather as I found out when I said I was going to the loo. We took adjacent cubicles and sat down. I heard Heather quickly push out two or three bits of poo, and I joined her with a couple of soft logs. Already the toilets were starting to smell! I got rid of another three logs while Heather was pushing out what sounded like lots of small pieces. I was done and I thought Heather was too, but as I was wiping there was a loud splash and a sigh from her! We met at the sinks after a satisfying poo!

Emma- Glad you had a nice holiday! I loved Rome when I went but as you say there didn't seem to be many public toilets about!

new guy

more questions & comments

To:Scared farter first are you male or feamale as to your question all I can say is try farting in front of her and see what her reaction is if shes grossed out by it just appologie (how ever you spell it) and say it was an accident but if reaction if its a good reaction such as she decides to fart in front of you then you wont have tobe scared of doing in front her.

To: Shy pooper first are you male or female my best advice is realise that everybody poops in fact theres book called that just trying to be blunt about it. I dont like pooping in front of others if I dont have but sometime its imposible not to so my advice is to just suck it up and get it over with as quickly as posible that you make uncomfortable holding it all day or until you can find somewhere private.

To: Wendy & Kristy another set of great stories keep on writing them.

To: Upstate Dave loved your stories and again I would like to say you are a very lucky guy I wish that the girls I know were open about going to the bathroom in front of others I don't want to ask them because im afraid they'll think im gross and not want to be friends anymore im not sure how to bring the topic up I would even be happy enough just to talk to them about that subject.

To: Jodi I notice that if get poop on my hand while wiping the smell seems to stick around even after I have washed my hands with soap but there are certain soaps that work really well I don't remember its name. I know that wasnt your question, to answer your question thre are certain air feshners that do a good job of getting rid of the smell I don't remember there names right now but if you do some research on them you'll find one that works.

To: Braidy love your stories keep on writing them.

To: Sheilawentgirl another great story keep up with the sheila reports.

To: linda from australia have you thought about changing your name to constipatd Linda because you seem to get constipated a lot just kidding about the name maybe you should change your diet and see how it afects your bowels.

In the perfect world nobody would be ashamed of there body meaning there would no need for clothes the temperature would be a constant 75 degrees and there would no bathrooms of any type meaning you could pee & poop anywhere you wanted to there would be special robots to clean it up and this world would be peaceful no crime at all I know this was a bit off topic it was just something I wanted to share with everyone

shy pooper

what should i do???

Hi. I am very private about my bathroom habits and I just recently started my freshman year of college. Every time I take a poo my heart races and i strain to hear if anyone is coming down the hallway. It makes me so miserable and uncomfortable and I'm hoping that someone out there has any advice at all on how to conquer this anxiety of mine. It's really making my college experience a horrible one! Please give me any advice possible if you have any and thanks so much!

Scared Farter
I have a dilemma that I could use help with. I'm a college freshman that is living in a dorm with a roommate. She is really cool and we get along just fine. The issue that I have is that I don't know how to tell her about my farting. Personally, I'm open about it because let's face it, we all do it. And the thing is that I can let out some nasty, noisy farts. I also find some pleasure in farting so when I do have to fart, I treat it like it's no big deal. Anyway, I figure I need to tell her soon because last night, I was forced to hold in my farts because of fear of embarrassment. I was terribly gassy last night because of the McDonalds I ate. I felt like if I did fart, it would be soooo loud. Not only that but the smell would have been bad because I knew that the fart would be followed by poop getting ready to come out. The other thing is that I heard my roommate fart the other night and for a moment I was relieved that she did but at the same time, I realized that her farts are small compared to mine. I need to figure out a way to bring up the conversation of farting because it's killing me to not fart freely in the privacy of our dorm room. Some failed solutions that I've tried was putting toilet paper around the area to block the noise, "touch and go" method, and going to the bathroom to fart. The toilet paper method fails because even though it hid the noise, I had to work twice as hard to push out the fart. Touch and go worked for a little while but that wasted too much time and effort on trying to figure out if it was okay to fart or not. Going to the bathroom was the worst solution because the bathroom is not a good place to hide noises. When I first tried it, I went to the bathroom to release my "morning thunder." I didn't go to the toilet to do it so i just farted in my pants. When I farted, it was so loud! I was the kind of beastly fart that you do before doing a poop or after a night of holding it in which was the case for me. So then I tried the toilet and that just amplified the sound! So now I sit here with a belly full of farts and I don't know what to do. I have to keep moving around so I don't fart. I just need to tell my roommate about my farting issue but I don't know how. Any suggestions?

The Juiceman

Skinny Jeans

I'm wondering about those tight skinny jeans - do they help keep the wearer from pooping themselves? Like, not diarrhea which would gush right through the fabric, but can they keep a solid poop from coming out? Has anyone here ever had an accident in them or, conversely, been saved from an accident by tight jeans that wouldn't let a bowel movement come out?

Upstate Dave
Hi to all. Richard my answers to your questions are;
1. Depends since most of the time its just me and my wife that are here and I a lot of times sleep in the nude I have no underware topull down. But if I'm wearing boxers then I do pull them down to my knees.
2. Yes I will leave the bathroom door open when alone and also with my wife is home also. She does too. We are very open and comfortible doing this.

Harry Pooper that was a very nice post you did with your friend Fiona from next door and your tree fort. At that age I had built forts which mostly were on the ground but did build a couple of tree forts. None of my tree forts had a bathroom but one ground fort did which was a seperate little section with a wooden platform to sit on with a hole cut out in it. Under the hole I had a old section of wood stove pipe with a elbow that turned and faced forward. Any one that used it would have thier pee or poop come out through the stove pipe and would go down in a dug out hole that was there. What was fun about this fort with that bathroom was the girls that I knew really liked to use when ever they could! In the tree forts you would just pee or poop over the edges of the floor.


a question - for sheila

I wrote about the last Friday I spent with my friend Shirly and the our buddy peeing I really enjoyed it too. It surprised me me that Shirly did that because I've thought of her as somewhat of an inhibited person, a stereotypical soccer mom. Maybe this was a one time thing or maybe there's a part of her that's uninhibited. But I'm not really ready to make a move ( like Sheila and her friends ) because it could affect our relationship. Sheila, or anyone - can you think of a way to approach the topic without creating awkwardness.


No time to poo at work

I've just got home from work after a totaly manic day. The store was packed all day & there was on time to have a poo at work so I held it untill I got home. By the end of my shift I was desperate & on the bus ride home I started to feel the pressure in my bowels growing to the point where it was painfull to hold it in. When I got to my stop, I got off the bus & almost lost control. I had to clench tightly to keep my poo inside me & it wasn't easy. The 400 yard walk home felt more like 10 miles. I battled with my bowels just to keep my anus closed & the pressure kept growing all the time. The pain was unbearable & I had a biological urge to empty my bowels. I was ready to give in to it but the sight of our house kept me holding on. I was elated to see it & was looking forward to the intense relief I was about to have. As I walked up the path to the front door I felt a huge pressure wave go through my bowels. I froze unable to move in case I pood myself. It took a couple of minutes to regain control. I made it up to the front door & looked in my bag for the key. I couldn't find it! I rang the doorbell to get Kirsty to let me in but there was no answer. I was in a panic by now & almost lost it. I got my mobile out to phone Kirsty to find out where she was but her answer phone cut in. I sent her a text message saying, "Kirsty. Where are you? I'm nearly shitting myself & I can't get into the house." As I pressed send I realised I'd sent the text to my boss by mistake. I was so embarrassed. I had to re-send the text to Kirsty but I panicked & pressed the send to all on my phone by accident. How stupid was I?! The wait was agony & another pressure wave flowed through my bowels. This time I couldn't hold it & a huge amount of soft mushy poo quickly filled my pants. There was nothing I could do to stop it. The relief was indescribable & to be honest I didn't want to stop it. I completely emptied my bowels into my bulging pants & by the time Kirsty got home I stank of poo. She was so sorry to see what had happened especially as everyone knew about it because of that text. She let me in & I ran up to the bathroom to clean up. It took ages as you can imagine & when I went downstairs I found my keys on the table. I don't know how I'm going to face my friends when I see them after that text I sent them all.

Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 1

Back in the 1970s still single I would vacation up in New Hampshire in the White Mountains at Mnt Washington. This time I went alone instead of going with friends. I had three weeks of vacation to use for the year so I took off 10 days for this trip to Mnt Washington.

I had my Camaro all packed up and I left very early in the morning before sunrise. I wanted to get well on my way before the sun would rise so since I was driving east I wouldn't have to fight having the sun in my eyes as I drove. By the time the sun was up I had covered one third the distance I had to go.

Each time I do go to Mnt Washington I go a different way and I was doing it this time too. I stopped in a little out of the way town in Vermont and had a very good breakfast. Then after traveling another hour I made my first piss stop pulling off alongside the roaf where there was a small overlook which was in the Green Mountains.

Now it was Monday which I always started durring a weekday for traffic is lighter not like can be on a weekend. This overlook was not on a major highway but still waas a state highway but hardly no traffic at all on it. So all I did was getout of my car walked around to the passanger side pulled my zipper downpulled my penis out and stood there and started my piss right there by the side of my car.

Now I hadn't pissed yet which I could have gone when I forst got up. lso I had made up a thermos of coffee and had drank that before stopping for breakfast. Add three more cups of coffee while having breakfast I had a very full bladder and it sure felt like it and I knew this piss was going to be a long one.

My stream shot hard out of the slit in my penis. My stream had a real wide head went into a very long twist. My stream had a very yellow color to it. When it hit the pavement of the overlook parking area it turned it black and with my piss being so hard it splashed well outside the growing black wet spot on the pavement.

In a short time since the pavement wasn't level I had piss trails comming out of the big wet patch along with lots of piss foam in the trails which snaked across the parkinglots pavement. After about a half minute a tractor tarailer truck passed by with a short blast from its airhorn. I with my otherhand waved and I turned my head to watch the truck go by. I'm sure the driver knew that I was pissing for my talltail piss trails on the pavement must have been seen.

I would have guessed that I pissed well over a minute by the time my stream rapidly eased off and stopped. I did push made a couple of finishing up spurts and then I was done. I did take a quick look around as I had slipped my penis back inside and had zipped up my zipper. I smiled a little for there was the big black wet patch with many piss trails that had come out of it and one very long one that had gone several feet out of it and went past the back end of my Camaro.

I got back in my Camaro and pulled out on the highway. I did take another look back in my rear view mirrior at my leavings as far as my pissing there in the overlook parkinglot and then I payed attention back to my driving checked the time and said to myself I have plenty of time. I would make another stop in a store a hour or so later for a brief break having a soda and a smoke. Then I got back on the road again. To be continuied.

With Polly in her Ford behind me She and I made it to Conway New Hampshire. From Conway you could see Mount Washington off in the distance. We were now less then a hour away from hwere the lodge was and the trail up to the leanto area. I motioned to Polly that I was pulling into the McDonalds there in Conwayand she pulled in behind me parked next to me and we both went inside to have supper.

After we got our order which I paid for Pollys we went outside and ate using oneof the picnic tables. As we ate we talked telling each other where we were from. Polly was from Rhode Island and I told her that I was from TRoy NY. She laughed and told me that she knew of TRoy for it was the home of Uncle Sam. I laughed and told Polly she was mot sertainly right on that.

Now I haven't given a description of Polly yet so I will tell you know. She was on the tall side being 5' 10" tall. Just a few inches shorter then I. She had very long straight black silky shinning black hair. Her eyes were a deep hazel. Her cheeks on her face reall stood out and her skin was a darkish pink.

With these features I asked Polly if she had any indian blood in her family. Polly let out a short hard laugh. Matter of fact I do! Polly went and told me that her family split up durring the revoltionary war with some going to Canada which that's how the indian blood and features came into her family. I laughed har and told her the same with my family! Polly said back to me after I told her that; Hey Dave we have something already in common!

We went on eating and I told Polly there was one more stop needd here in town before we do go over to the lodge and our hike. I went and told her that I was going to stock up at the market. Polly said that was ok. I asked her if she had room in her backpack and she told me there was. So now I coud get more stocked up for there was two of us now not just me.

We hit the market got very thing needed left and between the market and the drive to the base lodge another hour had passed. We parked together in the base lodges parking lot. It was just about deserted with ony four or five widely scattered cars in the lot besides our two.
We put on our backpacks and walked over to the base lodge. I had made reservations in advance and had paid for a leanto.

To help Polly out I paid for leanto fee too and we left the base lodge and started up the three and a half mile trail to the leanto area. It was six in the evening when we started sothere was still a couple of hours left of good sunlight. That was plenty enough time for our hike to the leanto area. We took ourtime a we hiked along.

Now thereare several streams along the trail we were hiking on. There was one stream thathad a seanic spot with its waterfall and big pool of water with the falls. When we reached this spot I took Polly over to it and she loved it. She got out from a side pouch in her backpack a little Kodak camera took several pictures of it and me. I did the same back taking pictures of the same spot and her.

Then back out to the main trail agan and we resumed our upward hike up to the leanto area. After hiking anothertwenty minutes I started having gas pains along needing to piss. With the gas pais I had slowed down as far as my walking. McDonald's suace on thier Big Macs always in a short time gave me gas. As I continuied walking my slower pace the gas build up got even more.

Polly had noticed now that my pace had slowed a lot. You alright Dave? I said for the most part Poll. I have a lot of gas now from McDonalds. Poll let out a short laugh and when she did she ripped off a loud elephant trumping sounding fart! See I'm the same way! I get gas from them too! I let out a laugh and as I laughed like Polly I ripped a loud fart but going much longer. After I had stopped Polly asked if I felt much better now. I told her I did. WE then went back to our fast pase but I still needed to piss that was why now I was at a fast pace.

Where we currently on the trail it was woods on both sides. But the trees were older so it was widely open. I could have just walked into the trees and gone behind one of the trees to piss but I liked a little more cover then that since I was with Polly. Looking up ahead the trees were shorter and I knew from past hiking on this trail thats where there was more cover to piss.

In a little more then a additional ten minutes of hiking we reached that area with the dense woods with the smaller trees and brush. I said to Polly; Would you excuse me? I have to see a man about a hoarse. Oh you have to piss! Polly said back to me laughing slightly. Yes I do I said now laughing slightly for I knew that Polly knew what phrase ment.

Polly also added that she had to go and would you stand guard for me while I piss. Then I let it slip out that I was standing guard when you were in the woods off the hiking trail. Polly only momentarilly stopped. You were!!!! I was. I was taking a shit and piss while you came over near me.

Polly then aid back to me not mentioninganything about me being there and seeing her. Instaed just said to me; Gee I never saw you! I was to busy Getting ready to shit and piss and I had wet my panties and jeans too before I got them both down. Then I knew Polly didn' seem to care that I had seen her for she went on saying to me with a slight laugh; I did wet my jeans a little and boy did I ever wet my panties!

We now had walked far enough away from the trail. Polly did step away giving some distance. I hurridly plled down my zipper on my shorts and pulled my penis out. I aimed it at the bush that was out n front of me a couple of feet away and I shot a hard piss stream into the bush hitting its small eaves shaking the branches and having mypiss splater over a wide area.

I went on pissed hard on that bush. It didn't take long many of the small leaves on that bush had my piss dripping off from them. I watched my piss stream not bothering to take a look in Pollys direction. I did move my penis down making my stream drop and wet the ground now no longer pissing into te bush. That's how I finished my piss off too.

I didn't need to do any finishing off spurts so I just put my penis back inside my shorts and zipped them up. I then turned to face Polly and tell her I was going to stand guard for and she could then take her piss. When I faced her way she was already sqauted down with her jeans pulled doown arond her boots and she was pissing hard on the ground under her!

Without saying turn around or don't watch me Polly did look at me and told me seeing me piss she just ccouldn't wait. That made me have to go! I let ut a short laugh and I told Polly that sometimes happens t me too!. She let out a litle giggle and now her piss stream began to slacken off just a litle and it began to hiss softly. Polly pissed for a short time more then she came to a dripping stop.

She then stood up pulling back up her jeans without wipeing. She did her belt and button and zipper. Ok lets get out of here and get to the leanto area! I'm for that! I said to POlly she grabbed my hand we walked back out to the trail and headed up it. In a short time the trees were much shorter and we could see the Headwall and Tuckermans ravine. There was still snow on the headwall and the ravine. But above those two areas there was no snow just bare brownish green scrub grass. Fifteen minutes later we arrived at the leantos and we had found one off to the right side being completely empty. That was the one we would stay in. To be continuied.

As we unpacked in the leanto Polly asked me what it was like tosleep here. Oh its very nice whether its warm or becomes quite cool. The temperature can widely vary Polly. She giggled a litle then said to me as she was rolling out hersleepingbag; I guess that will be the way I do sleep! It was starting to cool off for the leanto area was now in the shadow of the headwall.

It took us only about 15 minutes to get all setup. Then I took Polly over to the litle ranger station at the start of the trail that went up alomg side of the headwall and at the bottom of Tuckermans Ravine ski trail. The ranger was there and I asked for the logbook which he gave me and Polly and I sighned in. I also had her sighn in for tomorrow under the headwall trail for we were going up to the top of Mount Washington tomorrow.

Then we walked back to the leanto. When we got back I asked Polly if she wanted anything to drink. Something hot? I asked her. She saked if I had tea. That's what I want Dave if you have some. I went over where I had some smaller packs that were in my bacpack and pulled two teabags out along with my sterno stove. I had my canyeen too poured water into a small aluminuim pot lit the sterno stove and we soon had two cups of tea made and Polly and I sat at the open edge of the leanto and sipped on our cups of tea which warmed us both up quickly.

While we sat drinking our tea I went and told Polly as far as getting washed up I can haet water up and you can get cleaned up tat way some. Or use the waterfall by the Headwall if you like to take a ice cold shower!Poll laughed and told me she rather have the warm water. I also told her the old hotel had showers inside which could be used too. That's even better! Polly said back to me.

We had finished our tea and we sat for a litle while longer on the front of the leanto. It was now just about dark so it was between 8:30 and 9:00. It was time for me to hit the sack. I was tired from the long drive and the hike up. I told Polly I was going to bed. She said; That sounds good to me too.

So what I did without hesitation was take my jeans shorts right off. Polly too took her jeans right off so we both were half naked now and we both poked around in our backpacks to get out what we were going to wear to slep in. It was another funny momnet that happened then. We both pulled out only long flannel shirts to sleep in! We both saw that we had the flannel shirts out only we and we both laughed hard!

After putting on the long flannel shirts it covered us both of our half nakedness. Then I told Polly I was going to go see that same hoarse again before I go to sleep. She laughed a litle and she told me she too would see the same hoarse! So we hopped out of th leanto stepped around the right side of it.

Polly sqauted down to piss and I just lifted the front tails away of my flannel sirt and without holding my penis I started my piss. Polly laughed as she was looking seeing the way I was takeing my piss. I did turn to watch her piss which she had a this piss stream that was hissing pretty loudly and she was pising hard enough that the pine needles on the ground were being speretaed out from each other.

I aslo remebered right then about the rules as far as shiting around the eanto area. If you had to you had to bury it. I had a little shovel just for that purpose. I told Polly this rule as we pissed. She laughed and that means you'll have to come iwth me when I do have to shit! I laughed and I told her I would do just that! WE both finsihed pissing went back inside the leant got into our sleepingbags and soon were sound asleep. Well the first day was over. Now tomorow would be the first longer day with a lot more fun Polly and I would do together. To be continuied.

Since the front of the leanto faced east when the sun cam up in the morning it shone nside the leanto brightly and early. I woke up shortly after sunrise becuase of the sun shinning so brightly inside of the leanto. I slid out of my sleepingbag. Polly was still laying in her sleepingbag. It was not all that chilly for the sun had warmed it up some already.

I stepped over to my large backpack pulled out a small transistor radio dialed up a local station for to catch the weather forcast. I had the volume low but Polly did stir for she was awake but was only laying there in her sleepingbag. Th weather was going to be almost perfect. In the low 70s a breeze and no humidity at all. Perfect for our days hikeing today.

Still sounding sleepy Polly asked me was it still cool. I told her not all that much. Not as much as when we went to sleep last night. Polly sat up in her sleepingbag stretched and yawned heavily. Want coffee Polly and breakfast? Polly said yes to bth of my questions so I poured waterinto the little aluiminium pan lit my sterno stove to heat up the water.

Got out aplastic baggie filled with instant coffee and our two cups. I broke out two boxes of dry cereal along with some powdered milk. I made up the milk Broke the cereal boxes open which could be made into usable bowls. I stepped over to Patty handing her her cereal she thanked me and she started eating. I did the same. Soon the water was heated up enough and I poured out two cups of coffee and we sipped at our coffee while we ate our cereal.

We finished eating I put out my sterno stove and tooked the used little carboard waxlined cereal boxes and stuffed them into a small plastic bag which was for trash. Carry in carry out was the rule here too. Now both Polly and I were wearing our long flannel shirts only. Polly would laugh occasionally off and on all durring the time we had been up so far. She had a reason to too.

I had a morning woodie as far as my penis. When I was moving around it would sometimes poke between my flannel shirts front tails! That made Polly laugh when it did. I would pull my shirt back inplace to hide it form sight which Polly would laugh a little harder when I did. Now done with breakfast and its cleanup we could get dressed and leave to go take our hike.

But Polly said to me as she was standing in the front of the leanto and I had seen her looking around the rest of the leanto area that could be seen said to me; Dav I'm going to take a piss before I get dressed. And with saying that she hopped offthe front edge of the leanto and headed for the right siode of it like we had doen last night to do our before bed piss. Since I had to go I hopped off out of the leanto and walked over to the right side to pis also.

Polly was down into a high sqaut already as I rounded the corner of the leanto. She had the front tails of her flannel shirt out of the way and she had just started her piss. I saw it start going straight down but it did get harder going into a short arcing stream with its end travelig forward through the pine needles and the few dry leaves on the ground. Then it began also to hiss softly.

So I made a slight outward turn with my body this time I did hold my erect penis and I started pissing very hard with a longer arcing stream that shot well past Polly in front of her and came down wetting the pine needles where it had hit the ground. Dave that's a pretty good stream Polly said to me. I let out a little laugh and told Polly that coffee made me go this way every time! She laughed a little then after I had said that to her.

We both finished pissing with Polly stopping before I did. Now this time Polly did have a tissue to wipe with. She stood up and Polly had a big patch of long curled black pubic hair above around and below her vagina and she gave all off her big patch a wipeing with the tissue and when after I finished my piss we had stepped back inside the leanto she put the used tissue into the trash bag. WE both then got dressed which we both put on shorts, short sleeve shirts, along with light jackets in case we did get into a sudden weather change while we were on our hike. We then left and headed out to go take our climb up to the top. To be continuied.


Upstate Dave

Mount Washington Vacation Part 6

When we past the small ranger station thatis the very end of the tree line. No more trees after this point. A few scattered scruffy looking bushes and then as you started up the trail next to the headwall area no more bushes too. The Headwall trail starts off being steep at its start so it does take some time to go up it from 3800 feet at its start to 5300 feet to the top of the Headwall.

Sections of the trail are just in placed stones to step on while other areas are dirt. Th stones do make the hiking easier. I held Pollys hand where the dirt parts were and at times when we were on the stone steps. We were in no hurry so we climbed slowly not having anyone pass us going up but did have some people comming down which we gave the right of way to till that had gone by us.

I myslef could climb this trail from its bottom to top alone in a half hour. When Polly and I did reaqch the top which is mostly flat wide open with scrub grass, lichen, and patches of dark very soft green thick moss along with some rocks here and there it took us about 50 plus minutes to do. We walked north west over the wide open ridge in the nice sun,and nice breeze that was blowing.

I stopped about the halfway point and took off my boots and socks. I had done this before for the scrubgrass and the moss felt real good walking in bare feet. Polly did the same thing. We hiked over to where we had a great view of the long Waterville Valley and the northern Green Mountains in Vermont. Polly got out her camera and she took plenty of pictures finishing off the roll of film in the camera.

We then cut over to Mnt Monroe who's summit wasmarked with a ring of big stones. Polly got out another roll of film put it in her camera took a few pictures of the summit with its stones,a couple of me and I did a couple of her. Then she also took a few pictures of Mnt Washingtons summit which was still better then a mile away but being open the old hotel and the weather station building could bee seen from Mnt Monroe.

We started now for Mnt Washingtons summit. As we walked along Polly and I talked about what we would do whle here. What was planned out was we would hike back down to the leanto again. Pack up and then hike back up and spend a couple of days maybe three hiking the other presidentail named mountains. Polly was very excited about doing this too. Then come backtake the cog railway down to Conway resupply and come back up.

In a half hour we were there at the top. Polly was amazed by the weather station building with its thick walls and heavy attached and anchored chains to it. She took a lot of pictures of it,the old hotel,the cog railroad train for it was at the summit, and last the small painted rock which ws the highest point of Mnt Washington. WE also both of were very hungry and quite thirsty so we went inside the hotel had a big early lunch and had big sodas to drink with lunch.

I paid for all of that we had for our lunch. Outside befre we didstart back Polly bought bottles of soda to take with us. When eting lunch I told Polly we were taking another way back down. Longer in its length and time but nice hike which she would see other things going back the way I was going to take her.

The way we went was back across the same ridge we had come across when we had hiked up. But instaed of taking the Headwall trail we went along the ridge which narrows down and becomes all rock. This is the top of the headwall.Next would be the top of Tuckermans Ravine and we would go by it and over to one of the wide ski trails and go down it for part of it and hit a side trail that went down the south ridge and ccome out on the trail below the leantos and then have a short hike back up the trail that we had hiked to get to theleanto area.

We soon werepast the Headwall itself and reached the start of Tuckermans Ravine. Most of it still had snow on it and there were people sking down through the ravine. Polly took some pictures and then we moved on over to the wide ski trail. Here the ski trail was covered with grass so off again came our hiking boots and we hiked in our bare fet again.

We did stop several time s for Polly took more photos of all the different sceanery. So it was takeing us quite a bit of time to hike down along theski trail. That was fine with me. Once we had gotten down the ski trail far enough but still had a ways to go before the side trail we would go down to the leanto trail. Enough time had gone by for the soda I had drank filed my bladder to more then full capacity. Plus Polly and I also had drank the soda she had bought in the soda machine at the hotel.

I told Polly that I needed to take a piss. She let out a good laugh and said to me as she laughed; WELL its about time! I thought Dave you would never have to go! You must have a built in dam inside of you! I laughed hard for a short moment. Then Polly and I did walk out of the middle of the ski trail and over to its side.That is funny to me now for even the sides of the ski trail were wide open for there were no trees or bushs along side of the trail. We were still to high up yet for them to grow.

Now being out in the open one other thing that had happened the breeze that had been blowing became a strong wind. It was pushing Polly around to where it was making it hrd for her to stay still. I said t her; Polly sqaut down in front of me and hold on to me while you piss. Polly laughed and said she would just do that! But if your going to piss at the same time you better turn and piss with this wind! So you won't wind up pissing on me!

Now I laughed hard as I did turn around and faced the dirction with the wind.Polly also turned faced me and I offered helpto get her belt off, undo her button or pull her zipper down on her jeans. Polly laughed a little harder as she said back to me; I never had a male offer totake my pants offf to take a piss! To do other things YES! I laughed and I reached over and unbuckled her belt as she took care of the single button on her jeans. Then Polly let me pull her zipper down. Polly then pulled her jeans down to her feet and sqauted down ina very low squat holding on to my legs as she sqauted.

BeforePolly started to piss I pulled down my zipper on my shorts a pulled out my now erect penis and held it pointed upward n my hand. Polly had started her piss which she was pissing hard but with the hard wind blowing it made a mess of her piss stream even though I was standing right in front of her. Her stream was plattering in the wind and was being pushed behind her as she went.

I started my piss which luckliy for Polly my stream came oout hard going right into a log arc well over her head. With the hard wind going the same way did I really have a long stream of piss inits length! I would have bet easily with the wind I was well over ten feet where my stream did come down into the grass of the ski trail.

Polly even had looked up seeing my piss stream well above her head in te air. She said to em as she took the look upward; I hope that I finishe before you finish off Dave. After all most guys pisses end with a dropping come back stream. I don't want to be here if your piss does do that!I couldn't help but laugh just a litle. We both went on with our pissing.

Polly did stop before I did. So still inher low squat she scooted sideways till she could stand up which she did. Polly didn't pull up her jeans she stood there turned around now the same way I was faced watching me piss. She did have both of her hands tightly clenched on my one arm. The strog wind was rocking her body thats why she held my arm.

I soon finished my piss which when it did end I did exactly what Polly had said to me about doing a dropping comeback ending. I laughed as Polly said to me; DAVE I WAS SO RIGHT!!! Good thing I did move!!! I slipped my erect penis back inside my jeans and zipped up. I then for Polly pulled her jeans up as she clenched me tightly on my arm with her two hands. I did the button,her belt and zipper too.

Then we started down the ski trail. No it started to get steeper as we went down the ski trail. The wind was becomming less as we went lower in elevation. Polly spoke up saying that we should have come further down the trail to piss. I wouldn;t had so much trouble! We both laughed hard together. Soon we reached the side tral on the ski trail and we started down it. This was a very steep trail to go up or down and it did take us a very long time to reach the bottom where it again was on a flatter area and we were in the woods. To be continuied.

Polly and I made it back to our leanto. We were both tired right out from our long hike. I suggested to Polly that we should get up on the leantos roof and stretch out on it. The roos were easy enough to climb up on to do this. So we grabbed our sleepingbags to lay on changed into shorts and tshirts and climbed up on the roof together and stretched out on our sleepingbags in the sun and we took a nap and got a tan at the same time.

After napping for a couple of hours we both had woken up with both us needing to piss. I was going to hop down off from the roof and piss along side of the leanto like Polly and I had been doing. Polly came up with something different as far as pissing in a different place this time. She had a pretty good reason why too.

Patty said if we kept on pissing by the side of the leanto that area would get to smelllike piss if we used it to much. Polly said to me; We are here on the roof lets walk to the front side of the roof and piss right off the roof! So that is what we did! We both sat down together with Polly had her shorts pulled don to her knees. I sat there with my zipper down and my penis sticking through the open zipper of my shorts. Our legs dangled over the front edge of the roof and Polly was swinging her legs back and forth giggling a she did before she and I started pissing.

I started pissing first. The front of the leanto was a easy 15 feet above ground and I sent out a long arcing stream of piss which went well outward through the air and smacked right into one of the bigger tres which my piss splattered hard off the bark of the tree. I said to Polly; Bullseye! She giggled a little harder and she started her piss right then which she had her piss stream slant outward from her vagina with a loud hiss and she wetted the ground about two feet from the front of the leanto.

I didn't take that long of a piss. I was pissing quite hard so it didn't take long for my bladder to empty so after only pissing for about 15 secons my stream just dropped right down and I came to a stop. I did do a push to make a finsihing spurt which I made one good spurt and then a second very weak spurt and I was done. Polly was still pissing bit not as hard as she had been andher hissing of her stream had stopped.

Polly finished off her piss with a lot of dribbling which her black pubic hair got matted right down by her piss. Also since the leantos roof slantedback whne her dribblingwas less hard she pissed on the roof her piss ran back and Polly wound up finshing her piss with a wet ass. I took off my shirt andd she used it to wipe herself off. My tshirt would now go in the dirty clothes and when we would go to resupply in town liked we had planned there was a planned stop to include doing our dirty luandry.

Polly pulled her shorts back up. We walked back to our sleepingbags rolled them up tossed them off the roof and then we got off from the roof also. Picked up our sleepingbags and went around to the front of the leanto and climbed up inside. What we did for the next hour or so was play cards, then had our supper cleaned up and then we went for a walk. Then came back and it was getting near sunset and we got in ur sleeping bags to sleep. We were going to be up right at daybreak for in the morning we would be leaving the leanto area for our long hike which we had planned to do going to some othe other president named mountains. To be continuied.

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