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My Donut Story

The last part of my summer has been super boring. The reason it sucks is that several of my friends with whom I do things with have been on vacation. Like Gopi, my best friend, she and he family few back to India to visit their family for like three weeks until school begins. I had hoped to get several babysitting job but none have come about.

Well this past weekend my cousin Matthew has been staying with us because his parents are out of town. He's like a year younger than me and will be starting 7th grade this year. It was like 10 at night and Matthew asked my parents if he and I could walk like two blocks up the street to an all-night donut shop because we were both bored and hungry. Since the two of us would be going together they said OK and also I promised to bring my parents a couple of treats back. Like my dad just loves the jelly donuts and my mom worked her way through college by working in a donut shop and she just loves the glazed.

It must have been the exercise or the fact that I had consumed like 48 ounces of Mr. Pipp (Matthew helped me finish it off too after I started to get really bloated and let off a series of gigantic farts) but by the time I got there I knew that I had to get to the bathroom quick to take a shit. He agreed to order for us both while I went into the bathroom. The ladies room had one toilet that looked pretty clean and a sink on the opposite wall. Since there was not stall for privacy, I made sure I latched the restroom door. It was kind of strange when I noticed but the seat was up. It was a large black seat that was like almost half larger than the toilet. I dropped it with my left hand and I took down my shorts all the way to anke level because I knew I had more privacy than places like at school where others are looking in on me. Like a half minute after my butt touched the seat and I got situated, a strange noise happened. It was unlike any fart I remember ever having. It was over in just a half a second and I knew I had dropped my shit. I looked down between my legs but all I could see was the front of the bowl. I then decided to stand up for a better look and I couldn't believe what was floating on the top of the water. My crap was especially soft and the brown formation that greeted me was like 100% in a circle and formed like a donut. It was like 3 1/2 inches big.

I partially pulled up my white underwear and shorts. I knew that I could probably see Matthew seated from the far end of the rather dark hallway I was at and I quickly called for him. I had to call him like three times to get his attention and even then I had to motion to him to quickly come because I didn't want any of the other customers, and there were probably about seven or eight, to notice what we were going to do. He was a bit scared at first as he walked down the hall and I think he thought that may be I had gotten sick or something, but I quickly had him come into the bathroom, I closed the door and showed him what was floating in the bowl. I knew my butt was dirty and still I needed to wipe but I was amazed that he was as surprised as he was. He even got down on his knees to get a closer look because he hadn't brought his glasses. He congratulated me and said he had to pee and would go next door to the boys room. I asked him if he had good aim and he said he thought so. I lifted the seat and dared him to see if he could pee accurately into the middle of the hole without breaking up the donut. He was game.

Matthew unzipped his shorts and asked me to give him a countdown from 10. While I was doing that he had both hands on his organ and seemed very intent on winning the dare. His stream started and with just a tiny change in direction he was able to keep it on target into the middle of the donut for like nearly a minute. There were a few trickle drops at the end, but I have to admit he has good aim. He watched me wipe myself and both he and I decided the bowl should not be flushed so we left it.

We finished our food and both noticed that no one else had used the bathroom. Then we walked back home and arrived just as my parents were starting to worry because we had taken so long. We almost forgot their order, but luckily Matthew reminded me just as we were about the leave the parking lot.

Just Jerika


More than a fishing trip

I went on a fishing trip with a few friends a few years ago. We left on a Friday evening and planned to come back on Sunday. It was about a 3-hour drive to the lake, and we were going to sleep in small individual tents in a sort of makeshift campground near the boat launch. What most people did was arrive, launch their boat, tie it up, and then pitch their tents to be ready for an early start to the next day. There was a restaurant at the site, kind of a fisherman's grill that opened at 5 a.m. for breakfast. Next to the restaurant was a separate building, which were the restrooms. They had flush toilets, which was good. The building itself was rather flimsy, built of wood with a peaked roof in the center and there was no closing door from the outside. You just went in the opening and around the corner to the toilets. Inside the men's room there were three urinals and three stalls including the handicapped version. The stalls were made of plywood and the doors latched with a screen door type hook. The walls between the toilets went to within two inches of the floor so you couldn't see between the stalls unless you stood on your head. The interesting thing is the plywood wall behind the toilets did not go all the way to the ceiling. It stopped about 10 feet up, and the roof was about 15 feet up. So it was totally open to the other side, the women's room, the upper 5 feet. So sound traveled very well.

I had noted while we were pitching our tents two very good looking women about 35 years old with a couple of guys setting up their tents across the way. This area had about 20 tents total, so it wasn't really packed, but a few people were around. One woman was a brunette, pretty outgoing, laughing and joking around with the other campers. I overheard her say, "Oh not to worry, NOTHING embarrasses me!" I wasn't sure what she was talking about but I heard her say it. The other woman had light brown, almost blonde hair. They were the only females I saw at the site. The rest were guys of various ages there for the fishing. Around 10 p.m. everyone got quiet and went into their tents for sleep for the early start tomorrow. Around 2:30 a.m., I woke up with an urge to take a dump, which is unusual for me. Normally I'm an after breakfast shitter, and I was concerned about this trip due to getting an early start, and perhaps needing to go once we were on the boat, which wouldn't be good. So I was kind of glad the urge hit me now. I silently got up and made my way out of the tent and started toward the restrooms. It was pretty dark, but I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and it was the brunette woman coming out of her tent. This excited me a bit, since what else could she be up to at this hour other than to go to the restroom? We got to the restroom about the same time and she smiled and whispered, "When you gotta go, you gotta go." I said, "I know what you mean." She went into the ladies' side and I started into the men's. I heard her let out a bit of a yell, not quite a scream, but obviously something startled her. She came out and I was halfway in the door opening and she said, "There's a damn snake in the ladies' room! I can't go in there. Do you mind if I use the men's?" I said, "No, go ahead." She thanked me and started into the men's, then said, " Oh, you can come and use it too, as long as you don't peek. Nothing embarrasses me." I said I wouldn't peek and went in. She went into the first stall, which left the handicapped one and the middle one. I usually don't like to take handicapped stalls in case someone with a disability comes in, so I took the middle one and said, "Sorry, but I need this type, not just the urinal." She said, "No problem, I gotta go bad myself." We both took our seats and she immediately started a soft mushy sounding BM, punctuated with a blowing fart at the end. She said, "Whoa, excuse me but that was necessary!" I silently dropped a log and then heard someone go into the women's room. It had to be the other lady I saw, the friend of the brunette pooping beside me. The brunette said, "Rhonda, is that you?" We heard, "Yes, where are you?" The brunette said, "I'm in the men's room. There was a snake in the ladies." Rhonda said, "What???!!!" The brunette said, "There was a snake in the ladies' room. You better come over here." Then she said to me, "Sir, you don't mind do you?" I said, "No, that's fine." Well, Rhonda comes in the men's room and said to the brunette, "Laura, you alone in here?" The brunette, who I now knew was named Laura, said, "No there's a guy in the middle. He's OK with us being in here with him." Rhonda said, "Really? OK, I don't mind if he doesn't." I said, "No I don't mind." Rhonda said, "Well, OK." She went into the handicap stall and sat down on the toilet. Now I'm sitting between two outstanding looking women in a three-stall restroom at 2:30 a.m. Rhonda, the latest arrival, like Laura, started passing what sounded like a pot-full of mushy poo, which was laced with about 3 farts escaping with the poop. She sighed and said, "Man, I really needed to go, and I'm not done." Laura said, "Yeah, me too. I've already shit a bowl full and I'm absolutely full of gas. What did we eat that is causing this in the middle of the night?" She then farted so loud I thought it might wake other people. She and the other lady both laughed at Laura's fart, and Laura says, "Sir, I don't know your name, but I hope we're not grossing you out." I told her my name, and said they weren't grossing me out. I actually thought it was pretty darned exciting. I then said, "Well, ladies, I hope I don't gross you out but here goes." I let out a pretty good fart followed by several plopping turds. Both ladies gave compliments, "Good one." "Nice show" etc. We shit together about another 5 minutes and Laura, the brunette, said, well that's all I can do. She started wiping (4 or 5 times as I recall). She got up and flushed and went out of the stall. Rhonda passed a pretty loud fart, which Laura found funny, and then dropped a large sounding turd and started peeing. Then she said, "I'm done." I was done, too, and wiped when she did, and we both came out about the same time. After hand washing, both ladies shook my hand and said, "Nice to meet you" and laughed. I said, "Likewise."

A few hours later my friends and I went in the restaurant for breakfast. In a few minutes, in walked Rhonda and Laura with their guys. The both saw me, smiled and waved, then went to their table. I didn't see them any more that day, and when we got back from our fishing, they'd broken camp and left. But it was quite an experience, to say the least.

weak bladder amanda

huge embarassing pee accident

Well, i peed the hell out of my pants today on my first day of 11th grade and I'm officially a social reject for the school year. I have always had a weak bladder muscle. I'm a chronic bed wetter and i leak in mpants a lot when I'm close to making it to the toilet. I don't really have daytime accidents ever i just pee a lot and pee urgently. Well today was my first day of school and i had a hard time getting up so early. I woke up, wet as usual, showered and got dressed, then had two cups of coffee. I normally only have one but i was tired and wanted to perk up for school. The second cup would be my downfall. Well halfway to school i felt like my bladder was going to explode or i was gonna pee myself in my friends car. When we got to school i barely made it into the girls bathroom from the parking lot without peeing. It felt soooo relieving to go and i was happy i made it. But all that coffee wasn't done with me. I quickly had to pee again in like a half an hour, and after homeroom i made another urgent trip to the girls room. To my horror, less than an hour later in the very beginning of third period, i had to go bad AGAIN! i asked to go but was told to wait because we just had a break between classes where i should've gone and the class was only 45 minutes. I felt panicky and fidgety and i got really restless as my bladder throbbed. I eventually couldn't even pay attention in class because i was concentrating so hard on holding my bladder. I thought i had it under control when a long squirt of pee suddenly slipped into my panties and jean shorts, dampening my crotch. I panicked and frantically raised my hand to ask to go again, but it was too late. I felt my bladder muscle tense and three more quick squirts of pee slipped out before i started wetting myself full force. I immediately burst into tears as hot pee gushed into my shorts, soaking my lap and spreading into a big warm puddle under my butt and splashing onto the tile floor as it poured off of the chair. First time since 3rd grade i peed my pants in school. At least that time i had the excuse that i was 8 years I'm 16! Kids sitting near me moved away from their desks as if they were gonna get pee on them and people all started talking. My teacher just said "go ahead, go!" All frantically and waved me out of the room. He was shocked and had no clue how to react. I got up and rushed out of the room sobbing and with my soaking wet butt showing for the whole class to see. I felt pee trickling down my legs in the hallway as i walked and i just felt so helpless. Its hard enough to be a bed wetter at my age by to pee my pants like that in front of my class in high school was devastating... i had nothing to do but go to the nurse and she just made me wait in the bathroom until a teacher aid brought a pair of cotton shorts from the lost and found, and i took off my wet shorts and underwear and washed myself as best i could and put the clean shorts on with no underwear. The nurse tried to talk me into going back to class but i made her let me go home. I never want to go back to school...

I found a really nice fitness gym right nearby my work. After work I headed over to workout before I headed home. I went into the men's change room and got into my workout gear. The gym is quite fancy and has nice equipment. The bathroom was even more fancy. There is a common change area with lockers and then around the corner there are five glass stalls with a separate toilet and private shower in each one against a wall. Across from them were the urinals and sinks. and around the corner at the far end there were two stalls that just had toilets. I knew I would be needing to take my daily shit soon but I decided to go after I worked out.

Sure enough after an intense workout I was really needing to unload. I got my gym bag and towel from the locker and made my way over to the washroom area. The glass stalls are opaque but you can still make out that someone is either on the toilet or having a shower. The stalls are completely closed in but the glass doesn't extend to the roof. The gym was quite busy and as I walked closer I could hear water running so I knew there were a few people around.

As I walked in I could make out a guy sitting on the toilet of the first stall and shower unit. Next to him a guy was taking a shower and the other three units were open as were the last two toilet only stalls. I took the unit next to the guy who was having a shower. I slid the sliding glass door closed after entering and made sure it locked. The toilet and shower were both against the wall. The shower was on the left and the toilet was on the right so if someone was in the stall next to me they would be able to "see" me as I would be able to "see" them. The glass was pretty thick and opaque but you could still see some level of detail of through it.

I set my gym bag down on the small stand and quickly went over to the toilet. The guy next to me was still showering and nobody else had come in so I quickly dropped my black underwear and shorts down before sitting down. The toilet was the typical commercial style toilet and had a large seat with the traditional opening at the front but it seemed like the bowl was particularly large which wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

The toilet was also a bit higher than a conventional toilet but wasn't nearly as tall as a handicapped toilet which I usually prefer using. The shower was mounted in such a way that it wouldn't get the rest of the stall wet, again quite a luxurious bathroom setup. Just as I was getting comfortable the guy to the right of me finished showering. I was hoping to use the noise of the shower to conceal me shitting. I waited a few minutes since I wasn't in a hurry and saw him approach the toilet in what appeared like no clothes and sit down. He immediately let out what sounded like a very much needed dump.

I heard about half a dozen very loud and high pitched squaky sounding farts that filled the entire room. He sighed in relief right after a few turds dropped out. I heard the toilet paper being unrolled for about 10 seconds at which point I turned and could make out that he was standing to wipe. He looked in my direction before I heard the toilet flush and him start to get changed and exit shortly afterwards. At that point I decided to unload since I was now alone. The first fart was quite noisy and echoed into the bowl below. I was glad I had waited a few minutes to unload without anyone around. Before I could pass that thought I heard someone come into the change room and make there way towards the washroom area. They took the stall that the other guy had just come out of on the right and undressed before heading to the shower. Luckily the sound of the running water provided a perfect noise cover for my noisy shit.

I pushed out a few decently sized logs that were quite soft and easy to pass. I still didn't feel relieved enough so I remained seated. After another minute I felt the final log make its way out and slosh into the bowl quite loudly. I got up and saw a full toilet bowl. There were three logs all about the same size and one that was much smaller and thicker. I wiped quickly and flushed but there were quite a few skidmarks left in the bowl despite the strong flush of the toilet. I took off my clothes and had a nice and relaxing hot shower before heading home.


An evening with a friend

Shirly, one of my friends visited me last Friday. We hadn't met each other in ages, although we live quite close to each other. She started a home made cheese business recently. I wanted to catch up and spend some time with her. Her kids were away with their grandparents for the weekend so she had the whole evening to herself. We had some pasta for dinner.Shrily was a bit of a wine affectionado so we had several glasses of wine lounging in the porch.Both of us overdid it with wine, especially Shirly because she her kids were out and had no commitments for that weekend. After a while, Shirly got up and said that she's dying for a pee. I followed her up the stairs, while climbing stairs hurriedly she said " Goodness I really need to go" and had her skirt hiked up above the waist giving me a full display of her bum and panties. This surprised me a quite a bit because Shirly, afterall was a very prim 40 something woman, walking to the toilet with her skirt hiked up is the last thing I'd expect from her.

She had the door open, so I entered the toilet.Shirly was on the toilet and peeing an absolute torrent. I sat at the edge of teh bathtub, She must have peed for full two minutes. I complement on her undies ( Just as you wrote, Sheilagwentgirl) She smiled and said they're a pair of boyshorts from macy's, nothing fancy. But they did look good on her. Shirly was quite tipsy, when she was done she pulled up her panties without even wiping herslef. I playfully admonished her for staining her panties, but she was bit too drunk to care. Still holding her skirt up, she playfully twirled around me asked how she looked. I said she looked good ( she did, except for the her damp patch on her crotch)

It was my turn to pee now. I didn't have much of an urge but I did my best. Shirly returened my compliments on my panties. After peeing, I did my own twirl with my pants down and both of us giggled like schoolgirls ( I did wipe though). It was really nice, it brought Shirly and I closer together

Sheila I really want to hear from you, write soon.

Pamela ( formerly Nobody)

Amanda M.
Last night I was at the shore and I was bored so I decided go to to the boardwalk with some friends. I was fine the whole time then out of no where I started to feel sick to my stomach. I tried to ignore it. A little while later my friends wanted to get something to eat.I just got a sprite and winded up having some of my friend's oreos. As I'm sitting there I can feel my stomach doing flip flops and gurgling. I couldn't wait to get home. Finally we left and when I got back I wanted to brush my teeth then go to bed. While I was brushing my teeth the pain in my stomach got so bad. It hurt so bad that I couldn't even stand up straight.I stood half bending over trying to brush my teeth then finally I just gave up.I rinsed my mouth and plopped myself on the toilet.I left the water on to cover up any sound.Even though everyone was sleeping I just wanted to be sure no one can hear me.I gave a push and a bunch of soft mushy poop came out along with a few farts. I knew I had more so I sat a few more minutes then a big squirt of diarrhea came out and that was it.I wiped and looked in the toilet.There was dark brown liquid and I can see mush on the bottom with some soft logs and splatter on front of the bowl. I flushed and it left a small skid mark which I wiped with the toilet brush. I sprayed some air freshner then went to sleep. My stomach still hurt a little but felt a whole lot better after that poop. I thought I was gonna have to go again bit I didn't.

Hey Nat x thanks for doing my suvery ;) i like that your so open about it so if you have any good stories dont let us wait to long.

read your post at page 1900 that was frickin cool.

take care tyrone


Jen's uninhibited young man.

While the whole thing does seem intriguing, you're in a minefield here. I would definitely NOT say anything to his mother before talking to him. He is an adult, and to a certain respect you must treat him that way, but there's still a lot of kid in him (not because of this behavior, but because of his age and brain development). The reasoning centers of his brain are not completely developed yet so he is not able to predict the consequences of his actions yet. My guess would be that he lives in a family who is very open about their daily routines while at home, so he doesn't think anything of it. If so, that's a tremendous compliment to you. However, it's likely that he may not have even considered how it could be percieved by others because of the fact that you are not strictly related to him, and because you are old enough to be his parent. I would definitely talk to him and share your concerns. Don't be afraid to set boundaries with him as you need to. Not doing, or saying anything could give him the idea, should he be so inclined, that he can go further. That could be disasterous for you, him, and any relationship that you did have with his family. Don't assume the worst, start slow and get firmer about it as needed. Good luck. Remember that your body language, and behaviors can also say a tremendous deal. Behave around him as you would at home around your own son, if you have one, or around him if he were your son.


Urinal Accident

My name is James. I'm 18 and a freshman in college this year. Just started school a week ago. So this is my second week of classes. I had classes all morning today, then lunch, then another class. During my class after lunch I had to go to the bathroom a little so after class I went to the nearest bathrooms. I got up to the urinal, unzipped, took out my penis, and began to pee. While peeing I felt some pressure in my anus and thought it was a fart so I pushed. I did fart, but right behind the fart I felt more, but it was too late to stop anything, so suddenly I'm standing there peeing in the urinal and my anus opens up and I feel a turd quickly shoot out of my ass and into my briefs. It must have been at least six inches long and was mostly firm and solid, but soft enough that it quickly squished out into a ball under my butt. It only took my one second from fart to finish and I'm standing there, still peeing, now with a turd in my underwear and I realize I have to poop more and it wants out NOW. There was nobody else in the bathroom and I was still peeing and couldn't stop mid-stream to hobble into a stall so I just gave up and instead of fighting it I pushed out another, larger turd on top of the first that was also mostly solid, but it left me quite a giant mound of crap in my briefs. I finished peeing a few seconds later, moved into a stall, pulled down my pants, dumped the pile of crap, wiped as much as I could, decided the hell with my briefs so I took off my shorts and briefs, pulled my shorts back on, and threw the soiled briefs in the garbage on my way out. I skipped my next class and came back to my dorm and found this site while Googling to see if anyone else had ever crapped their pants in college or while at the urinal and figured I would share. Hopefully it won't happen again!


to Jen

I live alone and I usually wear a nightgown at home. But if I lived with someone, I'd get "more dressed up." When you visited your friend, did her son walk around the house wearing just underwear or a towel? Why don't you ask the guy to maybe wear pants and a t-shirt?

When I lived in a dorm, all of the women wore jeans and a top. They never walked up an down the floor of the dorm wearing just underwear or a towel.

And about peeing with the door open... a lot of people do that. That might be a habit the guy has always had. If you prefer that he closes the door when he's in the bathroom, you could talk to him about it.


Huge turd

I went to the bathroom about 10 minutes ago since I felt strong pressure in my bowels and I didn't want to wait and make myself constipated. I sat on the toilet and started to push and a grunt/moan came out since it was huge and it kind of hurt (I hadn't pooped for a few days to a week). It stretched my hole and only took a couple of minutes to come out.

It was really big, I'd say at least 12 inches long and in a 'C' shape. I wiped the best I could with toilet paper and then wet a washcloth and rubbed some soap on it and wiped my bum with it. It was pretty messy. I feel better even though there is more that needs to come out. I will take my stool softener tonight to get things moving.

Kirsty (Wendys girlfriend)

Holding my poo

When I was younger I used feel shy about pooing with other knowing what I was doing & would always hold it untill I was alone. Sometimes that meant not going all day & I loved the relief when I finaly went to the toilet. After a few while I started to hold it for days at a time just to enjoy the intense relief of releasing several days worth of poo in one go. At times I'd get really desperate often had some near misses. One time I when I was 13 I was in class & hadn't pood for 5 days. I was close to losing control & reluctantly I asked for permission to leave the room. It was the most embarrassing thing I'd ever had to ask for but it was better than doing it in my knickers. Unfortunately I was told to wait untill after the lesson & I just had to hold it. Easier said than done! I sat squirming in my seat for half an hour before the pressure in my bowels was unbearable. There was only 15 minutes left to go but I couldn't hold it any longer. I put my hand up to ask to leave the room again but of course I was refused. I felt my anus being forced open against my will but I was determined not to poo myself in class. I pressed my bum down hard against my chair to stop the advancing poo from getting too far. The problem was it all was soft & squishy & it spread out in my knickers forming a messy pancake all over my bum. It kept on coming & started to move forwards into my vagina & then with no more room in my underwear it came out past the leg elastic of my knickers. It smelled awfull & the teacher had to let me leave the soon at this point. I got up & ran out of class still pooing myself. Remember I hadn't been for 5 days & my bowels simply had to be emptied. By the time I got to the toilets I was done. I looked down the corridor to see a trail of poo all along the floor. I couldn't believe it. I was 13 years old & I'd just totally shit myself in front of the whole class. I went home after that & had to go some more on the way. By the time I got to my bathroom I was busting again. I took off my soiled clothes & dropped them in the bath. I litteraly had to peel my knickers off my bum. Then I sat on the toilet & amazingly I had another huge load of mushy poo to release. It felt great too but the cleanup was a marathon task. I wiped & wiped for ages using a full roll of Andrex. I had to put my clothes in a carrier bag & threw them away. I took a long shower untill all traces of poo was off me & got dressed before going downstairs. My mum wasn't too happy about me messing myself but my stepdad said nothing. In fact he loved it.


Which Comes First? Poop or pee?

I have a question. When I go to the bathroom and have to poop and pee, I usually let the large portion of the poop out before peeing. However, I read several stories of people, even though they have to poop pretty bad, they pee first.

So, which comes first, pooping or peeing?

I would love to hear your response!

Pooping women
I have pooped in the bed pan everywhere i have even took it in sat on at my desk at work and secretly pooped in it .... just where is conviently and i make it enjoyable ..... people ought to make it enjoyable and not think it is fun and games and even if they find someone to enjoy it with i have both male and female mates ..... more poop stories later .....i have used it in a old churn that use yrs ago. i also i have a bedside potty chair that is greatly used in all place even on the front porch .... depends on how the day goes and what i am in the mood for i have sat almost nude on the front porch taking a nice dump especially on rainny days love to then ..... make enjoyable and fun .....


To Freeman

Your friend may need a stronger laxative like Magnesium Citrate. If this does not work she may have impacted bowels and should seek the help of a physician.


Suggestion to Freeman

If your girlfriend is having that much trouble with constipation, she might need something stronger that will work quick like a Dulcolax suppository. She can put it up her butt herself or you can do it for her if she feels more comfortable.

If that doesn't work she might need a Fleet enema and if her constipation trouble becomes chronic she might need to invest in an enema bag that she can get from any pharmacy or even Wal-Mart amd use as she needs it. She may or may not need your help with the enema.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tyrone's "Farting" Survey

Age: 29
Body Type: Female, 6'1", 185 lbs, athletic and curvey
Race: Caucasion/Greek (Brown hair and eyes, darker skin)

1. Do you Like farting? Yes I do! (blushing)
2. About how many times a day do you fart? I don't know, but I would guess somewhere between 5-10
3. Are your farts stinky? Amazingly not. I rarely have the rotten egg or rotten fruit smell.
4. What kind of farts do you rip? (wet, loud, silent, etc.) My toots can be loud and machine gun like. Sometimes they are 1-2 bubbles. I have never had a wet or juicy fart. I do have some silent gas every now and then. Mine are mostly audible with little smell
5. Are you comfortable farting around others? Not really. If so who?
6. Where are you comfortable farting? In private places like my car or when I am on the toilet. Really, I am OK to do it wherever when I am alone.
7. Have you ever farted at a place, where you shouldn't had? Oh yes! A few times in fact!
8. Do you have a reputation of being the person that farts alot? No
9. Do you think you can fart better then most boys? Yes :)
10. Have you ever farted at Someone? No
11. Do you try to push out farts for relif or humour around friends? No
12. Do you enjoy farting underwater to see bubbles? No
13. Do you know if you fart while you sleep? I don't know? Since I am asleep, I guess it will always be a mystery. I have had dreams where I have passed gas, peed or pooped, but never have awoken to an accident.
14. Do you know someone who rips huge farts? Yes
15. Have you ever had an accident because farting? No
16. Have you ever stunk out a room or a car? Yes...but this is rare for me
17. Do you like the smell of your own farts? I can tolerate the smell moreso than I could someone else's
18. Do you fart in public? Accidentally, yes. Sometimes I will if I am not close to anyone else.
19. Should all girls be open about farting? I guess it depends. However, a little modesty is always good for a respectable girl!
20. Any stories you would like to share? I did on a few pages back. I shared several stories on pages 1817-21.

Well we've arrived in Rome! I decided to bring my blackberry which means I can tell you what happened today! Our flight was in the afternoon so we had lunch at home and then drove to the airport. Of course being in the afternoon meant I would almost certainly need a poo during it, which I did. Before we boarded I went to the loo to wee and tried to see if I could get anything moving in my bowels, but I failed. It was only after we took off and reached cruising altitude that I had to go. It came on suddenly and it came on strongly. It was only a two hour flight to Rome so I thought I would probably be able to hold it, but after a while I started to think maybe I wouldn't. It was pressing hard so I thought about going to the loo but then the urge faded somewhat. Again I thought I'd be fine getting to the airport but then again it started knocking loudly on my back door. I realised I couldn't ignore it much longer and that I would get up and go, but then the seatbelt signs inevitably came on because we were descending! I knew I should have gone earlier in the flight like my mum did, but I just thought I'd much rather go in a proper toilet. I knew it would be twenty or thirty minutes until we landed so I kept squeezing my cheeks hard and sitting with my legs pressed together. It helped reduce the pressure somewhat and I felt ok for a while. As we descended through the clouds I started to feel a really urgent need to go again and by the time we landed I had to go desperately. We taxied at what seemed like a very slow speed to the gate. As I stood up I had to fight quite hard not to lose control and let out some poo in my knickers. We were near the middle of the plane so it took ages for us to get off and then through the customs post. We emerged into the baggage claim area. My brother then said he had to poo so I said I would walk him to the toilets while my parents watched for our bags. This I did, quickly as I was touching cloth by now. We went to the toilets and I told my brother I would just see him back at where our parents were and went into the ladies. They were busy and since there were only about 8 or 10 cubicles there was a short queue. A couple of ladies and a teenage girl were ahead of me. My need was pretty intense and the first piece of my poo was starting to force its way out of me so I knew someone was going to have to hurry up! A few of the women were pooing as well judging b the sounds and smells and that just made me need to go worse, knowing they were getting to relieve themselves while I had to keep on holding on. The line moved up slowly until it was just me and the other girl waiting. She clearly had to pee and was almost holding herself. I wanted to put a hand on my bum but I was too embarrassed. Finally two cubicles opened up at the same time and we both went in. The women on both sides of me were pooing too. I quickly dropped my jeans and knickers and sat. The first log that had been poking out came out quickly and easily. The second took a bit more pushing but the next three logs were soft and came out fast as well. I felt so relieved after wards!

I will post about any more stories when I get back home (Wednesday) or maybe sooner! Bye everyone!

new guy

a question

To all the girls and women on this site when your sick with vomiting & diarrhea do you sit on the toilet and puke on the floor or in some container or kneel in front of the toilet and poop on the floor or in some container. Other wise what would you rather clean up puke or crap.

desperate to poop

old desperation story

Thanks to whoever said my desperation stories were the best. There are lots of cool stories on here just glad I can contribute.

Now that I seem to be able to post again I can post some of my old desperation stories that I didn't get chance to put on.

This one was another a train desperation pooh. I was travelling on an old cross country train coming back from Liverpool. This train had one toilet at the end of the train. I had been visiting friends and had enjoyed a good night out the night before. Lots of wine and good but very rich food. On the way back I knew I would need a crap and was looking forward to passing way some of the time. Half way through my trip I decided my urge needed out. I had been holding it for a while as it was quite pleasing.

I made my way down to the toilet and it was engaged with a lady waiting. She was in her 50's but very pretty. She was rubbing her stomach slightly it seemed. After about 3 minutes a man came out and the lady went in. I wasn't completely desperate but def needed to go. after five mintues I was still waiting and another lady had joined the queue. I confirmed I was waiting and had been waiting a little while. After another five mintues there was still no movement and I was now getting more desperate and rubbed my ???? myself slightly. I also let of a fart which was a little stinky. I started some small talk with the lady waiting to try and pass the time and take my mind of my ????. We discussed were we'd been last night as she'd been out also.

Finally after another five mintues the door opened. I asked the lady if she just needed a pee as I'd be a little while. She said she did and did I mind if she nipped in to which I replied no. 3 mintues later she came out and thanked me for letting her go in front. By now another lady was waiting but I wasn't going to let her cut as I needed to go bad now.

I got in and there was still a strong poop smell but also perfumey. I pulled down my jeans and polka dot panties and immediately let a large fart and a sludge of soft poop. Oh it felt good. After the initial sludge it became a bit firmer and I let 2 or 3 large logs out off varying sizes from 6" to 9" and 1" -2" wide. I was in for about 8-10 mins but needed that time to get it all out. I wiped back and front and then flushed it all down. I apologised when I came out for being so long and there were now 3 people waiting.

I went back to my seat very relieved.


Answers to Sharons Survey

1. Do you read while you poop? Depends when I am pooping or if its gonna take some time. If its a long sit like when straining to relieve constipation or to make my self go before school or going out then yes. If its a turd that is forcing its way out then no

2. Do you ever talk on the phone while pooping? Only if someone calles me
3. Do you ever eat, drink, or smoke while pooping? yes Eat sweets/chew gum
4. After pooping, do you sit or stand to wipe? sit
5. While pooping, do you usually pee? yes
6. After pooping, how many times do you normally wipe? 2 or 3 times,when its very hard 1 time
7. After you poop, do you ever use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? yes if its really messy
8. Do you ever inspect your turd? yes especially if its really stretched my bum and made it hurt.
9. Is your shit ever hard, dry, and somewhat difficult to pass? Yes most times it is - I get very constipated alot.

Just wondered has anyone gone in late to school because they had to get a hard turd out that wouldnt move ?

Byw A

pooping women
Well after I got off work i decided i would go to the movies and i got a popcorn and large drink .... Well i was looking to see if i had my accessories with me for my emergency use .... well I had them with me a roll of tp and a small can or lysol spray and a plastic bag i keep with me at all times .... well I was sitting at the movies enjoying myself and it was a 4 hr move based on a true story .... so it was 2 hr into the movie i had just finished my popcorn and large drink i hate getting up to use the bathroom during the movie instead of the bag i like buckets and it always comes to go use so when ever i go to movie u usually go pantyless ... i leave in my front seat when i get out of the car to go in the movies .... so I was ready to go the potty and badly needed to pee so i use the bucket so i put the plastic bag in the bug and like turned it in to a nice trash can and was going to put it to good use .... so i had to pee so relaxed my the flow started very thin and a little harded and then i still peeing for about 3 minutes or so and i stopped peeing didnt know of if to wipe yet so i sat there on edge enjoying this great long movie and small fart came out i said well i better sit here to see if i need to try to poop .... so i relaxed my anus and pushed i felt the turd peek out my whole so i pushed again with small fart i pushed it peeked out about inch it felt so good to know it was happening so i pushed it came out about 2 inches it was brown and with peanuts in it and hard looking .... but did not hurt coming out it was hanging in my hole between my nice cheeks and I pushed it dropped into the bucket .... and i pushed and again felt another peek out and i pushed felt it coming out it solid i pushed again he came out 3 inches in to the bucket i wiped and put the tissue in my cup and left turds for movie proof of an awesome movie time to relieve yourself ...... wonder what the clean up people though and but it was awesome to poop at the movies .......


Rather Poo in Public

Back in fall of 2009.I gone to Phoinex to visit my Best friend.He only had a 2 room apartment that he shared with his wife.But his bathroom was in his beedroom,I mean to get to his bathroom you had to go through his bedroom to get to it.At night I slept on his couch.But I had to go pee I would hafta get up go through his bed room while he and his wife slept.I would never crap there,cause I was too uncomferble about it.So we went out I had cramps every now and then.So later we got to a plaza I gone in a restroom and took 2 dumps in 1.


Big girl at the car-boot sale

If you read my last post you will remember me telling you about my niece (who I consider to be a big girl now) has started putting off going to the loo, well I'm going to tell you about what I saw this Sunday when I was doing a car-boot sale.

So I had been there a couple hours when a mother and daughter came up to my stall, the girl was wearing a pair of white shorts and a light pink sweater (looked to be ten or eleven) was looking through a box of girlie stuff that my niece had given me to sell, when I noticed she was stood there with her legs crossed rooting through the box with one hand wile holding herself with the other, she then picked up this little bear thing, walked over to her mum crossed her legs again and asked if she could have it, her mother said yes payed me and then they went away.

Half an hour later my sister and niece arrived, relieved me from my stall so I could go to the loo and have a quick look around. So I had been to the loo and was looking round when I saw the mother and daughter again and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the girl was walking a few steps behind her mum sort of bent forward slightly and really grabbing herself, then her mum stopped to look at a stall and the girl swung her left leg round the other crossing them tightly together, because of the behavior of my niece in recent weeks I felt I had to go over and observe what was going on, then she uncrossed her legs,started dancing about lifting one leg up towards the other wile grabbing herself before tightly crossing her legs again but it wasn't long before she couldn't keep still, she suddenly spun round grabbing herself walking away from the stall as spurts of wee started running down her legs, she then spun back round, quickly whipped her legs before crossing them again, then her mum started to move on with the girl following behind her, as I saw yet more wee running down her legs and now you could see her shorts were wet, I just don't understand why she didn't ask to go instead wetting her knickers and just to finish off, when I was back at my stall I saw them again and the girl now had her sweater tied round her waist so I don't know if her mum had noticed or not.


Trip to my cousins

Hi everyone, its Abbie here again. I'll get onto my latest story in a sec.
Emma- Great stories about your toilet experiance at the zoo and also when you had a poo in the portaloo and on the plane. I had to use a plane toilet when I wanted a poo during my trip to Germany a couple of months back, and like you say its not very pleasant! I'm back to school on Thursday, so not long to go now. I'm doing my best to try and be positive, I just hope they've fixed the loos which were broken just before the summer hols, as they are the only decent ones in the whole school. I know it would be a lot more healthy to go for a poo as soon as I feel the need, even if that means facing the embaresment of asking to use the toilet in the middle of a lesson and then taking longer than I would like. As you say Emma, its awkward if you're on the loo for a long time and then when you get back everyone can guess what you've been doing. Normally I spend the first couple of weeks back at school after the holidays getting constipated as I'm trying to adjust to the routine again, and after a few weeks this summer when I've found it a lot easier to get my poo out I've been having trouble again recently, which leads me on to my story about my holiday with my auntie, uncle and cousins. First off, the journey there- we had to drive a couple of hours on the motorway, so we ate breakfast quickly and then set off straight away. This was bad news for my sister Sophie, as she usually goes for a poo right after having her breakfast, which works out OK on school days and actually I can get quite jealous as she never seems to want a poo at school, but today it caused a problem as she needed the toilet not long after we'd got on the motorway. Dad got really mad as we were running late already, but he agreed to stop at the next services. I was quite pleased too, I was starting to need a wee quite badly and I thought I might be able to have a poo as well because I had a heavy feeling in my belly. We got to the services and went into the ladies loos, it was really busy in there and we had to stand in a queue. Quite soon two cubicles were free next to each other, I took one and Sophie took the other. I quickly lifted my dress and slipped my white knickers down before sitting on the toilet. I had a big wee straight away and heard Sophie dribbling out some wee but then the sound of some splashes and plops as she had her poo. The other thing that makes me jealous is Sophie never seems to find it hard to have a poo, its always over really fast and she never has to strain or push a lot, I wish I was that lucky! After I'd finished my wee I pushed a bit and tried to poo but I obviously wasn't ready as nothing would come out, so I just wiped, pulled up my pants and flushed. When we arrived I went straight to Amy's room to dump my bag there. My auntie and uncle have a huge house and Amy has a massive bedroom with an ensuite bathroom which I was going to share with her. I was already getting worryed about changing for bed in front of her, as being just over a year older than me I was convinced that she'd be wearing thongs or something trendy like that, but when I went into her room I noticed she had some knickers drying on the radiator and some other dirty ones on the floor which looked like normal cotton pants, pretty much the same as what I wear. I also noticed that like me she was still wearing girls pants, as I put my bag down I saw the label which was showing in a red pair on the floor and it said age 15 to 16. I dumped my stuff and went back downstairs to meet the family, later we had dinner together and then chatted for a while, and at about 10 I went upstairs with Amy to her room, by then I was bursting for a wee. We got changed for bed and then Amy went into the toilet, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard her starting to have her wee, it sounded like she was in the room sitting next to me! I hadn't really thought about the toilet situation and I started to get worryed about what I would do when I wanted a poo, fortunately the need I'd had while at the services hadn't really developed into anything so far. Amy quickly wiped and flushed and then I heard her starting to brush her teeth. She came out shortly after and then it was my turn, so I went in and closed the door behind me, as much good as that did. I lifted my t-shirt, dropped my pants and sat on the loo, and after a couple of seconds getting comfortable my wee started fizzing down into the bowl. It went on quite a while before finally turning to a trickle and then stopping. I wiped, pulled my pants back up and let down my t-shirt. After brushing my teeth I went back into the room, we had a quick chat before going to sleep. Nothing much happened over the next few days, I spent a lot of time most days with Amy and we went to the loo together quite a bit when we were out and about. By Friday I was getting a bit concerned, I hadn't had a poo in 4 days and hadn't really felt like I needed one, apart from the fact that I had a heavy feeling in my stomach and was starting to loose my appetite a bit. I was also concerned about Amy, as I was pretty sure she hadn't been for a poo either as any time we used the loo seperately she was always out really fast, and if she'd had a poo at home I would definately have heard in that bathroom. On Saturday Amy and I stayed at her house while everyone else went for a walk in the rain, not my idea of fun! When I woke up that morning my belly was feeling really full and shortly after breakfast I started to want a poo. Amy and I were sitting on her bed still wearing our night clothes as we hadn't bothered to get dressed, we were chatting and reading magazines. Amy didn't look too comfortable either and I was quite certain she was a bit constipated as well, but I didn't feel like I'd spent enough time with her yet to ask her. After a few minutes I got up to go to the loo, I wasn't bursting but I didn't want to put it off and loose the urge. The trouble was I was feeling a bit too embarased at the thought of having a poo which was likely to be really hard to get out with her sitting in the next room, so I decided I'd go and use the main bathroom as no-one else was around. As I stood up I said "Amy, I just need the loo, I'll be back in a bit" and started to walk out of her bedroom, but as I got to the door she said "Where are you off to, don't forget you can use the loo in here."
"Well the thing is I'm going to be a while, I want a poo" I said blushing. "Hey, don't be embaresed" said Amy, seeing the look on my face. It was now her turn to go a bit pink, "If it makes you feel any better I need one too, only I'm putting it off because I haven't been for nearly a week and I know its going to be really hard to get it to come out." She paused for a second and then said "If you like we could help each other, I know sometimes it takes my mind off it if I'm having a hard poo and I can chat to a friend. Anyway, only if you feel comfortable with that" she added hurriedly.
"Well, now we both know we're in the same state I suppose we might as well, it'll definately take my mind off it and make the time pass quicker" I said, changing direction and pushing open the door to the bathroom. I was still feeling quite embaresed but thought I'd have to try and get over this if I was going to be happier going for a poo at school. Amy followed me in and sat cross leged on the floor while I went over to the toilet, lifted my t-shirt and dropped my knickers to my knees before sitting down. As I started to push I could feel a hard lump slowly moving down inside me, after a couple of minutes the tip of a really dry and massive poo was starting to come out of my bum. It came so far out but when I stopped pushing it started to get sucked back up my bum, so I had to carry on pushing as hard as I could until I managed to get the widest part through. Then of course it ended up getting stuck, so I took my knickers off completely and spread my legs really wide and gave a few massive pushes, I was making all sorts of noises but tried not to get too embaresed. Amy didn't seem that bothered, she just kept chatting to me as I heaved and grunted away, I was straining so hard I couldn't really talk to her. Finally I felt the poo moving again and a minute or so later it dropped into the loo with a massive splash. Amy smiled and asked me if I'd finished, I told her I still had to do a bit more but I knew the next log would be a lot easier to get out. A couple of logs later I was done, I quickly wiped my bum and put my knickers back on and then flushed, luckily somehow it all went away. I swopped places with Amy, she lifted her nightie, pulled down her pink and purple spotty knickers and then sat. She took a deep breath and started to push straight away, with each push some wee spurted down into the loo. After a few minutes she was starting to go quite red but nothing seemed to be happening. Like her I tried to take her mind off it chatting about all sorts. After about 10 minutes of her straining and grunting I was just about to ask her if she was OK, I was running out of things to say, when she suddenly gasped and a massive plop rang around the room. She stayed to finish off with a few more bits and then wiped her bum, pulled up her pants and flushed. We both went back into her room feeling a whole lot better, Amy admitted to me that she quite often gets constipated and has the same sort of problems as me at school, so its good to know theres a family member I can turn to for advice. She's coming to visit me in a couple of weeks, just her on her own, so I think the experiance brought us closer. I'll try to post again soon, bye!!

i have a story.
i work on a communal farm out in the country, when i arrived in the morning it was pouring with rain so all the outside work was called off.
although i work on a farm i dont do any agricultural work, instead i do the environmental work which is mostly outside work.

the farm is quite small and it has lots of people waking in and out for much of the day, there are only two loos which are unisex and they are connected to the office building, the office building is straight and when you ener the farm you can see them.
one loo offers privacy whist the other doesn't, the one that does is connected to a storage room whilst the other is like a closet with a large hole in the door so anyone who walks past can look in.

the rain still fell, and i was tasked with sweeping out a barn, there was a lot to do and by now i could feel discomfort in my bowels and i really needed to pee but i could hold it, so i worked through to lunch, we all ate soup and pudding for desert, thats one of the benefits of working on a farm, organic ingredients.

Because it was raining heavily we ate lunch in the barn that i swept out, with the loos just across from me i could see who went in.

after lunch i noticed a young woman go into one of the toilets, a woman who i would later be working with. i wasn't taking any notice because i was working but i knew that she was in there for a while and when she came out she just stood in the doorway looking around to see if anyone was looking at her and then she went back to work.

now i held on to my bladders because i like to wait until theres not many people around when i go, it can get quite embarrassing if your in the loo for a long time because its right in the open.

i finished my work off, started to head for the loo when i saw another older woman go in there first so i had to use the one with the big hole in the door, i went in locked the door pulled down my waterproofs and jeans and lowered my thong, spread my cheeks and sat on the loo, i could hear the other woman rolling paper and farting which was coming from behind me, i just looked out the crack and and thought "people could see me if anyone was out there" but just my face
by now my nerves had amped up and my own pee was coming out very slowly
i knew the others would be having tea break but that diddent make things easier, i just sat there it must have been 10 minutes and my bowels started rumbling. i let a loud squeeky fart and i could feel something moving, slowly. it was one of thee hard poos that wouldent come out unless i pushed and strained and at the end i got a big splash, i sighed with relief and off i went.

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