Upstate Dave

Bold Outside Trash Can Pooping

This is a true story which involed several girls that were outside one morning fooling around on the front steps of the converted church which was now apartments where I was living in at the time. I had just moved from one apartment into another in the place. It was Saturday morning and I had been all week working doing panting in my new apartment.

This morning I was going to paint the bathroom. Now in my bathroom there was one window. It was one of the priginal stained glass windows that was left not being replaced. It faced the street being in the front of the church. It also swung outward at the botom so it could be opened. I had it open to vent the bathroom while I was painting.

With the window swun open wide I could look out of it with no problem. I was painting when I saw the two girls that were my next door nieghbors duaghters walk by with three other girls that I didn't know. As they went by all of them were talking,laughing, and just being noisy in general. Thier voices didn't trail off for they had stopped somewhere close by being near my bathroom window.

In a shortmatter of time I did know where all the girls were. One girl I heard said sliding on the railing was fun. Hearing that I knew the girls were on the front stairs. I went on with my painting in the bathroom. I wasn't paying attention to the gorls outside all that much as I painted till I heard that one of the girls say that she had to shit.

This was followed by a lot of laughter by the other girls. Then I heard a trash can cover being taken off one of the metal trash cans which were kept by the side of the stairs. More hard laugheter followed and one of the girls then said; Your'e going to shit in the trash can? I heard the girl that said she had to shit say YES! Then more laughter and one of the girls I heard say; I DARE YOU! In fact I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

More hard laughter followed and I then heard one girl go ewwww she's going to do it! I shoved the gallon of paint out of my way dropping the paint brush into the paint can. I sqauted and leaned my head out the window and looked over towards the stairs. It was theblonde haired girl the younger duaghter of my next door neighbor that was going to shit in the garbage can.

She wa over the railing standing on the narrow space where the concrete platform was before the steps of the stairs. She had already had pulled down a pair of light blue stretch pants she was wearing. I saw no panties pulled down with the pants. Only her bare ass was fully showing. She was a little on the pudgey side not like her older sistor who was slim.

Well she squated down holding on to the metal railing in front of her. All other girls were linded up in a row on the therside of the railing standing there on the concrete landing. The trash can in the middle of the three cans had its lid off so that was the trash can she was going to take her shit in! The blondes bare ass was three feet above the can in her sqauted down position.

The other girls were laughingclapping there hands whistleing just again making all kinds of noise as the watched the blonde girl waiting for her to shit. (So was I) Well it wasn;t a long wait for the blond started to piss first which was a straight down stream which went into the garbage can. She pissed hard for several seconds too. Then her stream eased up but kept flowing.

Then she did start her shit for I saw being behind her and I was lower I saw her anus dome and stretch outward with a tan fat tip of her shit poke out. The girls in front of her could not see this yet for they were saying; When are you going to shit!! WEll in a few short seconds the blondes shit had gotten long enough for the other girls see that the blonde was shiting.

One of them covered her mouth and was laughing. Another said very loudly; That's disgusting! Also another said She is shiting! There walso some screaming done also. Now the blondes shit was well past a hal foot long and I would have to say before it fell into the waiting garbage can had reached nine ten inches. Then a short nugget popped out hard and that too went into tetrash can also. By this time The blonde had stopped pissing.

Nos the blonde had stood up but still had her blue pants down. With all the girls noise the old woman that lived up over me she now had opend her front window and was yelling at all of the girls. She saw the blonde with her pants still down and also her shit laying on top of the trashbag in the tarsh can.

The old woman yelled loudly threatening the girls that they all were in trouble. She was going to tell the parents and the landlord waht they had done. Well the blode pulled her pants right up and jumped off the landing while the others ran down the front steps and they all scattered in different directions at once. I poked my head back in my bathroom window the show was now over. I went back to my painting in the bathroom. The End


College Toilet Orientation 101

Well, I'm 10 days into what my parents call my college career. I like four out of my five classes and several of the girls in my dorm believe the amenities of the several new dorms are better than what they had at home. My boyfriend Adam is enrolled, too, but his dorm is way on the other side of campus.

Two of my three classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are science classes which are held in a really, really old building named after a former university president. The main building was built in 1898 and three-story additions within the past few years have been added to each side. This is where the labs and many of the classrooms are. My dad, who loves to analyze things that are business related, said it's obvious they put their money into the state-of-the-art labs. It's great that we have such nice labs and equipment, but the bathrooms need to be remodeled big time. For example, there's only one for each gender on each floor and each has only two stalls. Two stalls! Two sinks! They are so small that outside of the two stalls, you probably can't get even 8 others into the bathroom so there's a line stretching out into the hall.

My Biology lab partner, Jaisa, is 21 and waited until her senior year to take the class. She knows a lot about the school because she writes for the student newspaper and works on a student lifestyles blog. She's a history major and has an interest in architecture. She explained to me the marble walls of the bathroom stalls, why the older, oblong toilets have these huge, almost gray seats. What I like about the toilets is that they are easily two or three inches higher than the ones we had in my high school. At 6'3" I love that part of it. Monday, I had to wait like 10 minutes before I could join her for my Biology lab. Because of the heavy use of the two toilets, I told her my butt was practically hot because the seats were much warmer than what I had experienced in high school. I also told her the shit stench was pretty bad because so many of the girls were crapping and there's like no fan or ventilation system in the small bathroom. I would think that if a girl crapped and immediately walked out of the stall without first flushing, she would probably be killed by the next user in line.

After the lab I had to crap and I had been holding it for about an hour. I told Jaisa I was going to walk about two blocks off campus to a gas station because that wouldn't be as long as the 15 minute walk to the other side of campus where my dorm and the student union are located. She said each girl is allowed only two shits and two pees a semester in the science building and that I am just being too impatient and at a lot of high schools, there's also a large waiting line for the bathrooms. The lectures are longer in college and I find that sometimes I'm hurting to pee like an hour into my 90 minute class but I would just die if I had to get up and leave. Also my professor lectures at a mile a minute and assumes that all of us just live for science.

While Adam is sympathetic for me, and lucky for him, he's not taking science this semester, he sometimes messes with me by saying that I'm turning into a "b####y old lady". Jaisa also says I was spoiled by the huge bathrooms we had in my high school.

I just wonder how prevalent urinary infections and chronic constipation are among the science students.

Nick form MY

Camping Trip with my cousin and my best buds Part 1

Hey all! This morning my friends came pick me and my cousin up to go camping. We sat in my friend's (Philip) van and drove off. We stopped a couple of times to have something to eat and to use the bathrooms.

At about 3pm, my cousin was snoring away cos' he woke up quite early this morning. My friends and I were talking when my stomach makes a really loud noise. My other friend (Carlos) offered me a bun as he thought I was hungry. I said no and replied that I had to take a shit. Philip asked whether it was urgent and I said I hadn't gone for a few days so it would be best to go straight away.

Few minutes later, we stopped at a gas station partially also to fill up petrol. Carlos told me to bring some toilet paper just in case there wasn't any so I brought some along and went to the back. There were two toilets for each sex respectively. In front of the men's there was a sign saying that the toilets were removed so we had to take a bucket. I took one and was about to go in when a guy who I think was about 20 rushes over with a bucket and asked whether I was gonna take long. I naturally said yes and told him I had to do a #2. He said oh shit and clutched his butt.

I was really pitiful so I told the guy to just come in with me. He said ok cos' his poop was coming out. We went in and he locked the door. I dropped my pants and boxers, placed the bucket on the ground and sat down. The other guy was fumbling with his pants and was sweating cos' he was really desperate. He got it off in the end and then sat down, letting out a really squeaky fart. I introduced myself and he said he was actually a worker in the convience shop. He said he accidentally ate a piece of bad ham and he was constantly going to the bathroom.

I said well at least you have a toilet near you, imagine if you were on the road then he laughed. tO BE CONITNUED....


lingering accident odor

I'm Jodi, blonde, in my 30s, no kids but I'm engaged so i live with my fiance. I cant believe ive never seen this site befire, wow. Anyway, I'll just say it, i poop my pants a lot. I mean, not A LOT, but more than any healthy adult should. The problem is I'm a perfectionist and somewhat obsessive. When i get caught up doing things i lose focus on other things even my own bodily needs. So every once in a while i put off pooping until its an emergency, and sometimes its just long enough that by the time i decide "ok enough is enough i better get to the toilet!" Its too late and i wind up accidentally pooping my pants. Its weird, it doesn't really happen with pee. I usually will stop to pee before it becomes an emergency. I think its because i can do it quick. I get in the mindset to wait when i have to poop because i wanna get done what I'm doing without talking 10 minutes to use the toilet.

Anyway, its not a consistent occurrence so its not like i can give an average number of accidents over a period of time or whatever. At one point i went a few years without it happening and one time i pooped my pants everyday for like a week (i was training for a job at another site and had a long commute, just about pooped in the car every night going home exception once i pooped myself right inside my front door.)

The observation I've made is that when i poop my pants, the poop smell lingers in the air so much longer than when i poop in the toilet. Even when I'm all cleaned up and the poop is gone and the dirty underwear is taken care of. I walk into the bathroom where i cleaned up and i can still smell the poop like 30 mins later, whereas if i had pooped in the toilet the smell would've been gone in like 5 minutes. Weird. Tonight i pooped my pants at work. I was the last person to leave because I'm a keyholding assistant manager so no one saw me do it, which is a relief. Anyway, i felt the urge to go pretty bad toward the end of the night, but i got obsessed with trying to finish something up. When i was finally done it hit me that i really had to go bad, like, turtle heading bad. I rushed out of the office and got halfway down the stairs before i felt something warm and squishy expanding in the back of my pants and spreading across my butt. And it stunk, too. So i waddled over and set the alarm, locked up and waddled to my car, and carefully sat down and dealt with the mushing and further spreading of my mess as my butt made contact with the car seat, and i drove home. Windows down of course. I got home and waddled some more, into the house up to the bedroom and into the master bath, where i removed my slightly stained khakis and my loaded panties (they were salmon colored bikini briefs, cotton with silvery/gray elastic around the edges and the waist band). I cleaned the panties out into the toilet and put them and the pants into a laundry bag and tied it shut, then i thoroughly washed myself off with baby wipes, warm water and soap and a wash cloth and put clean panties on, then i cleaned the bathroom and took my soiled panties and khakis and put them immediately in the wash....half hour later my bathroom still stinks from the poop! Even though the actually poop is long gone, the panties are in the wash, I'm clean and there's no poop on anything in the bathroom. Weird, right? It always happens. I guess its like, when you poop in the toilet it immediately goes underwater so i guess that cuts down on the odor. But when i poop my pants the smell makes direct contact with the air as I'm cleaning myself. That's my guess. I just always found that to be interesting and was wondering if anyone else ever noticed that? Probably not unless you poop your pants a lot, too... my fiance knows, though. He can tell when he goes in the bathroom after an accident cleanup that the smell came from a pants accident t and not using the toilet. Which is kind of embarrassing in addition to already being embarrassed about having an accident in the first place. Anyway, that'd al for tonight. Oh, and my car still stinks, too!


train station clean, except for the diapers

There wasn't any litter at the train station today, except for the three diapers. Would the janitor pick up everything except the diapers, or did the wind blow all of the other litter away?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hi everyone! I almost had a huge accident today and I though you'd all like to hear about it!
I got the train down to Cardiff to visit one of my old school friends who now lives there. It was a journey of a couple of hours and all morning I felt kind of funny down below. When I got there I met Sophie, my friend, and we did some shopping and then went to a French restaurant for lunch. I ate a lot- pate with loads of bread, then more bread with the main course which was essentially fish and chips French style, and then a pastry tart thing for pudding. Suddenly while we were chatting over coffee I felt a sudden massive urge for a number 2. My guts were churning but I couldn't say 'excuse me while I go and take a long and massive poo'- far too embarrassing! We kept talking for ages because we haven't seen each other for a year and all the while my poo was getting closer and closer to coming out. By the time we paid the bill I'd say I was touching cloth, but that's usually said in reference to a solid log- I knew mine would be explosive and messy. We walked out of the restaurant and I noticed toilets right there, but Sophie said there was one more shop she wanted to look in before she went home and I went back to the station. We looked round but she didn't buy anything. I was clenching my cheeks so tight by now! I knew I couldn't wait much longer at all- I was so desperate to go! Sophie asked if I wanted her to come with me to the station, but I said I knew where I was going and I'd be fine. I didn't want her to know I had to take a big smelly poo! Plus I knew I'd never make it to the station before it was too late and I went in my pants. It was basically only my clenched cheeks keeping my load in! We hugged and said goodbye etc etc and she promised to visit me some time. As she walked off I made as if I was going to the station but I had to do a poo NOW so I quickly turned and went towards the loos. I almost lost control a couple of times but I made it to the modern, clean and big toilets and picked a cubicle that I entered rapidly. Yanking down my shorts and panties I had let out my first load before my bum even touched the seat. That's how close it was! The poo spattered into the bowl with a load of loud plops and very embarrassing splats. I feared some might have gone on the seat so before I let out any more I stood and turned to look. Somehow it had guided itself into the bowl and the seat was clean and as I was still full to bursting I quickly sat again and let out another load of mushy, wet crap. After another three loads of poo I felt empty, or at least finished for now, so I wiped (many times), flushed and left. Needless to say I felt a lot better after that!

Emma- loved your latest stories! Can't wait to get back to uni with you!
Abbie- Another good one from you, keep up the stories and good luck at school!

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Tonights buddy dump

About 2 hours after Wendy had her accident on the doorstep she needed to go again & so did I. We decided to had a buddy dump & it was so hot. I was busting to go & Wendy sat at the back of the toilet seat while I sat in front between her legs. I began to release a fairly big turd into the water while Wendys was quite small. I loved the smell of Wendys poo especialy after she had such a huge accident in her underwear. We peed loads & afterwards we wiped each other & showered together. We went to bed early but not because we were tired!

Becky M

Response to Sharon's survey

Hi, it's been a while, but I love taking the surveys, so here is my response to Sharon's survey. Hope you all enjoy:

1. Do you read while you poop? Quite often. Love reading on the toilet.
2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? No. But I do text or email sometimes.
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? Yuck! No.
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? Sit.
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? Yes.
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? 5-6.
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? Once in a while if my bum is really sore.
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? Yes, all the time.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and difficult to pass? Never. It's normally soft and runny.

I <3 POO

Dropping big, huge loads recently!

Just recently I have been on good form with my poos (touchwood) :) and have found that in the last couple of days that I have been dropping really, big, huge poos which take me on average nearly half an hour on the loo to do and they are really quite smelly. I find that I am dropping big, thick logs, chunky pieces and little pebbles and they plop! quite loudly into the bowl below and the effort it's taking me to do this is quite a lot of soft grunting to get it all out my system that I don't quite know how I have dropped such a big load like that out of my little bum :) On the other hand I love having different dump experiences and when you have dropped a huge, smelly poo like the ones I have been recently you kind of feel satisfied that you are having a good clear-out at the same time :) Usually I can sense from the feeling I get before having a poo whether or not I'm in for a long time on the loo. For example if I get a small rumbling then I know that it's gonna be a quick poo and out in less than 5 mins, but more ofen than not I usually get a very full feeling in my belly and followed by really smelly wind and gurgling then I know that it's gonna be a while so then I take as much time as I need and make sure that I have a good poo to clear out my belly.

Does anyone have a feeling of the kind of poo they may have before you go for a poo, or am I the only one?

Also when I'm sitting on the loo having a poo, I really hate it when I'm either interrupted or there's a call for me because I like to have my poo in complete privacy and don't like feeling rushed or having to do something which then in turn stops me having a poo and I really can't stand that.

That's all from me for now.

Will post again soon

Happy pooing and peeing everyone :)

new guy

more questions and comment maybe some stories

To: Lisa from germany have you been very very desperate need to take a poop by desperate I mean you have go right there and now.

To all the girls how you had that feeling in your stomach were you don't know if its gonna be diarrhea or vomiting until the last second this question goes along with an earlier question i asked.

To: Hana that happens to most women it happens because of the way the female urinary tract is desighned thats what i heard if you do some research about it you'll find out more.

I think girls and women need to lighten up not and be embrrassed or ashamed of farting in public we all do it and to those people who say farting should be done in private they need to grow up and realise the longer you hold it in the more uncomfortable you will be and when you finaly let it out its gonna be very big and probaly loud so we should we not be ashamed of farting and just let it out when you need to ladies.

heres another diarrhea story this one happened a few years ago I was eatting at a wendys resturant when I got a feeling in my stomach and i went to the bathroom and let out a big blast of diarrhea it was a mustard yellow color i don't know what caused it I don't think it was there food but probaly something I ate earlier that day or the day before it only lasted a little while in fact that was the only time that day if I remember right.

I personaly hate having diarrhea but I do enjoy listening to others having espicaly women and I have never taken a laxative I almost had to I had surgery and didnt poop for 4 days but finaly I did poop I don't like to have to be near a toilet so thats why I don't use laxatives.

To: Amanda I read about your accident man you were lucky it could have been a whole lot worse especaly if happened in a crowded area.

To: Shannon cleanng up puke or poop for me it would depend on how bad the puke or the poop smelled. To: all the girls & women on this site what would you do if you really had to poop and there were no bushes or trees or bathrooms around would you go out in the open, go in your panties or try to hold it?

To: linda from australia first I would like to say I really enjoy your stories and hope you continue to write more of them and a question have you ever had to poop so bad that it came out and you couldnt stop it from happening?

To: Wendy & Kristy have you both ever pooped your pants at the same time because you were desperate and couldnt make it to a bathroom in time?

To: upstate dave I really you enjoy your stories about the girls you use to go to bathroom with and watch go to the bathroom you are one very very lucky guy to have friends like that I envy you and keep the stories comming.

To: all the new girls and women on this site I would like to say welcome and I hope enjoy this site enough to contiue writing stories.

To: everyone out there tell your friends about this site so that there can lots of new stories.

no stories from me right now but I might have some later on and I will posting only on tuesday-saturday because those are the only days I have access to the internet because I am using a library computer and the library is closed on sunday and monday I do have a psp which has wifi abilities so it might be posible for me to post on those days if i can get a strong enough signal.

Sincerly new guy ps.again i really really love this site.

I <3 POO

Sudden urge for a really big poo!!!

Hello everyone :) I'm back posting again, sorry I haven't had much time lately as have been so rather busy and sometimes stressed with work which I have to admit puts me in one of those moods where I just feel like doing nothing.

So on Wednesday evening I was relaxing and chilling out at home in my room, it was a rather lovely warm day and I was in t-shirt/denim crop shorts all day anyway as it's lovely and summery outside. I was doing some stuff on my laptop like catching up on a backlog of emails and I was sitting crosslegged on my bed I could feel that I needed a poo because I hadn't gone for a poo that morning (and I usually poo twice a day anyway!) so as the urge wasn't yet urgent I kept on doing what I was doing on my laptop and thought nothing of it. Anyway in less than 5 minutes I could feel some significant pressure building up in my belly and this was heading to my bum and quick, then I knew I had to stop what I was doing on my laptop, log off and it was then the sudden urge really hit me and I knew that I didn't have much time on my side so I quickly slipped on my black flip-flops and then I let out a very smelly wet fart which lingered in the air and it was foul!! With one hand on my belly I quickly dashed to the downstairs loo, shut the door and locked it and at this point I had to hold on the best I could as I made the 2 or so steps to the loo, undid the belt on my denim crop shorts and pulled them and my pants down to my thighs and plonked my bum on the loo,. I knew that I would be on the loo for a while, so I was going to take as much time as I needed to unload the huge brown load which was up my bum.
I spread my legs wide, leant forward and crossed my arms and pressed them against my belly and took a breath and let out a soft grunt and with that about 5-7 chunky pieces of soft, smelly poo just slithered and dropped out my bum in succession... plop!, plop!, splooosh, splopslopblop, plop! I knew there was much, much more up there still yet to drop out so I softly grunted again and could feel a chunky piece of poo turtle heading and then it just dropped out with a loud PLOP as it hit the bowl below, but that wasn't it just yet oh no! A few seconds later lots of smaller, softer pieces dropped out my bum and made audible plops...PLOP!, PLOP!, plonk, sploopsplipplopsplopsploosh and by now it was getting quite smelly but I wasn't even anywhere near done. I then felt a big log hanging out my bum and gave a couple of pushes and grunts and it dropped with a loud PLOOOP! By now I have been on the loo for over 15 minutes as I was taking a big colon clearing poo but there was more ... then I let out a hissy fart and lots of softish, small bits of poo just dropped out one after another .... plooopsplooopspdoosh, plop, plop-plip-plip, plop-blop-plip-plip-plip-plip-plonk, blop, spdooosh, plop! When I poo I can really go for it and have a huge one like this and this felt so satisfying because prior to this I had a very full feeling in my belly and I know that I'm due for a really big poo and this was it... It's now 6:30pm and I have been on the loo for 25 mins but still I can feel more just waiting to drop and I feel that this is probably the last lot so I give a grunt and with a loud fart bbrraaaapppppp! it follows through with lots of smelly soft chunks which just easily slither out my bum without any effort! Aaaah! I was done! After half an hour I finally felt cleared of this huge poo that was inside of me and phew! It was rather smelly! Oh well better out than in heh :) I had a look behind and the bowl was full of brown pieces, chunks, logs and littler pieces. I then tore off some loo roll and wiped my poopy bum and it took at least 7 wipes to get my bum clean I can tell you. But at least I feel better for it now :) I got up off the loo pulled up my pants and denim crop shorts and flushed and then sprayed some air freshener in the air as it was really smelly and washed my hands.

I love having poos like that because you go in feeling a bit uncomfortable and come out having had a really good, satisfying, smelly poo which clears you out till the next time :)

Take care everyone happy peeing and pooing :)


Sheila Report 10

Just had to say that your name Pam (nobody) is so sexy. I have been with Martha again and this time we went to the ladies together. Completely by accident I bumped into her in town and we had a cup of tea and a scone together. Its funny how sometimes things seem to happen just by chance. We had walked towards the bus station but because it was such a gorgeous day we walked by the scenic route through Coronation Park. i had a 'rumbling' ????, wasn't sure what had happened, although I should have realised my period was late. I hadn't been to the toilet all day and that was unusual, so when I mentioned to Martha that I would have to stop at the ladies she told me she needed to go also. In the main toilets there are six cubicles but the place was empty, late afternoon I guess. We were chatting as we took our panties down and impulsively I just said, "I'm so glad you are with me Martha, I hate going to the toilet alone." Martha immediately replied, "Me to, Sheila, I've always hated going alone." After that we both started and finished peeing almost together. I was hoping so much that she wanted to poop and when she sat still, I trembled to realise she wanted to go also. I was the same as I had been twice before that day, wanting to go, but totaly unable to do anything, not even a fart the second time that day. I was pushing hard and I could see Martha's feet under the partition and I could see her toes pressed to the floor, heels up grunting to try and go. She muttered under her breath, grunting and gasping, "Ooohhhhhhh, I'm so sluggish today." Pamela what she was saying was music to my ears. I was gasping and out of breath trying to squeeze somethng out. Then I had that wonderful feeling, always preceded by the feeling that your heart is beating faster, your anus is stretched and hurting, but you have to grit your teeth through the pain, pushing, squirming, holding my ????, pushing, pushing. Then I sort of stopped straining. I didn't have any breath left, turd half out of my anus, my sphincter ring so painfully stretched. I took a deep, deep breath and eyes bulging, I gasped aloud and pushed as hard as I could, then I felt the turd slipping out at last, slowly at first, then sliding more easily until it plopped into the pan, sending water up wetting my bum cheeks. "Oooooohhhhhhhhh", I gasped with relief. Then I heard Martha poop, loud grunts and plops as her turds splashed out. Then we were both going much easier, as though at last the floodgates had been opened. It was uncanny, we both finished together, wiped together. I remember checking in the pan and seeing four fiuve huge logs filling the bowl, feeling so relieved. When I exited my cubicle Martha came out at the same time, her face was so red, where she had been struggling to go, as we washed up after I could see I was reddened a little and pale at least I felt easier and we sort of turned toward each other and embraced briefly as Martha murmed thanks for being with me, being together had helped us both to go. Pam before I forget, I enjoyed so much your pee with Shirly, I am so looking forward to more experiences with her, she sounds a really lovely woman.

Caroline : To answer your query, nine times out of ten I pee either first or as I poop, it depends how urgently I need to go, and whether I am constipated or loose.

John the Lurker: I am so glad my tip helped you to see your Mum on the toilet. When she thanked you after its a signal that she was not in the least embarrassed. As for Jill, well I am sure Andy should be able to help you with her. It is wonderful that she chatted as she went to the toilet with you. I suggest the next move is to hide the toilet paper and ask your Mum to please bring you some. I hope you try that and am looking forward to hearing how you are getting on.


Post Title (optional) A bit constipated again.......

Linda from Australia here again. As usual, I've been a bit constipated again. I had butt phlegm and liquid poo for a few days during the week but it wasn't as bad as it normally is. I started getting back to normal on Friday and I even had to go at work!!! I felt the urge to go after lunch and I tried to hold it for as long as possible. I really wanted to wait until I got home but I couldn't wait. If I waited, I would've had an accident. I didn't feel comfortable going at work but I went twice!!!

Yesterday I went to the toilet 5 times to do poos!! Each time I went, the loads were massive!! I felt the urge to go before I ate dinner but when I tried, nothing came out. I really pushed hard to get things moving but the turd wouldn't budge. When I wiped, there was poo on the tp. After dinner, I tried again and I squeezed out a rock hard turd that was about 5 cm long. I had to flush twice because it didn't go down the first time.

Today I've already been 3 times to do poos and I've still got more up there. Each load was medium sized.

I was just thinking about something that happened a few years ago. I was out doing some shopping in the city and there were lots of other people there aswell. Several people walked past me while I was walking down one of the main streets. A large woman and her friend (who was also quite large) were walking towards me. When they walked past, they were talking to each other. One of the women told the other one that 'she was constipated'. She was quite overweight so it was hard to tell if she was bloated but she did look a bit miserable. Has anyone else heard other people talking about being constipated, while they were out shopping??

To Keith D: How have you been with your constipation?? Any good stories to share?? I love readiing your 'outdoor' pooping stories, it seems you prefer to do a poo outside when you are constipated.

Well I better go, I need to do another poo.


Hiding an accident

I also have an experience for Emma of hiding an accident. I played on the tennis team in high school for fun, I was never great at it. My junior year I was 17) we had an away match that was an hour and a half bus ride. I had to go to the bathroom soon after we left. Then we got stuck in traffic. So we got to the other school a half hour late and they wanted us to start right away because of running out of light to play by (no lights for the courts). So we warmed up quickly and went straight into our matches. The initial excitement made me forget about my need for the bathroom at first, but after my match started it came back with a vengeance. I made it through a few games and tried to ignore it, too embarrassed to ask to stop playing so I could go to the bathroom, but after another few games I had to poop so bad it was almost unbearable. I was starting to make bad mistakes, run slower to keep from pooing myself on the court, etc. I tried to keep going but then I almost lost control and came really close to losing it in my panties during a point. I had no choice. I called a time out and asked the girl I was playing where the bathrooms were. She pointed me over to the front of the gym a few hundred yards away and said, "In the front doors, turn left in the hallway, girls bathroom is on the left." I thanked her, put down my racket, and took off across the parking lot as fast as I could walk without looking desperate. I was wearing a tennis skirt with bloomers and bikini panties underneath, by the way. Walking across the parking lot didn't help and the urge was so strong I just knew I was about to lose control, but I couldn't just stop in the middle of the parking lot. I started to turtle head before I got to the gym doors but couldn't reach behind to grab myself because other people could still see me. I managed to hold it in place with my anus spread open and the turd just hanging there - not touching my panties yet, just sitting there waiting to escape. Only a few more steps to the gym door. I got to the door, pulled it open, got inside, took two steps, and then I knew it was too late. My mind said yes but my body said no. I just lost it right there two steps inside the door. My butt muscles just suddenly stopped working and the giant turd that had been hanging there for the last few moments very quickly shot out into my panties. I involuntarily squatted a little and pushed, forcing out all of my bowel movement. It quickly piled up and spread in my panties, weighing them down so that they sagged and pulled down on the waistband. It only took a couple of seconds from start to finish. I managed to keep myself from completely peeing myself also, but still leaked some pee. I hobbled like a penguin to the hallway, turned left, found the girls bathroom, and went into a stall. Thankfully the poo was solid and stayed together and I just peeled off my bloomers and skirt and then carefully took down my panties and dumped the mound of poop into the toilet. I only had to wipe a few times to clean off my skin. My panties had a very large brown stain in back and the crotch was soaked in pee. I decided to just throw them out. Then I finished peeing - in the toilet. I checked my bloomers and while there was a wet spot, our colors were dark red so the wet spot wasn't very visible unless you knew what you were looking for, and I couldn't just go back out and play with nothing covering my nethers, so I just pulled the damp bloomers back up, pulled up the skirt, flushed, and jogged back to the court like nothing was wrong and finished my match - which I won! Nobody on the team ever found out that my little bathroom break had wound up in my panties.



new guy's question

I've done it both ways, though not necessarily on purpose.

Once, a few years ago, I was super sick with some kind of flu bug. I decided to take a shower thinking that it might help me feel better. Now at this point in time I hadn't had the runs. I was just puking and felt nasty. After getting out of the shower I started to feel nauseated so I immediately bent over the toilet. A few moments later I started puking and at the same time liquid poo shot out of me all over the floor and wall. After all that there was no point in trying to change positions so I continued to puke and poo. After I was done I jumped back in the shower to clean myself up. Cleanup was terrible, the poo was everywhere.

More recently, I've tried sitting on the toilet and puking into the trash can with a bag in it. That makes clean up quite a bit easier because then I can just throw the bag away.

As for which I would rather clean up, I would definitely rather clean up poo. Puke is just nasty.



Hello, everyone. My name is Hana, and I am a second generation Japanese-American. I was born here, but spent a fair amount of my childhood living with my mother's family in Japan. I am nearly thirty-five years old and have suffered from minor-moderate urinary incontinence for the past ten years or so.

I only leak occasionally, sometimes more than others. I leak a lot when I laugh or sneeze, and when I find something really funny, it can get very bad. Sometimes I'll also leak a little when I sit down for too long or don't go to the bathroom often enough. As a result, I've had to wear protective underwear for several years. It seems to get worse as time goes on, as I used to only leak a little when I'd laugh too hard for too long. Now it seems like my bladder empties as much as it can in as short of a time as possible when I get laughing.

After all this time, I'm starting to rely a bit more on the protective underwear, instead of constantly worrying about leaking or being found out. I just learned recently about the more trusted brands that they don't sell in stores, which must be ordered on-line. For all those out there with incontinence, be it urinary or fecal, I advise you, if you haven't already checked into it, look for something better than the cheap brands they sell in stores, because a few extra dollars for better protection can save you a lot of embarrassment.

Lisa_from Germany
Hi! I was on a trip to England and stayed at a host family for 18 days. Privacy is really important to me when I poop. I don't want anyone to know what I'm doing, and I also have to be very far away from other people, I don't want them to hear me.

After 10 days I still hadn't pooped once and was getting a little uncomfortable. I had brown stripes in my underware, it looked like I had diarrhea, and become litte cramps, but I want to deal with it when I get home, so I had more privacy. I stayed there for 18 days and did not once use a toilet to shit. I get really sick and several times I could feel the poop trying to poke out, and I'd just squeeze my butt with my hands, or sometimes just sit down on something.

When I arrived, Lucky no one else was at home. I went to the bathroom, locked the door and turned the shower on, so no one could her me. Than I sat down on the toilet, and start to push really hard for about 10 minutes, but it wasn't moving, I only let out a series of loud, very smelly farts. After about 20 minutes, my hole began to open very slowly and the pain was getting worse. I placed my fingers near my anus, and tried to strech it more, and finally it began to move out a little. Then it stuck again and the pain was horrible, Tears ran down, and I bit into a towel to keep me from screaming. I take a deep breath and began to push as hard as I could, and it starts to move again, and finally it comes out. It was very huge, 4 inches in diameter and had a few streaks of blood on it.

Hai. I'm Zeffi. First post here. Well, fyi. I enjoy reading peeing stories far more than potty ones. No offence, but poop stories gave me goosebumps, and. Well, everytime, after reading one, I'll have to wince in disgust and end up loosing my appetite. I know, people like me shouldn't be here but oh well, I do love desperate-peeing stories. :D
So, ummm yeah. I'm a girl here. I don't really have any interesting stories personally, but I've seen alot of people went through accidents. Especially the places where you can find the restrooms ALWAYS full.

So yesterday, I've been to a mall strolling around. When I was passing by the restroom, I saw a line, full of women lining up there. It's usually not that crowded, so I joined in the line and watch. Firstly I could tell is, the person infront of me is realllyyy desperate. I can see her shaking and crossing her leg every few minutes. She turned around to look at me and tried to smile, as to cover her embarrasement. I smiled back and asked her, "Why don't you try the restroom upstairs?". She replied "They're closed! That's why it's so crowded here." "Oh too bad." I wondered back. By the time, she was sweating, the line doesnt seem to budge at all. A few minutes after that she then crossed her leg tightly and put her hands to crotch. I can see her biting her lips. Slowly, I saw this wet-patch coming out at the bottom of her jeans. I just kept quiet and pretend I didn't see it. Until the patch grew bigger and I saw it running down her jeans. I heard her moaning, "I can't hold in anymore." With a blink, she put her hands to her mouth, bend a little and pissed herself a puddle. I backed off not to step on her pee, as well as the person infront of her. Everyone was like staring at her, when she looked up to me, I gave her this sorry expression. I didn't actually know what to do though. XD, So she stood up, and walked away from the line in embarrasement. Many people was staring though, and I think I had fun watching all that.

Hai. I'm Zeffi. And here another. :D It happened at school today.
After class, I had to stay back for Science project with my bestfriend, Liz (Nickname). Liz had to went home first just to bring something she forgot, so I had to wait for her at school. It was kinda retarded that I sat at the bench looking around, doing nothing. Honestly, I hate waiting alone, so yeah. (It's called impatient XD) I expected Liz to get back fast because she knows how impatient I am. But I was wrong, she sent me a message through my phone and said that she's stuck in a heavy traffic right now at road, because a massive car accident blocks it off. Aw daang dang! I decided not to wait so I took a walk around the school. There's still some students left waiting for their transport in the school. I continue walking almost until the backyard of the school, where no one was around. I had to turn back to take another walk until I heard footsteps from the backyard. I was really curious so I went to see, surprisingly, I saw one of our school's hawt guy, Lan (nickname), walking to the backyard. He was squirming and struggling to take off his zipper. And quickly I realize that he's going to pee. I just stood there and watch, whoot, he didn't notice me. He finally got his zippers down and quickly, pee it all off. It's my first time seeing an opposite sex doing it, so I was getting reaally red. The hissing sound was pretty loud, and Lan concerned someone might heard him, as he look around, he noticed me standing there staring at him. "OOPS" I yelled and turned away. "Sorry, I came accross by an accident!" and I made my way out from the backyard quickly and ran back to the waiting spot, pretending nothing happened and continued waiting. Oh, how am I suppose to face him tomorrow? >.<;

Nick form MY
Today I took a lot of brocoli, beans, and coke for lunch. When I went to the gym locker room later, I was non-stop farting putrid gas!!!

College Dude

Response to Catherine

I would say that it kinda varies for me. I feel like if I really need to pee and poop, then I tend to pee first and then do the rest, simply because the urge to pee in most cases is more bothersome than the urge to crap. However, many times I will only feel I have to poop, and then once that first wave goes finishes I will realize that I do have some pee that I need to let out. But I think I enjoy it more if I can take care of one and then the other, but I guess that's just my personality. Good question though, I'm curious to see how others respond.

hey im Lydia, im 16 years old and to give u an idea of what i look like im kinda short & skinny with red hair freckles & green eyes. Anyway this story isnt about me its actually bout my 17 y.o. bf &it happened bout a year ago. he was spending the night at my house and we decided to watch a movie before going to bed. well it turns out he had diarrhea that nite real bad. he said he had to go to the bathroom and he rushed as fast as he could but before he got there he made a huge wet fart and we both instantly knew it was too late, & boy did it stink! he was extremely embarrased but i told him it was ok &that we'd get him cleaned up. i told him to go shower and get changed into his pjs but he said he didnt bring any more boxers &i told him that was disgusting. i thought about what to do &eventually decided the only thing to do was let him borrow a pair of my underwear for the night. he put a towel on and i led him in2 my room to show him an assortment of Limited Too panties in my underwear drawer, all having frilly waistbands and patterns such as stripes polkadots flowers and cute lil animals in an assortment of girly colors. "are these the only ones you have?" he asked, "yep, my mom's not gona be done with the laundry till tomorrow," i replied. "well what kind are u wearing?" he asked. i pulled my basketball shorts down to reveal another pair of ltd. too panties with the same frilly waistband, only these were blue bikini-cuts with little rainbows all over them. "i'm sorry:(" i said pulling my pants back up. i pulled out a yellow pair of high-cut briefs with lil frogs in cute one-pieces & bikinis on it telling him that these would fit him best, even though i secretly only picked them out because they wer my favorites &i kinda wanted to see him in them.he hesitantly tookthem into the bathroom to put on then he came out with his tshirt and pj pants on. i asked him if he was ready to turn in yet and he said i guess so but they feel weird. i said, oh you baby, just pull yo

To James

I loved your story. Was that the only time you have ever done that or ever gone in your pants? Or no?

I have done the same before myself, but I was in junior high, thankfully no one was in the bathroom at the time or I would have been red faced, I'm sure you can agree that you are happy no one was in there with you.

Well I'm back from my holiday and I have a story to tell you. On monday night I had a poo in my hotel room (after the typically huge Italian meals) before I went to bed (I had one next door to my parents who shared with my brother). On tuesday we went sightseeing at the Vatican, and by the time we left in the afternoon I had to go again. My parents wanted to go and see Diocletian's baths, but I really had to go so under the pretence of looking for some gifts for the grandparents I separated from them and headed off elsewhere. I wondered where I could go to relieve myself. I felt really gassy and bloated but I couldn't fart. I didn't have to go desperately but I knew that I might at any time so I looked at the map I had in my pocket. There didn't seem to be anywhere. It wasn't a detailed map, just a tourist one with the sights on but nothing much else and certainly no public toilets mentioned. I'd expected this because I knew I'd probably have to poo while we were out and about so I'd looked up about public loos on the internet but the response seemed to be that you might as well not bother looking! I knew restaurants and places like McDonalds would have them but you can't just walk in to a restaurant and go for a dump and I've seen people be turned away from McDonalds before unless they purchased something which I didn't intend to do (I don't want to pay to evacuate my bowels!) so my options were limited.
I figured the railway station, Termini, which was nearby would be ideal. I started heading that way. Of course when I got there I found that you have to pay and it only took exact change, so I was out of luck! By now I felt really uncomfortable and hot. I really was out of ideas now so I decided to go back to the hotel for my poo. It was a fair walk and by the time I got there I did have to go badly now. I took the stairs to avoid the bell boy guy who haunted the lift and quickly got to my room. The bathroom was lovely, marble effect tiling and a nice shower/bath and loo. I plonked my bum down on the seat and settled in. I was finally able to relieve some of the pressure with an enormous loud fart. I groaned with relief as the turd started working its way out. It dropped with a loud splash. The next fart stung my hole a little bit for some reason. I dropped another two big logs and farted a few more times as I did so. I felt a lot better and a lot lighter but, even after the final few small pieces came out, I still felt kind of bloated. I sat for another ten minutes or so trying to fart and only succeeding to a limited extent. I gave up and wiped and pulled up my jeans.
By that evening I felt ok again and had a huge dinner- a plate of spaghetti bolognese and then a pizza which the Italian restaurants all did- the starters were just as big as a normal main course and the pizzas were massive. Then we got some ice cream from a little shop on a corner- I had banana and yoghurt flavours and it was the best ice cream I've ever had (despite what the tour guide the day before had said about another shop). All that food must have clogged me up because I didn't need another poo on tuesday. I woke up this morning and didn't need one then either. We went to a couple more places before we had to go and get the train to the airport. It was a late afternoon flight and by the time we reached the airport I was feeling really heavy and full but I still didn't need to go. I went to pee before we boarded and tried and strained to get something out but nothing happened. I knew when it did come it would be a big and long one. After we had been flying for a while and had dinner (typical airline food-eugh), I suddenly needed to go. I decided to just go and not put myself through what I had on the way out. I went to the loo which was unoccupied for a change and went in. I sat down in the cramped cubicle and pushed out a big long log that was very soft. I knew there was a lot more to come out but nothing else would so I went back to my seat. Just before we landed I started to have to poo again. It came on suddenly and pretty strongly. We queued to get off and go through passport control. All the while my stomach was gurgling and I knew it was going to be a messy poo. I clenched my bum and waited. While we waited for the luggage I went to the loos. They were busy but there were cubicles free so I took one and sat. Immediately I let off a loud and embarrassing fart! Then a load of about five or six pieces blasted out of me. It felt soo good! Immediately my stomach felt a lot better. I was making lots of embarrassing plops, farts and moans but I wasn't the only one and nobody in there had seen me so nobody knew who it was. A load of semi-runny poo came out next followed by a couple of more solid logs. A bit more soft stuff came to round things off and there I was, sitting above a mountain of poo and feeling a lot lot better! And that's my holiday in a toilet-based nutshell!

Abbie- Really liked your last story about going to your cousins. Good luck with the new school year! Looking forward to any stories you might have- hope you don't have to poo too much!

I was just beginning to think of coming up with the question about whether or not someone got caught or almost got caught with poop in pants, or pee in pants, male or female.
Somebody below me got the first in line, with answering on how to hide accidents.
I think girls got it easy, because when wearing a skirt you can pee trough your panties, or even just pee, without it being discovered, and therefore caught.

Have you ever been caught before, as i asked abowe?


New Q's and A's

Question for everyone: When you sit on the toilet and you're only wearing underwear, do you pull them down to your knees or ankles and leave them there while you pee or poop? Or do you just take them off?

Also, if there's no one home, do you close the bathroom door?

To Weak Bladder Amanda: I understand how you feel. I'm 21 years old and I've been a bedwetters my whole life. I've also had my fair share of daytime wetting accidents too. It's best to just accept that it happened and continue proudly with your life. Although Pull-Ups never hurt either, especially on bad days. Hang in there, Everyone eventually forgot about my embarrassing accident and I'm sure they'll forget about yours too. Good luck.

To Catherine: I always pee first, no matter what. Even if I need to poop really bad I always find myself peeing before I poop.




three dirty diapers at the train station

The diapers have been there about two weeks. They look as if they're starting to swell.

Upstate Dave

My Second Fort With A Toilet Part 4

Barbie S did come out of from my huse after we all had waited several minutes together. Barbie H asked Barbie S; WHAT took you so long? We have been waiting for ten minutes solid at least for you to come out. Als more that when we were playing. Barbie H was blwoing this out of proportaion a little ut when Barbie S told us why it had taken her the time she had she did have a good reason why.

Our picnic table was right there so we alls at down at it and Barbie s now told us why shuch she pet the time takeing her shit! It wasn;t takeing a shit was so long it was unclogging the toilet! Well that broke all of us right up. Barbie H and Diane more so then I. The rason that I didn't laugh as hard as the others I might have to go in and finsih unplugging the toilet if Barbie S hadn't been able to to that herself. I askd her just that and to my great relief she did get the toilet unclogged.

Then before doing the finsihing round of the hide n seek game all of us were thirsty and heade for the hanpump in the lower section of the barn to get drinks from the handpump. When were all getting drinks from the pump Barbie H told Daine and Barbie S that she used both forts toilets! Using the new forts toilet first to take a piss. Then I had to shit which Dave and I went to the seond fort down on the hill and I pissed and shit in that one!

Diane then said to Barbie H and I; That's where you two where! No wonder I couldn't find you two! That brought laughter from both Barbies. Ilet out a laugh myslef. Then after we all had our drinks from the handpump I walked over and gathered up a big handfull of the loose hay. I have something to fix before we start playing I said to the three girls. All three said at the same time togeter; Yeah the toilet in your fort! It stinks with piss!

Now hearin what the three girls said saying the same thing all three of them laughed hard and I went out over to the fort to put the hay inside the crate toilet. The three girls did follow me but stayed outside. I tipped the crate over and piled up the hay and then set the ctae toilet back down. I came back outside and told them it would be just like changing hay in a barn with hoarses or cows. They all laughed.

Then back up to the tree Diane again started counting and we all took off this time we did all split up. None of us went with anyone else to hide. Diane made it hard this round for the three of us to try for home. She did move around but stayed at points where none of us dared to try for home for sometime. But she did finaily and I and Barbie H made it home Barbie S didn't. She got caught by Diane and that was the result of the last round.

After that Diane told us three she was going home. She said see you later to both Barbies and said goodbye to me. We all said later back to her and Diane thenleft us. Since that last rund of hide n seek was a long one and we three had taken big drinks of water in the barn. We all had to piss now. But I besides needing to piss I had to shit! So I told both Barbies that instead of going to the fort on the side of the barn. The hay needs to dry up the ground let's use the others fort toilet.

But both Barbies wanted to use the barn forts toilet. They insisted on it. What kind of broke the stalemate for I wanted all of us to use the other forts toilet was both Barbies said they would relace the hay. So I agreed to that. Then I told them I would use the other forts toilet for I had to take a shit. Barbie H let out a good giggle and Barbie S said to me; I knew you had a good reason to use the other one!

So the three of us marched down to the bottom section of the barn first which bth Barbies gathered up loose hay and then to the fort we went. Inside the fort both Barbies setthe loose hay down making one pile. We had left the outer room door open. There was still of a slight piss oder but not all that srong so thehay that I had first put in the crate toilet had worked cutting down the oder of piss in the room.

Barbie H went first. She had to go more badly then Barbie S so Barbie S et Barbie H go first. She and I sat down on the two small stool type benches to watch Brbie H take her piss. So Barbie flipped up the wooden lid and seat which Barbie S let out just a litle hint of a giggle. Barbie S knew how Barbie H pissed for she had seen Barbie H piss many times. The only thing that Barbie s wondered if Brbie H would do her high sqaut or stand. (Barbie H and Barbie S pissed standing a lotfor they both did piss both ways a lot for I had seen them both piss this way!)

Now Barbie H got up on the crate toilet. Now she was not wearing her panties remember she had used them for wiping in the other fort. Brbie had told us all at the picnic table too when we were talking. Barbie stayed standing and she satrted pissing so she did take a standing piss for me and Barbie S. It was a quick hard piss too that Barbie H took. Much to my relief too.

For my need to shit was getting now more urgent. I still had to wait for Barbie S to piss before we could go to the other fort. Barbie H stepped down off the crate toilet and Barbie S as she stepped up on to it she had he dress well raised up to be ready for her piss. I thought right then that will save some very needed time for me. I was now fighting off pretty hard the need to shit for I was squeezing down on my asshole keeping it tight to keep from shiting.

Barbie S started pissing with a loud hiss a sraight thin stream going into the crate toilet. As each second passed while she pissed I sat ther stffly clenching my asshole tighter and tighter thinking to myself; I HAVE TO GO! Boy was my shit vere so hard was trying to get out of me! I even now felt that I was sweating a little as I struggled to keep from shiting myslef.

Barbie H went on pissing. I wasn't paying attention to her but I was watching but I was keeping myslef from shiting that was more importentto me now then anything else. In fat that was so much on my mind Barbie H had stopped pissing and was stepping down off from the crate toilet and only then I realized she had finished pissing. I shot rightup into a stiff standing positin in front of my bech stool.

I said in a loud voice; I can't wait! I'm shiting in this toilet! Barbie H burst into a hard loud giggle. Barbie S saw the stiff standing I was doing along with the sweating I was doing too.She knew I was desperate to shit. She said to me; Can you make it Dave? Need any help? I said to quick yeses to both questions. Barbie S then said loudly after my ywo yeses; Barbie Dave need help! Barbie came over to me and both girls helped me over to the crate toilet.

I did manage to get standing on it. But I sure stood there stiffly. Both Barbies then got my snap undone zipper down and got my pants pulled down. Barbie H was one one side of me while Barbie S was on theother isde of me. Barbie H now let out a pretty hard giggle. There was two reasons why she did giggle; One was that my penis was fully erect which I never fet that it was due to my fighting off to keep from shiting myslef. The other reason was a had a good sized turtle head shit poked out from asshole and ass cheeks already too! (I never felt that also!) Barbie H asloseeing my turtlhead shit that made her giggle but now she in a loud quick shout said; Dave's shiting already!

I had only timeto just get down in a high sqaut over the crates hole. My shit was moving fast for I had relaxed my asshole so my shit now sped right up. In my need to shit I never went and held my penis with one of my hands. Niether of the girls went for it also to hold it. As I shit I satrted to piss also which my piss stream went and almost straight upward and I started pissing on the ceiling of the fort!

Barbie S saw this and she reached right over with her hand and yanked my penis down.MY stream dropped and now my piss stream shot out of the fort through the long openiong of the the wall. Barbie H was just laughing to hard to react a fast as Barbie S had done. My shit this time had gotten reaal long in length. How I knew was as Barbie Hlaughed she did say it was a good one footer! Then a couple of short secnds later my asshole closed right up and there was a dull thud as my shit hit the hay in the crate toilet. I was done shiting. I still was pissing but in my mnd I was thinking;THat was just to close to comfort!

Barbie S held my erect penis all the remainder of my piss. Barbie H watched me piss for since my shiting was over. Barbie H went on and said to Barbie S; Looks like your having a good time ther Barbie holding Dave. Barbie smiled just a hint of a smile and thatmade Barbie H laugh and say back to Barbie S I know you are!

Well soon I was done pissing. I stpped off te top of the crate. I had stepped off quickly so that Barbie S still was holding my penis. Barbie H laghed at that and still laughed as BabiS had to shake my penis wthout being n the toilet crate. Then she let go and I pulled up my pants took care of them.

Now I said to both Barbies. I need to get a shovel to take care of the hay and my shit. Then you two can put in the new hay after. I went and got a shovel. One of the Barbies while I went and got a shovel had tipped the crate toilet up onits side. When I had come back in with the shovel I saw that I had taken a big shit like Barbie H had said that I had done.

With te first scoop of the shovel I got my bg shit with some of the hay. Walked outside of the fort gave the shovel a quick hard swing sending my shit and they hay over int othe remains of theold fallen down barn. Then went back inside and got the rest of the remaning hay and tossed taht over into the remains of the fallen down barn too. I went back inside te fort the crate toilet was back down and both Barbies were dropping the other hay into the crate toilet.

Seeing that I was agin inside with them Barbie H asked me; Dave that doesit mean ow if I or we have to sht we can use this toilet? I said yes to her question. Brbie S smiled and Barbie H let out a loud Whoopieeeee! So from this point on if anyone of us we would use this forts toilet to piss and shit in the most. The end

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