Harry Pooper

A feast of plums

My mum brought me up on her own but we were lucky enough to have a house with a garden for me to play in. We didn't have any close family members but my mum's best friend Alison and Alison's husband Peter didn't have any children of their own and they were like and aunt and uncle to me. Peter was very good at building and do-it-yourself and when I as 10 years old, he built a nice tree house for me in our garden. I was very pleased with it and I used to spend a lot of time in there in the summer. The neighbours' children liked it too, especially Fiona who was 9 years old. Fiona and I used to take some drink and snacks up to the tree house and we sometimes spent a whole afternoon up there. Mum didn't like heights and she never climbed up the ladder so the tree house was our own private place for children only. Once, mum did some painting in the house and I asked her if I could have the empty five liter plastic paint tub to play with in the garden although I didn't say why. Mum cleaned it out and I took it up to the tree house to use as a potty.

One Saturday, Fiona's parents went out for the day and Fiona spent the day at our house. It was a fine summer day and we played in the garden. We had a plum tree in our garden and this year there was a bumper crop and they were nearly all ripe at once. Fiona's garden didn't have any fruit trees and Fiona asked if she could pick some plums and eat them. I said that she could pick as many as she liked as there were far more than Mum and I could eat and fresh fruit is good for us. We got a bag and Fiona picked lots of ripe juicy plums and put them into the bag. Then we took the bag of plums to the tree house and spent the rest of the day there where it was nice and shady.

Fiona saw the empty paint tub in the tree house and asked me what it was for. I said that every house needs a toilet and that was our potty. I said that if we needed to pee or poo, we didn't need to go into the house. Fiona said that it might be okay for peeing but if she ever needed to do a poo, she would go home and do it in the toilet. Fiona said that she never does a poo at school or at a friend's house or when she goes out because her mother had told her to get into the habit of pooing at home each day at a regular time after breakfast. I asked Fiona what would happen if she needed to do a really urgent poo and she couldn't wait and she was about to do it in her panties. She said that maybe she would do it in the potty as that would be better than doing it in her panties.

We sat and munched delicious fresh plums. I only ate a few because I knew what would happen if I ate too many but Fiona didn't seem to know that and I didn't tell her. I said that now she had picked so many she should eat them all so that we didn't waste any. Fiona ate most of the plums in the bag. I took plenty of drink to the tree house that day and it was a hot day so we drank a lot. About an hour later, I told Fiona that I needed to pee so I got the potty and peed into it. Fiona didn't have any brothers and she said that she had never seen a boy peeing before. I took the potty down the ladder and emptied it behind the garden shed.

Fiona finished eating the bag of plums that we had picked and then she said that she needed to sit on the potty. I asked her if she needed to pee or poo as I didn't have any toilet paper. She said it was just a pee and she pulled her panties down to her knees and sat on the potty. I didn't have any sisters and I was interested to see a girl peeing but as she was wearing a skirt, I couldn't see anything. When she had finished peeing, I emptied the potty.

At lunch time, Mum brought a picnic lunch out into the garden and we sat and ate some sandwiches. Mum had also brought a large bowl of fresh plums from our plum tree. Mum told us we could eat as many as we liked because we had so many on the tree. I ate a few and Fiona ate a lot then Mum warned her not to eat too many otherwise they would give her a stomach ache and make her run to the toilet.

After lunch we went back up to the tree house. About an hour later, Fiona farted a few times and said that she had a stomach ache. Fiona lay down on her side and rubbed her stomach. I was quite fond of Fiona and she was fond of me so I lay behind her and cuddled her. Fiona was doubled up with stomach ache and her stomach was making gurgling noises. Then quarter of an hour later, she said, "Help, I need to poo and I can't wait! I need the potty!" Fiona stood up, turned her back to me, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. There was no time for modesty. "Quick!" She said, "It's coming out already". I held the potty underneath her as she sat down just in time. I said that I had better hold the potty so that it didn't tip over. This gave me a good rear view of her bum and I could see her diarrhea coming out. "Sorry, it's really smelly", she said.

Fiona sat on the potty for a few minutes until she felt that her poo was all out, then she said that she needed some toilet paper so I went into the house and get some. I found a new toilet roll and took it out to the tree house when Mum wasn't looking. Fiona wiped herself and pulled her panties up and lay down again. The paint tub had a close fitting lid and I put the lid on the keep the smell in. Then I opened the door of the tree house to get some fresh air in.

Fiona said that her stomach ache was going but about half an hour later, she said that she needed the potty again and she couldn't wait. She took her panties down and I took the lid off the potty and she sat on it. Fiona did some more runny poo and then wiped herself. I put the lid back on the potty and Fiona lay down again. About half an hour later she said that her stomach ache had gone and she felt like she had no more poo inside her. She said that she was so glad that I had the potty in the tree house otherwise she was sure she would have pooed her panties on the way to the toilet. She also said that she wouldn't eat so many plums in future.

Then Fiona asked me how I would empty the potty and I said that she could help me. We had a bag of plum stones in the tree house so I put the plum stones into the potty then we carried it down the ladder to the garden where we filled it with earth and left it outside. I told Mum that I had planted some plum stones in it and I wanted to see whether they would grow. A few weeks later, some green shoots started growing. I showed Fiona and I told her that her poo was good fertiliser that was making them grow well.


Sister Signe's kids

This is an experience I had Sunday when my younger sister, Signe, flew her two children in to stay with me for 10 days while she's participating in a boot camp-like study class to prepare her to take her bar exam so he can practice law. She's a single mom and I really admire how she went back to school and graduated with honors this past May with her law degree.

Signe has a 10-year-old daughter Shawntel and a 6-year-old son Seemus. I've taken vacation time at the bank so I can devote my full time to them rather than just putting them into a temporary day care for the 10 days they are in town.

When the flight attendent escorted them off the plane she said they were well behaved by that Shawntel was a little constipated, had gone into the lavoratory on the plane twice but was unable to produce. I told Shawntel that she should probably go in the terminal because we would be on the freeway for an hour and that there would probably not be a bathroom readily available. I also told Seemus this would be a good time for him to go in and pee. While he said his mother takes him into the ladies room at places like the airport, I walked him to the restroom door, told him to go in, take a stall, close the door behind him, lift the seat, and then pee. I encouraged him that he could do it. He was reluctant to go in at first, but I showed him that things weren't that busy and that I knew he could do it. I reviewed with him as to how he would unbutton his shorts, etc. and he said my sister had already had that talk with him. As he went in I looked at my watch to keep track of the time. Seemus came back out within about three minutes and I told him how pleased I was. He showed me where he had gotten a little trickle of pee on his right leg and in looking down, I noticed he had missed one button and that his underwear was showing a bit under the left leg of his shorts. I used "How did you dry your hands?" as the test question which he couldn't answer. So I pointed him back toward the door, and he emerged again after about four minutes and told me about the sensor-driven faucets and how the towel roll automatically came down for him. He thought that was cool and I thought to myself how nice it is that he though it was entertaining. I know some young children are scared by such devices.

We moved down the terminal hallway to the ladies room. Signe didn't seem to object to having to go in alone because I told her that since she's starting 4th grade later this month, I was certain she didn't need to be supervised in there. I stressed that Seemus and I would not be moving from that bench until she came out and joined us. I started to get concerned when, at least 10 minutes after she went in, she had not come out. Seemus saw that I was a little concerned and told me she has been scared of large public bathrooms--especially pooping in them. He told me that a couple of years ago, some mean girls at her school (older and obviously obnoxious and mean-spirtied)has made fun of her and how big her 'hose' was an how loud her pee stream was as it hit the water. Then one day, they got on her case because her crap made an apparently exceptional noise coming out and hitting the bowl. They called her "Shawntel Super Shitter" and worried that no one would be able to take a stall after her because it would be overlowing because the size of her crap. I immediately felt so sorry for her.

Within about two minutes, I decided to take Seemus into the entry-way with me and then I walked around the wall, quickly survey the room and its 30-some stalls. The end stall was open and I quickly put Seemus in there for safe-keeping and waited for him to latch the door and I walked down the two rows of toilets looking for Shawntel's shoes and yellow socks. I found her at the very far end of the room, knocked on the door and went in when she opened it. She was seated pretty normally over the seat, had (probably hopefully) toilet paper in her left hand to wipe with, and started to cry because she was what she called "stuffed" and couldn't go. I aske her what her mom did in such a situation and she said go outside, turn on the water to a few of the faucets and that would bring her good luck. I had to think for a minute and then it rang like a bell in my head. Since they were sensor-activated I need to move my hands throughout the sinks in four of them and then go back again, but as soon as the noise started, I knew I had to keep the noise going. A couple of the women nearby looked at me strange, but since Shawntel was at the very end of the room, she had a lot more privacy. After about four minutes of drenching my hands, I called to Shawntel and she told me I could stop. My hands were still dripping when she opened the stall door for me and proudly pointed down to a bowl with five logs of various sizes. She started crying again and apologized for the trouble she caused, but I told her to clean herself, flush, and meet Seemus and I outside. She was more composed when she came out to the bench on which we were sitting. I knew she didn't want to appear upset so that Seemus would have something to use against her.

At bedtime she and I had a longer talk about the incidents at her school. She said that normally she will turn a few of the faucets on before going into the stall and sitting down. However, the hand-generated sensors don't allow her to do that. I just hugged her and told her that things will get better as she gets older. However, as I tried to get to sleep a couple of hours later, I remembered more of the horror stories about what some of my friends went through in middle and high school.

Wendy (Kirstys girlfriend)

Waiting for the toilet

Last night I woke up at about 1:30 am desperate for a pee. Kirsty was in the toilet having a poo but she was constipated & took ages. I could hear her turds plopping into the water every 5 minutes or so & it was so hot. I counted 10 plops over a three quarter hour period before Kirsty flushed & came out & I was nearly wetting the bed by then. I ran into the toilet holding my crotch & only just made it in time. Kirsty had warmed the seat nicely for me I & I peed for ages. It was such a relief & having to wait for Kirsty to finish her marathon poo made it even better. When I was done I went back to bed, cuddled up to Kirsty & slept right through untill morning.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Upstate Dave

Car Junkyard Part 2

After Pual and Tony went back inside leaving me outside again I did go back into the lot of junked cars in front of the house. I worked my way over to a certain car that I wanted to look at. AS I headed to this car I also was looking of I could spot Bridgette to see if she was still around or not.

I saw no sighn of her. I soon had reached the car that I wanted to look over. It happened to be a 1950s Packard hardtop. The engine was gone but the rest of it was there and not in bad shape at all as far as the body and interior. I got the drivers side door open and I got in behind the wheel and sat that looking closer at the cars interior. While I was doing this the urge that I needed to piss was building.

So I slid out of the Packard took a quick look around first and then pulled down my zipper fished out my penis and aimed it at the ground and started pissing on the hard packed dirt on the ground a few feet out in front of me. As I stood there pissing it felt good to piss too. My bladder was full from the cups of coffee from breakfast when Tony and I had ate at the diner before comming here.

I also thought about Bridgette too as I stood there pissing which made my penis get erect as I pissed. So Ilet my penis raise upward some letting my stream make a arc as it rose and my piss stream made a trail in the hard packed dirt as it moved forward over the dirt. My stream went far enough forward to where it had reached another junk car with no hood on it andit wetted the grill and then I was pissing on the cars engine.

I now smiled as I saw that I was pissing on the engine. I pissed on the cars engine for about ten seconds and then my stream moved back for I was now on the down side of my piss. So I wetted the dirt again as my stream slowly came back. I did come to a stop when my stream had come back where it had first wetted the dirt. I did three short spurts did my needed shaking slipped my erect penis back inside my jeans and pulled my zipper up.

I was just about to turn to sit back inside the Packard Thats when from behind the Packard Bridgette popped right up from behind its trunk! I let out a short yelp for her sudden apearence scared me. Thatmade her laugh. She stepped from behnd the Packards trunk to the opening that was there. Did I scare you Dave? she first asked me. She was still laughing but not as hard. I said you must certainly did!

Then she stopped her laughing and she then said to me; Good thing that you pissed first otherwise if you hadn't you would have wet your pants since I scared you so bad! You were already tere when I was pissing? I asked right back. Bridgette giggled hard and she shook her head yes she had been. I saw it all! I felt my face heat up just a little. I was now slighly embarassed that I had been seen by Bridgette. Only becuase she had sneaked up on me without being cuaght by me. Not becuase she saw me pissing.

Seeing that I was embarassed Bridgette giggled harder at first and she asked me if I was shy about being seen pissing. I told her no not that. You manageing to sneaking up on me! That made Bridgettes giggleing turn into her laughing for several seconds. Then she stopped smiled and said to me; Nice pee Dve and you looked good what you have what you were holding too! I then let out a little laugh. Then I said back to Bridgette; I'm glad you think so!

Then Bridgette asked me if I liked Packards. You seem so for you looked this one over pretty well. I told her that I did. Well my dad had a couple more in the back lot. The one where my fovorite place is. Do you want to go back and see them? I said I sure would. So I walked back to Bridgette which shestepped a step back and ducked down as I walked towards her.

I heard the clink of glass and she then stood up and she had tow bottles of Coke and gave me one. I thought you might be thirsty so I got you one. I thanked Bridgette for I was thirsty. We opene the Cokes as we walked back through the lot heading to the road that would again take us to the other junk yard lot where we had been in Bridgettes van and where the other Packards were supposed to be. To be continuied.

new guy

a few comments & a question or 2

To everyone who has read my post about fart names I know some of the names don't make sense. But its kinda of hard to come of with names that type of fart.

To: Wendy & Kristy Wendy did Kristy ever get you back for pooping in her 25$ jeans like by going in your jeans etc I know that it happened awhile ago just wondering?

To: Justjerica loved your donut poop story I could picture it in my head the way you described it.

To: Sheilawentgirl loved your last story keep on writing more.


a "better" accident

I'm 22 years old and today i pooped in my pants for the 2nd time in my life. It was an extremely terrifying and unreal feeling the moment that i realized i wasnt going to be able to hold it and i wanted to cry....but then...when it happened, after i lost control and crapped myself, it turned out it wasn't so bad. It was a completely different kind of accident than my first one and wound up being a "better accident" if that makes sense.

3 years ago was the first time i pooped my pants and it was the worst moment of my life. I had been holding it for hours and was trying to finish up errands i had to do on campus in my freshman year of college, when i misjudged my ability to hold it in and my worst fear was realized. I was waiting in a long line at the bursars office when a big, solid turd forced its way into my underwear. It was noisy when it came out and everyone immediately knew because it made the seat of my jeans tent out. Then, to add insult to injury, when i pushed another turd into my underwear it forced its way out of ny panties and slid all the way down my leg and eventually wound up on the floor. I was devastated.

So naturally, when i realized today that i was gonna poop my pants, i was reliving the horrors of when i did it 3 years ago. I couldn't believe i was gonna go through it again. But it was different. It all came out suddenly and quietly. It was soft and mushy and just made a little pile in the seat panties that smooshed flat to conform to the tightness of my underwear and jeans. And it just stayed there! Even when i walked it stayed in place, a hot mushy lump held tightly agaisnt the middle of my butt. It didn't even make a bulge in my pants! And when i got home and took my jeans off there was no stain in them. The poop stayed entirely in my panties and barely made a mess at all! I was astonished. I don't even think anyone at the store i was in when it happened noticed. Because it was quiet and made no stain or bulge. If anyone smelled it they probably just thought it was a fart because its not like i hung around. Anyway it was a far less humiliating accident, but i mean I'm still embarrassed about pooping myself. It just coulda been worse, ya know?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

response to emma about hiding accidents.

I've done it twice both for pee and poop believe it or not. In 8th grade we took a field trip to a nature center and toured old native American living grounds and learned about preserving nature and all that. Well i had to poop pretty bad the whole time and there wasn't really a place to go to the bathroom. The urge got really strong and i just wasn't able to control it and i pushed a few soft logs in to my panties while we were walking to a picnic park for lunch. I was horrified about people finding out i pooped myself so i knew i had to do something. I stayed casual and after everyone got to the picnic park and was focussed on getting to their lunches i snuck behind this little shed thing for storage and just dropped my loaded panties down from under my skirt and stepped out of them and walked straight back to the picnic area. I did it so quick, i had gone back there and ditched the panties before anyone could even notice i was gone. I had to be careful no one could get a glimpse up my skirt all day but at least i wasn't walking around with a load in my panties for everyone to find out about. I often wonder what the reaction of the person who stumbled across my pooped panties behind that shed was like.
When i was 19 in my sophomore year of college i woke up one morning to discover i had completely peed my bed. To this day i dont know why. I wasnt drunk or anything i just randomly wet the bed for some reason. My panties were thoroughly soaked and so was the back of my shirt and of course the sheets. My roommate was in the shower so i couldn't go in to clean myself, and worse i didn't know how long it would be until she came out so i was afraid she'd catch me changing and stripping my bed and know what i did. So i hurried into the kitchen in my wet underwear and everything and filled a big plastic cup with water and hopped back into my wet bed. I put the cup on the bed right near my legs and just let go and let it tip over and spill into the bed all over me on its own. I pulled the blanket up and just laid there pretending to be asleep. When she came out i faked waking up, acting confused and alarmed, then i held the cup up and said "aw shit i fell asleep with my drink in my hand and it spilled on me!" And she laughed at me. I got up and quickly changed my underwear in the bathroom then went and stripped my bed before she could go near it and smell the pee. After i showered and took care of everything i felt like i got away with it. I just spent the rest of the day being freaked out about peeing in bed in college. I tthink my roommate was suspicious that i had really peed myself and not just spilled a drink but she never said anything.


Accepting public toilets for what they are

I read the postings regularly and continue to note more stories by the younger posters and the problems they have using public bathrooms. I've been out of high school for ten years now but my job for a large financial corporation, graduate studies which require college classes at night and trying to support TJ (my boyfriend who plays softball several nights a week in parks over a three-county area) means that I have no choice but to use public toilets several times a day.

However, I know that I've had my ups and downs in using public toilets, especially those in may of the softball parks where most of the stalls are doorless. The best advice I can give the younger members of our community is that you have to accept public toilets for what they area and some of the people who use them are--how should I put it--not very smart or thoughtful. Probably my worst incident was a couple of years ago at a gas station and store while I was taking a crap in a unisex toilet and a boy opens the door on me causing me to have an accident and to get burned by the full cup of hot coffee I had just opened as I sat. I wrote about this on page 1703. I was really mad about it, the damage to my nice business clothing, how my knee got bruised by him throwing the door open on me, and of course the burns to my groin area. The latter two injuries had me feeling the impact of this obnoxious boy's actions for more than a week later. And I still remember it everytime I use a unisex bathroom.

Just last month when I was out-of-town with TJ at a ballpark he had never played at I got to thinking about what my late grandmother would call a grin and bear it moment. I could let it piss me off and let it ruin my whole day or I could just breathe deeply and convince myself that there is nothing I can do about other people's behavior.

I took off about an hour and a half early from my work to make the hour-long drive to the park. I felt good, of course, when I first got there and didn't see TJ's car because I knew I had beaten him there. There was an old brick building with a door on each end that I knew would be the toilets and I had been feeling my need to pee since I left the interstate. I felt my purse on the car seat, locked the door and quickly walked toward the building and upon seeting a very young boy come out of the door closest to me, I picked up my speed because I knew I would be using the door on the far end of the building. Holding my pee too long just causes me an increasing pain in my bladder and I was imagining my dress up, thong down and my comfortable seat taking the weight off my feet within seconds. I turned into the doorway, could already smell the stench and was already getting hit by a couple of several flies and other insects as I walked into the room.

It was so strange, here was a very grey-painted room including the floor with holes and tin covers over them where two tiolets had obviously been. Now there was only one toilet, no door by separated by a partial partion. A girl about 9 came running around me just as I noticed shorts and underwear lowered and somebody quietly seated on the toilet. The shorts were basically jean cut-offs and there was no movement of feet or noise, whatever from the seated party. The girl, also in shorts was holding her crotch area and what surprised me, after walking in front of me, she walked right up to the entrance to stall and stood there perhaps a foot from the woman who was on the stool. It was so brazen. Because there was no door on the stall, she stood directly in front of the woman, moved her feet a lot and of course continued to position her hands at crotch level. I admit she was probably in pain, but he was too close to the woman and needed to back up and give the woman her space. After about 15 seconds there was this gruff voice I heard that said "Good God, little lady, why don't you move back and give me some breathing room. I'm 69 and my crap doesn't come as easy as it did when I was your age. You've obviously going to see when I'm done because we all have to use the same door and standing and watching me isn't going to make my crap come out any faster. Hasn't your mother taught you any manners?"

The girl seemed surprised and somewhat taken aback by the recommendation and quickly backed up toward me and I could hear her say to herself "What a b****" and got to thinking what a mouth she had developed and how inconsiderate she was. I wasn't about to give her the cuts in line that she had already taken and after about five minutes, we could hear a real sigh of relief from the lady, who stood and quickly wiped. She flushed and we could hear it took her about three or four attempts on the flusher to get it to activate. The girl started right for the stall, but I grabbed her shoulder, told her I was next and again she seemed very surprised. My thought was that she might frequently receive cuts in lines but I was not about to because of her attitude. The stall smelled worse than the entire restroom as I quickly lowered my thong, hiked my dress up and put myself on the stool. My steam started at once and I got to thinking during the twom minutes or so it continued that may be I should take a little extra time on the seat just to mess with the girl, but I called out to her that I was almost done. I did one fast wipe while I remained seated, and I flushed before standing and pulling up my thong.

As she passed me running for the toilet, her only remark was "It's about time ..." and a few other words I didn't clearly hear. But like I said in my introduction, I'm trying not to let bad attitudes on the part of others get to me.

Upstate Dave

Car Junkyard Part 4

Now it was my time to piss. Both Bridgette and Sherry firts were faced loking back at me leaned up against the front bucket seats. I pulled my zipper down and started to slip my fingers inside my pants to get my Johnson out(Sherrys nickname for a penis) But Sherry spoke up very loudly and told me to take my pants down. After all I did and Bridgette also gave you a good full view like I had done!

But before I could answer Sherry she went on saying; I'll give a full view of my little backside f you do pull down your pants Dave! THis made Bridgette let out a short loud giggle and then she said she would do the same too! So what I did was reach up for my snap. When I did Sherry shouted right out; He's going to do it!!!!

I opped my snap and then I slid my pants down as far as I could get them while still siting down on the back seat. Then I lifted up my ass slighly tugged my pants down the rest of my till they were down around my sneakers. Then I said to Sherry; Satisfied now? Sherry was staring at my Johnson which was in a full erect state which its head was pressed hard up against my belly. Then Sherry said she was.

Then as both girls looked I pushed my penis down so it was angled still slightly upward and I started my piss. I sent a good thick twisted stream angled outward in a arc which shot between the girls and the bucket seats. There was no windshield in the car so my stream went right out through the hole passing over the engine compaprtment and dipped down in the front of the car and hit the ground somewhere in fornt of the car.

Bridgette was the first to lift up the back of her dress and turn around and showed me her rearend. When she had turned around she now saw how far my stream was going. Sherry look! You should see how far Dave's piss is going! Sherry then she pulled down her blue shorts to her knees and she turned to take a look to see how far I was pissing. Now I had a second rearend faced back at me and I was smiling from ear to ear too.

Bridgette stayed forward watching my piss stream. Sherry didn't. After watching my piss stream for several seconds she turned around and faced me. In a whisper which I barely heard Sherry asked me to spread my legs apart a little. So I did. Sherry let out a little gasp. Your balls are cute too! Sherry said in the same whispering voice. Still whispering Sherry asked if I played with them. My brother does with his!

I shook my head no back to Sherry. I couldn't beilive that she told me that! Then Sherry still with her blue shorts down squated down quickly and she reached out with her hand with it headed towards my Johnson! I stared at Sherry not quite believing I was seeing what she was just about to do! This time Sherry didn't whisper at all. Come on let me hold it! Bridgette heard Sherry for she spun around fast letting go of her raised skirt and it dropped covering her backside over.

Bridgette must have known that Sherry did this or seen her do it for she let out one long giggle. Sherry too giggled just a little and as she did she said to me; Come on I KNOW you wouldn't mind. So I let Sherry hold my Johnson. When she did she squeezed down on way to hard making my hard piss stream get squeezed off a lot. For it had come all the way back inside the car and I was pissing on the cars dashboard. Sherry let up! I said to her which she did and my piss stream instatnly went shooting foward through the missing winshield opening over the engne compartment and down out in front of the car.

I let out a phewww first. Then I said to Sherry; You don;t know how much that can hurt doing that! Sooooo sorrry Dave Sherry said to me first. But I just wanted to see how hard your Johnson really was thats all. Well you certainly found out Sherry. Its hard enough so that you didn't have to squeeze me to death! Sherry ley out a giggle and she told me I was right and also said sorry again to me also.

By this time Sherry and I had exchanged words back n forth my piss stream was easing off. My stream had come all the way back and I was pissing up in the front area under the dashboard. I did that for few seconds more then I had my stream come back a little closer and I pissed on the console between the two bucket seats. Then I stopped pissing.

Sherry did ask if I had any left and I told her no its all over I'm done. Sherry let go off my penis and it went up real fast and slapped my lower belly with its head.Both Brdgette and Sherry laughed hard. I reached down and pulled my pants back up till I got to the point where I had to get up off the backseat so I could pull them up the rest of the way. I did my sliight lift from the set, jerked my pants up the rest of the way, popped my snap back, and then zipped them up.

Then we all got out of the car for it did smell pretty strongly of piss. Bridgette said she was going to her dads office and call the house to see if her dad and Tony were done. She came out a short momnet later and told us that her dad and Tony would be done in several minutes and that She and I were to head to the house. So she and I headed to the house and Sherry satyed at the office or Bridgette told Sherry she would come back. Once back where Tony had parked the truck Bridgette said goodbye to me and took back off running through the junkyard going back to be with Sherry. A minute after that Pual and Tony came out and Tony and I got in his truck and we left. The End

Upstate Dave

Car Junkyard Part 3

Bridgette and I walked down the road in the woods between the junkyard car lots. We sipped our cold bottles of Coke. As we walked Bridgette told me that I was here today. I asked her if she had friends. Oh yeah I do but my friend Sherry is the closest friend I have but she lives a little ways away. So we don't see each other much except in school.

We reached the second lot of junk cars and now I followed Bridgette. She was takeing me to where the other Packards were here in the second lot. We wound through the junk yard till we did reach a small building which sereved as her adads office for the junkyard. A couple of cars over from the small shed office there sat one of the Packards.

It was a late 1930s model and one of the more expensive big ones too. Before I went over to look at the Packard Bridgette told me to go look at the Packard. She was going in her dads office. I'm going to call Sherry and see if shes home and if she is ask her to come over. That ok with you Dave? I said sure and I walked over headed for the old Packard and Bridgette went into her dads office to call her friend Sherry.

The oldf Packardturned out to be very nice as far as the interior. It had its engine but many parts had been taken off. Also many of the outside trim parts were also gone. Still there was enough of it left that you could see that it was a very fancy car. I sat inside in bothe the front seat and then in the back seat too. When I was in the backseat Bridgette came outside form her dadas office and came over to me in the Packard and got in the backseat with me.

Sherry was home Dave. She is on her way over too! You'll like her Dave. I know you will. So I had to ask Bridgette what her friend Sherry looked like. Oh she is a blonde with long curly hair. Then she giggled just a little and went on telling me Sherry was very cute looking girl. She has a cute little body too. I told her about you too and she wants to see you and Bridgette giggled again and went on saying that Sherry has a question to ask you when she gets here.

I thought for a momnet about that but Bridgette kept on talking saying that Sherry would be in 20 to 30 minutes so we have to stick around here near my dads office. Thats where I told Sherry tahts where we would be. Now we had long finsihed the two botles of Coke. Bridgette asked if I had any change. I told her I had. Good! I want another Coke. My dads got a old soda machine in his office. Lets go get another while we wait for Sherry.

So we got out of the old Packard and went right into her dads office. Sure enoughthere was a old Coke soda machine in the one corner. I fished out two dimes from my pocket put them in the machine and we each got another Coke to drink. We waited outside drinking them. Bridgette talked more about Sherry as we waited and sipped on the sodas. Sure enough Sherry showed up in a little more then twenty inutes later and she was just as Bridgette described to me.

She ws very cute looking with her long tightly curled blonde hair. If it was red instead of blonde she looked like Shirly Temple with her curly hair. She said with anice friendly Hi Dave when she saw me and thsi she said before Bridgette could introduce me to her. Then Sherry said she wanted a soda too and she went inside the office and acme out with one.

Then the three of us walked over to teh old Packard and we all sat togther in the backseat sipped our sodas and all three of us talked too. At first it was just general conversation till Sherry let out a hard giggle and said to me; You know Dave Bridgette told me all about you on the phone when she called me. She did did she? I said becomming somewhat wary now. What did Bridgette have to say to you about me? I asked Sherry.

Brdgette let out a giggle and said Everything! That made Sherry giggle some more before she answered me. I looked at Bridget and said to her; You didn't did you> That made Bridgette laugh and Sherry said loudly She sure did! You have a nice Johnson and you sure can piss! Bridgette now laughed even harder. So did Sherry. My face heated up for I again got embarassed again by the two gorls now.

The girls did soon stopped thier laughter and Sherry told me not to be embarrassed by thier talking. We girls do it all the time. Besides I have a offer to tell you. Now I was over my embarrasment and I began to wonder what was really up. I said to Sherry go on then I'm listening. Bridgette giggled as Sherry began to talk.

When Bridgette had told me about her seeing yor Johnson ad that you took a piss and she saw you I had told her that I would like to see you! Sherry puased for a short moment. Then Sherry went on and said that Bridgette also told me that she let you watch her piss and shit in her specai van. Bridgette giggled again. I said back to Sherry; She did but waht are you leading up to Sherry? Sherry gave Bridgette a quick look and Bridgette did the same looking over and back at Sherry.

Then Sherry told me that when Bridgette had called that she (Sherry) I was on my way to the bathroom for I had to piss but I didn't. After telling me all about you I didn't go. I have been holding it as I came here to meet up with you two. Now if I go will you let me watch you go? Now I knew what Sherry was leading up to! I purouslly stayed silent. I was going to say yes to Sherry but I was just stalling makeing Sherry think that I wasn't going to do what she had asked.

I did say yes after a good minute or more had gone by. Bridgette laughed and said to Sherry as she laughed; See I told you he would! Sherry giggled hard and she was wearing a striped blouse and a blue pair of shorts slid off the seat and started to pull her blue shorts right down right then!

Bridgette then yelled out to Sherry; Not in here Sherry My dad has this car up for sale! you can't piss in here! Sherry stopped pulling down her shorts and slipped them right back up. Ok Bridgette where can I go then? I do want to go inside one of the cars like what we always do! Come on get out everyone there is a good car to piss in a few rows over.

So we all hurried out from theold Packard. Bridgette leading the way Sherry then me took us over to a Ford hardtop and we all got in the backseat of it with me in the middle Sherry on my right and Bridgette on my left. Now this Ford had bucket seats up front. When we had gotten in the backseat the girls left the two bucket seats leaning forward. Sherry looked over at Bridgette and asked; Are you ready Bridgette? She giggled and told Sherry she was.

Both girls then stood up turned around and faced me. Bridgette lifted up her skirt real fast as Sherry yanked down her blue shorts just as fast! I was sitting leaning back so I could see both girls with no problems. Then both Bridgette and Sherry spreaded thier fet wide apart as they could get them and then sat down on the backs of the bucket seats which they were leaning over but not all that far.

Since Sherry had been holding her piss she started first and she sent ha hard piss stream out between her vaginas lips which her stream hit the floor which still had its carpet and started wetting the carpet with piss. Bridget started pissing a few seconds after Sherry had. She didn't start all that hard with her piss. Her piss ran right down the back of the bucket seat and thenran off the bottom edge of the seat and wetted the carpet on the floor on her side.

Now Sherry was pissing harder and her stream which had been silent started to hiss loud along with her stream had moved forward and she was pissing on the backseat with her piss running over the cuchine and going betwenn the bottom and back top of the backseat. I bet if I opened the trunk Sherry's piss wpuld be wetting somehwre in the trunk!

Now Bridgette started pissing harder. She had stopped pissing down the back of the bucket seat she was leaning on. She had just a short looped arcof a piss stream that was silent and she was pissing dead center on the carpet on the floor on her side. Sherry took a quick look over at Bridgette. Seeing Bridgettes pissstream she said to Bridgette; Piss harder Bridgette! Wit that stream I'm the only one making Daves Johnson hard! THat made all three of us do a quick short laugh.

Bridgette didn't piss any harder but Sherry who had been pissing on the backseat had her stream weaken and she was pissing back on the carpet on the floor agin with her streams hissing stop. But Bridgettes stream was now hissing very softly so I still had hissing to listen to as well as the girls piss streams which the way it looked now would be over very soon.

That exactly what happened too. For a few short seconds later Sherry's piss eneded with her having the last of her piss run right down the back of her bucket seat she was leaned up against. Then after Sherry was done Bridgette pissed for several second longer and she rewtted the back of her bucketseat with the last of her piss. The both girls stood up.

Bridgette dropped her skirt turned around and sat back down on the backseat with me. Sherry slowlly pulled up her blue shorts. As she did she said to both Bridgette and I; Hey I can't sit down now on the backseat. I pisseed all over it! Bridgette said right back to Sherry. Just pull your shorts up Sherry and stay the way you are! I;ll guess I'll have to do that! Sherry said back to Bridgette. Then Sherry said with a giggling voice. IT's time to see that all importent Johnson! I and Bridgette laughed. To be continuied.

new guy

fart names part 4

26. The unholy one Its a fart that smells so bad that its hard to believe it came from a human.
27. The ripper Its a fart that comes out real fast and loud and it usualy hurts.
28. The hellfire Its a fart that really really burns when it comes out its the hottest of the hot farts and it smells really really bad.

29. The ghost fart Its fart that comes out of nowhere you dont know who did it. You just sudenly smell it its very similar to a SBD.

30. The big & bad Its a fart that is very very big and smells very very bad.
31. The room clearer Its a fart the can clear a whole room of people it smells REALLY REALLY REALLY bad.
32. The liquidator Its a really really wet fart.
33. The pretty but deadly Its a fart that sounds harmless and cute but really packs a punch.
34. The suprise ending Its fart that with poop coming out thats the surprise get it.
35. The storm warning Its a fart that usualy signals very bad diarrhea is about to happen.
36. The anything can happen fart Its a fart which you dont know what gonna happen next poop could come, it could just end etc.
37. The sleeper Its a fart that happens wwhen the person is asleep it has many different sounds and smells.
38. The good or should i say the bad morning fart Its a fart that right as the person is waking up it can smell very bad or not depending on how long its been stored up for.
39. The two tone its a fart that starts hi and gets low or starts low and gets high.
40. The concert fart its a fart the has many different sounds.

Upstate Dave

My First Fort With A Bathroom Part 1

I had built two different forts when I was around ten or elen yeras old. This post is about the first fort that I had built with a bathroom. This fort came about one day when my friend Tony was up at my house and we decided to build a fort. We had to find a place to build it first which turned out to be on the hill side behind our big barn.

This also was where we dumped our raked up leaves in the fall. Tony and I started by rakeing the leaves out making a space for the fort. Then we got started using scrap wood from the woodshed or from a smaller barn that long ago had fallen in. So we had plenty of wood to make up the fort.

We built it so it was retangular being 10' x 6' x 4' high. High enough to sit in upright, long enough so that you could lay right out in it, wide enough if you did lay down there was room for two persons or if you sat more could sit. We had also used old pieces of tar paper roofing so it would stay dry in case of rain. Then we took the leaves that we had raked and covered the roof over with them.

The idea why we had built it was to sleep out in it which we did. Now the bathroom was not built when we first made the fort. That became a after thought after Tony and I had slept in it a few times. So we added on the bathroom section which was just as high as the first section and I came up with the idea of the stove pipe. It worked great.

Tony and I used the fort at times right up till Halloween. That was the last night we slept out in it. It wouldn't get used till next spring after it had warmed up again to use it. Again Tony and I slept out in a few times as the spring went along. Then after school ended Tony moved back to the city which he was my best friend so now I was the only one that would sleep out in the fort but the bathroom would get used by others which was modst of the girls that I knew in our group of friends then.

It all started one day with Jeannie and Barbie S had stopped byto see me. After some time playing together badmitten and dodge ball we all went into the big barn used the hand pump and all of us relieved our thirst with the cold spring water from the hand pump. Then I asked them both would they like to see the fort that Tony and I built. Both Jeannie and Brbie told me they did.

So I took them down to where it was. Before I opened the front door of the fort t let the girls inside both girls had spotted the bathroom secton which was open. There was no door on it. Both girls asked me if it was a bathroom and I told them both it was. We all then went inside the other section and it was pleasenty cool inside. There was plenty of room for the three of us to sit.

I told Jeannie and Barbie that Tony and I had slept many times in the fort. The girls said that they wished that they could do that. They did tell me that they had slept in a tent outside but that was it. Well we had been inside my fort for about a hour. Then both girls said that they had to piss and wanted to try out the bathroom. I had to piss also and I told them both that I had to go. So we all got outside and went over to the bathroom section.

Jeannie and Barbie wanted me to go first. (by the way we had been long time friends and we all had seen each other piss) So I stepped over to the front of the bathroom section and I unzipped my jeans got my penis out and I aimed it at the hole inside the bathroom. I started with a hard piss having my stream shoot into the hole. I hit the side of the stovepipe making a me tallic sound and my piss started running out the end of the pipe and down into the dug hole in the ground.

Both Barbie and Jeannie gggled hard seeing my iss flowing out of the stove pipe. It really works! Jeannie said. Barbie asked me how welldid it worked when someone took a shit. I told her it did work well enough to do that too. I went on pissing and then after I had finished going I put my penis back inside my jeans zipped them up and stepped aside.

Ok who is going next? I asked the two girls. Barbie told Jeannie she could go next. She would go last. So Jeannie stepped in front of the bathroom section. She was wearing a pair of yellow shorts. She yanked them right down. Jeannie was not wearing pantie swhich she hardly ever did in warm weather and sat her small cute ass down on the platform.

As Barbie and I both watched Jeannie which we both could see her vagina Jeannie started her piss with a strong stream. It hissed loudly and her stream had angled forward and it hit the stove pipe again making a metalic sound with her piss hitting the stove pipe. Her piss did like mine had flowed out of the pipe and down int the dug out hole in the ground.

Jeannie went and did something that she wanted to do and that was see if could see her piss comming out of the pipe. So she bent way over and looked down and she laughed a little when she see her ss running out of the end of the pipe. Then she sat back up straight. Jeannie took a pretty good piss in its length too. She did end it with some dribbleing and dripping. She did hop off form the platform when she finished and pulled her yellow shorts back up and then stepped aside to let her sistor Barbie to se the toilet.

Barbie went turned around faced her sistor and I in front of the toilet. Now Barbie always wore eiether a skirt or a dress. She had on one of her light old summer dresses today so she yanked it right up. She like her sistor Jeannie didn't wear panties all that much. She had none on also. She sat down now over the hole. She started pissing quicker then Jeannie.

Both Jaennie and I made comments about her starting so fast. Barbie let out a giggle and told us both she almost started to piss when she was standing watching Jeannie piss! Jeannie giggled a loud giggle and I smiled. Barbie was pissing hard but with no hissing. But her piss stream was hitting the stove pipe real hard it sounded like someone was banging on it! Her piss was also comming out of the end ofthe stove pipe like running water out of a turned on faucet!

Barbie's piss was much shorter then Jaennies had been. The nain reason was Babie had pissed so hard. Barbie had a clean stop with no dribbling or dripping from her vagina. She stood up afterwards and let her summer dress drop down. Then I told them both that they were the first girls to use the toilet. Jeannie said loudly; I was the first one! Normal for her to say that too. Barbie just smiled.

Now Jaennie said she wanted to use it again. I'm going up to the barn to drink some more water. Anyone else comming? she asked Barbie and I. We both said yes back to her. Jeannis scrambed up the hillside ahaed of Barbie and I. Barbie then said to me; I'' do a first in your toilet Dave. What's that Barbie? I asked her. With a big smile she told me; Ill take a shit in it! Now I smiled a big as smile as Barbie had. She and I walked up the hillside together and headed to the barn to join Jeannie and get some more drinks of watr form the hand pump. To be continuied. After getting a second round of drinks in the barn all of us went and played some more dodge ball and badmitten. Barbie afterwards after we were done playing the games had been thinking how to get her sistor to leave. She wnted me and her to be alone. But as luck would have it Jeannie told us both she was all tired out and was going home. That took care of not having Barbie to come up with something that Jeannie had to leave.

Barbie and I said goodbye to Jeannie and waited there in the yad till she had walked away and was out of our sight. Then Barbie said to me; Let's go down to the fort now. I have to piss and shit! I smiled with a big smile and I told Barbie that I had to piss too. She smiled and said to me; Well I'll have domething to hold while I'm going! We both then laughed and started walking heading to my fort down on the hillside behind the barn.

Barbie and soon were at the toilet room of my fort. What she did was firt go inside of the toilet room on her hands and knees turned around and knelt over the hole. She raised right up her summer dress so I coulld see but tied it off so her hands were free. Thatwill work she said to me. It should stay up on its own I hope!

I was standing outside which now Barbie reached out and pulled down my jeans zipper. Then she slipped her fingers in and pulled out m penis and held it. I said to Barbie; Let me go first. I only have to piss. Barbie answered me back saying; Ok Dave but I don't think that I can stop from shiting while your pissing.

Barbie moved my erect penis down aiming it at the opening under her which she had straddled herself in the kneeling position. I startred to piss. I sent a thin twisted strem of piss which did go into the opening just barely and hit somewhere on the stovepipe but not alll that far down. As I now was pissing Barbie too joined in sending out from her vagina a thin weak straight down piss stream which was just behind where my stream was shooting into the opening.

I noticed that Barbie's piss stream was in the backside of the hole opening thinking about that she was also going to shit Barbie may miss the opening and shit on the platform behind the hole. So I told Barbie I think you are to far back. If you shit where you are now you'll miss the hole. Barbie let out a giggle and she moved forward which our streams met but hers was so wek that it did splatter with mine but not enough that it hit her or outside of the hole opening.

Then Barbie's weak piss stream went into just dribbling. I heard a phhhhhhht of a fart and a couple of seconds after that fart Barbie's shit came into view under her. Barbie was starting her shit! It was a fat brown one which it was smooth looking. It was commiing out pretty fast too. So it got longer quickly. When it had got long enough in length my piss stream hit her shit with a pretty good splash. Barbie wasn't hit with my piss but some of my piss did wet some of the wood of the platform.

So I bore down and slowed my stream down which it moved away from her shit and no longer splashed. Barbie's shit grew a couple more inches longer and then it broke falling down into the stovepipe but did not come out of the end of it. I stopped my piss stream. Let go for a moment Barbie I said to her which she did let go of my penis. Your shit is stuck somewhere up insde of the pipe! I said tis laughing which after I said it Barbie now laughed to which made the broken peice of shit now fall into the stove pipe and Barbie aslo pissed a little again.

I reache down and changed the angle of the stovepipe and I banged on it with my hand. That did the trick for Barbie's big shit slid into view and I banged the pipe one more time and it fell out from the pipe and went down in the dug out hole in the ground. The second smaller peice dropped right behind her bigger shit. Then I moved the stovepipe back where it had been.

Barbie told me she thoughht she was done shiting for it felt thatway to her. So she reached over aimed my penis again and I resumed my piss. Barbie also joined me and she pissed some more with me. With both of pissing there came a good amount of piss out of the pipe. All of our piss reall wetted Barbie's shit laying down there in the hole in the ground.

We soon both ended our pisses together. Barbie let go of me and I stepped back putting my penis back inside my pants as she got out of the toilet room. She did take a quick look at her shit. I told her that it wasn;t a bad one at all. But I do have to make a little change to the toilets setup I think. Barbie asked me what I was going to do. Put the pipe straight dopwn and make the hole in the ground deeper and bigger.

Barbie walked with me as I was headed to the barn to get a shovel to dig with. Dave she said to me I need to wipe my ass. I ca feel shit arond my hole and a little on the inside of my cheeks. I told Barbie to go inside and take care of herself. I'll be dwn at the fort fixing the toilet. Barbie walked heading to go inside the house and I went inside and grabbed a shovel.

I walked back to the fort and first thing I did was dig under Barbie's shit and then I tossed it away. I dug the hole deeper and bigger. Once done with that I starightened out the stovepipe and it looked good to me now. Barbie had come back with a roll of toilet paper. She the wiped right there letting me watch her wipe! Then she tossed the used paper down in the hole in the ground picked up a few leaves tossed them into the hole covering over the toilet paper. The roll got left in the fort for future use. The End

Well for the next couple of days I used the new forts toilet only using it for pissing. One thing that I did fnd out with this second fort with it being well closed up the sun beat down on it for good part of the day off and on. So both rooms were quite hot when inside of them.

So the back room had that one window that I had nailed in the wall I changed it to where I put hinges on and now it could be swung open which helped keep the inner room cooler. Now for the uter room I took the top board of the outer wall off and that helped vent that room making it not as hot also. Plus it added light to that room nw. With its door shut before this that outer room was dark.

Now today was Saturday. The weekend before I would be back in school on Monday. I had been busy with the fort so I never visited any of my friends. They must have been busy too for none of them came around any of the days while I was busy with the fort. So as I was tanding there whether to go off to my friends houses to see if they were around I didn't have to for three of them showed up as I was standing in front of the big barn in its open doorway.

Who it was that came walking towards me was Diane, the girl that lived across the street, and both Barbies! Barbie S who had been with me and her sistor Jeannie that had been the first girls to piss in my other forts toilet. The other Barbie was Barbie H my friend Butch's sistor. First thing I was asked by Barbie S was; Where have you been Dave? You haven't been around. I told her that I had been busy.

That brought some laughter from Siane, and the other Barbie Barbie H. In return I asked them all why haven't they been around also. More giggles and theyall told me theyhad been busy too. So it was Barbie H that asked me; What kept you so busy Dave? I built a new fort Barbie. Do any of you guys want to see it? It's right at the end of the barn. All three of the girls said they did and we all walked down to wher the new fort was.

I opned the front door and the two Barbies followed by Diane all stepped into the first of teh two rooms. Seeing the two small square stools and the wooden crate there the girls sat down with Diane and Barbie H sitting on the two stood while Barbie S sat down on the crate. I stepped inside closed the front door and told them there was a second room which is bogger and has more places to sit. So I opned the inner doors room and the girls got up and went inside of it. I joined them and we all sat down on the benches in the inner room now.

We sat tere talking for awhile. Then Barbie S commented that this fort does't have a toilet in it like your other fort Dave. The other Barbie Barbie H said loudly; Dave has a fort with a toilet in it?!!! Both Diane and Barbie S said it does. I then told all of the girls that this fort did too. Barbie was siting on it. (Barbie S) With me saying that all three girls got right up and went back into the outer room.

Barbie S went over to the crate and she looked it over. Seeing that the top was hinged in the back she lifted up the lid. There was the toiletseat now in sight. All three of the girls began laughing hard. Barbie S closed the lidback down and lifted it back up again. Barbie S laughing said loudly; Gee with the top cown you wouldn't even know that it was a toilet! That brought on another fit of laughing from Barbie H and Diane.

Then the girls wanted to play something. So after saying different things it was agreed to play hide n seek. I was it first. We used a tree in the upper front yard as home. I counted off and the girls went and hid. The two Barbies made it home but I did get Diane so it was now herturn to count and I and the two Barbie's were to hide on Diane. We all took off running.

Barbie H ran into the barn Barbie S ran with me and as we ran she said to your new fort! So that is where we went she and I. Once inside the outer room with the door closed Barbie quickly said to me she was going to take a piss in the new toilet. Am I the first girl? she asked me as today BarbieS was wearing shorts and she was pulling them down. I told her she sure was!

Barbie had left the lid up so when she had her shorts pulled down she sat right down on the woosen toilet seat. She started pissing right off too and hard. I'll make this a quick one so we can get out of here and hide somplace else. Barbie S did just that too. She pissed hard and took only about ten seconds to piss.

As soon as she was done pissing she stood up and pulled her shorts right back up. I opned the front door we slipped outside and ran down around the back of the barn. There we both waited and we heard Diane in the upstairs of the barn. Both Barbie and I ran off heading for home and we made it. Diane found Barbie H and she was it this time. That's where I'll end it here for now and pick it up for the next gilr that would use the new forts toilet would be Diane. I would be with he too.

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